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What is Coal? - Basic Overview
An image gallery to explain what is coal, what are the different types of coal and where coal can be found.

What You Should Know Before Searching for a Mining Job
What you should know about before searching for a mining job, including where to look, qualifications, types of jobs available, and more.

Explosives Used In Mining: An Overview
An overview of the basic classification of the explosives used in the mining industry including low, high, primary, secondary, and tertiary explosives.

The Most Common Accidents In the Mining Industry
Reviewing the most common types and factors of accidents in the mining industry, including explosions and blasted related accidents.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Mining Accidents?
Reviewing the key aspects of preventing mining accidents, including having proper training, safety legislations, the right equipment, and more.

What Is Illegal Mining and How Significant Is It?
Illegal mining is the absence of land rights, mining license, exploration or mineral transportation permits to conduct mining operations.

Specific and Non-Specific Hazards in Underground Mines
Read about the specific and non-specific hazards in underground mines, including fires, floods, premature blasts, toxic containment, and more.

Different Types of Detonators Used in Mining
Fuse caps, electric detonators, non-electric detonators and electronic detonators are the different types of detonators you can find on the market.

FIFO Mining Jobs - Is It Worth the Digging?
FIFO or “Fly In Fly Out”: your company flies you to the mine site where you stay in local shared accommodation and work for the period of your roster.

The Evolution of Marble Extraction Techniques
This article contains a brief overview and history of Carrara and marble extraction. It also goes over the etymological origins and changes.

Mercury Usage in Gold Mining and Why Is It a Problem
Why is mercury used in gold mining and why is it a problem, which includes environmental risks, and health risks for miners.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Operations & Management
All about operating and managing a mine site from land rights negotiation up to closing and reclaiming the mine. Strategic choice of extraction method (open-pit or underground), sustainability and legality of mining operations are also covered and illustrated with mine sites profiles.

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Types of Coal
Different types of coal and their respective uses. Page 2.

What is Coal?
What is Coal and How it Forms. Mining.

Where is Coal Found?
Where is coal found and where are the proven reserves. Page 3.