Computing Center Sitemap - Page 125 2013-07-16

Brin: Two Google Operating Systems May Become One

Business Takes a Shine to Apple
So many Apple products; so many places to find them. Once merely the darling of the art department, now Macs are infiltrating...

Can Google Learn from Microsoft's Mistakes?

Chrome OS's Impact? It's Too Early to Tell

Chrome Shines, Gore Opines, Staffs Decline
Google's Chrome OS captured a lot of headlines and hype this week after the company invited the media in to have a look-see, setting off a whole lot of opinions...

Creating Diacritics
Internationalist Chris Rattan wonders how to create non-English characters. He writes:

Dip in Windows Will Be a Blip on the Radar
Recent Windows market share declines should blow over shortly.

Ending the Hardware/Software Rat Race
Could Microsoft's decision to extend the sales deadline for Windows XP signal a major strategic shift?

Engineer: Microsoft Violated GPL Before Linux Code Release
Code that Microsoft released Monday for the Linux kernel under the GPL was in violation of that license, according to a Linux code contributor.

Europe Funds Secure Operating System Research
Money will ensure five more years of research into developing the Minux operating system

Explore Your Font Characters
A few weeks ago, while visiting the National Archives in Washington, D.C., I had the privilege of viewing the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution...

Five Reasons the Google Chrome OS will Flop

Five Reasons to Run Windows But Still Love the Mac

Free (As in Beer) CodeWeavers CrossOver Linux and Mac
CodeWeavers offers free downloads and registrations for programs that will enable you to run many popular Windows programs.

Google Blocks Paid Apps for Unlocked G1 Users
Google has cut off users of its Developer phone from displaying or downloading paid applications.

Google Chrome OS: A Nice Place to Visit, But?
Google's new OS, rumored to be released next week, could turn operating systems inside-out. But, will it?

Google Delivers SDK for Android 2.0
Google released an SDK for the latest version of its Android software, revealing new features in the software.

Google Goes for Speed, Security in Chrome OS
Google launched its Chrome OS, focusing on speed and security.

Google Is Already Working With PC Makers on New Chrome OS

Google Keeps Quiet on Android Laptop Plans
While two Android-based laptops debuted ahead of the Computex exhibition, Google declined to comment on whether its working on adapting Andorid for laptops.

Google OS Could Power Netbooks
Don't look now, Microsoft: Your new competitor might just be Google.

Google OS Could Put Squeeze on Other Flavors of Linux
Google's new Chrome OS could provide more recognition for Linux, but steamroll other Linux OSes that are being used on netbooks.

Google OS May Force Microsoft to Reinvent Windows

Google OS Means Actual Netbooks, Not Apple Trouble
In the week or so since Google announced it's going to release its own operating system, the Web has been littered with commentary and analysis about "what this...

Google Plans Update to Android Market
Google announced a few changes to its Android Market.

Google's Chrome May Shift the OS Landscape

Google's Chrome OS: What's in it for Microsoft?

Google's New OS Raises Privacy, Antitrust Concerns
Google's new operating system will allow the company to track users all over the Web, privacy advocates say.

Google's OS Security Claims Called 'idiotic'
Security experts disagree on whether Google can deliver a safe operating system.

Google to Launch Open-Source Chrome OS This Year

Google to Provide Update on Chrome OS
Google may make an announcement about Chrome OS this week.

HP tries to assure OpenVMS users that OS still has a future
Hewlett-Packard Co. officials are marking the 30th anniversary of the OpenVMS operating system's introduction by telling users of the software that it still doesn't have an expiration date.

HTC to Launch Click, Two Other Android Handsets in China

How Do I Create a Bootable Flash Drive?

Huawei Promises Series of Android Phones
China's Huawei will release a series of mobile phones using the Google Android OS in Europe, the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

IBM Exec on Linux Apps: 'I'm Tired of Waiting'
Open-source software may not make major inroads into industry-specific enterprise applications, an IBM open-source guru said.

Intel Joins Taiwan on Linux OS for Netbooks
Intel and the Taiwan government will open a development center to promote the Linux-based Moblin OS for netbooks and other...

Is Jumping from XP to Windows 7 too Complicated?

It's Time to Customize the OS
Mass customization -- the process of customizing a product to meet individual needs while leveraging mass production...

Linux Will Kill Windows, Says Former Microsoftie

MIPS Ports Android, Shows Embedded Gadgets
MIPS Technologies showed off devices at Computex that are based on Google's Android platform modified for MIPS chip architecture.

Mac Gains on Windows
Windows' market share dives again as the Mac approaches 10% of users.

Microsoft, Citrix Join Forces Against VMware

Microsoft Haters, Mac Daddies and Linux Lovers
Now that the elections are finally over, let's focus on something even more contentious -- the holy war over operating...

Microsoft: Running Scared
Were you to look at the news in the past couple days, you might be excused for thinking that we'd revved the DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour and jumped back to...

Microsoft: Windows 7 No 'magic Bullet' for Enterprises
Microsoft has warned businesses that the migration path from XP to Windows 7 won't be any easier than an upgrade to Vista.

Microsoft offers 'release candidate' of Windows Server 2008
The long march to the release of Windows Server 2008, aka Longhorn Server, continued on Monday, as Microsoft Corp. announced that it is making the first Release Candidate version of the upcoming operating system available for public download.

Microsoft to Appeal US$1.3 Billion EU Fine
Microsoft is appealing the US$1.3 billion [b] (€899 million [m]) fine imposed on it by the European Union for failing to honor...

Microsoft to Test Windows 7 Update Tool

Might Lawyers Ruin Open Source?

More News Not Good News
I'm not sure which news story was more over-the-top this week: Michael Jackson's memorial or the announcement of Google's Chrome operating system.

Motorola No Longer on LiMo Foundation Board
Motorola is no longer on the board of the LiMo Foundation, a group it helped found.

Netbook Smackdown: Linux vs. Windows 7
Sure, Windows will win over the masses -- but Linux should charm budget-conscious, tech-savvy users.

Nineteen Ways to Open a File
You may content yourself with double-clicking on files to open them, but depending on what you're doing, there may be a...

OS Showdown: Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Windows
Windows' market share has dropped below 90 percent; should you join those who've switched to Mac OS X or Linux?

Predictions: Microsoft: Windows 7 Leads, But Office 2010 Lags
Techinciter's predictions for Microsoft SMB users in 2010.

Report: HP May Offer Android in Netbooks Over Windows
HP is testing Android but remains undecided on whether to offer it, according to The Wall Street Journal

Run Windows Software on Linux with Wine 1.0
The long-awaited stable version of Wine allows Windows applications to run almost seamlessly on the Linux desktop.

Shuttleworth: Canonical May Need 3-5 More Years of Funding
Billionaire Mark Shuttleworth is prepared to keep funding Canonical for three to five more years, he said Monday.

T-Mobile, Google and HTC Introduce First Android Phone
T-Mobile, HTC and Google introduced the first Android phone on Tuesday at a launch event in New York.

T-Mobile to Offer Huawei's Android Phone Next Quarter
T-Mobile will release Huawei's smartphone running Google's Android operating system in Europe late in the third quarter.

Taiwanese Netbook Runs Both Android and Windows
A Taiwanese organization has developed a netbook with a detachable touchscreen that runs Google's Android, but can also run Windows from another chip its body.

The Age of Android: Much More Than The Droid
Google's operating system is for more than "just" smartphones.

The Android Fine Print: Kill Switch and Other Tidbits
An uproar erupted when iPhone users discovered a so-called remote kill switch on their phones -- will it spur the same...

The Big Winner From Google Chrome OS: Telcos
The coming Google Chrome Web-centric operating system could be a big boon for telecom vendors and wireless operators looking for another way to drive demand...

The Difference Between Vista, XP, Linux and Mac OS Explained
Wherein a middle school student asks me to explain the difference in simple terms. I do just that.

The G1 Is No IPhone, but Android Has Promise
Most G1 reviewers will probably agree that, in a nutshell, the software is nice but the hardware underwhelms.

The Google OS Is Coming by Year's End
It's not news that Microsoft will get Windows 7 out as fast as possible this year. Vista has been a complete dog, so Microsoft...

The Macalope Weekly: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Are netbooks beating up MacBooks and stealing their lunch money? Don't believe everything you read. The Macalope also has two different looks at two new Apple...

The Microsoft Discount

Upgrade Path to Android 2.0 Uncertain
The release of the Droid will be the first real test of the potential for fragmentation on Android.

Use Key Commands to Speed Up Basic Tasks
Instead of constantly reaching for menu commands, blaze through Windows with keyboard taps.

VMware focusing on higher tolerance for hardware failure
VMware plans to improve virtual infrastructure through technologies such as high availability, automatic restart, better tolerance and masking of hardware failure, and site disaster recovery, the company's chief scientist and co-founder, Mendel Rosenblum, told reporters in Bangalore on Monday.

Vista SP2 Enters Final Beta

Why Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' Ads Won't Attack Apple
Microsoft says there are "some pervasive misperceptions" it needs to address but it will move on quickly to Windows' strengths.

Will Chrome Breed Copycats? Internet Explorer OS, Anyone?
Chrome OS is a dangerous product for Microsoft, to which the company needs to respond. Internet Explorer OS, anyone? Aand how about a Firefox OS and even Opera OS? This is a game every browser can play.

Windows 7 Leaks Continue as New Build Hits BitTorrent
A second post-beta build of Windows 7 has leaked to file-sharing sites on the Web, according to searches at BitTorrent...

Windows 7, Mac OS X Gain Market Share
Although the beta of Windows 7 quickly grabbed one-tenth of 1% of the operating system market share last month, Microsoft...

Windows 7 Public Beta Draws a Half-Million Comments

Windows 7 and Mac Bigots Both Need To Get A Life
Out in the real world, Mac and Windows get along quite nicely. Try it sometime.

Windows' Grip on Market Share Slips
Posts biggest one-month drop in the past two years; Mac OS X gains ground.

Wine Pops Its Cork After 15 Years
After years of despair, developers celebrated the release of the open-source Wine 1.0 software by uncorking wine bottles.

With OS Project, Is Google Over-extending Itself?
Google's decision to build a PC operating system could be a master stroke or a colossal blunder, depending on whether the company has the resources that such an...

iPhone's Not So Hot -- Try Windows Phones, Ballmer Says

10 Fixes for Vista's Worst Features
Windows Vista is loaded with features, but they don't all work as they should. Here's how to tweak, modify, cope with, or work around the operating system's biggest blunders.

11 Major New Snow Leopard Features

5 Things You Should Know About Snow Leopard

5 Ways Microsoft Will Bring the Hurt to Google Chrome OS

Adobe Responds To Snow Leopard CS3 Compatibility Claims

Analysts: Google Has Muscle for Long-term Battle With Microsoft Windows
Analysts say that Google Inc. is one of the few -- or only -- companies in a position to take on Microsoft in the operating system business.

Analysts Paint Chrome as Long-term Threat to Microsoft

Ancient Operating Systems Keep Going ... and Going

Android 2.0: A Preview

Android Poised for Massive Success?

AppLocker: Like Software Restriction Policies, Improved

Apple Dampens Windows 7 Debut with Stellar Sales, Marketing Attacks

Apple's Snow Leopard: Same Great UI, Refinements Under the Hood

Apple vs. Microsoft: The Top 20 Stolen Ideas of the OS Wars

Apple vs. Microsoft: Top 20 Stolen Ideas of OS Wars
Steve Jobs once said that Microsoft stole Windows from Apple, but both sides have snatched plenty of ideas over the years

Are You Neglecting Your Windows Key?

Ballmer Bad-Mouths Google Chrome OS

Ballmer: Microsoft Will Soon Release 'Windows Cloud' OS
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed a few details on a forthcoming operating system that will help developers write...

Ballmer: Windows 7 Is Vista, Just 'a Lot Better'
Windows 7 will be like Windows Vista, but more so, Microsoft Corp.CEO Steve Ballmer said today as he defended the first two...

Best Buy Memo on Windows 7 Outlines Upgrade Pricing

Breathe New Life into Your Old PC — with Windows 7

Bugs and Fixes: File-Sharing Vulnerability Hits Vista

Chrome Gets the Press, But Windows 7 Passes the Test

Chrome OS Harkens to the Days of the Driveless Desktop

Chrome OS: Move Along, Nothing to See Here (Yet)

Chrome OS: Remember, it's Still Vaporware

Chrome OS Will Push Apple to Address Failings, Say Analysts
Apple should be nervous about Google's move into the operating system market, some analysts said today. Others, however, argued that Apple executives won't...

Chrome Unveiled; Microsoft Cheers

Create a Shutdown Shortcut
James Strong wants a shortcut on his desktop that will shutdown his computer. I tell him how to make one.

CrossOver Linux 8: Easy Enough for Everyone

Dell Offer Custom Chromium OS Download For Mini 10V

Diet Chromium Offers Slimmed Down Chrome OS

Eight Reasons Your Next Computer Should be a PC

FAQ: Google Chrome OS

FAQ: How to get the Windows 7 Beta
Microsoft this week is putting the new OS in everyone's hands.

FAQ: Windows 7 Family Pack and Anytime Upgrades

Failing Hard Drive: Linux to the Rescue

Fast-and-Easy Linux From Hassle-Free PC

First Look At Google's Chrome Browser Within The Chrome OS

Five Questions About Google Chrome OS

Five Reasons Chrome OS Will Succeed

Five Web-Centric Alternatives to Google Chrome OS

For Gamers, the Microsoft Stores a Rip (and a Mend)

Gain Keyboard, Mouse Control in 10.5 Screen Sharing
One of the things I really like about OS X 10.5 is the built-in screen sharing tool. With multiple machines in our home...

Get Chrome OS Now

Get Started with Fast-Booting Presto OS
Ready to take Presto Linux for a test-drive? All you need is a Windows XP- or Vista-powered PC and a few minutes of install time.

Google Announces Chrome OS

Google Chrome: 5 Best, 5 Worst Features

Google Chrome OS: A Simple FAQ

Google Chrome OS Arriving Next Month?

Google Chrome OS: Big Brother Google Gets Bigger

Google Chrome OS, BlackBerry Tour, and CrunchPad on PC World Podcast 35

Google Chrome OS: Does the World Need Another Operating System?

Google Chrome OS: Its Promises and Secrets

Google Chrome OS Launching Next Week?

Google Chrome OS: Not for Your Desktop

Google Chrome OS: Rounding Up The Rumors

Google Chrome OS Source Code Now Available For Download

Google Chrome OS Will Fail: Here are the Fatal Flaws

Google Chrome OS Will Reshape Desktop Landscape

Google Chrome OS: Win or Fail?

Google Chrome OS on the PC World Podcast

Google Mends Android Security Hole

Google, Microsoft Invade Enemy Territory: Who Wins?

Google Partners with Canonical for Chrome OS

Google To Host Chrome OS Event Tomorrow

Google Unveils Chrome OS; Tech World Yawns

Google's Chrome OS Aims to Speed Up Netbooks

Google's Chrome OS Has 'Fail' Written All Over It

Google’s Chrome OS May Fail Even as It Changes Computing Forever

Google’s Chrome OS: Not the first Web-based OS

Google's Top Five Jabs at Microsoft

HP, Asus, Others Prepare to Deploy Android on Netbooks

Hands-On Test: Adobe CS3 Purrs on Snow Leopard

Hands On: Ubuntu 9.04 Brings Only Minor Updates

Hands On With Intel's Moblin Linux for Netbooks

How to Install Chrome OS From A USB Drive

How to Make Android Cooler for Developers and Users

How to Prep for an XP-to-Windows 7 Upgrade: FAQ

How to Stop Operating-System Attacks
Ads for DriveCleaner, WinFixer, Antivirus XP, Antivirus 2009 and others pop up on PCs all the time, but the software may be fraudulent or ineffective. Also: Mac users need security updates, too.

How to Upgrade to Windows 7

If You Want to Laugh All the Way to the Bank, Pick Linux

Improve PC Speed and Security

Is Chrome OS The Future Of Computing? I Hope Not.

Is This Google Chrome OS? New Screenshots Emerge

Is Windows 7 Really Worth the Investment?

Judge May Rule in Vista Capable Lawsuit as Soon as Next Week

KDE 4.3 Has Landed

Leopard's Year-old Annoyances
One year ago today, Mac OS X 10.5 (aka Leopard) hit the streets. One of the main sales pitches for Leopard concerned its...

Linux Vendors Should Give Cash for Vista Clunkers

Linux vs Windows: The Netbook Question

Linux with Ksplice Means Never Rebooting Again

Mac OSX Snow Leopard Could Arrive In Two Weeks

Make Windows Easier to Use With Hassle-Free PC

Make Your Scroll Wheel Work in Every Window

Make the Most of Your Presto Linux Installation
Ready to become a Presto power-user? This batch of tips will put you on the right path.

Meet the Google Chrome OS Fanboy

Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 Upgrade Install Snafu

Microsoft: Desperate to Kill Windows Vista and XP?

Microsoft Details Windows 7 RTM Plans: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Ditches Windows 7 Starter App Limit

Microsoft Exec on Google, Blue Screen of Death

Microsoft Frees Linux Drivers; Other Closed-source Vendors to Step Up?
Microsoft's move to release three of its drivers to Linux could put pressure on other closed-source vendors to follow suit.

Microsoft Hits Apple Where it Hurts

Microsoft Issues MP3 Curruption Patch for Windows 7 Beta
Microsoft released its first patch for a Windows 7 beta bug. The fix addresses an issue with Windows 7 beat that corrupts MP3 files.

Microsoft Myopia and Revisionist History

Microsoft OKs Early Windows 7 PC Sales

Microsoft, Red Hat Sign Interoperability Agreements

Microsoft Redefines the OS: Azure and Windows 7 Explained
Microsoft unleashed Windows 7 and a new 'cloud' operation system Windows Azure Monday. Here what this news means to you.

Microsoft: Sun Will Slowly Set on Vista

Microsoft: The Assassin of Google's Chrome OS

Microsoft Was Worried About Mac Besting Vista in '05
Court documents in the 'Vista Capable' class-action lawsuit reveal Microsoft was worried about comparisons with the Mac OS.

Microsoft Windows XP: Should It Be Allowed to Live?

Microsoft and Rivals Trash Talk Google Chrome OS

Microsoft promises better battery life, faster boot times in Windows 7
Vista's successor will use less memory, run nimbly on netbooks, Microsoft execs say

Microsoft's Windows 7 'Whopper' Campaign: The Worst Promotion Ever?

Microsoft to Offer Free Windows 7 Upgrades to New Vista Customers: Report
To encourage consumers to keep buying Windows Vista PCs this year despite Windows 7's looming release, Microsoft will reportedly offer free upgrades to Windows 7 to new Vista customers.

More 'Screenshots' Of Google Chrome OS Emerge

New Apple Ads Target Microsoft's $350M Pro 'PC' Ad Campaign
Apple bites back with new 'Get a Mac' ads that poke fun at Microsoft's huge $350M 'Windows Not Walls' ad campaign.

New Linux Isn't That Different from Old Linux

No Chrome OS This Year, But A Google Event Promises To Pull Back The Curtain

Novell Throws Support Behind Moblin Linux for Intel Atom Netbooks, Devices
Eschewing its own SUSE Linux, Novell Inc. said it will back Intel Corp.'s Moblin Linux in the fast-growing market for netbooks and smartphones.

OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7
Microsoft and Apple are set to battle each other with both their respected upcoming operating systems. Microsoft is prepping Windows 7 and Apple is working on OS X Snow Leopard.

Open Source Gains Momentum in Business

Open Source Is Polluting the Windows Experience

Optimize Your Windows 7 PC

PC World Podcast 53: Intel and AMD Settle, Microsoft and Apple Copy Each Other

PC World Podcast Episode 50: Windows 7, Droid, Acer Aspire One, and Net Neutrality

PC vs. Mac: Snow Leopard Bests Windows 7

Pirates Prefer Windows XP Over Vista, Says Microsoft
Even counterfeiters prefer Windows XP over Windows Vista, according to Microsoft.

Psystar Deserves a Chance to Compete
Analysis: A little competition on its own turf might be good for Apple--and for customers.

Quickly Reset a Finder View to Defaults
As you're probably well aware, the Finder's View Options dialog (View -> Show View Options, or Command-J) in OS X 10.5 is the...

Quickly Reveal Obscured Desktop Icons
Given the plethora of other Mac news likely to appear Tuesday, this Mac OS X Hint is short, sweet, and to the point. As you...

Review: Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Running XP on a MacBook Pro

Secret Tech Tips From Hassle-Free PC
PC World blogger Rick Broida reveals how to turn on a hidden Windows Vista feature, make your own ringtones, and change IE's default search engine.

Set Up Windows 7 With Help From Hassle-Free PC
PC World blogger Rick Broida has tips for setting up a dual-boot Vista-Windows 7 machine and migrating to a new PC.

Should You Give Up XP for Windows 7?

Should You Pony Up 35 Clams for Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009?

Six Things You Need to Know About Windows Vista SP2
Eager to install Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) when it becomes available Thursday? Before you do read this guide to what you need to know.

Sneak Peek: KDE 4.3

Snow Leopard Attack? Adobe Flash Flaw Ships with OS

Snow Leopard Is a Pale Imitation of Windows 7

Snow Leopard Secrets Revealed

Snow Leopard videos removed from YouTube

Survey: Even Linux-loving Firms Only Deploy It to One-fifth of Employees
Half of the businesses that have deployed Linux on the desktop have rolled it out to less than 20% of their workers due to perceived and real obstacles...

Teaching Mac OS X a Few Windows 7 Tricks

The Bill and Jerry Show
I wasn't anywhere near a TV Thursday night, so I missed the debut of Microsoft's much-ballyhooed ad campaign featuring Bill...

The Google OS: Are We Saved at Last?

Three Reasons Why Android-Powered Netbooks Could Kill Microsoft Windows

Three Top Linux Options for Your Netbook

Top 5 Features of New Red Hat Linux

Turn Any PC Into a Fast-Booting Linux Machine with Presto
Add Presto to your laptop for lightning-fast access to e-mail, the Web, and more.

Tweak Vista Icons, Add Shortcuts With Hassle-Free PC

Tweak Windows Folders With Hassle-Free PC

Tweak the Start Menu's Control Panel Interface

Ubuntu 9.10 Cleans Windows 7's Clock

Ultimate Showdown: Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7

VMware Fusion 3 Takes Windows-on-Mac Up a Notch

Vista Fights for Relevancy Against Poor Sales, XP, Windows 7
A weak economy is hurting the sale of Vista, according to experts. They say the popularity of netbooks running XP is cannibalizing Vista sales.

Vista SP2: Six Things You Need to Know
Eager to install Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) when it becomes available Thursday? Before you do read this guide to what you need to know.

What Can Windows 7 Learn from Mac OS X?

What Google’s Chrome OS May Have Learned From Existing Cloud OSs

What the Vista Lawsuit Means for Windows 7 Netbooks
Will Windows 7 netbooks be partially crippled, as were the "Vista Capable" PCs?

Why Chrome Won't Replace Windows

Why Is OpenSolaris Sitting on a Shelf at Oracle, Gathering Dust?

Why Macs Can't Beat PCs with Windows 7

Why Microsoft Didn't Hobble Windows 7 on Netbooks

Why Microsoft Should Extend $30 Student Discount to Consumers

Will Windows 7 Change Our Minds About Microsoft?

Willing to Pay a 'Mac Tax'?
Microsoft girds for Apple's sub-$1000 laptop by claiming buyers pay a premium for coolness.

Windows 7: 10 Best Features

Windows 7: 10 Things That Still Need Fixing

Windows 7: A Guide for Gamers

Windows 7 Beta Available, Again!
Microsoft's Windows 7 beta code is available now after a rush of traffic crippled servers yesterday forcing the company to postpone the public release.

Windows 7 Beta Download Delayed Due to Overwhelming Demand
Microsoft's servers came to a grinding halt when too many people tried to download Windows 7 beta code at the same time.

Windows 7 Beta: Should You Try It?
Windows 7 beta becomes available to the public Friday for download. Before you rush out and download it, here is what you need to know.

Windows 7: Can Your Netbook Handle It?

Windows 7: Cure for a Bad Economy?

Windows 7 Draws Fire in Apple Ads

Windows 7: Five Unique Features

Windows 7 Hardware: Touch Finally Arrives

Windows 7: How We Test

Windows 7 Inspired By Mac? Here's the Guy Who Said So

Windows 7 Needs Boot Camp Upgrade to Play Nicely

Windows 7, Office 2010, Google Chrome OS: Never a Dull Tech Moment

Windows 7 Out Before Christmas?
Microsoft is reportedly busy polishing its Windows 7 operating system for a December 2009 release.

Windows 7 Performance Tests

Windows 7 Review

Windows 7 Sales Beat Mac OS X Market Share

Windows 7: The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown

Windows 7: Two Strikes and You're Out

Windows 7 Upgrade: Easy as Pie, or Hard as Nails?

Windows 7 Upgrade Hell: Some Vista Users Face 'Endless Reboots'

Windows 7 Will Ship with Very Cool Multitouch Software

Windows 7 in October? Here's the Scoop

Windows 7 on Multicore: How Much Faster?

Windows Is Easy to Install? Nonsense!

Your Guide to the Windows 7 Beta OS
Microsoft's Windows 7 beta code is available now after a rush of traffic crippled servers forcing the company to postpone the public release.

AMD Slows Down Shipment of Barcelona Chips
AMD says it has delayed volume shipments of its quad-core Opteron processors as it fine-tunes the chip.

AMD says Barcelona server chip will be on time
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) said Friday it would begin shipping its "Barcelona" quad-core Opteron processor in August, rebutting industry rumors that the chip faced manufacturing problems that could delay it until October.

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Opteron

Server makers show first Barcelona systems
Server makers are showing their first systems based on Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s upcoming quad-core Opteron chip, known as Barcelona.

Blu-ray Disc Licensing Gets Cheaper and Easier

Buffalo Technology BR-816SU2 External Blu-ray Burner

Could it be a Blue Christmas for Blu-ray?
OK, Blu-ray won the standards war, but it's still struggling in the marketplace.

GE Crams 500GB of Data on DVD with Holographic Tech

If Blu-ray Is Dying, Why Are Disc Sales Soaring?

LG Electronics WH08LS20 Blu-ray Burner

MPAA Wins Case Against Chinese DVD Maker
The Motion Picture Association of America won a lawsuit against a Chinese DVD maker that will give the group a say over how...

Netflix Raises Blu-ray Rates: Time to Switch to Blockbuster?

OWC Offers Quad-interface Blu-ray Drive
Other World Computing (OWC) on Wednesday introduced its Mercury Pro Blu-ray "Quad Interface" external drives. They're priced...

RealNetworks vs. Hollywood in DVD 'Ripping' Case Starts

Toshiba Invokes SD Cards to Battle Blu-ray
Toshiba is trying to battle the Blu-ray high-definition DVD format by delivering movies through SD cards.

Which Disc is Which and What Can My Drive Burn?
Charles Woods, a self-defined "rank amateur," needs clear definitions of the optical disc varieties that his new PC's DVD/CD drive can burn.

Why Can't My DVDs Hold as Much as Other DVDs?
Sharful wants to copy some DVDs, but they contain more information than will fit on his blank discs.

Will 2009 (Finally) Be Blu-ray’s Year?
Sony won the standards war, but's still battling for our hearts and pocketbooks.

Make Windows XP Act Like Vista
In less than an hour, these freebies can transform XP into an ersatz Vista.

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Optimization

Shift Any Version of Windows Into High Gear
Use the OS's own tools to maximize your PC's performance without spending a dime.

Create a Guinea Pig PC
Play it super-safe by keeping a second Internet-connected PC handy.

Keep the Power Flowing
How to extend the life of your notebook battery.

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Optimization

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Optimization

Outlook/Outlook Express
Information from About Guides and partners relating to Outlook/Outlook Express

Xobni Outlook Add-On
This free application is a must-have for anyone who lives in Outlook.

April Foolery, the Conficker Worm virus, Web 2.0 Expo, and BlackBerry App World on PC World Podcast Episode 23

Diabetes Pilot for Palm Gives Diabetics The Right Balance of Tools

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Palm

Snap Screenshots on Your Palm with QuickTake

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Palm

Bono Helps Bail Out Palm
Palm Inc.'s financial future looked a little more secure Monday as private-equity firm Elevation Partners said it will pump US$325 million into the mobile device manufacturer.

Delay, Repairs, Even Success Hit Palm's Profit
Palm expects a product delay, warranty repairs and lower prices to hurt its quarterly results.

Palm gets bailout from Bono's private-equity firm
Palm Inc.'s financial future looked a little more secure Monday as private-equity firm Elevation Partners said it will pump US$325 million into the mobile device manufacturer.

Palm insists Foleo will ship on time
Palm Inc. denied a recent industry report that its new Foleo mini-notebook would be delayed, and said the device was still on target to launch in the U.S. "this summer," or by the end of the third quarter.

Palm to Close Retail Stores
Palm plans to close its retail stores in an effort to focus on fewer programs and better compete, the company says.

Palm warns of profit drop
After canceling its controversial Foleo product and continuing to struggle with a shift away from the personal digital assistant market, Palm Inc. warned on Wednesday that its upcoming earnings report could be weaker than expected.

Palm-Based PDAs
Information from About Guides and partners relating to Palm-Based PDAs

Report: Palm discussing strategic options with bankers
Smartphone maker Palm Inc. is consulting with investment bankers on its strategic options, including the prospect of selling the company, seeking investment from venture capitalists, or making an acquisition of its own, according to a report in the The Wall Street Journal.

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Partitioning

Fix Corrupt Drivers

Microsoft's fixes nasty DNS server, Exchange flaws
Microsoft has released its May set of security patches, fixing critical bugs in Windows, Office and Exchange.

Patches & Drivers
Information from About Guides and partners relating to Patches & Drivers

All About ExpressCards, Part 1
We explain how ExpressCards differ from PC Cards.

All About ExpressCards, Part 2
PC Card slot or ExpressCard slot: getting peripherals to work in both.

PC Cards
Information from About Guides and partners relating to PC Cards

Information from About Guides and partners relating to PCI

Danish consumer agency finds design flaw in Apple iBook
The Danish Consumer Complaints Board has published evidence of a manufacturing defect resulting in power failures in some of Apple Inc.'s iBook G4 notebook computers. The board has already ordered the company to refund one Danish customer, and expects its findings to influence cases elsewhere, a spokesman said on Friday.

Graphics Board Repair Request Unheeded
An Asus customer tries to have his malfunctioning graphics board fixed, but gets no reply. Plus: An online seller goes MIA.

HP Earns Top Support Rating
Hewlett-Packard beat its PC competitors in both online customer support and service in a recent survey.

New PCs come littered with demoware and ads you never asked for. Does all that stuff affect performance? You bet. Here's how to get rid of the crud--or avoid it in the first place.

PC Reliability & Service
Information from About Guides and partners relating to PC Reliability & Service

Snafus Delay Best Buy Rebate
There must be millions of easier ways to make $20 than to pick it up as a free advertised rebate.

Suit Spotlights Angry Dell Customers
New York's Attorney General alleges the PC giant reneged on promises of zero percent financing and on-site service.

Technology's Most (and Least) Reliable Brands
Which companies can you trust? We asked 60,000 PC World readers--and they told us about their experiences with PCs, printers, cameras, routers, and more.

Think You Have On-Site Service? Maybe Not

Gateway aims home desktop at multimedia niche
Gateway Inc. Thursday launched quad-core desktop and notebook computers loaded with entertainment features designed to appeal to multimedia enthusiasts.

HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7690n
The m7690n has an extensive set of features, including an HD DVD drive, but it is rather expensive.

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PC Speakers
Information from About Guides and partners relating to PC Speakers

Razor Mako 2.1 Advanced Desktop Audio System
This pricey two-speaker system sounds as good as some 5.1 speaker kits.

2008 in Review: The IPhone Comes of Age
If 2007 was Year Zero in the life of the Phone That Changed Everything, then 2008 skyrocketed forward to the year that the...

802.11n Boosts WLAN Use in Enterprises
Increasing popularity of 802.11n is helping the enterprise WLAN market to cope with the tough economic climate, according to...

8Bitone for IPhone
A few iPhone apps are just a bit... unworldly. Leaf Trombone ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) is one example--it's basically Guitar Hero with leaves. Shazam (...

A 40-year-old Demo That Still Amazes
A 1968 demonstration of hyperlinks, videoconferencing and a mouse was commemorated Tuesday at Stanford University.

A Deeper Look at Mac OS X 10.5.6
Monday's release of OS X 10.5.6 included a number of updates that fix bugs, improve security, and in some cases, add new (or...

A Personal Assistant Premium for IPhone
Many of us struggle with managing all our personal information--social network connections, bank statements, and bills...

A Special Keynote Coverage Page for Your IPhone
Fear not gentle readers. Our new digs may be a bit elaborate for your iPhone, particularly as you relentlessly try to reload...

A Utopian Musical Future One Step Closer?
For nearly as long as the iPod's existed, I've written about where that device may one day take us--with the ultimate destination being All Music, All the Time...

ABetterCal for IPhone
The calendar may have been around since the days of the Egyptians, but calendaring software has yet to be perfected. is the latest to try its hand at...

AMD to Show 3D Blu-ray Playback at CES
Blu-ray Discs based on a new format for 3D video will be among the new gadgets on show at January's Consumer Electronics Show.

AT&T Now Selling Refurbished IPhone 3G Units
I have a friend who refuses to buy anything used: he insists that all his purchases be untouched by human hands before his...

Ad Stats: IPhone Users Sure Love Wi-Fi
Yeah, your iPhone has access to that high-speed cellular data network. But admit it: you use Wi-Fi whenever you can, right...

Adapter Takes Mini DisplayPort Video, USB Audio to HDMI
Apple's new MacBooks and Mac minis come with snazzy Mini DisplayPort connectors, but if you want to hook one up to your HDTV via its HDMI port, Apple can't...

Adobe After Effects CS4 Gets Updated
Adobe updated its visual effects and motion graphics application, After Effects, bringing the current version to 9.0.1.

Adobe Rolls out LiveCycle App for IPhone
While an iPhone-friendly version of Flash Player remains a largely theoretical construct, Adobe did deliver an iPhone-ready product at its Adobe Max 2009...

Adobe Soundbooth CS4
Like its predecessor, Adobe's audio editing application, Soundbooth CS4, is a compromise. Although it includes more advanced...

Adobe Updates Camera Raw, DNG Converter
Adobe Systems has released an update to its Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop. Available for free download from Adobe's Web...

Adobe Updates Version Cue Server
Adobe on Wednesday released an update to its version management software, Version Cue.

Advanced Wi-Fi Sinks Old Ship's Network Barriers
Beam-forming Wi-Fi gear from Ruckus Wireless helps to get signals around metal walls on the Queen Mary floating hotel.

Aimersoft Total Media Converter Released for Mac
Aimersoft has announced the release of Total Media Converter for Mac. It costs $49.

Air Sharing for IPhone
Air Sharing lets you easily copy files between your iPhone and a wirelessly-connected Mac. By doing so, Avatron Software's app...

Air-sickness Bag Makes a Great IPhone Stand
So, you're on a plane--wait, you're not on a plane? Okay, bear with me. You're on a hypothetical plane, and you've brought...

Airline Pilots Want Ban on Lithium Battery Shipments
An airline pilot union is calling on the U.S. government to temporarily ban cargo shipments of lithium batteries.

Alaska Becomes Latest Airline With Wi-Fi
Alaska Airlines has begun a trial of in-flight Wi-Fi.

Alesis Offers USB-equipped Audio Cassette Deck
Alesis has introduced the TapeLink USB. Its suggested retail price is US$299.99 (street price is $199.99).

Altec Lansing Moondance Glow
You wouldn't necessarily think of the alarm clock as a technology category desperately in need of sexing up, but Altec Lansing...

Alternative Methods of Zooming in Excel 2008
One of the things I don't like about Excel 2008 is that setting zoom levels is a bit more complex than it need be. If you use...

Amazon Offers to Return Kindle Users Orwell Book or $30 found itself in the center of a swirling vortex of controversy in July, following its move to remotely delete copies of two George Orwell books that... Eyes CIOs With Its AWS Cloud IT Services
The company says it has a long-term commitment to this market

Analyst Claims Apple to Release Netbook in 2009
So it's no secret that lots of people (including our own Peter Cohen) are desperately pining for a netbook, a small...

Analyst: Mobile Data Will Continue Boom in '09
There will be more than 36 million laptops connected to mobile data networks in Western Europe in 2009.

Analyst: WiMax Market Will Decline in 2009
The market for WiMax is predicted to decline in 2009, as mobile WiMax is hit both by the economic squeeze and competition from...

Analytics App for IPhone
Analytics App puts Google Analytics in the palm of your hand, giving you instant access to all your Web sites and the data...

Android Moves Into Home Entertainment
MIPS Technologies made the source code available to allow people to port Android applications to products running on MIPS chips.

Another Take on Apple's New IPod Shuffle
After Apple released a redesigned iPod shuffle on Wednesday, my colleague Dan Moren posted an entry in this blog criticizing...

Apple Acknowledges IPod Nano Overheating in Support Doc
Stories of iPod batteries catching on fire are sadly nothing new--we've been hearing about them for over a year. But on Friday, Apple published a knowledge base...

Apple Aims to Sync Movies Among Multiple Devices
On Thursday, Apple filed a patent application entitled Synchronization of Media State Across Multiple Devices, which appears to combine local iPod and iPhone...

Apple Boosts IPod Touch Capacity, Cuts 8GB Price
Apple cut the price on its 8GB iPod touch Wednesday while boosting the performance and capacity of the other models of its touchscreen music player. Apple made...

Apple Bumps IPod Classic, Shuffle Models
iPod classic

Apple Confirms Glitch in Updating Leopard
Apple confirmed a glitch that prevents some users from updating their Mac OS X Leopard machines using the built-in software...

Apple Confirms Sept. 9 'rock and Roll' Event
Apple is planning a special, invitation-only event for September 9, 2009, confirming rumors that have circulated on the Mac Web for the past couple of weeks.

Apple Denies ITunes LP Production Fee
The music industry is big money, and we're not just talking about the oversized bling that adorns so many artists' chests and fingers these days. So when a story...

Apple Drops DRM Case Against Bluwiki
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Apple are standing down over a legal dispute involving the Web site Bluwiki. Apple is no longer going after...

Apple Drops Prices on IPod Nanos, Touches, Classic
What with the next Apple event just hours away, it would be nice if we had some sort of concrete sign of what they might be announcing. Instead, all we've got is...

Apple Introduces ILife '09
Apple on Tuesday introduced a new version of iLife, its software suite that it includes with new Macs.

Apple Re-enables Promo Codes for 17+ Apps
At least one probably-unintended consequence of Apple's recently imposed rating system for iPhone apps has been undone. An iPhone developer has confirmed to...

Apple Releases Camera Raw Compatibility Update
Apple on Thursday released Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4, extending the Raw file compatibility for Aperture 2...

Apple Releases IPhone Software 2.2.1
Apple on Tuesday released a software update for its iPhone and iPhone 3G devices.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.5.6
Apple on Monday released an update for Mac OS X Leopard that fixes almost 40 issues related to the operating system.

Apple Releases Server Admin Tools 10.5.6
Apple on Friday released an update for its remote administration tools.

Apple Secures Multitouch Technology Patent
We just discussed the saber-rattling from Palm and Apple, but here's another data point to throw into the mix. According to...

Apple Shocks World, Reveals It Is a Huge Corporation
I'm just as bummed as you are that this Macworld Expo will be Apple's last (and that last year's Expo was apparently Steve...

Apple TV and the Future
Tomorrow's "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" Apple event is likely to be true to its name and focus exclusively on music--new iPods, a new version of iTunes, and...

Apple TV's Missed Opportunity
Thursday's announcement of HD movies sales being added to the iTunes Store may have been good news for consumers of...

Apple Updates Color Application
Apple on Wednesday evening released the Pro Applcations Updates 2008-005, which includes an updated version of Color, Apple's...

Apple Working on Always-on Status Indicators for IPhone?
One of the features the iPhone lacks is the ability to display status indicators when the phone is in sleep mode. If you're...

Apple and U.K. Man Get Heated Over IPod Fire Claim
Are iPods exploding all over the place? According to the Times Online, an iPod touch belonging to 11 year-old Ellie Stanborough of Liverpool, England, started...

Apple on IPhoto '09 Changes
When Apple sat down to tackle an update for iPhoto, it knew what features it wanted to tackle--the ones that other image...

Apple's Music Event, in Holiday Colors
Media and user reaction to Wednesday's Apple "Rock and roll" event has been pretty much what it is for most Apple events: full of shock that unlikely rumors...

Apple's Schiller Responds to Dictionary App Controversy
We've become accustomed to the deafening sound of silence in response to criticism of the App Store, so it's surprisingly gratifying that not only has Apple...

Apple to Pay Damages in Chip Optimization Patent Case
Apple has been ordered to pay over $21.5 million in damages to Opti, according to a press release (PDF link) published on the latter company's website.

Asian Mobile Operators Team up for Android
A group including some of Asia's most powerful mobile phone operators launched a campaign to encourage Android application development.

Assign Finder Labels via the Keyboard
As someone who prefers using the keyboard over the mouse, the Finder's color labels annoy me to no end--there's simply no way...

Assorted IPhone Zombie Apps
Look, the likelihood of a bona fide Romeroesque zombie takeover is slightly smaller than your odds of being struck by lightning, winning the lottery, or even...

Asustek to Unveil US$200 Eee PC Netbook Next Year
Asustek plans to unveil a new US$200 Eee PC in the first quarter of next year.

AutoCue for IPhone
Popular folklore tells us Abraham Lincoln wrote his historic Gettysburg Address on the back of an envelope. Today's orators...

Autodesk Offers Three New Mac Creative Software Tools
Autodesk, which is not participating in Macworld Expo this week, introduced three new creative software tools for the Mac...

Autodesk Suit Could Affect Secondary Software Sales
Autodesk argued in a Seattle court Tuesday that selling secondhand software is illegal.

Avid Media Composer 3.0
The release of Media Composer 3.0.5 marks a major metamorphosis for Avid Technology: With this version, the company has...

Avoid Facebook Disasters

BandmateLoops Releases New Music Loop Collections
Music loop specialists Bandmateloops on Wednesday introduced four new loops collections and two Multisample packages.

Bandmateloops Releases Oriental Loops, Scandinavian VI
Music loop company Bandmateloops released a new loop package and a virtual instrument on Monday. The new collections come as a...

Bar Fight: Android Versus IPhone
A typical Saturday night at my favorite San Francisco dive bar: Zeitgeist in the Mission District. A filthy place populated...

Baseline 1.4.2
One of the most common issues I hear about from readers-via email or in the Macworld forums-is that their hard drives are...

Beats for IPhone
If you dance--anywhere from a rave to your junior prom--you've seen it. The music is loud, the lights are low. Dancers are moving in time to a hypnotic beat...

Bento for IPhone
If you're familiar with Bento 2 ( Macworld rated 4.5 out of 5 mice ), the easy-to-use personal database application for your Mac, then you won't be surprised to...

Best Buy Offers Refurbished IPhones
Retailer Best Buy said it has begun selling refurbished iPhones for a discounted price.

Better Color Management With ColorMunki
One of the most difficult aspects of graphic design is color management. It's one of those things you know you should do, but...

Beyond HandBrake's Defaults
If you're a Mac user interested in ripping your commercial DVDs to a format playable on an Apple TV, iPod, or iPhone, the free video transcoder, HandBrake 0.9.3...

Beyond ITunes: Streaming Music Services
Mention "streaming music services" around the typical gaggle of Mac users and it's like you've suggested that the Mona Lisa would benefit from the application of...

Big Fish Audio Releases Ambient Works Audio Loops
Big Fish Audio released a new collection of loops, called Ambient Works, that the company says is targeted to people that make...

Big Skype Update Coming Next Month
Skype is releasing a major, video-centric upgrade to its PC client next month, the company said.

Bill Clinton-signed IPod on the Auction Block
The Gibson Foundation for Music Rising is holding an auction of a number of celebrity-signed iPods. In addition to iPods...

Billings 3
Since making its debut on the Mac platform in 2005, Billings has established itself as a suitable program for people who needs...

Birdpost for IPhone
Birdpost is the iPhone companion to, a Web site where you and others can report and share bird sightings. It's a great idea, but unfortunately the...

Blogging Gets a Pro Look With ITheme Designs
I've been blogging on my personal site for several years. What bothers me the most about blogs is that, for the most part...

BlueBeat Sells Beatles MP3s, Permission Be Damned
Perhaps you're heard the expression "shoot first, ask questions later?" That pretty well sums up the philisophy of Santa Cruz, Calif.-based BlueBeat.

Brain Quest Blast Off for IPhone
If you have a child in elementary school, you're probably familiar with Brain Quest: it is most visible in the children's book sections of bookstores, in the...

Buckets for IPhone
Buckets, a $4 task-management app from Press Start, aims to help you take control of your task list. The app features some clever interface elements, but is...

Bugs & Fixes: Apple TV Deletes Files
You launch iTunes. It immediately recognizes that your Apple TV is connected and initiates a sync. Nothing unusual so far.

Bugs & Fixes: Dealing With Data Backup Problems
With backup software, the one thing you want more than anything else is reliability. With your data's survival on the line...

Bugs & Fixes: Office 2008, Leopard's Spaces Don't Mix
Microsoft Office 2008 applications, especially Word, do not work well with the Spaces feature in Leopard. This is not a newly...

Bugs & Fixes: The IPhone 'dead Strip'
Last week, I encountered the dreaded iPhone "dead strip." This is when a rectangular strip of the iPhone's screen, typically...

Build a Whole-home Audio System
Many of us here at Macworld are music lovers. We listen to a lot of music in a lot of places around the house. Which means many of us are also big fans of Sonos'...

CES Attendance Could Be Below Estimates
CES attendance was more than 110,000 people, according to the preliminary estimates from the Consumer Electronics Association...

CES Expands Size of IPod, IPhone Showcase at 2010 Event
The Consumer Electronics Association, which organizes the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every January, plans to more than quintuple the size of...

Caching IPod Touch Driving Directions
Reader Stephen Good has a good question about driving with an iPod touch. He writes:

CardPro for IPhone
iPhones and Blackberries have made the Rolodex about as obsolete as Betamax, or at least as endangered as the Delhi Sands Flower Loving Fly. The Wall Street...

Cartoon Network Launches Fusion Fall MMOG on Wed
Cartoon Network has announced plans to launch its massively multiplayer online game Fusion Fall on Wednesday, January 14...

Cartoonizeme for IPhone
If doodling horns, glasses and scars on pictures of politicians in the Sunday paper is your idea of fun then Cartoonizeme from...

CatPaint IPhone App Adds Cats to Any Photo
Are your photographs suffering from a decided feline shortage? There's a cat for that.

Change IDVD's Apple Logo Watermark
If you use iDVD much, you're probably familiar with the Apple logo watermark that (optionally) appears on your DVD's menu...

CheckSheet for IPhone
Today's obsession with productivity has created a surplus of solutions promising to help us manage to-do lists. Included in that number is CheckSheet, a $3 app...

CheckUp 2.0 Diagnostic App Improves Interface
App4Mac has released CheckUp 2.0 as a public beta. The new version of the diagnostic utility for Mac OS X will cost $29...

China's First Lunar Probe Crashes Into the Moon
China's first lunar probe ended its mission by crashing successfully into the moon.

China's NetDragon Teams With EA on Online Game
NetDragon will work with EA to develop a multiplayer online version of EA's popular Dragon Keeper game.

Chinese Portal Sohu's Online Game Firm Files for IPO in US plans to operate MMORPGs in the US from a base it opened there in January.

Chinese YouTube Rival Adopts US Firm's Copyright Filter
The move places a step ahead of its biggest Chinese rivals in combating copyrighted content

Chrome Puts a Shine on Macs in Early 2009
I'm sure you've all been waiting, hearts in your throats, to find out when Google will bring its fancy new Chrome browser to...

Citrix App Receiver for IPhone
Recently, Citrix announced and demoed their App Receiver for iPhone product, which will allow iPhone users working for a...

Collapse Collections in IPhoto '08's Photos Library
In iPhoto '08, there are two entries in the Library section of the sidebar--Events, which splits your library according to the...

Comics by Comixology on IPhone
The smell of fanboys is in the air in San Diego, and that can only mean one thing -- it's time for Comic-Con again. On Thursday, coinciding with the first day of...

Computer Modeling Helps Build Sun-powered Stadium
When the 8th World Games opens in Taiwan on Thursday, the event will inaugurate a bold new stadium designed not only to power, cool and water itself, but also to...

Consumers Want Useful Robots, Executive Says
Affordability and simplicity are also keys to success, according to KumoTek's founder