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Dolls House Magazine Reviews
Reviews of dolls house magazines.

Needlework Kits and Projects in Dolls House Scales
Needlework projects and kit reviews for dolls house scale needlework.

Dollhouse Dolls And Figures to Make, Dress, Modify and Collect
How to make, dress and collect miniature dolls in common dollhouse sizes and scales

Electrical Information and Projects for Dolls Houses
Information on choosing dolls house wiring and power supplies, making circuit diagrams for wiring systems, as well as projects for dolls house lighting.

Make Dolls House Furniture With Free Scale Miniature Furniture Project Instructions
Make furniture for the dollhouse using these free plans with clear instructions and step by step photos for furniture in several scales. Includes armoires, beds, tables, chairs, bookcases, shelving fireplaces and more. Range of projects to help anyone develop their skills as they build detailed useful pieces.

Instructions for Dolls House Plants
Instructions for making a variety of dolls house scale plants and plant pots.

Dolls' Houses and Shops
Plans, finishing tips, building tips and ideas for doll houses and shops in several scales.

Reviews of Kits for Making Dolls House Miniatures.
Reviews of kits for making dolls house miniatures.

Polymer Clay Miniature Projects, Tutorials and Resources
Miniature polyclay projects, techniques and resources for dollhouse and jewelry miniatures: step by step instructions for making foods, dolls and figures and accessories, as well as reviews of various clays, color blending, and tips for beginners.

Tutorials and Projects for Gaming Terrains
Tutorials and projects for gaming terrains, from printable buildings, to foam based landscapes and miniature plants and trees.

Collectible Model Horses Other Than Breyer
Model horse information on brands of collectible model horses other than Breyer. Including metal, china and artist resin model horses.

Model Horse Collections and Displays
Information on types of model horse collections and ways to display model horses

Antique/Collectible Miniature Community
Contacts for the community who collect antique and collectible miniatures including glass, pottery, books and paintings, figurines, vases.

Printable Dolls' House Miniatures
Make your own dollhouse and accessories in 1:6, 1:12 using your printer. This list of original projects includes several scales of dolls' house wallpapers, kitchenware including tea and coffee sets and plates, doll clothing and printable buildings.

Make Miniature Furniture - Dollhouse and Model Furniture Projects For All Skill Levels
Use these clear, free instructions and plans to make scale miniature and dollhouse furniture projects from wood, twigs and recyclables - for dolls houses, miniature villages, fairy gardens, or other scale scenes. Projects can be made with simple hand tools.

Make miniature working lights for dolls house and scale displays
Step by step instructions for how to make miniature lights for dolls house and scale model displays

Make Dolls House Flowers and Scale Model Plants for Miniature Scenes
How to make a variety of plants and flowers for dolls houses, model railroads and other scale scenes.

Make Miniature Dolls and Scale Model Figures
How to choose and make miniature dolls and figures in several scales. Instructions for sculpting poseable and static miniature figures from polymer clay and epoxy putty.

Make Miniature Food for the Dollhouse and Jewellery
Make miniature scale food with these free instructions using a number of different materials including polymer clay, beads, and floral arrangement foam. The beginner's food projects shown here can be made in a number of dollhouse and other miniature scales.

Scale Miniature Buildings
These scale miniature buildings are used for wargaming, railroads and other scenic modeling, Christmas villages, and dolls' houses. They can be built of many different materials in different sizes and scales.

Tools For Use With Miniatures and Models
Tool reviews, lists, and tool techniques for use with miniatures of all types.

United Kingdom Displays or Museums of Miniatures
Travel destinations in the United Kingdom which feature collections of miniatures or activities connected with miniatures

Projects to Add To Your Model Horse Scenes
Simple projects to build accessories and props for model horse scenes and show photos

Useful Offsite Links for Collectible Miniatures
Offsite links to collectible references and collectible miniatures

Readers' Choice Awards for Miniatures
Winners and nominees for the Annual Readers' Choice awards as submitted and voted by the readers of Miniatures.About.Com

Buying and Selling Miniatures,Collectibles and Collections
Tips for buying and selling collectible miniatures and collections of models, dolls house miniature, die casts and other items. Price guides for miniature collectibles, how to determine value, and how to rank the condition of miniatures. Includes information for taking photographs of miniatures and preparing for sales tables at shows, as well as hunting for bargains.

Miniature Supplies - Tools, Materials, Techniques and References for Model Builders
Information for miniaturists and modellers concerning tools techniques and supplies for making and collecting miniatures.

Miniature Clubs, Conferences, Shows, Forums
Where to meet the miniature community.Connections to miniature clubs for dolls' houses, railroads, collectibles, die casts and other miniatures. Includes photo galleries from clubs, shows and individuals, as well as upcoming conventions, shows, mailing lists, newsgroups and forums. Face to face or online links.

Make Miniatures for Dollhouses, Scale Models and Miniature Displays
Free ,clear, photo illustrated instructions to make 100's of scale miniatures, models, and dolls house miniatures or decorations for your home or projects for school dioramas. Includes everything from buildings and roomboxes, to food, landscaping and tiny pets. There are dollhouse miniatures, projects for miniature vehicle and railway accessories, and terrain items for gaming miniatures.

Miniature Collectibles
How to collect, document and track a collection of miniatures, models or other tiny treasures. Information on particular types or brands of miniature collectibles, including collectible villages, Dinky Toys, Wade, and collectible animals. Information on making more effective displays of collectibles.

Gaming Miniatures, Battles on a Tabletop
Projects, tutorials, techniques and reviews for gaming miniatures, toy soldiers, fantasy games and gaming collectibles. Information on materials, plastic, lead, metals and resins, and methods of making miniature figures.

Living Miniatures; Tiny Plants and Animals
Miniature plants and animals that enhance our lives. Categories, profiles and information that will help you enjoy, choose and work with living miniatures.

Scale Miniatures - Models Built to Scale
Collect scale miniatures. Information on scale sizes, how to estimate and work with scales. Includes gaming figures and terrains, dollhouses, railroads, vehicles and architectural miniatures.

Miniature Displays and Museums Featuring Models and Doll House isplays
Museums of miniatures, displays and travel destinations which feature collections of miniatures, famous miniatures or workshops

Vehicle Miniatures - Cars, Boats, Planes, Farm Equipment in Scale
Information about miniature vehicles; boats, planes, farm equipment and more, including diecast, scale plastic models, wooden boats and slot cars.

Model Horses - Show, Collect and Modify Model Horses
Improve your model horse collection and win more ribbons at model horse shows with these tips. Model horse tutorials, projects and profiles on types, brands, horse breeds, shows, history, artisans and special collections for all model horse scales.

Josephine Parnell's Advice for Aspiring Miniature Bear Makers
Josephine Parnell's advice for Aspiring Miniature Bear Makers. Page 11.

Bears as Dolls House Residents
Josephine Parnell dresses miniature bears for every vocation and historical period. Page 7.

Miniature Bears Dressed for Success
Josephine Parnell creates special costumed bears for clients. Page 8.

Bears That Moved Into the Dolls House
Josephine Parnell's bears have moved into many dolls houses in both 1:12 and 1:24 scale. Page 2.

Bringing Out Individual Personalities
Many of Josephine Parnell's miniature dolls house bears have determined personalities from the moment of creation. Page 4.

The Challenges of Working with Small Scale Costumes
Josephine Parnell describes the difficulties of finding suitable fabric for 1:12 and 1:24 scale costumes. Page 6.

The Humour of the Artist Comes Through
The dolls house bears are in charge of this kitchen full of honey. Page 3.

An Introduction to Josephine Parnell of Dolls House Bears
Josephine Parnell is the very talented artisan behind Dolls House Bears.

Individual Character and Expression
When made well, miniature bears have as much personality as dolls. Page 5.

Costumed Bears in Smaller Scales
Josephine Parnell creates dolls house bears in both 1:12 and 1:24 scales. Page 9.

Not Only Bears Have Taken Over in the Dolls House
Josephine Parnell has extended her range of 1:12 scale doll house residents to other animals as well. Page 10.

Haggartha and Her Gourd House By Karin Foster
1:12 scale Halloween scene

Close up of Halloween Table with Goodies Made by 11 Year Old Jade
Polymer clay halloween goodies made by 11 year old Jade. Part of a Halloween Scene by Karin Foster. Page 3.

Plastic Miniature Skeleton Used for Fall Challenge
This dollhouse scale Halloween skeleton decoration forms the basis for the fall 2007 challenge gallery submissions. Page 9.

Costumed Skeletons from the Central Okanagan Miniature Enthusiasts Club
These costumed skeletons are some of the ones produced by the Central Okanagan Miniature Enthusiasts Club. Page 12.

A Glowing Skeleton Bride 1:12 Scale Halloween Decoration
A 1:12 scale (dollhouse scale) skeleton bride glows eerily under blacklights. Page 15.

Mary and Maude on the Front Porch by Joanne Weinberg
A dolls house front porch Halloween scene with two elderly skeletons, Mary and Maude, by Joanne Weinberg. Page 11.

Joanne Weinberg's Skeleton Bride
Joanne Weinberg's dolls house scale skeleton bride clutches a poisonous bouquet. Page 10.

A Skeleton Barbeque
A skeleton barbeque is another of the unusual costumes for the Central Okanagan Miniature Enthusiasts Club display. Page 14.

A Skeleton Soccer Player and Mariachi Band make Unusual Halloween Decorations
Soccer kit and Mexican Mariachis are unusual costumes for Halloween Skeletons. Page 13.

Reverse of the Traditional Halloween Pumpkin Scene by Karin Foster and Jade
Back view of a traditional Halloween pumpkin scene by Karin Foster and Jade. Page 2.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil by Terry Catt
Dollhouse miniature skeleton scene in a graveyard by Terry Catt. Page 5.

Traditional Halloween Setting With Jack O Lantern by Karin Foster
Traditional Halloween decorative setting with a hidden dollhouse scene on the reverse.

Waiting for Inspiration by Terry Catt
Club project scene by Terry Catt. Page 6.

Witch House Detail Vera Zurndorfer
Witches in the kitchen of their house, by Vera Zurndorfer. Page 8.

Vera Zurndorfer - Witches House
Witches House dollhouse scene by Vera Zurndorfer. Page 7.

Cedar Shingle Roof Details on a 1:12 Scale Miniature Cabin Porch Facade
Photo and instructions for cedar shingle roof details on a 1:12 scale miniature cabin porch facade. Page 15.

Dollhouse Facade with Aged Wood Siding, Doors and Windows.
Photo and instructions to age wood siding, doors and windows on a miniature rustic cabin facade with vinegar rust solution. Page 8.

Wood Siding Applied to a Gatorfoam Dollhouse Front
Photo and instructions showing the application of basswood strips to a miniature Gatorfoam facade to create the board for board and batten siding on a cabin front porch display in dollhouse scale. Page 7.

Cabin Front Facade Mounted to a Display Shelf
Photo of miniature cabin front facade showing it mounted to a display shelf accompanied by instructions about how to attach the facade to the shelf. Page 12.

Miniature Cabin Facade Showing Wooden Roof Support Detail
Photo of a miniature cabin facade showing the wooden roof support detail. Page 16.

Side View of a Miniature Cabin Facade Showing the Side Support Post Glued to Gatorfoam Board
Photo and description of the side view of a miniature cabin facade showing the side support post glued to gatorfoam board. Page 11.

Miniature Cabin Front Porch Facade in 1:12 Scale with Shingle and Board and Batten Siding
Photo and instructions to create a miniature cabin front porch facade in 1:12 (dollhouse) scale with shingle and board and batten siding. Page 9.

Finished Shingle Roof for a Miniature Cabin Showing Roof Supports and Edging Boards
Photo and description of the finished shingle roof for a miniature cabin showing roof supports, edging boards and decorative cross supports made from twigs. Page 17.

Basic Landscaping Applied Around a Miniature Cabin Facade on a Shelf
Photo, materials and instructions for landscaping around a miniature cabin facade on a shelf. Page 21.

Dry Florist Foam Glued to a Miniature Display Shelf Prior to Landscaping
Photo and instructions explaining how to apply dry florist foam to a miniature display shelf to form a base for a miniature landscape. Page 20.

Finishing Details for a 1:12 Scale Miniature Cabin Front Porch Display Shelf
Photo and instructions for finishing edges and the window space of a 1:12 scale miniature cabin front porch display shelf. Page 22.

Paperclay Applied to a Miniature Cabin Porch to Mimic a Stone Foundation
Photo and instructions for using paperclay to mimic a stone foundation on a miniature cabin front porch. Page 18.

Side View of a Miniature Cabin Front Porch Facade Showing the Placement of the Front Roof Supports
Photo and description of the side view of a miniature cabin front porch facade showing the placement of the front roof supports. Page 14.

Miniature Cabin Front Porch Showing Twigs Used as Roof Posts
Photo of a miniature cabin front porch showing twigs used as roof posts. Page 13.

Chalk Used to Create the Effect of Lichen on Miniature Faux Stone
Photo and description showing the paint and chalk used to create the effect of lichen on miniature faux stone. Page 19.

Support Structure for Dollhouse Shelf Display
Photo and instructions to create the rear supports for a dollhouse facade which will be used for a wall hung shelf display. Page 10.

Materials Needed to Build a Miniature Cabin Front Porch Display Shelf
List of materials to build a 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature cabin front porch display shelf.

Gatorfoam Board Parts Cut to Make a Miniature Cabin Front Porch Shelf Display
Gatorfoam board parts needed to make a miniature cabin front porch shelf display in dollhouse scale. Page 4.

Dollhouse Wall Shelf Facade Cut from Gatorfoam Board
Photo and instructions for a simple dollhouse wall shelf facade cut from Gatorfoam board. Page 5.

Support Structure for Miniature Cabin Dollhouse Shelf Display
Photo and instructions showing the arrangement of pieces to create a wall hung shelf display for a miniature cabin facade in dollhouse scale. Page 2.

Gatorfoam Miniature Cabin Facade in Dollhouse Scale Test Fitted with a Door and Windows
Photo and instructions showing a gatorfoam miniature cabin facade in 1:12 scale test fitted with a door and windows. Page 6.

Make a Doll House Miniature Cabin Front Porch Display Shelf
Make this miniature cabin front porch in 1:12 or doll house scale. Constructed as a display shelf it can be hung on a wall to hold a collection of dollhouse miniatures. The building techniques are simple and this is a good project for a beginner new to working with scale buildings or dolls' houses.

Make a Doll House Miniature Cabin Front Porch Display Shelf
Make this miniature cabin front porch in 1:12 or doll house scale. Constructed as a display shelf it can be hung on a wall to hold a collection of dollhouse miniatures. The building techniques are simple and this is a good project for a beginner new to working with scale buildings or dolls' houses.

Using Hook and Loop Closures for Small Doll Clothing
Tips on using hook and loop and Velcro (TM) tape closures to secure miniatures and make opening doll clothing.

Working with Dollhouse Printables and Paper Miniatures
How to print, scale and work with dolls house printables. Best papers to use, construction tips and tools for working with printable miniatures in several scales.

Archimedes Push Drills for Miniatures & Models
Archimedes / Archimedian drills (push drills) are useful for single handed drilling of pilot holes and small precise holes for miniatures and crafts.

French Style Dollhouse Floor Tile Printable in a Beige Colorway
Free printable dollhouse floor tiles based on classic French tiles, this time in a beige colorway

Printable Miniature French Tiles in a Mauve Colorway
Small printable tiles for decorative papers or dollhouse floors in a mauve colorway

Printable Miniature French Tiles in Larger Scale in a Mauve Colorway
Larger size printable miniature and dollhouse French tiles in a Mauve colorway

Printable Classic French Floor Tiles for Dollhouses
These sheets of printable miniature floor tiles in a classic French style are available in several colorways.

Wire Trunks and Branches For Miniature Deciduous Trees
Make wire based trunks and branches for deciduous trees in your choice of model scales. These trees can also be made for Easter, Halloween or jewellery display trees.

Form the First Branches For Your Tree Frame
How to shape clusters of wire branches to begin building a frame for a model tree

Balance The Branches of Your Model Tree Frame
How to create balance in the shape of a scale model tree frame made from wire

Combine Sections to Finish the Model Tree Shape
How to build a miniature model tree from wire, by adding equal sections together

Balance Your Tree Branches Around the Trunk
Shape the canopy of a miniature tree made from wire

Finish the Model Tree Frame With a Layer of Acrylic Paint
How to add a bark finish to a scale miniature tree frame

Prepare the Wires For a Model Tree Frame
How to prepare wires for a scale model tree frame

Group Model Tree Branchlets Into Larger Tree Limbs
How to build clusters of tree branches into limbs for scale model trees

Sew a Halter Neck Ribbon and Back Fastening to a Doll Wrap Dress or Skirt
How to fit a neck halter ribbon and back fastenings to a simple wrap dress or skirt for a doll.

Hand or Machine Sew a Simple Doll Dress or Skirt
Sew this simple wrapped skirt or dress for any size of doll. The skirt is made from cotton broadcloth / quilt fabric

Cut and Pin Bias Binding Tape or Ribbon To the Upper Edge of the Simple Doll Dress or Skirt
Prepare binding tape or ribbon to finish the upper gathered edge of a simple doll dress or skirt.

Check the Gathers on the Back Side of the Fabric of a Doll Dress or Skirt
How to check the gathers on the top of a doll dress or the waistband to make sure the fabric is distributed evenly.

Sew the Bias Binding Tape or Ribbon To the Gathered Upper Edge of the Doll Dress or Skirt
How to sew binding or ribbon to the upper gathered edge of a doll skirt or dress to cover the unfinished edge.

Finish the Upper Edge / Waistband of A Simple Doll Dress or Skirt
How to turn bias tape or ribbon over an unfinished fabric edge to finish the edge of a simple doll dress or skirt.

Set the Hem of the Doll Skirt or Dress
How to set the hem length for a simple doll wrap skirt or dress

Stitch the Hem on the Simple Doll Wrap Dress / Skirt
How to fold and stitch the hem on a simple doll wrap skirt or dress

Hand Sewn Wrap Skirt on Miniature Ball Jointed Doll
Simple hand sewn doll skirt made from quilt fabric shown on a 1:12 scale or tiny ball jointed doll.

Choosing the Fabric Pattern and Pattern Position for Small Doll Clothing
How to choose fabric patterns for clothing for small dolls and figures

Use a Simple Running Stitch To Gather The Top of the Doll Skirt or Dress
How to sew a simple running stitch by hand to gather the top of a simple wrap skirt or dress for any size of doll.

Set the Pattern on the Front of the Simple Doll Dress or Skirt
How to position the pattern on the front of the simple hand sewn doll dress or skirt.

How to Fit Gathered Fabric To a Doll's Body To Make a Dress or Skirt
How to fit a section of gathered fabric around a doll to make a simple wrap dress or skirt.

Hem Stitch The Side Edges of a Doll Wrap Skirt or Dress
How to hem stitch the opening edges of a simple wrap skirt or dress for a doll.

Finishing the Side Edges of the Bias Tape or Ribbon
How to finish a bias tape waistband for a doll skirt

Finish the Lines of Gathering for Your Doll Skirt or Dress
How to finish sewing two lines of running stitches so you can gather the upper edge of a simple doll skirt or dress.

Make Miniature Wooden Skis and Poles in Several Scales
Make this miniature set of 'antique' wooden skis with bear trap bindings using recyclables. The set can be made in several miniature scales for a range of scenes.

Materials Used to Make Scale Miniature Skis
List of materials Used to Make Scale Miniature Skis

Make Simple Miniature Ski Bindings
How to make miniature ski bindings and baskets for the miniature ski poles

Finished Miniature Ski
How to Finish a Set of Miniature Skis and Poles

Make the Front Pattern Pieces for a Coat or Jacket for Any Size or Shape of Doll
How to make a custom pattern for the front of a doll's coat or jacket for any size or shape of doll.

Torso Sloper Patterns to Make a Doll's Coat Pattern
How to make a basic coat pattern for any size or shape of doll using a torso sloper cut to fit the particular doll.

Make the Arm Pattern for a Coat for Any Size or Shape of Doll
How to make a pattern for the arm of a doll for any size or shape of doll.

How to Make Dollhouse Grocery and Sandwich Bags
Learn how to make scale miniature grocery bags from brown paper.

Filling Miniature Grocery Bags For Display
How to fill miniature dollhouse grocery bags for displays

List of Materials Used to Make Miniature Grocery Bags and Sandwich Bags in Dollhouse Scales
Materials you can use to make miniature grocery bags and sandwich bags or shopping bags in several dollhouse scales.

Use the Template Against a Toothed Paper Edge to Make Scale Miniature Paper Bags
How to set up the template to make miniature paper bags in dolls house scales

Make the Fold Lines for a Miniature Scale Grocery, Sandwich or Luminaria Bag
Use the lines marked on the miniature grocery or sandwich bag template to set the folds for a dollhouse scale paper bag.

Glue the Miniature Paper Bag Seam
How to glue the seam on the back of a miniature scale paper bag.

Fold the Ends for a Dollhouse Miniature Grocery Bag
How to fold the ends of a miniature grocery bag to assemble the bag base.

Glue the First Section of the Miniature Grocery Bag at the Base
Fold and glue the back of the miniature grocery bag to the sides across the base.

Finish the Base of the Miniature Grocery or Sandwich Bag
How to finish gluing the base of the dollhouse miniature grocery or sandwich bag

Fold a Miniature Grocery Bag for Shelf Storage
How to fold the base of a miniature or dollhouse scale grocery or sandwich bag so you can store it flat on a shelf.

Using Foam for Custom 'Stone' Stairs for a Dollhouse
Design and build your own fantasy stone staircases in model and dolls house scales using this easy method for making stairs from foamcore board or sheet foam and air dry clay.

Cut Out the Parts for a Set of Miniature Scale Faux Stone Stairs
How to work out the parts you need to cut to make faux stone stairs or a staircase for a dolls house

Cut The Miniature or Dollhouse Faux Stone Step Sections to Size and Shape
How to cut the foam sections of your model or dollhouse scale faux stone steps to size and shape

Glue the Layers of Your Miniature Staircase Together.
How to glue the layers of a miniature faux stone staircase together.

Cover a Foam Dollhouse Staircase with Air Dry Clay Marked to Resemble Stone Blocks
How to cover a foam dollhouse miniature or model staircase with air dry clay to make a faux stone finish.

Paint a Faux Stone Finish on Dolls House Miniature or Model Steps or Stairs
How to paint air dry clay over foam to resemble stone steps for miniatures and dollhouses.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Printable Shop Bay Window Template in Dollhouse Scale
Use this free printable dolls house bay shop window as a template for building your own window, or use it for an inexpensive windowbox display in 1:12, 1:24, or 1:48 dolls house scales.

Score and Fold the Printable Along the Fold Lines
How to score and fold the printable for a dolls house shop bay window.

Begin Assembling the Printable Bay Window By Adding the Base, Shelf and Ceiling
Add the base, window and ceiling sections to support your bay window construction.

Print And Cut Out the Main Template For a Dolls House Shop Bay Window
How to print out and trim the cutout for a printable bay window template in dolls house scale.

Cut and Trim the Roof, Base, Ceiling and Shelf of the Printable Dollhouse Bay Window
Prepare the roof and structural interior pieces for the printable dolls house shop bay window.

Add in the Shelves and Ceiling and Glue the Sides
How to add the window shelf and ceiling to a printable bay window.

Add the Roof to the Printable Bay Window
Add the roof to the printable window, or make a roof for a bay window made from lightweight wood or card.

Laying Out a Basic Outline for a Doll's Vest Using Sloper Patterns
How to lay out simple vest patterns for doll clothes using custom slopers designed to fit your doll.

Cutting the Fabric For a Doll's Vest
How to cut the fabric to make a nonwoven vest for a doll.

Make Vests For Any Size Doll in a Range of Styles
Learn to make dolls clothes - vests for any size of doll in a range of styles for woven or non woven materials

Drawing a Finished Pattern For a Doll's Vest
How to draw a finished pattern for a doll's vest from custom fitted sloper patterns made for your doll.

Assembling the One Piece Doll's Vest
Assembling a one piece doll's vest at the shoulder seams.

Test Fitting the Vest on the Doll
Test fitting a one piece felt vest on a doll.

Add Finishing Trims to Your Doll's Vest
Add design details or finishing trims to a doll's vest

Make Patterns for Dolls Vests Designed With Side Seams or Made from Woven Fabics.
How to make patterns for dolls vests with side seams or made from woven fabrics.

Make Domes for Scale Miniature and Model Buildings
Make domed roofs for scale miniature and model buildings including Christmas village buildings, scale domed pergolas and miniature towers.

How to Make Identical Domes Over or Inside a Basic Form
How to make a range of scale domes for model buildings over or inside simple plastic forms.

How to Form a Base for Miniature Domes With Plaster Cloth or Papier Mache Over a Form
How to form supporting bases for miniature domes shaped from modelling materials.

Trim the Bottom Edge From a Paper Mache or Plaster Dome Support and Finish The Dome Surface
A range of different styles of domes can be created using Creative Paperclay or other air drying clays or gesso as a top coating for miniature building domes.

Make Printable Dollhouse Scale Spiral Bound Notebooks
Make miniature spiral bound books and ruled class notebooks in popular dolls house scales for back to school.

Start Wiring a Miniature Spiral Binding on a Dolls House Notebook
How to start wiring a spiral binding on a miniature notebook

Finish Wiring a Dolls House Miniature Spiral Notebook
Finish the coil wiring on a dolls house miniature notebook

Materials for a Dolls House Scale Spiral Bound Notebook
List of materials needed and links to printable files to make a spiral bound or sewn binding notebook in dolls house scale.

Cut and Fold the Printable Sections for Dolls House Notebooks
How to print and fold the double sided dolls house notebook sections

Clamp the Pages and Covers Together
How to clamp miniature pages to line them up for a sewn or wire spiral binding.

Glue Binding For Dolls House School Notebooks
Make miniature spiral notebooks and ruled class notebooks in popular dolls house scales for back to school.

Emboss a Fold Line in the Glue Bound Notebooks
Use an embossing tool to create a page fold line for miniature dolls house school notebooks.

Separating the Dollhouse Book Sections
How to separate dolls house books made in a strip.

Punching Spiral Wire Binding Holes With an Awl
How to use an awl or a pin to punch binding holes for a dolls house scale spiral wire bound notebook.

Trim the Binding Edge for a Spiral Binding in Miniature
Trim the edge of a miniature book in preparation for creating a spiral wire binding.

How to Make Patriotic Festoons or Fan Drapes Decorations in Miniature
Fold these printable miniature festoons or fan drapes for a patriotic scale scene or to decorate a special cake platter for a festive table.

Miniature Flag Draping & Bunting - Free Printables
Use free printable miniatures to make bunting flags and patriotic draping to decorate scale market stalls, tables, street scenes or dolls house birthday settings.

Materials and Printable Files To Make Scale Miniature Fan Drapes and Bunting
List of materials and links to free printable files used to make scale miniature fan drapes in red, white and blue, or bunting flags in prints and primary plains.

Make Printable Paper Bunting Flags in Miniature Scales
Make small scale flags in dolls house fabric designs or plain colors to decorate miniature market, picnic and street scenes.

Adding Decorations to Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Skulls and Skull Beads
How to add decorations to miniature Dia de los Muertos skulls.

Make Miniature Skull Beads, Skulls, or Sugar Skulls
How to shape miniature skulls for beads, Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations using polymer clay, clay, paper mache, epoxy putty or sugar and fondant.

Fast, Easy, Edible Skulls From Marshmallows - Great Children's Project
How to make easy, fast edible skulls from commercial marshmallows.

Materials Used to Make Miniature Skulls, Skull Beads and Sugar Skulls
List of materials used to make miniature skulls, skull beads and sugar skulls (Calaveras de Azúcar)

Start Making a Skull From a Round Bead
How to make miniature skulls the size you want for beads or decorations.

Shape the Jaw Area of a Miniature Skull
How to make the shape of a jaw on a miniature skull

Add Eye, Nose and Ear Passages to a Miniature Skull
Add distinctive facial features to a miniature skull, sugar skull, or skull bead.

Create the Jaw and Teeth on a Miniature Skull, Sugar Skull or Skull Bead
How to shape the jaw and teeth on a miniature skull made from fondant icing, polymer clay, or other modelling compounds.

Shaping a Hollow Miniature Skull
How to shape a hollow miniature skull from modelling compounds or edible fondant.

Hollow and Solid Miniature Skulls Finishing Instructions
A comparison of solid and hollow miniature skulls for beads.

Giving a Sugared Appearance to a Miniature Skull
How to make modelling clay and fondant skulls look as if they are made from sugar.

Cut and Sew Paper for Miniature Winter Trees
These stand up paper trees are as easy to make as a cut out snowflake. Make them for winter or Christmas table decorations or ornaments which can be folded and put away with your miniature scene.

Realistic Dollhouse or Railroad Model Fire Using LED's
How to make a battery operated miniature fire for a dolls house, railroad, or Christmas village scene using light emitting diodes (LEDS).

Assemble the Materials to Make a Miniature Fire Using LEDs
Materials list for a dolls' house or other scale miniature fire made using leds.

Join the LED Wire Connections for a Miniature Fire
How to join the wire connections to make a miniature battery powered fire using leds.

Build the Fire Surround for a Miniature Fire Made From LEDs
Use twigs and LEDs to build a miniature scale fire for a dolls' house or other scene

Insert LED Lights Into a Realistic Miniature Fire
Align pieces of twigs to cover flashing LEDs to increase the effect of a miniature fire.

Make Miniature Flames from Cellophane
Create the effect of miniature flames using iridescent cellophane over LED lights for a miniature fire in a scale suitable for a dolls' house, Christmas village or model railway scene.

Make a Base for a Miniature Fire
Make a base for a miniature fire from dry floral arrangement foam.

Landscape the Base for a Miniature Fire
Landscape a piece of dry floral foam to make a convincing base for a model fire for a railroad, dolls' house or Christmas village miniature scene

How to Attach a Miniature Battery Operated Fire to a Landscaped Base
Attach a miniature battery operated fire made from LEDs to a suitable base for a dolls' house, model railroad, or Christmas village display.

Make a Simple Baltic Birch Roombox - Free Plans
Make a simple dolls house scale roombox from Baltic Birch Plywood. A roombox can be finished with a front glass frame, or sized to fit as a group inside a bookcase or other piece of furniture to make a baby house.

Add Channels for a Glass Roof or Front to Your Dolls House Roombox
Making channels for a sliding glass front or top on a dolls house scale roombox.

Assemble the Materials for a Plywood Dolls House Roombox
List of materials and tools needed to make a dolls house scale roombox from Baltic birch Plywood.

Plan The Design for A Dolls House Roombox
How to plan the size of a roombox for dolls house or other miniatures.

Measure and Mark The Pieces for a Baltic Birch Roombox
How to work out the measurements for a dolls house roombox.

Test Fitting Roombox Walls Into a Picture Frame
How to test fit roombox walls into a pre made picture frame before assembly.

Test Fit Your Roombox Walls, Roof and Floor
Test fit the pieces of a simple plywood roombox before you glue it together.

Measure For Windows and Doors
Measure and mark the openings for windows and doors in a simple dolls house roombox.

Fit Windows and Doors In a Roombox
How to test fit and adjust openings for windows and doors in a simple plywood roombox in dolls house scale.

Assemble A Baltic Birch Roombox
Using clamps with butt joins to glue together a simple baltic birch roombox in dolls house scale.

Printable Miniature Hats for Dollhouse & Fashion Dolls
Use these printables to make brimmed paper hats for fashion dolls or dollhouse scenes. After practising with paper you can use the printables as patterns for brimmed fabric hats in four scales from 1:6 to 1:48.

Additional Uses for Dollhouse Scale Printable Hats with Brims
Printable miniature hats made from paper on a dolls house bear and a model horse.

Printable Files for Dollhouse Scale Hats
Printable files for brimmed hats for fashion or playscale dolls, down to O scale 1:48 figures.

Shape a Hat Brim and Test Fit It On a Doll
Steps in shaping a hat brim and testing the fit on a doll's head.

Fit the Upper Brim of a Printable Hat To the Lining
How to fit the upper brim of a dolls house hat to the lower brim lining.

Size and Attach a Hat Band to a Printable Hat
How to size and attach the hat band to make the crown section of a miniature dolls house hat.

Finish a Printable Dolls' Hat Crown
How to attach and finish the crown section of a printable or fabric dolls house hat.

Trim and Decorate a Printable or Fabric Dolls House Hat
How to trim the edges and add decorative trim to a dolls house scale hat.

Create Fabric Like Texture and Drape on a Printable Miniature Hat
How to create a finish that resembles fabric in miniature by crumpling regular printed paper.

Trim the Parts to Assemble Brimmed Hats in Dollhouse Scale
How to prepare the printable parts to make brimmed hats for dollhouse dolls in several standard scale sizes.

Plain Beads Used to Make Miniature Christmas Tree Ornaments
Plain beads can be adapted in several ways to make ornaments for miniature Christmas trees for a dolls house or Christmas village scene

Make Swarovski Crystal Ornaments for Miniature Christmas Trees
Make miniature Christmas tree ornaments for dolls houses and Christmas Villages from Swarovski Crystal Beads.

Make Tiny Angel Ornaments Made from Beads
A tiny angel made from beads is suitable as an ornament on an miniature Christmas tree for a dolls house or Christmas village.

Miniature Christmas Tree Ornaments Made From Beads
Make these miniature Christmas tree ornaments for a dollhouse, railroad, or Christmas village using a variety of beads.

Make a Candy Garland for a Miniature Christmas Tree from Beads
Make a miniature candy garland for a dolls house Christmas tree or Christmas village using seed beads.

Glue the Roof to the Model Horse Stable Frame
How to Glue the Roof to the Frame of your Miniature Stable.

Make a Stable for a Scale Model Horse or Pony
Instructions for how to make a simple stable or play stable for a model horse in several miniature scales.

Glue the Hayloft Floor Into a Model Horse Stable
How to glue in the hayloft floor for a model horse stable.

Add Paper Shingles to The Roof Of a Simple Model Horse Stable
How to apply paper shingles to the roof of a simple model horse stable.

Finish the Trim on the Back of the Model Horse Stable
How to trim the exterior back of a simple model horse stable.

Trim the End Wall Window of a Simple Model Horse Stable
How to Trim the Window on the End Wall of the Miniature Stable

Materials List for Building a Simple Model Horse Stable
List of materials needed to build a simple model horse stable suitable for a child's play.

Design a Custom Fit Stable For Your Model Horse
How to measure your model horse to make a custom fitted miniature stable.

Fitting Windows Into a Model Stable
How to adjust the window openings for a miniature stable.

Parts List For a Model Stable
List of parts and measurements for a model horse stable.

Make Assembly Easier for a Model Stable by Finishing The Interior First
How to finish the interior walls of a simple model horse stable before assembly.

Line Up the Ceiling Trim for a Model Horse Stable
How to line up ceiling trim to support the ceiling for a model horse stable.

Assemble The Model Horse Stable Sides and Back Wall
How to glue the walls of the simple model horse stable together.

Add the Floor, Door, and Trim Into A Model Horse Stable
How to glue the floor and the door support trim into the simple stable.

Add Doors To a Model Horse Stable
How to make traditional barred stable doors for a model horse stable

Test Fit the Apron On Your Doll
How to test fit and adapt the printable apron so it fits a dolls house doll.

Printable Aprons and Chef's Hat in Dollhouse Scales
These free printable aprons and chef's hats can be made in a range of dolls house scales. The three apron designs can be used as a template to make aprons from your choice of fabric, or you can print the traditional red and white check or blue butcher's stripe aprons for shop or barbecue scenes.

Printable Aprons from Paper or Fabric
How to print the patterns and use fabric or paper to make dolls house scale shop or barbecue aprons and chef's hats.

Assemble the Printable Aprons
How to make dollhouse scale aprons from printable files on paper or fabric.

Fold the Pleats For the Scale Miniature Chef's Hat or Toque
How to fold the pleats to make a dolls house scale miniature chef's hat or toque.

Attach the Band to the Dollhouse Miniature Chef's Hat
How to finish and fit a miniature chef's hat on a dolls house or fashion doll.

Check the Miniature Table Legs are Square and Weight the Table Top
How to check that your dolls house table legs are square.

Make Simple Tables for Doll Houses or Miniature Scenes
Tutorial on how to make simple tables for dollhouse, railroad and other scale model or miniature scenes.

Miniature Table Modification #2 - Add a Backsplash and Make a Potting Bench or Workbench.
How to modify the design of a simple miniature or dolls house scale table to make a potting bench or workbench.

Choosing Materials and Tools to Make a Simple Dolls House or Scale Miniature Table.
List of materials used to make simple wooden tables in dolls house and model railroad scales.

Measure and Cut the Top for Your Scale Miniature Table
How to measure and cut the top for a scale miniature or dolls house kitchen table.

Measure and Cut the Apron Strips for Your Miniature Table
How to cut the apron strips for a scale model or dolls house scale table.

Glue the Table Apron to the Miniature Table Top
How to glue the apron of a dolls house or model scale table to the underside of the table top.

Cut the Dolls House Scale Table Legs To Length
How to cut legs for a dolls house or model scale table to equal lengths.

Glue the Legs To Your Dolls House Kitchen Table Top
How to glue the legs into the corners of the apron on a dolls house or scale model table top.

Kitchen Table From Country Crafts With Legs Glued Between the Apron Sections
A sample kitchen table in dolls house scale showing legs glued between table apron sections rather than inside them.

Deepen A Faux Mahogany Finish With Orange Glazed Grain Lines
How to add orange grain lines to a faux mahogany finish or full or miniature scales

Materials Used to Create a Faux Mahogany Finish on Unfinished Wood or Painted Surfaces
List of materials used to create faux mahogany finishes for full sized or miniature pieces

Add a Realistic Faux Mahogany Finish to Almost Anything
Steps used to create a faux mahogany finish on almost any surface or size of item

How to Dry Brush Fine Pores for Faux Mahogany
Use a dry brush technique to add realistic pore marks to a faux mahogany painted surface

Apply a Red Brown Overglaze To a Faux Mahogany Finish
How to add overglaze coats to deepen the color of a faux mahogany finish.

Add Fine Red/Brown Grain Lines to a Faux Mahogany Finish
Use the dry brush technique to create fine red brown grain lines for your faux mahogany finish.

Add Darker Overglaze to Your Faux Mahogany Finish
How to mix and apply a second coat of overglaze to a faux mahogany finish on softwood or a painted surface.

How to Adjust the Finish On A Faux Mahogany Painted Surface
How to adjust the surface finish on a faux mahogany finish

Realistic Cobblestone Surface for Miniature Scenes
Introduction to a painted cobblestone finish for miniature paving

How to Choose Paint Colors for a Cobblestone Effect
Paint colors used to make a traditional cobblestone finish in dolls house or model scales.

How to Paint a Base Coat for Faux Cobblestone Pavers
How to paint a base coat layer for a faux cobblestone surface.

How to Stamp Layers of Small Flecks to Mark Miniature Cobbles
How to make a porous stamp to make a faux miniature cobblestone surface using paint over air dry clay.

How to Add Darker Colors To Build Up the Miniature Cobblestone Effect
How to add layers of darker paint to build up a faux cobblestone effect for a model

How to Blend in Final Tones for a Faux Cobblestone Effect
How to add the final coloring touches to faux cobblestone pavers in miniature and model scales.

Where the Sections Go in an 8 Strand Flat Braid Pattern
Pattern for the placement of cords or threads as you plait (braid) an 8 strand flat braid.

Simple 8 Strand Flat Braids for Miniatures
Easy photo tutorial to help a beginner learn to flat braid or plait with fine materials to make fine flat braids suitable for miniature upholstery, doll clothing, model horse tack or dollhouse matting.

Setting Up The Cords Or Fibers for an 8 Strand Flat Braid
How to set up the cords or fibers to work small scale 8 strand flat braids with an even tension.

Holding and Working With 8 Cords on an 8 Strand Flat Braid
Hand position for managing 8 cords on an 8 strand flat braid

Correcting A Braid Made With Uneven Materials
How to keep the correct tension when making a flat braid with uneven cords or materials.

Techniques for Making Miniatures From Polymer Clay
How to use basic techniques for polymer clay to make a range of miniatures.

Info and Supplies for Making Breyer Horse Tack
A list of resources to help beginners make tack for their Breyer horse models. Find kits and books to show you how to make miniature bridles, saddles, halters, Arabian costumes and more for your Breyer and other plastic model horses.

Free Dollhouse Kitchen Printables
Free dollhouse kitchen printables and dinner services you can make for a range of model scenes. The sets include plates, coffee sets, tea sets, casseroles, and kitchen cannisters. Many of these printables have coordinating printable fabrics, wallpapers, and edging paper designs as well.

Miniature Collectible and Scale Model Magazines
Top miniature magazines and reviews, from dolls house miniatures through to scale boats, trains and collectibles

Basic Toolkit for Working with Miniatures
Items every miniaturist should have in their basic toolkit for working on metal, wood or plastic models or dollhouse miniatures. Build up a kit of these basic tools as you need them to work on your miniatures.

Basic Toolkit for Working with Miniatures
Items every miniaturist should have in their basic toolkit for working on metal, wood or plastic models or dollhouse miniatures. Build up a kit of these basic tools as you need them to work on your miniatures.

How to Sculpt Poseable Miniature Dolls
How to make poseable miniature dolls for dolls houses or scale railroads using sculpting techniques and polymer clay, air dry clay, or epoxy putty.

Color Mix for Onion Canes
Polymer clay colors needed to make a purple or white onion cane for dollhouse onions or onion slices. Page 5.

Color Mixes for Lemon Canes
The colors used here will make lemon canes. If you leave the red out of the peel color, or add more red to the peel color and make a paler yellow for the center sections, or add a bit of red to the pale yellow, you can make grapefruit. Page 6.

Polymer Clay Brown Blends
Mixing basic brown shades for dollhouse baking and food, blended from primary colors of Premo polymer clay. Page 2.

Measuring Blocks of Clay Using a Template
You can use a commercial template to measure sections of a block of clay. This template measures each quarter bar of clay into 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32 of a block.

Basic Polymer Clay Mixes That Resemble Dough
Basic Polymer Clay Mixes That Resemble Dough or Pastry. Page 4.

Mixing Secondary Colors From Polymer Clay - a Range of Greens, Oranges, and Purples
How to mix secondary colors from basic primary colors of polymer clay. Page 3.

Blending Polymer Clay Colors for Dolls House Miniatures
How to blend primary colors of polymer clay to produce a range of colors for dolls house miniatures and other scale miniatures.

Review of Elmer's Probond Stainable Wood Glue
A review of Elmers Probond Stainable Wood Glue and its use for modelling and miniatures.

Use pH Testing Pens to Check the Acidity of Papers
Simple pH tests for acidity are easy to make on papers used to create or store miniatures by using acid testing pens. The pens work by checking the color of the mark made against the color after it has been absorbed by the material.

Wade Potteries Miniature Porcelain Houses
Information on collectible Wade Whimsey miniature porcelain villages and buildings produced by the Wade Porcelain factories from 1980 - 1999

E-Z Water by Woodland Scenics Review
E-Z water is a plastic resin which can be melted and use to simulate water on model railroad layouts, miniature terrains, or for ship or military models and water features for dolls house scenes. It can be used in silicone molds to make slightly yellowed clear soles and heels for doll shoes or other small clear plastic miniatures.

Fontanini Nativity Figures for Christmas Manger Sets
Review of Fontanini nativity or Christmas creche figures with descriptions of the sizes and ranges available, collectability, and restyling.

Bromley Crafts Realistic Brick and Stone Stencils
A review of the Realistic stencils and compound for creating brick and stone finishes in seven modelling scales from Bromley Craft Products.

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana for Miniature Gardens
This dwarf 'Port Orford Cedar' C.lawsoniana, var. 'Ellwood's pillar' is a slow growing narrow columnar evergreen, wonderful for use in scale miniature gardens for fairies, miniature scenes or garden railroads.

Growing Scleranthus uniflorus for Miniature Gardens
Use of the plant Scleranthus uniflorus as a grass like groundcover for miniature garden scenes, fairy gardens and railroad gardens.

Avoiding Problems with Lead in Metal Miniatures
List of safe handling procedures for working with metal alloy miniatures, figures and dolls house miniatures which may contain lead.

Baltic Birch Plywood or MDF for a Dollhouse?
Dolls houses and other scale miniature buildings are most often constructed of Baltic Birch Plywood or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). What are the differences for miniature builders, and what should you choose to build your dollhouse or other scale structure?

Plastic Glues for Models, Miniatures, and Doll Houses
Information on the best glues for plastic, plastic solvent glues or plastic weld glues for models, miniatures and dolls house miniatures.

Router Bits for Miniature or Scale Model Mouldings
Router bits suitable for scale miniature and dolls house moldings and other wooden trims.

What is "G" Scale for Models and Railroads?
Basic information on garden railroads including various scales and gauges.

Miniature, Model and Dollhouse Workshops, Courses, and Tours
There are many ways to learn new skills in miniatures. Although shows and clubs are the traditional workshop providers, there are adult play days, residential courses and doll's house holidays available to learn modelling skills.

Top 1:43 Scale Die Cast Car Companies
List of top companies making 1:43 scale die cast car models including new model cars, muscle cars and international and historic racing models.

Top 1:43 Scale Die Cast Car Companies
List of top companies making 1:43 scale die cast car models including new model cars, muscle cars and international and historic racing models.

One Eighteenth Scale Die Cast Car Companies
List of top companies making 1:18 scale die cast car models including new model cars, muscle cars and historic racing models.

Thatched Roofs for Scale Model Buildings and Dollhouses
How to create thatched roofs on scale model buildings and dolls houses using a range of different readily available materials.

FAQS on Gatorboard / Gatorfoam for Model Buildings
Information about Gatorfoam aka Gatorboard and its uses for building miniature displays and scale buildings.

Printable Papel Picado and Photo Frames for Miniature Day of the Dead (Dias de los Muertos) displays
Printable miniature papel picado banner designs and photo frames for miniature Day of the Dead displays.

Instructions for Miniature Photo Frames and Papel Picado Designs
Printable pdf files for miniature papel picado and photo frame designs for the Day of the Dead, in dolls house scales.

Britains and Britains/Herald Model Farms and Animals
Information on Britains Model Farm and Britains Herald Toy Farm Animals and Figures

Expert Tips from Model Horse Prop Maker Kevin McFarland
Kevin McFarland, a model horse prop maker, shares expert tips for making realistic dioramas for your live model horse show exhibits.

Simple Tips for Horse Model Dioramas - How to Make Mountains and Rocks for Model Horse Dioramas
Make mountains and rocks for your model horse dioramas using newspaper, paper bags and plaster.

Using Color Washes to Paint Natural-Looking Rocks and Model Horse Scenery
Use color washes rather than a single coat of color to create natural-looking model horse show scenery.

Painting Rocks for Breyer Horse Dioramas-Paint a Base Coat and Add Layers of Color
Begin by painting a base coat on the rock diorama, then add color for drama and natural shading for your Breyer horse diorama.

More Painting Tips for Natural Horse Model Dioramas for Breyer Horses
More painting tips for creating natural scenery for Breyer horses and horse model dioramas.

How to Create Realistic Waterfalls, Creeks and Obstalces in Breyer and Model Horse Dioramas
Use a tinted silicone-based product to create realistic-looking waterfalls and creeks in model horse obstacles.

Use Twigs to Make Trees for Model Horse Dioramas-Make Dioramas for Breyer Horses
Suggestions for making realistic-looking trees for model horse dioramas.

Start Slowly and Practice Your Model Horse and Breyer Horse Prop-Making Skills
Practice makes perfect, so try one of the many model horse prop and diorama projects available.

Determining the Value of Breyer Horses
Guidelines for basic identification and evaluating the value of Breyer horse models.

Printable Files for Dolls House Scale French Country Tablecloths
Printable files for rectangular and square French country tablecloths in 1:12 and 1:24 scale.

Free Printable French Country Tablecloths and Napkins in Dolls House Scales
Print rectangular or square French country tablecloths in lemon and blue for a 1:12 or 1:24 scale scene.

Halloween Villages
Top picks for Miniature Villages with a Halloween theme

Collectible Scale Buildings from the Miniature Building Authority
These collectible scale buildings from the Miniature Building Authority are designed for gaming situations with removable roofs and floors. They also make great buildings for scale scenes, Christmas villages, or model railway sets in O or S scale.

Dwarf - Dwarfism in Living Miniature Animals
An explanation of the term dwarf as it applies to living miniatures

Doll House Needlework Kits
List of companies who sell miniature doll house needlework kits in 1:12 and 1:24 scale for dolls' house rugs, cushions, wallhangings, samplers, upholstery and other dollhouse miniatures. The kits are in a range of patterns and styles for cross stitch as well as petit point.

Model Boat Scales
Information about scales used with various types of model boats

Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for Miniatures and Dollhouses
Review of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ for use with dollhouses and miniatures to attain a soft lime paint style finish over finely detailed miniature furnishings and walls.

Dolls House Decorative Stucco or Plaster Finishes - Pargeting for a Dollhouse
How to create decorative period finishes on a dolls house using pargeting in stucco or plaster.

Amati Nail Nailer
Amati's hand held nail nailer makes inserting fine nails and brads in dolls house hinges, model ship planks or dollhouse wiring easy.

Best Free Dollhouse Plans and Plan Sources
Use this two page list of free dolls' house plans and online sources for free and purchased plans to build dollhouses in a range of styles and scales, including fashion dolls, as well as traditional 1:12 and 1:24 scale. Many of these plans for doll houses are easy to build.

Best Free Dollhouse Plans and Plan Sources
Use this two page list of free dolls' house plans and online sources for free and purchased plans to build dollhouses in a range of styles and scales, including fashion dolls, as well as traditional 1:12 and 1:24 scale. Many of these plans for doll houses are easy to build.

Materials Needed to Make a Simple Floating or L Frame
List of materials needed to make floating picture frames

Glue Your Frame Together and Mount Your Picture to the Frame
How to glue a floating picture frame together.

Make Simple Floating Frames for Miniature Paintings
Make simple float or L picture frames for stretched canvas or canvas panels

Parts of a Floating Picture Frame
Diagram showing how a floating picture frame is assembled

Measure and Cut the Pieces for Your Floating Picture Frame
How to measure and cut the pieces for a floating picture frame.

Make Simple Floating Frames for Miniature Paintings - Make L Frames for Stretched Canvas or Panels
Make simple float or L picture frames for stretched canvas or canvas panels

Dollhouse Doll Finishing Tips and Tutorials
Tutorials related to dolls house dolls, their sculpture, wigging, clothing and accessories.

Lilliput Lane Cottages - Collectible Miniature Houses
Basic information on Lilliput Lane Cottages - Collectible cottages in several ranges produced since 1982

List of Free Printable Scale Buildings
List of websites with links to free printable card buildings for railroad or dollhouse scale scenes or game terrains.

List of Free Printable Scale Buildings
List of websites with links to free printable card buildings for railroad or dollhouse scale scenes or game terrains.

Cynthia Howe Miniatures 1:12 Scale Doll Costume Patterns
A review of the Cynthia Howe Miniatures Costume Pattern

Improving the Clarity of Scale Bottles Cast in Epoxy Resin
How to improve the clarity and 'glass effect' of scale miniature bottles cast from epoxy resin.

Make Casting Molds For Scale Miniature and Dollhouse Bottles
Steps in making a simple mold for miniature or dolls house scale bottles, and how to use casting materials or Fimo Deko Gel to make bottles in the mold. Includes instructions for make fillable bottles.

Samples of Different Casting Materials Using the Miniature Bottle Mold
How to use a simple silicone putty mold to cast scale miniature bottles from a variety of materials.

Casting a Simple Mold For Longer Bottle Necks
How to make a mold for add on bottle necks for scale miniature bottles.

Modifying Molds to Make Fillable Bottles With Hollow Centers
How to make a two part silicone putty mold for fillable scale miniature bottles.

Assortment of Dolls House Scale Bottles Cast From Clear Epoxy Resin
Dolls house scale clear flagon, perfume bottle, wine bottle and fillable bottle cast from clear epoxy resin in simple silicone putty molds.

List of Materials Used to Make Scale Miniature Bottles Using Silicone Putty Molds
Materials list for a tutorial on making miniature and dolls house scale bottles from clear casting resin, fimo deco gel or Apoxie Paste using molds made from silicone mold putty.

Prepare Your Master Bottle Shape
How to prepare a general shape to make a casting mold for scale miniature bottles.

How the Master Shape Fits Into the Casting Container
How to check the fit of a master shape inside your casting container, before you make a miniature old from silicone mold putty.

Prepare The Two Part Mold Putty and Make Your Scale Bottle Mold
How to prepare the two part mold putty and make the first section of your scale miniature bottle mold.

Free Form and Container Held Shapes for Miniature Bottle Molds
How to use a mold container or add putty around a shape to make a casting mold for miniature bottles.