Computing Center Sitemap - Page 114 2013-07-16

Dell Offers WiMax Option on Three Laptops

Dell Previews Ultra-thin Adamo Laptop Design
Dell on Wednesday posted a teaser for an sleek Adamo ultraportable device.

Dell Ships Laptops With Self-encrypting Drives
Dell announced Monday that it is offering Seagate 's self-encrypting hard drives in its Latitude laptops, Precision Mobile...

Dell Shows Its New Ultraslim Adamo Laptop
Dell broke its silence on Adamo, showing the ultraslim laptop during a press event at CES.

Dell Unveils 19-hour Latitude Laptop
Dell on Tuesday announced a series of Latitude laptops, including one the company claimed provides 19 hours of battery life.

Dell plans more low-cost models in Asian notebook push
Dell will introduce more low-cost notebooks in Asia this year as the company steps up the introduction of new models across its entire notebook line, a senior company executive said Friday.

Dell's Adamo Will Challenge Apple's MacBook Air
Ultraportable laptop to launch at CES?

Dell's Latitude XT Convertible Laptop Ready to Ship
The Dell Latitude XT tablet PC is ready to ship in the U.S., according to a document posted on the company's Web site.

Dell's Mistake: Killing 12-Inch Netbook
Netbooks need to be a bit larger than the standard 9 and 10-inch models. Just ask my fingers and eyes.

Dell's New Netbook: Just a Reboot?

Did Lenovo Invent Apple's Netbook?
Apple rumor predicts netbook. Lenovo 'leaks' old prototype. Coincidence?

Easily Identify Your Mac Model
A reader who wishes to remain anonymous is rightly confused about his MacBook and the amount of RAM it can hold. He writes:

Economy Leads to Windows Laptop Price Drops
Apple's hold steady approach to pricing for its new MacBooks is an opportunity for Windows OEMs to lower prices. And they are doing just that, particularly with netbooks, but economic factors are more the driving force than Apple.

First Centrino Atom Computer Coming in June
UPDATE: The first portable computer based on Intel's Centrino Atom chip package is coming in June, although it will be bigger and more...

Five Reasons Nvidia ION Will Supercharge Netbooks
With a new, powerful platform that emphasizes performance, netbooks are about to get a serious boost.

Flextronics Opens Laptop Design Center in Taiwan
Flextronics opened a design center for laptops in Banchiao, Taiwan, aiming to tap into the large pool of engineering talent.

Foxconn Developing Inexpensive, Arm-based Smartbooks
Foxconn is making three or four smartbooks and sees strong potential due to low prices for the devices.

Frankenbook! Another Look at Hacked Mac Netbooks
After much consideration, I finally dove into the do-it-yourself Mac netbook pool. With rumors of an impending Apple tablet spreading like wildfire--including...

Free Laptop Deals Boom Bucks Economy
It's surely little surprise that in today's current economic climate one of the fastest-growing PC markets is the so-called...

Free Windows 7 Upgrade May Not Reach $298 Laptop Buyers
A Hewlett-Packard laptop to be sold by Wal-Mart may not qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Fujitsu Goes Green With 'wind-powered' Laptop
The PC maker will purchase green energy credits equivalent to the power used by the PC over its lifetime

Fujitsu 'Kill Pill' Protects Data on Stolen Laptops
New SystemTrack and DataProtect software will secure laptops in the Lifebook and Esprimo lines.

Fujitsu Siemens Joins Mobile Broadband Push
Fujitsu Siemens Computers has become a member of the Mobile Broadband Initiative.

Fujitsu Siemens to Launch Mini-laptop at IFA
Fujitsu Siemens plans to launch a mini laptop computer at the upcoming IFA trade show in Berlin, it said this week.

Fujitsu Ups Ante on Integral Hard Disk Encryption
A new drive shipping next month from Fujitsu increases hardware-based encryption strength, and offers a range of capacities up to 320 GB.

Fujitsu to Show Laptop With Wooden Case
Could this be the environmentally friendly laptop PC of the future? Fujitsu will unveil later this week a laptop PC with a...

GPS System Could Begin To Fail Within a Year

Gartner: Mini Laptops Keep PC Market From Sinking
With the economy in turmoil, a lot of people who are looking to buy PCs are increasingly turning to cheap, low-power mini...

German Company Giving Away Non-existent Apple Tablet
Sure, we'd all like a glimpse of the mythical Apple tablet, in the same way that we'd all like to see Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster or a duck-billed platypus...

Get Me Rewrite: Microsoft Alters Laptop Hunter Ads

Giga-byte, Chunghwa to Launch Linux M528 MID in August
Giga-byte and Chunghwa will launch the M528 MID in Taiwan this August.

Google Online Bookstore Fuels eReader War

Google's CEO Predicts Strong Year for Android
Android will be found in netbooks and other mobile Internet devices this year

Group Pitches Linux for Free Netbooks From Mobile Carriers
Mobile carriers may start giving away netbooks for free, and Linux-based app stores could help them profit doing it, the head of a Linux advocacy group argued.

HP Confirms Considering Android in Netbooks

HP Considering Touchscreens for Next Mini-Note
Touchscreens and higher capacity SSDs may be in the plans for HP's next Mini-Note.

HP, Dell, Toshiba Recall Sony Laptop Batteries Again
Dell, HP and Toshiba are recalling certain Sony-made laptop batteries because of a risk they may overheat and catch fire.

HP-EDS Buy, Icahn Strikes Again, China Quakes
This was a big IT news week, with the massive earthquake in China on Monday showing once again the role that the Internet...

HP Extends Laptop Battery Life to 24 Hours
HP will release a laptop next month whose battery will last up to 24 hours, but only if its running Microsoft's Windows XP...

HP Introduces Thin Client Disguised as a Laptop
Hewlett-Packard adds a laptop with minimal storage and wireless networking features to its lineup in an effort to push mobility into thin clients.

HP Sees Early Signs of Stronger Demand for Consumer PCs

HP Ships Ultraportable Laptop With Via Inside, Not Intel
Hewlett-Packard unveiled its Compaq 2133 ultraportable laptop, which uses a C7-M microprocessor from Taiwan's Via Technolo...

HP Still Getting Heat on Nvidia Graphics Chips
Some customers are being charged for repairs to laptops

HP Targets Netbooks With New Laptop
HP added a dual-core AMD chip to its new ultrathin laptop, the Pavilion DV2Z.

HP's 2133: A Tiny Laptop an Adult Can Really Use
HP's new mini-laptop comes hot on the heels of the Asus Eee, offering smart industrial design--and a Windows OS--at a reasonable price.

HP's New Touch Screen Laptop and All-In-Ones Debut
Including a long-awaited multi-touch laptop, starting at $799

HP to Ship Boston-Power's 3-Year Laptop Battery
A fast-charging laptop battery that promises to last at least three years without any degradation in performance is coming to...

HP to Ship Eight Laptop Models Based on Puma
HP will ship eight notebook models based on AMD's Puma laptop platform.

HTC Follows Touch Diamond With Touch Pro
HTC launched a sister to the Touch Diamond on Wednesday, the Touch Pro smartphone with a slide-out type pad.

Hands on With Acer's Aspire One Netbook
Acer's Aspire one netbook combines excellent software, great screen quality and typing pad with a price that makes it tough to...

Hands on With Giga-byte's M912X Mini-laptop
Giga-byte's M912 mini-notebook has what few other netbooks do, a touchscreen that swivels 180 degrees.

Hands on With HP's Mini-Note Netbook
Hewlett-Packard's 2133 Mini-Note may end up as the premium choice among the entire mini-laptop, or netbook, category of...

Hands on With MSI's Wind Low-cost Laptop
MSI's Wind, with its 10-inch screen, long battery life and comfortable keypad is a nice new mini-laptop.

Hands on With the Asustek N10 Netbook
Asustek Computer, designer of the Eee PC netbook that started the craze in mini-laptops, will have the N10 series in Taipei...

How to Salvage the JooJoo

If Microsoft Wants to Rename Netbooks, How About Something Bingy?

In Search of the Smartphone Laptop
Palm tried it with Foleo and failed; will Apple do better?

India, Sierra Leone Place OLPC Orders
250,000 laptops are headed to India and 5,000 to Sierra Leone

Industry Bands Together to Push Mobile Broadband in Laptops
Operators, laptop and chipset manufacturers are joining forces to push built-in support for mobile broadband, using a newly...

Inside the Perfect Laptop
It's fair to say that laptops have gotten boring. But we've come up with a whole new design that takes things to another level.

Intel Chips and Google Android Shine at Computex

Intel, Ericsson Team up on Mobile Security for Laptops
Intel and Ericsson are collaborating on protection for lost or stolen laptops

Intel Is Working With Google on Chrome OS

Intel Joins Giga-byte, Chunghwa to Launch Linux MID
Taiwan's Giga-byte will soon launch a mobile Internet device based on the 800MHz version of Intel's Atom.

Intel Previews New Laptop Platform
The company gave analysts and users a glimpse of the new platform, codenamed Calpella, at its fall Intel Developer's Forum in Taiwan.

Intel Promotes App Store Model for Netbooks
Intel is looking for developers to write applications that could be sold through app stores run by PC makers.

Intel Readying New Chips for Inexpensive Ultraportables
The chips will ship in the second quarter as part of Intel's Montevina Plus platform

Intel Shows Laptop With Four Screens
Intel shows a laptop with four screens, including one main LCD screen and three small OLED screens.

Intel Tweaks Atom Netbook Designs for China
Intel is targeting small PC makers to tap new markets for its Atom microprocessor

Intel Video Shows First Moorestown Device
Intel showed a video of its first working Moorestown chips at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei.

Intel Wants Atom Inside Almost Everything

Intel's Classmate PC goes on sale to consumers in India
Intel's Classmate PC isn't just for students anymore. HCL Infosystems plans to sell a version of the Classmate PC to consumers and businesses in India who want a rugged, low-cost laptop.

Intel's Dual-core Atom for Sale, Supply 'very Limited'
A UK-based PC maker is taking preorders for a computer based on the dual-core version of the Atom.

Intel's Future Atom Plans Sound a Lot Like AMD's Fusion
Intel plans to add graphics capabilities to the next version of its Atom processor for low-cost laptops.

Intel's Moorestown Platform to Get 3.5G Support
Intel is adding HSPA support as an option to its upcoming Moorestown platform.

Intel to Launch Atom App Store

Inventec Ready to Ship Snapdragon Laptop in Q4
One of the world's largest contract PC makers plans to ship the first laptop using Qualcomm's Snapdragon microprocessor late this year or early next year.

Is It Time to Buy a Netbook For Your Business?
Netbooks are cheap, ultra-mobile, and selling like hotcakes. But is now the time to buy some for your mobile workers?

Is OQO Model 2+ Becoming a Collector's Item?
The unreleased OQO Model 2+ ultramobile computer could become a collector's item after attracting high bids on eBay.

Is the CrunchPad - JooJoo Battle For Real?

Just Mobile Xtand Pro
Given that more and more people are using a laptop as their primary computer on the road and at home, laptop stands have...

Keep Laptops and Phones Powered for Productive Travel
When your gadgets conk out, you're paying for it. Follow these tips to keep them charged.

Keep That Laptop in the Bag in the Security Line
The TSA says that you can keep your laptop in a bag as long as it's designed to provide a clear top and bottom image of the computer.

Kohjinsha Packs Dual 10-inch Screens Into Laptop
Japanese laptop maker Kohjinsha plans to ship a laptop that packs dual 10.1-inch LCD screens later this year.

LapTuk Clear Stand Released
Macessity has announced the release of the LapTuk Clear stand for Apple laptops. The stand costs US$49.99.

Laptop Prices Dip Under $300 in the US
Laptop prices are falling, with Wal-Mart planning to offer a $298 laptop on July 26.

Laptop Stolen From McCain Campaign in Missouri
A laptop has been stolen from a Missouri Republican party office used by the McCain presidential campaign.

Laptops Bring Youth off the Streets
A San Francisco nonprofit is donating refurbished laptops for at-risk teenagers to pursue higher education or find jobs

Laptops that Go Ghost

Large-Screen Notebooks: Bigger Really Can Be Better
Entertainment and business multimedia go hand in hand with these three big notebooks, but which one is a true blockbuster?

Lawyers' Donation Sweetens $150K Kindle Settlement
Yes, this was probably world's most-expensive lost homework assignment.

Leadtek to Show External SpursEngine Processing Device
Leadtek will show a prototype external video processor that uses the SpursEngine chip and works with laptop PCs.

Lenovo Brings Wii Functionality to PCs
Lenovo's new all-in-one PC comes with a remote control that can be used as a motion-based gaming controller, like Nintendo's Wii.

Lenovo Extends Touchscreens to Four-finger Input
Lenovo on Tuesday launched two touchscreen laptops with multitouch input.

Lenovo Launches Ultrathin ThinkPad X200 Laptop
Lenovo launched two ultramobile laptops on Monday, including the ultrathin ThinkPad X200.

Lenovo Looks to Smooth out Netbook Line With IdeaPad Update
Lenovo on Monday updated its IdeaPad S10 netbook, making it thinner and lighter, and giving it a larger keyboard.

Lenovo Readies Laptop With 2 LCD Screens
Lenovo's Thinkpad 700dw "mobile workstation" pushes the desktop replacement category with its dual 17-inch and 10.6-inch screens.

Lenovo to Replace Defective ThinkPad Batteries

Lenovo Service Disables Laptops With Text Message
Lenovo on Tuesday announced a service that allows users to remotely disable a PC by sending a text message.

Lenovo Slims Down New ThinkPad T400s
Showing again that rugged business-oriented laptops can play the thin-and-light game, Lenovo Group Ltd. on Tuesday revealed a slimmed-down ThinkPad that...

Lenovo Targets Netbooks With Ultrathin Laptop

Lenovo Uses BlackBerry to Sync Laptop E-mail
Lenovo is partnering with RIM to allow ThinkPad laptops to sync e-mail with a server using the BlackBerry phone as an...

Lenovo to Offer New ThinkPad Line for SMBs
Lenovo on Monday confirmed plans to launch a new ThinkPad laptop line, the SL series, with new hardware features and support...

Lenovo to Push SSDs in More Laptops
Lenovo introduced solid-state in four laptops on Monday and will now offer them in more laptops to meet consumer demand.

Linux Exec Expects Netbook Bundles Like Cell Phones

Low-Price Apple Netbook Coming Next Year
Lousy economy will force Apple to launch a $599 laptop.

MIDs Invade the United Kingdom
MID (mobile internet access device)-mania is poised to hit Engalnd's shores, according to Intel.

MIDs: The Wireless Future
Mobile Internet Devices fit with my vision of a wireless future that is much more network-centric and much less thick-client-based.

MSI Debuts MacBook Air Rival, New Netbook in US
The eye-catching laptop is only a millimeter thicker than the MacBook Air

MSI Plans Next Wind Mini-laptop, Smaller Devices
MSI is already planning the next generation of its Wind mini-laptop, and will make a mobile Internet device (MID) too.

MSI's Svelte X-Slim Laptops to Get More Powerful
MSI has unveiled a more powerful version of its X-Slim laptop at the Cebit show.

MSI's Upcoming Wind Laptop Priced From $560
Taiwanese hardware maker Micro-Star International's upcoming Wind laptop can be preordered starting from US$560.

MSI to Sell MacBook Air-rival With Intel Pentium Chips
MSI will sell a version of its MacBook Air rival with powerful Intel Pentium processors.

Mac users: MacBook Air lacks features
Steve Jobs wowed the Macworld audience when he unveiled the slim, ultraportable MacBook Air notebook, but users and analysts say its lack of some important features may make it unattractive to buyers.

MacBook Air Lacks Features, Analysts Say
Steve Jobs wowed viewers when he unveiled the super-slim MacBook Air at Macworld Expo, but will its slim feature set turn off buyers?

MacBook Air (Mid 2009)
The MacBook Air is a product that lives on the margins. It's the slowest laptop--indeed, the slowest computer--in the Mac line. It omits many features that are...

MacBook Pro Is Built to Last
If the unibody MacBook Pro were a car, it would be an eight-cylinder, hybrid, luxury SUV with full body armor.

Macworld Expo Moving to February in 2010
Macworld Expo will shift its dates to February in 2010 and open its show floor to attendees on Saturday, as part of the first...

Malaysian Classmate PC Version Teaches Koran
A Malaysian PC vendor has released a version of Intel's Classmate PC designed to teach the Koran to young children.

Microsoft Courier Notebook Could Raise the Bar for Tablets

Microsoft Courier Tablet Prototype Appears on Web
All right, Microsoft, we get it: you're taking on Apple on every front. You've rolled out a touch-screen media player. You've taken pot shots at Cupertino's...

Microsoft: Mobile Operators Becoming Robust PC Retailers
Microsoft joined Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan to promote a new 3G service plan with Windows 7 netbooks.

Microsoft: Netbooks Are Killing Us
More people are buying mini-laptops—many of which don’t come with Windows or Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Products Aim to Wring Cash From Netbook Buyers
Did you save hundreds of dollars by buying a netbook or cheap laptop instead of a PC? If you did, Microsoft would like you to...

Microsoft's Mundie: Time Is Right for Tablet Computing
A Microsoft executive said that technology advancements are likely to finally make tablet computing popular.

Microsoft to Netbooks: Don't Get Too Big Or You'll Pay For It

Mobile Nehalem Chips May Come in Late 2009
The mobile version of Nehalem may not hit the market until late 2009.

Mobile Workstations Worthy of Workstation Name
Among desktop computers, the term "workstation" refers to a high-end PC specially equipped for demanding tasks such as...

Moblin Center Seeks to Popularize Software in Taiwan, China
Taiwan's Moblin Enabling Center plans to hire more engineers and work with universities on the island and in China to create more Moblin applications.

More Details of Sony's New Laptop Revealed
More details on Sony's upcoming new Vaio laptop are out of the bag thanks to the company's Japan and US web sites.

Motorola Semi-rugged Mobile Computer Targets Enterprise
Motorola has released the latest of its enterprise-class mobile computers, adding a more powerful processor and an updated...

My New Mac Pro: Great Mac or the Greatest Mac?
Some of you may not know this, but posting intermittently to MacUser doesn't support me in the style to which I am accustomed...

NEC Unveils Lui Home Media Server and Portable Clients
NEC will put on sale next week its new Lui PC and home media server. The Lui can tune into digital high-definition TV...

NEC to Expand Rugged Laptop Sales Worldwide
Spray them with water, subject them to extreme temperatures or drop them on the ground, NEC's rugged ShieldPro laptops are...

Netbook Computers Whet Enterprise Appetite

Netbook Fail: Nokia Booklet Sports a Big-Laptop Price

Netbook Gets Speed Boost From Dual Atom Chips
Criticizing performance of existing netbooks, Haleron has fused two Atom processors in one netbook.

Netbook Market Explodes
Acer has topped Asus in the fast-growing market for mini-notebooks or "netbooks."

Netbook Pioneer to Stick With Windows in 2009
Asustek sees the first quarter of 2010 as a better opportunity for non-Windows OSs, such as Android, in netbooks

Netbook Shipments Jump in First Quarter

Netbook Shipments to Double This Year, Research Says
Netbook shipments could double this year, while mainstream laptop shipments are expected to remain flat, according to DisplaySearch.

Netbooks 2010: The Smartphone-Notebook Hybrid

Netbooks: Opportunity for Windows, Threat to Linux
The netbook revolution is upon us. Less than a year ago, the cheap, Atom-powered mini-laptops were a novelty. Now they are...

Netbooks Poised to Surpass Ultraportables
2009 could be the year of the netbook, with ultraportable laptops getting left out in the cold.

Netbooks Spark Linux Redesigns
Linux interfaces are being redesigned to take advantage of the limited resources and smaller screens of netbooks.

Netbooks Worm Their Way Into Businesses
When ADNH Compass, a 17,000-employee catering company based in Abu Dhabi, decided to give its branch managers new PCs late...

Netbooks for Business: Do They Make Sense?

New Acer Netbook Challenges Laptops on User Happiness and Price

New Eee PC 900 Sells out in Hong Kong Debut
The new Eee PC 900 with an 8.9-inch screen sold out within hours of its launch in Hong Kong, an Asustek executive said Monday...

New IPod Touch and MacBooks Coming Soon, Analysts Say
Apple in September will announce a new iPod Touch and a redesigned MacBook, analysts said on Monday.

New Lenovo ThinkPads Build in Security
New notebooks will feature Intel's anti-theft technology plus Computrace from Absolute.

New MacBook Air, Now With Extra SSD Goodness
I really like Apple's newly revamped MacBook Air , which got extensive under-the-hood updates last month.

New MacBook Pro Can Boot From an SD Card. (Duh. So Can PCs.)

New Service Tracks Missing Laptops for Free
Researchers have developed a free open-source laptop tracking system for laptops called Adeona.

Nokia Booklet 3G Priced at €575

Nokia Booklet 3G Refines the Netbook Design

Nokia Enters the Netbook Market with the Booklet 3G

Nokia Netbook Signals More Mobile Market Convergence

Nokia 'actively' Considers Notebooks
Nokia is seriously contemplating entering the notebook market, according to research firm DisplaySearch. A blog entry by...

Nokia and Intel to Team on Mobile Architectures

Nokia's New Netbook and Handsets Offer Useful Innovations
The 2-cm thick Booklet 3G, with an amazing 12-hours of battery life is about as cutting-edge as a netbook can get.

Nvidia's Eye Is on Intel as Ion Wins 3 Votes of Confidence
Nvidia's Ion CPU-and-graphics platform, which the graphics chipmaker hopes can help loosen Intel's grip on the fast-growing netbook business.

OLPC Aims for Free Laptop, Lays off Staff
The head of OLPC said he wants to make the group's XO laptops free, on the same day the nonprofit laid off half of its staff.

OLPC Seeks ITU's Help to Promote Laptops
The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) association is changing strategy: It has joined forces with the United Nations' lead agency...

OLPC's Dual Boot Linux, Windows Laptop Due out Soon
A version of OLPC's XO able to run Linux or Windows will be out soon, an OLPC official said.

OLPC to Focus on Large-scale Deployments of XO Laptops
OLPC is shying away from small-scale deployments to focus to national deployments of XO laptops.

OLPC to Launch Touchscreen XO-2 Laptop in Q1 2010
OLPC plans to launch the upcoming low-cost XO-2 laptop in the first quarter of 2010, according to an official from the group.

OQO's Moore Leaving to Start New Company
OQO CEO Dennis Moore announced his departure from the company on Tuesday,

Obama Administration, New Legal Research Could Jack up Antitrust Heat on Intel

Oracle and Netbooks? Say It Isn't So

PC Industry Scared Netbooks May Hurt Laptop Sales
AMD says it has no plans to enter netbook market, as questions loom over where the netbook is headed

PC Makers Roll out Centrino 2 Laptops
PC makers including Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Fujitsu rolled out new laptops based on Intel's Centrino 2 technology.

PC Makers, Stores Look to Cash in on Windows 7 Hype
PC makers will ship new laptops on Thursday to coincide with the release of Microsoft's Windows 7 OS.

PC Shipments on the Rise, But at What Cost?

Packard Bell Recalls Laptop Batteries in Europe
Packard Bell is recalling the batteries in four models of laptop computers sold mostly in Europe due to possible overheating problems,

Panasonic Unveils Line of Toughbook Laptops
Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. Thursday unveiled a slew of new portable computers, focusing on small but rugged models.

Panasonic to Launch Toughbook Mini Tablet This Week
Panasonic will later this week add a Centrino Atom-based rugged mini tablet PC to its Toughbook line of products....

Pegatron to Show Touchscreen Netbook With ARM Chips
Pegatron, the former manufacturing arm of Asustek, will show off a netbook with 10-inch touchscreen that uses an ARM central processor at Computex.

Peru to Be First With New OLPC Laptop With Windows
Peru will become the first country ever to run a trial of OLPC laptops running on Windows XP.

Pictures of Asustek's Atom-based Eee PC 901 Appear Online
A French blog has posted pictures of what looks to be Asustek Computer's Eee PC 901, an upcoming version of the low-cost...

Pixel Qi Readies Battery-saving Laptop Screens
Pixel Qi on Thursday said it will soon start shipping low-power screens that could boost laptop battery life by up to 50...

Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon-based Netbooks Today

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Smartbooks Miss the Point

Quanta Laptop Shipments Hit Record High in October
The world's largest contract laptop maker hit record high shipments in October.

Quanta Says First Cloud Computing Devices Due out Next Year
Quanta Computer plans to launch its first cloud computing devices next year.

Quick-boot Laptops Ready for a Facelift
DeviceVM and Phoenix Technologies are looking to upgrade their quick-boot software with support for new applications.

Ready to Swap your Laptop for a Smartphone?

Real-Life Linux: The ASUS Eee PC 1000
What do you get someone to whom even turning on a computer is a challenge? You get them a Linux-powered mini-laptop.

Reassessing the Apple Tax

Recover Your Laptop From Theft or Loss

Removal of OLPC Donation Program Rattles Observers
OLPC's removal of the "Give a School" concerns observers that a change in focus to larger deployments is on tap.

Report: Dell Developing Handheld Internet Device
Dell is developing an MID the size of Apple's iPod Touch handheld device.

Report: Jobs Overseeing Details of Tablet Project
Steve Jobs isn't one to let a little thing like a liver transplant slow him down. Some of us would take it easy: catch up on our reading, maybe even take up a...

Research Could Instantly Wake Shut-down Laptops
Researchers aim to put new material on silicon that allows transistors to retain data even when power is turned off

Retailer to Ship Laptops With Intel's Core I7 Chips
PC retailer Eurocom has said it will ship laptops with Intel's Nehalem-based Core i7 processor.

Retailers Taking Orders for Laptops With Core I7 Chips
Retailers Eurocom and AVADirect are taking orders of what could be the world's fastest laptops, powered by Intel's Core i7 desktop processors.

Road-warrior Conundrum: Laptop or Handheld?
As handheld devices become more like full-fledged computers in their own right, the question of whether business travelers...

Rumored Apple Device Probably Won't Be a Netbook

Rumored Apple Tablet Is a Train Wreck

Samsung Beefs Up the Solid State Drive
A new 256 GB solid-state drive (SSD) from Samsung due out later this year will push performance and battery life into true competition with spinning hard drives.

Samsung Brings Windows 7 to Netbooks

Samsung Enters Netbook Fray With the NC10
Samsung announced its entry into the netbook market Friday with the NC10.

Samsung's Via Nano-based NC20 Laptop Coming Soon
Samsung Electronics' NC20 laptop based on Via Technologies' Nano processor will be available in the U.K. on Monday, Feb. 9.

Samsung's X360: Lighter Than Air -- but Not Thinner
Samsung has detailed specifications for the X360 laptop and while it's lighter than Apple's Macbook Air the new machine is...

Save Business Expenses with Netbooks
Decide if netbooks can fulfill your notebook needs.

Security chief quits OLPC amid restructuring
A drastic internal restructuring underway at the One Laptop Per Child Project has caused a director of security to resign from the nonprofit effort.

Sharp Debuts Laptop With Optical-sensor LCD Pad
A novel LCD panel with built-in sensors replaces the traditional trackpad and makes for some fun applications.

Sharp to Launch Ultramobile Device With Arm Chip
Sharp Electronics introduced a lightweight laptop with a 5-inch touch screen for an audience that relies on the Web for computing.

Shenandoah University Chooses Eco-friendly MacBook
Shenandoah University has chosen Apple's environmentally-friendly MacBook computer and the iPod touch as the foundation for...

Shoot For the Clouds
The bigger the better? Not when you're trying to reach the next level of portability.

Should Your Next Notebook Be a Netbook?
Despite the down economy this holiday season, netbooks are finding strong demand. The computers, which weigh less than most...

Smartbooks Prepare to Compete in Mini-laptop Space
After half a year of demonstrations and talk, mini-laptops based on Arm chips are set to compete with netbooks built around Intel's Atom.

Software in HP Laptops Aims to Help Cut Power Costs
New power saving hardware and software in HP laptops helps company save money.

Sold-out! Grinch Steals Nook Christmas
No, Virginia, there is no Nook for Christmas. Shortage means you are more likely to find Santa Claus than a Nook e-reader under this year's Christmas tree.

Some Cheap PCs Aren't Eligible for Free Win 7 Upgrade

Sony Eyes Innovative Mobile Products to Beat Slump
Sony CEO Howard Stringer hinted on Thursday that the company has a number of new mobile devices are in the pipeline.

Sony Launches Teaser Campaign for New Vaio Laptop
Sony has begun teasing a new "revolutionary" Vaio laptop that appears destined to debut at January's Consumer Electronics Show...

Sony Recalls 73,000 Vaio Laptops Due to Burn Hazard
Sony is recalling 73,000 Vaio TZ laptops because of a possible manufacturing defect that may cause them to overheat.

Sony Takes First Step Into the Netbook Market
Sony will begin selling its first netbook computer in August, and in doing so enter the only sector of the PC market showing significant growth

Sony Warns of Laptops With Faulty Nvidia Chips
Some of Sony's Vaio laptops are equipped with faulty graphics chips from Nvidia, which could cause some laptops to overheat and ultimately fail.

Sony Wireless E-Book Reader Proves Kindle Was On Target

Speck Offers 'satin' Case for New MacBook
Speck on Thursday announced the forthcoming expansion of its SeeThru hard shell case line with a new "SeeThru Satin" model...

Speck SeeThru Satin
Back in late 2006, I reviewed Speck's SeeThru Hardshell case for the MacBook Pro. Made of thin, rigid polycarbonate, the...

Sprint Netbook Isn't The Deal It May Seem
Buyerss end up with a powerful, if pricey, Internet connection permanently tied to an under-powered portable computer

State of the Art: Blu-ray on the Mac
It may have beaten out HD-DVD in the bloody battle to be the high definition optical drive standard, but in the roughly year and a half since the format wars...

Stephen Covey's New Habit Hurts His e-Readers
Bestselling business author Stephen R. Covey has made a deal to make electronic versions of his books only available on Amazon's Kindle e-reader.

Survey: Apple's Lack of Netbook Hurts It With Students
Consumer electronics shopping resource Retrevo says that Apple's absence from the netbook market is hurting it with students buying laptops. The company has...

TSA Relaxes Laptop Screening Rules This Month
Travelers irked when forced to unpack notebook computers at airport screening stations will get some relief later this month...

Tablet PC: When Will Microsoft's New "Courier" Arrive?
Once Microsoft seizes upon an idea, the company is pretty good about continuing work until it’s a product or obviously will never become one.

Taiwan Firm Takes the 'mini' out of Mini-laptops
The Noahpad laptop on show at Computex has a 7-inch screen but uses full-sized keys for people with chunky fingers.

Targus Chill Mat for Mac
If you spend a lot of time Web surfing on the couch -- or on the patio, or in bed, or anywhere else where there's no tabletop...

TechRestore's Matte-screen MacBook Pro Service
With the introduction of the 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro at January's Macworld Expo, Apple has moved almost its entire...

TechRestore's 'MatteBook Pro' and Growl
This installment of the Macworld video covers two distinct topics. First, in a follow-up to the TechRestore MacBook Pro...

Ten Ways to Upgrade Your Netbook

Ten-inch Asus Eee PC 1002HA Announced
Asus this week announced yet another Asus Eee PC laptop - the Asus Eee PC 1002HA.

The $300 Student Challenge
Being a student these days means you're neck-deep in some of the coolest technology you can't afford. As a recent graduate, I remember all too well what it's...

The Bearable Lightness of HP's 2133 Mini-Note PC
A tiny laptop with a flash drive and an 8.9-inch display priced the same as a 15.4-inch behemoth hardly seems like competition. But it's all in what's left out: weight and size.

The Five Most Important Mac Laptops
The Macintosh already enjoyed its silver anniversary this year, but it's not the only Mac product to hit a milestone in 2009. Twenty years ago this week, Apple...

The Hidden Cost of Nokia's $299 Netbook

The Incredible Shrinking Laptop
Portable PCs are getting thinner, lighter, and smaller. But is a micro-PC right for you?

The Macalope Weekly: R.I.P. Apple Tablet
Can it be? Is the device we already started saving up an undetermined amount of money to buy because we don't even know how much it costs yet dead on before...

The Macalope Weekly: Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made of
The Macalope's old enough to remember when rumors of an Apple tablet device were made of nothing more than fairy dust and...

The Netbook Revolution: A Whole New Niche in Computing

The Plot Thickens: Barnes & Noble Teams with Google Android for eReader

The Skinny on MacBook Air's SSD Speed Boost
Thin as ever, the latest Air offers up to twice the storage and snappy performance

Thermapak Keeps Its Cool
The Thermapak Heatshift Laptop Cooling Pad from ThermaPAK Technologies has a humble--but practical--goal: keep your laptop...

These Netbooks Mean Business
Pint-sized, ultralight, and ultra-affordable, a new class of portables woos the mobile professional. We put an Asus Eee PC and HP Mini-Note to the test.

Three Minutes with Lenovo's Leader
The laptop maker is concentrating on the high end, but Yang also plans a range of systems.

Top OLPC Executive Resigns After Restructuring
Drastic internal restructuring at the One Laptop Per Child Project has led to the resignation of one of the nonprofit's top...

Toshiba Couldn’t Beat 'Em, So It Joins Blu-Ray

Toshiba Develops Tablet PC for Digital Lifestyles
Toshiba has designed a tablet PC intended to offer quick access to the same services without some of the hassles of a full-blown PC.

Toshiba Jumps to 10-inch Screen on New Netbooks

Toshiba Launches First Laptops With New AMD Chips
Toshiba launched laptops with new processors from Advanced Micro Devices.

Toshiba Launches Three Mobile Computers
Mobile computer manufacturer Toshiba has unveiled three lightweight products targeted at various consumer segments...

Toshiba Lays Claim to 'world's Lightest' Laptop
Toshiba on Tuesday said it launched the "world's lightest" laptop.

Toshiba Plans More Low-cost Laptops
Toshiba is eyeing a greater share of the low-cost end of the laptop PC market with more machines in the sub-US$599 price bracket, its president said Wednesday.

Toshiba Tops HP in Greenpeace List of Green Laptops
A Toshiba ultraportable has been named the "greenest" notebook in Greenpeace's second annual assessment of environmentally...

Toshiba Unveils Laptop With Cell-Derived Chip
The first laptops to make use of the SpursEngine, a coprocessor derived from the Cell chip that powers the PS3 3...

Toshiba's First Netbook Hits Japan, Overseas Sales to Follow
The first netbook from Toshiba hit store shelves in Japan over the weekend, ahead of its upcoming launch in Europe.

Toshiba's New Laptops Sharpen up Internet Video

Toshiba's Qosmio Spruces up Net Video
A second processor for graphics improves the picture quality of Web video

Tweener Devices Fall Between the Cracks of Usefulness
I've noted before that there's a limit to the number of digital devices end users will carry (it's three) , and for that...

Two Years On, Netbooks on Verge of Big Shake-up

U.S. Loses out in Lenovo's Linux Netbook Push
U.S. users will not be offered versions of the new IdeaPad netbooks with a Linux OS or an 8.9-inch screen, at least not...

US DHS Revises Border Laptop Search Rules
The U.S. DHS establishes new rules for searching laptops at borders, but the revisions don't go far enough, the ACLU says.

Ultra-low Voltage Laptops Draw Interest at Show
Laptops using Intel's low-power chips for machines bigger than a netbook checkered PC displays at Computex Taipei on Tuesday.

Ultraportable Laptops That Perform
Ultraportable laptops are the latest trend, but buying decisions could be a struggle when choosing between low-cost and...

Ultrathin Price Drops May Squeeze Netbooks
The emerging category of ultrathin laptops could compete with netbooks on features and price.

Via Courts Chinese PC Makers With NetNote Platform
Via Technologies is gearing up to release a turnkey laptop platform called NetNote that's aimed at smaller Chinese computer makers.

Via Releases Laptop Design as Open Source
Via Technologies released the hardware design for a low-cost laptop with WiMax support under an open-source license on...

Via Rolls out Surfboard Reference Design for Laptops
Via Technologies rolled out a new reference design for laptops, called Surfboard C855, that includes its recently announced...

Vodafone to Resell Dell's Netbook
Dell's new netbook, the Inspiron Mini 9, will be sold with built-in mobile broadband by Vodafone, the companies announced on...

Wal-Mart's Black Friday Rip-off

What Do You Get With a $298 Laptop?
In the past few weeks a new market has emerged for ultra-cheap laptops priced under US$300 that boast some of the features found in more expensive, mainstream...

What an Apple Netbook Might Look Like

White MacBook 2GHz
While Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops have been re-engineered to include an all-aluminum unibody design, one lone...

Who In the World Wants an Android Netbook?

Why Apple Won’t Make a Netbook
The company says netbooks don’t provide a good user experience. But, in the end, it’s really about the money.

Why It's Worth Waiting for a Nook e-Reader
Want a Nook but wonder if it's worth the wait? January 11 is not such a long delay for the year's hottest gift--that isn't a robotic hamster.

Why Netbooks Will Soon Cost $99
Prediction: The era when subnotebooks are subsidized like cell phones is here -- almost.

Will 3G Netbooks Replace Cell Phones?

Will Barnes & Noble Break E-Reader Price Barrier?
Even with recent cuts, the Kindle, at $259, still seems expensive. Will B&N beat Amazon's $259 price and turn e-readers into mainstream devices? It just might.

Will Samsung Ship a Laptop Based on Via's Nano Processor?
Rumors are spreading that Samsung plans to announce a laptop based on Via's Nano processor.

Windows 7, Linux Battle for Netbook Supremacy
Linux had the early lead but doesn't have the marketing might to threaten Microsoft on netbooks, analysts say. Problem is, until Windows 7 arrives, Microsoft's stuck pitching old XP to this new market.

Windows 7 Nurtures Netbooks . . . Or Not

Windows 7 Will Scream With New SSD Drives

Windows Coming on Dual-boot OLPC
The One Laptop Per Child Project and Microsoft plan to make both Windows and Linux available on a version of the project's XO...

Windows Dominates Netbooks

With a GPS Failure Possible, Is It Still Safe To Buy?

World's Largest Laptop PC Maker Raises Shipment Target
Quanta Computer, the world's largest contract laptop PC maker, on Tuesday raised its shipment target for this year to over 40...

XO Laptop Hits 30 International Markets
The XO laptop will go on sale Monday to 30 countries through, marking the first time the laptop will be sold to users outside the U.S. and Canada.

XO Laptop to Go on Sale in 30 Countries on Monday
The XO laptop will go on sale Monday to 30 countries through, marking the first time the laptop will be sold to...

Zegari Minimalist
Zegari's Minimalist is a briefcase-style laptop bag meant to appeal to luxury bag lovers. Luxury usually translates to "high...

$999 MacBook Specs Improved With Nvidia Graphics
Some time in the last few days, Apple's online store has updated the specifications of the entry-level, polycarbonate-clad...

'Checkpoint Friendly' Laptop Bags Explained
Back in early August, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced new rules covering "checkpoint friendly"...

'MacBook Mini' Pics are Likely Fake -- But Drool-Inducing

'Modbook' MacBook Tablet Gets Improvements
Axiotron has announced improvements to its Modbook -- a MacBook laptop that has been converted to work as a tablet computer...

'Modservice' Converts Old MacBooks Into Tablets
Other World Computing is offering Modservice, a new service that converts the last-generation MacBook into an Axiotron...

10 Cool Gifts: Gadgets, Accessories, and Oddities
A high-end GPS at a low price, a sleek Bluetooth headset, and more gift ideas under $300.

10 Free Downloads for Your Laptop

13.3-Inch MacBook

17-inch MacBook Pro Benchmarks
Following the top-to-bottom refresh of Apple's laptop line announced in October, people paid plenty of attention to the new...

17-inch MacBook Pro Gets Unibody Makeover
The 17-inch MacBook Pro will join the rest of Apple's laptop line in getting a unibody enclosure, as Apple unveiled a new...

18 Reasons Steve Jobs Won't Deliver Any More Macworld Keynotes
Apple announced it was pulling out of the Macworld Expo conference. What's happened to the turtlenecked wonder? Here's our speculation.

2009 PC World 100, Listed Alphabetically

2009 PC World 100, Listed by Category

2010 Will be the Year of the Tablet Computer

24 hours with the new Apple MacBook
After almost three years using a first generation MacBook Pro this user decided to "downgrade" to a new MacBook. Here are notes from the first day...

Why Netbooks Are Not Business Ready

4 Green Technology Tips That Will Save You Money

5 Netbooks Microsoft Has Crushed

7 Hot Black Friday Laptop and Netbook Deals

8 Best Buys for Essential Gear
Here's what to buy among the gear everybody needs, from laptops and desktops to HDTVs.

9 Things I Hate About Laptops

A Beef With Battery Benchmarks

A Literally Buggy MacBook Pro
I've run into my fair share of computer bugs from time to time: kernel panics, blue screens of death, even corrupt RAM. But...

A Wooden Laptop Case: Your MacBook Deserves It
You've got yourself a slick, shiny new MacBook, so it's only right that you treat it with the style with which it deserves. No...

AMD, Via Battle Intel's Atom
Competition in the mobile-CPU market will feed the growth of a new class of affordable but powerful ultraportable laptops.

AT&T To Offer $49.99 Netbook—Is It a Good Deal?

Acer Announces New Bargain Laptops

Acer Aspire 5738DG-6165 All-Purpose Laptop

Acer Aspire 8920 Desktop Replacement Laptop
This big, beautiful consumer laptop's 18.4-inch screen could be brighter, but speed and other features make up for that.

Acer Aspire 8930 Desktop Replacement Laptop

Acer Aspire AS5517-1208 Laptop

Acer Aspire One AO751h

Acer Aspire One AOD150
Acer follows its popular Aspire One netbook with a slightly sleeker model.

Acer Aspire One D250-1613 (Android) Netbook

Acer Aspire One: Holiday Sales Deals
Score Acer Aspire One deals for the holidays.

Acer Aspire One Mini-notebook (Windows XP)
With its bargain-basement price, the Aspire One looks like a steal--until you realize you need the 6-cell battery.

Acer Aspire One netbook - Almost Perfect

Acer Aspire One

Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T Laptop

Acer: Dell and HP Are Sabotaging Ultra-Thin Laptops

Acer TravelMate 6293 All-Purpose Laptop
Acer's TravelMate 6293 all-purpose laptop will thrill corporate bean counters with its long battery life.

Acer: We'll Be First to Launch a Chrome OS Netbook

Acer's Rumored DirectX 11 Notebook: Killer Graphics, Long Name

Acer's Yuletide Special: A $99 Netbook
AT&T and RadioShack reportedly will offer the Acer Aspire One at a steep discount.

Acer’s Yuletide Special: A $99 Netbook
AT&T and RadioShack reportedly will offer the Acer Aspire One at a steep discount.

Affordable Gateway Laptops Debut
Gateway introduces two new lines of sub-$1000 laptops--the MD and the UC--at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Ailing Laptop: Repair or Replace?
Tips and advice for that scary time when both your laptop and its warranty have expired.

Alienware Area 51 Power Desktop
This updated version of an old favorite remains competitive, but we wouldn’t place bets on it winning races.

Alienware M15x (with Core i7-920XM)

Alienware M15x

Alienware M17x

Alienware m17 Desktop Replacement Notebook
Alienware, best-known for expensive, high-performance PCs, delivers a good gaming laptop at a reasonable price.

All Atwitter About Apple's Laptop Event
By this point, pretty much everybody knows that Apple will be announcing updates to the MacBook line at Tuesday's Town Hall...

All I Want for X-Mas (Laptop Edition)

Aluminum MacBook Core 2 Duo/2GHz and 2.4GHz
In the two and half years since the first MacBook model, Apple has tweaked and improved its consumer-level laptop line three...

An Amazing Laptop Recovery Story

Analysis: Did Apple Downgrade the New MacBook Pro's SATA Interface?
Apple appears to have downgraded the Serial ATA interface of at least two models in its new MacBook Pro laptop line, a move that could effect the I/O of...

Analyst: Apple Could Score with $599 Netbook

Analysts Say Mac Sales 'Defy All Logic'

Another Day, Another Apple Tablet Rumor

Another Way to Fix a Troublesome Touchpad
Tired of your thumb accidentally brushing the touchpad? Here's a simple fix that doesn't require mucking around with system settings.

Apple Co-founder to Advise ModBook Maker
There are signs and portents everywhere in life if you just keep your eyes open and know where to look--eldritch harbingers...

Apple Laptops Extend Their Lead in Reliability
In our annual survey of the most reliable laptops, Apple leads, HP bleeds, and Lenovo significantly recedes.

Apple Layoffs, 10-inch iPod Touch: A Barrel of Apple Rumors

Apple MacBook A1181 Laptop

Apple MacBook Air A1304

Apple MacBook Air Ultraportable Laptop
Apple's second stab at the Air adds a better GPU but keeps the same shape--and the problems that come with it.

Apple MacBook (Aluminum)
Apple takes a few steps forward with the MacBook's excellent redesign, but the new model costs more as a result.

Apple MacBook Pro: A New Look
The MacBook Pro's new design aesthetic and its new GPU solutions make it a good, but not great, notebook.

Apple MacBook Pro A1297 (17-inch) Laptop

Apple Not Immune from Bad Economy as Mac Sales Drop
Despite a decrease in sales, the news is not all bad for Apple.

Apple Offers Firmware Fix for MacBook Pro Vertical Line Problem

Apple Offers MacBook Pro Nvidia Graphics Repair
Apple has posted details of a new service program for MacBook Pro laptops affected by a flaw involving Nvidia graphics chips...

Apple Overhauls Laptop Lineup, Intros New Monitor
Changes to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines highlighted Apple's notebook announcements Tuesday, as the company unveiled new...

Apple Posts Two 17-inch MacBook Pro Videos
If you couldn't tell from our Keynote live blog (and live tweeting), Apple is very proud of the new battery technology that...

Apple Releases Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update
Apple posted a migration update for owners of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks released earlier this week at the...

Apple Tablet Coming in 2010?

Apple Tablet: Did The New York Times Spill the Beans?

Apple Tablet Dreams: Image Gallery

Apple Tablet Prototype is Real, Nov. Launch Expected, says Report

Apple Tablet and CrunchPad: Do Consumers Want These Things?

Apple Touts MacBooks' Greenness
Apple isn't what you would call a Greenpeace darling, though few multinational corporations are. That being said, Apple has...

Apple Trackpad Update Fixes Unrecognized Clicks
Apple on Monday released an update for its newest MacBook and MacBook line of notebooks. Specifically, the firmware addresses...

Apple Travels Down Under to Shop Mysterious Tablet

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro
Priced at $1999 and $2499, the new MacBook Pros each feature two Nvidia graphic chipset, a mini display port, and a slot-loading SuperDrive.

Apple Updates MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Firmware
Apple on Wednesday released updates for its newest line of notebooks. Separate downloads are available for the MacBook...

Apple Works on MacBook Pro Hard Drive Fix
Apple is working on a software update to address hard drive issues affecting its latest 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro laptops. Users are complaining in droves...

Apple 'iPad' Tablet to Arrive in 2010 -- Analyst

Apple's Fall Laptop Classic
What kind of changes will the upcoming announcement bring to the portable lineup that bears the name MacBook?

Apple's MacBook Strategy: Optical is Over

Apple to Hold Special Notebook Event on Oct. 14
Apple is turning its attention to its notebook line of computers, as the company announced a special event being held in...

Archos’s Android 5 Tablet: It Isn’t a PC - or is It?

Are Service Provider Netbook Bundles a Good Deal?

Asus Eee PC 1000H 80G XP
Asus fixes most of the shortcomings of the Eee family with its newest--and biggest--mini-notebook.

Asus Eee PC 1000HE
A smart netbook that not only gets the design right -- and it's priced to move.

Asus Eee PC 1005HA

Asus Eee PC 1008HA Netbook

Asus Eee PC 1101HA

Asus Hits CES With New Netbooks, Laptops
At CES, Asus is showing several laptops, including a new Lamborghini-branded ultraportable.

Asus Launches 'world's First 17.3-inch Laptop'
Asus has announced the F70 notebook, which it says is the first model available with a 17.3-inch display. This has LED...

Asus N10Jc Mini-notebook
The N10Jc is a fantastic choice for mobile workers, but its relatively high price puts it out of reach for many.

Asus N90SV-A2

Asus Portable To Have Optical Drive: Is It Still A Netbook?

Asus Preps Multimedia 'PC Within a Keyboard'

Asus Rethinks Laptop With Dual-Panel Portable at Cebit

Asus Revamps 1000HA Netbook, Offered for $300

Asus U6V: Ultraportable Form Meets Fashion
Asus's fashionable ultraportable gives you good performance--and a second battery--without breaking the bank.

Asus UL30A

Asus UL80Vt-A1 Delivers Impressive Flexibility

Asus W90 Desktop Replacement Laptop

Asus and Disney Join Forces on Kid-Friendly Netbooks

Asustek to Make Google Android Netbook, Says Report

At Last, a Netbook Worth Buying: Samsung's N120

Atom N450 Netbooks Hit Full Force in January, More Upgrades to Come

Back to School Laptops: We Review Best Buy's Exclusives

Bag Options Abound for Apple's New Laptop
The unveiling of a new MacBook Pro model has inspired a wave of bagmakers to produce carrying cases aimed at the latest...

Battery Tests: The New MacBook and MacBook Pro
We test the new MacBook and MacBook Pro for battery life by watching a movie clip until the laptop is drained.

Benchmarks: The New MacBook and Games
Macworld Lab has had the new MacBook and MacBook Pro for a few days now, and we've spent our time running lots of tests. For...

Black Friday Tech Deals: Latest and Greatest

Breaking Down the New MacBooks
Apple took a little more than an hour Tuesday to run through all the changes to its laptop line. In this special edition of...

Brenthaven Trek Sleeve
Back in June 2007, I covered Brenthaven's US$20 MacBook Sleeve, an impressively protective case at an impressively low price...

Call it a 'Sub-Subnotebook.' New 'PC' is Small as a Cell Phone!
This is not your average subnotebook. Maybe you'll want to call it a sub-subnotebook.

Can Apple Survive Another Great Quarter?
Apple reports an awesome first fiscal quarter, but some are still wondering: is the end nigh?

Change the Function of Your Laptop's Power Button
Does it make your laptop sleep when you want it to shut down? Shut down when you want it to hibernate? Here's how to teach that power button who's boss!

Changes to Low-end MacBook Promise More Value Than Ever
Last week Apple quietly began selling a refreshed version of its entry-level MacBook with improved graphics. We're still...

Cheap Laptops Offer Solid Value

Choosing the Perfect Notebook for Windows 7
With Windows 7 on the way, it's more important than ever to choose the right features and specs for your next laptop. These quick tips can help you avoid...

Clark & Mayfield Metro Express Laptop Tote Bag
Totes are excellent everyday bags. Large and easily accessible, they're ideal for everything from loading up on library books...

Class Action Suit Seeks Truth about Laptop Battery Life

Coming Soon: Lightweight Laptops That Pack More of a Punch

Consumer Reports Misses the Mark on Netbooks

Could Netbooks Be the Ultimate Thin Client?

Could The Nokia Booklet Cost Nearly $800?
Could the upcoming Booklet netbook from Nokia set you back nearly $800?

CrunchPad Demo Promised Next Week

Customized MacBook Pro Benchmarks
It's standard practice for Apple to offer customers to chance to upgrade processors, hard drives, and other components of its...

DEMO 09: Netbook with Detachable Screen and Half-Day Battery Life

Dead Laptop

Debating the MacBook's Merits
As our debate over the worthiness of Web-based services showed, nothing sets off a friendly argument faster than our annual...

Dell Adamo: Heroin Chic Comes to Laptops

Dell Adamo Rumors Gain Ground with 'Confirmation'
Is Dell preparing an Airbook-killing ultralight laptop? After all the buzz, it had better be.

Dell Adamo

Dell, Alienware Invade With Core i7 Laptops

Dell Exits Gaming, Alienware Invades with New M17x Notebook

Dell Inspiron 14z

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Mini-Notebook
Dell's first mini-notebook is a solid system at a solid price.

Dell Introduces Affordable Inspiron Mini 12
Dell's new mini-note isn't so mini. Here is a look at the latest from Dell.

Dell Laptop Fails to Excite With Wireless Charger

Dell Latitude 2100-N: A Top-Notch Ubuntu Linux Netbook

Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

Dell Latitude Z600

Dell Launches Inspiron Mini 10
New netbook boasts a keyboard that's 92 percent of full size.

Dell 'Leaked' Laptop Roadmap Seems Fishy to Me

Dell Mini 10

Dell Netbook for Schools Has Germ-Busting Keyboard

Dell Studio 14z All-Purpose Laptop

Dell Studio XPS 16 All-Purpose Laptop
The newly announced Dell Studio XPS 16 emphasizes both form and function--at a reasonable price.

Dell Studio XPS Power Desktop
The Studio XPS delivers powerful performance for its price; but the internal design hampers this awesome PC.

Dell Takes Wraps Off Sleek Adamo Laptop

Dell Tweaks Chrome for Mini 10v

Dell Windows 7 Deals

Dell's December Days of Deals

Dell's Latitude 2100: More Than Just Kid's Stuff

Dell's Slick Studio Laptops
Two new Dell laptops offer both attractive style and an array of features.

Dell's Vostro V13 Is A Lighter, Thinner Workhorse