Computing Center Sitemap - Page 104 2013-07-16

Former Google VP Suggests User-Based Security Policies at Black Hat

Green Dam And "The Great Cave-In of China"

Hardware Firewalls Bring Big Security to Small Businesses

Heartland Comes Out Swinging After Data Breach

KPMG Expert: Wi-Fi Security Still Too Complicated
Companies rarely use the 802.1x access protocol and thus leave the door open for hackers, according to KPMG.

Learning Lessons From the Twitter Outage

Microsoft Provides Guidance on Windows 7 Zero-Day Vulnerability

Mobile Browsers Bring New Security Headaches
The new generation of mobile Web browsers is going to introduce for enterprise IT departments a rash of security challenges...

NEC Unveils Firewall

Obama's Cybersecurity Dream Could Come True

Open Source Portable Firewall Debuts
Security firm Yoggie is showing a portable firewall platform available to open source development.

Pros and Cons of Windows 7 Security

Protect Your Network With an Open-Source Firewall

Protect Your PCs from Windows 7's Zero-Day Exploit

RSA Software Boosts iPhone Security

Remote Workers to IT: We Do Care About Security
A new survey finds that mobile users actually do make sure to use secure Internet and Wi-Fi connections, they love IT for helping keep them on the go, and they'd rather live without their car than Internet connectivity.

Researcher: Half a million database servers have no firewall
Think your database server is safe? You may want to double-check. According to security researcher David Litchfield, there are nearly half a million database servers exposed on the Internet, without firewall protection.

Researchers to Spotlight Darknets at Black Hat

Restrict Wireless Access
Keep unknown clients off your network with these basics.

Russian Firm Offers Wi-Fi Encryption Cracker
The technique behind the software, which can decipher WPA/WPA2-PSK passwords, is just a few months old. And now it has a price -- nearly $1,000.

Secure Your Network
One-stop "security-in-a-box" devices can help you repel numerous threats.

Security Worries Stall Mobile Shopping

Service Assesses Your iPhone's Security

The Amero Case: Stranger (and Uglier) Than Fiction
Analysis: The Julie Amero case may be over, but revelations about how it all happened have only just begun. And the truth is both stranger and uglier than you can imagine.

The Art of Creating Strong Passwords

Three Free, Easy Ways To Protect Your Network

Twitter Continues to Battle DDoS Attack

Twitter DDoS Attack Reminds Us to Reinforce Safe Web Habits

Verizon Business to Offer Risk-Based Security Service

WabiSabiLabi May Close 0day Auction Site
WabiSabiLabi may close down its online marketplace for security vulnerabilities.

White House Healthcare Campaign Raises Data Privacy Worries

Wireless Security Better, Needs Improvement
A new survey published last week by RSA concludes wireless security is improving, but too many organizations are still relying on primitive security protections when it comes to wireless networks.

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Have a Healthy 2009 with DietPower
If your New Year's resolutions including eating better or losing weight, DietPower can help you reach your goals. This food and exercise journaling program presents a great amount of information in a format that's easier to follow (and better for you) than your grandmother's cookie recipe.

Improve Health and Weight With CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager

Manage Diabetes With Diabetes Log for Palm OS

Track Your Food on the Go With CalorieKing Diet Diary

Track Your Soccer Team with LeaguePad
Stay on top of your favorite sports teams--amateur or pro--with this application.

700MHz spectrum winners detail plans
Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Qualcomm -- three of the biggest winners in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's recently completed 700MHz auction -- have announced plans for the spectrum they've won, with two of the companies focused on expanding their wireless voice and data networks.

Fixed Wireless Broadband
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Fon's shared Wi-Fi network goes mainstream with BT
BT Group PLC is turning to its own broadband subscribers to help crack a nut that many governments and service providers have struggled with: Widespread Wi-Fi access.

Fujitsu launches global WiMax business
Fujitsu entered the WiMax market on Wednesday with the global launch of its BroadOne brand and three base stations.

SF-area subway gets fast Wi-Fi in test
A startup says it can give subway riders wireless Internet access that's faster than most home broadband in the U.S.

Say Goodbye to Muni-Fi
The days of imagining Wi-Fi blanketing a city are over with the exit of the last major municipally focused Wi-Fi service provider.

Spectrum auction unlikely to shift carrier balance
Both Verizon Wireless and AT&T won enough spectrum licenses in the U.S. government's 700MHz auction concluded last month to roll out services a cut above what they offer today, though how fast they are for subscribers will be up to the carriers.

Tempe Wi-Fi network on the block
An early municipal Wi-Fi network in Tempe, Arizona, has only 500 subscribers, but it may have a buyer.

Wireless Broadband Test Continues
The White Spaces Coalition disputes reports that a prototype device failed in FCC testing.

Flash Price Drop Spurs Innovation
Analysis: Low flash memory prices could mean lower cost solid-state devices and bigger storage in gadgets.

Flash guys show certified ReadyBoost drives
Flash memory stick makers are showing off USB (Universal Serial Bus) drives at Computex that have been certified to work with Windows Vista's ReadyBoot and ReadyBoost functions, which improve boot-up times and the software start-up speeds in PCs.

Flash Media
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Mtron unveils faster flash-based disk drives
South Korea's Mtron Co. Ltd. is adding to its line-up of already speedy solid-state disk drives with new models that offer faster reading and writing of data.

ReadyBoost Flash Drives Lack Significant Boost
Kingston, Lexar, and Ridata devices provide USB flash storage but don't consistently speed up Vista applications.

STMicroelectronics, Intel Delay Launch of Joint Venture
Companies agree to extend the deadline to launch joint flash-memory venture Numonyx.

Samsung begins producing 1.8-inch SSDs
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has begun producing a flash memory-based solid-state disk drive for mobile computing applications.

Samsung making bigger, faster flash memory chip
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has started mass producing flash memory chips that both hold more data and work at higher speeds than competing chips, it said on Sunday.

Super Talent Readies 256GB SSD for Laptops
A developer of memory devices expects to ship in April a high-capacity solid-state disk drive for notebooks.

Toshiba Readies Flash-Based Notebook Storage
The fast, quiet solid-state drives could appear early next year.

Virtualization now comes in a USB drive
Virtualization software leader VMware Inc. is testing a desktop virtualization program that can be stored on a USB drive and moved from one computer to another.

iPhone, new iPods to spur flash prices
Sales of Apple Inc.'s iPhone and new iPods slated for release later this year will mark the end of cheap flash memory for a time, and that means users may see fewer bargains on older digital music players or bundled flash memory cards.

Turn Your Handwriting Into a Font With Scanahand
Scan your signature and other scribbles to create a font that resembles your handwriting.

14 Fantastic Freeware Finds
Get to your favorite folders in a snap. Stream TV stations from around the globe. Add new power to Internet Explorer. All this and more, and all of it for free.

15 Great Free Utilities You've Never Heard Of
You don't need to spend a bundle--or even a penny--for great software. These little-known tools do everything from protecting your PC to managing your media.

Free Tools, Useful Sites
Two terrific desktop calendars and three practical Web sites, plus an observation test and a new twist on the Ginsu knife.

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Great Graphics for Free
These four free programs can help you wrangle your digital media.

Rock Your iPod With an Open-Source Upgrade
Rockbox, free firmware for digital music players, can teach your old iPod some useful new tricks.

Share Video Captures and Huge Files for Free
Two terrific tools: Jing gives you smart, painless video and screen captures; TransferBigFiles lets you share files of up to 1GB in size.

Three Minutes with Richard Stallman
The founder of the Free Software Foundation comments on free software, Torvalds, Microsoft, and lazy users.

A Speedy Tablet and a Bargain Laptop Debut
The low-cost T-6815 and the convertible E-295C, formerly under the Gateway brand and now sold by MPC, enter our all-purpose laptops chart.

Acer Aspire 9300-5005
This well-rounded desktop replacement is very affordable, but its performance wasn't great.

Acer Aspire 9810-6829
A huge, 20.1-inch display and solid multimedia features help this hefty desktop replacement stand out.

Acer Ferrari 5005WLMi
This racing-themed laptop has modern features and design tweaks that improve on previous models.

Alienware Area 51 m15x Power Laptop
One of the most powerful laptops yet invaded the PC World Test Center--and provided unearthly performance.

Alienware Area-51 m9750 Desktop Replacement Laptop
Brawny, customized gaming laptop pulls out all the stops, including solid-state storage, but it suffers from a dark screen and other flaws.

Apple MacBook Pro
Lightweight 17-incher has a beautiful screen and comes loaded with useful software. It's fast, too.

Asus G2P-7R009C
If your dream laptop is a desktop replacement that doubles as a lights-flashing gaming machine, look no further.

Asus W2Pb-7M005C
This speedy desktop replacement has style to spare but costs a pretty penny.

Blu-ray and HD DVD Spice Up 17-Inch Laptops
Three multimedia-oriented desktop-replacement laptops take positions on our chart.

Dell Inspiron 1720
Splashy laptop offers excellent entertainment options and great sound, as well as strong performance.

Eurocom D900C Phantom-X
Thick, heavy laptop with a quad-core processor runs fast, quiet, and cool--but can you afford it?

Everex StepNote XT5000T
If you're a two-finger typist on a budget, check out this desktop replacement.

Fujitsu LifeBook A6010
This full-featured mainstream laptop is short on battery life.

Fujitsu LifeBook A6110 Desktop Replacement Laptop
Brisk speed, a great screen, and a dual-mode touchpad highlight this nicely priced desktop replacement laptop.

Fujitsu LifeBook N6420
This hefty laptop has a beautiful screen but poor battery life.

Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 Desktop Replacement Laptop
This graphics-oriented laptop has a brighter-than-bright screen and a two-hard-drive design that's perfect for backups.

Fujitsu LifeBook T2010 Tablet PC
The nine-cell battery on this indoor/outdoor convertible laptop lasts forever, but its front-mounted location is not always ideal.

Fujitsu Shows 500GB Laptop Drive
The latest entry in high-capacity notebooks is Fujitsu, which will begin shipping a laptop with a 500GB drive in May.

Fujitsu, Toshiba Laptops Offer Big Value
Our list of desktop replacement laptops sees the debut of two relatively inexpensive newcomers.

Fujitsu plans speedy 320GB laptop drive
Fujitsu plans to begin selling in late June a new range of high-performance hard-disk drives for laptop PCs that offer more storage space than current models.

Full-Featured Notebooks
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Gateway M255-E
Upgraded business laptop performs better, has tight security.

Gateway NX860XL
Hot performance and a screen to match make up for this plain jane's bare case.

Gateway P-172X FX Desktop Replacement Laptop
Power-packed desktop replacement laptop delivers good game performance but bungles sound.

Gateway P-6825 All-Purpose Laptop
This sweetly priced all-purpose laptop with a big screen would make a good second household PC, but heavy gaming is out.

HD DVD Notebooks Hit the Top of the Chart
Three new desktop replacement models take the top spots, as does the one new all-purpose system.

HP Compaq 8710p
Handsome business laptop has a cutting-edge Blu-ray Disc drive and can moonlight as a hot 3D gaming station.

HP Pavilion HDX
Stylish, high-end desktop replacement is huge and heavy, but its fast performance makes it a great gaming machine.

HP Pavilion dv9000t
Great consumer choice includes an HD DVD drive.

HP Pavilion dv9500t
Equipped with a stylish 17-inch screen, this is the ultimate multimedia notebook.

HP Voodoo Envy M:152 Desktop Replacement Laptop
This pricey, high-concept desktop replacement laptop has flair to spare, but its Extreme gaming processor failed to set records.

HP plans solid-state drives in future business laptops
Hewlett-Packard Co. plans to offer solid-state drives (SSDs) as an option in all professional series laptop PCs starting from next month because the drives operate faster, conserve battery life and are more durable than hard disk drives.

Laptops Gain in Weight, Size, Sales
The latest notebook models are bigger and pack more features.

Laptops of Luxury
A truly decked-out notebook is the ideal traveling companion. We lab-tested six new portable powerhouses, and picked accessories that let them do even more.

Lenovo ThinkPad R61
Slim size and light weight make the R61 ideal for taking on the road. Its battery life is unimpressive, however.

Micro Express IFL9025 Desktop Replacement Laptop
Equipped with a new Intel Penryn processor, this desktop replacement laptop offers top mobile speed and better-than-decent features for a low price.

Micro Express NP5760
This pricey gaming notebook's impressive performance overcomes poor design in other areas.

NEC Shows Rugged Laptop
Shield Pro survives dunking, dropping, and extreme temperatures.

New Dell laptop sports Seagate's crypto marvel
Dell has become the latest and largest vendor to offer laptops featuring Seagate's full disk encryption hard drive, the 2.5 inch Momentus 5400 FDE.2.

New Sony Laptop Is Sleek, Inexpensive, but Slow
The Sony VAIO VGN-NR160E/T is the cheapest model on this month's chart--but it's also the pokiest.

Report: OLPC's '$100 laptop' now costs $188
The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has raised the price of its XO laptop to US$188, according to an Associated Press report.

Midsize notebook with a nice screen turned in great performance and long battery life.

This reasonably priced and stylish laptop has a few drawbacks, but it works for mainstream computing.

Sony VAIO VGN-NR160E/T All-Purpose Laptop
Tepid performance and a somewhat dull screen are the flies in the ointment for this inexpensive all-purpose laptop.

Light laptop with a small but very bright screen and built-in WWAN can handle simple computing chores on the run.

Top 5 Power Laptops
These laptops are on the heavy side, but they're ideal replacements for desktop PCs. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes so check back frequently for the latest info.

Toshiba Announces First HD DVD-R Notebook
New Qosmio model will run Microsoft Vista, contain 320GB hard drive and high-res wide-screen display.

Toshiba Qosmio G45-AV680
Gorgeous-sounding entertainment laptop is the high-def king, but it lacks some of its predecessor's panache.

Toshiba Satellite A205-S4639
Though hampered by poor battery life, the A205-S4639 offers pretty good performance and great sound.

Toshiba Satellite P105-S6217
Toshiba's powerful laptop carries a reasonable price tag.

Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7479 Desktop Replacement Laptop
This budget desktop replacement laptop, despite its short battery life, covers office duties and offers the promise of some after-hours gaming.

Toshiba Satellite X205-S9359
Robust home portable offers great gaming with beautiful-sounding audio and a stylish striped lid.

Toshiba Spotlights Multimedia Qosmio Notebooks
Ceatec: Toshiba is showcasing three prototypes based on its SpursEngine co-processor.

Toshiba bundles laptops with high-definition options
Toshiba Corp. on Monday pushed high-definition technology into new laptops, expanding entertainment options for budget users.

Casual Friday: Gran Turismo Edition
Take a Gran Turismo 5 test drive, make some hard turns with new hardware, and check out the hardest (and easiest) games you'll ever play.

Casual Friday: MTV's Virtual Music Scene
This week we play entire albums in Rock Band and cruise New York's virtual Lower East Side, then score you some sweet DS deals (while supplies last).

DigiYumi: Xbox Live Personal 'Security' Issues
Xbox Live Gold subscription and personal security issues to be aware of.

Got a Minute? Then We've Got a Game for You!
If you have only a little time to waste, try out one of these 15 quick, simple, fun games. Our picks feature weird simulations, concussive exrootplosions, and of course miniature golf design.

Great Downloads: Award-Winning Indie Games
These mostly free downloads were among the winners and finalists at the 2007 and 2008 Independent Games Festival. Playable, fun, and sometimes quite weird.

Old Favorite Icy Tower Game Keeps on Climbing

Unity Is a Powerful Free Tool for Serious Game Designers

Bill Gates Unveils School Technology Initiatives
Schools of the future, Gates says, will need to extend beyond chalkboards to digital devices.

Environmental Group Wants Nanotech Regulated
Researchers and manufacturers of the NanoBusiness Alliance describe their precautions and their work with the EPA.

Fujitsu shows off latest color e-paper screens
After several years of development, Fujitsu Ltd. has improved its electronic paper technology to the point where it has begun exploring its commercial use in displays.

Future Technology
Information from About Guides and partners relating to Future Technology

Gates: Next Decade to Bring Huge Software Advances
Changes in software and computing over the next 10 years will affect all facets of life, Microsoft chairman says.

Google pledges US$30 million for private moon landing
Google Inc. will pay up to US$30 million in prize money to anyone able to land a privately funded spacecraft on the moon, because "it's cool," the company said on its blog.

HP's thermal inkjet technology put to medical use
Hewlett-Packard Co. researchers have developed a medical patch that uses thermal inkjet technology found in printers to painlessly administer drugs to a patient

How to build your very own Internet-controlled robots
Carnegie Mellon University researchers say building robots doesn't have to be rocket science. They've unveiled a set of recipes for building Internet-controlled robots with off-the-shelf parts.

IBM Dishes Five Predictions for Future
Company offers its second annual pitch of five predictions for what we'll see in the next five years.

IBM, University of Florida team up on smart devices
IBM Corp. and the University of Florida believe they've come up with middleware that will allow doctors to remotely monitor the health of their patients.

IBM software to scan Chicago streets
The City of Chicago is developing a futuristic video surveillance system designed to scan city streets looking for everything from bombs to traffic jams.

IBM stores data on an atom
IBM Corp. has demonstrated how to perform certain computer functions on single atoms and molecules, a discovery that could someday lead to processors the size of a speck of dust, the company said Thursday.

Inside Microsoft Research: The Cutting Edge on Display
Company takes wraps off a myriad of internal research projects, including wireless and social-networking innovations.

Iridium plans next-generation satellites
Iridium Satellite LLC, the company that raised Motorola Inc.'s expensive space-based network from the ashes of bankruptcy, is now planning a new generation of satellites that may be able to continuously monitor the environment and take pictures of Earth.

Keep the Human Touch in New Tech
Technologists often forget human needs and values when designing devices, researchers warn.

Kyoto University orders AMD-based supercomputer
Kyoto University in Japan has ordered an AMD Opteron-based supercomputer that's not only powerful but achieves considerable energy savings over its current machine.

Microsoft Debuts 'Minority Report'-Like Surface Computer
Tabletop PC introduced at 'D: All Things Digital' conference will respond to touch commands from multiple users at once.

Microsoft, Intel give US$20M for multi-core research
Imagine a man you know but whose name you can't remember approaches you, and your mobile phone uses face-recognition capability to give you his name and information about him before he says hello. This is the kind of application that researchers hope will be developed from US$20 million Microsoft and Intel are giving two U.S. universities for research on parallel computing.

Microsoft TechFest Shows Future
Research displayed on new security techniques, search advances, more.

Microsoft funds new open-source digital ID projects
As part of its plan to promote identity management across multiple platforms, Microsoft Corp. is funding several new projects to develop open-source versions of its digital-identity technology for information cards.

Microsoft photo technologies aim big
Microsoft Corp. is working on a variety of innovative photo projects, ranging from experiments with its 3D maps offering to massive panoramic photos that users can zoom into for details.

Mozilla, Microsoft drawing sabers over next JavaScript
Mozilla Chief Technology Officer Brendan Eich and Microsoft's Chris Wilson are trading heated rhetoric over the proposed next version of ECMAScript, better known as JavaScript.

NASA backs quantum computing claim
The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration confirmed Thursday that it built a special chip used in a disputed demonstration of quantum computing in February.

NSF preparing for the demise of Moore's Law
In anticipation of Moore's Law becoming irrelevant in the next 10 to 20 years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) wants funding for research that could lead to a replacement for current silicon technology.

NTT DoCoMo takes a step towards bio-sensing cell phones
Researchers in Japan have demonstrated one part of an envisaged molecular level system that might one day enable cell phones to keep a regular watch on their owners' health.

NTT sniffs out sales through aroma-advertising
If the poster of a frosty glass of beer or the food in the window isn't enough to tempt you into the Kirin City beer hall near Tokyo station, NTT Communications Corp. is hoping a computer-controlled aroma of oranges or lemons will do the trick.

NXP steps up research efforts for Wireless USB chips
NXP Semiconductors will invest ,90 million (US$124 million) over the next five years to expand the development of Wireless USB products at its research and development (R&D) center in Singapore, the company said Tuesday.

Needed: One Digital Media Revolution
Why can't all our entertainment gadgets, software, and services just get along?

New group to help first responders with ID cards
A consortium of security vendors is trying to make it easier for emergency personnel to identify themselves at the scene of a disaster.

Nissan to offer drivers virtual bird's eye view in US, Japan
Parallel parking is about to get a lot easier thanks to some advanced technology to be embedded in forthcoming vehicles from Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

Nokia, Cambridge team on nanotechnology research
Nokia Corp. and the University of Cambridge in the U.K. have agreed to collaborate in several areas of long-term research, beginning with nanotechnology.

Online auction for first A380 tickets nears end
An online auction of tickets for the first commercial A380 flight is nearing an end, with one bidder spending S$153,000 (US$100,380) for a first-class seat on the Singapore Airlines Ltd. flight.

Playstations take up server spill
A new virtual hosting solution has been launched that draws on spare processing power from multiple devices and platforms to reduce the cost of provisioning additional servers.

Researchers Envison Mobile Device That Morphs
Nokia video shows possible multimedia applications for nanotechnology research.

Researchers control robot with monkey's brain signals
Scientists in Japan have succeeded in controlling a humanoid robot with signals picked up in the U.S. from a monkey's brain and transmitted across the Internet, they said Tuesday.

Scientists show thought-controlled computer
Forget speech-recognition software: How about typing a letter just by thinking it?

Siemens Sets Network Speed Record
New transmission and receiving system allows speeds of 107 gigabits per second over fiber-optic cable.

Sony, LG.Philips LCD unveil flexible OLED displays
Two of the world's biggest flat-panel display makers, Sony Corp. and LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd., unveiled flexible full-color displays at a display industry show in California this week.

Still Seeking a Truly Digital Life
Analysis: The French call it 'dematerialization' but the search for a paperless existence continues to elude even technophiles.

Taiwan opens flexible electronics pilot lab
Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) inaugurated a new flexible electronics pilot lab on Thursday, adding Taiwan to the ranks of just a handful of nations worldwide delving into such research.

Talking paper seeks cheap printing to be viable
Someday consumers may find themselves listening to paper to learn more about products, receive instructions or heed warnings. That's the hope of Swedish researchers studying ways to print loudspeakers and keyboards on paper.

The Next 25 Years in Tech
PCs may disappear from your desk by 2033. But with digital technology showing up everywhere else--including inside your body--computing will only get more personal.

The Next 25 Years
PCs may disappear from your desk by 2033. But with digital technology showing up everywhere else--including inside your body--computing will only get more personal.

Three Minutes With: Second Life Exec
From crafting enhancements such as voice and search to pondering sale of virtual real estate, Linden Lab's Joe Miller considers the nuances of livin' La Vida virtual.

US military plan to put Internet router in space
The U.S. military plan to test an Internet router in space, in a project that could also benefit civilian broadband satellite communications.

Virtual computing can be a real hassle
For a technology that's supposed to make computing easier, virtualization is becoming quite complicated.

Volcanic Perspective of the Internet
The view from Mauna Kea offers a perspective on the accomplishments and remaining challenges of technology.

Web 4.0 Era Is Upon Us
A future where "technology and human become one"--the Web 4.0 era--is on the horizon, says TrendOne CEO Nils Müller.

XenSource new release closes gap with VMware
An upgraded version of the XenSource Inc. virtualization hypervisor out Monday closes the features gap with market leader VMware Inc., but a wide market share gap between the two companies remains, an industry analyst says.

Xerox PARC seeks collaboration partners
After two chance experiences collaborating with innovative new companies, Xerox Corp.'s fabled PARC lab has decided to launch a formal program in hopes of participating in more such projects.

10 Top Bluetooth Gadgets You Can't Live Without

1984 All Over Again

3D LCD TVs That Don't Require Glasses Coming Soon

5 Reasons Sony's E-Reader Will Stomp Amazon's Kindle

5 Unsung Ways Kindle DX Will Transform Reading

7 Technologies that Changed the World

AT&T Partner Will Help Bring New Devices to Network
AT&T has turned to Jasper Wireless to get consumer electronics devices onto its network more quickly.

AT&T Wants Kindle Rival, New Data Plans
AT&T needs more wireless data pricing plans, including per-session and per-day pricing, the head of the carrier's new-devices business said Tuesday.

AT&T to Power New Plastic Logic E-Reader

AU Optronics' Partner Rapidly Expanding E-reader Output
AU Optronics' partner in e-reader screens is rapidly expanding output to keep up with brisk demand.

All Wound Up
When it's time to plug my earbuds into my iPhone-whether to take a phone call or listen to some tunes-the last thing I want to do is waste time unraveling the...

Alleged CrunchPad Specs Revealed: Will Michael Arrington Beat the Apple Tablet?

Altec Lansing Intros Budget Speaker Line
Audio vendor Altec Lansing on Thursday announced the company's new "value" line of computer speakers, ranging in price from $20 to $50. The least-expensive...

Amazon Already Taking International Kindle Orders

Amazon Apologizes for Kindle Book Deletions

Amazon Brings Kindle to iPhone

Amazon Drops Kindle Price By $60

Amazon Kindle 2: It's All About the E Ink
Amazon announced its e-book reader Kindle 2 on Monday. But the real page-turning tech behind the device is the use of "virtual ink."

Amazon Kindle 2 Jumps the Gun -- Forums Ecstatic

Amazon Kindle DX E-Book Reader

Amazon Kindle Service Outage

Amazon Kindle vs. New Sony Readers: Game On!

Amazon Launches Larger-Screen Kindle DX E-Reader

Amazon Limits Kindle 2's Text-to-speech Feature
When it comes to the new Kindle 2, publishers will decide whether or not you will be able to use the new text-to-speech...

Amazon Looks to Spread Kindle's Influence

Amazon May Launch Newspaper Reader This Week

Amazon Modifies Kindle Text-to-speech Feature

Amazon Pays Out for '1984' Fiasco

Amazon Pushes Kindle iPhone App to International Markets

Amazon Puts Any Blog on the Kindle, for a Price

Amazon Settles Kindle "1984" Lawsuit

Amazon Shakes up Kindle Selection

Amazon Starts Own Brand Sales With AmazonBasics Name
Amazon started selling electronic accessories such as audio visual cables and blank DVDs under the AmazonBasics name.

Amazon Streamlines Kindle Line-up

Amazon Sued Over Kindle Censorship -- Here's What's Next

Amazon Takes Kindle Global, Lowers Price
Amazon will soon offer the Kindle in a number of countries worldwide.

Amazon Unveils Kindle 2
UPDATE 2: Version 2 of the e-book reader features a sleeker design and lower price.

Amazon Will Replace Cracked Kindles to Ship Kindle DX Ahead of Schedule's new large-screen Kindle DX e-reader will ship earlier than expected,

Amazon's $359 Kindle 2 Costs $185.49 to Build

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Apologizes for Removing Digital Books

Amazon's Kindle 2: From the Inside Out
Cool: Receiving your Kindle 2 e-reader a day early. Awesome: Disassembling your Kindle 2 to show everyone what's inside.

Amazon's Kindle for PC App: 10 Things to Know
Amazon's announced plans for a Kindle for PC desktop application. Here's everything you need to know about the program, what it'll do, and when you can get it.

Amazon's New 'Kindle DX': A Complete Primer

An IPhone Remote for a Media-center Mac
I've been impatiently waiting for the arrival of the new Mac Mini, so I could run out and buy one to use as my living-room...

Android Finds its Way onto an E-Reader

Android to Go Beyond Phones to a Range of Personal Devices

Apple Drops Price of 160GB Apple TV, Kills 40GB Model
If you thought this month was all about iPods and iTunes, think again. Apple may not have shown any love to the Apple TV during its music event last week, but...

Apple News & E-book Lock-in
Though we await the big events of autumn (Snow Leopard, the reality/illusion of an Apple tablet, and the expected iPod refresh), Apple news never sleeps. And...

Apple Releases Apple TV 3.0 Software
A month and a half after dropping the 40GB Apple TV model and dropping the price on the remaining, 160GB, version to $229, Apple has now dropped a new software...

Apple TV 3.0.1 Update Addresses Disappearing Content Issue
Apple TV users running the recently released Apple TV 3.0 update need to update again, according to Apple. The new Apple TV 3.0.1 update prevents content from...

Apple TV Software 3.0 on Its Way With ITunes LP
It's been some time since the Apple TV has received much attention from Apple, and no, dropping the 40GB model and the price on the 160GB model doesn't count...

Apple TV Software Update 2.3.1 Is out in the Wild
If your Apple TV hasn't alerted you to its presence yet, you ought to know that Apple released Apple TV Software Update 2.3.1...

Apple's Tablet: Not Just an E-Book Reader

Are You a Fanboy? 19 Signs to Look For

Astak EZ Reader PocketPro E-Book Reader

Asus 'Eee Reader' to Join E-Reader Fray, says Report

Asustek Eee Keyboard Coming in October
Asustek will roll out the Eee Keyboard starting in October in Europe and North America.

B&W Slims Down the Zeppelin
British audio company Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has announced the Zeppelin Mini, a smaller version of the company's flagship iPod audio system, the...

Back to Cool: 16 Must-Have Gadgets for Back to School

Barnes & Noble Nook E-reader Pricing and Specs Leaked

Barnes & Noble: Please Avoid These Kindle Mistakes

Barnes & Noble's Nook Crowds into E-reader Market

Beat the Summer Heat
Summer in the U.S. brings plenty of sun, travel and also an opportunity to use seasonal gadgets. Solar-powered devices, like a lounge table from Intelligent...

Beijing Startup Develops Web Media Player for TV
A Beijing startup has developed an application that can bridge the gap between PCs and consumer electronics.

Belkin Receiver Turns Any Stereo Into a Bluetooth Speaker
Belkin on Wednesday unveiled its new Bluetooth Music Receiver, a $50 device that lets you wirelessly stream music from your iPhone or iPod to your stereo. Since...

BenQ Shows E-reader Off, Joins E-book Fray

Best Buy, Verizon Promote iRex E-Reader

Best Buy Welcomes E-Books Warily

Bezos, Stephen King Unveil Slimmed-down 3G Kindle
As expected, Amazon unveiled a new version of its Kindle electronic book reader on Monday.

Big Boost for E-Books Forecast

Big Brother Swipes Orwell Titles from Kindles

Blu-ray Buying Guide
It may have beaten out HD-DVD in the bloody battle to be the high definition optical drive standard, but in the time since the format wars ended, Blu-ray Disc...

Bowlingual Dog-emotion Translator Is Back
The Bowlingual, a gadget that analyzes a dog's bark to detect its emotion, is being relaunched in Japan in August.

Boxee for Windows Alpha Coming June 23
The alpha test version of Boxee's online multimedia software for Windows PCs will be released to the public on June 23.

Broadcom Pushes Mobile Video, Bright Outlook
Broadcom announced a cell-phone chip with 1080p video capability on Tuesday.

Budget E-Book Reader Debuts

CEA to Award $10,000 for Innovative App
CEA launches an application development contest focused on innovation.

CES 2009: Picks and Pans From the Show Floor
We've prowled the halls and populated the press conferences of the big Vegas technology show, trolling for news. Come review with us now the ecstasy of innovation and the agony of fail.

CTIA Recap and Nintendo GameBoy DSi On PC World Podcast Episode 24

Cable and the Costlier Future

Camera Innovations Heat up August

Cameras and Phones Kick off March

Can Barnes & Noble -- or Anyone -- Dislodge Kindle?

Casino Puts Microsoft Surface to Work (and Play)

Chairman: FCC Has No Coherent Plan for DTV
The FCC's acting chairman predicts significant disruption during the scheduled DTV transition.

Charge It on Your AirEx
Savvy road warriors know you can find USB-charging cables for many portable devices--iPods, iPhones, Bluetooth headsets, game...

China Mobile Says Mobile Market Sales Going Well
China Mobile has sold 15,000 songs, 2,000 e-books and 20,000 video programs since Mobile Market apps store started sales this month.

China Pushes Its Own Blue-laser Optical Discs
Labels including Warner Bros. will sell films in the format, a competitor of Blu-ray Disc.

China and Taiwan Agree to Promote EPUB E-book Standard
China and Taiwan have agreed to promote the EPUB format for e-books, an open standard.

China's Online Video Piracy Jumps to Internet TVs
Internet-linked TVs, many using peer-to-peer download tools, are winning buyers in China despite piracy concerns and government moves toward regulation.

College Textbooks Hit iPhone, iPod Touch

Cost-Justifying the Kindle 2

CrunchPad Almost Ready for Prime Time

CrunchPad, We Hardly Knew Ye

D-Link DSM-210
As one would expect from D-Link, a company known for its networking products, its DSM-210 10-inch digital picture frame is Wi-Fi enabled, and it also have 10/100...

D-Link and Boxee Unveil Boxee Box
On Monday D-Link and Boxee announced the Boxee Box, a set-top device for enjoying local and streaming video content, at an event in Brooklyn that also demoed a...

DRM a Drag on Ebook Growth, Say Critics
Imagine bringing home a music CD from Best Buy and discovering that it will only play on some of your stereo equipment...

DTV Delay Receives Mixed Reactions
Some groups criticize Congress' decision to delay a switch to digital TV.

DTV Transition: More Than 4 Million Still Not Ready

DVD Burners Buying Guide
Optical storage consists of a drive that uses a laser to read and write (or burn) data onto optical discs; CDs and DVDs are the most common. A standard CD holds...

Dedicated Twitter Gizmo TwitterPeek Launches

Dell To Reveal Android Tablet At CES?

Dell to Make iPod Touch-like Gadget

Digital Gear: Android Tablets Charge Ahead

Digital Gear: Essential Accessories for Netbooks
Some netbook accessories include external hard drives, DVD-Blu-ray drives, folding keyboards and security locks

Digital Gear: Gadgets to Cut Energy Costs
Consumer electronics like monitors, even in standby mode, can be notorious energy hogs that silently add to monthly electricity bills. Companies are coming out...

Digital Gear: IPhone Clone Tries to Whip up a Storm
The iPhone has stolen the hearts of millions, but nowadays it's far from the only slick-looking touch-screen phone in town.

Digital Lit: How Technology Is Changing What We Read
Aya Karpinska had a story to tell. She could hear the words and envision how the tale would unfold. All she needed, she says, was the right iPhone app.

Digital Photo Pioneers Win Nobel Prize in Physics
Digital imaging innovators Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith won a Nobel Prize in Physics today for their groundbreaking work on the first digital image...

Digitize VHS Video Tapes
If you've been an adult since the time of the Clinton Administration, it's likely you have a box full of VHS tapes. In addition to ancient episodes of The Larry...

Dish Network Charged With Do-not-call Violations
Two U.S. agencies ask a court to stop the company from robocalling and calling consumers on the list

Do Star Trek and the Rest Get Tech Right?

Do We Really Want Vendor Lock-in With E-book Readers?
The Kindle e-book reader is, by almost all accounts, a great device. Amazon's recent fumble with two George Orwell books notwithstanding, almost everyone who...

Does the Zune HD Have an Edge on the Next-Gen iPod Touch?

Duracell Reveals Wirless Charger

E-Books Take Center Stage

E-Readers: Is an Open Format Necessary for Success?

E-books Cost Too Much, Kindle Forum Writers Complain
"Books cost too much" was a popular TV ad slogan used by the Haft family in the 1980s to promote the Crown Books discount...

E-readers Displayed at Computex Portend Big Growth
Several companies showed off e-readers at Computex Taipei 2009, a sign the devices may make waves this year.

EU Wants Safe Volume Settings on Portable Music Players
The E.U. orders portable music player makers to add a default volume setting of around 80 decibels (dB) and a health warning.

Eneloop Lamp From Sanyo Also Works as Torch
A lamp that can be recharged without wires and doubles as a torch is the latest addition to Sanyo's line of products based on its Eneloop batteries.

Eyes on With Sony's 360 Degree 3D Display

First Look: FlipShare TV
Those who own Cisco's Flip camcorders know how easy it is to shoot with the diminutive camcorder as well as lightly edit the content you've captured with the...

First Look: What's Missing From Seagate's FreeAgent Theater?
After checking out a demonstration of Seagate's latest media player, the FreeAgent Theater, we're left with a few questions. Is this home-theater device ready for your living room?

Five Must-Have Web Freebies for Amazon's Kindle 2
The Kindle 2 might come with a ton of interesting features, but we've found a mix of five Web sites and applications that expand its usefulness even more. And did we mention that they could save you a bunch of cash?

Five Ways Amazon Could Improve Kindle
What I want from Amazon Kindle 2: On the eve of the official launch of Amazon's second-generation e-book reader, a mix of what's rumored--and how Amazon can improve upon its initial release.

Flexible Displays: Ready to Wear?

Flicking the Apple TV

Flip UltraHD Pocket Camcorder
If one were to seek a poster-child for pocket camcorders, you'd need look no further than Pure Digital's Flip cameras. These candy bar-style camcorders epitomize...

Former Hitachi Exec Indicted on LCD Price-fixing Charges
The former sales manager faces 10 years in prison and a $1 million fine

Four Smart Tips for Managing Scanned Photos
Whether you do the job yourself, or hire someone else, scanning boxes of old photos, slides, and negatives is a big undertaking. And turning those old analog...

Foxit eSlick e-Book Reader

Gadgets That Solve Everyday Problems
Charge several devices at once, share your tunes anywhere, watch pets do unusual things, and read a special message from Steve Bass.

Gadgets that will Make Your Cell Phone Jealous
Analysis: Convergence devices that go even further than a cell phone's multiple talents.

Garmin-Asus Launches First Windows Mobile Smartphone
Garmin-Asus teamed up with Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom to start selling the Nuvifone M20, a Windows Mobile smartphone

Gazing Inside Howard Stringer's Crystal Ball
Sony CEO Howard Stringer has big hopes for 3D TV and online content delivery services next year, he said Thursday in Tokyo.

Get Ready for the E-Reader Rumble of 2010

Get the Most for Your Gear-buying Dollar
It's as inevitable as the turkey hangover the day after Thanksgiving: There's a hot new camera, game system or MP3 player everyone wants for the holidays, and...

Global News Recap, World Tech Update, Nov. 12
Intel and AMD settle all antitrust and patent disputes, HP plans to acquire 3Com, a cell phone splits in two and more.

Global Video News Recap, World Tech Update Nov. 19
President Obama talks tech in China, Dell readies its smartphone, the EU shutters 54 Web sites and more.

Google Android: Pretty as a Picture

Google Editions Embraces Universal E-book Format

Google Plans to Enter the E-book Business
Google said on Monday that by the end of the year it plans to give publishers a way to sell online digital versions of their books through a partner program.

Google-Sony Team Up to Fight Amazon Kindle

Google's eBook Business Will Create Standards War

Great Gifts for Graybeard Geeks
Got a vintage geek in your life? They don't want an iPhone for the holidays. What they really crave is cutting-edge 1970s technology.

Hands-On With the Amazon Kindle 2
We spent some quality time with the Kindle 2, and found lots to like--and some things that still need improvement.

Hands-On with the Kindle DX: Does Size Matter?

Hands on With Honda's Motion Devices

Hands on With Toshiba's JournE

Hands on With the Fusion IPod Car Stereo
Back when we bestowed our appreciation on our favorite iPod accessories of 2008, we gave a special "best idea" award to...

Help Lost Gadgets Find Their Way Home, Part 2
New service BlueRetriever takes a wallpaper approach to recovering lost smartphones.

High-tech Toys Abound at the Tokyo Toy Show

Honda's U3-X Unicycle: A High-Tech Dorkmobile
Honda is showing off its new U3-X, a unicycle-like "personal mobility device." Ready to go for a ride?

House Approves DTV Delay Until June
The U.S. House of Representatives votes to delay the DTV transition.

How Kindle Could Win (or Not) in the UK

How Your Digital Gear Can Help You Sleep

How to Build Your Own Google Android Tablet
The Nokia N810, now available for $220, can be made to run Android.

How to Improve Your Photos Without Spending a Dime
As a photographer, it's easy to get preoccupied with questions about gear. Do you have enough pixels? Do you need a better lens? While these concerns are...

IBM Remote Control Lets Users Blog About Favorite TV Shows

In These Woods, They Don't Speak GPS
A GPS device can come in handy when you're exploring Maine's sprawling countryside and forestlands. But the state's most beloved navigational tool is decidedly...

Inside the World's Most Advanced LCD Factory

Intel Makes an E-reader for the Visually Impaired
Intel has created a mobile device called Intel Reader. It scans print and then reads it out loud.

Intel and Nokia to Rattle Mobile Landscape

Interead Cool-ER E-Book Reader

Interest High in New Kindle, but Business Model Questionable
Analysts say that the new Kindle raises some interesting questions about business models in the ebook market.

Interest in 3D Home Video Heats up
The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is planning to add support for 3D to its high-resolution disc format, it said on Wednesday.

Is this Barnes & Noble's E-Reader?

Japan's Brother to Launch E-document Reader
Japan's Brother Industries will launch an electronic document reader with a 10-inch electronic paper display in June , it...

Japan's Ceatec Sees Big Drop in Visitors
The number of visitors to Ceatec, Japan's largest consumer electronics exhibition, fell by roughly a quarter compared to last year, organizers said Sunday.

Japanese Robotic Exoskeleton Looks Cool, Dorky
The Japanese have a knack for developing movie and television inspired tech products that straddle the fine line of usefulness and nerdy fantasy. A company called Cyberdyne introduces HAL- a cybernetic suit that claims to make you ten times stronger.

June Gadgets Are Go With New PSP
June is always a busy month for new gadgets. The E3 video games show, Taiwan's Computex IT show and Singapore's CommunicAsia all provide a launching pad for new...

Kindle 2 E-book Reader Is Thinner Than IPhone
After months of speculation, on Monday introduced a new version of its popular e-book reader, the Kindle.

Kindle 2 Gets Native PDF Support, Improved Battery Life
Amazon has an early Thanksgiving gift for all you Kindle 2 owners out there. The company has just announced an upcoming firmware update for its six-inch e-book...

Kindle 2 Starts Shipping a Day Early
Amazon on Monday began shipping its Kindle 2 e-book reader a day earlier than originally planned.

Kindle 2: Still Vaporware But a Bestseller
The slimmer, prettier update to's portable book reader looks like a hit, even though it won't ship for another two weeks.

Kindle Copy Controls Stink

Kindle DX: First Impressions of the Large Doc Reader

Kindle DX: Not Ready for College?

Kindle DX: Not Ready for School?

Kindle DX Sold Out; Try Again Wednesday

Kindle DX Sports Bigger Screen, Bigger Price

Kindle DX: What the Experts Really Think
Bloggers offer their take on the bigger, better, and pricier Kindle e-reader.

Kindle DX's Price Tag Daunting

Kindle Gets Cheaper, Travels Internationally

Kindle Text-to-speech Issue Is a Lot of Talk
While the newly updated iteration of the Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader, has impressed many, there's at least one group that's...

Kindle: When You Don't Own What You Buy

Kindle for iPhone E-Book Software

Kindle's Success Encourages E-Paper

Kindles Crack, Amazon Sued

Kodak EasyShare S730
Kodak is straddling traditionalist and multimedia worlds with its EasyShare S730 frame, and we applaud it for getting the balance right. This stylish...

Konica Minolta Magicolor 1690MF
Konica Minolta's magicolor 1690MF is a compact multifunction device with a color laser printer, flatbed scanner, and fax. It connects to your Mac either via USB...

Konica Minolta Shows Prototype Communicator Headset
Konica Minolta has shown its latest wearable display, which sends and receives video and audio across Wi-Fi networks.

LG Develops Solar Panel for E-book Reader

LG Display Executive Pleads Guilty in LCD Price-fixing Case
The South Korean man faces up to a year in prison and a $30,000 fine

LG's Solar-Powered E-Reader and 5 Other Gadgets

Lady Gaga Storms IFA With New Headphones
International music star Lady Gaga brought some glamor to IFA in Berlin on Monday when she launched a new series of headphones developed with Monster Cable.

Latest BeBook E-book Reader to Be Unveiled at Cebit

Leak: Amazon Kindle 2 Pictures and Pricing
Allegedly leaked pictures, pricing, and availability of Amazon's second-generation Kindle have surfaced on the Web.

Leaked! Images of Large Screen Kindle 'DX'

Lego Robot Solves Your Sudoku Puzzles

Logitech Adds Touch and Radio Squeezeboxes

Logitech Debuts Squeezebox Touch, Radio

MIT Wearable Gadget Gives You Sixth Sense
The wunderkinds at MIT's Media Lab (Fluid Interfaces Group) have developed a gesture-controlled wearable computing device that...

Make E-book Readers Accessible to All
E-book readers such as Amazon's Kindle have tried to do for books and newspapers what the iPod has done for music and videos--offer a device that can hold and...

Make Your IPhone Video Pop
Anyone can record ho-hum video on an iPhone 3GS and shoot it to YouTube. Yet, it's possible to record excellent video that looks crisp and colorful without the...

Man Scales Wall With DIY Spiderman Gloves

Meet Nook, Barnes & Noble's E-book Reader
On Tuesday, Barnes & Noble announced that the Nook, the company's e-book reader that aims to compete with Amazon's Kindle, is available for pre-order. It's a...

Meet Your Wait-Robot
A government agency says robots may replace humans in certain service jobs by 2025.

Microsoft Courier Heats up Tablet Sector

Microsoft Launches Big Gadget Push for Holidays

Microsoft Readies Courier Tablet

Microsoft Surface Draws Interest, if Not Buyers

Microsoft in 2019: Where's Windows?

Multiple Consumer Electronics Companies Hit With GPL Lawsuit
Multiple consumer electronics vendors have been hit with a lawsuit for GPLv2 violations

Netflix Coming to the PlayStation 3
Netflix will begin streaming movies and TV shows to PlayStation 3 consoles in the U.S. from November, it said on Monday.

New Gadgets, Prototypes to Debut Next Week in Japan
Japan's biggest electronics and gadgets show, Ceatec, runs all of next week and many new technologies are prototype gadgets are expected to be on show.

New Kindle Creates New Challenges for Publishers Inc. is expected to announce a big-screen Kindle e-reader this week, and many are already wondering if newspaper and magazine publishers will benefit...

New USB TV Tuner Debuts

New WikiReader Lets You Take Online Encyclopedia Offline

Next3D 3D Movie Player Coming to Mac, PS3
Next3D announced Monday that its 3D Movie player technology will be released for Macs and for Sony's PlayStation 3 video game...

OLED Screens, Blu-ray Players and Brain Control

OWC Offers 8x Quad-interface External Blu-ray Drive
Other World Computing (OWC) on Tuesday announced the release of an 8x external Blu-ray Disc drive compatible with Macs and...

October's Coolest Gadgets
Japan's biggest electronics show, Ceatec, offers a chance to see the best of the Japanese electronics industry.

Oddball Gadget: Mattel Mind Flex
Mattel's Mind Flex allows players to control a floating ball with hand, eye, and mind coordination.

Olive Releases Opus No. 4 Digital Stereo
Audio hardware maker Olive has released the Opus No. 4, the latest in its line of Opus Hi-Fi Digital Stereo products.

OpenTV Opens Way to Behavioral Advertising on the TV
OpenTV will open up its TV measurement platform to third parties, which it hopes will developers will embrace for next-generation set-top boxes.

Outsource Your Photo Scanning Projects
How many of your photographs are you not enjoying because they are lost in dust-covered shoe boxes under the bed? Trapped in those cardboard containers are...

Panasonic Aims Laser at TV Recycling
Panasonic has developed a new laser cutting system that can process three times as many old CRTs for recycling than a previous method, it said Thursday.

Panasonic Debuts Audio System With Photo Frame
Nothing adds to a slideshow like a little music--or at least, that's what Panasonic thinks. The company announced its first audio system with both an iPod dock...

Panasonic Finally Wins Control of Sanyo
Panasonic is poised to gain control of Sanyo Electric after a tender offer closed successfully on Wednesday, the two companies said on Thursday.

Peek Pronto Offers E-Mail on the Go

Personal Spy Gear: Is It Ethical? Is It Legal?

Phones and Cameras Lead February's Gadgets
As 2009 starts to pick up pace, the attention of the big gadget makers moves from January's International Consumer Electronics...

Photojojo Brings Camera Glasses to the Masses
Want a little present from Q branch this season? Photojojo, seller of Photoshop fridge magnets, has stuffed a tiny digital camera and microphone into a pair of...

Pioneer Sets out Plan to Return to Profitability
The company is cutting jobs and looking to new investors and partners for help

Pioneer to Exit TV Business, Focus on Car Electronics
Pioneer is throwing in the towel on its flat-screen TV business after four straight years of loss and little prospect of...

Plastic Logic Demos E-Book Reader With WiFi , 3G

Plastic Logic to Launch Que E-Reader in January

Playback Turns Mac Into Media Server for Xbox 360, PS3
Yazsoft on Thursday announced the release of Playback 1.0, an "Extreme Media Server" for Mac OS X. It costs $15.

Possible Jumbo Kindle Coming Wednesday: Print Media Savior?

President Obama Gives IPod to Queen of England
It's April Fool's Day, and we certainly couldn't blame you if you chose to disregard this story, but we have it from no less...

Protect Yourself from Ambulatory Gadget Fixation Syndrome (AGFS)

Pulse Smartpen Gets Its Own App Store

Qualcomm Shows Lenovo Smartbook
Qualcomm showed an upcoming Snapdragon-based smartbook from Lenovo at an analyst meeting in New York on Thursday.

Qualcomm's FLO Puts a TV in Your Hand
Qualcomm's MediaFLO mobile TV subsidiary will sell the FLO TV Personal Television in retail stores for the upcoming holiday season.

Report: Amazon to Launch New Kindle on Feb 9th
Amazon will roll out the new version of its popular Kindle electronic book reader early next month, according to reports.

Report: Barnes & Noble E-book Reader Ships Next Month
Barnes & Noble may start selling an Android-based e-books reader as early as next month according to the The Wall Street Journal.

Report: Pioneer to Leave TV Market, Spin off DVD Operations
Pioneer plans to completely pull out of the television market in face of the poor economy, according to a report in Japan's...

Report: Steve Jobs Returning to Work This Month

Researchers Make Paper Stereo Speakers for LCD TVs, More

Rip CDs Better and Faster
While many people get music from digital sources--the iTunes Store, eMusic, and other on-line vendors--a lot of us still buy CDs. In addition, many...