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Why Long-Lasting Marriages Are Important
Aside from health reasons for yourselves, being in a long-lasting marriage is good for others.

Hiding a First Marriage Answer
Answer to question concerning L. doesn't want his future wife to know about his previous marriage.. Page 2.

Why Doesn't Charles Have to Abdicate? Edward VIII abdicated
Since Edward VIII had to abdicate to marry his love, why doesn't Prince Charles have to abdicate his right to the throne? What's the difference between then and now?

Requirement of Social Security Numbers Question
D. wants to know why she has to give her social security information when she wants to apply for a marriage license.

Requirement of Social Security Numbers Answer
Answer to question concerning having to give social security information when applying for a marriage license.. Page 2.

Hiding a First Marriage Question
L. doesn't want his future wife to know about his previous marriage.

The Remodel Challenge -- Keep Your Marriage Together During a Remodeling Project
Are the two of you considering remodeling a room in your home? Think twice. The remodeling experience of many couples could be a horrible one if they don't share their expectations with each other.

Tips for Couples Attending an Engaged Encounter weekend
If you are going to be attending an Engaged Encounter weekend, here are some tips and hints to make the weekend more successful for you both.

More Tips for Couples Attending an Engaged Encounter weekend
Here are more tips and hints about attending an Engaged Encounter weekend. Page 2.

Testimonies From Couples About Engaged Encounter
Here are testimonies on why an Engaged Encounter weekend is worth both your time and your money.. Page 3.

Observing the Holidays as a Hindu - Christian Interfaith Couple
Hindu - Christian interfaith couples have a lot in common when it comes to the December holidays. Here are some suggestions to help deal with the issue of interfaith holiday celebrations.

Covenant Marriage Definition
Definition of covenant marriage.

Relocation Strategies
An issue that many marriages face is whether to stay or to move when a job opportunity is offered to one spouse.

Louisiana's Covenant Marriage
An explanation of the difference between a traditional marriage and a covenant marriage in Louisiana.

Giving Wine as an Anniversary Gift
Here are suggestions on how to find the right wine to give as an anniversary gift.

May Day Gift Ideas -- Gifts to Give Your Spouse on May Day
Surprise your spouse with a gift on May Day. It doesn't have to be an elaborate or expensive gift. These May Day gift suggestions follow the keep it simple philosophy.

In-laws Enjoying Tips
Hopefully, your in-laws are supportive of your marriage and you enjoy your relationship with them. If not, here are some tips to help you cope with in-law issues.

Community Property States
Listing of community property states in the U.S.

Monthly Tips Archive
An archive of all the monthly marriage tips.

Who to Notify If You Change Your Name
If you decide to change your name after you get married, here are the places you need to contact about your name change.

The Five Marriages of Jacki Weaver
When it came to relationships, Jacki Weaver made news headlines in Australia for most of her acting career. Here is information about Jacki Weaver and her five marriages.

First Marriage -- David Price (1966-1970)
Jacki Weaver's first marriage was to David Price in 1966. Page 2.

Second Marriage -- Max Hensser (abt. 1975-??)
Jacki Weaver's second marriage was to Max Hensser. Page 3.

Third Marriage -- Derryn Hinch (1983-1996)
Jacki Weaver's third marriage was to Derryn Hinch. Page 4.

Fourth Marriage -- Derryn Hinch (abt 1997-1998)
Jacki Weaver's fourth marriage was to her third husband, Derryn Hinch. Page 5.

Fifth Marriage -- Sean Taylor (2003-present)
Jacki Weaver's fifth marriage is to Sean Taylor. Page 6.

Jane Russell's Three Marriages
Although Jane Russell often had controversial, sultry, sexy roles in movies, in real life she was a pretty conservative gal who dealt with a bitter divorce and heartache. Here's information about Jane Russell's three marriages.

First Marriage -- Bob Waterfield (1943-1968)
Information about Jane Russell's first marriage to Bob Waterfield. Page 2.

Second Marriage -- Roger Barrett (1968-1968)
Information about Jane Russell's second marriage to Roger Barrett. Page 3.

Third Marriage -- John Calvin Peoples (1974-1999)
Here's information about Jane Russell's third marriage to John Peoples. Page 4.

Dick and Lynne Cheney Marriage Profile
Dick and Lynne Cheney knew one another as young teens and have been married since 1964.

Danielle Crittenden and David Frum
Writers David Frum and Danielle Crittenden have a solid marriage.

Trust is a Decision
Once a person no longer trusts their spouse, can it ever be rebuilt?

Ward Off Marriage Proposal Disasters With These Tips and Advice
Proposing marriage is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Here are stories and some advice to make your marriage proposal memorable and to avoid disaster.

Katharine Hepburn on Love and Marriage
Katharine Hepburn was outspoken on many topics, especially marriage. Here are some of her more notable quotes on love and marriage.

Full Time Dads and Marriage FAQ -- FAQ About Househusbands
The number of stay-at-home dads continues to rise in many countries. FAQ covers questions concerning full time dads' challenges, keys to success, advice, and more.

One Night Stands
The Benefits of Getting Away Together for Just One Night and the importance of having time alone as a couple.

Foster Care and Marriage -- Challenges to Your Marriage
Your marriage can be hurt by the foster parenting lifestyle. Page 2.

Foster Care and Marriage -- What You Need as Foster Parents
Once you've made the decision to be foster parents, it is important to have these needs met. Page 3.

Craving Parenthood Can Create Stress in Your Marriage
Any couple who is dealing with the heartbreak of infertility, miscarriage, neo-natal death, surrogacy, adoption, or trying to accept life without children is also coping with stresses in their marriage.

Foster Parenting and Marriage
Have a good understanding of the challenges that foster parenting can bring to your marriage.

Belgium Marriage License Information
Here's information on getting married in Belgium, including the requirements for having a same-sex marriage.

Belgium Marriage License Laws page 2
How to get married in Belgium - page 2

What Does It Take To Get Married Today?
A successful marriage requires more than just getting a marriage license.

Four Things that Can Kill a Marriage
John Gottman's Four Things that Can Kill a Marriage. Page 2.

The Family Bed
Does co-sleeping have a negative impact on a couple's intimacy? Although sharing the family bed is normal in many parts of the world, more pediatricians are recommending that babies sleep in their own beds.

Silly Supper Fun
Have some fun by putting on a Silly Supper for your spouse. Here are simple instructions and menu forms.

The Future of Marriage and Its Past
A look at what marriage was, is and may be.

One Woman's Story About Covenant Marriage
An email from

Covenant Marriage Statistics
Here are statistics on how many couples are choosing the option of having covenant marriage licenses. Page 3.

Describing Feelings
Describing feelings to one another on a regular basis can improve your communication as a couple and bring you closer.

Daily Dialogue Questions for January
Here are daily dialogue questions for January.

January Daily Dialogue Questions
Here are dialogue questions for January. Page 2.

Cyber Marriage
Getting married on the Internet.

Covenant Marriage -- Pros and Cons
A look at the pros and cons of covenant marriage. The bottom line of most covenant marriage laws is that a couple can not get a divorce easily.

The Marriages of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
The two marriages of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are examples of how loving someone isn't always enough to keep a marriage together.

Evelyn Lutman Fahnestock and Oral Roberts
Married for 66 years, Evelyn and Oral Roberts had both heartache and joy together.

Know When to Say NO -- Volunteer Work Can Hurt Your Marriage
You may not want to hear it, but if you volunteer a great deal, you could be hurting your marriage.

Chris Evert and Andy Mill Marriage Profile
Chris Evert once said that she knew she would grow old with her husband Andy Mill. That doesn't appear to be the case as the couple divorced in December 2006. Here's information about the marriage and divorce of Chris Evert and Andy Mill.

Another Reason Teens Shouldn't Marry
Studies of teen brains have given another reason why teens shouldn't marry. Teens don't think with the rational portion of their brains. Using the wrong portion of theri brains, teens are making life changing decisions such as getting married and serving in the military.

Meaningful Ceremony for Cohabiting Seniors
Question and answer article about how cohabiting seniors can have a meaningful commitment ceremony.

Meaningful Ceremony for Cohabiting Seniors Answer
Answer to question concerning having a meaningful ceremony to celebrate the union of a senior couple. Page 2.

The Impact of a Disabled Child on Your Marriage
When you first learn that your child will have special needs and care throughout life, you can be emotionally overwhelmed. Here are some suggestions for coping with this challenging situation in your marriage.

Music Therapy in Marriage -- Music Can Entertain and Heal
Music and music therapy can play a major role in your marriage relationship.

Decisions in Marriage
What you consider to be important decisions is one of the first decisions you should make in your marriage. Most couples consider the following decisions to be major decisions that require discussion and agreement.

So You Want to Be a Great Spouse -- Suggestions on How to Be a Great Spouse
Now that you are married, unless you have a very cold heart, you want to be a great spouse. How can you be a great spouse and not just a good spouse? Although not a complete list, here are a few suggestions for this important role in your marriage.

What is Mutuality in Marriage? -- Mutuality is Love in Action
If you are in a marriage where mutuality is a value, you both seek what is best for one another. Mutuality is the way you positively relate to one another.

Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Rebecca Carter and Jeff Skilling
Since their wedding, the marriage of Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter has been in the spotlight surrounding the fall of Enron. Here's more information about their marriage and Jeffrey's previous marriage to Susan Long.

Romantic Roses A-L
Since ancient times, the rose has been a symbol of love, romance, passion, and perfection. Show your spouse your love and sensitivity by selecting a rose to give by its name and not just by its color or fragrance.

Romantic Roses M-Z
Since ancient times, the rose has been a symbol of love, romance, passion, and perfection. Show your spouse your love and sensitivity by selecting a rose to give by its name and not just by its color or fragrance.. Page 2.

Attitudes in Marriage
If you don't talk about your attitudes with your spouse, you could be creating a wedge between the two of you. Here's what you can do about your attitudes.

Marital Sexuality in Catholic Marriages
Whether or not married couples can enjoy sex in their marriage can be an issue for couples married in the Catholic church.

Quotes About the Marriage of Norris Church and Norman Mailer
Quotes about the long lasting marriage of Norris Church and Norman Mailer. Page 2.

Norman Mailer Relationship Timeline
Here's a timeline of Norman Mailer's relationships. Page 4.

Hugh Franklin and Madeleine L'Engle Marriage Profile
Throughout their long-lasting marriage, Madeleine L'Engle and Hugh Franklin made their marriage relationship a high priority and tried to pass that value on to their kids. Here is more information about how Madeleine and Hugh met, their wedding, children, and quotes by Madeleine about marriage.

Norris Church and Norman Mailer Marriage Profile -- Marriages of Norman Mailer
After five marriages and a turbulent and scandalous past, Norman Mailer was said to have finally found the right partner when he married Norris Church in 1980. Here is information on how Norman and Norris met, their apparent stormy marriage, his previous marriages, and more.

Quotes and Details About Norman Mailer's Previous Marriages
Norman Mailer had five previous marriages before he married Norris Church in 1980. One of his marriages only lasted a day or so. Page 3.

Jai Glasgow and Randy Pausch Marriage Profile
Randy and Jai met, married, had children and then due to Randy's illness, found themselves in the spotlight. Now, not ever forgetting Randy, Jai has remarried.

Quotes from the 2000s about the Marriage of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
Quotes from the 2000s about the marriage of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Page 2.

George Reeves and Ellanora Needles Marriage Profile
The marriage of George Reeves and Ellanora Needles only lasted 10 years.

John and Mary Hayley Bell Mills
The long lasting marriage of John and Mary Mills was described by many as one of devotion. Lady Mills was said to be the light of Sir John's life. Here's information about how they met, their wedding, their renewal of their wedding vows on their 60th wedding anniversary, and more.

Children of John and Mary Hayley Bell Mills
Sir John and Lady Mary Mills had had three children: Juliet Mayon Mills, Hayley Catherine Rose Vivien Mills, and Jonathan Mills. Here's information about their children and grandchildren. Page 2.

Quotes By or About John and Mary Hayley Bell Mills
Here are some quotes about the long lasting marriage of John and Mary Mills that was described by many as one of devotion.. Page 3.

Books About or By John and Mary Hayley Bell Mills
Here are some books that contain information about the long lasting marriage of John and Mary Mills that was described by many as one of devotion.. Page 4.

Betty Hutton and Ted Briskin Marriage Profile
Betty's first marriage was to Ted Briskin. They started having problems in their marriage soon after they were married. Page 2.

Betty Hutton and Charles O'Curran Marriage Profile
Betty's second marriage was to Charles O'Curran. What started out as a solid partnership ended in a bitter divorce. Page 3.

Betty Hutton and Alan Livingston Marriage Profile
Betty's third marriage was to Alan Livingston. She thought he was the right guy, but their marriage didn't last. Page 4.

Betty Hutton and Pete Candoli Marrage Profile
Betty's fourth marriage was to Pete Candoli. After a rocky start, Betty thought her marriage to Pete was going well until she heard on the radio that it wasn't. Page 5.

Victoria Reggie and Ted Kennedy Marriage Profile
Ted Kennedy's love story with Vicki Reggie started after many years of friendship.

Ted Kennedy and Victoria Reggie's Previous Marriages
Ted and Victoria Kennedy's marriage is the second marriage for both of them. Page 2.

The Marriages of Betty Hutton
Perky and full of energy in the movies, Betty Hutton's personal life wasn't as upbeat. She was married four times and had difficult relationships with her children.

Comments about Smoking and Marriage
Both smoking and non-smoking spouses have strong feelings about smoking.

Walking Together -- Walking Together is Good for Your Marriage
One step after another, walking together is a great way to connect with each other. Here are some more reasons to walk together and some tips to make walking together a pleasant experience.

Marianne Ginther and Newt Gingrich Marriage Profile
Marianne Ginther was Newt Gingrich's second wife. He mentioned to others that he didn't think the marriae would last. Page 3.

The Marriage of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Martin Ginsburg
Martin and Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a long and inspiring marriage that was a bit ahead of the times in terms of being equal with each other.

Open Marriage: A New life Style for Couples -- Book Review
This 1972 classic, reprinted in 1984 is a disappointment to those looking for a how-to on being a swinger. The book only has 20 pages referring to sex outside marriage. The openness in the title refers to the openness of challenging your own thoughts, expectations, attitudes, and behaviors.

Mayumi and Richard Heene Marriage Profile
Living their marriage and raising their sons

Peter Jennings and Kayce Freed Marriage Profile
Here is information about Peter Jennings and his wife Kayce Freed, how they met, when they were married, Peter's children, and information about Peter's three previous marriages.

Ways to Connect With Your Spouse -- Give Your Spouse Your Full Attention
If you want to connect more with your spouse, try these communication and listening methods.

The Marriage of Tom and Christine DeLay
Here's information on the marriage and family of former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

What is Masturbation?
When your spouse masturbates, you may have trouble accepting that masturbation is okay in your marriage. Here is the answer to the question What is Masturbation?

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Marriage Status
Since his Twitter photo scandal fiasco in 2011, Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin tried to get back in politics with his announced run for mayor of New York City.

The Marriage of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz
After having what many considered a whirlwind courtship, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig tied the knot in a secret wedding.

The Long Lasting Marriage of Lois and Art Linkletter
Part of one of Hollywood's longest marriages, Art Linkletter said he owed his good life to his wife of nearly 75 years, Lois.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Marriage
Information about the engagement, wedding, and divorce of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Information about Britney's quickie faux marriage to Jason Alexander is also included.

Russell and Andrea Yates Marriage Profile
Here's information about the marriage of Russell and Andrea Yates and the tragedy of the murder of their five children by Andrea.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz
Married in 2010, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have two children.

Canadian Teen Marriage License Laws
How can teens get married: marriage license laws teen marriage marriage support teen dad marriage licenses

Manitoba Marriage License Information
How to get married in Manitoba: marriage license laws canadian marriage manitoba canada marriage act solemnization

Marriage Myths -- Remember These Statements are NOT True
Listing of statements about marriage that are not true.

Marital Rape Definition
Definition of Marital Rape. Marriage.

Age of Majority -- Definition of the Age of Majority
Definition of Age of Majority. Marriage.

The Importance of Compliments in Your Marriage
Make sure that you sincerely compliment your spouse at least once every day. Quotations about compliments in a marriage and the difference between compliments and flattery are included.

Be a Super Couple and Have a Successful Marriage -- Have It All As a Married Couple
Here's help in being a super couple and having a successful marriage at the same time.

Laughter and Humor in Your Marriage -- Laugh Together
One of the great joys of marriage is the time that you, as a couple, spend laughing together and enjoying your sense of humor. Here are the benefits of laughter and humor and ways to increase laughter in your marriage.

Tipper and Al Gore Marriage Status
To the surprise of many, Al and Tipper Gore separated after 40 years of marriage. Here's a look at how they met, their wedding, and more.

Johnnie Cochran and Dale Mason
Information about the marriages of attorney Johnnie Cochran.

Nancy Dolman and Martin Short Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Martin Short and Nancy Dolman
Sadly, another one of Hollywood's successful, long lasting marriages ended too soon. Nancy Dolman, Martin Short's wife of 30 years, died on August 21, 2010. Here is information about how they met and their marriage.

John Byrne and Tilda Swinton Relationship Profile
The long term relationship of John Byrne and Tilda Swinton is unconventional. Here is information about how they met, their relationship, attitudes toward marriage, and more.

Yvonne De Carlo and Bob Morgan Marriage Profile
Initially, Bob Morgan's terrible accident pulled Yvonne De Carlo and Bob closer together. But as he recovered, their marriage fell apart. Here's information about their wedding, their marriage, quotes, and more.

Oksana Grigorieva and Timothy Dalton
Although they were together during the late 1990s, we could not verify Timothy Dalton and Oksana Grigorieva's marriage status. Here is information about their relationship.

Peter and Loraine Boyle Marriage Profile
The 29-year marriage of Peter and Loraine Boyle ended on December 12, 2006 when Peter died. Here's information about how they met, where they were married, their children, and more.

Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph
Parents of a young daughter, Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson are working at having a bicoastal relationship. Here is information on the celebrity relationship of Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Doorn Van Steyn and Roger Moore
Roger Moore's first marriage to Doorn Van Steyn, when he was 19, had problems from the beginning. Here is information about Roger and Doorn's marriage.

Michele Lee and Jason Reitman Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Jason Reitman and Michele Lee
Here is information about the marriage of Jason Reitman and Michele Lee.

Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe Marriage Profile -- Marriage and Divorce of Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe
Although Hilary and Chad fell for one another when they first met, their marriage ended in divorce. Here's information about the marriage of Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe, how they met, and more.

Jack Warden and Vanda Dupre Marriage Profile
Jack Warden and his wife Vanda Dupre separated in the mid-1970s, but never divorced. Here is more information about their marriage.

Amelia Cruz and Jackie Earle Haley Marriage Profile
The switch from child actor to adult actor was a difficult journey for Jackie Earle Haley. Now in his third marriage, reunited with his son, and owner of a successful business, Jackie has completed the journey by acting again. Here's information about Jackie and Amelia's marriage, quotes, and more.

Frances McDormand and Joel Coen Marriage Profile
Frances McDormand and Joel Coen are a high profile celebrity couple who have been able to balance working together and being together in their married life. Here is more information about the marriage of Joel Coen and Frances McDormand.

Tricia Cooke and Ethan Coen Marriage Profile
Here is information about the marriage of Tricia Cooke and Ethan Coen.

Anthony Franciosa and Rita Thiel Marriage Profile
After 3 marriages, Anthony

Sally and Eddy Arnold Marriage Profile
Married for nearly 66 years, Sally and Eddy died within a couple months of one another. Their marriage was often referred to as one of the great love stories of country music. Here is information about the marriage of Sally and Eddy Arnold.

Carol Arthur and Dom DeLuise Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Carol Arthur and Dom DeLuise
After meeting Dom in a summer stock production, Carol thought 'This is the way to spend a lifetime.' Dom DeLuise and Carol Arthur were married for nearly 44 years before his death in May 2009. Here is information about how they met, when they were married, their children, and more.

Eddie and Margo Albert Marriage Profile
The world and Eddie's family lost a caring and loving man when Eddie Albert died on May 26, 2005, from pneumonia. Eddie and Margo Albert had a 39-year marriage before she died from brain cancer. Eddie died at age 99 after living a life that impacted all our lives in many ways. Here's more information about Eddie and Margo.

Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck Marriage Profile
Here is information about the marriage of Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck.

Hatshepsut and Thutmose II Marriage Profile
To ensure the legitimacy of the royal line, Hatshepsut's marriage to Thutmose II was an arranged marriage.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal said that she and Peter Sarsgaard are

Same Sex Marriage Law in Georgia
Information about the laws in Georgia regarding same sex marriage.

Teen Marriage Movies
Couples who marry in their teenage years have many challenges and obstacles to face in their journey together. Here are a few movies, arranged by date released, that address some issues that adolescents may face if they marry in their teen years.

Rituals in Marriage
Rituals in Marriage. Page 4.

Johnsons and Wildflowers
Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson picking wildflowers near the LBJ Ranch near Stonewall, Texas, 7/5/1968. Page 10.

Johnsons in 1934 Ford
Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson in their 1934 Ford. Page 9.

Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson in Washington DC
Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson in Washington DC in front of the Capitol, ca. 1934-35. Page 2.

Kissing Reagans
Kissing Reagans. Marriage.

Reagans Toasting
Reagans Toasting. Marriage. Page 14.

Ronald and Birthday Cake
Ronald surprised by birthday cake. Page 15.

Dancing Reagans
Reagans Dancing. Marriage. Page 25.

Reagans 36th Anniversary
Reagans celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. Page 35.

Reagans Saying Goodbye
Reagans saying goodbye. Marriage. Page 32.

Reagans on White House South Lawn
Reagans on White House South Lawn. Page 37.

At what age did ancient Egyptians marry? -- Ancient Egyptian Marriage FAQ
Some believe that the first people in the world to make marriage laws were the ancient Egyptians.

Obtaining a Marriage License
Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level and get married? Here is what you need to know about marriage license requirements.

Legal, Financial, Health, and Emotional Benefits of Being Married -- Not All, But Here Are a Few of the Benefits of Being Married
In addition to the many legal rights and benefits for married couples, there are financial, health, and emotional benefits, too.

Being Better Parents If You Decide to Stay Together for the Sake of Your Kids
If you are in a low-conflict marriage and have decided to stay together for the sake of your kids, here are some tips to help you and your spouse be good coparents in spite of your relationship problems with each other.

10 Things to Celebrate About Being Married
Celebrate your marriage!

Why You Should Hold Hands -- Nonsexual Touch in Your Marriage
Nonsexual touch and other signs of affection strengthens your marriage relationship, creates a comforting and calming atmosphere in your home, builds trust between the two of you, and deepens your intimacy with one another.

Spending Time With Your In-Laws
Here are alternatives to consider when spending time with your in-laws or extended family members.

How to Cope After the Death of Your Spouse
Here's coping suggestions to help you after the death of your spouse.

Help Your Spouse Survive a Heart Attack
Here's information on helping your spouse survive a heart attack.

Enjoy the Holidays as an Interfaith Couple
If you are in an interfaith marriage, it is possible to have meaningful holiday celebrations if you keep your lines of communication open and remember to be flexible. Here are more suggestions for interfaith marriage holiday survival.

Survive the Second Half of Your Marriage -- Marriage After Retirement
As your nest starts to empty out or refill, you will find yourselves realizing that your roles are changing. New challenges, new irritations, new frustrations, new discoveries await.

Two in a Bed: The Social System of Couple Bed Sharing Book Review
In Two in a Bed, author Paul Rosenblatt talks about the many issues couples have to deal with in order to sleep together.

Ricardo Montalban and Georgiana Young
One of Hollywood's longest and most devoted marriages was the 63-year union of Ricardo Montalban and Georgiana Young.

Luisa Mattioli and Roger Moore Marriage Profile
Although he hoped the third time would be the charm for Roger Moore, his marriage to Italian Luisa Mattioli did not last.

Dorothy Squires and Roger Moore
Dorothy Squires was Roger Moore's second wife.

Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar
Adrian Pasdar met his future wife, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks a Emily Robison's wedding.

Marriages of Pamela Anderson
After Pamela Anderson tried marriage a third time, the marriage ended quickly. Here is information about Pamela Anderson's marriages, divorces, her children, weddings, and more.

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes
Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes had a quick and secret wedding as well as a quick and surprising divorce.

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams
Although they played husband and wife in the movie Brokeback Mountain, Heath and Michelle never married.

Wende and James Doohan Marriage Profile
It took James

The Marriage of /Jane Wyatt and Edgar Ward
Here is information on the nearly 65-year marriage of Jane Wyatt and Edgar Ward.

Jack Tweed and Jade Goody Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Jade Goody and Jack Tweed
They had a short and turbulent relationship prior to their wedding and Jade Goody and Jack Tweed had a short marriage due to her diagnosis of terminal cancer. Here is information on how Jade and Jack met, their wedding, and more.

Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy Marriage Profile
Both Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds appeared to have had successful marriages in the past. It was hoped that they would both be able to take what they knew worked best in those relationships to make sure their marriage to one another was successful. Here is information about Tracey and Eddie met, their wedding, and more.

Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig Marriage Profile
Daniel Craig's first marriage was to Fiona Loudon in 1992.

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon Marriage Profile
Viola Davis and Julius Tennon wanted to base their marriage on respect and understanding.

Isaac Merritt Singer and Isabella Eugenie Boyer
Married twice, with twenty-two acknowledged children by several other women, Isaac had the audacity to divorce his first wife on the grounds that she had an affair. Here is more information about Isaac Merritt Singer and his second wife, Isabella Eugenie Boyer.

Costa Rica Marriage License Laws
Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Costa Rican marriage license. Don't let the marriage license laws of Costa Rica put a dent in your wedding plans.

Frederic Auguste and Jeanne-Emilie Bartholdi
Two women posed for the sculptor of The Statue of Liberty. One was his wife. Here is information about the marriage of Frederic Auguste and Jeanne-Emilie Bartholdi.

Brad Jones and Loretta Harrop Marriage Profile
Here is information about the sports marriage of Brad Jones and Loretta Harrop. Loretta competed for Australia in the 2004 Olympics in the triathlon. Although Brad is a former football player for the AFL, he is apparently not the same Brad Jones who competed in the 2004 Olympics.

Nebraska Marriage License Information -- How to Get Married in Nebraska
Nebraska marriage license laws, regulations, and other things to know before filling out your application.

Applying for a Marriage License in North Dakota
North Dakota marriage license laws, regulations, and other things to know before filling out your application.

Canada Marriage License Information
How to get married in Canada. Marriage.

Three Year Rule
Definition of the three year rule.

Common Law Marriage
Definition of common law marriage

Polygamy Definition
Definition of polygamy. Marriage.

Honour Killing Definition
Definition of honour killings. Marriage.

Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov Marriage Profile
Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov are ice dancing Olympian stars who met one another through the Internet. They support one another both on and off the ice. Here's information about how they met, their weddings, and more.

Mariane and Daniel Pearl Marriage Profile
In their marriage contract which they proclaimed at their wedding, Mariane and Daniel Pearl promised to grow old together. Although a terrorist act stopped them from keeping that promise, Mariane wrote a book about their life together to keep their promise to

Nena and George O'Neill Marriage Profile
The thirty-five year marriage of George and Nena produced a best selling book and two sons.

Eileen O'Shaughnessy and George Orwell Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Eileen and George Orwell
Eileen and George Orwell's marriage was hit with war time stress and separation, unfaithfulness, loss of their home, and ill health. Here is information on how they met, their wedding, and more.

Sonia Brownell and George Orwell Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of George Orwell and Sonia Brownell
The marriage of George Orwell and Sonia Brownell only lasted a couple months due to Orwell's poor health. Here is information on how they met and about their wedding.

Juana and Diego Velazquez Marriage Profile
Married as teenagers, Juana Pacheco and Diego Velazquez's long lasting marriage ended when Diego died at the age of sixty-one. Juana died a few days later. Here is information about how Diego and Juana met, their children, and more.

Getting Married on the Isle of Man
If you are planning to get married in the Isle of Man, make sure you understand the requirements and marriage regulations.

H. A. and Margret Rey Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Margret and H. A. Rey
The creators of the

Mike and Kathy Holmgren
Mike and Kathy Holmgren first met when they were young teens. Their shared priorities and values helped give them a strong foundation for their marriage.

Floyd and Amber Landis Marriage Profile
Information concerning Floyd Landis' marriage to Amber Basile.

Red Auerbach and Dorothy Lewis Marriage Profile
The marriage of Red and Dorothy Auerbach was unusual because Red spent much of his time living in Boston while Dorothy and their two daughters lived in Washington, D.C. The couple had a close relationship for 59 years. Here's information on how they met, their children, and more.

Peggy Viehland and Steve Fossett
She may not have liked them, but Steve Fossett had the support of his wife Peggy for his adventures.

Tom Parker Bowles and Sara Buys
Although the bride was around 20 minutes late, the wedding of Tom Parker Bowles and Sara Buys was described as a classy, traditional affair. Here's more information about Tom and Sara.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Anne Sinclair
When allegations of sexual assault were charged against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, his wife Anne Sinclair stood by his side. Here's more information about their marriage.

Mary Kaye and Jon Huntsman Marriage Profile
Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman say they are still sweethearts and best friends. Here's information on how they met, their marriage, and more.

Jenny and Mark Sanford Marriage Profile
When Governor Mark Sanford's emotional affair turned into a physical affair, his career and his marriage were turned upside down.

Todd and Sarah Heath Palin
Sarah and Todd Palin's marriage has many rumors surrounding it. Here is information about their wedding, children, relationship, and more.

Wendy and David Vitter Marriage Profile
Wendy and David Vitter's marriage made headlines when in 1992 Wendy proclaimed no forgiveness for any possible infidelity. Their marriage made headlines again in 2007 when Wendy did forgive David's infidelity.

The Marriage of Ted and Catherine Stevens
Ted and Catherine Stevens were married for almost 30 years when Ted died in an airplane crash. Ted had survived a plane crash in 1978 that killed his first wife.

Landra and Harry Reid Marriage Profile
Harry and Landra Reid show respect and support for each other.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separated after 25 years of marriage.

Dina Matos and James McGreevey
James and Dina Matos McGreevey's picture perfect marriage ended with his announcement that he had a gay affair.

Carol Shepp and John McCain Marriage Profile
Described as

I. Lewis Libby Jr. and Harriet Grant Marriage Profile
There is not much information available about Harriet and Scooter Libby's marriage. Here is what we were able to glean from magazine and newspaper articles about their marriage relationship.

The Marriage of Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule
Trying to stay in touch several times a day via cell phone calls, Amy and Rahm Emanuel kept their marriage and family on a solid foundation while he worked in Washington, D.C. As Mayor of Chicago, there will still be long work hours for Rahm and the need to stay in touch with one another. Here is information about the marriage of Amy Rule and Rahm Emanuel.

Carol and Ron Paul Marriage Profile
Married over 50 years, Ron and Carol Paul continue to support one another.

Samuel and Martha-Ann Alito Marriage Profile
Sworn in as the Supreme Court's 110th Justice on 2/1/06, Samuel A. Alito, Jr., has been married to Martha-Ann Bomgardner since 1985. Read more about Samuel and Martha-Ann's marriage, children, and interests.

Dennis Hastert and Jean Kahl Marriage Profile
Dennis and Jean Hastert didn't want to leave their home, but moved their family to DC when Dennis won election to the House of Representatives.

Eugene and Abigail McCarthy Marriage Profile -- Marriage of Eugene and Abigail McCarthy
Although Eugene and Abigail McCarthy separated after being married for nearly a quarter of a century, they never divorced. Here's information on their marriage relationship and how they lived their lives after their separation.

Emily and James Clyburn
Jim and Emily Clyburn met in jail. But it's not what you think!

John and Jane Roberts Marriage Profile
Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts and his wife Jane live a low-key lifestyle.

How to Get Married in St. Lucia
If you are considering applying for a marriage license in St. Lucia, here is what you need to bring with you, and what you need to know about the St. Lucia marriage laws before filling out the St. Lucia marriage license application.

Getting married on the Turks & Caicos Islands
Getting married in the Turks and Caicos Islands is becoming more and more popular as famous celebrities choose this romantic location for their own weddings.

Richard and Lisa Marie Nowak
Here is information about the marriage of Lisa and Richard Nowak.

Yigal Amir and Larisa Trembovler Marriage Profile
In July, 2005, after 3 months of deliberations, the Jerusalem rabbinical court validated the proxy marriage of Yigal Amir and Larisa Trembovler.

Applying for a Marriage License in Dominica
If you are considering applying for a marriage license in Dominica, here is what you need to bring with you, and what you need to know about the Dominica marriage laws before filling out the Dominica marriage license application.

Bill and Lois Wilson
Despair and hope filled the fifty-three year marriage of Bill and Lois Wilson.

Maureen and Tony Hayward
The oil spill in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico put Tony and Maureen in the news.

Heidi Klum and Seal Marriage Profile
Although their respect for one another and their belief to put one another first were important in the marriage of Heidi Klum and Seal, the couple separated in January 2012 with divorce papers filed in April 2012.

Jenny and Bryan Masche Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Bryan and Jenny Masche
Although they said their religious faith was part of what kept them together, Jenny and Bryan Masche's marriage appears to be ending. Their marriage has had its share of stress in raising sextuplets. Here's information on how they met, when they married, their children, and more.

Steve and Terri Irwin Marriage Profile
The partnership of Steve and Terri Irwin was both as a married couple and as television stars. Their marriage ended on September 4, 2006 with the untimely death of Steve at the age of 44. Here's information on how Steve and Terri Irwin met, their children, quotes about their marriage relationship, and more.

The Marriages of Shelley Winters
None of Shelley Winters' three marriages lasted very long. Here's information about her marriage relationships, numerous affairs, quotes, and more.

Kristina Tholstrup and Roger Moore Marriage Profile
For Roger Moore, the fourth time was the charm in finding peace and happiness in marriage. Here is information about Roger's marriage to Kristina Tholstrup.

Marriage of Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher
Originally saying they were too busy to get married, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher did make their union legal in March 2010.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Marriage Profile
Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' marriage ended in a difficult divorce. Here's more information on their marriage.

Renn Hawkey and Vera Farmiga Marriage Profile
The belief to live simply is a value that Renn Hawkey and Vera Farmiga share.

Gail Huff and Scott Brown Marriage Profile -- The Marriage of Scott and Gail Brown
Scott campaigned without Gail by his side due to her television reporting job. Gail will continue to work at the Boston television station while Scott begins his Senate career in Washington, D.C. Here is information about the supportive marriage of Gail and Scott Brown.

Chaz and Roger Ebert
Chaz and Roger Ebert's marriage was a model for others on the importance of being there for one another.

How common place is marital rape?
Marital rape is much more prevalent than many people want to accept.

Is Masturbation Therapeutic?
Yes, masturbation can be good for your health.

What is Marital Rape?
Marital rape definition. Marriage.

Why is marital rape a controversial issue?
Reasons why marital rape is so controversial.

Different Types of Marital Rape
Listing of the different types of marital rape.

Ways to Support Your Wife Through Menopause
Marriage relationships can suffer when a wife goes through menopause. Knowing the symptons, understanding the physiological and emotional psychological changes, and supporting your wife's treatment decisions are a few of the ways to support your wife as she experiences menopause.

Modern 28th Anniversary Gifts - Orchids
Your twenty-eighth year of marriage can be a breathtaking time reflecting your love for one another. The modern gift for the 28th wedding anniversary is the orchid. Here are some suggestions for a gift with an orchid theme.

Ways an Unhappy Marriage Can Ruin Your Health -- An Unhappy Marriage Can Hurt Your Health
Just as a happy marriage can keep you healthy, an unhappy, stressful relationship can shorten your life. Here are some of the ways that discord in a marriage can make you ill.

Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch Marriage Status
The 38-year age difference between Rupert Murdoch and his third wife Wendi Deng is often mentioned in articles about the media magnate's marriage and divorce.

About Marriage Tip of the Day
Get free daily tips for your marriage delivered to your inbox and discover more ways to make your marriage strong and fulfilling. Daily Marriage Tips are delivered daily.

Marcus and Michele Bachmann
Marcus and Michele Bachmann say they work together in their marriage -- in raising their kids, in running their business, and in making big decisions such as Michele's candidacy in the 2012 Presidential campaign.

Paul and Nancy Pelosi
Paul and Nancy Pelosi's long lasting marriage is based on finding balance in their lives.

Same-Sex Marriage in Louisiana
Information about the same-sex marriage law and constitutional amendment in Louisiana.

Trophy Wife Definition
Definition of the term trophy wife.

Leisha and Chip Pickering
After 20 years together, the marriage of Leisha and Chip Pickering fell apart due to Chip's infidelity.

Franni Bryson and Al Franken
Al and Frannie Franken's long lasting marriage has had rough times, but they appear to have worked through those issues and are devoted to each other.

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming have a 22-year age difference.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi
Seeking fame, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, now divorced, had a collection of incidents ranging from their expensive wedding, to crashing a dinner at the White House, to creating conflict on a reality television show.

Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse
One of Hollywood's longest lasting marriages was that of Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse.

Kate and Jon Gosselin
Jon and Kate Gosselin lost both their marriage and their reality television show.

Suzanne and Alan Arkin
Suzanne Newlander is Alan Arkin's third wife.

Assortative Mating
Definition of assortative mating.

Marriage - Flowers Clip Art
Romantic flower clip art images and graphics.

Aphrodisiacs -- Definition and Examples of Aphrodisiacs
Definition and examples of aphrodisiacs.

Moving On With Your Life
Whether your marriage ends due to the death of your spouse or due to a divorce, it is important that you move on with your life. Here are things you can do to get on with your life after a loss.

Kabbalah Wedding
Definition of a kabbalah wedding.

Common Law Rule -- Name Change
Many states allow a person, including a child, to change his or her name by using the common law rule.

Romantic Marriage
Definition of a romantic marriage

Urfi Marriage Definition
Definition of urfi marriage.

Alienation of Affection
Definition of Alienation of Affection lawsuits.

Emotional Affair
Definition of an emotional affair in a marriage.

Top Ten Excuses for Cheating
In looking at the common excuses people hear from their cheating spouses, here are what we consider to be the top ten cheating excuses.

The Stockholm Syndrome
Definition of the Stockholm Syndrome as a psychological state of victims becoming sympathetic to abusers.

Shotgun Marriage Definition -- Shotgun Bride
Definition of the terms shotgun marriage, shotgun bride, and shotgun wedding.

Ben and Danika Holbrook
Ben and Danika Holbrook are one of several married couples to compete for the United States in the 2004 Olympics. They will both compete in the Quadruple Sculls Rowing event.

Morganatic Marriage
Definition and explanation of a morganatic marriage.

James and Maya Frey Marriage Profile
After writing a controversial best seller, James Frey has managed to keep information about his wife and daughter private. We wonder what Maya Frey's reaction was to learning that her husband had been lying for several years.

Marriages of Saddam Hussein
Documentation reveals two marriages for Saddam Hussein, although rumors abound that he had two other wives. Here's information we could verify about Saddam Hussein's marriages and children.

Lou Rawls and Nina Inman
Lou Rawls was considered a great talent and a selfless humanitarian. In his personal life, Lou Rawls had difficulties in maintaining his relationships. Here's information about Lou's most recent and troubled marriage to Nina Malek Inman, his previous marriages, his children, and more.

The Marriages of Don Adams
Don Adams was married and divorced three times and had seven children.

Marriages of Carolyn Jones
Carolyn Jones had three marriages before her early death at age 54. Learn about her marriage proposal to Aaron Spelling and more.

Felipe and Letizia
Information about the marriage of Prince Felipe de Bourbon of Spain and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano

Remarriage Tips -- Second Time Around Tips for Married Couples
Remarriage tips for couples the second time around.

British Columbia Marriage License Information
How to get married in British Columbia.

Can Masturbation Harm My Marriage?
The fact that your spouse masturbates can have a negative impact on your marriage if it is taking the place of having sex with you. Masturbation can also hurt your marriage if your self esteem is damaged by the activity.

Why Does My Spouse Masturbate?
Your spouse probably masturbates to relax and because it feels good. Your spouse may masturbate because of a higher sex drive than yours.

What About the Moral Issue Concerning Masturbation?
Some religions and religious ministers teach that masturbation is wrong and immoral. There are religious leaders who express their concern that masturbation can hide repressed anger and lessen spousal intimacy.

I'm at a loss. What do I do now?
Here are suggestions on coping with the death of your spouse.

E-Marriage Definition -- What is E-Marriage
Definition of e-marriage.

The definition of adultery, adultery in history, and adultery and the law.

Emancipation Definition
Definition of emancipation in regards to minors and marriage.

Elizabeth Taylor's Marriages
Elizabeth Taylor has been married eight times, widowed once, and divorced seven times. Here is information about her many marriages.

Marriage Connection - Marriage
Issue 4 , from your Guide: eleanor roosevelt marriage connection twelve days of christmas public pledge anniversary contest

Calling It Quits
Knowing when to throw in the towel on a marriage relationship is a difficult decision. Here is help on dealing with the difficult times and disillusionment, breaking up, making plans, and being able to let go.

Having Fun Together
A listing things you can do to put more joy & fun into your marriage.

Informal Wedding Planning
If the two of you have decided you want a small, simple, informal wedding, do it! It's your wedding, so if you want it laid back and relaxed, go for it, and have fun!

Model Marriages
What helps keep your marriage successful and long-lasting? It helps to have flexible attitude towards your marriage, willingness to create a balanced in the time you spend together and apart, and an openness to change.

Help Married
Every marriage needs help now and then, both during the good times and when things become difficult. Here are issues that impact marriages and skills to help you deal with those issues and problems in healthy ways. Remember that most problems have solutions. Don't ignore the problems and issues in your marriage. If your marriage is in trouble, get started and make the necessary changes together that will help your marriage.