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Fixing Common Windows Media Player Problems
This Windows Media Player troubleshooting guide lists tutorials on common issues such as fixing a corrupt library, adding missing album art, curing streaming problems and more.

How to Reset Windows Media Player 12 Settings
It's sometimes necessary to reset Windows Media Player 12 back to its default settings when you run into a problem. Using the MSDT Tool built into Windows is one of the best options to use.

Record Internet Radio With These Free Tools
If you want to start recording Internet radio, then read this top-list which highlights some of the best free Web radio players that can also record streaming audio.

How to Download Multiple Songs From Amazon Cloud Player
Did you know multiple songs can be downloaded from Amazon Cloud Player in one Zip file? You don't need Amazon's Music app either to do this. Find out how in this tutorial.

Best Codec Packs for Playing Audio and Video Formats
If you can't play a particular video or audio file then a codec pack could solve your problem. To discover the best free ones to download, read this top-list.

How to Convert Video to MP3 in VLC Media Player
Do you use VLC Media Player for videos and wish you could convert the sound you hear to MP3? Well you can! It's not that obvious, but hidden within VLC Media Player's interface is the facility to extract the audio from a video and encode it to various popular audio formats -- like MP3. To see how this is done, read this guide which shows step-by-step how to open a video file, extract its soundtrack, and then encode to an MP3.

How to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card for Songs, Apps, and More
Have you just received an iTunes Gift Certificate and are wondering how to use it? If you're not sure how to go about redeeming your credit on the iTunes Store, or even what products you can purchase, then follow this tutorial to see how easy it really is. The steps in this article will show you how to load up your iTunes account so you can download songs, apps, and more!

Apple Music Tutorials
Tutorials on the different aspects of using Apple's streaming music service.

How To Create an Apple ID Without a Credit Card (iPhone)
Creating an Apple ID on your iPhone without a credit card can sometimes be necessary. Find out in this guide how to do it so even kids can use it in safety.

How to Create Playlists in Amazon Cloud Player
In this guide find out how to create playlists in Amazon Cloud Player so you can use them to stream music or download multiple songs.

Google Play
Tips and guides on using the Google Play service for digital music.

Pandora Radio
A collection of tutorials on using the Pandora Radio service.

Tag Music Automatically With an Online CDDB
CDDB can be used to automatically tag songs in your music library. Find out in this article what sort of software can be used and how it actually works.

Best Free Media Players to Download
If you are searching for a free software media player to play your MP3s, podcasts, audiobooks, and even music videos, then the choice of which one to use can be overwhelming. To make your life easier, we've compiled a list of some of the best software media players than can be downloaded for free.

A Guide on Buying Digital Music Gifts - Last Minute Ideas
At the best of times it can be a challenge to buy the right gift for someone. And, arguably even more so when it has to be something specific. So, what do you buy a person who just can't live without music? For some time-saving ideas, take a look at this gift guide for the music lover.

Digital Music Gift Ideas
Digital music gift ideas gives you inspirational ideas on what to buy a family member, friend or even yourself! There's so many areas to digital music that deciding what gift to buy can be very time consuming. The best MP3 players, accessories and other digital music related gifts are covered in this easy to follow guide.

Digital Music Gift Ideas
Digital music gift ideas gives you inspirational ideas on what to buy a family member, friend or even yourself! There's so many areas to digital music that deciding what gift to buy can be very time consuming. The best MP3 players, accessories and other digital music related gifts are covered in this easy to follow guide.

Top USB Turntables
Have you got a collection of old vinyl records you want to transfer to MP3 or other type of digital audio format? These days vinyl records are not as popular of they once were, but that doesn't mean you should keep them in the attic gathering dust. Investing in a USB turntable makes it easy to quickly transfer vinyl records to your computer so you can either listen to them on an MP3 player or burn them as audio CDs. Some of your vinyl collection might not even be available on music services to download or on audio CD so it make sense to do it yourself sometimes. To help you to decide, we've compiled a short list of USB turntables that make the grade for under $100.

How to Sync Media Files in Windows Media Player 11
Do you need to know how to sync media files using Windows Media Player 11? This tutorial will show you how to transfer music, videos, photos and other files to your portable.

Windows Media Player Tutorial - Connecting a Media Player
To sync your portable player you'll first need to connect it to your computer using the provided cable. Windows Media Player will then be able to sync to it.

Windows Media Player 11 Tutorial - Setting Up WMP to Sync With Your Portable
Once you have connected your portable to Windows Media Player, you can then choose what files to sync with your device.

How to Make a Music Playlist in iTunes 11
Creating song playlists in iTunes is a great way to organize your music library and make your own custom mixtapes too. This guide will show you how to make one from scratch.

iTunes Tutorial - Making a New Playlist
iTunes Tutorial - Making a New Playlist.

iTunes Tutorial - Naming Your New Playlist
iTunes tutorial - Giving your new playlist a name.

iTunes Tutorial - Adding Music Tracks to Your Playlist
iTunes tutorial – How to select tracks to add to your custom playlist.

iTunes Tutorial - Checking Your New iTunes Playlist
iTunes tutorial – Verifying your custom iTunes playlist.

Amazon Music Store Review
Find out in this Amazon Music review if it's a real alternative to using the iTunes Store for downloading songs and albums.

How to Disable Apple Music on The iPhone
Do you need to disable Apple Music on your iPhone? If you get annoyed with some of its features then find out how to turn them off in this guide.

Best Free MP3 Audio File Splitters
Using a free audio file splitter can be useful for slicing up large MP3s etc. in order to create free ringtones, individual tracks from an album, or audiobook chapters.

The Best Digital Music Gift Cards and Certificates
Are you thinking about buying someone a music gift card? Find out in this guide some of the best ones to choose when giving credit for music services such as the iTunes Store, Amazon MP3 and more.

Best Free MP3 Tag Editors
Are you looking for a free MP3 music tag editor to better organize your song library? Find out which tools are best to use in order to fill in missing metadata information.

Listen to eBooks by Converting Them to MP3s (Free)
Do you wish you could listen to a text file on your computer rather than having to strain your eyes to read it all? Text to speech software allows you to convert various text documents into digital audio files that can be listened to on your MP3 player, car stereo, or any device that supports the playback of digital audio. Rather than using your eyes to read an ebook for example, you can convert this text into an audio file format and use your ears instead! To discover some of the best free applications for converting text into voice, our free text to speech software guide highlights some of the best.

How to Replay Beats 1 Radio Shows You've Missed (iPad)
Have you missed a Beats 1 radio show, or want to replay a broadcast again? Find out in this tutorial how to replay a show using the Apple Music service.

Sansa Clip Zip - Information and Specifications on the Sansa Clip Zip
Sansa Clip Zip information and specifications. If you're looking for details on SanDisk's Clip Zip MP3 player, then this article gives you a quick rundown on its features. By reading this profile guide, you'll also be able to quickly discover other information before buying such as: colors, storage capacities, compatible audio file formats, minimum system requirements, and more.

Best Independence Day Music Album Downloads
If you are searching for patriotic music to download for Independence Day, then take a look at this July 4th album top-list which highlights some of the best.

Free Christmas Music and Sounds
Looking for free Christmas music can be overwhelming to say the least. Here is a selection of legal songs and sounds for the Holiday season which you download and stream.

What is The Scrobbling Feature?
Do you know what the music Scrobbling feature is? Find out some of the music services, hardware devices, and software players that support it so you can discover even more music.

How to Use Your Earphone's Remote Button For Music on The iPhone
Did you know that the remote button on your earphones can also be used for music playback on the iPhone? Find out 7 ways to use this single button so you don't have to touch the screen.

What Is the Best Audio Format for My Portable Device?
What is the best audio format for listening to music on your portable player? Find out some of the main considerations to think about before deciding.

Best MicroSD Cards For Storing Music on Your Portable
The best way to increase your phone's storage is to use a MicroSD card. But, which are best for music and video? Find out in this guide which ones came out on top.

Review of Zipbuds SLIDE Earphones
Are you looking for in-ear headphones that don't tangle? If so then read this review of the Zipbuds SLIDE. With an anti-tangle zipperless cable, do these earphones also deliver on audio?

Best Ways to Find Free Songs to Download
Are you trying to find free songs to download? There are many sources of free music and songs on the Internet, but a lot of what you discover is often illegal. Trying to find 'free' while staying on the right side of the law can sometimes feel like an impossible task when searching the Web. This article therefore shows you some of the legal ways in which you can build up a digital music library for free.

ALAC Audio Format: Is it Better to Use Than AAC?
The ALAC format is a lossless codec used in iTunes. But, what are the main differences compared to AAC, and is it really worth using for your digital music library?

Free Thanksgiving Music and Ringtones to Download
Celebrate Thanksgiving by grabbing some free downloads. Here you will find some terrific Turkey Day treats such as free music, ringtones, wallpapers, screen savers, and more!

What is The MSC Transfer Setting on my Device?
Have you seen MSC mode in your portable device's settings, but don't know what is means? This article explains this USB setting and the pros and cons of using it.

Reasons to Transcode (Convert) Audio Files
Converting from one audio or video format to another is sometimes called transcoding. But, what types of software can be used and what are the advantages.

Free Audio Software For Editing And Recording
What are the best free audio editors to use? If you need to edit, convert, or record audio then find out which ones made it to our top-picks list.

How to Add Ogg Vorbis Audio Support in Windows Media Player 12
Windows Media Player 12 can't play audio encoded with the Ogg Vorbis format. If you've got .ogg or .oga files then all you need is the right codec installed on your computer.

FairPlay DRM on The iTunes Store: Can it be Removed?
FairPlay DRM is used on the iTunes Store as a copy protection system. But, what types of media are protected, and can it easily be removed?

What Is iTunes Match?
In this iTunes Match frequently asked questions article, discover how this service works and how it can be used to store your iTunes library. You will also discover in this faq guide the supported audio formats and the limitations in using iTunes Match.

How is Digital Music Created With DAW Software?
The best way to create digital music is to use a digital audio workstation (DAW). But, what do you need to get started, and are their any free ones you can try out?

Best Free DJ Apps For Music Mixing on The iPad
Start mixing music on your iPad by installing a free DJ app. Use the songs already in your iTunes library or connect to services like SoundCloud and remix millions of tracks.

Top Halloween Album Downloads - MP3 Music and Sounds
Are you looking for Halloween music albums to download? Or perhaps you want to find spooky Halloween sounds for your outside display? This article focuses on some of the best Halloween music albums that you can download to provide a great Halloween atmosphere for any occasion. You'll find Halloween songs, sounds, and spooky music that's guaranteed to liven up any Halloween party.

What is The WMA Pro Format?
WMA Pro is an enhanced version of Microsoft's WMA format. But, what makes it better? Find out it's advantages and whether it's worth switching to.

Best Ways to Automatically Limit Song Loudness on The iPhone
Find out how you can use the iPhone's settings to automatically limit music volume levels without having to adjust it manually.

How to Transfer Your iTunes Library to a New Computer
Do you want to find out how to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer? If you've got DRM protected iTunes songs, movies, etc., then you will first have to authorize your new computer (and others you may have) before being able to manage your purchased content. This iTunes tutorial will show you how to easily transfer your iTunes library to another computer and go through the authorization process using the iTunes software.

Can Copy Protection be Removed Using The Analog Hole?
The analog hole can be used to remove DRM copy protection from digital music and movies. But, how is this done and is it legal to do it?

Downloading Music Via P2P: Is it Legal?
What exactly is P2P file sharing? Find out in this article how it works and if downloading music for example is legal or not.

Can Music be Streamed With AirPlay?
AirPlay is a wireless technology built into iOS that can stream music. But, do you know the different ways you can use it? Find out in this article how it works and the types of devices that are compatible with it.

Trinity Delta In-ear Headphones Review
The Trinity Delta is a high end in-ear headphone that comes with interchangeable plug-in tuning filters. Find out in this review just how well it performed in our tests.

What is Chromecast And What Can it Stream?
Do you know what Chromecast does? It enables you to stream music and other types of media from your phone, tablet or computer to a TV. But, how does it work, and what are the different ways you can use it?

What is DJ Software?
What are DJ software apps and how can they be used for creating mixes using your existing music library? This article explains common features and links to some free ones to try out.

What is a Music Locker?
What exactly are music lockers? Read on to find out what they are, how you can use them for storing digital music, and the legalities of using them.

How to Get iPhone Ringtones From The iTunes Store
If you're getting bored with the standard ringtones that come with the iPhone, then you can quickly add more by using the iTunes Store. Discover in this tutorial how to find and download them straight to your phone.

What You Need to Know About iTunes
What can you do with Apple's iTunes software? Find out about its main features, supported formats, and why you'd want to choose it in your situation.

House of Marley Liberate XLBT Bluetooth Headphones Review
If you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that also have a wired connection, then read our review of the Liberate XLBT headphones by House of Marley.

How to Create Free Ringtones in iTunes
Do you want to know how to make free ringtones in iTunes? The problem with creating ringtones with the iTunes software is that you have to pay a fee even if you have purchased the whole song. This iTunes tutorial will show you how to create free ringtones using your existing music library. Why not recycle your music and be eco-friendly!

Cheap Media Players Less Than $200
If you need a cheap portable player that does more than just play music (MP3 players), then the best option is to go for a Portable Media Player (PMP). This type of portable device is suitable for digital audio, photos, and video. The cost of owning a media player has fallen in recent years and there are a lot of 'cheap and cheerful' portables that can even put more expensive devices to shame. Here is a selection of portable media players for $200 or less.

Sansa Clip Zip Review: Compact Clip-On MP3 Player
Are you looking for an iPod alternative that doesn't break the bank? In this MP3 player review, we take a look at the Sansa Clip Zip player from SanDisk which is feature-rich and comes at a much lower cost than the iPod Shuffle. Is this the iPod alternative you've been looking for? Find out in this full Sansa Clip Zip review.

Top Portable Speakers for Your MP3 Player
Are you searching for budget portable speakers for your iPod, MP3 player, etc? Having a set of speakers that can travel with you makes it possible to play your digital music library virtually anywhere without the need for earbuds. These can be a useful accessory if you want to enjoy your music on vacation, at the beach, etc., using the music already on your portable. If you are concerned about a child using earbuds for music, then speakers are a worthy investment.

The Best CD and DVD Repair Kits (Top Three)
Have you got a scratched CD or DVD? Are you looking for good disc repair kits that actually work? This guide covers some of the best disc repair kits that you can use to fix scratched, damaged, and sometimes unplayable CD and DVD discs.

Best iPhone Speaker Docks
Using an iPhone speaker dock can make listening to your music so much more enjoyable rather than just using earbuds or its built-in speaker. Docking your iPhone with a speaker system also allows you to charge your device while listening and enable you to use your iPhone as an alarm wake up call! If you're looking for a speaker dock for your iPhone, then read this article that lists some of the best for under $150.

FM Transmitters: Listen to MP3 Music on Your Car Stereo
Do you need an FM transmitter to listen to your iPod or MP3 player in the car? If you've got a car radio that doesn't have the facilities to dock with portables, USB fflash drives, or flash cards, then an FM transmitter is the ideal solution. By using an FM transmitter you will be able to tune your car stereo into any device that uses headphones -- this includes CD players, cell phones, etc. You can then enjoy your digital music collection rather than using countless CDs for example.

Top Cassette Adapters: Digital Music on Your Old Stereo
Are you looking for a way to listen to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player, etc., using your car's radio cassette player? If you've got an old car radio/cassette stereo system and want to be able to listen from digital audio sources like a portable CD player, Mini Disc, smartphone, or other type of portable that sports a headphone socket, then the best solution is to use a cassette tape adapter. Take a look at our cassette adapters top-list to see some of the best.

PureVolume Music Service Review
PureVolume is a music service that enables you to stream and download free music from independent artists. The website's social networking element also gives you a way to connect with your favorite artists and share your discoveries too.

How to Stream or Download Music Podcasts on The iPad
Did you know the Podcasts app on the iPad can be used to stream and download free songs? Find out in this guide how to find new songs and music videos in Apple's podcasts repository.

Best Free Software For Managing a Music Library
If you’re looking for the best free software for your music collection, then look no further. Whether you're seeking a free CD burning program, CD ripper, audio editor, or want to recover your music that has been deleted, be sure to consult this guide.

Top 5 Free File Recovery Programs: Undelete Lost Music
Have you accidentally deleted music files from your hard drive, iPod, or MP3 player and want them back? Whether you’ve lost MP3, WMA, or other types of digital music files, using a file recovery program could be a life saver; they can also be used to undelete photos, videos, and other important files. This article will show you some of the best free file recovery software for getting your data back.

What is a Portable Media Player?
What exactly is a portable media player (PMP)? This article explains what kind of devices qualify as a PMP, and the main features often found built into them.

How to Change CD Burn Speed in Windows Media Player 12
Are you having problems burning audio CDs in Windows Media Player? Is so then reducing the burn speed could help. To see how to alter the burn speed, read this Windows Media Player 12 tutorial.

How to Stop Windows Media Player Freezing in Full Screen Mode
Do you find Windows Media Player crashes when in full screen mode? If WMP freezes when you switch to full screen view, then follow the tips in this troubleshooting tutorial.

Best iPhone Music Apps For Enhancing Audio
If you want better music quality on your iPhone, then why not use an alternative music player that has audio enhancement features? It's a great way to instantly boost the sound definition of your iTunes songs without having to download tracks from HD music services.

Changing Music Columns in Windows Media Player 12
Changing the default columns that Windows Media Player 12 displays is a good way to get better information about your music library. Find out in this tutorial how to add, remove, resize, and rearrange columns to get the song details you need.

How to Backup Spotify Playlists to Text Files
Are you looking for a way to save your Spotify playlists as a printable list? Spotify doesn't provide an option to do this via its apps or Web player, but we'll show you how to easily generate text files that can be imported into a spreadsheet or just printed out.

How To Sign up For a Free iTunes Account - Creating an Apple ID
Do you need an account to use the iTunes Store? If so, then the first thing you'll need to do is create an Apple ID. To find out how, follow this iTunes tutorial to see how to make a free Apple account.

How to Add FLAC Format Support to Windows Media Player 12
Unfortunately Windows Media Player 12 doesn't support the FLAC audio format out of the box. However, by following this tutorial you'll discover how to easily add support for it by installing a free codec pack.

How to Find Audiobooks on Spotify And Other Non-Music Recordings
Have you ever wondered if there are any audiobooks on Spotify? You'll find a heap of music which can be streamed, but what about non-music content? It's mostly hidden from Spotify's user interface, but we will show you how to find audiobooks, drama series, and more.

What is Replay Gain And How Does it Work?
What exactly is ReplayGain? In this definition of Replay Gain, we aim to explain how this standard normalizes the loudness of your songs so they all play at the same volume setting. By reading this article, you'll also discover the types of software programs and hardware devices that use it.

Adding And Removing Music Folders in Windows Media Player 12
Have you got a music download folder on your hard drive that you'd like to add to Windows Media Player 12? Instead of manually adding songs to your music library you can configure WMP 12 to automatically monitor folders so your library always stays up-to-date.

How to Sign up For a Free Spotify Account - Music Streaming Services
Do you want to try the Spotify streaming music service, but don't know how to get started? Follow this guide which shows you how to sign up for a free Spotify account. You'll also discover the various ways in which you can stream music from Spotify.

How to Create Free Ringtones Using Audacity
If you're frustrated by not being able to find and download free ringtones for your cell phone, then why not make your own using Audacity? By using your existing MP3 music library we'll show you how to take any song and create the perfect ringtone for your phone.

How to Transfer Non-iTunes Songs From an iPod Touch
Are you having problems trying to copy non-iTunes Store songs from your iPod Touch? Unfortunately Apple's software only copies music that has come from the iTunes Store. However, we'll show you a quick way to get all of the songs off your device.

Review of House of Marley's Smile Jamaica Earbuds
If you are searching for budget earbuds then the Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones by House of Marley could be worth a look. Constructed using eco-friendly materials and weighing in at less than $20, are these the best low-cost earbuds around?

Streaming Services That Offer Free Music - Listen For Free Without Paying a Subscription
Listening to streaming music for free before subscribing is the best way to try out a freemium service. But, not all paid-for music services offer this. To help you save heaps of time, we've compiled a list of the best subscription streaming music services that offer a free account that never expires.

4 Music Services That Have Great Social Networking
Social music sites give you the chance to listen to and share your music with your friends. Most of the top social networking sites on the Internet aren't music oriented and so discovering new music can be limited or even nonexistent. This article lists some of the best social music websites that you can use to discover new music and friends too.

Download Free Halloween Music - Songs and Sounds
Are you looking for free Halloween music? Or want to download spooky Halloween sounds? Here you will find hours of free creepy songs, sounds, and spooky music that's guaranteed to liven up any Halloween party.

Grooveshark Review - Online Music Discovery Service
Grooveshark is a free streaming music service that you can use for music discovery. If you're an artist, you can also use Grooveshark to promote your music and increase your fan base. In this Grooveshark review, we find out what this service has to offer for the digital music fan. We also dig down to find out what distinctive features Grooveshark has when compared to other streaming music services.

Do You Need to Use ASIO Drivers For Digital Music?
Using ASIO drivers for digital music provides a more direct way for audio software to access your computer's sound card. It does a great job of minimizing latency (audio lag), but does it improve audio quality too?

How To Fix a Frozen iPod Nano - Hard Resetting a Stuck iPod
Do you need to reset your iPod nano because it has frozen or won't power on? If this has happened then it may just need a hard reset. This tutorial will show you how to reset your nano without losing your music.

How to Catalog The Contents of a Windows Media Player Library
Cataloging the songs in your Windows Media Player library is essential for keeping track of all the music you've amassed over the years. But, WMP doesn't come with a way to save or print out a list. Find out in this guide how to quickly create a catalog without having to do it manually.

Fix Error 1303 When Installing Media Info Exporter - Windows Media Player
When installing the Media Info Exporter tool for Windows Media Player, are you getting error 1303? If so then this guide will show you how to solve this annoying security issue in Windows.

How To Automatically Skip Songs in an iTunes Playlist
Are you looking for a way to automatically skip songs in an iTunes playlists? If you've got songs that you want to avoid playing then iTunes gives you a way to skip individual tracks without having to remove them from your playlist.

iTunes Playlists - How to Sort Songs in The Right Order
Are the songs in one of your iTunes playlists in the wrong order? If you've got a mix of songs that you want to re-order, then follow this tutorial to see how to quickly juggle tracks so they play in the right sequence.

How to Find Free and Legal Music Using VLC Media Player - Streaming From Jamendo
Finding free and legal music to stream normally involves searching the Internet. However, if you use VLC Media Player did you know that you've got direct access to the free Jamendo music service? Find out in this tutorial how to start streaming hundreds of free and legal songs without having to trawl the Web.

How to Turn Your iPad into an iTunes Music Server
If there are songs on your iPad that you'd like transfer to other computers and devices, then why not set it up as a Wi-Fi music server? In this tutorial we'll show you how to use a free app to easily share music files that can be accessed with just a Web browser.

Tego Audio Nova Wireless Speaker Review - Portable Bluetooth Speakers
The makers of the Nova wireless speaker, Tego Audio, say their ultra portable device can fill a room with sound, but can something the size of a Satsuma orange really do that? Find out in this review if this tiny wireless speaker makes the grade when listening to digital music.

Free Music Cataloging Software - Quickly Find Songs
Using free disk cataloging software makes it easy to locate a particular song, photo, or other type of file. If you've got a lot of files archived on CD, DVD, etc., then this article highlights software that's great for keeping track of your music library.

Apple Music FAQ - Is it a Streaming Service Worth Switching to?
Apple Music is a streaming service similar to Spotify. But, does it have enough features to compete? Find out in this article what to expect from Apple's music streaming option.

How to Create Auto Playlists in Windows Media Player
Fancy creating playlists in Windows Media Player that automatically update? In this tutorial, we will show you how to create rule-based Auto Playlists that will save you time when playing, burning, or syncing your music library.

How to Optimize Your MP3 Player's Battery Life
Are you looking for ways to get more battery life from your MP3 player? Whether you've got an iPod, iPad, iPhone, or some other type of battery-powered portable, you'll want it to last as long as possible between charges.

Nyne Cruiser Bluetooth Speaker Review
If you are looking for a desktop Bluetooth speaker that can also be fixed to a bike, then the Nyne Cruiser can do both. It comes with mounting clips, a carry case, and can even charge your phone. But, what's it like in the audio department? Find out in this full review.

How to Tweak The iOS Spotify App For Better Music Quality on The iPhone
Did you know that music quality streamed from Spotify can be enhanced with a simple tweak? If you use the Spotify app on the iPhone, then read through this article to see how to get the full sonic benefit.

Best Rip Settings in iTunes For Transferring CD Audiobooks
Are you looking to rip CD audiobooks in iTunes and want to know which import settings are best? Find out in this article how to configure iTunes to use the ideal rip settings to transfer your CD-based audiobooks.

Audacity Tutorial - How to Convert WAV to MP3 Using LAME
Do you need to quickly convert WAV files to MP3? Using Audacity with the LAME MP3 encoder is the perfect solution for producing high quality MP3s. This tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to convert your WAV files to MP3s.

MP3 Versus AAC - Deciding Which Audio Format to Use
AAC is often thought of as the better format when compared to MP3. But, it might not be the best option in certain circumstances. In this article we explore the main differences between the two formats and highlight reasons for both.

How to Watch Music Videos Offline on The iPad - Downloading Streaming Video
Downloading music videos to watch on your iPad can be useful when you need access to them offline. However, iOS doesn't come with an easy way to do this out of the box. Find out by reading this tutorial how to effortlessly capture streaming video from sites like YouTube.

Jamendo Review - Free Music Download Services
Jamendo review - A look at this free and legal music website that offers thousands of free MP3 tracks to download or stream.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

CD Barcode Frequently Asked Questions - UPC and ISRC Codes
CD barcodes (or more accurately known as UPC and ISRC codes) are essential if you want to start selling your music. Find out in this FAQ article the best way to go about it.

Choosing the Right Digital Music Service
Are you looking to download or stream digital music? Before parting with your money, read this article which highlights what you need to consider before opting for a music service.

What is Streaming Music? - Definition
What is streaming music? In this FAQ, you can find out what streaming music is, how it differs from downloading music, and what the basic requirements are.

iRig KEYS Review - iOS Music Keyboards
The iRig KEYS is a portable MIDI keyboard that is small enough to fit in a backpack or bag. This MIDI controller can be used with iOS devices, PC, and Mac. But, what is it like to play? Find out more by reading this iRig KEYS review.

Android Music Apps - Music Software for Android Phones and Other Devices
Reviews of Android applications for digital music discovery and production.

Nyne Aqua Bluetooth Speaker Review - Waterproof Wireless Speakers
The Nyne Aqua is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a difference -- it can float in water. This makes it ideal if you want to take your digital music to the pool, or even in the shower. But, does it play audio as well it floats? Find out if it sinks or swims in this full review.

iPod Backup Software - Transferring Music from iOS to Computer
If you're looking for an iTunes alternative to copy files from an iPod to your computer, then which one do you choose? In this article we spotlight some great free tools that take the hassle out of transferring the contents of your iOS device to a PC or Mac. Review - Free MP3 Music Downloads review - A social media website that hosts over 8000 songs that you can listen to on-demand or download as MP3s.This free and legal media service also provides free MP3 ringtones, photos, blogs, and a place to talk via its forums.

Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites
Are you looking for free and legal MP3 music to download? There is a mass of free music out there produced by artists just waiting to be discovered. Whatever your taste in music, you're sure to find an interesting genre from this essential top picks list.

Setting up an iTunes Allowance for Kids
With an iTunes allowance you can limit what your child spends every month on the iTunes Store. You can stay in control at all times and have the flexibility to change the monthly credit, suspend it, or even cancel it completely. To see how to set up an iTunes allowance for your child, read this article for more information.

What Audio Formats Does Android Support?
Your Android phone (or tablet) can play digital music files, but do you know what types of audio formats are supported? If your music library has a mix of formats then read this article to find out which ones can be played before syncing them to your Android device.

How to Cancel an iTunes Match Subscription
If you want to cancel your iTunes Match subscription, or just want to find out how to do it before signing up to Apple's cloud storage service, then be sure to read this guide.

How to Use Shazam to Find New Music
As you may already know, Shazam is an app whose primary purpose is to identify unknown songs by listening. However, did you know that it also makes a great tool for finding new music? To find out more, read this guide on Shazam's best music discovery features.

What is a YouTube Music Key? - Subscribing to YouTube
Youtube Music Key is a Google subscription option that gives you an upgraded experience when listening to digital music. However, what do you actually get with Music Key and is it worth paying when YouTube is free anyway?

Best Free Music Players For Android - Apps to Play Music And Videos
The music player that's built into Android may be fine for occasional use. But, if you want to start listening to your digital music library a lot more, then you'll want to download a more capable music app. Read on to see a list of free ones that make the grade.

Is iTunes Match a Good Music Backup Solution?
Should you use iTunes Match to backup your music files? Before using Apple's music upload service read this article to find out its main limitations.

Spotify Music Service Details and Options
Along with Spotify Premium, what other music service options are offered? There are several ways you can use its service to listen to digital music. As well as its subscription plans, it also offers a free account so you can test drive their service before committing financially.

Spotify Library - Finding Music on Spotify
A Spotify review showcasing how to find music using the Spotify desktop client software. This section of the review also details some of the functions that Spotify has to import playlists that have been created in iTunes and Windows Media Player. There's also coverage on the features of Spotify that enable you to use social networking to organize and share your music library.

Spotify Library - iPod Syncing, Importing Music, and Sharing Songs
Spotify isn't just an online music service for streaming tracks. You can also use its software program for importing your existing iTunes or Windows Media Player library. If you've got an iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, or other type of smartphone, you can also sync via Wi-Fi (Premium only) or via USB cable. This part of the Spotify review also details how you can this music service to share on social networking services.

Spotify Review - Conclusion
A final overview of the Spotify music service which analyzes the options available for stream music. This conclusion also explores the advantages and disadvantages of Spotify so you can see clearly which subscription tier is best for you.

How To Make Your Portable Play Songs in The Right Order
Are you having problems trying to get your MP3 player to play songs in the right (alphabetical) order? If you can't get songs to play in sequence then follow this guide to see how.

What Are The Copy Restrictions For DRM Protected iTunes Songs?
Apple no longer copy protect songs in the iTunes Store using its FairPlay DRM system. But, what if you've still got some in your digital music library? Find out in this article what restrictions are placed on your songs and how you can break free from DRM.

iOS Tutorials - Troubleshooting Guides for iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Tutorials and guides for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

iPhone Guides and Tutorials
Digital music related guides and tutorials for the iPhone

iPhone Battery Saving Tips - Improving Battery Life For Longer Music And Video Playback
Your iPhone's battery can soon get drained if you use it stream music videos and listen to songs. However, you can improve the iPhone's battery life between charges by performing some simple energy-saving tweaks. This guide shows you some of the best ones for optimizing your iOS device's power usage.

How to Upload Music to the Amazon MP3 Cloud Player
Are you looking to upload your MP3 music to Amazon's Cloud Player service? If you want to start streaming your music library then this tutorial will show you how to use Amazon's handy uploading tool.

Can FLAC be Played on The iPhone? - Playing Lossless Audio on The iPhone
The iPhone has built-in support for playing ALAC audio files, but can it play the more popular FLAC format too? Find out in this frequently asked questions article on the iPhone's lossless audio compatibility.

Zivix Jamstik Review - iOS Midi Hardware
In this full review, we take a look at the Zivix Jamstik. It's a portable wireless MIDI guitar for iOS and sports real strings and frets. And, unlike a normal guitar doesn't need to be tuned making it ideal for beginners. If you're looking for a stringed instrument for your iDevice, then read on for the lowdown.

How to Burn an MP3 CD in Windows Media Player 12
Did you know that Windows Media Player 12 can burn MP3 CDs as well as standard music discs? Burning MP3 files to a CD-R disc can give you hours of music to carry around. In fact, you can comfortably fit 8 MP3 albums or more on to one disc! To find out how, follow this easy-to-follow guide.

Best Media Players That Have an Internet Radio Option
If you are looking for a software media player that can also stream Internet radio stations, then this guide highlights some of the best ones you can download for free.

Are Online Music Lockers Legal?
Services that offer music lockers can be used to backup your song library. But, is it legal to store all your music files in the cloud regardless of where they came from?

How to Create And Edit a Playlist on The iPad
Finding the right music on your iPad can be made a lot easier through the use of playlists. You don't need to create them on your computer first, they can be made directly on your iOS device. For more information, read this article which shows you how to easily create playlists, add songs to them, and remove ones you added by accident.

Fix Sound Problems in Your MP3 Files
Audio distortion (or clipping as it is sometimes referred to) can make digital recordings almost unplayable. Detail is lost, but you can clean up this unwanted noise using several techniques. Find out in this guide how you can repair digital music files that have been affected by this effect.

What Audio Formats Does the iPad Support?
The iPad supports quite a variety of different audio formats, but do you know exactly which ones? If you are going to load up your iPad with audio files, then it's a good idea to find out what formats it can handle before syncing. To quickly see 'at-a-glance' what audio formats the iPad supports, take a look at this handy FAQ article.

Music Metadata Definition - What Is Music Tagging?
Learn more about how and where music metadata is stored and what software is needed to view and edit this information.

Downloading YouTube Music Videos to iPhone - Transferring Streaming Video From YouTube to iOS
If you've already attempted to download videos from sites like YouTube to your iPhone, then you might have wondered which app to use. In this guide we'll show you how to use Video Downloader Lite Super to quickly grab streaming music videos from the Net.

What is AirDrop File Sharing? Mac OS X and iOS 7+
With the launch of iOS 7 (and previously Mac OS X Lion), AirDrop enables you to easily share files with others. But, what kinds of files can you share and how does this feature work? For more information on AirDrop, read this short definition article to find out.

Why is Song Metadata Important? - Tagging Your Digital Music Library
Music tags help to identify the songs in your library. But, is this hidden metadata really that important? Find out in this article how useful music tags can be, and why you should ensure your song library has them.

What is The Audio Format on a Compact Disc? - Digital Music on CDs
If you still listen to audio CDs, have you ever wondered what format is used to encode digital music? This article details the format used and how a disc can still play perfectly even when it's scratched.

How to Create And Edit Playlists on The iPhone - Tutorials For iPhone
Creating playlists directly on the iPhone is a lot more convenient than having to sync across from iTunes. However, the iOS music app isn't very intuitive in this area. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to quickly create and edit playlists directly on your iDevice.

Monkey's Audio Definition - What is the APE Format?
A file ending in the letters .ape is encoded in the Monkey's Audio format. This is a lossless audio format similar to others compression schemes like FlAC, Apple Lossless etc., often used by audiophiles and music fans to perfectly preserve their originals. To find our more on this lossless audio compression system and how it can be used, read this definition article on the Monkey's Audio format.

How to Save a Wet Portable Device - Fxing a Water Damaged iPhone, MP3 Player, or Other Device
Have you accidentally subjected your trusty portable to water? Before you try to revive your water damaged device, be sure to follow this guide. We'll show you tips on how to rescue your wet gadget in order to give it the best chance of surviving. Above all, don't turn it on until you have read this article.

Zivix PUC Review - Wireless MIDI Devices for iOS
The Zivix PUC may look like something you'd use to play ice hockey, but don't be fooled by its appearance. This little electronic gadget is a wireless MIDI interface for iOS which makes connecting keyboards, DJ controllers, and other equipment to your iDevice a breeze. However, is this wireless wonder as good as it looks? Read this full review of the Zivix PUC to get the lowdown.

Bit Depth Vs. Bit Rate
An online music blog covering digital music news, online music services, mp3/media player reviews, free software, free mp3 downloads, tutorials, and more.

Websites That Identify Unknown Songs - Music Identification Services
Using websites on the Internet to identify unknown songs is sometimes better than using a music ID app on your mobile device. In this article, we focus on free websites that can name songs by using different techniques. This includes: sampling your voice, analyzing uploaded files, and searching for matching lyrics.

Microsoft OneDrive as a Music Storage Solution - Xbox Music And Uploading Your Own MP3s
Microsoft OneDrive may be good at storing and syncing all your documents and photos, but can it be used to stream digital music? Find out in this article if it's possible to use Microsoft's cloud storage service as a music locker.

Finding Free Music on Google Play - Downloading Free Songs
The Google Play Music store might not be the first place you think of when searching for free music. After all, doesn't it just have the one 'Free Single of The Week' promotion now? It actually has more than that when you know where to look -- including free albums too. For more information, be sure to read this guide on how to search for free songs and albums on Google Play Music.

iTunes Store Review - Information About Apple's iTunes Music Store
In this full iTunes Store review discover the pros and cons of using the service. If you are thinking of using the iTunes Store to download songs, audiobooks, and music videos for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod then read this review to see if it's a service that will meed your needs.

AirPlay or Bluetooth Speakers For iPhone - Wireless Music Streaming FAQs
The iPhone can be used to stream your music library to wireless speakers. But, it has both AirPlay and Bluetooth technologies. If you are going to buy a set of wireless speakers, which system should you choose?

Information on The Xbox Music Service - Streaming Music Services
This article on Xbox Music gives you an introduction to Microsoft's service. It covers how you can listen to music, the devices you can use, and its main features.

Best HD Music Services - Lossless Music Download Services
HD music services offer digital audio that's typically higher than the music in your CD collection. With more emphasis on 'hi-res' these days there's a growing market for lossless music. Find out in this article some of the best services to use that offer lossless music at 24-bit resolution.

Digital Music - Tips and Tutorials for Digital Music
Are you looking for digital music tips and tutorials? Here you’ll find guidance on getting the best out of your digital music collection and the software that is associated with it. There are tutorials on popular software media players, along with tips on organizing and backing up your MP3s, audiobooks, and other types of audio files. Audio formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, and AAC are also covered, with tips and tutorials showing you how to convert and edit them in various ways.

Digital Music - Sites, Services and Essential Software for Digital Music
Are you searching for MP3 music websites, services, or essential software? Here you will find everything to do with digital audio - digital music service reviews, links to free music, podcasts, streaming audio, software, and much more.

Digital Music Basics - Introduction
Getting the basics on digital music is essential if you’re just starting out. If you’re looking for MP3 player reviews, need more information on audio formats, or have a digital music FAQ, then you’ll find this part of the website particularly useful. Other topics covered include: digital music history, glossary of terms, and music legal issues.

Free Music Creation Audio Software Programs
Are you searching for free music creation software? If you’re looking for simple audio software programs that are easy to use, then this article will show you the best free software downloads. In this free music software guide, we cover loop editors and also how VST plugins can expand the functionality of a program.

Google Play Music FAQ - Information on Uploading Music And Streaming
The standard version of Google Play Music offers free storage for up to 50,000 songs. With support for iTunes songs and playlists, and the flexibility to stream or listen offline, is this the best free alternative to iTunes Match? For more information, read this FAQ article on using this service as a music locker.

How to Create Playlists on The iPod Touch - iOS Music App Tutorials
It's not always possible to sync playlists from your computer to the iPod Touch so it's handy to know how to create them directly on your iDevice. In this guide we'll show you how to create a playlist from scratch and also modify ones to get that perfect mix of songs.

Siri Commands to Control iTunes Radio on The iPod Touch - Using Siri to Play Music
If you've got an iPod Touch with at least iOS 7 installed then you can use Siri to play stations on iTunes Radio. This gives you a cool hands-free way of discovering new music without the need to keeping tapping on your iDevice's screen. If you've never used Siri with iTunes Radio before then this article will show you the main commands to use.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to The iPad - Wireless Digital Music Streaming
Instead of using the iPad's internal speaker or a set of earbuds, why not use it with Bluetooth speakers to fill a room with digital music? Wireless speakers can make the songs you've downloaded sound much better, and you'll also have the freedom to move around with your iPad too. Find out in this article how to enable Bluetooth on the iPad and connect it to wire-free speakers, headphones, and more.

What is The Benefit of Using Hi-res Audio? - Audio Format Frequently Asked Questions
Some digital music services now offer songs and albums in hi-res audio. This is a much higher sound quality, but what exactly makes downloaded music hi-res? And, are the benefits worth the extra expense?

Best Ways to Use Playlists in Windows Media Player - Tutorials on WMP
Using playlists in Windows Media Player can be a powerful tool for automating certain tasks. But, do you know some of the best ways to use them? If you want to discover how to make intelligent playlists that dynamically change, sync music between WMP and your MP3 player the easy way, or fancy having a go at creating your own custom music compilations, then be sure to read this article.

What is Noise Canceling in Headphones? - Ambient Noise Reduction Technology
Headphones with noise canceling help to eliminate unwanted ambient noise, but how does this technology actually work? Find out more by reading this Frequently Asked Questions article on active noise control in headphones.

Review of Zipbuds Pro Mic Earphones - Noise Canceling Earbuds For Smartphones
If you're constantly in a tangle with your current set of earbuds, then the maker's of the ZipBuds think they've got the perfect answer. With features such as an anti-tangle zipper, military grade Aramid re-enforced cables, and precision tuned drivers, is this the perfect set of budget earphones? Find out in this full review of the Zipbuds Pro Mic if they truly deliver.

Best Music ID Apps for iPad - How to Identify Unknown Songs Using The iPad
When you hear a new song on a TV commercial or radio station for example you might not be able to find out its title. However, using a music identification app on your iPad could just be the coolest thing you ever do. This is a special type of app that uses your device's microphone to actually listen. To find out more, read this guide on some of the best free music ID apps for the iPad.

How to Enable Shuffle Play on The iPod Touch - iPod Tutorials
One of the ways you can spice up your music listening is to play tracks randomly. Luckily the iPod Touch has a shuffle mode which instantly mixes up your music collection. Whether you want to inject new life into a stale music library or can't decide what to play next, follow the steps in this guide to see how to use shuffle mode on the iPod Touch.

Best Streaming Music Services For The iPad - iTunes Store Alternatives
When thinking of an online music service that's compatible with your iPad then the natural option is to opt for the iTunes Store. After all, access to Apple's service is conveniently provided via the built-in iTunes Store app. But, what about the alternatives? If you're new to digital music and Apple's ecosystem, or just want to find out your options, then read this guide on music services that work well with your iPad.

How to Download Podcasts Using iTunes
This tutorial will show you how to download Podcasts using iTunes, and how you can subscribe to your favorite shows so you never miss an episode. Using Podcasts are not only convenient, but are also a great way to follow your favorite TV and radio shows. You can also build up a free Podcast library that you can use at your convenience.

Free Cover Design Programs for Your CD and DVD Cases
Do you want to design your own CD or DVD covers? If you are looking for free software to design and print CD or DVD covers, jewel case inserts, and even booklets, then this list of free software will give you some of the best software on the Internet.

Best Free Music Storage Sites That Stream
Free online music storage spaces, or music lockers as they are sometimes called, are an excellent way of listening to your music wherever you may be. You can upload your music to online storage sites that stream your music via a Web browser.

How to Create an MP3 CD in Windows Media Player 11
Burning an MP3 CD using Windows Media Player 11 is a great way to backup and carry around a lot of MP3s on one disc. The trusty CD maybe getting old now, but you can still use it to enjoy hours of music at home or in the car. On average, you can burn between 8 to 10 albums on a single MP3 CD! To discover how to create MP3 CDs in WMP 11, be sure to read this straight-forward tutorial.

Sync Music to Your iPod Using iTunes
Need to transfer music to iPod? If you've just received a new Apple iPod and want to find out how to sync your iTunes songs, then this tutorial will show you how. By following this guide, you'll be able to copy songs that you have in your iTunes library so you can listen to your music while on the move.

Free File and Data Recovery Software Tools
Have you got music files on a damaged CD or DVD that you'd like to recover? If you've got digital music, videos, or other types of media files stored on an optical disc that has sustained damage, then you can use file recovery software to try and get your files back. If you've accidentally scratched your CD or DVD for example and now can't read the disk, then the freeware file recovery programs listed here could just help to get your important files back.

How to Crossfade Songs in iTunes
Do you want to know how to remove the gaps of silence between songs in iTunes? This iTunes tutorial will show you how to set up crossfading to enhance your listening experience. You can use crossfading on iTunes to create smooth transitions between songs without that annoying gap between each song. Listen to non-stop music by following this iTunes crossfading tutorial.

How to Make an Apple ID Without a Credit Card
Have you got an iPod Touch ans want to create an Apple ID without having to enter your credit card information. Normally when registering for a new iTunes account you will have to provide a payment method, but we'll show you how do it without one -- keeping you safe at all times.

Digital Media Library Backup Solutions
Are you looking for some of the best ways to backup your digital music library? If you've amassed a collection of digital music (MP3s etc.), audiobooks, podcasts, videos, photos, etc., then you will want to protect your media library by storing it in a safe place. This article focuses on some of the best ways you can backup your media collection to safeguard against a disaster.

Automatically Add Album Covers to Your MP3 Music
Have you got missing album art in your music library? Are you looking for a tutorial on how to automatically add album covers to your MP3 music files? If some of the music in your music library is missing album art, then this Windows Media Player 11 tutorial will show you how to quickly download free album art from the Internet.

How to Manually Check for Updates Using iTunes
Did you know that you can force iTunes to search for updates rather than having to wait? If you need to manually check for any updates, then this iTunes tutorial will show you how. We'll also demonstrate an alternative way to update iTunes if you are having problems with Apple's popular jukebox software.

How to Repair Damaged MP3 Files Quickly
Are you looking for a way to repair your damaged MP3 files? If you've got an MP3 file that refuses to play then you may be able to recover it using an MP3 repair tool. By reading this MP3 tutorial, you'll be able to easily fix the MP3 songs in your library that you would have probably deleted.

How to Buy iTunes Gift Cards and Instant Store Credit
Buying an iTunes gift certificate (similar to buying a gift card) enables you to instantly give a friend or family member a set amount of credit that they can use to purchase songs, albums, apps, audiobooks, and more from the iTunes Store. You can elect to send your iTunes gift certificate either via email, or even print it out to present in person. To find out how, follow our simple step-by-step tutorial to give the gift of music.

How to Uninstall or Reinstall Windows Media Player 12
Do you want to know how to uninstall or reinstall Windows Media Player 12? If you're stuck and need to find out how to remove WMP 12, then follow this quick tips article to see how. Whether you are having problems with WMP 12 or just want to remove it from Windows 7, this tutorial will show you the steps in order to quickly deinstall it.

Best Sources for Downloading CD Covers and Artwork
Are you looking for hard-to-find album art for your digital music library? Software media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player don't always find the CD cover art you are looking for and so you'll need to search for this manually. Not all sites on the Internet are easy to use or provide a wide selection of music artwork -- some sites can also contain low quality images. To help you seek out some of the best resources to use on the Internet, we've compiled a list of stellar websites that have huge album art libraries and are easy to use too.

Lossless Audio Formats for Ripping and Storing Music CDs
Using a lossless format when ripping your original audio CDs ensures that you have a perfect digital copy. This can be a great backup strategy just in case your originals get damaged -- you then have the option to create another disc that is identical to the original. Storing your CDs in a lossless audio format also means that you have master versions of songs that you can then convert to common lossy formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. To see some of the best audio formats for creating perfect copies of your audio CDs, read this lossless audio format toplist for more information.

Free CD and DVD Error-Checking Software
Freeware disk scanning software: This article points you to free CD and DVD error checking tools that can also be used for other types of media too, like: hard drives, floppy drives, flash media, etc. If you've accidentally scratched your CD or DVD for example and want to check that all the files on it are still readable, then the free disk check software listed here can be invaluable.

How to Add Album Art in Windows Media Player 11
A tutorial on how to add missing album art. Windows Media Player (WMP) makes it easy to automatically download missing album art for your digital music, but what if you need to add it manually, or want to add custom artwork? This WMP tutorial will show you how to add album artwork manually to create a custom library of images for your music.

Missing Internet Radio Button in iTunes 11
Have you upgraded to iTunes 11 and are now missing the Radio button? You may be able to access Apple's iTunes Radio, but where is the list of radio stations that were there before? To find out how to bring back this list of radio stations that broadcast over the Internet, follow the steps in this iTunes 11 frequently asked questions article.

Best Free Cloud Storage Sites for Your Music
If you're thinking of backing up your music files, or any other type of file for that matter, then have you thought of using free file storage sites? Sometimes known as virtual drives, or cloud storage, these online services provide remote storage solutions for your important files.

How to Crossfade Songs in Windows Media Player 12
Do you want to use Windows Media Player to listen to your MP3 music without any gaps? You can do this by using a technique called Crossfading. It is an audio enhancement feature that is built into Windows Media Player 12 which enables smooth transitions between songs to be done automatically. This audio effect is extensively used in DJ software and other applications to seamlessly fade out one song while the next one is faded in. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to achieve this in WMP 12, then read on!

How to Convert a YouTube Video to MP3 Using Free Software
Do you need to convert YouTube videos to MP3? If you've ever needed to extract the audio from video files, then this tutorial will show you how. This article demonstrates how you can use free software to create MP3 files which can then be transferred to CD, DVD, or your MP3/media player.

What is the Difference Between CBR and VBR Encoding?
When ripping your music CDs to an audio format like MP3 or converting from one format to another, you'll often need to choose between CBR and VBR encoding. But what do these abbreviations mean? And what are the differences between the two? In this FAQ, we'll examine the differences and point out which one in our opinion you should use for digital music.

How to Remove iTunes for Windows 7 and Vista
If your Windows 7/Vista installation of iTunes is throwing up errors and you've tried every troubleshooting tip you can find, then you might have to completely uninstall iTunes to start again. To correctly remove it, you'll also need to know what other iTunes components to remove too. To help you with this, follow this iTunes tutorial which shows you the steps needed to easily remove Apple's jukebox software program from your Windows 7 or Vista PC.

How To Enable AirPlay for iPhone
Are you looking for a tutorial on how to enable airplay on the iPhone? This is a smart way of streaming music, videos, photos, and other content wirelessly around your home. You can use your iPhone on your TV, airport express, or even in multiple rooms via airplay speakers. To find out how to set up this facility, be sure to read this iPhone tutorial.

Best Free Plugins for Windows Media Player 12
Windows Media Player 12 is a popular player for audio and video files, but you can make it even better by using free plugins. As well as improving the interface and customizing its options, you can add features like better support for audio formats, display lyrics as your songs play, advanced metadata editing, and other useful tools.

Top Bittorrent Sites - The Best File Sharing Websites
Are you looking for the best Bittorrent websites for downloading? If so, then this article lists some of the most popular P2P file sharing websites on the Internet.

Extract Audio (MP3) From Video Files
Have you ever needed to extract music or audio from video files? This tutorial will show you how to make MP3 files from digital video sources such as VCD, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, etc. You can then transfer these MP3 files to CD, or your MP3/media player.

How to Stay Legal When File Sharing (P2P Programs)
Do you use a BitTorrent file sharing program and are confused about whether it is legal or illegal? If so, then this article will keep you on the right side of the law. By reading this guide, you'll be able to learn about the pitfalls of file sharing and what to do to ensure you don't end up getting sued through a lack of knowledge.

Free Android Music Streaming Apps
Are you looking for free music apps for your Android phone or tablet? There are a growing number of streaming music services that offer a free music app so you can listen to songs on your Android device. This enables you to turn your portable into a media player so you can discover new music via online music services. To help you save time scouring the Internet for services that offer a free Android music app, we've compiled a list of some of the best.

How to Delete Songs (and Duplicates) in iTunes
Do you need to find out how to manually delete iTunes songs? Is your music library overloaded and full of songs you don't listen to? If your music collection needs tidying up, then why not optimize your iTunes library by removing songs that you don't listen to anymore. You may also want to free up hard drive space by backing up the songs before deleting them. Follow this iTunes tutorial to find out now.

I Can't Sync My iPod With iTunes - iTunes Sync FAQ
There can be may reasons why you can't sync your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with iTunes on Windows 7. Usually it is something simple such as your firewall blocking iTunes, or an older version that needs updating to work with your Apple device. If you've seen iTunes error code 0xE8000065, then working through this troubleshooting guide could just solve your sync problems.

How to Delete Songs on The iPad - iPad Tutorials
If you're running out of storage space on your iPad then one option which can quickly regain a lot of space is to delete songs that you don't listen to any more. The music you delete will still be backed up in iCloud so you can download it again if necessary. For more information, read this article which shows you step-by-step how to directly delete songs in iOS.

Troubleshooting iTunes Genius Problems - Fixing Genius Errors in iTunes 11
If you've already used iTunes Genius then you'll know how useful it can be for quickly creating playlists and mixes. It is especially useful when you've built up a large library and want to match songs that work well together. However, it can suddenly stop working without any warning. If this has happened to you, then read this guide for some quick troubleshooting tips.

How to Make iTunes Songs Act Like Audiobooks
Is it really possible to convert songs to iTunes audiobooks? You can fool iTunes into thinking any song is an audiobook by changing its media type. This can be useful if you want to add bookmarking to a lengthy song and want iTunes to remember its playback position. This iTunes hack is also a stellar organizational aid in quickly moving multiple audiobooks that have ended up in the wrong section in your iTunes library. If you want to see how easy it is to get iTunes to treat any song as an audiobook, then read on!

What Is an MP3 CD? - Pros and Cons
What is an MP3 CD? Creating MP3 CDs gives you the ability to carry around your digital music and play it on hardware devices like CD and DVD players. It's not always practical to use an MP3 player and so using an MP3 CD can be a good solution. You can also fit many more songs and albums on this type of data CD when compared to a standard audio CD -- approximately 8 to 10 albums! To find out more on MP3 CDs, read this informative article that also highlights the pros and cons.

Best Free BitTorrent Software for File Sharing
Do you use Bittorrent software or want to know some of the best free file sharing programs to use? This article gives you a quick rundown on the top P2P software that you can download for free in order to source media (legal or course) on the Web.

How to Turn on iTunes Match on iPhone
Have you recently subscribed to iTunes Match and now want to use it on your iPhone? If you've got music in iCloud that you want to download to your iPhone (and other iDevices), then you will first need to enable iTunes Match in order to get your songs. This iPhone tutorial will show you how to turn on this feature so that your iPhone will be able to connect to iCloud.

How to Give iTunes Credit as a Gift
The various ways you can buy credit for use on the iTunes store: W gift card, gift certificate sent by email, setting up an allowance for a family member.

How to Check MP3 Files for Errors With Freeware
Have you got MP3 files with errors? This article will show you how to use free software to quickly validate your music files.

The Dos and Don'ts of CD Copying and Ripping
Is it legal to copy a CD? This dos and don'ts of CD copying will inform you on what you can do to stay on the right side of the law.

Transfer Your iTunes Library to Another Location
Do you need to transfer your iTunes songs to another location? If you need to move your iTunes library because your hard drive is nearly full, or just want to relocate your songs in another folder on your computer, then this tutorial will show you how.

VLC Player Tutorial: How to Stream Radio
ShoutCast has been dropped from the VLC Player, but you can still easily listen to hundreds of Internet radio stations when you know where to look.

How to Enhance Songs in iTunes 11 Using the Equalizer
The equalizer tool in iTunes helps you to significantly improve the audio quality of your songs. Maximize your listening experience by finding out in this tutorial how to use this simple but effective option.

Enable Sound Check on iPhone for Volume Level Issues
Have you got volume level problems with the iTunes songs on your iPhone? If you find that you need to adjust the volume from one song to the next, then there's a good chance you need to normalize your iTunes library with Sound Check. This iPhone tutorial shows you how to quickly apply volume normalization to the songs on your iPhone by using the Sound Check feature.

iTunes 11 FAQ: Burning Audio Files to CDs
If you are struggling to work out how to burn songs to CD or DVD in iTunes 11, then this tutorial will quickly show you how.

Listen to Your iTunes Songs on Any MP3 Player
You can use your iTunes software to convert to MP3 in order to listen to your purchased music on practically any MP3 player.

How to Automatically Crossfade Music in WMP 11
Crossfading songs in Windows Media Player is a great feature that allows you to listen to your digital music library without the annoyance of silence. Smooth transitions between songs not only enhances your listening experience, but also adds an excellent professional touch -- this effect is often used by DJs for non-stop music. If you want to use crossfading while listening to your MP3 music collection, then follow our easy tutorial on configuring WMP 11 to use crossfades between tracks.