Computing Center Sitemap - Page 14 2013-07-16

Can My Neighbor and I Share an Internet Connection?
John asked if he and his neighbor could share one Internet access account

Scientists Restore 125-Year-Old Audio With 3D Optical Scans
Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory use high-tech 3D optical scanning technology to scan ancient discs that were previously unreadable.

This Atari 2600 Chiptune Guitar Rocks Like It's 1977
Australian modder "cTrix" shows off programming and musical mastery with this improbable and impressive Atari guitar creation.

The Old Republic May Be Fastest-Growing MMO Ever Made
According to sales figures released by BioWare, The Old Republic picked up more than 1 million subscribers in a single week. We've got the full rundown on what this means for the industry after the break.

LG Shows Off New Pics of That Ultra-Thin 55-Inch OLED TV
LG's UK division reveals photos of its newest OLED television display, which purports to be "the future of TV technology."

Internet Explorer Down, But Primed for Rebound
Internet Explorer as a whole continues to drop, but IE9 is steadily climbing, and as Windows 7 replaces Windows XP the fortunes of Internet Explorer will reverse.

10 Reasons to Switch to Linux in 2012
If you want to be in control of your operating environment, Linux is the way to go--and it's free.

Official Windows Phone Jailbreak Stalls
Only a limited number of keys may be available under a deal with Microsoft, but unofficial jailbreak tools can still be found.

The Next Big Thing(s) in Tech
Goodbye, desktop PCs--hello, flexible cell phone screens and living rooms with endless entertainment and gaming possibilities!

Sony Cuts Tablet S Pricing By $100
Post-holiday price drops come to the tablet market, as everybody tries to compete with the iPad.

Windows 8 'Clover Trail' Tablets Expected After Mid-2012
A Windows update tailored for tablets and a fast new Intel chip could provide fresh traction to challengers of Apple's dominant iPad.

Optimize Your PC with Advanced SystemCare 5 Free
The latest version of Iobit's freebie does a good job of cleaning and fine-tuning your machine.

Tech Trends You'll See in 2012
From data-only cell phone plans to HTML 5, these ten advancements are ready to go mainstream in the year to come.

Why GoDaddy Hasn't Earned My Forgiveness
GoDaddy has dropped its support of SOPA, but that isn't quite enough to make up for supporting the Internet censoring legislation in the first place.

Quick Windows Networking Fixes
Even in Windows 7, many networking issues aren't easily resolved. Find some help here.

Work Smarter in Office
Your Windows PC may be running smoothly, but if Microsoft Office is acting up it can still ruin your day. Here are a few popular Office fixes.

Google Doodle Hard at Work on 2012 Resolutions
Now that the party is over, some of those resolutions you've promised to fulfill are displayed on the Internet search leader's website.

7 Quick Windows 7 Fixes
These tips and tricks can improve how you work in Windows.

'Move Your Domain' Campaign Against GoDaddy Flops
The registrar has a net gain in domains on the day designated to punish it for past SOPA support.

App Gems: Top Education Apps
Two iPad apps make our honor roll.

2012 Tech Outlook: A Look at What's Ahead
What's ahead for 2012 in chips, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and threats? PCWorld takes an in-depth look at the year ahead.

Google Pulls 'Official' Siri App from Android Market
The move comes amid a deluge of Siri wannabes that have invaded the Android market since Apple introduced the iPhone 4S and its innovative features.

Hackers Said to be Planning to Launch Own Satellites to Combat Censorship
The news comes as the tech world is up in arms about proposed legislation that many feel would threaten online freedom.

Google, Facebook, Twitter Help Revelers Ring in New Year
The search leader has a new Doodle, Facebook is preparing for an onslaught of photo uploads, and Twitter helps you keep up with news and quips about the ball dropping in New York City.

CMOS Is Winning the Camera Sensor Battle, and Here's Why
CCD sensors have long been associated with better image quality, but speedy CMOS resides in the majority of today's cameras, from DSLRs to iPhones to Lytro.

Go Daddy Officially Opposes SOPA
Smarting from domain defections, the registrar enters damage control mode.

Eight Easy Ways to Green Your Business
Whether you're eyeing a living wall or shopping for greener gadgets, these tips can help your small business save money and breathe easier.

Qbo Meets Qbo; Robot Flirtation Commences
The Corpra brings together two Qbo robots that can recognize each other, converse, and flirt.

Mega Man Creator Inafune’s First Post-Capcom Game Released
Can a cute pet-fusion social game save the Japanese games industry? Perhaps it can, if it was developed by Keiji Inafune.

PlayStation Vita Sales Plummet In Japan
Sony’s latest gaming gadget suffers a 78 percent drop in sales despite making a strong debut last week.

Pretty Please?: A 2012 Technology Wish List
I'm not asking for faster-than-light interstellar travel (although it would be nice). What I am wishing for are reasonable, attainable goals for 2012.

Verizon Scraps $2 Fee Plan
Customer outrage and FCC probe prompt wireless carrier to back off proposal.

Need Wi-Fi? Find a Vending Machine
In the land of vending machines, Asahi Soft Drinks expands its services to dispense a wireless signal.

Microsoft Ruins Perfect Record with Out-Of-Band Patch
Security researchers unveiled a simple technique for crippling Web servers, and forced Microsoft to push an urgent update to address the flaw.

Facebook Wreaks Havoc on One-Third of Marriages in the U.K.
The social networking giant was cited in 33 percent of divorce petitions, according to a survey from Divorce-Online.

Former Blogger Sued for Keeping Twitter Followers
When social media goes to work, who owns the intellectual property?

Siri Knock-Offs Invade Android Market
Some of the apps go to great lengths to pass themselves off as an Apple-sanctioned product.

Verizon's $2 Bill Payment Fee Sparks Outrage Online
Verizon's convenience fee has inspired customers to consider canceling their contracts and others to sign an online petition demanding the carrier reverse its plan.

UPDATE: Anonymous Hacks, Posts Passwords and Credit Card Data
The breach, which occurred several months ago, is part of a larger Anonymous hacking campaign called LulzXmas.

Camera and Camera-Phone Trends to Expect in 2012
Both smartphone cameras and stand-alone cameras will become much more versatile next year, and it should be fun to watch. Here are the major photography trends to expect in 2012.

How to Install a CPU Cooler
A properly installed CPU cooler is essential to a stable system. We show you how to install CPU coolers on AMD and Intel processors to maximize cooling performance.

Get Your Tiny PC on: Raspberry Pi Will Be Ready Early in 2012
The long awaited RaspberryPi mini PC is coming early next year, according to its makers.

LG to Showcase 84-Inch 3D HDTV at 2012 CES
The device will feature four times the pixel density of 1080p HDTVs and can display eight million pixels at a resolution of 3840-by-2160.

Send Google Calendar Alerts to Any Cell Phone
Jonah Langlieb asked how to send Google Calendar notifications to any cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy S III May Debut in February
The Galaxy S III is rumored to have a large Super AMOLED Plus HD display at 1280-by-720 pixels and a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM.

Stratfor Offers ID Protection for Victims of Anonymous Hack
People who may have had their credit card numbers compromised will receive a year's worth of protection and detection services free of charge.

Kindle Fire Helps Amazon Set Holiday Sales Record
Amazon says it sold more than a million Kindles per week during December, and millions of Kindle Fire tablets during the holiday shopping season.

Humans Gifted With Wings, Thanks to HTC and Wiimote Hack
Ever dreamed being able to fly? An engineer is attempting to make the dream a reality, with a phone and Wiimote!

7 Ways to Use Google+ at Work in 2012
New features in Google+ can help customers find your business, and promise to improve your collaboration and productivity.

Windows Freezes at Login Screen: Hardware Problem or Windows Problem?
After you've exhausted all the usual troubleshooting steps, it might be time to try some "alternative medicine."

Five Cool, Free Business Apps for Your New Smartphone
Whether you're rocking an Android model or an iPhone, these killer apps will give you a big productivity boost in the coming year.

What's in a Name? In the Linux World, Much Silliness
From 'Woozy Numbat' to 'Beefy Miracle,' version names are never boring when it comes to this popular open source operating system.

After Go Daddy Reversal, Reddit Users Target Republican Senator
Users of the social news site have started a campaign dubbed "Operation Cork Screw" in hopes of ousting Senator Bob Corker, one of 40 co-sponsors of the Protect IP Act.

Photographer Replaces His DSLR’s Translucent Mirror With Saran Wrap
A Sony A55 user named Dario replaces his damaged translucent pellicle mirror with a home hacked one made of plastic food wrap--and it actually works!

Intel Ivy Bridge Chips Launching Early April 2012
A new report says we'll see Intel's Ivy Bridge generation of processors in April.

Cat Plays Fruit Ninja on iPad, Proves Kittehs Are Better Than Dogs
If there is one thing you must watch today, it has to be this ipad-savvy kitteh playing Fruit Ninja.

What to Expect in Printers in 2012
Want to print from your smartphone or tablet--or from another city? The printers of 2012 will handle that for you--and offer other ways to use the Web or email to make printing easier.

World’s Largest OLED HDTV Is Coming at CES 2012
LG announces the world’s largest OLED HDTV with a 55-inch screen that it says trumps LCDs and incorporates new affordable technology.

As 2012 Dawns, Mint Leads the List of Top Linux Distributions
Times change, and so do popularity trends in Linux distros. Here's a look at the top 10 closing out the year.

Use Google Voice for Android to Slash Your Smartphone Bill
Looking to lower your cellular bill? Here's how to use Google Voice and Groove IP to reduce your monthly costs--or even cut cell service altogether.

2011 Was a 'Muddled' Year for Hacktivists
Hacktivists may have been confused and unfocused in 2011, but they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Wrap Your Phone in Tin Foil: Massive Solar Storm Is Coming
Our sun is ramping up its solar activity right about now: Look for an increase in solar storms in the next couple years.

Go Daddy Rivals Aim to Capitalize on SOPA Controversy
Hover,, and Namecheap are offering discounted transfer rates in an attempt to get people to leave Go Daddy.

Five Tips For Your 2012 Social Media Strategy
If you run a business, it's time to plan your marketing strategy--and that means fully embracing social media.

Free Classes Teach You How to Use Your Smartphone
Millions will join the ranks of smartphone users this holiday season. Free workshops teach them Android and iOS skills

Hide and Secure Data With Folder Lock
Folder Lock includes as complete set of security tools as you'll find, and it's as secure as your passwords.

Intel's Mobile Chip 'Medfield' Specs and Benchmarks Leaked
According to leaked benchmark stats, it looks like Intel's new system-on-chip will be pretty speedy.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hits 50,000 Apps, Still Lags
The market share of Microsoft's mobile platform was just 1.5 percent in the third quarter of 2011, according to Gartner figures.

Religious Americans are Just as Geeky
Religious Americans are just as into technology as their secular brethren.

10 Tips to Make Your Web Browser Less Annoying
Whether you use IE, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, we'll show you how to streamline your browsing with these tips, tricks, and add-ons.

New PC? Get Setup Help, Make Your Own Desktop Theme
Sign up for GeekBuddy to get inexpensive tech support, learn how to create your own customized desktop theme.

Official Zelda Timeline Revealed: A Link to the Past and the Future and the Other Future
Nintendo has published an official Zelda timeline that ties all the games together using a convoluted time travel story. But even though it's canon, is it actually any good?

Penny Arcade Publishes Transcripts Of Customer Service Blunder
Read on to learn how horrible customer service is killing the reputation of N-Control, a video game controller vendor with poor choice in PR agencies.

Sony Releases PlayStation Vita Bug Fix Before U.S. Launch
Users have reported various crashes and gameplay lag, as well as sudden device freezes.

The Cloud, Day 19: IT Department Included
Yes, the 30 Days With the Cloud saga continues. After a bit of a holiday hiatus, the series is back in gear and taking a look at the backend support that comes with using cloud services.

Use a 64-Bit PC? Instead of Firefox, Try Waterfox 9.0
This variant of the Firefox Web browser is built for 64-bit systems and optimized for speed.

Spire Program Ports Siri to Jailbroken iOS Devices
Spire is not burdened by copyright issues, according to its developer, and appears to be free of piracy.

Play Hard, Stay Safe
You still need to keep data security in mind when playing games online, as recent in­­cidents have shown. To that end, here are some safeguards you can take.

Facebook Post Saves Woman from Hostage Situation
Police say the woman hid in a closet with her laptop and posted a status update on Facebook after being held captive for about four or five days.

JXD S7100: The $140 Android Tablet That Plays Everything
Chinese electronics manufacturer JinXing Digital cares nothing for copyright laws, releasing an Android tablet that oddly promotes gaming piracy with... Justin Bieber?

5 Business Tech Resolutions for 2012
You can scramble to keep up with technology, or you can use technology to give your business a strategic advantage over your rivals. You decide.

GoDaddy, Rival Trade Accusations Over Domain Name Transfers
Namecheap had accused GoDaddy of delaying domain transfers to discourage its customers from leaving the service.

Lego Particle Collider Looks Awesome, Won't Find Higgs Boson Anytime Soon
Lego? In my particle collidor? Well, not exactly. But this Large Hadron Collider re-creation will impress just about any physics--or Lego--geek.

This Portable GameCube is What We Really Wanted For Christmas
Another handheld take on the Nintendo GameCube has debuted in the underground modding community, and it even comes with its own music video.

Twitter-Writing Laser Gun Turns Tweets Into Art
Inventor Matt Richardson has found a way to visually display Twitter posts on a phosphorescent paper canvas, due to some clever gadgetry.

Razor-qt: A New Linux Desktop Alternative
Similar to KDE, this Qt-based desktop environment offers Linux users a new open source choice.

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Might Get Ice Cream Sandwich After All
Samsung may reconsider bringing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy S and 7-inch Galaxy Tab, according to reports.

Processors: What to Expect From CPUs in 2012
What does the future hold for processors? We expect more speed and less power consumption, lurking behind unassuming code names such as Ivy Bridge, Piledriver, and Tegra 3.

Dazzlepod Offers Stratfor Customers a Way to Check on Anonymous Hack
A website allows Stratfor customers to determine whether their e-mail addresses were compromised in the data breach.

Kindle Fire Hack Installs Ice Cream Sandwich
A hacker has released what is being dubbed as a pre-alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Kindle Fire. The hack is still a little buggy.

Kinect Hacked to Weigh Astronauts in Space
A group of European Scientists hack a Kinect to measure weigh astronauts in space just by looking at them.

Siri Can Now Control Your Mac, Will Control Your Vacuum Next
Siri turns its vocal magic to the Mac thanks to the help of an app developer.

The Top 10 Photo Techniques of 2011
Improve your photography skills with these ten essential photo tips from this year's Digital Focus.

Free SugarSync for Outlook Handles Large File Attachments Neatly
This Outlook plug-in solves the problem of email providers limiting file attachment size.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Invades Kindle Fire and Other Android Devices
The lead programmer for 11 Bit Studios ported their hit game to Android in a madcap solo operation spanning just two weeks. PCWorld uncovers the story in this tactical report.

Six Free Software Packages to Load on Your New PC
Those lucky enough to get a new computer this holiday season face a world of free software choices.

University of Notre Dame Researchers Develop Solar Cell Paint
University of Notre Dame researchers develop paint-on solar cells that could replace solar panels in the future.

Make Your Web Site Popular
Spiderowych has a new web site up. He asked the Answer Line forum about attracting eyeballs.

New Computer? Clear Out the Junkware
If your new system came with a bunch of software you don't want, it could be slowing things down. Here's how to get rid of it.

How 4G Will Change the Way We Drive
When automakers and wireless providers finally figure out how to develop and sell a 4G-connected car, our whole relationship with cars will change.

Ultrabooks Buying Guide: Purchase an Ultrathin Laptop Now or Later?
With superthin Ultrabooks available now and another wave expected in the next few months, here's how to decide which svelte laptop to buy--and when to grab it.

Web-Based Rdio Streaming Music Service Helps You Find Music Everywhere
Rdio is a streaming music service that emphasizes its social networking features.

Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to Some LG Phones in Mid-2012
LG announces a schedule for rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to some of its Android phones.

Confidential Client List Safe from Anonymous, Says Hacker Target
The magnitude of a Christmas Eve attack on Stratfor appears exaggerated by the data bandits.

RIP Technology: 10 Products and Services That Died in 2011
From the Flip to Google Health, these tech losers showed promise--just not enough to keep them alive.

Ultrabooks: Laptops as Light as Air
Ultrabooks--from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba--promise to deliver enough power to satisfy your needs in a thinner, lighter package than previous Windows laptops could offer. We took the first Ultrabooks for a spin in the PCWorld Labs.

Tested: Blu-ray Players Bring Cheap 3D, Great Image Quality, and Plenty of Internet Programming
We look at the top trends in Blu-ray players, and pick the best models you can buy.

A User’s Guide to Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwich adds some delicious upgrades, but it still requires a bit of a learning curve. We’ll walk you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of Google’s latest version of Android and provide some tips to get you all set up with the new OS.

Master Facebook's Timeline With This Handy Guide
Here is a soup-to-nuts guide on getting started with Facebook Timeline and advanced tips for protecting your privacy and looking your best online.

GoDaddy Drops Support for SOPA, Avoids Backlash, Boycott
GoDaddy says it's dropping support for the Stop Online Piracy Act after facing threats of a boycott from some of its biggest clients.

Volkswagen's After-Hours Blackberry E-mail Ban is a Brilliant Idea
Volkswagen is putting its Blackberry e-mail servers on pause after work hours, allowing employees to escape the 24-Hour work cycle. Sign me up.

FTC Fishes for Info on Facial Recognition
The consumer watchdog agency seeks public comments on the technology's impact on privacy.

Google Helps You Follow Santa with Smartphones and Social Media
Android phones, Twitter, Google, and YouTube are among the tools you can use to keep tabs on the jolly old elf during his travels for Sunday’s holiday.

Quick-and-Dirty Video Editing With Free Avidemux
This free utility offers easy video editing, plus encoding to a number of different formats--when there's no easier way to do it.

WinZip 16 Pro Is a Compression Utility for Power Users
WinZip 16 Pro adds backup and task management to the feature set.

The (Not So) Great Holiday 2011 Xbox LIVE 'Oops'
Ready to kick back with your Xbox 360 over the holiday weekend? Not if you're one of the users barred from accessing Microsoft's Xbox LIVE network due to a glitch.

Nikon Coolpix P7100 Review: Superb Images, Intricate Controls
Nikon’s Coolpix P7100 is as complex as it is powerful, with excellent image quality and a feature set to please even the fussiest photographer. Just make sure you’re up to the challenge.

Republic Wireless Scraps Data Restrictions
The $19-per-month carrier gives its users early Christmas present in a policy change.

Canon PowerShot S100 Review: A Near-Perfect Pocket Camera
The Canon PowerShot S100 is just about the most capable compact camera we've seen, and it's packed with features that will please both novices and advanced shooters.

Practical Tips for Working Over the Holidays
Nobody wants to work when most people are on vacation, but if you run your own business you may have no choice.

Create Customized Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 7
Not happy with Windows' stock backgrounds? Here's how to mix your favorite photos into a desktop theme.

How to Pay Less for All Your Business Gear
Before you order that new printer, laptop, or tablet, click through one of the Web's many available cash-rebate sites. It's free and easy money back.

WinZip Standard 16 Almost Too Good to Be Standard-Issue
Winzip 16 piles on the features, including a cloud-based service and a 64-bit engine--even in theStandard version.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Breaks Half a Million Sales in Japan
Final Fantasy XIII sequel sells half a million in Japan despite evidence of waning interest among gamers. We researched critical and fan impressions to bring you the full story.

Ubuntu 11.10 'Oneiric Ocelot' Will Power New PC Line
Hardware maker CTL kicks off its new Ubuntu family with a 14.1-inch notebook that's available now.

Razer Delays Gaming Laptop -- But Sweetens Release
Gamers get good news along with delayed shipment: Razer Blade gaming laptop can get SSD and a snazzy mouse for free.

Did Smartphones kill the Point-and-Shoot?
2011 may go down as the year the point-and-shoot camera market died, as smartphones replace cameras and camcorders for on-the-fly photography, study shows.

Cool Mobile Accessories to Add to Your Travel Toolkit
These chargers, cases, and other accessories for your smartphones and tablets can help make your trip a little smoother.

Tech Community Lashes Out at GoDaddy Over SOPA Support
Boycott effort grows as consumers and businesses threaten to switch domain hosting services unless GoDaddy drops support for legislation.

Interface Board Adds USB Connectivity to DIY Projects
This prototype chip board will add USB connectivity to any cool project you're working on instantly.

Holiday Gifts for the the Bores, Drones, and Brats on Your Gift List
From cockroach swatter slippers to bad breath detectors, these gift suggestions will give the naughty on your list something to crab about.

LogMeIn Goes Free With iOS App for iPad and iPhone Remote Desktop Access
LogMeIn has ditched the $29.99 price for its basic iPhone and iPad remote access app and is now offering it for free under the simple name 'LogMeIn.'

PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS Lose Battery Test Race To The PSP
Battery life on the 3DS doesn't last much longer than your average Lord of the Rings movie, according to a comparison on YouTube, but the PlayStation Vita doesn't fare much better.

Rip and Enjoy Lossless Compressed Music in the FLAC Format
MLStrand56 asked the Music & Video Software forum about ripping music to FLAC files, which compress the file size without damaging the audio quality

Nikon’s New Adapter Brings Big Glass to its Small Nikon 1 Cameras
Nikon Japan releases a new FT1 mount adapter that let’s the Nikon 1 use any DSLR lens with full automatic functionality.

PCWorld's Favorite Downloads of 2011
At the end of another year, PCWorld reviewers name downloads and Web programs we liked so much we just kept on using them.

Guy Proposes to Girlfriend With Memes, Geek Girls Green With Envy
Check out this adorable marriage proposal, using Internet meme placards. It might be the best thing you see all day.

How to Convert an Ebook to the Amazon Kindle Format
Here's how to convert ePub files into a format that you can read on your Kindle.

IQ Cubes Are Even More Impossible to Solve Than Rubik's Cubes
Have a hard time with trying to solve a standard Rubik's Cube? The IQ Cube is not going to help you any.

And Facebook's Top Games of 2011 Are…
Facebook's top games of 2011 include Cityville and The Sims Social, as well as a bunch of stuff you've probably never heard of.

They're Practically Giving It Away: Holiday Sale Holdup
Even money-grubbing game shops are getting into the spirit of the season with these incredible bargains. To take full advantage of their generosity, read our guide to some of the greatest deals of the year.

Ready for a New Linux Desktop? Meet Mint's 'Cinnamon'
A fork of the GNOME 3 shell, this new software aims to add another intermediate option between GNOME 2 and GNOME 3.

HTC EVO View 4G Tablet Gets Honeycomb at Last
HTC EVO View 4G owners get a bonus holiday gift today in the form of an Android 3.2 Honeycomb update.

How to Sync your Media Library to your Android Phone
Here's how to sync your photos, videos, and music to your Android phone with DoubleTwist for Windows.

Eight Signs Your Business is Tech-Illiterate
Do you still own a PDA or a pager? How's your dot-matrix printer holding up? If you have a sincere answer to those questions, it's time to upgrade.

Microsoft's Breakup with CES: 5 Plausible Theories Why It's Splitsville
It's possible that Microsoft learned something that Apple realized a while ago: if you want something done right, do it yourself.

How to Delete Your Browser History
Here's how to erase your browser history in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We won't ask why you want it gone.

Paint Digital Artwork With PD Artist and Plenty of Patience
Use realistic-feeling tools to create digital paintings on a PD Artist canvas...but prepare for a steep learning curve.

World's Smallest USB Stick Fits Flush to Your Computer
Dutch manufacturer Deonet one-ups their competition in the storage market by launching a USB memory stick no bigger than your thumbnail.

Batman: Arkham City Adds New Skins, Fresh DLC
There's a whole lot of awesome new stuff available for owners of Batman: Arkham City, one of our favorite games of the year.

Report: Google to Pay Mozilla $300M Annually in Search Deal
To Google, Firefox is reportedly worth $300 million/year for the next three years.

How To Use Dropbox to Edit Text On Mobile Devices
Dropbox’s mobile app doesn’t feature text-editing capabilities. Thankfully, there are a number of free apps that let you edit files on the go that are stored in Dropbox.

Last-Minute Tech Shopper Gift Guide
Use our last-minute tech gift guide to find great digital gift ideas that you can get to any friend or relative almost immediately.

GeekBytes: There's Waldo!
In today's installment of GeekBytes: Lego rings, Waldo mathematics and other stuff we weren't able to cover.

How to Choose an ISP for Your Small Business
Discover which connection type and features are best for your business, and learn what to look for when comparing services.

Solar Energy Reaches a New Efficiency Record
Scientists produced a solar cell that achieves a higher rate of energy efficiency than any that came before it, but political issues could drive up costs.

Solve a Christmas Eve Crisis Over the Holidays
Help Santa recover from a sleigh accident and make his deliveries in time in this free game.

How to Choose a Laptop for Your Small Business
Businesses have laptop needs beyond those of the average consumer, including security, warranty, service, and more. Here's what to look for.

How to Edit Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery
Here's how to use Microsoft's free Windows Live Photo Gallery to retouch your photos.

Minecraft Creator Notch Makes Minicraft in 48 Hours
Notch, the creator of Minecraft, makes his new game, Minicraft, in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game developer competition.

Simplify Web Page Viewing on Firefox with Evernote's Clearly Add-On
The Clearly browser extension lets you create clean web pages on the fly for easier reading.

Google Voice Lets You 'Send a Call From Santa' Once Again
Google is in full holiday swing and now playing operator for the North Pole.

Save Money: Cheaper 3-in-1 USB Cable, Easier Rebates
The 3in1 Universal USB Data Adaptor is a super-cheap alternative to expensive cables; sites like Ebates can save you money when you shop online.

GeekBytes: Doing Christmas the Geek Way
Minecraft wrapping paper? Angry Birds Christmas lights? See some of the stories we didn't cover in today's installment of GeekBytes.

Dragon Age III May Tip Draw Inspiration from Skyrim
BioWare admits the next Dragon Age game may be influenced by Bethesda's epic roleplaying opus.

Pros and Cons of Bringing Your Own Device to Work
The BYOD trend has a number of benefits for organizations, but there are also some caveats and pitfalls to consider before embracing it.

Acer to Launch 15-inch Ultrabook for 699?
Acer may be looking toward larger screens for its thin-and-light Ultrabook line.

Google: Android Activations Top 700,000 a Day

How to Back Up Your iOS Device
Here are two ways to back up your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Kickstarter Project Gives Your iPhone Solar Power
This iPhone case project on Kickstarter adds a solar panel to your smartphone.

As Apache Asserts OpenOffice Plans, Some Developers Publish a Release
One day after Apache targets a first-quarter release for OpenOffice 3.4, German Team rolls out 'White Label Office 3.3.1.' Is another fork in the works?

Feeling Witty? Enter Google's Search Caption Challenge
It's not a contest as there are no prizes. Google just wants to stimulate your creativity.

Vitamin D Turns Your Webcam Into a Security Camera
Vitamin D turns your webcam into a sophisticated home surveillance system.

No Car Thief Can Fool This Japanese Car Seat
Car alarms and steering wheel locks can only do so much against a determined carjacker, but this pressure-sensing seat might stop them cold.

Facebook Wants to Make You a Famous Corporate Shill with "Sponsored Story" Ads
Starting in 2012, Facebook will give everyone who has ever "liked" a product 15 minutes of fame with Sponsored Stories, which make you a star of your own Facebook ad. Note: You can't opt out.

Amazon Kindle Fire OS Update: 5 Fixes Outlined
An overview of the OS update to Amazon's Kindle Fire budget tablet.

Amazon Updates Kindle Fire Software: Fixes Some Nagging Issues
Amazon is pushing an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire tablet users that enhances touch responsiveness and improves overall performance.

How to Buy a Tablet
Tablets are everywhere today--and many more are on the way. We tell you what to consider, before you buy.

This 13-Foot Tall Robot Is the Next Step to Building a Gundam
Making small robots that can walk and talk is going to be old hat once the Hajime Research Institute completes this giant humanoid machine.

Sony Sued For Preventing Playstation Network Users From Suing Sony
Court documents obtained by GameSpot suggest that a Northern California man has sued Sony for unfair and deceptive business practices.

New Computer? Get Help From Your 'GeekBuddy'
This comprehensive remote-support service (which is good for old PCs as well) offers help with everything from e-mail to virus removal.

RIM's No Good, Very Bad Year: A Look Back at 2011
Few tech companies have had as many debacles, hiccups, and issues, or fallen so far in a single year as RIM has in 2011.

20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers
Looking for a place where you can get things done--or be entertained--while waiting for a flight? We tested Wi-Fi quality and cell reception (and counted electrical outlets) at the 40 largest airports in the United States, to find the ones that do the best job of keeping you plugged in at the gate and in the air.

Micro Express MicroFlex 79B: Affordable, Awesome
This Micro Express PC packs Intel’s new Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition processor, serving up tons of power and great performance, for a mere $2000.

Three Free Email Reminders Reviewed:, Followup:cc, Boomerang for Gmail
Everyone agrees that email makes an awkward to-do list...but which of these subtly different software and services suits your needs for reminders?

Modded Gumball Machine Dispenses Sweet Treats With a Tweet
In what may be the ultimate in useless automation, but this gumball machine gives you candy when you tweet for it.

LG Rolls Out Voice-Controlled TVs With a Magic Remote
Being first to the market is always important, and LG's voice-controlled remote control is officially out of the gate.

Dell Latitude E6220 Review: A Solid, Fast Corporate Ultraportable Laptop
This ultraportable is pricey and conservatively styled, but it delivers the performance, features, warranty, life span, and support that business users need.

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Collapse: Consumers Should Rejoice the End of 2011’s Worst Idea
The multi-billion dollar AT&T takeover of T-Mobile is canceled. In a mobile market that already lacks competition, the merger would have meant higher prices for T-Mobile customers and mobile users in general.

Ice Cream Sandwich Destined for Samsung Galaxy S II in Early 2012
Samsung also announced that most of its Galaxy-branded devices would get the Android 4.0 update some time next year.

Shop At Best Buy Using Siri via Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha and Apple's Siri make a perfect match to search Best Buy for tech using your voice on iPhones.

Google's Android Tablet: How Might It Be Different?
Google has high-end aspirations, so its tablet has to deliver on screen resolution, processor power, storage capacity, and camera capability.

Groupon Fires Back at Amazon with $10 Discount to Buy Local
Groupon's Buy Local program will give members a $10 credit, but only the first 150,000 shoppers who purchase something before Christmas Eve will receive the credit.

Cell Phone Driving Bans, State by State: Where Talking and Texting Is a Crime
Each country and U.S. state has distinct rules governing the use of a mobile phone while driving. What are the rules where you're traveling? Keep this list for your next trip.

Make Your Email Appear When You Need It With Boomerang for Gmail
Boomerang for Gmail lets you send, view, and act on emails on your own schedule.

Ready, Set, Star Wars: The Old Republic Reviews Incoming
Watch out World of Warcraft, EA and Bioware's Star Wars: The Old Republic has your storytelling savoir faire (or lack thereof) in its crosshairs.

Sony PlayStation Vita Launches With Technical Problems
While Sony hasn't released official sales figures yet, Japanese magazine publisher Enterbrain estimates 321,407 PlayStation Vita units were sold last weekend. While the new game system looks great, many early adopters complain the device is confusing and unstable.

The Old Republic, Diablo 3, eSports and More in Game On #2
Listen in as the PCWorld team talks about gaining early access to The Old Republic and discusses the future of online commerice after playing the beta version of Diablo 3.

Firefox 9 Promises Speed, Adds Support for Lion and Android
Built to be as much as 30 percent faster than Firefox 8, the release also brings Mac OS X Lion support and an Android version that's optimized for tablets.

Sony VAIO F Series Review: Portable, but Lacks Power
This smallish desktop replacement laptop may be fairly easy to tote, but it just isn't very powerful.

Lady Gaga's Twitter and Facebook Accounts Hacked, Fans Duped by 'Free iPad 2' Scam
Lady Gaga's Twitter and Facebook accounts are hacked and fans fall for age-old 'Free iPad' scam.

Facebook Friends are Real-Life Friends!
Turns out people are most likely to "friend" people on Facebook they know in real life. Surprise, surprise.

Kepler Finds Earth-Sized Planets, But These Aren't Earth's Twins
NASA has discovered two new rocky planets that are very similar to Earth in size, but expect to find life on them.

Super Bowl 2012 Will Be Streamed Live
No need to park yourself in front of the TV for Super Bowl 46 -- NBC and the NFL will be streaming the game live over the Web.

Viacom, EFF Are Odd Bedfellows in South Park Video Fair Use Lawsuit
Adversaries are allies in case involving South Park parody video.

National Geographic Hopes This Micro-Copter Doesn't Get Eaten By Lions
National Geographic's Michael Nichols is using state-of-the-art technology to get closer to Africa's lions, including this impressive hovering gadget.

Siri Learns to Play Piano, Can't Play Trombone Just Yet
The folks at Yamaha have figured out a way to get Siri to tickle the ivory and play a piano.

6 Google Projects Ripped from Sci-Fi
Unconfirmed reports seem to suggest that Google is happy to reinvest some of its search revenue into pie-in-the-sky ideas.

Archos Announces Sub-$200 Android Honeycomb Tablet
The Archos 70b is just $199.99, and it runs Android 3.2.

Any Phone Can Take Macro Photos With This Lens Band
Capturing high-detail, close-up images normally requires a DSLR camera with an expensive lens, but this lens attachment makes it much more affordable.

The PlayStation Vita Brings Gaming Into Your Reality
The rear-facing camera on the PlayStation Vita could mean more augmented reality in games.

GeekBytes: Second Moons and Lunchbox Comics
Earth has a second moon? Get caught up on this and other stories we didn't get a chance to fully cover in today's installment of GeekBytes.

What You Need to Know About Your Klout
Klout has emerged as the tool that most effectively measures social media use and influence. How can your business increase its Klout score?

Portal 2 Science Kit Has Talking, Evil Potato GLaDOS
Even though you'll need to pay for your own potato, this Portal 2-themed science kit is a great way to teach kids about evil artificial intelligence and electrolytes.

Does a 3D HDTV Need a Faster Refresh Rate?
Generally speaking, 240hz HDTVs have no advantage over 120hz sets. Melody Long asked if that is also true with 3D HDTVs.

ArtRage Studio Pro Makes Natural-Looking Paintings Easily and Inexpensively
Create realistic digital paintings in a "too much fun to put the brush down" trance with ArtRage.

BT Goes after Google for a Piece of the Patent Pie
Throw another log on the Android patent infringement fire. BT has filed a suit alleging that Android and a variety of other Google products and services violate its patents.

Amazon Cloud Music Player
Amazon MP3 Uploader for Amazon Cloud Music Player lets you upload your music to play via the cloud.

Facebook Adds Timeline to iPhone App
The New Facebook iPhone app adds the new Timeline layout mobile - iPad users will have to wait.

Siri Helps Santa in Apple's Christmas iPhone 4S Ad
Apple swings into Christmas gear with iPhone 4S ad that features Santa Claus recruiting Siri as his latest little helper.

IBM Predicts the Next Five Years in Tech
IBM's annual predictions on how our lives will be changed by five technologies in the next five years.

Best Bets for Photo Sharing Sites
Of all the photo sharing sites out there--Flickr, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and more--which are the best?

Google Wallet Ported to Galaxy Nexus, No Root Required
Here's an easier way to hack Google Wallet capabilities onto Verizon's phone and shop wirelessly.

Researchers Hack a DSLR into a Hyperspectral Imager
Scientists turn an ordinary DSLR into a hyperspectral camera using a frankenlens made of a diffraction gel, a 50-mm and 17-40-mm lens, and some PVC pipe.

Three Tips for New Roku-Box Owners
If you find a Roku box under the tree or menorah this year, these tips will help you make the most of it.

Skype Offers Free Holiday Wi-Fi for Travelers
Traveling this winter? In over 50 U.S. airports, Skype will be offering weary travelers one free hour of Internet service.

Star Wars The Old Republic, One Day and Counting
Star Wars The Old Republic went live last week exclusively for customers who preordered and finally hits store shelves for everyone else tomorrow.

Urban Flipper Turns a Building Into a Giant Pinball Game
Pinball may seem like your grandparents’ game, but the "Urban Flipper" may make you take a new look at an old favorite.

Three in Five Workers Yell at Their Computers, Study Finds
Software frustrations even make some users want to quit their jobs, according to a report by online software company TrackVia.

Google+ Rolls out New Features this Week
'Volume control' for feeds, better notifications and improved photo handling are being added to the service.

MouseTracer Free Tracks Your Mouse's Movements
MouseTracer Free logs the speed and distance that your computer mouse travels.

Email Lights Up Your Christmas Tree With This Hack
Make your Christmas tree decorations more fun with a little bit or hacking with an Arduino.

Netbook Robot Lets You Be In Two Places At Once
Xaxxon Technologies is developing a unique robot that operates on a notebook and connects via Internet directly to your tablet (or PC hardware) of choice.

Facebook Revamps Business Communications
Social network adds private messages for pages, but shushes conversations between consumers and businesses.

Fusion Garage's Future is Clouded
Remember Fusion Garage and the JooJoo tablet? Nobody's quite sure what's going on with them.

Nexus Tablet Expected Within 6 Months
Google guns for Apple with high quality tablet, voice recognition rival, and more, Schmidt teases.

Even Satellites, Google Maps Can't See Anything in North Korea
With the death of dictator Kim Jong Il, the science community highlights a reflective look at North Korea though satellite imagery.

HP Compaq 8200 Elite All-in-One Review: A Superfast PC That Fizzles
If speed is the name of your game, you won’t be disappointed by this business-class, all-in-one system. But that’s all it really brings to the table.

Five Last-Minute Gifts for Open Source Fans
Forget the T-shirts and mugs. Here are five gift ideas sure to please the Linux geek on your holiday list, plus three more for gift-giving in 2012.

Windows 8: Log On With Taps, Circles, and Lines
Business logons require increasingly higher security, and mobile devices present new challenges. Windows 8's Picture Password takes a fresh approach.

GeekBytes: Ben Heck's Miracle Hack
See a hack that offers a helping hand to a disabled kid, and other stories we didn't have a chance to cover. It's GeekBytes for December 19, 2011.

Treat Yourself to Free Indie Games from Ludum Dare 22
The 22nd Ludum Dare game development competition concludes today, and we've already culled some great gems from the finalists for your gaming pleasure.

Kiss Your Cable Bill Goodbye With These HDTV Antennas
Forget rabbit ears: A new breed of stylish TV antennas deliver a great picture without dominating your living room. We tried five good options.

This Is How the World Ends: Steam Holiday Sale 2011
The annual Steam Holiday Sale has begun! Now you can win prizes for participating, and we have the scoop on the coolest Grand Prize imaginable.

Wireless Carrier Survey: Smaller Players Rank High in Customer Satisfaction
The bottom line: Industry titan AT&T finished last, while two smaller carriers that piggyback on AT&T's network, Consumer Cellular and U.S. Cellular, ranked tops.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX: Pro-Level Video Editing for a Great Price
Movie Edit Pro MX edits videos with Adobe Premiere-level precision, at a fraction of the price.

Google's 'Let it Snow' and Hanukkah Easter Eggs Celebrate Holidays
The holiday inspired tricks add to a long lineup of similar antics to amuse people using Google sites and products.

How To Get Windows 8 Features Now
You don't have to wait until next year to see what Windows 8 has to offer. Use these tricks to update your operating system's look and feel right now.

Stop SOPA! A Plea from the Inventors of the Internet
Congress seems to be taking its cues from industry lobbyists when it comes to pending SOPA legislation, but hopefully it will take into consideration a letter from Internet luminaries begging it to reject this bill before it kills the thing they're ostensibly trying to protect.

Internet Explorer Silent Updates Are Not a Miracle Cure
Microsoft's plan to push the latest version of Internet Explorer with silent updates is great news, but don't expect it to finally kill off IE6.

10 Nightmares When Travelling With Tech--and How to Prevent Them
When traveling with smartphones, tablets and laptops a small hiccup can derail work for your entire trip. How can you avoid these nightmares on your next business trip?

Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to More Android Users
If you're one of the lucky ones to get the update, check out some tips and shortcuts Google has posted to help you navigate the many changes you'll see on your device.

5 More Things to Outlaw in Cars
Applying makeup, shaving, and eating while driving can be just as dangerous as talking on a cell phone while maneuvering through rush hour traffic.

Sprint's Decision to Stop Using Carrier IQ a Win for Privacy Advocates
Critics worry the tool lets phones double as spying devices, while the software maker says it is intended to help wireless carriers improve the performance of their handsets by communicating metrics.

Twitter Launches TweetDeck as Web App
The popular program for managing social media accounts now runs in your browser.

2012: The Year of the Tablet (Finally)?
It seems like every year is predicted to be the "year of the tablet," yet rivals come and go and the market remains a virtual monopoly for the Apple iPad.

MIT's Light Speed Camera Snaps a Trillion Frames per Second
MIT scientists create a camera system that can take one trillion frames per second--fast enough to see the speed of light and capture moving photons.

That's No Earthquake, It's Just Another Foo Fighters Concert
Apparently, New Zealand fans love the Foo Fighters so much that it registers on seismic warning systems. Read on to find out what we mean.

Make Your Open Tabs Reappear When You Restart Your Browser, Internet Explorer Edition
Out of the box, IE doesn't have the option to preserve tabs between sessions. This add-on provides that functionality--and more.

What's in Your Bag? Noah Lehmann-Haupt, Founder, Gotham Dream Cars
In this series, we look at the mobile gear that small-business leaders lean on. Noah Lehmann-Haupt, who launched an exotic car rental company, shows off the tools that rev his engine.

Tron Surfing Suit Looks Perfect For Nighttime Beach Trips
Neon-lit clothing and water sports aren't two things that generally mix, but these surfers look right at home in their Tron-like gear.

PlayStation Vita Launches in Japan
Sony's anticipated handheld gaming console has officially left the nest.

Skyrim Fans Compile List Of The Greatest Unofficial Achievements
Love Skyrim? Whether you're playing on PC, PS3 or Xbox 360, you can score some nerd cred by earning these fan-made Skyrim Achievements.

Sony's Tablet S Update Just Made Your Old PlayStation Obsolete
Console gaming just seems to get more and more portable by the day, and this tablet update might finally give you a reason to permanently shelve one of your systems.

Dell Abandons Netbooks in Favor of Ultrabooks
Dell’s 10-inch Mini netbooks have disappeared from sale online, and shoppers are instead offered the likes of an Inspiron or a Latitude.

Expect Longer Battery Life with Ubuntu Linux 12.04 'Precise Pangolin'
A number of tweaks now being tested could dramatically improve the power efficiency of this upcoming new operating system.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Hacked to Run Google Wallet
Verizon may not (yet) support Google Wallet on its Galaxy Nexus, but that doesn't mean you can't hack it.

Apple Gives Siri Hackers a Break
The filesystem encryption keys are obtainable in iPhone 4S -- perhaps only temporarily -- but long enough to offer access to hacks.

Flash Player 11.1 Arrives for Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Galaxy Nexus owners will get Flash Player update, which may be the last version of the plug-in for Android devices.

Google Revamps Doodle Website
Now it's easier than ever to find your favorite Doodle from years past.

Prep for Facebook's Timeline Layout: 6 Must-Do Privacy Tweaks
Facebook users have seven days to clean up their profile before the default Timeline layout goes live. Here is a checklist of things you'll want do so your past doesn't come back to haunt you.

iPad 3: What We Know So Far
Watch for a beefier processor, sleeker display, and perhaps a smaller sibling -- but when?

Controversial Anti-Piracy Bill (SOPA) Nears House Approval: Why You Should Care
A Congressional committee rejects amendments that addressed opponents' concerns about heavy-handed tactics.

FTC Raps ICANN's Increased Number of Domain Names Plan
Feds say efforts to increase the number of top-level domains will make consumers more vulnerable to online fraud.

Heavy Metal Christmas Lights Show Would Make Slayer Proud
Showcasing some incredibly detailed animation and syncing, this heavy metal fan's Christmas decorations probably put the rest of the neighborhood to shame.

Three Important Ways Windows 8 Provides Password Protection
Protecting your business's data is critical, and passwords are the first line of defense. Windows 8 makes managing unique, complex passwords easier, so that workers actually use them.

Wendell Robot Is Super Adorable, Super Open Source
Wendell is more than just a pretty face; it's an open-source robot for all!

CyanogenMod Drops Samsung Vibrant Support, Citing Inability to Dial 911
CyanogenMod drops support for the Samsung Vibrant after discovering that the phone cannot dial 911 while using its custom Android software.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review: Sleek and Speedy
The Galaxy Nexus dazzles with its curved display, attractive design, fast performance, and, of course, the Ice Cream Sandwich update to Android.

The Case for SOPA Legislation
You've probably read that SOPA is a controversial anti-piracy bill. Here's another view.

Get Two More Lenses Out of Your 50mm Lens for Cheap
Here’s how to get a macro and telephoto lens out of your standard 50mm prime lens for less than $100.

In Search of the Tech-Savvy Airport
We set out to learn which airports best serve the tech-toting traveler. Perhaps we underestimated the effort required.

Google Engineer Builds the Ultimate Gaming LAN-Party Pad
Google software engineer Kenton Varda builds the ultimate gaming LAN-party house with 12 hidden computers, two huge HDTVs, and a collection of gaming consoles.

Galaxy Nexus for Verizon: First Impressions
After only a few hours of using the Galaxy Nexus, I’m already impressed with its performance, its design, and the overall Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Put Some Sparkle on Your Desktop With Christmas Lights
Dress up your Windows 7 desktop for the holidays with colorful Christmas lights and cheerful sound effects.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hits Verizon on December 15th
The wait is over! The Galaxy Nexus with Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be heading to the US tomorrow.

Chrome 15 Beats Out IE8 As World's Most Popular Browser
Google Chrome 15 is the most popular web browser in the world overtaking Internet Explorer 8, according to web analytics firm StatCounter.

Google Chrome Adds Cloud Print Option, Multiple Profile Support
The new features in Google's browser are available in version 16 for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Keep Track of Your Employees with an Online In/Out Board
The aptly named Simple In/Out uses workers' smartphones to automatically log them in or out of the office.

Benchmark Your Computer

Carrier IQ Poses a Threat Despite Good Intentions
Carrier IQ is vigorously defending itself, and has offered reasonable explanations for how and why its tool does what it does--but it's still putting your data at risk.

Origami iPhone Dock Will Save You Money as Long as Paper Exists
Rather than shell out tens to hundreds of dollars for smartphone docks, this origami design will teach you how to make them from scratch.

LG TVs Will Come With Built-In WiDi for Easy HD Media Streaming
LG and Intel have formed a partnership to bring built-in WiDi technology to HDTVs.

Hands-Free Phones are Just as Risky as Handsets, Research Says
Don't drive and…do basically anything with your cell phone.

Facebook Timelines: How to Get Started
Facebook's new feature, which was announced in February, allows users to tell their entire life stories through the social network. Here's what you need to know about it.

Actual Kindle Sales Figures: More Than 3 Million Sold So Far
Amazon breaks tradition and discusses sales figures for its Kindle lines.

Get the Beauty of KDE on Your Tablet
Using 'semantic desktop' technology, this free new interface learns as you use your tablet and can make context-sensitive recommendations.

Samsung Uses Apple Lawsuit to Hype Galaxy Tablet
An ad in the Sydney Morning Herald proclaims that the Galaxy Tab is "the tablet Apple tried to stop."

Touchscreen Vending Machine Can Remember Your Face, Your Drink
Picking out your favorite beverage can get a lot more high-tech, as this concept design shows how vending machines can guess what you want to drink.

Google Reveals Top 10 Searches of 2011
Google's Zeitgeist 2011 list offers a rundown of how the world searched in the past year. The top search item may surprise you.

Meet the Hassle-Solving USB Cable, Cheaper Edition
If you liked the idea of the tri-connector Magic Cable Trio but not the $20 price tag, here's a $3(!) alternative.

iOS 5 Edges Out Android in HTML5 Browser Test
Ice Cream Sandwich supports embedded HTML5 audio and video, something the iPad and iPhone can't do, but it fell short in a head-to-head test of HTML5 features.

Can a Gamepad Beat a Keyboard and Mouse?
Can console and PC gamers play nicely together? Three PCWorld editors try playing console first-person shooters with a keyboard-and-mouse controller, and report their results.

New Humble Indie Bundle Includes Great Games, Breaks $1 Million In 24 Hours
The fourth Humble Indie Bundle is now available, and it's probably the best one yet.

Sony VAIO S Series: Mediocre Performance in a Thin, Sexy Chassis
Sony's VAIO S Series won't win any awards for performance or multimedia playback, but it's a great light laptop for a business professional.

Microsoft SkyDrive for iOS Takes on iCloud, Dropbox
Microsoft’s SkyDrive has one major advantage over its rivals: it offers 25GB of free storage for your documents or media files.

How to Create Android and iPhone Ringtones
Android and Apple smartphones are everywhere, and it can be hard to tell your phone apart from the crowd. Set a custom ringtone so that you know exactly when you're getting a phone call, text message, or voicemail.

Nokia Exec: 'Kids Today Fed Up With iPhone, Confused by Android'
Nokia thinks it can muscle its way into the smartphone market because the youth of today is fed up and overwhelmed with current choices.

How to Find Your Windows Product Keys
Locate your Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office product keys with this simple guide.

How to Uninstall Drivers in Windows
If your computer is acting up, hardware drivers may be to blame. Learn how to roll back or even uninstall driver software with this handy guide.

NTSB Wants Gadget Makers' Help on Driver Cellphone Ban
The National Transportation Safety Board hopes gadget makers will add features that encourage people to stop using portable electronic devices while driving.

SMS Fraud Is Not Unique to Android
Google is pulling a number of fraudulent apps that dupe users out of money, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that fraud is just an Android thing.

Sony Walkman Gets Access to Music Unlimited Library
Users can choose between a premium membership costing $9.99 per month or a basic $3.99 per month membership.

Microsoft Uses Android Malware Hysteria to Offer Free Windows Phones
Microsoft will give away free Windows Phones to five Android users with the worst malware horror stories.

Cuisine Robots Make Sandwiches and Popcorn: New Best Friend?
Want a tasty sandwich but don't want to make it yourself? Check out the sarnie-compiling, popcorn-cooking PR2 robots!

NASA Develops a Comet Harpoon for Sample Collection
NASA plans on collecting samples from moving space comets by sticking them to a cannon fired harpoon.

Help Test Wikipedia's New Visual Editor
Now in its early stages, this new editor will offer an alternative to Wikipedia's wiki markup language.

Super High-Res Displays May Come to Ultrabooks and MacBooks in Early 2012
We may see super high-resolution displays in ultra-thin Ultrabooks and MacBook Pros as early as the first half of next year.

Better Protection Needed for Those Who Shop by Phone?
A leading consumer group claims there is a wide gap of what kinds of protections carriers say they offer and what they really do.

Google Donates $850,000 to Restore Bletchley Park
Google pledges funds to restore the site where Turing broke the Enigma code and helped create the computer.

If Siri Is Star Wars, Then Majel Will Be Star Trek

Five Google+ Hangouts Features Businesses Will Love
Google Hangouts is adding useful features that will appeal to businesses seeking video conferencing or broadcasting.

Troubleshoot Bad RAM Modules with MemTest86+
Now able to run from a flash drive, this free utility can help determine if faulty memory is causing system problems. Puts Your Email In Front of You When You Need It offers a free and easy way to prevent email overload. Prods Your Memory Through Email helps you stay on top of your to-do lis, by delivering email reminders when you want them.

Cheap Gift Alert: Kobo's $50 E-Reader Sale
The Kobo Wi-Fi units are refurbished, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Apple Retools iAd, But Is it Enough?
The Apple iAd mobile marketing platform is losing ground, so Apple is cutting prices and making some changes to help it compete against rival services.

Streaming Service Rara Lands in Music-Saturated U.S.
Rara joins the music services wars with a slant towards music fans not yet involved with digital music to a great degree.

Carrier IQ Explains Itself: 5 Highlights
Carrier IQ mounts an offensive to fend off critics with a detailed report outlining what information it collects from users and how it is used.

Skype Releases New Version of Its App for Android
The latest edition of Skype's Android app lets you share video, photos and files with other Skype users.

Windows Phone 7.5 SMS Vulnerability Can Disable Messaging
Windows Phone 7 devices are susceptible to an SMS vulnerability that could lock users out of their messaging functions.

Kodak Office Hero 6.1 All-in-One Printer review: Everything But Speed
Its ho-hum speed aside, this model is otherwise a small- or home-office winner, offering full duplex support, cheap inks, and superior photo quality.

Kodak Hero 9.1 All-in-One Printer Review: Slow but Capable Home MFP
Pluses on this home-oriented MFP include an LCD touchscreen, a dedicated photo tray, and cheap inks--but its pedestrian speed is not for the impatient.

RAM Troubleshooter, Hassle-Solving USB Cable
Here are a couple hassle solvers: Memtest86+ can diagnose bad RAM, and the Magic Cable Trio gives you gives you micro USB, mini USB, and Apple 40-pin connectors in one sync cable.