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Common Core Standards For Parents For Dummies
If you are looking for a solid reference written for parents on the new Common Core State Standards, this for Dummies book was written with you in mind.

End Stuck At Home Summer Boredom
Stuck indoors in the Summer? Fight summer boredom with these four stuck at home in the summer activities.

5 Activities Your Child Can Do With A Concussion?
Is your child with a concussion feeling bored when they are required to

How to Get Your Child to Eat a Healthy School Lunch
You want your child eating a healthy lunch at school. These six tips will help ensure your child has access to one and chooses to eat it.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

School Lunch vs. Packed Lunch: Which Should You Choose?
Choosing bagged lunch or school lunch depends on the needs of your family and what is available in your local school. Use these 5 factors to decide.

Is Online Public School Right For Your Family?
Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you enroll in an online public school. Don't be caught by surprises later on!

What To Do If You Lost Your Child's Immunization Record
Can't find your kid's immunization record anywhere? You need it for your child to attend school. Here are ways you can obtain a new copy.

Reasons Why You Are Not Involved In Your Kids Education
If you keep hearing about how important parental involvement is and don't think you can do it, find out why school parents really should just get involved.

Which Extracurricular Is Right For Your Child or Teen?
Whether elementary, middle or high school, find the extracurricular activities that will enhance your child's k-12 school experience.

Stop Summer Brain Drain
Avoid summer learning loss while still having a good time this summer by following these tips and ideas. Your child can return to school in the fall ready to take off in learning.

5 Things You Need When You Enroll Your Child in School
Registering your child for school will go smoothly if you have the right documents. Here are the documents you need for school enrollment.

Finding Extracurricular Activities For Your Child
What you need to consider when searching for an extracurricular activity for your child so that your child will have an enjoyable experience.

Why You Should Be A Reading Volunteer
Reading volunteers are used in classroom and literacy programs. You can learn more about this volunteer position to see if you want to get involved.

6 Reasons Why Your Child Needs Extracurricular Activities
The reasons why you should encourage your child to pick up an extra activity outside of the school day. Whether it is sports, social, religious or interest based, here are the reasons why your child will benefit.

6 Questions That Explain What Your Local School Board Is
Local school boards are the primary governing unit of the American school system. Get a clear picture of this role so that you can be the best voter and advocate for school children.

Causes of Common Core Controversy
Common Core State Standards, CCS for short, has become more controversial since the reform has begun​ to be implemented.

How To Get Your Child's School To Serve A Decent Lunch
If you think your child's school lunch needs a serious makeover, the steps in this article will help you advocate for the change that needs to take place.

Are There Too Many Kids In Your Child's Class?
Small class sizes are loved by parents and teachers alike. What is a small class size, and what determines when csmall classes or worth the increased costs of more teachers and classrooms?

What an IEP Is and How to Know if Your Child Needs One
Wondering if you should get an IEP for your struggling child? Find out what an IEP is to see if it is a solution that will fit for your child.

Talking to a Teacher About Problem Concerns
Tips and points for talking with your child's teacher when you are concerned or upset. Find ways to solve the problem so your child will succeed.

How To Help Your Struggling Child With School
Knowing that your child is struggling with school is difficult for any parent to witness. Here is a 5 step general plan for solving school problems that arise.

How to Help With Homework
Make sure that when you help your child with your homework, you teach them the best ways to succeed.

When Should A Child Be Held Back A Grade?
Are you thinking that your child should repeat a grade? How can you tell if your child would benefit from being held back? Some children do benefit from dropping a grade level, but it is important to know if your child will do better in a lower grade before making this change.

Ways to Help Struggling Older Readers
Does your teen or older child struggle with reading? Here are strategies that you can use to help them be more successful readers.

Common Objections To Standardized Tests
The role standardized tests should play in modern U.S. public education is frequently questioned. These are the drawbacks and concerns against tests.

Traits Of Advocating School Parents Who Get Results
Some school parents just seem to always be able to get what they want for their child from the school. Find out what traits these parents have.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

7 Fun Last Day Of School Traditions
The end of the school year is a great time to mark the completion of a grade and the shift to summer. Make your own family tradition to remember it.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

The School Day—How Much Time Experts Recommend
How much time does your child spend each day in school, homework, play, sleep, and socializing? Find out what the experts say your child needs.

How to Get the Benefits out of a Repeat School Year
If your child is repeating a grade in school, take these steps to make grade retention work for your child. School performance can improve this year.

How To Create A Homework Reward System
You know your child just doesn't care about their homework. This is what you can do to change that attitude.

Get The Best Back-To-School Deals
Spread out and time your back-to-school shopping to get the best deals. Find out what items usually go on sale when, so you can time your purchases for the best price.

Where To Shop for Back To School
Learn which stores offer the best deals on back-to-school items. Don't go to only one store, or risk going to the wrong store, or you will waste your money.

7 Habits of Parents With Kids Who Thrive In School
Do you have the habits that take your parenting from a struggle to actually helping your child or teen be successful in school and life?

8 Tips For Coordinating Concussion Treatment and School
Did you just find out that your child might have a head injury or concussion? Here is step by step what you need to do.

How to Choose the Right Back-to-School Backpack
Discover tips for choosing the right school backpack for your children. Learn how to choose a quality bag that fits well and has the style your kid wants.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Top Ten School Support Fundraisers
Check out these ideas to find the perfect fundraiser for your school or club. Some are easy, others unique. You can find ideas for PTA or PTA, school sports and clubs.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Top Ten School Support Fundraisers
Check out these ideas to find the perfect fundraiser for your school or club. Some are easy, others unique. You can find ideas for PTA or PTA, school sports and clubs.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

6 Tips For Walking Safely To School
Walking to school can be a great way for your child - and you to get more exercise. Jsut make sure you stay safe!

14 Tips for Making Your School Carpool Go Great
If your family is joining a school carpool, you need to have a great plan to make it work and last for all the families involved. Find tips on rules, safety and more.

How to Find The Right People For a School Carpool
Want to get into a school carpool, but don't know where to start? Decide what you are looking for in a carpool and find out where to look for a good carpool match.

Book Review of Beyond The Tiger Mom
How does Asian style

Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten?
Kindergarten is the beginning of your child's formal school education. Look at social and developmental qualities to decide if your child is ready.

7 Warning Signs Your Child Is Struggling In School
Know the warning signs that your child or teen is struggling in school so you can help your child get back to school success quickly.

3 Tips For Talking To Your Teen About College That Work
Want to know one of the most effective ways parents can help their children succeed? Talk to your teen about their future in a way that works.

The Three Best Ways To End Your Kid's Winter Break Boredom
Does your kids whining make you wish that they were back in school - with extra long days? Stop the boredom complaints with these 3 strategies.

What Are Kindergarten Readiness Screenings?
You may be wondering what a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment or screening is, and why your child is being asked to take it.

About Immunization Exemptions
Not sure If your child really needs that immunization​ to attend school? Are you wondering how immunization exemptions work, who can get them, and if they ar right for your child?

What is the Difference between the PTA, PTO or PTSA?
Is there a difference between a PTA, PTO, PTSA or PTSO? What sets these parent-teacher organizations apart from one another?

How You Can Help Your Kid Succeed When They Are In a Large Class
You don't have to write the year off if your child is in a big class. You may discover it isn't as bad as you thought, or find ways to make it better.

How You Can Help Your Child Succeed In STEM Subjects
How can we help our children succeed in STEM subjects, especially when we're not familiar with these subjects? Here are five ways parents can help.

Causes of School Lunch Controversy
What are some of the criticisms about the USDA's Healthy, Hunger Free Act? What are some of the fears of the new school lunch standards?

How To Get Your Reluctant Child To Do Homework
If your child won't do homework, and you have tried everything, it may just be that they don't want to do their homework. Here is what you do now.

How You Can Inspire Your Daughter In STEM
Women have been the minority in STEM careers to date - find out how you can encourage your daughter in STEM subjects.

5 Ways Your School Can Benefit From Hosting A Carnival
Thinking about hosting a school carnival? Figure out what benefits you want to focus on to create the most successful event.

Making a Great Parent Teacher Relationship
Tips and suggestions for getting to know your child's teacher. The parent-teacher relationship is an important piece for supporting your child at school.

Why STEM Education Matters For Everyone
Find out why STEM education is important for all school students today, even if your child doesn't want to be a Scientist, Engineer or Programmer.

Understanding Your Child's Homework Struggles
To help your child overcome homework struggles, you need to identify where in the homework cycle your child is having problems.

How to Give Your Child Real Life Math Homework Help
If you want to help your child with their math homework, you can help them with this four-step problem-solving​ approach.

6 Ways To Get Involved At Your Child's School
There are plenty of opportunities to play a role in your child's education, from PTA/PTO to coaching and advocacy. Get some ideas to get involved.

How To Avoid Being A Helicopter Parent
Here are some tips for you if you recognize yourself as hovering too much or just want to make sure you don't take things to far.

Guide To Standardized Tests
Look up what test your child or teen is scheduled to take to find out who is giving the test, when it is given and what the test is for.

Benefits You Get From Volunteering at School
Children aren't the only ones who benefit when parents volunteer at school. Learn some of the rewards that are just for parents when they volunteer.

How to Tell if You Are a Helicopter Parent
Worried you might be helicopter parent, who hovers over their children? Find out five warning signs that you are too involved in your child's life.

Why Schools Give Standardized Tests
Are you wondering what schools do with standardized test data? Read why schools give exams and what school districts do with the scores.

How To Interpret Your Child's Report Card
Reading your child's report card may take a little bit of time, but you will find that it can be an invaluable tool to monitor your child's progress.

What to Do When Your Teen Can't Read
How to help your teen or older child master the skill of reading. These are the steps you can take and who to go to for help.

Top Questions To Ask When Creating A Homework Corner
What your child needs in a homework study space often isn't like what you see in magazine layouts. Determine your child's needs and then set up the space.

The Pros and Cons of School Carpool
Considering carpooling your kids to school so you spend less time behind the wheel and reduce vehicle expenses? Check out the pros and cons.

Common Core Math Homework Tips For Parents
Are you too confused by your child's Common Core math homework to help them? Here are some tips to help you help your child.

Alternatives To Retention
If you are worried that your child or teen might fail a grade or move on to the next grade when they aren't ready, don't fret. You have other options.

3 Ways Not To Talk To Your Teen About College and Careers
Read about three common mistakes that parents make when discussing college and career with their teens.

Getting A Plan Down Will Make Sure Your Plan Happens
Making a plan for you time during the school year will help keep your family on track, get your work done and avoid stress.

Pick The Right Organizer
Finding the right type of organizer for you is the difference between using your organizer system or letting fall by the wayside. Think about what you - and your family- will really use.

Add In The Daily Hard Block Activities
Having your days planned out will help you to see what time you really have available to you.

Have a Place For Upcoming Ideas
Don't lose great ideas when you think of them long before you can do anything about them.

Include Activities For Togetherness and Your Personal Values
Don't forget what is important when you lay out your plan.

Time To Add In The Important But Moveable Activities
Remember daily critical activities when planning your time to avoid double booking yourself or neglecting important activities.

Record All Of The Major Hard Dates For the School Year
The big dates on the school calendar are dates you need to remember.

Set aside time to Update
A great system will stay great with regular maintenance.

7 Books That Calm Kindergarten Jitters
Help prepare your child for kindergarten by reading books with them that show the new daily routine, expectations, and friendships of kindergarten.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

7 Books To Read To Your Child Before They Start Kindergarten
Help prepare your child​ for kindergarten by reading books with them that show the new daily routine, expectations and friendships of kindergarten.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Should Your Eighth Grader Take Algebra
If your child is great at math, why not enroll them in algebra in eighth grade? You may be surprised about what outcome that could have in schools.

How To Communicate With The School Board
If you have something you want to say to your local school board, you need to decide how you want to get your message across.

Your Attitude Towards School And Your Child
One of the single biggest things you can have to encourage your child doesn't take up your time. It is just having the right attitude.

7 Wrong Reasons For Grade Retention
If you are thinking that your child should repeat a grade, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Eliminate the wrong reasons to retain by checking to make sure that they are not being held back for one of the reasons listed here.

Why You Don't Care About School Policy
If parents care deeply about their children's education, why do so few parents advocate to improve schools? Find out why, and ways that can change.

Why STEM Is Important In Today's Schools
STEM skills are expected to become critical to the future success of today's students. Find out what STEM is and why it is predicted to be so important in the coming years.

When Are School Dress Codes Sexist?
High school students and women's rights groups have taken on school dress codes for shaming women and girls. What makes a dress code sexist?

What Your Child Should Learn Before Kindergarten
The math, reading and writing skills you can teach your child that will help them succeed with today's new kindergarten standards. Prepare your child with the skills that lead up to what is taught in today's kindergarten.

What You Can Expect When Your Child Has A Concussion
Concussion recovery is different than recovering from most other types of injuries. Knowing what to expect will give you realistic expectations about your child's time healing from​ this brain injury.

What To Look For In A School Board Candidate
The local school board sets the tone for the entire school district. This body is one of the biggest influences​ on public schools. Here are some factors for deciding who to vote for school board.

What to Look For During A School Visit
An in person school visit will show you what a school is like in a way that you just can't understand any other way. When you go to visit, have an idea of what you are looking for.

What You Need To Know Before You Redshirt A Kindergarten Year
If you are curious about redshirting kindergarten to give yoru child a chance to mature and be more comfortable in school, the choice may not be as simple as it seems.

What To Do About A Bad Teacher
Truly bad teachers are rare. If your child has an ineffective teacher, you need to know what you can do so you can keep your child's education on track.

What School Supplies Do You Really Need?
What you can do to get your child the right school supplies when the teacher needs different items that were on the school supply list.

What Parents and Policymakers Are Saying About Class Size
Reducing class size was popular with teachers and voters for years. Recent years have questioned that wisdom. Here are the reasons why.

What Are The Pros Of Online Public School?
Some families have found great benefits in online public schooling for their k-12 children. See if these benefits would make the transition to online school worth it for your family.

What Are The Cons Of Online Public School
The promise of high-quality education for no cost through online public school doesn't​ always ring true for each person. Consider the drawbacks to online education before you enroll your child.

What Are The Alternatives To Reducing Class Size?
Reducing Class Size can increase student achievement, but the price tag is high and often out of reach for many school districts. Here are some other ways that schools can increase student success without paying for more full-time teachers.

New Science Standards for The Next Generation of Learners
Even more standards change is underway as over 40 states have expressed strong interest in the Next Generation Science Standards. Parents with an idea of what these new standards are will have an edge in understanding why their children's science class is so different today.

The Important Trait Your Child Needs To Succeed In Math Today
Persistence and perseverance are the traits that carry you through challenging advanced math. Educational research says that a growth mindset is the key to creating the ability to do math and science.

7 Tips For Teaching Your Child To Have A Growth Mindset
Giving your child a growth mindset will give your child the knowledge that hard work and perseverance lead to success - and intelligience.

Tips For Being Involved In The Middle School Years
You know that your middle school age child still needs you as a parent, but you can't stay involved like you were in elementary school. What does your new role as an involved parent look like?

Last Minute School Break Checklist
Make sure your school age child heads into Winter Break ready to relax. Avoid a few of the common pitfalls that can make the Christmas break and back to school transition difficult.

The Guide To Back To School Shopping
Want a good general overview on how to get the best deals on back-to-school supplies? Find links to all of the articles here at Parenting In Schools on Back-To-School Shopping.

Is School Parent Involvement Ever Harmful?
Does parent involvement in school help or harm education? Find out what top researchers really said in the book

The Every Student Succeeds Act - 6 Major Changes
The December 2015 passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act completely retooled No Child Left Behind. Find out what changes the ESSA hopes to bring about for your child's education.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Parenting in Schools
Parenting in Schools.

Test Anxiety Tips
Test anxiety is a real, stress related phenomena where the testee begins to feel a sense of panic and worry, rendering them unable to focus on their test. Find strategies to reduce test anxiety so that your child or teen can get a test score that shows what they know instead of a score showing how pressured they felt during the exam.

Ideas For Parents Stressed Out During Their Kid's Winter Break
Here are some useful tips to regain your sense of calm when your kids are stressing you out over the Holiday winter break.

How To Save on Furnishing A Homework Corner
Creating a great space for your child to do their homework is an important step to making sure homework gets completed. here are some ways to create a homework corner without breaking the bank.

How To Organize a School Carnival
If your school is hosting a school carnival, having a blueprint on how to go from suggestion to a successful event can help make sure that the carnival​ actually takes place.

3 Fast Tips for Standardized Testing Success
What can you do during testing to make sure your child performs their best during standardized test time?

Celebrate and Evaluate Your Success
The next school year will be here before you know it, along with the need to swap supplies again.

Time to Promote Your School Supply Swap
Be sure to promote and inform families about your school supply swap

The Leftover Stuff After The Event
Leftover school supply swap items need to have a place to go before the event begins.

Get Down To Swap Details
The nuts and bolts step of school supply swap planning.

Ask Yourself - What Supplies Do You Want To Swap?
Identifying​ your needs and the needs of other Swap attendees will help make your swap a success.

So, just how big of a swap event do you want to have?
Size matters. Do you just want to swap with a few friends or the whole city?

So, You Decided to Have a School Supply Swap
There are many reasons to decide to host a back to school supply swap. Too many clothes, pencils, pens and the wrong notebooks lurking in your closets?

Smart Parent's Guide To School Site Councils
If you have ever wished you could take part in the decisions that run your child's school, you should look into school site council.

Should You Run For School Board?
If you love politics and care deeply about education, then running for school baord could be a fantastic way for you to serve your local community.

Should You Be A Room Parent?
Being a room parent, class mom, or class dad is a great way to volunteer your time at your child's school. Understanding what this parent volunteer does will let you know if you would make a great room parent.

How A Teen Couldn't Read Pt. 2
This is Suzy's story - a fictional account of how a child with caring parents and concerned teachers could still slip through the cracks without learning to read. Part two shows how children will try to avoid having their deficits discovered, and the additional pressure it creates.

Find The Best Schools Before Moving
Moving? Make sure you find the best school you can for your children. Use this list of web resources to start your search for the perfect school.

6 Reasons You Should Join The PTO
Wonder if you should bother to join the PTA, PTSA, or PTO at your child's school? What are some of the benefits to joining your schools parent teacher organization?

6 Reasons Why Your Child Needs 20 Minutes of Reading
20 Minutes a day of reading is a critical piece of ensuring your child's academic success. Find the reasons to keep you motivated, so you can make sure your child does their twenty minutes of reading.

Guide To Moving Your Child To A New School
Moving to a new place usually means changing schools. Here is a guide to help you find the best school your child, and get settled into the new community.

Questions to Ask When Looking For a School
Many families have more schools to choose from beyond their neighborhood school. There are several things to consider when choosing between your local school or another option.

Preventing Concussions At School and in Sports
Find out the important steps you can take to help prevent your child from receiving a concussion. Concussions are common yet serious injuries among school-age children and teens.

6 Passive Fundraisers That Benefit Your Child's School
Looking for easy ways to give money to your child's school without breaking the bank? here are six popular passive fundraisers that can help put money towards classroom materials, playground equipment and more.

School Barriers To The Best STEM Teaching
Here is a look for parents at barriers to STEM education in the US. By undertanding the challenges, we can work to overcome them.

Save On Back-To-School Electronics
Need to buy headphones, graphing calculators, tablets, or a computer for your school age child? Make sure you know how to look for the best deals.

School Concussion Policies - What is All The Fuss?
Are you wondering why schools and sports have such cautious concussion policies? Is it really necessary? Find out why schools and sports associations are so concerned about concussions today.

What Schools Can Do To Get Children To Eat Healthy Lunches
Getting kids to choose healthy foods in the school cafeteria does not have to be an impossibele feat. Children and teens can make healthy choices with a well planned lunch menu and cafeteria.

15 Great Questions You Can Ask At Parent Teacher Conferences
Knowing what you want to know when you go to Parent Teacher Conferences will help make sure that you get the most of this time with your child's teacher.

Parents Quick Guide to Common Core Reading
Want to know what the change to the new Common Core Standards means when it comes to reading and literacy? What can we school parents do to help our children and teens developing literacy skills?

How To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten
Do you want to get your child ready for kindergarten so that they can start their school year off with a bang of enthusiasm and confidence?

Making A Homework Routine
Developing good homework habits starts with the homework routine. Establishing the right routine will make sure it is followed.

3 Common Myths About Grade Retention
Holding your child back a grade may seem like an obvious solution if your child or teen is not doing well in school. Holding back, or retention, is not an easy fix. Still, these myths persist and drive parents to view grade retention as a solution when it isn't. Make sure you aren't buying into these myths if you are considering retention.

Find Out What Is In It For Them
Parenting in Schools.

Go For Diversity
Keep these important ideas in mindto find volunteers to help out with your school support events and activities.

Have A Clear, Central Method Of Communicating
Everyone on your volunteer team needs to be kept in the communication loop.

Start Recruiting Early
Giving your potential volunteers ample time to plan ahead will give them the opportunity they need to work your event into their busy schedules.

Work With What They Offer You
Meeting your potential volunteers where they are at will help you get what you need.

Tell People Why It Matters
To get volunteer support, you need to make sure people know why and how what they do will make a difference.

You CAN Get The Volunteers You Need
Would you like to learn some great ways to get and keep volunteers for your school parent organization?

Provide Good Support
People can only do what they know how to do. Providing good support to volunteers will help them get the job done.

Concussion Symptoms in School Age Children
If you are concerned your child has a concussion or need a reminder of what symptoms to look out for during recovery, You can find that information here.

Changes in Today's School Lunches
What changes are really being made to school lunches? Find out what Healthy and Hunger Free Kids act is and what it means for your child's school lunchroom.

More Questions To Ask When Looking For A School
Once you have your school options down to one or just a few schools, be sure to find the answers to these questions. Knowing these details will help you decide if a school is right for your child, or what being part of a particular school community will be like.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Tips For Online Public School Success
Online school success requires a little more discipline and a few other strategies. Here are ten tips for online school success.

3 Keys to Finishing Your Kids Winter Break Homework
You and your kids may be equally bummed out about homework over winter break. Find out how to enjoy the holiday season while making sure homework gets done

What is Common Core?
What defines the Common Core State Standards? To really understand this monumental shift happening in education it is necessary to begin with knowing exactly what the standards are.

What To Look For In STEM At Your Kids School
Science and STEM education has changed drastically in the last few years. Here are some signs that your child's school has a quality STEM program.

STEM vs STEAM What Is The Difference?
STEM, STEAM, STEMM or something else? Find out what all these acronyms ar really about and how you can recognise a quality program in science, technology, engineering and math.

The Reasons Behind The Making of Common Core Standards
Struggling with Common core? Wondering why anyone wanted the change? This article explains what the creators and supporters of the Common Core Standards are trying to achieve.

Three Ways Parents Hurt Homework
School parents need to make sure they avoid these three easy pitfalls of harmful homework help.


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