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4 Steps to Creating an Audiobook in iTunes from MP3s
Searching for a way to convert several MP3 files to an iTunes audiobook? Follow this tutorial to merge several MP3 files into a single audiobook.

What is Lossless Audio Compression?
Discover what the lossless audio format is and the advantages and disadvantages of using this format.

Audible File Format (.aa) - Definitions and Uses
The Audible format (.aa) is a digital audio standard specifically designed for audiobooks. Common applications include novels, publications, etc.

What Is the HE-AAC Format?
The HE-AAC format (High Efficiency Advanced Audio Encoding) is an enhanced format that is particularly good for streaming audio.

Bliss Review - Album Art Downloader
Is your digital music library's album art a mess? Consider Bliss, an organizer that can automatically manage your music library's album art.

The Best CD Burning Software
Are you searching for the best CD burning software? If you're looking to copy, rip, or burn files (such as MP3s) to disc, then you'll need a good tool.

5 iTunes Tutorials
Get the most out of your iTunes account with these five tutorials.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Downloads with MP3jam
MP3jam is a music app that converts YouTube videos to MP3s. You can either stream audio directly from YouTube videos or download your own MP3 files.

How to Optimize Windows Media Player Video Streaming
End issues streaming videos in Windows Media Player with this tutorial that shows you how to tweak settings to improve streaming video playback.

Windows Media Player 12
Tutorials on using Windows Media Player 12 for digital music.

Windows Media Player 11
This part of the site is dedicated specifically on the uses of Windows Media Player 11.

How to Reset the iPod Touch Without Losing Your Music
Try a soft reset to fix errors with your iPod Touch without losing your music library.

Stream Free Internet Radio with Windows Media Player 11
Use Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 to access free Internet radio stations to discover new music and artists.

Top Music and Ringtones to Download for Valentine's Day
Find the best Valentine's Day songs, sounds, and ringtones to download, guaranteed to impress the love in your life.

Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts For iTunes
The Windows version of iTunes has a great set of keyboard shortcuts for directly accessing often-used options.

Modify a Song's Playback Speed Using Audacity
Use the time stretching feature in Audacity to change the speed of a song without affecting its pitch. Learn how in this this step-by-step tutorial.

Best Ways to Play YouTube Videos Offline
There are several ways you can download and convert streaming media from YouTube to popular formats such as MP3 and MP4.

How to Copy iTunes Song Files to Local Storage Devices
Copy your iTunes songs to a local storage device, making it easy to access your files even when there's no Internet connection.

Converting and Digitizing Audio Cassettes to MP3
Turn old audio cassette tapes in MP3 files using this primer that takes you through the initial steps and components you'll need.

Create MP3s from AMR Files Using Free Software
Learn how to use free AMR conversion software to create files that are more widely supported, such as MP3s.

7digital Music Service Review
Learn about 7digital media service that not only delivers music but videos, audiobooks, and a selection of free MP3 downloads.

Best Android Music ID Apps: Quickly Identify Songs
Using a music ID app on your Android device enables you to easily find out the name of a song. Find the best Android music ID apps available.

How to Setup Home Sharing in iTunes for Mac and PC
Home Sharing enables you to share multiple iTunes libraries between the computers on your home network. Learn how to set this up on a PC or Mac.

Wondershare TunesGo Review
Wondershare TunesGo is a multi-functional software tool that enables you to manage your media collection between iOS devices and computers.

M-Audio Axiom AIR 25 Keyboard Review
The M-Audio Axiom AIR 25 is a portable music keyboard that sports a range of advanced features but, how does it perform? Find out in this review.

What is a DAP?
Learn the meaning of the acronym DAP, and discover some of the distinguishing​ details of digital audio players.

Philips CitiScape Uptown SHL5905BK Headphones Review
With high precision audio, MusicSeal technology, and built-in volume and microphone controls, are the Philips CitiScape Uptown SHL5905 right for you?

Use Amazon Cloud Drive Like an External Hard Disk
Wish you could use Amazon Cloud Drive like an external hard disk? Discover how to drop files into Amazon Cloud without using your web browser.

How to Manually Add Song Lyrics in iTunes
Missing iTunes song lyrics that you want to fix? Read our step-by-step tutorial on how to add missing lyrics to your iTunes library.

What is Flash Storage?
This article explains the basic principles of flash memory, how it works, and common devices that use it.

Top 5 DRM Copy Protection Removal Software
Are you looking for DRM removal software? This article covers the best programs to use for removing DRM copy protection from music and video files.

How to Stop iTunes Syncing Automatically to iPhone
Follow this iTunes syncing guide to find out how to quickly disable this feature.

How to Customize The Music App Toolbar on an iPhone
Do you use the iPhone's default music app, but wish you could change the toolbar options at the bottom of the screen? You can with these easy steps.

How to Restart a Failed iTunes Download on an iPhone
Sometimes downloading music from iTunes to your iPhone doesn't always work. Here's how to quickly resume interrupted downloads on without a computer.

A Tutorial on Ripping Audio CDs in iTunes
Find out how easy it is to convert your CD collection into music that you can take anywhere with iTunes.

Ripping Your Audio CDs Using iTunes - Inserting a CD
Inserting a CD and importing using iTunes.

Ripping Your Audio CDs Using iTunes - The Audio Encoding Process
Importing your CD tracks into iTunes

Ripping Your Audio CDs Using iTunes - After the Audio Encoding Process
After the audio encoding process

Ripping Your Audio CDs Using iTunes - Verifying Your Music Library
iTunes makes it easy for anyone to convert their favorite CDs into digital music files that can be played via computer or iPod. Find out how easy it is to convert your CD collection into music that you can take anywhere.

File Sharing FAQs
Here you'll find articles about file sharing -- this covers topics such as BitTorrent sites, file hosting services, and using social media.

What is the Amazon AutoRip Feature?
Have you seen the term AutoRip on the Amazon Store but don't know what it means? Find out in this FAQ what it's all about and the benefits.

Best Free Plugins for Windows Media Player 11
Are you looking for free plugins for Windows Media Player 11? Downloading and installing free add-ons for WMP 11 enables you to add great features.

How to Add Album Artwork to Your Music Library
Are you missing album art in your iTunes library? This tutorial will show you how to use Cover Flow in iTunes to download missing cover art.

How to Convert WMA to MP3 Using MediaMonkey
Are you looking for a way to convert your WMA digital music files to MP3? This tutorial will show you how to do it using MediaMonkey software.

WMA to MP3 Tutorial – MediaMonkey WMA to MP3 Tutorial
MediaMonkey Tutorial – Convert WMA to MP3 with MediaMonkey.

WMA to MP3 Tutorial – MediaMonkey WMA to MP3 Tutorial
MediaMonkey Tutorial – Convert WMA to MP3 with MediaMonkey.

WMA to MP3 Tutorial – MediaMonkey WMA to MP3 Tutorial
MediaMonkey Tutorial – Convert WMA to MP3 with MediaMonkey.

WMA to MP3 Tutorial – MediaMonkey WMA to MP3 Tutorial
MediaMonkey Tutorial – Convert WMA to MP3 with MediaMonkey.

How to a Free Pandora Radio Account
Create a free account on Pandora Radio for streaming music and creating your own personalized radio stations.

How to Sync Playlists in Windows Media Player 11
Syncing playlists in Windows Media Player 11 is a quicker way to transfer multiple songs than manually adding them one-by-one to the sync list.

What Is Google Play?
If you've already heard about Google Play, but don't know much about it, then this article will quickly give you the details.

How to Copy a Music CD - Backing Up Audio CDs
What's the best way to copy a music CD? If you've got a collection of CDs that you'd like to protect, then creating backup copies is a good solution.

Burn a Gapless Audio CD in Windows Media Player 12
Do you need to find out how to create a gapless audio CD for non-stop music? Find out how to burn a gapless audio CD using Windows Media Player 12.

How to Listen to SHOUTcast Radio Stations on Winamp
Winamp is one tool that you can use to tune into thousands of free SHOUTcast radio broadcasts.

How to Set a New iPhone Ringtone
Do you want to change the ringtone on the iPhone? This tutorial will show you how easy it is to setup the iPhone to use different ringtones.

How to Listen to a Song URL in Windows Media Player 12
It's easy to stream MP3s from the Internet or over your home network using Windows Media Player without downloading the files.

What Is Audio Clipping?
In digital music, the term audio clipping describes the sound distortion that is generated when an audio signal is too large to be represented.

Information on the Deezer Music Service
Learn how Deezer can be accessed, what devices can be used, and whether you can get it in your country in this article.

Adding Various Audio Formats to Windows Media Player 12
Add more support for media formats in Windows Media Player 12 by following the steps in this article.

Best Budget Music Players For Under $70
Are you looking for an MP3 player for under $70? Use this guide to learn about some of the best ones starting for as little as $30.

How to Use The Equalizer in VLC Media Player
Find out in this tutorial how to get better quality sound in VLC Media Player when playing your digital music.

Use Song Ratings in iTunes To Organize Your Music
iTunes song ratings can help you find the songs you listen to the most. The song​ rating feature is a great tool for organizing your music library.

What is The iTunes Plus Feature?
What is iTunes Plus, how does it differ from the original standard, and how can you upgrade to it? Find out

What Audio Formats Does the iPod Touch Support?
For iPod Touch users, discover the acceptable audio files supported on this media player device.

Add Karaoke-style Lyrics to Your MP3 Collection
Learn to use LRC format on your digital music files to see lyrics displayed on-screen, karaoke-style.

How to Backup Your iTunes Library to CD
Do you want to know how to burn your iTunes songs to CD? Backing up your iTunes library is possibly the most important thing you will do.

How to Fix the Missing AirPlay Icon
Has the AirPlay icon suddenly disappeared on your iOS device? If so, this guide will take you through the steps necessary to troubleshoot your issue.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Building a Music Library – Adding Media to Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player Tutorial – How to Add Music to Windows Media Player 11

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Building a Music Library – Adding Media to Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player Tutorial – How to Add Music to Windows Media Player 11.

How to Add Music to Windows Media Player 11
Do you want to organize your music and media collection better? Find out how to build a media library using Windows Media Player 11.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Building a Music Library – Adding Media to Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player Tutorial – How to Add Music to Windows Media Player 11.

How to Convert Audio Formats Using iTunes
Did you know iTunes makes a great audio format converter? Find out in this tutorial how to convert between different audio formats.

Pandora Radio Introduction and Review (Slideshow)
A review of Pandora Radio that reviews the pros and cons of this Internet radio service.

Pandora Radio Review - New Website Interface and Features
This part of the Pandora Radio review looks at the online music service's revamped website and its new features.

Pandora Radio Review: Music Service Options (Slide 3)
What exactly does Pandora Radio offer when signing up? To find out your options when listening to music on Pandora Radio, be sure to read this part of the review that gives you a rundown on the free account and the Pandora One subscription option.

Pandora Radio Review - Music Discovery, Radio Stations, and Social Networking Tools
Are you looking for free music to stream? Pandora Radio offers free music that you can listen to. You can also create your very own Internet radio stations and share them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Pandora Review - Conclusion
Is Pandora Radio a good music service to use? Read this summary of our Pandora Radio review for a quick rundown of its main features, the pros and cons, and to see if it suits your needs for music discovery.

3 Ways to Organize Your MP3 Music Collection
Editing MP3 ID3 tags, converting WMA to MP3 music formats, and normalizing your MP3s are some of the ways to better organize your music collection.

How To Make an MP3 CD Using iTunes
Creating an MP3 CD is a great option if you want to listen to multiple albums from one CD. This tutorial will show you how to easily make an MP3 CD.

iPhone Audio File Format Compatibility
What audio formats does the iPhone actually support? You already know that it can play songs in the AAC format, but what other file types work?

What is the M4b Format?
Audiobooks that you download from the iTunes Store come in the M4b format, but what is the difference between this and other digital audio formats?

Fix CD Ripping Errors in Windows Media Player 11
Trying to a rip a CD in Windows Media Player 11 but receiving error code C00D10D2? Follow these easy steps to fix the issue.

Milk Music FAQs - Slacker Radio Bitrate
Milk Music is a streaming service launched by Samsung that offers professionally curated radio stations for free. Learn about Slacker Radio bitrate.

Amazon Music Cloud Player FAQ
Answers about Amazon's MP3 Player service for storing and streaming a digital music library from the cloud including system requirements and devices.

iTunes Store History and Background
The history of the iTunes Store details how the iconic Apple's iTunes store became one of most successful online music services of all time

What is an Ogg File? Format Information
What is an OGG file? Discover some of the software you can utilize and what the Ogg​ format is actually used for with audio.

Using Sound Check for iPod Touch Volume
Do the songs on your iPod Touch play at different volumes? To fix volume level problems, you can use the Sound Check feature for iPod touch volume.

How to Make a Playlist in Windows Media Player 11
Learning how to make playlists in Windows Media Player 11 will enable you to better manage your music library.

What is the FLAC Audio Format?
What is the FLAC audio format? Here's a quick and easy-to-understand definition of the lossless FLAC audio format.

Web Radio FAQ: How Does This Technology Work?
What is Web radio? If you were wondering what Web radio is, or more commonly known as Internet radio then read this FAQ to find out.

How to Add Streaming Radio Stations to iTunes
The iTunes software media program can be used for listening to Internet radio, even if the station you really like isn't listed.

Listen to IceCast Radio Stations Using VLC Media Player
Use IceCast, an open source software media player, to listen to radio stations that stream online.

What is an MP4?
If you've got MP4 files then you may be wondering what kind of media is played? Find out the basics of the MP4 and some popular file extensions.

Is It Legal to Use Any Streaming Media Website?
Is it legal to use any streaming media website? This streaming media FAQ explores the legalities of using streaming audio and video.

Use Your Spare USB Drive as an MP3 Player
Don't have your MP3 handy? Use a USB flash drive to store your music.

Listen to iTunes Songs Using Bluetooth on the iPhone
Use your iPhone's Bluetooth capabilities to listen to your iTunes library wirelessly.

MP3 Definition - Audio Formats
What is an MP3? It's used a lot, but do you really know what it is? This article explains this term and also goes into a little detail on its origins.

What Is an MP3 Tag and How Does It Work?
What is an MP3 tag and how does it work? This FAQ briefly explains what an MP3 tag is, the different versions, and how it works with MP3 files.

What is Digital Music?
What exactly does the term digital music mean? Find out in this article what it is, how it works, and examples of different sources.

Apple's iTunes Store - Is My MP3 Player Compatible?
If you are wondering about the compatibility of your MP3 player with the iTunes Store, then read this FAQ to find out.

How to Play Your iTunes Library in Winamp
Do you need to play iTunes songs in Winamp? Learn how to import your iTunes music library into Winamp so you can play all of your music.

An Explanation of Variable Bit Rate in Digital Music
In digital audio, VBR can be used to encode sound. But how does it work, and is it better to use instead of CBR?

Ripping CDs in Windows Media Player 12
Discover the best audio formats to use when ripping CDs in Windows Media Player 12.

Myxer Review - Free Music, Ringtones, Apps, and More
Myxer was an online service for mobile devices with music, ringtones, videos, apps, and more, mostly free. Here's a discussion of all features.

iPhone Music Alternatives to the iTunes Store
If you are looking for an alternative music service to the iTunes Store for your iPhone, here are two that offer both streaming and downloading.

Using Spotify and Slacker on Your iPod Touch
Here are 2 alternative music services to iTunes and how to use them on your iPod Touch. Both Spotify and Slacker Radio have the plans and the music.

A Former Cloud Music Service
An overview of Rdio - an innovative streaming music service that boasted millions of songs and attractive membership options, which ended in 2015.

Is It Legal to Download Music from YouTube
Downloading music videos from YouTube to your computer or phone may be convenient, but is it legal? Find out if it is legal to download music from YouTube.

Transfer iTunes Purchases to Another Account
Digital music from the iTunes Store can't be transferred to another Apple ID, can it? Find out how to transfer iTunes purchases to another account.

Ripping Scratched CDs in iTunes - Reading Damaged Discs
What if some of your discs are scratched and some of the ripped tracks you play back have audio errors? Using error correction can solve scratched CDs.

Amazon Free Songs on the Digital Music Store
Apple may have ceased their 'Free Single of The Week' promotion on the iTunes Store, but you can still use Amazon to download free songs.

Tunebite Spotify Music Ripper
Are you searching for a way to remove DRM copy protection from your music? Learn about the Tunebite Spotify music ripper so you can listen to it anywhere.

Download Christmas Album for the Holidays
Are you searching for Christmas music to download? Or perhaps looking for Christmas sounds and ringtones? Download Christmas albums here.

Best Online Music Download Sites
The choice of what online music store you use for downloading digital music is growing all the time. Here are the best online music download sites.

Free Online DAW - Digital Audio Workstation
An online digital audio workstation (DAW) gives you a way to create music without having to install any software on your computer. Get a free online DAW.

Spotify FAQ - About the Spotify Music Service
Spotify is a streaming music service that has millions of songs in its library, but what features does this service offer? Learn more from the Spotify FAQ.

The Best iTunes Playlist Uses
Looking for the best iTunes playlists? Whether you want to create mixtapes from your iTunes library or want to use Smart Playlists, learn more.

The Best Windows Media Player Alternative
There are free Windows Media Player alternatives that offer way more features and format support than Microsoft's player. Isn't it time for a change?

iTunes Song Ratings FAQ - Why Use iTunes Song Ratings
You've probably seen the option to rate songs in iTunes, but why bother to use this feature at all? Find out why you should use iTunes song ratings.

Freemake Music Box Review: Stream Free and Legal Music
Freemake Music Box is a standalone software application that searches the Internet for free and legal music. Learn more in the Freemake Music Box review.

Sansa Clip Plus Review of Clip-on MP3 Player
If you're looking for a small MP3 player with lots of features, then the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ is worth a look. This iPod alternative is a clip-on portable.

Manually Add Music to iPhone
Do you need to manually add music to your iPhone? iTunes by default automatically syncs all the songs in your library, but you can disable this.

Converting Music CDs to ALAC Using iTunes
The ALAC format is built into iTunes and gives you a way to perfectly rip your music CDs just like FLAC. In this tutorial we'll show you how to.

What Is iTunes LP? Explore the Meaning
iTunes LP is a feature of Apple's iTunes Store. When you buy an album that is in the iTunes LP format you get extra content along with the purchased music.

Portable Music Player Software
A list of portable music player software apps that can be used to play media straight from an external device like a hard drive or even an iPod.

TigoTago Tutorial: Online ID3 Tag Editor
Editing metadata for MP3 (online ID3 tag editor), WMA, and other media formats can be very time consuming. Follow this TigoTago tutorial.

TigoTago Tutorial – Setting the Working Directory
TigoTago Tutorial – Changing the directory to work on your MP3, WMA, and other media files

TigoTago Tutorial – Editing ID3 Tags Using an Online CDDB
TigoTago Tutorial – How to use an online CD database from within TigoTago to automatically edit ID3 tag information.

TigoTago Tutorial – Renaming Your Files Using ID3 Tags
TigoTago Tutorial – How to batch rename your media files using their ID3 tag information.

Convert Higher Bitrate Songs on Your iPod Touch
Reducing the size of the songs on your iPod Touch is a good way of optimizing your iPod's storage. Learn how to convert higher bit rate songs.

How to Turn Video into Audio MP3s
Do you know how to turn video into audio? This guide will show you the different methods available to convert a video to an audio file such as MP3.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone
Do you want to learn how to transfer music from computer to iPhone? You will see how to set up your iOS device with iTunes and choose between syncing.

How to Shazam This Song on Your Phone
Did you know that Shazam can identify songs that have already been downloaded to your phone or tablet? Learn how to Shazam this song on your phone.

Give an Apple Music Subscription as a Gift
Are you thinking about giving someone an Apple music subscription as a gift? It's a streaming music service that needs a subscription. Learn more.

Bit Depth Definition and Description
The term Bit Depth is often confused with another similar sounding audio definition called bit rate. This article will explain what bit depth means.

How to Remove Songs from Your iPhone
Do you know how to remove songs from your iPhone? In this tutorial we'll show you how to remove songs directly in iOS 7 without having to connect it.

Streaming Windows Internet Radio
Listening to Internet radio using Windows Media Player 12 gives you a great way to discover music by tuning into real FM stations that broadcast.

Rhapsody Review: A Streaming Music and Download Store
A review of Rhapsody, a subscription-based digital music service that you can use to stream music. You can also use it as a music download service.

Creating iTunes Smart Playlists that Update
Do you know how to create Smart Playlists in iTunes? If you are tired of constantly editing, then creating Smart Playlists will save you a lot of time.

MOG Radio Review - Unlimited Streaming Music
In this MOG radio review, we delve into this streaming music service to find out how it compares to other services like Spotify, Pandora, etc.

FAQ on Using Google Play as a Digital Music Service
If you need to find out more about Google Play and are looking for an FAQ on the subject, then reading this article is a must. Learn what you can do.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder
Are you looking for a software program that can record audio from the Internet? In this review of Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder we look at this.

iPhone Music Timer to Stop Music at Bedtime
iPhone music timer can do more than just countdown and play a ringtone. You can also use it as a sleep timer to stop music playing at a certain time.

How to Give a Spotify Gift Card
If you know someone who has been using Spotify Free, then why not give them a killer gift by upgrading them to Spotify Premium with a Spotify gift card.

Audio Format and Lossy Compression
Do you know what a lossy audio format is? Find out in this article about lossy compression and the effects it can have on your music library.

Ringtones Definition - What are RealTones?
Discover by reading this glossary article what ringtones are, the common formats that are used, and how you can create your own with RealTones.

What to Do When Windows Media Player Won't Burn CD
Are you having problems burning audio CDs in Windows Media Player 11? Learn what to do when Windows Media Player won't burn a CD and slow down the speed.

Spotify Information - Essential Details
Are you looking for information on the Spotify music service? If you're not familiar with it, but want to quickly find out about its service plans.

How to Restore Deleted Song Files From a Memory Card
Have you lost files on your memory card? If you need to restore songs that have been deleted on a player's memory card, then be sure to read this tutorial.

How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes
Have you got duplicate songs in your iTunes library that are just hogging valuable hard drive space? Learn how to delete duplicates in iTunes.

What Is an Audiobook? A Definition
What is an audiobook? Audiobooks are recordings that you can listen to as opposed to having to read text. Great if you don't get the chance to read.

How to Hide Music in the Cloud
Chances are you've got a few songs in your iTunes library that you don't want. You may be able to delete it, but here's how to hide music in the cloud.

How to Use a Graphic Equalizer WMP11
The graphic equalizer in Windows Media Player 11 is a tool that can enhance the quality of your songs in playback. This is how to use a graphic equalizer.

What Is MTP Mode on my Portable Device?
What is MTP? If you've seen an MTP mode setting for your phone, tablet, or MP3 player then it's simply a file transfer method. But, is it the best one?

Noise Canceling Vs Sound Isolating Headphones - Reducing Unwanted Ambient Noise While Listening to Music
Confused about noise canceling and sound isolating headphones? In this article we explain the difference between the two technologies and the pros and cons of using them. We also briefly explore if you really need headphones that have noise reduction built-in when listening to your digital music library.

What is Bluetooth - Wireless Streaming
What is Bluetooth and how can it be used for streaming music? In this article, we'll explain what this wireless technology is, how it works, and some of the common types of digital music hardware you can use for wire-free listening.

Advice When Buying an MP3 Player - How to Buy an MP3 Player
Are you thinking of buying an MP3 player? Before rushing out to buy one, read up on what to consider first.

Alternative Ways to Get Free Ringtones
Are you looking for alternative ways to get free ringtones for your phone? This quick tips article shows you some of the best ways to furnish your phone with free and legal tones. We'll show you where to download free and legal mp3s, and even what software and tools to use in order to create your own from your existing MP3 library.

Copying Music CDs Using RealPlayer 11
RealPlayer is an often overlooked media player from RealNetworks that can be used to rip your music CD collection. This tutorial will show you how to convert your audio CDs to MP3 and other formats so you can then sync to your smartphone etc.

RealPlayer Configuration For Ripping Audio CDs
How to configure RealPlayer 11 in order to rip CDs.

Transferring CD Tracks to Your Computer
Selecting CD audio tracks to rip in RealPlayer.

Checking Your Ripped Audio Files Are Free From Errors
Verify your ripped music tracks to make sure there's no errors before syncing to your portable device from RealPlayer.

Using The Spotify Web Player
Do you access Spotify using more than one computer? Wish you didn't have to use the desktop app to stream music? If so then follow this tutorial to see how to use the Spotify Web Player using just about any Internet browser.

Amazon Prime Music FAQs
You may have heard of Amazon Prime Music, but what type of service is it? Has it got something to do with Amazon's MP3 download store or is it a streaming music service? To find out more, we've put together an FAQ article on Amazon Prime Music that explains what this service has to offer and how you can use it.

Spotify Premium Streaming Service Review
A Spotify review that looks at the pros and cons of the service. Find out Spotify's strengths and weaknesses and how you can use this online service for free music streaming.

Slacker Radio Review
Slacker Radio is an online music service that you can use to listen to hundreds of compiled radio stations, or even create your own customized ones. With support for social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, you can also share your radio stations with friends and find out what they are listening to. Even though Slacker is essentially a subscription service, it offers a free basic account so that you can test drive its features before committing financially. To find out more, read this full Slacker Radio review to discover how it measures up to other Internet radio services like Pandora, Spotify, and others.

Convert a YouTube Video to an MP3 Online
Have you been trying to find a way to convert a YouTube video to an MP3? If so, then our short tutorial will show you how to use a free online tool to extract the audio from a video file to create an MP3 file. If your converting a YouTube music video, then you'll be able to transfer the created MP3 to your iPod, iPhone, or alternative MP3 player.

How to Report a Purchase Issue From Apple
Have you run into an iTunes Store purchase problem that you'd like to report to Apple? If you've downloaded a song, movie, audiobook, or other type of digital product then there's a quick and painless method via the iTunes software to get it fixed. To find out how to send a message to Apple alerting them of your recent iTunes Store problem, follow this step-by-step guide now.

How to Subscribe to & Use iTunes Match
To make it easy to store your iTunes music library in iCloud, Apple invented iTunes Match. This scan and match service can potentially save you a huge amount of upload time, but how do you set it up? In this iTunes Match tutorial, we'll show you how to get started in order to synchronize your music collection with Apple's iCloud music locker.

Remove a Credit Card From Your iTunes Account
Changing or removing the credit card details linked to your iTunes account is sometimes necessary. You may for example want to change to another credit card, enter a new card, or want to completely remove all payment information to make your iTunes account more secure. What ever the reason, this tutorial will show you how to easily do this using the iTunes software.

Wirelessly Stream with AirPlay for iPhone
AirPlay on the iPhone enables you to stream songs and videos via your home network to compatible devices (e.g. speakers) and even your TV (using Apple TV). To find out more, read this article to see how to set it up.

Using Siri to Play Music on iTunes Radio
Siri is a powerful voice control system for the iPhone that can also be used as a hands-free way to play songs on iTunes Radio. Find out in this tutorial just what commands you can use to play all your favorite songs and curated radio stations.

The History of Napster
The history of Napster goes back a long way to its beginnings as a peer-to-peer file sharing network. It was one of the first digital music services on the Internet that people used for obtaining free music -- even although most of it was illegal. In this article, we'll take you through Napster's colorful history and how it rose from the ashes after it was shutdown by the RIAA. Streaming Music Service Review is a social music network that not only makes it possible to search for new music, connect with friends, and share playlists, but also gives you access to your own digital music via remote storage. Find out in this review how the service works and if it's worth using.


Free Audio CD Ripper and Extraction Software
There are plenty of free cd rippers available to download on the Internet, but not all of them give good results. This digital music article lists the best free audio CD rippers for extracting music from your audio CDs. If you’re looking to transfer your music collection to MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, and other audio formats then be sure to read our Top Free CD Rippers article.

Information on the Pandora Music Service
Pandora Radio is a streaming music service that allows you to personalize your listening experience. Find out in this FAQ how it works and what you can you do with it.

What is Offline Mode in a Streaming Music Service?
Did you know that you can listen to music offline by using the right streaming music service? Often known as offline mode, some streaming music services enable you to cache music on your computer or mobile device so you can listen to your favorite tunes even when there's no connection to the Internet. To find out more, read this short digital music definition.

How to Gift Digital Music on Amazon
If you use Amazon to buy digital music then did you know songs and albums can be sent to someone as a gift? Find out in this guide how to purchase music from the Amazon Music Store and send it to someone using just their email address.

Best USB Flash Drives for Storing Music
Are you looking for a budget USB flash drive to store your music? This guide showcases top USB flash drives for carrying around your song collection.

How to Transfer Music From Computer to iPad
Do you need to know how to transfer music from your computer to the iPad? This tutorial shows you how to configure iTunes for automatic and manual syncing.

Using the Windows Media Player 12 Equalizer
Windows Media Player 12 has a graphic equalizer that can improve the audio quality of your songs. Find out how to use presets and your own custom settings in this guide.

How to Get Free iPhone Ringtones Without iTunes
You don't need to buy ringtones for your iPhone using the iTunes Store. Find out some great ways to furnish your iDevice with new tones for free.

How to Play Music on The iPhone via Bluetooth
Knowing how to play music on the iPhone using Bluetooth gives you access to wireless devices so you don't have to use your earbuds all the time.

What Is iCloud, and is it Free?
What is iCloud and is it free to use? Find out this and more in our FAQ guide on iCloud.

Free iPhone Music Streaming Apps
What are the best Apple Music alternatives for the iPhone? Find out in this guide what iOS music streaming apps you should have on your Apple device.

Digital Music
Digital Music.

Digital Music
Digital Music.

Spotify iOS App Tips And Tricks
Find out in this tips and tricks guide on the Spotify iOS app how to save money on a subscription and settings you can tweak to enhance music quality.

Automatic Volume Leveling in Windows Media Player 12
Volume leveling or normalizing in Windows Media Player is useful for ensuring that the loudness of all the music in your library remains constant. Find out how to enable this useful option.

How to Deauthorize iTunes Linked to a Dead Computer
How do you deauthorize iTunes for a dead computer or one that you no longer have? We'll show you a quick and easy way to remove them from your Apple ID.

Best Spotify Search Options for Finding Music
Did you know Spotify's music search box also has advanced options? This tutorial gives you tips on using them to get the exact music you're looking for on Spotify.

How To Remove Duplicate Songs Using a Free Tool
Have you got duplicate songs that you want to quickly remove from your music library?Discover how to use the free Duplicate Cleaner tool to do it automatically.

Best Free iTunes Alternatives
If you're looking for a free iTunes alternative to use with your iOS device then take a look at this media software player top-list.

Streaming Music Services and Digital Downloads
Spotify, Google Play, Rdio, Apple Music, and of course iTunes all vie for your attention. But, which digital music service should you go for?

Digital Music
Digital Music.

Digital Music
Digital Music.

Digital Music
Digital Music.

Digital Music
Digital Music.

Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Samsung Galaxy
What are the best free music streaming apps to use on the Samsung Galaxy? Find out in this guide the best alternatives to the Milk Music service.

Best Music Streaming Services
What is the best music streaming service? To help you to decide, we've compiled a list of the best music services that offer millions of songs to stream.

What is The MP3 Capacity of a CD?
What is the MP3 capacity of a CD? If you want to know how many songs typically fit on a CD then read this article to find out.

Best Free Duplicate Music File Finders
Downloading a free duplicate file finder is a smart way to quickly remove unneeded copies of songs and other media. Find out the best ones to use in this guide.

Buying Music From Amazon MP3 Using the iPhone
Are you looking for an alternative to the iTunes Store for your iPhone? Find out in this article how to buy music from the Amazon MP3 Store using your iOS device.

How to Import Music to Spotify
Follow this Spotify tutorial to see how to play music files that are stored on your computer's hard drive or external storage device.

Software FAQs
Software is a big part of listening to digital music. This section covers software related FAQs from single-featured apps all the way to full-blown audio suites.

Android FAQs
Frequently asked questions on using an Android device for playing digital music.

MP3 Player Reviews - DAP Reviews - PMP Reviews - music player information
Are you looking for MP3 player reviews? Consult this selection of reviews of digital music hardware to find out what makes the grade.

CD / DVD Burning and Ripping in Windows Media Player
Want to know all the ways you can use Windows Media Player for CDs and DVDs? These set of tutorials show you how to create audio CDs, burn gapless CDs, rip discs to MP3, and more.

Digital Music Terms (A-D)
A list of definitions explaining the common terminology used in digital music.

Digital Music Terms - Digital Audio Glossary
A list of definitions explaining the common terminology used in digital music.

Digital Music Terms - Digital Audio Glossary
A list of definitions explaining the common terminology used in digital music.

Audio Formats FAQ
Frequently asked questions on audio formats in digital music covering conversion, ripping, extraction from videos and more.

iTunes FAQ
FAQ articles on the different aspects of using iTunes and the hardware / services that go with it.

Music Service FAQs
Articles covering common questions about the different digital music services available on the Web.

Headphones & Earbuds
If it's ear gear your after, then this section is dedicated to listening to digital music through headphones and earbuds.

Online Storage Services
Here you will find articles exploring the many aspects of storing your digital music online.

Music Service User Reviews
Real opinions matter. See what other people think of the music services we've reviewed in this section.

Free Seasonal Music - Chistmas Music - Holiday Music - Halloween Sounds
A selection of seasonal music such as Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving that are all categorized to help you find what you are looking for.

iPod Touch Guides and Tutorials
Digital music related guides and tutorials for the iPod Touch

iPhone Ringtones - Free Ringtones
Are you looking for ringtones for your iPhone or other type of cellphone? If you're looking for free ringtones to enhance your smartphone, then these articles will serve as a good resource in discovering the different ways that you can build up your ringtones library.

iTunes 11 Tutorials
Guides on using the main features of iTunes 11.

iPhone Frequently Asked Questions
Articles on using the iPhone for digital music.

WMP Playlists
This section lists tutorials on how to use playlists in Windows Media Player.

Audio Format Conversion - Converting Audio Formats
These tutorials show you how to convert between different audio formats that are used in digital music.

Digital Music Terms - Digital Audio Glossary
A list of definitions explaining the common terminology used in digital music.

Digital Music Terms - Digital Audio Glossary
A list of definitions explaining the common terminology used in digital music.

Digital Music Terms - Digital Audio Glossary
A list of definitions explaining the common terminology used in digital music.

Free Audiobooks
Audiobooks give you the chance to enjoy books via sound. This portability makes audiobooks a good solution if you want to own books that can be played on a digital audio compatible device.

Organizing Your Music Library - iTunes Tutorials
iTunes is a multi-functional piece of software available for the Mac and PC that can help you to rip and burn CDs, create playlists, sync music to your iPod/iPhone, and organize your music library.

Music Managers
Music managers catalog your entire digital music collection, which makes it easy to find and play any track. An integrated set of tools are usually included giving you the facility to, rip, burn, synchronize, generate playlists and listen to your collection.

iPad Tutorials
It's surprising what you can do with an iPad, and this includes digital music. Look through the tutorials in this section for guides on music syncing, streaming, and more.

Music Service Tutorials
The key to using any music service is knowing about all the important features it provides. In this section you'll find tutorials on various services that cover the basics all the way to more advanced subjects.

iPod Touch Tutorials
If you want to get the best use out of your iPod Touch for digital music, then take a look at the tutorials in this section.

Music Service Reviews - Online Music Stores
Are you searching for the best places on the Internet for digital music? Whether you want to subscribe to a streaming music service or just want to download a few songs, here you will find reviews that cut to the bone.

Audio Conversion and Digitizing - Converting Audio Formats
If you need to convert an audio file to a different format such as MP3, or digitize a cassette tape or vinyl record, then these set of tutorials will show you how.

RealPlayer Tutorials - Media Players
RealPlayer tutorials - RealNetwork's media manager is a full-featured video and audio player that can also download videos from sites such as Youtube. RealNetwork's media manager has good video and audio file format support which makes it a flexible software program for your video and audio files.

Streaming Audio - Streaming Video
With high-speed broadband now being the 'norm', people can now use streaming audio to full effect. If you fancy tuning into your favorite radio station; or creating your own broadcast, then come on in.

Microsoft Windows Media Player Tutorials - CD Burning - CD Ripping
Windows Media Player Tutorials that show you step-by-step how to easily perform simple tasks. Learn how to organizing your media library, rip a CD etc.

Organizing Your Music Library - Winamp Tutorials
Winamp is a popular software media player packed full of features for organizing your media library. As well as being a good alternative to Apple's iTunes program, Winamp can help you to: rip, burn, sync, create playlists, and more for a better organized media library.

iPod / MP3 Player Accessories
Buying an accessory for your iPod or MP3 player can open up a whole new experience and give your device a new lease of life. There are literally thousands of MP3 player accessories -- ranging from earphones all the way up to complete audio/visual solutions. Discover some of the coolest accessories for your portable in this section.

Digital Music Albums - MP3 Music For Special Occasions
Here you'll find lists of digital music albums categorized by occasion. If you're looking for music for a particular event such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc., then these time-saving guides will give you some ideas.

iPhone Tutorials
This section of the website is dedicated to digital music tutorials for the iPhone.

Recording Audio
Software tools for recording audio from the Internet and elsewhere.

In-Car Entertainment - Car MP3 Players
In-car entertainment has really stepped up a gear in recent years with the emergence of car MP3 players. Why not take your entire MP3 collection on the road, especially for those longer journeys.

CD Accessories - DVD Accessories - Music and Video Storage
Are you looking for CD and DVD accessories? When it comes to playing, ripping, or storing digital media, there's a good range of products on the market that you can choose from. Here you'll find various products for your CD and DVD needs.

Home Entertainment
Digital music has traditionally been played on portable devices but you can also bring digital music into the home. Find out how you can fill your home with digital music.

Portable Music Players - iPod
Are you thinking of buying a portable music player? Or have a problem using one? Maybe you already own one and want to get the best out of it? Here you will find information on all aspects of portable MP3 players (DAPs).

music format profiles - music format information
Find out more about different digital music formats, such as, MP3, AAC, WAV by reading its profile.

Seasonal Gift Guides
Are you searching for electronic gadgets in order to find the right gift? Here you'll find a selection of seasonal gift guides designed to give you ideas and save you time. These gift guides have been categorized to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Winamp Tutorials - Software Media Players
Get the best out of Nullsoft's media player by following our Winamp tutorials. Winamp can be used for managing your media collection, listening to Internet radio, ripping and burning CDs, syncing your portable media player, and a whole lot more.

Organizing Your Music Library - Windows Media Player Tutorials
Microsoft Windows Media Player is more than just a software media player. Windows users can use it to import their CD collection into digital music files, burn audio CDs, watch movies, and organize their music collection by generating playlists and adding album art.

Managing Audio on CD or DVD - Tutorials for Organizing Your Music Collection
If you use CDs or DVDs to store your digital music on, then be sure read through this list of tutorials. There's a lot you can do with optical disks in order to manage your MP3 collection such as ripping CDs, protecting data using ECC, creating multisession discs, and more.

Hardware Storage - Backup Solutions
Do you need to find a storage solution for your digital music? If you've amassed a large amount of music, videos, audiobooks, and other types of digital media, then you'll want a backup solution to protect it against loss. Here are ideas that you can use in order to store your music and other types of important files just in case disaster strikes.

Digital Music - Hardware Tips and Tricks
This tips and tricks section deals with solving problems with hardware devices when used in conjunction with digital music. There's also guides on how to get the best from your hardware in order to maximize your enjoyment.

Syncing & Backup Software
Tools for copying and backing up your media collection.

Whether you're looking for wireless speakers or a docking station, listening without earbuds can be a cool way to enjoy your digital music collection.

Audio Software Reviews - DRM Removal - Audio Converters
If you require an audio converter, DRM remover, or need to download MP3 and video files, then read our audio software reviews to find out the best tools to manipulate your music collection.

Digital Music Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to commonly asked questions about digital music.

Free Music
If you haven't got any money in your pocket this month, then free music is the answer. Satisfy your musical urges and start listening today for free!

Glossary of Terms
A list of definitions explaining some of the terminology that is used in computer and digital music topics.

iTunes Tutorials
Find out how to do more with your iTunes software by reading these easy to follow iTunes tutorials.

Organizing Your Music Library - Maintaining Your MP3 Library
Taking the time to organize and backup your digital music is something that you should do on a regular basis. Maintaining your music library is essential housekeeping that will not only make it easier for you to locate your music, but will also ensure you have a disaster recovery plan that protects your investment.

Free CD Software - Free DVD Software
Are you searching for free CD and DVD software? This section covers a range of freeware programs that you can download when working with CDs and DVDs. The topics covered include: ripping, burning, cover design, error checking, and more.

Converting Video to MP3
If you've got a video that's got great audio, then you may want create an MP3 by extracting the audio. This part of the website looks at popular video formats and how to convert them to MP3.

Cloud Storage - Internet Storage Services
Are you looking for ways to store music, videos, and other types of media in the cloud? Storing your important files on the Internet not only gives you a great backup tool, but some services also allow you to stream it from the web -- even to mobile devices like smartphones. Whether you simply need to backup your music library to an online file hosting site, or want to stream music to your smartphone, this part of the website is just for you.

Music Gear - Creating Digital Music
Digital music isn't just about listening. If you're looking to start creating music, here you'll find reviews and information on music gear for connecting to your computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Audio Editors and Converters - Software for Editing and Converting Audio
In digital music it is sometimes necessary to edit or convert different types of files. You might also need to split a large file (like an audiobook) into more manageable pieces. Other areas of digital audio manipulation include: vocal removal, text to speech, creating ringtones, etc.

Internet Radio Software - Music Software for Online Radio
Internet radio software makes it possible to listen to your favorite radio stations online. Using a media player you can stream music on the Web just like real radio. Some software also allows you to record what you hear. For more information, read the following articles that cover this area of digital music.

Music Apps - iOS and Android Music Software
Music apps for popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Whether you need to listen to Web radio, create music, or stream songs from an online music service, take a look at this section of the Digital Music website.

VLC Media Player Tutorials
Tutorials for VLC Media Player covering audio and video.

Audacity Tutorials
Audacity may be a free audio editing tool, but you can do a lot with it. Browse through these articles to discover how you can use it with your digital audio files.

Android Tutorials
Whether you've got an Android-based phone or tablet, look through this section for help and ideas on how you can use your device for digital music.

Digital Music Software And Audio Tools
Using the right software to listen to and manipulate your digital music collection can be both rewarding and enjoyable. Take a look at the software you need to have a more granular control over your digital music files.

The History of Digital Music
Have you ever wondered where and how it all started? Read on to gain a fascinating insight into a revolution that changed the way we listen to music forever.

Digital Music Hardware - Audio Devices and Accessories
Are you having a hard time choosing the right gadget or accessory to buy for listening, organizing, or even creating digital music? Here you'll find information, reviews, and troubleshooting tips that cover hardware connected with digital music.

Step-by-step digital music tutorials that show you how to manipulate your digital music collection. Tutorials covering topics such as converting digital music formats, CD ripping and many more are presented in a way that you will find easy to follow.

Music, Sites, and Services
The choice of where you get your music from has never been so good, but how do you know you’re getting a good deal? Read on to get the lowdown on the different music services and what they have to offer. While you're here, why not explore the other alternatives such as podcasting, streaming audio and learn how you can tune into radio stations around the world for free.

Frequently Asked Questions / Glossary
The digital music world is full of acronyms, terms and legalities that are confusing and sometimes difficult to remember. Consult this font of information to learn what it all means and bring some clarity back into your life.

File Sharing
File sharing which is sometimes referred to as peer-to-peer (P2P) is a method of sharing your files with other Internet users. Although this technology is a very popular way of sharing files, it is not without its dangers. Stay safe by reading up on topics such as software, security, legal and copyright issues.

Free MP3 Downloads - Free and Legal Music - Free Audio Files
If you’re looking for free audio, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover where you can grab the web’s best free music and audiobooks.

Digital Music Legalities - Legal Issues Concerning Digital Music
Is digital music legal? Can I rip a CD? What does copyright law allow me to do? These questions and many more are answered in a jargon-free way so you can quickly understand and stay on the right side of the law.

Digital Music Formats 101
Are you confused about all the different music formats out there? Find out what the differences are, their strengths and weaknesses and how it will influence your decision when downloading music from the Internet.

Best Streaming Music Services With an Offline Mode
There are some very good streaming music services on the Internet, but not all of them offer an offline mode. This is a cool feature that enables you to listen to the music you like without having to be connected to the Internet or a 3G network all of the time. If you're looking for a list of streaming music sites that have an offline mode, then consult this toplist that gives you a quick rundown on some of the best.

Fixing MP3 Player Connection Problems With Windows
Are you having problems trying to get Windows to recognize your MP3 player? If you can't get it to see your USB device then work through this troubleshooting guide.

How Much Music per GB Can be Stored on a Portable Device?
If you've ever wondered how many songs you can get on your phone (per GB) or other portable, then this guide will tell you what you need to know.

iOS Music Apps - Music Software for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
Reviews of iOS applications for digital music listening and production.

iPhone Music Apps
Apps for the iPhone for creating and listening to digital music.

iPad Music Apps
The best apps for digital music on the iPad.

Digital Music
Digital Music.

How to Use The iOS SoundCloud App to Discover New Music
Did you know the free iOS SoundCloud app can be used to create personalized radio stations? Find out how in this guide on SoundCloud's music discovery features.

Digital Music
Digital Music.

Best Free Music Management Software Tools
If your song library is in a mess then you need to download a free music management software tool. This article lists the best free ones for whipping your collection back into shape.

How to Send iTunes Songs and Albums as a Gift
As an alternative to iTunes credit why not gift a song or album from the iTunes Store? Find how to add a more personal touch by following this guide.

Using iTunes Sound Check to Equalize Song Volume Levels
iTunes Sound Check helps to normalize the volume differences between songs. To find out how to configure this cool feature, read this iTunes tutorial that shows you in 5 easy steps.

What is iCloud and how is it Used for Syncing Music?
What exactly is iCloud and how can it be used to store and sync music to your iOS devices? Find out the essentials in this iCloud definition article.

Best iTunes Radio Alternatives For iPhone
If you're looking for a free alternative to iTunes Radio (now Apple Music) for your iPhone, then take a look at this guide that covers streaming services that don't ask you to pay for this luxury.

What is The AAC Plus Format?
Find out in this article what the AACplus format (HE-AAC) is and how it is used by software programs and online music services.

Best Free Ringtone Download Sites
Finding the best free ringtone download sites can be difficult. This article spotlights some of the top legal ringtone websites for getting content for your phone.

How to Add Missing Album Art in Windows Media Player 12
Can't get Windows Media Player 12 to automatically update missing album art? In this tutorial we'll show you how to manually add custom artwork.

Best Free Vocal Remover Software
If you're looking for a free vocal remover to eliminate voice from a song, then read this guide on the best free ones to download.

How to Uninstall iTunes Without Losing Your Music
Are you having iTunes problems and want to uninstall it without losing your music? This tutorial shows you how to safely remove iTunes and all of its components.

A-Audio Lyric High Definition Headphones Review
In this review we take a look at the A-Audio Lyric headphones which promise HD audio and luxury features such as memory foam padding and chrome detailing.

How to Listen to Internet Radio Using iTunes 11
This tutorial will show you how to find your favorite radio stations in iTunes 11 and stream them to your desktop.

Amazon MP3 Tutorials
Amazon MP3 is an a la carte download store that provides a wealth of music in the MP3 format. Browse through this section for tutorial on buying music, using the cloud player, and more.

How to Download Music From Amazon Without The App
Find out how to download songs and albums from Amazon Music without having to use the MP3 downloader app.

How to Record Streaming Audio and Internet Radio
Do you want to be able to record streaming music or Internet radio? By using a free audio recorder, you can quickly save audio streamed from the Internet.

Spotify Guides And Tutorials
Whether you need to know how to simply sign up to Spotify or how to use its more advanced facilities, the tutorials here will quickly take you through all the steps.

How to Import an Rdio Song List into Spotify
The Rdio music service may be no more, but did you know that you can import all your songs into Spotify? Find out in this article how to use Spotify's useful importer tool.

Best Free DJ Mixing Software
Are you looking for the best free DJ software programs to help you to mix music? Have fun mixing up your music library using these free DJ apps.

Best Free Album Art Downloaders
If your music library is missing a lot of artwork, then you need a free album art downloader. This type of tool makes it easy to get the correct artwork for your music albums.

The Best Free Music Downloaders
Do you want to download your music files faster? By using a free file download manager, you can get music and video files quicker than using a browser.

Top 6 Windows Media Player 11 Tutorials
Are you looking for Windows Media Player 11 tutorials? Get the most out of Microsoft's media playing software by following this essentials guide.

How to Stream Music to Xbox One From Your Windows PC
Do you want to stream your Windows music library to the Xbox One? Discover how to use your PC to play songs over your home network.

Best Free MP3 Downloaders For Android - Apps to Download Music
Are you looking for an easy way to find and download free music to your Android device? In this guide we highlight a selection of free apps from the Google Play Store which make it easy to download MP3s straight to your phone or tablet.

How to Convert WAV to MP3 With a Free Software Tool
Have you got uncompressed WAV files that you'd like to convert to much smaller MP3s? Even though audio stored in the WAV format is of excellent quality, it can take up a huge amount of storage space. This short tutorial will show you how to convert these space-hogging files to much smaller MP3s so they can easily fit onto storage-limited devices like MP3 players and smartphones.

Make Music Ringtones Using These Free Tools
With this free ringtone software, make yourself ringtones using your own music collection, rather than paying a fortune for online ringtone services.

Top 3 Music ID Apps for iPhone - Digital Music
Are you trying to find the name of an unknown song? Listening to digital music is enjoyable most of the time, but there can be times when trying to discover the name of a song or piece of music can be infuriating! To help you to identify unknown songs, you can use a music ID app on your iPhone. This is a special king of music application that uses your phone's microphone to actually listen to the song in order to work out the name of it. For more information on some of the best, read this iPhone Music ID app toplist now.

Free P2P Accelerators - Increase Torrent Download Speed
Did you know that by simply using a P2P accelerator program, you could instantly speed up your torrent downloads? If you use P2P sites to download music for example, then why not get the best out of your broadband speed by optimizing your file sharing connections? BitTorrent accelerators work by optimizing settings in the background so you don't need in-depth knowledge. For a list of some of the best free programs that speed up torrent downloads, consult this P2P software toplist!

Free, Legal BitTorrent and File Sharing Resources
Are you looking for legal P2P Web sites? Do you want to download free music and videos safely? Read this file sharing article that shows you the best legal BitTorrent sites to visit for music, videos, and other types of files that are usually provided under the Creative Commons License.

Best Headphones for Kids With Volume Protection
Are you looking for headphones for kids that have built-in volume protection? Keep your child's hearing protected by taking a look at this over-ear headphones guide.

Stream Music to The Xbox 360 Using Windows Media Player 12
Streaming your music library to the Xbox 360 is easy with Windows Media Player 12. Find out in this guide how to set this up using your home network.

Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 Headphones Review
In this review of the Alfa Genus V2 discover if these in-ear headphones live up to expectations. With a range of tuning filters, do they really enhance your digital music listening?

Advantages and Disadvatages of Cloud Storage for Music
This cloud storage FAQ article explores the advantages and disadvantages of storing your music and other types of media files online.

Best Free Streaming Audio Recorders
Using a free streaming audio recorder enables you to grab music from virtually any service that can be accessed via your Web browser. Create MP3s easily with the tools in this top-list.

Best Free MP3 Converters For Changing Audio Formats
This article lists the best free MP3 converters for changing audio files to formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA, M4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC, and more.

How to Add Music Files to VLC Media Player
Creating a music library in VLC Media Player allows you to use this excellent program to play back your complete song collection. Find out how to easily set it up in this guide.

Best Sites to Stream Free Music Videos
Are you looking for sites that offer free music videos? If so then this article covers free services that also help you to discover new music and share it with friends.