Computing Center Sitemap - Page 11 2013-07-16

AT&T Wireless Bandwidth Throttling: The Backlash Has Begun
AT&T has begun throttling its biggest bandwidth hogs. Now (big surprise) customers are tearing into AT&T with complaints.

Three Ways Windows 8 Will Boost Accessibility
Microsoft aims to optimize Windows 8 to help people with disabilities more easily use touch-enabled devices.

Disguise Your iPhone as the First Macintosh With These Retro Cases
Schreer Delights’ line of retro cases makes your iPhone look like the original Macintosh, the first iPod, or PowerPC Macs.

eM Client: Affordable Alternative to Microsoft Outlook
Full-featured email client rivals Outlook in functionality, and sometimes surpasses Microsoft's offering.

Microsoft India Store a Victim or Poor Data Security, Not Hackers
Customer data from the online Microsoft Store in India was compromised by hackers, but the blame lies with shoddy data security practices.

Customize Your Desktop With Open-Source Utility Rainmeter
Rainmeter is a free, open-source tool for putting system information on your desktop with oodles of style.

Relive the Joys of Amiga With WinUAE
Miss those old Amiga classics? WinUAE brings them back to life, pain-free.

Sync Your Outlook Data Among Multiple PCs
Astonsoft's EZOutlookSync makes simple work of synchronizing your contacts, calendars, notes, e-mail, and more. And you can test-drive it free for 30 days.

Samsung Downplays Apple's Rumored TV
Samsung's TV boss is making a classic mistake that Apple's rivals do all too often: He's looking at where the market is, not where it's going to be.

Mobile Explosion: Wireless Traffic Could Reach 10.8 Exabytes a Month by 2016
Cisco Systems says wireless traffic between now and 2016 is poised to grow an incredible 18-fold.

It's Not Spray Paint, It's a Cellular Antenna!
One day, even the trees could be sending and receiving wireless signals with this new tech.

Microsoft Says 'Happy Valentine's Day' with Nine Security Bulletins
As expected, Microsoft has released nine security bulletins today. Security researchers and experts offer guidance on which updates are the most urgent.

iPad 3 Expected to Have 4G Connectivity
The device is expected to be unveiled March 7 and will be available on Verizon Wireless and AT&T, according to one report.

Google's Valentine's Day Doodle is All Heart -- and Some Politics
The video provides a social message about marriage equality and how materialism -- even with Google's help -- can't solve problems of the heart.

How to Block Websites
Blocking all users of a Windows PC from opening certain websites--no matter what browser they use or what time of day they are online--is easy if you follow this guide to tweaking your browser and router.

Valentines for Your Sweetheart Window 7 Theme
Say "Happy Valentine's Day" to your sweetie with this free Windows 7 theme pack.

How to Choose a Router for Your Business
Although a consumer-level router is good enough for some small businesses, you need stronger, more secure equipment that can handle traffic among many users. Here are the must-have features in a serious router.

Sony PlayStation Vita Review: A Big, Beautiful Gaming Machine
If you want more from of your mobile gaming experience than your smartphone or tablet has to offer, the PlayStation Vita is what you want. But there are a few things you should know before you buy.

Six Ways to Show Your Love for Free Software Today
Valentine's Day is also 'I Love Free Software Day,' according to the Free Software Foundation Europe, and there are many ways you can take part.

Five Good Reasons to Download LibreOffice 3.5
Targeting power users, this new release of the free, open source office productivity suite is built to be 'cleaner, leaner, and more feature-rich'.

Angry Birds Flocks to Facebook
The popular mobile device game comes with new levels exclusive to Facebook, virtual prizes and the ability to send free gifts to your friends and compete for high scores.

Online Dating's Strangest Sites
"There's someone for everyone, and for everyone there's someone," says Lou Reed. Turns out he's right--and there's probably a specialty dating site for just about everyone, too, as we found out.

Egg Timer Plus Keeps You on Schedule
Whether you're timing activities on or off your computer, Egg Timer Plus will keep you on schedule.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Doomed by Price?
If the leaked pricing for the Galaxy Tab 2 turns out to be true, the poor tablet is doomed to fizzle before it even launches.

VLC 2.0 Release Candidate Is Here; Android and iOS Versions Soon
VideoLAN introduces its first release candidate for VLC 2.0, and announces plans to port the new version to iOS and Android.

Time Warner Cable Brings Streaming Video to PCs, Macs
Time Warner Cable's streaming cable services are no longer exclusive to the iPad and iPhone.

Kinect Hack Helps You Park Your Car, Can't Help Drive It Yet
This hack uses a Kinect as an extra set of eyes to help you back up as you park your car.

Bioware Releases Mass Effect 3 Demo; Happy Valentine’s Day!
The 40 minute demo of the eagerly anticipated sci-fi action/RPG is out now for PS3, Xbox and PC.

Is an iPad Mini on the Way? Highly Unlikely.
The iPad is a single device and still accounts for the lion's share of the tablet market. Apple doesn't face an grave threat from smaller Android devices.

zAPPed Makes Your iOS Gadgets Part of the Board Game
Hasbro plans to release new editions of three of its classic games this year. The spin? The zAPPed games will use iOS devices to help bring them to life.

How Do I See Who's Been Using My PC?
AzharIqbal asked the Other Hardware forum how to see who else is using his computer.

How to Change Your Browser’s Default Search Engine
Tired of seeing your browser default to Google or Bing? It takes less than 60 seconds to change your default search engine with this simple guide.

Ebook Publishers Want Library Borrowing to Be Difficult
Penguin drops over-the-air downloads; now only Random House gives libraries unrestricted access to purchase and loan ebooks.

Hang Your Favorite Photos at a Virtual Museum
Display your favorite digital photographs in famous settings with this fun mash-up project.

Game Boy Runs Android, Best Hack Ever?
The PSP Vita may be out next week, but who needs that when you can have a Game Boy running Android?

Blizzard Releasing Diablo 3 By End Of June
Blizzard finally announced a release window for the final chapter of the Diablo trilogy during a company earnings call.

Canonical Targets Business Desktops with a New Ubuntu Linux Remix
Available now, this new package removes games and other consumer-focused software while adding key business-oriented tools.

Cricket ZTE Chorus Review: A Simple Phone, but Good for Music
The ZTE Chorus is a decent buy if you're looking for an inexpensive music phone.

Droid 4 Teardown: Four Findings
iFixit takes apart the Motorola Droid 4.

First Look: MediaTek MT6575 Platform for Android
Designed for entry and mid-level Ice Cream Sandwich phones, the MT6575 chipset offers a 1GHz ARM Cortext-A9 processor, a 3G/HSPA modem and supports qHD displays.

Geek 101: What Is Jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking is a hack that frees your iDevice from Apple’s restrictions. What does that actually do and why on earth would anyone do it?

TheO Lets You Play Ball WIth Your Phone… Safely
It looks like the world’s goofiest-looking phone protector, but TheO combines a foam ball that wraps around your phone with apps that take advantage of its motion sensor to let you play with your smartphone like it was a toy.

Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop; YouTube Yawns
A dad's method of keeping his daughter offline is drawing interest, but it's not new for YouTube. Plugging byte boxes are a common sight on the video site.

Free Plex Media Server Offers a Streamlined Experience
Roll your own Netflix with Plex.

Turn Your iPad into a Business Phone with Line2
This ingenious app not only lets you make and take calls with your tablet, but also gives you a new number, visual voicemail, and other goodies.

Galaxy Tab 2's Big Leap is Android 4.0
Samsung's newest tablet is a small step from its predecessor, and the target competition is a bit unclear.

Geek Alert: Text Editor EmEditor Professional Worth a Look
EmEditor Professional offers a lot of text editing power for a reasonable price.

Google Updates YouTube with Discovery Features
Google TV gets some new navigation functions, just ahead of an expected refresh for Apple TV.

Firefox's 2012 Browser Roadmap: The Year of Catching up to Chrome
Firefox in 2012 will look a lot like Google Chrome in 2011 according to a product roadmap introduced by the Mozilla Foundation on Sunday.

Polywell Poly 990FX-8150: Budget Gaming at a Nonbudget Price
The Poly 990FX-8150 fails to stand out in a crowded category, offering general and gaming performance bested by machines that cost hundreds less.

iPads Snatched by Chinese Authorities, Trademark Dispute Turns Tactical
Tensions in Apple's Chinese trademark dispute escalate as local authorities begin seizing iPads and confiscating them from sale.

PlayStation Vita Review Round-Up
The PlayStation Vita is launching on February 22--here's what the reviewers are saying.

Create a Bootable Linux Flash Drive in Three Easy Steps
Thanks to open-source gem UNetbootin, you can quickly and easily transform a flash drive into the ultimate rescue tool.

MySpace: The Next Hot Social Network?
The new owners of the early social network are revamping it, pushing its strengths, and signing up new users at a clip not seen in years.

NASA Plans an Outpost on the Far Side of the Moon
NASA wants to take the next step in human spaceflight, and set up a manned outpost on the other side of the Moon.

HDTVs Get More Interesting
This year, 3D is taking a backseat. Upcoming developments in television are more varied, and offer a lot more mainstream appeal.

Chinon Unveils Bargain Tablets
The Chinon Swift-7 costs just $160, while the Swift-10 costs $280.

Gaming Wins Big at Nation Science Foundation's Visualization Challenge
Fancy a bit of protein folding? Or is cruising around microscopic cells more your speed? The games featured in this year's Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge have you covered -- and you just might learn something.

World of Minecraft: Gamers Recreate WoW in Minecraft
A virtual world inside a virtual world? One gamer used Minecraft to recreate the World of Warcraft at 1-to-1 scale.

Linux: Where the Jobs (and Bigger Salaries) Are
Demand for Linux skills far outstrips supply, a new report suggests, creating a rosy outlook for those who have them.

EFF Defends $54,000 Award Against Music Sharer
A five-year-old copyright case drew a wide range of penalties, and the EFF now argues to let the latest fine stand--but one music label wants more.

Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions
A security flaw in the wallet's design reveals an unauthorized user of a phone could tap into an existing balance by reconfiguring the wallet's settings.

Anti-Piracy Concerns Spread to Europe
Tens of thousands of Europeans rallied this weekend to protest ACTA, an anti-piracy treaty many fear will impede freedom on the Internet.

Piracy Driven by Overseas Film Release Lag Time, Researchers Say
Studies from Wellesley College and the University of Minnesota examined online piracy since BitTorrent appeared in 2003, and the results are telling.

How to Choose a Tablet for Your Business
Want to use a tablet for work so you can leave your laptop at home, or even replace your primary business computer? Here's what you need to know.

Beyond Yelp: Which User Review Services Matter?
Yelp isn't the only site that can make or break your company's reputation. In certain circles, other review sites are equally important. Learn how they can help you reach out to customers, and boost your good name.

How to Reset Your Windows Password
Here's our guide to resetting your Windows password if you don't have access to a previously created password-reset disk.

Flash Lives--Thanks To Facebook and Games
Don't count it out yet; one of the most popular sites on the web uses Flash in a big way.

How to Set Up a Wireless Router
Setting up your new wireless router is simple as long as you have a PC with a wireless network adapter and an active high-speed Internet connection. Here's a quick guide to getting your wireless router running smoothly.

Hack Attacks Proliferate with CIA, State of Alabama Latest Victims
Even security companies who make their living protecting people from such attacks are not immune.

Google Accused of Not Being Forthright in Report to Feds
A consumer watchdog group files a lawsuit to try to force the FTC to stop Google from changing its privacy policy, saying Google's report fudges key questions.

Wanted: A Camera for Kindle Fire
A camera isn't big on tablet-users' wishlists, but it could enhance the Kindle Fire as an essential shopping tool (especially when browsing Amazon).

Google Search's Screenwise vs. Bing Rewards: Which Pays More?
Google Screenwise gives you money if you allow it to track your search results in Chrome -- but so does Bing Rewards.

Get 'The Long Tail' E-Book for Free--in Comic-Book Form!
It may sound a little strange, but the SmarterComics version of this business bestseller is quite engaging. Here's your chance to read it online free of charge.

Protect Our Data! A Digital Consumer Bill of Rights
Online consumers need a legal framework that imposes security responsibilities on data hosting companies, and guarantees compensation for harm caused when their data is lost, stolen or misused.

HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite: The Consummate Workhorse
This system performs business tasks with ease and delivers just enough multimedia power to keep you from getting too distracted.

Polywell Ignition X7900i-3960: Top-Shelf Hardware at a Top-Shelf Price
The Polywell Ignition X7900i-3960 comes packed with every Performance PC lover’s dream parts, but comes at a rather steep price.

Envizen Home Roam TV Review: Tote Your TV Around the House
Envizen's Home Roam TV lets you watch whatever's playing on your TV, cable box, Blu-ray or other player on a portable wireless display, but the resolution is poor and you have no control over the video source.

Lego-Like Bricks Go Green, Are Still Painful to Step On
"Mom, why do my Lego blocks taste like coffee?" OK, they're not really Lego bricks, but Eco Bricks put a green spin on everybody's favorite building toy.

Real-Time 3D Models Created Using Only a DSLR and Kinect
Filmmakers and programmers create and instant, real-time 3D model using a single DSLR camera and a Kinect.

Video: A Robotic Prostetic Hand Made of Lego
A new project uses pneumatics and Lego parts to make a working replica of a human hand.

Could You Be Liable for Charges Resulting from Google Wallet PIN Crack?
If an attacker to cracks or circumvents your Google Wallet PIN protection, you might be responsible for the fraudulent charges that are racked up.

Victory for Apple: German Court Denies Motorola Patent Claim
Apple products don't infringe on Motorola's wireless technology and shouldn't be barred from sale, judge rules.

DxO FilmPack 3.1 Review: Revisit the Look of Film
For photographers who miss the grain and tonal responsiveness of film, FilmPack provides a great library of preset filters that emulate specific film brands, and a good, but not complete, set of customizing controls.

A Sneak Peek Raises Unknowns About Office 15
Microsoft offers a brief preview of Office 15, with the ribbon interface nowhere in sight.

Learn the Basics of Using Pinterest
Seemingly overnight, Pinterest is the hottest thing since Facebook. Here's how to get started with the service.

Manage All Your Social Media from HootSuite
HootSuite is a Web-based service that offers a powerful set of tools for managing multiple Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts--plus more on other networks.

Google "Drive" Could Step on Cloud Partners' Toes
Google is reportedly planning to launch "Drive" -- a cloud storage service. Will "Drive" ruffle the feathers of Google's existing cloud storage partnerships?

Amazon Adds Washington Insider to Board
Jamie Gorelick, an old hand with Clinton administrations and Fannie Mae, joins Amazon team.

How to Unblock Blocked Websites
Governments, schools, and businesses sometimes block websites in an attempt to reduce distractions, conserve bandwidth, or censor content. If you're willing to risk circumventing such limitations, here's how to do it.

Use Facebook Timeline to Promote Your Business
Unearth hidden tricks for using Facebook's new profile layout to build brand recognition and market your company.

Five Ways Windows 8 Will Make Apps More Power-Friendly
Windows 8 will change the way apps work, reduce power-draining background tasks, and more.

Google is Building Entertainment Device, Reports Say
The gadget will initially stream music wirelessly and link to other home electronics, but is expected to later add video capabilities and more.

Remote Control LED Shoes Make You The Light Show, Look Awesome
Looking for some new party shoes for Valentines? Check out these light-up high heels.

Double Fine Raise One Million Dollars for New Adventure Game in Less Than 24 Hours
The co-creator of the classic Monkey Island games take to Kickstarter to finance a new game and breaks records in the process.

Chrome 18 Beta Pumps Up Graphics, Even on Old PCs
With GPU-accelerated rendering of 2D Canvas content, the browser now offers better performance in graphics-intensive applications, Google says.

Google Wallet Flaw Allows Digital Pickpocket
A newly identified security vulnerability doesn't require a rooted phone, as with an earlier glitch.

New Modular Solar Towers Promise Easy Green Power
These solar towers may look like the Eye of Sauron, but each could provide enough energy to power 50 homes.

Samsung Series 7 Gaming Laptop with Ivy Bridge Available for Preorder
One of the first laptops to sport the new Ivy Bridge processor is now available for preorder.

DARPA Controls Cyborg Moths in Flight, Mothpocalypse a Reality
Cyborg moths created by DARPA may not bring about the robot apocalypse, but they're still plenty creepy.

Windows 8 on Tablets: What We Know So Far
As we gear up for the unveiling of Windows 8 later this month, here's what we know about Windows tablets

PlayStation Vita Hands-On Report
We took Sony’s new handheld for a spin, and while the hardware has some issue it’s hard to say no to the games.

PlayStation Vita: What You Need to Know
We’ve got the details you need for the launch of Sony’s new PlayStation Vita handheld, including specs, prices and games.

HP Envy 14 Spectre Now Selling, 15-Inch Version In the Works
The pretty, glass-covered HP Envy 14 Spectre is now available for purchase on HP's website.

DarwinBot Lets You Play With Your Pet Remotely, Avoid Doing Actual Work
It can get lonely being the pet of someone who works all day. Fortunately DarwinBot is on hand to take care of that.

Acer Shows Off CloudMobile Smartphone Ahead of Mobile World Congress
The new Acer CloudMobile has just won the iF design award--and Acer couldn't let that go by unnoticed.

Go to Mars in Top-Down Shooter Game Jamestown
You won't learn much history from Jamestown, but you will blow up a lot of aliens.

Kodak Axing Digital Cameras Business
At one time, Kodak had more than 90 percent of the market share of film sales in the U.S, but the 131-year-old company struggled since the introduction of digital cameras.

20 Popular Ubuntu Linux Apps You May Want to Try
Gaming accounted for many of the top apps last month, but there were a few business-oriented gems as well, according to a new report.

Path to Forgiveness After Apology a Hard Sell
The problem is social networking smartphone app Path seems to have known full well that storing a user's entire address book was the wrong thing to do.

How to Clean Your Keyboard
Don't let your keyboard fall victim to errant crumbs and stains. Our guide offers some tips on keeping it tidy.

Canon Pixma MG3120 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Review: A Nice Bargain Sabotaged by Consumables Costs
Pricey black ink spoils the deal with this otherwise excellent budget MFP for home or school use.

Samsung ML-2955DW Review: Cheap Laser Printer, Pricey Toner
Bargain laser printers don’t get much cheaper than this model, but watch the pricey toner--the cost is tolerable only if you print fairly little.

Can I Safely Open a File That Contains "Macros?"
Ronald Albaitis tried opening a file and got a warning that it contained "macros." He asked me what they are and whether he should be concerned.

Hackers Attacked Foxconn for the Laughs
Group called SwaggSec says the user names and passwords clipped from Foxconn can be used to place fraudulent orders from the company's clients.

Google's GDrive Reportedly To Launch As Dropbox-rival 'Drive'
A news report says the new product will be free to consumers up to a certain size limit, and would also be folded into Google Apps for enterprise.

EcoBot Eats and Poops Like a Human; Self-Sustainable Robots Are Here
This super-robot is capable of using the toilet after eating thanks to its artificial digestive system, and can also create electricity.

iPad 3 Event Set for March with Retina Display, Say Reports
Buzz over an alleged Apple iPad 3 event has reached a fevered pitch just as a Japanese site claims it has pictures of Apple's next-gen iPad 9.7-inch display.

'Do Not Track' Tool Promises Page Loads Up to Four Times Faster
A running counter in this cross-platform browser add-on shows users how many tracking attempts have been blocked, and from which companies.

Androids Don't Age Well Compared To iPhones
The bottom line: If you own an iPhone for 18 months and decide to resell it, you will get more money for it than any other comparable Android or BlackBerry smartphone.

UPDATE: Google Wallet Security Concerns Raised
Security firm Zvelo has discovered that the Google Wallet PIN, which is required of users to confirm purchases made with their phones, can be cracked via an exhaustive numerical search.

U.S. Navy Testing Shiny New 32-Megajoule Railgun Prototype
The United States Navy has finally been delivered an industry-grade electromagnetic railgun prototype, taking weaponized combat one more step into the future.

Minecraft Creator Offers Money for a Psychonauts Sequel
Why you should be excited that Markus Persson wants to fund Psychonauts 2, even if it doesn’t happen.

Hackers Ask 'Will You Be My Valentine?'
With Valentine's Day around the corner, cyber criminals are ramping up spam, phishing, and other attacks targeting the lover's holiday.

Microsoft Ruining Valentine's Day with Nine Security Bulletins
Microsoft shared its Patch Tuesday preview, revealing that there are nine security bulletins on the agenda for next week.

Uber-Geeky Wedding Proposal: In Binary, Wearing a Bender Mask
Guy makes girlfriend decode binary proposal. It might be the geekiest wedding proposal yet.

Surprise! Windows 8 for ARM Will Come with 'Office 15' Apps
Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky revealed great detail of Windows 8 on ARM (WOA), including the revelation that it will come with "Office 15" built in.

Canon Joins the Wi-Fi and 20X-Zoom Fray With New PowerShot Cameras
The 20X-optical-zoom PowerShot SX260 HS, ruggedized PowerShot D20, and two new Wi-Fi-enabled compact cameras headline the latest round of Canon point-and-shoot announcements.

Five Tips to Make Your Facebook Timeline Amazing
Facebook Timeline is coming. It's just a matter of, well, time. Here are five tips to make your Timeline pop (plus a bonus tip in case you don't like Timeline).

3D Printers Now Print Human Body Parts
Now this really is jaw-dropping: Doctors used a 3D printer to create a replacement jaw--a world first.

How to Format Your Hard Drive in Windows
This option may sometimes be necessary for a drive. Here's the procedure, step by step.

When 'Viagra' Comments on Your Blog, and Other Spam Red Flags
Is a spammer just trying to use your site to boost their own web presence? Here's how to recognize a comment on your blog or website as spam, and how to stem the flow.

Was Your Email Account Hacked? PwnedList Can Tell You
Concerned about your private data in the wake of a big hack? The PwnedList website helps you find out if your online accounts were leaked during a data breach.

How to Run Android Apps on Your PC
The BlueStacks Android App Player lets you run Android apps on your PC. We explain how to install it, how to transfer apps from your Android smartphone, and how to run them on a Windows system.

This Cube Tells You What Tomorrow's Weather Feels Like
The weather network of the future may be here, and it demonstrates the temperature through touch.

PlayStation Vita UMD Passport Program Is Not Coming To North America
Sony has confirmed that North American PlayStation Vita owners will not be able to take part in the UMD Passport Program, which allows Vita owners to purchase digital versions of PSP games they already own at a discounted price.

Skyrim Creation Kit Released Alongside High-Res Texture Pack
In addition to a suite of tools for modding the PC version of Skyrim, Bethesda has released an optional downloadable high-resolution texture pack for their smash hit fantasy RPG.

Avoid Annoying Ads With Adblock Plus
Banish intrusive ads painlessly with this free plugin.

T-Mobile V-Day Sale: All 4G Smartphones and Select Tablets and Hotspots for Free
T-Mobile will be giving away all of its 4G smartphones and a selection of its best tablets and hotspots for free on Saturday, February 11. New two-year contract required, of course.

Chrome for Android Beta: 3 Drawbacks
Google's mobile Chrome has a few letdowns for people who love Adobe Flash, Chrome extensions or are part of the 99 percent.

Microsoft OneNote Now Available for Android
OneNote Mobile for Android is now available to extend the reach of Microsoft's versatile note-taking platform to the Android ecosystem.

Google Leads Green IT Ranking
Google came out on top of Greenpeace's Cool IT Leaderboard for overall green practices.

New Facebook Photo Viewer Mimics Google+ Counterpart
Now when you click on any photo on Facebook, it will now fill your screen and the background becomes a light grey.

One in Five Get Campaign News from Facebook
CNN is top online site among Internet users for election info, but offline media still rules when it comes to how Americans get their news.

The Best Microsoft Office Alternative You've Never Heard Of
Tired of paying a small fortune for Microsoft licenses? Kingsoft Office Suite delivers robust word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations for a fraction of the cost.

Sprint Losses Hit $1.3B over iPhone Costs, Subscribers Fewer than Expected
Sprint Nextel losses rise over subsidies paid to Apple for iPhone sales, but fewer than expected subscribers offset hemorrhaging.

Seattle Library Lets Man Watch Porn in View of Children

Shut Down Windows Without Installing Updates
If you're in a hurry and don't want your PC to spend the next 10 minutes installing updates, here's a simple bypass.

Windows 8 on ARM: The Desktop Plot Thickens
A Microsoft blog post suggests that ARM-based computers will support the Windows 8 desktop after all.

Google Tweaks Chrome in New Release
Pages will render faster and security has been beefed up.

Sabayon Linux 8 Debuts with a Dash of Cinnamon
The Linux Mint project's new desktop interface is now included in the Sabayon repositories, and so is the Razor-qt alternative.

Free Twitter/Facebook Manager SocialOomph Includes Useful Features
SocialOomph is a cloud-based application that offers tools for using Twitter and Facebook more productively.

AlphaDog Robot Passes Outdoor Trial, Will Learn to Sit and Stay Next
Our favorite pack mule and robotic dog successfully passed an outdoor terrain trial--no leash required!

Take a Closer Look at Google Business Photos
Google wants pictures of inside your business for its Maps and Places. Learn more about how to get exposure through its new Trusted Photographers program.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Could Launch Feb 29
Microsoft may release the Windows 8 Consumer Preview at an event in Barcelona on February 29.

Komodo Edit: Feature-Packed Free Programmers' Editor
This free and powerful programmer's text editor is built on the same foundation as Mozilla Firefox.

How to Tell if a Link Is Safe Without Clicking on It
Here's what to do with a link that looks suspicious.

Pantech Burst Review: Fast and Affordable Android Phone
If you’re looking for an inexpensive LTE phone, the Pantech Burst is an excellent option--as long as you don't plan to use it as your primary camera.

Mobile Social Network Caught Uploading Users' Address Books
Path, the smartphone-based social network, said the practice helps users find and connect to their friends and family quickly and efficiently.

This Might Be the Geekiest Kitchen Ever
One person hid the digits of Pi into the tile backsplash of their newly remodeled kitchen. Impressive!

Know Your Internet Bad Guys
TrendMicro's handy infographic gives you the low-down on Web enemies.

Don't Own A Kinect? Play With One Over the Internet
A hacker, using a Microsoft Kinect and some HTML 5 know-how, made a 3D webcam that you can control.

HP TouchPad Kernel Released, Tinkerers Rejoice
HP decided to donate a kernel for its TouchPad, hackers ready to storm the gates.

Olympus OM-D E-M5: A Mirrorless Camera Built to Compete With DSLRs
Olympus's new Micro Four-Thirds camera is based on a wish list from photographers in Japan, and the result is an interchangeable-lens model that shoots quickly, withstands water, and boasts outstanding maneuvers in the dark.

Useful Stuff: Plug-In USB Charging Port, Extra Dropbox Storage
Add a USB charging port to any regular power outlet, be a beta tester for Dropbox and get up to 5GB more free online.

Top EULA Gotchas: Website Fine-Print Hall of Shame
Fine-print gotchas could get you arrested, watched by the Feds, and even strip you of the right to sue.

Google's Terminator-Style Goggles Might Include Phone, Launch This Spring
Rumor has it Google's working on a pair of futuristic glasses that will offer a computerized heads-up display to augment the world around you.

Apple's Expected Television Set May Be in TV Makers' Hands
Two Canadian telecoms reportedly have Apple TV set prototypes in their respective development labs, according to Canada's largest national newspaper.

Understanding Web Host Plans: 7 Terms to Know
If you've just begun researching Web hosting, you have lot of new terms to learn. Here's a look at seven types of hosting services, and what you need to know about each.

iPhone 4S Helps Apple Claim Top Smartphone Spot
The iPhone 4S was the hottest-selling smartphone during the holidays, closely followed by Samsung’s devices, according to research from the International Data Corporation.

Pentax Adds CMOS Sensors to LED-Equipped Rugged Cameras
The Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS and WG-2 have new low-light-optimized CMOS sensors and 1080p video capabilities to go along with their front-facing LED lamps.

HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One Review: Good Looks, Good Output
With a touchscreen LCD and sleek styling, this MFP looks good and delivers nice output for light-volume home or student users.

Nikon D800 Full-Frame DSLR Packs 36 Megapixels
With a 36-megapixel full-frame sensor, the $3000 Nikon D800 is built for huge prints, aggressive cropping, fashion shoots, and fat wallets.

Deleted Facebook Photos Still Accessible Online Years Later
This problem was brought to Facebook's attention almost three year ago. The site says it's in the process of moving to new systems that will fully delete images within 45 days.

Who Are the Real Aliens in Space, Anyway?
Could we be inadvertently contaminating other worlds with microbes from Earth? Jason Kennedy looks at the implications...

Which Web Host Do You Need? Six Small-Business Plans Compared
You can find countless hosting services with similar prices. We help you read between the lines of the fine print to pick the product that fits the needs of your company's website.

Kinect Hack Helps Treat Phantom Limb Syndrome
Using a Kinect and some VR technology, one researcher hopes to help relieve the symptoms of phantom limb syndrome.

PS Vita Firmware Update Brings Maps, Mac Support and More
Sony announces updated firmware and new features for their new PS Vita handheld console just weeks before the North American release.

First-Generation Ultrabook Prices May Drop as Much as 25 Percent
Want a super thin laptop at sub-$1000 prices? You may be in luck.

Motorola Droid 4 Lands at Verizon on February 10
The phone boasts a physical QWERTY keyboard, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and 4G LTE support.

Predator Secures Your PC With a USB Hard Drive...And Some Difficulty
Predator lets you lock and unlock your desktop using a USB thumb drive.

Hacktivism Trumps Money as Motivation for Denial-of-Service Attacks
Two-thirds of all DDoS attacks globally were motivated by politics, ideology, nihilism or vandalism.

Ready for Another Linux Tablet? Meet the Rugged Trimble Yuma
This military-grade tablet PC is powered by Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Netbook Edition, but other distributions can be substituted instead.

Gigabit Paradise? Google Ready to Lay Fiber in Kansas City
If you're not a resident of Kansas City, be jealous. Be very jealous.

Google Chrome for Android: What You Need to Know
Google's Chrome browser is now available on the mobile Android OS version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

How to Connect Your iPhone to Your HDTV
Want to enjoy your mobile media on a big screen? Here's how to stream your iPhone's photos and videos to your HDTV.

Add USB Charging Ports to Any AC Outlet
RCA's $20 gizmo adds a pair of powered USB ports to a wall socket, making it easier to charge your favorite devices.

How Do I Make Web Mail My Default Email, Part 2
I offer another approach to integrating Web-based email with Windows.

Must-See Digital Photography Websites
These websites should be considered essential browsing for any fan of digital photography.

How to Start a Free Conference Call
Here's how to set up a conference call with free services FreeConferenceCall, Rondee, and Free Conference Calling.

Google Pulls 'Atlantis' from Google Earth
An update to the Google Earth ocean-floor-mapping algorithm eliminates a grid-like pattern that some suspected might be the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

Pomodoro Smartphone Apps Promise a Cheap and Easy Productivity Boost
Whether you're new to the Pomodoro Technique or a practiced veteran, an inexpensive Android or iOS app can help you manage your time.

Epson WorkForce 845 Review: Fast, Vast, and Affordable
Lacking only a legal-size scanner platen, this small-office MFP contender has speed, dual input trays, and sharp output.

Samsung Galaxy Note: Is it a Phone or a Tablet?
The Samsung Galaxy Note is a very large smartphone, or a very small tablet, and may have trouble capturing attention in either market.

Asus U47 Ultraportable Stuffs Power into 13-Inch Chassis
The inch-thick Intel Ivy Bridge laptop sports a 14-inch Display, DVD Drive, and a hefty hard drive.

Skyrim Creation Kit Coming To PC
Skyrim PC players will soon be able to download user-created mods directly through Steam or even create their own, at least according to Bethesda. Here's the details on what you can expect from the Skyrim Creation Kit.

Pick the Right Workgroup Printer: Six Steps
Both inkjet and laser printers offer more than placing ink on a page, with features such as wireless connections, built-in scanners, hard drives, and document collators. Here's how to navigate the maze.

How to Play PC Games on Your HDTV
You can take advantage of your high-powered gaming system to play PC games and classic console games at beautiful resolutions on your HDTV. Here's how to do it.

Space Invaders Hack Turns Your Inbox Into a New High Score
A hacker in the UK turned a $5 alarm clock into a new GMail notifier, and shared plans so you can do it as well.

Alienware X51 Review: The Little PC That Could
The Alienware X51 proves that big things can come in small packages, offering excellent gaming performance in a slim chassis.

Visual Explorer Ultimate
Visual Explorer Ultimate offers a lot of built-in features for online video fans.

Top Torrent Site BTjunkie Shuts Voluntarily
MegaUpload and Pirate Bay copyright infringement prosecutions prompt the file-sharing site to close its virtual doors.

Redbox, Verizon Team on Streaming Service
The Netflix rival is expected to launch this year, but the partners are disclosing few details.

Netflix Launches 'Lilyhammer' Original Series
The tale of a mobster making his way in Norway stretches Netflix's distribution practices by posting eight episodes at once.

CyanogenMod 7 Root Gives Nook Tablet Extra Functionality
XDA Developers turn their attentions to rooting the Nook Tablet once again, this time with CyanogenMod 7,

Make Good Spreadsheets for Cheap With GS-Calc
Very inexpensive spreadsheet program GS-Calc has some interesting features.

Super Bowl XLVI Ads Pander to Geeks
Super Bowl XLVI ads highlight tech, death, and anti-Apple sentiment.

Samsung’s Next OLED Displays to Feature Tough Lotus Glass
Samsung and Gorilla Glass maker Corning team up to bring the new Lotus Glass to future Samsung OLED and AMOLED displays.

Samsung Tweaks Apple, Takes Galaxy Note Orders
AT&T offers early delivery for advance orders of the stylus-driven smartphone.

Facebook Ads Expected Soon on Smartphones, Tablets
The social network will reportedly mine member activity for endorsements and explore other ways to serve up ads on mobile devices.

Why I Switched from AT&T to Verizon
I was reluctant to switch, and I tried to give AT&T the benefit of the doubt, but in the end it was not interested in keeping me as a customer.

As Firefox 11 Beta Arrives, Work Begins on Push Notifications
With this new, mobile-style feature, websites will be able to alert users when new content arrives.

New Digital Spam: How Bad Guys Try to Trick You; How to Avoid the Traps
The latest forms of digital spam include clickjacking, junk apps, bad QR codes, and much more. Here's what you can do to stay safe.

Microsoft May Ditch Start Button in Windows 8
Alleged screenshots of the Windows 8 beta show no more Start button.

How Social Is Your Culture?
Building a social business means cultivating a social culture within your company. It's time to get the whole team -- yes, even the leadership -- to walk the walk.

Report: Amazon to Open Physical Retail Store
While all the brick-and-mortar stores are turning to Web commerce, a pioneer in Web commerce is turning traditional.

This Video Shows How Computers See the World
A new video shows off the creepy, emerging world of robot vision.

Prepare Your Business for Facebook Mobile Ads
Facebook Mobile ads are rumored to arrive in March. Here are five things I expect Facebook do with them, and how you can optimize your site in advance.

Happy Valen-nyans Day! Nyan Cat Valentine's Cards Are Here
Looking for that special (silly!) something for a significant other this Valentine's? Why not buy them a themed Nyan Cat card?

Galaxy Nexus Gets Fixed; Update Makes Ice Cream Sandwich a Little Sweeter
A leaked over-the-air update patches up bugs in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

New Super-Earth Discovered Just 22 Light Years Away
Astronomers have discovered a relatively close planet in our galaxy, a new super-Earth that has just the right climate to support life.

Google Privacy Issues Let Microsoft Tout IE9's Safeguards
Concerns about Google's revamped privacy policies give Microsoft an opening to promote the tracking protection built into Internet Explorer.

Snappy Z-Maestro Offers Affordable--but Limited--Audio Editing
A lightweight and affordable, but immature, audio and MIDI sequencing program.

How to Log In to Your PC Remotely With TeamViewer
TeamViewer is a free app that lets you remotely connect to a PC or Mac. Check out our guide to see how the software works.

Facebook Alternative Path Adds Depth to Social Networking
Path is trying to be a social network that is more personal, one in which your friends are actually people you currently have in your life.

Find February Deals on Laptops, HD TVs, Kindle Fire
Plenty of bargains are emerging, but it turns out it's not a great month to snap up a digital camera. Here's the lineup.

Cutting the Cord: How to Ditch Your Cable Company
TV programming no longer belongs solely to cable companies, but viewing the shows you want online can still be difficult. Here are some tips to get your favorite programs more quickly.

Ninja Blocks Let Household Items Talk to Web Apps
Sit back and let this Kickstarter project carry out household tasks. Warning: This could make you lazy, unlike a real ninja.

How to Record Your PC's Screen for Free With Screenr
Follow this guide to learn how to create your own screencasts, using free software.

Facebook Details Continue to Emerge Following IPO Announcement
Here's a rundown of the most recent dish about the social network, courtesy of the disclosures necessary when a company plans to go public.

Archify 'Remembers' Your Web Travels
A Startup develops a browser plug-in that catalogs what you view in cyberspace for later retrieval and reference.

How to Back Up and Restore Data With Windows 7
Microsoft includes a full backup and restore utility with Windows 7. Follow this guide to see how it works.

Profiles in Geekdom: Chris Torres, Creator of Nyan Cat
Ever wanted to know more about that trippy feline, Nyan Cat? GeekTech gets the low-down from creator Chris Torres.

Smartphone Sales Boom -- Who Needs A Laptop?
In the next decade, mobile phones will gain capabilities that make them suitable replacements for the conventional desktop or laptop computer.

Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G Review: Affordable LTE, but Bundled With Bloatware
If you're looking for a budget-friendly LTE phone without a contract, you can't go wrong with the Galaxy Attain 4G.

Home & Landscape Design NexGen 3: Powerful, But Nearly as Complicated as Its Name
Home & Landscape Design NexGen 3 has a steep learning curve, but offers powerful home design tools.

Design or Remodel With HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite
HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite lets you pretend to be one of the network's home design experts.

Design a Kitchen Easily With IKEA Home Planner
Ikea Home Planner lets you design the kitchen of your dreams--as long as it's filled with Ikea products, of course.

Censored: Apple Content Filtering Needs Work
Apple seems to think that "kinky sex moves" is appropriate content for 12 year olds, but rejected other content because it has the word "penis".

Apple Pulls Ripoff Apps from its Walled Garden
Some consumers get confused and shell out money thinking they're getting the real app, when they're actually buying a counterfeit.

See How Silk Is Milked From a Spider
Paul Lazzaro shares how he does his job milking black widow spiders for their silk.

First Look at the Dropcam HD
Our review unit of this Wi-Fi camera had fuzzy video playback in our hands-on tests, but Dropcam promises that the final version of its Dropcam HD will not have these problems.

How to Use Gmail Filters
With the help of Gmail filters, you can automatically sort your incoming email.

Energy Saving Software Might Help You Save Power
Energy Saving is designed to help you monitor and improve the energy and resources you use in your home.

Windows Phone 8 Details Leak
Microsoft reportedly plans to integrate more of its existing technologies into the next phone OS, from Skype to SkyDrive, adding near-field communications and lots more apps.

FBI Admits Anonymous Snooped Conference Call
Anonymous secretly recorded a conference call between the FBI and foreign law enforcement and then posted the results online.

Ditch Your Arrow Keys With TouchCursor
TouchCursor tries to wean users off the keyboard's arrow keys by using home row keys for navigation.

Get 5GB of Extra Dropbox Storage, Free
The catch, if you can call it that, is that you have to use the new Dropbox beta to upload your photos and videos.

Simple Cross-Platform Backups With SafeSync
TrendMicro's SafeSync offers a simple and secure way to backup files and access them across multiple devices.

Gee's Bend Quilts: American Art on Your Desktop
This beautiful Windows 7 theme features richly colored artworks from the artists of the Gee's Bend Quilters Collective.

Skype 5.8 For Windows Brings Facebook Video Calling
Write on your Facebook wall from Skype, spot your friends for a quick chat -- maybe even in HD or in a group.

Free, Cloud-Based Word Processor Zoho Writer Shows Promise
Zoho Writer offers a surprisingly comfortable online writing environment, with some issues.

The Best Printers for $150, $300, $500, $750
Whether you are buying for your home or for your office, and for 2 people or 200, we've found the right choices for you.

Yale Discovers a Fungus That Eats Plastic
Yale scientists discover a new species of fungus that eats polyurethane and could help clear our garbage landfills of plastic.

Browser Looking Bored? Take It Out on an Elephant Quest
Elephant Quest is a free and addictive browser-based quest involving elephants, lasers, and a hat.

The Humble Indie Bundle: Now on Android!
The newest Humble Indie Bundle retains all the virtues of its previous iterations and adds a whole new platform, giving you an easy way to support great charities and buy a bunch of great games on Android for a ridiculously low price.

Relax, Facebook Timeline Paranoia Is Misguided
Everyone seems to be all in a tizzy over the impending switch to the new Facebook Timeline layout. It's going to be OK people, just like it always is.

AMD Targets Ultrabooks, Shows 18mm Trinity Notebook
Super-skinny laptops will offer long battery life and smaller price tag than Intel's entries, AMD tells analysts.

Apple iTunes Match Glitch Replaces Explicit Lyric Songs With Censored Versions
Tunes by rap artists Kanye West, Jay Z, and Ice Cube are affected.

How to Back Up Your Android Phone
Follow this guide to learn how to safeguard your smartphone's important data.

Facebook Members Get More Than They Give
Typical users of the social network are "friended" more than they "friend," a Pew Internet and American Life Project reports.

Facebook Goes Public: Surprising Facts Learned From IPO Paperwork
Let's take a look at some of the tidbits included in the company's recent S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

VeriSign Hacked: What We Don't Know Might Hurt Us
VeriSign didn't exactly 'disclose' the breach, and the few details buried in the SEC filing create more questions than they answer. Without more to go on, it is hard to know what the risk is.

Will Europe Upend Google's New Privacy Plan?
The European Union asks Google to delay implementing its new privacy policy for closer scrutiny with stricter European privacy law.

More Details Emerge on the Fully Open 'Spark' Tablet
Though it won't ship before May, you can preorder this Linux-based device starting next week.

Putting Your Amazon Kindle Fire to Work
I don't suggest tossing your laptop out just yet, but with the right mix of apps the Kindle Fire can fill in as a mobile business productivity tool when the need arises.

Here's How to Install Carrier-Blocked Apps On Your Phone
Workaround allows users to install apps like Google Wallet onto their Android phones.

Apple Scraps Controversial Terms in iBook Author EULA Agreement
Company bows to howls by iBook authors and publishers on restrictions in

MegaUpload's Kim DotCom Denied Bail Again: Third Time's a Charm?
MegaUpload founder Kim DotCom, allegedly worth more than $200 million, looks to be stuck in a New Zealand prison cell over fears he's a flight risk.

Google's New 'Bouncer' Targets Android Market Malware
Last year saw a 40 percent drop in malicious app downloads, the company says.

Stylish Pentax K-01 Mirrorless Camera Will Support DSLR Lenses
Pentax's new compact interchangeable-lens camera offers a unique body designed by Marc Newson, and it's the first mirrorless camera we've seen to support DSLR lenses natively.

Root Out Rootkits with Free TDSSKiller
Can't quite clean the malware from your PC? You might be the victim of a rootkit. Kaspersky's free utility should help.

Symantec Shouldn't Backpedal on Android 'Malware'
Symantec has backed off its earlier claims that apps in the Android Market were malware, but still says the apps are adware or spyware, and do some shady things. Isn't that malware?

U.S. Closes Sports Sites in Super Bowl Crackdown
Sites affected by the action include,, and

Hauppauge Broadway Lets You Take Your TV With You
This small set-top box capably streams your live TV signal to devices on your home network or the Internet—but setup can be intimidating, and it lacks support for some key cable-box features.

Microsoft Turns the Tables on Google with Ad Campaign
Microsoft is taking advantage of the privacy backlash against Google with a new ad campaign that invites users to come take a look at the Microsoft alternatives.

Study Finds Enterprise 2.0 Reaps Results
Successful use of social technologies is demonstrated in three use cases

How Do I Make Web Mail My Default Email, Part 1
Skicrazer asked the Web Browsing and Email forum what to change so that clicking a mailto link would bring up a Web-based mail account

Court Snubs Apple, Okays Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Nexus Smartphone Sales
German court tosses Apple-proposed sales ban on Samsung tablets and smartphones, says Apple likely to lose touch screen patent.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! Nope, It's Actually Remote-Controlled Flying People
Vicariously live out your superhero fantasies with these human-shaped foam model aircraft. Um...

Vizio's New 58-inch 3D HDTV Gets Rid of Widescreen Black Bars
Vizio is introducing a widescreen 3D HDTV with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

Android Isn't as Fragmented as You Think, Report Finds
On both smartphones and tablets, a few OS versions and hardware specs dominate the landscape, according to new data.

Apple Surpasses LG as World's Third-Largest Phone Maker
A study from the International Data Corporation says Apple now trails Nokia and Samsung.

BlackBerry PlayBook: $199 Yet Again is selling the 16GB version of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for just $199.

Google Ordered to Pay Fine for Making Google Maps Free
A French mapping company had sued Google for "abusing" its dominant market position by making its service free.

How to Take Great Product Photos for Your Online Store
Make your product stand out in the online marketplace with excellent photos. Here are the basics for taking great, professional-looking photos without spending a fortune on equipment.

Send Faxes From the Web: Three Services Tested
We test-drive three services that let you send faxes online--no fax machine or telephone required. Which one offers the best deal for your small business?

How to Install Boot Camp and Run Windows on Your Mac
With these simple instructions, you can install Boot Camp on your Mac and dual-boot it into Windows.

HTC Vows to Fix Android Flaw Revealing Wi-Fi Credentials
HTC says most phones have already received a fix through regular updates but other devices will require users to manually load the fix.

Samsung Galaxy S III Won't be Unveiled at Mobile World Congress
Samsung plans to unveil the successor to its best-selling device at a separate event in the first half of the year.

What Is Deep Packet Inspection?
Though shelved for now, if legislation like SOPA and the PROTECT IP Act ever passes, it may require your ISP to start monitoring your online activity with deep packet inspection software. Make sure you understand how it works, and how you can fight back.

'Cloak of Invisibility' in the Works; No Cone of Silence Planned
Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin say that've been able to hide an object behind a cloak of invisibility of sorts, but it has some limitations

4 Principles of Smart Social Campaigns for Business
Too many brands still think getting social means just having a presence on the major networks. Here are four ways to make your social efforts more valuable.

Vampire Power Reality Check: What Tech Gear Sucks the Most?
We break down what tech gear costs you the most on your electric bill even when it's not actively being used.

Access Nonfiction Books and and Video With Safari Books Online
Safari Books Online offers access to a huge catalog of books and videos about computers and technology for a fixed monthly rate.

RFID Credit Cards Are Easy Prey for Hackers, Demo Shows
With a simple hack and minimal equipment, a security researcher demonstrates how easily thieves can make your data their own.

Kinect for Windows Available Now for $250
Microsoft has launched a Kinect commercial software development kit that will allow developers to sell their creations for the first time.

BlackBerry OS Achieves Coveted Government Security Clearance
RIM continues its recent hot streak with the announcement that BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 7.1 have achieved FIPS 140-2 certification.

T-Mobile Caters to Small Business With Square and More
T-Mobile launched a slew of initiatives aimed at attracting small and medium business customers to make the switch to its wireless service.

Is the Use of Sites Like MegaUpload Sinking the Arts Ship? Not So Fast, Says New Advocate Study
A new study argues that artists are thriving and companies that adapt to new methods could thrive also.

YMax MagicJack Plus Review: Phone Gadget Can Replace Your Landline--For a Price
The MagicJack Plus gives you unlimited, landline-quality home phone service on the cheap, but YMax still hasn’t learned how to offer decent service and support.

HDD Recovery Pro Works Well, Has a Clean Interface
This pricey data recovery program works well, but supports only FAT and NTFS.

Brain Waves to Words: Breakthrough Lets Scientists (Almost) Hear What You're Thinking
A new program allows neuroscientists to translate brain waves into recognizable words.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review: Easy and Powerful, but Not Perfect
This video conversion software creates output for every mobile device on the market, including Windows Phone 7 phones. It's packed with extras, too--plus a few hiccups.

The Pirate Bay Switches Domains After Founders' Appeal Denied
The move comes after the Swedish Supreme Court decides not to hear an appeal over fines and jail time imposed on the TPB's founders two years ago.

How to Install Windows 7 Without the Disc
Here's how to legally download Windows 7 and make your own install disc.

Q&A: Restoring Hidden Icons, Okay to Uninstall Visual C++ Versions?
Answers to tricky questions: What to do when your icons are wiped out by a virus? Should you remove old Visual C++ versions?

Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro5500 Review: Fast Color Inkjet Multifunction Means Business
Outstanding speed and features make this a small-workgroup winner, better for the price than a cheap color laser.

'Cat Life: ChatChat', The Cat MMO
'VVVVVV' creator Terry Cavanagh releases a new MMO all about meowing and napping as a cat.

Ace Attorney 5 Will Have its Day in Court
A new Ace Attorney courtroom drama game has been announced, but will it ever find its way to the English-speaking gaming world?

Nikon Refreshes Entire Coolpix Line With Nine New Cameras
Among the highlights in Nikon's new announcements are an F1.8 premium compact, two pocketable high-zoom cameras, and a kid-friendly rugged model.

Nano Quadrotors Swarm in Formation, Will Take Over Earth With Grace
Researchers have managed to get these tiny robots to fly in perfect swarms, and fast! Aaaaah!

Apple TV Set: What We Know So Far
Component makers are talking--is the Apple TV set about to become reality?

Senate's Approach to Facebook and Netflix Should Be All or Nothing
Netflix wants to use Facebook's new "frictionless sharing" options, but it can't--thanks to a 1988 Senate bill.

Coming Soon: Augmented Reality Goggles for Crime Scene Investigations
Dutch scientists develop a set of augmented reality goggles to help the police in crime scene investigations.

The Smartphone Has Become an Essential Shopping Tool
According to a recent Pew survey, people are using their smartphones more than ever while shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.

Smartphone Owners Prone to Using their Devices in the Bathroom
A survey found that 75 percent of respondents use their phone when answering nature's call.

Linux: A Getting-Started Guide
Ready to try Linux? Here's how to get started.

Hey Hey, My My: MP3, It's Time to Die
Rocker Neil Young trashes the quality of today's MP3 format; calls for a new high-quality digital download for serious audiophiles.

RIM Regains Mojo With BlackBerry Cloud Service and Office 365
BlackBerry Cloud Service and Office 365 for BlackBerry are the kinds of services that put RIM on top in the first place.

Five Ways to Mix Business and Personal Data on Your Smartphone
Many people use their personal smartphones to do work. Here are five ways to access your work and personal data without carrying two handsets.

How to Get the Most From Your Netflix Streaming Subscription
Netflix Unlimited Streaming is still a great deal, and we've uncovered a few tips and tricks to help you take full advantage of your Netflix streaming subscription.

Robot Moves Like a Snake, But Won't Make You Squeamish
Georgia Tech researchers take a cue from nature and design a robot that mimics the movement of a snake.

Relive a Gaming Classic With Dungeon Master Java
Before I took an arrow to the knee, I was a Dungeon Master.

Buffering Too Slow? Watch Videos When They're Complete With Video DownloadHelper
Video DownloadHelper is a free Firefox add-on for downloading videos from YouTube and others.

Apple Passes HP in "PC" Shipments--or Did It?
Company shipped 17% of PCs in the world in the fourth quarter of 2011--but what constitutes a PC?

Panasonic Announces 20X-Zoom Pocket Camera, Full-Featured Rugged Camera
Four new Panasonic point-and-shoots were unveiled today, including the 20X-optical-zoom Lumix ZS20 and the durable Lumix TS4, which is packed with a barometer, an altimeter, and full manual controls.

Evernote vs. OneNote: Note-Taking Apps Showdown
Both programs offer plenty of note-taking features, but in very different packages. Here's a closer look at how Evernote and OneNote help you keep track of notes at your PC and on the go.

Office 15 Beta Slated for Summer, Time to Move to Office 2010
The next generation of the Microsoft Office productivity suite is looming on the horizon--a cue for those clinging to legacy versions to finally switch to Office 2010.

Norton Wants To Help You Remember Your Password
Norton's new Identity Safe Service can make managing passwords easier.

Facebook Timeline Privacy Tips: Lockdown Your Profile
Facebook Timeline puts all your information conveniently on display -- here's how to fix that.

Facebook's Timeline Movie Maker Turns Users' Lives into Film
Timeline Movie Maker is an app that automatically parses your Timeline profile to create a movie from your memories stored on Facebook.

MegaUpload Users Get Reprieve on File Wipe
The good news for MegaUpload users is their data is safe for two weeks. The bad news is their is no way to retrieve it.