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How to Make and Use a Leaf Mold for Organic Gardening
Leaf mold is a free, easy to make soil amendment. Here are tips and instructions for how to make it, as well as suggestions for how to use it in your garden.

How to Grow Organic Tomatoes in a Container
Growing organic tomatoes is easy, even if you don't have space for a vegetable garden. This article will explain how to grow organic tomatoes in a container on your porch, patio, or balcony.

Five Ways to Use Autumn Leaves in the Garden
There are plenty of alternatives to raking and bagging your leaves every fall. From making compost and leaf mold to using your leaves as mulch, this article lays out five easy ways to use autumn leaves in your garden.

Growing Zucchini & Summer Squash in the Organic Garden
Here's what you need to know to grow delicious organic zucchini and other summer squashes in your garden, including planting and growing instructions, recommended varieties, and common pests.

How to Start an Organic Vegetable Garden
Here is what you need to know to start your own organic vegetable garden. From site selection to figuring out the right size, to amending the soil and planting your new organic vegetable garden.

Bindweed - Preventing and Controlling
Bindweed is a vining weed with morning glory-like flowers. This article will tell you how to get rid of bindweed without using chemicals.

Preventing and Controlling Black Spot
Black spot is a disease that plagues many rose growers. Learning about the conditions that encourage this fungal disease, as well as ways to prevent it from spreading, will help you keep your roses looking great.

How to Diagnose Spotty Tomato Leaves
How to diagnose your tomatoes to determine whether spots on the foliage are a result of early blight, late blight, or Septoria. This article includes a chart and photos.

Why Does My Compost Pile Smell Bad?
One of the things many people worry about when they start composting is that the pile will stink. A healthy compost pile does not give off any bad odors. However, if things are a bit off in your pile, things can start to get smelly. Here's what you need to do if your compost pile is starting to smell bad.

How to Grow Organic Fennel in Your Garden
Fennel is a delicious, anise-flavored vegetable that is popular in Italian cuisine. Here is what you need to know to grow organic fennel in your garden.

Companion Plants for Broccoli in the Vegetable Garden
Here is a list of companion plants for broccoli, as well as those you should avoid planting near broccoli in your garden.

Grow Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa) in Your Garden
Butterfly Weed, formally known as Asclepias tuberosa, is a perfect choice for a butterfly garden. It is low maintenance, colorful, and attracts butterflies and caterpillars all season long. Here's how to grow it.

Identifying and Controlling Tomato Hornworm
Tomato hornworms are some of the most common pests tomato growers have to contend with. This article shows you how to identify a tomato hornworm, and what to do if you find them on your plants.

Ten Tools Every Gardener Needs - Organic Gardening
It's all too easy to go overboard buying tools for your garden. In reality, if you have these ten simple tools, you can tackle almost any garden task.

Protecting Your Berries From the Birds
Birds can drive any berry-lover to tears. Since berries can't be picked until they are perfectly ripe, we have to wait for just the right moment to harvest them. More often than not, we head out to the berry patch (or strawberry pot) and find that the berries we were so looking forward to have been devoured by birds. This article will give you ten humane, inexpensive ways to protect your berries from the birds

Strawberries - Organic Gardening Tips
Strawberries are a delectable summertime treat, but if you purchase this

How to Identify and Deal with Dog Vomit Fungus
If you've noticed an unsightly fungus growing in your mulch or raised beds, here's what it is and how to deal with it.

How to Save Zinnia Seeds
Grow your favorite zinnia varieties year after year. It's easy to save your own zinnia seeds. Here's how to do it.

Composting 101 Tips - How to Make Compost
Here is a crash course in composting: what to compost, where to compost, how to maintain your compost pile, and how to harvest and use your compost.

How to Grow Cucumbers - Organic Gardening
Here is everything you need to help you grow delicious, nutritious fresh cucumbers in your garden -- without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

How to Grow Eggplants From Seeds
Instructions for when and how to start eggplant from seed indoors.

What is Trench Composting?
Trench composting is easy, invisible, and possible in any size garden. This article will explain the method, as well as suggest a few ways to compost in trenches in your own garden.

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Compost Bin
No matter where you live, it's possible that eventually you'll have to deal with rats that have been attracted to your compost pile. Whether they're attracted by the possibility of food, warmth, or shelter, here's how to keep rats out of your compost.

How to Make a Trash Can Composter Bin
If you don't have the space for a compost pile, you can still put those kitchen scraps and yard waste to use in a trash can compost bin. It is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to compost in small spaces.

Strawberries: How to Grow in a Pot
Strawberries adapt very well to container growing. This article explains how to plant and grow organic strawberries in a strawberry pot.

Ten Tips for Successful Raised Bed Gardening
Gardening in a raised bed offers plenty of advantages for the gardener, but there are a few important tips and tricks to keep in mind to grow a successful raised bed garden.

DIY Composting: Inexpensive Worm Bin From 5-Gal. Buckets
You can easily and inexpensively make your own vermicomposting bin with nothing more than two five-gallon buckets, a lid, and a drill. Here's how to do it.

Preventing and Controlling Powdery Mildew
Powdery mildew is the bane of lilac growers and phlox lovers everywhere. Early detection and action is the key to organically ridding your garden of this annoying fungal disease.

When and How to Harvest Potatoes
Information about how to tell when the time is right to harvest your potatoes, and how to harvest them when the time is right.

Identifying and Controlling Blossom End Rot
Blossom end rot is a condition that most commonly affects tomatoes, but can also affect eggplants, peppers, squashes, and melons. Here's what you need to know about blossom end rot and how to prevent it.

Healthy Soil and How to Make It
What exactly qualifies as healthy soil

Can I Compost Cat and Dog Waste?
If you have a dog or cat, and you are doing your best to reduce the amount of waste your household produces, you may be wondering if you can compost dog or cat waste. The answer is a qualified

How to Protect Bulbs from Squirrels
If squirrels are digging up your tulips as quickly as you plant them, here are some ideas for you to protect bulbs from squirrels.

Hardneck vs. Softneck Garlic Differences for Gardeners
The difference between hardneck and softneck garlic, and which type you should plant in your garden.

Hot Composting How-To - How to Make Compost in Less Time
If you want more compost in less time, here's how to do what is commonly called

Composting Weeds: Advice and What to Avoid
If you're wondering whether it's all right to compost weeds, or which ones you should and shouldn't compost, this article will provide some guidelines to help you keep noxious weeds from taking over your compost pile.

How to Carrots - Organic Gardening
There are a few tricks to success in growing carrots in your garden, and this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Where Can I Buy Organic Seeds?
If you are looking for a good source for organic vegetable, herb, or flower seeds, this list is full of good options.

How to Grow Organic Ground Cherries
Ground cherries are an easy fruit to grow in your garden. Learn more about these sweet little fruits, and how to grow them in your garden.

Tips for Success With Direct Sowing
Direct sowing is the simplest method for growing plants from seed, but it can also be a bit of an uncertain method. There are a few things you can do to ensure success with direct sowing. This article provides five tips for successfully direct sowing garden seeds.

Equipment for Starting Seeds Indoors
Here is a list of everything you will need to successfully start plants from seed indoors.

Companion Plants for Roses - What to Plant With Roses
Here is a list of herbs, annuals, and perennials that make good companion plants for roses.

How to Grow and Harvest Dandelion Greens
If you love dandelion greens, it might be a good idea to plant some in your vegetable garden. Here's how to do it!

How to Identify and Control Cucumber Beetles
How to identify cucumber beetles in your garden, and organic solutions for getting rid of them.

Complete Guide to Growing Organic Tomatoes
Learn how to grow the best organic tomatoes, from selecting the tastiest varieties to how to handle common pest and disease problems.

Raspberry Pests and How to Get Rid of Them
Raspberries are fairly pest-free plants, but there are a few insects that can damage your plants, specifically borers, which can kill your plant within a couple of years. Here's how to identify these pests, and how to solve the problem organically.

How to Save Bean Seeds for Next Year
Saving beans from this year's garden to plant next year is quite simple, as long as you get your timing right and follow a few basic steps. Here's how to do it.

How to Grow Organic Kale and Recommended Varieties
Kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables you can eat due to its high fiber and vitamin content. Here's how to grow this nutritional powerhouse, organically.

How to Grow Organic Beans
Here's all you need to know to grow organic beans, from how to start from seed to how to support and fertilize them.

Companion Plants for Cucumbers in the Garden
Here are plants that are good companions for cucumbers in your garden - as well as those that you should avoid planting near cucumbers.

N-P-K Ratio Definition in Gardening
Definition of N-P-K. Organic Gardening.

When and How to Harvest Asparagus
Wait to harvest asparagus until its third season in your garden, then follow these instructions

Companion Plants for Zucchini and Summer Squash
Here is a list of the best plant to combine with zucchini in your garden.

The Best Companion Plants for Garden Peas
Here is a list of the best companion plants for garden peas, as well as what to avoid planting nearby.

How and When to Harvest Cucumbers
Here are some quick tips about how to tell when your cucumbers are ready to harvest, as well as the best way to harvest them.

Greens and Browns for the Compost Pile
Whenever the subject of composting comes up, the typical advice is to mix greens - material rich in nitrogen or protein - and browns - carb-rich material that feeds the microorganisms in the pile.

Companion Plants for Beans
Here are the best companion plants for beans, as well as which plants to avoid planting near your beans.

Reader Question: Cauliflower Turning Purple?
Reader frozengardener asked the following question over in the forum:

Soil Depth for Garlic Gardening
How deeply should you plant garlic in your garden? Here's the answer!

Gardening Tip: Avoid Tree Roots by Building Raised Beds with Bottoms
Our very first Organic Gardening Reader Tip comes from my friend Anthony, who gardens in New Jersey (zone 6) and blogs at The Compost Bin. Anthony says:

Plant Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies
If you're as thrilled as I am whenever a butterfly visits your garden, it might be a good idea to plant some milkweed. Monarch butterflies will flock to it,

Make Your Own Soil Block Maker
Links and resources for making your own soil blocker.

Pest of the Week: Mealybugs
It's this time of year, when my outdoor gardening is mostly done (other than planting bulbs and caring for the leafy greens in the cold frames and low tunnels)

When to Start Fertilizing Seedlings
I've gotten this question about fifteen times in the last couple of weeks in my email, so I figured it's something that many of you may be wondering about.

Reader Question: White Fuzzy Mold on Seedlings?
White mold on seedlings, and how to get rid of it.

Reader Question: Can I use coffee to water houseplants?
A recent question that hit my inbox:

Sneaky Composting -- Worm Tube in the Garden
I've mentioned before that I have to be somewhat sneaky in my composting practices because it's illegal to compost food where I live -- we are only allowed to

Fun Facts About Sunflowers
I was reminded by a garden blogger friend recently that it's not too late in my neck of the woods to make a second sowing of summer annuals such as cosmos,

Preserving Swiss Chard
One of my favorite leafy greens is Swiss chard. I love the flavor -- spinach-like, but a little sweeter. I love the way it looks in the garden. I grow 'Five

It's Still Not Too Late to Plant a Vegetable Garden
Think it's too late to plant a veggie garden? Here are vegetables you can plant in July!

How to Protect Your Garden from Late Season Snow
Many of us are dealing with odd weather right now. Here in southern Michigan, we have up to four inches of snow in the forecast today. This after a week of mild

Kate Middleton's Bouquet: Flowers and Their Symbolism
Like any good plant geek, I was most interested in the greenery that would be adorning the royal wedding. About Trees and Shrubs Guide Vanessa Richins notes

Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke) Gardening Tips
Jerusalem artichokes, or sunchokes, are delicious, potato-like root vegetables. They are easy to grow, but come with their own unique set of challenges. Here's what you need to know to grow your own Jerusalem artichokes.

Fall Garden Containers for Incredible Autumn Inspirations
Fall is the time to remake your porches and patio containers. These posts from top garden writers around will inspire you as you head into the fall months.

Easy Edible Gardening: Grow an Organic Salad Garden in Containers
Here is an easy way to get started with organic edible gardening: grow a salad garden in containers!

8 Heirloom Pumpkins and Squashes to Grow in Your Garden
Here are some tasty, beautiful, and unique heirloom pumpkins and squashes to grow in your garden.

How to Grow Organic Parsnips
Here's what you need to know to grow your own delicious organic parsnips.

Colorful Fall Foliage for Autumn Garden Backdrops
If you’re admiring the fall foliage this year, consider adding these plants to your landscape to show off their own vivid colors for you next fall.

How to Grow Organic Cress
Cress has a peppery bite and is best eaten right after harvesting it. Here's how to grow your own tasty organic cress.

10 Vegetables You Can Grow Super Fast
These vegetables will all be harvestable within 8 weeks of planting! Sow a few seeds every other week for a continual stream of fresh produce.

Ways to Use Eggshells in Your Garden
Here are several useful tips for putting eggshells to use in your garden, from feeding the soil to protecting your plants from pests.

Organic Gardening Blogs - Blogs About Organic Gardening
These are some of my favorite blogs about organic gardening.

Five Steps to Growing an Organic Lawn
Organic lawn care starts with the basics: mowing and watering properly, feeding the soil, and observing the state of your lawn. This article provides the basics of caring for an organic lawn.

How to Make a Compost Screen for Your Garden
To get the finest compost for your planting mixes, you'll want to screen out any large clumps or materials that haven't finished breaking down. The easiest way to do this is to run your compost through a screen or sifter. These are very easy to make. Here's how!

How to Grow Organic Eggplant in Your Garden
Complete instructions for growing organic eggplants in your garden - about a million miles away from supermarket eggplant in taste and texture.

Drought Tolerant Perennial Plants for Organic Xeriscaping
These drought-tolerant perennials will return year after year and, once established, will survive infrequent watering.

Tips for Growing Big Pumpkins for Jack O' Lanterns
Here are a few quick tips for growing nice, big pumpkins for fall decorations or Halloween jack-o-lanterns.

How and When to Harvest Corn and the Best Ways to Do It
Here is how to tell when your corn is ready to harvest, and the best way to harvest it.

How to Grow Your Own Organic Pumpkins
If you're dreaming of your very own pumpkin patch -- or just hoping for a single perfect pumpkin to add to your fall decor, this article covers everything you need to know from choosing a variety to starting from seeds and dealing with pests and diseases.

Delicious, Reliable Midseason Tomato Varieties
The tomatoes on this list are great additions to your garden: they are known as main or mid-season varieties, meaning that they will be the mainstays of your tomato season. Here are some great, reliable midseason tomato varieties.

Growing Red Heirloom Tomatoes in Your Organic Veggie Garden
Want to grow a red heirloom tomato? Here are a variety of red tomatoes with their heirloom information, days to maturity, common uses and description.

Summer Annual Cut Flower Plants to Start From Seed
Add some summer blooming annuals to your garden for beautiful indoor cut flower plant arrangements. See 5 of the best annuals + tips for cutting and care.

Summer Perennial Cut Flower Plants
Cutting flowers to bring indoors - a luxury of having a home garden that everyone should enjoy. Here are a few perennial plants with summer blooms that last indoors.

Three Tips for Getting More Blooms From Your Perennials
If your perennials aren't blooming as strongly as they should, these three simple tricks should get them going again.

Identifying and Controlling Yellow Woodsorrel
Yellow Woodsorrel is a weed that resembles a clover, but with small yellow flowers. This article explains how to identify and control yellow woodsorrel in the garden.

What Happens When a Plant Bolts?
Definition of bolting. Organic Gardening.

Harvesting Garden Potatoes (How and When)
Here are some tips for how to tell when the time is right to harvest potatoes from your garden.

How to Get Rid of Sidewalk and Driveway Weeds
Here are some simple, organic methods for getting rid of weeds in sidewalks, driveways, patios, and between pavers.

Organic Methods for Controlling Colorado Potato Beetle
If you're wondering what's eating the foliage of your potato plants, or you've seen the tell-tale yellow and black striped beetles nearby, you're very likely dealing with Colorado potato beetle. Here are some organic methods for preventing an infestation, and how to deal with one when it happens.

How to Organically Control Strawberry Insect Pests
Here are some of the most common insect pests that cause damage to straberry plants, and how to control them organically.

Prevent Cutworms From Destroying Garden Plants
Cutworms are notorious for destroying tender seedlings in the garden. Here's how to protect your plants from these pests.

Plant Tomatoes Deep for Better, Stronger Growth
Here is a quick tip that will help your tomato plants use less water, develop stronger root systems, and grow sturdier stems.

What to Put in a Lasagna Garden
What are the best items to add to a lasagna garden?

Dealing With Fruit Flies in a Worm Bin
One of the most common issues people have with their vermicompost bins is dealing with fruit flies. Here is how to prevent the problem in the first place.

Interplanting (Intercropping) Definition
Definition of interplanting, or intercropping.

Organic Asparagus Growing and Harvesting Tips
If you're wondering how to grow asparagus, including how to plant, fertilize, and harvest, here are plenty of tips for growing your own organic asparagus.

Build a Mini Hoop House for Winter Gardening
If you want to be able to harvest your own fresh vegetables, even in the middle of winter, you'll need to build a simple cold frame or mini hoop house tunnel. This article explains how to garden in a mini hoop house.

What Is Kelp Meal?
Definition of and uses for kelp meal.

The Newspaper Method of Making a New Garden Bed
This simple, no-dig method for making a new garden bed is perfect for making a large garden with very little time and effort.

When and How to Harvest Zucchini
Here is how to tell when your zucchini is ready to harvest, as well as the easiest way to harvest zucchini.

Causes of Green Algae on Seed Starting Mixes
Has the surface of your seed starting mix started turning green? Here's what causes it, and how it will affect your seedlings.

Make Chamomile Tea to Prevent Damping Off
Chamomile tea is an effective tool if you've had problems with seedlings dying due to damping off. Here is a recipe along with instructions for how often to apply the tea.

How to Grow More Vegetables in Your Garden
Here are several tips and ideas for growing more vegetables in your garden, no matter how big or small it is.

Fall Garden Chores - Gardening Tasks for Fall
Here are some tasks to do this fall to get your garden ready for winter -- as well as ideas to help spring planting go more smoothly.

Vegetables to Direct Sow for a Fall Garden - Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden
Here is a list of vegetables that work well sown directly into the garden for a fall harvest. These vegetables should be sown in mid-July to mid-August in most of the U.S. and Canada to harvest before the first fall frost.

Feeding Your Vermicomposting Worms
Like everyone else, the red wigglers in your vermicomposting bin have preferences about the food they eat. Here is a list of the foods they seem to like the best, as well as the foods they seem to avoid.

Vegetable Garden Companion Planting
Here is a great combination to use in your vegetable garden. These three plants not only help each other grow better, but also look great in combination.

Make an Inexpensive Self-Watering Planter
Here are instructions for making a simple, inexpensive self-watering container.

How to Winter Sow
Winter sowing is an easy seed starting method: No lights, no cell packs or peat pellets. It takes its cues from Mother Nature, and saves the gardener a lot of effort in the process.

What is Square Foot Gardening?
The Square Foot Gardening method, created by Mel Bartholomew, helps gardeners grow more food in less space. Here are the basics of how to grow a square foot garden.

How to Save Bean Seeds from Your Garden
Beans are among the easiest plants to save seeds from in your garden. With the right timing and a bit of organization, you can keep growing your favorite bean varieties year after year...for free!

How to Make Seedling Pots From Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls
You can use cardboard toilet paper rolls as inexpensive, biodegradable seed starting pots. Here's how to do it!

Organic Soil-Based Potting Soil Mix - Recipe for Organic Potting Soil
Recipe for a simple soil-based organic potting mix made with garden soil, compost, and coarse sand.

What is Deep Organic Gardening - The Difference Between Deep and Shallow Organic Gardening
If you are interested in growing a garden that is

How to Harden Off Plants
If you've started plants indoors from seed, you'll need to acclimate them to conditions in your garden before you plant them. This is called

How to Tell How Deeply Seeds Should Be Planted
Sometimes we lose the seed packet, with all of its wonderful planting instructions, or we get some seeds from a friend, minus helpful instructions. How can you tell how deeply to sow seeds in your garden? There is an easy trick to figure it out.

Vegetable Families for Crop Rotation - How to Rotate Crops in Your Vegetable Garden
Here is a quick explanation of the different vegetable plant

Organic Gardening Tip: Use Sandpaper to Deter Slugs
If you garden in raised beds constructed from wood frames, this tip will work beautifully to keep slugs out of your garden.

Starting an Organic Garden - How to Make a New Organic Garden
From selecting a site and testing the soil to preparing a bed and buying plants, learn everything you need to know to successfully make a new organic garden.

As Soon As Soil Can Be Worked - What Does It Mean When Gardening Instructions Say to Plant As Soon As Soil Can Be Worked?
What does it mean when planting instructions say to plant

How to Prevent Plant Diseases in Your Garden
Keeping plant diseases at bay is mostly related to good gardening practices. This article provides tips and advice for things you can do to discourage diseases in your garden.

What Are Worm Beds and How Do I Make One?
If you have a bit of space, you can make worm beds for vermicomposting right in your garden. Use your worm bed to produce lots of vermicompost, to reduce your waste, or maybe even to start your own business selling worms.

Garden Recycling: Use Kitchen Waste, Plastic Shopping Bags, and Coffee Cans in Your Garden
Here are tips for reusing some of those common items destined for the trash or recycling bin. In this article, we look at ways to use kitchen scraps, coffee cans, and plastic shopping bags in your garden.

Tips for Growing in Low Tunnels
Here are some tips for growing in low tunnels, which allows you to extend your vegetable gardening season.

What Is Bone Meal? - Gardening Terms
Definition of bone meal. Organic Gardening.

How to Prevent Seedlings From Getting Leggy
It's a common problem among indoor seed-starters: leggy seedlings. Here's what causes seedlings to get leggy, and how to avoid it.

How to Thin Seedlings - Thinning Seedlings
Here is the easiest way to thin seedlings, both when starting seeds indoors and out in the garden.

You Don't Have to Prune Tomato Plants
In all of the advice about how to prune tomato plants, it seems to be a given that you MUST prune them. The good news, for those of us who'd rather not bother, is that you really don't have to! Here's an explanation.

Garden Design Basics: Planning a Shrub Border
Tips for planning and planting a shrub border.

Cutworms - Identifying and Controlling Garden Pests
Cutworms cause what can possibly be considered the cruelest damage to your plants. After you've coddled seeds and watched them grow into sturdy little seedlings, you walk out to the garden one morning to find them laying on the soil, as if chopped down by tiny axes. This is telltale cutworm damage. Here's how to identify cutworms and protect your plants from these pests.

Great Plants for Shady Gardens
Wondering what to plant in that shady spot in your garden? Here are a few suggestions to add color and drama to your shade garden.

How to Overwinter Tender Herbs Indoors
Wondering how you can keep growing your favorite tender herbs indoors during the winter? Here are some tips for bringing your favorite herbs indoors from your garden.

How to Make Seed Balls / Bombs for Guerrilla Gardening
Here is a recipe and instructions for making your own seed balls, either for your own garden or to use when guerrilla gardening.

Complete Guide to Making Seed Balls - Seed Ball Recipes for Different Regions
A collection of articles about making seed balls, including recipes for wildflower mixes for different regions of the United States.

All About Vermicomposting - How to Set Up and Care for a Worm Bin
Here's what you need to know to set up and care for your own little herd of vermicomposting worms.

What is Organic Gardening? - Explaining Organic Gardening
What is organic gardening, and how is it different from regular gardening? This article answers the question by providing three major tenets of organic gardening.

Use Vegetable Cooking Water to Fertilize Plants - Fertilizing Plants with Cooking Water
Next time you boil or steam some vegetables, you might want to consider saving the water.

How to Buy Healthy Plants - Buying Healthy Plants
This article will explain which signs to look for when buying plants.

Fun Gardening Project: Grow Plants from Vegetable and Fruit Scraps
Here is an idea for a fun gardening project to do yourself, or with kids -- grow plants from produce aisle cast-offs!

Using Phenology in the Garden
Phenology is a traditional way of knowing when to do certain tasks in your garden. Here are some common phenological tips for your garden.

Easy Seeds to Sow with Kids
Here are some easy seeds to sow with children.

How to Grow Purple Coneflower Perennials
Learn all about how to grow Purple Coneflower, a beautiful, care-free native perennial that is also useful medicinally.

Definition of compost. Organic Gardening.

Benefits of Composting - Reasons to Compost
What are the benefits of composting in your garden? There are several, both in terms of garden health and reducing the amount of waste we produce.

How to Build a Straw Bale Compost Bin
Making a compost bin out of straw bales is one of the easiest ways to get started with composting: no construction, no permanent structures, and the bin itself can even be added to your garden once it's no longer needed! Here's how to make a straw bale compost bin.

Where to Buy Organic Eggplant Seeds - Sources for Organic Eggplant Seeds
Here is a list of companies and catalogs that carry organic eggplant seeds.

Three Easy Ways to Water Potted Plants
Here are three ideas for ensuring that your potted plants, whether they are indoors or out in your garden, do not dry out.

Vegetable and Herb Seeds to Plant in January - January Vegetable Seed Planting
Here is a zone by zone guide to which vegetables and herb seeds to plant in January.

Frugal Ideas for Your Organic Garden - Cheap Organic Gardening Tips
Here are a few ideas for growing your organic garden cheaply and successfully. Ideas for saving money on supplies, re-using everyday items for your garden, and finding useful items for your garden for free. These cheap organic gardening tips will help your budget while helping you grow a great organic garden.

How Deep Should You Plant Flower Bulbs?
Here is a quick reference for how to know how deeply to plant most spring flowering bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, and alliums.

How to Grow Organic Corn
Growing your own organic corn is the best way to enjoy this sweet, juicy late summer vegetable. Here's how to grow organic corn in your garden.

How to Grow Heuchera Organically
Here are tips for growing heuchera in your garden, organically.

How to Grow Organic Sweet Potatoes
Complete instructions for growing your own organic sweet potatoes, from planting to pest and disease control.

How to Grow Organic Melons in Your Garden
Complete instructions for growing organic melons in your garden.

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in the Garden
Once your Christmas tree is done jollying up your holiday decorating, you can put it to use by recycling it in your garden. Here are a few ideas for reusing Christmas trees in your garden.

How to Grow Fiddlehead Ferns
Fiddlehead ferns are a spring delicacy that you can easily grow in your own garden. Here's how to do it.

Plantains: Prevention and Control
Plantains are the second most common lawn weed (behind dandelions) plaguing gardeners. They thrive in certain conditions, so preventing them from getting a foothold in your garden is an important step. If you have them, there are a couple easy ways to get rid of them and prevent them from spreading further.

How to Grow Organic Spinach
How to grow organic spinach, including planting instructions, pest and disease control, and care tips.

Identifying and Controlling Apple Maggot
Tips and ideas for preventing and controlling apple maggot damage organically.

Natural Fertilizers for Your Garden
Are you wondering which types of natural fertilizers will work best in your organic garden? Here are some of the most common natural fertilizers.

What is Greensand?
Definition of greensand and how it is used in organic gardening.

How to Grow Sunflowers
How to grow sunflowers, including planting from seed, plant care, organic control of sunflower pests and diseases, and recommended varieties.

How to Grow Organic Beets
Learn how to grow sweet, delicious organic beets in your own garden, from choosing a spot in your garden to dealing with pest problems, and how to choose the best varieties of beets.

Growing Organic Peas - How to Grow Organic Garden Peas
Peas are a sweet, succulent rite of spring for many gardeners. Here's everything you need to know to grow your own organic peas.

How to Grow Tomatoes Organically Indoors
Interested in growing a tomato plant indoors? Here's what you need to know!

How to Grow Organic Broccoli
Organic broccoli is delicious, nutritious, and easy to grow in your garden. With a little know-how and the right preparation, you can grow your own organic broccoli. Here's how!

Great Tomatoes to Grow Organically in Containers
Here are ten great tomato varieties to grow organically in containers.

How to Grow Organic Swiss Chard
Swiss chard is a delicious, versatile vegetable, and it's also easy to grow. Here's what you need to know to grow your own organic Swiss chard.

Organic Prevention and Control of Downy Mildew on Impatiens
Downy mildew on impatiens is becoming more of a problem for home gardeners. Here's how to identify downy mildew on your impatiens, and how to prevent and controt it organically.

Five Colorful Annual Flowering Vines
Looking for a flowering vine to add color to a trellis or railing? Here are five beautiful ideas.

What Your Garden's Weeds Can Tell You About Your Soil
Like any plant, weeds grow better in certain types of soil. By paying attention to which weeds seem to thrive in your garden, you can learn a bit about your soil's health and what you can do to improve it.

BT - Bacillus Thuringiensis
Definition of Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis, and how to use it in the garden.

Turnips - How to Grow Organic Turnips
Everything you need to grow delicious, nutritious, organic turnips.

How to Grow Organic Blueberries
Here's what you need to know to grow your own delicious, nutritious, organic blueberries.

Tips for Conserving Water in Your Garden
Here are some (sometimes off the wall) tips for saving water in your garden.

How to Grow Organic Figs
Figs are a delicious fruit to grow in your garden. In many places, you can grow them as large trees, but in colder regions, they can be grown in containers and brought in for the winter. It's easy to grow these sweet treats organically. Here's how to do it.

How to Grow Organic Radishes
Radishes are a fairly care-free vegetable to grow in your garden, and one that produces a crop in a short amount of time, as well. Here are the essential tips and tricks to growing delicious organic radishes in your garden.

Easy Vegetables for New Gardeners
Some vegetables are just so easy to grow, they deserve a spot in any garden. And if you're new to this whole vegetable gardening thing, starting out with these vegetables is a great way to bring in a successful harvest AND raise your confidence level.

How to Grow Currants
Currants are great to use in jams and jellies, and are easy to grow, as well. Here's what you need to know to grow these tart little fruits.

How to Grow Organic Leeks
Leeks are a very versatile vegetable, delicious in soups, stews, stir-fries, and other dishes. It's easy to grow your own, organically, from seed. Here's how to do it.

How to Grow Organic Onions
Here's what you need to know to grow organic onions in your own garden.

How to Grow Red Twig Dogwoods Organically
If you love the look of red twig dogwood shrubs, here are some tips for growing them organically in your garden.

Where to Buy Heirloom Tomato Seeds
Looking for heirloom tomato seeds? These companies offer a good selection of open-pollinated and heirloom tomato seeds.

How to Grow Organic Okra
Okra is normally associated with Southern gardeners, but gardeners in most regions can grow this unique vegetable. Here are instructions for growing organic okra.

What Is the Safe Seed Pledge, and How Does It Work?
What does it mean when your favorite seed catalog announces that it has taken the Safe Seed Pledge? Here is a quick explanation of the pledge, and what it means for gardeners.

Frost Protection for Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplant
Here is a quick and easy way to protect your tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants from fall frost and keep your season going just a bit longer.

How to Purchase and Grow Organic House Plants
Wondering how to be more

Late Season Tomato Varieties
Here are some recommended late-season tomato varieties to grow in your garden.

Dandelions: Prevention and Control
Dandelions are the most common weed in most American gardens. They grow particularly well in their preferred conditions, spread easily, and can quickly get out of hand if left to their own devices. Thankfully, breaking out the weed spray is totally unnecessary if you do a few key things to control them.

How to Grow Organic Cabbage - Growing Organic Cabbage
How to grow organic cabbage, from planting to harvesting, including pest and disease control tips.

How to Make Your Own Bokashi Bin from a Bucket
It's easy to make your own Bokashi composting bin. All you need are two plastic buckets and a drill. Here's how!

How to Grow Organic Arugula
Arugula is spicy, flavorful, and easy to grow. Here's what you need to know to grow your own delicious organic arugula.

Replacements for Peat Moss
If you want to avoid using peat moss in your garden, here are some ideas for substitutes.

How to Grow Organic Peppers - Growing Peppers
Sweet or hot peppers are mainstays of many different types of cuisine. Here's how to grow organic peppers in your own garden.

Grow Organic Garlic - Complete Guide to Growing Organic Garlic
Here's everything you need to know to grow your own delicious organic garlic, including selecting the right type for your region, how to plant, and when to harvest.

Organic Gardening - Three Types of Tomatoes
There are three basic types of tomatoes: slicers, paste tomatoes, and cherry-type tomatoes. Here's what you need to know about each.

How to Grow Organic Raspberries
Information about growing organic raspberries in your garden.

How to Grow Organic Cauliflower
Cauliflower is a delicious, nutritious addition to our table, as well as our vegetable gardens. Here's how to grow your own organic cauliflower.

How to Grow Organic Brussels Sprouts
If you're interested in growing your own delicious organic Brussels sprouts, here's what you need to know, from planting seeds to protecting your crop from pests and knowing when it's time to harvest.

Preserving the Harvest by Drying Tomatoes -- How to Dry Tomatoes
If you love the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes, why not make your own? Here are simple instructions for how to make your own dried tomatoes, either in the sun or in your oven.

What Is a Plant Node?
Definition of node as it relates to plants.

Why Are My Worms Trying to Escape From My Compost Bin?
It can be a little alarming to open your vermicompost bin and see your worms poised just inside the lid, looking for an escape route. Or, worse, you head to the bin and see dead worms around the bin - escapees that didn't get very far. Here's why they try to escape, and what you can do to keep your worms in their vermicompost bin.

How to Grow Calendula - A Plant Profile
Long-prized for herb gardens and flower gardens alike, the pot marigold has many uses. A hardy, sun-loving annual flower that provides months of color.

How to Start a New Organic Garden - Techniques
Making a new organic garden requires a bit of work up front, but it is a simple process. From selecting a site to choosing and installing your plants, this article provides the tips and techniques you need to help your new garden thrive.

Thyme - A Container-Friendly Ground Cover Herb
Thyme is semi-evergreen and perennial, flavorful, fragrant, and creates an attractive foil for other, taller plants - a garden win/win!

Scallions - Easy and Quick Growing Spring Onions for Containers
Scallions, or spring onions, are fast-growing vegetables that are ready for harvest within about 12 weeks. They are one of my top ten picks for edible containers.

Rosemary - Drought-Tolerant and Perennial Herb for Containers
Rosemary is a fragrant, semi-evergreen, perennial herb that not only tolerates but thrives in a container garden space. A must have!

Radishes - One of the Best Edible Plants for Container Gardens
Radishes are a popular vegetable for kid-friendly gardens and old-fashioned victory gardens but did you know they can also be grown in a container?

Lavender is a Great Herb for Container Gardens
Lavender is a perfect herb plant for a container garden and has many uses around the house, including edible flowers! See why it's one of my top ten.

Cress - Super Fast Growing Plant That is Container Friendly
Grow cress in containers both indoors or outdoors year-round with ease. See why it makes our top ten list of edible plants for containers.

Beans - Both Pole and Green Beans Grow Well in Containers
Bush beans and pole beans grow well in containers and will produce a huge harvest in a relatively small amount of space.

Basil - a Beautiful Herb for Container Gardens
Sun-loving, flavorful, and the must-have-herb for every Italian dish, basil is a well-behaved container plant for the small-space herb garden.

Tomatoes (Patio or Dwarf Forms) Grow Well in Containers
Tomatoes can grow well in containers if they are cared for properly, but some varieties do better than others. See what you need for success with patio tomatoes!

Arugula, Kale and Other Mixed Greens
Kale and arugula (mixed salad greens) are great in containers where you can keep them close at hand. These fastest-growing vegetables can be easily harvested.

Direct Sowing Vegetables in the Garden
Here are ten easy vegetables to grow from seed in the garden.

Gardening Tip: Ideas for Removing Lawn
If you're thinking of reducing your lawn and putting in a few more garden beds, you'll need to figure out a way to get rid of the grass effectively. Here are some ideas for getting rid of lawn areas.

Tips for Small Space or Indoor Composting
If you don't have a lot of space to compost, or are interested in composting indoors, here are some tips for how to do so successfully.

How to Grow Organic Jicama - Gardening Tips
Jicama is a somewhat exotic vegetable with a crispy texture and great flavor. Here's how to grow your own.

How and When to Prune Lilacs
Wondering when and how to prune the lilacs in your garden? Here's what you need to know.

How to Grow Organic Peanuts
Here are tips for growing your own peanuts, organically.

Sterilizing Vermicompost - Do You Need to Sterilize Vermicompost?
Is vermicompost safe to use around edible crops without sterilizing it first? Here's what you need to know about sterilizing vermicompost.

Powdery Mildew - Homemade Baking Soda Spray
If you are seeing powdery-looking patches on the foliage of your plants, you most likely have a case of the very common powdery mildew fungal disease.

Reusing Items for Frugal Seed Starting
Starting your own plants from seed is a great, frugal option. It can save you even more money if you reuse items destined for the trash rather than shelling out money for flats and seed trays. Here are some frugal reuse ideas for seed starting.

How to Grow Organic Soybeans
Here's what you need to know to grow your own delicious organic soybeans.

Garden Recycling: Milk Jugs and Yogurt Containers
Here are some tips for reusing milk jugs and yogurt containers in your garden.

What is Fish Emulsion? - Definition
Fish emulsion is an organic fertilizer. It is a liquid fertilizer made from byproducts of the fish oil and fish meal industry.

Whether you compost in a large, multi-bin system or a single vermicomposting bin, there is plenty of information here about composting, including what to compost and how to deal with common composting challenges.

Pests & Problems
Every garden has them: pest issues, diseases, weeds, and those mystery ailments that seem to pop up overnight. This section is full of tips and ideas for solving problems in your organic garden.

Controlling Common Garden Weeds Organically - Organic Controls for Common Garden Weeds
A continually-growing list of the most common lawn and garden weeds. Identify your weeds, learn about how they grow, and find out the best ways to get rid of them.

How to Grow Organic Zucchini and Summer Squash - Growing Zucchini and Summer Squash
Here is everything you need to know to grow organic zucchini and summer squash in your garden, from planting and growing to harvesting and diagnosing pest and disease problems.

Perennial Gardens: How to Cut Back and Thin Perennial Plants
Here are tips for ways to prune your perennials to keep them looking their best.

How To Bring Annuals Indoors to Overwinter
Tips for overwintering annual flowering plants indoors, either by digging up the entire plant, or taking cuttings to grow for next year.

Early Season Tomato Varieties for Your Garden
Here are suggestions (as well as descriptions) for early-season tomatoes to plant in your garden, so you can enjoy tomatoes as quickly as possible!

How to Grow Organic Rhubarb
Here's what you need to know to grow your own delicious organic rhubarb.

How to Grow Organic Celery
It takes a bit of work to grow organic celery, but the effort is well worth it. Here's how to grow celery in your garden.

Gardening Safely in Contaminated Soil
If you live in an older home or industrial area, you may have lead or zinc in your soil. You can still garden, but it is very important to do a few things to keep yourself and your family safe.

How to Make Seed Tape
Here are instructions for making your own seed tapes for easy planting.

How to Save Lettuce Seeds from Your Garden
Learn how to save seeds from your favorite heirloom lettuces! It's easy, and you'll save money and never run out of seeds of your favorite varieties.

How to Save Cucumber Seeds from Your Garden
If you have an heirloom cucumber variety that you absolutely love growing, saving seeds from it is a fairly straightforward process. Here's how to do it!

How Day Length Affects Garden Plants
If you've ever wondered about how day length affects the growth, blooming, and fruiting of your garden plants, here's a quick explanation.

How Can I Avoid Using Monsanto Products in My Garden?
If you (like many organic gardeners) would rather avoid using Monsanto products in your garden for ethical reasons, this article will give you some tips for avoiding seeds owned by Monsanto and its subsidiaries.

Worm Bin Problems - Too Much Moisture
Here's what to do when your worm bin is too wet. Too much moisture in a worm bin is caused by several factors, from the types of food you put in to how much bedding you have provided your worms. Moisture problems are an easy fix. Here's how to deal with a wet worm bin.

Brandywine tomato. Organic Gardening. Page 10.

Cherokee Purple
Cherokee Purple tomato. Organic Gardening. Page 9.

Costoluto Genovese tomato
Costoluto Genovese. Organic Gardening. Page 8.

Garden Peach
Garden Peach tomato. Organic Gardening. Page 7.

Tasty Heirloom Tomatoes
Here is a list of delicious heirloom tomatoes. The list includes tomatoes that are good for both fresh eating and for making sauces. If you're new to heirlooms, give a few of these a try.

Golden Jubilee
Golden Jubilee tomato. Organic Gardening. Page 6.

Kellogg's Breakfast
Kellogg's Breakfast tomato. Organic Gardening. Page 5.

Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter. Organic Gardening. Page 4.

San Marzano
San Marzano. Organic Gardening. Page 3.

Yellow Pear
Yellow Pear tomato. Organic Gardening. Page 2.

Tasty Heirloom Tomatoes
Here is a list of delicious heirloom tomatoes. The list includes tomatoes that are good for both fresh eating and for making sauces. If you're new to heirlooms, give a few of these a try. Page 11.

Red Currant tomato
Red Currant tomato. Organic Gardening.

Get the Right Type of Worms for the Job
Certain worms are better for vermicomposting than others. Learn what types of worms to purchase for a worm bin. Page 2.

Worm Bin Bedding - How to Set Up a Worm Bin
What type of bedding material should you use in your worm bin, and how should you prepare it? This page explains some of the most common methods for preparing vermicompost bedding. Page 3.

Adding Water to Worm Bin Bedding - Setting Up a Worm Bin
How moist should your worm bin be, and what kind of water is safest to use? This page explains how to tell if your bedding is moist enough. Page 4.

Adding Worms to a Worm Bin - Setting Up a Worm Bin
This page explains how to get your vermicomposting worms settled into their new home. Page 5.

Where to Put a Worm Bin - Setting Up a Worm Bin
So, now you've got your worm bin, and it's full of worms, ready to do their composting duties. Where should you put the bin, though? This page explains some things to consider in deciding where to put your worm bin. Page 6.

Heirloom Summer Squash - Varieties of Heirloom Summer Squash
There is more to summer squash than just zucchini.These heirloom summer squashes are tasty, beautiful, and unique. Page 2.

Review of the SpinBin Composter - SpinBin Composter Review
Organic Gardening Guide Colleen Vanderlinden's review of Clean Air Gardening's SpinBin compost tumbler.

Happy Farmer Composting Kit - Review of the Happy Farmer Composting Kit with Bokashi
A review of SCD's Happy Farmer Composting Kit, which uses Bokashi to ferment organic waste.

Blood Meal - What is Blood Meal?
Definition of blood meal. Organic Gardening.

Fiskars PowerGear Pruners - Review of Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruners
A review of Fiskars PowerGear bypass pruners.

What does open-pollinated mean? - What is Open-Pollinated?
An explanation of what open-pollination means.

Definition of loam. Organic Gardening.

How to Tell When Tomato Seeds are Done Fermenting - How Long to Soak Tomato Seeds for Saving
How do you know when your tomato seeds have soaked and fermented long enough? Here are a few things to look out for.

Hardneck Garlic Varieties - Varieties of Hardneck Garlic
Here are some recommended, tried-and-true hardneck garlic varieties.

Vermicomposting - How to Set Up a Worm Bin
This article shows, step by step, how to set up a vermicomposting, or worm compost bin. It explains everything from selecting a bin size, to using the right types of worms and how to prepare the bedding.

Adding Bokashi to a Worm Bin - Can I Add Bokashi to My Worm Bin?
If you've gotten into Bokashi composting, but are at a loss for what to do with the contents of your bucket after it's fermented, you may want to consider adding them to your worm bin. Here are a few pointers for adding Bokashi to a worm bin.

What is Guerilla Gardening?
Ever wondered what guerilla gardening is? A quick explanation and a bit of background on the term.

Gift Ideas for Organic Gardeners - Gifts for Gardeners
Here are some ideas for gifts to buy for the organic gardener on your list.