Computing Center Sitemap - Page 130 2013-07-16

KDDI Pairs a Mobile Phone With a Robot

KDDI Shows Latest Prototype Phone Based on Fuel Cell
The latest prototype cell phone based on a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) made its debut on Tuesday at the Ceatec show in Japan.

KDDI Shows Low-cost Joystick for Mobile Phones
Japanese telecommunications company KDDI showed a 3D, low cost joystick for mobiles at Ceatec

Keep Big Brother off Your Cell Phone

Keep Tabs on IPhone Rumors With Top-Tens App
With Internet access just a Wi-Fi or 3G/EDGE connection away, the iPhone has established itself as a great tool for tracking information. And that now includes...

Kensington Hands-Free Visor Car Kit for iPhone and Bluetooth Phones

Kindle for IPhone 1.1 Released
Amazon updated its free Kindle app for the iPhone, adding three features in version 1.1 that many people--including some right here at Macworld--have been...

Kindle for IPhone

Kumo Expected, Adobe Patches With Microsoft
The mystery surrounding why fraudsters shelled out big bucks for old Nokia phones was solved this week. The answer, of course, involves illegal activities...

L.A. Times News Reader for IPhone

LG Lotus (for Sprint) Cell Phone
The Lotus has a striking design, but an unattractive price.

LG, Prada Look to Continue Joint Product Development
LG and Prada expect to continue developing products together, but have yet to make firm plans, executives said.

LG Previews Its Next Black Label Designer Handset
The fourth and latest member of LG's design-conscious Black Label family of handsets will have a long and thin 21:9 display.

LG Shows off Arena Smartphone, Video Watch Phone
LG Electronics showed off its Arena smartphone and a prototype wristwatch phone at the Mobile World Congress. The Arena will...

LG Unveils Its First Android Smartphone

LG to Debut 3G Watch-phone at CES
LG Electronics plans to debut a wristwatch-style 3G phone at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, it said Sunday.

Lack of LTE Devices Worries Operators
The LTE (Long-Term Evolution) modems shown at ITU are still very much under development, and will be ready to ship toward the end of next year.

Lala Music Streaming App Awaiting Apple Approval
Online music service Lala seems to be everywhere recently. The company is one of Google's partners for the search company's recently unveiled music search...

Latest Taiwanese Smartphone Highlights Industry Trend
Gigabyte launched the GSmart S1200 with its own UI this week, with sales to start in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan by the end of this month.

Latest iPhone 3.0 Beta Reveals Parental Controls

Layar Augmented Reality App Now Available for IPhone 3GS
Augmented reality apps--mobile applications that can superimpose contextual digital information on top of the real environment--have carved out a very impressive...

Layar Brings Augmented Reality to Android Phones Worldwide

Layar Reality Browser for IPhone
Layar Reality Browser promises an awful lot for an iPhone app. Layar B.V., the developer, refers to Layar as an "Augmented Reality Browser," which for Layar...

Layers for IPhone
Another in the line of painting apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, Layers from delivers a long-awaited and powerful option--the ability to create...

Leak: Motorola's 'Sholes' Android Smartphone Headed to Verizon

Leaked: Sony Ericsson's Upcoming Android Phone

LiMo Foundation Gets Ready for Next-generation Platform
The next version of Linux-based mobile platform LiMo is getting closer to launch.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Coverage Maps

Listomni Lists for IPhone
Listomni Lists from Ontomni aims to help you run your life from lists on your iPhone or iPod touch. The US$7 app is almost comically feature-laden, allowing you...

Little Buzz Ahead of IPhone 3GS Japan Debut
There is little excitement ahead of the launch of the iPhone 3GS launch in Japan on Friday.

LittleSnapper Arrives for IPhone
Last December, Realmac Software launched LittleSnapper, an iPhoto-like utility for snapping, organizing, and sharing...

LittleSnapper for IPhone
If you use the LittleSnapper desktop application from Realmac Software--and the Ember image hosting service that accompanies it--the iPhone version of...

Livestream's New Service Streams Live Video to the IPhone
Live streaming video on the iPhone and iPod touch is neither "madness" nor the exclusive domain of the heavy hitters anymore. Livestream on Thursday unveiled its...

Living on the EDGE
I recently spent some time getting away from the daily grind--we took our kids to Destin, Florida for a week of fun and sun (and high temps and humidity, but...

LocalEats App Looks to Save Diners Dollars
Heading out for a bite in the Big Apple? Then you might want to have LocalEats installed on your iPhone or iPod touch. The $1 restaurant finder has teamed up...

Location-Based Service Helps You Remember

LogMeIn Ignition for IPhone
One of my jobs as a web developer involves managing a rack of Linux, Mac, and Windows servers. Over the years, I've used various remote access programs, such as...

Lonely Planet Offers IPhone Guide to Help WWDC-goers
As a Bay Area native, I have a certain partiality for San Francisco that I just can't hide: the weather, the food, the culture--this city has it all. Luckily...

Looking for a Pattern in Apple's App Store Rejections
By one estimate, there are now more than 20,000 applications available for download from Apple's App Store. Imagine how much...

Loopt 2.0 for IPhone Brings More Context to Your Location
Location-based social networking got a bit more interesting with the recent release of Loopt 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. This major new upgrade puts...

Lose It for IPhone
The hardest part about losing weight doesn't necessarily involve diet and exercise. Rather, the challenge can sometimes be...

Lotus Domino Adds Native IPhone Support
IBM's Lotus Domino 8.5.1 will natively support the iPhone with automatic e-mail, contact and calendar synchronization.

Lowest iPhone 3G S Upgrade Price Extended to More Customers

MLB At Bat 2009 for IPhone
For me, one of the highlights of the first few months of the App Store was Major League Baseball Advanced Media's MLB At Bat...

MLB At Bat 2009 to Include Game Audio
As a baseball fan, I'm not sure how I missed this. (Perhaps it was the typical mid-winter doldrums.) Following up last year's...

MLB At-Bat App Embraces IPhone 3.0, Adds Live Video
Major League Baseball just keeps adding features to its groundbreaking MLB At Bat 2009 iPhone app.

MLB Releases IPhone App With Game Audio At Bat 2009 lets you stream live game audio.Major League Baseball Advanced Media announced Sunday that it has released...

MMS Arrives: What It Means for You
Multimedia Messaging Service support for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is now available, giving AT&T subscribers in the U.S. the same functionality other...

MSFT Launches 're-donk-ulous' Spoof Site
The site, modeled after low-budget TV ads, markets Live Search for Mobile

Mac 911 and the Summer Vacation
Just when I think I've got this summer-vacation-and-technology thing down, new lessons present themselves. Take this last week, for example, during which I...

Mac News: PocketMac Releases RingtoneStudio 2 Software
PocketMac announced on Tuesday the release of RingtoneStudio 2.0, an update to its software for creating and editing iPhone ringtones. Included in version 2.0...

MacProVideo to Release IPhone Video Training App
MacProVideo, a company that specializes in providing pro training videos for Mac users, has submitted an app to the App Store...

Macalope Weekly: Celebrity App Store Approval Process
Apple runs afoul of a foul-mouthed celebrity (well, who hasn't done that?) and, ah, spring! When a company's fancy turns to acquisition! Or not. Because who's...

Mactracker for IPhone, for All Your Mac Reference Needs
Sometimes you need info on a specific model of computer when you're nowhere near a computer. You could scour the Web for the...

Mactracker for IPhone
If, like many iPhone and iPod touch owners, you also happen to be a Mac user, selecting which Mac is pretty straightforward since you can buy any computer you...

Macworld's 2009 App Gems Awards

MailMe for IPhone
It seems like my life revolves around managing an ever-increasing number of tasks. To help keep everything in order, I've come up with a pretty simple system...

Major Magazine Publishers Coming to iPhone, BlackBerry

Manly Droid Strikes Back: New Ads Dismiss iPhone

Map Wars Begin: Google vs. Apple, More to Enter Fray

Marvel Comics Come to IPhone
Excelsior! Comixology, makers of the free comic-book app Comics, have brought one of the "big two" comics publishers to the iPhone for the first time.

Mass Effect Galaxy Released for IPhone, IPod Touch
BioWare and EA have collaborated to release Mass Effect Galaxy for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's available for purchase from the App Store for $5.

MasterCard to Authenticate Online Transactions by Phone
MasterCard will use mobile phones to improve the security for online transactions, the company said on Monday.

MeeHive for IPhone
Personalized newspapers have been the dream of media mavens for a couple of decades now. Obviously, the Internet makes it...

Meet Bump, the App Store's Billionth Download
Bump has only been available for download from the App Store for a month, but already the social networking app has secured a...

Meet the Mobile Phones of Tomorrow

Meet the Palm Pixi: The Newest webOS Smartphone

Melodica for IPhone
Melodica by CandyCane allows anyone to create music in a fun and easy way, with no musical skills or knowledge required. If you can tap the screen of your iPhone...

Memeo Share for IPhone
Memeo Share is a free iPhone app from Memeo for sharing photos with friends and family. Memeo Share started life as a Web-based app for uploading and tagging...

Memory Stick for IPhone
It's relatively painless to make most iPods work as storage devices (in addition to first-rate media players). But with the iPhone and iPod touch, Apple offers...

Messages-the Secret to the IPhone's Success in India
The iPhone has made waves around the world ever since its debut in June 2007 and subsequent rollout around the world. That...

MeterRead for IPhone
You've got your own reasons for wanting to cut your energy consumption. Maybe you'd like to save a few bucks each month. Or maybe you want to help reduce the...

Michael Dell Hints at Smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices
Computer maker says it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect a smartphone or similar device from the company.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer Calls on Apple to Be More Open
In what only can possibly be the most recent of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's continuing series of pearls of wisdom, the...

Microsoft Content With Windows Mobile Launch
Microsoft didn't appear to notice the negative reaction to the Windows Mobile 6.5 release.

Microsoft Embraces Windows Mobile 6.5's Blandness

Microsoft Jumps on iPhone Bandwagon with Bing App

Microsoft Kills Dynamics Mobile
Microsoft announced that it is discontinuing the mobile versions of its ERP product.

Microsoft, Nokia Team on Mobile Projects

Microsoft Opens My Phone Beta, Plans New Features
Microsoft is opening its beta for the My Phone service and planning new capabilities, it said Tuesday.

Microsoft Pink Tablet and Phone in the Works, Reports Claim

Microsoft Recovers Most Sidekick Data

Microsoft Red-Faced After Massive Sidekick Data Loss

Microsoft Releases Its First-ever IPhone Application
Microsoft's first-ever iPhone application is a slick photo viewer with deep zoom and browsing capabilities.

Microsoft Shows Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphones

Microsoft Smartphone Rumors Gain Steam
Microsoft's smartphone launch rumors gain steam again, with an analyst predicting a possible launch in two weeks at the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

Microsoft Updates Marketplace Anti-piracy Technology
Microsoft launched a Marketplace where people can browse for Windows Mobile applications from their computers.

Microsoft's Secret Pink Phones Pictured

Microsoft to Launch Office on Nokia Phones, says Report

Microsoft to Let Older Phones Use Its App Store
Microsoft will soon start accepting applications for its mobile Marketplace, but won't include all existing apps in the store.

Microsoft to T-Mobile Sidekick Users: Oops

Microsofts Eyes Bing-iPhone Linkage Boost

Although many people have forgotten about this particular talent, the classic iPod has been able to record audio since October 16, 2003 (3G iPod or later, iPod...

Milog for IPhone
Milog from SymplySoft helps you carefully track your mileage, whether you're a road warrior logging business miles driven for...

MindWave and MindFreek for IPhone
Administrators at a high school near Houston recently alerted parents to an alarming fact: some of the school's pupils had been caught trying to get high in... for IPhone
It never fails that those moments when you wonder about the status of your bank account never seem to occur within easy reach...

Missing Sync Adds Voicemail, Memo Support for IPhone
Missing Sync for iPhone 2.0 by Mark/Space was released a couple of months ago and added two-way wireless synching between the iPhone and your Mac or Windows...

MoBank App Takes Shopping to the IPhone in the UK
Owners of the iPhone or iPod touch in the U.K. will be able to use their phone to both buy and pay for goods using a new application from MoBank.

Mobile Backup Services Help Users Save, Sort Data
As mobile phones users store more on their devices, they increasingly need ways to back up the data

Mobile Banking Expected to Soar in Next Few Years
The number of people actively using mobile banking in the U.S. will grow more than five-fold by the end of 2013, Tower Group Inc. predicted in a report...

Mobile Deathmatch: Can the Pre Knock out the IPhone?

Mobile Finance: Indigenous, Ingenious or Both?
In Ghana, it's popularly known as susu. In Cameroon, tontines or chilembe. And in South Africa, stokfel. Today, you'd most...

Mobile Handset Market to Decline 8% This Year Says IDC
The global market for mobile handsets will contract by about 8% this year although smartphones will remain a growth area...

Mobile Handset Market to Shrink in 2009, Says ISuppli
The global cell phone handset will contract next year as consumers hang on to their handsets for longer, market-research...

Mobile Phone Shipments Drop 11 Percent in Q2, IDC Says
Worldwide mobile phone shipments dropped 11 percent in the second quarter despite continued strong sales of smartphones.

Mobile Phones and the Birds and the Bees
Reconsidering whether electromagnetic fields are hurting the ability of birds and bees to navigate.

Mobile Social Network Connects to Facebook, Twitter
Mobile social network GyPSii has launched CONNECT, a service that allows users to automatically update and share their status across Twitter and Facebook.

Mobile Social Networking Tips

Mobile Technology Finds a Place in Art
Claude Monet put paint on canvas to create his work and Auguste Rodin turned marble into sculptures. Rob Pettit prefers to...

Mobile's Future Is in Links, Ex-Nokia CTO Says
Users would navigate their contacts and content related to them in a cloud-based "social graph" usable on any phone

MobileFiles Pro for IPhone
While working on last week's iPhone spreadsheet apps round-up, I discovered Quickoffice's US$10 MobileFiles Pro, which allows...

MobileMe Helps Nab IPhone Thief
If I got my iPhone stolen, I'm not sure I would have been as quick on my feet as TUAW reader, Rob.

MobileStudio for IPhone
MobileStudio originally carried the moniker of MobileFinder, which seems appropriate. After all, Pixio touts its $2 iPhone and iPod touch app as a strong file...

Modu: A Mobile Phone With Many Faces

Mom Embraces her CrackBerry

Moments for IPhone
Think of Moments, a $1 app from GetApp, as a virtual bulletin board for your iPhone or iPod touch. The sticky notes you paste in the app can act as simple...

Money Transfers to Become Hottest Mobile App, Says Gartner
Money transfers and payments will be among the top 10 most important mobile applications by 2012, market research company Gartner said on Wednesday.

Monopoly: World Edition for IPhone
When you think of iconic board games, Monopoly is inevitably at the top of everyone's list. There have been so many versions...

Monster Announces New Lineup of IPod and IPhone Accessories
Audio-accessory vendor Monster has announced seven new products for Apple's iPod and iPhone. The $100 iCarPlay Wireless 1000 and $80 iCarPlay Wireless 800 are FM...

Moonlights for IPhone
Moonlights is a $2 physics-based puzzler from packed with nearly 100 levels. You're tasked with assembling a tower all the way to the moon, and...

Mophie Juice Pack Air Gives IPhone Longer Run Time
mStation|mophie has introduced the Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 3G. It costs US$79.95 and it's coming this Spring.

Mophie Squeezes out JuicePack for 2G IPod Touch
Accessory vendor Mophie has announced the Juice Pack - iPod touch 2nd Gen, a combination case and battery for the...

More Android Users Get Google Maps Navigation

More Financial News Apps for IPhone
A number of apps, such as Steve Parker's excellent (and renamed) Business Junkie, aggregate RSS feeds or Web headlines from various sources, including CNN and...

More IPhone App Rejections Tarnish the App Store
The App Store is becoming almost as famous for rejecting applications as it is for selling one billion of them. The iPhone app body count has recently grown by...

More IPhone Cocktail Apps
In all the years I've mixed up drinks, either professionally or for pleasure, I've never had occasion to serve A Kick in the Crotch, an Alien Urine Sample...

More Smartphones Than Desktop PCs by 2011
Smartphone sales will surpass worldwide PC sales by the end of 2011, says a report. The report, by RBC analyst Mike Abramsky, estimates that by that time...

More Streaming Radio Apps for IPhone
Like the batch of Internet radio apps we reviewed last summer, Radio Paradise, Slacker Radio, College Radio Tuner, and Tuner...

More Wine Apps for the IPhone

MotionX GPS for IPhone
Around two months ago, I decided it was high time I bought a bicycle. I talked to a few friends, headed out to a local dealer, and picked up a pretty sweet ride...

Motorola Announces 4,000 More Layoffs
Motorola plans to lay off another 4,000 employees, mostly from its Mobile Device business.

Motorola Cliq Adds Social Features to Android OS Handset

Motorola Cliq Coming in Q4 With Blur Social Service
Motorola on Thursday announced its first Android smartphone, which will ship in the fourth quarter with T-Mobile USA under the name Cliq.

Motorola Cliq: Hot, and Not

Motorola Cliq (T-Mobile)

Motorola Describes Close Relationship With Google
Motorola described its support for Android during its annual event for developers.

Motorola Droid Debuts, Then Disappears

Motorola Droid Laid Bare, Reveals All In Teardown

Motorola Droid: Let the Presales Begin!
You may not be able to get your hands on Verizon's Motorola Droid just yet, but you can get your name on one -- and get an instant rebate -- starting today.

Motorola Droid: Off to a Fast Start

Motorola Droid Selling as Milestone Outside the US
Motorola has announced an international version of its Android based smartphone, the Droid, it said on Monday.

Motorola Droid: Sorry, it's No iPhone Killer

Motorola Droid Steals BlackBerry's Limelight

Motorola Droid: The Early Reviews Are In

Motorola Droid: Updates Already On the Way?

Motorola Droid (Verizon) Smartphone

Motorola Evoke Q4A Cell Phone

Motorola Exec Says Microsoft Won't End Windows Mobile Support
An executive with Motorola said that he doesn't believe that Microsoft's recent pact with Nokia will lead to the death of the Windows Mobile operating system...

Motorola Fired CFO Liska for Cause
Motorola fired former CFO Paul Liska for cause last month, the company disclosed in an SEC filing on Tuesday.

Motorola H790 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola Karma QA1

Motorola Moves Toward Android
After a dismal Q1 report, the cell phone manufacturer has announced plans for several handsets running Google's mobile OS.

Motorola Q2 Sales Down Across the Board
Sales fell at all three divisions of Motorola in the second quarter, with handset sales nearly halved from the previous year.

Motorola Rokr E8 Music Phone
Music playback excels, but in other areas, usability issues plague the Rokr E8.

Motorola and Verizon Officially Announce Droid Handset
Is this the droid you're looking for? The Motorola Droid made its debut on Wednesday after a relatively brief--if attention-grabbing--ad campaign that targeted...

Motorola's Android Phone: An iPhone with a Keyboard?

Motorola's Latest Droid Ad Hypes Friday's Launch

Motorola to Unveil Android Handset on Sept. 10

Motorola will Nurture Third-Party Apps for Cliq

Move Over 'BlackBerry Thumb,' Here Comes 'Cellphone Elbow'
You've probably heard of the ailment commonly referred to as "BlackBerry Thumb." The condition, not unlike carpal-tunnel syndrome of the wrist, causes stiffness...

Mover+ and Mover Lite for IPhone
If there's one thing that our newfangled handheld doodads are good at, it's sharing files. E-mail, instant message, FTP--the list of ways to send things to...

Movies Coming Soon to a Mobile Phone Near You
The battle for mobile phone buyers is getting tougher and tougher; offering movies is the latest way vendors are trying to lure buyers to pick their phones.

Movies and Movies & Theaters for IPhone
It's time to head back to the multiplex. But what to see? Haven't this summer's offerings been... well, not exactly abysmally bad, but solidly mediocre? Let's...

Mozilla, Skype Support DMCA Jailbreaking Exemption
Following up on Apple's objection to a proposed DMCA exemption for jailbreaking cell phones, two major software vendors, the...

Music Group Offers 'rare' Music in IPhone App
Seattle startup Melodeo has just released a US$3 iPhone app that gives its users access to the entire back catalog of The...

Music Library Quiz for IPhone
iPods used to ship with a built-in Music Quiz game, which challenged you to identify snippets of songs in your music library before time expired. That game is...

MusicSkins Debuts Custom Skin Offerings for Portable Devices
MusicSkins, a company that specializes in vinyl "skin" protection for portable devices, today announced the debut of a new Customizer online tool for creating...

My Eyes Only for IPhone
Until retailers, airlines, bus terminals, and any other place where you need a credit card lets us use a phone as a form of ID, we'll all be carrying around...

My Stop Smoking Coach for IPhone
Quitting smoking is no easy feat. According to Gameloft's My Stop Smoking Coach with Allen Carr though, it's as simple as a...

My iPhone 3GS: Not So Hot

MyBatteryLife for IPhone
Users of MyBatteryLife might assume the app somehow extends the battery life of their iPhone or iPod touch. Watching an iPhone's battery level is a bit like...

MyHomework for IPhone
Eighteen units of coursework, a part-time job, a social life of some sort and avoiding a nervous breakdown. Sound familiar...

MyPantone for IPhone
No one pretends that viewing, selecting, and matching colors on an iPhone can replace sophisticated color calibration hardware or even a run-of-the-mill fan deck...

MyPhone+ for Facebook
Ultimake'sMyPhone+ for Facebook is a souped-up dialer app for the iPhone. The gimmick here is a social networking facet. The app synchronizes with your Facebook...

MySpace Supports Silverlight for OpenSocial Apps
Developers can now build MySpace apps using Microsoft's multimedia runtime

MyWebClip for IPhone
Before Apple introduced the App Store, the only non-native icons on an iPhone's home screen were those of Web Clips--home screen links to Web-based applications...

MyWords -- Chinese for IPhone
I study Mandarin in school, which means learning how to read and write Chinese characters. My technique isn't the best--I...

Myvu Video Goggles Work With IPhone
Myvu has announced that its Crystal video goggles now work with the iPhone. The Crystal glasses require a new cable which...

NASA App for IPhone
NASA's Website connects everyday folks to the goings on of the universe (and the goings on of the American space agency that eats up a substantial part of the...

NASA Tweaks Its IPhone App
NASA has updated its popular and free self-titled iPhone app. Version 1.1 of NASA App sports new features and enhancements, including tracking features and more...

NEC, Casio, Hitachi to Merge Mobile Phone Operations
Japanese mobile phone makers NEC, Casio and Hitachi plan to merge their mobile phone businesses.

NPR News for IPhone
Let me guess, you love NPR? I know I do, and lucky for the both of us, NPR loves us right back with the NPR News app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

NPR's IPhone App Adds Live Coverage
Staying up-to-date and in-the-know with an iPhone or iPod touch is getting real, people. CNN's iPhone app raised the bar at the end of September, and now...

Namco's New IPhone Division Headed by Former Apple Producer
Namco Networks on Monday announced that Jonathan Kromrey has been named General Manager of the company's recently formed Apple Games business unit. Namco's Apple...

Name-squatters Targeting the App Store
In recent months, it's seemed that Apple has finally started getting its act together in fixing little App Store annoyances and making it a better marketplace...

Navigon Launches MobileNavigator for IPhone
Navigon AG on Wednesday announced the launch of its MobileNavigator software for North America, for the iPhone. It costs $70 until August 15, when the price...

Nearly 1.7 Million T-Mobile Users Hit by Service Disruption

Network Woes? Hate the iPhone, Not AT&T

New Acer Smartphones with Windows Mobile 6.5 Due Next Month

New App Store Rules Good News for IPhone Users
Apple has made it easier for developers to offer trial versions of iPhone apps -- free versions that users can upgrade later to the full version, without a trip...

New Apps Bring Video Recording to Old iPhones

New BlackBerry Developer Tools Will Benefit Users

New China Mobile App Store Supports Dell Device
Dell device is among the handsets supported by the China Mobile application store launched this week.  

New Google Phone Expected Next Week from T-Mobile

New Hack Gives You Droid Root Access

New IPhone Accounting Rule Approved
Don your party hats and break out the noisemakers, for the recent proposed subscription accounting change has been given a gold star by the Financial Accounting...

New IPhone App Displays Hand Gestures
Pangea Software--long time Mac (and iPhone) game developer--has announced the release of The Finger, a new 3D animation app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It...

New IPhone App Translates English Into Spanish as You Speak
Jibbigo is a new iPhone app that can translate English speech into Spanish--and the reverse--all without going online. You simply launch the $25 app and speak...

New Jailbreaking Tool Available for Some iPhone Users

New Mobile Competition Drove Nokia, Microsoft Deal
Microsoft and Nokia may be able to better face competition with their new agreement.

New Palm Handset and OS Coming on Thursday?
Will Palm debut new mobile handsets and devices based on its Nova mobile operating system this week? The tech world is betting we'll find out Thursday.

New Sidekick Will Get Exchange Support
The T-Mobile device, aimed at young, heavy text messaging users, will also support 3G

New Windows Mobile Phones Due in October
Microsoft plans to announce on Tuesday that the newest Windows Mobile phones will go on sale in early October.

New Windows Mobile UI Represents Big Change
Microsoft is expected to unveil a revamped user interface for Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Congress Monday.

New York Kills Contract for Public Safety Wireless Network
New York State has cancelled a contract with a vendor to build a wireless public safety network, but the vendor disputes the...

New Yorker Cover Art Created on an iPhone
It's official: the iPhone can do anything. An artist used a $5 app to create the magazine's cover art.

New Yorker Cover Drawn Entirely on an IPhone

New iPhone 3GS May Be Jailbreak-Proof

New iPhone Ad Targets Small Business

New iPhone Gets OLED Screen, Video Editing, FM, Says Report

New iPhone May be in Beta

News Addict for IPhone
My editor sent me an e-mail the other day asking about sundry matters in a review, when he made an observation about a rating I'd given a particular app: "I...

Newspapers and World Newspapers for IPhone
Newspapers may be dying, but there still sure are a lot of them out there--not just in the United States, but around the world. David Earnest's Newspapers and...

Next Batch of Acer Smartphones Due out in September
Acer plans to start selling three new smartphones in September.

Next-Gen iPhone Specs Leaked?

Next Read, Revisited
Charity may be a virtue, but wanton praise borders on sin. I liked Next Read, but I didn't love it. In particular, I had...

Next Read for IPhone

Ngmoco Teaches Old Dog Simulator New Tricks
For its latest iPhone diversion, developer Ngmoco aims to give iPhone and iPod touch owners all the joys of having their very...

Night Camera for IPhone
While the iPhone's built-in camera is certainly convenient, its small aperture and slow shutter speed can make taking great pictures a challenge, particularly...

Night Stand for IPhone
Something I really love about new technology is the possibility that it's so revolutionary, it replaces things that have been...

NikeWomen Training Club for IPhone
This may be a shocking revelation, but men and women have different physical fitness needs. Yet, among the plethora of fitness...

Nimbuzz for IPhone
Nimbuzz is a powerful, versatile, fun, and easy-to-use text and voice chat application that lets you connect to virtually...

Nine Inch Nails IPhone App Update Approved, Reports Reznor
Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor set off a kerfuffle earlier this week when he told the band's fan base that an update to its iPhone application had been...

Nine-year-old Boy Writes Popular IPhone App
When I was nine years old, I was probably rocking some civilization action on the family Macintosh Classic II. Beyond that, I...

No More Mystery Callers: TrapCall Unblocks 'Blocked' Calls
Service claims to unblock and reveal the numbers of calls to your phones that have been blocked.

No 'confirming or Denying' by Verizon, but Motorola's Tao Android Phone Spotted at CTIA
Reports saying Motorola's new Tao smartphone running Android might be announced by Verizon on Oct. 6 has not come true. But analysts and observers said they...

Nokia Accelerates Music Push With Services and Phones
Nokia is planning to launch its Comes With Music service and open Music Stores in more countries in the coming months, it...

Nokia Announces Charger Recall: What You Need To Know

Nokia Announces Smaller Version of N97, Music Touch Phone

Nokia Boosts Upload and Download Speeds With 6260 Phone
Nokia's 6260 is the company's first phone with support for both faster download and upload speeds, at up to 10.2M bps and 2...

Nokia CEO Underscores Support for Symbian
Symbian's future on Nokia's smartphones has been questioned lately, but Nokia's support for the operating system remains unchanged for the foreseeable future.

Nokia Cleared by ITU for 3G Patent Infringement
Nokia hasn't infringed on four patents owned by wireless technology company InterDigital related to the 3G mobile standard, according to the ITC.

Nokia Cuts Staff, Refocuses Its Services Push
The company will emphasize mobile applications from third-party developers as it grapples with falling mobile phone sales

Nokia Cuts Staff by 1,700
Nokia will cut its staff by 1,700 as it tries to grapple with falling phones sales, it announced on Tuesday.

Nokia Delays U.S. Launch of Its Music Service

Nokia Enters Increasingly Crowded Mobile Money Market
Nokia is getting ready to launch Nokia Money, which will give access to basic financial services on mobile phones, it said on Wednesday.

Nokia Expands CDMA Range in China With Three Phones
Nokia has launched three new CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phones for the Chinese market.

Nokia Expands XpressMusic Line With Cheap Touch Phone

Nokia Gets Social With Two New Touchscreen Phones

Nokia Heralds N97 as Most Powerful Mobile Yet
Nokia's new flagship mobile, the N97, is a touchscreen phone with a Qwerty keyboard that slides out from beneath the screen.

Nokia Hopes New App Store Will Replicate App Store
The world's largest handset maker is refreshing the way it handles applications

Nokia Launches Its Cheapest Phone Yet for Emerging Markets
Nokia has launched the 1280, a mobile phone that is 20 percent cheaper than its predecessor, the 1202, it said on Wednesday.

Nokia N900: Hot and Not

Nokia N900 Launch Delayed

Nokia N97 Gets Launch Date, Decent Facebook App

Nokia N97 (Unlocked)

Nokia Opens New Research Center in Hollywood
Nokia announced that it has opened a new research facility in Hollywood.

Nokia Opens Ovi App Store, U.S. Will Have to Wait
Nokia opens its own app store called Ovi that will feature thousands of free and fee mobile applications for 50 Nokia handsets.

Nokia Opens the Door to Its Ovi Mobile Apps Store
Nokia's Ovi Store is open, allowing owners of Nokia phones to add new applications, just as Apple and RIM allow iPhone and BlackBerry owners to do

Nokia Phones Get Better Camera, Faster Internet Access
Nokia has launched three new mid- and low-tier phones; continuing to push more advanced features down the price curve.

Nokia Puts Mobile Wallet on SIM Card
Will make it easier for operators to launch services, Nokia says

Nokia Readies Its Own App Store with 20,000 Titles

Nokia Revamps Touchscreen Music Phone

Nokia Rolling out Micro Finance for Mobile Handsets in India
Nokia has partnered with a micro finance organization to offer phones on installments in India.

Nokia Says No Android Phone in the Works

Nokia Says North American Efforts Are Working
The world's largest handset maker says its efforts to improve its market share are finally showing promise

Nokia Sues Apple Over Patent Infringements
Cell phone maker Nokia announced this morning that it has filed suit in U.S. Federal District Court in Delaware, alleging that ten (count 'em, ten!) aspects of...

Nokia Surge for AT&T

Nokia Unveils Thinner Smartphones to Do More With Less
Nokia has unveiled two slim smartphones, the E55 and E75, to help users do more with less.

Nokia Wants to Automate Your Home
Nokia is developing a new way to control home automation systems using mobile phones.

Nokia's Charger Recall Just the Latest Tech Do-Over

Nokia's First Linux Phone Looks Good

Nokia to Close New York, Chicago Stores Too
Following the closure of its London flagship store, Nokia plans to close the outlets in New York and Chicago.

Nokia to Pull out of Japanese Handset Market
Nokia is to stop developing handsets for Japanese carriers and pull out of the Japanese market, it said Thursday.

NoteWorthy for IPhone
We all have our own little ways to discover new music. Some of us browse artist recommendations on, others skip...

Notebooks for IPhone
Mac blogger (and occasional Macworld contributor) John Gruber wrote about the excellent Mac software Yojimbo a couple of...

Nova Media Releases 3G Hardware Development Kit
Nova Media on Thursday released a hardware development kit for 3G devices. The hardware kit allows developers to simulate 3G...

Now Playing for IPhone
If you want to know what's showing at the local movie theater and when it starts, Now Playing has the information you need. But Cyrus Najmabadi's free iPhone and...

Nuance Brings Its Speech-recognition to the IPhone
The on-screen keyboard for the iPhone certainly has its share of fans, but there's also a noticeable chunk of the population that, at best, has learned to...

O'Reilly Launches IPhoneLive Conference
Book publisher and conference organizer, O'Reilly Media, announced a new conference targeted to the iPhone. iPhoneLive will be...

O2 Says iPhone SMS Patch Imminent

Occasions for IPhone
My wedding anniversary is coming up next month. It's an easy day to remember, especially this year--nine years ago, my wife and I got married on the ninth day of...

Office 2010, the True Cost of a Smartphone, and a Real-World Phone Battle on PC World Podcast 36

One Word: Plastics
Agent 18's popular Slider case for the original iPhone returns for the iPhone 3G and 3GS as the EcoShield Slider. As before, the slider fits the phone snugly and...

One Year On, Android's Not Quite There Yet
One year after the launch of the first Android phone, analysts say it's too early to declare the platform a success.

One in Four Mobile Users Admits Driving While Texting
Despite laws against driving while texting in some states -- and support from cellular carriers for stricter laws to curb the practice -- about a quarter of...

Open Letter to Apple: Go Easy on the Fees

OpenID Implementation Works on Mobile Platforms
Swedish company Accumulate is launching Mobile OpenID, which uses a mobile phone when logging in to a Web site using the OpenID standard.

OpenTable for IPhone
Need a table for ten for Thai in Toronto? Seafood at seven in St. Louis? How about an anniversary dinner in Akron?

Opinion: Why the Delay on the IPhone 3GS in India?
At Apple's unveiling of the iPhone 3GS in June 2009, Apple's senior VP of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, stated in no uncertain terms that the...

Orange Hits 1 Million IPhone Sales in France
This just in: Apple has sold one million iPhones...en France. Despite being one of the first countries outside of the U.S. to offer Apple's handset, it's taken...

Orange to Offer IPhone Service in the UK
Potential iPhone owners in the United Kingdom have a choice when it comes to service providers now that Orange has announced plans to sell the iPhone 3G and 3GS...

Orange to Sell iPhone in UK; will US Exclusivity End Next?

Order Pizza Puts Take-out Orders at Your Fingertips
If Order Mapper has its way, we'll all be ordering pizzas on our iPhones without ever having to talk to another soul.

Oscar-savvy IPhone Users Let Their Lights Shine
Slumdog Millionaire, please collect your Best Picture Oscar.

OtterBox Offers Defender Case for IPhone 3G
OtterBox has announced release of the Defender series case for the iPhone 3G. The new case costs US$49.95.

Our Headsets WON'T Cause Embarrassing Facial Rash
One wireless headset company is making the most of a report that the nickel in cell phones can cause a nasty rash on your face.

Our IPhone 3.0 Scorecard
On Monday, we published a list of 15 iPhone 3.0 features we'd like to see. Now that Tuesday's iPhone 3.0 event has come and...

PC World Podcast 49: Google Donut, BlackBerry Storm 2, and Wi-Fi Direct

PC World Podcast 51: Motorola Droid, Sneaky Fees, and Google's GPS App

PC World Podcast 52: Moto Droid Invades, AT&T Sues Verizon, and BlueBeat Rips Off the Beatles

PCalc Calculator App Ready for IPhone 3.0
The iPhone 3.0 software update isn't slated to roll out until Wednesday. But developer TLA Systems isn't waiting around for the new OS to update its...

PCalc Lite 1.9 Lets Users Purchase the Features They Need
You know what makes a great gift for the holidays? Calculators. Especially if you've got a math or stats geek on your Christmas list. Just slip a TI-83 or a...

PCalc for IPhone Now Sports Profanity Filter
TLA Systems has an important new feature on its popular PCalc and PCalc Lite calculator apps for iPhone. That feature? Censorship. And, frankly, it's about...

Pace for IPhone
About 30 years ago, the first mass-marketed running diaries appeared on the scene in tandem with the running boom of the...

Paint Matching Apps for IPhone
Choosing paint colors can be an enterprise fraught with significant (other) danger and considerable expense. (Need proof? Consider the pyramid of too-bold...

Palm Announces the Pixi

Palm Anticipates Wide Availability of SDK for Pre This Summer

Palm Brings ITunes Synching Back to the Pre

Palm Calls Apple's Bluff on Media Syncing

Palm Centro Breaks Ex-iPhone User out of Jail
It lacks the flash of Apple's pride and joy but is available without a contract

Palm Confirms That ITunes Update Kills Pre Sync
Palm confirmed late today that Pre owners can no longer use Apple's iTunes to sync their smartphones to Macs or PCs.

Palm Ditches Windows Mobile

Palm, Elevation Pull Back on McNamee Comments
It may be all fun and games for you and me when executives start talking crazy, but it can trigger plenty of sweaty collars in...

Palm Gets Friendly with Pre Hackers

Palm Investor McNamee: Early Adopters Will Flock to Pre
There are utterances in life that are so mind-bogglingly stupendous that we just have to let them sit, occasionally poking at...

Palm Lost the iTunes Sync Battle (Again)

Palm May Have Sold up to 100,000 Pres in First Weekend
As many as 100,000 Palm Pre smartphones may have been sold since the device went on sale Saturday, one industry analyst estimated.

Palm Opens up Third-party WebOS Apps Beta Program
Those who've been waiting for the Palm Pre to become a meaningful competitor to the iPhone are one step closer on Tuesday, as Palm announced that it's beginning...

Palm Pixi (Sprint) Smartphone

Palm Pre Apps and Palm's App Catalog: A Closer Look

Palm Pre Can Sync With iTunes

Palm Pre Edges Android as Developers' Darling

Palm Pre Firmware Update Fixes Many Flaws

Palm Pre: Flimsy Phone or Just a First-Gen Freshman?

Palm Pre Hits Stores on June 6
Highly-anticipated smartphone will arrive in stores just before Apple's WWDC begins.

Palm Pre Launch Is High-stakes Gamble
The success of the Palm Pre may not be clear until days or months after it goes on sale Saturday.

Palm Pre News Coming Soon?
It looks like Palm could launch its next-generation smartphone as early as next week -- but will it be enough?

Palm Pre Not Sold on Sprint's Web Site at Launch

Palm Pre, Other Smartphones Will Still Sell Despite Recession
Despite monthly service costs of $70 or more for new smartphones such as the Palm Pre, consumers and business users have been lining up to buy the devices as...

Palm Pre Price Cut Expected

Palm Pre Ripped Open, Costs $170

Palm Pre Roundup: The Critics Have Spoken

Palm Pre Rumor Mill: Launching Tomorrow?

Palm Pre: Shortages Ahead?

Palm Pre (Sprint) Smartphone

Repair Company: Palm Pre Strong but Not Revolutionary

Palm Pre Teardown: $170 to Build, $300 to Sprint
How much will you pay? Probabaly $200 on a new contract, says iSuppli

Palm Pre User Sues, Alleging Data Loss
A Palm Pre user is suing Palm and Sprint Nextel, alleging they caused him to lose most of the data from his phone.

Palm Pre, WebOS: Nice Device, Lackluster Software

Palm Pre and Microsoft Bing On PC World Podcast Episode 32

Palm Pre coming to Verizon in January?

Palm Pre vs. iTunes: It’s Checkmate, or Should Be

Palm Pre webOS 1.1.0 Availalbe, Fixes iTunes Sync
Palm once again has the Pre syncing with iTunes, along with a host of other fixes.

Palm Pre
In the early to mid '90s, when Palm was at the top of its game, the name "PalmPilot" was effectively synonymous with an entire class of devices: the Personal...

Palm Releases First Update to webOS

Palm Request for App Store Advice Opens Floodgate
Palm was surprised by the response to a blog post asking for input on how its new app store should work.

Palm Restores iTunes to Pre

Palm Ships WebOS Toolkit

Palm Updates WebOS -- Without iTunes Sync

Palm, iPhone Battle in Price War

Palm's iTunes Loss Matters

Palm to Offer Pre, Other Devices for Free

Palm vs. Apple: Sizing Up Smartphone Cameras

Palm webOS 1.2 Available Now
Fire up your Pre, the latest software update offers a host of improvements.

Pano for IPhone
Pano is an amazing app for creating on-the-spot panoramic photos without the need of desktop software to stitch the photos...

Pantech Reveal: Great Call Quality, Substandard Multimedia

Pantone Releases IPhone App
If you're a designer whose inspiration strikes while you're on the go, Pantone has a new iPhone app for you: myPantone. The app gives graphic, multimedia...

Paperless Boarding Passes for Smartphones Hit SFO
San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the Bay Area's first airport to employ a secure barcode-scanning system for paperless boarding passes so travelers...

Password Generator 2.0 for IPhone
Thinking up a strong password when you need one right away is not always easy. Password Generator 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod...

Pastebot Clipboard Manager Debuts for IPhone and Mac
Tapbots is on a small list of iPhone software developers that, when it releases a new app, I just know I'm going to like it. I use Weightbot to track my weight...

Patent Infringement Lawsuit May Affect IPhone
Accolade Systems sued Micron Technology and its subsidiary Aptina Imaging for infringing on one of its patents, according to...

Peggle for IPhone
Ode to Joy! Peggle is on the iPhone. Developed by PopCap, the challenging and award-winning puzzle game has gained a reputation for its iconic classical...

Penn & Teller Chat Magic Trick for IPhone
The last time magic duo Penn & Teller made software for a popular console, it didn't go very well. The magic duo's new app for iPhone should fare slightly...

People Celebrity News Tracker for IPhone
When it comes to celebrity news and profiles of regular people doing extraordinary things, People remains a newsstand favorite. But People isn't resting on its...

Pharos, Inventec Unveil New Line of GPS Smartphones
Pharos and Taiwanese hardware maker Inventec on Saturday announced three new smartphones armed with Pharos GPS navigation...

Pharos Traveler 137 Smartphone (Unlocked)

Phone Prototypes Stolen From Sony Ericsson
A number of stolen Sony Ericsson prototypes were found at the home of a company employee by Swedish police.

Phone Wars: Droid, iPhone Square Off

Photo Fx for IPhone
Maybe you find the iPhone's built-in camera wanting. Or perhaps you just want a way to take the ordinary pictures that camera...

PhotoCalc for IPhone
I fell in love with photography for many reason, but I think my attraction to it is primarily driven by the process. The way in which several schools of thought...

PhotoForge for IPhone
Ever since the iPhone came out, I've been dreaming of a mobile Photoshop app. This hasn't happened--yet--but GhostBird Software has managed to get closer than...

PhotoMarkr for IPhone
If you like to share photos on the Internet, what's to stop anyone who comes across them to grab copies and claim them as his or her own? The easiest way around...

PhotoSwap for IPhone
Like many apps in the social-networking field, PhotoSwap aims to help you make connections with the outside world. But in this...

Photogene for IPhone
There's much to love about the iPhone, but the built-in camera isn't on that list. Even if you can get past the low resolution...

Photos of Another Unreleased Motorola Phone Make The Rounds Mobile for IPhone
The very idea of Photoshop on the iPhone seems almost too high concept. However, considering that the iPhone already hosts an impressive array of image...

PicCard for IPhone
No matter how much we rely on text messages, e-mail and Twitter updates these days, sometimes it's still nice to get something in the mail from a friend or...

PicVault for IPhone
Designed to add some privacy to the photos stored on your iPhone or iPod touch, PicVault is a straight-forward app with...

Picture of Google's Experimental Handset Appears on Twitter
A picture of an Android handset given out to Google employees that was posted on Twitter had blogs buzzing over the weekend.

PimpMyNews for IPhone
Without a doubt, the evolution of the word "pimp" from a slatternly to socially acceptable verb is arguably the worst development in the English language of the...

Pioneer Introduces Receivers With IPod/iPhone Integration
Pioneer Electronics has announced a new line of A/V receivers designed to integrate an iPod or iPhone into the user's home theater system. The three...

Pixelpipe for IPhone
In this mobile age, there's more than one way--social networks, microblogs, photo-sharing sites--to show off your digital...

Plantronics Voyager Pro
A Bluetooth headset needs three things to be great: comfort, good audio quality and decent battery life. Plantronics' Voyager Pro hits it out of the ballpark on...

Pocket Hotspot Shares 3G Data
Novatel Wireless has launched a pocket device to share a 3G Internet connection over Wi-Fi, creating a "mobile cloud" of...

Pocket Piano Plus for IPhone
As you might guess from its name, Pocket Piano, by Better Day Wireless, is an app that turns an iPhone or iPod touch into a mini piano. The app comes in two...

PocketGuitar for IPhone
When native apps finally became available for the iPhone, PocketGuitar was one of the first ones I bought. Having been a guitar player for most of my life, I...

Pointer Remote for IPhone
The App Store now features a number of different apps you can install to control your Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. I have already reviewed Keynote...

Political News Apps for IPhone
News junkies come in many subspecies and tribes. I suppose the one I know best is the political junkie, of which I am one. Political junkies get their fix daily...

PoliticoTracker for IPhone
It's entirely too easy to read too much news and miss important stories. PoliticoTracker for the iPhone and iPod touch is a promising app that lets you pick your...

Popular iPhone Apps Differ from Other Phones

Porn App Store Lands on Android Phones

Postage for IPhone
Postage, a $3 app from RogueSheep, is an awesome app for creating customized, adorable electronic postcards to e-mail to your friends and family. This is a...

Postino Turns Your IPhone Pictures Into Real Postcards
In all likelihood you, like me, have run into the challenges of physical mail in a digital world. You're on a holiday, and you want to send your...

Postino and HazelMail for IPhone
Amazingly enough, some folks still send snail mail. When the iPhone crowd mails postcards, though, they don't need pen, paper, or even a stamp. Rather, they can...

Postman IPhone App Turns Images Into E-postcards
Freeverse Software on Thursday announced the release of Postman, a new iPhone and iPod touch application. It costs $1.

Postman IPhone 'postcard' Maker Improves Interface, Themes
Freeverse Software on Thursday announced the release of Postman 2.0, an update to their iPhone OS 3.0 application for creating virtual "postcards." It costs $1...

Postman for IPhone
Anyone can snap a picture of the trip to the beach with a camera phone and e-mail it to the parents just for kicks. But you want to stand out, be fun and...

Power Slider Case Doubles IPhone Battery Life
Incase on Monday introduced the Power Slider, a new case designed for the iPhone 3G. It costs US$99.95. It's coming this...

Pre Hunt: In Search of the Elusive New Palm Device

Pre iTunes Sync: Is Palm Getting Ready to Cry Uncle?

President for IPhone
I've said it before and I'll say it again: The real power in Washington D.C. isn't the elected officials, be they representatives in Congress or even the...

Preview: FridgeNotes for IPhone
There is no shortage, in the App Store's 35,000-strong catalog, of apps that let you quickly jot down notes and lists. The...

Preview: IPhone 3.0 Hopes From an IT Pro

Pricey Nokia Phone Faces Tough Competition
Nokia began selling its N97 phone for $699 in the U.S. on Tuesday.

Pricey Wolfram Alpha Arrives on iPhone

Print & Share for IPhone
Print & Share is a simple, elegant iPhone app that enables you to print e-mail, attachments, images, contacts, documents...

ProCamera for IPhone
Let's be honest--ProCamera is not the perfect solution for every issue you may encounter when taking pictures with your...

ProjectWizards Releases Merlin 1.0 for IPhone
Project management specialist, ProjectWizards, on Wednesday released Merlin 1.0 for iPhone and the public beta of Merlin 2.7...

Prowl Sends Growl Notifications to IPhone
Although I have to admit I'm not always sure exactly where the loop is, I can say that I enjoy being kept in it. On the Mac, my favorite program for doing so is...

Public Radio Apps for IPhone
Nordic farmers, Brahms in B minor, and Keynesian economic discussions may not seem to share a lot of common ground at first...

Public Radio and Public Radio Tuner for IPhone
I have a funny listening relationship with the radio. When I commuted, of course, I listened to the radio all the time. I had a subscription to XM Radio's...

Pundits Defend Apple Against iPhone Critics

Purported BlackBerry 'Onyx' Photos Surface
Photos purporting to be a new BlackBerry 3G smartphone have surfaced. The device could pack the BlackBerry Bold's 3G, 11abg radio and keyboard into the sleeker...

Push Gmail Now Available on IPhone
iPhone users (as well as Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 owners) who live in the Google-sphere have been able to take advantage of over-the-air sync for contact and...

Push Notifications on IPhone: Once Bitten, Twice Shy?
If you thought you were perhaps experiencing a moment of déjà vu during Tuesday's announcement of push notifications for the...

Put Things Off for IPhone
What many people call "productivity" often amounts to little more than selective procrastination--deciding, often at 4:30 in the afternoon, what tasks we simply...

PuzzleQuest Chapter 1 & 2 for IPhone
You've always loved puzzle games. And role-playing games, when done right, have taken up a considerable amount of your life. Combine the two and you have...

Pzizz Relax for IPhone
If you like to nap, or, like me, need to nap sometime during the day to rejuvenate yourself, there's a good change you'll find Pzizz Relax for the iPhone to be a...

QB-EM Shield Promises to Quiet IPhone 'buzz'
Anyone who's held an iPhone near electronic equipment like car radios, computer speakers, audio receivers and more has likely...

QuadCamera for IPhone
QuadCamera from developer Takayuki Fukatsu is one of many apps available for download that allow you to do fun and artistic...

Qualcomm, HP Among New Symbian Partners
HP, MySpace, Bank of America and Qualcomm are among new members to the Symbian Foundation.

Qualcomm Hikes Forecast, Citing 3G Growth
Qualcomm on Wednesday raised the revenue and profit forecasts for its 2009 fiscal year ending in September, signaling confidence in a mobile industry recovery.

Qualcomm Settlement Good for Broadcom, Customers
The deal to end years of litigation could help make the cellular newcomer a much bigger player

Quickoffice Exec Talks New IPhone Suite, What's Coming
If you've been waiting for an office suite to debut on the iPhone and iPod touch, Quickoffice would like to talk to you. As a...

Quip for IPhone
Quip, a $1 app from Addy Mobile, aims to let you send photos to your friends' cell phones without counting against your MMS quota. Once you've purchased the app...

Quote Book for IPhone
"The internet is a telephone system that's gotten uppity."--Clifford Stoll

RIM: Battery Not Source of BlackBerry Bold Overheating
RIM confirmed that sales of the BlackBerry Bold have been halted in Japan due to overheating, but said the battery wasn't the...

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 (T-Mobile) Smartphone

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 (T-Mobile) Smartphone

RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 (Verizon) Smartphone

RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Verizon) Smartphone

RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630

RIM Develops a Better BlackBerry Browser
RIM is expanding its effort to redefine the Web browsing experience for BlackBerry users. In a recent job posting on LinkedIn, RIM asked for an expert C++...

RIM Executives to Pay US$75M in Backdating Case
RIM and several of its top executives have settled with the Ontario Securities Commission over charges that the company...

RIM Lowers Outlook With Preliminary Q3 Results
RIM's preliminary results for its fiscal third quarter fell below its earlier forecast, with economic woes and product delays...

RIM Sees Storm Leading Stronger Results
RIM matched its lowered forecast for third-quarter results and said revenue would rise with the BlackBerry Storm and other...

RIM Sells 50 Millionth BlackBerry, Stock Soars on Earnings
RIM posted new record highs for quarterly revenue and number of devices shipped

RIM Settles Visto Suit for $267 Million
RIM settled a long-running lawsuit with Visto for $267.5 million.

RIM to Develop TD-SCDMA BlackBerry for China Mobile
RIM and China Mobile will develop a version of its BlackBerry handset that supports China's homegrown 3G standard.

Radar for IPhone
Radar by Tiny Pictures is a combination online photo-sharing tool and social community. Like most social networks, you can "friend" people on the Radar network...

ReCoil Takes Clutter out of In-car IPod and IPhone Charging
iPod and iPhone accessory vendor Scosche has released ReCoil, a car-charging solution that connects to your vehicle's 12-Volt...

Read It Later for IPhone
Sometimes, you would rather read a lengthy article on your computer screen than your iPhone. Just as often, you might find that you'd like to load up your iPhone...

Real Cam SP for IPhone
At one time, the gadgets attached to my belt made me feel like a hi-tech superhero: phone, PDA, iPod, camera, grappling hook...

Reality Check: Google Phone Far From a Sure Thing

Recording Your Song on an IPhone
As an amateur musician, I'm always looking for ways to get a song from my head into my computer. With Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack, it's easy to compose an entire...

RedLaser for IPhone
I can't remember the last time I had this much fun on my iPhone. No, I wasn't making music or playing a game. I was scanning barcodes with Occiptal's app...

Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill

ReelDirector Beefs up IPhone 3GS's Editing Capabilities
The iPhone 3GS allows users to record, trim and share video. It's a capable camera, but the iPhone software's video features don't quite pack enough punch to...

Reflections of App Store Ratings
I--and, likely you, in the very near future--have been warned. As you may be aware, with the iPhone 3.0 software comes sterner parental controls and restrictions...