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Spyder Victor Review - Review of Kingman Spyder Victor Paintball Gun
The new Spyder Victor is Kingman's update of its most-basic paintball gun and it holds its own compared to similar guns. It is not particularly accurate, fast or consistent, but the Victor is attractive, cheap, easy to use, very upgradable and thus makes a great first gun for the beginner player.

PMI Trracer Review - Review of Tracer Paintball Gun
It's not available for sale at most stores and hasn't been for a decade, but the Trracer is a paintball classic. Since this pump was manufactured in such huge quantities (and was very common as a rental field) and it is so reliable, it is still common to find it used or see someone sneak it out of their gear bag at the local field.

Empire Reloader B Review - Review of Empire Reloader B Paintball Hopper Loader
The Empire Reloader B is the big brother of the Halo B and is almost the same except it is sound activated rather than relying on a reflective eye. It is a good, reliable and very fast loader that will not let you down.

Halo B Review - Review of Odyssey Halo B Review Paintball Loader Paintball Hopper
The Halo B was one of the original high-speed, force-fed loaders on the market and it still performs very well. It is on the heavy side and a few upgrades might be warranted, but it is still a great choice. The Halo B is the little brother of the Empire B but, depending on your preference, might be better for your game.

Empire Reloader II Review - Review of Empire Reloader 2 Paintball Hopper Loader
The Empire Reloader II is a sound-activated agitated hopper that does a good job of getting paintballs where the need to be. It is not as fast as a force-fed hopper but it is a cheaper and easier to use.

Viewloader Quantum Review - Review of Viewloader Quantum Paintball Hopper Loader
While the low price might be tempting when you decide to try out an agitated hopper, be sure to pass on the Quantum and save up for anything that is not continuously agitated. Viewloader makes many great loaders but this is not one of them.

Viewloader Revolution Review - Review of Viewloader Revolution Paintball Hopper Lodaer
The Viewloader Revolution is a basic, agitated hopper but it has been around for years and has earned its reputation for reliability and quality for the lower-priced, entry-level agitated hoppers.

Viewloader VLocity Review - Review of Viewloader VLocity Paintball Loader Hopper
The VLocity is a high-speed, force-fed paintball loader that can keep up with the fastest paintball guns. Its light weight, auto reverse, select-force and reliability make it a great choice for any tournament player, though it's higher cost might put it out of some price ranges.

Stryker Paintballs Review - Review of Stryker Paintballs
Review of Stryker Paintballs.

JT Spectra Flex 8 Review - Review of JT Spectra Flex 8
JT's newest top-end Flex mask is low-profile, comfortable and does a great job of not fogging with its thermal lens. While it might under protect if you have a longer face and the lens is extremely difficult to remove, if a comfortable, low-profile mask is what you are looking for, the Spectra Flex 8 is a solid choice.

Viewloader VLocity Jr. Review - Review of Viewloader VLocity Jr. Paintball Loader Hopper
The VLocity Jr. is a high-speed, force-fed paintball loader that can keep up with the fastest paintball guns. It doesn't have quite as many features as its big brother the VLocity, but it also costs less.

PBWaterpod Review - Review of PB Waterpod Canteen
The idea is simple - make a durable bottle the size of a paintball pod and never go thirsty on the field again. PBWaterpods are durable, military-grade plastic canteens that conveniently go wherever you go.

Sly Profit Paintball Mask Review - Review of Sly Profit Goggles
The Sly Profit is a comfortable, low-profile mask that is perfectly suited for the tournament player. While its price will drive off the casual player, the quality will please the most demanding tournament player.

Definition of Dorito - Paintball Dorito Definition
A triangular paintball bunker that slightly resembles the chip of the same name.

Tippmann Gryphon Piantball Gun Information
Information on the Tippmann Gryphon

Definition of Air Pressure - Air Pressure Definition
The amount of pressure exerted on the inside of a tank or gun by the air inside. It is typically measured in pounds per square inch (psi).

Dye DM9 Information - Information about the Dye Matrix 2009 Paintball Gun
A high-end tournament gun with a high-end price.

Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun - Information About the Tippmann X7
A woodsball gun designed to customized and built to last a lifetime.

Spyder Electra Info - Information on Kingman Spyder Electra Paintball Gun
Simple electro paintball gun for the beginning to intermediate player.

US Army Carver One Info - Information on USArmy Carver One Paintball Gun by Tippmann
Introductory woodsball gun built to be simple and reliable.

What's the Most Exciting Type of Paintball to Play? - What Kind of Paintball is Best?
Everyone seems to have their preference as to which form of paintball is the best, the most exciting or simply the most enjoyable to play. Here's your chance to share your views and explain why speedball is fast paced and exciting or why woodsball is more challenging and rewarding.

Is Paintball Dangerous?
As long as you wear a mask, paintball is not a dangerous sport.

Is It Illegal to Shoot Cars with Paintball Guns?
Paintball is designed for an intended audience - cars generally aren't part of it.

What's the Difference Between Gravity-Fed and Motorized Hoppers - Gravity-Fed and Motorized Hopper Differences
Gravity-fed hoppers are simply containers that hold paintballs while motorized hoppers physically help feed paintballs into a paintball gun.

Why Are Old Paintballs Bad to Shoot - Old Paintballs Are Bad to Shoot
Reasons why old paintballs are not good to shoot.

How Can I Tell if My Paintballs are Too Old - Test to See if Paintballs are Old
The best way to test to see if paintballs are too old is to perform the drop test.

Monster Balls Paintballs Review - Review of Monster Balls
Review of Monster Balls Paintballs by Brass Eagle.

Can a Shop Air Compressor Fill Compressed Air Paintball Tanks - Filling Compressed Air Tanks with an Air Compressor
A basic shop compressor is not powerful enough to fill a compressed air tank. Most shop air compressors operate at under 200 psi and paintball compressed air tanks operate at 3000 psi or higher. A scuba compressor, though, is powerful enough to fill a paintball compressed air tank.

How Does CO2 Shoot a Paintball - How Paintballs are Shot with CO2
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is in a compressed, liquid state inside a CO2 tank. When it is released from the tank it expands into gaseous CO2 which propels the paintball out of the chamber.

How To Protect a Tank - Keeping a Paintball Tank Safe
Paintball tanks can last for years and work with minimal upkeep, but unless you keep them protected, a simple bump can render them useless.

What Does an Expansion Chamber Do - Purpose of an Expansion Chamber
The conversion of liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to gaseous CO2 is an endothermic reaction which means that it takes in heat from the surrounding area and leaves the gun much colder.

What Does Ounce Refer to with a CO2 Tank - CO2 Tank Ounces
Ounces with CO2 tanks refer to how many weight ounces of liquid CO2 can fit in the tank.

Paintball Clothing for Woodsball
What clothing to wear when you go play a game of woodsball.

Bounty Hunters - Paintball Game Variation
There are multiple bounty hunters all pursuing one fugitive. While the numbers are stacked against the fugitive, he does have some distinct advantages.

Paintball Game Type - Pocket Full of Balls
While it's often exciting to shoot a stream of paintballs as fast as you can pull the trigger, sometimes it's nice to slow things down a little bit so the focus is on accuracy and positioning rather than the speed of your fingers. The simple way to slow things down is to remove all hoppers and play one shot at a time.

Stryker STR 1 Review - Review of Styker STR 1
The Stryker STR-1 is a basic semi-automatic paintball gun that is better looking than similarly priced guns but only has average performance. It doesn't really shine in any area or have any major defects but it is quite inexpensive. If you are getting ready to purchase your first gun it's not a bad choice since it comes with all the accessories you need to play.

Can You Take Compressed Air Tanks on Airplanes? - Can CO2 Tanks Go Through Airport Security?
Learn what you need to do to get a paintball tank on an airplane.

Paintballer's Almanac - Review of Paintballer's Almanac Paintball Book
The Paintballer's Almanac is the largest and best collection of different paintball games available, though it does have a few problems. Not all games are really feasible but there are enough variations of classic paintball games to keep the adventurous paintballer experimenting for many days on the field.

Playing Paintball Without a Gun - How To Play Paintball Without a Paintball Gun
An underrated aspects of paintball is the element of playing without a gun. Sure, everyone loves to shoot paintballs and be the hero, but there are times when no paintball gun is necessary to enjoy the sport. Here are three ways you can be involved without relying on your gun.

Paint to Barrel Match - How to Match Your Paintballs to Your Paintball Gun Barrel
Something many players don't realize is that different brands of paintballs are different sizes. Matching your paint to your barrel will include your consistency.

Paintball Hats - What to Wear on Your Head When you Play Paintball
What you should wear on your head while you play paintball

What are Paintball Pants? - How Are Paintball Pants Different From Regular Pants?
Almost every competitive paintball player will eventually own a pair of pants designed specifically for paintball.

What is a Paintball Jerseys? - Do You Need A Paintball Jersey to Play Paintball?
Paintball jerseys are commonly worn by all types of paintball players.

Paintball Gun Consistency - How to Make a Paintball Gun Consistent
If you want paintball after paintball to land on top of each other at a distance you must fire each ball exactly the same. A few tricks can make a gun shoot very consistently.

What is Microfiber For? - How to Use Microfiber Cloths in Paintball - Micro Fiber
A microfiber cloth is a piece of fabric made of thousands of very tiny threads that is very adept at cleaning oil off of surfaces. In paintball, microfiber cloths are commonly used to clean paint and splatter off of goggles. The tiny threads are very good at removing the oily residue left by the paint and virtually eliminate the smears oily smears left after cleaning with cotton cloths.

What Size of O-Ring For Paintball Tanks - Paintball Gun O-Ring Size
Paintball guns have many different size of o-rings, but size 015 is standard on almost all tanks and is used in many guns. The 015 o-ring has a 9/16th internal diameter and 11/16th external diameter and is commonly available at hardware stores and any store that sells paintball equipment.

What to Look for in a Mask
Paintball Mask Basics

Paintball Gun O-Rings - O-Rings for Paintball Tanks
O-rings are used in paintball guns to seal off spaces, ensuring that air does not leak from the gun. You typically find an o-ring wherever two pieces of metal connect and air passes through. O-rings are a vital part of the paintball gun but periodically need to be replaced. Fortunately there is a standard o-ring that almost all paintball guns use and it's the size you typically need to replace.

Pocket Chronograph for Paintball - Pocket Paintball Chronograph
A chronograph is a small device used to measure how fast a paintball is shot from a paintball gun.

The Paintball Run-Through - How to Make a Mad Dash in Paintball
When you're down players late in a game, sometimes all you can do is risk victory and try to make a mad dash to glory.

Dye Rhino Cover Review - Review of Dye Rhino Cover
The Dye Rhino Cover is durable, effective and versatile protection for your air tanks. It is a battle-tested veteran of many battles and does an excellent job of keeping your tanks free from dings and scratches. It is not the cheapest tank cover available, but it is definitely one of the best.

Can Paintball Masks Be Used For Airsoft?
Paintball masks are more durable than airsoft masks and thus can be used for the sport of airsoft.

Dental Picks Review - Review of Dental Picks for Paintball
A handy tool that is used all the time.

Paintball Batteries - Batteries for Paintball
If you want to compete in the top levels of paintball, batteries are a necessity.

Can Paintball Guns Kill? - Are Paintball Guns Deadly?
Find out if paintball guns are deadly.

How Much Does A Good Paintball Gun Cost?
While you could spend up to $2,000 on the most expensive paintball gun, in general, a new high-end paintball gun with an air tank and hopper will cost up to $1,000 dollars.

Paintball Gun Accuracy - A Forgotten Art
When I play paintball, I rarely, if ever, get a one or two-shot kill. Whether it's the ease at firing off a quick 4-5 shots or if it's simply because I don't completely trust my accuracy, I'm really not sure. Either way, I no longer excel at the art of paintball accuracy. When I'm just messing around I can hit just about anything I aim at, but in a game, my first few shots all seem to be wasted.

Performance of High End Paintball Guns - Paintball Gun Comparisons
Despite what companies would like you to believe, most high-end guns all have similar performance and what actually differs is how the gun feels to the individual user.

Does a Paintball Gun Kick When You Shoot?
When a paintball gun is fired it typically does have a small kick. While most people think of a gun's kick as a large jolt that rocks your arms or your shoulder, a paintball gun's kick is more of a small vibration that is most evident by your barrel jumping slightly after you shoot. A gun that kicks less is typically more accurate.

How to Tell if Have a Good Paintball Gun - Is Your Paintball Gun A Lemon?
The difference between a good gun and a shoddy gun often comes down to how well it was built. Typically, the engineering in a mass-marketed paintball gun is sound, but the factory that built the gun, especially for lower-end guns, might have been less concerned with precision and more concerned with cost. After shooting countless paintball guns I have found a few things that are usually indicative of a well-made gun.

What is the Most Expensive Paintball Gun?
Find out which paintball gun costs the most.

What is Paintball Ramping? What is a Ramping Paintball Gun?
Ramping is a firing mode for electronic paintball guns that allows for an increased rate of fire.

Can You Play Paintball in the Winter? - Paintball in the Cold
Though more difficult than a summer game, paintball can be played in the cold.

Are Paintball Guns Illegal? Are Paintball Guns Legal?
Generally speaking, no. Specific countries, states and cities might have laws regulating paintball guns, but they are generally not considered inherently illegal. paintball gusn how to paintball guns howto faq

How to Choose Teams
While it might seem basic, evenly matched teams are necessary for a competitive game of paintball.

Where to Buy Paintball Equipment - How to Buy Paintball Guns
While paintball is a fast growing sport with millions of players worldwide, there are still just a few places you can buy new equipment: large retailers, specialty stores and online.

How to Improve Paintball's Image - The Image of Paintball
Image matters and players need to do their part to improve the image.

How to Meet Other Paintball Players - How to Meet People to Play Paintball With - Social Networking For Paintball
Meeting another paintball player is as easy as clicking on an SPS. Seeing the success of social networking sites, web-savvy paintballers have created the concept of the Social Paintball Site (SPS). An SPS focuses on what's important to paintballers: finding new people to play paintball with, space to brag about exploits and a convenient way to share information about equipment, strategy, teams and events.

Can You Play Paintball in the Cold
It has been possible to play paintball in cold weather, though it usually takes a little more work and preparation than playing in warmer temperatures. Fragile paintballs, inconsistent gas expansion and mechanical problems all contribute to making it difficult to play paintball in cold weather.

What's the Biggest Scenario Paintball Game? - What is the Largest Paintball Game?
There are many large paintball events - some are regularly scheduled and occur year after year and others are a once-in-a-lifetime event. One event, though, is bigger than all the others.

Who Invented the Paintball Gun? - The Inventor of the Paintball Gun
The patent for the first paintball gun was issued in 1974.

Nighttime Paintball - Playing Paintball at Night
Paintball in the day is fun, so playing in the night must be fun, too. Right?

Does Paintball Prepare You For The Military? - Can Paintball Make You A Better Soldier?
Paintball does have many similarities with war, but does that mean that playing paintball will prepare you to become a soldier?

What is Oklahoma D-Day?
The largest game of paintball of the year.

Is It a Paintball Gun or Paintball Marker? Paintball Marker or Paintball Gun?
Paintball is simply a variation on the classic game of tag. What sets it apart is thing you shoot. What do you call it? Is it a paintball gun or a paintball marker?

What Gear Do You Need To Play Paintball - Necessary Paintball Gear and Equipment
There are four basic pieces of paintball gear that you need to play paintball: a mask, a hopper, a tank, and a paintball gun. You will also need paintballs to play.

Is Paintball Legal? - Is it Legal to Play Paintball? - Is Paintball Illegal?
As far as I know, it is legal to play paintball in every state. Different communities, though, do have different requirements to play and individual communities can make playing paintball illegal.

Can You Play Paintball Indoors? - Indoor Paintball
There are many indoor paintball facilities throughout the country where you can play paintball indoors, though it outdoor fields are much more common. These facilities typically charge an entrance fee and require you to use in-house paintballs (which typically cost more).

Is Paintball The Same As Airsfot? Are Airsoft and Paintball the Same?
Though they have much in common, airsoft and paintball are not the same activity.

Do Paintballs Clean Off of Concrete and Wood? - Does Paintball Paint Wash Off?
Many people wonder if paintballs will wash off of buildings, trees and buildings.

Is Paintball Dying? - Is Paintball a Dying Sport?
Paintball is a changing sport, but it's not dying, yet.

Is a Paintball Gun Really a Gun?
Ever wondered if a paintball gun is really a gun? It all depends on how you define it.

Double Triggers - Advantages of Paintball Gun Double Triggers
A double trigger is an elongated trigger that allows two fingers to rest on the trigger and for either one to pull the trigger and fire the gun. They offer some advantages but whether to use one boils down to personal preference.

Top Paintball Forums - The Best Paintball Forums Online
The best online portals to discuss paintball.

How To Buy From A Forum - Guide To Buying From A Forum - Buying Paintball Guns From Forums
When you're looking for a good deal, you just might wind up looking at classifieds on a forum. You can get a great deal from these sites, but make sure you know what you buy smart so you don't regret it later.

Social Paintball Sites
Seeing the success of social networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook, web-savvy paintballers have created the concept of the Social Paintball Site (SPS). An SPS focuses on what's important to paintballers: finding new people to play paintball with, space to brag about exploits and a convenient way to share information about equipment, strategy, teams and events. If you need to network, meet people or simply want to spend some quality time reading about paintball, try out an SPS.

Paintball Jungles - Playing Paintball In Thick Cover
Paintball can be played in all types of terrain, including thick cover. The strategy changes, but the game is still the same.

What is Woodsball - Woodsball Paintball
Woodsball (or Outlaw Paintball) is a title given to almost any variety of paintball that is not played on level, professional fields. It often consists of simply a group of friends who decide to play paintball in the trees or in the desert.

Dangerous Power Fusion Review - Review of Dangerous Power Fusion
The Dangerous Power Fusion is a tournament grade paintball gun that can easily compete with the best guns out there. While it is slightly heavier and has fewer firing modes than other high-end guns, it only costs a fraction of the price.

Smart Parts SP 1 Review - Review of Smart Parts SP 1 Paintball Gun - SP1 Review
The Smart Parts SP-1 is a solid entry-level, electropneumatic paintball gun. It's not as nice as more expensive electros, but it shines in its price range.

Tippmann Model 98 Custom Review - Review of Tippmann 98 Custom
The Tippmann Model 98 Custom is an update of the legendary Model 98 that is more easily upgraded but still retains the original's durability and reliability. The Model 98 Custom is a good choice for beginners who are interested in heavily customizing their own paintball gun or for players who want a decent gun that will last for years to come.

Tippmann Model 98 - Review of Tippmann Model 98
The Tippmann Model 98 is a legend in the paintball industry. While there have been updated versions of the gun (such as the ), the basic Model 98 is still a very reliable paintball gun that is a great choice for the beginning or intermediate paintball player.

Definition of Burst Disk - Burst Disk - Burst Disc
A small disk inside of a screw that is inserted into the side of a CO2 or compressed air tank. If the air pressure inside the tank exceeds a certain pressure, the burst disk will blow out, releasing all the pressure inside the tank. This safety device keeps over-filled tanks from exploding.

Definiton of Expansion Chamber - Expansion Chamber Definition
A device that sits between the ASA and the valve of the paintball gun that is filled with multiple cavities or

Definition of Fully Automatic - Fully Automatic Definition
A firing mode where a paintball gun will fire as long as you hold down the trigger. Many guns have a capped rate of fire with fully automatic shooting so you may actually be able to fire faster by repeatedly pulling the trigger.

JT Neck Protector Review - Review of JT Paintball Neck Protector
Purely functional but not as comfortable as some other brands.

Paintball Girls - The Girls of Paintball - Paintball Women
Paintball girls exist and are more common than you might think. While paintball is often viewed as a masculine sport with the bulk of the players being masculine, there are many paintball girls who play and are involved with the sport in other ways.

Paintballs - What to Look For In Paintballs
A good paintball will be perfectly round, have no visible line between the halves of the shell and be free of dimples or any misshaping.

What is Speedball - Description of Speedball
Speedball is a variation of paintball that is played on small, flat fields, and as its name suggests, the pace of the game is very quick.

Basic Speedball Field Setup
How to build a basic speedball field.

Scenario Paintball - What is Scenario Paintball
Scenario paintball is a genre of paintball games where large groups of players compete for specific objectives, often simulating famous battles from history or from movies

Basic Woodsball Field Setup
What to look for in a field and how to organize things so you're ready to play.

Where To Buy Paintballs - Where Can You Buy Paintballs?
Learn the best places to buy paintballs.

Do Frozen Paintballs Hurt? - Does It Hurt to Get Hit By Frozen Paintballs?
Many stories are told that frozen paintballs can cause severe pain and damage. Others say this is a myth. Learn the truth.

Can You Freeze Paintballs? Do Paintballs Freeze?
Long-standing rumors say that putting paintballs in the freezer will make them harder and shoot farther. Learn whether this myth is based on fact or fiction.

Can Paintballs Go Bad? - Do Paintballs Go Bad?
Paintballs are not designed to last forever, but that doesn't mean they are going to go bad right away.

Barrel Sock/Barrel Plug - Paintball Barrel Sock/Barrel Plug
Proper paintball safety requires players to use a barrel plug or barrel sock whenever masks are off. It's not that hard - when the game is over, everyone needs to simply put on their barrel protection before masks are removed. If everyone did this and people didn't mess around with their guns in the staging area without any protection, basically all severe paintball injuries could be avoided.

How to Clean a Paintball Mask - Cleaning A Mask
Whether it's some splatter from a near hit or a full-on hit to the face, you need to get your mask back into top shape so you can get back in the game. While you can simply run a rag over the paint, to really get your mask clean you need to take a little more time and follow some simple steps.

Paintball Grenades - What is a Paintball Grenade?
Paintball grenades are a fun addition to paintball games.

Who is Paintball For - Who Can Play Paintball
Paintball is for anyone who likes competition, action, strategy and skill.

Paintball Equipment - Necessary Equipment to Play Paintball
paintball equipment, paint ball equipment, paintball guns, paint ball guns, paintball masks, paint ball masks, paintball hoppers, paint ball hoppers, paintball tanks paint, ball tanks

Who Plays Paintball? - What Kind of People Play Paintball?
A variety of people from countless backgrounds play paintball but the majority of players come from a few groups of people.

Can Paintballs Break Glass?
Are paintballs actually shot fast enough to break glass?

When Was the First Game of Paintball Played? - When Was Paintball Invented?
The origins of paintball go back to the 1970s but it wasn't until the next decade that the game was first played.

Paintball or Paint Ball - How to Spell Paintball
The proper way to spell the name of the sport where you shoot little paint-filled balls at one another.

Base Capture - A variation on capture the flag that makes paintball fun to play
Base Capture is a simple variation of capture the flag that encourages quick games and mad dashes but requires significant amounts of strategy to successfully compete.

Capture The Flag
How to play capture the flag in paintball.

Center Flag
A variation of capture the flag that requires you to think, shoot and move quickly.

Is Paintball Fun? - Is It Fun to Play Paintball?
Paintball is a fun sport that just about anybody can play and enjoy. It's an exciting blend of action, strategy and adrenaline and comes in countless forms and variations.

Is Paintball Safe? - How Safe is Paintball?
Paintball is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense.

Is Paintball a Sport?
Paintball is a sport. It is composed of opposing teams, fixed objectives and requires physical activity and fast-paced movement. It's true that it is different from basketball and football, but so are tennis, javelin throwing and diving.

Advanced Players
Paintball for the more advanced player.

Beginner's Guide
The basics you need to know to get started in the game of paintball.

Jungle Paintball - Paintball Game Variation
A paintball variation for small fields with dense undergrowth.

Paintball Pistol - What is a Paintball Pistol?
A paintball pistol is a variation on the common paintball gun but is smaller and more compact.

.50 Caliber Paintball
What you need to know about .50 caliber paintballs and whether it's something you should buy.

What's a Venturi Bolt?
A paintball bolt is the part of a paintball gun that moves the ball forward into the chamber, seals off the chamber and then releases compressed gas to propel the paintball down the barrel. With a classic bolt, the air comes out of the bolt through a large hole and propels the ball forward. Venturi bolts were designed to dissipate the air and allow lots of little blasts of air to hit the ball.

The Paintball Sniper - How to be a Paintball Sniper
Paintball snipers don't require massive amounts of specialized equipment, just a good sense of where to hide and when to shoot.

How to practice paintball alone
Just as the best basketball players spend hours alone in the gym, to fully develop your technique at paintball you need to invest some time alone.

Paintball Shooting Positions
In paintball you must be able to shoot accurately while running, standing, crouching, kneeling, sitting and laying. Each position requires a slightly different technique, but with practice you can become proficient from any position on the field.

Definition of PSI - PSI Definition
Pounds per Square Inch. The pressure inside a compressed air or CO2 tank. Compressed air tanks typically fill to either 3000 psi or 4500 psi.

Definition of ASA - ASA Definition
Air Source Adapter. The threaded female adapter that allows you to screw your air tank into your paintball gun.

Definition of Elbow - Elbow Definition
Some markers have the feed neck (where paintballs are inserted) situated at a 45 degree angle to allow a direct line of sight down the barrel. An elbow attaches to the feed neck and is bent another 45 degrees to allow a hopper to be attached.

Definition of BYOP - BYOP Definition - Paintball Definitions

Definition of Eyes - Eyes Definition
Electronic devices that do not allow a paintball gun to fire until a paintball is completely loaded into the firing chamber. Ensuring that all paintballs are completely loaded before firing limits the number of chopped paintballs.

Definition of Spring - Spring Definition
A coiled metal device that is able to store mechanical energy. Springs are used in paintball guns to put tension on hammers so that when a paintball gun is fired the hammer will move forward and strike the valve. There are also valve springs which, after the hammer has displaced the valve stem will allow the valve to reseal and close the valve.

Definition of Elimination - Elimination Definition
A. When a player has been hit or marked by a paintball that breaks on their body or equipment. Once a player is eliminated, they must then leave the playing field.

B. A variation of paintball where opposing teams try to eliminate all the players on the opposite team.

Deathball - Paintball Game Variation
You have one minute to get as many bodies as possible to the other side of the field.

Necromancer - Paintball Game Variation
The team with the most players left wins, but each team has the chance to raise their dead once.paintball game types paint ball game types paintball guns paintball rules how to play paintball

Paintball Game Type - Off-Handed
While few people are born ambidextrous, many wish they were. With a little practice, though, you can learn to competitively play with either hand. It also helps if everyone else is learning at the same time.

Snipers - Paintball Game Variation
Rather than speed and quickness, the focus of Snipers is stealth and stalking. Not only do you have a limited number of shots, if you don't conceal yourself well you're just a sitting duck.

Paintball Game Type - VIP
Rather than focusing on eliminating the other team, wouldn't it be easier to narrow your focus onto one opposing player? VIP places you with the responsibility of protecting your VIP while also attempting to eliminate your opponent's.

Assassins - Paintball Game Variation
A field full of players and you can only shoot one of them. At the same time, only one is hunting you. The problem is that you don't know who that person is.

How to Clean a Spyder-Clone Paintball Gun - Cleaning a Spyder Paintball Gun
A basic description of how to clean a standard stacked-tube blowback paintball gun such as JTs, Piranhas and Azodin guns.

Paintball and Animals - How Are Animals Involved With Paintball?
Paintball is not generally a sport intended for animals, but sometimes they get involved.

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Paintball - TopPicks
An index of TopPicks for the Paintball guide site.

Are Paintball Guns Illegal? Are Paintball Guns Legal?
Generally speaking, no. Specific countries, states and cities might have laws regulating paintball guns, but they are generally not considered inherently illegal. paintball gusn how to paintball guns howto faq