Media Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

What Went Wrong with Al Jazeera America?
Al Jazeera America announced it's shutting down. There are three main reasons for what went wrong with this all-news channel.

How Media Censorship Affects the News You See
Media censorship may remind you of government-controlled news reports from a Cold War-era communist country. But in America today, the news is censored in ways you may not realize.

Video Tips to Shoot Like a Professional Videographer
Anyone can hit record on a video camera. Jump from amateur to expert by learning the top video tips to shoot like a professional videographer.

Words You Can't Say on TV and Other FCC Rules
Despite all the changes in media, most of the FCC rules on indecency still apply in TV. Learn about these rules and what they mean.

The 6 Most Opinionated People in the Media Industry
Some people earn millions in the media sharing their opinions. Meet the top 6 most opinionated people in the media industry who draw a huge audience.

Events That Changed How Media Outlets Cover News
New technology is often used for the first time to cover breaking news. Other times, there's a shift in editorial direction to reflect public opinion.

How to Survive Your Own Steve Harvey Moment on Live TV
Steve Harvey showed the pitfalls of live TV when he announced the wrong winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

Kickstart Your Social Media Campaign
Are you new to social media or ready to take your current social media efforts to the next level? Kickstart your social media campaign in 5 easy steps.

How Politicians Use Media to Win Elections
Reporters seek the truth, while politicians seek election. See the 8 ways politicians use the media to get votes and win elections.

How to Create a News Website That Makes Money
Learning how to make news website starts with providing content. You can also make money provided you make the right choices in generating revenue.

10 Tips for Building Your Radio Brand On and Off Air
Build your radio brand by doing more than playing music and selling ads. Get results by reaching listeners through your airwaves and beyond.

Is the Media Liberal?
Liberal media bias is a common claim made against all U.S. media. Find out how the accusations are made and if they're true in regards to politics.

Robin Roberts Bio
ABC's Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts is versatile and competitive. Learn more about how this one-time women's basketball standout found success in television and faced her most formidable opponents, breast cancer and bone marrow disease.

The Ethics of Magazine Photo Manipulation in the Media
Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself. Set standards so that you make photos that don't distort reality or destroy your reputation.

Easy Ways to Advertise Your Media Brand
Advertising media involves more than just making a commercial or placing a newspaper ad -- try these easy methods for advertising your media brand.

How to Sell Magazine Advertisements
Magazine ads give companies a way to reach highly-targeted customers. Find out how to sell magazine advertisements to your clients.

Journalists Should Take Note of New York Times Error
The New York Times had to correct an embarrassing mistake in the wake of the Charleston shootings. It should be a warning sign for all journalists.

5 Crisis Communications Strategies That Work
Crisis communications don't have to damage your company. Use these 5 crisis communications strategies to manage your message through the turmoil.

Why Company Morale is Low and How to Fix It
Employee morale is infectious. Good morale equals a happy workforce. Bad morale turns your department into a battle zone where no one wants to work.

What's in Store for the Newspaper Industry
Newspapers have long been threatened by newer forms of media that deliver information faster. See what's in store for the newspaper industry.

Think News Management Is Easy?
A news management job brings power and a lot of responsibility. Know the pitfalls of news management to decide if this career is right for you.

Media Branding Lessons from "New Coke"
It's been 30 years since Coca-Cola introduced

How Donald Trump Uses the Media
Billionaire Donald Trump is as good at manipulating the media as he is at making business deals. There are several ways he uses the media to his advantage.

Highs and Lows of the 2014-15 TV Season
The 2014-15 TV season produced many memorable moments. Find out which networks scored big with prime time programming and which ones will have to regroup for fall.

Why Presidential Hopefuls Use Social Media and Not Traditional Media
The 2016 presidential candidates are using social media like never before. See how social media allows them to further ignore traditional media.

Getting Young People Interested in News
While young people may not be interested in TV news or newspapers, they do want information. Know how to meet that need to grow your news audience.

Should TV Stations Ban False Political Ads?
TV stations are often criticized for running political ads that contain false information. Find out why TV stations aren't banning them from their airwaves.

How a Donald Trump Presidency Could Affect News Media
Donald Trump says he'd loosen libel laws if he's elected president. See how that could land news reporters in court for the stories they write.

A Lot Is at Stake for the TV Networks in the 2015-16 Season
The TV networks have spent fortunes hoping to find the next big hit in the 2015-16 season. Find out the challenges that each network faces when the new TV shows premiere.

Tips to Shoot Steady Video without a Tripod
Shooting steady video usually takes a tripod. But there are ways you can shoot steady video without having to lug around extra gear.

A Look at TV News History Over the Past 50 Years
TV news is filled with many breakthroughs. Take a look at TV news history over the past 50 years to see the industry's many changes.

Is TV to Blame for the Childhood Obesity Problem?
Critics say TV is to blame for childhood obesity. Examine the evidence to decide whether television is really at fault as kids' waistlines grow.

5 Ways to Defend News Media from Critics
People who work in news media are used to facing criticism for the stories they produce. There are 5 ways media pros can defend their industry from attacks.

How the Spectrum Auction Will Change Local TV Forever
The federal government's spectrum auction will tempt TV stations to go off the air. While TV station owners could make millions, it would change the way people watch TV in their homes.

Do College Students Now Hate the News Media?
College students are now attacking the news media. Find out why news reporters are no longer welcome on some college campuses and how that disrupts the free flow of information.

Top 10 Media Movies Every Journalist Should See
Hollywood often makes the media the star of its films. These top 10 media movies cover everything from the real-life scandals to the hilarious, fictional on-air talent.

Is Media Coverage Making the Baltimore Riots Worse?
It's the job of the media to go where news breaks. But in the case of the Baltimore riots, the live TV coverage may be making the violence worse.

Is NBC Right in Keeping Brian Williams?
NBC news anchor Brian Williams may be losing his seat on Nightly News, but he hasn't been fired. Do you think NBC acted correctly by moving him to MSNBC?

NBC News Anchor Lester Holt Bio:
Lester Holt is now the anchor of NBC Nightly News. Find out how he got his start and made it to the prime anchor chair.

From B-Roll to VO SOT—Definitions of Broadcasting Terms
Looking for a definition of the television term VO SOT and how it is used in media? Don't fret, that and meanings of many other TV broadcasting terms.

News Package: Definition, Newscast Examples, Production
A news package contains many elements—Learn the definition of this type of newscast, find examples and how the script is structured to convey a story.

Everything You Need to Know About Prime Time TV
The definition of prime time television was traditionally between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., but in recent years, has undergone changes due to technology.

What Is a Network Affiliate?
A definition of the broadcasting term affiliate and how they work with networks, including regulations, public broadcasting and industry changes.

How a Broadcasting Network Defines the TV and Radio Business
Broadcasting networks may seem like a throwback to the glory days of TV and radio. Find out why they still have so much power in the media industry.

Designated Market Area and Media
DMAs are the designated market areas, a pivotal term used by Nielson Market Research to build their ratings for television and radio shows.

O&O: What Owned and Operated TV Stations Really Mean
Wondering how the broadcasting term O&O is used in media? Learn about how it differs from affiliate stations and how different countries regulate it.

CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley - Biography
Scott Pelley rose through the ranks of television news before being named the weeknight anchor at CBS.Learn about his career, highlights, and personal info.

Public Service Announcements Are a Vital Part of Media
Public service announcements aren't commercials, but they advertise important messages to TV and radio audiences. Learn about the most popular public service announcements.

How News Coverage Has Changed Since the 9/11 Attacks
Those in the new media were shocked, saddened and outraged watching the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but they went to work on the biggest story of their lives.

Proof of Performance and Media
Proof of performance reports are documents that include ad placement dates, times and clips to prove an ad aired as expected for clients.

The Life and Career of Media Pioneer Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch is one of the most powerful media moguls in the world. But find out why his empire comes with controversy.

Media Myths Affect How the Public Views News Coverage
Media myths create many misconceptions about how news is covered. Uncover the reality behind six common media myths so that you're a wiser news user.

How to Avoid Media Bias When Covering Political News Stories
Media bias is a common charge that politicians use against reporters. Make sure your reports don't back up their claims of media bias.

Top Tips for Reporting Crime News from the Scene
Reporters routinely cover crime news, which can make them immune to their surroundings. Maintain ethical standards and sensitivity for victims.

The Rise and Fall of News Anchor Brian Williams
Brian Williams had a fast rise and a momentous fall as a news anchor. His reputation took a hit when he was demoted from NBC's flagship newscast.

Tina Brown Bio
Tina Brown is a media editor who tried combining Newsweek with the website The Daily Beast. Now she's taking on new media challenges.

Matt Lauer Biography
Matt Lauer has helped wake up America for more than 15 years as co-anchor of NBC's Today show. Lauer has been under increasing public relations scrutiny since the dismissal of Ann Curry from the program in 2012 and whether he played a role in her tearful exit.

Should You Include Your Opinion When Reporting the News?
News reporters are supposed to include facts in their stories and never their personal opinion. But sometimes a reporter can stand up for a cause.

Why Mass Media Ethics Are Still Important
Mass media ethics have taken a back seat to high-tech breakthroughs in the media industry. Find out why it's critical you maintain ethical standards.

What Are Radio Formats and Why Do They Matter?
You've heard the names of radio formats, such as Top 40, adult contemporary, album rock. Find out why they matter to your career and your company.

How to Understand Nielsen TV Ratings
Learn how to use Nielsen TV Ratings data to track the popularity of TV shows. Even seasoned media pros have a hard time interpreting the numbers.

5 Ways News Reporters Should Cover Tragic Events
Mass shootings happen so often that news reporters can become immune to the heartbreak. These are the ways reporters should cover tragic events with compassion.

News Mistakes Media Pros Should Never Make
TV news anchors and reporters often make dumb mistakes that annoy viewers. These are the top 10 TV news mistakes media pros should never make.

Why Movie Stars Make a Brief Jump to TV
More movie stars are jumping to television, at least briefly. Find out why TV event programming is attracting some top Hollywood talent, who otherwise wouldn't want to be part of a TV series.

The Dangers of Accepting Payola in the Media Industry
Accepting payola is risky business. Know where to draw the line when selling your media product to advertisers or other outside interests.

TV News Anchor Career Profile and Job Description
A TV news anchor is the highest-profile person at a local station or national network. Develop your skills and take your seat behind the anchor desk.

TV Reporter Career Profile and Job Description
TV reporters gets to witness history while telling an audience about important events. Know the skills required to be successful in TV reporting.

Get Answers to Your Tough Reporter Questions
Reporter questions can lead to confrontation. These five tips help you ask questions to get answers instead of anger from the person you're interviewing.

News Interview Tips for Handling a Combative Situation
A news interview can be tough to conduct if the guest is combative, evasive or rude. Handle the interview with ease to get the answers you want.

3 Key Ways to Promote Your TV Newscast
Your TV station produces an excellent newscast, but more people need to watch it. Besides promoting the stories on your broadcast, find out three other ways you should entice viewers to watch.

Lessons to Learn from TruTV's "Breaking Greenville"
The TV reality show

Survey Has Good News for AM and FM Radio Stations
Despite all the ways we can listen to music, a new survey has good news for AM and FM radio stations. Find out why more people prefer traditional radio when they're on the go.

How the Steve Harvey Debacle Could Happen on Live TV
Steve Harvey's mistake in naming the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant shows the pitfalls of live TV. See the most common ways live TV leads to unforgettable bloopers.

Why Listening Is a Critical Media Skill
Listening is often forgotten when media pros try to build their skills. Find out why listening is a vital ability for anyone working in media.

Steps to Build Your Brand as a TV Personality
People who can turn themselves into a TV personality are the ones who get the most attention and make the most money. Use these tips to improve.

Be a Radio Personality Who Rules the Airwaves
Be a radio personality who's more than just a voice on the air. Develop your radio personality by getting involved in your city and attracting publicity.

Top 5 Live Shot Tips for TV News Reporters
Mastering a live shot is a critical skill for anyone who works in TV news. Think on your feet with these top 5 live shot tips for TV news reporters.

TV Interview Tips for News Media Professionals
A TV interview can be a showcase of your talents. Preparation and knowledge are key to conducting memorable TV interviews that will build your career.

Why Media Pros Need to Worry about Personal Security
Working in media puts you in the spotlight. That can lead to danger if you don't know how to put a personal security plan together to protect yourself.

Why Radio Advertisements Are Good for Your Clients
Radio ads can be the most effective tool for a client to boost sales at a low cost. If you work in radio, know how to tout the benefits of radio ads.

How to Sell TV Advertisements to Your Clients
TV ads offer the best way to spread a client's sales message. If you work in television, learn how to get a deal signed and a client on the air.

TV Consultants Bring Success to a Television Station
A TV consultant offers a wide variety of research, advice and products to a TV station. Find out how a consultant can bring success to your station.

The Pros and Cons of Careers in the Media Industry
Media careers are exciting and demanding. Weigh the pros and cons of careers in the media industry to decide if this career is right for you.

Why Media Pros Sometimes Get Fired
Getting fired is a shock, but in media, losing your job is common. Know the top reasons for getting fired so you can rebound quickly if it happens to you.

Jobs You Can Get with a Communications Degree
The jobs you can get with a communications degree don't always involve working in the media. Find the job you want when you know where to look.

How to Develop Your Voice for TV or Radio
Developing your voice for TV or radio is an important part of a media career. Learn how to train your voice to sound natural and believable on the air.

Get News Anchor Tips from a TV Talent Coach
News anchor tips are often given by TV talent coaches that a station or network hires. Know what kind of advice you're likely to hear.

How to Find a Talent Agent to Boost Your Media Career
Finding a talent agent to boost your media career takes a hard look at your own goals. Know what to ask before signing a talent agent's contract.

Media Industry Jobs You Can Get without a Degree
Want to work in the media industry but don't have a college degree? Break into the field with these media jobs you can use to gain experience.

Why Networking Is Critical to Your Media Career
Networking with people you know is important to your media career. Move up the career ladder using these easy networking skills.

What to Know Before Breaking a News Story
Breaking an exclusive news story will bring you a lot of attention. Here's how to make sure your news story is correct before you present it to the public.

How to Write a News Script for TV News
Knowing how to write a news script can make all the difference in your TV career. These 10 tips will add excitement to your news script.

Write a Winning Cover Letter to Get the Media Job You Want
Go from potential to paid employee. Write a winning cover letter that separates you from the cluster of job candidates applying for the same media position.

How to Write Great Headlines for the Web
There's a strategy to writing headlines for the web that get noticed. Start producing effective headlines for your site to build a loyal audience.

4 Steps to Writing Accurate Stories on Political Polls
Writing news stories on political polls sounds simple. But it requires attention to detail or else you could be accused of biased reporting.

Media Sensationalism in Today's News Coverage
Sensationalism is a common criticism of today's news coverage. Do these claims accurately describe the news reporters produce?

Focus on Political Issues When Reporting on Campaigns
Don't be a reporter who's accused of not finding out what really matters in a campaign. Know how to report on the political issues that voters care about most.

How to Deliver Winning Election Night News Coverage
Politicians aren't the only ones hoping to win on election night. See how you can deliver news coverage that beats the competition on election night.

How to Write News Stories That Get Noticed Online
Writing news online means you're competing with hundreds of writers covering the same story. Get your news stories noticed to reach millions.

Complete Guide to Killer Social Media Writing Skills
Become a great social media writer who's a trusted authority. Use this complete guide to killer social media writing skills to stand out online.

How to Write Faster on a Newsroom Deadline
Great reporters write quickly every day. Learn how to write faster from the moment you leave the newsroom until you're faced with your daily deadline.

Write Your Way to a Better Paying Media Job
People who can write great news stories are in hot demand. Develop your skills to write your way into the media job of your dreams.

Why an Online Media Consultant Is an Asset to Your Company
An online media consultant brings companies results on social media accounts. Find out what you can expect if you hire an online media consultant.

Google Analytics Tracking Tool Review
Free web analytics tools can be as useful as paid ones. Learn the pros and cons of Google Analytics for business to see if this tool is right for you.

Differences Between Paid Content, Free Content and Freemium Content
Should you offer your content for free or will readers pay for it? Look at the differences between paid content, free content and freemium content.

Create SEO Headlines That Will Get Clicks
Creating SEO headlines that generates clicks takes practice. These 8 tips will help you master SEO headlines and boost your web traffic.

How to Sell Online Advertising
Selling online advertising is flexible in ways other forms of media can't match. Know how to capitalize on online advertisements so you can seal the deal.

Use Google Plus to Build Your Business
Reach an entirely new audience through social media. Use Google Plus for businesses to grow your company beyond the usual Facebook and Twitter pages.

What to Expect in Your Social Media Manager Career
Thinking of becoming a social media manager? From the salary to the job description, find out what to expect in your social media manager career.

What a Social Media Specialist Can Do for Your Company
Social media doesn't work. It's the cry of many business owners who don't have a social media specialist spearheading their social media campaigns.

How Media Companies Can Use a YouTube Channel
Are you exposing your brand to the one billion users on YouTube? Use these 7 creative tricks to raise awareness of your brand and grow your audience.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers
Thousands of Twitter followers could be yours in about 24 hours. But will the boost help or hurt? Find out the pros and cons of buying Twitters followers.

How Your Company Can Use Pinterest
Pinterest is not just for planning the perfect birthday party or building the ultimate man cave. It's become a powerful social media tool for companies.

How to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page Quickly
Is your Facebook fan page a ghost town? Engage your fans and increase your audience with a proven strategy to grow your Facebook fan page quickly.

How to Start Your Own News Blog Successfully
Starting a news blog requires careful planning. Learn how to start your own news blog successfully so that you'll reach the biggest audience possible.

Use Social Media to Sell Yourself for a New Job
Social media isn't just for idle chatter. You can use it to sell yourself for a new job, if you know what kind of content to post and how to comment.

Social Networking Tips for News Media Professionals
Today's news media pros rely on social networking. Use these social media tips to take advantage of technology that's changing the way you report.

10 Media People to Watch in 2016
The 10 media people to watch during 2016 have the fame, power and influence to shape the entire media industry. Be watching as they make their moves during the year.

Top 10 Stories about Media in 2015
The media industry made headlines in 2015 in ways that few could have predicted. These are the top 10 stories about media that made the year one to remember.

5 Media Trends to Watch in 2016
The media industry will undergo more change in 2016. There are 5 media trends to watch to see how TV, print and online media will evolve during the year.

Top 10 Movies, TV Shows and Books about Media
The top 10 TV shows, movies and books about media can give you an insider's look at the industry. Get the top 10 lists of media TV shows, movies and books to learn more.

10 Ways to be Fair in Your News Reporting
Every news report is supposed to be fair, yet many reporters are accused of bias. Ensure you're being fair in your reporting with these top tips.

Use Outside Sources to Build Your Media Brand
Media outlets don't have to be stuck using their own airwaves or pages in order to advertise themselves. Use the 6 outside sources to get your message out in creative ways.

How to Write News Stories about Politics
Covering political news requires in-depth knowledge and skills. Get the tips you need to make sure your reporting is the winner on election night.

Create a Successful Website in 10 Easy Steps
Build a website that keeps visitors coming back to click, click, click. Follow these 10 easy steps to create a successful website for your audience.

News about CNN's Problems with Ratings and Programming
CNN has faced many problems with its ratings falling further behind its cable news rivals. Get a timeline of issues as CNN tries to rebuild its brand.

3 Breakup Stories Between TV Networks and Local Stations
TV networks and some local stations are heading to divorce court. Find out why they're ending relationships, sometimes after decades of working together.

Why Syndication Is a Cornerstone of Media
Syndication is a critical part of the media industry. Find out how syndication gets popular print and broadcast content into your home.

Demographic Data is Critical for Media
What is demographic information? It is important to know if you want your media product to reach your target audience.

How to Improve Your Magazine's Brand Identity
Build your magazine brand so it stands out on a crowded newsstand. Give your magazine a brand identity to keep loyal readers and gain new ones.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Don't Sign a Media Contract Until You Read This
Media contracts are a normal part of working in the media industry. But you need to know what you're signing so that you understand your commitment and what will happen if you ever break your media contract.

10 Ways the Future of Media Will Be Decided
Several factors will determine the future of media. From technology to changes in news, track the trends of today to find out what will shape tomorrow's media industry.

Get Started Building Your Media Brand
Creating a media brand sounds easy until you try it. From knowing your target audience to designing a media logo, there are 5 critical steps in starting a media branding campaign.

Best Websites That Track the Print Media Industry
Track the latest developments in the newspaper and magazine industries. These 5 best print media websites have jobs, advice and ways you can learn new skills.

TV News Jobs at Local Stations
Get profiles of who does what and how much they're paid so you can best match your skills for TV news jobs that interest you most.

How a Radio Remote Lets You Take Your Show on the Road
Radio remote broadcasts help a station connect with the community. Be successful while live on location by interacting with clients and listeners.

Know the Basics of a TV Contract Before You Sign
TV contracts can be simple or complicated agreements. Understand the key elements of typical TV contracts before you bind yourself to a station or network.

Questions to Ask During Your Media Job Interview
The answers you get will give you insight into whether the job is right for you and help you avoid being the victim of a bad job interview

5 Reasons to Become a TV News Anchor
There are more reasons you may want to become a TV news anchor beyond just seeing yourself on the air. This will help you decide if it's right for you.

10 Things a News Anchor Should Never Do
Being a TV news anchor is harder than it appears. 10 on-air mistakes could turn off viewers and hurt your news career.

How to Shoot High-Quality Smartphone Video
Most people don't lug around a heavy video camera. But they do have a smartphone in their back pocket. Learn how to shoot smartphone video like a pro.

5 Dying Media Jobs
As the media industry moves in new directions, some media jobs are being left behind. Learn about 5 dying media jobs and why they are becoming obsolete, due to new technology or new priorities.

verywell. Media.

Profiles of Media Websites
With so many media websites to choose from, how do you know which ones offer the highest quality content? Learn more about the media websites you like to visit.

Profiles of Media Companies
A few large media companies control many of the newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations across the U.S. Get profiles of media companies that determine what you see or hear in media.

History-Making Trends
Travel through time to discover the origins of media trends that have changed the way people get information and entertainment.

Media Company Trends
The transformation of the media industry is impacting the way some media companies operate. Track the successes and struggles of the world's top media companies as they reinvent themselves for today.

Trends by Person
Some people in media have so much influence that they create their own trends. These media pros are reshaping the industry through their wealth, knowledge and power.

Trends by Year
The media industry is changing so rapidly that it's important to stay on top of year-to-year developments. These trends, arranged by year, help you pinpoint long-term changes in the media industry.

On-Air Skills
Improve your performance when the red light goes on. Know how to think on your feet when you're in front of the microphone with on-air tips that will prepare you for any situation.

Reporter Tips
Working in TV and radio requires you to constantly improve your job skills. These tips will help you adapt to the changing needs of the media industry.

Career Profiles
Match your talents to the TV or radio job that fulfills your career goals. Learn about the pay and responsibilities of popular jobs at stations.

Ratings Info and Tips
Nielsen ratings are the standard that measure success in radio and TV. Learn how ratings are gathered and what can be done to boost your numbers.


5 Ways to Negotiate Media Contracts to Get More Money
Before signing media contracts, know how to negotiate the terms. These tips will get you more money and better benefits.

Shoot Live Video Like a Media Pro
Shoot live video like a TV pro by knowing the skills you need when video can't be edited. Shoot like a pro when you're live in 3, 2, 1.

Media Terms - Media Terms and Glossary
This glossary of media terms and definitions helps you understand every aspect of the media industry.

How to Write a Media Resume That Gets Noticed
A media resume that gets noticed is the first step to getting the job you want. Learn how to sell your media experience and climb to the top of the job candidates' pile.

New Media - New Media Tools
Conquer the guessing game of measuring your site, apps and social networking successes. New media tools help you uncover what your audience wants in this rapidly-changing media landscape.

Prepare Yourself for a Media Job Interview
Your cover letter and resume have won you an interview. Prepare yourself for a media job interview by knowing what key questions you'll be asked.

Is Your Website or Facebook Better to Reach Your Audience
These days, virtually all media outlets have websites as well as Facebook pages. But is your website or Facebook a better tool to reach your audience?

What It's Like to Cover a Presidential Campaign
Reporters covering a presidential campaign must have endurance, grit and speed. Find out what it's like to be on the campaign trail following a candidate.

How to Tell If Your Media Company Is Up for Sale
Media companies are being bought and sold every day. There are ways to tell if your company is for sale, even if there's not a sign on the door.

What to Do If Your Media Company Is Sold
Media companies are being sold every day. While that may be cause for alarm if you're an employee, know what you must do to give yourself the best chance of keeping your job.

What is a No Compete Clause in a Media Contract
A no compete clause is a key element of any media contract. Find out what a no compete clause is in a media contract before you sign.

Start a News Website in 5 Easy Steps
Tired of just watching or reading the news? Use these five tips to start your own news website by the end of the day.

News Ideas and Where to Find Good Stories
News ideas are easy to find when you're a reporter looking for a story. These 10 ways to get news ideas will help you when you're stumped.

Should You Do Editorials?
Editorials are common features in newspapers and appear occasionally on TV. Consider the pros and cons before deciding whether to produce your own editorials.

Will a Talent Agent Help Your Media Career?
A talent agent can boost your media career. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding if a talent agent is worth the money in helping you get your dream job.

News Analysis Versus Opinion, What's the Difference?
While news reporters are never supposed to give their opinion, news stories often contain analysis. There are several key differences between the two that any reporter must know.

The Impossible Art of Moderating a Political Debate
Political debate moderators face an impossible challenge. Learn why moderators face criticism no matter what type of questions they ask.

How to Sell Newspaper Advertising to Retail Businesses
Newspaper advertising is still an effective way for a company to boost its sales. Know how to sell newspaper ads to clients who are considering other media formats.

Topical News Promotion Builds Your TV News Ratings
Topical news promotion is a critical step in boosting your TV news ratings. Learn the secrets of topical promotion so viewers will choose your newscast.

Get Higher Ratings with These TV Sweeps Tips
TV sweeps periods are your chance to build your audience. Know how to create content and branding to grab viewers' attention to your TV station or network.

Why News Reporters Should Focus on Follow-Up Stories
Most news reporters find a story idea, cover it for a day and move on to something else. But producing follow-up stories will help boost your audience numbers and build your brand.

Make Sure People See Your Exclusive Content
Producing exclusive news content is great, but your work isn't finished. Know how to promote your exclusive content so that more people will see it.

Use SWOT Analysis to Build Your Media Company
SWOT analysis is an easy way to build your media company. Use SWOT analysis to see how your company stacks up against the competition.

How to Create a Memorable Live Shot in TV News
A live shot takes viewers to the scene of breaking news. Find out why a live shot is so important in presenting fresh and urgent TV newscasts.

5 Things to Ask For in Your Media Contract
A media contract is loaded with jargon. These are the 5 things you want to be sure are in your media contract so you get what you're expecting.

5 Reasons Your Branding Strategy Isn't Working
You created a media branding strategy, but you're not seeing results. There are 5 common reasons why your branding strategy may not be working.

5 Ways to Blow Your Job Interview
You may have landed a job interview, but you don't have the job yet. Avoid the 5 ways of blowing your job interview so that you get the job offer you want.

TV News Crew Murders Show Why Working in Media Is Dangerous
The murders of a TV news crew in Virginia show why people working in media should take their safety seriously. Know how to protect yourself from the public and your co-workers.

How to Build Your Media Brand on the Internet
Building your media brand takes careful planning. In five easy steps, you can start developing a powerful media brand using the Internet.

The Threat of Real News and Why We Need It
Many young people say they don't need real news. Find out why that will hurt the media industry and society in the years to come.

How Image Promotion Builds Your TV Newscast Ratings
Image promotion will help your TV station lock in a loyal audience for your newscasts. Use image promotion as part of a long-term branding strategy.

How Not to Quit Your Media Job
There are several ways you never want to quit your media job. Because the media industry is so small, if you make a mistake, it could cause damage to your media career.

Is Repetition Killing Your Newscast?
With so much TV news these days, there's bound to be some repetition of stories. Find out if repeating stories so often is killing your newscast and what you should do about it.

Pros and Cons of Working Under a Media Contract
Many people who work in media work under an employment contract. Know the pros and cons before you sign one of these deals.

Danger Signs for Traditional Pay TV
Traditional pay TV outlets, like cable and satellite, are showing signs of trouble. Find out why more people are cutting the cord of pay TV and choosing new ways to watch.

The Evolution of Live News Coverage
Live news reports are common on TV. Find out how technology has changed over the decades to allow stations to produce live coverage more easily.

5 Things Media Pros Want Rookies to Know
People entering the media industry have a lot to learn. There are 5 key things media pros want rookies to know to get a jump-start on their career.

Why Breaking News and Weather Coverage is Critical in Building a News Brand
Local TV stations are constantly bragging about having the best breaking news and weather coverage in town. Find out why breaking news and weather are so critical in the success of a TV station.

How to Create News Feature Stories That People Will Remember
News feature stories look easy to produce until you try it for yourself. Know how to craft a news feature that will have audiences wanting more.

Why Tease Writing Is Critical to a Successful TV Newscast
Teases are what convince TV news viewers to stick around through an entire newscast. Learn the art of tease writing, which has a lot in common with advertising.

Lessons to Learn after NBC Dumps Trump
Media pros can learn a lot from NBC after it ended its ties with billionaire Donald Trump. Protect yourself from saying something that can get you fired.

Why Is There So Much Breaking News on TV?
Everywhere you look, there's breaking news on TV. There are 3 key reasons why you're seeing so much more breaking news coverage today than ever before.

Assignment Editor Career Profile and Job Description
An assignment editor is the heartbeat of the television newsroom. Know how to handle time management, intense pressure and logistical challenges.

TV News Director Career Profile and Job Description
TV news directors manage the news department and staff and develop a news brand. Know the skills needed to become a successful TV news director.

TV News Producer Career Profile and Job Description
A TV news producer has one of the highest-pressure jobs at a station. But if you master your skills, you will be in high demand.

Rookie Mistakes in Trying to Start a Media Career
Getting that first media job is tough. But some rookies make it even harder on themselves by making demands that prevent them from launching their career.

Time Management Tips for Managers
You're a busy manager but you never feel like you're getting enough accomplished. Master your time management with these five quick tips.

The Seven Deadly Hashtag Sins
These seven deadly hashtag sins could be killing your social media efforts. Avoid them to enjoy the guilty pleasures of social media success.

Rob Lowe's DirecTV Ads Give Lessons in Comparison Advertising
Not everyone was laughing at Rob Lowe's TV commercials for DirecTV. Find out why the company has ended its ad campaign and what lessons can be learned about comparison advertising.

Top Media Job Search Tips to Get the Job You Want
A media job search should be carefully executed for you to get the job you want. These five tips help give you the best chance of getting hired.

The Top Challenges of Growing a Career in Media
Careers in media bring expectations of both fame and fortune. You can reach your goals if you plan for the typical pitfalls of careers in media.

5 Reasons Not to Become a TV News Anchor
Being a TV news anchor sounds like a dream job. While there are perks, know the 5 key reasons you might not want to pursue this career.

Why Selfie Mentality Is Ruining Media
Selfies are everywhere. Unfortunately a selfie mentality is sweeping media, which encourages a bored audience to look for information elsewhere.

Buzzworthy News Writing Tips for Twitter
Media outlets rely on Twitter for free promotion of news stories. But there's an art to writing news tweets that stand out in a crowded timeline.

How to Write News Stories That Have an Impact
Write news stories that will grab attention. These five tips help you use your news writing to build a bigger audience and make an impact.

NBC Suspends Star Anchor Brian Williams
NBC suspended news anchor Brian Williams after he admitted not being shot down while on a helicopter as he had previously claimed. Was this the right disciplinary decision?

Job Skill Tips
Working in TV and radio requires you to constantly improve your job skills. These tips will help you adapt to the changing needs of the media industry.

The radio industry has faced enormous challenges but continues to thrive. Learn the ins and outs of this original form of broadcasting.

Despite the transformation of the media industry, television remains the most powerful form of communication. Track the ups and downs as television evolves in the 21st century.