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Hospital Central Service Professionals Salary Survey Results
Are you working in the healthcare Central Service career, or considering it? Learn more about your earning potential with this nationwide salary survey.

15 Health Care Quotes From Famous Thinkers
Challenge your perspective by reading these 15 interesting quotes from famous people from history about health care.

What Is A Biosafety Cabinet?
Learn the purpose, safety, and classification of biosafety cabinets, and how they work.

Deciphering the Jargon - What is Point of Care Testing?
Don't be confused when you hear your doctor or nurse talk about a point of care test for you. Find out what the common tests are, and why they are performed.

Medical Supplies for Infection Control
Learn more about some different types of health care disinfectant medical supplies for infection control.

How to Use Google Shopping for Your Medical Supplies Search
Learn how to use Google's shopping search engine to efficiently shop for your medical supplies.

25 Entertaining Quotes About Medicine
Here are 25 entertaining quotes about medicine, healthcare, doctors, and nurses that will make you think.

18 Quotes About Physicians by Famous Thinkers
Have fun with these quotes about physicians by some of history's famous thinkers, writers, and doctors.

Pharmacy Workflow: FrameWRX Pharmacy Storage Solutions
Learn how Spacesaver's FrameWRX HD can help pharmacies condense space while maximizing storage, flexibility, and efficiency.

Lean Healthcare and the 5S Mindset
Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to new mindsets to achieve greater value. Learn how the 5S approach can increase their efficiency.

Inspirational Quotes About Nursing
Here's a collection of inspirational quotes about the value of nurses and nursing, caregiving, and healing.

Your Summertime Medical Supplies List
Beware of these common problems in the Summer and stock up on the medical supplies you need.

9 Ways to Include Furniture In Your Health Care Facility Plan
Designing health care facilities has become a very mature science since the 2000's. Learn what the evidence suggests to enable healing.

Getting Started with 5S Lean Healthcare Design and Planning
Use these resources to learn the basics of implementing 5S Lean design in your healthcare organization to provide better care with lower costs.

How to Install a Wheelchair Ramp for Your Home
Building a wheelchair ramp for your home is an important decision. Explore your options and find tips for constructing or purchasing a wheelchair ramp.

Improving Quality in Healthcare With FOCUS PDCA
Learn about FOCUS PDCA, a simple and effective continuous quality improvement system for healthcare organizations. Here's what the acronym stands for.

Review: Quickie XTender Power Assist Electric Wheelchair
The Quickie XTender Power Assist can be used to transform a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. It can increase mobility for certain users.

Electronic Medical Supplies and Equipment
The category of electronic medical supplies grows every year. It’s not a self-contained category, as digital equipment and electronics span across many types of medical supplies. To help us get a grasp of what “electronics” can refer to in medical supplies and equipment, I’ve summarized it into a few broad groupings.

Professional & Home: 9 Categories of Medical Supplies
Explore nine of the basic categories of medical supplies required for use in professional medical settings as well as home health care.

Medical-Grade Antiseptics Safety in Health Care
Learn why the FDA is concerned about hand sanitizers and the health of health care workers.

Why Sitting Too Much Is Killing Us All
Find out how sitting too much ruins our health and shortens our life span.

Wheelchair Accessories for Convenience and Safety
Begin your exploration of wheelchair accessories with this list. It includes products designed for storage, convenience, comfort and safety.

Common Medical Devices Used in Diagnosis
There are many medical devices that clinicians use to measure key factors of a patient's health and to form a diagnosis. Here are six common devices.

Skin Care Products for Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Pressure ulcers, commonly known as bed sores, impact health and health care costs. These barrier creams and skin products can help treat them.

Buying A Wheelchair? Here's Where To Start
Take the mystery out of buying your first wheelchair. There is more to it than most people realize, but this guide will make you an informed buyer.

Positioning Equipment for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Learn about some of the medical equipment used for physical therapy of children with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy.

How To Determine Proper Fit In a Wheelchair
It's critical to a person's health to properly fit him or her to their wheelchair. Read the considerations and steps for a proper fitting​ wheel chair.

Acapella Vibratory PEP Mucous Clearance Device
Learn how to use the Acapella devices to clear mucus buildup and clear airways. Learn what excess mucus can cause, and the benefits of Acapella devices.

Health Care Design Ideas That Improve Quality of Life
When health care designers learn what works best and incorporate what they've learned into their design, better care follows.

Are You Taking These Dangerous Risks With Your Health?
Don't sabotage your health. Find out how fad health trends can trick you.

What Are Personal Care Items?
Learn what some of the most common personal care medical supplies are, and where to buy them for home use.

Mobile Rehab Equipment That Can Keep You in Your Home
Maintain your independence with these rehabilitative medical supplies for home use. Learn more about wheelchairs and walkers, as well as some safety tips.

Budget-Beating Ideas for Your Home Medical Supply Needs
Here are several ways you can save money on one time, and recurring medical supply and equipment purchases.

Innovative Medical Supply Products
Start here to find new ideas to inspire your medical supply company, or to find a product that may help you better manage your condition.

9 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Medical Cart
Securing medical carts is an important consideration. Explore cart security options for locking up medical supplies to save money and prevent theft.

Expert Ways to Reduce Your Reliance on Medical Supplies
Want to reduce your dependence on medical supplies? Here is our expert advice to make rewarding, but small changes, in your lifestyle.

Quick Medical Rail Storage Solutions for Lead Aprons
Medical equipment rails are important to cut a hospital's costs and quick release hangers for heavy objects like lead aprons maximize efficiency.

Catheter Storage Ideas
Sometimes healthcare improvement doesn't require expensive high technology. This idea for catheter storage is inexpensive, quick, and convenient.

Medical Supplies Required for Common Medical Procedures
Learn about the medical supplies needed to successfully complete some of the most common medical procedures from placing an IV to sutures or stitches​.

Understanding the Different Types of Wheelchairs
There are many types of wheelchairs available on the market today. With so many options, people are able to select the features that are best for them.

How Do I Find a Medical Supply Store Near Me?
Looking for a medical supply store near you? Check out what three of the biggest drug store chains in America offer for your home healthcare needs.

What Are Safe Patient Handling Supplies?
Get an introduction to safe patient handling supplies, including pressure ulcer risk reduction and proper transfers.

Walker vs. Rollator: Benefits of a Walker
Before you make a decision on whether to buy your first rollator or walker, learn about the features and benefits of a walker to increase mobility.

8 Uses for Portable Oxygen Therapy
Portable oxygen has become a medical supply and a fitness supplement. Here are the groups that have found benefit in oxygen concentrators, oxygen therapy, and portable oxygen.

Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Wheelchairs and Scooters
Wheelchairs can be an expense out of many people's budgets. Find tips for buying pre-owned wheelchairs, lifts, accessories, and replacement parts.

5 Innovations to Everyday Medical Supplies
Learn about the innovators in the medical supply industry; people who are making things better, faster, and safer.

Regain Your Independence With the KD Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair
Improve your wheelchair mobility with a single chair, the electric powered KD Smart Chair.

4 Chairs Designed For Health Care
There are four chairs that every health care facility should have to provide optimal care to their patients. Find out what they are here.

How Does a Rollator Differ From a Walker?
What is a rollator? Similar to a walker, the rollator has wheels and is a mobility aid that some people prefer because it offers a seat to rest as well.

12 Respiratory Aids for Home Health Care
Explore the various respiratory aids that can be used at home that patients with respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD may find helpful.

3 Ways Furniture Enhances Medical Care
Furniture like the Vitals Chair could make a significant difference in patient waiting rooms, not only by increasing satisfaction but also quality of care.

Four Ways to Shop For Medical Supplies in A Snowstorm
Stuck in a winter storm? Here are some tips for shopping for medical supplies when snow keeps you indoors.

CPAP Machine Choices for Sleep Apnea
If you are new to sleep apnea and want to learn more about three of the most common types of CPAP kits, start here.

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Special-Needs Strollers and Wheelchairs for the Summer Enthusiast
Learn about the mobility medical supplies such as adaptive strollers, pediatric wheelchairs, and adult wheelchairs and scooters that can get you outdoors.

Home Healthcare Medical Supplies
Managing healthcare from home? Read this comprehensive resource to make sure you're prepared.

14 Provoking Thoughts and Opinions About Health Care by Doctors
Find out what prominent doctors think about the current and future condition of our health care system.

Volunteers, You Need to Know About this Non-Profit
Volunteer your time with Project CURE if you want to help send surplus medical supplies from the United States to other regions of the world in dire need.

WHO Responds to Disasters Like Nepal's Earthquake
Learn how the World Health Organization responds with medical supplies to natural disasters like the Nepal earthquake.

Your Get-Started Guide to Compression Stockings
Did your doctor recommend or prescribe compression stockings to you? Find out what they are for and what to look for when you get yours.

5 Mistakes That Cause Pressure Ulcers in Home Care
Don't make these 5 mistakes when caring for someone at home and you may prevent them from getting a pressure ulcer.

Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Buying Your First Wheelchair
Don't make these 5 mistakes when shopping for your frst wheelchair.

Medical Supplies for Back and Neck Therapy
Discover the common medical supplies to treat back and neck pain.

Medical Equipment Budgeting Ideas
Planning the equipment package for a hospital project cannot be considered a success unless it comes in on budget. Cost-overage pitfalls can be avoided with some tried-and-true methods when planning a budget. Often, the biggest impact on a budget can come not from individual price negotiations on certain products, but instead by taking a more holistic approach to the budget process.

Are Height-Adjustable Desks Medical Supplies?
Should height-adjustable desks be considered medical supplies now that we know sitting causes heart disease, diabetes, and cancer?

PillPack - A Simpler Online Pharmacy Service
Do you manage multiple medications and find pill boxes still don't prevent you from forgetting or skipping doses by accident? Try PillPack.

How To Shop For Medical Supplies To Save Money
Are you losing money by not following these simple strategies to lower your medical supply expenses?

Home Medical Supply Round-up
Read more about About's best home medical supply resources. Become an informed shopper and save money while getting a better product for your needs.

The KD Smart Chair
Learn more about the KD Smart Chair, a battery-powered wheelchair that is lightweight and folds fast.

The XTender by Quickie
The Quickie XTender may be an affordable option before you decide to fully replace your existing manual wheelchair with a powered one. Page 4.

Used Power Chairs
See if used powered wheelchairs and scooters are an affordable option for you. Page 2.

Transport Wheelchairs
Transport wheelchairs serve a specific purpose. Learn more before you buy one. Page 3.

How to Avoid Infection in Your Hospital and Clinic
Follow these tips to avoid picking up a new infection when providing or receiving healthcare.

20 Types of Medical Supplies You Can Use At Home, part 2
Amazing innovation has driven a boom in the home health medical supply category. See what is now possible!

Medical Supplies to Enhance Your Mobility
Learn about the many ways medical supplies can improve your mobility.

Medical Supplies for Obese and Bariatric Patients
Obesity can be a challenge for both the patient and the healthcare team that serves the obese or bariatric patient. Here are some ways to improve the level of care.

Medical Supplies for Surgical Cases - A Holistic Perspective
Learn more about the medical supplies needed to support a professional surgical program and high-quality care for the surgical patient.

Communication Tips for Medical Equipment Specifiers and Reps
Communication between a medical equipment specifier and manufacturer’s rep can determine the success or failure of a project, or a client-consultant relationship. Communication can make or break a partnership. It can mean the difference between winning a single job, and winning repeat business. Follow these tips for better communication, and you and everyone on your team will reap the rewards.

Communication Tips for Medical Equipment Specifiers and Reps
Communication between a medical equipment specifier and manufacturer’s rep can determine the success or failure of a project, or a client-consultant relationship. Communication can make or break a partnership. It can mean the difference between winning a single job, and winning repeat business. Follow these tips for better communication, and you and everyone on your team will reap the rewards.