Military Families Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

Occupational Therapist - Polytrauma and TBI Glossary - Definition of Occupational Therapist
What is an Occupational Therapist? Learn the definition of Occupational Therapist and their role in treating polytrauma and TBI patients.

Sequelae - Polytrauma and TBI Glossary - Definition of Sequelae
What does sequelae mean? Learn the definition of sequelae in reference to polytrauma and TBI patients.

Cerebral - Polytrauma and TBI Glossary - Meaning of Cerebral
What is cerebral? Learn the definition of cerebral as it relates to polytrauma and TBI.

Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse - Polytrauma and TBI Glossary - Meaning of Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse (CRRN)
What is a Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse? Learn the definition of Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse (CRRN) as it relates to polytrauma and TBI.

PCS Entitlements - What You Need to Know about PCS Entitlements Before the Move
Comprehensive breakdown of the common PCS entitlements available to military families.

TRICARE and DEERS - Answers to Questions About TRICARE and DEERS Enrollment
Information about the military's health care insurance provider, TRICARE, and DEERS enrollment.

Scholarships and Grants for Military Families - Scholarships and Grants for Military Spouses and Military Kids
Numerous scholarships and grants are available to military spouses and military kids.

Military Widows Support and Resources
Organizations that provide support, information and resources to military widows.

Memorial Day Educational Activities for Kids
Educate kids about Memorial Day while entertaining them at the same time.

DEERS Enrollment - How Can Military Spouses Determine if the Family is Enrolled in DEERS?
Learn how to verify you family's enrollment in DEERS.

Care Packages - When Can I Start Sending Care Packages?
After a loved one deploys, family members are anxious to start sending care packages. Learn why you may need to wait a few weeks before shipping and mailing items.

Are Military Marriage Enrichment Retreats Open to Reserve and Guard Couples?
A common question asked by Reserve and Guard couples is whether or not military-sponsored marriage enrichment retreats are open to Reservists, Guardsmen and their spouses.

Marriage Enrichment Retreats FAQs - Is the Strong Bonds Program Only for Army Couples?
Learn how military couples from all branches of the U.S. Military can partake in marriage enrichment retreats offered by the Army Strong Bonds Couples Program.

Are There Any Marriage Enrichment Retreats for Air Force Couples?
Many marriage enrichment retreats, classes and workshops are available for Air Force couples. Learn about the various programs and how to utilize them.

FAQs About Marriage Enrichment Retreats (MER) for Military Couples
Military couples can get answers to commonly asked questions related to military-sponsored marriage enrichment retreats.

myPay – Understanding Military myPay
Military members, learn how to manage your LES and other pay-related documents with myPay, an online pay management system designed and maintained by DFAS.

Schools and Educational Options for Military Kids
Information and resources about the various educational options available to military kids. Includes material on DoDDS, homeschooling, tutoring, scholarships and more.