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German Politicians are Cowards
Earlier this year a 17-year old in Germany went on a rampage and killed 15 people at his former school. Just like Columbine in the United States, the

New Paintball Game on Facebook
Facebook has now joined the world of paintball... sort of. They do have a new paintball game that allows users to compete against their friends in a very

.50 Caliber Paintballs?
I've been following the recent attempt by G.I. Milsim to start the next great change in paintball gear with the introduction of .50 caliber paintballs and

What Do You Do To Save Money On Paintball?
Lots of people are hurting in the current economy, but just because your 401k has dropped doesn't mean you have to drop paintball, too. There are many

Gun Hits Count
Call it a pet peeve, but I just don't understand why some people don't think gun and hopper hits should count. Is it to penalize the person shooting since they

Where to Find Deals on Paintball Guns
The simple truth is that the vast majority of paintball players simply can't afford to buy every single paintball gun they want without thinking about price.

Drop the Ego
I'm not talking about the gun (though, I suppose, it could sometimes apply to the gun as well), I'm talking about the attitude. I was recently thinking about

Pods are Overrated
I used to always carry a pack full of paintball pods - usually four 140-rounders that I would refill after every game. I always had enough paint and I could

Knuckle Shots
Knuckle shots get a bad rap. Whenever I talk to a mixed group of paintballers and non-paintballers the topic of whether it hurts to get hit by a paintball

Remember the Water
If you haven't noticed, it's hot right now. It's easy to get dehydrated when you're outside and paintball is a sure way to lose a lot of water. You need to

Field Paint
The first time I played paintball, paint was $8 per 100 rounds. In 2009 dollars that's equivalent to $220 for a case of paint. While prices have significantly

The Curse of the Fogged Mask
You've been in that situation. It's a hot day and midway through a paintball game you start to see some blurring around your eyes. You're not getting a

Retro Review - PMI Trracer
Today I'm starting a periodic series where I'll do reviews of older paintball equipment. These reviews won't be very common, but whenever I get nostalgic and

My Favorite Shot
I have a favorite shot in paintball. It's nothing flashy like bunkering someone or getting a head shot at 30 yards. It's not even particularly memorable for

Easy Isn't a Bad Thing
I have a pet peeve about a few varieties of paintball guns - some simply take too long to take apart and reassemble. With most modern guns, at least, it's easy

Old Folks Like to Shoot, Too
When the image of a paintballer comes to mind, it's often of a teenager or early twenties player in the prime of life who is able to sprint, jump and seems to

Play It Right
Despite what many people claim to the contrary, image is very important when it comes to life.  Paintball is no exception.  That's why paintballers need to make

Paintball Girls
A paintball girl is a girl who plays paintball or is involved with the actual sport in some manner.  A paintball girl is not a scantily clad female holding a

Paintball World Cup Begins
The PSP World Cup begins today for those of you who are interested in speedball. They also have a live webcast of the event.  It runs through the weekend, so

Paintball Faux Pas
A faux pas is a violation of a social norm as based on the culture you are in.  As paintball has its own culture, there are certain things that you just

Thank Goodness For CO2
I love Carbon Dioxide. I love how it's so cheap to use. I love how there's no need to regulate it. I love to watch it shoot ice out of the barrel on a chilly

Paintball Pistols
Paintball pistols have become increasingly more popular in recent years.  Some people use them as simple sidearms or backup guns while others use them as their

Tippmann Goes Electro
Tippmann, long known for its durable, mechanical, blowback guns such as the 98, A5 and X7, has entered the electropneumatic arena with today's introduction of

Share Pictures of Your Custom Paintball Gun
Many paintball guns are created with the idea that they will later be customized to suit the individual user's preferences.  Each person, though, has different

The Whiteboard - A Paintball Comic Strip
I spent last night reading through old comic strips of The Whiteboard written by Doc Nickel (It received its name since it was originally drawn on a whiteboard

Is Smart Parts Going Out of Business?
For about a week now there's been a rumor going around that Smart Parts will be closing its doors at the end of the year.  Similar rumors have popped up in the

How Much Should A Paintball Gun Cost?
Many paintball players complain that the cost of guns and equipment is simply too high. Store owners, though, complain that they are not high enough and the

Off-Label Use
Paintball equipment is designed for the sport of paintball, but that doesn't mean that it can't be used for other, useful, things, too. Check out some of the

The People I Admire Least
Paintball news can be pretty frustrating.  Rather than focus on the pros of the sport, most media coverage is still based on the negative - primarily acts of

Where Can Paintball Manufacturers Improve?
Paintball manufacturing is a cutthroat business as evidenced by the many manufacturers that have come and gone over the years.  In the never-ending fight for

Luck Wins Out
Excelling at paintball takes a combination of practice, skill, talent and luck.  Not everybody has time to practice to develop the requisite skill and even

Is It Slow Enough?
Backyard woodsball can be lots of fun with a chance to play a variety of different games, play as much  or as little as you want and no requirement to pay field

The End of 2009
We're coming up on the end of 2009 and I must say that it's been an interesting year in the paintball world.  From the collapse of the NPPL to end of countless

Paintball Predictions for 2010
You never know what a new year will bring, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to guess. In this column I will make five predictions on what will happen in

Brass Eagle Paintball Manufacturing Plant to Close
With less-than-spectacular news to start the new year, a Brass Eagle paintball plant in Southwest Missouri will close in mid-February.  The Chicago Tribune

Smart Parts is Closed (Temporarily)
Smart Parts is temporarily closed while they go through corporate restructuring.    They claim in their press release that they will be finished by the end of

Where Can Paintball Improve?
While following the sport of paintball, I've often wondered where the sport really needs to improve. Is it the cost? The difficulty in recruiting new players?

A Year With a Pump
I did it.  And I don't regret it in the least. I've now gone a calendar year while only playing with a pump in real games.  I've shot lots of non-pumps

New History of Paintball Website
There's a new paintball site that I'm very excited about.  Paintball X3 has released a new History of Paintball website that I highly encourage you to check

Paintball in 2020
Where will paintball be in a decade?  It's never easy to predict the future, but that doesn't mean we can't try. My first thought is that paintball, for the

KEE Action Sports Buys JT
Following the news that JT was closing its Brass Eagle paintball manufacturing facility, the writing was on the wall that JT's days were numbered.  After

What Makes A Good Paintballer?
I've played with some good paintballers in my day and a few really exceptional players.  I've also played with countless average players and a handful of

Mini-Compressor for Paintball Coming Soon
Finally, some good news in paintball.  Tom Kaye, the legendary paintball designer behind AGD and the Automag has returned to paintball with, in my opinion, the

Stop the Vandals
A man was recently cited for defacing petroglyphs with a paintball gun in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Not only was this a stupid thing to do for

Olympic Paintball
With the 2010 winter Olympics coming to a close, I'm reminded of  a question I posed two years ago during the 2008 Olympics: does paintball deserve a spot in

Semis and CO2
There's something familiar about playing paintball with just a good old Tippmann, Spyder or similar-type gun with a CO2 tank. It probably has something to do

Paintball Nicknames
Why do paintball players need nicknames? If you go into corporate America you will meet lots of Johns, Rachels and a few Mr. Smiths or President Coopers, but

Site for Tournament Paintball News
For those that regularly read my site, you know that my focus is on the beginner or intermediate player and I specifically concentrate on woodsball and basic

Rebuilding a Gun
I've probably owned around a hundred paintball guns in my life, which means that I've seen just about every problem at some time or another.  Since I love

Tale of the Trigger
Back in the late 90s when I really began to get involved with paintball I remember that everybody I played with talked about upgrading to a double trigger.  The

Share Your Best Paintball Welts and Bruises
Every paintball player ends up with some bruises just because of the nature of the game.  The vast majority are simple little marks that fade in a couple of

Majoring in Paintball?
So there's not an accredited college that I'm aware of that offers a degree in paintball, but Ohio University Southern has begun offering a class in paintball. 

More Paintball Art
Paintball has been used as an art form before, but it's still fun to see what people come up with.  A group has designed a paintball printer that actually makes

High End Paintball Gun for the Woods
Angel Paintball Sports (formerly WDP) has long made the Angel paintball gun for the tournament crowd and has quite a reputation for high-end guns.  Now, though,

The First Paintball Field
Steve Davidson at has been writing a five-part series detailing his adventure in finding the field in New Hampshire where paintball was first

Boy Scouts Finally Get to Go Paintballing
The Boy Scouts have long been opposed to allowing scouts participate in paintball, but it appears their stance has shifted.  KEE Action Sports is hosting a

Girls Actually Do Play Paintball
I've mentioned my pet-peeve before that the term paintball girl refers to females who play paintball, not models who take off their clothes and hold paintball

Thank a Ref
Being a paintball referee is a thankless job.  All you get to do is run around the field, occasionally get pelted (accidentally or otherwise) with paintballs

Paintball Gun for Billiards
While paintball and pool both use balls - paintballs and billiard balls don't really have much in common other than their shape.  Bruce Johne, though, saw

Born On Dating for Paintballs
There's nothing like going to a store or field and buying a case of paintballs and then opening them to discover dimples, oblong balls and broken shells.  Often

Another Free Online Paintball Magazine
Many of you have seen the black and white Paintball News that many stores and fields carried over the years and probably leafed through it whenever you got a

New Assocation of Paintball Fields
The Paintball Operator's Association (POA) is a newly formed group of paintball field owners that is striving to assist member fields in bringing the fun and

Trolling the Forums
When I first started playing paintball in the late '90s, I was introduced to a group of players who literally taught me the game. Their paintball knowledge in

Tippmann Introduces New Low-End Gun
Tippmann recently announced their new low-end paintball gun - the Gryphon.  While Tippmann has had a firm foothold in the beginner and woodsball market forever,

Smart Parts Is Not Coming Back
Smart Parts has long been one of the leading paintball companies and it surprised many when it originally started with corporate restructuring earlier this

Paintball Field Closed Because of Bears
I've heard of paintball fields closed down from mismanagement, zoning violations, divorces/break-ups, squatting, theft and other reasons, but this is a first.

Paintball Shoes
When I first began playing paintball I wore a pair of air force combat boots that provided lots of ankle support and decent traction. They were perfect for

Finding a New Paintball Field
Paintball fields can be very elusive - you may live a mile from one for years and never know it exists. While some paintball fields advertise their product,

A Water Based Paintball?
Anyone who has leaned into a bunker that has been shot at all day and ends up with half their body dripping in oil can relate to the complaint that oil-based

It Pays To Be a Sport
The first time playing paintball is something you never forget - the location, the people involved and often how the games were won or lost. You also remember

Paintball Publicity
Many paintball players and companies have long claimed that the way to grow paintball is to educate the public about it - to share the sport with non-players,

Hydrotec's New Paintballs
Hydrotec made their grand announcement this week about their new line of paintballs that they believe will revolutionize the industry. I'm still skeptical

My New Favorite Sub-$100 Paintball Gun
While I like high-end paintball guns as much as the next player, I'm really interested in the quality of lower-end guns and it's always a nice surprise to come

Paintball Brides
There's a new trend of brides trashing their dress after the wedding. The idea is that once the wedding is over, the dress isn't good for much and so you might

Bring Your Camera
I've had some pretty spectacular days of paintball ranging from days where I did extremely well to days where the group playing was just perfect to days where

Where Do You Buy Your Paint?
Buying paintballs is the recurring cost of playing the sport that never seems to get easier.  As much as I love paintball, laying down $40-$50 bucks for a case

Review of the New Tippmann Gryphon
I got my hands on Tippmann's new Gryphon paintball gun and had a chance to try it out.  Overall, for  $70 gun I would say it is decent.  It's comfortable to

Designing Your Dream Paintball Field
During the winter months there's often time between trips to the paintball field.  While the weather often doesn't cooperate, it's even more common that your

Smart Parts is Back...Sort Of
While Smart Parts isn't technically back, the Gardners (the founders of Smart Parts) are back into paintball.  It was announced several months ago that the

Black Friday Paintball
When most people think of Black Friday, they often think of waiting in line all night to get doorbuster deals on electronics.  Paintball companies, though,

More Consolidation Among Paintball Companies
The trend in business these days is definitely to go towards larger, consolidated corporations that provide multiple services and products under one corporate

What Age Is Too Young For Paintball?
Americans take it for granted that a 12-year old can play at most paintball fields and even younger kids can play paintball in their backyards.  In Australia,

What Paintball Gun Changed The Sport For You?
I've owned over a hundred paintball guns in my life and I can still probably remember just about each and every one from my first Spyder TL to the new Empire

BT SA-17 Recall
KEE has announced a recall for the BT SA-17 paintball pistol.  If unloaded carelessly the SA-17 can eject the 12 gram CO2 tank which could potentially injure

Paintball For Dummies
We've all had an experience with a paintball dummy.  Whether it's the guy who shows up with just sunglasses to protect his eyes or the one who thinks it's a

Extreme Mil-Sim (For a Whole Week!)
Part of growing up for most people is a chance to go to summer camp.  Whether it's a week in the woods, a week at a college, a week in Washington DC or any of

Do You Prepare for Paintball Like It's a Hobby or a Sport?
I'm of the opinion that paintball is a sport.  It can be a competitive, team-based, strategy-intense game requiring massive amounts of energy and effort.  That

Empire Presents 250 Caliber Paintballs
Empire Paintball released a very amusing spoof on changing paintball calibers with their 250 Cal video.  The video is funny and has lots of paintball-centric

The Next Paintball Robot
A quick search through YouTube will show off the breadth of paintball robots that people have built, ranging from turrets to tanks to Gatling guns. 

Jungle Paintball
I'll be the first to admit that I've never played paintball in a tropical jungle.  That doesn't mean, though, that I haven't played a form of paintball that I

How Paintballs Are Made
Paintballs are a fascinating little enigneering marvel - spherical capsules able to shoot 200 miles per hour with extreme accuracy while breaking on impact with

Paintball Terminology
Paintball can be confusing. When a non-paintballer hears a phrase such as, My gun was hot until I lubed my reg, it doesn't make a lot of sense.  Other times,

Paintball on ESPN
April 1-3, 2011 will mark the return of paintball to ESPN.  If you follow the NPPL or are just interested in watching paintball covered by a major sports

Paintballing at Night
If you've ever been paintballing late into the afternoon when the sun begins to lower, you've surely noticed that paintball masks are not good for low-light

Train For War With Paintball... or Not
Ever since paintball was first played people have used it as a way to simulate warfare and tactics.  Following 9/11, people were even convicted of conspiracy to

Ever Wanted to Name a Paintball Gun?
Ever heard the name of a paintball gun and think, I bet a five-year old or an engineer named that thing. While there have been some guns through the years

Improvements in Paintballs
When I first played paintball in the mid '90s I thought the sport was amazing, despite the expensive, inconsistent paintballs that had a tendency to break in my

Good Bye Action Village
Action Village has been one of the largest internet paintball vendors for years and I, along with many other paintball players, have spent many a dollar

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries
It's amazing how playing paintball has changed my perception of batteries.  Before I had an electropneumatic paintball gun and force-fed hopper I would use Buys Action Village
ANSGear appears to be positioning itself to be the largest online paintball supplier in the country after it purchased Action Village which recently went out of

Paintball Xploderz
Paintball Xploderz

At Least It Wasn't Paintball
At Least It Wasn't Paintball

The "Don't"s of Paintball
The Don'ts of Paintball

Will Pump Paintball Make a Comeback?
Will Pump Paintball Make a Comeback?

Paintball or Paint Ball
Paintball or Paint Ball

Paintball Snowboarding
Paintball Snowboarding

Design a Paintball Plane
Design a Paintball Plane

Share Your Favorite Paintball Story
Share Your Favorite Paintball Story

Upgrading Paintball
Upgrading Paintball

Cleaning Up Paintball Stains
Cleaning Up Paintball Stains

Paintball Memories
Paintball Memories

How Many People Are Injured Playing Paintball?
How Many People Are Injured Playing Paintball?

Friends and Enemies
Friends and Enemies

Cooling Down
Cooling Down

New Paintball Players
New Paintball Players

Paintball Parents
Paintball Parents

Saving Money With Paintball
Saving Money With Paintball

Used Gear
Used Gear

Practice, Practice, Practice
Practice, Practice, Practice

Blending In
Blending In

Helping Beginners Play Paintball
Helping Beginners Play Paintball

The Report of Paintball's Death Is Exaggerated
The Report of Paintball's Death Is Exaggerated

Try Out Something New with Paintball
Try Out Something New with Paintball

What's in a Mask?
What's in a Mask?

Paintball Humor
Paintball Humor

Should Paintball Be an Olympic Sport?
Should Paintball Be an Olympic Sport?

Paintball in the Future
Paintball in the Future

Paintball Basics
Paintball Basics

Keep Paintball Safe
Keep Paintball Safe

Thankful for Paintball
Thankful for Paintball

Paintball in 2013
Paintball in 2013

Paintball in Nature
Paintball in Nature

Warming Up
Warming Up

Equipment Maintenance: A Necessary Evils
A somewhat unique aspect of paintball, compared to other sports, is the sophistication of the equipment that is required to play the game.  Even an extremely

Paintball Sportsmanship
Sportsmanship is not very popular to talk about.  Not only do people not really get excited to have another sportsmanship lecture, but they don't go and read

Introductory Gear
Everyone has to start somewhere with paintball.  Many players' first experience comes with rental equipment at a field or by playing with borrowed gear on an

My Favorite Things
The song My Favorite Things randomly popped into my head.  While humming along, I started to think about paintball and what parts of it represent my

Why I Play Paintball
It feels like paintball has been a part of my life forever.  I've been in so many games, been shot so many times and had so many adventures that it's really

How To Lubricate an O-Ring - How To Oil a Paintball O-ring
A step by step tutorial to change a paintball o-ring complete with pictures and descriptions. Page 6.

Mechanical Paintball Guns
Maintenance and description of mechanical paintball guns. Page 2.

Where to go on the field to maximize your effectiveness. Page 4.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

About Paintball - Paintball Information for Beginners - Paintball Reviews, Paintball Games, Paintball Strategy, Paintball Guns and Gear
Welcome to an exciting blend of strategy, team work, action and adventure, also known as paintball. Enter the About Paintball Guide Site where you'll learn about paintball guns, paintball games, paintball reviews and paintball strategy. Learn what paintball is all about, including the basic rules, what gear is needed, strategies, safety, different paintball games and paintball gear reviews.

Reader Submissions: Your Custom Guns
Many paintball guns are created with the intent of becoming customized to suit the individual user's preferences. Share pictures of your customized gun and explain what modifications you've made.

Share Pictures of Your Paintball Gun
Many paintball guns are created with the intent of becoming customized to suit the individual user's preferences. Share pictures of your customized gun and explain what modifications you've made.

Deals on Paintball Guns
Where to find deals on paintball guns.

The Most Exciting Form of Paintball - What's Your Favorite Style of Paintball and Why?
Everyone seems to have their preference as to which form of paintball is the best, the most exciting or simply the most enjoyable to play. Here's your chance to share your views.

Off-Label Uses of Paintball Gear
Sometimes paintball gear is useful for something else in a pinch.

What Are the Best Online Paintball Games?
Many online paintball games exist around the internet and are played every day. Which one is your favorite and why? If you know a game that's not included on the site, be sure to share it with everyone else.

What's the Most Important Piece of Equipment for a Scenario Game?
What's the Most Important Piece of Equipment for a Scenario Game?

Reader Submissions: Pictures of Paintball Bruises and Welts
Pictures and the stories behind some of the best paintball bruises ever.

Best Paintball Bruises - Pictures of Paintball Bruises and Paintball Welts
Pictures and the stories behind some of the best paintball bruises ever.

Tips When Buying or Selling From A Forum - Forum Buying Tips
Tips and tricks for buying or selling on a forum.

Off-Label Paintball - Ways To Use Your Paintball Gear for Non-Paintball Activities
Paintball gear is intended for the sport of paintball, but that doesn't mean there's nothing else it can be used for. Here are just a few of the legitimate things paintball equipment can be used for.
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Other Thoughts on Angel 1
The Angel 1 comes with a high-end price but also packs high-end performance. For your playing style it may or may not be the best paintball gun, but it definitely can compete with any gun out there. Page 2.

Decide What Direction to Go
Leapfrogging is a team maneuver, so before you begin, you must decide as a team where you are going. Establish an end goal and a rough outline of where you are going. If everyone is familiar with the field, it is advantageous to mention specific landmarks that you will use. Page 2.

Establish Position
Moving in the direction of the end goal, the first player to move will head to some form of cover such as a tree, rock, bunker or ravine. He will place himself behind his cover in such a way that he can view the field ahead of him and can see a location for the next player to move to. Now, as the

The Leap
After the first player has established a safe position, he will motion to the second player to come and will indicate where the second player is to go. The second player will then run to the next piece of cover and will conceal himself as quickly as possible. Page 4.

Repeat the Process
Repeat the leapfrog process until you are able to arrive at your destination. Page 5.

Things to Keep in Mind While Leapfrogging
Some important things to keep in mind while leapfrogging. Page 6.

How to prepare for your perfect shot as a sniper. Page 6.

What you need to take with you when you enter the field as a sniper. Page 2.

Equipment Continued
What you need to take with you when you enter the field as a sniper. Page 3.

How to hide and position yourself as you wait for your target. Page 5.

Position Your Team
The correct way to position your team during a strong side attack. Page 2.

Jobs for Each Group of Players
The roles of defenders, strong side, and weak side players. Page 3.

Attacking The Opposing Base
How to attack the opposing base while doing a strong side attack. Page 4.

Capture the Flag
How to retrieve the opposing flag. Page 5.

Returning the Flag
How to return the flag back to your base after you have captured it. Page 6.

Remove Excess Paint - Remove Paint from a Paintball Mask
You first need to remove all the excess paint on the mask. If you have a water sprayer to use, spray large amounts of water on all the paint so that the water removes most of the paint. Otherwise, use a soft cotton rag and gently remove the large quantities of paint. Page 2.

Wipe Off the Lens and Mask - Cleaning the Lens of a Paintball Mask
Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe off the water and any remaining paint. Use large strokes with the cloth and avoid smearing the paint around the lens. Be sure to clean the hard plastic around the lens to prevent the paint from running onto the lens later. Take a little time and clean in the cracks and holes in your mask. Page 3.

Remove Lens - Remove a Paintball Mask Lens
To get a truly clean mask you must remove the lens and visor from the mask body. The way to remove lenses and visors from the mask varies from brand to brand - read your instructions and follow them carefully. Once the lens is removed, go over the edges of the lens clean the inside and outside of the mask. Page 4.

Clean with a Microfiber Cloth - Clean a Paintball Mask With a Microfiber Cloth
A microfiber cloth is made of very small fibers that readily absorb and remove oils. After you have cleaned the lens with a cotton cloth, use a microfiber cloth to remove any oils that are still on the lens to guarantee the cleanest lens possible. Make sure to wipe the inside of the lens to get any paint that may have ended up there. Page 5.

Remove an Old O-Ring - How to Identify a Paintball O-Ring that Needs to be Replaced
A step by step tutorial on how to change a paintball o-ring complete with pictures and descriptions. Page 2.

How to Remove an Old O-Ring
A step by step tutorial to change a paintball o-ring complete with pictures and descriptions. Page 3.

How to Grasp a Paintball O-Ring
A step by step tutorial to change a paintball o-ring complete with pictures and descriptions. Page 4.

How to Put on a New Paintball O-Ring
A step by step tutorial to change a paintball o-ring complete with pictures and descriptions. Page 5.

Mechanical Paintball Guns Continued
Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical paintball guns. Page 3.

Electronic Paintball Guns
Description and maintenance of electronic paintball guns. Page 4.

Electronic Paintball Guns Continued
Advantages and disadvantages of electronic paintball guns. Page 5.

Electro-Mechanical Paintball Guns
Description, maintenance, advantages and disadvantages of electro-mechanical paintball guns. Page 6.

Other Mechanical Paintball Guns
Descriptions of different types of mechanical paintball guns. Page 7.

How to Chrono a Paintball Gun - Prepare Your Supplies
Make sure you have an accurate chronograph (either hand-held or one that sits on a base) and also make sure you have the proper tools to adjust your gun. Some guns require Allen wrenches (hex keys) to adjust velocity while others can be adjusted by hand. Familiarize yourself with the proper way to adjust your gun's pressure whether it be simply adding tension on a rear screw or adjusting the regulator's pressure. Page 2.

How to Chrono a Paintball Gun - General Rules
Make sure that you will be firing in a safe direction away from other players and that nothing is down field of where you will be firing. You should wear your mask whenever you are shooting your gun, including when you are chronoing. To be safe, you should never chrono your gun faster than 300 feet per second and it's a good idea to keep your velocity below 280 fps. Many fields have their own maximum velocity rules. Page 3.

How to Chrono a Paintball Gun - Fire Your Gun
When you first gas up your gun, whether you're using CO2 or compressed air, be sure to fire several times before you chrono a ball to insure that gun is loosened up and shooting properly. Next, fire one ball and note what speed the chronograph reads. It is usually a good idea to fire a second ball and make sure that both readings were similar before adjusting your gun. Page 4.

How to Chrono a Paintball Gun - Adjust Your Velocity Up or Down
If your gun is shooting to fast, either lower your regulator's pressure (if you have a regulator) or else decrease spring tension on the hammer. If your gun is shooting to slow, raise your regulator's pressure or increase the spring tension on the hammer. After you have adjusted your gun, dry fire several times before you shoot another ball. If you have an electronic gun, this may require you to disable your gun's eyes before dry firing. Page 5.

How to Chrono a Paintball Gun - Notes on CO2
Due to the nature of CO2, there can be considerable change from one shot to the next due to the CO2's expansion. Rapid firing will make this situation worse because it will cause your gun to get cold which stops the CO2 from properly expanding, so be sure to fire slowly and allow your gun return to ambient temperature between each shot. Page 6.

How to Chrono a Paintball Gun - Notes on Electropneumatic Guns
Occasionally, adjusting the regulator is not enough to get electropneumatic guns to fire at a desirable speed. In this case, read your gun's manual to learn how to adjust the electronic settings on your board. Specifically, you may have to adjust the dwell (how long the solenoid is open) and the recharge rate (the minimum amount of time between shots). Page 7.

Initial Costs: Super-Basic Equipment - Basic Paintball Equipment
Cheap, plastic pump paintball guns are readily available from most large retailers. If you purchase a player's pack you'll also get a mask, hopper and some 12 gram CO2 tanks. Page 2.

Initial Costs: Basic Equipment - Basic Paintball Equipment
Entry-level, semi-automatic or electro-mechanical paintball guns with accessories can be found for $70-$100. Some are upgradeable while others are not. Page 3.

Initial Costs: High-End Equipment - High-End Paintball Equipment - Professional Paintball Equipment
High-End equipment can cost as much as you want to spend on it. Advanced guns can cost more than $2000 and accessories can cost that much again. Page 4.

Recurring Costs: Paint - Cost of Paintballs - Buying Paintballs
The most obvious cost of paintball is the cost of the paintballs you shoot. Cheap paint begins at about $30 for a case of 2000 rounds or about $10 for a box of 500. Professional grade tournament paint can cost as much as $80 for a case of 2000. Keep in mind that if you play at a professional field you may be required to purchase field paint which can cost significantly more than the paint available at your local Wal-Mart. The faster your gun shoots, the more you will tend to spend on paint. Page 5.

Recurring Costs: Air - Buying Compressed Air - Cost of Compressed Air - Cost of CO2
Whether you use compressed air or CO2, you will need to refill your tanks. Many stores will refill compressed air and CO2 tanks for around $3-$6 depending on the size of your tank. Alternatively, many people purchase their own scuba or large CO2 tanks and then refill their paintball tanks themselves. While the initial cost of a scuba tank or large CO2 tank is significant, you can recoup the money with regular use. Page 6.

Recurring Costs: Field Fees - Cost to Play Paintball - Paintball Field Fees
If you decide to play on a professional course, you must be prepared to pay for the privilege. Field fees vary considerably from location to location, but typical prices are in the $10-$25 range. Many fields do sell season passes or have reduced

Rental Equipment - Cost of Paintball Rental Equipment
If you only want to experiment with paintball, go to your local field and rent some equipment for the day. Typically for less than $30 you can be setup with a a good, entry-level gun, mask, hopper, tank and some paintballs plus you'll have your entrance fee included in the price. Page 8.

How To Do the Drop Test
Perform the drop test to determine if your paintballs are either too hard or too brittle.

How To Play Paintball
The key to a fun game of paintball is to have everyone on the same page. It only takes a few minutes, but quickly going through the rules each time will help maximize your paintball experience.

How Much Paintball Costs to Play
Paintball can cost as much or as little as you are reasonably willing to pay. Similar to many other action sports, it can be relatively inexpensive to begin, but the more involved you become, the more you can expect your costs to rise.

How To Leapfrog
Leapfrogging is a basic team movement where two or more players take turns advancing while always being covered by another member of their team.

How to Change an O-Ring - Change a Paintball O-Ring
A step by step tutorial to change a paintball o-ring complete with pictures and descriptions.

Electronic Versus Mechancial Guns
The differences between electronic and mechanical guns, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Paintball Strong Side Attack
Step by step instructions on how to do a strong side attack.

How to Rebuild a Paintball Gun - Rebuilding a Paintball Gun
Step by step guide to rebuild a paintball gun.

How to Chrono a Paintball Gun - How to Use a Paintball Chronograph
If you are shooting too fast, paintballs can leave massive welts and bruises. If you are shooting too slow, paintballs won't break on your target. Either way, it pays to properly chrono your gun and shoot at the right speed.

Paintball Shoes - What Shoes to Wear to Play Paintball
Keep in mind a few things when you choose what shoes you will wear to play paintball.

Online Paintball Stores - List of Paintball Stores Online
While local paintball stores are great for customer service, advice and buying paintballs, they simply can't match the selection and prices of online paintball stores. Here are some places to buy your paintball gear online.

Top 7 Upgrades for Beginner Guns
Beginner guns can't be upgraded to be high-end, but a few basic upgrades can make them more consistent, more comfortable and more effective.

Paintball By The Numbers - How Many People Needed To Play Paintball - Small Groups to Large Groups
You can play paintball all by yourself or join in a group of a thousand to enjoy the sport. Match your variation to the numbers you have and you'll be sure to have a great time.

Used Paintball Guns – Where to Buy Used Paintball Guns and Gear
Used paintball guns and gear can save you lots of money, but be sure you know what you're getting into before you take the leap.

Free Online Paintball Games - The Best Paintball Games On The Internet
The best free paintball games available online.

Free Online Paintball Magazines
As much fun as it is to thumb through a good magazine, an online version, especially when it's free, can often be just as enjoyable. Plus, many publishers are switching to online-only versions of their magazines with additional interactive content and videos, so enjoying these online might be the only way to stay up to date with the paintball industry.

Planet Eclipse Ego Review - Review of Planet Eclipse Ego 07-08 Paintball Gun
The Planet Eclipse Ego is a high-end paintball gun that should satisfy any tournament player. It is extremely efficient, accurate and consistent, but that performance comes at a high sticker price.

US Army Alpha Black Review - Review of Alpha Black Paintball Gun
The US Army Alpha Black is a durable yet inexpensive gun that is perfectly suited for the beginning player or anyone who prizes durability and simplicity over lightness and speed.

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Review - Review of Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun
The Azodin Kaos is my favorite paintball gun under $100 and is ideal for a beginner and intermediate player.

Tippmann Gryphon Review - Review of Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun
The Tippmann Gryphon is an entry-level paintball gun designed for the beginner player. It is a decent gun for the price and should definitely be considered for any new player.

Tippmann Gryphon PowerPack Review - Review of Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun PowerPack
A decent package that comes with everything you need to start playing paintball for less than $100.

US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Gun Review - Review of Alpha Black Tactical
The US Army Alpha Black Tactical is a pre-upgraded version of the Alpha black that will appeal to the scenario or MilSim player. While it doesn't offer much in the way of performance upgrades, it is cosmetically and ergonomically superior to its little brother.

Invert Mini Review - Review of Invert Mini Paintball Gun
The Invert Mini packs lots of performance in a tiny package. It is a high-end paintball gun with a mid-range price tag and works great in the woods or on the speedball course.

CCI Phantom Review - Review of Phantom Paintball Gun
The Phantom is the classic on which all other pump paintball guns are compared. It is a simple, compact, reliable pump paintball gun that is suitable for any player with any level of skill.

Piranha GTI Review - Review of Piranha GTI Paintball Gun
The Piranha GTI is a simple, blowback paintball gun that will make a reliable first gun for any aspiring paintball player.

Smart Parts Ion Review - Review of Smart Parts Ion
The Smart Parts Ion is a low-cost electropneumatic paintball gun designed for the player who wants a tournament-level paintball gun at a basement price. While you won't mistake it for a top of the line gun, it is a good performer and can compete in the same ballpark as any gun on the market.

Smart Parts SP 8 Review - Review of Smart Parts SP 8 - Smart Parts SP8 Paintball Gun Review
The Smart Parts SP-8 is not the fastest or lightest gun around, but it's upgradeable, durable and well-designed for the woodsball or scenario player who wants to delve into the world of electronic paintball guns.

Smart Parts Vibe Review - Review of Smart Parts Vibe Paintball Gun
The Smart Parts Vibe is a basic electropneumatic paintball gun that looks good and also performs solidly. It can't quite compete with more expensive electros, but it shines in its price range.

Spyder Pilot Review - Review of Kingman Spyder Pilot ACS Paintball Gun
Kingman's Sypder Pilot ACS is an electro-mechanical, blowback paintball gun that is ideal for the player who wants the speed of an electronic gun matched with the simplicity and ease of use of a mechanical gun. Its lower cost isn't bad, either. While it really doesn't compare to a high-end electro or more expensive mechanical paintball guns, it is one of the better entry-level blowbacks available.

Spyder Sonix Review - Review of Kingman Spyder Sonix Paintball Gun
The Spyder Sonix is one step up from Kingman's most basic paintball gun and is a good looking choice for the beginner player. Whether the upgrades that improve on the base Spyder model are worth the extra cost is entirely a question of preference.

Spyder Victor Review - Review of Kingman Spyder Victor Paintball Gun
The new Spyder Victor is Kingman's update of its most-basic paintball gun and it holds its own compared to similar guns. It is not particularly accurate, fast or consistent, but the Victor is attractive, cheap, easy to use, very upgradable and thus makes a great first gun for the beginner player.

Spyder Xtra Review - Review of Kingman Spyder Xtra Paintball Gun
The Spyder Xtra is Kingman's nicest semi-auto, mechanical gun. It's very similar to the Spyder Sonix but comes with an expansion chamber and drop forward, making it a good option for the beginner.

Spyder Victor Review - Review of Kingman Spyder Victor
The Spyder Victor is Kingman's lowest-end, most-basic paintball gun on the market but it holds its own compared to similar guns. It is not particularly accurate, fast or consistent, but the Victor is cheap, easy to use, very upgradeable and thus makes a great first gun for the beginner player.

Tippmann Model 98 Custom Review - Review of Tippmann 98 Custom
The Tippmann Model 98 Custom is an update of the legendary Model 98 that is more easily upgraded but still retains the original's durability and reliability. The Model 98 Custom is a good choice for beginners who are interested in heavily customizing their own paintball gun or for players who want a decent gun that will last for years to come.

PMI Trracer Review - Review of Tracer Paintball Gun
It's not available for sale at most stores and hasn't been for a decade, but the Trracer is a paintball classic. Since this pump was manufactured in such huge quantities (and was very common as a rental field) and it is so reliable, it is still common to find it used or see someone sneak it out of their gear bag at the local field.

Definition of Braided Hose - Braided Hose Definition
A hose made of braided steel that transfers air from the ASA to the valve of a paintball gun.

Empire Reloader B Review - Review of Empire Reloader B Paintball Hopper Loader
The Empire Reloader B is the big brother of the Halo B and is almost the same except it is sound activated rather than relying on a reflective eye. It is a good, reliable and very fast loader that will not let you down.

Halo B Review - Review of Odyssey Halo B Review Paintball Loader Paintball Hopper
The Halo B was one of the original high-speed, force-fed loaders on the market and it still performs very well. It is on the heavy side and a few upgrades might be warranted, but it is still a great choice. The Halo B is the little brother of the Empire B but, depending on your preference, might be better for your game.

Empire Reloader II Review - Review of Empire Reloader 2 Paintball Hopper Loader
The Empire Reloader II is a sound-activated agitated hopper that does a good job of getting paintballs where the need to be. It is not as fast as a force-fed hopper but it is a cheaper and easier to use.

Viewloader Quantum Review - Review of Viewloader Quantum Paintball Hopper Loader
While the low price might be tempting when you decide to try out an agitated hopper, be sure to pass on the Quantum and save up for anything that is not continuously agitated. Viewloader makes many great loaders but this is not one of them.

Viewloader Revolution Review - Review of Viewloader Revolution Paintball Hopper Lodaer
The Viewloader Revolution is a basic, agitated hopper but it has been around for years and has earned its reputation for reliability and quality for the lower-priced, entry-level agitated hoppers.

Viewloader VLocity Review - Review of Viewloader VLocity Paintball Loader Hopper
The VLocity is a high-speed, force-fed paintball loader that can keep up with the fastest paintball guns. Its light weight, auto reverse, select-force and reliability make it a great choice for any tournament player, though it's higher cost might put it out of some price ranges.

Stryker Paintballs Review - Review of Stryker Paintballs
Review of Stryker Paintballs.

JT Spectra Flex 8 Review - Review of JT Spectra Flex 8
JT's newest top-end Flex mask is low-profile, comfortable and does a great job of not fogging with its thermal lens. While it might under protect if you have a longer face and the lens is extremely difficult to remove, if a comfortable, low-profile mask is what you are looking for, the Spectra Flex 8 is a solid choice.

Viewloader VLocity Jr. Review - Review of Viewloader VLocity Jr. Paintball Loader Hopper
The VLocity Jr. is a high-speed, force-fed paintball loader that can keep up with the fastest paintball guns. It doesn't have quite as many features as its big brother the VLocity, but it also costs less.

PBWaterpod Review - Review of PB Waterpod Canteen
The idea is simple - make a durable bottle the size of a paintball pod and never go thirsty on the field again. PBWaterpods are durable, military-grade plastic canteens that conveniently go wherever you go.

Sly Profit Paintball Mask Review - Review of Sly Profit Goggles
The Sly Profit is a comfortable, low-profile mask that is perfectly suited for the tournament player. While its price will drive off the casual player, the quality will please the most demanding tournament player.

Definition of Micro Line - Micro Line Definition
A plastic tube that will transport air from the ASA to the valve of a paintball gun. It is smaller than macroline and carries a smaller volume of air. It can only be used with certain guns and is used internally in many electropneumatic paintball guns.

Defintion of Sight Rail - Sight Rail Definition
A fixed plate on the top, side or bottom of a paintball gun that allows for accessories such as sights, scopes or flashlights to be securely attached to the gun.

Definition of Dorito - Paintball Dorito Definition
A triangular paintball bunker that slightly resembles the chip of the same name.

Tippmann Gryphon Piantball Gun Information
Information on the Tippmann Gryphon

Definition of Agitated Hopper - Agitated Hopper Definition
A battery-powered hopper with a motor attached to a paddle that helps feed paintballs smoothly into the marker.

Definition of Air Pressure - Air Pressure Definition
The amount of pressure exerted on the inside of a tank or gun by the air inside. It is typically measured in pounds per square inch (psi).

Definition of Barrel Plug - Barrel Plug Definition
A protective device that fits in the end of a barrel and physically prohibits a paintball from leaving the barrel accidentally.

Dye DM9 Information - Information about the Dye Matrix 2009 Paintball Gun
A high-end tournament gun with a high-end price.

Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun - Information About the Tippmann X7
A woodsball gun designed to customized and built to last a lifetime.

Spyder Electra Info - Information on Kingman Spyder Electra Paintball Gun
Simple electro paintball gun for the beginning to intermediate player.

US Army Carver One Info - Information on USArmy Carver One Paintball Gun by Tippmann
Introductory woodsball gun built to be simple and reliable.

Tippmann TPX Paintball Gun Information - Information on Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol
Introductory woodsball gun built to be simple and reliable.

What's the Most Exciting Type of Paintball to Play? - What Kind of Paintball is Best?
Everyone seems to have their preference as to which form of paintball is the best, the most exciting or simply the most enjoyable to play. Here's your chance to share your views and explain why speedball is fast paced and exciting or why woodsball is more challenging and rewarding.

Definition of Gun - Gun Definition
An air-powered device that is used to shoot paintballs.

Definition of Stock Class - Stock Class Definition
Paintball that is played only with pump paintball guns that run on 12 gram CO2 cartridges. The emphasis in stock class paintball is movement, stealth, and one-shot kills.

Paintball Safety Rules
Basic rules to keep paintball fun and safe.

Is Paintball Dangerous?
As long as you wear a mask, paintball is not a dangerous sport.

Is It Illegal to Shoot Cars with Paintball Guns?
Paintball is designed for an intended audience - cars generally aren't part of it.

Where Can You Fill Compressed Air Tanks - Where to Fill Paintball Tanks - Filling Compressed Air Tanks
The first place to look is at paintball stores and fields. Most shops and fields have the equipment to safely fill compressed air tanks and some fill them for free.

Should I use CO2 or Compressed Air - Differences Between CO2 and Compressed Air Paintball Tanks
The differences between CO2 and compressed air.

What's the Difference Between Gravity-Fed and Motorized Hoppers - Gravity-Fed and Motorized Hopper Differences
Gravity-fed hoppers are simply containers that hold paintballs while motorized hoppers physically help feed paintballs into a paintball gun.

Why Are Old Paintballs Bad to Shoot - Old Paintballs Are Bad to Shoot
Reasons why old paintballs are not good to shoot.

How Can I Tell if My Paintballs are Too Old - Test to See if Paintballs are Old
The best way to test to see if paintballs are too old is to perform the drop test.

Monster Balls Paintballs Review - Review of Monster Balls
Review of Monster Balls Paintballs by Brass Eagle.

Can Paintballs Go Bad? - Do Paintballs Expire?
Paintballs don't usually have an expiration date, but they can definitely go bad with time.

Can Paintball Guns Use Compressed Air? - Can Paintball Guns Shoot With Compressed Air?
Shooting a paintball with compressed air isn't as simple as hooking your shop compressor up to the gun and pulling the trigger.

Can a Shop Air Compressor Fill Compressed Air Paintball Tanks - Filling Compressed Air Tanks with an Air Compressor
A basic shop compressor is not powerful enough to fill a compressed air tank. Most shop air compressors operate at under 200 psi and paintball compressed air tanks operate at 3000 psi or higher. A scuba compressor, though, is powerful enough to fill a paintball compressed air tank.

How Does CO2 Shoot a Paintball - How Paintballs are Shot with CO2
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is in a compressed, liquid state inside a CO2 tank. When it is released from the tank it expands into gaseous CO2 which propels the paintball out of the chamber.

How To Protect a Tank - Keeping a Paintball Tank Safe
Paintball tanks can last for years and work with minimal upkeep, but unless you keep them protected, a simple bump can render them useless.

What Does an Expansion Chamber Do - Purpose of an Expansion Chamber
The conversion of liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to gaseous CO2 is an endothermic reaction which means that it takes in heat from the surrounding area and leaves the gun much colder.

What Does Ounce Refer to with a CO2 Tank - CO2 Tank Ounces
Ounces with CO2 tanks refer to how many weight ounces of liquid CO2 can fit in the tank.

Paintball Clothing for Woodsball
What clothing to wear when you go play a game of woodsball.

Bounty Hunters - Paintball Game Variation
There are multiple bounty hunters all pursuing one fugitive. While the numbers are stacked against the fugitive, he does have some distinct advantages.

Paintball Game Type - Pocket Full of Balls
While it's often exciting to shoot a stream of paintballs as fast as you can pull the trigger, sometimes it's nice to slow things down a little bit so the focus is on accuracy and positioning rather than the speed of your fingers. The simple way to slow things down is to remove all hoppers and play one shot at a time.

Stryker STR 1 Review - Review of Styker STR 1
The Stryker STR-1 is a basic semi-automatic paintball gun that is better looking than similarly priced guns but only has average performance. It doesn't really shine in any area or have any major defects but it is quite inexpensive. If you are getting ready to purchase your first gun it's not a bad choice since it comes with all the accessories you need to play.

Can You Take Compressed Air Tanks on Airplanes? - Can CO2 Tanks Go Through Airport Security?
Learn what you need to do to get a paintball tank on an airplane.

Paintballer's Almanac - Review of Paintballer's Almanac Paintball Book
The Paintballer's Almanac is the largest and best collection of different paintball games available, though it does have a few problems. Not all games are really feasible but there are enough variations of classic paintball games to keep the adventurous paintballer experimenting for many days on the field.

Playing Paintball Without a Gun - How To Play Paintball Without a Paintball Gun
An underrated aspects of paintball is the element of playing without a gun. Sure, everyone loves to shoot paintballs and be the hero, but there are times when no paintball gun is necessary to enjoy the sport. Here are three ways you can be involved without relying on your gun.

How to Move in Paintball - Paintball Movement Strategy
Whether it's woodsball or speedball, the key to victory in almost any paintball situation is to out maneuver your opponent. The best equipment in the world won't win you a game if you're out played with better timed movement and superior strategies.

Paint to Barrel Match - How to Match Your Paintballs to Your Paintball Gun Barrel
Something many players don't realize is that different brands of paintballs are different sizes. Matching your paint to your barrel will include your consistency.

Paintball Hats - What to Wear on Your Head When you Play Paintball
What you should wear on your head while you play paintball

What are Paintball Pants? - How Are Paintball Pants Different From Regular Pants?
Almost every competitive paintball player will eventually own a pair of pants designed specifically for paintball.

What is a Paintball Jerseys? - Do You Need A Paintball Jersey to Play Paintball?
Paintball jerseys are commonly worn by all types of paintball players.

Paintball Gun Consistency - How to Make a Paintball Gun Consistent
If you want paintball after paintball to land on top of each other at a distance you must fire each ball exactly the same. A few tricks can make a gun shoot very consistently.

What is Microfiber For? - How to Use Microfiber Cloths in Paintball - Micro Fiber
A microfiber cloth is a piece of fabric made of thousands of very tiny threads that is very adept at cleaning oil off of surfaces. In paintball, microfiber cloths are commonly used to clean paint and splatter off of goggles. The tiny threads are very good at removing the oily residue left by the paint and virtually eliminate the smears oily smears left after cleaning with cotton cloths.

What Size of O-Ring For Paintball Tanks - Paintball Gun O-Ring Size
Paintball guns have many different size of o-rings, but size 015 is standard on almost all tanks and is used in many guns. The 015 o-ring has a 9/16th internal diameter and 11/16th external diameter and is commonly available at hardware stores and any store that sells paintball equipment.

What to Look for in a Mask
Paintball Mask Basics

Paintball Gun O-Rings - O-Rings for Paintball Tanks
O-rings are used in paintball guns to seal off spaces, ensuring that air does not leak from the gun. You typically find an o-ring wherever two pieces of metal connect and air passes through. O-rings are a vital part of the paintball gun but periodically need to be replaced. Fortunately there is a standard o-ring that almost all paintball guns use and it's the size you typically need to replace.

Pocket Chronograph for Paintball - Pocket Paintball Chronograph
A chronograph is a small device used to measure how fast a paintball is shot from a paintball gun.

How to Keep Your Mask From Fogging
Three ways to keep your mask from fogging.

The Paintball Run-Through - How to Make a Mad Dash in Paintball
When you're down players late in a game, sometimes all you can do is risk victory and try to make a mad dash to glory.

Things Not to Do in Paintball - Bad Things in Paintball
The competitive sport of paintball has countless facets that you can work on to improve, there are somethings you can simply avoid doing to become a better paintball player.

Dye Rhino Cover Review - Review of Dye Rhino Cover
The Dye Rhino Cover is durable, effective and versatile protection for your air tanks. It is a battle-tested veteran of many battles and does an excellent job of keeping your tanks free from dings and scratches. It is not the cheapest tank cover available, but it is definitely one of the best.

Can Paintball Masks Be Used For Airsoft?
Paintball masks are more durable than airsoft masks and thus can be used for the sport of airsoft.

Dental Picks Review - Review of Dental Picks for Paintball
A handy tool that is used all the time.

Paintball Batteries - Batteries for Paintball
If you want to compete in the top levels of paintball, batteries are a necessity.

Can Paintball Guns Kill? - Are Paintball Guns Deadly?
Find out if paintball guns are deadly.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy A Paintball Gun
You've played paintball a few times with borrowed or rented equipment, and you've decided it's time to buy your first gun (marker). Now, though, you must decide which one to get. Before you start searching, ask yourself some basic questions which will direct your decision.

How Much Does A Good Paintball Gun Cost?
While you could spend up to $2,000 on the most expensive paintball gun, in general, a new high-end paintball gun with an air tank and hopper will cost up to $1,000 dollars.

Paintball Gun Accuracy - A Forgotten Art
When I play paintball, I rarely, if ever, get a one or two-shot kill. Whether it's the ease at firing off a quick 4-5 shots or if it's simply because I don't completely trust my accuracy, I'm really not sure. Either way, I no longer excel at the art of paintball accuracy. When I'm just messing around I can hit just about anything I aim at, but in a game, my first few shots all seem to be wasted.

Performance of High End Paintball Guns - Paintball Gun Comparisons
Despite what companies would like you to believe, most high-end guns all have similar performance and what actually differs is how the gun feels to the individual user.

Does a Paintball Gun Kick When You Shoot?
When a paintball gun is fired it typically does have a small kick. While most people think of a gun's kick as a large jolt that rocks your arms or your shoulder, a paintball gun's kick is more of a small vibration that is most evident by your barrel jumping slightly after you shoot. A gun that kicks less is typically more accurate.

How Many Balls Per Second Can A Paintball Gun Shoot? How Fast Can a Paintball Gun Shoot?
The simple answer is that it all depends on the situation. Generally, the rate of fire is ultimately limited only by how fast you can load paintballs into the chamber.

How to Tell if Have a Good Paintball Gun - Is Your Paintball Gun A Lemon?
The difference between a good gun and a shoddy gun often comes down to how well it was built. Typically, the engineering in a mass-marketed paintball gun is sound, but the factory that built the gun, especially for lower-end guns, might have been less concerned with precision and more concerned with cost. After shooting countless paintball guns I have found a few things that are usually indicative of a well-made gun.

What is the Most Expensive Paintball Gun?
Find out which paintball gun costs the most.

Can You Take Paintball Guns on an Airplane? - Can You Fly With Paintball Guns? - Paintball Guns At Airport Security
Learn the rules so you can safely take your paintball gear on an airplane.

What is Paintball Ramping? What is a Ramping Paintball Gun?
Ramping is a firing mode for electronic paintball guns that allows for an increased rate of fire.

Can You Play Paintball in the Winter? - Paintball in the Cold
Though more difficult than a summer game, paintball can be played in the cold.

Are Paintball Guns Illegal? Are Paintball Guns Legal?
Generally speaking, no. Specific countries, states and cities might have laws regulating paintball guns, but they are generally not considered inherently illegal. paintball gusn how to paintball guns howto faq

Basic Paintball Equipment - Basic Equipment to Play Paintball
Getting started in paintball is not difficult. You only need a few, basic items and you will be ready to play.

Which Paintball Gun To Buy? - The Best Brand of Beginner Paintball Guns
Learn which brand of paintball gun the Paintball Guide recommends for beginners.

How to Choose Teams
While it might seem basic, evenly matched teams are necessary for a competitive game of paintball.

Where to Buy Paintball Equipment - How to Buy Paintball Guns
While paintball is a fast growing sport with millions of players worldwide, there are still just a few places you can buy new equipment: large retailers, specialty stores and online.

How to Improve Paintball's Image - The Image of Paintball
Image matters and players need to do their part to improve the image.

How to Meet Other Paintball Players - How to Meet People to Play Paintball With - Social Networking For Paintball
Meeting another paintball player is as easy as clicking on an SPS. Seeing the success of social networking sites, web-savvy paintballers have created the concept of the Social Paintball Site (SPS). An SPS focuses on what's important to paintballers: finding new people to play paintball with, space to brag about exploits and a convenient way to share information about equipment, strategy, teams and events.

Can You Play Paintball in the Cold
It has been possible to play paintball in cold weather, though it usually takes a little more work and preparation than playing in warmer temperatures. Fragile paintballs, inconsistent gas expansion and mechanical problems all contribute to making it difficult to play paintball in cold weather.

Is Paintball an Olympic Sport? - Will Paintball Become an Olympic Sport?
The truth about paintballs chances of becoming an Olympic sport

What's the Biggest Scenario Paintball Game? - What is the Largest Paintball Game?
There are many large paintball events - some are regularly scheduled and occur year after year and others are a once-in-a-lifetime event. One event, though, is bigger than all the others.

What is Paintball?
Very briefly, learn what paintball is all about.

Who Invented the Paintball Gun? - The Inventor of the Paintball Gun
The patent for the first paintball gun was issued in 1974.

Nighttime Paintball - Playing Paintball at Night
Paintball in the day is fun, so playing in the night must be fun, too. Right?

Does Paintball Prepare You For The Military? - Can Paintball Make You A Better Soldier?
Paintball does have many similarities with war, but does that mean that playing paintball will prepare you to become a soldier?

How Old Do You Have to be to Play Paintball? - How Old to Play Paintball?
Young children don't belong on the paintball field, but you don't have to be an adult to enjoy the game of paintball.

What is Oklahoma D-Day?
The largest game of paintball of the year.

Does It Hurt to Get Hit by a Paintball - Does Paintball Hurt
Is paintball painful? What are the chances of bruising and getting injured?

Is It a Paintball Gun or Paintball Marker? Paintball Marker or Paintball Gun?
Paintball is simply a variation on the classic game of tag. What sets it apart is thing you shoot. What do you call it? Is it a paintball gun or a paintball marker?

What Gear Do You Need To Play Paintball - Necessary Paintball Gear and Equipment
There are four basic pieces of paintball gear that you need to play paintball: a mask, a hopper, a tank, and a paintball gun. You will also need paintballs to play.

Is Paintball Legal? - Is it Legal to Play Paintball? - Is Paintball Illegal?
As far as I know, it is legal to play paintball in every state. Different communities, though, do have different requirements to play and individual communities can make playing paintball illegal.

Can You Play Paintball Indoors? - Indoor Paintball
There are many indoor paintball facilities throughout the country where you can play paintball indoors, though it outdoor fields are much more common. These facilities typically charge an entrance fee and require you to use in-house paintballs (which typically cost more).

How Many Miles Per Hour (MPH) Does a Paintball Gun Shoot - How Fast Does a Paintball Go
How many miles per hour does a paintball shoot?A paintball gun that shoots a standard velocity will shoot about 200 miles per hour (mph). A paintball going 300 feet per second (fps) is moving at 204.5 mph (329 km/h) and a paintball going 280 fps is traveling at 191 mph (307 km/h). To convert feet per second to miles per hour, take the number of feet per second and multiply that number by 0.68.

Is Paintball The Same As Airsfot? Are Airsoft and Paintball the Same?
Though they have much in common, airsoft and paintball are not the same activity.

What's the Difference Between a Paintball Gun and a Paintball Marker? - Difference Between a Paintball Marker and a Paintball Gun
Learn the difference between a paintball gun and a paintball marker. The difference is

Do Paintballs Clean Off of Concrete and Wood? - Does Paintball Paint Wash Off?
Many people wonder if paintballs will wash off of buildings, trees and buildings.

Is Paintball Dying? - Is Paintball a Dying Sport?
Paintball is a changing sport, but it's not dying, yet.

Is a Paintball Gun Really a Gun?
Ever wondered if a paintball gun is really a gun? It all depends on how you define it.

Double Triggers - Advantages of Paintball Gun Double Triggers
A double trigger is an elongated trigger that allows two fingers to rest on the trigger and for either one to pull the trigger and fire the gun. They offer some advantages but whether to use one boils down to personal preference.

Top Paintball Forums - The Best Paintball Forums Online
The best online portals to discuss paintball.