Computing Center Sitemap - Page 108 2013-07-16

Star Wars IPhone Game: More Fun Than Bagging Womp Rats
What kid of the '80s didn't see himself as Luke Skywalker, valiantly manuevering his X-Wing fighter down the Death Star trench, the fate of the whole galaxy...

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Headed to Mac, PC This Fall

StarCraft Hits the Books at UC Berkeley
Students at the University of California Berkeley campus will be able to take a course in competitive StarCraft playing this...

StarCraft II Beta Test: Ready, Set, Click!

Stay 'Three Moves Ahead' with Hearts of Iron III

Stop Piracy, Release Video Games Worldwide Simultaneously?
Valve business director suggests releasing video games in other countries simultaneously decreases piracy rates.

Strange Brew: Art Design in Batman Arkham Asylum

Strategery for IPhone
Strategery, a US$2 iPhone game that plays a lot like Risk, looks exquisite. That's a high compliment, particularly for a game...

Stream This: AMD Teases Cloud Computing Game Revolution
Imagine a world with no enthusiast computers, no video game DVDs, no 3D video cards, no game consoles, and just you, a video screen, and a browser.

Streetball for IPhone
The street ball culture is one of colorful characters, intense competition and extreme displays of agility. With the release of Streetball for the iPhone and...

Stringer Shakes up Sony Management, Takes President Position

Study: Adult Video Gamers Fatter, More Depressed

Study: Hello Video Games, Goodbye Family/friends
Much to the consternation of a young Brigham Young University researcher, a new study out of the school shows that the more...

Study: Nintendo's Brain Games Don't Trump Pencils
DS Lite, Brain Age won't make you any smarter than working the same problems with a pencil and paper, says a new study.

Study: Video Games Parallel Drug Use, Self-Esteem Issues
A new study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence finds links between video game use and risk behaviors, self-esteem issues, and relationship troubles.

Study: Wii Games Hit Bargain Bins Faster
Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) claims more Wii games underperforming than PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

Study: Wii Has 'Little Effect' on Family Fitness

Super Mario Kart, Bit Trip Void Hit Wii

Super Monkey Ball 2 for IPhone
Super Monkey Ball was one of the first games to hit the App Store back in August 2008. The game was a huge success even though it fell well short of...

Surprise: Most Kids are Gamers
A new survey reveals 97% of young people today play video games--boys and girls alike.

Sushi City for IPhone
Sushi City is Cyberhull's US$1 fast-paced match-three game for the sushi lover. Unfortunately, like a bad sushi bar, Sushi...

Sway for IPhone
Platforming games have been around for as long as video games have been popular. Everyone remembers his/her first time playing...

TNA Wrestling iPhone Review

Taito Releases Classic Bust-a-Move Game for IPhone
Taito's classic puzzle action game Bust-a-Move is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. It costs $5 and is available for download from the App Store.

Tank-O-Box for IPhone
However civil you are to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and loved ones, there's probably a part of you that wants to lead a mighty war machine into battle...

Target Ad 'Confirms' Multiple Xbox 360 Price Drops

Techies and Games -- A Successful Love Story
Gaming has long been an opportunity to develop mental powers and flex the most feared fingers in the universe.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Announced for Xbox 360, PS3
Namco Bandai has announced that their Sony-only fighting series Tekken will hit both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with...

Tekken 6 Expansion Unveiled
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion is scheduled for release in Japan arcades in December.

Tell Me Lies, Sweet Video Game Lies

Telltale: The iPhone is Mightier than the Wii

Tennis for Two: The World's First Video Game?
One of the world's earliest video games turns 50 at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York.

Terminator Salvation Game Released for IPhone, IPod Touch
Gameloft on Thursday announced the release of Terminator Salvation for the iPhone and iPod touch. It costs $10.

Tetris Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Tetris, one of the most successful electronic games of all time, celebrates its 25th anniversary this week, according to the company that now controls the...

Tetris Maker Looks Back at 25 Years of Falling Blocks
Tetris -- possibly the most popular casual computer game of all time -- celebrates its 25th anniversary on June 6th. Its creator, Alexey Pajitnov, looked back at...

Tetsuki for IPhone
As you saw in Playing go on the Mac, there are a number of ways you can enjoy the strategic board game on your Mac, whether...

TextTwist Turbo for IPhone
I'm a fan of jumble games, and the online version TextTwist is a genuinely fun one. So I wanted to love TextTwist Turbo, the...

The $20,050 Video Game

The Beatles: Rock Band--Up Close, in Concert

The Best New War Games
Ready to become an armchair general? This week, get a tour of several virtual warfronts. We'll help you pick the right battlegrounds for the holidays.

The DSi Gets a Zoom Lens

The Deep Pinball for IPhone
OOO Gameprom, the makers of the popular Wild West Pinball, returns with another pinball adventure.

The E3 Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt

The End for Microsoft Flight Simulator?
Microsoft pink-slips ACES development studio responsible for venerable Flight Simulator series, but says it's committed to "flying games."

The Game On Interview with Peter Molyneux, Part One
In which we quiz game design luminary Peter Molyneux about the Xbox 360's upcoming casual-hardcore roleplaying game Fable 2, on sale October 21.

The Goofiest Game Gear Ever Made

The History of Fallout for Dummies
Take a stroll down memory lane in Gametrailers' 15 minutes and 42 seconds "Fallout Retrospective" video.

The New York Times Crosswords Daily 2009
To some people, solving crossword puzzles means sitting in your favorite chair with a folded-over section of the newspaper and...

The Oregon Trail Headed to IPhone
Gameloft announced Wednesday plans to release The Oregon Trail for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The PlayStation 3 Price Cut That Wasn't

The Price Is Right, Hell's Kitchen Mac Games Released and Ludia have announced the release of The Price is Right and Hell's Kitchen for the Mac, two new casual...

The Price Is Right for IPhone
Many TV game shows--Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire--have made the leap from the small screen to the smaller-still iPhone screen. The...

The Secret of Monkey Island for IPhone
The Secret of Monkey Island is a re-imagining of the classic adventure game with all new art, new sound, new dialogue from the original cast, and the same...

The Sims 3 Coming to Mac, IPhone
Electronic Arts (EA) has announced plans to release The Sims 3 for multiple platforms this summer. A release date has also...

The Sims 3 Launches Simultaneously for Mac, PC, IPhone
Electronic Arts (EA) on Tuesday announced the simultaneous worldwide release of The Sims 3 for Mac and Windows. A version developed to run on the iPhone and iPod...

The Sims 3 for IPhone
Some game companies try to build games for the iPhone from the ground up. Others take titles from other platforms and try to cram them into the small iPhone box...

The Sorry State of Windows 7 Gaming

The Ups and Downs of Sony's PSP Go

The Wii Scream Heard Round the Blogosphere
Hysterical child gets a Wii for Christmas and suffers a total meltdown.

Things to Love--and Hate--about the Nintendo DSi (and the GDC)

Third Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Unveiled

This is Not a Top 10 List (And So Can You!)
In which I bow out of anointing my annual scribblings on a couple of sacred tablets in favor of soliciting your video game picks and pans for 2008.

Three Years On, Xbox 360 Slowly Gaining in Japan
Microsoft reflects on three years of promoting the Xbox and lobbying game developers in a competitive market.

Tic-A-Tac Poker for IPhone
Peanut butter and chocolate aside, there are some things that seem like an unlikely match yet go well together. In the case of...

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Released for IPhone, IPod Touch
Electronic Arts (EA) has released Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's available from the App Store for...

Tiger Woods PGA Tour for IPhone
Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a big game. I'm talking 160 MB big. Is it worth the $10 price and the oodles of disk space it'll gobble up on your iPhone?

Tiki Golf 3D for IPhone
Whether it's for desktops, handheld devices, or mobile phones, there will always be golf games. And Arb Studios has thrown its hat into the App Store's growing...

Tony Hawk's Ride: Foot-On Test

Top 20 ITunes Apps Reveals iPhone is Serious About Gaming

Top 5 Games to Appear at Comic Con

Top Grossing IPhone Games: November 30, 2010
Lots of movement in the top grossing iPhone App space over this past week, in most part fueled by the substantial offers that big players like Electronic Arts...

Top Gun Game Released for IPhone and IPod Touch
Paramount Digital Entertainment announced on Tuesday the release of Top Gun for the iPhone and iPod touch. Based on the classic movie, Top Gun for iPhone and...

Top Gun for IPhone
In the wake of Freeverse's launch of Days of Thunder, now another 80's Paramount franchise starring Tom Cruise is getting a...

Top PC Game Sales for November 2008
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and Call of Duty: World at War lead the pack, with Spore, Fallout 3, and Left 4 Dead right behind.

Topple 2 for IPhone
Topple 2, the $3 sequel to Ngmoco's hugely popular iPhone game, creatively builds on the breakneck-paced cartoony fun of the...

Touch KO for IPhone
With the release of Touch KO, Chillingo takes the heavyweight title for boxing games on the iPhone, with hard hitting gameplay, impressive graphics, and an...

Touch Pets Dogs for IPhone
Touch Pets Dogs is a beautiful, clever, Tamagotchi-style game for the iPhone era. The game is well-conceived, fun to play, and painfully cute. Unfortunately, the...

Touch Physics for IPhone
Touch Physics, a game from Gamez 4 Touch, is charming, particularly to anyone who's ever enjoyed creating their own worlds...

Toy Bot 2, Toy Bot 3, and Spy Bot Chronicles
The Toy Bot game series from Iugo Mobile Entertainment, now with several titles to its name, centers on a clever concept: You control a bulbous little robot who...

Toy Story Mania for IPhone
I turned 37 years old this year, which--as comedian Patton Oswalt would tell you in a stand-up routine a little too blue to link to here--is not a real birthday...

Triazzle Makes It to the IPhone
Dan Gilbert has released an iPhone version of the beloved puzzle game Triazzle. It costs $3 (through August 7, when the price increases to $4).

Triazzle for IPhone
Triazzle is a popular puzzle game that sold more than 5 million copies since its introduction back in the '90s. Now, Dreamship brings the challenging brain...

Trivial Pursuit for IPhone
In 1979, the game Trivial Pursuit was created by two guys missing their Scrabble pieces. Since then, millions of copies of the game and many versions have seen...

Tug-o-War: Xbox 360 Barely Outsells PS3 in August
It's back and forth between Microsoft and Sony, while Nintendo trumps both with more Wii sales than Xbox 360 and PS3 combined...

UDevGames Contest Announces Mac Game Winner
iDevGames has announced the winner of its uDevGames 2008 Mac game creation contest. "Laserface Jones vs Doomsday Odious" by...

UK PSP Go Price Drops, US to Follow?

US Gaming Market Sees 13% Growth in January
The U.S. market for video game software and hardware registered another month of year-on-year growth in January.

US PS3 Sales Leap 70% in October

US Video Game Industry Sees Sixth-straight Month of Decline
The U.S. video game industry contracted for the sixth month in a row in August, with sales down 16 percent from the same month last year.

US Video Game Sales Grew 10 Percent in November
The US video game industry recorded growth of 10 percent in November despite the recession that is ravaging other sectors of the economy, NPD said Thursday.

US Video Game Sales Sink in June, Biggest Drop in 9 Years
Sales of video game hardware and software were down by around a third in June compared to the same month last year, according to monthly NPD data.

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2 a Record-Breaker

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Interview, Part Two

Uncharted: Eye of Indra Prequel Announced

Underworlds Action RPG Released for IPhone, IPod Touch
Pixel Mine on Tuesday announced the release of Underworlds, a fantasy adventure game for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's...

Underworlds for IPhone
The "dungeon crawl" adventure game is alive and well in Underworlds, the debut iPhone game from Pixel Mine. The spiritual successor to games like Blizzard's...

Up Games for the IPhone
Among the flicks making the rounds at cineplexes this summer, the Disney/Pixar film Up was a great movie--so great that it apparently merited two separate iPhone...

Utah Governor Vetoes Video Game Bill
Utah Governor Jon Huntsman (R) has vetoed HB353, a bill in Utah that proponents had hoped would impose fines upon retailers...

Utah's "Truth in Advertising" Games Bill is Dangerously Wrong

VP Announced Hearts of Iron 3, Elven Legacy Games for Mac
Virtual Programming has announced plans to release two new games for the Mac: Hearts of Iron 3 and Elven Legacy. Pricing and...

VP Offers Four 'Complete' Paradox Entertainment Game Packs
Virtual Programming has announced the release of four "Complete" editions of Paradox Entertainment strategy games -- packs that include the original game along...

VP Releases The Abbey Mystery Adventure Game
Virtual Programming on Wednesday announced the release of The Abbey, an adventure game for the Mac, priced at $20. It's available for purchase and download from...

VP to Bring Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena to Mac
Virtual Programming on Wednesday announced plans to release a Macintosh conversion of The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. A release date was not...

Vector Tanks for IPhone
Remember Battlezone? It was one of the first real 3-D video games that Atari released to arcades in 1980. You drove around on...

Video Game Censorship in New York City?
New York video game sales proposal would legally prohibit minors from purchasing potentially offensive material.

Video Game Foe Disbarred
Florida strips law license from Jack Thompson, a longtime activist against video games.

Video Games: For Loners Only?
A Brigham Young University study links video games to diminished relationships with family, friends.

Video Games Improve Eyesight

Video Games Sales Plummet 17% in April?

Vin Diesel: Quit Your Day Job

Violence in Games: A Conversation with Christopher Ferguson, Part Two
Texas A&M behavioral psychologist disputes claimed violent games, aggression link in widely publicized Pediatrics study.

Violent Video Games Worry Nintendo Designer
The inventor of Mario and Donkey Kong says he's concerned about excessive violence in video games.

Viruses, Malware Creeping into Online Games

Volley for IPhone
Volley, a $3 game from, is a Pong clone. A beautifully drawn, adorably cuddly Pong clone, but a Pong clone nonetheless.

Vote Wii for Government Run Healthcare?

Wacky (but Good) Wii Gear at E3

Wal-Mart Leaps Into Used Video Games Biz

Wal-Mart Top Retailer for US Gamers
When it comes to shopping for games, Wal-Mart beats Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Amazon, and eBay, according to a new study.

Wal-Mart versus GameStop, Best Buy and Toys R Us: Fight!

Walmart Unleashing "Thousands" of Wiis Online
Mega-retailer said to offer "tens of thousands" of Nintendo Wii consoles on its website starting Monday.

Want Konami's PS3-Exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 for $30?

Want Some Killzone 2 First Impressions?
Our Killzone 2 review drops next Monday at midnight, but we're already working through our review copy.

Want Zune HD Games? Prepare to Watch Ads

Want in on the Xbox LIVE Facebook, Twitter, Zune Beta?

WarShip for IPhone
There may be thousands of games available at the App Store, but there's always room for pirates. WarShip from Goorusoft answers the call with a pirate combat...

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Comes to the Mac
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is now available for the Mac. The game is expected to be released this fall, although Mac gamers can download a beta version...

Washington Burns in New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

Watchmen Hype Overload: Is It Worth It?

Watchmen: Justice Is Coming for IPhone
Watchmen, one of the best graphic novels of all time, has been turned into a movie. Predictably, Warner Bros. is cashing in by...

Waterslide Extreme for IPhone
In an App Store practically overflowing with racing style games, Waterslide Extreme is a simple and enjoyable game that still manages to do a good job of showing...

Westbang for IPhone
Westbang is a take on the wild west shoot-out from Rake in Grass. The $1 tap shooter requires a quick eye and even quicker thumbs to dispatch the nasty bandits...

What Dying Industry? The PC Gaming Alliance Interview, Part One

What Happens if We Boycott the PC Version of Modern Warfare 2?

What IPhone 3.0 Means for Mobile Games
With the Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPhone 3.0 unveiled Tuesday, Apple introduces more than 1,000 new Application...

What Sony's Adding in its PS3 Update Tomorrow
The PlayStation 3 bumps up to firmware version 2.53 tomorrow and adds at least one important new feature.

What if Xbox LIVE Cost $100?

What if the Xbox 360 Was $300 with Wi-Fi Included?

What's Wrong with Studying Video Games?
Video game designers make up to $73,000 a year on average, but some folks see that figure as the only good reason to pursue a career in gaming.

What's Your Primary Games System?

What to Expect From Next Week's E3
Now that Apple has a successful gaming platform with the iPhone and iPod touch, software designed to run on it will take center stage at next week's Electronic...

Wheel of Fortune for IPhone

Which Came First, the Dreamcast or the PC?

Who Wants a Big Screen DSi?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for IPhone
Question: Is an iPhone version of a TV game show well past its prime--where a single wrong answer ends your game, and the...

Who Won E3? Halo ODST and God of War III, says Nielsen

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters Impressions!

Who's Online? Sony Claims 20m, Microsoft Claims 17m

Why Amazon's Game Trade-In Program Won't Work

Why Microsoft Should Stop Charging for Xbox Live
The future of online revenue lies in micro-transactions and discrete subscriptions, not blanket taxes on customarily free social activities.

Why Storytelling in Dragon Age Origins Might Not Suck

Why Storytelling in Fantasy Role-Playing Games Sucks

Why the Wii Needs a High-Def Visual Upgrade

Why the Wii Will Continue to Dominate (One Word: Mario)

Wii Ages Well, Report Says
Wiis aren't gathering dust in the closet--a Nielsen survey finds owners consistently use their consoles.

Wii Battery Recharger Recall: What You Need to Know

Wii Fit, IPhone 3G Among Japan's Top Impulse Buys in 2008
Nintendo's Wii Fit game and Apple's iPhone 3G are among the top 20 products Japanese consumers confessed to buying on impulse in 2008.

Wii Games Three of Decade's Top Five Bestsellers

Wii Hack Makes Light Work of Mowing the Grass

Wii Is the Superhero of Holiday Sales
Nintendo Wii repeats gaming history, defeating supply chain critics.

Wii MotionPlus for New Games Only

Wii Price Cut Official

Wii Sales Pass 7 Million Units in Japan
As the second anniversary of the launch of Nintendo's Wii approaches sales of the console have passed the 7 million mark, Enterbrain said Wednesday.

Wii Shortage will Continue, GameStop Warns
The popular game console will be in short supply for the third straight holiday season.

Wii Sports Best Selling Video Game Ever?
The Wii's pack-in casual sports teaser was bound to capture video gaming's software pole position sooner or later, but are we counting fairly?

Wii Still Dominates Gaming Through Second Year
For two years, customers have rewarded the Wii for its low buy-in cost, motion controls, and easy accessibility.

Wii Workout Games vs. a Personal Trainer

Wild West Guns for IPhone
Recalling old arcade shooters like Mad Dog McCree, Wild West Guns is a gallery/rail shooter for the iPhone. Utilizing the...

Wild West Pinball for IPhone
He's a pinball wizard

Will Apple Acquire a Big Name? Signs Point to No

Will Gaming Come to Your Multiplex?

Will a Disney-owned Marvel Do Gaming Differently?

Windows 7 "Great For Games," But What About GFW Live?

Wing Shoes at the Prez in Flash Game
Nothing like a little pointless capitalization to liven up your workday.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic for IPhone
Wolfenstein 3D popularized the first person shooter when id Software released it in 1992. Over the years, the game has been ported to a variety of platforms, and...

Wolfenstein 3D Comes to IPhone; Developer Releases Source
Id Software has finally made its debut on the iPhone and iPod touch, releasing its classic 3D shooter Wolfenstein 3D for the...

Wolfenstein RPG for IPhone
Originally developed for other mobile phones, Wolfenstein RPG has found its way to the iPhone and iPod touch with upgraded graphics and controls. This...

Woman Jailed for Murdering Avatar
A virtual divorce prompts a virtual world murder -- with consequences back in real life.

WordFu for IPhone
WordFu, a US$2 game from ngmoco, isn't your mother-in-law's jumble game. It's a manic-paced, cleverly-crafted iPhone app that takes only a minute to play. The...

Words With Friends for IPhone
Newtoy has a pretty sweet thing going with its burgeoning and addictive "Games With Friends" platform for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Dallas-based developer...

WordsWorth 1.4 for IPhone
As cool as a fast-paced first or third-person shooter, adventure or role-playing game may be, there's a part of you that wants...

World Cup Ping Pong for IPhone
World Cup Ping Pong, a $1 3-D table-tennis simulator from Skyworks with a free lite counterpart, is packed with features and looks great. Unfortunately, it's...

World of Sam-Raimi-Craft? Spider-Man Director Nabs Warcraft Film

World of Warcraft Expansion Breaks All-Time Record
Wrath of the Lich King, the expansion to Blizzard's popular World of Warcraft online multiplayer game, is now the fastest selling PC game in history.

World of Warcraft May Go Dark in China

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Launch Mania Strikes
Computer gamers go wild to get their hands on Blizzard's ominous arctic expansion to the most popular online roleplaying game in the world.

World's First Slot-Loading Xbox 360
How to convert your Xbox 360's clunky tray-based DVD player into a sleek slot-loading wonder.

Worms for IPhone
First released in 1995, Worms is a popular turn-based artillery combat game that has been reborn on several different platforms in the ensuing years. Now, it's...

Worst Idea Ever: Another Mortal Kombat Movie

Wrap Your Brain Around a Game With Emotiv's Epoc

Wrath of the Lich King Beta Over, Relaunch in Nine Days
The testing phase of the second expansion to MMO heavy-hitter World of Warcraft closes it doors and shutters its windows tonight.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, First Impressions

X2 Soccer 2009 for IPhone
Soccer fans have reason to celebrate with the release of X2 Soccer 2009 from X2 Games. The developer has managed to capture the spirit of soccer on the iPhone...

X3: Terran Conflict Launches on the Mac
The climactic final chapter to the X Universe saga arrived on the Mac this month with the release of X3: Terran Conflict for the Mac by Virtual Programming. In...

Xbox 360 Achievements’ Icy Grip Needn’t Get Colder

Xbox 360 "CD" Versus "Hard Drive Install" Game Quality Comparison
Does saving games to the Xbox 360's hard drive really make them look better?

Xbox 360 Camera Game Arrives Nov. 18
Microsoft Monday announced that You're in the Movies, the first game to use the Xbox Live vision camera, will arrive in two...

Xbox 360 Dashboard Ads to Get Animation, Audio

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Live Now

Xbox 360 Disc-Scratching Document Suggests Microsoft Knew
Document in proposed class action suit claims Microsoft knew before launch that the Xbox 360's optical drive could damage discs.

Xbox 360 Facebook and Twitter Beta Live in October

Xbox 360 Finally Getting Blu-ray Peripheral Support?

Xbox 360 Growth, Wii and PS3 Decline in March

Xbox 360 Hosts Most-Rented Games of '08
Rentrak reports seven of the 10 most popular rentals run on Xbox, and none are for PS3.

Xbox 360 'Least Reliable' Console

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3, Modern Warfare 2 Rules

Xbox 360 Outsells Playstation 3
Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has sold over 28 million units worldwide, 8 million more than the Sony Playstation 3.

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Price Drops This Fall?

Xbox 360: Praying for an E74 Error Message

Xbox 360 Price Cut Spurs Sales
Sales doubled after Microsoft cut its console's prices, but how often can the company do that?

Xbox 360 Price Drop Happening Tomorrow?

Xbox 360 Sales to Beat Original Xbox
Microsoft expects Xbox 360 sales to exceed the 25 million original Xbox consoles.

Xbox 360 Surpasses Original Xbox Install Base
Three years and counting, Microsoft marks an important milestone in the life of the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Update Triggers Red Ring of Death Rumors
The rumors of the Xbox 360's latest "death" may or may not be greatly exaggerated.

Xbox 360, Wii Sales Climb in October, Fable 2 Leads
October saw month-over-month increases for Xbox 360 and Wii sales, while handhelds stalled and Sony's PS2 and PS3 sales slowed slightly.

Xbox 360 to Break Your Wallet in November
A quick glance at the Xbox 360 release calendar in November proves there is something for everyone, namely shooters...

Xbox Gains Facebook and Twitter Integration

Xbox LIVE Gold Free Today Through Monday

Xbox LIVE Update Launches Today

Xbox LIVE iPhone App Lets You Message on the Go

Xbox Live Game Braid Headed to Mac
Hothead Games on Tuesday announced plans to publish Braid, an independently-developed 2D platform action game originally...

Xbox Live Players Set Record: 2 Million at Once

Xbox Live Subscription Price Drop: Thanks for Nothing
Microsoft dropped the price of its Xbox Live Gold Subscription by 40 percent -- for awhile.

Xbox Live: Worth a Price Hike?

Xbox Live's Games on Demand to Debut Next Month

Yes, Microsoft's Working on an Xbox Next. Surprised?

Yes We Can, Says Obama, In Video Games Everywhere
The democratic presidential nominee turns to in-game ads to deliver his "get out the vote" message.

YetiSports1 for IPhone
YetiSports 1 is a great-looking but very simple game that's probably not worth a penny more than the $1 that it costs.

You Can't Legislate Common Sense With Games
Lawmakers love to be seen as doing something, anything, on their constituents' behalf. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised...

Zeebo Console to Offer 3G Game Downloads
Monday, Zeebo, Inc officially announced its upcoming Zeebo console, which will enable players to download all games over a...

Zen Bound for IPhone
Beautiful, peaceful, and unique, Zen Bound has been heralded by many as the best app yet released for the iPhone and iPod...

ZeniMax Media Acquires Id Software
ZeniMax Media on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Id Software, the game developer behind titles like Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein and the upcoming game Rage...

Zenonia for IPhone
Zenonia recalls the good old days of the classic 16-bit role-playing game. Listed on sale for $3 as of this writing, Gamevil's offering is a marathon adventure...

Zombieville USA for IPhone
Zombieville USA is a bloody, fun game from Mika Mobile. You control a lone scowling hunter in a town overrun with the...

iPhone 3GS Chews Through PlayStation, Game Boy Games

iPhone Expected to Boost Mobile Game Market

iPhone Games for 99 Cents? Meet EA's 8 lb Gorilla

inFAMOUS Review: City of Saints and Madmen

inFAMOUS for PlayStation 3 Demo Impressions

Commodore Gaming GX Desktop Computer
Welcome back, Commodore--but it may take more than a gimmicky desktop computer case to win over power users.

Dell XPS 630 Gaming Desktop PC
Customizable desktop system provides affordable gaming performance in a stylish package.

Gaming PCs
Information from About Guides and partners relating to Gaming PCs

Gateway Adds Gaming PCs to Lineup
Gateway launches the FX series of desktops and laptops designed to appeal to gamers.

Puget Systems Gaming Computer
This extremely well put together but pricey power desktop PC is for users who appreciate attention to detail.

War Machine M1 Elite Desktop Computer
This exceptional performer’s extreme expandability will appeal to power users whose storage requirements are extremely high.

Users upset over Google Analytics outage
Some Google Analytics users suffered hours-long outages this week, and are peeved that the company has yet to offer any information about the situation.

Adam Bosworth leaves Google
Google Inc. has lost the services of Adam Bosworth, a vice president of engineering who was in charge of the company's Google Health project, focused on helping people research medicines, illnesses, treatments and related healthcare topics.

Adobe and Google throw 3D shapes
Adobe has teamed-up with Google to jointly announce a new plug-in for Photoshop CS3 Extended that links the software up with Google 3D Warehouse.

Advanced Google: Search Faster, Find More
Save time and effort with our favorite search shortcuts.

Arcot brings two-factor authentication to Google Apps
Google Apps users now have a more secure way to log on to the online groupware service.

Baidu readies Google defense in China mobile arena is working with some of China's leading telephone network operators to ready new mobile search applications for the launch of 3G (third generation mobile telecommunications) services in China, an area Google has made plans to dominate.

Baidu stretches lead over Google in Chinese search market
A new report shows Inc. increased its share of the search market in China's top cities, while rival Google Inc. lost ground despite continued heavy investments in its Chinese operations.

Capgemini to provide IT services for Google Apps
Google Inc. has formed a partnership with Capgemini SA, which will provide IT services to large businesses that adopt the Google Apps Premier Edition hosted suite of collaboration and communication software.

Consumers Not Satisfied With Google Checkout Performance, Study Says
PayPal whips Google service in J.P. Morgan shoppers' survey.

Customers upset with Google over Urchin software
A major upgrade to Google Inc.'s Urchin Web analytics server software is almost three years late and customers who bought the product worry that Google's silence and inaction may mean it will be discontinued.

EU approves Google-DoubleClick deal
Google's proposed acquisition of DoubleClick does not pose a significant threat to competition in the European online advertising market, the European Commission said Tuesday. However, it reminded the companies that they also have an obligation to respect European Union legislation on the privacy of personal data, one of the grounds on which opponents lobbied to block the merger.

EU launches in-depth Google-DoubleClick investigation
The European Commission opened an in-depth investigation into Google's planned acquisition of online advertising company DoubleClick Tuesday, citing the deal's potential impact on the online advertising market.

Early Google apps adopters like the price
Google Inc. has pushed further into Microsoft Corp.'s turf with a major upgrade of its Google Apps hosted suite. Like the free Standard and Education Edition versions, the new Premier offering has Gmail Web mail (with BlackBerry support), Calendar shared scheduling, IM and integrated Docs & Spreadsheets apps. But for US$50 per user per year, Premier customers will get 10GB of e-mail storage per user, instead of 2GB. A Premier subscription also buys a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, IT management tools and phone support, and tools for integration with other business data.

FTC Approves Google/DoubleClick Deal
UPDATE: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission voted 4-1 to approve the Google acquisition of online ad vendor DoubleClick.

Free Stuff: Online Calendar, SnagIt, and More
Two nifty (and free) Web services, plus free copies of two top-rated programs.

Gadget puts Google Talk on Web pages
A new Google Inc. gadget lets users embed the company's Talk instant-messaging service in Web pages, expanding the reach of this product, originally introduced as a downloadable PC application.

Google-AFP Deal Unclear
Analysis: Lawsuit's undisclosed settlement leaves uncertainty about how Google regards content rights.

Google Analytics in data blackout since Saturday
Google Inc.'s Analytics service stopped delivering data to users on Saturday, another in a series of recent performance and availability problems affecting this popular Web site traffic-monitoring service.

Google Apologizes for Lifting Rival's Software
Search giant acknowledges error, revamps its Chinese character typing tool.

Google Apps' Gmail faces downtime problems
For at least the third time this month, Google Inc. is grappling with performance and availability problems in the Gmail service of Google Apps, the suite of hosted services that many consider a potential threat to Microsoft Corp.'s Office suite of desktop software.

Google Apps Upgrade Threatens Office
Company's major upgrade of Google Apps poses serious competition to Microsoft Office.

Google Apps suite to add Docs & Spreadsheets
Google Inc. is finalizing the integration of Docs & Spreadsheets with Google Apps for Your Domain, another step in its strategy to build a suite of hosted applications for organizations.

Google Asked to Yank 'Copycat' App thinks Google's product infringes on its own software.

Google Asks Shareholders to Permit Censorship
Large stakeholder submits proposal requiring Google to resist government censorship; board asks shareholders to vote it down.

Google Buys Mobile Social Network Zingku
Google Inc. Friday confirmed that it has acquired Zingku Inc., a mobile social networking company geared toward teenagers and young adults, another in a series of moves to boost its mobile services.

Google Desktop 5 speaks 29 languages
Google Inc. took a step closer on Thursday to being able to search everything: its desktop search application is now available in 29 languages, including Hindi, the company announced.

Google Disables Gmail Accounts by Mistake
An overzealous antispam measure erroneously blocks legitimate users, prompting a traffic jam on Google's forums.

Google-DoubleClick approval expected in Europe
The European Commission is expected to approve Google's planned acquisition of Internet advertising company DoubleClick in the coming weeks, according to people following merger reviews by Europe's top competition authority.

Google Dusts Off Discussion Groups
Search giant enhances its venerable discussion forum service to make it relevant.

Google Earth Enterprise data now in browsers
Google Inc. released on Thursday an upgrade to its Google Earth Enterprise mapping system that for the first time will let users display two-dimensional (2D) geospatial data from the product on a Web browser.

Google Earth gets overlay search feature
Google Inc. has created a searchable index of Google Earth data files, a feature that should make it easier for users to find and adopt third-party overlays for this popular mapping application.

Google Gears Comes Out for Mobile
Browser extension reaches mobile devices with support for Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mobile

Google Gets Undue Credit for Ad Conversions
Google undeservedly receives credit for many clicks on the online ads it delivers via its search engine, but Microsoft wants to put a stop to that.

Google Gives Earth Developer Tools to UK Charities
Google is building momentum behind its Earth mapping software by expanding a program that gives free development tools to U.K...

Google Korea to censor search results
Google Korea plans to introduce an age-verification system to its search engine later this year that will restrict adult-themed searches to those 19 years of age and older, it said Thursday.

Google Launches Mobile Search
Google's new mobile search engine makes it easy to find information using a handheld device.

Google Launching Tools to Fight Click Fraud
Google now allowing advertisers to blacklist IP addresses to fight click fraud.

Google Nears Omniscience
Plus: Cell phones get silly and directX 10 gets affordable.

Google News Guilty of Copyright Violation
European court rules Google violated copyright when it posted extracts from a Belgian newspaper.

Google News to host wire service stories
Google Inc. took another step Friday in its continued attempts to improve its relationships with wire services, when it announced a program to host full articles from news agencies on Google News pages.

Google Phone? Consider Google Wireless
All the rumors about a Google phone may be just slightly off. Rather than sell a mobile handset, Google Inc. might instead offer wireless service.

Google Previews Google Health
Google shed more light on the health care service it is developing with several screenshots of what it will look like.

Google Replies to Lawmaker's Questions on Privacy
Google defends its privacy practices to Congressman.

Google Responds to Privacy Concerns
In a response to EU privacy complaints, Google will make use data anonymous after 18 months, may redesign cookies.

Google Revamps Korean Site
Search site adds color--and clutter--to its famously clean design.

Google Security API Spots Dangerous URLs
Google's experimental API lets other programs access its blacklist of Web sites that may host malware.

Google Starts to Make Online Apps Work Offline
How useful are your Web apps if you don't have a Net connection? Google's Gears API aims to make online data available anywhere, anytime.

Google Steps Into Data Portability Dance With Friend Connect
Google plans to release on Monday a preview version of Friend Connect, a service designed to let Web publishers add social...

Google Sustains a Lull in Paid Search
A comScore report on Google's paid clicks is causing concern that Google's business may be slowing.

Google Updates Android SDK
A new interface and expanded file format support are among the new development tools for Google's mobile phone operating system.

Google Updates Desktop Search
Revamped Google Desktop improves security, adds preview and 'sidebar.'

Google Used Rival's Database 'Inadvertently'
Google admits that developers copied part of a proprietary dictionary from Chinese Internet company, says it was an accident.

Google VP talks up health initiative
Just over a month after the leader of Google Inc.'s health information project left the company, the vice president who stepped in for him on an interim basis reiterated the company's commitment to this effort.

Google acquires GrandCentral
Following on rumors that a deal was in the works, Google Inc. acquired GrandCentral Communications Inc. for an undisclosed sum.

Google ad drop may not signal problems
A report by Internet market researcher ComScore detailing a 7 percent decline in the number of times U.S. consumers clicked on ads next to Google search results in January sent analysts scurrying to explain the decline.

Google adds bells and whistles to Japan home page
Google Japan has updated its minimalist home page with more graphics and direct links to some of the company's services.

Google and EchoStar in TV ad deal
As part of its previously stated plan to expand into television advertising, Google Inc. has signed a multi-year deal with EchoStar Communications Corp. to sell ads for the company's Dish satellite network.

Google and Sun may butt heads over Android
Google could be heading for a showdown with Sun over the way Android, Google's new mobile phone software platform, handles Java.

Google appeals Copiepresse ruling as talks continue
Google Inc. has scheduled an appeal for July 17 in its copyright dispute with Belgian newspaper publishers, although the two sides expect to request an extension while they try to resolve the conflict amicably, spokespeople for Google and the publishing group, Copiepresse, said on Tuesday.

Google applauds ISO vote, voices OOXML concerns
Google Inc., which has been less vocal than some on the furor surrounding the standards process for Microsoft Corp.'s Office Open XML, came out Friday in support of the ISO's decision to reject the specification.

Google brings gadgets to Docs' spreadsheet
Google plans to roll out enhancements to its online spreadsheet program, including the ability to display data in new ways using lightweight "gadgets" and to notify users via e-mail when data is changed.

Google buys FeedBurner to boost RSS services
Google Inc. has acquired FeedBurner Inc., a provider of publishing and advertising services for blogs and content syndication feed.

Google buys Finnish social-networking company
Google Inc. continued its acquisition spree with the purchase of Jaiku Ltd., a Finnish company that offers a social-networking service similar to Twitter.

Google courts govt sector webmasters
Google Inc. and four U.S. states have partnered to improve the amount of data Google indexes from their Web sites and makes available to users of its search engine.

Google declares personalized home page glitch solved
Google Inc. has finally solved a technical glitch on its Personalized Home Page service that rattled an undetermined number of users.

Google details highly anticipated 'Android' mobile platform
Google on Monday announced a widely expected open-development platform for mobile devices backed by industry heavyweights like T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm and Motorola that could shake the wireless market to its core by simplifying and reducing the cost of developing mobile applications.

Google develops Wikipedia rival
Google is developing an online publishing platform where people can write entries on subjects they know, an idea that's close to Wikipedia's user-contributed encyclopedia but with key differences.

Google finds evil all over the Web
The Web is scarier than most people realize, according to research published recently by Google.

Google 'frantic' about Personalized Home Page glitch
Google is frantically trying to diagnose and solve a major problem with its Personalized Home Page service.

Google invests in home cell-station vendor
Femtocells, an emerging technology for improving cellular coverage in homes and enterprises, have attracted the interest of none other than Google Inc.

Google launches public policy blog
Google Inc. has launched a blog focused on U.S. government legislation and regulation, one sign of the company's growing interest in Washington, D.C., affairs.

Google leases more space in Seattle
Google Inc. may be planning to boost its presence in Seattle after leasing a new building in the city.

Google links to Belgian newspaper content again
Google Inc. is including links again to some of Belgium's most popular French- and German-language newspapers, although their copyright lawsuit against the U.S. search company remains pending.

Google loses Gmail trademark case in Germany
Google Inc. can't use the Gmail name in Germany because doing so would infringe on someone else's trademark, a German court has ruled.

Google makes social networking power move -- finally
Belatedly recognizing the importance of social networking as an online service and advertising vehicle, Google Inc. this week will unleash its strongest response yet to the rising threat and skyrocketing popularity of MySpace and Facebook.

Google mistakes own blog for spam, deletes it
Readers of Google Inc.'s [Custom Search Blog] were handed a bit of a surprise Tuesday when the Web site was temporarily removed from the blogosphere and hijacked by someone unaffiliated with the company.

Google moves to 'universal' search
Google Inc. will make a significant push toward integrating results from a variety of its search engines in an attempt to deliver as relevant and comprehensive a result set as possible to search queries.

Google mulls tighter link between Gmail and Docs
Brains are working overtime at Google Inc. to explore ways of further integrating its e-mail and instant messaging services with its hosted productivity applications.

Google needs telco partner for 700MHz bid, say analysts
Google is making the necessary preparations to bid for wireless spectrum in an auction be held in the U.S. in January -- but it will likely need a carrier partner to help build a network to use it, analysts said Friday.

Google offers local language support in India
Google Inc. has introduced technologies that will allow people in India to use local languages in search queries and that will generate content in local languages.

Google offers refunds for irked video customers
Google Inc. has apologized for the way it shut down its video sales and rental service last week, leaving people unable to play videos they had paid for, and said it will refund their credit cards and allow them to watch their films for another six months.

Google offers site search for small businesses
Google Inc. introduced a new service for small businesses that allows visitors to search within their Web sites on a customized search page.

Google opens click-fraud Web site
Google Inc. has unveiled a Web site "resource center" focused on the thorny issue of click fraud, which many consider a potential threat to the company's main source of revenue: pay-per-click advertising.

Google partners with Ingram to boost enterprise search
Ingram Micro Inc. will distribute Google Inc.'s Search Appliance and Google Mini enterprise search devices, a deal intended to accelerate sales of the products, the companies announced Wednesday.

Google patches serious desktop flaw
Security researchers have discovered a serious flaw in Google Inc.'s desktop software that could be used to wreak havoc on a victim's computer.

Google plans worldwide developer day
Google Inc. hopes to woo more developers to its Web services software platform with a 27-hour-long "Developer Day" on May 31.

Google providing apps in Rwanda and Kenya
Google Inc. will work with organizations in Rwanda and Kenya to make Web communications tools such as e-mail and PC-to-PC voice calling more widely available in Africa, the company said.

Google rejects Viacom's copyright claims

Google's AP deal passes 1-year mark, yields nothing
One year after Google Inc. acknowledged signing a licensing deal with The Associated Press to launch new Google features and services, the promised offerings haven't been delivered.

Google's Blogger fixes bug, adds video uploading
Google Inc.'s Blogger team this week solved a technical problem with the blog publishing and hosting service and introduced a new feature that gives publishers the ability to upload videos to their sites.

Google's Blogger hit by outage
Google Inc.'s Blogger blog publishing and Blogspot blog hosting services went offline earlier Wednesday. Among the organizations affected by this apparently widespread outage was Google itself, which hosts its official company blogs on Blogspot.

Google's Book Search available in publisher sites
Google Inc. is making its controversial [Book Search] engine available to publishers interested in putting it on their Web sites.

Google's Schmidt: NASA Should Collaborate with Public
The U.S. space program should look to collaboration and open systems to drive the next wave of human exploration and innovation, says the chairman and CEO of Google.

Google's Stake in Search Engine Optimization
Companies that provide services for improving Web sites' search-engine rankings and running effective search-engine ad campaigns have a new competitor: Google.

Google's blog software hijacked by scammers
Google's is being hijacked to spread malware through fake blogs, a security vendor has warned.

Google sharpens malware alerts for webmasters
Google Inc. has enhanced the way it notifies webmasters that their sites contain malware, improving on a service the Mountain View, California, company launched in November of last year in a partnership with The Stop Badware Coalition.

Google targets verticals with new ad support
Google Inc. is ramping up its efforts to help specific vertical markets create more effective online advertising, using its technology to help clients highlight as many of their assets as possible to drive not only online, but also offline sales.

Google testing YouTube antipiracy system
Google Inc. has unveiled a test version of a much-awaited antipiracy system for its wildly popular yet controversial YouTube video-sharing site.

Google testing new homepage design in Taiwan, Hong Kong
Google Inc. is testing a new homepage design in Taiwan and Hong Kong that takes advantage of faster broadband speeds in those markets, one of the company's founders said Thursday.

Google tests interactive ads service
Google Inc. is testing a new advertising format that it hopes will make people spend more time looking at ads online, and even embed them in their own Web sites.

Google threatens to drop Gmail in Germany
Google Inc. is unhappy with proposed German legislation to ban anonymous e-mail accounts and may consider dropping the German version of its Gmail service.

Google to FCC: Accept our rules and we'll bid
In its clearest statement of intent so far, Google Inc. said that it will compete in an upcoming wireless spectrum auction, if the government agrees to certain rules.

Google to Put NASA Data on the Web
Agreement will allow the public to track the space shuttles and space station and more.

Google to announce mobile platform on Monday
Google negotiators this weekend continue to hammer out agreements with wireless carriers, handset makers, software developers and hardware providers, as the company prepares to announce on Monday an ambitious platform for creating mobile applications.

Google to build R&D center in Shanghai
Google Inc. will open a research and development center in Shanghai, stepping up its effort to build a bigger search business in China.

Google to buy location-based photo site Panoramio
Google Inc. is acquiring Panoramio, a photo-sharing Web site based in Spain that lets people upload photos and identify where they were taken by placing them on Google Earth or Google Maps, where they can be viewed by the public.

Google to enhance Search Appliance with new framework
Google Inc. is developing an open source architecture to improve its Search Appliance's ability to index data in content and document management systems and collaboration platforms.

Google to manage health records for Cleveland Clinic
Google will test a new online medical record service with a hospital group in Cleveland, Ohio, allowing patients to control who gets to see their health information. The two organizations hope the trial will lead to the creation of a national system for sharing electronic medical records.

Google to media companies: We're your friend
Traditional media companies should see Google as a friend willing to help them take advantage of online opportunities, and not as an enemy that competes with them.

Google to sell radio ads through Clear Channel
Google Inc. has struck a deal with Clear Channel Communications Inc. to sell 30-second audio ads on its AM and FM radio stations, reinforcing Google's advertising sales business beyond the Web.

Google to weave advertisements onto its Maps
In a sneak preview Thursday, Google Inc. revealed how it plans to integrate its AdSense advertising platform with Google Maps, meaning some push-pin graphics used at the maps site could be turned into mini-advertisements.

Google trails in Asian markets
Google Inc.'s dominance may seem unassailable in North America, but it's the search giant that is playing catch-up in Asia, according to new survey results released Sunday.

Google turns on solar panels, plans $10 million in grants
Google Inc. on Monday turned on the solar panels covering nearly all the roof space on its corporate campus and announced that its philanthropic arm plans to dole out over US$10 million in grants to support hybrid cars.

Google wants your phonemes
Although Google Inc.'s non-search engine products, like its Google Apps Web hosted collaboration and communication software suite, get much attention, search technology and its companion ad system and network still generate most of the company's revenue.

Google will do better in China, Schmidt says
Google Inc. will do better in China, but don't look for the company to dominate the market anytime soon, the company's top executive said Thursday.

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How DoubleClick Could Boost Google
Analysis: DoubleClick's strengths could recharge Google and snap the company out of its funk.

Is Google Falsely Flagging Harmless Sites?
Web site operators say Google is mistakenly warning users that visiting some sites in search results may be dangerous.

Is Google Too Big?
With its empire expanding, the search giant can have an unprecedented breadth of knowledge about you. Can we trust it with so much data?

JotSpot chief: Google is a nerd paradise
JotSpot agreed to be acquired by Google Inc. partly because the search engine giant is "a nerd's paradise," JotSpot co-founder Joe Kraus said Monday.

Mayer: translation, universal search Google's future
Universal search and automated translation are big parts of Google Inc.'s future, a company executive said Friday in Beijing.

Mundie: Google owes business to Microsoft
Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie said Tuesday that competitor Google owes its business in part to Microsoft, and that his company is not concerned about losing its position as an innovator in the technology market to the search and advertising leader.

NTT DoCoMo in talks on Android-based cell phone
Japan's biggest mobile telecom carrier gave its strongest support yet to Google's Android platform on Thursday when it said it is considering a cell phone based on the technology.

Need to Search Patents? Try Google
Search giant now provides easy access to U.S. patent database.

Please Do Not Use These Programs for Illegal Purposes
Powerful new tools let you search for free software and music, zoom in on landmarks and buildings, and add comments to news stories.

Privacy groups: Google's call for standard not enough
The U.S. government still needs to block or impose conditions on Google Inc.'s acquisition of online advertising server DoubleClick Inc., despite Google's call for global privacy standards, three privacy groups said Monday.

Report: Google shows phone prototype to manufacturers
Google has developed a prototype cell phone that could reach markets within a year, and plans to offer consumers free subscriptions by bundling advertisements with its search engine, e-mail and Web browser software applications, according to a story published Thursday in The Wall Street Journal.

Report: Google to acquire, invest in more Chinese companies
Google Inc. reportedly plans to acquire one or two Chinese companies and invest in up to five more over the next year as part of efforts to gain ground on rival Inc. in China.

Reporter's notebook: Google guys do hate evil
At the last day of the Web 2.0 Summit, attendees learned that having their genome mapped will set them back US$300,000 and that Google Inc.'s founders really stress over the prevention and extermination of evil.

Researcher: Google Gadgets can be misused by phishers
The domain used to host small Google Gadget applications written by Web developers could be misused by phishers, a Web security researcher said Friday.

Second Google Desktop attack reported
Google's PC search software is vulnerable to a variation on a little-known Web-based attack called anti-DNS (Domain Name System) pinning, that could give an attacker access to any data indexed by Google Desktop, security researchers said this week.

Sohu threatens to sue Google over copycat software Inc. Tuesday threatened to sue Google Inc. for violating its intellectual property rights, and renewed a demand for the company to stop downloads of a Chinese software tool based, in part, on one of its own databases.

Sub photo could help sink Google in China
A photo that purports to confirm the existence of a new class of Chinese ballistic missile submarine could torpedo Google Inc.'s aspirations in the world's second-largest Internet market.

Techie uses cybersquatting to tempt Google
Cybersquatting is not something that sounds like a fast-track to a better job, but that is precisely what a German techie decided to do in order to get noticed by search giant, Google.

Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google
Calculate complex equations, track shipments, build a Web site, and more--all on Google. Plus, how not to move a palm tree.

Three Minutes With Google's Apps Manager
Product Manager Rajen Sheth tells how Google Apps will lure enterprise tech managers to Google services.

Three Minutes With Google's OpenSocial Director
Almost four months after Google emerged from the background in social networking with its OpenSocial initiative, there is no shortage of skepticism around the project. Google Engineering Director David Glazer discusses the project.

Three Minutes on Google Security
The search giant has been at odds with the locked-down enterprise; CIO Douglas Merrill tells how that's changing.

University students don't question Google
University students may be encouraged to be critical but they don't seem to question Google's ranking system, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.

University sues Google over distributed search patent
Google has been sued by a university and a start-up company in the U.S. for allegedly infringing on a patented technology to run its online search service.

Users complain new Gmail version slow, crashes browsers
A major upgrade to Gmail is getting the thumbs down from users who complain that the new version is extremely slow, often fails to load pages and even crashes their browsers.

Viacom slaps Google with $1B YouTube lawsuit
Viacom Inc. has sued Google Inc., alleging copyright infringement from video-sharing site YouTube and seeking US$1 billion in damages.

Why Would Google Want a Phone?
Analysis: Rumors are in full swing, but a cell phone comes with conflicts and challenges.

With screenshot out, Google denies ranking hanky-panky
Google is dismissing speculation that commercial considerations play a role in how it ranks Web sites, as a screenshot of a Google search results list with dollar values for each link makes the blogosphere rounds.

Working Offline With Google Docs, Part 2
Google Docs' new offline feature is a welcome addition to the free productivity suite, but the apps lag behind Microsoft software in features.

YouTube vows to protect video makers in InVideo ads
Google Inc. has promised to give content makers control over advertisements overlaid on video clips they post to its YouTube video sharing Web site.

AT&T Navigator Cell Phone GPS
AT&T Navigator has more useful features than other cell phone GPS apps, including weather and scheduled commuter traffic alerts.

Android Moving Into Mio MiBuddy Navigation Device
Mio Technology will launch a next generation MiBuddy 4.7-inch touchscreen device next year

Apple Removes GPS Functionality From Egyptian IPhones
While those of you rockin' the 3G iPhone (I'm still rolling with my original 4GB non-3G iPhone) have been able to enjoy GPS...

Apps With Maps: IPhone Car Navigation
The iPhone 3.0 software update finally enabled iPhone apps to support turn-by-turn navigation. And now there are three apps on the market -- from TomTom...

Blanket GPS Coverage in the Cross Hair

Cell Phone GPS App Smackdown
We put GPS navigation applications from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless to the test on BlackBerry Curves. All did fine, but AT&T was the winner.

China Launches Satellite for Positioning System
The Chinese satellite network being deployed could end the country's reliance on foreign positioning systems

Clarion MiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device

Digital Gear: The Price Is Right
With prices of consumer electronics plummeting, it is a good time to buy devices like digital cameras. Fujifilm is offering full-featured digital cameras at an...

Error in GPS Map Data Prompts Garmin Product Safety Recall
Blindly following GPS map indications can be dangerous: For safety reasons, device maker Garmin has recalled maps that gave incorrect information

GPS Gets Free, More Accurate in Europe

GPS: More Features, At Lower Prices
Whether you want just good basic navigation or lots of extra features, these portable in-car GPS units won't cost you an arm and a leg.