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How to View Free Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player
Are you trying to find free lyrics for your favorite songs? This tutorial shows you how to use a free windows media player plugin to automatically view song lyrics as they play.

Make a Multisession CD/DVD - Burn a Disc More Than Once
Do you want to find out how to create a multisession disc (CD or DVD). If you want to use up all the space on a CD or DVD without having to burn files in a single session, then making a multisession disc is essential. By doing this you will be able to write files to the same disc on separate occasions until it is full - this negates having to waste space and money!

How to Reset the iPhone Without Losing Your iTunes Songs
Has your iPhone crashed or won't turn on while playing a song for example? If you want to reset your iPhone without losing any data like your iTunes song library, then follow this quick and simple guide. This iPhone tutorial will show you how to reboot your iPhone without fear of losing any of your synced music, along with all your other stuff too, like settings, apps, media files, etc.

Winamp FAQ: Converting Audio File Formats
Winamp is a stellar music and video player that is not only a good alternative to Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc., but also doubles as a decent audio file converter. If you've got MP3, WMA, FLAC, or other audio file formats that you'd like to transcode, then why not follow this quick guide to find out how.

Bitrate Definition - What Does Bit Rate Mean?
What is the definition of bitrate? This glossary article will give you a quick explanation of what the term, bitrate, actually means.

How to Make iTunes 11 Look Similar to Version 10
Don't like the iTunes 11 interface? Wish you could change it to look more like iTunes 10? If you are wondering where the sidebar has gone in iTunes 11, or miss viewing your song library using the column browser, then this tutorial shows you how to get all this back. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to get the old interface back again by tweaking the GUI in iTunes 11.

Free Convert Midi Files to MP3s Software and Guide
If you are looking for a way to convert midi files to MP3s, then this quick guide will show you how. Many sites on the Internet, still offer thousands of free midi songs to download which are in the .mid format, but these aren't compatible with most (if not all) MP3 players. This tutorial will show you how to use Free Midi to MP3 Converter software to easily transform your favorite midi songs to MP3s.

How to Convert FLV to MP4 Using VLC Player
Have you downloaded YouTube videos and need to quickly convert from FLV to MP4? The Flash video format is used on sites like YouTube, but not all PMP / MP3 players support it. Rather than finding an app for your particular device (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.), and having to download them all again, why not use VLC Player to quickly convert them to MP4? To find out more, follow this tutorial which shows you how to convert your downloaded videos in a flash.

How to Fix a Corrupt Windows Media Player Database
Are you having problems trying to play your music library in Windows Media Player? If you can’t view, add, or delete the songs in your WMP library, then you could be suffering from a corrupt WMP database. The good news is that this can be easily fixed by following our WMP tutorial. Follow the steps in this quick tips article to see how you can recover your WMP music library in a flash.

How to Add Missing Album Art in iTunes 11 - Organizing Your iTunes Library
Has some of the cover art in your iTunes song library gone AWOL? Or has there always been albums in your collection that need artwork? If so, then find out in this guide how you can use iTunes 11 to download album art in a flash.

ROCKI Review - Wireless Streaming Devices
The ROCKI may look like a small slab of colored slate, but inside its rock-like exterior is a wireless streaming device. Normally you would have to purchase a Wi-Fi speaker system or Bluetooth receiver to stream digital music from your portable device. However, the ROCKI can be used to retro-fit Wi-Fi to just about any Hi-Fi or speaker system. To find out more, read this full ROCKI review.

Free Music Tag Removers - Song Metadata Software
The music tag information inside your songs is essential for sorting and organizing your music library. However, this metadata can become disorganized or even corrupt in some cases. To save time it's sometimes better to erase this information from your songs before re-tagging. For more information, read this toplist to see some of the best free music tag removers to download.

CBR Definition - An Explanation of Constant Bit Rate
What is CBR encoding and how does it differ from VBR? Find out in this article what CBR stands for and the pros and cons of using it.

iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate Review
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2 Ways to Remove U2's Songs of Innocence Album From Your iTunes Library - Deleting Unwanted iTunes Songs
Apple celebrated the launch of the iPhone 6 by gifting every iTunes user with a free copy of U2's Songs of Innocence album. However, if you are annoyed with unwanted U2 songs now peppering your otherwise perfect music collection, then you can remove it. Find out in this guide two ways you can restore your iTunes library to its former glory.

Music Identifier Apps - How does Music ID Software Workout the Identitity of Unknown Songs?
A Music ID app is a useful addition to your portable device which can name unknown songs by 'listening' to them. But, how do they actually work?

Identify DRM Copy-protected Songs in iTunes 11 - Organizing Your iTunes Library
If you've got old songs in your iTunes library which pre-date 2009 then they are most likely copy-protected by Apple's FairPlay encryption system. You'll probably want to convert these to DRM-free versions, but how do you work out which songs are copy-protected? In this tutorial, we'll show you how to tweak the iTunes interface to automatically display this information.

How to Stream Free Music Using Deezer - Music Streaming Services
Deezer is essentially a paid-for streaming music service, but did you know that you can sign up for a free account without having to subscribe? Deezer Discovery is an ad-supported account that gives you access to millions of songs for free. If you haven't signed up to Deezer yet, then this article will show you how to do it, along with pointers on how to get started.

Changing iTunes Audio Format Settings - Configuring CD Rip Settings in iTunes 11
The AAC format is used by default in iTunes when ripping music CDs, creating copies of songs, or even importing WMA audio files (Windows version). However, sometimes you'll want to change this default encoder to something else. You may for example have devices that can't play AAC files so an alternative will have to be used like MP3. You might also want to build up a lossless music library and therefore require an encoder like ALAC that can create bit-perfect files. If you need to change encoder settings, then follow the steps in this guide to see how it's done.

Family Sharing FAQ - Share iTunes Purchases in iOS
Starting with iOS 8 there's a new feature called Family Sharing that focuses on households. You can use it to share things like music, apps, photos and other content without needing to share your main account. There's also other family-friendly tools such as the 'Ask to Buy' option that keeps you in control of what your kids can purchase. To find out how it works and what kinds of things you can do, read this FAQ on Family Sharing in iOS 8.

How to Review a Song or Album on iTunes - Writing User Reviews on iTunes
Did you know that you can share your opinion (good or bad) about songs and albums on the iTunes Store? But, how do you write your own killer review for all to see? In this tutorial we will show you how to use the Rate and Review facility in iTunes so you can tell other users about the digital music you have purchased.

Best Spotify Alternatives - Streaming Music Services
If you only use Spotify to stream music, then did you know there are quite a few other services at your disposal? Whether you are tired of using Spotify or want to use similar services as well, read this guide to see what your options are.

Sony Music Unlimited Review - Streaming Music Services
Music Unlimited is a streaming service that is built into the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN). It offers a catalog of over 30 million tracks and can be used on many different mobile devices too. The PlayStation 4 might be the top device used for listening to Music Unlimited, but what is it truly like as a streaming music service? For a full look, read this exhaustive review.

Icecast Definition - Internet Radio Terms
Icecast is an open source media streaming platform that is used mainly for creating Internet radio stations. However, you can also use it to access thousands of music streams which makes it a great music discovery tool. To find out more and how to tune into all this free music, read this article on Icecast.

Change, Cancel, or Suspend an iTunes Store Allowance - iTunes Account Management
Setting up an iTunes Store allowance can be useful for controlling how much your kids spend on digital music and other content on the iTunes Store. However, what if you need to change the amount you send to their accounts every month? Or want to cancel altogether? This guide shows you how to use iTunes 11 to change individual allowances including how to suspend or permanently delete ones that are no longer needed.

How To Transfer iTunes Songs to Your Android Phone - iTunes to Android Syncing
The iTunes software only supports the syncing of content to an Apple device like the iPhone. So, transferring music from your iTunes library to an Android device might sound like an impossible feat. However, in this tutorial we'll show you how to get your iTunes songs onto your Android phone in no time at all.

How to Undelete a Spotify playlist - Spotify Tutorials
If you have accidentally (or purposefully) deleted one of your Spotify playlists and want it back, then you'd think that the chances of recovery are pretty non-existent. However, there's a way to bring Playlists back from the abyss without having to start from scratch. This tutorial will show you how to use your account to restore playlists (that may have been deleted months ago) so they can be used once again in your Spotify music library.

How Does Voice Removal Software Work?
Do you need to find out more about vocal removal? Removing voice from a song can be achieved using software, but how does it work? This definition article explains the basics on removing the human voice from songs and also goes into detail on how you can use it with your digital music files.

eMusic Store Review
eMusic review - The eMusic Store is a digital music service with a difference. eMusic has concentrated on building a DRM-free MP3 digital music service that has indie music to download. Read this eMusic review to find out how well the service compares to the competition.

Best Places to Download Free Audiobooks
Trying to find totally free audiobook websites on the Internet can be difficult. A lot of services out there can appear free at first glance, but usually only come with a short-term trial period. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of audiobook services that offer free and legal audiobooks with no-strings attached.

iTunes Radio for Music Streaming on iOS
If you want to stream free music to an iOS 7 iPhone then one of the ways you can do this is to use iTunes Radio. This is a free service that enables to listen to millions of songs from the iTunes Store by using pre-existing stations or creating your own personalized ones. To find out how to get started and create your own music stations, follow this iRadio guide for the iPhone.

How to Make Winamp Media Player Portable
Need to find out how to make a portable version of Winamp so you can use it on a USB flash drive? Using portable apps such as software media players can make a lot of sense if you want to carry around your MP3 library and use it on virtually any computer. This tutorial will show you how to install Winamp on an external drive so you can use it for listening to music while on the move.

How Do I Reset My iTunes Account Password?
Sometimes it's necessary to reset or change your Apple ID password in order to access the many services that Apple provide. A popular way is to do it via iTunes or the settings in iOS, but in this tutorial we'll show you how to use a Web browser to quickly reset your iTunes password.

Beatmatching Definition - What is Time Stretching?
You may have heard the term Beatmatching, but what exactly does it do? DJs use this essential technique all the time to keep their mixes on track. To find out more, read this short definition on Beatmatching.

How to Listen to Streamed Music With No Internet
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Father's Day 2014: Digital Music Gift Ideas
Are you struggling for music gift ideas when it comes to Father's Day this year? If you're looking to buy something music related for your dad, then there's quite a choice when it comes to digital music. Rather than wasting time searching the Internet, why not read our Father's Day guide on digital music-related gifts for some inspirational ideas.

kHz Definition - What Is kHz a Measure of in Digital Audio?
In digital audio, the kHz unit is a measure of the sampling rate. However, what does this mean for your digital music files? In this definition article, find out what kHz means, how the level influences music quality, and also discover some of the most common sampling rates used.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a media software suite for both video and audio. As well as converting files you can also use it to download video streams, convert DVDs and even remove DRM of your songs.

Sansa Fuze+ Review: MP3 Player With 'Invisible Touch'
Are you looking for a budget portable MP3 player that does video as well? The Sansa Fuze+ by SanDisk is a feature-rich portable media player that comes with touch-sensitive controls -- some highend portables don't have this. With added features such as a photo viewer, FM radio, voice recorder, slotRadio / microSD card slot, and its ability to handle podcasts, this budget media player certainly packs a punch. Find out is this Sansa Fuze+ review about its features and how well it performs.

iTunes Radio (iRadio): FAQs and Overview
iTunes Radio (or iRadio as it is often referred to) is a personalized music service. Rather than downloading songs as you would normally do, the iTunes Radio service streams music directly to your computer or iOS device. For more information on what you can do with iTunes Radio, read this iTunes Radio FAQ for more details.

CrossDJ for iPad Review: Pro Mixing App With Keylocking
If you're a pro DJ looking for a full-featured mixing app for the iPad, or want to start DJing using the iPad and your iTunes library, then CrossDJ could just be the app for you. Boasting a full set of features such as: 2 channel mixer, 3 band EQs, loops, BPM analysis, keylocking, real-time effects, beatgridding, and more, could this be the best DJ app on the iPad? For a full look, be sure to read our Cross DJ iPad app review.

Setting The iPhone Alarm Clock to Use Songs
Do you want to wake up to the songs on your iPhone instead of the built-in alarm clock ringtones? This guide shows you how to create ones that use your favorite songs so you're not stuck with the default chimes.

Best Ways to Improve Sound Quality in iTunes 11
Improving sound quality in iTunes 11 isn't as difficult as you might first think. If you know where to look there are some very useful tools indeed that will instantly boost the quality of your songs. To see what can be achieved, read this guide for the lowdown.

Making an Apple ID on the iPad Without a Credit Card
Do you want to create a new Apple ID on your iPad, but don't want to store your credit card details? This tutorial shows you how to create a more secure Apple ID that doesn't have any default payment options.

Setup Wi-Fi on iPhone, Download Songs From iTunes Store
Setting up your iPhone to use Wi-Fi is a convenient way of accessing the iTunes Store anywhere there's a free Wi-Fi hotspot. If you're a digital music fan, then you'll also be able to break free from your computer by downloading purchased iTunes songs straight to your iPhone without having to sync files. If you haven't used Wi-Fi on your iPhone yet, or need to know how to correctly set it up then be sure to follow the steps in this iPhone tutorial.

Streaming Music FAQ - How Fast Does My Internet Need to Be?
Are you new to the world of streaming music and want to find out if your Internet connection is up to the job? If you're not sure that your broadband can handle streaming music and videos then read on to see what the requirements are for listening without dropouts.

How to Restore iTunes Songs (From a Backup Disc)
Using this iTunes tutorial, discover how to restore your songs from a backup disc. There are times when you'll need to restore your iTunes songs after they have either been accidentally deleted, corrupted, or wiped by virus infection etc. Find out how to easily get your iTunes music back by following this step-by-step guide on how to restore iTunes songs.

Is CD Ripping Legal?
Is CD Ripping Legal? Find out where you stand with copyright law.

Tunebite 5 Review: A DRM Removal Tool
Tunebite 5 is an audio and video converter with a serious trick up its sleeve – DRM copy protection removal. Can it really do that? Find out in this full review of Tunebite 5

Top Three Free Audio Codecs for Your Computer
Are you looking to download free audio codecs? These usually come as plugins for your favorite software media player, CD burning program, audio editor, etc. Sometimes your computer may not have all the audio codecs that are needed in order to work with different audio formats. By installing the necessary audio codecs on your computer, you’ll ensure that the software you use to rip, burn, play, and convert will be compatible with a wide range of formats.

LSTN Wood Troubadour Headphones Review
Headphones made out of wood (like the LSTN Troubadours) are supposed to give a warmer sound just like a violin or guitar. If you are looking for a new pair of headphones, then read our review of LSTN's Troubadours to see how they performed in our tests.

What Is Crossfading in Music?
You have probably heard of the term crossfading. It's a mixing effect often used by DJ's to smoothly fade one song out as the next one starts to play. If you've got a digital music library that you listen to using a software media player like iTunes or Windows Media Player for example, then did you know that you can crossfade your MP3s? In this article, we'll describe in detail what Crossfading is and how you can do it using the right software.

MIDI Files Definition - What Is MIDI Music?
What is MIDI music? In this short definition of how MIDI files work, we explain how this file type can be classed as a type of digital music format. Even though MIDI files that you may download from the Internet won't work with modern portables (iPhone, MP3 player, etc.), you can convert them into formats such as MP3 and AAC which can then be listened to on practically any portable. Find our more on MIDI files by reading this definition article.

Windows Media Player Shortcuts - Using Your Keyboard
Using Keyboard shortcuts in Windows Media Player can make it easy (and fast) to repeat tasks that are either hidden away or require multiple sub-menus to access using your mouse. Rather than using the graphical user interface (GUI) to play and organize your digital music and video library, why not use keyboard shortcuts instead? To find out about the many ways you can use the keyboard to take control of WMP, consult this quick look-up table for more information.

In-Ear Headphones Review: Philips CitiScape Underground
The Underground SHE5105 in-ear headphones are part of the CitiScape collection from Philips which aims to not only provide stellar sound reproduction, but also great styling which has been inspired by several cities around the world. However, can the Underground SHE1505's compete with other great in-ear solutions in this very competitive corner of the headphone market? Find out how the Philips CitiScape Underground's faired in this exhaustive review.

iPhone Frequently Asked Questions - iCloud or Software to Backup Music?
Confused about backing up the music on your iPhone? If you've got songs that you've downloaded from different places on the Internet (not just the iTunes Store), is iCloud good enough or should you use something else to backup? To find out more, read this FAQ article on backing up your iPhone's music.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Creating an Audio CD – Configuring the type of CD to burn in Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player Tutorial – How to configure Windows Media Player 11 to Burn an Audio CD.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Adding Music to the Burn List – Building a Windows Media Player 11 Burn List
Windows Media Player Tutorial – How to Create a Burn List in Windows Media Player 11.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Burning Music to CD – Making an Audio CD Using Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player Tutorial – Making an Audio CD using your MP3 collection.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Verifying your Music Compilation - Playing an Audio CD Using Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player Tutorial – Playing your Audio CD to check for errors.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Ripping an Audio CD – Configuring Windows Media Player to Rip a CD
Windows Media Player Tutorial – How to configure Windows Media Player 11 to rip an Audio CD.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Ripping an Audio CD – Windows Media Player CD Ripping Process
Windows Media Player Tutorial – Selecting CD audio tracks to rip using Windows Media Player 11.

Windows Media Player Tutorial – Ripping an Audio CD – Checking Your Ripped Audio Files
Windows Media Player Tutorial – Checking your audio files after CD ripping.

How to Save Money Buying iTunes Songs
If you want to buy a music album from the iTunes Store, then did you know you could potentially save money by using the 'Complete My Album' option? If you've already got one or two songs that make up an album, then using the iTunes Store's 'Complete My Album' option could work out cheaper than buying the whole album. To see how to use this feature in the iTunes Store, follow this step-by-step guide.

Rhapsody Music Service
Rhapsody is an online music subscription service that has a large library of songs and albums. However, if you've never used this service, you will probably be wondering whether you can stream, download, or both. To make things clearer on what this service offers, and a little bit of background to it, we've written a profile on the Rhapsody music service so you can quickly see its main features at-a-glance.

How to Burn a Music CD With Windows Media Player 11
Learn how to create your own custom audio CD. Burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player 11 by following this step-by-step tutorial. Creating an audio CD will not only keep your MP3 music collection safe but will also enable you to play your favorite music on virtually any CD player.

How to Create a Playlist Using Winamp
Creating a playlist in Winamp is a great way to organize your music library and setup custom compilations to suit any mood. Read this short tutorial on how to create a playlist using the popular Winamp media software.

A Review of the Audials One Software
Audials One review - Audials One is a set of audio and video tools designed to help find and download free music and videos. DRM copy protection removal is also possible along with format conversion. Read this full review to discover how each tool fairs.

How to Share Music on Spotify - Social Networking
Sharing music, albums, and playlists on Spotify gives you the power to reach out to your friends and other music fans. But, if you're new to Spotify and social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr you might wonder how this is done. It might sound complicated, but it's easier than you may think. To find out more, read this article to see how simple it is to share your Spotify music discoveries.

Can I Upload Music to Facebook? - Music Sharing FAQ
Do you use Facebook and want to know if it's possible to upload music files on your computer and share them with your Facebook friends? You might already know that photos and videos can be shared, but what about MP3s? To find out what you can and can't do, read this article on sharing digital music on Facebook.

How to Remove DRM From iTunes Songs
An iTunes tutorial that shows you how to remove DRM copy protection from your purchased music and convert it to the MP3 format without using any special DRM removal software.

ITunes Tutorial – Configuring iTunes to burn and rip an audio CD
Configuring the iTunes preferences to create and rip an audio CD.

ITunes Tutorial – Making a Playlist in iTunes
How to create a custom playlist in iTunes that you can use to burn compilations CDs, or organize your music into different genres etc.

ITunes Tutorial – Burning an Audio CD in iTunes
Learn how to create an audio CD in iTunes by using a custom playlist.

ITunes Tutorial – Ripping an Audio CD Using iTunes
An iTunes tutorial that shows you how to convert an audio CD into digital music files that you can transfer to your MP3 player.

How to Rip Music From CDs Using Windows Media Player 11
This Windows Media Player 11 tutorial will show you how to rip your CD collection to MP3, WMA, or WAV audio files. Creating digital music files will allow you to take your music anywhere on your MP3 player.

How to Normalize MP3 Files to Play at the Same Volume
Do you find yourself adjusting the volume level on your iPod, or MP3 player every time a different music track plays? This MP3 tutorial will show you how to normalize your MP3 files so they all play at the same volume level.

How To Normalize MP3 Files – MP3 Tutorial - Configuring MP3Gain
Configuring MP3Gain in readiness to normalize your MP3 files.

How To Normalize MP3 Files – MP3 Tutorial – Adding MP3 Files to MP3Gain
How to Add MP3 files to MP3Gain's file queue in order to normalize a batch of MP3 files.

How To Normalize MP3 Files – MP3 Tutorial – Analyzing MP3 Files With MP3Gain
To normalize an MP3 file, MP3Gain needs to work out how loud each MP3 song is. This analysis step will calculate the replay gain required based on the target volume level.

How To Normalize MP3 Files – MP3 Tutorial – Normalizing MP3 Files With MP3Gain
To make all your MP3 files play at the same volume, MP3Gain can normalize them without losing any quality. Lossless normalization uses MP3 metadata rather than resampling each file which usually decrease audio quality.

What is High Definition Music - Digital Audio Terms
You may have heard about the term HD for music (and video). But, do you really know what it means? This article briefly explains what HD is and how to identify digital music as high definition.

How to Use The Radio Feature in Spotify - Internet Radio Services
Spotify Radio is a feature that gives you a way to listen to songs in radio style. However, this tool also gives you a powerful way to quickly discover new songs, artists, and bands. If you're new to Spotify and want to discover more new music then follow this guide to see how.

Xbox Music Pass Frequently Asked Questions - Streaming Music Services
You might have heard about Microsoft's Xbox Music service, but what is the Music Pass option? To find out more about this feature and the benefits, read this short frequently asked questions article.

iTunes Song Ratings - How to Enable the Half-star Song Rating in iTunes
Do you use song ratings in iTunes and wish there was a half-star option? In this tutorial, we'll show you a little-known iTunes hack that you can perform to enable the hidden half-star facility. To find out how to do this, this iTunes tutorial will show you how to tweak the hidden settings to enable the half-star rating!

Should I Keep to The MP3 Format for my Digital Music Library? - Audio Format Frequently Asked Questions
Is the MP3 format still worth using for music or is it now time to use a better alternative? There are now audio formats that do a better job of encoding audio, but do you really need to ditch the MP3 format yet?

Audio Formats - A Profile of the MP3 Format
A profile of the MP3 format which goes into detail about how audio is compressed and what variables influence the final audio quality of files.

SkyDrive Cloud Storage Service FAQ
If you are looking for information on Microsoft's SkyDrive service, then be sure to read this FAQ. As well as being able to store your important documents and files, you can use SkyDrive to remotely backup your digital music library too. To find out more on how to use SkyDrive, its features, and also its limitations, read this FAQ on the Windows Live SkyDrive service.

Before Converting to MP3 - Encoding Settings for MP3
Do you need to convert to MP3? Before creating MP3 files, it is wise to find out the factors to consider (and settings) before converting to the MP3 format.

Syncing Music With Playlists in Windows Media Player 12
Do you need to sync music to your portable using Windows Media Player 12? You can do this manually, but a better method is to sync playlists that contain the songs and albums you need to transfer. This can significantly speed up your workflow by transferring many files in one go. To see how to use playlists to transfer music to your portable, follow the steps in this tutorial.

How to Vary Windows Media Player 12 Playback Speed
Do you want to change the playback speed of music, a song, or video? If you are using WMP then you can do this without changing the pitch. This can be useful for example if you are learning to play a musical instrument such as the guitar. You can also change the playback speed of videos in WMP as well which can be a great aid in following educational videos where slow motion is needed to better understand a concept.

Cloud Storage Definition and Information
Cloud storage is simply a term that refers to online space that you can use to store your data.

How to Use Home Sharing in iTunes
Want to enjoy your iTunes music library at home without having to constantly sync your music? Learn how to share your music library over a home network now.

Best Ways to Wirelessly Stream Music in Your Home - Audio Streaming
Are you tied down to a computer or portable when wanting to listen to digital music in your home? If so then why not go wireless? There's no better time to start listening to your digital music library without having to use a wired setup. For more information, read this guide to find out your options.

Beats Music FAQs - Information on the Beats Music Service
Want to find out more on the Beats Music service? This frequently asked questions article goes into detail on what type of music service Beats is, how it differs from other streaming subscription services, and your options.

Top Thanksgiving Music Downloads - Music Albums And Sounds
Are you searching for Thanksgiving music to download? Or perhaps you are looking for sounds and ringtones for Turkey Day? This article highlights some of the best albums to play on this special day.

Google Play Music All Access FAQs
This frequently asked questions article on Google Play Music All Access aims to answer common questions about topics such as: type of music service, its features, and whether you can use mobile devices.

NTI MiST Review - File Sharing and Cloud Services
NTI MiST is a cloud service that allows you to create a private network between all your computers and devices in order to share and stream music and videos.

Mixed In Key Review - Audio Mixing Software
Are you looking for DJ software that does harmonic mixing? Mixed In Key which is used by top DJ's around the world analyzes your tracks to identify the music key they are in. Rather than just beat matching, mixing tracks harmonically is an essential technique to make your music production sound more professional. Whether you want smooth crossfading in iTunes or use a professional audio production software, read our Mixed In Key review to see if it's a tool you should use.

iTunes Parental Controls - How to Restrict What Kids Can do in The iTunes Store
Using the parental controls option in iTunes is a great way to stop your kids accessing content in the iTunes Store. Even if you don't want to completely restrict access to everything in the iTunes Store, you can disable certain areas of it. You can also filter what kids can see on the iTunes Store by using rating restrictions for movies, TV, and apps. For more on parental controls in iTunes, why not read through this short tutorial.

LRC Format Definition - What is the LRC Format?
A file ending with the extension .LRC is a format used for displaying lyrics in time with the playing song -- very much like karaoke or subtitles in fact. If you want to find out more about how this format works and the types of software and hardware devices that use it, then this article on the LRC format goes into more detail on the subject.

Online Music Store Definition - What is an Online Music Store?
What exactly is an online music store? Does it differ from a cloud music service, or is it the same thing? By reading this definition article, you'll discover what an online music store is, how it works, and what the differences are to cloud music services. You'll also find out the main pros and cons of downloading music rather than streaming it.

Apple ID Definition - iTunes Account Information
What exactly is an Apple ID? And more importantly, what does it enable you to do? This feature, which is also commonly known as an iTunes account (when using Apple's online store), is Apple's all-in-one security platform that enables you to do far more than just buy products on the iTunes Store. To find out more on the Apple ID term, and what you can do with it, read this short definition article to get the lowdown.

AMR Definition - What is the AMR Format?
Discover by reading this glossary article what the AMR format is and how it used. By reading this definition, you will also learn about some of its applications in the real world.

Digitizing Definition - What is Digitizing?
Digitizing is the process of converting a source (usually in analog) and representing it in digital form. In digital music, it is common to digitize a vinyl record or analog tape and store it in an audio file format such as MP3. However, there are other uses for digitizing that you can employ in order to capture audio. To discover some of its real-world uses and find out more on the subject of digitizing, take a look at this article for a quick run-down.

Sony Music Unlimited - Information About the Sony Music Unlimited Streaming Service
Music Unlimited by Sony is an online music service that you can use for streaming audio content to your computer, smartphone, tablet, home theater system, PlayStation, and other compatible devices. If you are looking for a streaming music service for all of your devices, and want more information on Sony's Music Unlimited service then this guide will give you a quick overview of its features. Whether you're searching to find out if it's available in your country or want to learn more about its core features, then read on to find out more.

WAV Definition - What is the WAV Format?
A definition of the WAV audio file format.

Windows Media Player 12 Tutorial - How to Quickly Find Songs Using the Search Tool
Are you having problems trying to find songs in your Windows Media Player 12 library. Manually sifting through the contents of your MP3 collection can be a real headache when looking for a specific song, album, or artist. However, there's a quick way to find exactly what you are looking for by using WMP's built-in search tool. To find out more on what you can do with it, and how to use it, read this guide on locating media in WMP 12.

Buying Music - Download Songs or Listen to Music Online?
Which is best: buying and downloading songs to keep, or paying a subscription to listen to music online (streaming)? If you're getting into the world of digital music, or just want to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each, then this article points out what to consider before you jump.

iTunes formats FAQ - What Audio Formats Can I Rip a CD to?
Are you looking to rip your music CDs using iTunes and are wondering what audio formats it supports? The iTunes software caters for quite a few audio formats (other than AAC) so you can choose your preferred format to store all your audio CDs as digital music. To find out more, read this short FAQ on iTunes formats.

iTunes Shortcuts for Mac - Use Your Mac Keyboard to Accelerate How You Use iTunes
The Mac version of iTunes has a selection of shortcuts that you can use to conveniently access many of its options via your Mac keyboard without having to use the mouse. This is particularly useful when options are hidden several levels deep in menus, or you need to perform the same tasks many times. To start using your Mac keyboard in iTunes to manage your digital music library more efficiently, read this article which lists the main shortcuts to use.

Cellphones -Smartphones - Digital Music
Using cellphones and smartphones like the iPhone as portable media players have started to become a serious choice for consumers. This part of the website looks at products that are digital music friendly.

Podcasts are a great way to listen to pre-recorded broadcasts when it suits you. News services for example usually offer podcasts on their Web site for you to download on-demand.

Digital Audio Player History
There are a lot of digital audio players (DAPs) on the market today, but how did it all start? Find out the history of DAPs and the background to some of the more popular players in use today.

Music Formats
Understanding how the different music formats work is useful, but learning their histories can give you a real insight into how they came to be. Browse through the formats listed here to learn more.

AstoundStereo Expander Review - Audio Software - Sound Enhancing Programs
GenAudio AstoundStereo Expander review - Do you want to enhance your computer's sound? By using audio software rather than purchasing expensive hardware, you can immediately enhance the audio ouput of your computer. AstoundStereo Expander from GenAudio works by processing all the sound that your computer generates in real-time to produce an environment that has a wider stereo image. Find out how version 2 of Genaudio's sound enhancing software fairs in our AstoundStereo Expander review.

Audials One Review - Download Free Music and Videos - Audio and Video Converters
Are you looking for a software program to find music and videos on the Internet? This Audials One review looks at RapidSolution Software's popular software suite that has a multitude of tools for recording, converting, and organizing free music, videos, podcasts, and more. This media suite is also capable of removing DRM, recording Internet radio stations, burning CDs, etc. Is this the ultimate solution for managing your media library? Find out in this full review of Audials One version 8

SuperSync Review - Sync Your iTunes Library Between Computers
SuperSync Review - Looking for a way to easily sync your iTunes library between computers? Do you need a tool to copy music from your iPod to your computer? If you're searching for a software tool to organize your iTunes music library, then be sure to read this SuperSync Review. Even if you have multiple iTunes libraries on several computers, SuperSync enables you to keep your music library synchronized wherever you are.

Napster Review - Napster to Go Review
Napster review: If you're looking for a flexible, low-cost way of discovering new music, then the Napster music service could be the answer. As well as the usual a la carte way of buying music, you can also sign up to one of their subscription plans that also come with free MP3 download credits. To find out more, be sure to read our full Napster review.

WORM Storage Definition - Optical Storage
What is WORM storage? This definition article explains what this optical storage technology is all about and also gives examples that use it.

DRM Definition - What is Digital Rights Management?
A brief explanation of the term Digital Rights Management (DRM).

NoteBurner 2 Review - Create a Virtual CD to Remove DRM and Convert Audio Formats
Have you got DRM protected music that you'd like to convert to MP3 or another popular format? If so then using NoteBurner could be the answer. This DRM removal tool works by using a virtual CD burner that fools iTunes and other software media players into thinking you are actually burning to a physical audio CD. Find out by reading this NoteBurner review how well it performs when compared to other DRM removal software.

NoteBurner Review - Virtual CD Burner - DRM Removal Software – Audio Converter
NoteBurner uses a unique method to remove DRM copy protection from downloaded music by using a virtual CD-RW drive. Find out by reading this NoteBurner review how well it performs when compared to other DRM removal software. Review - Music Service Reviews – Free Streaming Music Services review - Listen to free streaming music, videos, and create your own radio station. also has a a built-in social network so you can connect with people through music. As you use the service by typing in your favorite artists, or tag, the service gradually learns what you like and fine-tunes its recommendations.

Compressed Audio Definition - How is Audio Compressed?
A short article explaining compressed audio and how the technology behind it works.

WMA - Windows Media Audio Definition
A brief description of Microsoft's WMA format

Codec Definition - What is a Codec?
What is the definition of the term Codec? This glossary article gives you a quick explanation of what a codec is and how it relates to digital music.

Free Online Courses - Free Online Training with iTunes U
Are you looking for free online courses that have audio and video? Have you considered learning your chosen topic using iTunes U? If you are searching for free study material for popular subjects, then be sure to follow our quick guide on using iTunes as a free learning aid.

I Can't Write Anymore Files to my CD/DVD Disc? – CD/DVD Writing Problems
My CD/DVD disc has free space on it, but I can't write anymore files? In this FAQ, find out what the common reasons are and how creating a multisession disc could solve your problem.

Digital Music Tutorials - Learn More About Digital Music tutorials
If you're new to the world of digital music then having a helping hand to guide you through the learning process will make your life so much easier. Here you will find digital music lessons on format conversion, CD ripping, editing id3 tags, ipod tutorials and many more digital music topics. Take a look at the following digital music tutorials and learn how easy it really is.

MP3 Player Gift Ideas - MP3 Players for Christmas - MP3 hardware gifts
MP3 players as gifts are a good choice, but how do you know which one to choose given a special event? These seasonal gift ideas will give you inspiration no matter what the occasion.

Napster Pass Review - Napster Pass Service - Digital Music Services
Napster Pass review. If you're looking for a flexible, low-cost way of discovering new music, then Napster's new monthly pass service could be just the ticket. You can purchase a monthly pass for as little as $5 which gives you unlimited free music streaming and 5 free MP3 downloads every month. If you're into digital music but don't want to be locked into a subscription, then read our Napster Pass review for more information.