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The Basics of Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations
There are plenty of reasons to give to charity, not least of which is that you can often take a tax deduction. Here is how it works.

Cause Marketing for Dummies - A Review
This book is about cause marketing for the rest of us. It shows how even small nonprofits can get started in cause marketing.

Create Online Petitions to Spark Global Change
Small acts can create big change. That is really true when it comes to online petitions. Here's how to find them and even create one yourself.

T-Shirt Fundraising Brings Hippos Back to a Zoo
Never underestimate the power of a cute t-shirt! The Cincinnati Zoo finished its fundraising for a new exhibit​ with a hippo t-shirt sale. It worked!

5 Ways to Use Your Nonprofit Board's Connections
Board members have rich networks of peers that can be useful for your nonprofit. Here's how to make those connections count.

Grant Writing Myths Nonprofits Should Not Believe
Starting a grants program isn't easy, but many nonprofits have misconceptions that hold them back. Here are eight myths you should ignore.

Non-Profit Degrees to Launch Your Career
Passion for a cause is not enough. Nonprofits need staff who understand how to apply business concepts to nonprofit work. Non-profit degrees can help.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

10 Wonderful and Wacky Ways to Be Charitable Every Day
Honestly, there's no excuse for not being charitable. Whether you have a lot or a little, you can help through the stuff you do every day.

How to Be Charitable Every Day
Honestly, there's no excuse for not being charitable. Whether you have a lot or a little, you can help through the stuff you do every day.

How to Be Charitable Every Day
Honestly, there's no excuse for not being charitable. Whether you have a lot or a little, you can help through the stuff you do every day.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Lessons From TOMS
TOMS Shoes has been the engine behind a wonderful trend. Businesses that do good have become common, often modeling themselves on this iconic company.

Nonprofit Names Must Be Both Legal and Memorable
What will you name your new nonprofit? Here's how to ​find a name that isn't already taken and that works for your organization.

Business Practices Your Nonprofit Should Adopt
Being in nonprofit does not mean rejecting all for-profit wisdom. After all, often it pays to think like a business.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

10 Fundraising Newsletter Tips That Get the Job Done
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. Follow these tips to learn how to use them to raise money.

Email Newsletter Tips for Nonprofits
Email newsletters are the bread and butter of nonprofit communications. But how do you raise money with them? Here are 10 tips that will ensure a high click through and many donations.

Restricted and Unrestricted Funds for a Nonprofit
Nonprofits must be clear about what is a restricted donation or an unrestricted one. Not doing so could cause a donor backlash or even legal problems.​

How to Create a Nonprofit Name That Everyone Remembers
So much rides on a name. For a nonprofit, its name should communicate instantly what the organization does and whom it serves.

Writing Goals and Objectives for Your Grant Proposal
Do you know the difference between goals and objectives? Here are the basics you need to know before writing your grant proposal.

8 Easy Ways to Turn Your Wedding into a Charitable One
Everyone loves a wedding! But, are they a selfish extravagance? Here's how to feel better about your wedding by doing some good along the way.

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Raise More Money with Video
Video is easier than ever for nonprofits. And it is very popular with people who donate to your cause. Use it often and well for better fundraising.

How to Get Corporate Sponsors for Your Event
Companies are more willing than ever to sponsor charitable​ events. Here are some ways to make your case to them more compelling and convincing.

Is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Right for Your Nonprofit?
Peer-to-peer fundraising seems trendy, but is it right for your nonprofit? Here's how to figure that out and how to get started.

11 Ways to Thank Donors With Social Media
Don't lose out on one of the best tools available for making donors feel good. Here's how to do gratitude the social media way.

What Is the Unified Registration Statement? Should Nonprofits Use It?
The URS was an attempt to make fundraising across states easier. But it has become out of date because of rapidly changing state requirements.

Why Your Nonprofit Website Must Go Mobile Now
Mobile for nonprofits? No longer optional. Google search results will favor mobile friendly sites. Here's what you can do.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

How to Have an Amazing Volunteer Experience
Are you looking for the perfect volunteer opportunity? Use these tips to help you find the right charity and volunteer job.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

6 Content Ideas for a Nonprofit Website
Expand your ideas about what you should put on your nonprofit's website. Here are ideas and a bundle of examples from leading nonprofit organizations.

How the IRS Classifies Nonprofit Organizations
The most common form of nonprofit organization is the 501(c)(3), but there are many types of nonprofits that are registered by the IRS.​

Euphemisms for Old and Other Ways to Annoy Senior Donors
It is so important that we not offend our baby boomer and older donors by using too many euphemisms for old of offensive language. Here's how.

13 Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015
Social media is moving fast and evolving even faster. Can nonprofits keep up? Here are 13 trends to watch for the new year.

How Even Small Nonprofits Can Do Market Research
Should nonprofits do market​ research? Absolutely. Research is a money saver, not a money waster.Here are some affordable ways to do research.

Use Online Press Releases to Promote Your Nonprofit
By optimizing your press releases and posting them online, you can significantly boost traffic to your nonprofit website.

Sample Press Release for Nonprofit and Basic Elements
Press releases have not died. They can quickly get the word out to the media, and they can be useful SEO tools right on your website.

Questions About Starting a Nonprofit Organization
How do you start a nonprofit? Here are the most frequently asked questions we've received and their answers.

Why Do I Need a Business Plan for My Nonprofit?
Starting a nonprofit is similar to starting a business. Just like a business, nonprofits need a realistic business plan.

How Nonprofits Sell Behavior Change with Social Marketing
Social marketing is a lot like traditional​ marketing except that you are trying to promote behavioral change such as quitting smoking or safe sex.

Credit Card Processing - Options for Nonprofits
For nonprofits that are fundraising online, there are a number of options for processing donations. Here are three basic types.

What Is a Nonprofit vs. a For-Profit Business?
There are basic characteristics that define a non-profit vs. for-profit business. These include its mission, ownership, control and accountability.

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: 5 Tips That Always Work
Nonprofits are embracing crowdfunding, especially for specific projects that are well defined and tangible. Here are tips for wildly successful campaigns.​

5 Elements You Must Include on Your Nonprofit Website
What elements should be on your nonprofit website? Here are five things that your organization must get right.

How Soon Can a New Nonprofit Start Fundraising?
Can a charity with tax-exempt status pending still raise funds? The answer is a qualified yes. Here are the things you should think about.

Ways to Supercharge Your Nonprofit's Facebook Page
Setting up a Facebook Page for your nonprofit is just the beginning. Now you have to drive engagement with creative strategies.

8 Tips for Better Nonprofit Cyber Security
Are nonprofits complacent about cyber security? Or terrified? Here are eight​ simple ways to make sure you are cyber secure.

Delight Donors and Volunteers With Hand-Written Thank You Notes
High touch gestures like handwritten thank you notes make an even bigger impression. Knock their socks off with volunteer thank you cards.

Steps to a Successful Nonprofit Social Media Strategy
Does your nonprofit's social media seem like a trip into chaos? Planning, strategy, and breaking down the silos can bring order. Here's how.

Transform Your End-of-Year Fundraising With These 6 Rules of Persuasion
Your end-of-year fundraising is too important to be left up to chance. Use these 6 principles of persuasion to make your messages hit their mark.

10 Steps to a Content Marketing Plan for Your Nonprofit
Content marketing is now a must for nonprofits too. Here's how your charity can communicate with donors and other supporters through terrific content.

Writing the Sustainability Section of Grant Proposal
Foundations are looking for projects to fund that can be sustained after they have left the funding picture. How sustainable is your project?

Match Need to Grantor for Grant Proposal Success
What is the social problem your organization is planning to solve? The need statement is at the heart of your grant proposal.

Sample of a Grant Proposal's Need Statement
Here is a sample of the need statement of a grant proposal. Page 2.

Bylaws - How They Apply to a Nonprofit
Puzzled about whether your nonprofit can take a particular action? That's where bylaws come in. They are your nonprofit's road map.

Nonprofit Taglines and Mission Statements
Your nonprofit tagline should connect with your mission statement. Here are examples of winning taglines and how they reflect each organization's mission.

Writing Better Nonprofit Taglines and Mission Statements-Part 2
Taglines and mission statements should play well with each other. Some of these examples do and some do not. Page 2.

The Life You can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty
Peter Singer believes global poverty can be eradicated, ​and we are all capable of giving more. In this book, he lays out a plan all of us could follow.

The History and Types of US Foundations
Foundations have become central to philanthropy ​in the US. Here's how they started and the types of foundations that exist today.

The Case Foundation - Pioneering Citizen Philanthropy
The Case Foundation is determined to push the boundaries of citizen-led philanthropy by way of the Internet.

3 Ways to Combine Volunteerism and Travel
If you've got the itch to see exotic places and cultures and the desire to make the world a better place, then voluntourism might be just the ticket.

Social Entrepreneur Definition and History
Social entrepreneurs are not new. Only the name is. Here are some of history's social entrepreneurs.

How to Legally Change Your Nonprofit's Mission
Does your mission statement still fit your organization? If not, it may be time for a change. Here's how to do it and what you'll need to think about.​

A Review of Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding
Rebranding your nonprofit is not an easy task. This book explains rebranding for today's world and offers a process and many examples.

5 Ways to Use Networking to Get Your Grant, Church Proposal Funded
Foundations are people. Here are suggestions for getting your church proposal or grant proposal funded through the power of your networking skills.

Should Your Small Nonprofit Go After Grants?
Small nonprofits can successfully compete for foundation grants. But how much should they depend on grants, and where should they look for them?

The Giving Pledge - A Big Idea for Philanthropy
The Giving Pledge, a club for billionaire philanthropists, was started by Bill and Melinda Gates and their friend, Warren Buffett.

How Fiscal Sponsorship Works
Do you have a great idea for doing good, but don't want to start your own nonprofit? Then fiscal sponsorship might be the answer.

How Nonprofits Can Master Online Grant Applications
More foundations than ever require online grant applications. They can be very frustrating, but here are eight tips that will help.

On a Cloud: New Grants Management Options
Grants management has grown up. From Excel spreadsheet to sophisticated cloud-based software, managing your nonprofit's grants program is now easier.

What Young Volunteers Want From Your Nonprofit
Young people are the future for nonprofits. Find them now and get them on board as volunteers. Here's how.

How Do I Start a Local Chapter of a National Nonprofit?
Some charities do have affiliates that operate like franchises. Affiliating with an existing nonprofit may be easier than setting up your own.

What Is an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association?
There are many small, loosely orgaanized organizations that we often call nonprofits. They may actually be unincorporated nonprofit associations.

How to Make Sure Your Charitable Donation Is Safe
Among consumer crimes, getting ripped off by a fraudulent charity is probably the worst. Before you give to any group, check out these tips.

Fundraising Materials and Personality Theory
Are you just dashing off your fundraising materials? Stop. Take time to think about the four personalities of your readers.

Are You a Social Entrepreneur?
What is a social entrepreneur? What is a an entrepreneurial organization? Daniel Boorstein, in his revolutionary book, writes about one of the fastest growing trends among nonprofits.

How Mobile Giving Took Off During the Haiti Earthquake
A case​ study of mobile giving during the Haiti earthquake. How the Red Cross succeeded in the first major text-to-give campaign.

How Much Unrelated Earned Income Can a Nonprofit Receive?
Many nonprofits have businesses that bring in earned income. But how much of that type of revenue​ is possible before the IRS starts to question it?

Favorite Interview Questions of Nonprofit Employers
Are you headed to an interview for a nonprofit job? Wondering what the interviewer may ask you? Here are some favorite interview questions of nonprofit employers. How would you answer them?

Are There Advantages to Being a Faith-Based Nonprofit?
What is a faith-based organization? How do these groups​ fit into the overall scheme of nonprofits?

Nonprofit Interviewers Often Ask These Questions
Nonprofit professionals recently told us their favorite interview questions for nonprofit job seekers. Do you have answers for these when you interview for that new nonprofit job? Page 2.

Common Interview Questions for Nonprofit Employers
Don't drive yourself crazy trying to think of what questions you'll be asked in your nonprofit job interview. Here are some favorites of interviewers. Page 3.

What Will You Be Asked at Your Nonprofit Job Interview?
Is interviewing for a nonprofit job different than for a for-profit job? Perhaps. Here are some of the favorite questions nonprofit job interviewers ask job seekers. Page 4.

Nonprofit Job Interview Questions
Wondering what you might be asked at your next nonprofit job interview? We asked nonprofit professionals what their favorite interview questions are. Page 5.

How Nonprofits Can Measure Results and Outcomes
Outcomes management is the new mantra of the nonprofit world. This is how your nonprofit can learn how to measure results and then report them.​

Fundraising for Your Small Nonprofit on a Budget
If you think that more fundraising for your small nonprofit is beyond your means, consider these tips from a nonprofit expert to stretch your budget.

Church, Religious Organization, or Faith-Based Group?
There is some confusion around the differences between churches and religious organizations. Here are the main distinctions between the two.

The Kinds of Insurance Your Nonprofit Should Consider
Stuff happens to nonprofits too. Don't let lawsuits, fraud, or natural disasters create a crisis. Get your insurance in order now.

Fundraising With Businesses: 40 New Strategies for Nonprofits – A Review
Daunted by big cause-marketing campaigns of national nonprofits? Don't be. Your charity can raise money with businesses right in your own backyard.

How to Create Your First Fundraising Plan
New to fundraising? Confused? There are so many ways to raise funds, but we do know which have the best ROI. Try those first.

7 Bad Habits Monthly Giving Programs Should Break
Wondering why your monthly giving program has not taken off? Perhaps it's because you are making these mistakes.

Car Donation for Charity - Avoiding Fraud and Scams
Car donations is an area of charity that is rife with fraud and misleading information. Here's how to avoid a scam.

Tax Deductions for International Charitable Giving
Charitable giving knows no geographical boundaries. But there are tax implications. Here's how to help but still get a tax deduction.

Are Board Members Liable for a Nonprofit's Debts?
Can the board members of a nonprofit be held personally liable for debts should the nonprofit fail? It depends on a number of factors.​

Five Best Cause Marketing Programs for Local Nonprofits
Do you think that cause-marketing campaigns are beyond your nonprofit? Here are five easy ways for local nonprofits to profit from cause marketing.

Can Nonprofits Engage in Political Activity?
There are a number of types of nonprofits under IRS rules. Which ones may be politically engaged and which ones may not? Here are the rules.

Three Cause-Marketing Trends for Nonprofits
Cause marketing is booming. Here are three big trends to keep an eye on.

How to Donate to Charity With Your Mobile Phone
There are many opportunities to donate to a charity through your mobile phone. Text-to-give campaigns and special apps make it all easy.

3 Ways Your Charitable Giving Could Go Bad
Make sure your charitable giving is not blind or utterly foolish. Here are three things not to do when you're picking charities for your donations.

How Board Members Can Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Even seemingly simple things can be conflicts of interest when you serve on a nonprofit board. Here are six ways to avoid getting into trouble.

Winning a Government Grant for Your Nonprofit
Applying for government grants is not something that every nonprofit can or should do. But the effort may well be worthwhile IF you are prepared.

Alternatives to Establishing a Nonprofit
If you want to do good in the world, think outside the box. Starting a traditional nonprofit is not the only way to contribute​.

Grant Proposal Writing From Cover Letter to Budget
Writing grant proposals doesn't have to be a mystery. Here are the basics for every part of yours, from summary to methods to evaluation.

10 Steps to a Nonprofit Issues Management Program
Use these tips to set up an issues management program for your nonprofit. Learn to identify critical issues and how to prepare a response.

How Nonprofits Find Cause Marketing Business Partners
To do cause marketing right, your nonprofit needs a good business partner. Start finding one with these tips.

Social Media: Where Do Nonprofits Begin?
Short on resources and staff, but need to start on social media for your nonprofit? Begin with this intro to social networking tools for nonprofits.

Direct Mail Fundraising Letter from International Organization Providing Medical Care to Children
Operation Smile pushes all the emotional buttons in this direct mail fundraising letter, plus provides a winning enclosure.

Example of a Direct Mail Fundraising Letter from a Pet Sanctuary
Best Friends Pet Sanctuary is one of the most successful charities around. One reason is its skill in writing direct mail fundraising packages like this one.

Small Theater Sends Simple, Cozy Letter to Donors
Fundraising letters don't have to be fancy. They just need to be warm and appropriate to your particular audience. This letter does just that.

Easy and Quick Ways to Thank Donors and Volunteers
Thanking donors and volunteers should not be hard. Sometimes a short, snappy letter or postcard is perfectly appropriate. Here are some examples.

Send a Postcard to Say Thank You to a Donor or Supporter
Have you tried a postcard thank you for a donor or volunteer? They're easy to do and make a great memory.

How to Write a Direct Mail Fundraising Letter
Here are some tips for writing fundraising letters plus examples from actual charities. Your fundraising letter tell a story while still providing adequate information to the prospective donor.

Saying Thank You With the Perfect Post-Donation Landing Page
These days, the best nonprofits have a post-donation landing page that immediately rewards donors. Charity:water has some of the best.​

How to Thank a Long Time Donor
Thank-yous to donors and volunteers need not be written to some particular formula. Sometimes a short, snappy letter or postcard is more appropriate. Here are some examples.

Best Websites for Online Charitable Giving
Online charitable giving is here to stay. Here are three websites that are excellent places to start your search for charitable causes.

7 Ways Nonprofits Can Avoid Mission Creep
It's easy for Nonprofits to say yes. Harder to say no. A strong, anchored mission statement is your best defense against mission creep.

How to Write a Direct Mail Fundraising Letter
Writing a fundraising letter might be the hardest thing you'll ever do. But don't despair! Check our tips plus several examples of real letters.

Small Nonprofit Remakes Its Annual Appeal Letter
Focusing on one child's story in its annual appeal letter made all the difference to this tiny but mighty charity.

Online Fundraising for Nonprofits - A Startup Guide
Online fundraising is growing fast. Here are the steps to get your nonprofit started or to make your existing program better.

10 Tips for Local Media Relations
Whether your nonprofit is in a large city or a small town, reaching your local media is essential to your public relations program.

6 Nonprofit Crisis Management Tips
Good crisis management is key to the success of nonprofit organizations. Don't let a crisis derail your good work. Here are crisis management tips.

How to Create Senior Friendly Materials for Donors
Your donors and volunteers are aging. Are your print materials age appropriate? Here's how to design them correctly.

How to Find Your Ideal Nonprofit Job
More people than ever want a career that makes a difference. Here's how to find your ideal nonprofit job.

What Are Giving Circles? Can They Make Giving Better?
Giving circles are more popular than ever. Join with neighbors, friends or colleagues to make your charitable gifts focused and more meaningful.

Hybrid Organizations Mix For-Profit, Nonprofit Elements
Some organizations combine a for-profit entity and a nonprofit into a hybrid structure.

Traditional Nonprofits Have a Clearly Defined Social Mission
There are many ways to do good besides starting a traditional nonprofit. Check out these alternatives.

For-Profit Organizations Harnessed for Social Good
A social good purpose can be added to a business enterprise by its board or owner.

For-Profit Organizations With a Social Overlay
There are both older business models and new forms of business organization that incorporate social goals.

Nonprofit With a Mission-Related Enterprise
Lots of nonprofits earn income from the sale of products and services.

Can a Nonprofit Sell Ads in a Newsletter?
Can your nonprofit sell advertising in its newsletter or charge a subscription? Probably not. Here's why.

Thank You Letters Donors Will Love
Two things cause donors to give again. Being thanked and learning the results of their giving. Your thank you letter can do both of those. Here's how.

Donor Thank You Letter With Multiple Stories
If one story is good for a donor thank you letter, are more stories even better? Well, they can work as this example shows. Page 2.

Donor Thank You Letter Example
This example of a donor thank you letter shows how to reconnect donors to your organization's mission. Page 3.

Thank You Letter Makes Best Friends Animal Society Stand Out
This thank you letter from Best Friends Animal Society for a year's worth of recurring donations is one or my favorites. Page 4.

Reporting Results With Statistics in a Thank You Letter
This effective thank you letter uses statistics to communicate results. Page 5.

What is a Stakeholder for a Nonprofit?
Anyone who has an interest in your organization can be a stakeholder, and the same goes for nonprofit.

Becoming a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization
A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity has many advantages, such as receiving tax-deductible donations and applying for grants. Learn more here.

Point-of-Sale Cause Marketing Campaign Best Practices
Point-of-sale cause marketing programs are exploding. That's because consumers like them and they are a win-win for companies and nonprofits.

The Basics of a Volunteer Application
Nonprofit organizations do need to be careful about who is volunteering for them. An adequate volunteer application form is essential when recruiting.

Tax Implications for Nonprofit Business Activities
Nonprofits use business activities to supplement their income. But what​ are the tax implications? What activities are taxable and which are not?

Should We Contract With a Professional Grant Writer?
Should your nonprofit contract with a professional grant writer instead of using the ​staff? Here are the pros and cons.

RFPs (Requests for Proposals) for Nonprofits
Foundations and government agencies often use a Request For Proposal (RFP) to invite nonprofits to apply for their grants. ​Here's how to find them.

Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Lead Trusts
How to use estate planning to help yourself, your heirs, and your favorite charities. Here are two popular planned giving techniques.

Why a Nonprofit's First Board of Directors Is Crucial
Organizing your nonprofit's first board of directors may be the most important thing you do. The right mix of people and skills is the key.

Easy Ways to Make Your Nonprofit More Transparent
Many people don't give to charities because they worry about how their money will be used. Here's how to make sure our nonprofit ​a trusted charity.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Charitable Shopping That Helps Others
People love to shop, and they love to help their favorite causes. Now there are more opportunities than ever to combine shopping and charity.

5 Need to Know Trends in Fundraising
Are you on top of these 5 funding trends for nonprofits in 2015? Here's how to cope with both the good and the bad.

How to Get Rid of an Outdated Restricted Fund
Restricted funds that once served a perfectly good use sometimes become irrelevant. What do you do with the funds designated for an outdated fund?

Steps To Creating a Grant Calendar
Grant writing is a huge job! It gets crazier the more grants that you have. A grants calendar is just what you need. Here's how to set it up.

Alternatives to Starting a Nonprofit
When you want to help a cause, your first thought may be to start a new nonprofit; consider these alternatives instead.

Tips for Writing Better Donor Thank You Letters
Thank you letters are the core of your entire fundraising program. Here are ten tips for making them sparkle

Best Ways to Land Monthly Donors
We know what works for monthly giving. Here are the best techniques, from how to promote monthly giving to keeping your monthly donors coming back.

How to Write a Story-Centered Fundraising Appeal That Donors Will Love
Great stories create the magic of good fundraising. But how can you capture the right story for your particular audience?

How to Personally Fundraise for You Favorite Cause
Are you gung-ho about a cause? Turn that enthusiasm into a personal fundraising campaign. With social media, it's easy and just so much fun.

Social Media and Charity Contests Equal More Grants for Nonprofits
Grant writers don't just sit in their cubicles and write all the time. Today they must be adept at social media too.​

6 Guidelines for a Gift Chart for Your Fundraising Campaign
Nonprofits use gift range charts to determine how many donors they will need to raise a specific amount of money during a fundraising campaign.

Questions You Must Ask Before Major Gift Fundraising
How well are you prepared before major gift fundraising? If you haven't answered these questions, you've probably set your charity up for failure.

3 Game Changing Event-Based Fundraising Ideas
Are your supporters getting bored with the same-old events? Try something new with these out-of-the-box ideas. Have fun, raise more!

8 Ways Small Nonprofits Can Jumpstart Their Monthly Giving Program
Is monthly giving just for large nonprofits? Not at all. Even a simple program can work wonders for a small organization.

6 Realities of Foundation Grants for Nonprofits
Foundation grants are important to nonprofits, but they might not play as big of a role in your financing as you think.

Should You Thank a Donor by Email or Snail Mail?
Unsure whether to thank a donor by email or with a letter? Here are some guidelines that will make that decision easier.

5 Ways to Get More Conversions on Your Donation Page
Don't let your donors abandon your donation page. Follow these tips to convert them from would-be donors to actual donors.

Media Attention for Small Nonprofits
Small nonprofits are very attractive to the media. They all love stories of people overcoming personal challenges and making the world a better place.

How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report
Annual reports today are very different in the way they look. But, they still must accomplish some basic tasks. Here's how to do them well.

How to Pitch Nonprofit Stories to the Media
Pitching nonprofit stories to the media requires​ creativity. Understanding how to make the story appealing is the secret. Here's how to do it right.

What You Need to Know About Fundraising on Facebook
Will Facebook's new fundraising tools be a boon for nonprofits? Or a bust? Here's what you need to know.

Fundraising with Names Have Been Changed Disclaimers
Stories are key to fundraising, but what if you work with at-risk people? Here's how to include a names have been changed disclaimer.

Nonprofits Miss Out on Social Media Engagement
Is your nonprofit missing the whole point of social media? It's about engagement. Here's what research found out and how your nonprofit can improve.

How Nonprofits Can Get Started with Facebook Live Today
Want more engagement from your Facebook posts? Then start using Facebook Live today. Here's how your nonprofit can do it.

Corny Fundraising Letters Work Better than Subtle Ones
Are you fussy with your fundraising letters? Afraid to be corny, obvious, even in your face? Take the advice of an expert and get over it.

How an Ugly Fundraising Letter Scared Me into Donating
Fundraising letters are often the most effective when they are plain, not elegant. Here is one example of a simple letter that works.

Social Media Mastery for Nonprofits Using 3 Venues
Nonprofits can master social media by paying attention to the three online venues that really matter. Here's how to do it.

How Nonprofits Can Measure Social Media ROI
If your charity is obsessed with the number of social media followers, video views, and fans, you'll never achieve real ROI for your efforts.

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Annual Campaigns
Everything nonprofits need to know about running annual fund campaigns which you can build on for successful yearly fundraising.

How Every Nonprofit Can & Should Have a Bequest Program
Bequests are a kind of insurance for nonprofits. Helping donors include your nonprofit in their estate planning is good for both charity and donor.

Pros and Cons of Federated Funds
Federated Funds provide a safe and easy way to support many charities with one donation. But what are the pros and cons for nonprofits and donors?

How to Charge Fees for Your Nonprofit's Services
Many nonprofits charge a fee for services or sell tickets or products. That is perfectly legit. Just be aware of the pros and cons.

What Is IRS Form 990-N? And Who Should File It?
Many small nonprofits don't know they must file a tax form. If your income is less than $50,000 per year, you'll need to file IRS 990-N. Here's how.

How to Use Twitter to Connect With Other Nonprofit Professionals
There is an unusually rich community of nonprofit professionals on Twitter. Here are some tips about how you can join in.

Facebook's Donate Button May Help Year-End Fundraising
Facebook has added a donate now button for all charities. And it's just in time for year-end fundraising too. Here's how it works.

How to Create Fab but Cheap Nonprofit Ads for Facebook
Feeling uneasy about trying Facebook advertising? It's easier and cheaper than you think. Just follow these tips.

James Gilmer, Guest Author Biography
James Gilmer is a Compliance Specialist and legal writer for Harbor Compliance, a position he has held since 2013. Learn more about James.

7 Pinterest Tips for Nonprofits
If your nonprofit has lots of great photo opportunities, you really do need to be on Pinterest. Here's what successful nonprofit pinners do there.

9 Ways Nonprofits Can Succeed With Social Media Ads
It's a new world. Even nonprofits have to spend money on marketing and advertising. Here's why and how you should buy some social media ads.

How Can a Fiscal Sponsor Help Your Nonprofit Startup?
Fiscal sponsors help other nonprofits to receive grants or donations. Here are several reasons you might want to find a fiscal sponsor.​

Nonprofit Basics - How to Incorporate a Nonprofit
Incorporation is usually the first step toward becoming a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Here are the steps you will have to take to achieve it.

How Your Nonprofit Could Lose Its Tax Exemption
You jumped through all the hoops to become a tax-exempt, charitable organization. But you could lose that exemption more quickly than you think.

How to Write the Ultimate Nonprofit Mission Statement
Your mission statement is part of your branding. So make it memorable. Here's how.

The Pros and Cons of Nonprofit Incorporation
Is your nonprofit organization trying to decide whether to incorporate or not? Here are the non-profit pros and cons.

Can Nonprofits Pay Board Members or Appoint Paid Staff?
In order to avoid conflicts of interest, most nonprofits do not pay their board members or appoint paid staff members to the board.

How Your Nonprofit Can Get Started With Planned Giving
The heart of planned giving is the simple bequest program, but it can be much more sophisticated. Here's what your nonprofit needs to know.;

Donor-Advised Funds: Democratized Philanthropy
Donor-advised funds are an alternative to setting up a private foundation. They are simple and far less expensive but still provide a donor a way to control his or her philanthropic gifts.

How to Walk, Bike, and Run for Your Favorite Charity
Millions of people run, walk and ride for charity every year. They are all giving back, raising awareness and staying in shape along the way.

Don't Get Scammed When Charity Telemarketers Call
What's going on with charity telemarketing? Does it get a bad rap, or is it really a scam?

What Is a Charitable Lead Trust?
Could you both support a favorite charity in your will and still benefit your heirs? It might be possible with a Charitable Lead Trust.

How to Become an Inspired Philanthropist
You do not have to be rich to be a philanthropist, but neither do you become one just by writing a check to a charity once a year. Follow these tips better giving.

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation--a Review
Trying to decide whether or not to incorporate your nonprofit?. This book is a classic in the field and provides all the answers about why and how.

Basic Responsibilities and Duties of Nonprofit Boards
What are the responsibilities of a board of directors of a nonprofit? Those duties are both required by law and imposed by custom.

The Basics of Volunteer Orientation and Training
Volunteers should receive at least a bare-bones orientation and training when they come to work for your nonprofit. Here are the basics.

How Millennials Have Changed Charitable Giving
Far from self-centered, Millennials want to make a difference in the world and are changing charitable giving for the better.

More Willing Volunteers than Nonprofit Openings on Linkedin
Is volunteering the new black in the job market? LinkedIn's volunteer marketplace shows just how many people want to get involved with good causes.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Grant Proposal Approved?
Waiting to find out if your grant proposal was accepted or rejected can be very hard. Here's what to expect from different kinds of funders.

Better Subject Lines for Nonprofit Email
Email has the best ROI of all marketing techniques. That's true for both nonprofits and businesses. But your subject line of those emails is crucial.

How to Recruit Volunteers for Your Nonprofit
Recruiting volunteers takes a bit of art, planning, and charm. Here are three approaches how to recruit volunteers to assist your non-profit.

Should Nonprofits Save Money by Replacing Staff with Volunteers?
It is very tempting when things get tough to change formerly staff-held jobs into volunteer ones. But is it right? Does it work? What are the pitfalls or the benefits?

How to Find an Ideal Volunteer Opportunity Right Online
It has never been easier to volunteer. Just let your fingers do the searching with these online volunteer matching services.

How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for Volunteers
You may be very anxious to start recruiting volunteers for your nonprofit, but some preliminary work needs to be done first.

Write a Job Description Volunteers Will Love
You'd never hire paid staff without having a job description in place. Job descriptions are just as important for your volunteers.

How Do I Request Money From a Corporate Foundation?
Working with a corporate foundation is a bit different. Here are some tips on​ what they look for and how you can approach them for grants.

What to Know Before Serving on a Nonprofit Board
Serving on a volunteer board of directors can be a study in frustration or one of the great pleasures of your life.

Fresh and Creative Ways to Thank Your Volunteers
A volunteer can provide as much value over the years as a major donor. Are you thanking your volunteers often, creatively, and sincerely?

Paying a Grant Writer
Is it ethical to compensate a professional grant writer as a percentage of the grant he or she brings in?

How Many Foundations Require Matching Funds for Grants?
If a foundation asks you to raise matching funds as part of giving you a grant, rejoice! It's a good sign that your project is a worthy one.

5 Ways to Avoid Legal Problems With Volunteers
Volunteers are a gold mine for your nonprofit, but they can be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Protect yourself and your volunteers from legal problems.

Measuring Results (Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, Impact)
Nonprofits have to prove that they are really making a difference with their programs. But what do all these terms mean? And how do we use them?

Why Fundraisers Should Never Take a Volunteer for Granted
A recent study shows that volunteering and donating to a charitable cause are closely linked. Fundraisers should never underestimate the worth of a volunteer.

6 Ways to Get Donors by Building Better Relationships
Nonprofits need to build relationship capital to​ increase donors, retain them, and get them to bring in more donors. Here's how it's done.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Your Grant Proposal
Your grant proposal cover letter is one of the most important parts of your proposal package. Use these tips to make it perfect.

How Nonprofits Can Approach Small Family Foundations
Small family foundations are the mainstay of local grant making. Smaller, local nonprofits should approach them with their grant proposals.

How to Prepare Your Grant Proposal Budget
Does the budget of your grant proposal send you into a cold sweat? Here are the basics of how to prepare and present your grant's budget.

Grant Writing - How Thinking Like a Journalist Can Help Your Proposal
Use this journalistic technique to tell your charity's story and make your grant proposals stand out.

Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to a Foundation
New grant writers are surprised that foundations don't always want a full-blown proposal at first. They much rather have a letter of inquiry.

Writing the Organizational Background for a Grant
The organizational background section of your grant application is all about establishing credibility. Can you do what you propose to do?

How to Write the Evaluation Section of a Grant Proposal
Showing impact is a must for nonprofits. Create a​ good evaluation plan and explain it well in your grant proposal. Foundations expect it.

What to Do After the Your Grant Was Rejected
Was your proposal to that foundation rejected?. That doesn't mean that you should give up. Here are the things you must do right away.

8 Ways to Become a Super Organized Grant Writer
Grant writing organization. Here's how to be the perfectly organized grant writer.

3 Types of Grant Proposals: Which One Should You Write?
There are more than just one kind of grant proposal. Here are three types that your nonprofit might encounter.

Why the 990-PF of a Foundation Can Help Find Grants
Foundations must file a tax form each year. It has an abundance of good information that grant writers can use in their search for funding.

The ABCs of a Donor Acknowledgment Letter
A thank you letter for a donation has to do more than just make the donor feel good. There are tax consequences as well.

How to Write the Methods Section of Your Grant Proposal
The methods section of your nonprofit grant proposal should explain in depth just how your organization will carry out your project.

How to Write the Executive Summary of a Grant Proposal
A grant proposal is a lot like a book that your funder will read. The executive summary gives a quick overview of what is to come.

3 Ways to Write a Better Resume for a Nonprofit Job
You really should write a different resume when applying for a nonprofit job. Here are three things you must include.

Profile of Ronald McDonald House Charities
The Ronald McDonald House Charities has been around since the 1970s and has become one of the best-known​ charities in the world.

How a Nonprofit Job Is Different from a For-Profit Job
Aching to get out of your corporate cubicle and go to work for a nonprofit? Make sure you understand the trade offs first.

Sample of Request to a Corporation for a Gift-in-Kind
When asking for a donation, a gift-in-kind, or services from a corporation, write a letter spelling out exactly what you need.

Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Apply for Foundation Grants?
Knowing what foundations look for in the nonprofits that they fund is crucial to making sure that your organization is ready to apply for grants​.

Common Nonprofit Startup Mistakes
Avoid these common nonprofit startup mistakes and get your nonprofit off the ground successfully.

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Millennial Donors and Volunteers
To engage Millennials successfully, think mobile, shareable, and online 24/7. Here's how.

What to Know About Accepting Credit Card Donations
Here's what non-profit need to know about accepting credit card donations, from merchant account fees to discount rates and alternatives.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and How It Relates to Nonprofits
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act provides a blueprint for nonprofits that want to be transparent and financially responsible in their transactions.

Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits - a Review
Learn about the six practices of high-impact nonprofits and how you can make your nonprofit more entrepreneurial.

A Guide to Getting a Job in Fundraising or Development
Nonprofits can't exist without fundraising. That's why fundraisers are often paid well and enjoy high status at their organizations.

Why People Want to Work for Nonprofits
Nonprofit jobs are in demand. Why? Because they provide more of what today's workers want, like work/life balance and purpose.

Monitoring Metrics for Your Nonprofit? Put These 3 At the Top of Your List
Got metrics on your mind? Focus on these three metrics for your nonprofit so that you can improve your online performance and bring in more donors.

How Often Should Your Nonprofit Thank Monthly Donors?
Just how often should you thank your monthly donors? It depends on how they gave that donation. Use these guidelines today.

The Dos and Don'ts of Helping During a Disaster
We all want to help when we see emergencies around the world or in our country. Follow these tips on what to do and what not to do to be a real help.

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Mobile Fundraising
With people practically sleeping with smartphones today, the time might be just right to include mobile giving in your year-end fundraising plans.

Focus on these 8 Goals to Make Better Fundraising Asks
Fundraising is nothing if it has no goals. How do you measure success? Here are eight goals to kickstart you fundraising into high gear.

How to Grow Income and Keep Donors with Monthly Giving
Monthly or recurring giving could be a bonanza for your charity. Think reliable income and committed donors.

7 Ways Organizations Can Get Started with Mobile Fundraising
Confused about mobile fundraising? Here is a guide that will get you going so you can marry mobile with the rest of your fundraising tools.

10 Ways to Make a Giving Day Work for Your Charity
Has your nonprofit jumped onto the Giving Day trend? If you've been holding back, here's why you should participate and tips for being successful.

What Nonprofits Must Do to Comply with the CAN-SPAM ACT
Most of the rules that apply to commercial emails apply as well to nonprofits. Don't ignore them or your email could get you into serious trouble.

Why Your Website Is Killing Donations and How to Fix It
Does your website make it easy for donors to give? Many nonprofits don't even know what information donors want to see or how to make donating easy.

Tips for Success in Nonprofit Charity Contests
Charitable contests are not a cake walk. But, if you have a strong network of supporters and some social media savvy, they can be fun and worthwhile.

Are You Ready to Be a Nonprofit Board Member?
​Being on a nonprofit board can be good for you, personally and professionally. But what does it take? Probably not what you think.

How to Boot a Problem Nonprofit Board Member
A disruptive board member can ruin board meetings and keep a nonprofit board from working smoothly as a team. But, what can be done?

What Is an EIN and Why Does My Nonprofit Need One?
Since a nonprofit is a business, it needs to acquire a federal tax ID number called an EIN. An EIN can be attained easily through the IRS.

Why Does It Take So Long to Be Approved for 501c3?
Why does the IRS take so long to approve the application for a 501c3? Here are some tips for speeding up that process.

Are All Nonprofit Organizations Tax-Exempt?
Are all nonprofits tax-exempt? What qualifies a nonprofit to be tax exempt?

What Are Articles of Incorporation for a Nonprofit?
When you incorporate as a nonprofit, the state in which you incorporate will require articles of incorporation to be filed. Here are the basics.​

Can Nonprofits Pay Staff and How Much?
Nonprofits are not all volunteer driven. They can have paid staff. But how much can staff be paid? There could be both legal and perception issues.

How to Close a Nonprofit Organization
Not all nonprofit organizations survive, no matter how good the cause is. When that time comes, here is how to close down your nonprofit properly.

Why You Should Promote Monthly Giving With Direct Mail
Direct mail is not dead, and certainly not when it comes to monthly giving. Here's why, and how to create targeted appeals for more monthly income.

What Every Nonprofit Should Know About Cause Marketing
Cause marketing has exploded in recent years. Before your nonprofit gets involved, read about cause marketing's history and how it works.

Donor Disclosures for Charities
Charities must abide by certain IRS disclosure rules to stay out of trouble and to be fair to their donors. Here's what you have to do and why.​

Ideas for Recognizing and Thanking Your Donors
Instead of fancy baubles or plaques, find inexpensive and personal ways to thank your donors and connect them to your mission.

Where Do Nonprofits Get Their Revenue?
How do nonprofits support themselves? With a basket of income sources. Here are the most common ways nonprofits use to support their programs.

How to Donate to International Emergencies
There are more than enough emergencies around the world today to keep us busy as donors. How do we figure out where to send our help?

How Nonprofits Can Get Corporate Sponsors
Corporations spend big bucks each year on nonprofit sponsorships.. To get your fair share you'll have to speak the language of business.

How to Help Volunteers During a Fundraising Campaign
Want board members to fundraise? Try supporting and training them well. Here's one tactic that can work for you.

What Is a Letter of Support for a Grant Proposal?
Foundations often require letters of support for grant applications. They can confirm your organization's ability to carry out your proposed project.

How Facebook Can Boost Year-End Fundraising Results
If you have dismissed Facebook for fundraising, think again. This might be the year when FB becomes a fundraising force.​

How to Get Corporate Sponsorships for Small Charities
Even small charities can get corporate sponsorships. Follow these tips for success with sponsorships no matter what your organization's size.

Choosing Donor Management Software for Your Nonprofit
How do you know when you need new donor management software? And if you do, how do you choose a new system?

The Art of Recognizing a Nonprofit's Next Major Donor
Major donors are closer than you think. They might be some of your best volunteers or people who have benefitted from your services.

How to Market Your Planned Giving Program
Planned giving has to be sold. Market your program through all of your communications channels. Here are several suggestions to get you started.

Creating a Monthly Giving Program for Your Nonprofit
Monthly giving is a slam dunk for nonprofits. Once set up, a program can easily bring in thousands of dollars that have staying power.

How to Make the Most of Your Nonprofit's Special Events
Special events can be a bust or a boon to nonprofits. Plan them carefully and make sure to have realistic goals.

Before You Start a Direct-Mail Fundraising Program
Before a new nonprofit gets into direct-mail fundraising, it should practice. Here are three ways to do that, including starting a newsletter.

6 Reasons People Don't Respond to Fundraising Appeals
Why do some fundraising appeals work and others don't? Human psychology is to blame. But there are ways to overcome our biases and lack of empathy.

Baby Boomers More Valuable to Nonprofits than Ever
As the Baby Boomer wave rolls into its elder years, it represents an ocean of money, volunteer time, and energy for nonprofits.

More About How to Choose Donor Management Software
How do you choose a donor management system for your nonprofit? After assessing your organization's needs, do your research using some easy tools. Page 2.

Better Customer Relationship Management for Nonprofits
Would you rather be Comcast or Zappos? Customer service is just as important for nonprofits as it is for businesses. Here's how to do it right.

How and Why to Make Endowment Fundraising a Priority
It's a myth that only elite institutions have endowments. In fact, any nonprofit can benefit from endowment fundraising and making it a priority.

4 Ways to Improve Your Government Grant Application
Are you mystified by the governament grant review process? Here are four ways to give the reviewers what they want.

How to Write a Case Statement for Fundraising
Every fundraising campaign has the Case Statement at its center. It is the core document that sits at the center of your plan and strategy.

How to Register for Out-of-State Fundraising
Nonprofits should not ignore fundraising registration rules. If you raise funds outside of your home state, you might need to register.

How to Start an Endowment for Your Nonprofit
Any nonprofit can and should have an endowment fundraising program. An endowment is essential to your future organizational financial security.

How to Write Zinger Teasers for Direct Mail Fundraising
Why do you open an envelope from a charity? I bet it's the teaser that makes or breaks it. Here's how to make those teasers better.

8 Things You Should Not Do in a Fundraising Letter
Ever wonder why your fundraising letter didn't get great results? Here's what you may have done wrong.

5 Proven Ways to Clinch a Cause Marketing Partnership
So you finally have a potential business partner for your nonprofit's cause marketing program. Here are five tips for closing the deal.

How to Market Endowment Gifts for Your Charity
You don't have to go to extreme measures to raise endowment funds. These strategies ​fit into your ongoing activities throughout the year.

9 Surprising Facts about Out-of-State Fundraising Registration
Don't get blindsided when you try to raise funds outside of your home state. Here are the facts about out-of-state fundraising registration.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Matching Gifts Dramatically Boost Fundraising Results
Major donors and matching gifts - the perfect combo to enhance your fundraising results. Here's why matching gifts work so well.

How to Get Started With Donor Prospect Research
So you have donors. But do you have major donors? Here's how to figure out the giving potential of your present and future donors.

The Dos and Don'ts of Tax Deductions for Volunteers
Feel like you're shelling a lot out of your pocket every time you volunteer? You might be able to take a tax deduction for some of those expenses.

Thank You Phone Calls - 5 Best Practices for Nonprofits
What phone call do donors love to get? A thank you call. It makes a huge difference in how much people give and how they feel about your charity.

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Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

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Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

5 Ways to Turn One-Time Donors Into Raving Fans
Is your nonprofit keeping donors around after their first gift? Are you trapped in donor churn? Here's how to stop it and turn donors into fans.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
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Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
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Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

12 Best Nonprofit Job Boards for People With Passion
Thank heavens for online job sites. They make today's job hunting so much easier. Here are our favorite sites for nonprofit careers.

Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Nonprofit Charitable Orgs.

6 Easy-to-Use Smartphone Apps for Charitable Giving
What's a perfect match? Charitable giving and our smartphones! Here are 6 easy-to-use apps to make your everyday life more charitable.