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Critics Blast Music DRM Legislation
Electronic freedom advocates oppose a US bill that would require Internet broadcasters to use DRM technology.

Cybercrime Treaty Gains Interest
Twice as many countries may sign onto the cooperative legal agreement this year, proponents say.

Dot-Asia domain applications to begin in October
Applications for domain names under the new ".asia" top-level domain will begin to be accepted from October, the nonprofit organization running the domain said Thursday.

EFF sues to uncover alleged telco lobbying
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) believes telecommunications carriers are pushing for an amnesty to protect them from lawsuits over alleged illegal wiretapping, and it is suing for the evidence.

EU probes US online gaming enforcement
The European Commission has agreed to look into a complaint filed with it last year by a London gambling trade group that claims the U.S. is unfairly discriminating against European online gambling companies.

FCC Hearing Weighs Net Neutrality
An overflow crowd attends the FCC's hearing at Harvard on net neutrality, the idea that network providers shouldn't discriminate against Web sites or various types of traffic.

FCC schedules 700MHz auction on Jan. 16
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will begin its long-awaited auction of 700MHz radio spectrum on Jan. 16, 2008, the agency said Friday.

Group urges UK gov't to apply antifraud law online
The U.K. government must ensure that funds exchanged in online communities or "virtual worlds" are protected by existing anti-fraud laws and regulations, an independent watchdog has warned.

Groups praise FCC's inquiries on net neutrality
Two public-interest groups praised the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for opening three inquiries into network traffic management practices by broadband providers and mobile phone carriers.

Guilty verdict dropped in spyware case against teacher
A school teacher facing jail time after spyware programs exposed her students to pornographic images has been given a reprieve.

How much to stop domain tasters? ICANN thinks US$0.20
A proposal by the overseer of the Internet's addressing system could make it a lot easier for people to reserve the domain name they want for their Web site.

ICANN appoints successor to Vint Cerf
ICANN sought to allay fears that come with leadership change as it announced a new chairman for the group, replacing the charismatic Vint Cerf.

ICANN makes progress on international domain names
Participants made good progress discussing changes to Internet governance during an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meeting in Puerto Rico that closed on Friday, leaders of the organization said.

Internet tax ban meets resistance in Senate
Several U.S. senators questioned whether to extend a ban on access and other Internet-only taxes, at least in their current form, during a hearing Wednesday.

Internet Legal Issues
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Is MySpace Liable for Users?
Parents' lawsuits claim social networking site didn't adequately protect its young customers.

Law Doesn't Stop Net Betting
Some banks prepare to enforce U.S. ban on online gambling, but site traffic remains strong.

Lawsuit charges open-source license violation
In what may be the first action of its kind in the U.S., the Software Freedom Law Center has filed a lawsuit to enforce an open-source license.

Microsoft files lawsuits against cybersquatters
Microsoft Corp. has filed two new lawsuits against companies it accuses of registering domain names similar to certain of its trademarks. It has also settled three similar suits with other companies, it said Wednesday.

Online legislation-writing effort gets good reviews
A blog launched this month has teamed with a U.S. senator in an effort to write new broadband legislation, and so far participants have given the process high marks.

Porn director faces charges for online distribution
A well-known director and producer of adult films has been indicted on obscenity charges for distributing his movies online and through the mail, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday.

Saudi blogger arrested, held without charges
A Saudi blogger whose writings were critical of religious extremism has reportedly been detained by Saudi Arabian officials, according to advocacy groups.

Shutdown of eDonkey servers may be short-lived
The music industry claimed another legal victory in its battle against illegal file sharing in Europe on Friday, but the win may not last long.

Three Minutes: The FTC Chief Takes on Cybercrime
Over the past few years, computer crimes and annoyances have become an increasingly important part of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's work. In the past year, the FTC has announced settlements with spammers, adware distributors, and even Sony BMG Music Entertainment, over its distribution of rootkit software.

Trade group: More government action needed on e-health
U.S. lawmakers should avoid passing net neutrality laws as a way to help electronic-health initiatives move forward, an Internet provider trade group said Tuesday.

Verio to shut off controversial Web site
Privacy advocates are concerned that a move by Verio to stop hosting a controversial Web site points to a growing control of the Web by big business and governments.

Video distributor wants FCC to stop ISP traffic 'throttling'
A distributor of online video content has filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, asking the agency to stop broadband providers from blocking or slowing P-to-P traffic.

Washington AG goes after search engine fixer, again
The Washington State Attorney General's Office is back in court, trying again to get a company that sells search engine ranking services to change its business practices.

Web-based business charged with distributing obscenity
Two people operating the Internet business Movies by Mail have been charged with one count of selling obscene material, including movies showing sexual acts with women dressed to look underage, the U.S. Department of Justice announced late Thursday.

YouTube Sued by Indian Music Label
An Indian music label has filed a suit against Google and its video sharing site YouTube after the display on YouTube of content on which the Indian company says it holds copyright.

AMD project brings Web access to third world
The average person in the Western world takes the Internet for granted, yet fewer than 20 percent of the 6 billion people living on this planet have access to it. Web-enabling 50 percent of the world's population by 2015 may sound ambitious, but that's AMD's goal for its 50x15 initiative, which will stress the use of alternative sources of sustainable, affordable power.

Beta Watch
This month: three new online services that are unfinished, but available to the public to try out.

Cable Users Get Cut Off
Even when the term isn't well-defined, a broadband provider may use "excessive bandwidth use" as grounds for suddenly cutting off a user's service.

China hits 162 million Internet users, growth speeds up
The number of Chinese Internet users hit 162 million at the end of June, growing at the fastest rate since 2004, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said Wednesday.

Cisco fixes wireless security holes
Cisco has patched a number of security flaws in the software used to manage its wireless networking products.

Cogent: Cable was attacked with saw and gun
Guns, saws, and some very dim-witted thieves were all apparently involved in a network blackout that affected Internet users, primarily in the Northeastern U.S., earlier this week.

College coders working with IBM's Project Zero
Students at North Carolina State University are learning to build business applications in the Web 2.0 mold using an IBM incubator project called Project Zero.

DOJ cracks down on Internet pharmacy
Six men face charges of illegally distributing drugs through an Internet pharmacy, and the U.S. Department of Justice is seeking forfeiture of more than US$40 million in profit from the operation.

Dell looks to sell virtualisation services
Dell has announced the availability of virtualisation services that aim to help enterprises draw up and implement their virtualisation plans -- and it'll help you choose from its own hardware and software portfolio too of course.

Do You Play Tag Online?
New Pew Internet study says nearly 30 percent of U.S. residents tag online content.

Five Ways to Defend Your Online Reputation
True or false, the information people find about you on the Web can have a big impact on your life. Here are five techniques to make sure that what people read about you is good (or at least true).

Fix Mom's PC From Your Home or Office

Frontline: iPhone shows need for new wireless network
Complaints about the speed of the network that Apple Inc.'s new iPhone connects to points to the need for a new broadband wireless network in the U.S., said a businessman proposing one.

Google, Sprint team on WiMax mobile services
As part of its strategy to increase its presence in as many Web-enabled mobile devices as possible, Google Inc. has agreed to collaborate with Sprint Nextel Corp. to offer a range of Internet services to users of the U.S. operator's planned new WiMax network.

Google Starts to Make Online Apps Work Offline
How useful are your Web apps if you don't have a Net connection? Google's Gears API aims to make online data available anywhere, anytime.

Grab Bag of Reader Gripes
Curious sites and Web-mail outages have readers seeking help and answers.

Gunplay blamed for Internet slowdown
Internet service providers in the U.S. experienced a service slowdown Monday after fiber-optic cables near Cleveland were apparently sabotaged by gunfire.

Hundreds weigh in on net neutrality
Hundreds of groups and individual Internet users sounded off to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on net neutrality in comments filed Monday, the deadline for responding to the agency's inquiry into the proposed regulation.

ICANN is considering becoming a private entity
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is considering a change in the way Internet's governing body is organized that could allow it to skirt some potential legal issues.

ICANN looks toward end of US agreement
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is starting to look at how the organization might function after its current memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Department of Commerce expires in September 2009.

ICANN mulls registrar changes after RegisterFly debacle
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is seeking ideas and opinions on ways to modify the agreement terms it enters into with Internet registrars to protect individuals and organizations that do business with them.

ICANN's Next Challenge: A New Leader
Internet visionary Vint Cerf retires from Net oversight after nearly a decade of setting precedents and policy.

ICANN to tackle transparency, top level domains, in meeting
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers opened a week-long meeting on Monday where it will address critical issues like new generic top level domains, internationalized domain names and the organization's efforts to become more accountable and transparent.

ICANN votes against '.xxx' top-level domain again
The overseer of the Internet's addressing system rejected for the second time the creation of a ".xxx" top-level domain, supported by some as a way to isolate adult content on the Internet.

Internet link raises visibility of Myanmar protests
The ability of citizens in Myanmar to keep connected to the world via the Internet could make a substantial difference to the outcome of the current protests taking place in the South East Asian country, dissidents living in Japan said on Friday.

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Israeli researchers map the Internet
Israeli researchers have created a topographical map of the Internet by enlisting more than 5,600 volunteers across 97 countries who agreed to download a program that tracks how Internet nodes interact with each other.

Jerks of the Web
We've all run into obnoxious people on the Internet. But these are the kinds of idiots who make you feel like logging off permanently.

Microsoft to Heat Up Battle vs. Flash in '08
Microsoft and Adobe will wrangle for market and mind share in the burgeoning rich Internet application space, according to close observers of the companies.

Nokia Siemens Networks to cut 9,000 jobs
Nokia Siemens Networks BV says it wants 5 billion people to enjoy the benefits of being connected by 2015, but in the meantime it will be disconnecting about 9,000 employees.

Nortel, Microsoft lay ground for hosted services
Microsoft Corp. and Nortel Networks Corp. are extending their unified communications partnership to carrier networks, laying the groundwork for hosted services.

Paris Hilton blogs for forgiveness
Paris Hilton has used her MySpace site to post a blog urging visitors to sign an online petition that asks authorities for leniency regarding her drink driving conviction.

Press group slams Chinese online censorship
Tens of thousands of cyber-police monitor the activities of Chinese Internet users, according to a report by Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released Wednesday.

Selecting a Domain Name
Get the right domain name for your e-commerce business.

Surfing for porn and getting paid
How many people can claim to have a job that allows them to surf porn, sports and millions of other Web sites that are not allowed anywhere near PCs in corporate America and K-12 schools?

Taiwan to host online patent auction in October
A government-funded research institute in Taiwan has opened a patent Web site for an October fire sale of IT patents, hoping to match international sellers with Taiwanese buyers.

Use Gmail as a Universal Inbox
Send and receive your POP3-based messages from Gmail.

Use Your Cell Phone as a Modem for Your PC
With the right cell phone and online data service, the Internet is just a call away.

Verizon Business launches new optical service
Large businesses in the U.S. looking for high-bandwidth networks that can handle several technologies have a new option available to them with the launch of a dedicated optical network service from Verizon Communications Inc.'s Business unit.

Warnings sounded over net neutrality in Asia
Asian regulators should think twice about following the U.S. lead on net neutrality, or risk undermining the economic incentive for Asian carriers to build and maintain faster networks, according to speakers at the CommunicAsia Summit in Singapore.

Web-Based IM Service
We examined six free online instant messengers and found several strong contenders for the number-one spot on our chart.

YouTube outage underscores big Internet problem
Sunday's inadvertent disruption of Google's YouTube video service underscores a flaw in the Internet's design that could some day lead to a serious security problem, according to networking experts.

Internet tax moratorium bill stalls
A U.S. Senate committee has postponed action on a bill that would extend an Internet tax moratorium after it expires Nov. 1.

Internet Sales Tax
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Senators push for Internet tax ban
Three Republican U.S. senators on Thursday called on Congress to pass a permanent Internet tax ban before a moratorium expires Nov. 1.

US House approves extension to 'Net tax ban
The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to extend an Internet tax moratorium for just four years, despite calls from the tech industry to permanently bar state and local governments from taxing Internet access.

Internet Tips
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Avoid ISP Disconnects With Rasputin
If you still have a dial-up modem, Rasputin helps you avoid getting disconnected.

Bad Wireless Connection? Put Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector on the Case

Convert Flash Video With Flash Decompiler Trillix

Create Gorgeous Galleries with Jalbum
Instantly create a gallery website from your images with this easy, fun, and free software. Our reviewer liked it better than Flickr (perhaps because of the frog).

DownTester Reports Your Connection Speed

Download Accelerator Manager Doesn't Reach Cruising Speed

Fight Phishers With Comodo VerificationEngine

Firefox-Based Orca Browser Doesn't Work Swimmingly

Get the Skinny on IP Addresses with IPNetInfo
Spam following you at every turn? Haunted by a mysterious IP address? Find out who's behind these things with free utility IPNetInfo.

Hone Search Results With Search Cloudlet
Get help narrowing Google and Yahoo search results with this Firefox add-on.

Is Facebook Past Its Prime?

Locate and Watch High-Def Video With Ashampoo ClipFinder HD

MultiG®®Q Speeds up Complicated Google Searches

Newzie Fulfills the Need for RSS Feeds
If you're looking for a sharp RSS feeder--and your budget is zero dollars--Newzie just might fit the bill.

Publish Photo Albums on the Web With Porta
Easily build photo albums for the Web with this freebie.

Seesmic Saves Time for Users of Both Facebook and Twitter

Slink Stealthily Around the Web with ArmorSurf
Browse privately, download Flash videos, and more with this clever Internet tool.

Surf Anonymously--And More Safely--With IP Privacy

Use Your E-mail, IM, and Social Networks...All in VoxOx
This beta freebie helps you keep tabs on your online communications and social networks.

Watch YouTube Videos Offline With Ask & Record Toolbar

YouTube Downloader Also Converts Video--For Free

Cast Your Pod With Audacity
Follow these steps to make your voice (or other sounds) heard above the podcast din.

Internet Utilities
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Upload the FTP Utility That Bill Gave You
Windows' own address bar lets you transfer files to your ISP's Web server.

How Tough Is the iPhone?
PC World severely manhandles the new Apple phone to see how much abuse it can take.

16 percent planning to buy iPhone
Apple's iPhone seems set to disrupt the mobile phone industry, with ChangeWave claiming up to 16 percent of those planning to buy a mobile in the next six months will buy an iPhone.

8 Unanswered Questions About Apple's 3G iPhone
What's with the plastic back, does the iPhone 3G have real GPS, what's the future of the iPod Touch, and many other questions spring to mind.

Apple, AT&T and Others Sued Over Voicemail Patent Violation
Klausner Technologies claims it hold patents on technology used by Apple's iPhone and VoIP products from Cablevision, Comcast, and Ebay.

Apple Announces iPhone 3G
Our readers discuss the upcoming iPhone 3G and AT&T's service plans.

Apple Hints at Enterprise Future for iPhone
During a discussion hosted by Morgan Stanley today, Apple hinted that the iPhone might become more useful to business workers.

Apple Throws the iPhone Apps Door Wide Open
Developers now have the same tools at their disposal that Apple uses to develop applications for the iPhone.

Apple Upgrades iPhone to 3G; Slashes Price
3G network support, GPS, lower prices, and improved battery life come to the next-gen iPhone.

Apple discusses European iPhone release
Apple has confirmed that the iPhone will launch in Europe in Q4, slightly later than some of its partners had suggested.

Apple faces mounting complaints on iPhone battery
Officials in New York state asked Apple Inc. on Monday to change its iPhone design to allow consumers to replace their own batteries, just days after lawyers in Illinois filed a class-action lawsuit over the same complaint.

Apple fixes security bug with iPhone update
Apple has pushed out its iPhone 1.1.2 firmware update to users of its popular mobile phone, fixing a widely publicized bug in the iPhone's browser.

Apple iPhone to launch in UK 'in September'
PC Advisor understands that the Apple iPhone will launch in the U.K. in September 2007. But despite reports, O2 says it has not yet reached agreement with Apple to be the U.K. launch partner.

Apple's $199 iPhone: How Can It Be So Cheap?
A combination of lower component costs, cheaper materials, and changing business models is behind the drastic price cut for Apple's new 3G iPhone.

Apple's iPhone SDK Strategy Both Promotes and Stifles Innovation
The long-anticipated iPhone SDK announcement grants many of developers' greatest wishes, but does it still leave Apple too much control over the platform?

Apple's new phones lead to iTypos
iPhone users make mistakes more often when texting compared to users of phones with hard keys, a new study found.

Apple signs iPhone deals for Europe, report says
Apple Inc. has signed its first deals with mobile phone operators to offer its iPhone in three of Europe's largest markets, ending a period of intense negotiations, according to a report in the Financial Times newspaper.

Apple to release unlocked iPhone in France
Apple is releasing an unlocked version of the iPhone that will allow users to run it on various cellular networks. But you have to live in France to get it.

Bromine group slams Greenpeace iPhone report
A chemical industry group has lashed out against Greenpeace, condemning the environmental lobby group for making unfair criticism of Apple's iPhone's green credentials.

Cash isn't king: Apple limits iPhone purchases
People looking to walk into an Apple retailer and buy an iPhone with cash will be out of luck. The company is now accepting only credit or debit card payments for the devices so they can track who purchases the phone, according to an employee at the Apple Store in New York's SoHo neighborhood.

China Unicom also open to iPhone talks, CEO says
China Unicom may be open to selling Apple's iPhone in China, giving Apple a second option for bringing its device to the world's most populous market.

Competitors tout openness versus iPhone
While Apple Inc. faces criticism for appearing to penalize iPhone users who download third-party applications, Apple competitors are stepping up their marketing efforts about how open their phones are.

Deutsche Telekom confirms iPhone talks
Deutsche Telekom AG is in talks with Apple Inc. about selling the iPhone in Germany and expects the U.S. company to announce its German distribution partner soon, a senior executive said Wednesday in Berlin.

Developers Gather to Design Apple iPhone Apps
Engineers, designers, and others will meet this weekend to learn the tricks of developing for the iPhone--and produce the first iPhone applications.

Developers Preview iPhone Apps at WWDC
Mobile games, productivity programs, Web tools, sports apps, music makers, and medical software debut at the Apple developers conference.

Five Reasons to Buy the Apple iPhone 3G
Now may be the time to become an Apple iPhone owner at last.

German iPhones Locked Again
A Hamburg court has ruled against Vodafone, saying T-Mobile can legally sell locked iPhones.

Germany will get iPhone on Nov. 9 too
Apple Inc. has partnered with network operator T-Mobile to introduce the iPhone in Germany on Nov. 9, the companies announced on Wednesday.

Greenpeace slams iPhone on environment
Environmental organization Greenpeace is gunning for Apple once again, this time arguing that the iPhone is full of hazardous chemicals.

Hackers make progress towards unlocking iPhone
Efforts to unlock Apple Inc.'s iPhone continued on Monday, with hackers claiming "very significant progress."

Hackers post techniques for reversing iPhone upgrade
Owners of hacked iPhones have begun posting instructions on how to roll back a recent Apple firmware upgrade that rendered their mobile phones unusable.

How Far Can Web Apps Take the iPhone?
Early apps let you Webcast baseball games, check gas prices, and network with friends, but true business software may require more than just Safari.

IPhone Buzz Reaches to Microsoft's Back Yard
In San Francisco, a festive atmosphere surrounds the much-anticipated product launch.

IPhone Takes on the BlackBerry
Apple today announced a strong push to help businesses incorporate the iPhone, putting RIM's popular BlackBerry handheld devices directly in the iPhone's sights.

Insurer may jump in to cover iPhones
A company that insures laptops and smartphones may save the day for iPhone owners worried about their pricey handsets getting stolen or damaged.

Jobs: Apple to release iPhone SDK by February
Apple Inc. Wednesday confirmed rumors that it will release a mobile software development kit (SDK) for developers in February so that third parties can create applications for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Legal worries delay release of iPhone unlocking software
Fear of litigation has led to an indefinite delay in the planned Saturday release of software to unlock Apple Inc.'s iPhone.

Microsoft games exec hints at iPhone rival

Mobile Products to Watch in 2008, Part 1
The new year brings new products and technologies. Here are some devices that will likely be worth waiting for.

New tools help hack into iPhone
iPhone hackers have some new tools now, thanks to HD Moore, one of the developers of the Metasploit hacking software.

News Coverage: iPhone Launch
News stories, videos, and blogs produced in the first 24 hours of the iPhone launch

No breakthrough in efforts to unlock the iPhone
Hackers are working to unlock Apple Inc.'s iPhone, but the job appears to be more difficult than initially expected.

O2 to launch iPhone in the UK
Mobile operator O2 is set to announce that it's beaten rival Vodafone to win the U.K. contract to sell Apple's iPhone.

One-in-three Americans want an iPhone
Apple's iPhone could emerge as the most successful product introduction of the 21st century, new research suggests.

Orange Sells 30,000 iPhones in 5 Days in France
About 15 percent have apparently unlocked their phones.

Orange Unlocks iPhone in France
Price beats T-Mobile's unlocked iPhone in Germany, but comes with usage restrictions.

Race is on to unlock the iPhone
Now that Apple Inc.'s iPhone is finally on sale, the race is on to see who can unlock it.

Report: Apple threatens shops selling iPhone in Singapore
Apple recently threatened retailers in a Singapore mall with legal action if they continue to sell unlocked iPhones, prompting many to stop selling the handsets, The Straits Times newspaper reported Friday.

Report: Taiwan company in talks to make new iPhone
Hon Hai Precision Industry, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer, is in talks with Apple to make the next generation iPhone, Dow Jones Newswires reported Friday, citing an unidentified Hon Hai official.

Reports: Apple's European iPhone plans emerge
Apple is expected to confirm that O2 will be the iPhone's official U.K. mobile network tomorrow, as more news emanates concerning Apple's iPhone launch plans in Europe.

Researcher sees potential iPhone security problems
Apple Inc.'s iPhone is a tough target for hackers, but a security researcher warned Friday that there are ways the sleek device could potentially be compromised.

Security firm: Don't use iPhone Web dialer
SPI Labs warns iPhone users not to use a special feature that lets them dial telephone numbers over the Web using the iPhone's Safari browser.

Security team claims successful iPhone hack
A team of security experts in Baltimore, Md., said it has found a flaw in Apple Inc.'s iPhone handset that can be used by attackers to access private data stored on it.

Security update seeks out, erases modifications to iPhone
A security update for Apple Inc.'s iPhone does more than just fix critical flaws in the handset. It also looks for and wipes out any modifications that users make to the firmware on their phones, according to hackers looking to unlock the phone.

Silverlight for iPhone next? Not quite, says Ballmer
Could Silverlight be the next Microsoft technology to work on the iPhone? Don't bet on it anytime soon, said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Stores open doors for iPhone sales
Apple Inc. began selling its iPhone Friday, ending six months of waiting by consumers and rival smartphone vendors.

T-Mobile Bows to Pressure, Unlocks iPhone in Germany
Rival Vidafone challenges Apple's policy of an exclusive deal, as the iPhone spreads through Europe.

T-Mobile to sell iPhone in Germany, report says
Deutsche Telekom AG's T-Mobile division has won a deal to sell Apple Inc.'s iPhone in Germany starting on Nov. 1, according to a report in a German regional newspaper.

Taiwan hit by iPhone craze
The surest sign marketing hype surrounding the iPhone has outdone itself is that a small island on the Pacific rim is abuzz over the device, despite the fact it won't be on sale here until next year at the earliest.

Tech Media Conquered by iPhone
That thunderous buzzing sound you heard wasn't the wingbeats of a million angry bees--it was the tech media going wild for the latest Apple product launch.

Ten Questions I Still Have About iPhone Software
Apple answered a lot of questions about iPhone apps today. But its announcement also left me wondering about a bunch of things.

The 300-page iPhone Bill to Disappear
AT&T will send iPhone customers thinner bills by default, starting with their next billing cycle.

The iPhone: Ten Things Apple Did Right, and Ten Things That Need Work
Here's our list of things Apple did right in the iPhone--and things that could use some work.

Travel Accessories for the iPod and iPhone
These add-ons for Apple gadgets, for the plane, car, and hotel room are cool--but are they worth the money?

UK Firm 'Close' to Unlocking iPhone
UniquePhones is writing an app that will let customers use a carrier other than AT&T with the iPhone.

Unlocked iPhones coming in one week or less, hacker says
Hackers may successfully unlock an iPhone in as soon as three to seven days, according to a representative of one effort that aims to unlock Apple Inc.'s new handset.

Vodafone chief coy on iPhone deal
Vodafone has dropped the biggest hint yet that European mobile networks have been demanding Apple offer 3G support in the iPhone.

What Apple Should Announce
On Thursday, Apple holds court with the media to outline its plans for the iPhone, starting with news of the iPhone Developer's Kit. We get specific on what we want them to address.

What the iPhone 2.0 Will Do
This June, Apple will release a major update to its iPhone software, including new features for businesses and broad support for third-party software. We examine exactly what this new update will mean to you.

With Black Hat approaching, a rush to patch iPhone
With security researchers set to reveal details of a critical security flaw in the iPhone at the [Black Hat 2007] conference next week, Apple Inc. now has fewer than seven days to patch a critical vulnerability in the product.

With iPhone Launch, a Hacker's To-Do List
Three things for the hacking community to focus on in looking for flaws in the new product's software.

iPhone Owners: "We Like It, But..."
Our survey of 500 iPhone owners reveals that, though most are happy overall, they have lots of suggestions.

iPhone launch marred by activation delays

iPhone's Bluetooth bug under the hacker microscope
Almost lost in the hubbub over Thursday's iPhone firmware update and whether it would "brick" unlocked phones was the fact that Apple Inc. patched 10 vulnerabilities -- twice the number of fixes issued since the phone's June debut.

iPhone to go on sale in UK on Nov. 9
Network operator O2 (UK) Ltd. will sell Apple Inc.'s iPhone in the U.K. from Nov. 9 for £269 (US$538), the companies announced Tuesday, marking the start of the iPhone's move into Europe.

iPhone unlocker trades phone for 'sweet' car
A hacker who figured out how to unlock the iPhone has traded an unlocked phone for a new car.

iPhone unlockers lining up
Two claims of unlocking Apple Inc.'s iPhone have surfaced in recent days and a third is set to be announced Saturday.

iPhone unlocking video hits Web
A video showing the founder of a Belfast, Northern Ireland company unlocking the iPhone hit the Web early Wednesday U.K. time as proof that software exists that can unlock Apple Inc.'s device for use with carriers other than AT&T Inc.

iPhone users now fear security patches, say analysts
Apple Inc.'s decision last week to bundle an iPhone-crippling firmware upgrade with 10 security patches for the device was a mistake, analysts said Monday.

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Be a Microsurgeon in Your Mind (And Your iPhone)
Dr. Awesome, report to your iPhone, stat! Perform microsurgery on your iPhone in this well-designed and funny game.

Browse Photos on iPhone with Cooliris
The iPhone's pretty screen is great for photos, and the Web is oh-so-full of them. Sort through pics with the free Cooliris for iPhone.

Brush Up On Your (Insulting) Shakespeare...With Your iPhone

Cut Calls Short With Fake-An-Excuse on Your iPhone

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Evade Awful Moments With Fake-A-Call on Your iPhone
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Explore Rolandoland With the Rolando Lite Free iPhone Game
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Get Dizzy on Your iPhone with Dizzy Bee 2 Game

Get Restaurant Reviews With Yelp for iPhone

Get a Move-On With RunKeeper Pro on Your iPhone
Track your running or walking regimen with this full-featured iPhone app.

Have a Ball With I Love Katamari on Your iPhone
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How-To: Use Your iPhone as a Wireless Laptop Modem
The next time you’re stranded without an open WiFi network (but your 3G signal is going strong), you’ll be glad you installed Addition’s iPhoneModem 2 (free to try, full license is $9.99).

INewz Brings the News to Your iPhone

Identify Mysterious Media with SnapTell on Your iPhone
Take a picture of a book, CD or video game--then compare prices, Google it, and Wikipedia it.

Mash Media on Your iPhone with ZiiBii
Combine RSS feeds, YouTube videos, Twitter posts and Flickr photos into a list or animated "river" stream.

One-Buck Gaming Snack for iPhone: Dropship
If you want to relive your Atari glory days on your iPhone, drop a dollar on Dropship. Just don't expect it to be a lasting love.

Order Takeout Without a Call With CityMint. Well, Sometimes.
With CityMint on your iPhone, you can order takeout without having to speak--but the selection is limited.

Patience, Grasshopper: Wait to Update Your Jailbroken iPhone to 3.1

Play Chain3 Casual Game on iPhone
Reminiscent of Bejeweled, this casual game gives you yet another reason to stay glued to your iPhone

Puzzle Yourself With the Edge Game on Your iPhone

Quitter (And Your iPhone) Can Help You Quit Smoking

Roll Around Your iPhone with the Rolando Game
This 2D platformer with puzzle and physics elements will instantly remind you of the classic game The Lost Vikings. It's cute, clever, and fun to play on your iPhone.

Shake Your Groove...Phone?...with ZooZBeat
Your every move becomes music with the ZoozBeat game for the iPhone and certain Nokia phones.

Sleep Analyzer Won't Help Your Nodding Head

Tap Tap Revenge: Best Free iPhone Game Yet?
Furiously tap to the beat of some great tunes in this game inspired by Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. But leave the tap shoes at home; just bring your iPhone.

Tapping of The Dead: Only For Die-Hard Zombie Fans With iPhones

Top 5 Favorite Happenings at Apple's iPhone 3.0 Media Event (not Copy/Paste)
There's bound to be a tidal wave of news regarding Apple's iPhone 3.0 media event. You're going to hear a lot about Cut/Copy/Paste, MMS, in-app purchasing, blah, blah, blah. Here's the dirt on what really mattered at the Apple event.

Track Your Auctions with eBay on iPhone
Got your eye on an eBay treasure? This stripped-down version of eBay allows you to bid, watch items you're selling, and more from your iPhone.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Personal Trainer with iPump Total Body
Have iPump Total Body teach you preset workouts to get in shape--with the help of your iPhone.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Remote Mouse and Keyboard

Unlock a Game World on Your iPhone with Aurora Feint II

Voice-Activate Your iPhone with VLingo
VLingo's voice activation software is ready to go right out of the gate--no tedious training required. It lets you spend more time talking on your iPhone and less time staring at its screen.

WiFinder: Better Than iPhone's Finder, But Needs Work
Identify and connect to WiFi hotspots that even the iPhone can't find…but brace yourself for performance quirks.

iPhone OS
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AT&T Boosts Dial-Up Fees
Some rates for dial-up Internet access will be higher than broadband fees, to push customers to switch.

British ISPs could be punished over file sharing
The U.K. government said Friday it wants a new law by April 2009 obligating ISPs to stop illegal file sharing on their networks, marking one of the most aggressive stances yet in Europe to counter Internet piracy.

EFF: Comcast continues to block P-to-P
Comcast continues to slow down customers' connections to some P-to-P (peer-to-peer) applications, using hacker-like techniques against its own subscribers, according to a report released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

EarthLink scales back, focuses muni Wi-Fi effort
EarthLink Inc. is pulling in the reins on its municipal Wi-Fi business, focusing on existing deals and big cities for the rest of this year, in a move that raises questions about the growing trend of city-wide wireless networks.

Experts: Better broadband stats needed
The U.S. government needs better ways to measure broadband availability and adoption in order to develop policies that focus on ways to use broadband to improve the economy, several telecom experts said Thursday.

GoDaddy tells client its servers don't need DST fix
A Inc. customer is seriously concerned that this domain registrar and hosting company may not be ready for the switch to Daylight Saving Time (DST) on Sunday.

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MPA members sue Chinese file sharing network provider
All six members of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) have filed copyright infringement suits in China against Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technology (Xunlei), a popular peer-to-peer file sharing network operator, the MPA said Friday.

UK report questions role of ISPs in online safety
UK report says ISPs should examine content flowing through their networks and apply filtering to cull malicious activity.

Video firm wants FCC to stop ISP traffic 'throttling'
A distributor of online video content has filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, asking the agency to stop broadband providers from blocking or slowing P-to-P traffic.

Web News: P-to-P Blocking, Social Networking, CNET Buyout
Readers discuss ISPs that filter peer-to-peer sharing, social networking tips, and CBS's buyout of CNET.

iPass offers corporate home broadband
Corporate remote access provider iPass has launched a service that bundles home broadband with its service, to make it easier for IT departments to support staff working at home.

Java Plug-Ins & ActiveX
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Joysticks & Gamepads
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Clock ticking for Optimus Maximus keyboard orders
In just over three days' time, Russian designer Artemy Lebedev will finally start taking preorders for his Optimus Maximus keyboard. But anyone with US$1,564.37 burning a hole in their pocket better act fast, only 800 keyboards are going to be made during the first three months of production.

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After New York investigation, Facebook to beef up safety
Facebook Inc. will step up the policing of pornography, harassment and inappropriate behavior on its social networking site, settling a consumer fraud investigation by New York State Attorney General (AG) Andrew Cuomo.

Have Kids? Try a Keylogger
Tools and advice for keeping children safe online, plus a new natural-language search engine.

Kids & Teens
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Motivational speaker sentenced for child porn
A U.S. motivational speaker who took his laptop computer to a Best Buy store for service has been sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison for transporting child pornography, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

NY AG pushes e-safety bill, Facebook, MySpace back it
New York's attorney general and state legislative leaders presented a bill on Tuesday aimed at protecting people from sexual predators on the Internet, as Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo backed the effort.

Smart Parental Controls

UK gov't admits child database costs millions to run
The database set to contain information and carers' contact details for every child in England will cost #41 million (US$84 million) a year to run on top of its #224 million implementation costs, the government has admitted.

Capsa Keeps Tabs on Your SMB Network

Control Your Network With Input Director
End the keyboard-to-keyboard cha-cha. Command all the computers on your local network from one place with this freebie.

Have a Network--But No Network Admin? Get Network Magic Pro.

Network Magic Essentials Makes Your Home Network Easier to Handle

Scan Your Network With Nsauditor
Protect your network with this network scanner and monitor.

Share Files Easily with HFS
When you've got HFS running, you can click and drag to share files with remote PCs--but setting it up can be tricky.

Simple Port Forwarding Uses Proxy Servers to Let Your Home Router Access Online Apps

SoftPerfect Network Scanner Helps You Manage Your Small Network

Techie Tools for the Internet and for Home Networks
Want to take control of your home network, share files more easily, and become a super tech? These downloads can help.

Avaya Wins Nortel Enterprise Business for $900 Million
Avaya has emerged as the winning bidder for Nortel's enterprise business, beating out Siemens Enterprise Communications over the weekend.

Cisco jams features into faster WAN edge routers
Wide-area data networks, once the workhorses of e-mail and file transfers, now are expected to do a wide variety of things while being as steady as the old-fashioned phone system. On Tuesday, Cisco Systems expects to meet those new needs with a series of WAN edge routers that jump ahead of its current gear in speed and sophistication, and are based on a powerful new core processor.

Cisco router comes with a water cooler
When Cisco Systems introduced its latest big line of routers on Tuesday, it threw in something that's never come in a major platform from the company before: Fun.

Connect Two or More PCs--Anywhere, Anytime

Extreme Turns to Motorola for WLAN Future
Extreme Networks on Wednesday announced a new set of enterprise wireless LAN products based on Motorola technology.

NEC's ExpEther Extends PCI Express Over Ethernet
NEC is developing a system that can extend the conventional PCI Express interface found in most PCs and servers over standard...

Panasonic to Show Powerline Network Prototypes at CES
Panasonic a prototype HD-PLC device for remotely monitoring an electric car while it is charging at the upcoming CES show in...

Predicting Wi-Fi Performance: Can It Be Done?
Approached correctly, upfront planning can yield great results.

Riverbed RiOS Eases WAN-traffic Taming
Version 5 delivers superior manageability, support for Exchange, and a host of other new features.

Tech Audit: Real Tech Makeovers For Real Companies

Wanted: A Network to Match a Company's Growth
Case Study: Engineers at GEI Consultants tackle big waits for big files, when the firm threatens to outgrow its network.

(Graphic) Tablet Fever
There's been a lot of talk lately about Apple's rumored tablet computer. And while it's fun to speculate on whether or not this product will come to pass and...

'Unibody' MacBook Users Report Lockups With Third-party RAM
Some users of new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops are reporting that their machines become unstable or lock up after they add...

17-inch MacBook Pro Gets Torn to Pieces
As always, when a new Apple product ships, somebody has to render it into all of its discrete components. This time, it's the...

4 Mini-laptops: Which Is Best?
We pit mini-notebooks from Acer, Asus, HP and Sylvania against each other. Who's the final winner?

8 Laptop Bags That Zip Through Airport Security
These new TSA-approved checkpoint-friendly bags mean you don't have to pull your laptop out at airport security.

A Mac Tablet Would Be a Welcome Addition To Tablet PCs

A Road Warrior's Guide to Netbooks
Separate the best products from the toys and gadgets flooding the low end of the market.

AMD: 100 Laptop Designs Being Readied for Puma
Around 100 laptop designs based on Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming Puma laptop chip platform are being readied ahead of the...

AMD Lays 500 Staff as Financial Troubles Continue
AMD confirmed plans to cut 500 staff from its workforce.

AT&T to Sell 3G Netbooks Across U.S.
AT&T plans to start selling netbooks nationwide in the U.S.

Acer Eyes Making More Mobile Internet Gadgets
Acer will likely launch more, smaller mobile Internet devices in future, an executive said.

Acer Goes 3D With New Win 7 Laptop
Acer is releasing a new laptop that offers 3D to coincide with Microsoft's Windows 7 launch.

Acer Hints at Faster Intel CULV Chips in Q1
Acer executives have complained about the performance of CULV chips but expect faster processors in Q1 next year.

Acer Launches Laptop With Intel's Quad-core Chip
Acer on Monday launched a powerful quad-core laptop at a price that may appeal to budget buyers.

Acer May Be First With Android Netbook

Acer Recalls Aspire Laptops That Could Overheat
Acer recalls five Aspire laptop models that could overheat due to a faulty microphone cable.

Acer Sees Linux as Key to Low-cost Laptops
Acer and other Taiwanese companies see Linux as a key to developing the low-cost laptop market.

Acer Sees Sales of 5-7 Million Netbooks This Year
Acer, the world's third largest PC vendor, expects this year to sell five million to seven million netbooks, a new term for...

Acer Sees the Future of Smartphones as Free
Acer thinks free is the right price for smart phones, and plans to release two models that operators can give away in...

Acer Will Use Moblin Linux Across Its Products
Acer plans to use Moblin Linux across its range of products.

Acer Working on Several Android Devices

Acer forecasts strong growth in 2008
Taiwanese PC vendor Acer predicts its PC shipments will grow as much as 35 percent this year led by a strong notebook PC market, a pace of growth that could see the company challenge U.S. rivals by the end of this year.

Acer in Talks to Supply Netbooks to 3G Operators
Acer is talking to 3G network operators at home and in Europe to supply them with Aspire one netbooks.

Acer on Track for Android Netbook Launch in Third Quarter

Acer's Android Netbook Due This Quarter
Acer is planning to launch a netbook this quarter that will ship with both Windows and Google's Android OS, the head of its Japan unit said Tuesday.

Acer's First Windows 7 Netbook: Aspire One D250

Acer to Reveal Laptop With Intel's Atom in June
Acer plans to launch its first ultra-low-cost laptop PC armed with Intel's Atom microprocessor at the Computex trade show in...

Adesso CyberTablet 6400
You've heard the saying, "you can't judge a book by its cover," right? Well, I was hoping that maxim was true when I received the Adesso CyberTablet 6400, the...

Alcatel-Lucent Announces Always-on Protection for Laptops
Alcatel-Lucent has introduced a new version of its security product OmniAccess 3500 Nonstop Laptop Guardian (NLG), which...

All About Laptops
What with all the hubbub about the iPhone 3GS and just as much hub (though a little less bub) regarding Snow Leopard, it's easy to forget that Apple opened the...

Amazon to Sell OLPC XO Laptops From November will start selling OLPC's low cost XO laptop in late November, extending the Give One, Get One program.

Amazon to Sell OLPC's XO Laptop Starting Nov. 17 will start selling OLPC's XO laptop Monday.

An ExpressCard Slot Computer Designed to Protect Main Machine
A Linux computer embedded in an ExpressCard could speed up your Windows machine by offloading the tedious and cycle-churning tasks of protecting your system from viruses, malware, and intrusion.

Analysts Debate Netbooks' True Role
They fill a market niche for consumers, but they're not simply cute small laptops, Forrester cautions.

Analysts: Netbooks Aren't Enterprise-Worthy
Netbooks aren't ready for the enterprise, but they can fill the bill for SMBs.

Android an Alternative to Windows in Netbooks, Says Gartner
Gartner says Android may be a good alternative to Windows 7 on mini-laptops.

Apple Begins to Ship 17-inch MacBook Pros

Apple Benefits from Consumer Confidence

Apple Bucks Netbook Trend, Gartner Says
Apple's shipments grew despite offering only standard laptops at premium prices.

Apple COO: Laptop Strategy Is on Track, Even Without Netbook
Apple's chief operating officer Tim Cook stood by his previous assertion that Apple's not in the market to make a netbook when pressed repeatedly by analysts...

Apple Delays Shipment of 17-inch MacBook Pro
Apple planned to ship the 17-inch MacBook Pro by the end of January, but the notebook's release has been delayed. The company...

Apple Dismisses Netbook Trend
An Apple executive said netbooks have "junky" hardware

Apple Faces Lawsuit Over Defective PowerBooks
A New York man has sued Apple Inc. in federal court over flaws in the PowerBook G4 and has asked the judge to grant the case...

Apple Netbook: A Folding iPhone?
Speculators have many designs in mind for Apple's rumored netbook. Here's what I think it will look like.

Apple Pegs 17-in. MacBook Pro Battery Swap at $179
Apple Wednesday confirmed that it will charge US$179 to swap out the new MacBook Pro's built-in battery if it fails, but said...

Apple Quietly Bumps White MacBook Specs

Apple Releases Battery Update 1.4 for All MacBook Models
Apple on Monday released Battery Update 1.4, an update for all MacBook models designed to improve the ability of MacBook...

Apple Releases MacBook SMC Update 1.3
Apple on Tuesday released MacBook SMC Update 1.3, a firmware update for the polycarbonate (white) MacBook model with Nvidia...

Apple Tablet: It'll Shine When It Shines
There is more speculation about Apple's supposed tablet computer today. Is it dead? Alive? Somewhere in between? Only Steve knows, and he's not telling.

Apple Tablet Most Anticipated Product of 2010, But By Whom?
The company needs to be very sure it has a hit or should start managing customer expectations.

Apple Tablet's Killer App Revealed?

Apple Updates MacBooks, MacBook Pros

Apple Users Rage Over Missing FireWire
Apple customers unhappy that the company dropped FireWire from its newest notebooks are venting their frustrations on the...

Apple Will Unveil Netbooks Next Month, Says Analyst
Apple will introduce two netbooks at the MacWorld Conference and Expo next month that will be tied to the company's App Store...

Apple's Embarrassing MacBook Mistake
Company's site misspelled the word "MacBook"--and the error sat online for weeks.

Apple to Netbooks: Drop Dead

Are Extra Laptop Features Worth It?
Laptop manufacturers load their online configurators with add-on options--but which extras are worthwhile?

Arm Chips Make Their Way Into Commercial Laptops

Arrington's CrunchPad Gets Crunched, Winds Up Toast
Michael Arrington's much-touted web tablet has become toast, albeit crunchy total, caught in a fight amongst entrepreneurs and investors.

As eBook Readers Heat Up, Standardization Will Be Critical

Asus Aims for Tablet PC Revival
Will the Eee PC T91, with its small form factor and swiveling touchscreen, breathe new life into the tablet PC market?

Asus Eee PC 1000H to Be Replaced
Asus will be replacing their Eee PC 1000H model of netbooks with the thinner 1002HA.

Asus: Eee PC Shipments to Soar in Second Quarter
Asustek Computer on Wednesday forecast it will nearly double shipments of the popular Eee PC low-cost laptop in the second...

Asus Eee Reader To Feature Dual, Hinged Screens
Finally, an inexpensive reader that "reads" like the hardcopy books it seeks to replace.

Asus Introduces Eee PC With 9.5-hour Battery Life
Now available for preorder: Asus' latest 1000HE Eee PC netbook, which offers up to 9.5 hours of battery life.

Asus Plans to Reduce Variety of Eee PC Netbooks
Asustek plans to offer fewer Eee PC models this year to avoid confusion and lower costs.

Asus Shows Dual-screen Laptop With Touch Input
Asus is displaying a prototype laptop at CeBIT with a touch-sensitive keyboard and two touchscreen displays.

Asus Sold 4.9 Million Eee PC Netbooks Last Year
Asustek sold 4.9 million Eee PCs last year, missing its target of 5 million.

Asus to Ditch 7in Eee PC
Asus has revealed it will phase out the 7in version of its hugely successful Eee PC netbook.

Asustek Adds N10 at High End of Its Netbook Range
Asustek Computer has added the N10 at the top end of its range of netbooks, slated to hit global markets in October.

Asustek Delays Launch of U2E Laptop
Asustek is holding back the launch of its lightweight U2E so it can unveil other products at the same time.

Asustek Forecasts Record Eee PC Shipments in Q4
Asustek could break its quarterly record for Eee PC shipments in the fourth quarter.

Asustek G51 Gaming Laptop Due in US by July
Asustek's G51 laptop for computer game lovers sports a 15.6-inch screen and extreme Nvidia GTX-260M graphics.

Asustek Plans More Eee PCs as Shipments Take off
Asus plans to offer as many as three new Eee PC models in the next few months as shipments of the device take off.

Asustek Puts Android Netbook on Ice for Now

Asustek Says Eee PC Sales Target Hit by Battery Shortage
A global shortage of laptop PC batteries has hurt Asustek Computer's sales of the Eee PC this year, but the troubles should...

Asustek Shows off New Thin, Light UL Laptop Family

Asustek's Android Eee PC Remains in Deep Freeze
The CEO of Asustek still doesn't see a market for smartbooks.

Asustek to Launch Eee PC With 10-inch Screen
Asustek plans to launch a new version of the Eee PC with a 10-inch screen, a top executive said Monday.

Asustek to Launch U2E Laptop
Asustek's upcoming U2E ultraportable has a leather-bound case and a 32GB solid state drive.

Atom-powered Classmate PC Coming Soon
A new version of Intel's Classmate PC goes into production next month, replacing the Celeron M with an Atom chip.

B&N's Nook Is A Kindle Killer: 5 Reasons Why
There is a new e-reader in town, and Amazon's Kindle should be very afraid.

B&N's Nook, e-Reader For The Masses
The Nook must convince e-book skeptics that this is the time to start moving from Gutenberg to gigabytes.

Bamboo Laptop by Asustek to Debut Saturday
The first bamboo laptop by Asustek will hit the market in Taiwan on Saturday.

Battery Shortage Should Evaporate by Q3
A shortage of lithium-ion batteries currently hurting laptop computer shipments will likely ease in the third quarter, an...

Become a Mobile Money-Making Machine

BenQ Plans Android Smartphones, Netbooks for 2010
BenQ plans to launch Android smartphone, netbook next year.

Bender Forms Group to Promote OLPC's Sugar UI
Former One Laptop Per Child President of software and content Walter Bender has launched Sugar Labs, an organization that will...

Big Changes Coming to Notebook Design by 2015

Black Friday Bargain: Super-Cheap Linux Netbooks
You can find brand-name mini laptops for as little as $199. But which one should you buy?

Black Friday Doorbusters Are For Suckers

Boston-Power expanding laptop battery production
Battery making start-up Boston Power is more than tripling production of its Sonata laptop battery, a device that offers faster charging and longer life than conventional lithium-ion batteries, it is due to announce Thursday.

Business Netbooks: The Next Big (Little) Thing?

Businesses Double Down on Apple
The number of businesses planning to add Apple Inc.'s Mac desktops and laptops to their corporate mix has doubled since...

Buzz Around Dell's 'pleasure' Notebook Heats up
The speculation is building around Dell's upcoming product named Adamo, which is believed to be a price-friendly ultraportable.

CES: Laptop Screens Worthy of a Second Look
Weird and wonderful new technologies may liven up the boring world of laptop displays.

Can Apple Save the Netbook?
As the price of low-end laptops creeps up, an innovative model from Apple could rejuvenate the market.

Can Dell's Adamo Make Windows PCs Sexy?

Canonical Matures Linux-based Netbook OS
Canonical released Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix, which features a souped up interface and new Internet programs.

Canonical Optimizes Linux Distribution for Netbooks
The Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Netbook Remix is designed to run Web and office applications typically used on netbooks

Centrino Is Gone, But Intel Chip Confusion Remains

Cheap Laptop Batteries: Good Deal or Risky?
You can save up to 50% with an aftermarket battery for your notebook -- if you dare.

Check Out On Hotel Wi-Fi Fees
A simple Wi-Fi finder utility can sniff out open networks for a free alternative to hotel Internet fees.

Cherrypal Offers Laptop for Under $100
Cherrypal launched a $99 laptop that is based on smartphone components.

Chip Vendors Bring Windows 7 Closer to Netbooks
Chip vendors Qualcomm and Nvidia are throwing their support behind Windows 7 OS with hardware and drivers.

Click to Save
Save your road warriors with one-click backup.

Colombia Signs up for OLPC Laptops With Windows
Colombia signed on as the second country to use OLPC laptops armed with Windows XP.

Colorful Laptops May Feel the Blues, Analysts Say
Personalization has yet to match price and size as a major laptop buying decision, analysts said.

Companies to Show 5 or 6 ARM Netbooks at Show
Taiwanese companies will display five or six netbooks with ARM processors capable of running Google's Android software.

Computer Deals Made for a Downturn
Times may be tough, but there are good deals on computers out there if you know where to look.

CrunchPad Faced with Bad JooJoo
Fusion Garage is rebranding and launching the CrunchPad as the JooJoo, but the costly device seems doomed to obscurity.

Crunchtime For Crunchpad? Prototype Tablets Due Soon

Dell Adds Wireless Battery Charging to New Laptop
Dell introduced the Latitude Z business laptop with wireless recharging and Arm-based instant-boot features.

Dell Apologizes for Price Mishaps, Shuts Taiwan Web Sales
Dell has apologized for pricing errors on its Taiwan Web site that have worsened over the past week and caused island regulators to launch probes.

Dell Calls for Psion 'netbook' Trademark to Be Removed
Dell has enlisted the help of the US courts in a bid to remove Psion's trademark of the term 'Netbook'.

Dell Debuts Latitude XT2 Multitouch Tablet
Dell has officially announced its multitouch tablet PC, the Latitude XT2. The £1,299 laptop will be available with either...

Dell Fined in Taiwan for Online Pricing Glitches
Dell was fined on Thursday by the Taiwanese government for failing to meet sales obligations after online snafus caused product prices to plummet.

Dell Frees Latest Vostro Laptops of Bloatware
Dell is pitching the laptops as a communications tool to small businesses

Dell, HP Launch Netbooks for China's 3G Standard
Chinese PC makers including Lenovo also launched 3G netbooks this week

Dell Launches Its First Rugged Touch-screen Laptop
Dell on Tuesday is expected to launch the tough Latitude E6400 XFR laptop with a touch screen.

Dell Launches Purported MacBook Air Killer
Dell on Tuesday launched its mysterious Adamo ultrathin laptop.

Dell Looks to Linux to Expand Netbook Presence
To expand its Linux offerings, Dell is researching new netbook-type devices and will soon offer Linux OS upgrades.

Dell May Test Google's Chrome OS
Dell may consider testing Google's Chrome OS for future products.

Dell Netbook Rumor Prompts Questions About Android

Dell, OLPC Affordable Laptop Bout Only Hurts Users
Anyone with the remotest interest in ICT development will have noticed the battle raging at the "bottom of the pyramid," where...

Dell Offers Its First Multitouch Rugged Laptop
Dell started shipping its first rugged laptop with multitouch display that allows for input using up to four fingers.