Computing Center Sitemap - Page 10 2013-07-16

AT&T Clarifies Data Throttling: Speed Limits Start at 3GB
AT&T starts throttling unlimited data users once they hit 3GB.

Auto-Correct Mishap Shuts Down 2 Schools
"Gunna" was changed to "gunman," leading to the obvious outcome.

Acer CloudMobile Smartphone: First Impressions
The super-slim phone feels well-constructed but looks elegant with its rounded curves and button-less face.

Web Link Captor Turns Your Search Results Into a List of Links for Pasting
Web Link Captor takes a list of items, searches for them, and returns a formatted list of links with results.

Twitter Client Blu Takes Just a Little Desktop Space
Blu is a small but slick desktop client for managing your Twitter account.

Free and Affordable Software to Sync Your Work and Your Life
Whether you need access to your files on a PC, on a mobile device, or through the cloud, these downloadable utilities will keep your many computers talking--and keep your work and personal life on track.

7-Inch iPad? Unlikely. Cheaper 8GB iPad 2? Probably
Apple doesn’t need a Kindle Fire competitor; the iPad is doing just fine. A cheaper and smaller-storage version of the iPad does seem to mesh with Apple's game plan.

Lenovo's K2 Tablet: A Hands-On Tour
The tablet felt lightweight and well-balanced and the display looked good for its resolution, with a noticeably minimal air-gap.

Google Gets into the Airline Reservation Business
The new reservation system was built by ITA Software and is being used by a regional carrier in Massachusetts.

What Happens When You Get ‘Throttled’?
When your wireless company applies the choke hold, it doesn’t feel good. We intentionally exhausted our T-Mobile monthly service allowance and then looked at the download speeds that the carrier gave us afterward.

Photoshop CS6 Will Blur Your Images to Fake a Shallow Depth of Field
Adobe shows off a new blur iris tool that will allow you to add a fake shallow depth of field to your images.

The World’s First Cupcake ATM: The Best New Tech Product of the Year?
Forget the iPad 3; the year’s best invention is already here, and it dispenses sweet, diabetes-inducing treats.

Assassin’s Creed III To Be Set During the American Revolution
Assassin’s Creed III will see a new series protagonist battling redcoats in Colonial America.

Graphics Cards: Top Picks for Budget and Performance PCs
Whether you're building your own PC or seeking to upgrade, your GPU choice is critical. Here are our graphics card recommendations.

Select the Right Storage for Your Custom-Made PC
Every computer needs a hard drive to store programs and data, and maybe an optical drive for playing movies. And solid-state drives are a great addition that will improve performance. Here are our choices for the best drives.

Best Motherboards for Budget and Performance PCs
Selecting an appropriate motherboard for your tailor-made desktop is essential. Check out our picks for Intel- and AMD-based systems. Plus: RAM is extremely affordable these days, so don't forget to grab a generous amount.

Choose the Best CPU for Your Dream PC
Preparing to build your own PC, or to have one customized for you? Here are the best Intel and AMD processors suitable for a budget or performance desktop. Plus: a look at the best CPU coolers.

Pack Your Bags: Travel Hacking Cartel Saves Frequent Travelers Money
If you travel several times a year for work or pleasure, this deal aggregator site can keep you in the loop--for a price.

Display Your Love for Nature With Free Nature Conservancy Theme
Enjoy lovely nature imagery from participants in the Nature Conservancy's 2011 photo contest.

Building a Dream PC: Best Cases and Power Supplies
With so many PC cases available, choosing one for your custom desktop can be overwhelming. Here are two recommendations. Plus: Look for a modular power supply to keep interior cable clutter in check.

Leap Day Bargain: 29 Albums Priced at $2.99 Each
We interrupt our regularly scheduled PC troubleshooting to solve the "hassle" of overpaying for music. Today only, Google has some great albums for cheap.

McAfee Mobile Security Review: Good Overall Protection, But Can Be Pricey
Great antivirus and antitheft for Android phones and tablets, but very pricey despite lacking features that some free apps provide.

Platformer Game Hello Worlds! Works Out Your Brain
Hello Worlds! is an innovative platformer in which you must navigate four worlds at the same time.

FaceTime Facelift Makes You Sexier in Video Chats
Doctor invents new plastic surgery procedure for insecure video chatters.

Zoner Photo Studio Free: Powerful Photo Suite for a Great Price
It's hard to believe a photo manipulation tool and photo librarian this powerful is free, but it is.

Dynamic Auto Painter
Dynamic Auto Painter lets you effortlessly create stunning drawings and paintings based on photos.

Traveling Abroad? Rent a Mobile Hotspot for Cheap Internet Access
Xcom Global charges just $14.95 per day for its MiFi device, which offers unlimited Internet you can share with up to five devices.

Skype Launches GroupMe for Windows Phones
Already unique and handy, group messaging app GroupMe would be extra special with more Skype integration.

Hack an Arcade Fighting Stick for Your PlayStation Vita
A Japanese modder hacks his arcade fighting stick to work with a PlayStation Vita playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Worlds Collide in a New Fan-Made Live-Action Minecraft Video
A new live-action Minecraft video loosens the building blocks of our reality.

First Take: Fujitsu’s Super-Fast Tegra 3 Smartphone
Fujitsu’s 'ultra-high spec' quad-core smartphone is one of the four NVidia Tegra 3 phones here at Mobile World Congress.

Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Consumer Preview With Free Apps
Microsoft shows off Windows on ARM and the Microsoft Store at Mobile World Congress, but doesn't discuss Windows 8 for phones or an arrival date for the OS.

Polycom's RealPresence Video Conference App Comes to iPhone 4S
The RealPresence app will also be available to Android Ice Cream Sandwich phones in coming months.

LED Cathedral Uses 55,000 Lights, Is a Great Place for Geek Workship
Trying to see the light? Maybe try visiting this luminous cathedral, comprising of 55,000 LED lights.

Facebook Timeline Arrives for Business: Prepare Your Page
Facebook is introducing major new features for branded pages. Here's what you need to know before March 30, when the radical new layout goes live for all.

Five Windows 8 Features Businesses Should Watch
As consumers get a preview of an early version of Windows 8, here are key features that should turn the head of any business manager.

First Look: Samsung's Galaxy Beam Android Phone with a Built-In Projector
The Galaxy Beam packs in a 15-lumens projector without sacrificing slimness.

Use Android? Three Ways to Make It More Free
A new campaign from the Free Software Foundation Europe urges Android users to liberate their devices from data collection and corporate control.

Windows Phone Owners: No Windows 8 for You...Yet
There wasn't a smartphone in sight at Mobile World Congress, including any hoped-for preview of one with Windows 8.

6 Ways to Give Your Old iPad a New Purpose in Life
You've missed your window of opportunity to sell your old iPad for top dollar, so maybe you should find some other way to use it instead.

Toshiba’s Ultra-Thin Excite Tablet Coming to U.S.
Toshiba's Android device measures 0.3 inches thick and weighs 1.18 pounds. It will cost $530 for the 16GB model and $600 for the 32GB model.

Firefox Add-On Collusion Shows Who's Tracking You Online
The browser extension creates a real-time graph of all the tracking cookies being deposited on your browser as you move around the Web.

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4540 Review: Fast, High-Capacity Business Inkjet
Speed, high paper capacity, and inexpensive inks make this full-featured MFP a nice fit for a busy small office or workgroup.

Weaponize Your iPhone With the Pepper Spray Case
Worried about having your smartphone stolen? This iPhone case may have been created with you in mind.

Why Mobile World Congress Is Crucial for Windows 8
Microsoft could host a press event to talk about Windows 8 anywhere in the world--it's no accident that it's choosing to do so at Mobile World Congress.

Hands-On With HTC's Hot New Android Smartphones: Quad-Core One X and Siblings
These three high-quality phones--the One X, the One S, and the One V--impress with eye-catching designs, good cameras, and the latest version of the Android operating system.

First Look at Mozilla’s Web Platform for Phones: 'Boot to Gecko'
Mozilla’s platform for smartphones is entirely Web-based, from the camera app to the third-party games.

A Closer Look: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Chipset’s Awesome Multimedia Features
The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor enables cool camera features, improves 3D image quality, and supports surround sound.

Multinational Consumer Group Asks Google to Delay Privacy Changes
The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue says Google's move to change policies is "unfair and unwise."

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview: What We Know So Far
The preview essentially is an open beta for users who want a sneak peek at the new operating system. It is expected to be announced at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona on Wednesday.

Google Privacy Checklist: What to Do Before Google's Privacy Policy Changes on March 1
If you use Gmail, Google Docs, or any other popular G-service, you’re about to surrender a lot more personal information to the Googleplex...unless you take these steps to prevent it.

Samsung Series 7 Chronos Review: Pretty Without Breaking the Bank
This model may be the perfect laptop for Windows users who lust after MacBook Pros.

Find User Guides Online, Compare Camera Sizes
Here's where you can find user manuals for almost any gadget, plus a website that lets you compare camera sizes before you buy.

Ribbon Hero 2 Game Teaches Ins and Outs of MS Office, Might Redeem Clippy
Ribbon Hero 2: Clippy's Second Chance is a fun, interactive way to master Microsoft Office.

Avast Mobile Security Review
Great free antivirus and antitheft for Android phones, but requires sending SMS commands for the remote functionality.

What You Should Know About Pinterest and Copyright
As Pinterest and Flickr make it easier for website managers and photographers to block content from Pinterest, here's a closer look at the legal issues.

AT&T's HTC One X Flashy Smartphone: Quad-Core Everywhere But the U.S.
The HTC One X Android phone will be choked back to dual-core in the United States to accommodate AT&T's 4G LTE network.

Travel With a Smartphone? 3 Things to Check Before You Buy
When buying a smartphone for business travel, focus on these three areas so you can keep connected wherever you roam.

HBO Go May Debut on Xbox on April Fool's Day
HBO's app would make fast friends with the game console's other cable-killing video apps, such as Crackle, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Verizon FiOS, and ESPN.

Cisco Innovates to Provide More Nimble Network Security
Cisco reveals new features and technologies aimed at helping organizations cope with the rapidly changing technology environment.

Whole Foods Tries Out Kinect-Powered Shopping Carts
The shopping cart is an early prototype design called Smarter Cart from Chaotic Moon Studios, a mobile application development firm.

Jet Set Radio Skating to the PC and Consoles This Summer
Sega is re-releasing its cult favorite Dreamcast game about skating and graffiti.

Mobile Linux: It's Not Just Android Anymore
At this year's Mobile World Congress, Linux is everywhere--including a growing number of non-Android alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy S III Rumored to Have 4.8-Inch Screen
The Galaxy S III will have other impressive tech specs, but will its massive screen could turn off mainstream consumers?

Sony Focuses on Long Zoom, Low Light, and Fast AF With Nine New Cameras
With seven Cyber-shot cameras that offer optical-zoom ranges of 10X and greater, Sony has its sights set on the megazoom market in 2012.

The PriNXT: A Working Printer Made From Lego
What were you up to when you were 14 years old? This industrious young hacker managed to build a working printer out of his Lego set.

HTTPS Everywhere Update: Now Reports Website Weaknesses
The EFF Tuesday updated its HTTPS Everywhere software to include a "Decentralized SSL Observatory" that detects encryption weaknesses in websites.

Google, Apple Named in 'Street View' Patent Suit
The companies were sued by a Florida firm that claims that the use of Google Maps' Street View on the iPad and iPhone violates its patent.

Mind-Controlled Skateboard Runs on a Windows 8 Tablet
What do you get when you combine a neuro-headset, a Windows 8 tablet, and a skateboard? This.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: A Hands-On Tour
Samsung's tablet is the most compelling model at the show -- largely because of how it does something different, and better, than other comers.

Chrome Now Able to Open E-Mail Links in Gmail
Prior to the Google releasing this feature, users had to copy an e-mail address or URL, open Gmail manually, create a new message and paste it into the message.

Hands-On: Adobe Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2
Photoshop fans have been waiting a long time for something akin to Photoshop for the iPad. Now that it's here, how well does it work?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: First Look
Samsung's Android 4.0 pen-toting tablet is back--bigger and better than before.

Designing a Website? Start Wireframing With Free Lumzy
Lumzy is a basic, free, Web-based wireframing tool for rapid UI prototyping.

Game Developer Will Wright’s Latest Project Could Tap Into eSports Success
Will Wright is out to turn our lives into interactive experiences, with the help of data tracking, social interaction, and lessons learned from eSports.

Mercedes Integrates Apple's Siri into New Cars
This is the first time Apple has allowed the Siri voice technology to be used in conjunction with hardware other than iOS-based technology.

Huawei Wants Your Next Phone to Be Made--By Huawei
We sat down with Huawei’s chief marketing officer at Mobile World Congress to learn more about Huawei’s plans to dominate the mobile world.

Huawei, The Latest Android Player: Who Are These Guys?
Despite the company's brash marketing and seemingly innovative products, few Americans have heard of the Chinese smartphone company.

Hands-On With Toshiba AT270 Tablet
Toshiba isn't at MWC, but its tablet is.

Apple's March 7 iPad 3 Event: 5 Things to Watch For
We're looking for a better display and Siri on the iPad 3, amongst other considerations.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 on Verizon: One Tab Equals Six Kindle Fires
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will cost $500 with a two-year contract--totaling $1220 over two years. That's enough to buy six Kindle Fires.

First Look: Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 610 Smartphones
We especially enjoyed the 808 Pureview's 41-megapixel camera sensor and Dolby Digital Plus sound.

21 Ways to Buff Up Your Browser
You probably spend more time working (and playing) in IE, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari than in any other application. Here are our favorite tips, tricks, and add-ons to supercharge your Web browser.

Google Chrome: Still a Strong All-Around Browser
Chrome may not be the perfect browser for everyone, but it’s a well-rounded browser that should fit the needs of most.

Samsung Announces The Galaxy S 4.2 Media Player
Samsung's new Android media player promises better gameplay while on the go. Goes head-to-head with Apple's iPod Touch.

Firefox 10 Stays Competitive With a Multitude of Add-ons
Mozilla’s browser has been around for nearly a decade, but it’s still spry for its age.

RockMelt Browser a Swift Choice for Social Media Junkies
Fast, Chromium-based RockMelt integrates well with Facebook (perhaps too well, depending on your interests).

How to Gauge Camera Size Before Ordering Online
The amazing compares camera sizes so you can tell exactly what you're getting--and how well it fits in your hand.

Watermarking Photos, Removing Date Stamps, Erasing Power Lines, and More
Dave answers questions about preventing online photo theft, erasing power lines from photos, enlarging photos without sacrificing image quality, and more.

Ears-on With the Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Headset
Razer’s new gaming headset is loaded with features, but it’s probably more than most gamers need.

Looking for an Information Program
Pilege21 asked the Other Software & Services forum to recommend a program that can provide hardware information

Fast, Friendly Wireframing Tool Balsamiq Mockups Adds Zip to Website Creation
Balsamiq Mockups lets designers and non-designers create compelling interface drafts for websites, Web apps, and desktop apps.

Reckless Getaway Review: Frantic Driving With Explosions, Cops, and Ramps
Reckless Getaway offers beautiful graphics, cartoonish action, and plenty of replay value.

Hands On With Huawei's MediaPad 10 FHD
Huawei's new tablet has a slick design, and even slicker specs.

These LED Shoelaces Are Great for Tron Fans
Looking for a way to stay safe while walking, or at least make it look like you come from The Grid? LED shoelaces might just be the what you're looking for.

Dolby Moves From Smartphone Audio Into Smartphone Camera Technology
Dolby's new HDR technology will allow you to take High Dynamic Range photos with a phone camera and save them to JPEG-HDR.

Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Tab 2 Series
The company takes the wraps off its first refresh of its Galaxy Tab series, which comes in 7-inch and 10.1-inch versions. Here's our take on where they fall.

High-Style Geekdom: The Space Invaders Sofa
Bring a sense of geeky style to your living room with this Space Invaders-inspired couch. But at $5000, style won't come cheap.

Apple Wins Key Victory in Motorola Patent War
A German court has sided with Apple and banned Motorola from enforcing certain patents during the lengthy appeals process.

Wikileaks Claims Stratfor Emails Are Smoking Gun of Subversive Activity
Wikileaks is making millions of compromised Stratfor emails public, and suggests that the organization is not really what it seems.

ZTE Reveals Ambitious Line-Up: Quadcore Tablets and Phones Galore
ZTE plans to conquer the mobile world with a slew of new phones and tablets for 2012.

The Best Browsers for Your Android Phone
Here are five of the most promising browser apps to use with your Android smartphone or tablet.

GroupMe App Review: Perfect for Coordinating With Friends
GroupMe is an innovative, if somewhat annoying, group-texting app.

Opera Sings New Song for Android, Apple
Since its arrival on the browser scene in 1994, Opera has introduced innovations that browser users take for granted today, such as tabs, the integrated search bar and pop-up blocking.

Mozilla Phones in 2012 Primer
Mozilla is developing a version of Gecko that will act as the core of a standalone operating system using modern web technologies, including the HTML5 markup language.

Send Text-Message Reminders to Your Phone
The ingenious Oh, Don't Forget makes it a snap to schedule work reminders that'll get your attention. You can even use it to send a message to someone else.

Adobe Photoshop Touch App Arrives For iPad 2
The latest software joins the company's suite of iOS apps Color Lava, Eazel and Nav, among others.

Astronaut Builds a Lego ISS While Inside the Real Space Station
International Space Station Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa builds a Lego version of the ISS while inside of the real ISS.

Hack Lets You Use Kindle 3G for Free Tethering
One hacker has used the Amazon Kindle Keyboard, along with its complimentary 3G, to tether to a computer for 'free' web access.

Android Market Hits 450K Apps, Challengers Abound
Apple's iOS is still considered a bigger revenue generator, and Google's Market may in fact end up being nothing more than a bargain basement app retailer if Amazon has its way.

Asus Unveils PadFone and Transformer Pad Family
We find out more about the Asus PadFone and the two new additions to the Transformer family.

Hands-on With ZTE's Inexpensive Windows Phones
ZTE's Orbit and Tania Windows Phones are made for frugal smartphone shoppers.

Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Delayed, but Don't Panic
The first Ivy Bridge chips were due to arrive in April, but they've been pushed back.

Arduino Hack Transforms Any Elevator Into the TARDIS
Want to liven up your ride in the elevator at work for you and colleagues? Try installing this Doctor Who-inspired hack!

For Flash on Linux, There Are Open Player Alternatives
Adobe may be discontinuing its standalone Flash Player for Linux, but Gnash and Lightspark both offer an open source solution.

A Closer Look at ZTE's Android Phones: ZTE Era and N910
ZTE's quadcore Era impresses with a gorgeous display and fast performance.

McAfee Unveils New Mobile Security Tools
McAfee has added a number of new features and introduced new versions of its tools to protect and secure your mobile devices.

LinkedIn Adds 'Follow Company' Button
New 'Follow Company' button lets users follow favorite companies.

HTC Announces the One X, Its First Quad-Core Smartphone
HTC showed off the One X and the rest of its new One line of Android smartphones Sunday, on the eve of the Mobile World Congress 2012 show.

Huawei Ascend D Phone: Hands On
Huawei adds to its line of premium phones with its first quad-core mobile offering, the slim and speedy Ascend D quad and quad XL.

Sony Shows Off Two New Xperia Phones at Mobile World Congress
The Xperia P and Xperia U are both powered by dual-core processors and have access to the Sony Entertainment Network.

How to Overclock Your Graphics Card
Overclocking your graphics card will increase performance and potentially stave off an expensive upgrade. We'll show you how to do it.

AT&T Appeals Ruling in Throttling Case
The company’s move is no surprise: Half of its smartphone users -- about 17 million customers -- are on so-called unlimited plans and it could find itself in a legal nightmare if other customers win similar cases.

First Look at LG's New Smartphones, Including the Optimus 4X HD Quad-Core
We got our hands on three of LG's new smartphones at a Mobile World Congress event, including the quad-core 4X HD, the Optimus 3D Max, and the Optimus Vu tablet/phone hybrid.

Google+ Workaround Found By Chinese Critical of Internet Censorship
Governments can put up all the roadblocks they want to keep their people from communicating freely, but crafty technology buffs often find a way to break through those barriers.

10 Facebook Tips For Not Annoying Friends
An unusual decree by a judge in a divorce case raises the issue about what's appropriate, and what's not, on social networks.

Initial Impressions: Dell XPS 13
We have a final production unit of Dell's Ultrabook, and it's one of the nicest PCs the company has produced in years.

Apple Soars on Many Fronts as Thorny Worker Issue Fades
Cash rich, chummy with would-be rivals, and selling lots of gadgets, all seems right in the world of this consumer electronics powerhouse these days.

Choose the Next Awesome Lego Set: Here Are the Best Ideas
Want to tell Lego what its next set or product line should be? Lego Cuusoo is a site that lets you do just that! Here are some incredibly cool ideas that deserve your love.

Hidden File Offers Suggestion for Pirates: Apply for A Job
The developers of Syndicate snuck in a message offering potential pirates a job making games.

The Fabulous Screech Brings Odd, Magical World
Experience Jonas Kyratzes’ latest game with trippy visuals and a heartfelt story.

Wunderlist App Review: Getting Things Done Just Got Easier
If you're looking for a list-making app, it's hard to go wrong with Wunderlist.

Wage Hikes in China, Higher Tech Prices Here?
Some companies are better able to absorb higher manufacturing costs, but they still might pass them along to consumers.

Most Consumers Clueless About 'Do No Track' Technology
A survey reveals that more than 86% believe 'Do Not Track' technology guards their privacy more than it actually does.

The Cloud Gets More Awesome with New Offers
Dropbox, Box and others announce enhancements such as automatic uploads and free storage to lure you onto their particular cloud.

Study Shoots Holes In AT&T's Reasons for Throttling
A company that helps consumers pick affordable cell phone plans pored over 55,000 bills. Is AT&T just trying to push users into tiered data plans?

Multiple Ports on Your PC: What Do They Do for You?
The back of your PC is chock full of connectors and ports--USB isn't the only game in town. Here's a primer on ports.

How to Find Digital Copies of Your User Guides
Why store a bunch of hard-to-organize, hard-to-find paper manuals when you can keep a library of electronic versions on your PC or tablet?

iPad 3 Display: A Possible Peek
Repairs website iFixit analyzes a purported iPad 3 screen and declares it has double the resolution of the iPad 2 screen.

Amazing Story of Lost Photos Returned: Websites Offer Recovery Hope
Website reunites a couple with their precious photos three years later.

"Do Not Track" Has It Backwards
Online privacy is a hot issue, and the Do Not Track movement is gaining some momentum, but the whole thing is based on an upside down moral code.

HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One Review: Nice Look, Nice Prints, Stunted Driver
After creating an affordable MFP with a nice touchscreen and attractive output, HP spoils the deal with a dumbed-down driver that doesn't even support manual duplexing.

Dropbox Adds Automatic Photo Uploads
The app will automatically upload your images to a expanded cloud storage from a Mac or Windows PC or Android device, with iOS support expected soon.

Bad News for Blackberry: Netflix Not Interested
RIM is telling customers not to get their hopes up if they are waiting for a Netflix app to arrive on BlackBerry 10 phones or the Playbook tablet.

Lapse It Pro Review: One of the Best Time-Lapse Photography Apps Available for Android
If you're looking to do time-lapse photography with your phone, Lapse It Pro is a very viable option.

Bring Geek-Chic To The Party With These Awesome Bow Ties
Get your geek on with these incredible DIY bow ties, made up of materials such as ethernet cables, film, circuits, or even Lego.

Watch This 16-Bit ‘Legend of Zelda’ PC Casemod Come Together Block-by-Block
Richard “8-Bit Builder” Clinton shows off a time-lapse build an incredible, Minecraft-inspired PC case mod in the shape of a 16-Bit Link from the Legend of Zelda series.

Android: Coming Soon to a Desktop Near You?
A recent patent application suggests Google plans to bring Android onto desktop and notebook PCs. Can computing convergence be far behind?

Giving the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Some Teeth
The Obama initiative for a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights is a step in the right direction, but a voluntary program won't work in the long run.

Sushi Cat 2 Browser-Based Game: Cute, Silly, Endearing
Drop Sushi Cat from the top of the screen and help him eat as much sushi as possible, for love!

Apple Dumping 30-pin Connector? How About Dumping Cords Altogether?
Can Apple cut the 30-pin connector cord used for synching and charging iOS devices? Let's hope it can.

Nokia to Unveil 'Pure View' at Mobile World Congress
It's not clear what Nokia plans to announce, but it will almost certainly have something to do with snapping a picture on your smartphone.

Scientists Thaw and Grow Ice Age Plant; Wooly Mammoths Far Behind?
A team of scientists found a way to bring back a plant that has been extinct for tens of thousands of years.

Mobile World Congress: Quad-Core and Windows 8 Expected to Shine
The world's largest mobile-devices show, which starts Monday, should provide updates on quad-core phones and tablets, the consumer version of Microsoft's Windows 8, and much more.

Your Body Heat Could Someday Charge Your Phone
Researchers at Wake Forest University find a way to turn body heat into electricity.

WP7 'Smokes' 88% of Rivals, Microsoft Says
Throwdown bets $100 that Windows phone beats all comers at everyday tasks, in the latest Windows Phone 7 promotion.

New WordPress Plugin Locks Down Your Website's Security
6Scan helps you find and fix vulnerabilities within your WordPress website. Versions for other content management systems are coming soon.

How Chomp Could Improve Apple's App Store
Apple has acquired Chomp -- this could be a very good thing.

Apple, Google, and Others Agree to Limit App Privacy Invasions
The State of California and six big tech companies--including Apple, Google, and Microsoft--agree to keep mobile apps from leaking your personal information without telling you.

Apple's Foxconn Transparency: Brilliant or Bad PR Move?
Apple has been credited for opening up about conditions at the Foxconn manufacturing plant. Has this new PR openness hurt or helped Apple's overall image with its customers?

Shanghai Court Rejects iPad Injunction Request
Apple's iPad won't be banned from sale in Shanghai, after a local court rejected a trademark infringement-related sales injunction request.

Tetris Lamp Brings Nostalgic Puzzle Fun to Your Desk
This Tetris-themed desk lamp looks awesome, and it won't disappear when you fill a row with blocks.

Tiny Radio-Powered Device Can Swim Through Your Veins, Proves Scientists Wrong
Researchers at Stanford University develop a tiny self-propelled device that draws power via radio waves. Madness!

Controversial Day-1 Mass Effect 3 DLC Prompts Calls to Boycott
Has BioWare turned its back on the Earth? It remains unclear whether From Ashes was removed from the game or developed later, but an exodus of customers demonstrates perennial frustrations with this business model.

Actually, Open Source Code Is Better: Report
Open source software has fewer defects on average than proprietary code does, according to new data from Coverity.

SportingNews Pro Football Review: Football News Whenever You Want It
This NFL-oriented news app puts stats, scores, standings, and Twitter feeds at your fingertips.

DrawBraille Concept Is a Smartphone for the Blind
One designer dreamed up an idea for a smartphone built with the visually impaired in mind.

From 'Faux-G' to 4G: T-Mobile Announces LTE Network Plan
True to form, the small carrier is late to the next-gen wireless party, targeting its 4G launch for 2013. T-Mobile customers--if they stay around long enough--should benefit.

LG Unveils Android Lineup Ahead of Mobile World Congress
LG is banking on the Optimus 4X HD, the company’s first quad-core phone, a slimmer Optimus 3D Max, and a 5-inch 'phablet,' the LG Vu to draw customers in this year.

3D-Printed Dinosaur Robots Are Coming, Hopefully Won't Scare Small Children
A Team at Drexel University uses robotics and 3D printing to investigate how dinosaurs moved.

Obama's Internet Bill Of Rights Will Be Hard to Enforce: Here's Why
Let's take a closer look at the major points of the president's timely announcement on online rights.

OnLive Brings Flash, Office, Speedy Connection to iPad for $5 a Month
OnLive Desktop Plus gives users access to a virtual Windows 7 desktop on their iPad, and it comes with 2GB of cloud storage.

PCWorld Arrives on the iPad
Download our app to get a heaping tabletful of news, Top Ten lists, reviews, and how-to advice delivered fresh to your iPad throughout the day.

Obama Offers Blueprint for Privacy Rights on the Internet
The White House unveiled a plan to ensure consumer privacy, and announced that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo will comply when consumers choose to protect their online tracking habits.

My PC No Longer Hibernates
When Rusparadox tries to hibernate his PC, the screen goes black for a few seconds, then wakes up. He asked the Desktops forum for advice.

Ultrabook Prices Could Drop to $600, Thanks to Use of Hybrid Disk Drives
Some Ultrabook makers are switching from solely solid state drives to hybrid disk drives to cut costs.

Box Offers 50GB of Free Storage for Android Users
Log in to Box on your Android device in the next month and you'll be upgraded to 50GB of storage automatically.

Immersion HD Integrator: Smartphone Haptics Just Got Cooler
The HD Integrator SDK lets manufacturers use haptic effects in all parts of the Android user interface.

iPhone Jailbreak: 5 Apps to Control your Privacy
Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you complete control over the device, enabling you to install all kinds of tools that make sure your data stays under your control.

Universal 'Do Not Track' Button: A Recipe for Disappointment
Tech coalition proposes universal browser do not track button.

Google Glasses Are a Prescription for Disaster
Doesn't it seem like a bad time to develop digital displays in front of our eyes when they don't want us even texting on our phones in autos?

Deliver E-Mail Messages at Scheduled Times with Right Inbox
This handy browser plug-in for Gmail adds a "Send Later" option so you can control when a message gets delivered.

Internet of Things Printer Gives You a Stock-Ticker of Tweets
A new printer project available on Adafruit brings a little of the old-school paper feel back to a Web 2.0 world.

This Is How You Make a Twin-Lens Reflex Film Camera Out of Lego
Carl-Frederic Salicath makes a twin-lens reflex camera out of binocular lenses, a junked mirror, and Lego bricks.

WindowBlinds Dresses Windows to Suit Your Aesthetic
Tailor the look of Windows using this skinning utilitiy.

View Your Hard Disk's Hidden Hoards With TreeSize Free
TreeSize Free is a no-frills application for finding out what's taking up space on your drive.

Mozilla's Open Web App Store Will Launch Next Week
Users will be able to buy an app once and use it on any HTML5-enabled device, Mozilla says.

SportingNews NCAA Football App Review: Simple App Offers In-Depth Information
Keep up with your alma mater's football team--or any of the latest games--with this app.

Now You Can Edit Collaboratively with Google Docs for Android
Google Presentations get an update as well, including a new discussions feature.

How to Share an External Drive Between a Mac and a PC
Want to use a single external drive with both a Mac and a Windows PC? Follow our guide to learn how to do it.

Weird and Wonderful Music-Making Apps and Toys
A guitar eats an iPad, a tablet becomes a dance-music powerhouse, an iPhone makes like a theremin, and a guitar made of five phones and a cheap speaker cranks out 'Cracklin' Rosie.' And the fun may be just beginning.

Kineto's Smart VoIP Goes Head To Head With Google Voice, Skype
An upcoming app from Kineto Wireless could bring Wi-Fi phone calls to just about any smartphone on just about any carrier.

Flickr Rolling Out New Look for Viewing Photos
New interfaces for viewing and uploading photos will debut next week.

Google Doodle Hails Heinrich Hertz, Discoverer of Electronic Heartbeat
Hertz's discovery was vital, leading to many others that make up the bleeping circuits of our everyday lives.

Three Ways Windows 8 Improves Language Support
Windows 8 will be built to make it easier to set up and switch languages on PCs and tablets.

Is the Kindle Getting a Color Screen?
Amazon may be making a color Kindle.

Google Augmented Reality Glasses Expected by Year's End
The glasses are meant to work like a heads-up-display that analyzes and displays information for the wearer, priced somewhere between $250 and $600.

This Case Transforms Your iPhone Into a Furry Pet
If you don't have a pet, this iPhone case fills the void and doesn't even need toilet training!

For Flash on Linux, Chrome Will Be Users' Only Choice
Adobe's standalone Flash Player for Linux will be discontinued after version 1.2 later this year, the company has announced.

Office for iPad Not Happening? Don't Believe the Naysayers, Claims Site that Leaked Image
The Daily's Peter Ha takes aim at Microsoft after Redmond denied an image that surfaced on Tuesday was in fact a snap of an Office of iPad app.

Google's New Privacy Policy: How to Stay Off the Grid
If you are concerned about Google tracking you through your search habits, it is pretty straightforward to turn off the feature.

Loyalty Apps Get Real Results: Five to Watch
Applications like Perkville that reward customers for loyalty offer more than credit card reward programs or daily deal sites do.

Scheduling Services Showdown: Schedulicity vs. Genbook vs. Appointy
We tested three services that let your clients book their own appointments online. Which is the best fit for your company?

Open Web Links Right Inside Thunderbird
Tired of having to switch to your browser every time you click an e-mail link? ThunderBrowse puts Web pages alongside your inbox for quick, convenient viewing.

Asus Plans Padfone Reveal at MWC
Asus may finally show off its anticipated Padfone at Mobile World Congress next week.

Thunderbird Tips: IMAP Subscriptions, Email Replies
Choose which IMAP folders to subscribe to in Mozilla Thunderbird, and change the way Thunderbird handles email replies.

Bejeweled 2 Review: The Game You Know and Love Comes to Android
The match-three game that started it all is still great on Android. Twitter App for Ashton Kutcher Fans
Ashton Kutcher is the name behind--and plastered all over--this free, third-party Twitter app.

Manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter With Sobees Desktop
Sobees Desktop is still in beta, and it shows, but this social media manager shows plenty of promise, too.

Manage Twitter and Facebook Accounts With TweetDeck
A longtime favorite of Twitter power users, TweetDeck provides a comprehensive set of management tools.

Twitter Signs Deal with Russian Search Giant Yandex
The agreement lets Yandex show new tweets in its search results almost instantly.

Android ROM Roundup
It's easy to install a custom operating system on your Android device, but which one is right for your needs? We install and test some of the most popular Android ROMs on the Web to help you find the one that's perfect for you.

Three Ways I Want Apple to Improve iTunes
Apple is working on an update to the iTunes Store, according to reports. While it's busy at work, here are three improvements I'd like to see.

Lego-Inspired Steeple Brings Faithful Brick-Heads Together
A town in the Netherlands built a 65-foot-tall steeple out of Lego-like concrete bricks, much to the delight of Lego geeks everywhere...

Angry Birds Are Real, Take Flight at 2012 Toy Fair
It’s bad enough when squawking Angry Birds turn up on smartphones and tablets as you commute to work, but things have gone too far when one drops from above and bumps into your head as you walk the floor at the 2012 Toy Fair.

HP Folio 13 Review: An Ultrabook for the Masses
The new Folio 13 may be slightly thicker and heavier than the average Ultrabook, but it also may make more sense for the average user.

Browser Add-On Stops Google (and others) from Tracking You Online
Abine offers browser add-on that prevents Google, advertisers, Facebook, and other marketing companies from tracking you online via a free browser tool.

Barnes & Noble Launches $199 Nook Tablet, Relaxes Storage Restrictions
Barnes & Noble will start allowing users to store more than 1 GB of content from outside the Nook Store on the device's internal storage.

Microsoft Office to Become Available on Apple's iPad? Don't Believe the Hype
Redmond denies rumors that Office will be available soon to iPad owners. Besides, the numbers just don't add up right now.

iPad 3 Is Coming, So Get Top Dollar for Your iPad 2 Now
Data from the launch of the iPad 2 indicates that now might be the very best time to sell that iPad 2. Wait, and its value may plummet.

Fluent Turns Your Inbox into Facebook-Like Stream
Fluent lets you view conversation threads, attachments and mail from multiple accounts at a glance.

Is Apple's New MacBook Air Poised to Launch Soon?
Report says Apple's next MacBook Air is 'set to launch' as February notebook shipments look to improve over January's numbers.

Andoku Sudoku Review: No-Frills, Simple Sudoku Gameplay
If you're an old hand at sudoku, you may appreciate Andoku's clean interface and hands-off approach.

Get Three Business E-Books for Free
All you need is a Kindle (or Kindle app) and a thirst for knowledge. These three titles have a combined value of $85.

Robot Avatars Are Here, Working From Home Will Take on New Meaning
This telepresence robot can pick up and maniuplate objects, and it can even tell you the temperature and texture of an object.

Are Netbooks Dead? The Prognosis Is Grim
Netbook sales are declining precipitously. Is the netbook dead, or will it survive as a niche player?

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0: Too Little, Too Late?
Research In Motion has delivered a new OS that brings a native e-mail client to its tablet. Will these improvements boost sales of the device?

A.I. MOTHER Nags You to Take Out the Trash
A hackerspace in Louisville has created a sensor array to make sure the geek chores get done.

Ubuntu for Android Will Bring the Desktop to Your Phone
No mere app, this new version of Canonical's Linux distribution will coexist with Android on smartphones and offer seamless integration of apps and data.

Microsoft Office for iPad Spotted in the Wild
The purported iOS apps would have the ability to edit a file locally on your tablet or edit an online document.

Tablets Get In the Game at Toy Fair 2012
There were enough iPad add-ons, kiddie tablets and smartphone accessories shown at Toy Fair 2012 to keep your kids--and your wallet--in stiches for a long time.

Turn That Old Blackberry Into a Bluetooth Remote for Android and the PS3
Blackberry Bridge 2.0 software unexpectedly allows Blackberry devices to become a bluetooth remote for Android devices, PCs running Windows and Mac OS X, and the PS3.

Comcast Steampix Joins Attack on Netflix
Comcast's new streaming service, Steampix, is the latest service to try to grab business from Netflix.

Truth About the March 8 Internet Doomsday
While it's true some users may lose their Internet access next month, it's not the FBI’s fault and there's still time to remove the malware that may cause a problem.

Google Privacy Fiasco Lesson: There Is No Privacy
Google may have crossed a line with respect to user privacy, but it's not the first, it won't be the last, and you need to have realistic expectations.

Three Cool Ways You'll Benefit from SkyDrive in Windows 8
SkyDrive has provided plenty of free space, but made it difficult to access. Integration with Windows 8 will make SkyDrive a more desirable way to store and access files in the cloud.

Nook Tablet Not Really a Kindle Fire Threat
Barnes and Noble is pitting a new Nook Tablet model against the Kindle Fire, but it lacks the secret ingredient necessary to compete with the Amazon tablet.

Indie Kinect Game Turns Your Doodles Into Weapons of War
Soldiers are advancing, and the only way to stop them is to by doodling on a whiteboard.

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It: Ancient Computers in Use Today
From 1970s minicomputers used for military programs (including nuclear weapons) to an IBM punch-card system still keeping the books at a Texas filter supplier, these are the computers that time forgot.

Play Pulsus in Your Browser
Pulsus is a minimalistic game in which you make particles hit goals.

Four Secrets About Light and Flash
Getting good lighting is a challenge--here are four things you should know.

Atom-Sized Transistor Foretells Quantum Computer, Scientists Say
The new process retains the precision necessary to keep up with the chip evolution described by Moore's law, and support significantly speedier systems.

Gaming's 15 Funniest, Most Unfair, and Memorable Exploits
Who says cheaters never prosper? Here are some of the most memorable rule-benders in gaming ... thus far.

Let Old Meet New With a USB Typewriter for Tablets
Give your computer or tablet a blast of the past with this cool and simple DIY typewriter mod.

Install an Old Laptop Hard Drive in Your Desktop
You might need an adapter or two, but it is possible to recycle those old platters. The question is, are you better off turning them into an external drive?

My PC Doesn't See My Hard Drive
When Wendell tries to boot his PC, an error message announces a disk read error. It's as if his hard drive--with three year's worth of work on it--doesn't exist.

Patent Reveals Google TV With Siri-Like Voice Recognition
Is Google trying to bring voice recognition to TV?

Promise DVRs Record Every Channel. Save a Week’s Worth of Shows
Promise DVRs can record 60 channels simultaneously, and can store up to seven days' worth of programming.

When Is a Cybercrime an Act of Cyberwar?
With no consensus on clearly defining the terms, it's easy to get confused by the array of labels available for a given cyber attack.

Get Better Caller ID on Your Android Phone
Free app WhoAreYou not only shows you who's calling and where they're calling from, but also lets you block callers with just one tap.

Google Latitude Adds Leaderboards, Game-like Check-ins
A quiet update brings a whole new element to the service: for every check-in at different locations you earn points that are tallied in a leaderboard against those of your friends.

Meet the ZTE Mimosa X: The First NVIDIA Tegra 2 Phone with an Icera Modem
Targeted toward budget-minded buyers, the ZTE Mimosa X has a 4.3-inch display, HSPA+ support and a 5-megapixel camera.

Will the FTC Investigate Google's Safari Gaffe?
Complaints mount about the difference between policy and practice in Google's efforts to respect privacy but serve up targeted ads.

When Bluetooth Leaves You in the Lurch: How to Get It Going Again
Bluetooth--so great when it works--can drive you crazy with dropped connections or with pairing and sound-quality problems. Here's how to cope when it goes haywire.

LG Shows Off 5.5-inch Optimus Vu
Phone with larger form for easier video viewing and reading is previewed before its Mobile World Congress debut.

Google Unlikely to Back Down Amid Lawsuits Over Privacy Concerns
Targeted advertising means big bucks for Google, so don't expect the company to let up in its efforts to glean data about its users so it can push marketers their way and prompt lots of clicks.

What's a Tweet Worth?
A lawsuit claims each Twitter follower is worth $2.50 per month; that puts Lady Gaga's following at $3.6 billion annually. Really?

New Windows 8 Logo Is Pure Genius
The new Windows 8 logo has sparked debate and criticism, but the most important thing is that it is getting attention, and everyone knows what it looks like.

Apple Factories in China Open Doors amid Concerns About Worker Conditions
ABC’s Nightline is scheduled to air a report Tuesday after a rare behind-the-scenes look inside the factories.

Paint With Sound in Browser-Based Auditorium Game
Auditorium is an enchanting Flash-based ambient game in which you get to create the soundtrack.

Google and Apple Make Mobile Privacy an Oxymoron
The very nature of cloud-based software is that we're sharing our content with a remote server.

Apple Could Destroy Tablet Rivals with iPad Price Cuts
Apple is doing just fine selling iPads at the current prices, but with $100 billion in cash to spend and a rumored "iPad Mini" it could easily slash iPad prices and crush the competition.

iPad 3 Latest Reports Say Screen Sharpness is Nearly as Good as Billed
A lot of the speculation is focused on the display on the iPad 3, which Apple is expected to unveil March 7.

Windows 8 Logo Garners More Brickbats than Bravos
Microsoft's "authentically digital" redesign is dismissed by the pundits as bland and so typically Microsoft.

Netflix Brings Back DVD-Only Subscriptions
After user outrage at its cancellation, Netflix's DVD-only subscription plan is back, available now for $8 monthly.

Google's Safari Tracking Debacle: Reality Check
Google appears to be busted abusing user privacy by tracking users across the web without their permission, but Google denies the charge.

Liberties Groups Rap Google's Skirting of Safari's Privacy Protections
Accident or not, Google's actions regarding cookies and Apple's browser are "severely disappointing," privacy experts say.

The Cloud, Day 24: Backing Up Your Cloud
I have a lot of photos, videos, and other personal information stored on my social networks. Today I explore some options to backup and protect my social media accounts.

Thunderbird Tip: Change IMAP Folder Subscriptions
If you use IMAP with Thunderbird--and you should--you might have trouble finding the folder-subscription setting. Not anymore.

Card Game Takes Your Nerd Altercations to the Next Level
Can't settle your differences in a debate? Geek Fight will let you duke it out via a card game.

Nevada Approves Self-Driving Cars after Google Lobbying Push
Self-driving cars aren't ready for consumers, but they are being tested on public highways -- with human passengers who can take the wheel if needed.

Achievement Unlocked 2: A Game You Can't Lose--With Elephants
In Achievement Unlocked 2, everything you do counts for something. That's what it's like to be a little blue elephant.

How to Start Your Business on the Cheap--With Help From the Crowd
Need to bootstrap your business at a low, low cost? Check out PCWorld's guide on how to use four popular crowdsourcing services to get more done for less.

TwitScoop Shows Tag Cloud of "Hot" Twitter Topics
Want to stay on top of Twitter's hot topics? TwitScoop promises to help you do exactly that...buts its ideas of important topics may not match yours.

Early Copies of Mass Effect 3 Will Go Into Space
The race is on to grab week-early copies of Mass Effect 3 that will be launched into space via weather balloons.

Angry Birds in Space: The Final Merchandising Frontier?
Angry Birds in Space will arrive March 22.

With Windows 8 Hybrid Laptops, it's all about the Trackpad
Ultrabook makers are reportedly worrying about how to integrate touchscreens with thin-and-light laptops, but don't forget the trackpad.

New Windows 8 Logo is Latest in Beta Buildup
The new Windows 8 logo is a plain blue rectangle.

Like to Tinker? Two New Devices Are Fully Hackable
The Openmoko GTA04 phone and the Auraslate Lifepad tablet both promise a wide world of openness and customizability.

iPad 2 and Kindle Fire Share Many Common Complaints
A survey of top complaints for the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire finds that both tablets face many of the same general issues.

Monitor Your Office from Your Smartphone or Tablet
Apps, webcams, and commercial security services let you monitor what's going on at your office remotely. Check out some of the most popular options.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Mobile Operating System May Arrive in Spring 2012
Rumors indicate that Google may push out the tablet-friendlier Android 5.0 "Jelly Bean" version of its Android operating system in the second quarter of this year.

Motorola Droid 4 Review: Snappy Performance and a Great Keyboard
The Droid 4 is the device to buy if you're looking for a smartphone with a physical keyboard, though the blurry display has room for improvement.

Geeky Pants House PC Peripherals, Certainly Stand Out
Want to show off your geeky credentials while also having vital useful PC accessories with you at all times? Look at these concept pants.

Android Tablet Productivity Pack
Check out these 28 great apps for getting the most out of your Android tablet.

Minecraft Developers Creating a Game in One Weekend
Mojang are creating a game in record time this weekend and donating the proceeds to charity.

This Alarm Clock Won't Shut Up Until You Crack the Code
Struggle to get up in the morning? The Ramos Alarm Clock on Kickstarter might help; it won't stop beeping until you get up and enter a code.

How to Locate Your Unprotected Android Device
If you lose your Android smartphone and didn't proactively install a security or remote locator app, you can still find your missing phone by following our handy guide.

Hulu Enters Original Content Biz with 'Battleground' Series
The new series from Hulu taps politics to create a 13-week mix of drama and comedy.

Apple to Ban Apps that Harvest Personal Data
Apple now says data harvesting apps are not welcome in App Store and face getting the boot.

Mountain Lion Brings Mobile UI to Desktops
Apple's latest OS X, Mountain Lion, looks more like iOS than anything.

Boost Your Morning Productivity by Avoiding E-Mail
It may sound crazy, but the longer you can steer clear of your inbox, the more you'll get done in the morning.

Lego Minecraft Micro World Set Finally Here, Everyone Rejoice
The wait is finally over--take a look at Lego’s awesome Minecraft set.

Interview With 2 Player Productions
We sit down to talk with the guys documenting Double Fine’s million dollar Kickstarter game.

The Cloud, Day 23: Wherever You Go, There It Is
One of the greatest benefits of cloud services is that your data is just a login away using virtually any device.

Fujitsu Roadmap Reveals Ultrabooks, Tablets
The two most interesting items in the Japanese manufacturer’s roadmap are a detachable slate and a Windows 8 tablet.

Report: Intel May Delay Ivy Bridge, Most of 2012 Looking 'Dark' for Notebook Industry
Intel's new processor microarchitecture could be delayed due to Sandy Bridge inventory overflow.

WebOS Gets a Brand-New Browser
Based on QtWebKit, the new, open source Isis browser has proven 'extremely responsive' in benchmark tests, HP says.

Motorola's Android OS Upgrade Timeline Is Mostly Bad News
So far, only 1 percent of Android users who have recently accessed the Android Market are running the Ice Cream Sandwich verion of the Android mobile operating system.

Kaspersky's Free TDSSKiller Digs Up Rootkits
Fighting tenacious malware? A rootkit may be calling your PC "home." Kaspersky's free utility TDSSKiller can help.

Tax Prep? There's an App for That, Too
Tax prep software developers are introducing new options for doing taxes on tablets and cell phones, including an iPad version of TurboTax that's as full-featured as the Web version.

Play With Mechanical Puzzles In Your Browser With Interlocked
Interlocked is a modern take on the ancient concept of mechanical puzzles, done up in 3D.

Amazon Rockets to Second Place in Tablet Market, iSuppli Says
Apple continues to dominate, but Amazon's Kindle Fire is doing very well.

Google Working on Password Generator for Chrome
Google's reasoning is that if a person doesn’t remember his or her password, then it can't be given away to phishers and other Net lowlifes.

PlayStation Vita Teardown: 5 Findings
The Vita easily comes apart with a small Phillips screwdriver and a plastic prying tool.

Scalado Remove Fixes Photobomb Moments
Scalado develops its new Remove software that erases annoying, unwanted pedestrians and cars from your photos.

Facebook to Verify Accounts, Allow Use of Nicknames
In order to verify an account, celebrities and other public figures will have to submit an image of a government-issued photo ID.

How Secure is My Facebook Information?
Spiderowych found some private Facebook information online, and asked the Web Browsing and Email forum if the social network is safe

Tax Sites: TurboTax Is Still the One to Beat
Tax sites battling for your business have beefed up their import capabilities and added iPhone and iPad support, but Intuit's TurboTax remains the best--and the priciest.

Android Dodges Apple iOS Address Book Debacle: But not by Much
Are Android users safe from such problems, and is Apple’s proposed fix a better implementation than Google offers?

Apple CEO Cook Says iPad, Tablets Will Outsell PCs
Tim Cook thinks that the explosive popularity of one-panel slates as well as innovation from tablet makers and app developers will fuel the sales.

Create Stop-Motion Animation With Fun-to-Use Animation-ish
Learn the basics of stop-motion animation through Animation-ish's clever three-level process.

New Robot Shoots Hoops Like a Pro, Isn't as Good as Jeremy Lin
A team at Cornell and the University of Chicago had developed a new robot that can sort bolts and play basketball.

The Dark Room: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game on YouTube
The Dark Room is a YouTube video adventure game that's funny, aggravating, and oh-so addictive.

Path Isn't Only App to Upload, Store Address Book Data
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Yelp upload names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, sometimes without explicit permission.

Google Wallet Open for Business Again
Google has issued a fix for an issue with Google Wallet, and re-enabled provisioning of Google Wallet prepaid cards.

FCC May Kill LightSquared's Plans for Wireless Revolution
LightSquared wants to build a wireless broadband network but the FCC says tests show that GPS devices are being affected.

Sneak Peek: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Content-Aware Move and Expand Tools
Adobe shows off two new Content-Aware Fill tools that let you move objects in your images and expand them.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker
Not all hackers do evil work. Here's what you need to know to use your hacking skills to do good.

How Samsung Galaxy Note Fares as a Mini-Tablet
The smartphone's large, high-resolution display invites users to think of it as a petite tablet, but it doesn't quite achieve that status.

Six Ways Apple Can Take the iPad 3 to the Next Level
What features or capabilities should Apple include in the iPad 3 to set it apart from tablet rivals and make it a worthwhile upgrade for current iPad owners?

How to Copy a File Path to the Clipboard
And why would you want to do that? Simple: So it's easier to find that file when you want to upload it somewhere.

Who's on Top of the Desktop Linux World? Ubuntu and Slackware, Survey Says
Linux Mint takes the No. 4 spot in a recent community poll, while KDE is named the most popular desktop environment.

Google+ iPhone App Gets Instant Photo Upload Feature
Instant Upload will automatically send your photos and videos to a private Google+ album, from where you can pick which ones you’ll share with the world.

Free Pencil Animation Program Has Great Sketching Tools
Pencil is a very realistic sketching program and good 2D animation tool for the cost (free).

Simple Flip Boom Cartoon Can Be Frustrating
Stop-motion animation doesn't get much easier--or more basic--than with Flip Boom Cartoon.

New York Cab Traffic Creates a Surprisingly Accurate Map of the City
A new video uses location data from 100,000 cab rides to show a day in NYC.

Apple: Apps That Take Your Contact Info Are in Violation, Fix Coming Soon
Apple says it will fix iOS so that apps will have to request explicit user permission to access Address Book data.

FileTrek Lets You Collaborate, Store Projects, Track Changes...For Free
This file sharing service offers storage, collaboration, and uniquely detailed tracking.

4 Components of a Social Media Governance Model
Engaging in social media without a governance framework is a recipe for anarchy. Here are four building blocks of a plan that will minimize the risk and maximize the return on your social initiatives.

Changing the Face of TV: Video Streaming Gains Ground in U.S.
Streaming video is more popular than ever.

Graphene Goes 3D: No Glasses Necessary
Scientists find a new way of using graphene more energy efficient.