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A Guide to Changing Career Fields
Changing careers is different from switching jobs, because you may need to get additional training. Learn what you need to do to change your career.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Home
Learn five essential questions to should ask yourself before you buy your first home. These questions can prevent you from buying before you're ready.

When Should I Become Financially Independent?
Most people wonder at what you point, you should stop relying on your parents for financial support. Learn when to stop, so you don't become a moocher.

discuss finances
Learn the important money matters that you should discuss with your fiancÚ; before you get married, and how to do it without fighting.

5 Keys to Successfully Managing Personal Finances
Now is the time to start managing your personal finances. Learn five keys that can help you gain control of your finances now.

Review of
Find out if will help you tackle your debt. This review will take you through the basic aspects and features of the site.

Preparing for Unexpected Events in Your Life
No one can plan and prepare for every possibility. It is important to have a solid plan in place so you can handle the unexpected events financially.

Financial Choices and Your Twenties
Learn how your financial decisions now can affect you in the future. As you address these issues you will better be able to make your money work for you.

What Should I Do With a Sudden Windfall?
Whether you win the lottery, get a settlement or a nice inheritance you may be wondering what to do with your sudden windfall. Learn what to do.

Determine Your Net Worth by Weighing Your Assets Against Your Liabilities
Learn how to determine your net worth. The learn what it tells you about your finances and what you can do to change your overall financial picture.

Choosing Your Credit Card
There are several factors that you should consider before you get a credit card. Learn what benefits to look for, as well as what to walk away from.

Is It Worth Having a Credit Card to Earn the Rewards?
Credit card rewards can be very enticing, but are they worth it? Learn if you really are benefiting from using a rewards credit card.

Making Only the Minimum Payment on Credit Cards?
When you want to pay off your credit cards, you need to get aggressive in the amount you pay each month. To make a difference, make bigger payments.

Should I Use Store Credit Cards?
Store credit cards often offer a ten percent discount on purchases. Learn if store credit cards are a good deal or a bad idea.

Using a Credit Card to Build Credit
Learn basic steps to help you to use a credit card to build credit. Credit cards can easily ruin your credit but these steps will prevent that.

How to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate
How much are you paying in credit card interest each month? Learn five simple steps that can help you save money on your credit cards bills.

How to Stop Using Your Credit Cards
You cannot get out of debt if you are still using your credit cards each month. Learn tricks you can use to stop using your credit cards each month.

Is a Home Equity Line a Second Mortgage?
There is a difference between a home equity line and a second mortgage, but both use the equity from your home. Learn which is right for you.

Apply for a Credit Card
Getting a credit card should be something you take seriously. Be sure to think carefully before you fill out the application.

How to Close Your Credit Cards
Canceling your credit cards can negatively impact your credit score. Learn how to choose the right cards, and how to close your credit cards.

What to Do When Your Credit Card Is Stolen
If you have your credit card stolen, you need to act quickly to protect yourself. You should also monitor your other accounts and credit report.

How to Buy Your First Car in Five Easy Steps
Buying your first car doesn't need to be stressful. Learn the steps you should follow to find a reliable car that you can afford.

Are Interest Free Car Loans Too Good to be True?
Many automobile manufacturers are offering interest free loans on new car purchases, but is it really a good deal? Find out now?

Should I Turn Unsecured Debt to Secured Debt?
Consolidation loans often end up tying unsecured debt (like credit cards) to your things like your home. Learn whether or not this is a good option.

How Can I Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?
Private mortgage insurance is designed to protect the lender from the buyer defaulting on a loan. Learn how you can avoid PMI.

How to Shop for a Car Loan - How to Get an Automobile Loan
It is in your best interest to shop around for a loan when you buy a car, you can save a lot of money by opting out of dealer financing.

What Do I Do Once I'm Out of Debt?
Out of debt and wondering now what? Learn the next things you should be working on as you work toward financial independence.

Creating a Support System to Help You Reach Your Financial Goals
The key to reaching your financial goals is creating an environment and support system that will help you succeed instead of setting you up to fail.

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Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

10 Ways Paying Extra Can Help You Save Time and Money
Sometimes spending a bit extra can actually save you money in the long-run. Learn ten times that paying extra will help you save.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

7 Habits of Perpetually Broke People
Learn 7 habits you need to break if you are tired of being broke. These habits cost you money every month and small changes can make a big difference

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

10 Financial Mistakes You Shouldn't Make as a Newlywed
Starting your marriage together is a key time to start taking control of your finances. Learn 10 mistakes you should avoid making when you get married.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

7 Excuses People Use to Justify Not Contributing to Retirement
Learn 7 excuses that people use to justify not contributing to retirement and how to find a solution so you can start contributing today.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

8 Excuses That Are Keeping You from Getting Out of Debt
Learn the eight most common excuses people use to justify staying in debt. Learn how to solve the issues and start getting out of debt today.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

100 Ways to Save Money You Can Do Today
Learn 100 ways you save money.These ideas are easy to implement and even small savings can add up quickly. Start saving today.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

Money in Your 20s
Money in Your 20s.

9 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Finances and How to Stop
You may be sabotaging your finances without even realizing. Learn nine common ways that people sabotage their financial future and strategies to stop.

Ways to Protect Your Savings
Are you saving money each month, but your savings account just isn't growing? Learn what you can do to protect your savings and help it grow.

Oops! I Blew My Budget Now What?
When you blow through your paycheck and your budget, you may be struggling to make ends meet for the rest of the month. Learn what you can do.

I Don’t Have Time to Manage My Finances
If you feel like you don't have time to worry about your finances, you can use these five strategies to make managing your money easier.

5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in College
You lay the foundation for your financial future when you are in college. Learn the five mistakes you need to avoid making while in school.

Guide to Choosing Your First Credit Card
Your first credit card is a big step. It is important to choose the card wisely. Learn what you should look for when shopping for a credit card.

Ways to Save on Interest on Your Loans
There are things you can do to get lower interest rates on your loan. Learn five steps you can take to help you qualify for lower interest rates.

Are You Lying to Yourself About Your Finances?
In order to fix your financial problems, you need to be honest about your situation. Learn if you are telling these common lies to yourself.

20 Financial Skills You Should Master in Your Twenties
The financial skills and habits you develop as soon as possible. These skills can help you establish a solid financial plan so you can succeed.

20 Financial Skills You Should Master in Your Twenties
The financial skills and habits you develop as soon as possible. These skills can help you establish a solid financial plan so you can succeed.

5 Financial Signs That You Might Want to Rethink Your Relationship
There are some signs that you may want to rethink getting married or seek counseling before you do. Learn five financial signs of future problems.

5 Ways You May Be Blowing $100.00 or More a Month
It's easy to waste money without realizing it. Learn five ways you may be throwing away hundreds of dollars each month.

5 Tips to Stop Your Vacation from Ruining Your Budget
Are you tired of feeling broke right after you go on vacation? Learn how to plan and budget so that you don't have to worry while on vacation.

College Graduate's Guide to Finances
This graduate's guide will help you start down a good financial path after college graduation. Learn what to do to take control of your finances.

8 Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund
Your emergency fund can reduce your stress, help you cover major expenses and give you peace of mind. Learn eight reasons you need one today.

Budgeting Goals To Get You in Control of Your Finances
These budgeting goals will help you take control of your finances and make a big difference in the way that you manage your money.

Budgeting Mistake: Assuming Your Monthly Bills Are Set
One common budgeting pitfall is assuming your monthly bills are set in stone. Learn why they aren't and how to cut yours.

Not Having One
If you don't have a budget, you are hurting yourself now and in the future. Learn why you need to start budgeting now.

Assigning Expenses by Paycheck
Dividing your exposes by paycheck can lead to budgeting problems. Learn how and a solution to fix the issues.

Budget Mistake: Not Working as a Team
Budgeting gets more complicated when you get married. Learn why working together is key to making your budget succeed.

Budget Mistake: No Emergency Fund
You wouldn't walk across a tightrope without a safety net, you shouldn't try to budget without one either. Learn about emergency funds.

Budgeting Mistake: No Fun Money
A common budgeting mistake is cutting off all money for fun things. Learn how this can break your budget, and why fun money is important.

Budget Mistake: Classifying Wants as Needs
A key to making your budget work is being able to tell the difference between what you want and what you need.

Budgeting Mistake: Guessing at Monthly Costs
Estimating the wrong amount for each category is one common budget mistake. Learn the right way to set up your budget.

Budgeting Mistake: Leaving Out Items
One common budget pitfall is forgetting to include regular expenses in your budget. Learn some common things people forget.

Budgeting Mistake: Not Tracking Your Spending
If you do not track your expenses, you may as well not have a budget. Learn how to find a method that works for you.

What Do I Do When I See an Unauthorized Transaction from My Bank?
When you notice fraudulent activity in your account, you need to act quickly to prevent the situation from getting worse. Learn what you need to do.

Financial Goals to Reach by Age 30
Reaching these five financial goals by the time you are thirty will set you up to be financially successful for the rest of your life.

10 Biggest Budgeting Mistakes
Learn the 10 most common budgeting mistakes and how to solve them.

10 Ways to Save 10 Dollars or More at the Grocery Store This Week
Learn ten ways you can reduce your grocery bill by $10.00. Each of these tricks can help you save money and cut down your grocery bill each month.

How Will Settling Debt Affect My Taxes?
Settling your debt will change the amount that you owe on your taxes. Learn how to determine how much extra money you will owe.

5 Biggest Money Misconceptions
Do you believe any of these common money misconceptions? Learn how to deal with them and get your finances back on track.

9 Signs You Need to Change the Way You Handle Your Finances
Learn if one of these nine signs is telling you that you need to change the way you handle money. Learn what they are and how to change your habits.

10 Great College Jobs That Pay Quick Cash
These ten jobs are great ways for a college student to earn some extra cash. They are flexible and can work around your class schedule.

5 Financial Habits to Start With Your First Job
Landing your first job is great, but without good habits, you will not do a lot with your income. These 5 habits will help you be successful.

How Do I Feel Happy With No Money?
When you are struggling to make ends meet, it can be difficult to be happy. However money doesn't mean happiness. Learn how to cope with being poor.

7 Biggest Money Mistakes in Your Twenties and How to Fix Them
Learn how to fix the seven biggest financial mistakes that you can make. These mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars over the years

5 Reasons You Should Start Budgeting Today
A budget is one of your best financial tools. It can help you change your financial picture. Learn 5 reasons to start budgeting now.

Five Things You Can Do to Save on Your Rent
Rent can be very expensive. It is important to find a good price on your apartment. Learn five ways you can save money on your rent.

7 Steps to Help You Pay Off Your Student Loans
Is your student loan debt overwhelming you? Learn seven steps you can take today to help you get rid of your student loan debt once and for all.

My Parents Asked Me for Money What Should I Do?
It can be a tricky situation when your parents ask for money. Learn how to handle the situation whether or not you are able to help out.

How to Avoid the Credit Card Trap
Learn the basic steps you can take today to help you avoid falling into the credit card trap. These steps are easy to implement.

5 Ways to Increase Your Income
When you are in an income crisis, you need to find a long-term solution to increase your income. Learn give options you can pursue.

Spring Clean Your Finances
The spring is a great time to make lasting changes to your financial future. Learn how you can spring clean your finances today.

Should I Rent or Buy?
Choosing to rent or a buy a home may not be based solely on your current financial situation.These questions can help you decide to rent or buy.

What If My Credit Card or Debit Card Information Has Been Compromised?
Learn what you need to do if your credit card or debit card information has been stolen. These steps can help you catch fraudulent activity quickly.

A Guide to Switching Banks
Switching to a new bank is a time-consuming process. It can be costly if you do not do everything correctly. This guide will help you do it correctly.

Budgeting for Fluctuating Bills
A huge utility bill can blow your monthly budget, especially if money is tight. Learn how to budget for your fluctuating bills.

3 Major Credit Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
It is important to manage your credit carefully. Learn three common pitfalls and how to avoid them in order to maintain a good credit score.

5 Financial Steps to Take in Your Twenties
These five steps will help you to succeed financially. If you can accomplish them while you are in your twenties, you will be able to win financially.

Five Biggest Career Mistakes in Your Twenties
Your twenties is an important time when it comes to building your career. Learn the five biggest career mistakes not to make in your twenties.

Are You Financially Compatible?
It is important that you and your spouse be financially compatible before you get married. Learn what questions you need to ask to make sure you are.

Weekend Challenge 52: Think About Rewards
This weekend challenge is designed to help you find the rewards and motivation you will need to reach your financial goals.

How Can I Find Money to Save in My Budget When Money Is Tight?
Learn ways to find money to put into your savings even when your budget is tight. It is important to have savings to fall back on.

How to Put a Stop Payment on a Lost Check
If a check is lost or stolen, you will need to put a stop payment on your check. Learn the steps and other signs to watch for after a check is stolen.

Why Isn't My Money Available at My Bank?
When you make a deposit, you may expect to be able to access your money at the bank right away. Learn why your money may not be available right away.

The Six Most Important Money Steps to Take in Your Twenties
Learn the six most important financial steps you need to take when you are in your twenties. These steps can help establish solid financial habits.

5 Signs That You Have a Spending Problem
Learn the warning signs of serious spending issues. Spending problems can lead to serious financial problems like crippling debt. Learn how to get help.

Can I Max Out My 401(k) Contributions?
It is possible to max out your 401(k) contributions each year. Learn what your limits are and what investing alternatives you should consider.

How Old Should I Be Before I Get My First Credit Card?
When you are getting a credit card, you need to be sure that you are ready to handle the responsibility. Learn what factors you should consider before getting a credit card.

10 Budget Busters That You Can Live Without
Learn ten items that can bust your budget, and cheaper alternatives to help you save. These 10 things are things people think they can't live without.

What Type of Mortgage Should I Get?
When it is time to take out a mortgage, you may struggle with what your best options are. Learn how to choose the best mortgage for your situation.

Making the Most of Your Summer Job
When you are in college, your summer job is often your best chance at earning enough money to cover your expenses over the next school year. Learn some tips that can help you make the most of your summer job so you can avoid expensive student loans.

Are You Being Paid With a Debit Card with Hidden Fees?
When you are paid through a prepaid debit card, you may face additional banking fees and issues. Learn how to deal with these issues now.

Shop for New Car Insurance Policies to Save Money
Learn some savings strategies you can use as you shop for car insurance, and to keep costs low even when your premium keeps going up.

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
When you live paycheck to paycheck each little emergency becomes a full-fledged crisis. Learn what you can do to put some room in your budget.

Solutions When You Are Short on Cash
Even the best of us have an occasional budgeting crisis. Learn short-term solutions for when you are short on cash and how to prevent it from happening.

10 Biggest Money Mistakes
Learn the top ten biggest financial mistakes that you can make and learn how you can avoid making those mistakes to protect your finances.

5 Best Financial Habits for Your Twenties
The habits you create now will follow you throughout your life. Learn the five most important habits to establish in order to succeed financially.

How Do I Determine the Order of Paying Off My Debts?
A set order in paying off your debt can speed up the process and make your payments more effective. Learn how to determine which debts to pay off first.

Should I Take Out a Home Equity Line for Home Repairs?
A home equity loan can put your home at risk. Learn whether or not this is the best plan for your current situation financially or otherwise.

Should I Switch to an Online Bank?
Online banks are becoming more popular. It is important to understand the ins and outs of online banks before you make the switch.

What to Do if Your Account Is Sent to Debt Collections
Do you have an account in collections? It can be scary when you have debt collectors contacting you. Learn how to deal with your debt collectors.

How Do I Make Extra Principal Payments on My Loans?
Extra payments can help pay off your loan faster, but your bank may charge fees or penalties. Learn how to put your extra payments to the best use.

How Can I Tell It Is Time to Move on to a New Job?
It can be difficult to determine when to move from your current job to a new one. Learn what to consider to determine when you should start looking.

What Happened to My Raise?
When you get a raise, you may be excited about the extra money you will get each month, but you are still struggling. Learn where your money is going.

5 Worst Financial Mistakes You Can Make
Learn the top five things you can do to hurt yourself financially. Learn what you need to avoid doing to improve your financial situation now.

Should I Be Financially Conservative?
Are you a spendthrift or a saver? Learn why you may want to be more conservative when handling certain aspects of your money.

10 Best Financial Goals
Learn the top ten goals you can set to get control of your finances. You can benefit by working toward on one or all of these goals.

Asking for a Raise
When you have worked at a company for a year or two, you may be ready to ask for a raise. Learn what you need to do when you ask for a raise.

Find Extra Money to Pay Off Your Debts
It can be difficult to get out of debt. One way to speed up the process is to find extra money to throw at your debt. Learn how to find extra money.

Student Loan - All About Student Loans
A student loan gives you the ability to go to college. It is important to fully understand everything about your student loan, including consequences.

High Interest Savings Account Options
High interest savings accounts are a great option for your emergency fund. There are several other high interest savings accounts options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement - Retirement FAQS
Retirement planning can be confusing and it can be difficult to know where to start. Learn the answers to the most common retirement questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement - Retirement FAQS
Retirement planning can be confusing and it can be difficult to know where to start. Learn the answers to the most common retirement questions.

Debt Diet - Lose Your Debt with a Debt Diet
Many people compare getting out of debt to losing the extra weight. A debt diet is one strategy that you can use to help you shed that unwanted debt.

Weekend Challenge 4: Creating a Budget
This challenge will help you take control of your income so you can do the things you want to with your life. Budgets can be your best financial tool.

Weekend Challenge 11 - Budget Check Up
The challenge this weekend is designed to allow you to adjust your budget and get back on track. It should not take long to complete.

Weekend Challenge 13 - Increasing Your Income
This week the challenge is focused on helping you to increase your earning power. These suggestions can help you change your current situation.

Get Ready to Buy a Home
This weekend the challenge is to create a plan that will get you ready to buy a house. The plan will help you to be ready when it is time to buy.

When Should I Refinance My Mortgage?
People refinance their mortgage for a variety of reasons. Learn what things you need to do when your refinance your mortgage.

Six Steps to Debt Elimination
If you are tired of being in debt, this six step debt elimination plan is for you. Debt elimination requires work and commitment.

When Should I Rent a Car? Five Scenarios
Often you only think of a car rental when traveling, but car rental can save you money in a number of situations. Learn when to consider car rental.

Fighting Over Finances? Tips to Help Resolve Financial Differences with Your Spouse
Financial fights are one of the leading causes of divorce. Learn four tips that will help you work through the financial problems in your marriage.

Credit Debt Management Advice - Credit and Debt Management
Your credit and debt are related to each other. The way you handle your debt affects your credit score. Learn how to manage your credit debt situation.

Alternatives to COBRA Health Insurance
COBRA insurance can be very expensive. There are alternative ways to insure yourself and your family. Learn how to find affordable insurance.

Freelancing Tips - Ideas to Help You Start Freelancing
Freelance work is a great way to supplement your income. It can also your primary income. Learn some basic tips to help you start freelancing.

A Guide to Transferring Your Benefits When You Change Jobs
When you change jobs, you will be changing benefits. Learn how to deal with health insurance coverage gaps and other issues.

Make Your Financial Plan Work - Why Am I Unable to Reach My Financial Goals
The hardest part of a financial plan is getting it to work. Learn to troubleshoot your financial plan if you are having a difficult time following it.

Can I Find Help With My Student Loans?
Are you struggling to make your student loan payment payments? Learn strategies that can make paying off your student loans much easier.

Finding a Long Term Solution to a Low Income
When you do not make enough money to support your lifestyle, you can either increase your income or you can change your priorities.

A Survival Guide for Moving Back in With Your Parents
Moving in with your parents can offer great financial benefits. Learn how to survive your stay at home without going crazy.

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Bills
Budgeting does not just mean cutting back on fun. Learn how to reduce your monthly bills that are necessities through careful planning.

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers
Are you worried about your work gift exchange? Learn five holiday gift ideas for coworkers that are fun and affordable this year.

Learn the Best Savings Tools for Your Account
There are many different saving account options, each with different benefits and drawbacks. Learn to match the correct tool to your savings needs.

What Can I Do to Get Out of Debt?
Wondering how to get out of debt? Learn 5 strategies that will help you tackle your debt and take control of your finances.

Financial Goals to Change Your Future - New Year's Resolutions: Financial Goals
Setting financial goals each year is the best thing that you can do for your financial future. Learn how to set goals that you can reach.

Retirement Savings Goals
Saving for retirement is an important goal for every individual. Learn what goals you should set to help you save for retirement successfully.

Job Hunting Help for New Grads
When you first graduate from college, there are a number of additional resource to help you find a job. Learn what they are and how to use them.

401(k) Questions and Answers - Learn About Your 401(k)
Learn the basic answers to the most common 401(k) questions. This can help you better understand the rules and regulations surrounding 401(k)s.

4 Books That Will Change the Way You Think About Money
These four financial management books, can motivate you to make changes that will help you to build wealth and achieve financial independence.

Common Checking Account Questions
Learn the basics when it comes to handling your checking account, and find answers to common questions about checking accounts.

Working At Home - Options to Help You Be at Home With Your Child
Many parents want to stay home with their children, but still need to work. Here are some options to consider if you want to avoid paying for childcare.

How to Set Up a Household Budget With Your Partner
A household budget is one way to handle finances when you are living with a partner and not married yet. This will protect you and keep things fair.

6 Steps to Take When You've Maxed Out Your Credit Cards
If you have maxed out your credit cards, you may be scrambling to cover your bills.Learn how to get out of this situation and fix your credit.

Comparing Money Orders, Bank Checks and Cashiers Checks
Many people confuse money orders, bank checks and cashier checks, since they are used to guarantee funds for payment. Learn the differences.

Make Saving Money Easier to Do
Most people realize they should be saving money each month, but it is hard to actually do it. Learn things that will help you save money effectively.

Help! My Budget Isn't Working!
Do you have a hard time making your budget work? Sometimes it may be spending issues, other times planning issues. Learn to make your budget work

Are You Ready to Move Out After School?
If you have been living at home, you may be anxious to move out. You need to be prepared financially before you take on the responsibility.

The Four Types of Mutual Funds and How to Choose One
There are several different types of mutual funds available to choose from. Learn which type of fund will best help you to reach your goals.

Mortgage Questions: Are You House Poor?
If you are financially strapped each month because of your mortgage, you may be house poor. Learn what you can do to fix your situation.

Five Advantages of Banking Online
Online banking is an easy and effective way to manage your money. There are many advantages to online banking. Learn how it can help you.

Insurance Basics--Avoid Five Common Insurance Mistake
Learn five common insurance mistakes that can cost you money. Understanding these will help you have the right type and amount of coverage.

Don't Borrow Too Much for College: Save Money on College
Student loans add up. Reduce how much you borrow by making wise choices and thinking creatively. Learn 5 ways that you can save money on college.

Six Major Financial Steps of Your Life
These six financial steps will help you be successful. Start planning now to buy a new home, get married, get out of debt, or plan for retirement.

Five Basic Investing Steps to Help You Start Investing
When you are ready to invest, you need to understand the different tools that are available to you. Learn the basic steps to being investing.

Get Relief from Debt: Here's How
You can break free from debt by setting up a solid plan and working on paying off your debt. Learn how to give yourself debt relief today.

Don't Let Your Money Ruin Your Marriage
When you get married creating a plan on how you handle your money is one of the most important things you can do to make your marriage successful.

Finding the Best Payment and Loan Options for Your Mortgage
There are many mortgage options available to you. Learn now to choose from several different loan and payment options when it's time to buy your home.

Seven Financial Points Every New Grad Should Understand
Learn the essential things you need to do when you are just starting out on your own. Learn everything from insurance to banking to budgeting.

What Types of Insurance Do I Need?
Are you wondering what types of insurance you actually need? Learn what you should get and what insurance you can safely skip.

Do Debt Consolidation or Get Out of Debt Loans Work?
What is a debt consolidation loan or get out of debt loans combine all of your debt into one loan or payment. Learn the benefits and dangers of these loans.

Should I Use a Credit Counseling Service?
Learn if a consumer credit counseling service is right for you. There are positives and negatives to this service, you need to carefully consider the risks before you decide to use one.

Do You Really Need a Credit Card? Myths Explained
People feel they need credit cards for many reasons. Learn the most common reasons people need a credit card and how you can manage without them.

Tax Refund Options - Best Ways to Receive It
When you get a tax refund, you want it quickly. Learn what your options are and which one is the best option for you.

When Should You Adjust Your Paycheck Withholdings?
Learn when you should adjust your paycheck withholdings, and an easy way to discover how many exemptions you should be claiming each year.

Five Good Financial Goals for Your New Year Resolutions
Learn five simple goals that can change your financial life. These goals will help you manage your money and make the most out of your money.

Ways to Reduce Your Student Loan Payments
If you are having a hard time paying your student loans, learn what options are available to help you reduce your student loan payments.

Four Ways to Save Money While in College
Saving money in college is one of the best things that you can do financially. It can be difficult on a tight budget, but it is possible.

Self-Employment Planning and Responsibilities
Learn the areas you need to plan to cover when you are self-employed and the tax savings available to you as you take care of each of these areas.

Self-Employment and Retirement
You will learn how to save money for retirement while taking advantage of special tax savings for the self-employed.

Seven Easy Ways to Save Money
Learn seven super easy ways to save more money each month. These tricks will help you to save money without even thinking about it.

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Money Work for You
Learn the three most important things that you can do to make the most of your money. You can begin to build wealth with these three steps.

Steps to Help You Start Building Wealth
It can be difficult to make the leap between saving money and investing. However, it is an important step in the wealth building process.

Are Long-Term or Short-Term Investments Better?
Long-term and short-term investments have different benefits and risks. Learn how to tell the right type of investment for your current goals.

Questions to Ask Before You Make Big Purchases
Whenever you make a large purchase, you need to shop wisely.These seven questions will help you make the right decision for you.

Career Goals to Help You Reach Your Dream Job
Setting clear goals with a timeline will help you to reach the career goals that are most important to you. Learn what goals you need to set today.

Should I Loan a Friend Money?
It can be difficult when a friend needs financial help. Learn if you should ever loan a friend money, and how to deal with the situation.

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Reasons You Should Work to be Debt Free
Being debt free may seem like an impossible task, but people are beginning choose to live debt free. Learn how the benefits of living debt free.

Employee Health Insurance
It is important to understand the different types of health insurance plans your employer offers and to choose the right ones. These insurance options can save you money if you choose the right plan.

Dealing with Open Enrollment
Each year your company will offer the chance for you to change your benefits package. Open enrollment allows you to sign up for new benefits, increase your contribution to your flexible spending plan and make sure you are on tract for retirement.

Weekend Challenges Weeks 1-20
Weekend Challenges to get control of your finances. These are challenges one through twenty. You can get control of your finances by taking a challenge each weekend.

Financial Habits to Help You Win
Learn the habits that you need to establish to start winning financially.

What's the Difference Between Saving and Investing?
Saving and investing money are both tools that you can use to build wealth. Learn how both saving and investing can help you build wealth.

Reasons and Ways to Save
Learn the reasons why you should begin saving money today. Additionally, with so many different savings account options available to you, it is difficult to determine which one is best suited to help you reach your goals. You will learn how match your goal with the best saving option.

Is It Cheaper to Live On or Off Campus?
If you are looking for ways to save money on your college expenses, you may want to consider changing your living arrangements.

Buying a Home
Learn all the things you need to consider as you go through the home buying process. These articles will help you determine if you are ready to buy a home and guide you through the process.

Buying a Car
Buying a car is likely one your largest purchases. Buying your first car requires understanding the terms of the loan and making a wise decision about the type of car you will buy. Learn some basic guidelines and rules to make buying a car easier.

Handling Financial Emergencies
It is important to plan for financial emergencies. An unexpected medical emergency, car repairs or other financial emergency can throw off your financial plan. You can create a safety net that allows you to deal with these emergencies and still survive emergencies.

Financial Crisis: I Don't Make Enough Money
These articles will help you if you simply do not make enough money to cover your current obligations. They will help you deal with the current crisis and create a plan to recover from the situation.

Giving Back
Learn how to determine the right amount to give, and how to make sure your charity is legitimate.

Dealing With Your Parents and Your Money
As you navigate your first years as an adult, it can be tricky to deal with your parents who may be controlling you or overly critical of your financial management. Learn how to deal with this situation.

College Student Financial Checklist
This college financial checklist will help you create a solid plan to help you get through college while keeping your student debt low.

How Much Money Should I Save?
Wondering how much money you should be saving? Learn some basic guidelines and tricks on ways to increase your savings each month.

Your Own Retirement Savings
Learn how to save for retirement on your own. You will learn about IRAs as well as other savings vehicles that will help you reach your retirement goals.

Dispute Incorrect Medical Bill/ Denied Insurance Claim
Medical billing errors are common. Watch your statements and bills carefully so that you are not overcharged. Learn how to dispute a charge.

Choosing Your Student Loans
There are several different options when it comes to borrowing money for college. Learn the positive and negatives of each loan type. You will also find out where to take out your student loans.

Managing Your Student Loans
Learn the ins and outs of paying off your student loans. You will learn when and how to consolidate your student loans, as well as other ways to lower the interest rates on your loans.

When to Seek Outside Help for Spending Issues
There are people who overspend consistently and some of them struggle with stopping. If you think you have this problem you should seek help to stop.

How Can I Find Money to Save for Retirement?
Saving for retirement is essential. Don't use the excuse that you do not have money to save. Learn ways to find money to save for retirement.

Choosing Stocks or Mutual Funds
Choosing the right stocks can be difficult. Learn some of the basic things you need to consider when you are choosing stocks.

Do I Really Need Health Insurance?
Everyone needs health insurance. It protects against medical debt and protects you if you have a serious illness. Learn why you need health insurance.

Debt Consolidation
A consolidation loan can combine all of your debts into one loan and give you one monthly payment. Not all consolidation loans will help you get out of debt. Learn what loans you should choose and how to decide if consolidation is a good option for you.

Credit Counseling, Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy
If your debt is overwhelming you may be considering solutions such as credit counseling or bankruptcy. These options may help you if you are in a really bad situation, but they do take a toll on your credit. Learn to see if these options will work for you.

Choosing Your Health Insurance
Learn the basic options available for you through your different insurance options. These articles will help you find the best insurance policies for your needs.

Auto/Home Insurance
Learn how to find the best automobile and home insurance for your needs. You will also learn to find discounts on your home and automobile insurance.

Credit Cards
Learn the ins and outs of having a credit card. Many people love the convenience of having a credit card, but they end up misusing this tool. Learn how to responsibly handle a credit card and avoid the many mistakes that people make.

Other Insurance
Learn about all the insurance options available. You will learn whether you should have dental insurance, disability insurance or life insurance. You will also learn how to decide just how much coverage you really need.

Your Salary
Learn the tips to negotiate a good salary. You will also learn the different deductions on your paychecks.

Looking for a Job
Searching for a job can be difficult. Learn tips and tricks to help you find the perfect job.

Self Employment and You
Working a traditional 9-5 job may not be the best fit for you. If you are considering becoming self employed, or if you already are, you may have questions about how to handle your taxes, your benefits and your retirement.

Basic Retirement Savings Rules
Learn the basic rules you should follow when it comes to saving for retirement. You will learn how much to save, when to save it and what not to do with your retirement savings.

Basic Savings Tools
Learn the different accounts and other tools that you can choose from to save money. Learn the features, as well as the positives and negatives associated with the different types of accounts.

Employer Retirement Account Options
Learn what your employer is offering you when it comes to retirement savings. You will learn what to take advantage of and how to make the most of your options.

Filing Your Taxes
Learn the different options available to you when it comes to filing your taxes. You will learn the best software to use or if you are better off using a tax preparer. You can also learn the ins and outs of preparing your taxes yourself.

Getting Out of Debt
Learn everything you need to do in order to get out of debt and stay out of debt. You will learn the basics of setting up a debt repayment plan as well as the habits you need to change in order to remain debt free.

Money Management Books
Learn which books on money management will help you the most. These books will help you to better understand the tool that money can be in your life.

Money Management Software
Learn the best money management software available to you. You can read reviews and find the software that has the features that you need the most.

Shopping for Loans
Learn what to look for when taking out a loan. It is important to consider all of your options when you are going to borrow money. Learn which lenders to avoid, and which ones you can trust the most.

Taxes for the Self Employed
If you are self employed you will need to pay your own taxes. You will learn how to pay your taxes. Additionally you will learn to calculate how much to pay.

Types of Debt
Learn the different types of debt that you may have. You will learn the types that are tax deductible. You will also learn the risks associated with each type of debt.

Understanding Credit
Before you take out a loan or borrow any money, you need to understand credit. You can learn to understand the different types of loans, the terms, penalties and what credit really costs you.

Websites and Online Tools
Learn the best websites and other online tools to help you with your money management. This list includes spreadsheets, online calculators and basic money advice.

Your Benefits
Learn to make the most of the benefits that your employer offers to you. You will also learn to understand and choose the best options for your situation.

Your Jobs and Your Taxes
Learn what is taken from your paycheck. You will also learn how much to have withheld from your paycheck. Learn how much taxes you can expect to pay.

Weekend Challenges 2011
These challenges are designed to help you get control of your finances in 2011.

Losing Your Job
Difficult economic times means that companies often lay off workers. If you lose your job you need to act quickly and work to recover from your job loss as quickly as possible.

Weekend Challenges Weeks 41-52
Take these weekend challenges to help you get in shape financially. These are the last challenges to finish out the entire year.

How to Catch Up on Late Bill Payments
When you are behind on your bills or payments, it can quickly turn into a negative cycle. Learn what you can do to turn the situation around quickly.

How to Find Independent Health Insurance
You can save money on your health insurance by shopping for an independent health insurance policy. Learn how to find independent health insurance.

How Do I Stop Going Into Debt Each Month?
If you are relying on your credit cards each month, you need to stop going into debt. The key to really getting out of debt is to stop overspending.

Ways You Can Pay for Graduate School
Graduate school can be expensive, but with today's job market, it can give you an edge over the competition. Learn how you can pay for graduate school.

Why Should I Worry About My Debt to Income Ratio?
Your debt to income ratio is used to determine how much money banks are willing to lend you. It is also a good measure of how you are doing financially.

How Much Debt Do You Have?
Determining how much debt you have can help you get a complete picture of your finances. Learn how to tell how much you have.

Should I Use the Financial Advisor Through My Bank?
If you are looking for financial advisors, you may want to consider the investment services available with your bank. Learn more about this option.

Help! I'm Underwater on My Mortgage
When you owe more on your home than it is worth, you are underwater on your mortgage. This can trap you in your home. Learn how to cope.

Blend Funds - How Can I Benefit from Investing in Blend Funds
Blend funds use a variety of investment strategies to help spread the risk of investing. Learn if choosing a blend fund is a good fit for your portfolio.

Weekend Challenge 36: Start Planning for the Holidays
This challenge is designed to help you start planning for Christmas. Learn steps you can take now to save money on the things you can for Christmas.

Sallie Mae (Student Loan Program) Info
Sallie Mae is one of the largest student loan providers in the United States. You can apply for private student loans through them

Should I Use a Payday Loan?
A payday loan should always be a last resort. Payday loans businesses charge high interest rates and affect your ability to meet future obligations.

Weekend Challenge 28: Budgeting with a Spouse or a Partner
This weekend the challenge is to get your and your partner really working together when it comes to your budget. Both of you need to work together.


How to Close Your Credit Cards
Once you have paid off all of your credit cards, you may be tempted to close them all and never go into debt again. If you need a good credit score to qualify for a mortgage, you will need to be careful about which credit cards you close and which ones you open. Learn how to choose, and how to close your credit cards.