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Entering Super Max 1: Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River
Here a kayaker runs Super Max, an awesome class v rapid on the Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River. Page 6.

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) - How to Stand up Paddle Board
SUP is an acronym that stands for “standup paddleboarding.” One thing is for sure, paddleboarding is taking the watersports world by storm. Here's all of the information you'll need to get into SUP, to find standup paddleboarding deals, and to take your standup paddleboarding to the next level. Lets SUP!

101 Paddling - Paddling 101
Paddling is a very diverse genre of outdoor activity. Are you interested in learning to brave the rapids? Or maybe a relaxing paddle through some nature trails is more your speed. Whatever the case, this page will give you the basics you will need to get started.

Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River (2 of 3)
A kayaker runs a waterfall on the Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River.

Super Max: Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River
A kayaker runs Super Max on the Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River. Page 7.

Four Falls 4: Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River
A kayaker paddles through Four Falls, a series of drops on the Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River. Page 4.

Four Falls 5: Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River.
A kayaker makes his way over Four Falls, a series of drops on the Bailey Section of the North Fork of the South Platte River. Page 5.

Paddling Gear & Equipment
There are many different types of boats and accompanying gear that are required for the various paddle sports. This page will give you all the guidance and information you need to make the best choice to meet your specific equipment needs.

Paddling Technique, Training, and Fitness
Technique is everything. There is simply no way around it. If you want to improve your paddling, you have to practice your technique. On this page you will find various articles and resources dedicated to teaching you the proper techniques for different paddling manuevers.

Learn to Paddle the Pavement
Can't get to the water? Fear not. Landpaddling, also known as Street SUP, is a great way to stay in shape, get some exercise, and afford that paddling feeling when you can't make it on the water.

A Whitewater Kayaker's Guide to Eddies, Eddy Lines, and Whirlpools
A whitewater kayaker's guide to surviving eddies, eddy lines, and whirlpool.

How to Correctly Sit in a Kayak the First Time
Most people wouldn't think there would need to be instructions on how to sit in a kayak. Of course, those who would think that have probably never gotten into one. The truth is, while properly sitting in a kayak isn't difficult it does require some guidance the first time in the boat.

How to Practice for Rough Sea Kayaking Conditions
Here are tips on how to practice your sea kayaking skills in rough conditions.

Understanding the Whitewater Classification System
This article explains the Whitewater Classification System known as the International Scale of River Difficulty.

How to Strap Two Kayak to a Roof Rack
Trying to strap two kayaks to a factory installed or aftermarket roof rack without roof rack attachments can be a challenge. Most roof racks will easily support and carry two kayaks at a time if they are placed on the roof rack using the proper method. This article will explain the steps for safely and securely strapping two kayaks to a roof rack. Some steps require further explanation.

Olympic Rowing- What is Olympic Rowing?
What is Olympic Rowing? There are many different facets to Olympic Rowing. Learn all about them and find other great resources through this article.

How to Hold a Canoe Paddle
This article describes to the reader how to hold a canoe paddle the proper way to increase paddling efficiency and canoe with proper technique.

Upside-Down in a Kayak: How to Tuck When Upside-Down in a Kayak
Tucking and staying in the tucked position is crucial to the safety of the kayaker as well as the first step in rolling a kayak.

Wet-Exiting an Upside-Down Kayak - Safety Tips
Being able to safely exit a kayak while it is upside down, also known as a wet-exit, is an extremely crucial skill to the survival of every kayaker. Successfully wet exiting your kayak can be the difference between life and death. This how to will give you the basi

How to Attach a Spray Skirt to a Kayak
Here are three different methods of how to place a spray skirt on a kayak.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Kayak
There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a kayak. The type of kayaking a person will be doing, where they will be kayaking, how large they are, their experience level, and a person’s budget all factor into the kayak that this would be paddler should end up with. Here are the questions to ask when choosing a kayak.

How to Put on a Kayaking and Rafting Dry Suit
This guide will help kayakers, canoeists, and rafters to avoid frustration by teaching you to more effectively put on a dry suit.

Dry Bag Checklist - Packing a Dry Bag for Kayaking and Canoeing Trips
It’s a good idea to keep a dry bag stocked with these supplies so you never forget any of these often forgotten yet very important items to have on a kayaking and canoeing trip.

Dry Bag - Putting Together a Dry Bag for Your Kayaking Trips
The article explains why and how to put together a dry bag to bring on your kayaking trips.

How to Know if You Can Install a Hatch on Your Kayak
Here's a guide to tell if you can install a hatch on your sit-on-top kayak.

Pelican Paddleboard Rush 11.6 Dynamic Performance Review
Here a review of the Pelican Rush 11.6 SUP, standup paddleboard. Pelican paddleboards combine durability, performance, and cost effectiveness.

Try On FiveFingers - How to Put on FiveFingers shoes by Vibram
Here is a guide on how to put on a FiveFingers toe pocket shoe. Each FiveFingers has a different set of instructions on how to put it on that is dictated by the unique features of each. Here is a basic guide that will work for all FiveFingers shoes for kayaking, canoeing, and SUP watersports.

How to Increase the Resale Value of your Used Kayak
Here are steps you can take to increase the resale value of your used kayak.

Where Should I Sit in a Canoe?
Here is a guide instructing paddlers on who should sit in the front, back, and middle of a canoe.

How to Keep Gear Dry in a Canoe
Here are some tips on how to keep your belongings and gear dry in a canoe.

Pelican Paddleboard Rush 11.6 Static Review
Here a review of the Pelican Rush 11.6 SUP, standup paddleboard. Pelican paddleboards combine durability, performance, and cost effectiveness.

iSUP Review: theWeekender 10' Inflatable Standup Paddleboard
Here is a product review of the Ten Toes theWeekender 10' iSUP inflatable standup paddleboard.

What's Up with iSUP?
iSUP stands for inflatable paddleboard. Learn all about inflatable paddleboarding durability, performance, benefits, and downsides here.

Kayaking and Canoeing the Loxahatchee River
The Loxahatchee River, located around Jupiter and Hobe Sound, Florida, is the only designated Wild and Scenic River in Florida. Whether in a canoe or kayak , this is a unique paddling experience even for Florida. The upper half of this trip is rather narrow and filled with lush vegetation as well as clear waters. After passing Trapper Nelson's Camp, the lower half is tidal and opens up quite a bit.

Canoeing and Kayaking the Loxahatchee River Trip Description
The Loxahatchee River paddling trip, suitable for either canoes or kayaks, can be paddled from either end. Here's all about kayaking the Loxahatchee. Page 2.

Basic Whitewater Information about the Sacandaga River
The Sacandaga River in the Adirondacks offers summer-long whitewater rafting. Here's all the basic information that whitewater boaters look for.

How to Use a Kayak Bilge Pump
This how to will explain the how to use and store a bilge pump in your kayak or canoe.

Kayaking Stillwater Cove, Pebble Beach, 17 Mile, Carmel
Stillwater Cove at 17 Mile Drive and Pebble Beach, just north of Carmel is the perfect kayak launch location to start a variety of kayaking trips.

Kayaking at Rip Van Winkle Lake in Tannersville, NY
Learn all about kayaking on Rip Van Winkle Lake (Tannersville Lake) in Tannersville New York in the Catskill Mountains.

Kayaking and Tubing on the Esopus Creek
Kayaking and tubing on the Class III Esopus Creek in Phoenicia, New York offers great Catskill whitewater for kayakers.

Composite Kayak Storage - How to Store Your Fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber Kayak
Here are some tips on how to store your composite kayak and protect your fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber boat.

Instructions on How to Land Paddle
These basic instructions on how to landboard are the beginning steps for Street SUP riding.

Land Paddling Gear Basics
Here is a list and an explanation of the gear you'll need to get into land paddling and Street SUP.

What is Land Paddling
What is Landpaddling? A beginner's guide to the new sport of Street SUP.

Teach a Friend to Kayak Roll: Position the Kayak Paddle
While teaching a friend to kayak roll, you position the kayak paddle for the person once the kayaker has flipped over. The kayak paddle must be perpendicular to the kayak in order for the kayaker to be able to roll the kayak.

How To Hold a Kayak Paddle
This article describes how to hold a kayak paddle properly.

Know the Anatomy of a Kayak Paddle
This steps directs kayakers to understand the parts of a kayak paddle.

Make Sure the Paddle is Facing The Right Direction
This step teaches the paddler how to know which is the correct direction to hold a kayak paddle.

Make Sure The Paddle is Right Side Up
This step teaches the paddler to identify the top and bottom of a kayak paddle.

Determine Your Control Grip
This step helps the paddler understand his or her control grip on the paddle.

Grasp and Hold The Paddle
This kayak paddle step teaches the paddler how far apart their hands should be on the kayak paddle.

How to Teach a Friend the Kayak Roll
This page describes the prerequisites to teach someone the kayak roll.

Demonstrate Rolling a Kayak for the Person You are Teaching
When teaching someone how to roll a kayak, it is a good idea to first demonstrate rolling a kayak.

Teach a Friend to Kayak Roll: Get Into Position
This article describes the proper starting position for both the spotter and the kayaker when teaching someone to kayak roll.

Teach a Friend to Roll a Kayak: The Hip Snap to Roll the Kayak
When you are a spotter teaching a friend to roll a kayak, there comes a point where you are offering support to the paddle blade while the person begins to hip snap and starts to roll the kayak.

Teach a Friend to Roll a Kayak: The Recovery Phase of the Kayak Roll
During the recovery phase of the kayak roll, be sure to continue to aid the person you are teaching as they complete their hip-snap and the kayak roll.

How to Self-Rescue Using a Kayak Paddle Float
The following image gallery will give a step-by-step look at how to properly use a paddle float to get back into and bilge out a flipped kayak.

Kayak Paddle Float - Enter the Kayak
While supporting yourself on the back deck of the kayak and on the kayak paddle blade, remove the closest leg from the kayak paddle shaft. Bring the knee toward the kayak and place your foot inside of the kayak cockpit.

Paddle Float - Get into the Kayak From the Water Using a Paddle Float
To get into the kayak from this position, simply place the other leg inside of the kayak.

Flip the Kayak Over
Practice this step in shallow water so you can figure out the best way to flip your kayak back over. A good amount of water will drain out of the kayak during this motion. Once it is flipped back over, locate your paddle float and take it in your hands. It is for this very reason that your paddle float should be stored securely on the deck of the kayak, probably under the stern bungee cords.

Paddle Float - Stay With the Kayak
With the kayak back over and the paddle float in hand, you now need to secure yourself to the kayak. It might still be a few minutes before you re-enter the kayak and you want to make sure that you don't get separated from the boat. Lay back in the water with your head toward the stern. Place the leg closest to the kayak into the cockpit of the kayak. The kayak will tip toward you. Don't worry, just stay connected to it while you secure and blow up the paddle float.

Paddle Float - Secure the Paddle Float Over the Kayak Paddle Blade
This is a step you should practice out of the water. Each paddle float will slide and secure onto the paddle blade in a different way. Some paddle floats slide over the blade and blow up on both sides of the blade. Others only blow up on one side of the blade. Be sure to read the instructions for your kayak paddle float so that you know how your particular model works. You want to make sure to place the float on the blade in the correct orientation prior to blowing it up.

Paddle Float - Position the Kayak Paddle Acoss the Boat
Place the kayak paddle blade without the paddle float on it just behind the kayak cockpit and up against the cockpit combing. The kayak paddle blade with the paddle float should be floating on the surface of the water. The kayak paddle should be oriented at about a 75-90 degree angle to the kayak. Hold the kayak and the kayak paddle in this position.

Paddle Float - Climb onto Kayak Stern
You are now ready to begin getting back into the kayak. You should be behind the kayak paddle. Depending on the side you are on, take the closest hand to the kayak cockpit and grab the kayak cockpit and the kayak paddle in that hand. Pull your chest up onto the stern of the kayak. You can place a foot on the kayak paddle shaft in that is in the water to help bring you up higher on the kayak deck.

Kayak Paddle Float - Place Both Feet on the Kayak Paddle
Place both feet on the kayak paddle shaft just above the kayak paddle float when attempting to re-enter a kayak using a paddle float.

Teach a Friend to Roll a Kayak: Position Your Hands Under the Kayak Paddle Blade
When teaching a friend to roll a kayak, you will rotate the paddle for your friend. Then position your hands under the kayak paddle blade and hold the blade still.

Paddle Float - Roll Over Into the Kayak Seat
At this point you will probably be laying face down in your kayak and on the back deck. You will need to roll over and into the kayak seat.

Kayak Bilge Pump -How to Use a Kayak Bilge Pump
Unfasten your bilge pump that should be under a bungee cord on the bow of the kayak and bilge the kayak out. Get as much water as you can out of the boat before refastening your kayak skirt to the kayak cockpit.

Paddle Float Wet Exit - Wet Exit a Kayak
The first step in any self-rescue that does not involve rolling a kayak is to wet-exit the kayak. While a relatively simply manuever, wet-exiting a kayak must still be peformed properly. First tuck forward and upward toward the bow of the kayak. Hold the kayak paddle with one hand and pull the grab loop with the other hand. Once the spray skirt has released from the cockpit combing push the kayak off at the hips. Upon resurfacing be sure to hang on to both the kayak and the paddle.

Kayak Paddle Float - Blow Up the Paddle Float
Inflate the paddle float by blowing into the valve. At this point you have flipped your kayak over and have located the paddle float. You are still connected to the kayak by your leg and the paddle float is secured onto the paddle. You will now want to blow up the float. Open the paddle float valve and make sure to keep it out of the water so water does not fill inside of the float. Inflate the paddle float by blowing into the valve. As with the previous step you should know how your particular paddle float inflates and how the valve operates. Practice this on dry land. Once firmly inflated, ensure that the valves are closed so that air will not leak out.

Learning How to Eskimo Roll Your Kayak
Every kayaker should learn how to flip their kayaks back over if they end up upside down, otherwise known as the Eskimo Roll. Here are the steps to one method of doing what is known as the Eskimo Roll.

How to Safely Exit a Whitewater Kayak
This article describes how to safely exit and get out of a whitewater kayak.

All About Standup Paddleboarding Gear
Here are some of the equipment items and considerations to help you learn all about standup paddling SUP gear.

Standup Paddleboarding Basics
Here are some articles, tips, and resources to help you learn all about standup paddleboarding basics.

All About Paddling the Great Sacandaga River
All about paddling rafts, kayaks, tubes and duckies on the Great Sacandaga River in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.

The International Scale of River Difficulty
Learn all about the International Scale of River Difficult in these detailed descriptions of each of the whitewater kayaking levels from Class I - VI.

Big Nasty: Kayaking Big Nasty on the Cheat River Canyon
Big Nasty is what whitewater is all about and the first big test for kayaks and rafts on the Cheat River. About 1.5 miles downstream of Decision Rapid, the whole river necks down here forcing the river into this hole. At low levels, Big Nasty is a great surf and can be accessed from eddies on either side of the river. At higher levels skirt it on the left. If you're not kayaking with someone how knows the Cheat Canyon, get out and scout it from river-left. Page 2.

Kayak Flipping Over: Kayak Flipping Over on Lower Coliseum
The Cheat River gets progressively more difficult as the river descends, culminating in the rapids of the bottom third of the Cheat Canyon. Here we see a kayak flipping over on Lower Coliseum, one of the Class V rapids on the Cheat River. Other Class IV and Class V Rapids in close proximity to Lower Coliseum are known as Anticipation, High Falls, Maze Rapid, Upper Coliseum, Recyclotron, Lower Coliseum and Pete Morgan Rapid among others. Page 5.

Kayaking the Cheat River Canyon: Kayaking The Cheat Canyon section of the Cheat River
This 10 mile stretch of the Cheat River known as the Cheat Canyon contains far too many rapids to name or count. The character of the river is one of large volume, thundering waves, powerful holes, and plentiful ledges. Deep in the recesses of the West Virginia landscape, once in the Cheat Canyon the only plausible way out is to paddle down to the take-out.

Lower Coliseum: Kayaking Lower Coliseum Rapid of the Cheat River Canyon
Here we can see kayakers approach Lower Coliseum, a Class IV to Class V rapid on the lower third of the Cheat Canyon. As the name suggests, Lower Coliseum rapid is just below Upper Coliseum rapid on the Cheat River. There are various lines all through this rapid and all are equally treacherous. Page 4.

Scouting the Cheat Canyon: Scouting the Cheat Canyon
Scouting the Cheat Canyon would be a exercise in futility. Of course, there are plenty of places to scout from and indeed some rapids should be scouted. The question that remains for the first time kayaker to the Cheat Canyon is to figure out which rapids should be scouted. If a paddler were to attempt to get out and look at every horizon line he or she approached their wouldn't be enough light in the day to finish the run. Page 3.

Rafting the Cheat River: Whitewater Rafting the Cheat River in West Virginia
The Cheat River Canyon has one of the longest and most celebrated histories as a whitewater rafting river on the east coast. In recent decades its popularity has laxed for the more user friendly and nearby New River Gorge and Gauley Rivers. Still, each spring whitewater rafters flock to the Cheat Canyon section of the Cheat River to get their whitewater rafting fix and to continue the legacy that is the Cheat Canyon. Page 7.

Scouting the Cheat River Canyon: Kayaking and Scouting The Cheat Canyon section of the Cheat River
The river-left side of Lower Coliseum on the Cheat Canyon is a great place to catch your breath, check out the rapids, or watch the carnage. While scouting the Cheat River Canyon isn't always easy or obvious, Lower Coliseum and Pete Morgan's rapid are the exceptions. Lower Coliseum culminates in Pete Morgan Rapid and both can be scouted from the rocky bank that runs along the left side of the rapids. Page 6.

Chinese Women Compete in the K-4 Flatwater Race
Chinese Women Compete in the Olympic Canoe/Kayak K-4 Flatwater Race. Page 3.

Shunyi Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Center Aerial View
Shunyi Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Center Aerial View. Page 5.

Whitewater Rafting in the Eastern United States
The rivers of the East Coast feature a much longer rafting season than their West Coast counterparts. This is not only because of the sheer quantity of rivers utilized for whitewater rafting purposes but also as a result of the many dam controlled releases on these rivers. This page features whitewater rafting information in New York, the New England States, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee to name a few.

Equipment Maintenance
Purchasing the necessary paddling equipment can set your budget back a bit. Through this page you will learn to protect your investment in your gear and reduce the need to replace your equipment prematurely.

New York Paddling
All about the kayaking opportunities in New York State.

Helpful Articles on How to Transport Your Paddling Gear
Learn all about how to coordinate and move around your kayaking, canoeing, and SUPing boats and gear.

Kayak Paddling Basics - Technique, Equipment & More
This page will guide you through all of the basics of paddling a kayak and about the sport of kayaking.

Types of Paddling - Canoeing, Kayaking, SUPing, and Rafting
Paddling refers to the group of watersports that require a paddle to propel and steer a vessel through and across the water. Canoes, kayaks, standup paddleboards (SUP), and rafts collectively make up the sport known as paddling.

Car Camping at the Cheat River Festival
Camping at the Cheat River Festival is an experience like no other. There are a number of different campgrounds that line the Cheat River just upstream of the Cheat Canyon and within walking distance to the Albright festival grounds. Reservations are encouraged as the spots fill up rather quickly as this photo indicates. Page 6.

Cheat Fest Blue Grass Band
The Cheat River Festival, otherwise known as Cheat Fest, is put on by the Friends of the Cheat, FOC, each year in May each year. The Cheat River Canyon is a West Virginia whitewater kayaking, a West Virginia Whitewater Rafting, and a West Virginia Whitewater Canoeing playground. Page 8.

Cheat River Festival Kayaks for Sale
The Cheat River Festival, otherwise known as Cheat Fest, features a wide variety of kayak and gear sales from both vendors and individuals alike. All over the campground and festival site you'll find great deals on just about every kind of kayak and kayaking gear. Page 5.

Surfing Kayaks at the 2008 Cheat River Festival
The Cheat River Festival, otherwise known as Cheat Fest, is put on by the Friends of the Cheat, FOC, each year in May each year. The Cheat River Canyon is a West Virginia whitewater kayaking, a West Virginia Whitewater Rafting, and a West Virginia Whitewater Canoeing playground.

Cheat River Festival Kayak Shuttle
The Cheat Canyon is a long and secluded section of the Cheat River with very little access from the surrounding roads making setting up a kayak shuttle an pretty involved adventure. While the put-in is rather straight forward, the take-out is not so easy to get to for those not familiar with the areas. Page 4.

Friends of the Cheat Booth at the Cheat River Festival
Each year the Friends of the Cheat hosts the Cheat River Festival in Albright, WV. Cheat Fest is the largest fundraiser put on by the FOC and features rafting, kayaking, canoeing, gear sale, vendor booths, music, camping, and various other festivities. Page 3.

Kayakers, Vendors, and Families Hang Out at Cheat Fest
The Cheat River Festival, otherwise known as Cheat Fest, is put on by the Friends of the Cheat, FOC, each year in May each year. The Cheat River Canyon is a West Virginia whitewater kayaking, a West Virginia Whitewater Rafting, and a West Virginia Whitewater Canoeing playground. Page 7.

Cheat River Festival Whitewater Rafting
If there is anything that West Virginia is known for it's whitewater rafting. With a plethora of rivers to choose from such as the Gauley River, the New River Gorge, and the Cheat Canyon, thrill seekers have no problem booking the perfect whitewater rafting trip. That being said, on the first weekend in May each year, the days when the Cheat River Festival is held, the choice for most rafters is the Cheat Canyon. Page 2.

Dry Suits, Dry Tops, Wet Suits, and Paddle Jackets
When the paddling gets cold kayakers, canoeists, and rafters must decided when to wear a dry suit, wet suit, dry top, or paddle jacket. Some of the nicest paddling is done in warm weather and cool water. Unfortunately, as kayakers, canoeists, and rafters all know, paddling, especially whitewater paddling and sea kayaking, rarely occurs in those conditions. It’s a fact that the best whitewater paddling happens when the conditions are the exact opposite.

Kayak Destinations in Central and North Florida - Kayaking Florida
Check out the unique kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding opportunities in Central and North Florida's inland rivers and springs here.

Vibram FiveFingers for Kayaking - FiveFingers Booties for Kayaking and Paddleboarding
6 models of the Vibram FiveFingers (booties with toes) models that are good for kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and paddleboarding (SUP). Information regarding the Vibram FiveFingers Signa, Maiori, KSO, Flow, TrekSport, and TrekSport Sandal.

All About Plastic Welding Kayaks and Canoes
Here is a guide to determine if you can repair or plastic weld your plastic kayak.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding Sanibel Island's Beaches
Kayaking and paddleboarding right from the Sanibel beaches offers a great way to explore the shore of the island. You can pretty much paddle anywhere from the beach.

Plenty of Paddling Opportunities for the Whole Family
Whether you paddle in between Fort Myers and Sanibel Island at Causeway Islands Park, or off the beaches of Sanibel, or in the wildlife rich waters of the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Preserve, Sanibel Island has options for paddlers of all skill levels and for trips of virtually any duration you’re looking for.

How to Kayak and Paddleboard at Sanibel Island
Here’s some tips and ways to get out and kayak or paddleboard in and around Sanibel Island. There are islands, beaches, sandbars, and mangrove trails all evident before you even hit the island.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding the Causeway Islands at Sanibel Island
Learn how to kayak and paddleboard at the Causeway Islands in between Fort Myers and Sanibel Island.

Kayaking at the J.N. "Ding" National Wildlife Refuge
The J. N.

Florida Kayaking Trails - Find a Florida Kayaking Trail Near You
Here is a list of kayaking trails to paddle all up and down the state of Florida.

All About Kayaking and Canoeing the Peace River
Learn all about canoeing, kayaking, fossil hunting, finding shark teeth, and camping on Florida's Peace River here.

Monterey Bay Kayaking - Kayaking and Paddleboarding at Breakwater Cove in Monterey Bay
it doesn’t take kayakers and paddleboarders long to want to be in the water exploring and viewing wildlife from kayak or board in Monterey Bay. Here’s a guide to your first kayaking and paddleboarding experience out of Breakwater Cove in Monterey Bay.

All About Land Paddling aka Street SUP
This article contains all the information you'll need to understand, get into, and learn how to landpaddle and Street SUP.

Kayaking the Hudson River in Upstate New York
Discover kayaking on the Hudson River north of New York City. Kayak the Hudson River in Upstate New York's Adirondack and Catskill Mountains.

How to Teach a Child to Paddleboard
Here are the steps to teach your child to standup paddleboard safely.

Teaching Kids to Paddle Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddleboards
Here are some ways for you to teach your children to canoe, kayak, and standup paddleboard. As the sports of paddling are as old as civilization itself, they have traditionally been taught from parent to child. Once a matter of necessity, paddling is now a means of recreation and is a way for us to connect with our children through this age old practice.

Tips for Paddleboarding with a Child on the Board
How to paddleboard with a child. Here’s some tips on how to take your young child on the paddleboard with you.

About Paddling: Kayak and Canoe Tips and Information
Learn how to kayak and canoe. Get paddling information, equipment reviews, tips, advice and best practices.

Rafting the Great Sacandaga River in New York
The Sacandaga River in the Adirondacks offers summer-long whitewater rafting. Here's all the information you'll need to book a rafting adventure.

Werner Desperado Whitewater Paddle Review
Werner Desperado Whitewater Paddle Review

South Carolina Kayaking and Canoeing Guide
Here is a guide to discovering some of those kayaking (and canoeing) options in and around the state of South Carolina.

Tennessee Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting
The paddling opportunities abound in the mountainous state of Tennessee. Also, Tennessee is a premier whitewater kayaking and rafting state.

VA and Washington D.C. Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting
Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting options in the state of Virginia.

Paddling, Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting in Maryland
Here’s some kayaking and canoeing options in the immediate vicinity of the Chesapeake Bay State. There is access to all types of paddling within the borders of the State of Maryland. There’s sea kayaking along Maryland’s coast, whitewater kayaking in the mountains and in the immediate surrounding states, and plenty of recreational paddling and historic canoe trails in this state that is closely situated to West Virginia, Virginia, and Washinton D.C.

Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting in Alabama
Here is information that will help you find the perfect paddling destination within the State of Alabama. Go Paddle AL!

Paddling Festivals and Events
Paddling festivals are a great way for participants at all levels to be together and share the sport that they love. This page will be your guide to the different festivals throughout the year.

Paddling and Whitewater Festival Calendar
This document contains a calendar of paddling and whitewater festivals around the United States. Start filling up your weekend schedule from now.

Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting
The Ocoee River is the premier whitewater rafting river in the U.S. Learn all about rafting the Upper and Middle Ocoee river in Tennessee.

The Joy of Paddling Festivals
This article outlines the reasons why every paddler should consider going to canoe and kayak festivals.

The Top 5 Canoe & Kayak Tips for Maximum Enjoyment
The Top 5 Canoe & Kayak Tips for Maximum Enjoyment

West Virginia Whitewater Rafting: Fayetteville, West Virginia Whitewater Rafting
Get all of your West Virgnia whitewater rafting information about the New River Gorge, The Gauley River, and the Cheat River right here.

Whitewater Kayak Brands
Here are the most popular whitewater kayak brands to choose from. Dagger, Wave Sport, Jackson, Prijon, Riot, and Pyranha Kayaks

Florida Paddling Destinations
Florida offers canoeists and kayakers alike a varied year-round paddling experience. Whether you are kayaking in the tropical Florida Keys, canoeing through the swamping Everglades, or paddling in the hills of the Panhandle, Florida offers a paddling experience like no other.

California Canoe and Kayak Paddling Destinations
This page features canoe and kayak paddling articles and information for the State of California.

Kayaking, Canoeing, and SUP Florida's State Parks
Florida has much more to offer than simply sunbathing and night life. Explore the nature of this diverse ecosystem by kayak, canoe, or SUP in these parks all along the state.

How to Perfect the Canoe Forward Stroke
This article explains how to do the most basic canoe stroke known as the canoe forward stroke.

What Is the Paddler's Box in Kayaking?
The paddler’s box is one of the most crucial kayak paddling techniques to maintain, yet it is also the most frequently violated. When ignored, the paddler will be placing their shoulders at risk of injury as well as creating undue fatigue on the arm muscles. When maintained, the paddler's box makes paddling a joy for the kayaker.

An Illustrated History of Rowing Through the Ages
This articles features an illustrated history of this most ancient of activities known as rowing.

Rowing Becomes an Olympic Event
Rowing Becomes an Olympic Event. Paddling.

Rowing in the 21st Century
Rowing in the 21st Century. Paddling.

The Early Days of Rowing
The Early Days of Rowing. Paddling.

Rowing In the 17th & 18th Centuries
Rowing In the 17th & 18th Centuries

Definition of a Canoe Yoke in Paddling
A canoe yoke is a beam inside of a canoe that allows the canoe to rest on a person's shoulders when transporting it from one place to another. The yoke stretches across the width of the balance point of the canoe which is usually close to the center of the boat. There is a cutout in the middle of the canoe yoke for the person's neck, thereby allowing the canoe to rest on the person's shoulders.

Canoeing and Kayaking the Rock Springs Run
Detailed canoe and kayak information for paddling from King's Landing on Rock Springs Run to the Wekiva River.

5 Things Not to Do When Storing Your Plastic Kayak
Here’s a List of 5 “What Not to Dos” when it comes to Storing Your Kayak. While kayaks can take a beating, plastic can still dent, crack, and fade.

The Kayak Launch at Santa Cruz Harbor
Here is a list of kayaking trips that can be done using Santa Cruz Harbor as a launch site. Santa is Cruz a kayaker’s or standup paddleboarder’s dream and a great location from which to embark on paddling trips of a variety of lengths.


Whitewater Paddling
This page is your guide to the whitewater paddling resources found on this site.

Paddling History, Athletes, & Facts
The varied sport of paddling has a unique and long history that dates back thousands of years. Here you will find articles about the earliest canoes and kayaks, the canoe and kayak athletes themselves, as well as some interesting and zany facts about each.

This page contains articles and reviews about kayaks.

Rowing & Crew
Rowing is one of the oldest activities and sports still in existence. It has been a part of the Olympic Games since the 1900 Paris Games and it continues to grow in popularity and prestige. On this page you will find all kinds of information regarding rowing and crew

Whitewater River Scouting Reports & River Levels
This page contains scouting reports and appropriate water level information for a variety of whitewater rivers.

Whitewater Kayaking Safety
Learn all about the Dangers and Find all the Safety Information for Whitewater Kayaking here.

Terminology for Advanced Whitewater River Features
This is a list of those more advanced terms that are used to describe whitewater kayaking river features.

All About Kayak and Paddleboard Hybrids
All about how Paddleboards can double as sit-on-top kayaks. They become hybrids that can be paddled either way.

Past Olympic Rowing Medalists
This is your guide to the past Olympic Rowing medalists for the events that will be contested in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Kayak Gear and Equipment- Kayak Gear and Equipment Descriptions
This page contains the definitions of the various canoe and kayak gear and equipment that are used in the paddling sports of canoeing and kayaking.

Kayak and Canoe Paddles
This page contains articles and reviews related to the paddles used while kayaking or canoeing.

Learn the Standup Paddleboarding Forward Stroke
Learn the SUP forward stroke and you will be able to paddle longer, recover quicker, go faster, and have more control over your SUP.

Rafting in Yosemite National Park
Rafting in Yosemite National Park is a great way to see the Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and Yosemite Falls. Put in at Curry Village and paddle down.

Finding Shark Teeth while Kayaking on the Peace River
Here are some fossil and shark teeth hunting tips for your next canoe or kayak trip down Florida’s Peace River.

SUP and Kayak Hybrids : What You Need to Know
Learn about SUP and Kayak Hybrids and how to determine if a paddle board that can be paddled like a kayak is for you.

Kayaking and SUP with Whales, Sharks, Dolphins Seals
Here are some tips about standup paddleboarding or kayaking with whales, sharks, dolphins, and seals.

Top 10 Safety Items to Canoe or Kayak With
Here is a list of the top 10 things paddlers should wear or have while kayaking or canoeing while paddling a kayak or canoe.

Muscles and Body Parts Used in Kayaking
All muscle groups, joints, and body parts are utilized in one way or another while kayaking, dispelling the idea that kayaking mainly works the arms.

Convert Your SUP Paddleboard into a Kayak
Learn how to convert your standup paddleboard into a SUP-kayak hybrid.

2016 Olympic Rowing in Rio de Janeiro
All about the 2016 Olympic Rowing events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Olympic Rowing schedule for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Paddling, Camping and Fossil Hunting on the Peace River
Here is some information about canoeing and kayaking the various stretches of the Peace River.

What is Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)?
Standup paddling is quickly becoming the water sport of choice and while SUP might not be the most popular (yet) it certainly is the fastest growing.

Paddling Definitions
Have you ever been confused by some of the terminology that is used by kayakers and canoers? This page will give you a basic rundown of all the paddler jargon you've ever wondered about.

Past Olympic Canoe/Kayak Medalists
Past Olympic Canoe/Kayak Medalists

How to Store Your Plastic Kayak
Here's how to store plastic kayaks to do the least amount of damage to your boat.

The Kayaking Reverse Sweep Stroke
This how-to explains the proper technique to use when doing the reverse sweep stroke in a kayak.

Overnight Paddling Trip Gear Checklist
Here is a list of all the items that could be taken on a camping and canoeing trip. The items in this checklist are separated into camping, clothing, canoe or kayak, food, and recreational items. Page 2.

What to Take on Your Next Overnight Paddling Trip
An overnight canoe trip checklist can be the difference between being fully prepared or forgetting something that is important to your paddling trip.

What Should My Kayak Be Made of - Plastic or Composite?
This article explains the difference between plastic kayaks and composite kayaks such as fiberglass kayaks.

How Young Is Too Young to Canoe With Your Toddler
Here are some guidelines to help you canoe with your toddler and to begin to train them into little paddlers.

10 Differences Between Rowing and Paddling
Rowing and Paddling are not the same sport. To be sure, there is a bigger difference between rowing and paddling canoes and kayaks than just words.

2016 Olympic Canoe & Kayak Events in Rio de Janeiro
All about the 2016 Olympic Canoe/Kayak events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Planning a Paddling Trip
Have you ever wanted to paddle somewhere new and exotic? Well look no further. Whether you're searching for a new river to try out your latest skills or you just want to do something fun on your next vacation, this page will give you the information you need to plan your next trip.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Related Sports to Paddling
There are many sports that are related to kayaking and canoeing. Whether you enjoy fishing off of your kayak or you are planning a multi-day canoe and camping trip, this page will give you some interesting information to help you on your way.

Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Spearfishing
Here you will find all of the information you'll need to blend the sports of kayaking, snorkeling, and spearfishing.

Kayaking at John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo
John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo of the Florida Keys is a premier kayaking destination unlike none other in the United States.

The New River Gorge Scouting Report
This is a rapid by rapid scouting report of the New River Gorge for whitewater kayaking and rafting. The New River is the oldest river in North American.

An Illustrated History of Canoe and Kayaks
This articles features an illustrated history of the sports that use canoes and kayaks. Presenting a history of canoe / kayak.

Archaelogical Canoe: The Early Days of Canoe/Kayak, The Archaelogical Canoe
The Early Days of Canoe/Kayak, history of canoe/kayak

Early Canoe/Kayak Construction
Early Canoe/Kayak Construction. Paddling.

Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Debuts in the 1800s
Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Debuts in the 1800s

Canoe/Kayak Debuts as an Olympic Sport
Canoe/Kayak Debuts as an Olympic Sport

The Big Jump: Canoe/Kayak Benefits From Advances in Materials & Design
The Big Jump: Canoe/Kayak Benefits From Advances in Materials & Design

People Still Canoe or Kayak out of Necessity
And Yet Very Little's Changed For Some: People Still Canoe or Kayak out of Necessity

Into The Future: Canoe/Kayak Continues To Advance
Into The Future: Canoe/Kayak Continues To Advance

5 Tips on Wearing a PFD While Kayaking and Canoeing
Here are five tips on wearing a PFD while kayaking or canoeing to ensure you are making the most of your PFD usage.

Paddle Point Lobos - The Kayaking Trip Around Point Lobos
From the put-in at Monastery Beach, paddle out with the rocks and cliffs on your left and continue to follow the curvature of the land, kayaking around Point Lobos

The Return Trip Around Point Lobos Back to Monastery Beach
Turn around and begin the paddle back at whatever point you like to give the desired trip length and duration. Many kayakers choose to hug the shoreline (as they are able) on the way out and therefore stay out a ways on the return, making for a smoother paddle back.

The Kayak Take-Out at Monastery Beach for Point Lobos
The take-out is the same as the put-in unless you’ve made prior arrangements to take out at some other beach or in Whaler’s Cove. Upon returning back to Monastery Beach (Carmel River State Beach), you can try to brave the shore break and paddle in line with your car or get out in the protected area at the south end of the beach where you put-in.

Kayaking Around from Monastery Beach Around Point Lobos
Kayaking around Point Lobos, just south of Carmel,from Monastery Beach is one of the most scenic coastal destinations in California.

Kayak Monastery Beach - The Monastery Beach Put-In to Kayak Around Point Lobos
Monastery Beach in Carmel River State Beach is the ideal kayak launch spot for this awesome paddle around Point Lobos. Located one and half miles south of Carmel on Route 1, there will be a Carmelite Monastery on the east side of the road and a nice sandy beach on the west side.

Parts of a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Paddle
Here is a basic list and description of each of these components, features, parts, and anatomy of a SUP paddle.

How to Put on a Dry Top
Here are the steps of how to put on a dry top. They are more comfortable, less constricting, and dry tops are easier to put on than dry suits.

How to Paddle a Standup Paddleboard
Learn how to paddle a SUP, a standup paddleboard, here; from gear choice to learning how to stand, balance, and perform the forward stroke.

How to Stand and Balance on a Standup Paddleboard
Learn how to stand and balance on a standup paddleboard (SUP) with these tips.

Top 5 Online SUP Package Deals
Here is a list of the top 5 online SUP standup paddleboarding Package deals.

Know How to Identify Whitewater River Features
Here is a list of the most common river features and hazards that whitewater kayakers, canoeists, and rafters must know.

How to Steer a Kayak Using a Kayak Rudder
While rudders aid in turning the boat, that is not their main function. Here are some tips on when and how to use the a kayak rudder.

Places to Kayak on the Rainbow River
Here are some of the landmarks and locations to help you plan your kayak trip to the Rainbow River. You can launch your canoe, kayak, or standup paddleboard from the Rainbow Springs State Park, from the K.P. Hole County Park, and from bridges in Dunnellon.

The Health and Fitness Factors involved in Kayaking
Kayaking is great for your health. Here are some of the basics of kayaking fitness and health to consider.

Anatomy and Features of a Canoe Paddle
Here are some facts about each part of the anatomy of a canoe paddle.

Choose the Best Canoe Paddle
Here is a guide of things to consider when you are about to choose and buy the best canoe paddle.

Anatomy of a Canoe
This article contains all the parts and anatomy of a canoe. Learn how to properly refer to the different components and features of a canoe.

Advanced Paddling
As you grow in your proficiency and experience in paddling, so grows your need for the best equipment, knowledge of the newest techniques, and the latest information. Visit this page for your advanced paddling needs.

All About Sea Kayaking
Learn to sea kayak through proper technique and instruction. This article contains resources and how to instructions for getting into sea kayaking.

Choosing the Right Type of Paddling for Your
Choose the Right Type of Paddling for You. This article will help you think through the many factors to consider when deciding to paddle.

Getting Started in the Sport of Paddling
When getting started in the sport of paddling, the first question you'll need to consider is why you want to get into paddling.

How to Go Ocean Kayak Surfing - Tips and Steps
Ocean Kayak surfing is one of the best kept secrets in the paddling world. This how-to will help you on your way to ocean kayak surfing.

How to Catch a Wave While Ocean Surf Kayaking
This article will help you catch and surf waves while surf kayaking in the ocean.

When to Use a Kayak Rudder
This article explores when a kayak rudder should be used and what the common pitfalls are for beginners who first get a kayak rudder.

Teaching a Child to Kayak
This article helps to answer the question of How young is too young to teach my kids to kayak?

Child Water Safety- Teach Your Child Water Safety While Kayaking
No matter what the age of the child you are going to teach to kayak, the most important concern should be their safety. Child water safety must be a priority. Make sure your child is dressed for maximum water safety before getting near the water. Your child should be wearing a properly fitted pfd, closed toe securely fitting sandals or water shoes, and sun block to name a few items.

Kayaking Safety- Teach Kids Kayaking Safety by Modeling It
One of the most important lessons your kids can get regarding water safety is to see you following the same lessons you are teaching them. It is important that you model the very same behavior that you expect from your child. This means you also should be wearing your pfd, foot protection, and whatever else you expect your child to wear while kayaking.

First Kayak Lesson- Teach Kids Their First Kayak Lesson While Still on Land
It may seem strange to teach kids to kayak while still on land but it is very important. The first kayaking lesson should always take place before you get into the water.

Child Kayaking Confidence- Allow Your Child to Develop Kayaking Confidence
Once in the water, help your child get comfortable. Let them explore a little bit so that they become comfortable and confident. Reinforce what you taught them while still on land. These first moments will be very telling to see if you child is calm and under control while in your kayak or if they will be wild and out of control. Keep a hand on them during this time. The back of the pfd is a good way to hold them while you see what they do.

Kayak Forward Stroke- Teach Your Child the Kayak Forward Stroke
Once your child is comfortable in the kayak, it is time to teach him or her how to paddle the kayak with what is known as the forward stroke. The first step is to teach them how to grip the paddle.

Child Paddle- Let Your Child Paddle on their Own
As your child paddles on his or her own, offer guidance but don’t pressure or frustrate them. Remember also, that as you let your child paddle on their own they probably won’t exactly understand what you are asking of them.. They are after all, just a kid. Try to adjust how you word your instructions to help your child paddle better. But again, remember to take it easy on them. Before you know it they’ll be teaching you a thing or two in the cockpit. Until then, ease into it.

Family Kayaking- When Taking the Family Kayaking Let them Enjoy the Experience
As with taking any member of the family kayaking, allow your child to enjoy, explore, and have fun during the experience. Attempt to impart some of the reasons you love paddling onto your child. If you make the experience a stress free and enjoyable one when you take your family kayaking, it will increase the chances that they’ll want to go again. In time, you’ll go from having a child you are training to paddle to having a true paddling companion.

Should I rent a Canoe, Kayak, or Paddleboard?
Here are some of the pros and cons of canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding to help you make that decision.

Kayaking Big Shoals Class III - the Suwannee River, FL
The Suwannee River in White Springs, Florida has a rapid known as Big Shoals that turns into a Class III rapid when the water is just right. Learn all about kayaking Florida's only class iii whitewater rapid here.

The Difference between the Olympic Canoe / Kayak Events
Learn to tell the difference between the Olympic Canoe / Kayak events, between kayak and canoe events and between slalom and whitewater events.

Twin Sheet Thermoforming for Kayaks
An explanation of twin sheet thermoforming for kayak manufacturing. All about the benefits and process for kayaking.

Paddleboard and Kayak Fishing at Clam Pass Park
Here's how to SUP Fish Clam Pass Park in Naples on Florida's West Coast.

Everything You Need to Know about how to Setup a Kayak Shuttle
This article lays out the best way how to setup a kayak shuttle given the different factors that might be involved.

Setting Up a Paddling Shuttle With Only One Car
This article outlines the options for paddlers who are seeking to setup a paddling shuttle with only one vehicle.

Stretching Tips and Stretches for Kayakers
Here are some stretches for kayakers and stretching tips for kayaking to help you keep your body flexible for kayaking.

Top 10 Reasons Kayaks Are Better Than Canoes
Here is a fun list of 10 reasons that kayaks are better than canoes.

How to Plan an Overnight Canoe or Kayak Paddling Trip
There are many factors to consider in the planning of an overnight canoe or kayak trip. Canoe camping is one of the greatest The beginning canoeist and expert alike must consider these 10 things before setting out on an overnight paddling excursion.

How to Plan an Overnight Canoe or Kayak Trip, Part 2
If you are going to do an overnight canoe trip you need to first find out where you will be able to camp. Once you have your list of locations of where you can paddle and camp, you need to decide which location has the right kind of features for your trip. There are a number of other factors to consider when planning an overnight canoe or kayak trip. This article features a list of 10 things you should consider when planning an overnight paddling trip. Page 2.

Kayaking, Canoeing and Rafting in the Southeast
Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting in the southeast southern states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Learn All About Kayaking
This guide will help you and your friends learn all about kayaking and to get started.

Choosing a Standup Paddleboard Paddle (SUP)
Choosing the right SUP paddle is the most important decision you will make after you decide what type of standup paddleboard to buy.

Kayaking Trip Plan Template
Here is a kayaking trip plan template and a system for how to get it out there to the right people every time.

Definition of Open Water
Definition of Open Water: Water that is unprotected, well exposed, and influenced by a variety of often dangerous environmental conditions.

Youth Kayak Comparisson: The Pelican Solo vs. the Lifetime Wave
Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Pelican Solo Youth Kayak and the Lifetime Wave Kid Kayak

Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak for Kids Review
The Lifetime Wave Youth Kayak is the answer for kids who are ready to paddle on their own. Here is a review of the Wave kayak.

Buy Your Child one of these Kayaks for Christmas
Here are 5 reasons to buy your child a kayak for Christmas.

The Pelican Solo Kid's Kayak
Pelican Sport has come out with their Solo, a sit-on-top kayak made for kids. Here are the specs and a review of the Pelican Solo kids kayak.

Whitewater Surfing - Kayak Surfing Skill Progression
Here is the whitewater surfing in a kayak skill progression to lay the foundation for more advanced playboating manuevers.

How to Size a Canoe Paddle
Here are four different ways to size a canoe paddle depending on where you are when you do it.

Whitewater Kayaking Safety Gear to Wear Every Time
Here is a list of the whitewater kayak safety gear that whitewater kayakers must have and know how to use.

Kayaking Hat Review - The Tilley T7MO Organic Cotton with 3D Mesh
Here is a kayak hat review of the Tilley T7MO Organic Cotton with 3D Mesh for paddling, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding.

How to Choose a Paddleboard
Here are some points to consider so that you choose a paddleboard that fits how you intend to SUP.

The Tilley Hat - The Hat With the Owner's Manual
This article explains some of the nice to knows before wearing your Tilley Hat.

How To Scull in the Sport of Rowing
This article outlines the basics on how to scull. Sculling is a part of the genre of sports of rowing.

How to Get Into a Scull in the Sport of Rowing
This article describes how to get into a scull, a narrow boat used in the sport of sculling which is in the rowing genre of sports.

The Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke
The anatomy of every paddle stroke consists of three phases, the catch phase, the power phase, and the recovery phase. Learn all about it here.

Reviewing the Ten Toes iSUP Paddle, Fins, and Pump
This is a review and tips for the Ten Toes paddle, fins, and pump that comes standard with Ten Toes iSUP boards.

Fishing Kayak Review: Pelican Strike 120X Angler Kayak
Here is my review of their premium sit-on-top fishing model, the Pelican Strike 120X Angler sit-on-top fishing kayak.

Will Your Kayak Hatch Keep Your Gear Dry
Instructions on how to test if a kayak hatch is water-tight. The Pelican Strike 120X Angler Sit-on-top kayak was used for the water leakage test.

theWeekender 10’ Inflatable Standup Paddle Board by Ten Toes
Learn the specifications for the Ten Toes Board Emporium theWeekender 10' inflatable paddleboard iSUP.

Discussion After Youth Canoeing Outing
This guide will help you lead a discussion for the leadership, trust, and teamwork canoeing games for youth.

How to do the Kayak Forward Sweep Stroke
Here are the steps on how to execute a kayaking forward sweep stroke on the right side of your kayak.

Coldwater Creek Florida Kayaking - Paddling Trip Description
Coldwater Creek in the Florida panhandle is a paddling experience that is nestled in the Blackwater River State Forest. Learn about it here.

Choosing the Best Canoe when Buying a Canoe
Here are some considerations to help you choose your first canoe.

Monterey Bay Kayaks and Kayaking Trips
This articles features kayaking trips along Monterey Bay's shoreline including Santa Cruz, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Point Lobos.

Dagger Kayaks Then and Now
Dagger kayaks first came on the whitewater scene when the sport was about to explode. Learn about Dagger Kayaks and their latest models here.

The AW Gauley River Festival in West Virginia
Each year American Whitewater hosts their largest fundraiser known as Gauley Fest. Learn all about this festival and the Gauley River here.

How to do the Kayak Draw Stroke
The Kayak Draw stroke is the technique that will move the kayak sideways. Here's how to maneuver sideways using this kayaking stroke.

Your Road to the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team
This article describes the process to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Rowing teams in Rio de Janeiro.

Earn Your ACA Kayak Certification as an Instructor
This contains instructions to receive your kayak certification to become an ACA Kayak Instructor through the American Canoe Association.

How iSUPs Setup,
This guide will help you to understand how iSUPs work, setup, and store.

Kayaking and Paddlingboarding Clam Pass Park
Clam Pass Park has one paddling trail that has to be among Florida’s best kayaking and paddleboarding options in the whole state.

Spray Skirt - How to Put on and Attach a Spray Skirt
Here is a guide on how to put on a neoprene spray skirt and how to attach it to the cockpit of a kayak. Spray skirts are the answer to the question that non-kayakers ask about how kayaks can flip over and not fill with water.

Olympic Rowing Rules, Scoring & Criteria
Olympic Rowing can be a complicated sport to understand. Learn all about how to decipher this terminology and how the events are run.

U.S. Women's Eights Olympic Rowing Team 2012
The 2012 U.S. Women's Eights Olympic Rowing Team Crew are trying to repeat in London lead by Mary Whipple and Caryn Davies.

Rowing- Learn the Sport of Rowing
This article features articles, how-tos, and tutorials focused on the sport of rowing.

Sea Kayaking Safety Gear - Safety Gear to Have When Sea Kayaking
There are also some very important safety items that should be with the sea kayaker on his or her journey. Here is a list of the most necessary sea kayaking safety gear.

Touring and Sea Kayaking Spray Skirts Explained
Learn all about touring and sea kayaking spray skirts, their purpose, and how they work.

How a Whitewater Spray Skirt Works
Learn all about whitewater kayak spray skirts.

Kayak Spray Skirt Tips
Spray skirts can be a real pain. Here are some tips to help you deal with attaching your spray skirts to your kayak and using them.

Anatomy of a Whitewater Kayak
Learn all about the anatomy of whitewater kayaks, their parts, and design features.

Anatomy of a Canoe
Learn the parts, design features, and anatomy of a canoe.

Anatomy of a Kayak
This article contains all the parts and anatomy of a kayak.

Anatomy of a Sea Kayak
Here are the basic terms and anatomy of a sea kayak.

How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak
Tips on how to paddle a tandem kayak with two people.

How to Paddle a Tandem Canoe
Tips on how to paddle a tandem canoe with two people.

Whitewater Paddling Options on the Sacandaga River
This article will help you decide if you should raft, tube, kayak, SUP, or ducky your way down the Sacandaga River.

Sacandaga River Whitewater Kayaking Rules and Orientation
This is the text from the Sacandaga River Manager's sign for whitewater rafting, tubing, and kayaking on the Sacandaga River.

Kayaking, Canoeing, and Paddleboarding at Collier-Seminole State Park
This article explains all about kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding at Collier-Seminole State Park in Florida.

Solo Canoeing
Here's how to learn the strokes needed and other tips in order to solo canoe.

Mistakes Beginning Kayakers Make
All beginner kayakers make mistakes. Here is a list of the most common mistakes inexperienced kayakers make and how to avoid them.

Canoe Skill Progression
This canoe skill progression highlights the various techniques that should be learned in order to go from being a beginning to an advanced canoeist.

The Blackwater River Kayaking Trail at Collier-Seminole State Park
A trip description for the Blackwater River paddling trail at Florida's Collier-Seminole State Park.

Canoeing Safety
Be safe while canoeing. Here are the canoeing safety precautions and procedures to know, practice, and follow.

All About Canoe Rescues
All about the different canoe rescue maneuvers can be found here.

Learn How to Canoe by Learning These Strokes
This guide will explain the skill progression needed to learn how to canoe, including the forward stroke, canoe j-stroke, canoe draw stroke, and how to paddle a canoe in tandem.

Advanced Canoeing Pointers
Learn your canoe strokes and canoe rescues as well as how to paddle a canoe solo with these resources to becoming an advanced canoeist.

Canoeing Tips Before You Begin to Paddle
Here are some canoeing tips and pointers to practice that will greatly help on your next canoeing trip.

Beginner Whitewater Kayaking in New York
New York State has two very good beginner whitewater kayaker rivers. Learn all about the Esopus Creek and the Sacandaga River for beginning kayakers.'s Rafting Adventures
This page features all of the information you need to go rafting.

Whitewater History of the Great Sacandaga River
While many whitewater enthusiasts enjoy paddling the Sacandaga River, very few know its history. Learn how the Sacandaga Lake and River came to be.

Whitewater Kayaking on the Great Sacandaga River
Whitewater kayaking information for the Great Sacandaga River of the Adirondack Mountains of Hadley, NY.

The Marriage of Kayaking and Other Activities and Sports
Kayaking is a great platform by which to do other sports. Here is an explanation of the most common marriages of kayaking and other activities.

Mistakes Beginning Canoeists Make
Don't make these beginning canoeing mistakes. Learn what the most common canoeing mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Paddling Safety & Precautions
A level of danger accompanies participation in all water sports. Paddling is no exception. The strong currents, shoreline obstacles, and cold conditions underscore the need to always be prepared to deal with any and all circumstances. This page will give you the tools you will need to survive such conditions.

Ned's Gulch - The Merced River's Ned's Gulch from River Left
Ned's Gulch of the Merced River is the highlight of the 15 mile section that runs along Route 140. This rapid is long, complex, requires technical paddling, good boat control, and a bomb-proof roll. Given all of that, it is perfect that Ned's is in perfect proximity to Route 140 that leads into Yosemite National Park, which greatly aids in the scouting of this long rapid. However, as anyone who's kayaked Ned's will tell you, scouting Ned's from above and actually running yields two completely different perspectives.

Ned's Gulch - Approaching Ned's Gulch on the Merced River
Ned's Gulch is so named for the creek that enters the Merced River from the right. The steep gradient at this section can give kayakers a horizon line type view as one approaches this rapid. Luckily, Ned's is easily identifiable. On the left kayakers will see a rock wall and a path leading up to Route 140. On the left you'll see a creek (Ned's Gulch) enter the main flow of the Merced River.

Ned's Gulch - Scouting Ned's Gulch on the Merced River from River Right
At lower levels it is easy to scout the upper stretches of Ned's Gulch from the creek bed that enters the Merced River on river right.

Ned's Gulch - The Merced's Ned's Gulch from River Left
If you choose to scout Ned's Gulch from river left, you'll climb up the rock path that leads up to the wall along the river and Route 140.

Ned's Gulch - Portaging Ned's Gulch of the Merced River
As with all Class IV rapids, there is no shame in portaging Ned's Gulch. You can do so by carrying your kayak up the path on river-left. This will take you up to the wall along Route 140.

Kayaking Rainbow Springs State Park - Kayak the Rainbow River at Rainbow Springs State Park
The Rainbow River is an amazing paddling experience in the State of Florida. This article focuses on kayaking and paddleboarding from Rainbow Springs State Park Campground to the Headsprings. Kayak, canoe, or SUP the Rainbow River.

Rainbow Springs State Park Campground
Rainbow Springs State Park is made up of three non-connected locations: the Headsprings, the Campground, and the Tubing location. The Launch at the campground is only available to those staying at the campground. There is this convenient kayak cart located at the Visitor Center that allows you to transport your kayaks from your campsite to the canoe and kayak ramp.

The Kayak Launch at Rainbow Springs State Park Campground
The canoe, kayak, and paddleboard launch at Rainbow Springs Campground is so convenient. Located right next to the “swimming area,” the launch ramp is long, wide, carpeted, and is conveniently situated for getting into and out of your kayak.

Wildlife Viewing while Kayaking at the Rainbow River
Besides the crystal clear waters and the colorful vegetation on the Rainbow River, many kayakers and paddleboarders come paddle the river for the plethora of wildlife along, in, and above the Rainbow River. There are alligators, turtles, otters, birds, and all kinds of freshwater fish visible from the deck of your boat.

Underwater Photo of the Rainbow River
Snorkeling the Rainbow River reveals amazing visibility. Fish are all over the place. One of the best ways to snorkel the river is to simply jump into the river with your gear, put your face underwater and hang onto you kayak. You’ll drift downstream effortlessly while seeing beautiful grasses and plants, largemouth bass, turtles, and sunken logs. Photo of the Rainbow River. Snorkeling the Rainbow River and taking underwater photos.

Kayaking the Headsprings of the Rainbow River
Before paddling the Rainbow River and kayaking into the Headsprings it is important to know the rules, regulations, and general watch-outs.