Needlepoint Sitemap - Page 4 2016-09-26

Petite Four Needlepoint Patterns
Here you'll find an assortment of small-scale Petite Four Patterns for a variety of Holidays.

Free Needlepoint Patterns - Themes Needlepoint Patterns
In this area you will find needlepoint patterns with themes including nautical, jungle inspired designs, ethnic pieces and more.

Needlepoint Trade Organizations
Here you will find information and links to professional needlepoint or needlework trade organizations.

Educational Material and Product Information
Books, periodicals and magazines, classes and educational series are terrific tools for building your needlepoint skills and learning more about this enduring form of needlework. Here you'll find links to book reviews and other useful pieces of needlepoint information.

Needlepoint Frames and Stands - Needlepoint Supplies
Link to web sites featuring stands for working needlepoint.