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9 Steps to a 1st Grade Lesson Plan for Telling Time
First grade students will begin to tell time to the half hour. It would be helpful to have a digital clock sound an alarm when math class begins.

5th Grade Lesson Plan: Adding and Multiplying Decimals
Students will use advertisements during the holiday season to add and multiply decimals to the hundredths place.

Student Lesson Plan: Writing Story Problems
Students will learn to solve a variety of word problems by writing their own and comparing them to classmates' problems.

Lesson Plan: Math and Music - Fractions
Students will use some of their favorite songs to develop an understanding of fractions.

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Cross-Curricular Math Lesson Plans
These cross-curricular lesson plans combine math and other subjects, including science, social studies, and language arts.

Fifth Grade Lesson Plans
These fifth grade lesson plans include activities designed to teach number and operations, fractions, measurement, and geometry.

First Grade Lesson Plans
Find lessons for first grade students here. Topics include number sense, measurement, data, geometry, and simple operations.

Math Lesson Plans for Fourth Graders
Fourth grade lesson plans include topics such as number and operations, fractions, geometry, measurement, and algebraic thinking.

Kindergarten Lesson Plans for Math
Here readers will find a variety of lesson plans for Kindergarten students.

Lesson Plan Resources & Handouts
These lesson plan resources and handouts will supplement the lessons on this site. Examples include graphic organizers, graphing templates, and word problem resources.

Second Grade Lesson Plans - Math Lesson Plans Directory
Lesson plans for second grade students include number and operations, geometry, measurement, and algebraic thinking.

6th Grade Math Lesson Plans: Ratios to Rational Numbers
These sixth grade lesson plans include activities to teach topics such as number sense, ratios and proportions, algebraic expressions, geometry, statistics, and probability.

Third Grade Lesson Plans
The third grade lesson plans found here include topics such as number and operations, geometry, measurement, fractions, data, and algebraic thinking.

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Math lesson plans for teachers, parents, and educators to facilitate math instructions.


Lesson Plan: Introduction to Two-Digit Multiplication
Students will use their understanding of place value and single digit multiplication to begin multiplying two-digit numbers.

Lesson Plan: Non-Standard Measurement
Students will use a non-standard measure (paper clips) to measure the length of several objects.

Lesson Plan: Snacks Sorting, Counting, and Graphing
Second graders will use food to learn how to sort, count, and graph quantities to 10.

Lesson Plan: Three Digit Place Value
Students will develop their understanding of place value by identifying what each numeral of a three digit number stands for.

4th Grade Lesson Plan: Expanded Notation
Students will create, read, and decompose large numbers.

Lesson Plan: Addition and Subtraction
In this Kindergarten lesson, students will represent addition and subtraction with objects and actions.

Sixth Grade Math Lesson Plan: Ratios
In this sixth grade lesson plan, students will use ratio language to describe quantities.

Fourth Grade Math Lesson Plan: Factor Trees
Students will create a factor tree with numbers between 1 and 100.

Lesson Plan: Area and Perimeter Formulas
Students will apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in order to create a fence in which to house a (make-believe) pet.

Sample Lesson Plan for Teachers: Rounding
Students will develop an understanding of the common rules of rounding to the nearest 10.

Lesson Plan: Addition and Subtraction With Pictures
A lesson in which students will create and solve addition and subtraction word problems visually using pictures of objects.

Lesson Plan: Survey Data & Graphing
Students will use a survey to collect and then represent data in a picture graph and bar graph.

Lesson Plan: Assembling Place Value Bundles
First grade students will develop an understanding of place value by assembling groups of ones and tens.

2nd Grade Lesson Plan: Choosing & Using Correct Tools
Students will choose and use an appropriate tool to correctly measure and object.

First Grade Math Lesson Plan: Work with Tangrams
Students will construct tangrams out of paper and will then use those to create designs with their polygons.

Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Geometric Art
During a math or art period, students will create a picture using geometric shapes.

2nd Grade Lesson Plan: Origami and Geometry
Students will use origami to develop a knowledge of geometric properties.

Math Lesson Plan: Geometric Solids
Students will construct geometric solids out of two-dimensional

Third Grade Lesson Plan: Music and Multiplication
Students will draw pictures, or write poems or songs, in order to remember difficult multiplication facts.

Lesson Plan: Estimation
Students will estimate lengths of everyday objects, and will use the vocabulary “inches”, “feet”, “centimeters” and “meters”.

Lesson Plan: Heart Rate Graphing
In PE, health, or math class, students will learn how to find and record their heart rate, and will create a double bar graph over the course of a two week period.

Lesson Plan: Math and Literature - The Greedy Triangle
Students will use The Greedy Triangle to study angles and sides of two-dimensional shapes.

Lesson Plan: Bigger and Smaller
Students will compare two objects and use the vocabulary bigger/smaller, taller/shorter, and more/less to describe their respective attributes.

Lesson Plan: Snacks Sorting and Counting
Kindergarteners will use food to learn how to sort and count quantities.

Lesson Plan: Quilting with Fractions
In this lesson, students will explore shapes as they create a quilt square, and will then use their quilt to identify fractional parts of a whole.

Lesson Plan: Symmetry & Positional Language
Students will cut symmetrical shapes out of paper, and will then use them to describe the relative positions of objects.

Lesson Plan: Simple Quilting
First grade students will assemble a simple quilt square using pre-cut triangles and squares.

Lesson Plan: Quilting, Measurement, and Area
Students will explore shapes, patterns, and area in this lesson about quilting, geometry, and measurement.

Lesson Plan: Coordinate Plane
In this fifth grade lesson, students will explore the concept of the coordinate plane.

Lesson Plan: Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms
Students will find the volume of a right rectangular prism by packing it with unit cubes. They will then find that the volume is the same as it would be by multiplying the edge lengths of the prism.

Lesson Plan: Rational Number Line
Students will use a large number line to understand rational numbers and to position positive and negative numbers correctly.