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Show Your China Model Horses in Hunter Classes at Live and Photo Shows for Horse Models
China model horses can also be shown in live or photo shows for model horses.

Artist Resin Model Horses for Realistic Hunter Show Ring Entries in Model Horse Shows
Artist Resins offer the ultimate in realistic, unique model horses for the hunter ring at your next model horse show.

Hollowing Out the Center of a Styrofoam Based Bead
How to hollow out decorative styrofoam 'fruits' to make a miniature lamp shade.

Fit a Miniature Reading Lamp With a Berry Style Lamp Shade
How to fit a berry shaped hollow bead onto an acorn cap to make a miniature berry lamp shade.

Insert an Earring Post To Stabilize the Lamp Base in the Lamp Stem
How to stabilize the lamp stem against the base by gluing in an earring post.

Use Tissue Paper and Acorns to Make Whimsical Dollhouse Scale Lamps
How to make a simple miniature wall lamp from an acorn and tissue paper

Assemble a Rustic Miniature Wall Lamp Made From Tissue Paper and an Acorn
How to make a lampshade and assemble a miniature wall lamp made from an acorn.

Thread the Lamp Bulb Assembly Through the Lamp Stem
How to thread the light bulb assembly through the lamp stem

Make a Lamp Shade From a Decorative Berry
How to make a lamp shade from a decorative bead or 'berry'.

Fit the Wires Through the Lamp Base
How to assemble the base of the miniature reading lamp over the lamp wires.

Drill a Hole in an Acorn Cap To Make a Shade Holder for a Dollhouse Scale Reading Lamp
How to drill a hole in an acorn cap to turn it into a shade for a miniature lamp

Assemble the Lamp Stand Base For a Test Fit
How to assemble the parts for a miniature scale reading lamp base

Materials List for a Miniature Reading Lamp for a Scale Scene
List of materials needed to make a miniature reading lamp in a whimsical or modern style

Fit The Shade to a Miniature Lamp Stem
How to fit the lamp shade to a miniature reading lamp

Make a Miniature Reading Lamp With an LED Light Source
Make a working miniature reading lamp for a table or floor using a small LED bulb as a light source.

How to Enter Photo Show Competitions for Model Horses
Instructions to introduce beginners to the world of photo shows, or model horse competitions in which competitors mail or submit digital photographs of their collectibles to compete for prizes or points.

How to Collect Artist Resin Model Horses
An introduction to collecting Artist Resin model horses and an overview of how they differ from Breyer horses.

Test Your Knowledge of Model Horse Scales in Photos
Test your knowledge of Breyer horse and model horse scales.

Test Your Understanding of Scale with Model Horses and Props
Test your knowledge of Breyer and other horse models when setting up photo dioramas.

Background and Model Scale Test For Model Horse Photos
Make sure your Breyer horses and backgrounds are in the proper scale for show photos.

How can you Keep Props in Scale For Model Horse Photos?
Test your knowledge of Breyer horse model scale when creating photo show setups.

How to Adjust Outdoor Photo Settings To Work with Model Horse Scales
Adjusting outdoor photo scenes to ensure your Breyer or other model horses and props are in the appropriate scale.

Know How Correct Scale Props Add Realism to Model Horse Show Photos
Good photo showing Arabian model horse in Breyer Traditional scale and props sized appropriately.

Review Your Knowledge of Model Horse Scale for Effective Show Photos.
Description of Breyer horse model scales and proportions.

Learn to Observe Scale and Proportion for Better Model Horse Show Photos
Share photos of Breyer horses with fellow collectors and get feedback.

Projects for Model Horse Tack, Props and Backdrops
A selection of easy craft projects for beginners to make model horse tack, props and more.

Basics of Collecting Various Brands of Plastic Model Horses
An overview of the three major brands of plastic model horses and advice on getting started collecting plastic model horses.

Display Tips for Breyer and Other Horse Models
Several ideas and tips for displaying Breyer model horses and horse model collections.

Choosing Show Names for Model Horses
Ideas for choosing original and unique show names for model horses and Breyer horses.

Schleich Plastic Model Horses, Animals and Accessories
An overview of Schleich model horses, a German brand of plastic model horses.

Printable Dollhouse Candle Lanterns in Four Scales
Printable candle lanterns sized for dollhouse scales of 1:6, 1:12, 1:24, 1:48 or any scale in between.

Materials for Printable Miniature Candle Lanterns
Materials list and a printable pdf used to make miniature candle lanterns in dollhouse scales.

Prepping Parts for Dollhouse Candle Lanterns
How to prepare the parts for a dollhouse miniature candle lantern.

How to Add Hanging Loops to a Candle Lantern Roof
How to add hanging loops to the roof of dollhouse scale printable candle lanterns.

How to Finish the Assembly of the Printable Candle Lanterns.
How to paint and assemble printable miniature candle lanterns for dollhouse displays.

Trim Dressmakers Pins to Make Hinge Pins and Set Them In a Dollhouse Shop Door
How to trim dressmakers pins and set them as hinges for a dolls house shop door.

Add the Transom Window To the Dollhouse Shop Door Frame
How to add a transom window the the frame of a dolls house shop door.

Make a Traditional Glass Shop Door in Dolls House or Model Scale
This easy to make shop door in dolls house or model scale will fit a range of traditional and modern shops.

Begin Building Your Scale Miniature Door by Framing Around Your Window Section
How to begin to build a miniature door for a dolls house shop by framing around your door 'glass'.

Add the Outer Frame Layer to a Dolls House Scale Shop Door
How to add the inner and outer frame layers to a dolls house scale shop door

Cut Framing Pieces for The Door for a Dolls House Shop.
How to cut the pieces for the outer frame of a dolls house shop door.

Build the Outer Frame for an Opening Dollhouse Shop Door with a Transom Window
How to build the outer frame for an opening dollhouse shop door with a transom window.

Drill Holes for Hinge Pins in a Dolls House Scale Shop Door and Door Fram
How to drill the holes for the hinge pins in the dollhouse doll door and door frame.

Finish the Framing for the Dollhouse Shop Door
How to finish the framing to make a shop door for a dolls house shop or scale model building

12 Halloween Crafts and Ideas
Use these free Halloween crafts and projects to prepare for the spooky day. From costume tips and pumpkin carving patterns, to free decorating ideas and printable pages, we have everything you need to get ready for Halloween.

Checking the Arrangement of Objects in a Miniature Pouring Stream for a Frozen Moment
How to adjust the line of objects in your miniature

Make a Stream of Pouring Objects for a Witch's Stew
How to set up a stream of pouring objects for a miniature frozen moment.

How to Make Splashes for a Witch's Stew Frozen Moment
Make the miniature splashes and set up the cauldron contents for a miniature witch's stew scene with a frozen moment of pouring ingredients into the stew.

Make a Frozen Stream of Pouring Objects
How to fit the miniatures in the frozen moment stream of poured objects into the container used to pour them out.

Pour Solids Into a Liquid in a Frozen Moment Miniature
Learn the visual effect of pouring solids into liquids with this miniature scene featuring eyeballs and bones being poured into a witch's cauldron.

Finish the Splash and Pour Sections for the Miniature Witch's Stew Scene
How to finish the splash and pour sections for a miniature witch's stew scene.

Test the Pouring Stream For the Miniature Witch's Stew
How to test fit the assembled stream and the receiving container for a miniature frozen moment that features a witch pouring ingredients from a pail into a cauldron.

Finish the Miniature Frozen Moment Pour Scene
How to finish the assembly of a pour of minature objects for a model or dollhouse

Assemble the Splashes for the Miniature Witch's Stew
How to assemble the splash sections in the receiving container for a miniature frozen moment pour.

Determining Dollhouse Scale and Sizes of Miniatures
Learn the common dollhouse scales, 1:6, 1:12, 1:16, 1:24, 1:48 and how to easily check which scale you have.

Silk Gauze for Miniature Needlework
Information on working with silk gauze for miniature needlework and petite point projects, including those in dolls house scales.

How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes Painting Miniatures
Learn 7 things to avoid if you want to improve your miniature and model painting techniques.

Ocean Plait Knot for a Miniature or Full Size Rope Rug
Clear photo instructions for how to make a nautical rope mat tied using the ocean plait knot. You can use this for rugs from dollhouse to doormat size

Finishing the Nautical Knot Rug in Miniature or Full Scale Size
Final steps in creating a nautical rope rug using the ocean plait knot.

Full Size Ocean Plait Knot Rug Made From Climber's Rope
A full size version of the ocean plait knot, made into a doormat using retired climbing rope.

Laying out the Ocean Plait Knot for a Miniature (or Full Size) Nautical Rug
First step in forming an Ocean Plait knot used to make a nautical doormat from rope or cord.

Sizing the Knot for the Ocean Plait Rug to Set the Size in Miniature or Scale
How to set up the size of the Ocean Plait knot to create a full size or scale miniature nautical rug.

Making the Final Loop to Create the Ocean Plait Knot for a Miniature or Full Size Nautical Rug
Steps in creating the final loop which is the base for creating the ocean plait knot, used for braided nautical rugs from rope or cord.

Finishing the Knot Pattern for the Ocean Plait Knot for a Miniature or Full Scale Size Nautical Rug
Final steps in completing the Ocean Plait Knot to make a miniature or full scale nautical rug from rope.

Weaving the First Line for the Miniature Ocean Plait Rug
Weaving the braid pattern through the loops of an ocean plait knot to create a welcome rug for a house, a dolls house, or a scale miniature scene.

Plaiting the Second Line for the Ocean Plait Knot or Nautical Rope Rug
How to weave the second braid line for the Ocean Plait knot to create a rope rug in full size or miniature scales.

Adjusting The Size and Spacing of the Cords on an Ocean Plait Knot
How to adjust the weave and size to make an ocean plait knot nautical rope rug in full size or miniature scale.

Finishing the Braided Rows for an Ocean Plait Knot Rope Rug
How to continue the braid to finish an ocean plait knot in order to make a rope rug for a full size house or a dolls house or scale scene.

What Scale is My Figure or Doll?
Work out what scale your particular collectible ball joint, or dollhouse doll, action or gaming figure is in order to help you find accessories.

How to Fix a Broken Breyer Horse - Simple Steps to Repair Broken Legs, Tails and Ears on Model Horses
Step by step instructions on how to repair a broken plastic Breyer horse model.

Modelling Changes in Kitchen Design - Victorian Period to 1960's
Information on period kitchen design from 1900's to 1960's

Make Moss Covered Topiaries With Flowers in a Miniature Versailles Planter
Make this moss covered miniature heart topiary, trimmed and decorated with small roses and a bow. Page 13.

Make Wobbly Jelly Desserts for the Dolls House
Make wobbly jellies for your dolls house table. Page 35.

Use a French Memory Board To Show Off Printable Miniatures
Make a 1:12 scale French memory board to hold a display of dolls house paper miniature. Page 54.

Beginners'Printable Gift or Favor Boxes for Spring and Summer Events
These cottage or rose garland favor or miniature gift boxes can be used for all kinds of spring and summer events. The cottages can also be used for place card holders at place settings. Page 37.

Beginner's Sewing Project, a Miniature Hippopotamus
Make a 2 1/2 inch stuffed hippopotamus from felt and beads. This is an easy stuffed animal project for a beginning sewer. Page 23.

Beginner's Project to Make a Miniature Moss Hanging Basket
Make traditional Victorian moss hanging baskets in miniature to decorate your rail station or dolls house. Page 18.

Make Printable Miniature Flag Draping and Bunting for Street Scenes, Fairs and Celebrations
Free printable miniature flag draping and bunting to decorate miniature dolls house street scenes and fairs for national days or celebrations.

Make a Felted Miniature Sheep
Make this easy to felt sheep from wool roving in a range of dolls house scales. Page 22.

Learn How to Make Miniature Cookies From Polymer Clay
Make miniature cookies in dolls house scales. Page 36.

Weave a Dollhouse Scale Bird Cage From Wire and Thread
This scale miniature bird cage is woven with thread and wire and features an opening door. You can fill it with birds, or dolls house scale plants or use it for a wedding or shower decoration.

Weave the Top of the Bird Cage Door
How to finish weaving the top of a dolls house birdcage door.

Finish the Sides of the Dolls House Bird Cage
How to weave the top of a dolls house scale bird cage.

Cut the Birdcage Door Free
How to separate the door of the dolls house birdcage from the side of the cage.

Trim the Wires For the Roof of the Scale Birdcage
How to trim the wires for the roof of the birdcage

Form the Handle for the Top of the Dollhouse Bird Cage
How to form the handle for the roof of the dolls house bird cage

Finish the Roof of the Dollhouse Bird Cage
How to attach the handle and finish the roof of the woven dolls house scale bird cage.

Materials Used to Make a Dolls House Scale Woven Bird Cage
List of materials used to make a dolls house scale woven bird cage.

Set the Wires for the Base of the Miniature Bird Cage
How to set up the wires for the base of a miniature woven bird cage.

Divide the Base Wires Into Groups
How to divide the base wires into groups to begin weaving the base of a dolls house scale bird cage.

Fan the Wires Out Into Single Rays
Fan the wires out into single rays and continue the pairing weave to finish the base of the dollhouse scale bird cage.

Turn Up the Sides of the Dollhouse Bird Cage
How to set up the sides of the dolls house scale bird cage.

Weave the Bird Cage Side Base and Set the Door Supports
How to begin weaving the sides of the dolls house scale bird cage.

Weave the Base of the Bird Cage Door
How to weave the base of the opening door for a dolls house scale bird cage.

Weave the Center of the Bird Cage Door
How to weave the center and make the latch for the dolls house scale bird cage door.

Halter Showmanship Example for Model Horse Shows
Halter showmanship includes a Breyer or other model horse, a show halter and lead, and it may include a handler doll.

Prize Winning Dressage Scene for Model Horse Shows
This dressage setting for model horses by Andrea Robbins exemplifies a beautiful dressage entry for a model horse photo show.

Hunter Over Fences Model Horse Show Diorama Exmaple
Include a natural or arena fence in your hunter over fences classes for Breyer horse models and other model horses.

Show Breyers and Horse Models in Show Jumping Classes
A winning show jumping scene includes an atheltic horse, great tack and accessories.

Example of English Trail Classes for Model Horses
Beginners may find that out of the box Breyer accessories are an easy way to set up English trail class scenes for model horses.

Showing Model Horses in Harness Classes
Accuracy in every aspect of the setting, including the horse, harness and vehicle, is important for model horse harness classes.

Projects to Make Model Horse Performance Show Settings
Resources so that you can make your own model horse props and accessories for horse model performance classes.

Make the Tassel for Your Arabian Halter for a Model Horse
Make a tassel for Breyer Arabian halters.

Make a Simple Braided Arabian Halter for a Breyer or Other Model Horse
Make a simple braided Arabian halter for Breyer horse models.

Materials Needed to Make a Simple Arabian Halter for Horse Models
Materials needed to make this simple Arabian halter for Breyer and other model horses are easy to find around the house.

Braid The Thread to Form Side Pieces for a Simple Arabian Style Model Horse Halter
Make an Arabian halter for a Breyer horse by braiding together embroidery thread.

Measure, Cut and Tie the Headstall of the Simple Arabian Style Model Horse Halter
Measure the side pieces, knot them and clip them to make a simple Arabian style model horse halter.

Making The Noseband for a Simple Arabian Style Play Halter For a Model Horse
How to tie the headstall to the noseband of the Arabian halter for a Breyer horse.

Make a Braided Lead Rope to Match Your Arabian Style Model Horse Halter
Finish the halter project by making a braided lead rope for a simple Arabian style horse halter suitable for play.

Special Run Halloween Horses from Breyer
Halloween horse lovers can collect special run horses from Breyer in Traditional or Stablemate Scales

2004 Traditional Scale Breyer Halloween Horse - Special Run Cryptic With a Glow in the Dark Skeleton
Cryptic, the 2004 Breyer Special Run Halloween horse, featured a faux granite exterior and a glow in the dark skeleton hidden in the paint.

Phantasma, Breyer Special Run Halloween Horse 2005 on Smarty Jones Traditional Scale Body
Phantasma featured phanton shadows on an autumnal - shaded Breyer model horse body.

Illuminati, Breyer Running Stallion Mold SR 2006 Halloween Horse with Glowing Red Eyes
Breyer's 2006 Special Run Halloween horse, Illuminati, featured glowing red eyes on a highly detailed painted body.

TwilightTerror, Interactive Breyer Special Run Halloween Horse Model with Sound Effects
Twilight Terror, the 2007 Breyer Special Run horse model, featured sound effects as well as Halloween themed paint.

2010 Breyer Special Run Halloween Horse Model, Bats in the Belfrey, Featuring Nokoto Base Model
Breyer's 2010 Special Run Halloween horse model featured a Nokoto model painted with bats.

Collect Breyer Traditional Scale Halloween Horses or Breyer Stablemate Halloween Horse Models
Focus your collection on Breyer Traditional scale special run Halloween horse models or Stablemate model horses.

Tips for Creating Custom Breyer Dolls or How to Create a Doll for Model Horse Show Performance
Anne Field shares expert tips for making a customized Breyer doll for Western pleasure and model horse show performance classes.

Custom Mego and Breyer Dolls for Halter Showmanship Performance Entries for Model Horses
This halter showmanship scene uses two custom dolls including a Mego and Breyer doll, with hand-sewn clothing.

Western Pleasure Breyer Doll with Custom Silk Shirt Showing Model Horses in Western Pleasure
Breyer doll customizer Anne Field shares tips for making unique Western pleasure clothing for custom dolls.

Therapeutic Riding Scene with Custom Breyer Dolls by Anne Field
Anne Field created an unusual other performance scene featuring a therapeutic riding setup with several custom Breyer dolls.

Tips for Customizing and Using Breyer Dolls Effectively in Performance Scenes for Model Horse Shows
Anne Field, expert doll customizer shares her favorite customized Breyer dolls and model horse performance setups.

Breyer Doll Customized for Dressage Performance Scene by Anne Field
Anne Field, a doll customizer for the model horse hobby, shared tips for customizing a Breyer doll into a unique model horse show piece.

Three Customized Breyer Dolls for Carriage Driving Scene
Anne Field completed three dolls for a formal carriage driving scene for a model horse show performance class.

Easily Bend Sheet Acrylic / Plexiglass With Home Tools
Use a butane kitchen torch, embossing heat tool, or heat gun to bend plastic for miniatures and models.

Materials to Make Straight Bends in Sheet Plastic
Heat Source, clamps and scrap wood used to bend plastic and acrylic sheet in a simple bending jig.

Prepare to Bend Sheet Plastic in a Simple Bending Jig
How to set up sheet acrylic or plexiglass in a simple bending jig

Applying Heat and Bending Sheet Plastic in a Simple Jig
How to use a heat gun, torch or embossing heat tool, to create straight bends in sheet acrylic or plexiglass for miniatures and models.

Problems Of Underheating When You Bend Sheet Plastic
Poor bends in sheet acrylic and plastic caused by bending before the material is fully heated

Overheating - Bubbles or Scorching in Sheet Acrylic
How to avoid bubbles and scorch marks when heating plastic sheet to bend it for miniatures and models

Uneven Pressure Problems When Bending Sheet Acrylic
How to avoid problems caused by uneven pressure when bending sheet acrylic or plexiglass (perspex) for miniatures and models.

Bending Paper Thin Acrylic Sheet Material
How to bend thin sheets of acrylic or plastic in a simple jig.

Adding Life To Your Scenes With Mice and Rats
How to use miniature mice and rats to add life to your model scenes.

How to Shape a Miniature Mouse or Rat Head
How to size and shape the head of a dolls house or model scale miniature rat or mouse.

Add Back Legs To the Body of Your Scale Miniature Mouse or Rat
How to add back legs and feet to the body of a miniature scale mouse or rat made from air dry or polymer clay.

Add the Tail and the Rump to Your Miniature Mouse or Rat
How to add a tail to a scale model mouse or rat and shape the back of its body.

Paint and Trim Your Miniature Mouse or Rat
How to add finishing details to your scale model rat or mouse.

Make Miniature Mice or Rats From Air Dry or Polymer Clay
How to make a miniature mouse, rats, or a mischief of mice in model or dolls house scales using polymer or air dry clay.

Make Ears For the Head of Your Miniature Mouse or Rat
How to make tiny ears for a dollhouse or model scale rat or mouse.

Shape the Body of the Miniature Mouse or Rat
How to make the body for a dolls house or model scale rat or mouse.

Make a Miniature Flower Gathering or Wedding Basket
Make a miniature version of a traditional flower gathering basket using embroidery thread and fine wire.

Braided Edge Finish on a Dollhouse Flower Basket
How to finish the edges of a dollhouse miniature flower gathering basket by applying braid to cover the wire edges.

Materials for a Dolls' House Flower Gathering Basket
List of materials needed to weave a scale miniature flower gathering basket in several dolls house scales.

How to Lay Out Base Wires To Weave a Miniature Basket
Method of laying out base canes or wires to form miniature basket bases.

How to Divide the Wire Sections for a Flower Basket
Begin to weave a miniature basket base in the round

Separate The Base Wires On a Miniature Flower Basket
Method of dividing out the base wires to weave a miniature flower gathering basket over individual wires.

How to Weave an Edge on a Miniature Flower Basket
Use a different weave, three rod waling, to complete the edge of a miniature flower gathering basket

How to Weave Three Rod Waling on a Miniature Basket
Work four to five rounds of three rod waling to complete the base of the miniature flower gathering basket.

Use a Braided Edge to Finish a Dollhouse Flower Basket
How to braid a length of linen embroidery thread to create a handle and a neat edge for a dollhouse miniature wicker flower gathering basket.

How to Attach A Braided Handle to a Dollhouse Basket
How to glue a miniature braid to the outer edge of a base to make a handle for a miniature flower gathering basket.

Make These Tiny Character Fairies From Polymer Clay
Make tiny 1/2 inch long fairy characters for your miniature gardens.

How to Shape a Tiny Fairy Body and Legs From Polyclay
How to shape the body of a tiny half inch fairy from polymer clay.

How to Add A Head, Arms and Torso to Your Tiny Fairy
How to add a basic head and arms to the body of a tiny polymer clay fairy.

How to Add Legs to the Arm and Torso of a Tiny Fairy
How to model a child's tummy on a tiny fairy body.

How to Finish Sculpting and Pose a Tiny Polyclay Fairy
How to shape the facial features on a miniature fairy's head.

Ways You Can Make Wings for Miniature Fairies
Easy ways to make tiny realistic wings for miniature fairies.

How to Add Hair, Eyes, or Optional Clothing to Fairies
How to finish and dress tiny polymer clay fairies.

How to Make Tiny Polymer Clay Fairies Appear to Fly
How to string tiny polymer clay fairies so they can fly through scenes.

Notes on Paint Brush Bristle Fibers, Handles and Brush Cleaner
The Master's Brush Cleaner cleans and conditions oil, acrylic and watercolor brushes.

Make an Arena Backdrop for Model Horse Show Photos
Make an arena backdrop for model horse show pictures.

Assemble the Materials and Find a Reference Photo For a Model Horse Arena Backdrop
Assemble the materials to make an indoor riding arena background for model horse show photos or dioramas.

Create the Beams and Wall Board for Your Model Horse Indoor Show Arena Background
Using a straight edge or ruler, mark and paint the beams and wall boards on the indoor arena model horse show backdrop.

Add Dirt to the Walls and Floor of the Model Horse Photo Show Indoor Arena Set or Diorama
Use dirt and craft glue to add smears of dust to the arena walls in a natural pattern for your model horse show photo indoor arena setting.

Add Signs and Realistic Props to the Indoor Riding Arena Model Horse Photo Show Background
Add signs and other props to the indoor riding arena model horse show photo background, place your model, and take your pictures.

Western Scene Taken Outdoors Using Natural Backdrop-Western Performance for Model Horses
The same natural scene is repurposed using a Western theme with cowboy doll, model horse and calf.

Create Memorable Scenes with Model Horse Miniatures, Dolls and Dollhouse Miniatures
Use your imagination and create memorable model horse dioramas and scenes.

Use Natural Scenery as Backgrounds in Model Horse Show Pictures
Andrea Kehrer used an outdoor setting to create interesting model horse performance pictures.

Taking Model Horse Pictures-Use Different Camera Angles for Unique Horse Model Photos
Change the camera angle and perspective in your model horse show pictures for a different and unique image.

Simple Barn Scene that Tells a Story Using Breyer Horse Models and Breyer Tack
German collector Andrea Kehrer creates interesting dioramas using simple pieces of tack and Breyer horses.

Ideas and Inspiration to Create Miniature Scenes with Breyer Horse Models
Photos of German collector and model horse miniature maker Andrea Kehrer demonstrate how you can create your own mini scenes with Breyer horse models.

Use Breyer Barns and Accessories to Create Model Horse Dioramas and Scenes
Starting with a basic Breyer barn, add accessories in layers to create realistic scenes.

Jeweller's Saw Used for Intricate Wood Cuts
This pendant is made from a simple section of a dead branch. It gets much of its beauty from the intricate cuts made with a jeweller's saw.

How to Use a Jewelry Saw for Models And Miniatures
How to choose and use jewelry / jewellers / piercing saws for wood or metal models, miniatures and dolls house items.

Make a Set of 1:144 Printable Miniature Shops
Complete the remaining two shops in the set of 1:144 printable miniature village shops.

Completing 1: 144 Scale Printable Miniature Shops with Floors and Roofs
Add the floors and the roofs to printable miniature scale shops for a miniature village scene.

Make Realistic Printable Paper Stores in 1:144 Scale
Make free photo realistic printable 1:144 (micro) scale shops and buildings buildings as Christmas decorations tree ornaments or for N scale railroads.

Print Three Miniature Shops in 1:144 Scale
Use your computer printer to print the exteriors and interiors of three historic English shop fronts.

Cut the Parts and Assemble Three 1: 144 Scale Shops
Cut out the parts and begin to make three shops in 1:144 scale for a village scene.

Using a Bench Pin With a Jeweller's Saw
How to use a bench pin to support work you are cutting with a jeweller's saw or piercing saw.

How To Practise Your Skills with a Jewellers or Piercing Saw
Learning to use a jewelry saw through practise.

Tensioning a Blade in a Jewelry (Jeweller's or Piercing) Saw
How to fix a blade in a jewelry or piercing saw frame so that it has the correct tension to work.

Setting the Blade in a Jewelry (Jewellers or Piercing) Saw
How to properly set a blade in a jewelry (jewellers or piercing) saw.

How to Start a Cut With A Jeweller's Saw
How to start the first cut with a blade in a jewellers or piercing saw.

Great Doll Characters for Miniature and Dollhouse Scenes
Examples of character dolls for miniature and model scenes along with sources and tips for making them .

Finding the Right Placement for a Piece of Miniature Furniture
How to place miniature furniture in a scene in ways that garner the most impact.

Prep Undercoat for a Classic Painted Furniture Finish
How to mix the undercoat for classic painted finishes for miniature or dolls house furniture.

Classic Painted Wood Finishes for Dollhouse Furniture
Classic painted furniture finishes you can apply to miniature furniture to create matching sets for a dolls house or miniature scene.

Materials for Classic Painted Furniture Finishes
Materials required to make classic painted finishes for miniature or dolls house furniture.

Prepare Miniature Furniture for a Classic Painted Finish
How to prepare ordinary dolls house miniature furniture for classic painted finishes.

Apply the Top Coat to Miniature Painted Furniture
How to apply the top coat to a classic painted finish for miniature or dolls house furniture.

Make Miniature Splashes From Acrylic Medium or PVA Glue
Use acrylic mediums or pva glue to make splash effects for a range of liquids and effects in model and dollhouse scales.

Mix and Shape a Miniature Splash or Spill
How to mix the materials for a miniature splash and shape them so you get a good representation of a liquid.

Removing The Miniature Splash From the Form
How to remove a miniature shaped splash from its cone shaped form.

Samples of Miniature Splashes Made From Paint and PVA Glue
Examples of miniature splashes made using paint and glue on a glue cap

Finish Setting Up Your Frozen Moment Splash by Fixing the Parts Together
How to combine the parts to make a frozen moment splash for a miniature setting.

Preparing a Dollhouse Bowl To Hold a Miniature Frozen Moment Splash
How to set up a frozen moment style splash in a dollhouse scale bowl.

Creating the Shape of the Base of a Splash in a Dollhouse Bowl
How to shape the base of a miniature splash in a dollhouse cereal bowl.

Finish the Miniature Splash Section by Adding Cereal or Fruit
How to add other items to a miniature splash for a frozen moment scene.

Paper tips for Printable Miniatures
Information on paper for miniaturists; weight, sizes, brilliance, and specialty papers for decals, fabric transfers and transparencies.

How to Plant a Windowsill Fairy Garden With Herbs
Turn a kitchen windowbox into a whimsical fairy or miniature garden by pruning your herbs selectively into tiny trees.

Choosing a Thyme Variety To Prune Into a Miniature Tree
Varieties of Thyme for bonsai and miniature trees for fairy, dolls house and railroad gardens.

First Steps in Pruning A Thyme Bush Into a Tiny Tree
How to start pruning a thyme bush into a miniature tree for a fairy or railway garden.

Choose the Thyme Branches Which Will Be The Tree Trunk
How to choose the main branches to shape a bushy thyme into a miniature tree for a model setting, a fairy garden or a railway garden.

Suitable Thyme Plants To Prune Into Miniature Trees
How to choose a good thyme plant at the nursery suitable for pruning into a miniature tree for a fairy or railway garden

Bush Thyme Pruned to Main Branches for a Miniature Tree
A thyme bush pruned to three main branches in order to train it into a miniature tree for a fairy herb garden or a scale garden railway tree.

Developing the Canopy Branching of a Tiny Thyme Tree
How to prune the upper growth of chosen branches to form a thyme bush into a miniature tree with a branched canopy.

Maintaining and Developing Your Miniature Thyme Tree
Continuing the pruning and development of a miniature tree pruned from a bushy thyme.

Historical Gaming Community - Community for Historical Miniatures
Gaming community information for Miniature Historical Gamers.

Fantasy Gaming - Links to Communities of Fantasy Gamers
Links to communities and events for miniature Fantasy Games

Links to Offsite Dollhouse Projects for Polymer Clay
Offsite links to dollhouse projects for polymer clay.

Taking Model Horse Pictures Outdoors
Instructions and advice for taking model horse pictures outdoors to enter into model horse photo show competitions.

Historically Accurate Model Horse Carriages by Bill Duncan
Learn about historically accurate carriages for your Breyers and other model horses with these photos and descriptions by Bill Duncan of BD Wagons

Western Stagecoaches for Model Horses and Breyers
Model horse-sized stagecoaches should be shown with four horses for an accurate replica of an Old West stagecoach.

Delivery and Sales Wagons for Model Horse Drawn Vehicles
Sales and delivery wagons of all types also offer inspiration for model horse collectors seeking an unusual and unique show ring piece for their model horse show entries.

Sjees, a Dutch Carriage Pulled by Friesian Model Horses
Learn more about special and unique model horse carriages such as the sjees, a Dutch vehicle pulled only by Friesian horses.

Ideas for Model Horse Drawn Sleighs
Sleighs made by Breyer or made using a pattern make a good starting vehicle project for model horse collectors.

Marathon Carts for Showing Model Horses and Breyers in Competition Driving
Marathon carts are used for competition driving classes, and you can show many model horses with them such as Breyer dressage-type horse models.

Industrial Horse Drawn Vehicles for Model Draft Horses
Industrial horse drawn vehicles are another unique idea to show your model horses, especially drafth horse models.

Royal Coaches and Fancy Carriages for Model Horses
Royal coaches and enclosed carriages driven by single or paired Breyer horses make an elegant live or photo show entry.

Start A Collection of Model Horse Drawn Vehicles
You can start your model horse vehicle collection using Breyer and other manufacturers' horse drawn vehicles.

Tips on Customizing and Repairing Model Horses
Articles to help beginning model horse collectors repair and customize Breyers and other horse models.

How to Start Sculpting Your Own Model Horses
Learn about the basic tools, equipment and supplies you need to make a horse model of your very own.

Breyer Horse Models: Authentic vs Copies
Learn how to tell the difference between Breyer horse models and copies and understand the basic identification marks on Breyer horses.

How to Make Fairy Garden Furniture From Twigs
Use twigs from the woods or your garden to make a range of furniture pieces in miniature scales suitable for fairy gardens indoors and out.

Front Porch on a Stone Covered Cottage From the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Club Show
Stone covered cottage front porch. Page 10.

Country Porch Scene Exhibited at the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Club Show
An informal country porch scene with clothspeg railings exhibited at the spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Club show. Page 6.

Family Front Porch Exhibited at the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Club Show
A family front porch scene with a boy, exhibited by Pam Slyth at the spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Club Show. Page 5.

Hacienda Porch Scene by Carol Barr
A porch on a hacienda exhibited by Carol Barr at the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Club Show. Page 7.

Inviting Green Front Porch Scene Exhibited at the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show
Inviting scale front porch scene with planters and a rocking chair. Page 8.

Quarter Scale Christmas Porch Exhibited at the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show
Christmas / Winter scene on a quarter scale front porch exhibited at the 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show. Page 3.

Half Scale South West Porch Scene Exhibited at the 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show
Half scale south west porch scene exhibited by Carol Jones. Page 4.

Smaller Scale Halloween Front Porch Exhibited at the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show
Small scale (1:24?) Halloween front porch exhibited at the spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show. Page 2.

Tea and a Good Book Front Porch Scene From the 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show
Beautifully landscaped scale front porch scene of a couple enjoying a cup of tea and a good book. Page 9.

Smaller Scale Beach Cottage Porch Exhibited as the Spring 2010 Small Endeavours miniature show
Small scale (1:24?) Beach cottage front porch exhibited at the spring 2010 Small Endeavours Miniature Show

Small Endeavours Miniature Club Front Porch Displays 2010
Series of front porch vignettes in various scales built as a club project by members of the Small Endeavours Miniature Club in Victoria, B.C.

Build Base Cabinets for a Dollhouse Kitchen
How to make opening base cabinets for a custom dollhouse kitchen.

Set the Hinge Pin Flush With the Support Shelf
How to countersink a hinge pin for a dollhouse kitchen cabinet door, so it does not interfere with the working of an opening drawer.

Glue a Drawer Support Into a Dollhouse Kitchen Cabinet
How to glue a drawer support shelf into a dollhouse scale kitchen base cabinet

Cut the Pieces for the Dollhouse Kitchen Cabinet Drawer
How to cut the pieces for an opening drawer in a dollhouse kitchen base cabinet.

Glue the Drawer for the Dollhouse Kitchen Base Cabinet
How to assemble the drawer for a dollhouse kitchen base cabinet.

Fit The Drawer Into a Dollhouse Scale Kitchen Cabinet
How to test fit a drawer into a dollhouse scale kitchen base cabinet.

Finish the Dollhouse Kitchen Base Cabinet
How to glue a top to a dollhouse kitchen base cabinet with an opening drawer and door.

Fit a Door Stop To the Inside of a Dollhouse Kitchen Cabinet
How to add a door stop to hold a dollhouse kitchen cabinet door in place.

Use Beads to Make Traditional Style Drawer and Door Pulls for Dollhouse Kitchen Cabinets
How to make simple pulls or handles for dollhouse scale kitchen cabinets

Set Handles and Pulls Into Drawers and Doors On Dollhouse Kitchen Cabinets
How to fit handles to doors and drawers on simple dollhouse scale kitchen cabinets.

List of Materials Used to Build Base Cabinets for a Dollhouse Kitchen
Materials list for dollhouse kitchen base cabinets

Cut the Main Pieces for the Dollhouse Kitchen Base Cabinet
How to cut the basic casing sections for a dollhouse kitchen base cabinet.

Cut and Trim the Drawer Fronts and Doors For Dollhouse Kitchen Base Cabinets
How to assemble the drawer and door fronts for dollhouse kitchen base cabinets.

Start Building the Carcass of the Dollhouse Kitchen Base Cabinet
How to assemble the carcass of a dollhouse kitchen base cabinet.

Round the Hinged Side of a Dollhouse Kitchen Cabinet Door
How to shape the edge of a dollhouse kitchen cabinet door so it can be hinged with a simple pin hinge.

Fitting The First Door Hinge Pins Into a Dollhouse Kitchen Base Cabinet
How to fit a simple hinge pin into a dollhouse kitchen base cabinet

Set the Door Placement for the Upper Hinge Pin
How to set the hinge pin in the upper edge of a dollhouse kitchen cabinet door.

Fit the Upper Hinge Pin for a Dollhouse Kitchen Cabinet Door
How to fit the upper hinge pin for a dollhouse kitchen cabinet door

Collecting Safari Model Horses an Affordable Alternative
An overview of the two sizes of plastic model horses available from Safari Ltd.

Fit Scale Brass Hinges to a Dolls House Window Frame
How to fit dolls house scale hinges to the side frame of an opening dollhouse casement window.

Make Custom Dollhouse or Model Windows
Opening dollhouse windows you can make for model buildings or dollhosues including shop windows, opening casement windows and other styles.

Build a Dolls House Sandwich Window From Strip Wood
How to build a window sash for a dolls house window using stripwood

Finish the Model Window Sash Made From Stripwood
How to finish a window sash for a dolls house or model building window made from stripwood or strips of card.

Fit Hinges to a Dolls House Casement Window
How to fit hinges to a dolls house casement window made from stripwood or card.

Parts of a Miniature Window
Understanding the parts of a dolls house or model scale window

Use U Channel Molding to Make Dollhouse Window Sashes
How to build a window sash for a dolls house window from U channel molding or window sash molding.

Add Muntin Strips to Dolls House Windows
How to add decorative muntin strips or dividers to dolls house or model scale windows.

Build the Frame for a Miniature Scale Window
How to build the window frame for a dolls house scale or model building window.

Setting the Pin Length for an Opening Dollhouse Window
How to determine the pin length for a pin hinge for an opening miniature or dolls house window or door.

Fit a Hinge Pin Into a Dollhouse Miniature Window Frame
How to fit a dressmakers pin into a dolls house scale window or door to act as a simple hinge.

Insert Dressmakers Pins to Hinge Dolls House Windows
How to insert hinge pins to make opening dolls house windows and doors.

Glue a Window Stop to the Sill of a Dolls House Window
How to glue a window stop into an opening dolls house casement window to prevent the window from swinging to the inside.

Miniature Food & Candy Collectibles
Miniature food samples, packaging, dispensers, and toys are widely collected. Here are seven types of miniature food collectibles to watch for.

How to MakeTiny Polyclay Blueberries for Dollhouse Food
How to make dollhouse scale miniature blueberries, pinkberries, service or shad berries and others from polymer clay.

How Blend Basic Polymer Clay Colors for Berries
How to blend basic polymer clay colors to make a range of colors for miniature berries.

How to Making Polymer Clay Rolls for Miniature Berries
Making polymer clay rolls for dollhouse scale berries.

How to Detail the End of Miniature Polymer Clay Berries
Ways to finish, use and display miniature blueberries, pinkberries or serviceberries made from polymer clay.

Building a Toy Barn? Find Your Animals First!
Where you can find toy animals suitable for children's farm and toy barn play, along with scales for most collectible farm animals and model horses.

Make Miniatures With a French Theme
Miniature projects with French design influences for a touch of France in your miniature or model scene. The projects include printables, food, souvenirs.

Make a Dolls House Cabin Chair or Rustic Twig Chair
Step by Step illustrated instructions to make a rustic twig chair for a miniature doll's house cabin front porch in 1:12 dollhouse or other scale. This furniture is very easy and inexpensive to make.

Assemble the Materials to Make a Rustic Twig Chair
List of materials needed to make a rustic twig chair in several miniature scales.

Form the Miniature Twig Seat
Form the twig seat for a scale miniature rustic chair.

Form the Heart for the Back of the Miniature Twig Chair
Shaping green twigs to form miniature hearts for rustic chair backs.

Make the Front Legs for the Miniature Twig Chair
Forming the front legs for a miniature dolls house chair made of twigs.

Make the Back of the Miniature Twig Chair
Make the back of a miniature twig chair in several scales

Assemble the Miniature Twig Chair
Final assembly of the miniature twig chair.

December 2014 Calendar Page For a Printable CD Case Calendar
The December 2014 printable cd case calendar page features a rustic miniature cabin for a village display. Page 13.

Calendar Month of January 2014 With Miniature Projects
Page for a January 2014 printable calendar for a cd case featuring miniature projects. Page 2.

June 2014 Printable Calendar Page for a CD Case Calendar Featuring Miniature Projects
June 2014 calendar page for the printable cd case calendar featuring projects from Page 7.

November 2014 CD Calendar Page From
Printable cd calendar page for November 2014 featuring miniature baking projects including very tiny turkey cookies. Page 12.

October 2014 Printable CD Case Sized Calendar Page
October 2014 calendar page for a CD case, featuring miniature crows and spell book projects. Page 11.

Printable 2014 CD Case Calendar With Miniature Projects
The free printable 2014 CD case calendar from will fit into a standard cd case and take up bery little space on your desk.

April 2014 CD Calendar Page From
The April 2014 CD case calendar page features tiny paper daffodils and a daffodil fairy costume from projects on Page 5.

August 2014 CD Sized Calendar Page Featuring Miniature Projects
August 2014 CD case calendar page featuring a miniature beach shop and pier built into a teacup. Page 9.

February 2014 CD Calendar Page From
The February 2014 calendar page features miniature lace bobbins and a miniature lace pillow as the special project. Page 3.

July 2014 CD Case Calendar Page Featuring Miniature Clothespin Dolls
Clothespin dolls in a range of costumes are featured on the July 2014 cd case calendar page. Page 8.

March 2014 CD Calendar Page From
The printable shamrock serving set is featured on the March 2014 calendar page. Page 4.

May 2014 CD Case Calendar Page From Miniatures.About.Com
The feature projects for the May 2014 calendar page are for outfitting a baby nursery or a baby doll. Page 6.

September 2014 CD Calendar Page Featuring Miniature Projects
September 2014 CD case calendar page featuring a miniature wheat sheaf loaf and cornucopia. Page 10.

"A Tard" or "See You Later My Darling" Roombox with Skeleton by Claire De
Skeleton graveyard send-off in a roombox by Claire Dé. Page 3.

Jayne Mansfield Bathroom in 1:12 Scale by Robert Robbin
Pink bathroom with a heart shaped tub from Jayne Mansfield in Seattle by Robert Robbin. Page 11.

2014 Printable Miniatures Calendar For a CD Case
These printable pages for a 2013 calendar featuring miniature projects can be housed in an empty cd case to make a useful desk calendar.

2014 Printable Miniatures Calendar For a CD Case
These printable pages for a 2013 calendar featuring miniature projects can be housed in an empty cd case to make a useful desk calendar.

How to Detail a Traditional Dollhouse Shop Front
Make a traditional shop front with columns and moldings and space for a dollhouse scale shop display.

Add Coving Trim Above the Door and Window of a Dollhouse Shop Front
How to add final cove molding trims to a traditional store front in dollhouse scale.

The Basic Windowbox Backing to Hold a Dollhouse Shop Front
Windowbox backing with a patio frontage for a dollhouse scale shop display.

How to Lay Out the Parts To Finish a Miniature Shop Box Front
Layout the parts for a traditional miniature shop front in preparation for assembly.

How to Fit a Window Ledge On a Shop Box
How to add a window jamb and window ledge to a miniature shop front.

How to Fit Side Jambs Into A Dollhouse Shop Window
How to fit side jamb pieces into a window frame for a dollhouse shop front.

How to Clamp the Window Framing Supports To the Dollhouse Window Jambs
How to add window supports to a windowframe for a dollhouse shop front.

How to Set a Dollhouse Window Into A Window Frame
How to set an acrylic dollhouse window into a window frame.

How to Add Finish Trim to the Roof of a Dollhouse Shop Front
How to fit picture frame molding to the edge of the roof of a dollhouse shop box.

How to Fit Columns to a Traditional Dollhouse Shop Facade
Fit columns to a traditional miniature shop facade.

What Is Cold Porcelain and How to Use It for Modelling
Information on cold porcelain and its uses for modelling and miniatures

Miniature Cyclamen - Growth and Care Tips
Growing and caring for miniature cyclamen as winter houseplants

Make Simple Miniature Ponds or Water Features
Make a simple model pond or pool for a dollhouse garden or a miniature terrain or railroad model using a variety of materials and simple techniques. This is a good tutorial for a beginning modeller.

Coloring the Base of a Pool or Stream to Create The Effect of Deeper Water
How to color a stream or pond bed for a model to create the effect of deeper water.

Adjusting Your Water Color for a Miniature Pool or Pond
How to adjust the color of the water in your miniature pool or pond.

Effects of Base Color on the Model Water Layers Above
The effect of light or dark base colors on the layered model 'water' above in a miniature terrain.

How To Fit Your Model Pool Naturally Into a Miniature Landscape
How to landscape the sides and edges of your water feature to fit it into a miniature landscape.

Finishing a Miniature Landscape Around a Small Water Feature
How to finish a miniature landscape around a small water feature.

Materials Used to Make a Simple Miniature Pond or Water Feature
List of materials used to make a miniature pond or water feature for a dolls house or railroad scene.

Working With E-Z Water from Woodland Scenics to Make Miniature Pools
Tips on working with E-Z water to make pools and ponds for miniature terrains and dolls house gardens.

Still or Rippled Surfaces On the Top of Faux Water Pools in Miniature
Changing the surface texture of miniature pools of 'water' made from E-Z Water by Woodland Scenics

Removing the Cast E-Z Water From Your Foil Mold
How to remove a miniature pool cast from E-Z Water from an Aluminum Foil Mold

Make a Foam Base for Your Miniature Pool
How to carve foam to make a recessed base for a cast or layered miniature pool.

How to Carve Out a Recessed Space in Foam
How to carve out a recess in foam to hold a miniature pool for a dolls house garden.

Test Fit Your Cast 'Water' Into the Recessed Space on Your Foam Base
How to test fit a cast model pool into a foam base used to landscape the pool.

Coat Your Foam Terrain to Prepare to Landscape Your Pool.
How to give modelled florist's foam a protective coating for miniature and model landscapes.

Choosing a Transformer/Power Supply for a Doll House
How to read rating labels and choose a dolls house transformer that will supply enough power for your lighting system.

Book Review "Miniature Collection of Satoshi Tanaka"
Review of Tomo Tanaka's Book

Creative Paperclay Reviewed for Modelling Miniatures
Uses of Creative PaperClay ® for miniatures, dollhouses and displays.

Make Dollhouse Fence Pickets by Filing Wood Stir Sticks
Use stir sticks to make dolls house fence pickets.

Materials Used to Make Dolls House Scale Fence Pickets
List of materials needed to make dollhouse scale fence pickets from stir sticks.

Clamp Stir Sticks To File Multiple Dollhouse Fence Pickets
Clamp stir sticks together to make a batch of miniature dolls house scale pickets.

Mark The Shape of a Dolls House Fence Picket
Use stir sticks to make dolls house fence pickets.

Shape Dollhouse Fence Pickets With a File
Use a jewelers miniature file to shape a stack of dolls house scale pickets.

Evenly File Both Sides of Miniature Fence Pickets
File from both the top and bottom of your clamped stack of sticks to make evenly shaped miniature dolls house pickets.

Check the Final Shape of Your Dollhouse Fence Pickets
How to check a stack of dollhouse fence pickets are all the same shape.

Use a Template to Make Multiple Dollhouse Fence Pickets
Use a shaped original dolls house picket as a template to make multiple batches of pickets.

Lay Out Curved Lines for Dollhouse Fence Pickets
How to lay out miniature picket fences with curves or drops.

Sheet Styrene for Scratch Built Models And Miniatures
Tips on using common forms of styrene plastic for dolllhouse miniatures and scratch built models.

Teflon Pressing Sheets for Fusible Fabric Crafting
How to choosing and use teflon coated ironing or craft sheets for fusible fabrics, woods and films.

Using Embossing Tools on Metal Foils, Leather And Paper
Different types of embossing tools and how to use them to shape paper, thin metal, and detail or 'tool' leather designs

Miniature Flower Pots From Quilling Paper for Doll Houses
How to make dolls house scale miniature plant pots using narrow strips of paper or quilling paper.

Materials Needed to Make Dolls House Flower Pots from Paper Strips
List of materials needed to make dolls house scale miniature flower pots from strips of paper or quilling paper.

Form Paper Coils To Make Dollhouse Miniature Flower Pots
Make a tight coil of paper strips as the basis of dolls house flower pots.

Shape Paper Coils Into Miniature Flower Pots
How to shape tight coils of quilling paper or scrapbooking paper into miniature dolls house scale flower pots

Glue the Coiled Paper Flower Pot to Hold Its Shape
Add a coat of glue to the inside of a miniature coiled paper flower pot to hold the coiled sides in place.

How Laser Cut Miniatures Are Made
How laser cut miniatures are created and how you can produce your own laser cut miniatures.

Make Your Own Chalk and Lime Wash Paints
How to make small quantities of chalk or lime paints for crafts and miniatures using pigments or latex paint and artist's gesso.

Hand Tools for Miniature Woodwork and Dollhouse Furniture
List of the best woodworking hand tools for anyone who likes to make dolls house miniatures, miniature displays and miniature furniture.

The Importance of Scale in Miniatures
How scale is applied to miniatures and models. Information on scales for model railroads scales, antiques, miniature vehicles, gaming figures, dollhouses and finescale.

How to Make Working Dollhouse Lamps and Model Fires
Dolls' house miniature lamps and lighting projects for beginners who want to explore making their own dollhouse lights. Make a battery operated fire, a chandelier, or several table lamps in dollhouse scale.

How to Plant Miniature Flowering Bulbs
Miniature flowering bulbs bloom early and make a colorful display in your garden. You can use them as early groundcover, in containers, or as spring color for fairy gardens or garden railroads.

Polly Pocket Collectibles From Bluebird and Mattel
Polly Pocket dolls are available in two completely different size ranges which vary widely in appearance, collectibility and useability for miniatures. Explore information on both styles of Polly Pocket dolls.

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture: Free Plans, Instructions
Step by step instructions for detailed dollhouse and miniature furniture projects made from craft wood using simple handtools. These clear photo instructions help develop techniques that can be used for many styles of furniture and historic periods.