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What Does a Copywriter Do and How Do You Become One?
Wondering what does a copywriter do and how do you become one? If you're creative and a good writer this role might be a good fit—so start here first.

How to Become a Fact Checker
What does a fact checker do? They check the facts that reporters put into their articles, from dates to names to the content of quotes.

4 Simple Tips to Pass an Edit Test to Get a Writing Job
Many writing-related jobs — in newsrooms or magazines — require applicants to pass an edit test. Here are 4 tips on how to ace the test to land a job.

How to Rock Your Media Job Interview
How do you prepare for a media job interview? This article will tell you about the questions you can expect and tricks for staying calm and on point.

How Do You Get a Job As a Magazine Writer?
Landing a job as a magazine writer, either full-time or freelance, is a coveted position in journalism. Learn what it takes and how to get your first break.

Job Description and How to Become an Art Director
If you have a design background, and artistic flare, a job as an art director might be right for you. Find out more about what art directors do.

What Book Editors Do and How to Become One
Do you want to work in publishing? Do you love books? This article explains what book editors do, and how to become a book editor.

What Is a Copy Editor?
Do you always know where to place a comma or mentally correct practically everything you read? If so, consider exploring a career in copy editing.

How to Become a Journalist - Media Career Profile
Ever wonder how to become a journalist? Journalists write stories for daily newspapers, TV news programs, websites and magazines.

Magazine Editor Profile - Careers in Media
Magazine editors shape and edit stories as well as oversee sub-sections of their publication. Read the full magazine editor profile here.

How to Become an Online Editor
Online editors create content for websites, working with writers and coming up with innovative ways to present stories. Find online editor jobs.

What Is a Publicist and What Does One Do?
The cheerleaders of the media world, publicists work with journalists to generate press for their clients. Find out more about what a publicist does.

How to Become a TV News Anchor (Media Careers)
TV news anchors need to be quick on their feet and totally at ease in front of the camera. Read this article to find out what a TV news anchor does.

Tips on How to Become a Web Producer
Web producers straddle the line between content editors and designers, helping ensure a website is sticky, so to speak. Learn how to enter this field.

What Are the Top Paying Media Jobs?
What are some of the top-paying media jobs? Read this article to find out about some of the top paying media jobs in the business.

How to Develop Great Reporting Skills
Reporting skills are important for a number of media jobs for journalists. Knowing which questions to ask and how to ask them is essential.

The Essentials of News Writing
News writing is an essential skill for journalists. Learn about the five Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why) that every story should address.

Editorial Clips – How to Get Editorial Clips
If you want an editorial job, i.e. a position writing at a newspaper or magazine, you will need writing samples, or editorial clips. Read this article to learn more about editorial clips and how to get them.

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What is a Beat in Newspaper Reporting?
A beat refers to the subject area a reporter covers. Newspaper reporters are often assigned to a beat, and are expected to develop sources in that area.

What Is Hard News and How Does it Differ From Others?
Hard news often refers to news that covers the 5Ws and exists in opposition to soft news — Learn what they mean and how they are used in journalism.

Good Hooks for Stories: Where to Start When Writing
All good stories need something that draws the reader in and makes the story relevant right now. learn simple tips to write good hooks for stories.

How to Write a Strong Nut Graf That Enhances Your Story
Nut graf is journalism slang for the editorial heart of a story that summarizes the point while piquing the interest of the reader enough to read more

What is a Dek and How Do You Write the Perfect Subhed?
A dek is a term used by editors at newspapers and magazines during the editing process — Learn what it means exactly ad how you can learn to write it.

What Is Evergreen Content? Definition, Dos and Don'ts
Wondering what the definition of evergreen content is? Read more to learn how writing stories that don't expire can help you be found by more readers.

What Is a Feature? - Journalism Term Definition
A feature is more detailed than a standard news story. Although the term implies softer news, a feature is defined by its style, not subject matter.

What Is a Graf in Journalism?
A graf is the shortened term for

What Is Narrative Journalism?
Narrative journalism is a more literary way of telling a news story that is difficult to define. Explore this thought-provoking style of story telling.

Tips for Writing a Compelling Profile of a Person
Here are the top tips for writing a compelling profile of a person. Profiles focus on an individual or an entity, often for a magazine or newspaper story.

Trade Publication: What Is It and What Type of Content?
A trade publication is usually a magazine geared to those in a specific business or industry—Learn about popular types of content in such publications.

Top Jobs and Careers in Magazines and Publishing
Looking for a career in publishing? We looked through writing, editing, advertising, photography and design to find the best jobs in magazines.

Top Book Publishing Jobs and Careers
Love reading and thinking about a job in book publishing? Check out our list of top careers in editorial, production, sales, publicity or marketing.

Find a Media Job
The first step to starting your career in media is finding a job. That means you need to know what kind of media job you want and where to find it. Get information here on the different media jobs you can have and the various places you can find them.

Land a Media Job
Once you've found a media job you want, you need to get an interview. And, once you get the interview, you need to make sure you're ready to convince an employer you're the right person for the job. Read on to find out about how to craft a cover letter, prep your resume and rock your interview.

Best Cities to Work in If You Want a Dream Media Job
Some of the best cities to work in will surprise you when it comes to media jobs. Check out our list of top places with the best media landscape.

Manage Your Media Career
Whether you're transitioning to the media field from another career path or looking for your first job out of school, you need to manage your career as you go. How do you handle a slow job market? What can you expect to earn? Get information here on how to manage your career and work towards your dream job in media.

How to Become a Photo Editor
Photo editors oversee the visual component of magazines, coordinating shoots with photographers and relaying the editorial vision into pictures.

Literary Scout Profile - How to Become a Literary Scout
A lesser-known profession in the book publishing world, literary scouts find material to be published abroad or to be adapted to the screen.

Literary Agent Profile - How to Become a Literary Agent
Want to know how to become a literary agent? As authors' representatives, literary agents try to land book deals for their clients.

Everything You Need to Know About Media Planner Jobs
If you're interested in the inner-workings of the advertising world, the job of media planner might be right up your alley.

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What Is a Manuscript? Media Vocabulary You Should Know
A manuscript is a book in unpublished form. Authors compose their work and send it to agents, who read it and submit it to editors and publishers.

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How to Dress for a Job Interview at a Media Company
How you dress for a media interview is crucial, since you won't have a second chance to make this first impression. Read this article for the do's and don'ts of media interview attire.

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Should I Use a Media Headhunter?
A media headhunter is someone who will find you a job, at no cost, if you can find one to work with you.

What Is Post Interview Etiquette? (How to Follow Up)
After you interview for a job, there are rules you should follow, a post interview etiquette. Read this article to find out what post interview etiquette is and how to follow it.

Learning Magazine Slang and How to Write for the FOB
FOB is slang used in magazine publishing. Learn what types of stories make it in the first few pages of a magazine and how to go about writing them.

What Is a Pitch and How Do You Approach Editors?
A pitch is a writer's description of a potential story to an editor. Learn how you can prepare and present your idea in order to land an assignment.

What Is a Consumer Publication?
Consumer publications and trade publications attract different readers, but do you know the difference? Learn about these two types of publications.

Skills You Need to Become a TV News Producer
Television news producers put together stories for news broadcasts and news shows. Learn more about the skills necessary to become a TV news producer.

Advertising Jobs
Advertising is a very social division of the media world, full of very creative people as well as those with strong business savvy. From media planners to copywriters, advertising careers can be both lucrative and exciting.

Listing of Corporate Job Sites
All major media companies have job listings on their corporate sites. Many list openings under a section dubbed

Media Job Sitee
Breaking into the media business can be tough. But it's a lot easier when you know where to look for jobs. So, whether you want to be a newspaper reporter, magazine editor or photojournalist, these media-specific job sites will point you in the right direction to find your dream gig.

A List of Media Support Organizations
Are you looking to network? Meet people in your field? Find an internship? If so check out this list of media support organizations to find people in the media niche you're in, or looking to get into.

Book Publishing Jobs -- Careers in Publishing
From being a book editor to a literary agent to a publicist, there are various careers you can launch in book publishing. If you're passionate about literature, check out these potential jobs.

Magazine Publishing Jobs
Editors, writers, photographers and others bring a magazine together and the exciting world of magazine publishing can be a glamorous field to work in for creative people with a passion for print.

Films About Media
Yes, movies usually glamorize things, but there are some great films about the media. Here a list of good films that document everything from life in the newsroom to the ethics of reporting.

Everyone always says it's not how good you are, but who you know. That may be overstating it, but making professional connections, especially in the media world (which tends to be insular and often sees people moving from job-to-job), is incredibly valuable. In short you need to know how to network because it can help get your career started and keep it going.

A Brief History of the News Media
What is the news media? Read this article to get a brief history of the news media from its early beginnings to the present day.

Media Careers
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Working in Freelance Media Jobs
Freelancing is something you can do in various industries, and media is no exception. Freelance media jobs do have their pros and cons, though. Read this article to find out what media freelancing entails, and how you can work to become a full-time freelancer.

Journalism School - How to Decide Whether to Go to Journalism School
Whether or not a journalist needs to have gone to journalism school is a hotly debated topic in the media world. This article is about the pros and cons of going to journalism school.

How to Decide Whether to Go to Journalism School
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Galley - Book Publishing Term
A galley is synonym for ARC and another book publishing term. A galley is an advance copy of a book created expressly for generating press.


Finding A Job
Breaking into the media business can be tough. But it's a lot easier when you know where to look for jobs. So, whether you want to be a newspaper reporter, magazine editor or photojournalist, these media-specific job sites will point you in the right direction to find your dream gig.