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Museums fight back against ISIS
Museums are working hard to combat the destruction of antiquities by ISIS. Learn more about the art of the Ancient Near East at these 5 museums.

The Best Art Museums in the World
These art museums are first-class -- it's worth traveling to see them.

History Museums
These museums encompass important pieces of history.

8 Hudson Valley Museum Day Trips
See fall foliage alongside art, architecture and even military history at these 8 Hudson Valley museums, perfect for family day trips.

6 Works of Lost and Found Art
These works of art were stolen, damaged in earthquakes or lost in shipwrecks. Go see these lost now found works in these 6 Italian museums.

Museum Secrets
Learn about all the secrets contained within museums and their collections.

Welcome to Museum Travel
Through fun, informative and down-to-earth articles, we'll explore the many ways you can integrate a museum visit into your travel plans.

5 Museums for "Hamilton" Super Fans
Fans of the Broadway's

Family-Friendly Art Museums in the USA
These 10 major U.S. art museums offer a wide array of family-friendly programs, workshops and activities.

10 Must-See Fall Art Exhibitions
Make your museum travel plans now to see these 10 blockbuster art exhibitions in Fall 2016.

Current Exhibitions
These shows are temporary exhibitions at some of the world's best museums. See them before they're gone.

Before the election, visit these 7 American history museums
These 7 small American history museums offer focused views of topics that inform modern politics including the Constitution, slavery and finance.

Museum Secrets
A look at what goes on behind-the-scenes of a museum, from 24-hour security guards, fakes, forgeries and what's stuffed inside storage closets.

Why are there so many Degas "Little Dancers"?
Learn why there are 28 copies of the

Museum Lovers Guide To ...
City guides to help travelers find the best museums

How to see treasures from Pompeii in Italy and the U.S.
New restorations at Pompeii make this a great time to visit, but museums in Malibu, Manhattan and Montana also have Roman art treasures to enjoy.

How to see the Unicorn Tapestries in New York, Paris and Scotland
Museum lovers can explore the art history mysteries of the

Ponce in Puerto Rico is home to this world-class art museum
The Ponce Art Museum has a world-class collection of European Old Masters and is home to the Victorian masterpiece

A guide to the best museum sleepovers
Museum sleepovers give both kids and adults special behind-the-scenes access to art and science collections.

Museums of medical oddities, taxidermy and anatomy
Museums of natural science and medicine have long been popular, but a renewed interest in the macabre make these five museums morbidly curious.

Small Museums in Big Cities
A visit to a small museum offers another way to get to know a big city.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Where to eat after the museum
When you're craving more than the museum's cafeteria, these guides will help discover the best places to eat nearby.

These sites pay homage to historical events.

Breaking Down is a series about how to see the world's largest museums
Big museums can be intimidating but are more enjoyable with shorter, more focused visits.

A series about how to see the world's largest museums a little bit at a time.
Big museums can be intimidating but are often better enjoyed when you see them in shorter, more focused visits.

American Museum of Natural History
The American Museum of Natural History is a New York landmark as well as one of the world's best cultural destinations.

Six museums designed by Zaha Hadid
Architect Zaha Hadid was among the world's top architects who competed for and won prestigious museum commissions. Here are Hadid's 6 museum projects.

A new era for the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Everything you need to know about The Met Breur including hours, programming and the history of the building.

A Whitney Museum inspired itinerary for visiting NYC
The Whitney Museum of American art sits at the intersection of three glamorous neighborhoods. Know what to see, where to eat and how to get on the High Line.

Why you should go now to the Naples Archaeological Museum
The Naples Archaeological Museum is home to one of the world's greatest collections and you can visit it with hardly any other tourists around.

Museo di Capodimonte, Naples
Museo di Capodimonte is one of Italy's best museums, but cutbacks threaten access to major works including Caravaggio, Titian and even Andy Warhol.

5 works of art in the Capodimonte collection by or about women
These five works depicting women, two by women painters offer a view into the huge and important collection at the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples.

Ancient erotica at the Naples Archaeological Museum

The Getty Villa is a visit to Pompeii before the eruption
The Getty Villa in Malibu, California is a transportive experience that makes you feel like you are visiting Pompeii right before the eruption.

Breaking Down: Palazzo Pitti
A breakdown of the very confusing Palazzo Pitti where Florence travelers will find six museums including the Palatine Gallery and Boboli Gardens.

Breaking down: Uffizi Gallery
How to get into the Uffizi, where to eat nearby and a secret insider's tip for how to see the museum at night without all the big tour groups.

Best museum tour guides
Independent tour guide companies offer new ways to visit museums with major experts and sometimes unusual itineraries.

Manhattan's oldest house: Morris-Jumel Mansion
Manhattan's oldest house is open to visitors including artists, chefs and songwriters who have been inspired by the its rich history.

Spend time alone with famous works like the Merode Altarpiece
Smaller crowds in wintertime allow for close looking at the

Cloisters gardens in winter
The Cloisters gardens are beautiful even when covered in blanket of snow. Page 8.

Winter light on medieval stained glass
Sixteenth century glass roundels at the Cloisters are best viewed in diffused winter light. Page 6.

Tombs in the Gothic Chapel
View the Catalan tombs in the Gothic Chapel at the Cloisters. Page 4.

Capital from the cloister of San-Michel-de-Cuxa
The Cuxa cloister is the hub of the Cloisters and feels like a giant snow globe in winter. Page 5.

After a snowstorm, you may have the galleries all to yourself
The Cuxa cloister garden in winter feels like you are peering into giant snow globe. Page 2.

A view of the past on the Hudson River
Museum Travel. Page 3.

Walk through Fort Tryon Park to reach the Cloisters
The long walk through Fort Tryon Park begins the transportive experience of a visit to the Cloisters.

Breaking Down: The Louvre
10 works of art to to see at the Louvre when you only have one afternoon.

Why you should visit the Cloisters after a snowstorm
Visit the Cloisters Museum & Gardens in winter when crowds are thin and you can enjoy a peaceful, meditative atmosphere.

Why you should visit the Cloisters when it snows
Though known for beautiful gardens, a visit to the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park after a snowstorm is a peaceful, transportive experience.

Five highlights of the Frick's great master paintings
The Frick Collection in New York is a small museum with many famous paintings including works by Bellini, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Museum Lovers Guide to New York
New York has over 83 museums. These 10 including the Guggenheim, Cloisters and Merchant House Museum will give you the best experiences in the city.

Where to eat near the Lower East Side Tenement Museum
After a visit to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, taste history at Russ & Daughters, Katz's, Yonah Shimmel, Sammy's Roumanian or Pizza a Casa Pizza School

Discover the secrets inside the Morgan Library & Museum
The Morgan Library & Museum holds false bookcases, a case of concealed identity and a code written in the zodiac signs of the library's ceiling.

How the most hated man in America made a legacy with art
The Frick Collection in New York is one of the world's best art museums. Learn how

How to see the Met in just a few hours
Here is a guide for how to visit the Met when you only have a few hours. Go during the evening, pick one or two sections and refresh at these spots.

Art treasures of Spain tucked away in northern Manhattan
Visit the Hispanic Society of America, a small art museum that contains treasures of Spanish art including paintings by Velazquez, El Greco and John Singer Sargent.

The 10 Best Art Museums in New York City
The 10 best art museums in New York City.