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Dufex Flower Fairy Decoupage Kit Review
Review of Dufex Flower Fairy Decoupage Kits

Book Review - Green Dollhouse: Creating a Doll's Eye View of a Heathier World
A book review of

Creatology Wooden Dollhouse Puzzle Review
Review of the Creatology seven sheet plywood dollhouse tab and slot house/puzzle available from big box craft stores.

Petite Properties Corner Shop Kit in 1:48 Scale
The first quarter scale shop in a series of building kits by Petite Properties is well designed, easy to build and finish. This series of little buildings are designed to become sought after properties for railroads, dollhouse collections and Christmas and gaming villages.

Calico Critters / Sylvanian Families "Willow and Carly At the Horse Show" Set
Set of pony and young cat Calico Critters with tack, ribbons, trophy and certificates from a horse show.

Review of Creatology Puzzle Dollhouse With Veranda (2010)
Review of the Creatology eight sheet plywood verandah dollhouse, tab and slot house/puzzle available from big box craft stores.

Victoria Miniature Rag Doll Kit by Josephine Parnell
Review of Josephine Parnell's kit to make a 3 3/4 inch poseable rag doll.

Rag Doll Kits for a Dolls House Family by Josephine Parnell
Review of Josephine Parnell's kits to make poseable rag dolls for a dolls house family.

Designing or Choosing Displays for Model and Dollshouse Scale Shops
Steps to help you design successful shop displays in dollhouse and model scales.

Show Your Breyer Model Horses in Western Pleasure Live and Photo Show Performance Classes
Show your Breyer horse models in Western Pleasure, a fun and fairly easy beginner's peformance class at live and photo shows.

Learn How to Enter Western Performance Cutting Classes for Model Horses
Show your Breyers and other model horses in cutting classes, a fun Western Performance class that evokes the old West and working cattle ranches.

How to Add a Realistic Mohair Mane to a Breyer Model Horse
Learn how to add a realistic hair mane to your Breyer horse models.

Choosing and Blending Mohair Colors for Greater Realism on Model Horses
How to choose and blend several shades of mohair together for added realism during your Breyer model horse hairing projects.

Add a Mohair Tail to Customize a Breyer Model Horse
Project instructions to add a mohair tail to your Breyer model horses.

How to Straighten the Leg of a Breyer Horse Model Using Hot Water
Learn how to straighten a crooked or bent leg on a Breyer plastic horse model using hot water.

How to Prepare or Prep a Pewter or Metal Model Horse for Painting
Learn the steps for prepping or preparing a pewter or metal model horse for painting.

How to Replace a Missing Tail or Leg on a Broken Breyer Horse Model or Plastic Model Horse
Instructions on how to fix a missing leg or tail on a broken Breyer or other plastic model horse.

Learn About Mohair Manes and Tails for Breyer Horse Models
Mohair manes and tails for Breyers are making a comeback in the show ring - learn more about the history and care of natural-looking manes and tails for model horses.

Create Your Own Halloween Horse - Customize and Paint a Spooky Breyer or Plastic Horse Model
Make your very own spooky Halloween horse using a Breyer or another plastic model as a base and adding paint and details.

Showing Breyers and Other Horse Models in Hunter Classes
Learn more about the nuances of the hunter ring, and especially how model horse enthusiast can apply the information to their photo and live show entries.

Collecting Breyer Mini Whinnies Families - Micro Mini Model Horse Families
Collect and enjoy Breyer Mini Whinnie model horses as family sets.

Make Printable Dressage Markers for Breyers and Other Model Horses for Show Scenes
Print and assemble dressage arena letters to make markers for Breyer model horse show scenes.

An Interview with Kevin McFarland, Expert Model Horse Diorama and Prop Maker
An interview with Kevin McFarland, expert model horse diorama and prop maker, whose work has won countless awards.

Learn How to Show Breyers and Other Model Horses in Sidesaddle Performance Classes
Learn more about how to show your Breyers and other model horses in elegant ladies' sidesaddle classes in model horse shows.

English Riding Clothes for Model Horse Show Dolls - Choose the Right Clothes for Model Horse Show English Classes
A description and overview of the various clothing items worn by riders in English riding disciplines for model horse shows.

Choosing Bits for Model Horse English Performance Classes
Choose appropriate bits for model horse English performance classes such as huntseat, equitation and dressage.

Understand English Jumps - English Jumps for Model Horse Show Classes
An overview of horse jumps for showing Breyers and other model horses.

Learn About Dressage for Model Horses - Showing Breyer Model Horses in Dressage Classes
Learn more about dressage, with particular emphasis on items to note for model horse collectors showing Breyers and other horse models.

Dressage Saddles for Model Horses
Learn more about dressage saddles and pads for model horses to show in live or photo shows.

Choosing Clothing for Dolls for Model Horse Dressage Classes - Breyer Clothing for Rider Dolls
Learn about the proper clothing for rider dolls in model horse dressage classes.

How to Proxy Show Model Horses at Live Shows
Learn how to proxy show model horses at live shows, or the right way to have someone else show your models for you.

How to Show Breyers and Other Model Horses in English Trail Classes
Learn about English trail classes, a fun way to enter performance classes with your Breyers and other horse models.

Enter Show Jumping Classes in Model Horse Shows
Learn about the requirements for show jumping classes in live and photo shows and how to set up a realistic show jumping scene.

What Judges Look For in Performance Entries for Model Horses Show Classes
Many details form a winning entry for model horse show performance classes, and this list of details may help you improve your model horse show placings.

An Introduction to Model Horse Harness Classes - Show Your Breyers in Horse Harness Classes
A brief introduction to showing model horses and Breyers in harness classes.

Make a Realistic Backdrop for Model Horse Photo Shows - Backdrops for Breyer Horses
Ideas for making realistic backgrounds for model horse photos, for using in model horse photo shows.

Choosing Footing for Model Horse Show Photos-Ideas for Showing Breyer Horses
Suggestions for choosing footing surfaces and materials for dioramas to create realistic model horse show photos.

Simple Prop Ideas for Realistic Model Horse Show Photos - Props for Showing Breyer Horses
Ideas for simple props to enhance model horse show photographs.

Introduction to Showing Breyer Horse Models in Performance Classes - How To Start Showing in Model Horse Performance Classes?
An introduction to performance showing for model horses and Breyer horses for the beginning model horse collector.

How to Show Breyer Model Horses in Halter Showmanship Performance Classes - Model Horse Halter Showmanship Performance Classes
An introduction to the basics of showing Breyer and other horse models in halter showmanship classes for live or photo model horse shows.

Buying Halters for Model Horse Showmanship Classes - Breyer and Custom Model Horse Halters
Where to buy Breyer model horse halters and leads and where to find hand-made miniature halters and tack made for model horses by fellow collectors.

Three Types of Saddles for Model Horse Performance Classes - Model Horse Saddles
Learn the difference among various saddle styles to show your Breyer and other model horses.

Showing Breyer and Other Model Horses in Hunters and Huntseat English Riding Classes
Show Breyer and other model horses in huntseat and hunter-style riding classes in live and photo shows.

Breyer Model Horse Tack - Interview with Kim Ford Hoffman, Mini Scale Model Horse Tack Maker
Expert Breyer model horse tack maker Kim Ford Hoffman shares tack making tips with beginning model horse collectors.

English Saddle Types for Model Horse Shows - Showing Breyer Model Horses in English Performance Classes
Description and details of three English saddle types for Breyers and other model horses.

Learn How to Select, Create and Show Your Breyers and Other Model Horses in Costume Classes
Learn the basics of costume classes for Breyer horses and other model horses and gather ideas to create your own unique horse model costume.

Planning Your First Dollhouse Collection
How to decide whether you want a dollhouse collection for a display box, a dolls house, or a showcase. Information on how to plan your collection for the best effect.

Start Wiring a Dollhouse - How to Choose The Best Electrical System to Add Lights to Your Dolls House
How to choose between copper tape wire, round wire or hybrid systems when you are planning to wire a dolls house for electricity.

Start Knitting In Miniature Scales
How to start knitting in common miniature scales for 1:12 or 1:24 dolls house scenes.

Tips on Choosing Miniature and Dwarf Fruit Trees
Information you need to know about choosing a dwarf or miniature fruit tree to suit your situation and needs, including special rootstocks, special pruning and tips on growing in pots.

Safe Handling of Unfinished Metal Alloy Miniatures - Tips On Working Safely With Metal Miniatures
List of safe handling procedures for working with metal alloy miniatures, figures and dolls house miniatures which may contain lead.

History Timeline for Miniatures and Models - Domestic Inventions and World Events from 1600 - 1945
A history timeline of domestic inventions and world events from 1600 to 1945 intended to help model builders create more realistic historic models.

Timeline of Domestic Inventions and World Events for Modellers and Miniaturists 1900 on
A timeline of domestic inventions and world events from 1900 on intended to help model builders create more realistic historic models. Page 2.

What the Miniature Review Star Ratings Mean
Explanation of the star rating significance in the product, magazine and book reviews on the site.

The Importance of Scale in Miniatures - Scale Measurements and Model Sizes
How scale is applied to miniatures and models. Information on scales for model railroads scales, antiques, miniature vehicles, gaming figures, dollhouses and finescale.

Green Crafting Tips - Environmentally Sound Hobby and Crafting Practices
Tips for ensuring your craft and hobby interests don't cause harm to your environment.

Action Figures for Model or Dolls House Scenes
Action figures that can be used for model and scale scenes, including dolls house scenes in playscale 1:6, or standard 1:12 scale.

How to Create Laser Cut Miniatures or Miniature Designs Suitable For Lasers
How laser cut miniatures are created and how you can produce your own laser cut miniatures

Collecting and Showing Decorator Color Breyers, Peter Stones and Other Model Horses
Decorator colors offer collectors beautiful and unusual Breyers, Peter Stone and other model horses to collect and enjoy.

Collecting Breyer Stablemate Model Horses - Stablemate Identification, History and Collecting Tips
Identification and collecting tips for Breyer Stablemate model horses, one of the most popular model horses among collectors today.

How to Add a Base to a Breyer Horse Model - Stop Model Horses Falling Over
Here's how to add a base to a Breyer horse model that doesn't stand up straight or falls over.

Tips for Safely Trading Breyers and Other Model Horses
Suggestions and tips for trading model horses safely.

Collecting Metal and Pewter Model Horses - Overview of Collectible Metal Horse Models
Learn more about metal horse models especially pewter horse models.

Attend a Model Horse Clinic To Learn More About Model Horses
Model horse clinics are fun collector events you can attend to learn more about Breyers, showing model horses, customizing horse models and more.

Tips for Creating Effective Sales Ads for Breyers and Model Horses
Use these handy tips for effective sales ads and great sales photos to sell your Breyers and other model horses.

Interview with Expert Model Horse Vehicle and Carriage Maker Bill Duncan
Meet Bill Duncan, the original antique cowboy, model horse tack maker and expert vehicle / carriage maker and contributor to the 2010 WEG Breyer project.

Interview with Deborah McDermott, Model Horse Sculptor for Collecta Model Horses
Meet Deborah McDermott, a model horse sculptor, and learn more about the Collecta line of model horses featuring her original horse sculptures.

Basic Steps for Preparing an Artist Resin Model Horse For Painting - Model Horse Hobby Basics Prepping Resin Models
Instructions for how to prepare artist resin model horses before painting them.

Collecting Beswick UK China Model Horses - Interview with Lara Lain, Beswick Collector
Beswick UK model horses are fine china horse models produced in the UK. Collector Lara Lain shares insights into why this type of china is desirable in a model horse collection.

Collecting Breyer Conga Lines - Conga Line Collections Focus on One Model Horse Mold and Its Variations
Breyers model horses come in many molds and colors, and collecting one mold in its many variations, called a conga line, is a fun aspect of the hobby.

Retired Breyer Horses 2010 - Discontinued 2010 Breyer Horses May Increase in Value
Overview of retired Breyer horses, including the Breyer holiday horse and Breyer Christmas horse.

Stone Plastic Horses - Realistic Plastic Model Horses From Peter Stone for Collectors
Profile of Stone model horses, plastic model horses made by the Peter Stone Company and a direct competitor of Breyer model horses.

Breyer Horses: Collect, Show and Enjoy Plastic Model Horse Foals
Ideas for young collectors interested in collecting plastic model horse foals or Breyer horses and foals.

Build a Photo Reference Library for Breyer Model Horse Photos, Projects and Crafts
How to build a reference library of photos and backdrops for collectors of Breyer horses and plastic model horses.

Breyer Announces 2011 Breyerfest Special Run Model Horses, Event Details and Themes
The Breyer model horse company announced details of the 2011 Breyerfest, the world's largest model horse collecting event.

Collect Breyer Classic Scale Families-Vintage Model Horse Families
Classic scale model horse families offer Breyer collectors an affordable way to collect model horses.

Breyer Horses Famous Sire Collection Sets
Breyer model horses, the largest producer of collectible model horses, launches three new Classic scale sets in the

Display Tips for Breyer Horse Models - Ideas to Display a Model Horse Collection
Several ideas and tips for displaying Breyer model horses and horse model collections.

How to Fix a Broken Breyer Horse - Simple Steps to Repair Broken Legs, Tails and Ears on Model Horses
Step by step instructions on how to repair a broken plastic Breyer horse model.

Materials Needed to Paint Model Horses - Start Customizing Breyer Horses
Assemble the basic materials to paint and customize model horses, including Breyer horses and artist resin model horses.

Keeping Track of Breyer Model Horse Collections - Easy Way to Keep Model Horse Records
Use this easy and simple method of recording and tracking important information about your Breyer horse model collection.

Breyer Collectible Holiday Horse Ornaments - Model Horse Collectible Christmas Ornaments
Breyer holiday horses include collectible tree ornaments featuring Stablemate scale models.

Schleich Model Horses, Animals and Accessories - Plastic Model Horses and Animals By Schelich of Germany
An overview of Schleich model horses, a German brand of plastic model horses.

Keeping Track of Breyer Horses - Record Keeping Ideas for Model Horse Collections
Keep track of the value of Breyer horses and your model horse collection details using printable pages and photographs.

Keep Track of Your Horse Model Collection on the Computer - Computer Records for Model Horses
Keep track of your Breyer horses and horse model collection, including the value of Breyer horses, using common computer programs.

Collecting Black Horse Models - Ideas and Tips for Collecting, Customizing and Photographing Black Model Horses and Breyer Horses
Collecting black horse models provides a focus for your Breyer horse model collection and offers many famous horse models to collect.

Beginner's Guide to the Model Horse Hobby
An overview and beginner's guide to several aspects of the model horse hobby including showing, customizing, tack, prop and doll making.

Determining the Value of Breyer Horses - How Much is My Breyer Horse Worth?
Guidelines for basic identification and evaluating the value of Breyer horse models.

Make a Simple Background for Model Horse Photo Show Pictures
Instructions to make a simple backdrop for your model horse photo showing pictures using cloth remnants or sheets.

How to Tell the Difference Between Breyer Horses and Copies
Learn how to tell the difference between Breyer horse models and copies and understand the basic identification marks on Breyer horses.

Breyer Horse Toy Family Sets - Collecting Traditional Scale Breyer Model Horse Sets
An overview of collectible family sets of Breyer model horse toys in

Collecting Porcelain Horse Models from The Lakeshore Collection
An introduction to bisque porcelain horse models from The Lakeshore Collection, an American-based company producing and selling limited edition porcelain horse statues.

Collecting Micro Mini Model Horses
An overview of micro mini model horses, extremely tiny, 1

How Model Horses Are Made
A general overview of how a model horse is made from conception to final product.

Taking Model Horse Pictures Outdoors
Instructions and advice for taking model horse pictures outdoors to enter into model horse photo show competitions.

Color Variations of Breyer Horse Models
A beginner's introduction to the many color and marking variations of collectible Breyer horse models.

How to Pack and Ship Fragile Horse Models
Tips on how to wrap, pack and ship horse models, especially fragile horse models, so that they arrive safely.

Breyer Horse Finishes - Identifying Various Finishes of Breyer Horse Models
Learn about the various types of finishes on collectible Breyer horses and Breyer horse models.

Choosing Names for Model Horses - Show Names for Breyer Horses
Ideas for choosing original and unique show names for model horses and Breyer horses.

Hold Craft Glue Bottles Upside Down
This toothbrush holder holds your craft glue bottles securely upside down. No more waiting for the glue to reach the tip.

Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay
Glow in the dark polymer clay is useful for creating objects in miniature scenes which are lit by blacklights, or which are left in the dark for a short time.

Paper Mache - Papier Mache
Paper Mache for scale miniatures,dolls house miniatures and craft projects.

Playscale or Fashion Doll Scale - Dollhouse Miniatures in 1:6 Scale
Description of 1:6 scale or Playscale for fashion dolls and Action figures.

2014 Miniatures CD Case Calendar
It's time to download and print the miniatures cd case calendar for 2014! Once again I've set up two months to a page in a pdf printable form so you can pick

More Miniatures From Unusual Sources
This week I tried 3D Nail Art molds to make some miniatures with surprisingly good results. While I wouldn't want these for their original purpose as nail art,

Miniature Furniture Maker Profiles - Miniature Furniture Artisans
Descriptions of miniature furniture specialities and business information submitted by the artisans who make and sell scale miniature and dolls house furniture.

J.Getzan Dollhouse Miniatures - Masters of Metal - : Submit Your Miniature Furniture Business
Information on the metal wares, lamps and furniture made mainly in 1:12 dolls house scale by J. Getzan

Peter Tucker - Roomboxes Etc. - 20th & 21 Century Furniture - : Submit Your Miniature Furniture Business
Peter Tucker, furniture, lighting and roomboxes in many scales.

Welcome Home - Miniature Furniture in 1:6 Scale - : Submit Your Miniature Furniture Business
Descriptions of miniature furniture specialities by Welcome Home miniatures who specilize in modern 1:6 scale furniture.

KJ Miniatures - Hand Picked Timber Furniture From Australia - : Submit Your Miniature Furniture Business
Descriptions of miniature furniture specialities and business information submitted by the artisans who make and sell scale miniature and dolls house furniture.

Miniature Animal Artisans - Miniature Animal Makers
Descriptions of miniature artisans who create animal miniatures in several mediums with business information submitted by the artisans.

Elizabeth McInnis - Breathing Life Into Carved, Furred, Animals - : Submit Your Miniature Animal Business
Descriptions of Elizabeth McInnis lifelike miniature carved and furred animals

Linda Master - Custom Hand Carvings From Miracle Chicken Urns - : Submit Your Miniature Animal Business
Descriptions of the miniature carved animals of Linda Master of Miracle Chicken Urns

Furry Friends - Tiny Bears for Collectors and Dolls Houses - : Submit Your Miniature Animal Business
Description of Furry Friends unique miniature and dolls house scale bears artisans.

Friday's Favorites - My Favorite Hobby Knife
I'm cleaning up my studio again... but it does serve to remind me of what I use over and over, and what tends to sit in drawers or on the shelf. So for a while

Printable Miniature Shop Signs
A request in the miniatures forum resulted in these miniature hanging shop signs for the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker. They allow you some

More Houses For the Mini Village
This 1920's log cabin is another building for the realistic printable village. My area of the city lost power briefly today, so the log cabin was a good

Tiny Snowflake Cookies
Made from polymer clay, these tiny snowflakes can be cookies, decorations, ornaments or jewellery. I made mine to resemble iced gingerbread.You could use the

Snow From a Marker
When you work with miniatures, spray snow in a can is a little unwieldy. I think that's why I've become a fan of Marvy Uchida's Snow Marker. It needs heat to

Why You Should Make a Pattern Sloper For Your Dolls
Anyone who plans on making items for a doll's wardrobe should start with a basic pattern sloper sized to fit their doll. The sloper is the basic flat pattern.

Make Rustic Winter Cabins From Recyclables
These miniature village cabins are fun to make, and except for paint and glue, they are made from found or recycled materials. I've set up the instructions to

Transferring Images To Miniatures
How many ways can you shrink and move art and other details using an ink jet printer? With the right mediums you might be surprised. I recently experimented

Gardening in Miniature
Small space gardeners who dream big will love Janit Calvo's book Gardening in Miniature. Visitors to this site will have seen lots of examples of her

Trees for Little Glitter Houses
If you are pulling your glitter house collection out for display and find some of them need a bit of landscaping care, here's some information on trees for

Is it Time to Deck the Miniature Halls?
You can see from this post why I'm whistling Fa -la-la-la la.... very miniature holly is this week's miniature project. I've shown it here in a scale which will

Make Miniature Bird's Nests
Here's a miniature project that will also make great easter displays or spring decorations. This tiny nest measures only 1/2 inch across. These miniature birds

Make Miniature Photo Eggs For A Collectible Easter Display
I like displays of collectibles at Easter, and they are even more special if each year they allow you to highlight your own family events. These little photo

Die Cast X Magazine Review
Die Cast X is a quarterly magazine for collectors of new American Dream Car die casts. The photography and layout make it very similar to a standard car

Photos from the Spring 2008 Seattle DollHouse Show
The skill and creativity of miniaturists will always amaze me. The Seattle Show, always a hotbed of smaller scales, shows that people are steadily attempting

Diecast Collector Magazine Review
Every time I see a copy of Diecast Collector Magazine I regret the lost diecast toys of my childhood. For those of you who took better care of your toy planes,

Make Cowboy Hats for Miniature Dolls
Model horse show season is underway so anyone who wants to create their own western gear for a show can start making tiny western hats. This project began as a

Modify Miniature Castings With Two Part Epoxy Putty
What do you do if you can't find a miniature designed exactly the way you want? Many miniaturists turn to two part epoxy putty to modify all manner of metal,

Brighten the Spring with Glory of the Snow, Chionodoxa forbesii
This bright blue or pink flowering miniature bulb covers the ground in many areas as soon as snow melts. Easy to grow, it is a great groundcover for your

Green Dollhouse - Using Dollhouses to Teach Values for the Future
I've spent a lot of my life working on environmental issues when I'm not working with miniatures. How refreshing it is to see a book about a project that

Will A Push Mold Help You Make Miniature Dolls?
Sometimes labels can lead you astray. This miniature doll push mold by Sculpey does make miniature doll parts, just not in the scale many miniaturists are

Tiny Collectible Automata
Lots of miniature collections start with the Believe It Or Not miniature. I remember being amazed when the coffee bean full of miniature carved ivory elephants

Sculpt a Torso for a Miniature Doll
If you are tired of your little people wearing turtlenecks or high collared dresses to hide the fact that they have a pipe cleaner stuck in their head, you

Ink Jet Decal Sheets
Decals can be used to create all kinds of transferable miniature patterns. Several kit makers use them to create china patterns, they can be used to add

Robin Betterley's 1:48 Scale Furniture Kits
Highly detailed furniture is possible in small scale using these laser cut kits from the Lydia Pickett Series by Robin Betterley. The line of kits keeps

Simulated Brick and Stone
Realistic brick and stone patterns can be made in several different ways in miniature. If you are working in 1:12 or 1:22.5 or 1:24, or creating stone and

Grandt Line Scale Architectural Components
Grandt Line make plastic components for many model railway buildings and rolling stock. The parts are commonly used by miniaturists to create scale buildings

Village Display Tips
At the risk of sounding out of season, now is the time to start developing a better way to display your collectible village. If you are at the dreaming stage,

Ways to Make Miniature Wigs
One good sign of a superior quality doll is a good wig. If you've been working on sculpting a doll from polymer clay, you many want to explore some of your wig

Adult Play Day at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys
The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys are holding their second annual Adult Play Day with lots of low cost workshops and opportunities to meet with

New Trash to Treasure Gallery
There are a dedicated group of miniaturists who delight in coming up with new uses for found or recycled objects. Thanks to Janet and Pauline, we now have the

Make Mini Corded Trims to Decorate Dolls House Scale Cushions and Upholstery
Finish the edges of your miniature needlework cushions and other small upholstery projects with miniature twisted cord trims. These trims are easy to make from

Crushed Velvet Flock for Brightly Colored Miniatures
Flocking, once a popular craft item to complete exotic interiors in plastic model cars, has made a comeback in the card and scrapbooking stores. With a new

Miniature Sunflower Needlework Design from a Counted Chart
Here's another miniature chart for needlepoint or cross stitch. This time the subject is a sunflower, designed the same size as the foxglove chart from a few

Printable Miniature Pink Ribbon Coordinates
Do you make miniatures to raise donations for charities? Erin, one of our forum members is working on a pink boutique to raise money for the cancer society.

Choosing Fabrics and Thread for Miniature Needlework Projects
Fabrics and Threads for Miniature Needlework Projects need to look correct in smaller scales. If you've never done tiny needlework this list will help you pick

A Fun Way to Document a Collection
This miniature record store isn't just a cute dolls house scale model. The items in it are miniatures of a treasured collection of full size collectibles. A

Miniature Kits From The Craft Pack Company
Finding the materials for quality miniatures is often harder than making a project. The UK based Craft Pack Company specialize in creating high quality kit

The Car Room Magazine
Fans of Joe Kelly Jr's Car Room website for collectible die cast and resin cars will love getting their hands on the new Car Room Magazine. Using the same

Creating Rust in Miniature With Scenic Rust
Real rust is something I usually avoid as the owner of a British Sports Car! Being able to create rust in miniature on any paintable surface however is

Sources for Collectible Modern Miniatures
Modern miniature furniture can be hard to find. The 1:12 scale model Eames chair shown here is part of a series of 42 collectible miniatures from REAC Japan

Miniaturas - An Incredible Dolls House Magazine From Spain
I'm a bit of a magazine addict so I see a lot of magazines, but for production values and content you would be hard pressed to outdo the Spanish dollhouse

Miniature Shop Made From Fun Fur and An Old Window
If I gave you a piece of fun fur, an old wooden window, a picture frame and a few other odds and ends what would you make? Probably not the detailed little

Tiny Printable Tartans and Shirt Stripe Fabrics in Dolls House Scale
To make a tiny kilt you need a very small tartan! The latest addition to the growing list of printables are two scale designs for dolls house menswear fabrics,

Battery Powered LED Light Strings to Light Tiny Scenes
A new form of LED rice lights with potential for lighting small miniatures scenes are beginning to show up online and in craft shops. These bright little

Glass Paints That Stand Up to Washing
There are lots of ways to mimic stained glass in miniature, but not many of them will stand up to washing in the dishwasher. Pebeo make a range of transparent

New Daisy House Clothes Hamper Kit
The Daisy House are known for their hiqh quality, easy build dolls house kits in 1:12 and 1:24 scale.They've just announced a new kit, this time for a classic

How to Reshape Miniature Plastic Figures and Models
Plastic figures aren't my first choice for miniatures, but if they are inexpensive, or the only type available, I'm happy to use them. They often come out of

Quick Little Witches
There are lots of ways to make tiny witches for Halloween Table displays. With a printer you can make heads from paper beads, or you can make longer lasting

Little Animals for Your Christmas Tree
Isn't he cute! This one inch high portrait of my son's first dog is destined for this year's Christmas tree. He only took an hour to make, and he is much

Miniature Collecting 101
Every once in a while a big collection of miniatures comes up on Ebay. This week there is once again a dolls house and collection from Sue and Fred Narr listed

Make Scale Model Cattails or Bullrushes
Regardless of what you call them in your area of the world, cattails or bullrushes are a true sign of fall. These scale models can be made from lots of easy to

Use Corner Clamps for Precise Right Angles
Are you planning on building a dolls house, a roombox or display case this winter? If your project involves gluing wood less than 1/2 inch thick together into

A Dozen Magazines About Miniatures
With the review of The Dolls' House Magazine the list of miniature magazines is up to twelve. I still have a lot to track down and review. Leave a comment

Make Miniature or Full Size Paper Mache Pumpkins
It's pumpkin season and these paper mache pumpkins can be made any size, from tiny for scale railroads right up to full size for a porch display or to sit on a

Magnificent Miniatures, The Careers of Kevin Mulvany and Susan Rogers
Many of the most stunning dolls' houses, grand dolls' houses and museum pieces in the world's best miniature museums have been created by the team of Susie

Make Scale Miniature Corn (Maize) Stalks
Corn stalks are a sign of fall, as well as a standby for miniature Halloween and Thanksgiving scenes. Like many other scale plants they are easy to make from

Review of Scale Auto Magazine
Another magazine, this week for model car builders. Scale Auto covers a wide range of models and scales from 1:8 to 1:43. Even if you don't build model cars,

Great American Dollhouse Museum Grand Opening
Next week on October 16 will be the grand opening of the Great American Dollhouse Museum, a new, 6000 square foot dollhouse and miniatures museum in Danville,

Dolls House Nederland Magazine
International magazines often have specialized projects for their region. This is certainly true of Dolls House Nederland. This small format magazine is packed

Make Halloween Coordinates for a Miniature Witch's Kitchen
If you made the printable kitchen coordinates last January, you'll be all set to make this Halloween set. You can lay out plates of miniature Halloween

Master Airscrew's Balsa Stripper
My local hobby store never seems to have the widths of wood I need, and often I don't want to haul out a table saw to cut down a wider piece. For this

Magnetic Gluing Jigs
Do you need a way to hold small pieces in place while glue sets? A magnetic gluing jig may be the answer. Most of these jigs have side walls to brace straight

How Stainable is Elmer's Stainable Wood Glue?
Does Elmer's Stainable Wood Glue actually accept stain? What a relief that would be for anyone who works with wood joins the size of a pin head! Short answer

Crackle Paint for Scale Miniatures
I love my local stamp/scrapbooking shop. They let me know when something comes in that might work for miniature scales. Our latest find is Distress Crackle

Make Miniature Mistletoe Balls
Christmas isn't Christmas without mistletoe. Its very easy to make these mistletoe kissing balls in several dolls house scales. You can even make some of these

Presents for People Who Love Polymer Clay
Most of us who work with polymer clay are torn between what we need, and what we adapt to suit the medium. Although there are some high end items available

Make Tiny Ribbon Bows for Miniature Packages and Dolls House Decorations
Trained as a florist, I make all my bows for wrapping or decoration with a wire center. That way I can manipulate them to get the effect I want. You can use

Handy Mini Rotary Scoring Tool For Paper Miniatures
Tonic Studios make a handy mini rotary scoring tool that's great for scoring fine lines in small scale paper miniatures. With a shaped finger support and

Make Tiny Castles and Towers
Now you can give anyone you like a castle you design from tiny printable sections. These stacking towers and buildings make dolls house scale fortresses,

Endless Supplies of Building Blocks From Hirst Arts Molds
I love materials I can use in a lot of ways. Since my Hirst Arts silicone molds for castle and tower building blocks arrived in the mail I've been casting

Cornice and Quoin Trim On the Baby House Project
If you've been following along with the free plans and instructions for building a baby house/bookcase, the instructions for making and applying quoin trim and

Make a Miniature Santa's Sleigh
Santa's sleigh can be printed and made from photo weight paper in three miniature scales; 1:12, 1:24, or 1:48. This means you can make it to fit a dolls house

Repositionable Glue Pen For Paper Miniatures
Sakura's Quickie Glue Pen produces even .7mm lines which make adding glue or foil finishes to small signs or dollhouse furniture much easier than with other

Make Miniature Pickets from Stir Sticks
You don't need expensive materials to make most miniatures. Here I'll show you how to use common wooden stir sticks to make miniature pickets for fences or

Printable Pictures for a Dolls House Nursery or Child's Room
Depending on the period you are working with, pictures for children's rooms can be difficult to find. This collection of printable children's pictures is taken

Sew a Miniature Hippopotamus from Felt
If you know someone who wants a hippopotamus for Christmas, there is still time. Today is the ninth day of Christmas, and this three inch felt hippo won't

Make a Dollhouse Child's Chair from Toothpicks and Wooden Stir Sticks
I know we all long for wonderful scale turned legs to build chairs, but sometimes you can make do with simpler materials. This child's chair matches the Picket

Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Everyone has a favorite way to stick things together and I'm slowly working my way through the list. With my limited workspace I prefer to stick to the glues

Make Miniature Victorian Valentines Boxes
Packaging can be just as important as the contents. If you are looking for a way to set your chocolate truffles apart from the crowd this Valentines Day, these

Printable Paper People for Scale Reference Checks
Its a good idea to carry a scale reference with you when you are shopping for miniatures. Often you need to see how something would look if placed in a scene.

Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paints
It can be tough to find the right color of miniature fabric or trim. When you do, you may not need it in the quantities you have to buy. For times when you

Pros and Cons to Using Figures in Miniature Scenes
Do you always use figures or dolls in miniature scenes, or are you in the camp that think they detract too much from the scene or model? For some people, the

Resources for Making Minature Dolls' Clothes
Dollhouse doll clothes rarely fit unless they are custom made for the doll. I've set up list of resources for making dolls clothes, including period and modern

What Is Celadon?
If I tell you these are celadon vases, does that mean anything to you? Does celadon refer to the color, the type of pottery, the style of vase? Where the vases

Miniatures from Accurate Laser Scans
Miniaturists dream of the arrival of the shrink machine. It may be closer than we think. Historically we have worked painstakingly with precision hand tools

Removable Modern Doll Clothes in 1:12 Scale
If you aren't afraid of learning or perfecting a bit of handsewing, and you want some well designed removeable clothing for your modern dolls, you may want to

Wanted: Model Horse Writer
Are you a qualified writer who is passionate about the model horse world? You may be interested in the upcoming model horse writing position posted in the

Finding Miniature Supplies at Yard Sales
Spring cleaning means good finds at second hand stores and yard sales if you are a miniature collector. What to look for? This guide to miniature yard sale

Tiny Woodworking Challenge
Now here is a challenge from a woodworker who hasn't seen the scales some of you work in! Chris Vesper in Australia has posted a miniature dovetail challenge on

Power Tools for Miniatures, Uses/Quality/Cost?
I admit I would rather use quality hand tools than power tools with a few exceptions. Space, dust and decibel levels are all factors. Like many women I tend to

Spend a Day at the V&A Online
Whenever I'm in London I'm drawn to visit the costume collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. They have been updating their website and now you can find

Free Printables For St.Patrick's Day Scenes in Mint Tins
My wee Wade Fairy Folk are looking for a new home, so I've adapted a hinged mint tin with printables to give them a more fitting setting. Mint tins are very

Houses, Kits and Scratch Built
I've been cruising the web like so many of us do to see what everyone else has already built. Now I'm wondering what's more popular, kits, plans or scratch

Are Measuring Templates Useful For Polymer Clay?
How do you mix colors of polymer clay? Do you use a template, eyeball the color you want, or use only the colors the manufacturer provides? You can save money

Training Your Eye to See Proportions
The BBC has a story posted today that includes an illustration of what a real person would look like with Barbie doll proportions. It's an interesting look at

Making Miniature Food
Dollhouse scale miniature food is a popular make it yourself project. Extremely realistic foods of all types are easily made from polymer clay. The classic

Making Model Gypsy Caravans
There's lots of chatter right now on some channels about miniature gypsy wagons in 1:12 scale. I'm not sure why they are hitting the news again, except that

Make a Tiny Hat Cake For Easter or Mothering Sunday
This miniature dollhouse scale hat cake is easily made from waste polymer clay and small amounts of polymer clay for decorations. If you don't need it for a

Blending Polymer Clay Colors For Miniatures
Although most of us buy ready made blocks of polymer clay in the colors we think we'll use, you can create a whole range of polymer clay color blends for

Review of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Magazine
Historical gaming magazines are a varied lot. Many concentrate on figures and collections, but ignore the finer points of gaming or terrains. Some deal only

Make Printable French Pastry Boxes To Show Off Your Dollhouse Cakes
French pastries gain a lot of their special qualities from the wonderful packaging many of them are displayed in. You can give your doll house scale cakes and

Kruger Collection Opens New Display "Temporality"
The Kruger Collection at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln opens a new exhibit today in the Architecture Hall. Temporality examines aspects of time relating

Miniature Earth Day Projects?
With Earth Day coming up on April 22 I'm hoping to see more photos in the Trash to Treasures Gallery showing what you recycle into miniatures. If you have any

Free Printable French Dolls House Wallpapers
If you used the printable French Pastry boxes to get started stocking a dolls house scale pastry shop, you may have found it hard to find elegant wallpapers

Ken Manning Miniature Instrument Maker 1919-2009
Just heard some sad news that Ken Manning, master maker of miniature musical instruments has died at age 90. Ken turned his loves of woodwork and music towards

Kemper Pattern Cutters for Polymer Clay
Cutting even shapes out of polymer clay is easier with shape cutters, although you can use paper punches for thin layers of clay. Kemper cutters come in

Review of Le Grand Livre De La Maison Miniature
For those of you who loved the dollhouse scale French Frames by Kristin Hill in the Spring Seattle Show or anyone who is in love with Une Petite Folie the

Make Miniature, Dollhouse and Model Scenes Stronger With Focal Points
Great miniature and dollhouse scenes need careful planning to showcase their tiny wonders. When items are only a few inches high, every bit of space counts. If

Razor Saws for Precision Cuts of Modelling and Miniature Materials
One tool everyone reaches for regardless of what type of miniature they build is a razor saw. It is equally at home cutting heads off metal gaming miniatures or

Make a Needlework Chatelaine For Your Mom
This simple mother's day project uses one of the dolls house scale stitching charts to make a pin cushion or needle holder for a stitcher's chatelaine. Worn

Miniature Silk Hats From Kits
When cutting fine silk fabrics into circles to make miniature hat brims, fraying is usually a problem. Not so with these quick to make silk hat kits from

Build the Schooner Jeanette with a Fully Finished Interior
Byron Rosenbaum, whose boat building work you may have seen in our General Community Gallery has an upcoming series of articles in Ships in Scale Magazine

Free Printable Cottage or Rose Garland Boxes for Favors or Gifts
Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grad, wedding showers and all types of spring and summer celebrations need place cards and favor, treat or gift boxes. The little

Make Free Printable Dolls House Hats in Playscale and Dollshouse Sizes
These easy to make printable brimmed hats are a good practise project to develop an eye for different styles of brimmed hats. Your skills will transfer over

Make a Simple Mold for Dolls House Muffins and Cupcakes
Some projects, like these dolls house scale cupcakes and muffins are easy if you make a simple mold. Shaped in a two part silicone putty mold made with

Use Micro Mesh Sanding Pads To Sand Scratches Out of Clear Acrylic
Clear acrylic cases and sheet acrylic are used for a lot of miniatures and display cases. Unfortunately, you can get scratched surfaces. If you use the right

Use Two Part Silicone Putty Molds for Miniature Building and Furniture
Lots of projects in miniature buildings, dolls houses and wargames can use molded repeated decorative pieces or details. If you make one original, use two part

Sculpt Miniature Figures With ProSculpt Clay
Jack Johnston makes art dolls, and he also makes a special clay for sculpting them. ProSculpt is a specialized polymer clay used mainly for sculpting figures.

Free Printable Miniature Kitchen Canisters in a Country Blue Floral
A while back in the forum, someone asked if the next set of kitchen printables could be in a blue theme. It has taken a while to get them, but this set of

Use Silicone Tipped Clay Shapers For Sculpting Miniature Figures
I don't sculpt a lot, but whenever I do, these silicon tipped clay shapers are my favorite tools. Imagine having tiny fingers that can reach into small spaces

Polymer Clay Figures From Patricia Rose Studio Press Molds
Patricia Rose Studio make sturdy, well designed press molds for polymer clay dolls. The molds are based on Patricia Rose's elegant doll sculpts, and contain a

Free Printable Country Blue Floral Wallpaper in Several Dolls House Scales
Here's the set of country blue floral wallpapers that match last weeks Country Blue Kitchen Cannisters. I've set them up in scales for 1:6, 1:12, 1:24 and

Photos from the Kensington Dolls House Festival
The Kensington Doll House Festival is considered one of the premier dolls house shows of the world. I managed to steal time to take a few photos during the very

Printable Casseroles for Your Country Blue Floral Dolls House Kitchen
I'm back from the Kensington Dolls House show, but I haven't had time yet to unpack my goodies or load photos! While I get organized, I have finished a set of

Use Flexible LED Strips To Light Display Cases or Roomboxes
LED lights have been creating a lot of interest amongst miniaturists and model makers for their small size and low power draw/heat creation. Flexible LED strip

Inexpensive Tab and Slot Dollhouse Puzzle for a Child's Summer Fun
If you are looking for a small house to build with a child this summer, you may want to check out your closest big box craft store for a Creatology Dollhouse

Quick Ways to Estimate Measurements Without A Ruler
Quick, what part of your body is one inch long? How can you easily estimate a yard length? What can you use for a quick 6 inch measure? We've all been at

Make a Printable Popcorn Machine and Popcorn Tubs in Several Dollhouse Scales
I'm happy to give everyone the chance to make as much no calorie popcorn as they like. Anything is possible in miniature! This project is the result of a

Are you a Miniature Specialist?
With visions of major sales dancing through all our heads after the BBC video of the 50,000 doll's house, how many of us do it all? Do you find yourself

Sheet Styrene for Building Miniatures and Models
Sheet styrene or polystyrene is loved by some groups of modellers and shunned by others. Long a staple of ready to build plastic model kits, sheet styrene is

Amati Push Nailer for Inserting Miniature Nails
Some tools make life a lot easier. While a push nailer isn't the first tool I'd have in a basic miniaturist's toolkit, it is certainly handy if you make

Create Velvet Effects in Miniature With Stampendous Fun Flock
Tiny velvet piles and carpets for the dolls house, even fur for scale miniature cats, as well as traditional flocked wallpaper in small scale are made possible

Use Wood Veneer Banding Tape for Small Scale Trims and Flooring
Finding wood trims to finish smaller scale buildings can be hard. If you want to try making something a bit longer lasting than cardboard trims, try using wood

Make Miniature Wobbly Jellies, Gelatin Desserts and Salads From Scenic Water
Jello and jellied salads are not anything I remember with fondness, but the first time I saw dolls house wobbly jellies, they caught my attention. There is

Printable Dollhouse Scale Souvenirs From Paris
French Dollhouse miniatures are popular. Printable souvenirs of Paris were requested so I've set up some files for flags, bumper stickers, T shirts, scarves,

Where to Find Scale Lumber for Miniature Projects
There's a wide range of fine scale timber and sheet wood suitable for miniature building projects, dollhouse furniture, model boats, and other miniature uses.

Make a Miniature Toy Lion from Pipe Cleaners.
Making all the printable Paris souvenirs got me thinking about Paris, and as the Tour de France is on, my mind switched over to the stuffed lions given to the

Back to School In the Dollhouse with Spiral Bound Notebooks
This project for dolls house scale spiral bound notebooks came about as a result of a call for help from the forum. I'm sure many of you have been involved in

What's in Your Miniaturist's Toolbox?
Do you have one of these? They're miniature awls or paper piercing tools. I don't use them often, but they are wonderful for punching even holes in paper,

Do you Build Your Miniatures from Kits or Plans?
I must confess I'm enjoying making my little quarter scale shop kit from Petite Properties. I have a few kits around to build, but I tend to modify them a lot.

Collectible Wade Village Buildings
If you love miniature English villages, you may have some of the Wade Whimsey on Why, Bally Whim or Whimsey in the Vale village buildings. If you are a true

Printable Country Floral Tea Set in Four Dolls House Scales
Here's the tutorial for making a printable dolls house tea or coffee set to match the rest of the miniature country blue floral kitchen set. This time the set

Samples of What the About Miniature Community is Working On
I've posted a few more photos sent in by some hard working miniaturists! Doll maker Aleeta Kent, who made the wonderful West Coast Elder Dolls is now making

Use Peel Off Stickers to Make Fast Miniature Tree Ornaments
If you only have a few minutes to decorate a grove of miniature Christmas trees or a Christmas dolls house scene, find a suitable peel off sticker design and

Adding Real Metal Details to Miniatures With Bare Metal Foils
Some products designed for modellers get used for unusual purposes. That's certainly the case with Bare Metal Foil. This thin adhesive backed foil is used

Manned Models
Miniatures are a wide range of sizes and scales. We tend to ooh and aah over the smallest ones we can find, but there are a large group of modellers working in

Classic Stained Glass Vector Designs From Dover Publications
Dover publications offer a great resource of royalty free designs for use in all kinds of projects. Recently they have begun to offer many of their classic

Border Stamps and Paper Trims for Dolls House Wallpapers and Cornices
Finding scale wallpaper borders or trims for cornice details in dolls house scales can be difficult. If you search carefully you can sometimes find suitable

Make Printable Miniature Flower Buckets, Pots and Jugs
I used gloss photo paper to make the miniature printable flower containers in this week's printable and the glossy coating looks just like a painted finish. The

Review of Micro Mark's Plank Forming Jig
There are many times in making miniatures from wood when you need a particular curve.Luckily there are some easy ways to make this happen. One of the simplest

How to Make Miniature Furniture
If you are interested in making miniature furniture, but you don't think of yourself as a woodworker, you may want to look up John Davenport's classic book How

Review of Miniature Food Masterclass by Angie Scarr
If you've ever been lucky enough to meet Angie Scarr at a class or miniature show, you know how enthusiastic she is about coming up with methods to make

Review of the New Pardo Jewellery Clay
I'm happy to test new products and after reviewing Pardo Jewellery Clay its certainly one I'll continue to play with. Beeswax makes this polymer clay easily

How to Emboss or Tool Foil and Paper for Miniatures
Miniaturists have to be adaptable. Knowing how to manipulate materials to resemble other things is a big advantage. This technique for embossing or tooling

Power Tools for Miniatures
I love asking fellow miniaturists which tools they own, and which ones they actually use! I've generally found that people who use power tools began working

Teddy Bear Pirate Gaming Figures from Eureka Miniatures
Some products are a lot of fun to review, and I certainly enjoy the 28mm gaming figures from Eureka Miniatures of Australia. Along with their excellent range of

Make Miniature Scale Bells
Many of my favorite miniature materials are vanishing as we lose smaller suppliers. These instructions for making miniature bells will allow you to sculpt your

National Bilby Day
Its National Bilby day if you're in Australia. Have you ever made a miniature Bilby? Please send me a photo for the miniature animal gallery if you have.

What Makes a Great Haunted House?
Vote for your favorites in this week's poll. What features should a haunted house have? As a child, spooky trees and creepy breezes that caused scratching

Easy Build Garden With Arbor For Your Doll's House Vines
Ten minutes is all it took to assemble this easy build garden kit with an arbor. It will take me far longer to make the grapes or the revellers to sit under the

Miniature Haunted House Decorations
Halloween Door Covers and shabby picket fences are some additions to the miniature printable Halloween decorations this week. You can use them to decorate a

How Do You Use Miniature Plastic Skeletons?
The little plastic skeletons that appear for Halloween every year are featured in the Fall Challenge Gallery If you have any great uses for these six inch

Make a Dolls House Miniature Fireplace For a Dollar or Less
Need an inexpensive fireplace for your dolls house? This traditional fireplace can be bashed from an inexpensive craft store dollhouse hutch, or easily made

Winter Wonderland at the Mini Time Museum in Tucson
The Mini Time Museum of Miniatures in Tucson Arizona is featuring activities for families in their Winter Wonderland series on Saturdays. Today they have a

Make Easy Elegant Evergreen Trees From Curled Paper or Ribbon Strips
This is a great way to make quick trees for a school model or a Christmas village. Easy Curly Trees can be made from recycled ribbon, foil or paper for all

Paper Model Kits That Teach Simple Mechanics
Do you know how to animate a skeleton pirate to look like it's rowing a boat? Walter Ruffler's Paper Machine Kits help teach simple mechanics to beginners

Miniature Carboard Houses for Mixed Media Art
ARTchix studios have a timely Dream Houses Kit featuring a four inch high by 2 1/2 inch square folded cardboard house. These little kits come with printed

Make Simple Float Frames for Your Miniature Paintings
These easy float frames work well for miniature paintings. They are a simple start to learning how to create your own picture frames and can be used for

Houses and Shop Exhibits from the Fall 2009 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show
From Fantasy to Memories of Childhood there were all kinds of miniature houses and buildings exhibited at the Fall 2009 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show. The

Viva Decor Precious Metal Paint Review
Its rare to find a one coat metallic gloss paint fine enough for miniature details. The new to North America water based Viva Decor Precious Metal Colors worked

Gallery of Vignettes and Vehicles from the Seattle Dollhouse Show
This gallery of vignettes and vehicles has some great ideas for beginners to the hobby of miniatures. Many of the displays shown here can be expanded as your

The Exquisite Scale Miniature Animals of Kerri Pajutee
The new artisan gallery featuring Kerri Pajutee's Miniature Animals shows what dedication it takes to reach the highest levels of miniature sculpture. 1:6 and

Printable Miniature Banners and Frames for the Day of the Dead
Printable miniature Papel Picado paper banner designs and photo frames will help you create miniature ofrendas for the upcoming Dias de los Muertos or Day of

Plant Miniature Terrariums In Christmas Ball Ornaments
Miniature terrariums in glass Christmas balls are one of my favorite hostess gifts. They are easy to make, although you should start soon, and easy to

Make It Merry!
From now until Christmas, Thursday's blog will feature a roundup of seasonal projects. You should find lots of new things to try, not just miniatures! Clothes

Anamalz Toy Animals For Children's Farms or Dollhouse Play
With Christmas coming, a lot of readers have asked where they can find 1:12 scale farm animals for a child's farm. Anamalz a range of toys designed in

Model Terrains and Village Backdrops - Use Plaster Cloth
If you are setting up a model village, Christmas village, railroad or gaming terrain, you may want to try plaster cloth. Easy to mold and shape, you can use it

Make it Merry Craft Roundup Week Two
This weeks round up of holiday how - to's showcases a lot of talent. If you want to participate in future Make It Merry craft round ups, please see the link at

Make Miniature Palm Trees
If you need a taste of the tropics for a miniature scene, these model palm trees are easy to make. They can be made in all kinds of scales, and sizes, and with

Timeline of Domestic Inventions
A nativity site caught my eye last week with information on how to make hay bales. Why would a historical scene be filled with items from the 1940's on? These

Using Artist's Gesso For Miniatures
If you aren't an artist you may never have used gesso to coat surfaces for miniatures and models. Most modellers seem more likely to search a hardware store

Make It Merry Week Three!
Welcome to another edition of Make it Merry, where talented crafters share their holiday how-to's. Now is the ideal time to get something made before the

Make Scale Stone Walls and Buildings From Foam
It's easy to make sturdy stone walls and buildings from foam. These techniques can make a number of pieces for a miniature nativity or Christmas village scene

A Battery Operated Chandelier for a Child's Dollhouse
Parents everywhere must love the new accessories available for a young child's dollhouse. Take the Charming Chandelier from Calico Critters. This battery

Backdrops for Miniature Villages and Nativity Scenes
Working on Your Christmas Village or Creche? These tips for backdrops may give you some easy solutions to problems. Backgrounds can do a surprising number of

Make It Merry Week Four
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it today! Welcome to another edition of Make it Merry, where talented crafters share their holiday how-to's.

Make Swirly Branched Winter Trees for Seasonal and Christmas Displays
Fast and easy to make, these winter trees use clear acetate sheet, and glitter, flourish or scroll stickers, flocking or paint. You can make them elegant and

Great American Dollhouse Museum Holiday Displays and Celebrations
The Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville Kentucky is giving a holiday party on December 5th, with storytelling and treats. Theatre professionals Patrick

Christmas Book Printables from Jean Day
This is too good not to mention. My friend Jean Day has posted some late 1800's children's storybook covers in printable form, including a Santa Claus book and

Make it Merry Week 5
It's the first week of December, so it's time you got cracking on those holiday crafts. Here are some winter treasures to get started with. Winterscape

Dolls House Furniture From JBM Miniatures
Furnishing a miniature house can be difficult and expensive. JBM Miniatures are one of the companies who produce a wide range of quality furniture for several

Make It Merry Week Six
Paper Cone Angel Make this pretty paper cone angel to decorate your table or tree. The angel is easy to customize and personalize using your favorite

Make a Yule Log Candleholder Centerpiece
This traditional Yule Log centerpiece can be made in full size or dolls house scale. It just requires a piece of wood, a candle, and a few decorations. If you

The Dry Brush Technique for Miniatures
If you paint any type of scale model or miniature, you should practise your dry brushing techniques. The fine lines and dots you can create will help you

Paint An Amazingly Realistic Faux Mahogany Finish
Mahogany miniatures are quite stunning, but often very pricey. This Faux Mahogany Finish is a simple way to turn unfinished softwood or painted pieces into

Make it Merry Week Seven
Lots of last minute ideas for decorations and gifts in this week's set of Make it Merry Contributions . Try your hand at any of these for last minute ideas that

Free Printable 2010 Desk Calendar for a CD Case
Admire miniatures all year long with this 2010 free printable calendar. You still have time to print one to stuff a stocking, or as a small gift for a friend