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Medicare & Marketplace FAQ's During Open Enrollment
Here are 9 key questions to ask during Medicare Marketplace or Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment.

6 Ways for you to buy things for less
Like many things in life, paying less is a skill that can be learned. Here are 6 ways to start honing this skill and save in your own life.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Retirement Myths: 4 False Reasons To Leave The Workforce
Myths that cause people to retire too soon: 1.65 is old.2.Leisure is more fulfilling than work.3.We must make room for next generation.4.Older=worse worker

How To Find Fulfilling Work in Retirement
Want to find a second career that you love? Start with these five things.

Yes, You Can Retire at 50 - Learn How
If you want to retire at 50 you have a few choices; start saving as much as you can as fast as you can, get lucky, or make something profitable.

How To Look Younger - To Make More Money
Creating a youthful look not only makes you feel good - it might also help you make more money. Here's how.

Should You Own Stocks in Retirement?
Only 3 types of people should own stocks in retirement. Use these financial resources to figure out if you are one of them?

11 Ways to Complete Your Bucket List - on a Budget!
Don't let lack of funds keep you from doing the things on your bucket list! Here's how to do it on a budget.

What to Do in Retirement? One of These 7 Things
You'll have a happier retirement if you've thought about what you'll do with your time. Here are 7 things you can do.

What Is Your Critical Path in Retirement?
The project management concept of a critical path can be applied to your retirement to help you see if you are on track. Here's how it works.

How to Retire Without Saving a Penny
You don't have to be rich or save a ton to retire comBelieve it or not, you can retire comfortable without saving a penny. Here's how.

Annuity Payment Terms: Life, Joint Life, Term Certain
Make sure you understand the annuity payout terms before you make an irrevocable decision. Here are three common terms you should know.

5 Things You Must Know About Health Exchange Plans
The new health exchanges improve options for early retirement. Here are 5 things you must know about buying insurance on the exchange.

Steps You Must Take Within 5 Years of Retirement
Short term retirement planning: steps you must take when planning on retiring within the next five years.

How to Save Money on Medical by Heading Out of the U.S.
Here's why traveling outside the U.S. for medical care in retirement may be both safe and affordable.

When Should I Retire? After Answering These Questions
Should you retire? If you have a clear answer to these two questions, then you might be ready to retire. If you don't, you've got some work to do.

How to Use Dividends for Retirement Income
Many companies have a long history of rising dividends; when used appropriately they make a great source of inflation-adjusted retirement income.

Taking Social Security at Age 62 May Cost You in the Long Run
What are the pros and cons of taking Social Security at 62? These articles cover everything you need to know about when to take your Social Security.

5 Ways Saving for Retirement Is Sexy
Saving for retirement and talking about your money goals is seriously sexy. Here are five ways saving for retirement falls into the sexy category.

How Much to Save For Retirement
Trying to figure out how much to save for retirement? Here are four factors that help you figure out the answer.

Government Pension Offset - How It Affects Your Benefits
The Government Pension Offset is a Social Security rule that could reduce your spousal or widow benefit. Here's who it affects and how it works.

How To Get Out of an Annuity
Need to get out of an annuity? There are several ways you can do this. This article covers three options and explains how each one works.

How to Find Dividends Without Picking Stocks
Dividend income funds are a great way to get investment income without picking individual stocks. Here's how these funds work and what to look for.

What is a Tax-Deferred Investment Account?
With a tax-deferred account, you pay no tax on investment income until you take a withdrawal. The idea is to put time on your side. Here's how.

Is Gold a Good Investment For Retirement?
Should you invest in gold? The answer depends on your goal. Here's the scoop on gold as an investment choice and when it makes sense.

How to Protect Your Accounts from Online Fraud
Online account fraud, especially wire transfer fraud, is on the rise - and your retirement accounts are targets. Here's how to protect yourself.

How to Stay Calm During Turbulent Stock Markets
Before cashing in your portfolio at a market bottom, calm down, and ask yourself these four questions.

Use Annual Medicare Enrollment to Reduce Premium Costs
Take an active approach to annual Medicare open enrollment and you could see costs savings. Here's why.

Why Expats Return Home to the U.S.
Here are two reasons some retirees return to the states after living overseas.

Consider These Five Gifts Your Career Asset
Gift gifting can be at no financial cost to you and appreciated by many. Learn how to share your knowledge, skills, wisdom, experience, and example here.

How to Manage Health Care With The RV Lifestyle
These 7 tips show you how to manage your health care needs on the road so you can enjoy your travels in retirement.

Health Care at 65, Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement?
Here are 5 steps to help you figure out the right health care plan at 65; Medicare Advantage or a Medigap policy.

Taxes When You Retire Overseas
If you retire overseas, do you still pay U.S. taxes? Yes, here's how it works.

7 Reasons Why Ecuador is a Great Retirement Haven
For adventurous retirees, here are 7 reasons you might want to consider retiring in Ecuador.

Who Was Bernie Madoff?
Why does the name Bernie Madoff come up? Here's who he is and why he is mentioned so much.

Why Retiring to an RV Might Be Perfect for You
Thinking about retirement? Here's why you should consider the RV Lifestyle.

When to Take Social Security for Singles
Singles, there are five factors you need to consider when deciding when to take Social Security.

Am I Self-Employed? What You Need to Do If You Are
Are you self-employed for the first time? You better brush up on how self-employment taxes work or you'll have an unpleasant surprise at tax time.

Social Security for Widows and Widowers
Social Security rules are complicated. The amount you'll get depends on whether or not your spouse had started their benefits, their age, and your age.

How to Plan for Health Care Costs in Retirement
Rising healthcare costs will affect those transitioning toward retirement. Here's how to estimate what those costs may be and how to plan for them.

Why You Might Want to Fund an HSA Instead of an IRA
When used correctly an HSA can be like an IRA on steroids. That's why you might want to fund an HSA instead of an IRA.

10 Things A Financial Advisor Might Not Tell You
If the advice doesn't pay them, will they share it with you? Here are 10 things I see financial advisors overlook all-too-often.

Using Non Deductible IRAs to Get Money Into a Roth
Non deductible IRA contributions can allow high income earners to put money into a Roth IRA. Here's how it works.

SEP IRAs for Self Employeds And Small Business Owners
SEP IRAs - who are they good for, how do you set one up, and how much can you contribute? Here are the rules for the 2015 and 2016 tax years.

How to Calculate Present Value Numbers for Retirement
Understanding present value and how to calculate it can be quite useful when it comes to retirement planning. Here's what it is and how to use it.

How Much in Taxes Should I Withhold from my Pension?
Before you start a pension you'll want to figure out if you should have taxes withheld. Here's how to look at pension withholding.

Do you really need to file a restricted application?
Why you need probably need a restricted application, even if Social Security tells you it isn't necessary.

Rules That Clear Up Spousal Benefits Confusion
Confusion abounds over Social Security spousal benefits. Here are three rules that help clear up the confusion.

Hidden Gambling Tax Hits Retirees Hard
Gambling can be fun, but it may come with a hidden tax that can hit retirees hard. Here's how gambling affects your tax return in retirement.

When Expats Go Where Medicare Doesn't
Medicare doesn't cover you if you retire abroad. Here are four ways you can cover international health care costs without Medicare.

Book Review - Career Asset Management
Want to increase your earning potential? This book tells you how.

How to Prepare Financially for Retiring Overseas
Here are 5 things you must do if you plan on traveling a lot in retirement - or retiring overseas.

If You Work Abroad, How Do Income Taxes Work?
U.S. citizens working and living abroad should know about the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE). Here's an overview of what it is.

How to Go From Broke to Retired in 10 Years
You can go from broke to retired in 10 years or less. You take it one year at a time. Here's how.

How Much Should I Contribute to my 401k Plan?
Use these factors to help determine how much to contribute to your 401k plan each year in order to have a lucrative retirement.

Equity Risk Premium - What is It - How to Use It
The equity risk premium is considered to be one of the most important topics in modern finance. Learn why the risk premium exists and what to beware of.

How Second Marriages Affect Your Retirement
Before you say

Rules of Buying Real Estate in an IRA
Is buying real estate in an IRA a good idea? For a few it will work, but for most it may not be so smart. Here's why.

Before You Invest Your Retirement Money
Figuring out where how to invest for retirement can be scary and difficult. Here are 5 things you must know before you invest your retirement money.

When and How Social Security Checks Should Arrive
Need to know when your Social Security check will be deposited? Find the Social Security check schedule and answers to additional questions.

Here Are Two Ways to Get a Pension
There are two ways to get a pension. You can create your own, or work for an employer who offers one. Here's how to get started down either path.

7 Deadly Retirement Budget Mistakes - Are You About to Make One?
Retirement mistakes occur when you forget to include one of these seven items in your budget.

Key Things to Consider When Divorcing Over 50
Divorce after 50 now has it's own terminology: gray divorce. As you exit your marriage, the best advice is to look forward.

Should Singles Plan for Retirement Differently Than Couples? Yes.
Singles, here are 4 retirement planning decisions you may want to make differently than couples.

5 Retirement Income Portfolios
Here are 5 different ways to put together a retirement income portfolio.

Why You Should Solve for Retirement Cashflow, Not Income
Income in retirement does not mean the same thing as cashflow. What you need to solve for is retirement cashflow, not retirement income. Here's why.

The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget
The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget is a must read book for anyone over 50. Here's why.

2016 401(k) Contribution Limits, Rules, and More
Find 2016 401(k) limits, deferral rules, and types of contributions allowed. Use these rules to max out your contributions.

How Women's Retirement Risks Differ From Men's
Women, here are four ways you look at retirement differently than men do.

How Much Does it Cost to Live Abroad in Retirement?
Many countries offer affordable alternatives for living on a fixed budget in retirement. Here's a sample budget or an overseas retiree.

Are Stocks a Better Investment Than Real Estate?
Are stocks better than real estate? It all depends on your goals. Here's a comparison of stocks vs. real estate investments.

How to Get More Retirement Income Using Income Strategies
An income strategy works when you look at all the factors that affect your retirement income, and make them work together. Here's how that works.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

What's Your Picture Of Retirement
This series of pictures have been sent to me by clients or readers who are happily enjoying retirement. What's your picture of retirement?

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

10 Best Ways Retirees Could Live Well on Less
Retirement doesn't have to be expensive. Here are 10 ways to retire well and live the life you want without spending too much.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

How to Generate Retirement Income
Are you getting closer to retirement? Here is a list of retirement income strategies to mix and match to create the cash flow you'll need.

5 Mistakes People Make With Their Retirement Money
Why do people insist on repeating the same mistakes with their retirement money? It's hard to understand. Here are 5 strangely common mistakes.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

A Guide to Retirement From Ages 50 - 70
Deciding when to retire is scary. This retirement guide is sure to help - it covers the essentials from ages 50 - 70.

When to Retire - Retiring at 50
Thinking you want to retire by 50? Here's what it takes.

When to Retire - Retiring at 55
Should you retire at 55? If you can afford it, maybe. Here's what you need to think about.

When to Retire - Retiring at 62
How to plan for retiring at 62. Money Over 55.

When to Retire - Retiring at 65
Retiring at 65? Great. Here's what you need to know.

When to Retire - Retiring at 70
Here's some good news for those retiring at 70.

Current & Historical Medicare Part B Premium Schedule
You will pay a premium for your Medicare Part B benefits. Find 2016 and past Medicare Part B premium schedules here.

Military Life Insurance Benefits and Retirement Coverage
Military members have access to low cost life insurance called SGLI. It is designed to provide coverage while in the military, but what about options for coverage in retirement? Those are limited.

How to Take Money Out of an IRA
Taking money out of an IRA is easy. But it may cost you a lot in taxes and penalties. Here's what to watch out for and how to go about taking money out of an IRA.

REDUX Versus High Three Military Retirement
Military retirement plans offer several choices such as REDUX versus the High Three plan. In the long run, one choice seems superior. Here are the pros and cons of the REDUX military retirement plan versus the High Three.

10 Ways to Become a Better Investor
Better investing doesn't happen accidentally. Good investors work at it. Here are 10 ways you can get better at investing.

401(k) Vesting and What It Means for You
401(k) vesting refers to how much of your balance goes with you if you leave the company. Here's how it works.

Early Retirement Pitfalls - and How to Avoid Them
Learn how to avoid the biggest early retirement mistakes people make and you'll be able to pull off a successful early exit from the workforce.

What is Retirement and How to Get There
Retirement means different things to different people. Here's you'll find a view of what retirement is and how to achieve it.

Actively Managed Investing vs. Passive Investing
An explanation of passive vs. active investing to help you figure out the best way to manage your own investments.

How Much of My Money Should Be in Stocks vs. Bonds?
How much of my money should be invested in stocks vs bonds? Here are four sample portfolios and what you should expect from them.

Should You Worry About a Bear Market? Probably Not.
Should you be worried about bear markets? Probably not. Here's an historical perspective on how often they occur and what to do about them.

How to Tell if an Investment Can Lose You Money
Here's how to tell the difference between low, medium and high-risk​ investments. Do this and you'll avoid costly investment mistakes.

A Midlife Career Change Could Be Your Greatest Asset
Think of your career as your greatest asset and it can have a substantial impact on your balance sheet. Here's how.

Understanding The Dividend Yield On A Stock
The dividend yield on a stock can change rapidly. Before you buy, make sure understand yield and what it is that you are buying.

5 Planning Decisions Affected By Life Expectancy
Before retirement, estimate your life expectancy. Then use your estimate to make better planning decisions in these five areas.

This Version of "Who's On First" Will Keep You Lauging
If you've ever felt lost when people use techno lingo, you'll appreciate the humor in this modern version of

I Retired - Do I Still Need Life Insurance?
Once retired, do you still need life insurance? In many cases, no. Here are 5 questions you can ask to determine if you still need life insurance.

How To Review An Insurance Policy
It is important to conduct an insurance policy review on policies that you may not have looked at for years. Here's what to look for.

7 Free Online Investment Classes
Get smart about your money before you retire. These seven free online investment classes offer a great way to learn from home.

Social Security Survivor vs. Spousal Benefits
There are several differences between a Social Security survivor benefit and a spousal benefit. Here's a summary of how they differ.

How to Pay for Assisted Living Costs
Many non-profit and state resources are available to help pay for assisted living care costs. Here are the best places to start your search for financial assistance.

How to Find an Unbiased Independent Financial Advisor
Independent financial advisors are compensated in many ways, and all can have biases. The key to finding unbiased advice is learning what to look for.

Social Security Calculators - Try One Before Claiming
These online Social Security calculators quantify what claiming choices can give you more money and they show you how much more.

Job Search Sites for Just Those Age 50 Plus
Over 50 and looking for work? These job search sites are designed specifically for you.

Social Security Office Locations By Nearest Zip Code
Social Security office locations can be found by inputting your zip code into the office location web page at the link below.

What Will a Good Retirement Planner Do for Me
Find out what a good retirement planner does and where you can find someone with a specialty in retirement income planning.

How to Make a Retirement Budget, A Step-By-Step Guide
Believe it or not, a budget can lead to more fun in retirement! Here's how laying out a plan for where you'll spend can lead to more fun.

How to Get Immediate Control of Spending
To get an immediate handle on spending, try a financial fast. I promise you it's effective. Here's how it works.

Beneficiary Designations Can Override Your Will
Beneficiary designations can overrule your will. It's important to make sure you know the general and specific rules regarding retirement and more.

When and How to Apply for Medicare
When should you enroll in Medicare? Here are the guidelines as to when to apply and how it works if you still have a group health plan.

What are the Activities of Daily Living?
These are the six activities of daily living that are used to evaluate your eligibility for long term care insurance benefits.

401(k) Hardship Withdrawals - Here's How They Work
Not all 401(k) plans allow hardship withdrawals. If they do, here are the rules that apply. Make sure you know the rules before making big decisions.

Average Retirement Age in the United States
Here's the average retirement age in the U.S., as well as tips on what to do if you plan to retire earlier than average.

3 Ways to Plan for Inflation in Retirement
How will inflation affect your retirement income? Here are some possibilities - and 3 ways to protect yourself from rising prices in retirement.

5 Things That Affect Your Credit Score
There are 5 components to your credit score and some carry more weight than others. This is how you use them to improve your credit score.

Which Pension Benefit Choices Are Best for Couples?
Pension plans will offer payout choices of life-only, joint and survivor, or life with ten years certain. Here's what to consider.

Before You Retire At 55 - 3 Things To Consider
Can you retire at 55? Maybe, but there are several things you'll need to plan for to make this work. Here are 3 things to look at before retiring early.

A Guide to Key Age-Related Retirement Planning Rules
What to do and how to plan as you near certain retirement ages. Key ages are 55, 59 1/2, 62, 65 and 70 1/2.

Will You Pay Taxes on Your Social Security Benefits?
You may pay taxes on your Social Security benefits in retirement. Here's how the IRS formula works that determines if and how much you'll pay.

3 Tips to Maximize Itemized Tax Deductions
Here are three ways to maximize your itemized deductions.

Is Your Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible?
Is your mortgage interest tax deductible? It may be, if you meet the qualifications​. Here's how the deduction works for homes, boats and motor homes.

How Much Tax Will I Pay on a Normal IRA Distribution?
The tax you pay on an IRA distribution will depend on your income and deductions for the year. Here's how it works along with an example.

3 Reasons to Buy Long Term Care Insurance
Why buy long-term care insurance? Here are three benefits it provides to you and your family during your retirement years.

How a Foreclosure or Short Sale Affects Credit Score
There are several ways a foreclosure or short sale affects your credit score. Here is what you should expect, and resources to help.

Social Security Buy Back Makes Sense in Some Scenarios
You can pay back Social Security if it is within 12 months of filing for benefits. Here are a few situations where this might actually make sense.

File and Suspend: Spouse Social Security Strategy
The file and suspend Social Security strategy allows will only work through April 30th, 2016. Here's who needs to take a look at it right away.

How Do I Get Health Insurance When I Retire?
If your health insurance has always been provided by your employer what do you do when you leave? You have more options than you used to.

When to Take Social Security - An Analysis and Example
One of the most important retirement decisions you will make is deciding when to take Social Security. Here are the factors to consider.

What is an Eligible Educational Institution?
Special tax rules apply to withdrawals paid to an eligible educational institution. Which institutions qualify? Find out here.

Which Higher Education Expenses Qualify for Tax Breaks?
Expenses for qualified higher education get special tax treatment. What expenses count? Find out here.

Things You Must Know Before Buying Rental Property
If you're not careful rental property can be an expense, instead of an investment. Here are some things to consider before you buy rental property.

Does a Fixed Annuity Fit With Your Retirement Plan?
A fixed annuity is like a CD. It pays a guaranteed interest rate, but unlike a CD the interest is tax deferred. Here's how fixed annuities work.

Differences between ETF's and Open-Ended Mutual Funds
Here are two ways ETFs differ from regular mutual funds, and how ETFs can be used in retirement.

How Covered Call Strategies Produce Income
Covered calls can be a way to produce income on a concentrated single stock holding, or on an index holding. Here's how it works.

What is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?
What is a fee only advisor, and should you hire one? Fee-only advisors can only receive compensation directly from you (like a CPA or attorney).

How To Find The Best IRA Rates
How do you find the best IRA rates? The answer will surprise you. Do some comparing to get the most out of your retirement money.

What is Tactical Asset Allocation?
Tactical asset allocation approaches have allocations that tilt toward certain sectors. Here's how a tactical approach works.

Windfall Elimination Provision Effect on Civil Workers
If you will receive a pension from government work or from a foreign employer the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) may apply to you.

How Much Money To Retire - Calculate The Gap
Calculating the gap between expenses and guaranteed sources of income is an important step to knowing how much money you will need in retirement.

10 Best Retirement Investments for Your Portfolio
Looking for the best retirement investments—ones that can produce the cash flow you need? Here are the top 10 retirement investments to consider.

Best Retirement Investments - Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Real estate investment trusts are income producing retirement investments.

Best Retirement Investments – Use Retirement Income Funds
Retirement income funds are a packaged retirement investment structured to pay out regular income.

Best Retirement Investments - Immediate Annuities
With an immediate annuity you know the amount of monthly retirement income you will get.

Best Retirement Investments - Buy Bonds
Bonds are a retirement investment best used for safety or income, not for growth.

Best Retirement Investments – Rental Real Estate
Rental real estate can be a great retirement investment. But do your homework first. Here's why.

Best Retirement Investments - Variable Annuity with a Lifetime Income Rider
Variable annuities are complex. Make sure you understand them before choosing them as one of your retirement investments.

Best Retirement Investments – Keep Some Safe Investments
It is always a good idea to keep some of your retirement money in safe investments. Here's why.

Best Retirement Investments – Income Producing Closed-End Funds
Here's why you need experience to appropriately use closed end funds as a retirement investment.

Best Retirement Investments – Dividends and Dividend Income Funds
Dividend paying stocks or funds can be a great retirement investment when you have realistic expectations.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

7 Places Can You Look for Unclaimed Money
Are you missing money? You may have unclaimed money in old bank accounts, pension plans, 401(k)s, and at the IRS. Here are some ways to find it.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

How Much Should I Have in My Emergency Cash Fund?
How much should you have in an emergency fund? It depends. Here's how to find the best answer for you.

The Downside of Government Social Security Calculators
The official Social Security website provides three free calculators you can use to estimate your future Social Security retirement benefits.

Be Sure to Avoid These 6 Social Security Claiming Mistakes
Social security claiming mistakes cost Americans billions. Avoid these costly mistakes and get more from your Social Security benefits.

How to Figure Out What You Should Do With Your Money
What should you do with your money? You should follow these 8 steps to develop an appropriate investment plan.

How To Build an Investment Plan That Works For You
To make an investment plan that will work for you, ask yourself these five key questions about risk, time-frame, and purpose.

How Much Will You Pay in Taxes After Retirement?
Are pensions taxable? Probably so. Here is a guide to what types of retirement income are taxed.

How to Pay Less Taxes in Retirement
You can lower your retirement taxes by planning between the ages of 55 and 70. Here's what you can do to pay less.

6 Big Tax Mistakes You Should Avoid In Retirement
Retirement may be more expensive than you think. One of the biggest items upcoming retirees underestimate is the amount of income taxes they will pay each year in retirement. If you're planning for retirement, below are six tax mistakes that you'll want to avoid.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

6 Big Tax Mistakes You Should Avoid In Retirement
You work hard for your money. So make sure you aren't paying more in taxes than you should. Here are 6 common tax mistakes you should avoid.

Why Average Investors Earn Below Average Market Returns
Average investor returns are consistent lower than historical average market returns. Is investor behavior the reason why? Find out here.

What is a Pension and How Do You Get One?
The purpose of a pension is to provide guaranteed income in retirement. Here's a guide to how pension income plans work.

Foolproof Ways to Allocate Your 401(k) Money
Most 401(k) plans offer foolproof ways to invest your money. Here's how you use these great choices to get a professional 401(k) allocation.

What Is a Variable Annuity?
A variable annuity is different than an immediate or fixed annuity. Here's what the

Should I Invest Or Pay Off The Mortgage?
Should you invest or pay off your mortgage? Compare the after-tax return on your investments with the after-tax cost of your mortgage to find out.

What Is Strategic Asset Allocation?
Strategic asset allocation is a standard planning approach used to put together a portfolio of investments. Here's how it works.

What To Know Before You Make Your First Investment
Before you make your first investment make sure you understand the basic trade-offs involved in investing. Here's what they are.

How Earned Income Is Taxed Differently Than Unearned Income
What is earned income? And when is income considered unearned? This is good to know so you can estimate taxes before and after retirement.

How Your Mortgage Interest Deduction Might Change After Retirement
Before deciding to pay off your mortgage early, consider the tax impact of your mortgage both before and after retirement. Here's how to look at it.

5 Variable Annuity Fees to Ask About
Variable annuity fees can be as high as 3.00% or more per year. Before you buy, here are some things to consider.

Is My Pension Benefit Guaranteed?
Some pension benefits are guaranteed by the PBGC. Some are not. Find out here how you can determine how much of your pension is insured.

U.S. Dividend Income Index Funds for Retirement Income
Dividends can supply you with a steady source of income in retirement. Here are five index funds that could be a good fit for you.

Annuity Payment Terms: Life, Joint-Life, Term Certain
Make sure you understand the annuity payout terms before you make an irrevocable decision. Here are three common terms you should know.

How to Realize a Capital Loss for Tax Reasons
There are times where it may be beneficial to realize a capital loss for tax reasons. Here's how - and why - you would do this.

Why You Should Try a Weekly Allowance as an Adult
The weekly allowance is an idea that shouldn't end with childhood. Here's how you can save more money as an adult by using an allowance.

Don't let emotions rule your financial behavior.
Check out the Behavior Gap website and book. Both contain great advice that can help you improve the decisions you make about your money.

When Are Annuities a Good Investment?
Are annuities a good investment? In the right situation, they can be a good choice, but in many situations they aren't so great. Here's why.

What is an IRA and How Many Types of IRAs are There?
There are several types of IRAs: Traditional, Non-Deductible, Roth, Spousal, SEP and SIMPLE. This article covers them all.

How is Interest Income Taxed?
As you invest you will receive interest income. It is important to know if the money you receive will be taxed. Here's how it works.

Steps to Starting Over Financially
Starting over financially? Follow these eight steps and one step at a time you'll get back on your feet.

Checklist for Preparing for Retirement
This retirement checklist provides 15 things you must do to financially prepare for retirement.

Checklist for Preparing for Retirement
This retirement checklist provides 15 things you must do to financially prepare for retirement.

Yes, You Can Make a Spousal IRA Contribution
Here are four rules to follow when making a spousal IRA contribution. The benefit over time can add up to serious tax savings. Learn more on how, here.

Before You Consider a Reverse Mortgage
Reverse mortgage pros and cons: two things to like, one thing to hate, and five things to know about reverse mortgages.

9 Things Captain Kirk Can Teach You About Investing
Here are 9 things Star Trek's Captain Kirk can teach you about investing and financial decisions.

Stock Market Performance During Election Years
How do election years affect stock market returns? Here's what the statistics and past results say.

6 Withdrawal Rate Rules to Make Your Savings Last
Want to know how much you can withdraw in retirement? Following these six withdrawal rate rules can help make sure your money lasts.

10 Tell-Tale Signs You Are Not on the Path to Financial Success
Think your money habits are in order? These 10 signs help you see if you've got habits that could be leading you in the wrong direction.

Will Your Estate Pay a Death Tax?
Under current tax laws, most estates will not be subject to a death tax. Here's how the estate tax works, and why you probably won't have to pay it.

4 Ways The Average Retiree Can Manage Investment Risk
Here are four ways to manage investment risk. You may wish to use all of them or employ only one or two.

Step By Step Social Security Benefits Calculation Guide
The formula used to calculate how much Social Security you will get is complex. Here is a step-by-step guide to how it works, with examples.

How to Calculate Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME)
Average indexed monthly earnings are used to determine the amount of Social Security you will get. This is how they are calculated. Page 2.

How To Calculate Your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA)
The formula used to determine your Social Security benefit calculates what is called your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). Here's how it works. Page 3.

How Social Security Claiming Age is Used in the Benefit Calculation
Your Social Security benefit amount is adjusted up or down based on your claiming age. Here's how the calculation works. Page 4.

What Is Salary Deferral? - Definition and Examples
New to retirement planning? You'll often hear the term salary deferral. Here's what it means, how to get started with it, and why it's a good idea.

Pre-Tax vs. After-Tax Investments - What's This Mean?
There's a difference between pre-tax and after-tax accounts. Here's how tax treatment varies between the two - and how to know what you have.

What is a Good Return on Investment?
Where do you find a good return on your investment? It is harder than you might think. Here's why, and here's how to begin to figure out what is realistic.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

5 Ways to Become a Millionaire
To become a millionaire the natural way requires savvy moves on your part. Here are five definitive ways to start your way to seven digits.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

Money Over 55
Money Over 55.

What Are Securities? Three Broad Categories
In the investment world, numerous types of financial instruments can be called securities. Here you'll find out what they are and how they work.

What Age Can I Withdraw Funds From My 401(k) Plan?
The rules on 401(k) withdrawals change depending on how old you are. Here are how the 401(k) age related rules work.

Questions To Ask a Potential Financial Advisor
Ask a financial advisor these five questions to measure integrity, communications skills, and your ability to understand each other.

Social Security Facts About Benefits For An Ex-Spouse
Here are ten facts about Social Security benefits for an ex spouse. Some of them may surprise you.

Married or Divorced? Check on Spousal Social Security Benefits
If you are married, or were married for over ten years, you need to check into the Social Security spousal benefit to see if you are eligible.

Don't Get Caught Off Guard by Social Security Taxation
Don't get caught off guard by income taxes owed on your Social Security benefits. Here's an overview of how benefits are taxed.

Before You Start Social Security Learn the Earnings Limit
The earnings limit applies if you take your Social Security benefits early and keep working. Find out how it works before you start benefits.

What Are the Consequences of Taking Social Security Early?
Taking Social Security early has consequences. Don't take the early monthly amount without understanding what you may be missing out on.

How Age Affects Social Security Benefits Eligibility
Knowing how age affects your benefits is one of the key things you ought to know about Social Security. Here's a quick introduction to how it works.

What Is an Annuity Really Good At?
There is one thing an annuity does exceptionally well. Here is what it is.

Who is Eligible for a Social Security Death Benefit?
Here are the two types of Social Security death benefits that are paid out.

7 Money Matters that Change When You Turn 70
What money items change as you near 70? Some things stop, some thing start, and some options become more attractive.

Is a HSA a Good Idea If You Are Over 55?
A high deductible insurance plan with a health savings account (HSA) has tax benefits - but you are also taking on additional risk. Here are pros and cons.

Traditional IRA or Roth IRA - How to Determine Which Is Best
Use your marginal tax rate to determine if you should make a traditional IRA or Roth IRA contribution. Here's how.

What to Know Before Retiring at 62
Aiming to retire at 62? Here are some things you'll need to know before you call it quits and enter into your sunset years and retirement.

Decisions You'll Need to Make for an Age 65 Retirement
Considerations regarding health care, Social Security, IRA consolidation and withdrawals, and whether or not to seek professional advice.

Getting Started With Your First RV
Four tips on buying your first RV and getting into the RV lifestyle.

5 Tips for Avoiding Bad Financial Advisors
One of your biggest retirement risks is getting bad advice on how to invest. Here are 5 tips for avoiding bad financial advisors and bad advice.

How to Detect Fake Financial Advisor Credentials
Some unscrupulous folks fake their degrees. Here's how you can check for fake credentials and false certifications.

Social Security Taxes and 401(k)/IRA Withdrawals
social security and taxes. Money Over 55.

Last Minute IRA Funding Tips for Those Near Retirement
For those 55 or older, here are some tips on how to get more into your IRAs, even if you don't have the cash flow.

When to Sell Employee Stock Purchase Plan Shares (ESPP)
Owning company stock gets riskier as you near retirement. The big question: when is it time to sell your shares?

What is the 10% Savings Rule?
Does the 10% savings rule work? Not for everyone. Here's why.

4 Alternatives to Buying Long Term Care Insurance
If you don't buy insurance what are your choices? Here are 4 alternative ways to pay for long term health care needs.

Flaws With the 100 Minus Age Allocation Rule
The 100 minus age allocation rule has been around for years. Research shows it could put many retirees at risk of running out of money. Here's why.

2016 IRA Rules - Limits on Contributions and Income
2016 IRA rules - do you qualify to make a deductible IRA contribution? This article covers all the rules and income limitations you'll need to know.

How to Use 72(t) payments for Early IRA Withdrawals
72(t) payments are a series of substantially equal periodic payments that allow you to withdraw IRA money at any age without paying the penalty tax.

2016 Roth IRA Rules - Everything You Need to Know
2016 Roth IRA rules, complete with income limitations, contribution limits, historical limits, and much more.

7 Outdated Retirement Decisions People Are Still Making
Please, think twice before making one of these 7 outdated retirement decisions. They aren't always the best choice.

Oksana Komarnyckyj, Attorney, Guest Author
Oksana Komarnyckyj is a corporate advisor and attorney who writes as a guest author for MoneyOver55 on topics relevant to family-owned businesses.

Can I Collect a Spousal Benefit When My Ex is Age 62?
How old does my ex have to be, 62, or 66, for me to be able to claim a spousal Social Security benefit? And how much will I get?

Why Roth IRAs, not Diamonds, Are a Woman's Best Friend
Roth IRAs are great for women. Here are three reasons why women ought to look at Roth IRAs, not diamonds, as their next best friend.

Minimum and Maximum IRA Age Limits
IRA age limits apply to Traditional IRAs but not to Roth IRAs. Here are the IRA age-related​ rules you need to know for either type of IRA.

What Cigarettes Have to Do With the Way You Pick Mutual Funds
Warning labels about past performance of investments have been ineffective. Here's when past performance is and is not relevant.

What is a Good Stock to Invest In?
Looking for a good stock to invest in? If so, you need to read this article.

What Age Should You Begin Your Pension Income?
Here is to analyze your options to best decide when to start your pension, in order to reduce the risk of running out of money.

What to Do with an Inherited IRA from a Non-Spouse
Inherited an IRA from mom or dad? Or an aunt, uncle or sibling? Here is what you can do with an IRA inherited from a non-spouse.

How To Fund A Career Sabbatical
A sabbatical from your normal work responsibilities can lead to many benefits. Here's how to get a plan in place to make the sabbatical a reality.

5 Personality Types - And Their Common Money Mistakes
Certain types of people are prone to making similar mistakes with their money. See if you recognize yourself as one of these 5 types.

Difference Between Passive Investing and Index Funds
Is passive investing the same thing as index investing? How do you take on more risk as a passive investor? Find out.

I Bonds - Why They Are the Best Safe Investment You Can Make
What is the best safe investment you can make? The answer might surprise you.

Low Risk Investments - What, Where and Why?
Where can you find low risk investments? Here is a list of options to consider - and the situations where they are appropriate.

Inherited IRA From My Spouse - What Are My Choices?
If you inherited an IRA from your spouse, you have a few choices a non-spouse won't have. Learn more about the rules in this article.

Who Should I Name as My IRA Beneficiary? Pros and Cons
Who should you name as your IRA beneficiary? Your spouse, a trust, your children? This articles offers guidance on pros and cons of naming different IRA beneficiaries.

Are CDs a Good Investment for Retirement Income?
Certificates of deposit (CDs) are safe, but are they a good investment? Here's what they are good for, as well as what they are bad at.

2016 Medicare Part B Premiums for New Enrollees
2016 Medicare Part B premiums vary based on income - many don't know that the more you make, the more you pay. Here's how that works.

Stable Value - A 401k Investment Choice For Near Retirees
Stable value is a 401k investment choice that near retirees should consider using. Here's why.

8 Questions To Ask About Your Variable Annuity
Here are 8 questions to ask about your existing variable annuity, or even better, to ask before you buy one.

3 Ways Your Career Asset Could Be At Risk
Is your career in trouble? Here are three things that may indicate it is time to get the resume ready.

Here's Why You Need Estate Planning Even
Think you don't need estate planning? Think again. Here's why you must do it.

Taxation of Employee Stock Options - NQs and ISOs
Tax rules that apply to non-qualified options are different than those that apply to incentive stock options. Here's a comparison.

Family Inheritance Traps - How to Avoid Them
Inheriting money can be great! Make it even greater by avoiding these family inheritance mistakes. What if you are inheriting a house?

Social Security Factors for Married Couples
Married couples - don't decide when to take Social Security the same way a single person would. Instead, do this!

Tax Tips for 2015 Year End Tax Planning
Year end tax planning can save you money. These tax planning tips are broken out by income and age so you can find tips that apply to you.

Is Real Estate a Good Investment for Retirement?
Real estate can be not only a good investment; it can be a great investment. But is it a good choice for your retirement income?

How to Fill a Retirement Income Gap With Career Value
By managing your career value, you can use it to your advantage to fill in retirement income gaps. Here's how.

401(k) Terms to Know - Like Distribution vs. Rollover
401(k) terms like distribution, withdrawal and rollover can be confusing. Is a distribution taxable? Or is that a withdrawal? Find answers here.

Can I Roll After-Tax 401(k) Money to a Roth IRA?
Can you rollover after-tax 401(k) money into a Roth IRA? Yes, you can,if you follow the rules. Here's how it works.

Pros and Cons of Borrowing Money From Your 401k
If you need money, should you borrow from your 401k? Here are the pros and cons. The reality may surprise you.

How the Designated Roth 401(k) Plans Work
Roth 401(k)s are great - but they differ from regular pre-tax contributions and from Roth IRAs. Here are the differences you need to know about.

How to Transfer Old 401(k)s to an IRA
You can move old 401(k) plans and combine them together in a single IRA account. It is good to do this before retirement. Here's how it works.

Info on 401(k) Withdrawals at Age 55
In some circumstances, you are allowed to take withdrawals from a 401(k) plan as early as age 55. Here's the scoop on the Age 55 Rule.

If My Company Closes, What Happens to My 401k?
If your company shuts down, do you lose your 401k money? Likely not. Here's how your money is protected and how you can get it.

Spending Strategies in Retirement – Which is Best?
A retirement spending strategy helps you figure out how much you can take out in retirement. Here are a few ways to go about it.

What to Know Before Cashing Out Your 401k
Is cashing out your 401k plan a good idea? Here are some key things you should consider before you make this decision, including heavy taxation.

Inherited 401k Distribution and Withdrawal Rules
You inherited money that is in a 401k plan. Here are the rules the apply to when and how you can take the money out. Are you a beneficiary?

How To Take Money Out of a 401(k) Plan
Taking money out of your 401(k) plan the wrong way can be costly. Here's how to take money out the right way - depending on your age and situation.

When Does Using Net Unrealized Appreciation Make Sense?
There are a few ways to distribute company stock from a retirement plan. Evaluate your options carefully to see which offers better tax treatment.

How Much Can You Withdraw In Retirement?
Traditional thinking on how much you can withdraw in retirement may be wrong. Here are the non-traditional factors that you want to consider.

When to Exercise Stock Options - 5 Factors to Use
Don't use a rule of thumb. Here are five factors to use in deciding when to exercise employee stock options.

Understanding Your Employee Stock Options
Have an employee stock option plan? Here's what you need to know to understand how they work and what your

What to Know Before You Start an IRA Rollover
Almost everyone seems to have an old 401(k) or other retirement plan lingering somewhere. Find out what you need to know before you roll it over.

If I Have a Pension, Should I Put Less in Bonds?
If you have a pension, should you allocate less to bonds? Not always. Here are the other more important factors to consider.

How to Use Time Segmentation for Investing in Retirement
Time segmentation is a way of determining the appropriate allocation of your investments to meet your retirement income needs. Here's how it works.

The 4% Rule in Retirement - Does it Work?
Heard of the 4% rule in retirement, but not sure what it is? Here's what the 4 percent rule is and why it doesn't always work.

5 Medicare Mistakes To Avoid When Turning 65
It easy to sign up for Medicare - but here are the mistakes to watch out for.

How to Ensure Against A Rainy Day For Your Career
Unemployment or a layoff can derail your retirement goals. That's why you need a Career Asset Fund. Here's how it works.

10 Yoda Quotes That Affect Your Finances
These 10 quotes from Star Wars' Master Yoda will help you approach money decisions in an entirely new way.

How to Organize Your Finances for Retirement
Here are 5 key things you can do to organize your finances for a transition to retirement.

10 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves About Money
If you need a kickstart to improve your financial success, start by asking yourself these 10 questions on a regular basis.

How to Live the RV Lifestyle on a Limited Budget
Retirement via motor home or RV can be quite affordable. Here's how to do it on a limited budget.

Why the RV Lifestyle Is More Affordable Than You Think
The RV Lifestyle doesn't have to be expensive. Here's how you can do it in a very affordable way.

10 Small Money Moves That Can Have a Big Impact
These ten money moves may seem minor - but over time they can have a major impact.

I Bonds vs. TIPS - Which is Better?
I Bonds and TIPS both offer inflation protection, but they do it differently. Here's a side by side comparison of their differences.

Where to Find the Best Retirement Mutual Funds
Finding good mutual funds and learning how to use them is an important part of investing in retirement. Here's how to find good funds.

How Sequence Risk Affects Your Retirement Money
Sequence risk means you may earn a lower return in retirement than you had planned. Here's how it affects you in your retirement years.

5 Things To Do When Faced With Unexpected Retirement
Sudden retirement can be scary. If you find yourself unexpectedly retired follow these 5 moves to build a new plan of action.

How to Protect Your Money From an Older You
Cognitive decline will affect your financial decision making as you age. Here's how it happens - and what you can do about it.

Why You Might Consider Snowbirding South of the Border
In retirement you might want to escape the winter weather. Here's why you might consider snowbirding outside the U.S.

How to Transfer Leadership of a Family Owned Business
Six tips on how to transfer leadership of a family owned business to a child.

Retirement Planning for Corporate Executives
If you're a corporate exec or hold an upper management position you'll need to consider these four things when doing your own retirement planning.

3 Ways You Can Be the Landlord of Your Career
Use these steps to learn how to rent your career to qualified tenants who will help you maximize the value and longevity of your working years.

How to Close an Estate After the Loss of a Loved One
When closing the estate of a loved one it is easy to make costly mistakes. Here are 5 things you must do right away - and 5 things not to do.

How to Get Passive Income in Retirement
Learn how to manage your investments so that you can maximize your passive income potential in retirement.

5 Retirement Planning Mistakes Married Couples Keep Making
Married couples can get more retirement income by avoiding these common retirement planning mistakes.

4 Retirement Risks - And How to Protect Yourself
Here are 4 retirement risks and what you can do to protect yourself from them.

What to Know About An Early Retirement Package
Don't make these eight mistakes when you take an early retirement package. Smart planning is the key to early retirement success.

Can I Combine My Retirement Accounts?
Is your nest egg spread out across too many different retirement accounts? If so, you can probably combine your accounts. Here's how the rules work.

How to Make Your Deferred Comp Plan Elections
With a long-range plan in place you can time your deferred comp payouts to occur in years where your tax liability may be less. Here's how.

How to Handle Stock Market Corrections
Although scary, market corrections are normal. To be a successful investor, you have to know how to handle stock market corrections.

Expense Ratios - Are You Paying Too Much?
Are you paying too much? Here's how to compare your fund fees to industry averages.

Best Retirement Plans for Self-Employed Persons
Retirement plans for those who are self-employed can be quite flexible, allowing you to save a lot, or a little. Learn about all four options here.

What To Know for Big Retirement Decisions
The transition to retirement can be scary. You have some big retirement decisions to make. Here's what you need to know before you make them.

How to Take a Tax Deduction for Financial Advisor Fees
You may be able to pay investment management fees with pre-tax dollars, or take a tax deduction for fees paid. Here's how it works.

Medicare Basics That You Need to Know
What is Medicare, when do I enroll, and what does it cover? Here's an overview of the four parts of Medicare and the additional coverage you'll need.

Pros and Cons of Long-Term Care Insurance
There are many factors to consider when you are deciding whether or not to purchase long-term care insurance. Here are the pros and cons.

How to Use Your Rental Real Estate Tax Deduction
Is rental real estate a good investment? Sometimes it depends on your ability to use the rental real estate tax deduction.

What is My Social Security Retirement Age?
Your Social Security retirement age depends on your year and month of birth. Here's how it works.

What is an Early Retirement Age?
Many Americans think of age 55 or earlier as an early retirement age. My definition of early retirement is any age before age 65. Here's why.

401(k) Loan Eligibility, Taxes, and Repayment Terms
If you are thinking about taking out a loan against your 401(k), make sure you know the rules of your particular plan.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan Explained
A systematic withdrawal plan provides a disciplined way to take money out in retirement. Here's how it works.

Early Retirement Affects Your Social Security Benefits
Here are four things you must know about early retirement and how it affects your Social Security benefits.

Social Security Survivor Benefits for a Spouse
You are eligible for a social security survivor benefit as long as you have been married for at least 9 months. Here's how it works.

Joke - Old Lady Makes Big Bet With Bank President
This little old lady makes money on bets. In this bet, she makes $100,000 betting that the bank president's balls are square.

Financial Advisor Credentials That Matter
These are the credentials you must look for when you seek out a financial planner, retirement planner, investment advisor or insurance professional.