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Learn More About Sectors and How to Invest in Them
Investing in precious metals, gold, commodities, natural resources, and energy, along with the transportation sector and socially responsible funds. Page 2.

Sector Funds List - Index Funds and ETFs by Industry
If you are looking for a good list of sectors and the best mutual funds and ETFs for each, here is a great guide for learning the basics.

No Load Funds vs Load Funds - Which is Best?
Should you invest in no-load funds or load funds? Which is best for you and what is the difference? Learn more about mutual fund fees before you invest.

Share Class Types - Mutual Funds
What are the different types of mutual fund share classes and what are their basic advantages or disadvantages? Which shares are best?

Dividend Mutual Funds Definition, Advantages and Tips
Dividend mutual funds can be a smart addition to an investment portfolio. Learn how to take advantage of buying the best funds that pay dividends.

Professionally Managed Porfolios - What Are Professionally Managed Portfolios?
In a professionally managed portfolio, such as a mutual fund, the portfolio manager, in theory, has the resources, education and experience to manage the fund.

Pros of Mutual Funds - Professionally Managed Portfolios
There are pros and cons to professionally managed portfolios. Let's take a look at a few of the pros to determine if they are a suitable for you.

Investment Diversification - Learn the Importance of Investment Diversification
Investment diversification is an advantage of mutual funds. This investment diversification of a mutual fund means that an investor is able to obtain instant access to a hundreds of individual stocks or bonds with a low minimum investment. Otherwise, in order add investment diversification to your portfolio, you might have to buy individual securities, which exposes you to more potential volatility.

Types of Mutual Funds - Many Types of Mutual Funds
The various types of mutual funds are a definite advantage of mutual funds. There are stock funds, bond funds, money market funds, and balanced funds -- to name a few.

3 Limitations of Donating Mutual Funds to Charity
Before donating mutual funds to charity, be sure to know the rules and tax circumstances. You may not receive your full tax deduction.

Deflation Definition, Examples & Investing Strategy
What is deflation? Learn the definition and basics of deflation in economics and discover investing strategies to hedge against this environment.

Best Fidelity Funds for Dividends
Whether you need a source of income or a solid investment for long-term performance, you'll want to check out these top Fidelity funds for dividends.

Best Vanguard Funds for Dividends
Vanguard funds are famous for their low-cost mutual funds. They also have some of the best dividend funds for income and long-term investors.

Best American Funds Portfolio
You can build a sold portfolio with just three of the best American Funds.

How to Choose the Best Type of Investment Advisor
What is the best type of investment advisor for you? Before you hire a financial professional, be sure to know what they do and how they get paid.

Should You Invest Edward Jones?
Learn more about Edward Jones brokerage firm before investing your hard-earned savings.

How to Research and Buy Bonds
If you want to know how to do your own research to buy bonds, there are a few useful websites for both beginners and advanced bond investors.

Buy and Hold Definition, Investing Strategy, and Criticism
The buy and hold investing strategy is best for most investors. See how buying and holding investments works best, when applied properly

Lump Sum Distribution - Definition
What is a lump sum distribution? Find out what to do when you are given distribution options from your retirement accounts.

6 Steps of Financial Planning
What are the 6 steps of financial planning? Use the same planning steps as professional planners.

The Best Index Funds
What are index funds and which ones are the best? Are they better than ETFs?

Best Funds - Types, Comparison
Which are the best funds for you? See a complete comparison of fund types, such as load vs no-load, value vs growth, actively-managed vs index, and more.

Mutual Fund Tax FAQ
Get information on tax forms, dividends, capital gains distributions and more. Mutual fund taxation can be made simple with this FAQ guide.

Tax Free Mutual Funds
Which mutual funds are tax free? How can you avoid federal and state taxes in your taxable investment account?

Understanding Mutual Fund Fees
Mutual fund fees are not often disclosed in such a way that investors clearly understand them. Learn the basics of fund expenses and loads.

Top Reasons to Buy a Mutual Fund
There are dozens of reasons to buy mutual funds but we've narrowed them down to the top fund qualities that are beneficial for most investors.

Professional Money Management Definition and Advantages
When you buy mutual funds, you are also getting professional money management. Here are some advantages of getting the pros to manage your money.

No-Load vs. Load-Waived Funds
Are no-load funds the same as load-waived funds? What's the difference and which one is best?

Stagflation Definition, Examples, How to Invest
A stalling economy plus inflation can be detrimental to your portfolio. Learn how to invest and hedge against stagflation with mutual funds.

How to Invest and Hedge During Inflation
If you want to know how to invest in inflationary environments, learn the basics of inflation, including its definition and economic examples.

Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
Many of the disadvantages of mutual funds you'll find are not really problems but simple challenges that can be overcome. Here's what to know.

Mutual Funds Fees Loads and Expenses
What are the fees and expenses for mutual funds? Before buying funds, know the costs associated, and keep them to a minimum. Here's how.

Why Invest in Index Funds
Why invest in index funds? Learn about passively-managed investments and how their advantages often enable them to outperform actively-managed funds.

Asset Location - What is Asset Location
Placing your investments in the right account type. Asset location is an important investing decision that will impact your bottom line.

Presidential Election Cycle Definition and Investing
The Presidential Election Cycle is a market timing indicator for the stock market. Can elections predict or influence stock prices? Find out here.

Define Index Fund: Frequently Asked Questions About Index Investing
Do you have questions about index investing? The answers to all of your questions about how to invest with index funds and more are here.

S&P 400 Index Definition Mid-Cap Stocks
What is the S&P Midcap 400 Index? Learn more about this often overlooked segment of the market and improve your portfolio's growth potential.

Dave Ramsey's Advice on Mutual Fund Investing is Wrong
Dave Ramsey's advice on mutual funds is helpful in a few ways and potentially dangerous in others. Find out if your fund portfolio needs adjusting.

How to Fix the Dave Ramsey Mutual Fund Portfolio - Asset Allocation, Diversification
Dave Ramsey means well but his mutual fund investment philosophy is potentially dangerous for investors. Find out what Dave gets wrong and how to be sure you are not making his mistakes. Page 2.

Best Tips on Mutual Fund Basics
It's never too early or too late to review the basics of investing with mutual funds. Check out this easy list to get started or to get back on track.

What Is a Mutual Fund? Definition, Basics and Types
What is a mutual fund? In one simple explanation, learn the definition, basics, advantages and types of mutual funds and how to get started investing.

How to Invest With Just One Mutual Fund - Investing for Beginners
Investing with one mutual fund is possible if done properly. Find out how to put all of your eggs in one basket in one of the best all in one funds.

Fixed Income for Dummies
What is fixed income? How do bond mutual funds work? Investing in bonds can be risky if you are not aware of the basics.

Index Funds vs ETFs - Which Is Best?
Which is best, index funds or ETFs? What are the differences? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Learn how to choose the best for you.

Buying Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment
Finding the best bond funds in 2016 and 2017 can be challenging, especially if interest rates rise. Here are investing ideas you can use now.

How to Invest for a Bear Market
Do you know what signs indicate that a bear market is coming? Learn the signs and how you can prepare your portfolio for a decline in stock prices.

Beginners Guide to Mutual Funds
If you want a quick list of links to useful resources on the basics of mutual funds, here's the place to start.

Mutual Fund Definitions
Go beyond the simple mutual fund definition and learn the key terms and concepts of investing in mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Class B Shares: Good Buy or Goodbye?
You may hear that mutual fund B shares are a good buy. But more and more mutual fund companies are saying goodbye; to mutual fund B shares.

No-Load Mutual Funds - Advantages and Fees
No-load mutual funds are free of sales charges (loads), but they do have costs. Be sure to know those costs before you buy.

Is it Best to Buy A, B, or C Shares?
Should you buy A, B or C share mutual funds? If you're not able to use no-load funds, find out which share class is best for you.

What Are Absolute Return Mutual Funds?
What are absolute return mutual funds? There is more than one answer but there is only one real way to define this unique investment type.

Sector Funds Definition and Basics
Sector funds can be advantageous if used properly. Learn the definition and basics of sector funds.

American Funds - Mutual Fund Company Profile
Get to know American Funds, their mutual funds, and their management style before investing in them.

R Shares Mutual Funds Definition and Example
Should you invest in R Share mutual funds? Before investing, be sure to understand how the different share classes charge fees and expenses.

Mutual Funds Share Classes - Which Is Best?
Which mutual fund share class is best for you? Here is what you need to consider when choosing which mutual fund class is best for your portfolio.

Retirement Income Mutual Funds - How to Find the Best
Retirement income mutual funds can be a simple investment choice for those investors already in or entering retirement. See some of the best retirement income funds and find out if they are a good fit for your needs.

What to Know About Mutual Funds
There are a few key things every investor should know about mutual funds. Be prepared by knowing the risks, options, and expenses laid out here.

List of Cheapest S&P 500 Index Funds
While cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better, the best index funds tend to have the lowest expenses. Here's a list of the cheapest S&P 500 funds.

Best Mutual Funds for Beginners
Picking the best mutual funds is not a matter of finding the best performers of the day. Beginners need to plan and prepare for a long-term strategy.

Aggressive Portfolio Sample - Mutual Funds
For an example of how to build an aggressive portfolio of mutual funds, take a look at this model allocation with helpful percentage suggestions.

Turnover Ratio Definition and Uses With Mutual Funds
Learn the basics of turnover ratio, such as the definition and uses, and how you can produce higher average returns and reduce taxes as a result.

Fixed Income Definition and Examples for Investing
Learn more about fixed income and how you can use this type of investment security for investing in mutual funds, especially in retirement.

How to Build a Portfolio of Mutual Funds
If you want to know how to build a portfolio of mutual funds, you'll want to start with this investing primer that covers the basics and more.

Mutual Fund Holdings Definition
What are mutual fund holdings? How many is ideal for diversification? Before buying any kind of investment, smart investors will study what's inside.

The 5 Percent Rule of Investment Allocation
How much is too much with investing in mutual funds? You don't want to allocate high percentages of your savings to some fund types.

How to Build the Best Lazy Portfolio
Want to know how to build the best lazy portfolio? Start with these timeless and tested investing strategies. Set it and forget it!

Differences Between World Stock and International Stock Funds
World stock funds can be a smart addition to an investor's portfolio. However, it is important to first understand how these funds invest.

What Is Beta for Mutual Funds
A mutual fund investor can use beta to choose mutual funds. This statistic helps determine volatility of the fund and in comparison to the market.

Modern Portfolio Theory Definition: What is MPT?
How is Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) used with investing? Learn the definition, application and criticism of this popular investing style.

Mutual Funds - Investing for Dummies
Investing for dummies can't get any smarter than investing with mutual funds. Learn the definition, get the basics, then you're ready to invest.

Best Total Stock Market Index Funds - Definition
What are total stock market index funds? Which are the best? Find out why these mutual funds are used by more investors than any other type of fund.

The Best Investment Strategies
You don't need to be an expert to apply one of these top investing strategies. In fact, if you don't have a strategy, you may be making a big mistake.

How to Beat Inflation - Investment Strategies
Inflation erodes at the value of money and can be an investor's worst enemy. Learn how to beat inflation by investing in mutual funds.

What is the Meaning of Don't Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket?
You may have heard the old saying,

Best Funds for Young Investors
What are the best types of mutual funds for investors in their 20s and 30s? Not all investors are alike but there are funds that are ideal for them.

Best Funds To Invest in Your 30s and 40s
Middle-aged people are beginning to get serious about saving for long-term goals. Here are the best funds if you are in your 30s or 40s.

Mutual Fund Advice
Which are the best mutual funds for you? Get the best fund advice on mutual funds, whether you do it yourself or use a financial expert.

Best Funds for 401(k) Plans
What are the best funds for a 401(k) plan? Here are the basic mutual fund types that work best in employer sponsored retirement plans.

Types of Mutual Funds - Asset Class Categories
Learning how mutual funds are categorized helps an investor choose the best funds for asset allocation and diversification purposes.

Wage Replacement Ratio Definition in Retirement
Learn the definition and uses of wage replacement ratio, which is used by financial planners to determine how much money you'll need in retirement.

Conservative Mutual Funds Definition and Example
Find out how can investors find the best conservative mutual funds and how to build their own low risk portfolio of funds.

Best Fidelity Funds
If you're looking for the best Fidelity funds to buy, this list of five top performing low cost mutual funds is a smart place to begin your search.

Before You Build a Portfolio of Mutual Funds
Before you build a portfolio of mutual funds, learn some of the basic tips for investing and planning your strategy.

What Is a Passively Managed Fund?
What are passively managed funds? Are they the same as index funds? How are they different than actively managed funds? Learn the basics here.

Reasons to Sell Your Mutual Fund Now
Follow these helpful pieces of advice to see why you should (or shouldn't) sell your mutual fund. Consider your personal goals and market changes.

Get Your Fix on Fixed Income Funds - The Basics
Fixed income funds are an excellent diversification tool for investors. Start with these five basic types of bond mutual funds.

Standard Deviation Definition - Mutual Funds
Standard deviation of historical mutual fund performance is used by investors in an attempt to predict the future volatility of a fund's performance.

Benefits and Risks of Investing in TIPS
Investors should be aware of the benefits and risks of TIPS. Vanguard's John Hollyer answers questions about investing in TIPS.

Risks of Investing in TIPS -- Vanguard Mutual Funds
As part of an interview with John Hollyer, former manager of the Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities, we discuss the risks of investing in TIPS.

Duration of TIPS - Is the Duration of TIPS a Risk?
As part of an interview with John Hollyer, former manager of the Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities, we discuss the risks of investing in TIPS. Page 2.

Deflation - A Risk of Investing in TIPS
John Hollyer, co-manager of Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities, outlines why deflation is a risk of investing in TIPS. Page 3.

CPI vs. Your Inflation Rate -- A Risk of Investing in TIPS
As part of an interview with John Hollyer, former manager of the Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities, we discuss the risks of investing in TIPS. Page 4.

Foreign Tax Credit Definition
Have you ever heard of the foreign tax credit? If you own international mutual funds in a taxable account, you should learn more about it.

Pros and Cons of Stock Mutual Fund
Whether you plan to buy stock mutual funds or individual stocks, you should become familiar with the pros and cons of a stock fund prior to investing.

Cons of Owning a Mutual Fund - Investing Mistakes
Some disadvantages of mutual funds are merely opinions. So what are the real cons of buying and holding these pooled investments? Can they be avoided?

Growth and Income Funds - Examples and Strategies
The growth and income objective for mutual funds is a combination of one part growth and one part income. Learn more with this simple overview.

10 Best International Stock Funds to Buy
We did extensive research to find 10 of the best international stock funds to buy, including foreign stock index funds and emerging markets funds.

Short-Term Investing and Performance
What is short-term investing and what returns can I expect? What are some examples? How long is short term? Learn how to invest for now.

How the MyRA Works - Benefits
What is the MyRA and who can benefit by using this new retirement savings vehicle? Find out if this account is best for you.

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
How much money do I need for retirement? When asking yourself this question, you can get a good estimate by following a few basic planning steps.

Why Did I Get a Form 1099? Here's What to Do With It
Why did I get a 1099? Should I file it with my taxes? Find out why you received a 1099-R or 1099-DIV, learn the basics, and see what to do with it.

Dave Ramsey - Growth and Income Funds
When Dave Ramsey suggests investors use growth and income mutual funds, what does he mean? Learn the definition and see examples of this type of fund.

401k Investing Tips - Mutual Funds
A 401k plan is a powerful way to save for retirement but you can take full advantage if you follow these basic tips on saving in a 401k.

MyIRA Obama's New Retirement Plan
The MyRA is a relatively new way for American citizens to save for retirement. Is this retirement account better than IRAs and 401ks?

TTM Yield Definition - Calculation - Mutual Funds
What is the best way to analyze a mutual fund's yield? Here's your opportunity to learn the definition of TTM Yield and how to benefit from it.

TTM Yield vs 30-Day SEC Yield Mutual Fund Yields
When researching mutual funds for income, it is important to understand the differences between the TTM Yield and the 30-Day SEC Yield.

Best Funds for Investing in a 401(k)
Which funds types are best for investing in a 401(k)? If you have other accounts, you may benefit by choosing some funds over others.

Best Funds for Investing in an IRA
Which funds types are best for investing in an IRA? Some investments work best in tax-deferred accounts while others are best for taxable accounts.

Taxable Accounts vs IRAs
When is it better to use taxable accounts vs IRAs? After learning the basics you may be surprised about the best accounts to use for your goals.

Best Target Date Retirement Funds
What are the best target date retirement funds and how are they used? Find out how to use these simple, diversified funds for your nest egg.

How to Invest for Retirement With Mutual Funds - Best Fixed Income Strategies for Retirees
What are the best mutual funds for retirement planning and savings? What about taxation? Learn the best investment strategies for retirement.

Top Investing Rules for Best long-term Performance
There are a handful of general rules and helpful ideas for investors to keep in their mind for successful investing. All you need are these 6 rules.

What the Best Investors Have in Common
Here are 5 top qualities or traits that are common in the most successful investors the world has ever known (with a little help from Warren Buffett).

John Bogle Quotes on Mutual Funds and Index Investing
After reading some of the best John Bogle quotes, you're almost certain to be a better investor as a result.

Why Financial Planners and Investment Advisers Love Mutual funds
Today's investment advisors more and more are using mutual funds. Here are a few simple reasons why...

How to Make Money With Mutual Funds
If you want to know how to make money with mutual funds, there are just a few important basics to know. See how to make the most of your funds.

Best Funds for Presidential Election Cycle
Does the presidential election cycle influence stock prices? If so, which are the best funds to invest for election years?

Bogle on International Stock Funds
Do you need international stocks? John Bogle doesn't think so. Here's why.

List of 12 Cheapest Index Funds to Buy
Looking for the cheapest index funds? We provide a convenient list of 12 index mutual funds in six different categories that have the lowest expenses.

Best Mutual Fund Companies to Buy Index Funds
If you want to buy the best index funds, a good place find them is with the best mutual fund companies that offer these smart investment vehicles.

How Index Funds Minimize Taxes
Index funds offer a smart way to keep investment costs low and long-term performance reliable. But they're also tax efficient. Here's how.

How to Use Index Funds to Your Advantage
What are the best uses of index funds? Learn how to invest in passively-managed mutual funds and use them to your advantage.

Differences Between Mutual Funds and ETNs
ETNs can be smart investing tools but they are not the same as mutual funds or ETFs. Learn more about how exchange-traded notes work.

Value vs Growth vs Index Funds - Which is Best?
Which investment strategy is best - value or growth? Or are index funds the best way to invest? Find out for yourself.

Difference Between Growth Funds and Value Funds
What is the difference between growth funds and value funds? Understanding the qualities of each fund type can help in building the best portfolio.

Investing Style - How to Choose Investment Tactics and Strategies
To maximize returns and minimize risk, you need to find the best investment styles and strategies that work for you.

4% Rule For Retirement Income and Savings
The 4% rule is a good retirement planning guideline to help estimate how much income an investment account can generate. Find out how and why.

Warren Buffett Quotes on Investing, Life and Mutual Funds
Warren Buffett quotes on investing, life and Vanguard index funds demonstrate the wisdom of using mutual funds.

Best Time to Invest in Index Funds
When is the best time to invest in index funds? Market timing can be foolish but there are times when passive management beats active management.

Index List - Stock and Bond Indices
Need a list of the major market indexes? Check this list for a quick and easy reference for investing in the major stock and bond indices.

Total Stock Market vs S&P 500
Which is best, a total stock market index fund or an S&P 500 index fund? See the differences between them and the advantages for each.

Index Funds - Efficient Markets Hypothesis - EMH
Some investors subscribe to the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) but some don't believe in EMH. There is a smart middle ground.

Barclays Aggregate Bond Index - Mutual Funds
The Barclays Capital US Aggregate Bond Index is the benchmark for most bond funds traded on the market. Should you use a total bond market index fund?

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index - Biggest Mutual Fund in the World
The worlds biggest mutual fund is Vanguard Total Stock Market Index - VTSMX. Here's why...

John Bogle - Vanguard Founder Profile
Who is John Bogle and what is the story of Vanguard investments and index investing?

Best Sectors for Stages in Economic Cycle
Knowing which sectors that can outperform the stock market can be done in a smart way if you understand and observe the phases of the business cycle.

Best Investing Strategies
We share the five factors that combine to make the best investment strategies now and in the long run.

Worst Bond Funds for Rising Interest Rates
Which are the worst bond funds for rising interest rates? Sometimes winning in the long term is about not losing in the short term.

What to Do In a Market Correction - Best Strategy
What should investors do in market corrections? There are actions investors can take to protect against declines or to find buying opportunities.

Best S&P 500 Index Funds
Finding the best S&P 500 Index funds can be easy if you know what to look for. Here are a few of the top S&P 500 Index funds and why we recommend them.

Why Index Funds Win Over Actively-Manged Funds
Why do index funds outperform actively-managed funds? Here are several reasons passive investing can beat active investing.

What is the Meaning of 'Don't Fight the Fed'?
What is the meaning of

Best Sectors for Investment in 2015
Investors can diversify and boost portfolio performance by investing in some of the best sectors in 2015.

Finding the Best Bond Funds and Avoiding the Worst
Finding the best bond funds be just as challenging as avoiding the worst, if the past is any indication.

When Is the Best Time to Invest in Small-Cap Stocks?
When is the best time to invest in small-cap stocks? Learn strategies for investing in mutual funds that hold these aggressive stocks.

How to Invest in the Best Gold Funds & ETFs
Gold can be used as a hedge against inflation and a falling US dollar, but what's the best way to invest in this precious metal and commodity?

Tactical Asset Allocation and Index Funds Defined
Tactical asset allocation can be an effective investing middle ground between the extremes of market timing and passive investing. Learn more here.

Using S&P; 500 Index P/E Ratio
What is the P/E ratio for the S&P 500? Analyzing the valuation of a broad market index can provide clues about future direction of equity prices.

Best Stocks and Sectors for Rising Interest Rates
What are the best investments when interest rates go up? Here are some mutual funds and sectors for rising rates.

Stock Market, Economic Cycles and Investment Timing Strategies
Understanding the difference between the stock market and economic cycles and how they are related can help investors maximize portfolio returns.

How to Time the Market With Mutual Funds
As with all investment strategies with mutual funds, there are wise steps you can take to time the market without taking unreasonable risk.

Dogs of the Dow Mutual Fund Dividends
Some mutual funds invest in the Dogs of the Dow stocks. Not exactly market timing, these 'dogs' are also among the best stocks for dividends.

How to Invest a Lump Sum - Best Ways to Maximize Cash
Are you looking for the best ways to invest a lump sum? Whether you're rolling over a 401(k) or you just won the lottery, here are the smartest ideas.

Money Market Funds Advantages and How to Invest
Money market funds offer protections to investors that provide a wise alternative to stuffing your money under your mattress. Here's what to know.

Biggest Mistakes With Investing in Mutual Funds
Avoid these 3 top mistakes with mutual funds and you'll be a more successful investor.

Should You Invest With More Than One Mutual Fund Company?
Is it safer to use multiple mutual fund companies? If so, how and when should an investor diversify among different firms?

Best Amount of Mutual Funds to Be Diversified
How many mutual funds does it take to be diversified? The answer depends upon your objective and the type of funds you buy.

Best Bond Funds for Rising Interest Rates
Which are the best bond funds in a rising interest rate environment? Which mutual funds do better against inflation?

Best Mutual Funds for Long Term Investors
The best mutual funds for long-term investors are suitable for a holding period of 10 years or more. But which are the best funds to use?

How to Invest in Mutual Funds
If you're just getting started investing, learn the basics on how to invest in mutual funds.

Easy Investing With Mutual Funds
The most profitable investment styles and strategies are not complex. Here are easy habits of successful investors with mutual funds.

Portfolio Definition - Best Practices of Investing
What exactly is a portfolio and how is the term used with investing? Learn the definition of portfolio and the best practices for diversification.

Investment Objective Definition and Examples
What is an investment objective and how can you go about forming one for yourself? What are some examples?

Benefits of Mutual Funds
The benefits of mutual funds make them the first and best investment type for beginners and pros alike. Find out how to use them to your advantage.

How Bond Funds Can Lose Money - Value Depreciation
Can you lose money with bond mutual funds? Find out how and when bonds can depreciate in value.

Long-Term Investing and Performance - Mutual Funds
Learn more about long-term investments here with examples, strategies, and analysis on how to become a successful long-term investor.

Simple Investing With Mutual Funds
Harness the power and freedom of simple investing with mutual funds.

Mutual Funds - Benefits and Regulations
Mutual funds must comply with strict rules that are monitored by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Get basic information and links here.

Learn About Mutual Funds Before You Invest
Get the basics of investing and see the mutual fund definition and learn more about how to be successful with these popular investment vehicles.

The Key to the Structure of Mutual Funds
To understand the structure of mutual funds, compare other “40 Act Funds” – investment companies registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Mutual Funds and Diversification - How to Diversify
Diversification with mutual funds is more than just putting your eggs into different baskets. Find out how to properly diversify with mutual funds.

Are Closed-End Funds the Same as Mutual Funds?
Closed-end funds are not the same as mutual funds but there are similarities and a few features that can give investors an advantage if used properly.

How Bond Mutual Funds Work - Investing Basics
Understanding how bond mutual funds work can help investors understand other areas of finance and economics such as stock investing and interest rates.

What is the Difference Between Bonds and Bond Funds?
When is the best time to use bonds versus bond funds? Find out here by learning about basics, differences, when to buy which, and more.

Minimum Purchase Price for Mutual Funds
How much money do you need to buy mutual funds? See minimum initial purchase amounts for the biggest fund companies and learn how to get discounts.

Best No Load Funds - Mutual Fund Families
If you want to buy the best no-load funds, you need to begin your search with the mutual fund companies that offer the highest quality, low cost funds.

Average Expense Ratios for Mutual Funds
What are average expense ratios for mutual funds? When researching and analyzing funds, be sure to know how if a fund's expenses are low or not.

How to Buy a Mutual Fund
How much does it cost to invest? Should you hire an advisor? Learn the basics of how to buy mutual funds with this helpful overview.

How to Get Started Investing With Mutual Funds
To get started investing with mutual funds, you will need to know the basics. Learn how by understanding mutual fund types, taxation and how to buy.

Mutual Funds - Do It Yourself or Hire an Advisor?
Before you do it yourself with investments, ask yourself this: Do you want to hire yourself as the advisor or someone else? Then follow these tips...

Easy Tips for Buying Mutual Funds
If you need to know how to buy mutual funds, the process can be simple and profitable. Just learn these basics and you'll be on your way to success.

How to Use Statistical Analysis With Mutual Funds
Analyzing mutual funds requires a fundamental knowledge of quantitative measures. Learn more here and you can build a smart investment portfolio.

Overlap Definition - How to Detect and Avoid Fund Overlap
Learn how to detect and avoid fund overlap with your investments and improve the performance of your portfolio.

No-Load Mutual Funds - Which Companies Have the Best
Which are the best no-load mutual fund families? Find out where, why and how to find simple, low-cost and high quality funds, all in one place.

Before You Buy a Mutual Fund
Before you buy a mutual fund, be sure to know the basics and best practices of investing. Here is a

Before You Buy a Mutual Fund - Don't Do These Items
Before you buy a mutual fund, be sure to know the basics and best practices of investing. These are the

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) - Automatic Savings
Automating your savings with a systematic investment plan, or SIP, is one of the smartest things you can do as an investor. Find out how to set up a SIP.

Mutual Fund Analysis: Best Things to Analyze and What to Ignore
What should you analyze when researching mutual funds? Here's all you need to know (and a few things you can ignore).

Mutual Fund Analysis - What Not to Analyze
What should you analyze when doing your mutual fund research and which things should you not analyze? Here's a few things you can ignore. Page 2.

Net Assets Under Management - Mutual Funds Definitions
What is a mutual fund's total net assets under management and why is helpful to analyze this to find the best funds? How much in assets is too much?

5 Star Mutual Funds - Should You Buy Them?
If you're looking at only 5 star mutual funds, you may be missing out on the best funds. Learn here why the star rating isn't what it may seem.

Morningstar Style Box
Learn how to use the Morningstar Style Box for mutual fund analysis.

6 Resources to Research Mutual Funds
Whether you use an advisor or you do it yourself, you might new a few sites to help you research mutual funds. Here are 6 links for helpful advice.

Choosing a Target-Date Mutual Fund
If you are counting on target-date funds as a simple solution to your retirement investments, be careful. Just as with any investment, you need to do some homework first. All target-date funds are not all created equal.

Index Funds vs Actively Managed Funds Explanation
Index funds are smart investments for most investors, especially in the long run. Here's how and why they beat actively-managed funds.

What Are Index Funds? Mutual Fund Definitions
What are index funds and what are their primary benefits? Find out how these passively-managed investments work and if you should invest.

How to Choose the Best Mutual Funds
Choosing the best mutual funds can be easy. Learn how to find and choose the best ones for you with these simple and proven methods.

Best Time to Invest In Actively-Managed Funds
When is the best time to invest in actively-managed funds? When can they beat the market and index funds? Here are some historic timing examples.

Best Sites to Research Mutual Funds
Mutual fund research can be made easier with a good online research tool. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these web sites are among the best.

How to Analyze Mutual Fund Performance
Past performance of a mutual fund may not be a guarantee of future results but if you know how to analyze performance--if you know what to look for and what to avoid--you can make better investment decisions.

Analyze a Mutual Fund - Future Performance Indicators
There is more to analyzing a mutual fund than reviewing past performance. Find out what to look for in the best funds.

Efficient Markets Hypothesis - EMH Definition and Forms
What is the Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH) and can it help you become a better investor? Learn and discover if EMH can really work for you.

Types of Bonds - Definition of Municipal Bonds
Municipal bonds can be used as diversification tools and as a means of tax-free income for an investor. Understanding the definition.

Mutual Fund Capital Gains Distributions: Short Term vs Long Term
You can potentially reduce your taxes if you learn the difference between short-term and long-term capital gains distributions with mutual funds.

Year End Tax Tips for Mutual Funds
The end of the year is more important for taxes than April. Be sure to know the best year-end tax tips for mutual funds and keep more of your money.

Tax Tips for Mutual Fund Investors
What are the basic tips on mutual fund taxes that investors should know? Here's a quick guide with links to taxation information.

Top Tax Mistakes With Mutual Funds
What are the most common tax errors made with mutual funds? Here are a few of the top mistakes investors commonly make each year at tax time.

What Is a Summary Prospectus?
Investors are smart to use a summary prospectus to learn the most important information about mutual funds before they buy shares. Learn more here.

What is Risk Tolerance? Understanding Market Risk
Gauging your risk tolerance is a good way to help you determine how you might react when stock prices crash.

R-Squared Definition - R2 Mutual Funds
The R-squared, or R2, of a mutual fund is a statistical measure that investors can use to determine a its correlation with a given benchmark.

Taxation of Municipal Bond Funds
Reduce or eliminate mutual fund taxes by learning about the taxation of municipal bond funds. Also, who should invest in municipal bond funds and why?

Tax Diversification Definition - Investing
What is tax diversification with investing and what are the benefits of diversifying investments among different account types?

Reasons to Use a Taxable Account
When is it best to use a taxable account and what are the benefits? Who should use taxable accounts for saving and investing?

Mutual Fund Short Term Capital Gains Distributions
Mutual fund short-term capital gains distributions are often feared. But if you learn the rules, they can be minimized or eliminated. short term capital gain distributions

Mutual Fund Capital Gains Distributions
In the last few of months of each year, investors can unexpectedly receive mutual fund capital gains distributions. Learn more and reduce taxes.

Investing in Real Estate With REIT Funds
A good way for everyday investors to invest in the real estate sector is with mutual funds that invest in real estate investment trusts - REIT funds.

What to Do With Your 1099 - Mutual Fund Tax Forms
What do I do with my 1099? Do I have to file it with my taxes? Does the IRS need a copy? Why did I receive a 1099? Get answers to your questions here.

Examples of How and Where to Use Tax-Efficient Funds
Learn how and where to use tax-efficient mutual funds and how to apply the basic concepts of tax-efficient investing.

Dividend Taxation of Mutual Funds
What are dividends and how are mutual fund investors taxed on dividends? Understanding the basics of taxation is essential to investing success.

Top 10 Things to Know About Mutual Fund Taxation
How do I reduce taxes on mutual funds? Understanding mutual fund taxation will help you improve your overall returns by being a smarter investor.

How Can I Reduce Taxes on My Mutual Funds?
Reducing taxes on mutual funds is one of the best ways to increase portfolio returns. A good tax strategy is part of a good investment strategy.

Mutual Funds: Dividends and Capital Gains Double Taxation
Don't make this common mistake of mutual fund taxation and learn the basics of dividends and capital gains distributions, esp. double taxation.

Emerging Markets vs International Stock Mutual Funds
Should you invest in emerging market funds or international stock funds? Or is it best to invest in both? Find the answers you need here.

When to Buy Ultra Short-Term Bond Funds
What are ultra-short-term bond funds and when is the best time to buy them? If used properly, these fixed income investments can be beneficial.

Fund of Funds Definition and Examples
Why buy several mutual funds when you can buy one that invests in several others? Learn more about the benefits of buying a fund of funds.

Bonds vs Bond Funds - Which is Best?
Which is best for investing - bonds or bond mutual funds? When is it a good idea to invest in both?

Defensive Sectors Definition, Strategy and Examples
What are examples of defensive sectors and how can an investor use them for best investing strategies? Learn more about how to use sector funds.

Sin Stocks - How to Invest With Mutual Funds
Want to know how to invest in sin stocks? Mutual funds can be a good way to invest in this defensive sub-category of consumer staples.

Zero-Coupon Bond Funds Definition How to Invest
What are zero-coupon bond funds and when is the best time to invest in them? Learn more about this unique fixed-income investment.

Mutual Fund Types Where Indexing Works Best
Passively-managed funds are not better than actively-managed funds in all fund categories. Here are the best types of funds where indexing has an advantage.

Best Mutual Fund Types for Active Management
Passively-managed funds are not better than actively-managed funds in all fund categories. Here are the best types of funds where active management has an advantage.

Mutual Fund Style Definition - Investing
What is mutual fund style? Find out how funds are categorized and how it can help you make better investing decisions.

Frontier Markets Definition, Examples, Best Funds
Learn more about frontier markets and how to invest in them.

US vs Europe Stock Investing
Which is better -- US stock funds or Europe stock funds? Is it smart to own both?

Blend Funds Definition
What are blend funds and who should invest in them? Find out if this type of mutual fund is a good choice for you and your investing needs.

Differences Between Mutual Funds and ETFs
Understanding the differences between mutual funds and ETFs is a smart way to choose which investment type is best for you or if both can be combined.

How to Invest in Silver Mutual Funds, ETFs and ETNs
When investing in silver with mutual funds, ETFs or ETNs, it's important to understand the associated risk and the nature of commodity investing.

Aggressive Growth Stock Funds - Definition and Examples
What is Aggressive Growth are what are some mutual fund examples? Aggressive Growth is a mutual fund objective that is so broad, an investor can easily make a mistake when building an investment portfolio. Therefore, the Dave Ramsey mutual fund portfolio example can be misleading advice.

Hybrid Funds Definition
Hybrid funds can be a valuable addition to an investment portfolio if used properly. Learn the basics and see examples of this diversified investment.

What Are Mutual Fund Class D Shares?
Should you invest in D Share mutual funds? Before investing, be sure to understand how the different share classes charge fees and expenses.

Inst Funds - Class I, X, Y, Z
What are inst funds? Are they the same as class I mutual funds? Can individual investors buy institutional funds? Learn more about share classes.

Unit Investment Trusts vs. Mutual Funds
Unit investment trusts (UITs) may be the least understood of all of the US registered investment companies. UITs vs. mutal funds.

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities TIPS Funds
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are very different from conventional bonds. Learn more about the differences between TIPS and other bonds.

Types of Bond Mutual Funds
Bond mutual funds are an excellent diversification tool for investment portfolios. Here are the five basic types of bond funds to know.

Why Buy a Municipal Bond Fund?
Municipal bond funds have tax benefits that make them useful tools for taxable accounts. Learn more about tax free investing with these mutual funds.

130/30 Funds Definition and Basics
What are130/30 funds and should you buy one?

Target Date Mutual Funds Pros and Cons
Target-date? retirement mutual funds can be smart investment choices if they are used properly. Find out if these funds are right for you.

TIPS Mutual Funds - Pros and Cons
Should you invest in TIPS mutual funds? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Read this article to find out more.

Growth Stock Mutual Funds Definition and Strategy
What are growth stock mutual funds? What are examples of growth stocks? Learn how to successfully apply this investing strategy.

Junk Bonds Definition - High Yield Investing
Learn the definition of junk bonds how you can leverage their high yield potential with mutual funds.

What Is a CEF?: A Closer Look at Closed-End Funds
Despite the similarities of closed-end funds (CEFs) and mutual funds, they are two distinct types of investment companies. What is a CEF?

How Many Mutual Funds Should You Have?
How many mutual funds do you need to be diversified? Find out the ideal number of funds to hold to build the best portfolio for you.

Dividend Dates Explanation - Basics, Timing Strategies
Learn more about dividend dates and you can save taxes and improve the performance of your portfolio.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Examples for 3 Types of Investors
Need some mutual fund portfolio examples? Here are a few basic and simple portfolios for 3 types of investors - aggressive, moderate or conservative.

Investing Strategy - Better Returns With Mutual Funds
Investment strategies to get higher returns don't need to be complex. With mutual funds, there are at least five ways to boost portfolio performance.

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds - Compare Differences
When studying the ETFs vs mutual funds debate, it is smart to make an active vs passive management comparison, then decide which is best for you.

Depreciating US Dollar - How to Profit From a Falling Dollar
How can investors profit from a falling US dollar? There are mutual funds that work as a hedge when the US currency is depreciating in value.

Core and Satellite Mutual Fund Portfolios
When building a portfolio of mutual funds, the core and satellite design is the best and simplest structure to use. Find out how to do it yourself.

How and When to Rebalance Your Portfolio
When is the best time to rebalance a portfolio of investments and how often is ideal? Rebalancing is a simple buy low and sell high strategy.

Tax Loss Harvesting - Capital Gains and Losses
What is tax-loss harvesting? Learn how to offset capital gains with capital losses and reduce your taxes.

Bonds - How to Build Your Own Bond Portfolio
The best days of bond mutual funds may be behind investors for a long time. Some investors may choose to buy individual bonds instead.

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An index of categories in the

Buying Mutual Funds - The Pros and Cons of Investing
Should you buy mutual funds? Learn the basic pros and cons of investing in funds and how to avoid the biggest mistakes of investing in these flexible tools.

Best Funds for Stable Returns - Safest Mutual Funds
If you are looking for the safest mutual funds, you are probably seeking stability in price. Here are some things for conservative investors to know.

Finding the Best Mutual Funds By Eliminating the Worst
What are the top mutual funds of all time? Check out this list and learn how to find the best funds for your own portfolio.

List of the Top 10 Best Mutual Funds for Any Investor
The top 10 best mutual funds does not change often if you build the list in a smart way. Check out these timeless investments for yourself. Page 2.

5 Best American Funds
If you want to see the best American funds, you can start here with these five high-quality investments from one of the biggest mutual fund companies.

Best T. Rowe Price Mutual Funds to Buy
Take a look at some of the best T. Rowe Price mutual funds to buy and learn how to build a portfolio with them.

verywell. Mutual Funds.

Best No-Load Funds to Get Started Investing With $100
High quality mutual funds with a low purchase price are rare. But we found 3 of the best funds to get started investing with just $100.

Which Mutual Funds Are Best in a Bear Market?
Which are the best mutual funds for a bear market? When is the best time to begin preparing for a decline in stock prices? Here's what you need to know.

Best Fidelity Funds to Buy
If you buy the best Fidelity funds, you can be confident you'll be investing in some of the top mutual funds on the market. Here are 10 of the best.

Best Vanguard Funds for Beginning Investors
If you're looking for the best Vanguard funds for beginning investors, we've done all of the homework for you and narrowed it down to 10 top funds.

How to Choose the Best Bond Funds
Learning how to choose the best bond funds for your investment objective is not difficult if you learn the basics before you buy. Here's what to know.

5 Best Vanguard Funds
If you are looking for the best Vanguard funds to buy, this article is a great place to begin your search. Check out five outstanding, low cost funds.

Northern Funds - Index Funds and Low Expense Ratios
Learn more about Northern Trust and see if some of the best Northern funds are a good match for you and your investment objectives.

Best Bond Funds for Beginners
The best bond funds for beginners are the same for almost every investor. Just keep things simple, low-cost, and diversified. Here's how...

How to Pick the Best Index Funds
Finding the best index funds isn't simply a matter of searching for the lowest expense ratios. Find out the science behind what makes the best.

Beat Volatility With the Best Balanced Funds
If you want to find the best funds for a bear market, you'll want to take a look at balanced funds.

Best Sectors to Invest for the Long Term
Which sectors will outperform the stock market in the long run? Only hindsight can tell but these three sectors can beat the S&P 500 long term.

Best Blackrock Funds to Buy
Investors looking for the best Blackrock funds can begin their search with three diverse choices that have beaten the category averages in the past.

Best Oppenheimer Funds to Buy
Investors looking for the best Oppenheimer funds can begin their search with three diverse choices that have beaten the category averages in the past.

Best Bond Mutual Funds Vanguard
If you are looking for the best bond funds, don't overlook the low-cost, high-quality selection at Vanguard. Here are three of the best funds to consider.

Best Funds for a Strong US Dollar
What are the best funds to buy when the U.S. dollar is strong compared to other currencies? What is the best way to hedge for an appreciating dollar?

Best Mutual Funds for Short-Term Investing
Which are the best types of mutual funds to use for short-term financial goals? Find out how to find the suitable funds for your investing needs.

Best Short-Term Bond Funds to Buy
Which are the best short-term bond funds to buy and when is the best time to buy them? Learn more about the types of bond funds and how to benefit.

Best Fidelity Funds - Aggressive Stocks
Fidelity funds has some of the best no-load aggressive stock funds in the mutual fund universe. Here are three of them.

Best Vanguard Funds - Conservative Investors
If you are looking for solid, low-risk mutual fund, you'll want to check out these three best Vanguard funds for conservative investors.

Best Charles Schwab Mutual Funds to Buy
These are some of the best Charles Schwab mutual funds to buy. This article also provides a sample portfolio investors can use as a guide.

Best Vanguard Funds - Sample Portfolio
Find out how to build your own investment portfolio with the best Vanguard funds.

Which Brokerage Firms Have the Best Mutual Funds?
Which brokerage firms have the best selection of no-transaction fee (NTF) mutual funds? Find the best online discount brokers here.

Best Mutual Funds for Kids - Investing for Children
What is the best way for children to get started investing with mutual funds? Here are some fund types and specific fund names for kids or anyone beginning to invest.

Derivatives -- What Are Derivatives?
A derivative is a financial instrument that derives its value from an underlying asset such as a stock, bond or commodity.

Russia - Best Stock Funds and ETFs for Investing
Why invest in Russia? What are some of the best mutual funds and ETFs offering broad exposure to the Russian market economy?


Commodities - Definition, Examples & Mutual Fund Investing
What are commodities and how can you invest in them? See examples and get tips on investing in commodities with mutual funds and ETFs.

Money Market Funds
Money market funds are an important component of an investment portfolio. Learn more about investing in money market funds.