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Researchers turn camera phone into mouse
Researchers in the U.K. have developed software that loads camera phones with mouse capabilities, allowing users to swivel a camera phone to scroll or move items on a PC screen.

Input Devices
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Record Better Audio
Teach your PC to be a good listener.

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How to Reinstall Windows XP

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Digsby Brings All Your IM Networks Together

Find Friends to Discuss Practically Anything With PaltalkScene

AIM plug-in IDs users' locations
Users of AOL LLC's AIM instant messaging system now have access to a plug-in that identifies their geographic location in a more precise manner than a similar plug-in developed last year.

China's Baidu to offer instant-messaging service, the most popular search engine in China, plans to introduce an instant-messaging service, to be called Baidu Hi.

Feature list leaked for Microsoft's next IM version
Microsoft's next version of its instant messenger application will have a new security feature to report users who send unsolicited messages, known as SPIM (spam over IM).

IBM to turn Sametime IM into a family of products
IBM Corp. is hoping to broaden the appeal of its Sametime enterprise IM software by expanding the current stand-alone offering into a family of products in a bid to better compete with other unified communications players like Microsoft and Cisco.

Instant Messaging
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Microsoft Windows Live Flaw Opened Door to Scammers
Though Microsoft fixed a bug in Windows Live that enabled spoofed user accounts, it could still lead to fraud.

Microsoft forces Messenger upgrade for 'security' reasons
Microsoft Corp. is forcing Windows Live and MSN Messenger users to upgrade to the newest version due to a security update included in that release, according to a posting on a Microsoft blog.

Sametime Now Chats With Other Messaging Services
IBM announces interoperability with AOL, Google, and Yahoo IMs--but not Microsoft.

Security issue dogs new AIM release
AOL LLC has patched a serious flaw in its instant-messaging software, but more troubles may lie ahead, according to a security researcher familiar with the issue.

Should Your Business Use Instant Messaging?
Find out why small businesses are increasingly using instant messaging--and how you can avoid the pitfalls.

Vulnerability uncovered within Yahoo Messenger
A new vulnerability in Yahoo Inc.'s instant messenger program can potentially cause unwanted code to run on a PC, according to security researchers.

With attack code out, Yahoo fixes IM flaw
Yahoo Inc. has fixed a serious vulnerability in its Messenger instant messaging client.

iAnywhere adds IM to mobile management suite
IAnywhere Solutions Inc. is adding an instant messaging (IM) component to Information Anywhere Suite, a set of products for managing applications on PDAs and other wireless devices.

Adobe, RealNetworks Join Intel to Boost Mobile Linux
RealPlayer and Air will ship for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) running Linux, Intel said at IDF.

Asustek complains of Intel laptop processor shortage
Taiwan's Asustek Computer complained on Tuesday of a shortage of Intel central processing units (CPUs) for laptop PCs, but said it didn't expect the problem to affect its sales.

Battle of the overclockers
Overclockers waged a battle of ice against fire last week in Taipei, pushing the performance limits of Intel's CPUs to 5GHz. The hobbyists, who are becoming an increasingly common sight at IT trade shows, are perfecting the art of pushing processors to their limits.

Bearlake chipsets hit the market
Motherboards that use Intel Corp.'s 3-series chipsets, codenamed Bearlake, seem to be everywhere at the Computex exhibition -- signalling they will soon find their way to store shelves and hardware makers around the world.

Birth of a Standard: The Intel 8086 Microprocessor
Thirty years ago, Intel released the 8086 processor, introducing the x86 architecture that underlies every PC--Windows, Mac, or Linux--produced today.

CyberPower Power Infinity Pro
This Penryn-based PC packs a big punch in gaming performance, but it'll also wallop your wallet.

EU's Intel case simpler than that versus Microsoft, AMD says
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said Friday that the European Commission's antitrust lawsuit against rival chip maker Intel Corp. is more clear-cut than the regulator's ongoing pursuit of Microsoft Corp.

First Benchmarks of Intel's Penryn
Supervised preview of early Penryn systems shows huge gains in video processing and encoding speed, decent boost to multithreaded gaming.

IDF Day 1 Highlights
Intel demonstrated A new Penryn server and enthusiast CPUs that will launch in November, as well as its next-generation CPU architecture and manufacturing process at the first day of its Intel Developer Forum.

Intel Accused of Breaching European Antitrust Rules
UPDATE: The European Commission accuses Intel of abusing its dominant position in the microprocessor market to exclude AMD; Intel responds.

Intel Boosts Security With Revamped vPro
new version of automated management programs ships Monday.

Intel Discloses Centrino Atom Prices
Pricing for the five versions of Centrino Atom chip varies with clock speed, Intel execs said at IDF.

Intel Eyes Emerging Markets
The chipmaker is upbeat about growth prospects in Asia, but is also watching the economic developments in the U.S.

Intel Invests in NAND Flash Memory
Intel will invest $65 million in Taiwanese chip assembler that specializes in flash memory and DRAM.

Intel Plans Dual-Core Version of Diamondville
The dual-core Diamondville will deliver better performance than a planned single-core version and will be for low-cost desktops, sources say.

Intel, STMicroelectronics merge flash units
In a continuing search for profits in the flash memory business, Intel Corp. and STMicroelectronics NV agreed on Tuesday to spin off some of their chip units to create a new semiconductor company.

Intel announces Atom brand for Silverthorne, Menlow
Intel's Silverthorne and Diamondville chips will be called Atom and the company's Menlow platform for ultramobile computers will be renamed Centrino Atom when these products hit the market, according to a company spokesman.

Intel breaks ground on new Dalian facility
Intel Corp. broke ground on a new US$2.5 billion [b] chip plant in the northeast city of Dalian on Saturday, with production expected to begin in 2010.

Intel chips to shrink to 32-nanometer process
Intel Corp. said Tuesday it will ramp up performance and energy efficiency in its microprocessors by using a 32-nanometer process technology starting in 2009.

Intel code names low-cost laptop chip Diamondville
Intel Corp. plans to launch a new microprocessor architecture aimed at ultra-low cost laptop PCs, code-named "Diamondville," in April of next year.

Intel emphasizes innovation at IDF
Intel Corp. sought to emphasize its role in innovation in China during a low-key media preview to its Spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Monday in Beijing.

Intel exec: Programming for multicore chips a challenge
Adding more cores is desirable to meet growing computing demands, but it could create more challenges for programmers writing code that enables applications to work effectively with multicore chips.

Intel expects Atom desktops for $199
Taking advantage of dropping hardware prices, Intel expects to plug its newest Atom chips into desktops that will be available later this year from under US$200.

Intel fires fresh salvo at AMD in price war
The world's largest chip maker slashed prices on a handful of microprocessors after the company's battle to retake market share from rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) took a turn for the worse.

Intel gets approval to build $2.5B plant in China
The Chinese government has given Intel Corp. permission to build a US$2.5 billion chip manufacturing plant in Dalian, on China's northeastern coast.

Intel gets ready for Penryn, may release Silverthorne early
Following the launch of Intel Corp.'s quad-core Xeon 7300 processor on Wednesday, the company's efforts are now focused on preparations for the rollout of its first Penryn chips later this year. And there are signs the company is planning an early 2008 release of its Silverthorne chip for ultramobile PCs and handheld devices.

Intel has big plans for little devices
Intel Corp. Wednesday unveiled its Ultra Mobile platform, also known as McCaslin, designed for ultramobile PCs and other handheld devices, and outlined plans for increased Linux support and a new chip for ultramobile PCs due in 2008.

Intel improves dual-core chip to protect its notebook share
Intel Corp. launched a dual-core notebook chip for high-end users on Monday, continuing an effort to defend its share of the fast-growing notebook PC market against Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD).

Intel increases revenue outlook on rising chip demand
Citing surprisingly high demand for its processors, Intel Corp. on Monday upgraded its third-quarter revenue forecast to a range of US$9.4 billion to $9.8 billion from the company's previous estimate of $9 billion to $9.6 billion.

Intel launches power-efficient Penryn processors
Intel on Sunday officially launched its long-awaited new line of power-efficient microprocessors, code-named Penryn, designed to deliver better graphics and application performance as well as virtualization capabilities.

Intel launches quad-core embedded chip
Intel Corp. launched two quad-core processors for embedded applications on Tuesday, offering more power than the Woodcrest dual-core Xeon for designers of telecommunications infrastructure, network storage systems and medical imaging equipment.

Intel lifts veil on Silverthorne processor
Intel will offer a first look at technical details of its low-power Silverthorne processor during a presentation at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) this week, setting the stage for a concerted push into the market for ultraportable devices.

Intel likely to reveal details of Silverthorne next week
Intel will offer a detailed look at a new processor next week during a presentation at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) that should set the stage for an unexpectedly close battle with Taiwan's Via Technologies.

Intel offers a look beyond Santa Rosa
The next version of Intel Corp.'s Centrino notebook platform, called Santa Rosa, will hit the market next month, but the company is already looking ahead to other products, including an updated "Santa Rosa refresh" and a quad-core mobile processor set for release next year.

Intel pitches plan to beat chip glut
Facing a market glut of microprocessors and weak corporate demand for PCs running Microsoft Corp.'s new Windows Vista OS, Intel Corp. hopes to stay profitable by producing new chip designs faster than its competitors, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said Monday.

Intel plans powerful x86 chip with many cores
Intel Corp. is developing a programmable processor with many cores that is compatible with the x86 instruction set and capable of performing 1 trillion floating-point operations per second, a senior company executive said Tuesday at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing.

Intel playing only to top IDF crowd this year
The world's largest chip maker is only hosting three of its popular Intel Developer Forums (IDF) this year in an attempt to rein in costs and resources associated with the event.

Intel prepares for EU antitrust hearing on Tuesday
Intel is preparing to defend some of its questionable business dealings with PC makers at an antitrust hearing with European regulators and competitors next week. Questions about its dealings with retailers will have to wait for another day.

Intel processor hits speedy 2 teraflops in demo
Intel Corp. demonstrated its fastest multi-core processor yet at the Spring Intel Development Forum (IDF) in Beijing on Tuesday, an 80-core processor that hit a speedy 2-teraflops (trillions of floating point operations per second) in a demonstration.

Intel promises fast Penryn chips in 2007
Intel Corp. will begin producing its next-generation "Penryn" processors by the end of 2007, using greater power efficiency to push improved Core 2 and Xeon chips to speeds over 3GHz, the company said Wednesday.

Intel promises more energy-efficient chips
Intel plans to further reduce the size and power consumption of its mobile microprocessors over the next year or so, paving the way for computers that are smaller and consume substantially less power, a company executive said Thursday.

Intel pushes forward with updated dual-core Itanium 2
Intel is shipping an updated version of its dual-core Itanium 2 server processor, called Montvale. But don't expect to see a dramatic improvement in performance from the new chips, despite the addition of several new features.

Intel's New Tools Support Mac Software on Penryn
The revamped software development tools can optimize applications for the next-generation Penryn CPU.

Intel's mobile chip for gamers coming soon
A mobile version of Intel Corp.'s Core 2 Extreme chip will hit the market during the third quarter in high-end gaming notebooks equipped with Nvidia Corp.'s SLI graphics system.

Intel sales rise on record microprocessor shipments
A spike in the number of microprocessor units shipped helped Intel Corp. record an increase in its third-quarter revenue and income, the company said Tuesday.

Intel says Penryn chip will push PC speeds
Intel Corp.'s Penryn processors will push desktop PCs to run 40 percent faster for gaming than the latest Intel Core 2 Extreme chip, a company executive said Monday, giving details on the new chip design planned to reach markets in the second half of 2007.

Intel shakes the lead out of its chips
Intel Corp. will stop using lead in its upcoming microprocessors, eliminating one of the most toxic components used in semiconductors from its product line.

Intel shows off UMPCs designed with Menlow
Intel Corp. showed off six new ultramobile PCs on Monday. The PCs are designed around its Menlow chips, which will debut around the middle of next year.

Intel to Add WiMax to Upcoming Ultramobile Platform
Intel may include WiMax technology as an option for ultramobile devices based on the company's Menlow platform, according to an Intel executive.

Intel to Deliver Quad-Core Chips for Laptops
Intel confirms it will this year ship quad-core chips designed specifically for laptops, most likely for desktop replacements.

Intel to Shrink Upcoming Nehalem Chips for Laptops
Intel says that its upcoming chip microarchitecture, Nehalem, will first be targeted at servers and high-end desktops but later will be scaled down for laptops.

Intel to demonstrate possible DRAM replacement
Intel Corp. Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner plans to give the company's first public demonstration of its PRAM (phase-change RAM) technology at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) conference, which starts Tuesday in Beijing.

Intel to unveil OLPC chips in Shanghai next April
Intel Corp. plans to unveil a new microprocessor for the One Laptop Per Child notebook and other ultra-low cost laptop PCs at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai next April, an executive said Monday.

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MIDs will run Windows XP and Vista, Intel says
Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) based on Intel's Centrino Atom chip package will be available with Microsoft's Windows operating system in addition to Linux, according to the chip maker.

Moore's Law meets Gore's Law at processor forum
Microprocessor makers say they can meet demand for greater processing power and energy efficiency with research aired at an industry conference Tuesday in San Jose, California.

Nehalem on track for Q4, goes mobile in 2009
Intel reaffirmed its Nehalem family of processors is on track to enter production during the fourth quarter, with the first mobile version of the chips to be released next year.

New Intel fab to accelerate 45nm chip production
Intel Corp. on Thursday is expected to open a new factory to accelerate the production of chips using a 45-nanometer manufacturing process, slated to be used for its upcoming Penryn chips.

OLPC: Won't miss Intel's 'half-hearted' laptop effort
Intel's resignation from the One Laptop Per Child Project's board of directors will have "no impact" on the group's operations, since the chip maker contributed little to the project since joining last year, OLPC President Walter Bender said in an interview.

Smaller Intel reaches for new chip markets

Stephen Morse: Father of the 8086 Processor
The engineer whose 30-year-old architecture still influences PCs today talks about how Intel took the SEX out of the pioneering CPU, and other tales from the beginning of the x86 era.

Suit over Intel chip speeds pushed back
Intel had a legal reprieve Thursday when an Illinois judge threw out a state appeals court ruling that would have launched a nationwide class-action lawsuit against the company over Pentium 4 processors.

TSMC making WiMax chips for Intel
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., the world's largest contract chip maker, is producing wireless and WiMax-related chips for Intel Corp., the companies said on Wednesday.

Test: Intel's Quad-Core CPU Speeds Video
Kentsfield CPU boosts some multithreaded apps, but has little benefit elsewhere.

.Asia domains start sale Tuesday
Registration for .asia top-level Internet domain names began Tuesday for companies and other legal entities, giving corporations an opportunity to secure trademarked domain names without having to contend with cybersquatters.

'Father of Internet' Reviews His Work

'Working Poor Finder' Helps Predatory Lenders
One of Front Seat's most popular Web sites is for the Predatory Lending Association. It features "racial profiling tools" and...

20 Years Ago Today: Birth of the Dot-Com Era

500M Bps Soon in a Copper Line Near You, Ericsson Says

A Swedish ITunes Killer
Industries that go through big changes have always attracted startups, and the online music industry is no different. One of...

AOL Launches Taiwan Portal
AOL launched a Chinese-language portal focused on Taiwan Sunday, part of its bid to increase the number of international AOL...

AOL Launching Video Portals in India, Canada, Taiwan
AOL launches AOL Video in Taiwan, Canada, and India

AOL/Yahoo Merger: Remedy Worse Than the Disease?
As rumors about a Yahoo-AOL merger grow louder, industry experts caution that such a deal could create more problems than it...

AOL and Yahoo Make IM VoIP Moves
AOL and Yahoo separately on Tuesday made changes to the Internet telephony features within their IM (instant message)...

AOL to Open Its Mail Sites to Third-party Applications
AOL plans to launch later this year a program that will allow third-party developers to develop applications and content...

AT&T revenue up on BellSouth acquisition
AT&T Inc. reported net income of US$3.1 billion for the third quarter of 2007, up from $2.2 billion a year earlier, largely due to its acquisition of BellSouth Corp.

Add Custom Search Engines to IE and Firefox
Instantly search IMDB, Amazon, and more, directly from the browser's search bar.

Adobe Breathes AIR for Linux
Adobe Systems is extending on Thursday its AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) technology to Linux desktops.

Advertisers Protest Google-Yahoo Search Advertising Deal
Giants like Ford, Wal-Mart say deal would cut competition and raise ad prices.

Advertisers grapple with online video opportunity
Online video can boost electronics retailers' brand recognition and sales, although business and technical considerations have to be taken into account to achieve good results.

Adware Company Refines Opt-out, Notification Technology
Facing heat over privacy concerns, NebuAd said Tuesday it has a new notification and opt-out system for its targeted...

Aetna Chief Downplays Google Health's Potential
A top medical insurance executive on Wednesday downplayed the potential impact of services from Microsoft and Google that are...

After Abandoning ITunes, NBC Shows up on Zune
After a pricing spat with Apple led NBC to pull its video content from iTunes, the broadcaster has struck a deal with...

After Code Released, Microsoft to Patch IIS Bug
Microsoft says it will patch a bug in IIS 5 and IIS 6, one day after a hacker released attack code that exploits the issue.

After furor, Network Solutions stands by name policy
Network Solutions is standing by its controversial policy of automatically registering some domain names that are the subject of searches on the company's Web site.

Akihabara Killer Chronicled Massacre Plans Online
A series of messages on a Japanese online forum apparently posted by the person who killed 7 in Akihabara on Sunday chronicle the hours before the attacks.

Alibaba Drops Advertising on Baidu
Alibaba is no longer advertising with Chinese search engine Baidu.

Alibaba Ups Investment in Auction Site to US$732 Million will invest US$73é million in its popular Taobao consumer auction site over the next five years.

Amazon's 1984 Kindle Credit: Thank You, Big Brother!
Amazon is offering to return the book or send cash to customers who found "Nineteen Eighty-Four" wiped from their Kindle e-readers.

Amid Market Meltdown, Wall Street Journal Goes Web 2.0
Amid this week's turmoil on Wall Street, the Wall Street Journal launched a redesigned Web site complete with social networking.

An IBM User Group's Final Message: 'pwrdwnsys *immed'
The note that Andy Gladys sent out to the Application Systems User Group of Greater Cleveland this week could not have been...

Analysts: Google Spreading Itself Too Thin
As Google enters its second decade of existence with no apparent rivals for the search-king throne, industry observers warn...

Analysts: Microsoft Likely Eyeing Yahoo Search Assets
Microsoft is likely seeking a search-related deal with Yahoo, experts said.

Anatomy of a SQL Injection Attack
While there are a number of security risks in the world of electronic commerce, SQL injection is one of the most common Web...

Andreessen: Mosaic Expectations Were Very Low
Marc Andreessen had no idea that the Mosaic browser he co-developed would kick off the Web revolution and become such an...

Apple App Store Knockoff Hits the Web
In what is most likely a well-meaning attempt to remix the Apple App Store sans iTunes, ReadWriteWeb points out that an...

Apple Plays Catch-up, Adds Anti-fraud Safeguard to Safari
Apple Friday added anti-phishing protection to Safari, the last major browser to receive the feature that blocks known...

Apple Posts 'iPhone Your Life' Web Pages
Apple has posted some new pages to its Web site, specifically targeted to help iPhone 3G users get the most from their iPhone...

Apple Response on Norwegian ITunes Case Fails to Impress
Norway's consumer protection official is not satisfied with Apple's response to his issue with iTunes DRM restrictions...

Apple Updates Safari for Second Time in Two Weeks
For the second time in less than two weeks, Apple Inc. updated its Safari Web browser by issuing version 3.2.1 Monday.

Are Your Salespeople Using Twitter?

Asia-Pacific Leads in Broadband
The region has a 39 percent share of the world's broadband use, and subscriber numbers have nearly quadrupled in 5 years. Places Privacy Policy Link in Home Page has decided to include a link to its privacy policy on its home page. names new CEO, president CEO Jim Lanzone is quitting after six years with the company, to join a venture capital firm. His replacement, Jim Safka, currently heads Primal Ventures, the venture capital division of's parent company IAC.

Automatically Track Your Company and Competitors
Use RSS alerts so that industry news gets pushed directly to you.

BBC One, BBC Two Available Online Live From Next Week
The BBC is to stream its two most popular channels BBC One and BBC Two live on the internet from next week. The live simulcast...

Baidu Blasted Over Medical Paid-search Results
Baidu has removed some medical companies from its pay-for-performance search listing business because they do not hold...

Baidu Puts $15M Into Video Streaming Company
Chinese search engine Baidu is investing $15M in video streaming company UiTV. The company will manage Baidu's movie download...

Bailout Data may Go Online

Ballmer: Yahoo Acquisition Won't Happen
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said a Yahoo acquisition is still off the table, despite Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang's decision to step...

Ballmer's Withdrawal Letter to Yang
The full text of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's letter to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang concerning Microsoft's withdrawal of its acquisition offer.

Bartz Is Wrong, Yahoo Really Was A "Search Company"
By saying Yahoo was never a "search company" she is simply rewriting the company's founding to cover its most important failure.

Battle Lines Drawn in FCC Net Neutrality Fight

Beijing Games off to Smooth Start
It was all systems go for China Friday evening as the 2008 Olympics got underway with the games' opening ceremonies.

Berners-Lee Starts Foundation Aimed at Web's Future
Tim Berners-Lee launches a new Web foundation focused on extending the Web to all the world's population.

Best Buy Offers $121 Million for Napster
Best Buy has agreed to pay around US$121 million in cash for online music retailer Napster

Bezos, Benioff Back Health-care Web 2.0 Startup's Jeff Bezos and's Marc Benioff have invested in a New York startup that allows people to book...

Big Boost for IPod Touch Browser Share
Strong sales or off-work holidays may be the cause for post-Christmas Eve surge.

Big Changes Ahead for the Internet, Says Vint Cerf
The Internet will get support for IPv6, a more secure domain name system and international characters during the next couple...

Blinkx Launches Video Search Platform for Site Publishers
Blinkx has decided to package and sell parts of the technology it has developed over time for its video search engine, in an...

Bloggers Be Warned: Don't Post Ads Willy-Nilly
Bad ads can come back to bite you.

Bloggers Want to Make You Pay (And You Eventually May)

Blogging Is Dead
The real journalist behind the Fake Steve Jobs says the blogging industry is kaput.

Boost Search Speed and Improve Results
Use advanced, hidden Google search terms to improve hits. Plus track packages, look up words, convert units, and activate other tricks.

Boost Your Company's Image With Video

Brin, Schmidt Eye Further Google Expansion
Google discussed its various forays into different areas of technology Wednesday at a media roundtable at its New York headquarters.

Britannica Tests Wikis
The Encyclopaedia Britannica Online is taking a page from rival Wikipedia and inviting community contributions.

Broadband Group: Some P-to-P Blocking Reasonable
Broadband providers are engaging in reasonable network management when they slow their customers' access to P-to-P...

Browser Market Share Claims Are Dubious

Browsers Don't Matter, Even Chrome 3
Not trying to pick on Chrome, which helps keep the others honest, but any cool feature that appears in one will show up in the others.

Build Business Using Social Networks
Business owners across the country are beginning to see a new marketplace: Online social networks.

Building Business Online

Business Buyer's Guide to Mobile Broadband
How to choose the best hardware, carrier, and service plan to take your business on the road.

Businesses Ban Surfing, Study shows
Employees who waste time with random searching should be kept off the web, a researcher advises British firms.

CAPTCHA Allows Comments, Keeps Spam Bots Out
Verify users with CAPTCHA to keep spam bots at bay.

CBS to Buy CNET Networks for $1.8 Billion
CBS has agreed to pay US$1.8 billion in cash for online media company CNET Networks in a deal that has the backing of both...

CNBC Gets LinkedIn
CNBC and LinkedIn are teaming up to share content to be broadcast on the business network and posted on the social networking...

Cable Repairs Set Back by Second Undersea Break
The Sea Me We 4 cable has broken again, disrupting efforts to restore communications between Europe and Asia.

California Finds E-voting Software Had Errors
A report released on Monday by California's Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, explains how nearly 200 votes were deleted from...

Can Mozilla Prove Firefox Is the Most Secure Browser
[FULL DISCLOSURE: In addition to being a 20-year Security Guy, I work for Microsoft. While I try hard to focus on objective...

Canadian Professor Examines IM Workplace Benefits
Young Canadians entering the workforce view social and instant messaging tools in the same way the older generation use the...

Canon Battles Fake Blog; Anonymous Author Gets Last Laugh
It might have been done in the spirit of Fake Steve Jobs, but Canon USA apparently didn't think it was funny when an anonymous...

Car Dealers Use GPS to Track Risky Buyers
Is GPS tracking of high credit-risk drivers a good practice, or just a plain-old privacy violation?

Cheap Website Themes Are Ready Out-of-the-Box
ThemeForest lets you buy, download, and build simple CMS-based sites in less than an hour.

China Approves Video Site Youku's License became the first of China's three largest online video Web sites to receive government permission to operate, the...

China Defines Internet Addiction
Internet addiction is on the rise in the world's largest Net market, and now Chinese doctors have officially defined it as an...

China Extends Porn Crackdown to Mobile Phones
China's government is extending an anti-pornography campaign to mobile phones.

China Mobile to Vie With Apple, Google Apps Stores
China Mobile plans to build an Apps Store, which will compete with Apple's and Google's.

China Net population tops 200 million, closes on U.S.
The number of Internet users in China soared past 200 million in 2007, a new report from the country's quasi-government Internet overseer said Thursday.

China Regulator Shuts Video Web Sites, Warns Others
China's Internet regulator on Monday ordered 10 online video sites to shut down and warned another 17, resuming an aggressive...

China Restricts Google Access as Porn Dispute Continues

China Tops US for Internet Population Lead
China has proclaimed itself the world's largest Internet market, with 221 million Internet users, state media reported...

China's Video Site Back Online After More Than a Month
One of China's top three online video sites resumed service Friday, after an unexplained interruption of over a month.

Chinese Government Campaign Targets Internet Porn
China's government has launched a campaign to stamp out Internet pornography.

Chinese President Fields Net Users' Questions
Chinese President Hu Jintao became the first leader of his country to participate in an online chat Friday, the People's...

Chinese Tweeters Celebrate Olympics With '#080808'
A new online movement less than 24 hours old seeks to spread the Olympic spirit among users of the Twitter micro-blogging...

Chrome Browser Beta Finally Comes for Mac OS X and Linux
Google Chrome has been available for Windows for over a year. Now the Web browser beta is available for Mac OS X and Linux as well.

Cisco Speeds up NBC's Olympics WAN
NBC is using Cisco WAN acceleration to conserve transpacific bandwidth and offer more content to viewers.

Cisco's EOS online-content platform coming next year
Cisco will introduce next year its Entertainment Operating System (EOS), a platform for delivering multimedia content to online communities.

Click Fraud at 16 Percent as Scammers Resort to Botnets
Click dipped slightly to 16 percent in Q3 but remains a major problem for search advertisers.

Cloud Computing: Hope or Evolution?
Gartners Hype Cycle analysis reviews cloud computing, social networking, green IT, microblogging and telepresence.

Comcast Deploys WiMax 4G Broadband

Comcast, Pando Call for Pact on P2P Rights
Comcast and Pando Networks, a maker of peer-to-peer software, have kicked off a drive to create a "P2P Bill of Rights and...

Comcast to Buy Plaxo for Social Networking
Comcast will acquire social-networking company Plaxo to power upcoming community features on its TV, broadband data and phone...

Companies Admit Facebook Profiles Influence Hiring
Increasing numbers of employers are checking out potential staff's social networking profiles, says

Companies struggle as Safari pops up on networks
Network administrators are complaining that Apple's recent decision to offer users its Safari Web browser as part of an iTunes and QuickTime update has made their lives harder, as they struggle to remove the software from PCs on their networks.

Company Offers VMware Data Recovery Service
Kroll Ontrack says it can recover files and folders on virtual systems using its new proprietary technology.

Compare Digital Music Prices on Download Shopper
Maybe you don't know Matt Brucker, but he's my hero. How did he become my hero? Simple: At the end of last month, I wrote a...

Comparing Collaborative Web Services
Use the latest low-cost collaboration tools to manage your group's projects online.

Complaints Pour in About New IGoogle Home Page
Users of the iGoogle personal home-page service are flooding discussion forums and blogs with complaints about its recent...

Could Your Web Surfing Be Greener?
A researcher says that users could save as much as 10 watts of power by turning off flashy Web animation on their PCs.

Craigslist Calls eBay Lawsuit 'Unethical'
Craigslist investor eBay complains that directors' actions have diluted its venture.

Craigslist Countersues EBay, Escalating Legal Fight
Classified-advertising site Craigslist is countersuing eBay, accusing the online auction company of using its stake in...

Craigslist Founder: Web Can Still Help Gov't Better Connect
Craigslist's founder calls on the U.S. government to better use the Web to increase transparency and accountability.

Crawling Back to Firefox
She was the new girl in town for a while, but Google Chrome has lost her shine. Sorry Chrome: You've been swell, but I'm going back to my old flame, Firefox.

Critics to ICANN: Top-level Domain Sale Dangerous, Costly
A controversial proposal to create hundreds of new generic top-level domains is generating harsh criticism as corporations and...

DOJ Closed In, So Google Called off Yahoo Deal
Former DOJ lawyer says agency was set to charge Google with antitrust violations.

Dating Sites Hang on Despite Increasing Competition
Online dating Web sites are facing ever-increasing pressure due in part to social-networking sites but are finding ways to...

Despite Yahoo drama, Microsoft forges ahead with search
Microsoft is pushing ahead with plans to expand its enterprise and Internet search offerings even as its quest to purchase Yahoo remains uncertain and could get uglier.

Developers: Facebook Redesign Risky but Needed
Facebook is taking a risky but necessary step in redesigning its member profile interface said application developers who...

Developers: Firefox 3.1 Update Should Be "Easy"
Yet another version of the open source browser is already in the works, but Mozilla developers say this upgrade won't break existing plug-ins.

Did Social Media Decide U.S. Presidential Election?
While there will be those who look to race or age or experience or running mate in determining what finally turned the...

Digg Plans for Growth With New Funding
Social news pioneer Digg plans to grow its staff, boost its features and expand internationally.

Digg's Kevin Rose: "We Have to Do Better"
Digg founder Kevin Rose said the social news recommendation site is not doing enough to reach people with niche interests...

Doctor Sentenced to 33 Years in Prison for Child Porn
A Florida doctor is sentenced to more than 33 years in prison on child pornography charges.

Does Icahn Have a Backup Plan?
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn's proxy fight for Yahoo is aimed at reigniting merger talks between the Internet company and...

Does Microsoft's Kumo Herald an Era of Visual Search?

Does Social Media Have Any Real Impact?
From MySpace and Facebook to Google searches and instant messaging, there are no game-changers in social media.

Domain Names Can't Be Appropriated, Court Says
The Kentucky Court of Appeals has overturned a previous Circuit Court ruling that let the state seize Internet gambling sites.

Driving Site Traffic With Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising
'Build it, and they will come.' That may be true in a movie, but businesspeople who believe that it applies to new e-commerce sites are living in a dream world.

Drop That DVD-copying Software and Put Your Hands up
More bad news for fans of the "I bought it, I own it, I can do what I want with it" approach to living.

Drop a Wiki Into a Web Page With Wetpaint
Wetpaint, the company that lets anyone start a wiki Web site, is now letting existing Web sites embed wikis in their pages.

EBay Boosts Fraud Protections for PayPal Users
EBay is increasing fraud protections for buyers and sellers who use its PayPal online payment system.

EBay, Yahoo Japan to tie up in auctions
EBay and Yahoo Japan are tying up to make it easier for their respective users to bid on and buy goods available on each other's sites.

EBay beats Wall Street, CEO to retire
EBay exceeded Wall Street's earnings and revenue expectations for its fourth quarter and, as expected, announced that Meg Whitman will step down as president and CEO at the end of March, ending her 10-year tenure at the helm of the e-commerce giant.

EBay's Search Engine Malfunctions, Omits Products
EBay's search engine malfunctioned recently, but the company has fixed the problem and will issue credits to merchants.

EBay to Open up Merchant Tool to Developers
UPDATE: EBay will for the first time open up its Selling Manager tool to outside developers at its developers conference this week.

EBay to Turn on Feedback System Changes
EBay will roll out a host of changes to its feedback mechanism this month globally, including the controversial elimination of...

EU May Force Windows to Ship with Rival Browsers
The EU antitrust agency's move is meant to promote "head-to-head competition."

EU Raises Privacy Issue for Google Street View
Europe's data protection supervisor, Peter Hustinx, urged Google Thursday to respect local privacy rules as it prepares to...

EU Wants to Take Lead in 'Web 3.0' Technology
The EU wants to take lead in 'Web 3.0' technology, says the telecom commissioner.

Equifax Over 18 I-Card Proves You're Old Enough
Equifax is now offering its first Information Card, called the Over 18 I-Card.

Equinix Expands Data Centers Through Buyout
Equinix has agreed to acquire Switch & Data Facilities in a $689 million deal that will bring together two of the world's largest operators of data centers.

Ericsson, Huawei to Build LTE Network for TeliaSonera
Swedish operator TeliaSonera will launch mobile services based on LTE during 2010, it said on Thursday.

Europe Moving Slow on IPv6 Deployment
Few organizations across Europe have upgraded to IPv6, the new version of the Internet's addressing protocol, according to a survey.

Europe Rejects Plan to Criminalize File-sharing
The European Parliament rejected attempts to criminalize the sharing of files by private individuals, and threw out the idea...

Event Will View Web 2.0 Solutions for Global Problems
This week's Web 2.0 Summit will explore how Web technologies can be used to tackle major global problems.

Exalead Updates Enterprise Search to Explore Data 'cloud'
French search company Exalead has updated its enterprise search offering.

Expo Examines Web 2.0 in the Workplace
Web 2.0 Expo attendees sift a tidal wave of blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds and other applications.

FCC Moves Toward Net Neutrality

FCC "Net Neutrality" Rules Are A Win Consumers
New rules would prohibit discrimination among applications on the nation's telecommunications, wireless, and cable Internet services.

FCC to Take a Stand on Net Neutrality

Facebook Boycott Called as Millions Blast New Design
Almost 2.7 million Facebook members have joined a group opposed to the site's redesign and planned a boycott.

Facebook CEO Wants to Talk With Google on Friend Connect
UPDATE: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to sit down with Google and work out the privacy issues that caused Facebook to block...

Facebook Hackathon Yields Cool App, but Is It Useful?
Facebook held one of its hackathons earlier this month, in which the company's engineers stay up all night working on...

Facebook Mobile Users Triple This Year
Facebook said users of its mobile offerings have tripled in number since the beginning of the year.

Facebook Owns Your Business Data
Facebook's next ad could feature your company pictures.

Facebook Provides More Redesign Details
Facebook said that its redesign of the profile page will include tabs to better organize information.

Facebook Pushes Ahead With Profile Redesign
Facebook will roll out a dramatic redesign of its member profile interface next month and much attention is being paid to the...

Facebook Starts Offering Live Search
Facebook rolls out Web search on its site, based on a deal with Microsoft.

Facebook, Tencent Launch Chinese Networking Sites
Facebook and Chinese IM (instant messaging) champion Tencent look set to join the battle for China's social networkers.

Facebook Tests Icon for Reporting Predators, Pornography
Facebook has started testing a safety icon developed by the state of New Jersey to allow users of the social networking site...

Facebook Unveils Development Roadmap
Facebook invited developers to a special Roadmap Edition of the Facebook Developer Garage. Facebook is implementing a number of changes to streamline the interface and help both users and developers.

Facebook Users Donate Status to Remind People to Vote
A Facebook app lets users remind people to vote in the U.S. presidential election by "donating" their status.

Facebook and Google: Contrasts in Privacy
Facebook and Google have both been faced with privacy concerns, and the responses have been polar opposite from the two entities.

Facebook gives social spin to online ads
Facebook presented its master plan for boosting its advertising revenue now that it has the challenge of living up to its stratospheric $15 billion valuation.

Facebook partners quiet on Beacon fallout
Many partners in Facebook's Beacon seem reticent to address the raging privacy controversy surrounding the ad program, resorting to terse, vague statements or opting for outright silence when asked for comment.

Facebook's Beacon 'returns' for Some Bloggers
Facebook's Beacon advertising system found itself in the midst of a blogosphere brouhaha Thursday after two Facebook...

Facebook’s Latest Design Update Helps Businesses

Facebook wants to make members' data portable
Facebook Inc. wants to make the data its members enter into the social network's profiles portable, so that they can move that data to other online services if they want, the company's CEO said Wednesday.

Feds Tighten Security on .gov
The Washington D.C. government is migrating its 38,000 employees over to Gmail and Google Apps, which it plans to use for document sharing, spreadsheets and as a wiki. Here's a look at how and why, from cost to continuity.

Fight Back Against Cybersquatters
Don't Pay Ransom for Kidnapped Domain Names (and Remember Your Renewals)

Fighting Government Waste One Google App at a Time
Vivek Kundra, CTO of the District of Columbia, says he found two compelling reasons to switch the D.C. government over to...

Find Out If Your ISP Is Throttling Your Internet Service
Are you really going to trust that your ISP isn't throttling your Net connection? These tools will let you find out for yourself.

Find Out if You're a Buffett or a Buffoon at Tickerspy
Compare your portfolio with the pros at a new investment Web site.

Firefox 3.0 Update Coming This Week
Mozilla hopes to convince laggards to upgrade before Firefox 2.0 loses support.

Firefox 3.1 Trails Rivals in Speed Test
Mozilla's Beta 2 lags behind two rivals, but new TraceMonkey engine beats others by a mile.

Firefox 3.5 Can Still Learn From Its Competition

Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found
Researchers found a vulnerability in the Firefox 3 browser five hours after the browser was released.

Firefox Add-on Blocks 'clickjacking' Attacks
A popular Firefox add-on designed to block scripts and plug-ins has been updated to stymie the new "clickjacking" class of...

Firefox Cracks 20% Market Share in October, Then Slips
Mozilla's Firefox climbed above 20% market share for two weeks last month, but ended October just under the milestone, a Web...

Firefox Exec Rejects Google Privacy Stance, Pushes Users to Bing
Citing recent comments by Google CEO Eric Schmidt disparaging privacy concerns, a Mozilla exec recommends users switch to Bing.

Firefox Extension Blocks Dangerous Web Attack
A popular security tool for the Firefox browser has been upgraded to block one of the most dangerous and troubling security...

Firefox: Five Years In The Open Source Hen House
Wasn't open source supposed to be the next big thing? Firefox was, but the open source fizzled.

Firefox May Already Be Dead

Firefox Plug-in Takes Address Book up a Notch
Sxip, which develops the free single sign-on plug-in for Firefox called Sxipper, is working to revolutionize the use of...

Firefox, Safari, or Neither?
Alternative browsers are making waves, but many surfers still stick with Internet Explorer

Firefox Turns 5, Will it See 10?

Firm Objects to Online Parody
South African diamond conglomerate D Beers is trying to force a satirical site to quite picking on it.

Firms Getting Blind-sided by Social Networking
Still thinking about building a social-networking site for your employees? Sure they haven't started without you? Check...

Firms Turn to Web for Help in Tough Economy

Five Tips to Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Securely
Bargain shoppers eager to find the best holiday shopping deals are often easy prey for online scams. Here are five tips to protect yourself while shopping online this holiday season.

Flag Telecom: Middle East cables will be repaired by Sunday
Flag Telecom expects that its two cables that were damaged in the Middle East last week will be repaired by Sunday, the company said in a bulletin on Thursday.

Forbidden City Goes Virtual With IBM
IBM and Beijing's Palace Museum have launched a virtual tour of the Forbidden City.

Forrester: Holiday Online Spending to Grow Modestly
U.S. e-shoppers will increase their holiday spending modestly this year because of economic concerns.

Four Google Officials Likely to Stand Trial in Italy
Google is awaiting confirmation that four employees will face charges in Italy for failing to stop the publishing a bullying...

French Offer All-you-can-read Magazine Downloads
A French magazine distributor has introduced an all-you-can-read subscription offer, touting it as a greener way to buy glossy...

Full Review: Apple Safari 4 Beta

Funding a Better Future for Chinese Students
A good education is a stepping stone to a better life. That's just as true in China as it is anywhere else, but attending...

Gates Foundation Awards Library Internet Grants
The Gates Foundation awards nearly $7 million to help libraries in seven U.S. states improve their broadband connections.

Gates: Microsoft Fights Back From Underdog Status on Search
Microsoft executives laid out additional aspects of the company's search strategy on Wednesday and said its goals may take...

Generation Y Finds its Place in IT
We know all about this tech stuff, the next generation of tech workers says -- how should the workplace deal with them?

German Domain Names Are in .de-mand
German domain name sales outpaced those of other leading European countries in 2008 by a wide margin.

Get Business VoIP and Sleep the Night
Online phone services offer stand-out features for small businesses that can't afford their own full-scale systems.

Give Web Users What They Really Want
Most people go online with a goal in mind. Learn to capitalize on their habits.

Give Your Chats a Personal Touch With Free Videoconferencing
Video chat is finally becoming more than just a nerdy novelty. Here's how to get some face time with your family, friends, colleagues, and customers--with or without a PC.

Goodbye Liskula, Skanks of New York Is Over
The coverage of the New York Skanks story has been depressing. It's continued way too long and if Rosemary Port is really going to sue Google, she should just get on with it.

Google Acquires South Korean Blog Platform Provider
Google's Korean unit acquired South Korean blogging platform provider Tatter and Co. (TNC) on Friday, according to one of the...

Google Adds More Features to Enterprise Search Appliance
Google will unveil the newest version of its Google Search Appliance today, boasting new functions to the tool that queries...

Google Adds Twitter to Search Appliance
Google has added the ability to view Twitter real-time search results alongside Google Search Appliance results.

Google Adds 'on Demand' Indexing to Site Search
Google is enhancing its Site Search service for businesses with on-demand indexing capabilities.

Google App Engine: Getting Data out Ain't Simple. Yet.
Data checks in... but it won't check out! No, not really; data management is just more of a pain than you might expect. To use Google App Engine today, you need to use a Python API to export from its proprietary data store. But soon, Google says, the situation will get a lot easier.

Google Backs Away From Newspaper Buyout, Says Ad Model Is Obsolete

Google Beefs up Mini Search Appliance for SMBs
Google has upgraded its Mini search appliance, it announced Tuesday.

Google Bets on Mobile Advertising with AdMob Purchase
Google's mammoth $750 billion purchase of mobile advertising company AdMob signals a new era in online advertising. Google is looking to take its online search advertising success to its Android mobile platform and create a new lucrative revenue stream.

Google Borrows From Yahoo and Best Buy to Tweak Search Options

Google Captures Market Share From Yahoo, Microsoft
Google further solidified its position as the top preferred search engine in the U.S. in August while Microsoft and Yahoo...

Google Chrome 3.0 Still Isn't Ready for Businesses

Google Chrome: A Wake-Up Call for Safari

Google Chrome Gets Data Sync Features

Google Chrome Update Adds Speed, Privacy Improvements

Google Cries Foul Over Coverage of Apps Outages
Recent outages affecting Google Apps have received a disproportionately large amount of coverage from the technology press...

Google Cuts Online Book Deals with European Libraries

Google Cuts Time It Retains IP Address Logs to 9 Months
Google will half the length of time it holds data linking surfers's IP addresses to their Web searches.

Google Dashboard Creates Security and Privacy Concerns
The new Google Dashboard addresses concerns that users have regarding just how much Google knows about them. Providing a resource like the Google Dashboard that presents all associated information in one place may actually create more privacy and security issues than it solves though.

Google Deal Produces 91 Percent of Mozilla's Revenue
Separately, Mozilla notes IRS audit over 2005 income from partnership.

Google Defends Helping Police Nab Defamer
Google helps police in Pune, India to arrest an user who allegedly posted vulgar information against a top Indian leader.

Google Extends Book Search to E-tail Partners
Google is allowing online book stores and other third-party Web sites to use its Book Search service, for previewing and...

Google Fast Flip: New Interface is Bad News
FastFlip tries to make online news more like reading a newspaper. There are truncated headlines and lots of terribly rendered pages.

Google Fixes Spam Bug in Gmail
Google fixed a Gmail problem that resulted in a spike in spam getting delivered to users' inboxes.

Google, GE Partner for Better Energy Tech and Policies
Google and GE are partnering to boost adoption of new technologies and policies for clean energy.

Google Gives Old Magazines New Life Online
Google Inc. announced late yesterday that it's teaming up with a slew of publishers to give old magazines new life -- by...

Google Health Beta Service Goes Live
Google launched an ambitious initiative Monday that aims to give people a central place online to store their health records...

Google Increases U.S. Search Dominance in October
Google accounted for 71.7 percent of U.S. Web searches in October, up from 64.5 percent the same month last year.

Google India Hosting Developer Event
Google is holding its first developer day in Bangalore.

Google Launches Moderator for Q&A Meeting Sessions
Google has released a service called Moderator that organizations can use to better plan Q&A sessions in meetings.

Google, Louis Vuitton Face off in Trademark Spat
Europe's highest court will hear a trademark infringement suit concerning Google's keyword advertising system.

Google Makes It Easier for News Sites to Opt-out
Publishers can now use robots.txt to opt-out of both Google search and news. Meanwhile, Murdoch and Huffington fight over the future of online news.

Google Makes Radio Move, Boosts Broadcast Tools
Google will unveil next week a new system to automate tasks for radio broadcasters, beefing up an important piece of its radio...

Google Maps Tests Geo-tagged YouTube Video
Google is testing a new feature on its Maps site that adds geo-tagged video from YouTube to maps in the same way that photos...

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Back New Online Ad Guidelines
The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has launched a code of practice for targeted online advertising services that track...

Google, Microsoft to Start Scrubbing Search Data Sooner?
Now that Yahoo says it will retain Web search data for only three months, Google and Microsoft may do the same.

Google, NBC Make TV Ad Deal
Google announced a deal with NBC Universal for advertising, research and technology.

Google Nears Release of Chrome Web Browser Beta for Mac
The Chrome Web browser has been available for over a year, but up until now it has only been available for the Windows operating system. Google is nearing the launch of a beta version for Mac OS X users.

Google Not Sure About Giving Users a Voice in Search
Google is still mulling whether to give search users features to influence directly how results are ranked and evaluated.

Google Offloads Performics Division
Publicis Groupe plans to give its new ad technology platform a boost by acquiring Performics from Google.

Google Patches Chrome 'carpet Bomb' Bug
Google has patched its Chrome browser to block a months-old bug that can be used to trick people into downloading and...

Google Personalized Results Could Be Bad for Search
By showing results based on past searches and Web surfing habits, Google may limit the scope of information or ability for newer sites to get clicked.

Google Pipes up to Defend Search Advertising Deal With Yahoo
Google Tuesday ramped up its defense of a proposed search advertising deal with Yahoo Inc. by moving to debunk the assertions...

Google Proposes $4.4 Trillion Clean Energy Plan
Google has outlined a $4.4 trillion plan to slash the use of fossil fuels by 2030.

Google Public DNS: Wonderful Freebie or Big New Menace?

Google Reader Becomes More Discreet When Sharing
Google is offering more options for sharing feeds in Google Reader so that users have more control over who sees their feeds.

Google Rebuts 'Bandwith Hog' Title
An analyst with ties to the telecom industry says Google isn't paying its fair share in maintaining Internet resources.

Google Says Chrome Will Be Forever in Beta
Revamps auto-update mechanism to offer 'stable,' 'beta' and 'dev' builds.

Google Says New Chrome Beta Is up to 35% Faster
Google has introduced what it says is a faster beta version of Chrome. The announcement was made on a new company blog devoted...

Google Slashes the Internet
If the world ever needed proof that it's Google's Web and we just surf on it, we got it in spades last Saturday morning when...

Google Social Search Unveiled Sans Facebook
Google rolled out Social Search today, leveraging social networking to merge Web search with real-time indexing. Social Search shows promise, but Facebook is conspicuously missing from the search results.

Google Strives to Make Public DNS Secure
Google introduced Google Public DNS to offer an alternative DNS system and hopefully speed things up on the Web. Google has included additional security controls to address weaknesses in DNS security.

Google Takes Down Open-source Project After DMCA Complaint
Google has removed an open-source project that enables the proprietary CoreAVC high-definition video decoder to run in Linux...

Google Takes Street View Snaps in Paris; Lawsuits May Follow
Google has begun scanning the streets of Paris, gathering data for its Street View service, which adds street-level...

Google Tests ActiveX Alternative
Google has released a new technology called Native Client, which is similar to Microsoft's ActiveX.

Google Updates Chrome
Newest developer build,, fixes 31 flaws.

Google: Urchin analytics software lives
After an almost three-year delay, the next major version of Google Inc.'s Urchin Web analytics server software is entering a beta testing period, at a time when some customers have been openly wondering if the product would be discontinued.

Google Will Appeal German Copyright Decisions
Google will appeal two German court decisions that found the search company violated copyright rules by showing thumbnails of...

Google Wraps Search Query Volume Data Into AdWords
Google is adding a feature to its AdWords platform that lets advertisers see how frequently people use certain search terms to...

Google, Yahoo Strike Ad Deal
Yahoo announced that it will begin running advertising from Google.

Google part of group building cable to Japan
Google is one of six companies in a new consortium called Unity that is building a new undersea cable to boost Internet capacity between the United States and Asia.

Google's AOL Investment Loses Luster
Google has admitted its $1 billion investment in AOL may not be worth what it was in 2006.

Google's Ad Empire is Good for Small Business
Google is expanding its vast marketing empire with the purchase of Teracent. Google may be bad for traditional advertising, but its good for small business.

Google's Birthday Confused The "L" Out Of Us
The fun logos are fine, but how about a clickable link to find out what they mean? Then we can get on with our lives.

Google's Blogger Hit by Publishing Bug
Google's Blogger blog-publishing service has been hit by a bug affecting some of its key functions.

Google's "Caffeine" Should Give Businesses The Jitters
Google says that Caffeine could change search results, raising the prospect of companies' needing to change their SEO to protect their Google ranking.

Google's Free Airport Wi-Fi Shouldn't be a Holiday Treat
Google is providing free Wi-Fi access at 47 airports this holiday season. The charity is appreciated, but airports and retail stores should already be providing free Wi-Fi service if they want your business.

Google's Plug-In Strategy for Chrome
At first glance, Google's plans for building an extension/plug-in framework for Chrome look quite promising.

Google's Role Grows in DC With Obama Victory
As the Obama administration sets up shop, Google's voice gets louder on tech issues in government.

Google's Schmidt: More US Innovation Needed
US companies need to embrace changes brought by the Internet in order to survive, said Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Google's Schmidt Strikes Back at Murdoch (In His Own Newspaper)
While News Corp. and Google debate, quality journalism continues to die. Technology may come to the rescue--as Google suggests--but not quickly enough to save Rupert Murdoch's newspaper empire.

Google's Shadow Hung Over Microsoft-Yahoo Deal
In the end, Google played a significant part in the undoing of Microsoft's bid for Yahoo, the latest example of Google's...

Google's Swiss Street View Battle Highlights Privacy Challenge
Google is being sued in Switzerland over privacy concerns. The Street View issues illustrate the larger problem Google faces balancing information and privacy.

Google's US ad share drops for first time in two years
Google lost ground in the U.S. Internet advertising market for the first time in two years during 2007 due to slower growth in the fourth quarter, market researcher IDC said Monday.

Google's US search share up, Yahoo and Microsoft down
Google continued to increase its share of the U.S. search market in February, widening the gap that Microsoft hopes to fill by buying Yahoo.

Google to Shut Down Lively Virtual World
Google will shut down by the end of the year its Lively virtual world, which was the company's alternative to Second Life.

Google to cut DoubleClick jobs, sell Performics piece
Less than a month after closing its DoubleClick acquisition, Google on Wednesday announced significant but expected changes in the ad services company that include reducing its staff and selling part of its Performics division.

Gore Sees Transformative Power of Web in Politics
Al Gore discussed the transformative power of the Web in politics at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco Friday.

Groups Call for Investigation of ISP Ad Targeting
Privacy groups call for a congressional investigation of ISP plans to deliver targeted ads.

Groups Push for Net Neutrality in Obama Administration
The Open Internet Coalition calls on Barack Obama to act quickly on net neutrality promises.

HP, Tandberg Team for Soup-to-nuts Telepresence
HP and Tandberg are uniting to provide a single source for telepresence gear as well as installation and monitoring.

Hackers Deface NATO, US Army Web Sites
Web sites belonging to the U.S. Army and NATO have been hacked by pro-Palestinian activists.

Harness the Power of Facebook

Has Microsoft Found the Answer to Google? Search Me
I saw it on Twitter so it must be true: Microsoft is relaunching/rebranding its Live Search service.