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Miami Travel & Tourism
There's lots of reasons to visit Miami- the beaches and weather, buisiness conventions, and awesome attrations to name a few. Find here a list of resources to help with everything from finding a hotel to finding events around the city.

Miami. Page 12.

American Airlines Arena, Home of the Miami Heat
American Airlines Arena, Home of the Miami Heat. Page 8.

Miami. Page 26.

Coral Castle
Miami. Page 17.

Deering Estate
Miami. Page 27.

Dolphins Stadium
Dolphins Stadium. Miami. Page 5.

Globe at the Miami Science Museum
Globe at the Miami Science Museum. Page 24.

Gravity Well at the Miami Science Museum
Gravity Well at the Miami Science Museum. Page 23.

Historical Museum of Southern Florida
Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Page 6.

Homestead Miami Speedway
Homestead Miami Speedway, Miami's NASCAR destination

Kidscape at Miami Children's Museum
Kidscape at Miami Children's Museum. Page 20.

Sandcastle at the Miami Children's Museum
Miami. Page 18.

2013 Miami Book Fair International
Miami Book Fair International. Page 4.

Miami Children's Museum
Miami Children's Museum. Page 19.

Miami Holocaust Memorial
Miami Holocaust Memorial. Page 7.

Plasma Ball at the Miami Science Museum
Plasma Ball at the Miami Science Museum. Page 21.

Aventura Mall
Aventura Mall. Miami. Page 5.

Bal Harbour Shops
Bal Harbour Shops. Miami. Page 4.

CocoWalk. Miami. Page 3.

Miami. Page 8.

Dolphin Mall
Dolphin Mall Miami. Page 6.

Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Page 2.

Merrick Park Christmas Tree, Coral Gables, Florida
Merrick Park Christmas Tree, Coral Gables, Florida. Page 7.

Miami. Page 10.

Miami. Page 9.

The Falls, Miami
The Falls, Miami

Haulover Nude Beach
Haulover Beach, located on Miami Beach between Sunny Isles Beach and Bal Harbour, is known around the world as Miami's only legal

Homestead Bayfront Park
Homestead Bayfront Park is a great option if you're looking to avoid the tourist scene. Located in the southern portion of Miami Dade County, Bayfront Park offers swimming and boating options with a full-service marina. It's located at 9698 SW North Canal Drive. Page 13.

South Pointe Park, Miami Beach
Norwegian Cruise Line ships passes by South Pointe Park at the end of Miami Beach. Page 17.

Virginia Key Beach
Virginia Key Beach is one of the most interesting beaches in South Florida. It's located right off the Rickenbacker Causeway (on both the north and south sides) near the Miami Seaquarium. The location makes for easy access and some areas become crowded, but there are plenty of secluded spots (such as the one shown in the photo) if you're willing to explore a bit. Don't be surprised if you see me when you visit. I love to take my black lab to the only area beach that allows leashed dogs. Page 15.

F-15 Eagle at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show
Photograph of an F-15 Eagle at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. Page 10.

F-15 Eagle at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show
Photograph of an F-15 Eagle at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. Page 9.

F-16 Falcon at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show
Photograph of an F-16 Falcon at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. Page 11.

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show
Photograph of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. Page 16.

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show
Photograph of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. Page 15.

Miami. Page 24.

Cruise Ship Leaving Miami
Miami. Page 21.

Surfing at Miami Beach
Miami. Page 20.

Coral Reefs
Miami. Page 18.

Miami. Page 23.

Surfing on South Beach
Miami. Page 22.

Miami. Page 18.

Miami. Page 21.

Miami. Page 13.

Miami. Page 19.

Miami. Page 14.

Florida Brown Snake
Miami. Page 17.

Miami. Page 20.

Miami. Page 16.

Miami. Page 15.

Miami Photo Galleries
Collections of photos and images from around the Greater Miami area.

Miami Food & Drink
Miami has a cuisine that is uniquely its own. With the diversity of its people comes a blend of flavors- latin, carribean and US- known as floribean. Miami also has outstanding restaurants of every kind, from Italian to Thai. This collection of resources provides reviews of restaurants and cookbooks as well as recipes.

Shopping and Services in Miami
No matter what you're looking for, there's someone in Miami willing to provide it -- for the right price, of course! This collection of shopping and services links will help you find the perfect match to your needs.

Haulover Nude Beach Photo Gallery
Haulover Beach is the only beach in the Miami area where nude sunbathing is permitted. Topless bathing is tolerated on South Beach and at several other Miami beaches. This photo gallery captures Haulover Beach from a variety of perspectives.

Haulover Nude Beach Photos - Crystal Ball View
Miami. Page 2.

Haulover Nude Beach Restrooms
Haulover Beach is the only beach in the Miami area where nude sunbathing is permitted. Topless bathing is tolerated on South Beach and at several other Miami beaches. This photo gallery captures Haulover Beach from a variety of perspectives. Page 3.

View Down Haulover Beach
Haulover Beach is the only beach in the Miami area where nude sunbathing is permitted. Topless bathing is tolerated on South Beach and at several other Miami beaches. This photo gallery captures Haulover Beach from a variety of perspectives. Page 6.

Dark Clouds Over Haulover Nude Beach
Miami. Page 4.

Swimming at Haulover Nude Beach
Haulover Beach is the only beach in the Miami area where nude sunbathing is permitted. Topless bathing is tolerated on South Beach and at several other Miami beaches. This photo gallery captures Haulover Beach from a variety of perspectives. Page 5.

A-10 Warthog at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show
Photograph of an A-10 Warthog at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale

Dolphin Stadium
Dolphin Stadium. Miami. Page 9.

Miami International Airport
Miami International Airport. Page 16.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), North Miami
Miami. Page 14.

South Pointe Park
South Pointe Park Miami. Page 15.

The Wolfsonian at FIU
The Wolfsonian at FIU. Miami. Page 11.

Tigers at Miami Metro Zoo
Tigers at Miami Metro Zoo. Page 12.

Coast Guard Helicopters at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show
Photograph of Coast Guard Helicopters at the McDonald's Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. Page 6.

Lowes Hotel Miami Beach
View of the Lowes Hotel beachfront on Miami Beach. Page 12.

View Down Miami Beach
South Beach is the quintessential Miami beach experience. It's the place to see and be seen and show off the product of months in the gym. South Beach isn't clothing optional, but topless bathing is permitted. My husband loves to run on the paved jogging path that borders South Beach. The beach is located on Ocean Drive, across the street from many of Miami Beach's famous nightclubs. Page 2.

Front of the Miami Ink Shop
Miami. Page 28.

Lowes Hotel Miami Beach in the Evening
Lowes Hotel Miami Beach in the Evening. Page 29.

Miami Beach Nightlife
Miami Beach Nightlife. Page 25.

Another View of the Miami Ink Storefront
Miami. Page 26.

Miami Ink Tattoo Parlor Window
Miami. Page 27.

Parasailing off Miami Beach
View of a parasailer high above Miami Beach. Page 30.

Wolfsonian Museum Banner
Banner outside the famous Wolfsonian Museum on Miami's South Beach. Page 24.

Wolfsonian Museum
Front entrance of Miami Beach's Wolfsonian Museum. Page 23.

Sunset South of Fifth on Miami Beach
Miami. Page 31.

Art Deco Welcome Center
Miami Beach's Art Deco Welcome Center. Page 12.

Breakwater Hotel Art Deco
The Art Deco Breakwater Hotel on Miami Beach. Page 18.

Clay Hotel on Espanola Way
A view of the Clay Hotel on Miami Beach's Espanola Way. Page 21.

Colony Hotel Art Deco
Miami Beach's famous Colony Hotel. Page 19.

Doorway to the Versace Mansion
Door and gates of South Beach's Versace Mansion. Page 16.

Espanola Way Cafe
A cafe on Miami Beach's Espanola Way. Page 13.

Espanola Way Pink Flamingo
A pink flamingo on (where else?) Miami Beach's Espanola Way. Page 15.

Espanola Way
View of Espanola Way on Miami's South Beach. Page 20.

Versace Mansion Gate
Close-up view of the intricate artwork on the gates to Miami Beach's Versace Mansion. Page 17.

Versace Mansion
Great view of Miami Beach's Versace Mansion. Page 22.

Walking on Espanola Way
Several men walking on Miami Beach's Espanola Way. Page 14.

Ancient Spanish Monastery
The Ancient Spanish Monastery was acutally built in Spain from 1133-1141 and was transported to its present-day home in Miami stone by stone! Page 3.

Art Deco Building
A dramatic up-close look at a Miami Beach art deco building.

Bal Harbour Shops -- Dining, Shopping, Entertainment and More!
Bal Harbour Shops offers shoppers an upscale shopping experience in an open-air setting. Located at the intersection of Collins Avenue and 96th Street in Bal Harbour, The Shops offers over 100 stores featuring luxury retailers.

Miami Beach Shopping
Yes, theres the sugar-sand beach, the hot clubs and the beautiful people. But what good would a visit to South Beach be without a day (or two) of shopping? The beach, after all, is the winter home to many a model, fashion designer and rock star. Which means the shopping is really, really good. From the chain mainstays to tiny, unique boutiques, theres a store for everyone on Miami Beach.

Wal-Mart Locations in Miami, Hialeah, Kendall & More
Looking for a place in Miami where you can purchase groceries, video games, eyeglasses and prescription drugs in a single stop? Many Miami residents depend upon Wal-Mart Stores for this purpose. With their wide selection, low prices and (in many cases) 24-hour availability, Wal-Mart has become an indispensible part of our society.

Miami Beach Spring Break: The Unofficial Guide
Miami Beach is one of the top spring break destinations for college students seeking to break away from their routines and the drudgery of midterm exams. Every year, thousands of co-eds converge upon South Beach for a week of fun and excitement. Here’s a collection of our best resources designed specifically to help you have a blast on your Miami Beach spring break!

American Airlines Arena Venue Information
Heading to the American Airlines Arena in Miami for a Miami Heat game, concert or other special event? In this article, we provide you with seating charts, parking information, directions and everything else you'll need to make your trip a success.

Top Ten Things To Do in Miami, Florida
Miami's full of great tourist destinations for visitors and residents alike! This list presents ten great tourist destinations in our region.

Miami, Florida for Kids: Top Eight Things to Do
Looking for a great way to spend time with the children in Miami? Our city is full of great kid-friendly activities!

Top Ten Things To Do in Miami Beach, Florida
Miami Beach is full of great tourist destinations for visitors and residents alike! This list presents the best places to see on the beach.

Haulover Nude Beach Photo Gallery
Haulover Beach is the only beach in the Miami area where nude sunbathing is permitted. Topless bathing is tolerated on South Beach and at several other Miami beaches. This photo gallery captures Haulover Beach from a variety of perspectives.

Coral Reefs off Miami's Coast
View of the coral reefs off of Miami's coastline. Page 10.

Sawgrass in the Florida Everglades
View of the sawgrass swamps native to the Florida Everglades. Page 11.

Cape Florida Lighthouse Aerial View
Aerial view of the Cape Florida Lighthouse in Bill Baggs State Park. Page 19.

Spring Break on Miami Beach
Mathew Lakatos (L) and Brett Witmer from Shippensburg University use a funnel to drink beer during spring break on South Beach March 16, 2007 in Miami Beach, Florida. Students from universities and colleges around the country are attending spring break which starts at the end of February and into mid-April. Page 16.

Miami Attractions
This photo gallery contains images of popular Miami attractions.

Miami Attractions
This photo gallery contains images of popular Miami attractions.

Miami Attractions
This photo gallery contains images of popular Miami attractions.

Miami Shopping Malls
This photo gallery contains images of shopping malls and other great shopping destinations in Miami.

CocoWalk. Miami. Page 16.

Domino Park, Little Havana
Reynaldo Barro plays dominos in Maximo Gomez Park, also known as Domino Park, in Miami's Little Havana section in Miami, Florida. The discussions in the park often center around Cuban politics and the fate of Cuban migrants. Page 18.

Fireworks Over Downtown Miami
Photograph of fireworks exploding over downtown Miami. Page 17.

Miami. Page 19.

Fog Rising From The Water
Collection of beautiful photos of downtown Miami and Coconut Grove. Page 21.

Miami Wildlife
A glimpse at some of Miami's native wildlife captured on film

Cape Florida Lighthouse
Bill Baggs State Park, located on the south end of Key Biscayne, is home to the famous Cape Florida lighthouse. The park provides sunbathing, swimming and history in the same spot! You can spend some time on the beach and enjoy a guided tour of the lighthouse. Fishing is also allowed from the seawall. The park also hosts Boater's Grill, a full service restaurant. Page 10.

Miami-Area Beach Photos
Photos of the finest beaches in South Florida.

Miami-Area Beach Photos
Photos of the finest beaches in South Florida.

Walking Tour of Miami Beach in Florida
Since the 1920s, Miami Beach has been synonymous with glamour, glitz and non-stop sun. The epicenter of the beach is really on the barrier islands south end, which is why South Beach is really what people mean when they refer to Miami Beach. At only 17 blocks long and 12 blocks wide, South Beach is a perfect place for a walking tour, even in the intense Florida heat.

Art Deco History
Walk along the park on Ocean Drive three blocks north, toward Tenth Street. On your left will be the Art Deco Welcome Center. This is the home of the Miami Design Preservation League, the group that formed in 1976 to preserve and restore the beachs historical, Art Deco buildings.

Miami Beach Walking Tour: Versace Mansion
The Versace Mansion is Ocean Drives most infamous residence. In 1992 as the Art Deco preservationists worked to clean up a hardscrabble beach area Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace visited South Beach, saw the home, and fell in love with it. He lovingly restored the home to its original glory and brought international celebrities to party there. (Think Madonna and Elton John).

Wolfsonian Museum
The Wolfsonian was founded in 1986 to document, preserve and show the collection of Mitchell Wolfson Jr., who owned an impressive array of furniture, paintings, books, industrial art and ephemera. Wolfson donated his collection and the museum to Florida International University in 1997.

Espanola Way
After being surrounded by Art Deco buildings, you will feel as though you have been transported to a small village in Spain; the architecture here is decidedly Mediterranean, down to the barrel-backed tile and pink stucco. Make sure to gaze at the building on the corner of Washington and Espanola, a large, peach-colored building.

Miami Arts and Entertainment
When you think of Miami, you think entertainment, whether it's theater, museums, night clubs or outdoor attractions. Let the Guide to Miami introduce you to what Miami has to offer.

Miami Education
Miami is home to the fourth-largest public school district in the nation, several major universities and some of the region's finest continuing education resources. Whether you're looking to check out your child's school or earn a graduate degree in astrophysics, this collection of links offers a great starting point!

Nature & Environment
Miami has some of the most severe weather, greatest variety of wildlife and one of the most unique landscapes (The Everglades) in the country. See what there is to learn about nature in Miami.

No matter what your taste, you're bound to find a great restaurant in Miami! We've got it all -- Italian, Thai, Cuban, Brazilian, Chinese, or just a good old American steak -- you name it, it's somewh
No matter what your taste, you're bound to find a great restaurant in Miami! We've got it all -- Italian, Thai, Cuban, Brazilian, Chinese, or just a good old American steak -- you name it, it's somewhere in Dade County! This collection of reviews will help you decide where to eat tonight.

Miami Events Calendar
Miami is certainly an exciting town! From the arts to sports, there’s always something going on in our fabulous city. Our Miami events calendar takes a month-by-month look at Miami happenings.

User-Submitted Miami Restaurant Reviews
Restaurant reviews submitted by About Miami readers.

Miami Weather
What's the forecast in Miami today? Chances are there will be a high in the mid-to-high eighties with a 50% chance of afternoon thundershowers. If you're looking for a more accurate forecast try this collection of weather links.

Miami Colleges & Universities
Miami is home to some of the nation's finest colleges and universities offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs that fit almost any educational needs and schedule requirements. Learn more using these resources.

Miami Cookbook Reviews
Many cookbooks are being written devoted to Miami flavors and the floribbean style of cooking. Here are reviews of some I've seen.

Miami History
Are you interested in Miami history? Curious about how we have evolved into such a diverse area? Here is a wealth of resources on the history of Miami. To truly appreciate where we stand today as a city, follow the journey of Miami history from Native American wetlands to a booming metropolitan hotspot.

Pets in Miami
Many of Miami's residents have four legs, fur or feathers. Miami's culture is extremely pet-friendly and you'll see animal companions almost everywhere you go. Your About Guide to Miami provides a collection of sites that provide great information for animal lovers.

Boy Fishing in Miami with Downtown in Background
A boy fishing off a dock in Miami with downtown in the background. Page 15.

Sergio's Family Restaurants
Sergio's offers some of the best Cuban food this side of the Florida Straits! Originally founded as a sandwich stand on SW 40th Street, Sergio's now boasts four locations throughout Miami and a lengthy menu full of Cuban specialties.

Restaurant Review: News Cafe
If you want a laid-back, yet trendy spot on South Beach, the News Café is the place. Opened in 1988, the owner (who has since opened several other successful restaurants around Miami) started with a few tables, a couple of bookshelves and a newspaper kiosk. Today, the restaurant boasts a sprawling sidewalk café and an interesting newsstand/gift shop. Check out the shop’s wide selection of beautiful, Miami-themed coffee-table books.

Top Ten Miami Restaurants
Hungry for some great food? Check out the top ten restaurants in Miami!

Top Ten Miami Shopping Malls
Miami's well known for fabulous shopping experiences! In this article, we take a look at the ten best places to splurge, save a few bucks or just window shop.

November Events in Miami
November is an exciting month in Miami. This calendar provides a run-down of some of the regular events occurring in our fair city each November.

How to Get a Florida Fishing License
Florida is a fisherman's paradise! From Miami to the Florida Keys, we have some of the best saltwater and freshwater fishing spots in the world. If you'd like to join the area's anglers, you'll need to obtain a Florida fishing license. We'll explain the process, step-by-step.

Biscayne National Park Visitors Guide
Did you know that just off the coast of Miami lie gorgeous coral reefs, pristine tropical waters and over ten thousand years of pirates, shipwrecks and Native Americans? A single trip to Biscayne National Park will change your views very quickly!

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park; Key Biscayne Beach
There’s no denying that Florida is known for its sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees and relaxed lifestyle – and nothing encapsulates the beauty of southern Florida like Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Florida State Parks Annual Passes
Florida’s state parks offer a wealth of recreational and educational activities to residents of all ages. The beauty of our park system extends from the beautiful beaches of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and John Pennekamp State Park to the historic Barnacle State Historic Park. Did you know that you can avoid daily entrance fees by purchasing an annual pass to all of Florida’s 160 state parks?

I-95 Between Miami and the Golden Glades Interchange
In late 2008, the Florida Department of Transportation converted the I-95 high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes northbound between SR 112 and the Golden Glades Interchange to 95 Express: a toll-based express lane open to all commuters. Despite the controversy surrounding the so-called “Lexus Lane”, 95 Express has proved extremely popular with commuters seeking to shave time off their commutes.

Top Miami Beach Restaurants
Miami Beach is home to some of the world's most exciting restaurants. Celebrity chefs, international specialties and beautiful views are the hallmark of our dining scene. Join us as we take a look at the

National Parks in Miami and South Florida
Did you know that there are three major national parks within driving distance of Miami? These national treasures offer a wide variety of natural and historic beauty right under our noses. If you're looking for a great way to spend an afternoon or an entire weekend, make your first stop the Visitors Center of one of these parks where the dedicated rangers of the National Park Service are available to help guide your visit.

Best Parks in Miami
Miami features a wide variety of parks offering numerous recreation opportunities for area residents and visitors.

Top Miami Coffee Shops
Miami may not be the city that never sleeps, but we sure know how to have a good time into the wee hours of the morning. Any city as vibrant as ours needs a caffeine buzz to keep it moving. In this article, we explore the best coffee shops in Miami.

Thanksgiving Restaurants in Miami
You can choose to burn hundred of dollars and spend countless hours preparing the ingredients for the turkey, stuffing, and dressing or you can simply treat the entire family to a lovely meal at a restaurant offering traditional and not so traditional Thanksgiving food.

2015 South Beach Wine and Food Festival
The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is an epicurean delight that visits our fair city annually in February. This year's festival has a number of events planned that are guaranteed to satisfy any appetite.

Fidel Castro Background Profile
Background on Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba.

Thanksgiving 2014 in Miami
Miami's an excellent place to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you're looking for something interesting to do, there are a number of opportunities to celebrate the holidays and share good times with the community.

Miami, Florida Cost of Living and Wages
We all know that a dollar earned in Miami is worth more than a dollar earned in New York but less than a dollar earned in Sioux Falls, SD. Do you know exactly how far your money goes? In this article, we take a look at income and the cost of living in Miami.

Florida Sex Offenders Registry - Megan's Law
Recent legislation requires the state of Florida to make information available to the public on persons convicted of sex crimes living in our communities. Sex offenders are required to register with law enforcement and have their addresses and mug shots appear online. This information can prove vital to parents seeking to protect their children from potential danger. I was shocked to find that there are 79 registered offenders living within 5 miles of my Miami home.

Miami Cooking Classes
Whether you’re an experienced chef, kitchen gourmet or novice cook, you can always benefit from improving your cooking skills. Miami’s culinary academies and specialty programs offer a wide range of cooking education opportunities for aspiring gourmands.

Treating Fire Ant Bites in South Florida
Everyone in Miami is familiar with the dreaded fire ant. These small red creatures pack a toxic bite that leads to painful swelling, itching and stinging sensations.

Famous People and Celebrities That Live in Miami
Being at the center of a cultural, fashion and music mecca, Miami attracts many of the rich, famous and beautiful to live on its sunny shores. I've heard it said that living in Miami keeps you young; these celebs have discovered this fountain of youth.

What to See and Do at the Miami MetroZoo
Miami is home to one of the first free-range zoos in the country. Although it was greatly damaged by Hurricane Andrew, it has made amazing leaps in beautifying the grounds.

Coral Castle, Miami Visitor's Guide
Parrot Jungle Island offers visitors a fun, educational opportunity to get an up-close look at tropical birds in replicas of their natural habitats. The attraction routinely hosts field trips and offers frequent educational programs.

Jungle Island, Miami Visitor's Guide
Jungle Island offers visitors a fun, educational opportunity to get an up-close look at tropical birds in replicas of their natural habitats. The attraction routinely hosts field trips and offers frequent educational programs.

Miami's Literary Scene
Miami’s literary scene is nowhere near the ranks of Dublin, New York, or Edinburgh, but it has certainly raked up points in the past decade alone.

American Airlines Arena
Situated in Downtown Miami adjacent to Biscayne Bay, the American Airlines Arena is an all-purpose venue renown for being home of the American professional basketball team Miami Heat.

Graffiti in Miami
Miami. Page 20.

Fog at the Port of Miami
Miami. Page 22.

Miami's Largest Employers; Find a Job in South Florida
Looking for a job in South Florida can be a daunting task. If you're currently unemployed, underemployed, or just looking for a fresh start, this list of the largest employers in our region can help you get started. It includes direct links to their employment listings, allowing you to bypass the job websites and put your resume directly in the hands of the hiring manager.

Coconut Grove Hotels - Hotels in Coconut Grove, Florida
Looking for a hotel in Coconut Grove? Check out this listing of the top properties that offer comfortable accommodations for any price range.

Best Hotels in Key West, Florida - Lodging in the Florida Keys
Key West is a popular weekend outing for residents of South Florida and a resort destination for guests from around the world. In this guide, we help you select the best hotel for your stay -- whether you're traveling alone, with a special friend or with a family or other large group.

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Miami
Miami's full of romantic restaurants that offer great opportunities for taking your sweetie out for a fine meal. Whether it's your first date or your twentieth Valentine's Day together, you're certain to find a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere that suits your taste. This article takes a look at a few of my favorite romantic restaurants in Miami.

Top Miami Bars and Nightclubs
Miami's known around the world for our lively nightlife. From the crowded bars on South Beach that draw the

Best Six Bars in Downtown Miami
Where are the best bars in Miami? In a town famous for its nightlife, legendary South Beach may be the main draw, and the Wynwood Art District the hippest area to hang out in, but Downtown Miami offers its own flavor of entertainment and relaxation. Whether in town for the weekend, or fresh out of the office; there are many great bars to check out downtown.

Museums, Tours, and Shopping in Downtown Miami
Downtown Miami is a fascinating place full of vibrancy and interesting activities for local and tourists alike. Read on to learn about some of my favorite places to visit when I'm downtown and be sure to bring along a friend on your next trip!

Best Miami Birthday Parties for Children
Looking for a great place to host your child's birthday party in Miami? Here are ten great ideas that I've either used for my own kids or where we attended birthday parties hosted by other families.

New Years' Day in Miami, 2015
Looking for an interesting way to spend New Years' Day? Whether you spent the night before partying on South Beach or home with the kids, there's something going on New Years' Day that will suit your mood.

Miami on a Budget
Everything is getting more expensive these days. As utility bills, grocery costs and prices at the pump rise, many of us seek out free and low cost entertainment options to help out with the household budget. There are still plenty of ways that you can have a good time without putting a dent in your bank account.

Outdoor Activities in Miami; Miami Beaches and Parks
Miami's tropical climate lends itself to year-round outdoor activity. Whether you prefer hitting the beach or hiking in the Everglades, there's bound to be an outdoor recreation opportunity that interests you! Here are a few of my favorite things to do under the Miami sun.

Summer Activities in Miami
Summer in Miami can be a hot and humid experience! Fortunately there are some great ways to beat the heat, both indoors and out. Whether you're entertaining kids on summer vacation or looking for a way to spend time with your special someone, there's something fun to do in Miami this summer!

Miami Information and Resources from
Miami at helps local residents, newcomers and visitors find the best resources in South Florida

Transportation in Miami
Getting around Dade County can be a real challenge! Anyone who's ever tried to use public transportation wonders what the city planners were thinking when they drew the maps. Get the inside scoop on traveling around Miami from your About Guide.

Tropical Park, Miami Profile
Tropical Park, located at the intersection of Bird Road (SW 40th Street) and the Palmetto Expressway (SR 826), offers Miami residents a green oasis in the middle of a densely populated suburban area. You’ll find a tennis center, equestrian center, dog park, boxing program and a professional soccer team housed in this former horse track. Join the 1,000,000 visitors who experience the beauty of this park each year!

MetroRail Public Transportation to Miami Airport
Miami’s MetroRail public transportation system now serves Miami International Airport (MIA)! After decades of waiting, the system extension opened in July 2012, offering service several times per hour on the new MetroRail Orange line.

Miami International Airport Starbucks Coffee Locations
Starbucks has locations throughout the Miami region. If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your caffeine craving, there’s probably a location near you. This page lists the Starbucks locations in and near Miami International Airport.

Living in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida
Coconut Grove is a fun, exciting neighborhood located just south of downtown Miami. Once an independent village, Miami annexed The Grove in the 1920s, making it officially part of the City of Miami.

Florida Income, Sales, and Property Tax and Exemptions
Florida taxes are complex, just as they are in any other state. In this article, we take a look at how residents of the Sunshine State are affected by income tax, sales tax, property tax and other government levies.

Celebrating Christmas in Miami
Looking for Christmas events in Miami and South Florida? We have everything from Santa Claus and Christmas Trees to performances of the Nutcracker.

Easter in Miami - Events and Celebrations
Easter is a beautiful time of year in Miami and our city offers residents and visitors many special events designed to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy the wonderful early spring weather. This year’s events include special celebrations at some of Miami’s top attractions as well as some fabulous Easter brunches at area restaurants.

Best Museums in Miami for Art, Science, and Children
Miami's museum scene offers a diverse variety of cultural and scientific experiences for both children and adults. Spending a day at the museum is a great way to enjoy yourself on one of those Miami days when it's either too hot or too wet to be outside!

Miami Movie Theater Guide -- AMC Theaters, United Artists, Regal Cinemas, Cobb, Muvico
Movie theaters are certainly popular destinations in Miami and South Florida! We have hundreds of screens located throughout the county. Use this directory to find a theater and showtimes near you. Our directory includes listings for AMC Theaters, United Artists, Regal Cinemas, Cobb Theatres, Muvico Movies and more!

Miami Radio Stations
Miami's home to a number of popular radio stations. We've selected the best and included them in our directory.

Miami Art Museums & Galleries
Miami is synonymous with art for its high fashion, modern art and art deco. See where you can go to glimpse your favorite type of art.

Miami-Dade County offers a wonderful array of opportunities for families of both residents and visitors. You'll find some of the nation's best public beaches, tourist attractions and special events th
Miami-Dade County offers a wonderful array of opportunities for families of both residents and visitors. You'll find some of the nation's best public beaches, tourist attractions and special events that foster good, old fashioned fun.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Performing Arts in Miami
Miami is home to a variety of venues for the performing arts. In fact, whether your passion is the theater or ballet there are world-class artists for you to enjoy.

Miami Sports & Recreation
The Miami region hosts the Miami Heat professional basketball team, a major NASCAR track and the Florida Marlins baseball team. If spectator sports aren't your thing, Miami's home to some of the finest boating, golf courses and outdoor sports in the country!

Miami Top 40 Radio Directory
The Miami region is home to a number of popular Top 40 radio stations. Weve listed several of the best below.

Miami Country Music Radio Directory
The Miami region is home to a number of popular country music radio stations. Weve listed several of the best below.

Miami Running Clubs
Miami’s a healthy city. You can’t wander far without seeing a runner knocking out the miles on the roads or beaches of Miami Dade County. Whether you’re a novice or veteran runner, Miami’s bound to have a club that can help you meet fellow runners and improve your skills.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events in Miami: Celebrations, Volunteer Opportunities and Art Exhibits
Looking for a special way to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Miami? South Florida organizations are hosting a number of unique ways you can celebrate MLK’s impact on the United States as we celebrate MLK Day this year. Whether you prefer to participate in volunteer service, attend a ceremony or view an artistic celebration of Dr. King’s life, there’s something interesting for you.

Famous Names in Miami History
Their names are everywhere- Brickell Avenue. The Julia Tuttle Causeway. Flagler Street. Collins Avenue. Who are the people behind these names? How did they help shape the history of Miami? Begin your history lesson here with a quick who's-who guide of our most famous historical residents.

Miami Government & City Services
The City of Miami, Miami-Dade County and the various suburban cities and unincorporated areas weave a tangled web of government. Who's responsible for what? Let your About Guide to Miami sort out Miami's government for you.

Professional Teams
Miami is home to many world class sports teams. Come here throughout the season to check up on the team's standings, new tactics and game schedule.

Holidays in Miami
Holidays are an exciting time in Miami, with a number of great traditional and non-traditional ways to celebrate. Let's take a look at some special events occurring in our city around major holidays.

Miami Beach Nightlife
Don't deny it: you've seen the celebrities on E! and Access Hollywood casuallysipping drinks and looking oh-so-chic at a South Beach club.

Miami Web Cams
Miami conjures up images of fashion, fun and sun- and it doesn't disappoint! Visit these web cams to glimpse some of the best of Miami!

Halloween in Miami, 2014
The autumn season is in our hearts, if not in a chill wind. Even though the leaves are not changing color, there are still plenty of activities for all ages to help bring fall to Miami. Whether you’re looking for hayrides or Halloween frights, there’s sure to be something here to interest you this time of year.

Key West Nude Beach
A nude beach on Key West? Why not? It fits right in with the island's image of debauchery, drunkenness and nudity. According to a recent Miami Herald

The Elian Gonzalez Story
Elian Gonzalez, the 6 year old boy at the center of the international battle for child custody, and contention between the U.S. and Cuba, has recently resurfaced into the spotlight, sparking new debates.

Bulk Waste Pickups for Miami Residents
Eligible Miami residents may schedule free bulk waste pickups up to twice per calendar year. Each pickup may contain up to 25 cubic yards of bulk waste. If you have more than 25 cubic yards, you may combine your two pickups in a single trip.

Miami Summer Camp and Children's Programs
Miami's summer camps cover a wide range of interests. There are many programs at parks, museums, colleges and attractions like the zoo.

2015 Miami International Boat Show
Miami's the boating capital of the world! With an enviable position on the Intracoastal Waterway and Biscayne Bay, Miami is just a short sail away from the marvelous beauty of the Florida Keys. Our natural affinity toward boating shows each year when we host the Miami International Boat Show.

The Best Italian Restaurants in Miami Florida
Miami has an abundance of restaurants, many of which have authentic Latin flair. If you are looking for something different, Miami is also home to many choices in excellent Italian cuisine.

January Events in Miami
January’s an exciting month in Miami. This calendar provides a run-down of some of the regular events occurring in our fair city each January.

Top Ten Things To Do in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fort Lauderdale is full of great tourist destinations for visitors and residents alike! This list presents ten great tourist destinations in our region.

Top Five Ways to Stay Fit in Miami
Most of the country gets away with becoming less active during the colder, darker winter months. Cold-weather wardrobes help to cover most of the body and hide the holiday pounds. However, in Miami the year-round wardrobe staple is the bathing suit, which does little to hide extra inches. Fortunately, Miami offers warm weather, sunny days and long daylight hours even on New Year's Day in the depths of winter, offering plenty of fitness options all times of the year.

Performing Arts Venues in Miami
Miami is synonymous with theater, and has been since it was founded. As South Beach and Coconut Grove have established a reputation across the country as a haven for artistic expression, many artists have flocked here for the inspiration and vibes of our Miami atmosphere. Among the performing arts world, several Miami venues are said to be best of the best. Here are some of my favorites.

Florida Bright Future Scholarships
Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship programs awards scholarships to talented Florida high school students who choose to study at a postsecondary college or university within the state. These scholarships are awarded based upon academic merit and may contribute significantly toward the cost of a student’s journey through higher education. There are three different levels of the program and students are granted the highest award that they qualify for of the three: the Florida Academic Scholars award, the Florida Medallion Scholars Award, and the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award.

Florida Lottery -- Winning Numbers and Lotto Results
Looking for the most recent winning Florida Lottery numbers? If you missed the live drawing, you can find the latest lottery results by visiting the links below. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can check it each time you play!

Overview of the Florida Keys
Only an hours drive south of Miami youll find the fabulous Florida Keys, a world apart from the pace of Miami life. Their beaches, diving and fishing are among the best in the world. This first in a series of articles about the Florida Keys gives an overview and background of the islands.

Lost and Found: Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL)
Did you lose an item at the Fort Lauderdale airport? FLL's lost and found service stores turned-in items for 30 days. You can file a lost item claim online or by telephone.

Starting a Business in Miami-Dade County
Tired of the nine-to-five routine? If you're ready to go out on your own, Miami's a great place to get started! Dade County has a great support infrastructure in place for new businesses

March 2015 Events in Miami
March is an exciting month in Miami. This calendar provides a run-down of some of the regular events occurring in our fair city each March.

What is Art Deco?
The art deco style has been synonomous with Miami as long as anyone can remember, but why? And what exactly is it, anyway?

Miracle Mile in Coral Gables - Shopper's Guide
The Miracle Mile shopping district in Coral Gables offers visitors and residents an exciting lineup of upscale retail stores and restaurants. The area is a section of Coral Way (SW 22nd Street) between Douglas Road (SW 37th Avenue) and LeJeune Road (SW 42nd Avenue) in Coral Gables.

Santa's Enchanted Forest, 2014-2015
Warm days got you feeling ho-hum this holiday season? Plan a trip to Santa's Enchanted Forest, where only Scrooge himself wouldn't ho-ho-ho!

Relocating to Miami
Planning a move to South Florida? This article will help you through the finer points of making Miami your home including finding a place to live, obtaining transportation and getting the power turned on.

Miami Drivers Rudest in America
Miami recently earned the dubious distinction of being voted the home of the rudest drivers in America. The AutoVantage “In The Driver’s Seat” Road Rage study ranked the driving habits and attitudes of motorists across the United States and chose Miami as the unfriendliest place in America to get behind the wheel.

What You Should Know About Flood Insurance
Most Miamians are required to buy flood insurance, but what if your flood zone classification is wrong? You may be able to save money by having an evaluation.

Recycling and Trash Collection in Miami-Dade County
Chances are, if you’re familiar with the Miami-Dade Department of Solid Waste Management, it’s simply as “the trash collectors.” That’s certainly true, but you may not be familiar with the full range of services offered by Miami’s waste professionals. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the basics of trash collection, recycling and other waste issues affecting Miami residents.

Services for the Disabled
Miami offers a great wealth of resources to it's physically challenged residents. Whether you need special transportation assistance or just a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, there's someone waiting to help you. This collection of links will help steer you in the right direction.

Home & Garden
Living in Miami poses its own unique challenges. Home maintenance and gardening are all affected by the hot Miami summers and dry Miami winters. These resources will help you become a domestic whiz.

If you're traveling to Miami and aren't sure where to start planning the trip, you've come to the right place. Find information on hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals and attractions around Miami.
If you're traveling to Miami and aren't sure where to start planning the trip, you've come to the right place. Find information on hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals and attractions around Miami.

Let's face it -- Miami's a confusing place for newcomers and visitors. Even locals can get lost trying to navigate the streets of areas like Coral Gables! This collection of maps will help you find your way.

Buying a Christmas Tree in Miami
Finding a Christmas tree in Miami may be difficult because there are no pine trees native to our region! However, it’s certainly possible to get Christmas trees that are shipped in from Christmas tree farms located in North Carolina and other climates more amenable to growing evergreens.

How to Register to Vote in Miami-Dade
Everyone's vote counts, but in Florida we had that illustrated all too well in the 2002 presidential election. In a swing state where elections can be decided by a handful of people, it's more important than ever this year to register and vote in the election. But who can register, and how do you go about it? It's easy, and I'll take you through the steps.

Holiday Tipping in Miami
Holiday tipping can be a very stressful experience. While most of us enjoy the opportunity to express our thanks to the many men and women who provide services that make our lives easier, we often find ourselves wondering how our gratuities stack up.

Florida Apartment Rental Laws
When choosing where to rent an apartment or property, be aware of Florida apartment rental laws.

Getting to Miami by Train or Bus
There’s more than one way to get to and around Miami, Florida. In addition to flying and driving into Miami, visitors and new residents can take advantage of great public transportation, including trains and buses.

MOMS Clubs in Dade and Broward
If you are one of the thousands of women in the Miami or Broward area who have given up work for the chance to be a full-time mom, you may feel that you’re the only one out there. During the day, when all of your friends are sitting in their office jobs, it’s easy to feel alone and frustrated by not leaving the house. That’s why motivated moms around Miami and Broward have started chapters of the International MOMS Club.

Top Florida Baby Names
Each year, the Social Security Administration releases the top baby names for boys and girls in each state of the union. Here's a look at the top names for boys and girls born in Florida from 1980 (when the SSA began publishing this information) through 2005 (the most recent year available).

Black Friday Shopping in Miami, Miami Beach and South Florida
Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest shopping day of the year, as attention turns from turkeys and potatoes to preparing for the winter holiday season. Retail stores, eager to earn their share of the holiday shopping blitz, put on their best sales of the year, pulling out all of the stops to attract holiday shoppers.

Miami International Airport (MIA): The Basics
Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the world’s busiest airports and serves as a hub for international flights between the United States and Latin America and the Caribbean. While our airport is certainly convenient, it can also be quite difficult to navigate. In this article, we explore the basics of MIA.

Downtown Miami Waterfront Walking Tour
Downtown Miami's waterfront area is full of interesting places to visit. Join us as we embark on a walking tour of the area. Page 2.

Walking Tour Beginning at Bayfront Park
Downtown Miami's waterfront area is full of interesting places to visit. Join us as we embark on a walking tour of the area.

Downtown Miami Waterfront Walking Tour
Downtown Miami's waterfront area is full of interesting places to visit. Join us as we embark on a walking tour of the area. Page 3.

The Docks at Bayside - Downtown Miami Waterfront Walking Tour
Check out the Docks at Bayside, part of the Miami waterfront, and find different boating opportunities, from a casino cruise to a chartered fishing trip. Page 4.

Downtown Miami Waterfront Walking Tour - Pier 5
Downtown Miami's waterfront area is full of interesting places to visit. Join us as we embark on a walking tour of the area. Page 5.

How to Design a Pool and Find a Builder
From designing the pool of your dreams to finding the right builder to make it happen, there's no need to sweat. Follow these simple tips to make sure you get the pool that's right for you with no frustration.

Finding the Right Pool Builder
Once you design your perfect pool, you need to find a builder to build it. Follow these tips to find a builder you'll be happy with. Page 2.

5 Best Sushi Restaurants in Miami
When it comes to sushi, Miami has some serious contenders, like these five restaurants worth mentioning.

Most Haunted Places in Miami
Miami presents a vision of sun, fine sand, and ocean blue waters to many, but like any city in the United States, it also has a darker side.

Best Restaurants in Downtown Miami
No matter what your taste, you're bound to find a great restaurant in Downtown Miami! We've got it all -- Italian, Thai, Cuban, Brazilian, Chinese, or just a good old American steak -- you name it, it's somewhere in our city!

Miami Photos: Attractions, Beaches, Skylines, and More
Links to my favorite photographs of this very photogenic city - attractions, beaches, wildlife, the skyline and more.

Miami Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free
Eating out with a family doesn't need to do serious damage to your pocketbook. The South Florida restaurants profiled in this article all offer free or reduced-price meals to kids on a regular basis. Print out this article and post it on your refrigerator so that you can use it as a regular reference to find the right restaurant to head to with your children while still saving a few bucks.

Miami Outlet Malls and Factory Stores
Looking for a chance to grab a bargain? The Miami region is home to several outlet malls full of factory stores offering shoppers steep discounts on quality clothing, accessories and gifts. Here are a few of the best factory outlet malls in Miami.

Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall Profile
Sawgrass Mills mall, located in Sunrise, is the largest mall in the state of Florida. Whether you’re headed there for an all-out shopping spree or a quick

Florida 529 College Savings Plan
Saving for college is one of the many goals on the minds of parents and Florida provides several options to residents seeking to save for educational goals. The Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan offers a simple way to save by prepaying the cost of education at a public school in Florida. However, parents seeking more flexibility for their child’s education may wish to instead invest in the Florida 529 Savings Plan.

Best Restaurants in Kendall - Miami, FL Restaurant Reviews
Kendall is one of Miami's fastest growing suburbs and has a wide variety of restaurants catering to almost any taste. In this article, we take a look at some of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat in the southern part of Miami-Dade County.

Adopting a Dog or Cat in Miami
Miami's animal shelters offer residents the opportunity to adopt a pet.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach
If you’ve ever wanted to be treated like a celebrity during your tropical travels, then there’s no better place to stay than the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Built as a tribute to the opulence and decadence of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Fontainebleau Miami Beach is a testament to the history of frivolity and play that’s been a mainstay of South Beach for almost one hundred years.

How to Get a Copy of a Miami Birth Certificate
If you were born in Miami-Dade county, the Miami-Dade County Health Department is responsible for maintaining your birth certificate.

Best Things to Do in Key West
Planning a weekend getaway to Key West? There’s plenty of exciting things to do when you visit the southernmost point in the continental United States!

Miami's Indoor Attractions: Things to Do When It's Raining Outside
It’s mid-way through the hurricane season in Miami and sure enough, there’s a forecast for rain almost every day. So what do you do in a city that’s known primarily for its beaches when it rains? Go check out one of Miami’s best indoor attractions. Here are some suggestions.

Best Rooftop Bars in Miami
The number of high-rise buildings in downtown Miami and Brickell makes it a prime spot for bars and lounges to set-up shop so it’s not surprising to find several of the city’s best in these two neighborhoods.

Miami Urban Art
Urban Art shares the spotlight with Art Deco at the annual Art Basel Miami Beach cultural event.

Zagat's Best Miami Restaurants
Each year, Zagat publishes the Zagat Guide to Miami Restaurants that critics around the world recognize as an authoritative source. In this year's guide, Zagat researchers named several Miami restaurants as tops in specific categories.

Historic Mansions Open to the Public in Miami
In the 1920s and 1930s, Miami went through a building frenzy. Millionaires built mansions all along Miami and Miami Beach.

Applying for and Collecting Unemployment in Florida
Unemployment insurance offers Florida residents a way to temporarily make ends meet when job loss strikes.

Miami Weather FAQ - Temperature and Hurricane Info
What's the weather like in Miami? How hot does it get? How cold are our winters? Has it ever snowed in Miami? How often do hurricanes strike Southeast Florida? How much rain do we get? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in our climate and weather FAQ.

How to Get a Florida Driver's License
Whether you're new to driving, new to Florida or just need to get a replacement license, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is your first stop. Arrive prepared with this checklist and you won't be doomed for a repeat visit.

Florida Gun Laws
The state of Florida has a large number of laws in place for owning and carrying guns, some strict, while others are considered among the most lax in the country. To obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon, citizens must meet a number of qualifications.

Butterfly World
Butterfly World offers South Florida visitors and residents a unique way to spend a day amidst the beauty of nature. The park always houses at least 10,000 butterflies and there are often many more hanging around – it’s difficult to count butterflies!

How to Get a Copy of a Miami Death Certificate
The Miami-Dade County Health Department is responsible for maintaining death certificates for individuals who passed away in our county. There are several methods for obtaining a certified copy of a death certificate.

Miami Average Monthly Temperatures
Wondering how hot or cold it is in Miami? You might be surprised what you'll learn! Whether you're planning a trip to Miami or permanently relocating, you'll be interested in knowing the average high and low temperatures you can expect each month in Miami.

Venom One - Miami's Snakebite Response Team
When it comes to snakes in Miami-Dade County, no one is more experienced than the famed Venom One team, a group of volunteer paramedic firefighters who specialize in evacuating and treating victims of venomous snakebites. As southern Florida contains some of the country’s most venomous snakes, it’s no wonder the Venom One Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s response team is kept very busy.

How to Get a Marriage License in Miami
If you're starting to think about that spring wedding, one of the most important steps is getting a marriage license. The license must be given to the person officiating the ceremony before you begin, so make sure you have it in hand!

2015-2016 Miami Dade Public Schools Vacation Calendar
This calendar provides school opening dates, vacation schedules, early release dates and other important information for students in Miami Dade's public elementary and secondary schools.This information applies to all schools in the Miami Dade County Public Schools district.

Miami Urgent Care Centers
You’re achy, feverish and nauseous, and you know you’re doctor can’t see you until Monday. It’s certainly not a reason to go to the emergency room, but you need something to help you through the weekend… what option do you have? You can visit one of Miami-Dade’s outstanding urgent care centers.

Restaurant Review: Wolfie Cohen's Rascal House
Craving an authentic New York-style Jewish deli? This Miami Beach institution serves up the old favorites: bagels and lox, corned beef and cabbage and mile-high pastrami sandwiches.

Miami Science Museum Visitor Guide
An entertaining, educational experience for children and adults alike, whether you're on vacation, a school field trip or a weekend family outing.

Miami's world-renowned for it's long-standing tolerance of alternative lifestyles, including gay, lesbian, transexual, bisexual, nudist and naturists. You'll find people of all persuasions making their homes in this region. This collection of sites will help you connect with the community of your choice.

Planning a Wedding in Miami
Miami is one of the most beautiful places to get married. The ocean and many of the city’s gorgeous hotels provide a lovely backdrop for weddings.

Key Biscayne Visitors Guide
Sick of the slick hustle-bustle of Miami, but dont want to battle traffic? Head south five minutes south of downtown Miami, that is, to the lush island of Key Biscayne.

Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables
When it comes to old-fashioned glamour and glitz in Miami, the Biltmore Hotel certainly stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Built in the 1920s in the luxurious surroundings of Coral Gables, the Biltmore Hotel is famous for retaining much of its old pre-Depression glamour. Don’t be surprised if you’re served your four-course meal by waiters in white gloves, or end up putting next to your favorite celebrity at the Biltmore’s famous 18-hole championship golf course.

Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina and Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary
The Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina, along with the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary, are two family-friendly destinations that provide residents and visitors of Miami-Dade County an opportunity to view amazing marine resources, while accessing some of the best beaches and crystal clear waters in the world. From swimming and fishing around the park, to exploring the sanctuary, guests will find that both of these venues offer several remarkable amenities.

September Events in Miami
September is an exciting month in Miami. This calendar provides a run-down of some of the regular events occurring in our fair city each September.

Jewish Museum of Florida Visitor's Guide
The Jewish Museum of Florida, housed in two historic synagogues, offers visitors to Miami Beach the opportunity to learn about the history of the Jewish people in South Florida.

5 Tips for Traveling Solo to Miami
Miami might be a social city and best enjoyed with a group, but don’t let that notion stop you from taking a vacation at this vibrant and exciting metropolis

One Day in Miami
Are you one of the millions of visitors who will pass through Miami this year? Here are some ways that you can spend a day if that's all you have!

Getting a Divorce in Florida
When it comes to divorce in Florida, there’s the right way to go about it – and then there’s the way that involves plenty of work, headaches and heartaches for all parties involved. According to a recent study of marriage, only 34% percent of people in the United States who have ever been married have ever been divorced (a far cry from the scary 50% rumor).

History of Miami's Coral Gables - The City Beautiful
Just south of the heart of Miami lies Coral Gables, a beautiful neighborhood set in Mediterranean style among the Palm trees. See what there is to do in The City Beautiful.

Just south of the heart of Miami lies Coral Gables, a beautiful neighborhood set in Mediterranean style among the Palm trees. See what there is to do in The City Beautiful. Page 2.

Wings Over Miami
Residents and visitors to Miami can experience both education and enjoyment at Wings Over Miami. An air museum that pays tribute to the pioneers of civilian and military aviation, Wings Over Miami proudly displays and flies everything from classic to military aircrafts while sharing the stories of heroic veteran and civilian pilots throughout history.

Florida Alcohol Laws (Sales, Driving, Transportation)
Whether you’re visiting the Sunshine State for the first time or consider yourself an in-the-know local, it pays to understand the ins and outs of Florida alcohol laws. From what days you can purchase alcohol to penalties you may incur for drinking underage or driving while under the influence, these are the Florida alcohol laws you need to know to remain safe and on the right side of the law.

Florida Property Tax Exemption Categories
Florida residents may take advantage of a number of property tax exemptions designed to provide you with a discount on your property taxes. Most homeowners are eligible for at least one of these exemptions on their primary residence and many Florida residents qualify for other property tax discounts based upon age, disability and/or veteran status.

Top Ten Activities in Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park is one of South Florida's natural treasures. Within the park's boundaries, you will find wildlife unique to this swampy habitat, natural formations of great beauty and recreation opportunities that exist only in Florida's southernmost tip. In this article, we look at the ten

Maximo Gomez Domino Park
For those hungry for a real taste of Miami life, and some great insights into Cuban culture there is nothing like an outing to Maximo Gomez Park, a.k.a. ‘Domino Park’.

Miami Trolley System
The Miami trolley system offers a great way to get around the Magic City.

Miami Duck Tours; Boat Tours of Miami and South Beach
Looking for a unique, off-beat way to experience Miami? Miami Duck Tours offer the opportunity to tour Miami by land and sea in an amphibious vehicle that navigates the roads of South Beach just as easily as the water of Biscayne Bay. Each tour is led by a well-informed (if somewhat wacky) guide and lasts about 90 minutes.

Day Trips from Miami
One of the great things about Miami is its location, putting it within close proximity to other must-see South Florida destinations.

Layover: 36 Hours in Miami
Miami’s a great layover city primarily because of its strategic location. It’s halfway between North and South America and a midpoint for west coast travelers to Europe and vice versa.

Adventurer's Guide to Miami
Most people associate Miami with relaxing beach vacations so it might come as a surprise to hear that the city also caters to adventure travelers and thrill seekers.

Places to Cool Off in Miami
Miami’s summer temperatures can be unbearable with average highs in the mid-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The city is also quite humid making it seem like it’s eight to 10 degrees hotter than the actual temperature. Visitors to the city who aren’t quite acclimated to this type of weather might find it uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable

August 2015 Events in Miami
August is an exciting month in Miami. This calendar provides a run-down of some of the regular events occurring in our fair city each August.

Joe's Stone Crab: Restaurant Review
Joe's Stone Crab is a Miami Beach institution! It banks upon its reputation as a Miami landmark and an outstanding knack for preparing stone crabs to make it a success. They rely upon this so heavily, however, that they're not afraid to irritate customers with excessively long wait times, no reservations and somewhat surly service. If you want the taste without the wait, get no-wait takeout from Joe's Takeaway, located right next to the restaurant.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Miami (Guy Fieri)
Guy Fieri hosts the popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, which profiles some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants around the county. Each episode features three restaurants that are in out-of-the-way locations and feature culinary delights that you wouldn’t expect to find.

Driving Miami's Roads, Highways, and Expressways
Driving in Miami can be an incredibly frustrating experience. After all, our city is the two-time winner of the Rudest Drivers in America contest and, unfortunately, many of our residents are proud of that fact. We’re also known for bumper-to-bumper traffic and confusing highways, expressways and roads that can bewilder a newcomer. Driving in Miami can be fun and easy if you understand our highways, expressways and roads.

Florida DUI / DWI Laws: Penalties, Fines & Jail Time
Florida law mandates stiff penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics (also known as

Voodoo in Miami
Voodoo has a strong presence in Miami, Florida. It has become a popular practice amongst many locals, has thrived in the local Haitian community, and has even been controversially blamed for zombie sightings and attacks on South Florida politicians.

Scuba Diving in Miami
Scuba diving in Miami, FL is an equally amazing experience for veteran international divers and those just looking to explore diving for the first time.

Tennis in Miami: Crandon Park, Private Clubs and More!
There’s no shortage of places to play tennis in Miami. There are plenty of public courts, several private clubs and a number of tennis academies.

Miami’s Most Iconic Restaurants
If you’ve lived or visited Miami, odds are you’ve heard someone mention these restaurants in passing. They are cultural icons of the city and long-standing local favorites. Most managed to keep up with the changing times with no signs of slowing down so check them out not just for the grub but also for the social experiences that are unique to Miami.

Safari Edventure Visitors Guide
Situated only a short distance from the Miami, Florida region, residents and visitors can experience everything from hands-on nature and wildlife presentations, to a myriad of other fun, educational activities at Safari Edventure. This non-profit organization primarily consists of volunteers who care for over 120 species of exotic animals while providing environmental presentations to both schools and the general public.

South Beach Weekend Getaway
Living in Miami, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of all our beautiful city has to offer. When you need a quick vacation, don't forget that South Beach is close to home. While others need to travel the world over to visit the clear blue waters and unique art deco landscape, we can simply take a weekend to rejuvenate in our own backyard! Here's how to make the most of your weekend South Beach get-away.

Sunday, Sleepy Sunday
Most hotels don't check out until noon, so sleep off your high-flying Saturday night as long as you can! If you missed News Cafe (800 Ocean Drive) yesterday morning, make sure you hit it today- remember, breakfast is served 24 hours, so they'll be ready when you are! You can also try for brunch at The Palms Garden Grill (3025 Collins Avenue). With the live blues music, tropical setting and terrific food, you can't go wrong. Page 3.

Saturday on the Beach
You'll want to wake up early on Saturday to make the most of your day. Most hotels offer continental or full breakfasts, or you can make your way to Ocean Drive to one of the many restaurants open for breakfast. The News Cafe (800 Ocean Drive) is a popular early-morning hangout. Breakfast is served 24 hours a day, making it also a very popular place for late-night munchies! Get a paper, magazine or book from the store and enjoy your meal outside. Page 2.

Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami Beach - Visitors Guide
Often noted as one of the most important monasteries in North America and the oldest building in the Western Hemisphere, the Ancient Spanish Monastery wasn’t actually built in Miami – in fact, the Cloisters were originally built between 1133 and 1144.

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Names
Learn how the National Weather Service assigns names to hurricanes and tropical storms.