Computing Center Sitemap - Page 121 2013-07-16

Carl Zeiss to Improve Cinemizer Video Eyewear
An updated version of the Cinemizer video eyewear from developer Carl Zeiss will add a high-resolution LCD screen to the iPod...

Choosing the Anthem for the Funnest IPod Ever
Somehow Apple always seems to pick the catchiest songs for its iPod commercials. The latest iPod touch spot is no exception;...

Cowon A3 (30GB) Portable Video Player
If you can get past its bulky design and unintuitive controls, the Cowon A3 shines as a portable video player.

Cowon O2
The O2 is an impressive portable video player, but it lacks a few crucial features.

Creative Zen Mozaic Media Player
The Zen Mozaic is a good portable player at a low price, but it has a few quirks.

DLO Finally Releases Hi-def IPod Video Dock
Digital Lifestyle Outfitters on Thursday announced the release of HomeDock HD, a new home entertainment peripheral for iPods...

Earbuds May be Hazardous to Your Heart
MP3 player headphones interfere with pacemakers, a new study finds.

Expo Notes: Neck and Neck With the Nano
iPod accessories are pretty common these days, so it's hard to stick out among the throng--especially when you're talking...

EzBling Case Released for IPod Nano 4G
ezGear on Friday announced the ezBling, a new case for the fourth-generation iPod nano.

Fifth-Generation iPod Nano

First Look: The New iPod Nano with Video Recording

First Look at the Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet

First Look at the Microsoft Zune HD

First Look: iRiver Spinn Multimedia Player
Though pricey and sometimes confusing to navigate, the Spinn has a gorgeous design and provides excellent playback quality.

Gear Guide, Part Two: Gear for Your IPod
They call it "the iPod ecosystem"-that's the expanding universe of speakers, headphones, cases, and other player-related...

Giving the Gift of IPods this Holiday? Read This
It's that time of year. Some people give gifts, some people give new iPods. Here's what Apple has in store for the holidays.

Google to Launch 'Google Audio' Music Service and Phone, Reports Claim

Griffin Offers IPod Component, Composite Video Cables
Griffin Technology on Wednesday announced the release of its Component Video Cable and Composite Video cable for iPod. The...

Haier Sport Video MP3 Player Is a Great Workout Companion

Haier's HV18A-4G Video MP3 Player Has Some Serious Battery Power

Hands-On: SanDisk Sansa Clip+

Hands-On With the Sony X-Series Walkman

Hands On With the Zune HD

Happy Birthday! The Walkman Turns 30

Has Dell Quit the Fight Against the iPod?
Dell backs off promise to deliver slick new music device before the holiday season.

Hot Portable Media Players to Look Out For

ILuv Dual-dock Alarm Clock Offers Either Port in a Storm
iLuv's iMM183 Hi-Fi Dual Dock Alarm Clock with Weather Band Radio is making its debut at this week's Consumer Electronics Show...

ILuv I399
In the world of the iPod-compatible speaker systems, the iLuv i399 is a jack-of-all-trades. This bookshelf unit not only plays...

IPod Case Lets Divers Get Down Deeper
An audio products maker is featuring an iPod case for divers that can be used as deep as 300 ft./90m.

IPod: The Device That Changed Everything
Amid all the hubbub last week surrounding Windows 7 -- not to mention Burger King's 7-layer Windows Whopper -- I totally missed one of the key anniversaries in...

IPod Touch Ad Is the Funnest Banner Ever
Apple has a history of producing innovative web-based advertisements for the 'Get a Mac' series and now they've published a...

IPod Touch Draws the Short Straw
As you're likely aware, Apple on Thursday night released version 2.2 software updates for the iPhone and iPod touch. Those...

IPod and IPhone Accessories
Since the iPod hit the scene more than seven years ago, the headphones, cases, and other add-ons that make up the iPod...

ISimple WiFli Puts IPod Control on Your Steering Wheel
When you're driving, you want your iPod controls where your hands are--on the steering wheel. iSimple aims to eliminate...

Iharmonix Debuts New IPhone Earphones
Paramount Wireless on Monday introduced a new iharmonix product line, focused on offering earphone designs. The new earphones...

Incipio Lloyd
Most dockable iPods--including the third- and fourth-generation (4G) iPod nano and full-size iPods as far back as the third...

Ion Audio Announces ICapture and Anyroom
At the CES show in Las Vegas, Ion Audio announced two new iPod products, iCapture and Anyroom.

Is Apple's iPod Dying -- And Does Apple Care?

Is Microsoft Still Trying to Challenge the iPod?

Is Zune HD up to the iPod Challenge?

Japan's Music Downloads Rise 30 Percent in Q3
Legal Internet music downloads and revenues jumped in Q3 and cell phone song sales made up more than half the market for...

Last Minute Predictions For Wednesday’s Apple Event

Logitech Shows Off Three New iPod Speakers
One alarm clock model includes a motion sensor that lets you hit snooze by waving your hand.

MP3 Players: Whose is Smallest?

Manage Media on Any Device

Marantz Offers Bluetooth Dock for IPod
Home entertainment peripheral maker Marantz America has introduced the IS301 Wireless Dock for iPod. It's priced at US$250 and...

Microsoft Readies Zune HD

Microsoft Readies an All-Out War on the iPod

Microsoft Zune 16GB MP3 Player
The latest Zune firmware lets you identify and download songs heard on the radio, but other than a capacity boost, little else has changed.

Microsoft Zune 3.0 Media Player Software
Zune 3.0 offers a visually interesting spin on music recommendations, but you have to pay for the full experience.

Microsoft Zune HD (32GB Platinum) Media Player

Microsoft: Zune Revenue Dropped by 54 Percent
Microsoft's revenue from its Zune music player platform fell by $100 million, or 54 percent, in the fourth quarter.

Microsoft Zune Still Playing Catch-Up

Microsoft's Official Fix for Failing Zunes
Microsoft has posted an official fix for failing 30GB Zunes.

Microsoft to Drop All Zunes Except for HD Model

More Zune HD Details Emerge

NAMM: Future Sonics Releases New Atrio Earphone Models
Professional earphone-maker Future Sonics released two new models of its Atrio earphones at the NAMM music show in Anaheim...

Napster Cuts Rates In Half: Offers Limited DRM-Free Downloads

Navigate IPod Controller and FM Tuner
Griffin Technology announced an inline controller/FM radio for iPods and the iPhone yesterday. I know what you're thinking:...

New Apple iPod Shuffle: Don't Leave Work Early to Get It

New Device Aims to Turn Everyone Into a DJ
A new version of the portable DJ system Pacemaker will be cheaper and easier to use than its predecessor, and bring the...

New iPod Touch Hides an 802.11n Wi-Fi Chip

New iPod in September?

New-look Nano Highlights Apple's IPod Changes
Apple revamped its iPod line Tuesday, highlighted by a new version of the iPod nano with a curved aluminum design and built-in accelerometer.

Next: Cameras for iPods?

Next-Gen Walkman S-Series Details Leaked

Next from Apple: A Large-Screen iPod Touch?
A bigger screen would enhance video-watching, Web-surfing, and gaming, and perhaps serve as Apple's netbook.

No Stars in MP3 Players Reliability
None of the major MP3 player brands -- not even Apple -- got better than average overall reliability and service marks in our survey.

Not the iPod Type? Consider a Zune or SlotRadio

Obama Sports White Earbuds, Doesn't Rock Zune
Our long national nightmare is over. Despite rumors to the contrary, it's been confirmed that President-elect Barack Obama uses an iPod.

Our Favorite IPod Accessories of 2008
With the release of the iPhone 3G and the App Store, iPhone software was all the rage when it came to Apple's mobile devices...

Parasync Dock Supports Upto 20 iPods and iPhones
A new dock from technology maker Parasync can support up to 20 iPods or iPhones simultaneously.

Parrot by Starck
Philippe Starck is a very well known designer who seems to be up for handling industrial design on just about any product that...

Photos Reveal New Zune HD With Touchscreen

President-Elect Thinks Different
Take that, iPod: Obama uses a Zune.

Preview: Microsoft Shows Innovative New Zune Software
Company boosts Zune hardware capacity, and updates software to add playlist auto-generation feature.

Remember, Engraved IPods Are Yours for Life
Times are tough, we know, so here's something to consider if you're planning on asking for (or giving) a personalized iPod for...

Report: iRiver Plans Android iPod Touch Rival, E-Book Reader, Web Tablet

Reserve Your Zune HD Today

Review: iTunes 8
iTunes 8 isn't a revolution in media players, but its new features make an already capable application even more indispensable.

ReviveLite Scares Away the IPhone Killers
Over the years, I've seen iPod docks merged with a wide range of household objects: beds, chairs, desks, LCD displays...

RoadTrip Certified for IPhone Use
Griffin Technologies has announced that its RoadTrip with SmartScan is now certified by Apple for use with the iPhone. The...

Rumor: Next-Gen iPods to Sport Video Cameras

Samsung S3 Slim Music Player
The Samsung S3 is a low-price music player with high-quality sound and design.

Samsung YP-S2 (Pebble) MP3 Player
This MP3 player packs lots of advanced features into a minimalist design, but its sound quality is a bit disappointing.

Slacker: Great Service, Lousy Device
The scoop: Slacker G2 Personal Radio Player, by, US$200 (4GB) or $250 (8GB).

Some Zunes Expire Along with 2008
Zune users report that the 30GB players are inexplicably dying; Microsoft urges "patience."

Sony Ericsson Unveils Motion Activated Headphones

Sony Unveils Slimmest Walkman Yet

Sony Walkman NWZ-S738F
The NWZ-S738F's impressive sound quality is enhanced with a noise-cancellation feature and five-band equalizer.

Sony Walkman Turns 30: Memories of an Iconic Gadget

Sony X-Series Walkman

Sony's Walkman MP3 Player
30 years after the first cassette Walkman was introduced, the Sony Walkman NWZ-S738F is a high-quality MP3 player.

Step Up for Your Zune Order

Summary: Camera-equipped Nano Highlights Apple's IPod Changes

Sync 15 IPods to Your ITunes Library at Once
Most people I know seem to have more than one iPod: A nano for the gym, one 3rd generation iPod that was replaced by a new...

Take Your IPod for a Spin With New Philips Offering
Several new iPod accessories announced by Philips this week put a new spin on the traditional iPod dock.

That IPod Touch Runs at 533 MHz
Apple would like for all of us to think about the iPhone and iPod touch (and all iPod models, really) as hermetically sealed...

The Most Hummable Holiday Tunes
Mariah tops (one very personal) survey of favorite Christmas/holiday tunes.

The Zune is Dead, Long Live the Zune HD

The iPod Touch Goes to War

Throw A Geek Party With The New iTunes

Top 5 MP3 Players (Flash-Based)
These are the top flash-based MP3 players today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Tune Blocker Saves You From Yourself
Technology, at its best, saves us from doing stupid things. You know, the kind of thing that, immediately after you do it, you...

ViewSonic VPD400 MovieBook HD: Right Price, Wrong Design

Vuzix Intros Wrap 920AV Video Glasses
Vuzix on Monday announced the Wrap 920AV, a new pair of sunglass-style video glasses that work with iPods and the iPhone...

Will Apple's New iTunes Put You on Cloud Nine?

Will iPod Touch Camera Be Stellar — or So-So?

XtremeMac Shows off Voice Recorder for 4G Nanos
iPod accessories maker XtremeMac this week unveiled a voice recorder designed for the fourth-generation iPod nano.

Zune Gaffe Just Business as Usual for Microsoft?
Microsoft should of anticipated this critical fault in its Zune that temporarily turned many of the digital music players into bricks.

Zune HD: No iPod Killer

Zune HD Specs Including Tegra Details

Zune HD Teardown Reveals Sleek, Powerful Device

Zune HD finally gets its 3D games
Audiosurf, Vans SK8, Project Gotham Racing, and more...but not Facebook or Twitter just yet

Zune HD vs. iPod Touch: Feature Comparison Chart

ZuneGate '08: What Really Happened!
'twas the night before New Years, and all sorts of Zune 30GB devices fell into disarray. Microsoft correctly blamed a leap year coding issue. We'll show you exactly what happened!

ZuneGate: Is Obama an iPresident or Not?
Does President-elect Obama uses a Zune or an iPhone? This important political question is probed.

Zunes Spontaneously Dying All Over the Place
Maybe it's the leap second or simply fatigue, but some Zunes are freezing up as 2008 ends.

iHome iP1 iPod Dock

iPod Camera Delays Possible

iPod Cameras: Coming Soon?

iPod Nano Gets Video Camera

iPod Repairman Charged in Shuffle Theft

iPod Shortage: Just a Marketing Ploy?
Apple's music players seem to be the must-have device this year. But are they really in short suopply?

iPod Shuffle, Take Three: Form Trumps Function

iPod Touch Edges Out Sibling Players

iPod Touch (Second Generation)
The second-generation iPod Touch adds speaker and volume controls--and delivers one of the most polished media players available at a lower price.

iPod Touch Update Sighted (Maybe)

iPods Still Reign Supreme, but Competition Closes In

iRiver Spinn Multimedia Player
Though pricey and sometimes confusing to navigate, the Spinn has a gorgeous design and provides excellent playback quality.

iTunes Tips From Hassle-Free PC
PC World blogger Rick Broida tells you how to convert AAC-encoded tracks to MP3 and add album art to your iTunes library, and more.

Converting Your Audio to FLAC
FLAC hasn't hit the mainstream yet, so you'll need to use a few underground apps for the best results.

MP3 Technology
Information from About Guides and partners relating to MP3 Technology

Napster, Amazon MP3: Digital Music Done Differently
Napster's music-subscription service has a great playlist function; Amazon's MP3 store is easy to navigate and very affordable.

Universal to test sales of DRM-free music
As part of a six-month test to end in January, UMG, a subsidiary of French conglomerate Vivendi Universal SA, will sell a wide range of albums and songs from artists such as 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas and Sting -- in MP3 format, without DRM (digital rights management) copy protection, the music company confirmed Friday.

Information from About Guides and partners relating to MSN

Brother MFC-665CW
This all-in-one printer doesn't set any performance records, but it packs many business-class features into a compact package.

Brother MFC-685CW Color Inkjet MFP
Brother's MFC-685CW is a well-equipped color inkjet multifunction printer. Unfortunately, it's very slow.

Brother MFC-9440CN Color Laser Multifunction Printer
Efficient but not stylish, this color laser MFP is a solid choice for adding a little color to work documents.

Canon Pixma MP510
This general-purpose all-in-one prints high-quality photos at an affordable price.

Canon Pixma MP530
With its built-in fax and duplexer, the MP530 handles small-office tasks well.

Canon Pixma MP600
This easy-to-use MFP delivers high-quality prints and copies at fast speeds.

Canon Pixma MP960
Photographers will love the MP960 for its film scanning and beautiful photo prints.

Canon Pixma MX700 Color Inkjet MFP
A few image-quality and design quirks aside, this multifunction printer offers a capable mix of features for a fair price.

Dell 948 All-in-One Color Inkjet MFP
Otherwise average MFP gets a lift from its standard automatic duplexing and automatic document feeder.

Dell Multifunction Color Laser Printer 3115cn
Speed and expandability are this color laser MFP's forte, making up for its subpar photos and design quirks.

Dell Photo All-In-One 966
This MFP offers a fax, an automated document feeder, wireless networking, and many upgrade options, but print quality isn't tops.

Epson Stylus Photo RX580
Epson's all-in-one performs well as a scanner and photo printer, but falls short on quality for other general-purpose tasks.

HP OfficeJet Pro L7680
This versatile inkjet multifunction printer stacks up well against laser-based rivals.

HP Officejet J6480 All-in-One Inkjet Multifunction Printer
A raft of features makes this multifunction printer tempting, despite its middling performance and a few design flaws.

HP Photosmart C5180 All-In-One
The C5180 handles photos well and offers built-in networking.

HP Photosmart C5280
This all-in-one offers many features (such as CD/DVD printing) and great photo quality, but its speeds are below average.

HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-One Color Inkjet MFP
With a DVD-writable drive, unit offers do-it-all digital photo processing, but office features are sparse.

HP's New Multifunction Inkjets Take On Laser-Based Versions

Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Inkjet Multifunction Printer
A student or home user can get an adequate printer plus a few more features in this low-cost multifunction unit.

Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-One
This all-in-one's slightly high price is offset by competitive ink costs. Performance is fair, but photo quality can be very good.

Kodak Easyshare 5500 All-In-One Color Inkjet MFP
Poky speed and a high price detract from this multifunction printer's useful small-office/home-office and shutterbug features.

Konica Minolta Magicolor 2590MF Color Laser Multifunction Printer
Although it prints surprisingly good photos, this color laser MFP has too many limitations for the price.

Lexmark X500n Color Laser Multifunction Printer
Cheap to buy but costly to resupply, this color laser MFP would fit best in a lower-volume small office.

Lexmark X5470
Lexmark's budget multifunction device includes a fax and an automatic document feeder.

Lexmark X6570 Color Inkjet MFP
High-end features--automatic duplexing and Wi-Fi--help the X6570 stand out in its price range.

Lexmark X9575 Professional Inkjet Multifunction Printer
Though this multifunction printer is well equipped for a small or home office, its ink costs restrict it to lower-volume use.

Lexmark's New, Inexpensive Wi-Fi Printers
Here's the lowdown on Lexmark's new bargain-priced wireless printers.

Multifunction Devices
Information from About Guides and partners relating to Multifunction Devices

New Color Inkjet MFP Features DVD Burner

New Printers Ideal for Home and Office
New all-in-one devices are ideal for home and office tasks, from printing to to copying to faxing.

Oki Printing Solutions C3530n Color Laser Multifunction Printer
A low-volume office might tolerate the pricey toner for this color laser MFP, but its design could be a lot better.

They Do It All, but Performance Varies Widely
This month's chart features all newly tested models.

Top 5 Color Laser Multifunction Printers
These efficient workhorses combine color laser printing, scanning, copying, and, frequently, faxing. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Inkjet Multifunction Printers
These all-in-one printers are the best of their class, and are solid choices for small businesses and home offices. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Xerox Phaser 6180MFP Color Laser Multifunction Printer
This higher-end color laser MFP offers good performance and features, but it's not for the budget-conscious.

15 Tools to Make Your PC a Multimedia Powerhouse
Enjoy your video and audio collections to the fullest with the help of these free and low-cost downloads.

8 Steps to Better Holiday Cards, Books, Calendars
Now that the fridge is packed with Thanksgiving leftovers and the radio is broadcasting hourly traffic reports for mall parking lots, it's time to start thinking...

A Video Enhancement Tool That Will Amaze You
Take a peek into the future of video editing, and get some practical photo tips you can use right now--plus the usual time wasters.

ATV Flash 4.0.3 Adds Apple TV 3.0.1 Support, IPhone Control
The Apple TV ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) is a decent device if you just need to spice up your living room HDTV with your most recent iTunes content. But...

Add Missing Album Artwork to Your iTunes Library
Lend iTunes a helping hand with artwork it can't find in its own database.

Adobe Bids Farewell to PowerPC Users
Adobe today put PowerPC users on notice: in a newly published FAQ, the company confirms that future versions of the Creative Suite will run only on Intel-based...

Adobe Fixes More Bugs in Shockwave Player
Adobe Systems has issued an update for five vulnerabilities in its Shockwave Player, which is installed on some 450 million PCs.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Graphics Software
Support for multiple-page documents (at last) and lots of improvements make this a worthy upgrade.

Adobe Patches Flash Vulnerabilities for Three Platforms
Adobe has updated its Flash multimedia software to eliminate five flaws affecting Windows, OS X and Linux systems.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Photo Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Elements 7 Video Editing Software
The newest version of Elements is Webbier than ever--with online backup and syncing, Internet-refreshed tutorials, and downloadable content--but to get a usable amount of storage space, you'll have to pay $50 a year.

Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Video Editing Software

Adobe Pushes Update Live
Adobe on Thursday pushed the promised update for live, making it available to users.

Adobe Story Public Preview Released
Adobe Systems has announced the public preview of Adobe Story, the company's new collaborative script development software, at the 2009 IBC (International...

Adobe Tool Renders Site Designs in Different Browsers
Adobe will release on Wednesday a hosted tool that lets designers easily check how their sites look in different browsers.

Adobe Unveils Flash Media Encoder
As a preemptive blow against Microsoft rival Silverlight, Adobe is readying a tool to move video content to Adobe's Flash format.

Adobe Updates Lightroom and Camera Raw
Adobe on Wednesday will release updates for Photoshop Lightroom and its Camera Raw plug-in. The updates bring the most current...

Adobe's Mobile Comes to the iPhone

Adobe to Show off New Flash for Smartphones
Adobe will show off its progress with Flash 10 for smartphones at the Mobile World Congress Monday, although it is still not...

Aperture 2.1.4 Released
Apple on Thursday released Aperture 2.1.4, a maintenance update to the company's pro photo editing and organization software. The update is free and is available...

Aperture Plug-in Boosts Performance, Adds Dual Histograms
Creaceed has updated Hydra, its Aperture plug-in (and standalone application) for creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images...

App Upgrade Makes Geocoding Your Snapshots a Snap
Houdah Software has upgraded HoudahGeo, its Mac photo geocoding application. Available immediately, HoudahGeo 2.0 made its...

Apple Releases GarageBand 5.1 Update
Late on Monday afternoon, Apple released a hefty update to its GarageBand 5 ( Macworld rated 4.5 out of 5 mice ) software, which is part of the iLife '09 suite...

Apple Releases IDVD 7.0.3
Apple on Monday updated its consumer level DVD creation application, iDVD.

Apple Releases IPhoto 8.1 Update
Apple has released the iPhoto 8.1 software update. The newest version of iPhoto '09 primarily adds new project templates, including a larger hard-cover book that...

Apple Releases New Final Cut Studio

Apple Updates Final Cut Server
Apple today released an update to its Final Cut Server software.

Apple Updates ILife Media Browser
Apple on Monday released an update for its iLife Media Browser. The media browser is the portion of iLife that allows users to...

Apple Yanks IMovie 6 Download
Back in 2007, Apple announced iMovie '08 would be totally new from the ground up, due to the amazing work of one of the...

Apple to Give iMovie Big Update: Rumor
According to rumors Apple will announce at Macworld that its video editing software iMovie will receive a big update.

Arcsoft PhotoStudio Darkroom 2 Image Editing Software

Auto-Tune Pitch Correction Plug-in Gets Updated
Antares updated its vocal and instrument pitch correction plug-in Auto-Tune, adding several new features and settings.

Best Free Ways to Manage Photos and Video

Brushing up With Brush Pilot
If you use Adobe Photoshop for design work, you've no doubt used a custom brush at one time or another. Experienced designers probably have a handful of custom...

Bugs & Fixes: Spin Doctor, Heal Thyself
I am of a certain age--the age where I have a collection of vinyl LPs acquired years ago. Every so often, I get the urge to transfer some of my favorite LPs to...

Burn Your Photo's Edges
Use your image editor to simulate a traditional darkroom effect that emphasizes your subject.

Camera Genius for IPhone
When counting down the ways Apple set the bar for smartphones, it's safe to say that the phone's built-in camera--even with the improvements introduced with the...

CameraBag App Jumps From IPhone to Mac
Many software companies have been scrambling to make an iPhone app version of their desktop programs. Nevercenter, the makers of the extremely popular iPhone...

Cartoon You: Quick Avatars With Photoshop
Used as an avatar for forums and social media, a photograph helps people associate a face with your posts, status updates, and conversations. Of course, like...

Convert Videos for iPod or iPhone Viewing
Watch downloaded video on your iPod or iPhone with a little help from Videora Converter.

Cooliris Express Unveiled
Cooliris has launched Cooliris Express, a free online tool that lets consumers quickly build customizable and immersive walls of photos and videos to post and...

Corel Digital Studio 2010

Corel Painter 11 Painting and Drawing Software

Corel VideoStudio Pro X2
This video editor is a great choice for those with underpowered PCs, and a pretty good choice for those with fast systems, too.

Create a High-Key Photo

Create a Photo Collage in Any Shape

Create a 'Yellow Highlighter' Effect in Your Screenshots
A freeware image editor and a few clicks are all you need to "highlight" any image with a white background.

Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Ultra Disc-Burning Software
Cyberlink's burning suite is easier to use and almost as powerful as the competing offerings from Nero and Roxio.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra Video-Editing Software

Design Basics: Repetition Rocks
Even if you've never attended a single art class, you can still design creative and easy-to-read documents for any occasion. Just keep in mind some easy...

Digitize All of Your Old Media

Downloads for Better Digital Photos
Use these no-cost and free-trial tools to edit your photos, sort them into albums and slide shows, and share them.

Downloads for Managing Your Media

Explaining IPhoto Library Size Discrepancy
Reader Will Carter seeks insight into a suspicious iPhoto Library storage discrepancy. He writes:

Explore Ancient Rome With Google Earth
Google Earth now allows you to travel back in time to ancient Rome where you can get lost in ancient history.

Face-time With IPhoto '09's Faces Feature
iLife '09 hit retail shelves this past week, bringing with it perhaps one of the most anticipated additions to the suite of...

Farewell, Shake
Alas, one more high-end video production tool quietly succumbed to neglect and the rampant industry "end of life syndrome" (EOL)--after long being ignored by its...

First Look at Photoshop Elements 8
Mac users could be forgiven for doubting the future of Photoshop Elements for Mac, Adobe's low-cost image editor. In the two years since Elements 6 ( Macworld...

Five Reasons to Try Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Explore the first photo editor that feels like it was designed by a photographer.

Fix the iTunes 'Session Timeout' Error
If iTunes is constantly telling you your session has 'timed out,' you can fix it by syncing your system clock. Yes, your system clock.

Flickr Apps for IPhone
Yahoo's Flickr is one of the most popular photo-sharing Web sites around, and not just because of its strangely intriguing...

Four Apps to Turn Your IPhone Into a Photo Assistant
The app store is overflowing with great tools that can turn a photographer's iPhone or iPod touch into a photo assistant (though it falls short in the heavy...

Frequently Asked Photo Questions for September
Here's how to make a black-and-white photo with a spot of color, stamp dates on your photos, take action shots at night, and more.

Fun, Free Photo Editing Tools

Funtastic Photos 1.0.3
Image editors can be scary applications, thanks to difficult learning curves and overly complex menus, toolbars, and palettes...

Gain More Control Over QuickTime X Playback Speeds
In OS X 10.5's QuickTime Player, it was easy to control how quickly you could fast-forward or rewind a playing movie. There were, in fact, two ways to do so...

Gorilla 4.5.5
If you've ever been intimately involved in a professional film or video shoot, you know how ridiculously complicated the logistics can get. Figuring out who is...

Hands-on With HandBrake 0.9.4
Getting a movie from a DVD into iTunes isn't nearly as simple as ripping music from a CD. Thanks to the copy protection on commercial DVDs (and the Digital...

Hidden Features in Apple's Updated IPhoto

Hidden iTunes: Enable 'Browser View' for Easier Library Browsing
A little tinkering under the iTunes hood reveals some handy features you probably haven't discovered. Here's one of them.

Hidden iTunes: Make Text Bigger
If you're using a big, high-resolution monitor, you might find iTunes a little hard on the eyes. Here's how to make it easier.

Hidden iTunes Tweaks From Hassle-Free PC

Hidden iTunes: Use Folders to Organize Playlists
Has your list of playlists spun out of control? Put everything in order with that old standby: folders.

How to Migrate from Picasa to Facebook
Take advantage of Facebook's robust image-sharing system and use your Gmail to make the move.

ILife '09 Guided Tours
Words can only take you so far, dear readers, and Apple knows this. That's why they have posted two video Guided Tours that...

IMovie '09
Let's get this out of the way up front: iMovie '09 is the version Apple should have shipped when it decided a year and a half...

IPhoto 8.1.1 Fixes Faces Bug
On Wednesday, Apple released a minor update to its iPhoto '09 ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) digital photography software. The iPhoto 8.1.1. update deals...

IPhoto Knows Fluffy's Face Too
You probably think of your cat as a person. He has his own personality and quirks, even if you don't understand them. It...

ImageBuddy 4 Adds Raw File Format Support
Kepmad Systems has announced the release of ImageBuddy 4.0, a new version of its photo printing software for Mac OS X. It cost...

Inauguration Attendees Invited to Create Digital Report
Microsoft and CNN are teaming to make historians out of inaugural attendees, who'll contribute to a 3D portrait.

Inauguration: Help Capture the Moment
CNN and Microsoft tap Photosynth technology to create a participatory commemorative image of Obama's oath of office.

Layers 101: Improve Your Photos by Editing With Layers

Learn the Drums, Properly
Roland's HD-1 Drum Tutor software promises to teach you to play drums the way pros do.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime
Touch controls have become all the rage since the iPhone's debut, but what about controls you don't even have to touch? Logitech's Pure-Fi Anytime (Best Buy...


Macalope Weekly: Myths, Fantasies & Other Statistics
Look, it's no business of the Macalope's what you have to tell yourself to get through the dark of night. But, please, don't...

Macworld's Favorite Podcast Tools
At one time it was possible to pass off a podcast created with the barest of tools--the microphone built into a MacBook or iMac and a free audio editing...

Make Photos Jump Off the Page With Drop Shadows

Make Your Portrait's Eyes Come Alive
Use a photo editor to brighten your subject's eyes--and add some snap to your entire portrait.

Make a Time-lapse Video
In this week's video, I discuss time lapse video, those fast-moving videos that convert hours and days of activity into minutes and seconds of video. I explain...

Manage All Your Media in Windows 7

Microsoft Shifts Expression Media's Focus

Microsoft Shows Silverlight 3

Microsoft's Silverlight Vision

Mozilla Grant will help Wikipedia Support Video
Wikipedia got a grant to help prepare the site for the likely onslaught of multimedia content.

NBC Returns to ITunes, ITunes 8 Released
The new release ties in to new features available through the iTunes store, including HD television programs. iTunes 8 is available as a free download from Apple's Web site.

Nero 9 Disc-Burning Suite
Though Nero 9 is a full-featured burning suite, it offers no compelling reasons to upgrade from previous versions.

New eBook Reader Undercuts Kindle, Sony Reader Prices
Foxit Software will soon ship an eBook reader that beats the price tag of both the Amazon Kindle and Sony's PRS-700BC.

News 'Flash': Adobe Gets More Open-Source Friendly

Ordering Deadlines for Your Holiday Photo Gifts
Are you excited to share photographs with friends and family, but want to give them something more substantial than just a holiday card? There are many custom...

Photo Geotagging Apps for IPhone
Geotagging--adding data to a photo that reveals the location it was taken--has quite literally added a new dimension to enjoying and sharing photography. Online...

Photoshop Tip: Masking 101
A mask is a selection that lets you isolate a subject or specific area of your photo. It's analogous to using masking tape to cover your baseboards before you...

Photoshop Tip: Vignettes Add Focus and Character to Photos
Vignetting, in photographic terms, is an effect of a camera lens that results in the darkening of a photograph around its edges. It was long considered to be an... [A Microsoft Site]
Photosynth provides 20GB of free photo storage and makes it easy to create and share amazing 3D walkthroughs of your favorite places.

Pinnacle Studio HD 14 Video Editing Software

Play Music Off an External Drive

Plug-in Suite 5 for Photoshop Now Available
onOne Software today announced the immediate availability of Plug-in Suite 5 for Adobe Photoshop. Designed to solve common problems facing photographers relating...

Quark Upgrades XPress 8 Publishing Line
Updated QuarkCopyDesk, QuarkXPress Server, and Quark Publishing System support XPress 8.

QuickTime Broadcaster Update Improves Synchronization
Apple on Tuesday released an update for QuickTime Broadcaster, the company's live encoding software.

RealDVD Ruling: Should You Care?

RealNetworks CEO Defends RealDVD to Court

RealPlayer for Mobile Coming to Linux Netbooks
Saying it will improve the netbook user experience on Linux, RealNetworks Inc. is licensing its RealPlayer for Mobile for the popular Ubuntu Linux distro...

Review: Hear 1.0
JoeSoft's Hear takes the pure audio flowing through a Mac and alters it in a vairety of ways.

Roxio Creator 2009 Suite
Improved navigation helps you find your way around this full-featured burning suite.

Roxio Creator 2010 Disc-Burning Suite

Safe Fonts: Conquering the Cross-platform Divide
If you share documents across platforms, you have probably experienced some common font issues--fonts that are missing or lines of text that wrap differently...

Scratch Day 2009 - Computer Programming for Kids
On May 16, 2009, learn more about Scratch, the free programming tool for kids.

Serif Digital Photo Suite 2009
Easy-to-use imaging software holds appeal for home hobbyists and novice users who want to organize their stash of photos and do some light editing.

Sharpener Pro 3.0 Released for Photoshop, Aperture
Nik Software has announced the release of Sharpener Pro 3,0, a new version of their photographic plug-in software designed to...

Sharpener Pro Plug-in Adds Lightroom Support
Nik Software on Wednesday announced that its Sharpener Pro 3.0 plug-in software is now compatible with Adobe Lightroom 2.0. A free update for registered users...

Shutterfly Wink Turns Digital Photos Into Prints
Hard copy is a lost art. Now that everything from photography to animation is done digitally, the days of the photo booth and the Polaroid camera appear to have...

Skipping Another Serving of Toast
Roxio announced the availability of Toast 10 on Monday. I obsessive-compulsively try to keep my software up to date...

Snap Web-Ready Screenshots with ScreenDash

Speed up IPhoto '09 Operations on Some Macs
If you're trying to use iPhoto '09 on older pre-Intel hardware and/or if you have a very large photo library, you may have noticed that many face-related...

Subscription iTunes TV? Great, But It'll Never Happen

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 6 Video Editing Software

The Importance of Color Management
Color management used to be a task only the most exclusive publishing houses, service bureaus and print shops dealt with. As...

Thomson Pumps up Volume With Tools for MP3HD Lossless Codec
The co-creator of the MP3 format says the bulkier MP3HD files will remain compatible with existing MP3 players

Three Ways to Make iTunes Run Faster
Let's face it: The Windows version is a slowpoke. Here's how to give it a little speed boost.

Tips for Using Faces in IPhoto '09
Thanks to its face-recognition tool, iPhoto '09 () can now put names to the faces in your photographs, letting you quickly sift through your library based on...

Tools for Your Virtual Office From Hassle-Free PC

Topaz Photoshop Plug-ins Work With Aperture via Free Plug-in
Topaz Labs on Wednesday announced the release of Fusion Express for Apple Aperture. It's a free plug-in that lets Aperture users work with their Topaz plug-ins...

Turn Photos Into Wall-Size Posters
You'll never see it on home-improvement shows, but Rasterbator is arguably the world's cheapest way to cover a wall with cool-looking art.

Use QuickTime Player to 'watch' Text Files
Although there are about a billion different apps--OK, maybe somewhat less than that--that can open and view text files...

Use a Tilt-Shift Image Editor to Simulate Miniatures

Use iTunes to Find and Remove Duplicate Songs
You may have more duplicates in your music library than you realize. Two quick clicks in iTunes is all it takes to ferret them out.

Using Adjustment Layers to Tweak Your Photos

Ustream IPhone App Lets You Stream Live Video

Videoconferencing Apps Get Better With Age

Viewfinder Aids Flickr Searchers
Photo-sharing site Flickr is great for uploading and exchanging photos, but sometimes it's tricky to find exactly what you're looking for. Connected Flow's...

Watch MKV Video Files in Windows Media Center

Why Amazon Opened up Kindle

Windows Live Movie Maker: Awesome Slideshows Made Simple

Is Apple Plotting a Social Networking App for iTunes?

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Can Cameras Do SDHC?
Older cameras designed to work with SD Cards aren't equipped to handle Secure Digital High Capacity media.

MultiMediaCard/Secure Digital
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Music Files
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Stream Music From Where You Aren't to Where You Are
Perennial favorite Orb still rocks at letting you rock-and-roll when you're away from your music.

Yahoo Music Continues DRM-free Download Experiment
Yahoo selling a second song in the more flexible MP3 format.

14 Great Programs You Didn't Even Know You Needed
With these programs, you can eliminate a lot of annoying Windows limitations, and you can enhance your computing fun tremendously and cheaply--or even for free.

AOL Scraps Music Now in Favor of Napster
Existing customers will continue to pay the same fees and retain their login and payment details.

Find Duplicate Songs

Galactica superfans: Game mods, videos and more

GigaTribe Makes It Easier to Share Large Files

Share Files for Free With Cabos

Show Off Your iTunes Library With Mojo

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AOL to End Support for Netscape Browser
Once the dominant Web browser, AOL has discontinued development and active support for the Netscape browser.

Can AOL keep from fading away?
AOL needs all the Internet traffic it can get, but it is struggling with the fading popularity of, for many years one of the Web's most popular destinations.

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Information from About Guides and partners relating to Netscape

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Network Cards
Information from About Guides and partners relating to Network Cards

'Google-like' Tool Aids Network Security
Network administrators and security specialists have long had tools and software for analyzing the streams of traffic that course through company systems, but...

'Telework Day' Urged for Cost, Energy Savings

30 Skills Every IT Person Needs
An IT manager's guide on how to be better at what you do, no matter how experienced you are.

3Com Eyes Expansion From New "home Market" in China
3Com may have lost ground in Western markets in recent years, but it has built strong operations in China that it hopes will...

3Com to Blend Security Brains, Enterprise Brawn
3Com plans to integrate intrusion prevention technology from its TippingPoint subsidiary in enterprise networking gear from its H3C division.

3Com waiting for details of Bain/Huawei acquisition bid
Senior 3Com Corp. executives are waiting for the full terms of a US$2.2 billion acquisition bid to be made public, as several important details affecting the company's future remain unclear.

A Jailhouse Interview with Terry Childs
Spending a half hour with San Francisco's most famous network administrator.

A Kinder, Gentler RIAA? Not So Much
The recording industry has fired some of its online spies -- but that doesn't mean they're about to get all warm and cuddly.

A Simple Plan for Small Business Networks

AMD and Intel Patch Things Up, HP Buys 3Com
We had a blockbuster deal this week, with Hewlett-Packard saying it plans to buy 3Com, and a blockbuster settlement, with Advanced Micro Devices and Intel ending...

Acadia Gets Cloud Computing Venture Rolling in Asia

Accused of Tolerating Scammers, an ISP Goes Dark
Internet service provider Intercage has been knocked offline after being linked with malicious Web sites.

After Links to Cybercrime, Latvian ISP Is Cut off
Real Host, a Latvian ISP associated with cyber-crime, has been knocked offline.

After Years of Delays, China Finally Issues 3G Licenses
China finally issues 3G licenses after years of delay.

AirPort Express Bargain N Extender
Apple's AirPort Express provides boasts a lot of power beneath its tiny, modest exterior, for Windows users on Wi-Fi networks as well as those with Macs.

AirPort Extreme Base Station
Think back to the first time you saw a computer accessing the Internet wirelessly. (Yes, kids, there was a time before Wi-Fi)...

Alcatel Forms Group to Push LTE Applications and More
Alcatel-Lucent on Monday launched ng Connect, an initiative to help foster use of LTE and other networks.

Alcatel Integrating Network Layers for Efficiency
Alcatel-Lucent will integrate its IP routers and optical equipment to work more closely together and be centrally managed.

Alcatel-Lucent CFO leaves in management change
Alcatel-Lucent's head of enterprise systems, Hubert de Pesquidoux, will take on the role of chief financial officer as part of a management shake-up intended to streamline decision-making. The company has suffered from lackluster performance since its formation from the merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies last December.

Alcatel-Lucent Will Cut WiMAX Investment to Reduce Costs
Alcatel-Lucent will cut its investment in WiMAX to reduce costs, instead pinning its fourth-generation mobile broadband hopes...

Alcatel-Lucent's Losses Deepen as Sales Drop
Alcatel-Lucent saw third-quarter losses increase and sales drop compared to the same period last year.

Alcatel to Push 100G to Carrier Edge
Alcatel-Lucent plans to ship a router module next year that supports the emerging 100Gb per second Ethernet standard at the edge of carrier networks, where...

Amazon Site Stumbles Again Monday
Amazon again experienced site performance problems on Monday, after having issues on Friday.

AnchorFree Brings Free VPN Solution to IPhone
Now that the iPhone lets us get online wherever we are, the concern for data security becomes even more important. One way to...

Apple Adds Dual-band Capabilities to AirPort, Time Capsule
Apple's slew of hardware updates on Tuesday didn't stop with just desktops. The company also threw in updates for the AirPort...

Apple Quietly Updates AirPort Extreme, Time Machine
While Apple's announcements of new iMacs, a remodeled MacBook, updated Mac minis, and a new multitouch mouse have dominated Tuesday's tech news, the company also...

Apple Updates AirPort Client, AirPort Utility
In addition to releasing an update for the AirPort Extreme on Tuesday, Apple also released software updates for its AirPort...

Apple Updates Time Capsule, AirPort Base Station Firmware
Apple announced on Friday the availability of Time Capsule and AirPort Base Station Update 7.4.1. The update, which includes...

As Economy Softens, Microsoft Ramps up Research
Even as the world economy languishes, Microsoft is putting an increasing focus on its research efforts.

As Expected, Facebook Halts The Pirate Bay Links

Asia Leads in Broadband Growth

Avaya Chief Resigns, Citing Health
Avaya President and CEO Lou D'Ambrosio has stepped down for medical reasons.

Bain quiet about probe into 3Com acquisition
Bain Capital, a U.S. equity investment firm, declined to comment Wednesday on news reports that a U.S. government panel reviewing a proposed acquisition of networking vendor 3Com plans to extend its review.

Beijing Prepares for 'High-tech Olympics'
All over Beijing, Olympic countdown clocks tick off the seconds that China has awaited for seven years: the moments until Aug...

Better Latency Gets HSPA Closer to Fixed Broadband
Improved latency and speeds increased to a theoretical 21M bps will help mobile broadband compete with ADSL, the head of 3...

Bill Would Limit Broadband Fees Based on Use

Biq Quake Takes out Mobile Network in Chengdu
An earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter Scale knocked out mobile phone service in the western Chinese city of Chengdu.

Broadband is a Priority for Brits
All UK homes will have broadband communications by 2012, the communications minister promises.

Broadcom Makes Bid to Buy Emulex for US$764 Million
Offer follows rejection of previous attempt to purchase company earlier this year

Brocade Gets Loan to Fund Foundry Buyout
Brocade on Tuesday secured a US$1.1 billion loan to fund its acquisition of Foundry despite a tightening of credit markets...

Brocade's Reyes gets 21 months in backdating case
Former Brocade Communications Systems CEO Gregory Reyes has been sentenced to 21 months in prison and a US$15 million fine for fraud related to backdating of the storage networking company's stock options.

Bugs & Fixes: Ethernet-networked Printers & Snow Leopard
If you have an older Ethernet-networked printer, you may find that, after upgrading to Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), the printer no longer responds to your Mac's...

Businesses, City Launch Free Public Wi-Fi in Harvard Square
Authorities in Cambridge, Massachusetts, are launching free Wi-Fi access in Harvard Square, home to Harvard University.

Buyer's Guide: Ethernet Switches
Every AirPort base station these days has three free Ethernet ports (in addition to the one that connects to your broadband...

Buyer's Guide: Powerline Networking
While not as well known or widely used as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, powerline networking-using your existing home electrical wiring...

Buyer's Guide: Wi-Fi Routers
Once you've hooked up your most speed-critical devices via Ethernet, it's time to think about what should connect wirelessly...

CSO Said Cisco Security Is Growing up
John Stewart doesn't talk like your typical corporate executive. He said that his company, Cisco Systems, has been lucky when...

Cable & Wireless Sets up Communications Gateways in India
Cable and Wireless sets up communications gateways in India after getting security clearance from the government.

Carrier Ethernet Growing Faster and Smarter
An industry group is acting to fill in gaps among standards for 100G bps networks.

Chambers Unfazed at Disrupted Speech

Charter Targets Verizon FiOS in Patent Suit
U.S. cable operator Charter is suing Verizon for alleged patent infringement in its FiOS service.

Cisco, Anticipating Video Tsunami, Builds up Network Smarts
Cisco unveiled a multipronged effort to better equip networks to handle video traffic, which the company believes will soon...

Cisco Charts New Paths With Eos Media Platform
Cisco's Eos media platform includes aggregation of consumer data to draw connections among fans of many types of media, the company says.

Cisco Cutting Home Broadband Perks to Reduce Costs
The move is part of a wider effort to shave $1 billion from Cisco's expenses

Cisco Gets Social With Entertainment OS
Cisco on Wednesday announced the availability of Eos, or Entertainment Operating System, its hosted platform for media...

Cisco Goes Green With Software Upgrade
Cisco is looking to reduce the energy consumption of network attached devices such as IP phones, laptops and access points.

Cisco Has to Earn Market Leadership, CTO Says
Cisco needs more than products to be an IT platform leader, CTO Padmasree Warrior told the Cisco Live conference.

Cisco: Huge International Interest in Developer Contest
Cisco says that due to strong international interest, it is extending the deadline for its router application development...

Cisco Lays out Why It Might Let Tandberg Go Free
In a blog entry on Monday, Cisco publicly hinted it might let its Tandberg acquisition bid expire.

Cisco, Microsoft Roll out Server, Networking Appliance
Microsoft and Cisco have started selling a networking appliance that runs some Windows Server functions.

Cisco Patches a Dozen Router Bugs
Cisco has released its semi-annual IOS patches, fixing 12 bugs in its router firmware.

Cisco Plans More Globalization Centers
Cisco plans to set up more globalization centers similar to the one it has in Bangalore.

Cisco Plans TelePresence Translation Next Year
Cisco will add real-time translation to its TelePresence high-definition conference technology next year.

Cisco Plays up Video for Business, Carriers
Cisco pushed its video technologies for business collaboration and service-provider profits at its financial conference.

Cisco Posts Solid Financial Report
For its first quarter, Cisco posted net income that is about the same as it was a year earlier.

Cisco Profit Falls on Acquisition Charge
Cisco Systems revenue rose more than 10 percent in the company's fiscal third quarter, though its net income fell due to an...

Cisco Promotes Telecommuting

Cisco Proposes Blueprint for Intelligent Urbanization
Cisco proposes a blueprint for "intelligent urbanization", hoping to use Bangalore as a reference.

Cisco Releases Bundle of Router Security Patches
Cisco has issued 12 sets of security patches for its IOS router operating system.

Cisco Security Updates Squash Router Bugs
The networking company has released its twice-yearly IOS patches, posting eight updates

Cisco Showcases Big Bets on Collaboration
Unveiling 61 new products and features, Cisco Systems executives emphasized the importance of collaboration at an event in San Francisco on Monday.

Cisco Training Top Networking Professionals in India
Cisco launches specialist training program for networking professionals in India.

Cisco, Trend Micro Put Security in Home Routers
Cisco and Trend Micro teamed up to build an Internet security service into some home Wi-Fi routers.

Cisco Ups Offer for Videoconferencing Firm Tandberg to $3.4B
Cisco has raised its bid for Norwegian video conferencing vendor Tandberg to about US$3.4 billion. The previous offer was US$3.0 billion.

Cisco VAR Case Signals Changes to Come
Cisco lost a court case brought by a reseller and was ordered to pay damages of over $6 million.

Cisco cautious on Brazil case
Cisco Systems on Monday appeared to further distance itself from a tax scandal in Brazil, saying it can't vouch for everything its channel partners do.

Cisco's Chambers Sees Hope After Recession
Cisco is in much better shape in this recession than in the 2001 crash, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said Monday.

Cisco's Data-center Push Holds Promise, Perils
Cisco Systems' move into the heart of data centers, expected to be laid out at an event next Monday, holds the promise of...

Cisco's Linksys Phase-out Moving Along
Cisco Systems' Linksys brand may disappear sooner than expected, according to a top executive for small business at the...

Cisco's New Structure Key to Success, Chambers Says
Cisco needs its distributed management structure to enter multiple new markets, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said.

Cisco's Nexus forms core of data-center drive
As servers and storage start to merge into unified, virtualized systems, Cisco wants to do the same thing with the networks that connect them.

Cisco to Add High-tech to New Yankee Stadium
Cisco and the New York Yankees plan high-tech features for the new Yankee Stadium.

Cisco to Buy Chinese Set-top Box Business
Cisco Systems will buy a Chinese set-top box maker as the country works to digitize all cable television by 2015, creating market opportunities.

Cisco to Buy Videoconferencing Vendor Tandberg for $3B
Cisco Systems has signed an agreement to buy videoconferencing vendor Tandberg for about US$3.0 billion.

Cisco to Shift Resources to Consumer Push
Cisco Systems will shift resources into new product areas next year, including making a major push into homes, Chairman and...

Cisco to patch routers on regular schedule
Following the lead of Microsoft and Oracle, Cisco Systems will start releasing security patches for some of its products on a schedule.

Cisco to spend US$16B in China over next five years
Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers announced on Thursday US$16 billion in new investments in China, including manufacturing, investment and educational programs.

Cisco tries to turn cities green
Industry needs to team up with cities to battle climate change, Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers told local government leaders on Wednesday.

Cisco upgrades switches for multimedia

Clearwire Set to Launch Its First WiMax City
Clearwire will formally launch its first commercial WiMax network on Tuesday in Portland, Oregon.

Comcast Confirms New Network Management Practices
Comcast says it has adopted new network management techniques.

Conficker Spawn, Recession Smackdown

Controversial ISP Intercage Now Back Online
Notorious Internet service provider Intercage is now back online, after being dark since Saturday.

Covad sells to private equity firm for $304 million
Platinum Equity LLC will acquire Covad Communications Corp. for about US$304 million, making the communications services company the latest technology company to sell to a private equity firm.

Criminals Take Control of CheckFree Web Site
Payment processor CheckFree says that hackers redirected customers from its Web site to a server that downloaded malware.

Customers and Clients and Consumers, Oh My!
One recent positive IT trend is to drop the monikers "user" and "end user" and apply the more descriptive word "customer" to...

Days Numbered for Standalone NAC Firms?
Money talk dominates security, wireless, green IT and open source sessions at annual 451 Group event.

Deal Allows IBM to Resell Juniper Switches, Routers

Deal to buy 3Com falls apart
Bain Capital Partners and China's Huawei Technologies have abandoned their bid to buy U.S. networking firm 3Com because of security concerns by the U.S. government, Bain said.

Dell Expands Brocade Reseller Deal
Dell expanded its reseller agreement with networking vendor Brocade Communications

Drive Goblins out of Your Converged Network
QoS tools prioritize network traffic for better performance.