Computing Center Sitemap - Page 142 2013-07-16

Home & Landscape Design Studio for Mac 14.1
Home & Landscape Design Studio for Mac 14.1 is a 3-D program aimed at home owners who want to design or remodel a home or landscape. This updated version...

Hosting Service Helps Web Designers Stay in Control
Startup Konductor launched a hosted Web content management service for Web designers at Adobe Max this week.

How Do Tech Terms Become Legit?
Are the words we use every day -- like podcast, mashup, and blogosphere -- good enough for mainstream dictionaries?

How IT Could Have Prevented the Financial Meltdown
The tools are largely there, but not the visibility needed for regulators and banks to catch problems early.

How Much Is Business Software Worth to You?
Product pricing is not always straightforward: You must evaluate many costs when bringing new products to market, especially...

How That IT Job Wears Your Body Down
Too much junk food, too little exercise and a 24/7 tether to technology? Your body ain't happy, friend. Let us count the pains.

How to Create a Service in Snow Leopard
As I discussed in my look at Services in Snow Leopard, I think this revamped feature is one of the hidden gems in Mac OS X 10.6. While being able to control what...

How to Keep Employees Happy During Hard Times

How to Land a Six-Figure Software Developer Job

How to Start up Your Own Tech Startup
Follow the dream using advice from entrepreneurs who've made it work.

How to Succeed in Tech in a Downturn
The technology jobs market overall is still doing better than the market for other types of jobs -- but you still need a plan.

Huge Oracle Layoff Won't Be the Last
Number of people let go on Friday unclear, but one analyst said it could be in the thousands.

Hurt by Server Slump, Symantec Sees Market Stabilizing
With revenue down slightly during its latest fiscal quarter, Symantec said Wednesday that it was starting to see some stabilization in enterprise spending.

HyperOffice up Against Google Apps, Zoho With Updated Suite
HyperOffice is trying to expand its presence in the online collaboration space with an updated suite.

I Love Katamari for the IPhone
In 2004, a small-budget game produced by Namco called Katamari Damacy took the PlayStation 2 world by storm. Its...

I.TV for IPhone
If you're trying to find a movie that's worth your $11 at the local cineplex, the App Store has plenty of apps that help you...

I2 Technologies Nixes Merger Agreement With JDA
JDA has decided against buying SCM vendor i2 Technologies, i2 said Thursday.

IBM Adds Data-warehousing Tools to Informix
IBM is bolstering the BI (business intelligence) capabilities of its Informix OLTP server.

IBM Aims System Z at Specific Workloads
IBM has announced a new set of mainframe packages aimed at specific IT workloads and tasks.

IBM Aims at Google, Microsoft With New Webmail
IBM has has launched a low-cost, Web-based email and calendering service called LotusLive iNotes.

IBM Announces Cloud Software-development Betas
IBM on Thursday announced new services for developing applications on public and private clouds.

IBM Buying BPM Vendor Lombardi
IBM is buying BPM vendor Lombardi for an undisclosed sum.

IBM Buys Database Security Firm Guardium
IBM has purchased database security vendor Guardium for an undisclosed sum.

IBM Confirms Job Cuts
IBM has cut more than 2,800 jobs, according to a union Web site.

IBM Cuts Energy Consumption, Boosts CO2
Big Blue cites business growth as reason for carbon increase.

IBM: Earnings Rise, Revenues Fall, but Growth Ahead
IBM reported lower revenue for Q2 but also raised its full-year earnings guidance.

IBM Expands Information on Demand Portfolio
IBM has added a range of new products and services to its teeming Information on Demand portfolio.

IBM Floats Software in Amazon's Cloud
IBM is delivering some of its infrastructure software as an on-demand service through Amazon Web Services, the companies said...

IBM Gives Developer Portal Social-networking Makeover
MyDeveloperWorks seeks to bring the site's millions of users closer together

IBM India lab develops customer service tool
IBM's India Research Laboratory has developed software technology that uses math algorithms to extract and deliver business insights hidden within the large quantity of information gathered by companies during customer service calls and other interactions, according to an official at the lab.

IBM Middleware Interprets Data From RFID, Other Sensors
IBM introduced middleware that can gather data from sensors, analyze it, and feed it into other enterprise applications.

IBM Offers Hosted Tivoli Monitoring for the Midmarket
IBM has released Tivoli Monitoring as a hosted service for midsized companies, IBM said Tuesday.

IBM Offers Symphony on Keepod USB Devices
IBM is hoping to goose Symphony usage with a new USB device deployment option.

IBM Offers Tivoli Monitoring for Amazon Cloud Deployments
IBM has begun letting users of Amazon Web Services monitor their environments using Tivoli.

IBM Preps Social Network to Boost Partners' Business
IBM will launch a social network for its business partners this month.

IBM Puts Virtual Desktops in the Cloud
IBM is rolling out a subscription service in October that aims to make it easier for large companies to use desktop virtualization, the company said Monday.

IBM Rolls out New Enterprise Cloud Services Push
IBM is targeting enterprises with a new set of cloud services.

IBM Said to Be Poring Over Sun's Contracts
Reports of IBM doing due diligence suggest a merger deal may be progressing

IBM Set to Launch 'Smart Analytics' Systems
IBM is unveiling a new set of BI (business intelligence) appliances on Tuesday.

IBM Sets up Top-end Business Analytics Center in India
IBM sets up a top end consultancy center in Bangalore focused on business analytics

IBM Showcases New Analytics Capabilities
IBM's Information on Demand conference began Monday in Las Vegas, with plenty of BI announcements.

IBM Takes Aim at Midmarket With New BI Tools
IBM is trying to make a big splash in midmarket BI with a new product suite.

IBM Takes Analytics Drive to China With New Center
IBM on Tuesday announced a business analytics center in Beijing that will serve clients including the Chinese government.

IBM agrees to buy Cognos for $5B
IBM has agreed to buy business intelligence software vendor Cognos for around US$5 billion in cash.

IBM fine-tunes model for disaster management
IBM's research laboratories in the U.S. and India have fine-tuned technology to help model and manage natural disasters such as wildfires, floods, and diseases.

IBM partners with ACI Worldwide on e-payment tools
IBM said Monday that it is partnering with ACI Worldwide, an electronic payment software vendor, to create a payments system based on service oriented architecture (SOA) principles.

IBM pledges US$1 billion to unified communications
IBM has committed to investing US$1 billion in its unified communications strategy in the next three years as it sharpens its sword to do battle with Microsoft in a fast-growing market.

IBM reports strong software, services results for Q4
IBM on Thursday provided more details of its robust fourth-quarter and 2007 financial performance, following an early preview of the figures on Monday.

IBM's Analytics Center Focuses on Financial Services
IBM opened its latest business analytics center in London on Tuesday, which will focus on services for the U.K.'s financial services sector.

IBM to Expand Railroad Products From China Center
IBM pushed further into the market for railroad management systems as it opened a Beijing base for train maintenance and surveillance products.

IBM to Pay $1.2B for Analytics Developer SPSS
IBM has agreed to buy analytics specialist SPSS for $1.2B and source code analyst Ounce Labs for an undisclosed sum.

IBM to Pay $3M to Keep Apple Exec Case Going
It would covers costs or damages to Mark Papermaster if IBM's wrong.

IBM to make 'aggressive' run at SMBs
IBM is developing a new, "one-stop-shop" product offering, Lotus Foundations, aimed at companies with five to 500 employees, it said Monday.

IBiz 4.0
iBiz 4.0.1 is a billing and time management application that helps track the work you do, lets you bill clients for completed work, and then tracks payments so...

IBiz 4, IBiz Professional Time-tracking Software Debuts
IGG Software has announced the release of iBiz 4, a new version of its time-tracking and billing software for Mac OS X. It costs $40. The company has also...

IETF: Should We Ignore the Kaminsky Bug?
The Internet engineering community is grappling with what to do about a serious flaw in the DNS discovered this summer, and...

IIS 6 Attack Could Let Hackers Snoop on Servers
Researchers say an unpatched bug in IIS 6 could let attackers view or upload files to the server.

IMacworld IPhone App Offers Detailed Macworld Expo Info
iPhone and iPod touch users planning on attending Macworld Conference & Expo should take note of iMacworld, a new...

INewz for IPhone
If you compulsively scroll news headlines, and enjoy browsing RSS feeds, but don't particularly care for managing them, you...

IP Piracy Bill Passes Through US Congress
The U.S. Congress passes a bill that would expand penalties for copyright infringement.

IPhone Applications Get Down to Business
With its revolutionary design, the first-generation iPhone captured consumers' hearts. But for the device to be welcomed into...

IPhone Applications Not Around Every Corner
You may not be able to surf tech blogs without coming across the iPhone applications, but that doesn't mean that it translates...

IPhone Apps: ISale Auction Manager Gets IPhone Add-on
iPhone versions of desktop apps were all the rage at Macworld Expo--Marketcircle's Daylite, ProjectWizards' Merlin, and...

IPhone Apps Round-up: A Head Start on Valentine's Day
The books are barely closed on one holiday, it seems, before stores have already set up decorations and displays for the next...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Another Craigslist Offering
The ranks of iPhone client apps for the Craigslist online classified service grew a little larger this week, as CraigsPal made...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Apps to Ring in 2009
It's New Year's Eve. The clock is about to strike midnight, the big ball in Times Square is perilously close to touching down...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Business Apps
The iPhone continues to try and make its bones as a business tool, and a number of recent releases to the App Store look to...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Fog-and-draw Apps
Things have started to steam up in the App Store. A trio of newly released apps allow you to steam or fog up your iPhone's...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Insults, Shakespeare-style
I don't know about you, but in my daily travels, I come across a lot of people who merit a savage dressing-down. Most of the...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Printing From the IPhone
The iPhone can store just about any piece of information your heart desires -- contacts, photos, and Web pages. But getting...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Slacker Radio and NoteWorthy
iPhone and iPod touch users who want to listen to stream music through their mobile device. Slacker is the latest to throw its...

IPhone Apps Round-up: Virtual Mistletoe and Ski Conditions
There are only 10 more shopping days 'til Christmas, which also means there are 10 more days for developers to boost the...

IPhone Apps Round-up
Let's say for a moment you're on your way to a holiday party or similar social get-together, and you've been tasked with...

IPhone Apps Roundup: Apples2Oranges Price-comparison App
Whenever we're on a grocery run, my wife always has to remind me to check out the cost per unit--the figure that helps you...

IPhone Holiday Apps
It's the most wonderful time of the year, they say. Sure, the country is in a recession and holiday sales are looking more...

IPhone Voice Dialers
After a year-and-a-half with my iPhone, I can't imagine ever going back to my PDA and cell phone--the iPhone runs my life...

IPhone Wikipedia Apps
Wikipedia is the great argument settler. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I have had heated debates over some...

IScrapbook 2.1
We've all heard that every picture tells a story, but as we amass digital photos from our cameras, cell phones, and friends, sooner or later that narrative...

IT Budget Tips: Strategies to Beat the Budget Crunch
A solid IT risk and compliance program will lower costs, reduce risk and permit consistent compliance. With better security, lower audit burden, improved leverage of IT resources, faster decision-making and business process optimization, companies can gain some recession relief.

IT Exec Nabs Job as FBI's CIO
Agency gives tech reins to former Lehman Brothers IT exec, who had headed defunct investment firm's IT division.

IT Execs Are Making Less
Recession knocks down overall payments to CIOs -- but not everyone is feeling the pinch.

IT Has the Power to Green the World
Applying smart technology to various sectors could yield huge cost and carbon savings.

IT Innovation: On the Skids
Technologists look to a new White House to reverse decade-long slide in R&D.

IT Job Growth Slows -- Hiring on Hold
IT industry-watchers forecast a slowdown in high-tech job creation through the early part of next year.

IT: Let's Get Visible
As budgets get slashed, IT is at risk of becoming invisible.

IT Manager Candidates Seem a Lot Like Presidents
With the U.S. elections upon us, I realized how much our current presidential choices look like just the kind of IT folks who have a shot at being CTO or CIO. Weird? You betcha.

IT Managers Seek Web 2.0 Data Analysis
Forward-thinking IT managers are starting to install tools that can measure and analyze Web 2.0 activities.

IT Must Invest Its Way out of Crisis, Say Leaders
IT vendors and their customers must invest their way out of the economic crisis, said politicians and industry leaders at the...

IT Salaries Take Tiny Leaps
There's more work and less bonus money, and salaries aren't keeping pace with inflation. Here's how some IT professionals are coping.

IT Shops Renegotiate Contracts to Get Savings
CIOs say renegotiation is difficult but crucial in poor economy.

IT Spooks Trolls from Under the Patent Bridge
Membership-based patent aggregator RPX takes aim at nefarious non-practicing entities.

IT's New Mantra: Work Smarter, Not Harder
Garnter report shows that IT shops aren't taking on more tasks, but changing their approach to the work at hand.

ITGB IPhone Game Engine Yields Big Performance Gains
GarageGames has announced the release of iTGB 1.1, an update to their 2D game development library for the iPhone. A free...

ITalk Recorder for IPhone
If a search for "voice record" on the iTunes Store is any indication, there's a market for voice-recording apps for the iPhone...

ITunes Launches New Twitter Accounts
Apple can't afford to be out-and-out misanthropic--it does, after all, design products that people use. That said, it probably wouldn't be missing the mark to...

IWeb '09
Apple's goal with iWeb is to give home and non-professional users an easy way to create and update lively, personal Web sites...

IWork '08 Apps Get 'general Compatibility' Update
Apple on Monday released updates to Keynote, Pages and Numbers, the applications it combines in its iWork suite. The versions...

Illustrator, Pro Tools, MainStage Video Tutorials out and its Adobe-focused sister company have released several new video tutorials on...

Imagine Cup Winners Design Software to Solve Global Problems
A team from Romania won the coveted software design award in Microsoft's Imagine Cup, which wrapped up in Cairo on Tuesday.

Improve Sluggish PDF Handling in Preview
Have you ever run into a PDF that, when viewed in Preview and/or Adobe, is just incredibly sluggish in its responses? A simple...

In Bangalore, a BPO With a Heart
The firm hires only physically handicapped people to work on data-entry jobs

India Is Losing Its Share of Offshoring Market, Says Gartner
Customers are increasingly looking at alternative locations, the research firm said.

India rejects Office Open XML again
A technical committee in India has rejected Microsoft's Office Open XML file format as a standard.

India's Adlabs Offers Services to Process Media Content
Indian company, Adlabs Films is offering offshore content processing and digital restoration services to media companies worldwide.

India's Competitors Catching up as Outsourcing Hotspots
India may be losing ground to smaller and newer competitors on cost and ability to retain staff, according to Gartner.

India's Infosys Starts BPO Unit for Domestic Market
Infosys has set up a business process outsourcing unit targeting the Indian market

India's Outsourcing Industry Heads to Single-digit Growth
India's outsourcing industry may see single digit growth this year, according to the head of trade body.

India's Outsourcing Revenue Will Grow More Slowly
India's outsourcing industry will post slower revenue growth in the current fiscal year ending March 31, says Nasscom.

India's Revenue From Outsourcing Could Be $225B in 2020
Trade body Nasscom however warns of bottlenecks like infrastructure

India's Satyam Ditches Construction Company Buyout
Satyam withdraws plans to invest in construction companies, following investors and analysts protests.

India's Tata sets up delivery center in Ohio
As Indian service providers get closer to their U.S. and European customers, India's largest outsourcer, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has set up shop in a suburb of Cincinnati.

India's Wipro plans big expansion in China
Indian IT outsourcing company Wipro plans a big expansion in China in the next two years, its chief operating officer said in Tokyo on Tuesday.

India targets US$15 billion from infrastructure management
Indian outsourcers already have a large share of outsourced application development and maintenance and are dominant in business process outsourcing. The country is now targeting a larger share of the market for remote infrastructure management services (IMS), and is planning to more than double revenue from these services to US$15 billion by 2013.

Indian Companies Among Top Ten IT Infrastructure Outsourcers
Indian outsourcers figure among top ten in the global infrastructure services market, according to outsourcing consultancy TPI

Indian Government to Appoint Satyam Board Members
Indian government steps in to take temporary control at troubled Indian outsourcer Satyam.

Indian Government to Provide Infosys Security
Infosys gets security cover from Indian government agency.

Indian IT Industry Gears up to Counter Swine Flu
India's software trade body on Thursday moved to reassure the government and customers that the industry was taking precautionary measures against swine flu.

Indian Outsourcer HCL Acquires Data Center in the US
Indian outsourcer HCL Technologies has announced the acquisition of a data center in the U.S.

Indian Outsourcer Satyam Adds 32 New Clients Since May
Indian outsourcer Satyam has gained 32 clients, indicating a modest recovery after a scandal at the company in January.

Indian Outsourcer Satyam Diversifies Into Construction
As the going gets tough for Indian IT outsourcers, Satyam plans to diversify into the construction business

Indian Outsourcer Tata to Sponsor Ferrari
Indian outsourcer to have its logo on Ferrari F1 car for 2009

Indian Provider Launches Twitter by SMS
Twitter has teamed with India's Bharti Airtel to offer Twitter through SMS.

Indian Software Group Critiques Obama's Tax Proposals
Indian software association says President Obama's proposal to amend the tax code will make U.S. companies less competitive.

Indian outsourcers thrive despite weaker dollar
Despite fears that a stronger Indian rupee might hurt profits, Indian outsourcing companies continue to report robust growth.

Infor Rolls out Interest-free Financing for ERP
Infor is now offering customers a financing plan with interest-free monthly payments on new purchases.

Infor Rolls out New 'Flex' Upgrade Policy
Infor is rolling out a new program that it says will make upgrades easier and cheaper for customers.

Infor to Buy SoftBrands for $80 Million
Infor is scooping up ERP vendor SoftBrands in a deal worth about US$80 million.

Informatica Updates Data Integration Platform
Informatica released a major update to its data integration platform Tuesday.

Infosys Acquires BPO Company in the U.S.
Infosys' BPO business to acquire a BPO company in the U.S.; focused on the insurance and financial services market.

Infosys BPO Says Clients Turning to India in Recession
Infosys says the company's business process outsourcing business is seeing new business from clients trying to cut costs in a...

Infosys Looks to China Outsourcing Market for Growth
China so far has mainly been an alternative base for Infosys to serve global customers, but the company is now seeking a share of the country's domestic market.

Infosys Revenue, Profits Slide in Tough Market
Infosys reports decline in revenue and profits as it continues to be affected by the economic slowdown.

Ingres, Alfresco Debut Open-source SharePoint Rival
Hoping to lure SharePoint customers, Ingres is teaming up with Alfresco on a new content management appliance.

Ingres Benefits From Oracle-related Angst
Ingres' open-source database is being used by a New York investment bank and a large California supermarket chain.

Ingres Bundles Red Hat for Application Development Stack
Ingres and Red Hat have bundled their software into a unified development stack.

Ingres Works on Hardware-savvy Database Engine
Ingres is designing a new engine that exploits new hardware for faster execution of database-related tasks.

Intel Capital invests in online storage company
Intel's venture-capital arm has invested in Nirvanix, a San Diego start-up company that offers a scalable online storage service.

Intel Eyes Cloud Computing With New Hardware, Software
Intel earlier this week pitched hardware improvement that could boost performance of a cloud while cutting energy costs.

Intel to Turn Moblin Over to Linux Foundation
Chip vendor hopes nonprofit's stewardship will spur support for the Linux-based mobile platform

Introducing Nate Richards

Introducing Tyler Olsen
As a young entrepreneur, I look forward to being able to spread the joy of technology through this blog.

Intuit Buys Online Payroll Provider for $170 Million
Intuit is buying online payroll provider PayCycle for $170 million to expand its software-as-a-service offerings for SMBs, Intuit said Tuesday.

Intuit goes global using mobiles
Intuit aims to serve small businesses globally using Web accounting services on mobile phones

Intuit to Bring Online Payroll to Mac Users
Intuit has announced plans to offer its Online Payroll service to Mac users of QuickBooks, enabling small business owners...

Investing to Grow: Railroads Move Forward With IT
Railroads are romantic. My own brother took a perfectly good education from Northwestern University and parlayed it into a job...

Involer Invoicing App Adds Custom Logo Support
The Dream Apps has released Involer 1.2, an update to their invoice generation application for Mac OS X. It's a free update;...

Irish Startup Takes Over Microsoft's Code-protection Scheme
An Irish startup has taken over Microsoft's Software Licensing and Protection Services, a service to help ISVs protect their code and reduce software piracy.

Is Collaboration Destroying Value at Your Company?
Collaboration is good, and more collaboration is better, right? Wrong, says Morten T. Hansen in this month's Harvard Business...

Is Google Sync a Shot at MobileMe?
And another piece of the puzzle falls into place. On Monday, Google announced its new Sync beta, based on Microsoft's...

Is Heathcliff the Cat's Meow for IPhone Users?
I scour the App Store a lot, looking for the latest and greatest applications for the iPhone and iPod touch so that I can...

Is Telecommuting the Way to Avoid Swine Flu?

Is Unit Testing Doomed?
The agile app dev revolution may be over, as unit testing adoption appears to stumble.

Is the Independent Software Company a Relic?
Some business software vendors are determined to steer their own ships in a sea of acquisitions.

It Takes a Quality IT Group to Deliver Good Yogurt
IT services and the automation they provide are indispensable at Danone Group.

JSON Data Interchange Format Gets Standards Blessing
JSON gains ECMA standards blessing to help better compete with XML

JasperSoft Pushes 'unlimited Access' BI Offer
JasperSoft is offering an unlimited-use license for its BI software.

JasperSoft claims to be most widely-deployed BI tool
JasperSoft, the open-source business intelligence vendor, is claiming that it is now the world's most widely deployed BI product.

Jaspersoft Version 3.5 Adds In-memory Analysis to BI Tool
There are SaaS features too, although Jaspersoft has no plans to offer a hosted business intelligence service

Java, BlackBerry Desktop Get Security Bug Fixes
Critical Java and BlackBerry Desktop Software patches were issued Tuesday.

Java Crowd Has Mixed Views on Potential Sun-IBM Deal
They express concerns and hopes for the future of Sun's developer tools and open-source projects

Jigsaw Launches CRM Data Updating Service
Company-contact information provider's Data Fusion offering will help CRM users clean up their contact data

Jive Brings Workgroup Collaboration to Microsoft Office
Jive has given its enterprise social-networking product a major upgrade, adding native iPhone access and enabling collaboration on Microsoft Office files.

Jive Intros Simpler SaaS Version of Collaboration Suite
Jive Software has released a SaaS version of its enterprise collaboration suite.

Jive Links Enterprise Social-networking Product, CMS Tools
Jive Software is developing new modules to link its SBS enterprise social-networking product with leading content management systems.

Jive, SAP Partner on 'social BI'
SAP, Jive and other vendors made a range of enterprise social-networking-related product announcements at Tuesday's Enterprise 2.0 conference.

Jive Tool Aims to Help Companies Track Social Media Chatter
Jive Software has developed a tool for companies to automate the monitoring of relevant chatter in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Joost App Streams Its Video Library to the IPhone
As a TV junkie, there are definitely times when I wish I could easily catch up on a missed episode via my iPhone. But due to...

Judge orders SAP-TomorrowNow lawsuit to mediation
A U.S. district court judge has ordered that Oracle's lawsuit against SAP and its TomorrowNow subsidiary be sent to mediation, according to a court document posted on, a Web site SAP set up for the case.

Jumsoft Expands Its Range of Template for Pages
If you are unsatisfied with the templates included in Apple's Pages, Jumsoft this week released five Pages Templates Expert packs. Each $29 pack includes unique...

Jumsoft Upgrades Pages Templates Pro
Jumsoft has released four new designs for its Pages Templates Pro pack, a collection of templates to use in conjunction with...

Jumsoft's Keynote Quartet FX '09 Combines Four Packages
Jumsoft on Thursday announced the release of Keynote Quartet FX '09, a new package that includes four separately available...

Just What is Windows Azure?
Can Microsoft compete with Amazon, Google, and other rivals in the cloud computing space?

Keep Business Teams Organized With JuggleMyStuff
JuggleMyStuff's Web service helps small businesses share files and track to-dos and appointments.

Keep Track of Changes in Pages
Whether you can't afford Microsoft Word ( Macworld rated 3.5 out of 5 mice , $180), don't like it, or just find yourself without it on one of your Macs, Apple's...

Kerio Mail Server 6.7
Often, reviewing server software can be frustrating, especially for new releases. You rarely have the kind of time needed to do proper testing, to see how it...

Keynote Remote Now Showing on App Store
Have you been jonesing for Apple's new Keynote Remote app for the iPhone? Jones no more, friend, because Keynote Remote...

Knoa 5.0 tackles end-user performance
Companies might spend millions on an SAP or Oracle implementation. Knoa aims to help businesses determine whether they are getting the most from their investment.

Koi Pond for IPhone
It's hard to imagine, with all the great iPhone apps for sale on the App Store, that the top paid app (App Store link) would...

Kontakt Player Launched
Native Instruments has introduced Kontakt Player, a free software instrument based on its Kontakt 3 sampler. It offers universal playback for available Kontakt...

Kyocera Sells India R&D Subsidiary to MindTree
Kyocera is selling off its Indian development to an Indian outsourcer; MindTree; in return for development services from the Indian company.

L.A. Community Colleges CIO: Finessing the Politics of Education
Jorge Mata talks about keeping IT vendors honest and making a difference to students.

LED Street Lights Brighten the Tenderloin
Prostitution and drugs frighten some people away from San Francisco's gritty Tenderloin district, but the area could soon enlighten the city with a money-saving...

Laid Off? How About Moving to India?
IBM is helping its former workers find jobs in developing markets around the world.

Launching Apps: Beyond the Dock
Sure, you could use the Dock and the Applications folder to launch applications. But there are plenty of ways to tweak OS X to make that everyday chore easier...

Layers 1.0.3
As a tech writer and Macworld editor, screenshots--snapshots of a computer's onscreen display--are immensely useful. But...

Layoffs Aren't the Right Route for Redmond
Microsoft must get busy -- and ignore the analysts.

Layoffs Spur Startups

Learn to Measure Your Web Presence

Lemonade Stand for IPhone
More than 20 years ago, Lemonade Stand emerged on the Apple II as a means of teaching the children of Generation X basic...

Less SOA QQ and More SOA Pew Pew
Bear with me a moment as I introduce this topic by QQing about things like QQ. First, let me define my terms. QQ, for the...

Lessons Learned: IT's Biggest Project Failures
Think your project's off track and over budget? Learn a lesson or two from the tech sector's most infamous project flameouts.

License Audits: Preparing Now Can Ease the Pain
Oracle licensing consultant Eliot Arlo Colon still remembers the enormous global publishing company that was "so darn confident" it would breeze through an...

LightEdge Combines Hosted PBX With Unified Communications
A Microsoft partner Tuesday launched a new service for SMBs that combines hosted unified communications with a hosted PBX...

LightSpeed Retail System Offers Web Store 2.0
Xsilva Systems on Thursday announced that it's shipping LightSpeed Web Store 2.0, a new version of their e-commerce addition...

LinkOptimizer 4 Adds Settings Presets, Processing Logs
Zevrix Solutions on Tuesday announced the release of LinkOptimizer 4.0, a new version of their workflow automation plug-in for Adobe InDesign. It costs $220;...

Linpus Sets Date With Moblin 2.0 for Netbooks
Linpus will show off a version of its Linpus Linux Lite operating system based on Moblin 2.0 at Computex.

Linux Group Investigates Microsoft Patents in TomTom Case
The organization is asking people to submit prior art that could invalidate the patents to Get a Makeover
The Linux Foundation is reviving original content on the domain.

LittleSnapper Shines at Screenshot Management
Mac OS X ships with a robust set of screenshot-taking capabilities. Not only can you take full-screen screenshots, but you can also capture individual interface...

Logic Studio
Digital music workstation software can include an encyclopedic array of functionality. But when it comes to using these tools creatively in music making, a few...

Longtime Microsoft Developer Evangelist to Retire
A longtime Microsoft developer evangelist and 19-year company veteran will retire later this year, the company confirmed on Monday

Look Like a Multimillion Dollar Brand

Looking for Job Security? Try Cobol
As long as there are mainframes, there will be Cobol. Learn the language and the culture and you might land a job that that lasts until retirement.

Low-cost IPhone Dictionary Applications
A really good dictionary is an indispensable part of any library, home or office. I have three unabridged dictionaries in my...

LucidEra's BI Tech Finds New Home at Pentaho
Failed BI vendor LucidEra's technology has wound up at Pentaho.

MIA: Apple's Nvidia Update
Apple's Nvidia Graphics Update 2009 has been pulled offline, and there's no sign of a replacement.

MS Launches Premium Support Service Starting at $200,000
Microsoft announced Premier Mission Critical Support Tuesday. The service is aimed at enterprise IT shops which already...

MS Office Battles Google in the Cloud
When Microsoft releases the next version of its productivity suite, Office 2010, it will be into a very different competitive landscape than the one Office 2007...

MS: 'Vista Capable' Lawyers Trying to Hijack Windows Update
Microsoft is objecting to a plan that would force the company to use its Windows Update service to notify potential members in...

Mac Mini Media Center: Get Content
We continue our march to the ultimate Mac mini media center. So far we've covered upgrading the mini as well as connecting it...

Mac News Briefs: Better Scanning in Snow Leopard
Two scanning apps have been upgraded (finally) for use with Snow Leopard.

Mac News Briefs: IStudio Publisher Design App Updated
C:four has released iStudio Publisher 1.1, the latest upgrade of its design and desktop publishing software. iStudio Publisher is a Mac-based application aimed...

Mac News Briefs: Modem Mate Boosts 3G Modem Signal Strength
Nova media has released the Modem Mate external antenna, which offers up to 2 dBi of increased signal strength for 3G modems.

Mac News Briefs: New Battery Charger for Unibody Laptops
NewerTech has announced the $150 Intelligent Battery Charging Station, a device designed to charge and condition the batteries used by 13-inch and 15-inch...

Mac News Briefs: SkypeCap Adds Snow Leopard Support
On Wednesday, SkypeCap released version 3.3 of its eponymous Skype video and audio capture tool, which allows users to record calls made with the popular VoIP...

Mac News Briefs: SyncMate 2.0 Released
Eltima released a new version of its SyncMate synchronization tool this week. The latest release, SyncMate 2.0, gives Mac users the ability sync their computers...

Mac News Briefs: Overhauls Finance Budgeting App has overhauled Finance, its bank account and budget management software, as part of its ongoing effort to move its applications to a more modern...

Mac Novel-writing Tools
November is National Novel Writing Month, an event in which thousands of people attempt to write 50,000 words of a novel in the course of 30 days. As a once and...

Mac Port of ZFS Discontinued
Many bleeding-edge Mac geeks are mourning the death of the project to implement the ZFS filesystem on the Mac. The Apple-backed project to port ZFS to the Mac...

Mac Pundit Showdown IV
Normally the Macworld Podcast is a sober, carefully constructed affair. But apparently it's fallen off the wagon. With "unfunny!" (--iTunes review) Macworld...

MacBooks Could See Custom Four-finger Gestures
You find such interesting things when you dig through the dark recesses of your file structure: hopes, dreams, ancient...

MacGPSPro 8.3
Serious outdoors enthusiasts--the type who get up before the roosters, eat locusts and honey, and start campfires with their...

MacPractice, Aqua Connect Team for 'thin Client' Support
Medical practice management software maker MacPractice has announced that it's vetted Aqua Connect Terminal Server to help...

MacPractice IPhone Interface Revamps Interface
This week MacPractice introduced MacPractice iPhone Interface 2.0, which allows medical professionals to access office records such as schedules and patient...

MacProxy Enables System-wide Proxy Support
On Tuesday Tidal Pool Software released Version 1.0 of its MacProxy proxy support software. This $20 program adds system-wide network proxy support for any...

MacSpeech Dictate International 1.5
It has been nearly two years since we first reviewed the MacSpeech Dictate speech-recognition program. At the time, the program was relatively new, being pretty...

Macworld's Editors Present: 25th Annual Eddy Awards
Every year, we see literally hundreds of Mac products. From those hundreds, we pick a handful to receive our annual Editors' Choice Awards. We've already showed...

Make Your Own Phone-call Getaways
A crafty site allows you to schedule a call to your own phone and get you out of bad meetings.

Manage Your Passwords
Even if you come up with a perfect mnemonic to remember the passwords r[BYX9-5CY@P and b!MO.n5m862T, you may not be able to remember which one provides access to...

Marketcircle Offers Sneak Peek at Daylite Touch
Daylite has already established itself as a pre-eminent organization and business-management tool on the Mac. The application...

Marketing Open Source to Consumers
Consumers could benefit from knowing that electronics they're purchasing have open source inside.

Master Your Bookmarks
Tips and tools for managing bookmarks in that ultimate productivity tool, the Web browser.

Maximize Your IMovie Editing Space
Editing video is a task ideally suited to large monitors and lots of screen real estate. You want to see your video large, but still have plenty of room to view...

Mayo Clinic Broadens Microsoft HealthVault-based Service
Online e-health system allows patients to share information and receive recommendations from professionals

Meerkat Digs SSH Tunnels
Mac OS X includes the OpenSSH suite of command-line tools, most notably ssh for tunneling, a mechanism for securely shunting data across the Internet on behalf...

Memo to Vendors: Here's How to Build a Winner
It's not about technology; users feel they're in control of the software or gadget.

Merlin Project Wizardy Going Mobile
ProjectWizards' Merlin is an already awesome project management app. In 2008, the company added a Web module that let you not...

MetaLab Ballpark
Ballpark is a simple, Web-based estimate and billing application that allows you to manage estimates, bills, and payments from the Web. Ballpark also allows your...

Micro Focus Buys Borland Software for $75 Million
Micro Focus plans to beef up its range of software quality assurance tools with the acquisitions of Borland Software and a business unit of Compuware.

Microsoft Acknowledges Linux Threat to Windows Client
Microsoft for the first time has named Linux distributors Red Hat and Canonical as competitors to its Windows client business in an SEC filing.

Microsoft Aims to Spark New Business for Web Developers
Microsoft launched a program that gives eligible Web development firms free software and support to help get new businesses off the ground.

Microsoft: All Windows 7 Editions to Run on Netbooks
Microsoft will release six editions of Windows 7 and is emphasizing the two it expects most users to buy.

Microsoft Battles on in Mobile, Search and the Cloud
As Microsoft launches Windows 7 and seeks to banish the ghost of its less-than-successful Vista OS, it is fighting to defend its primacy as the world's leading...

Microsoft Blames Azure Outage on OS Upgrade
A routine event brought down applications on a test version of its cloud-computing infrastructure for nearly 24 hours

Microsoft Brands Office 2010, Releases Exchange Beta
Exchange is the first product from the new Office suite due out next year

Microsoft Buys Software for Amalga E-health Platform
Microsoft has purchased software from Merck & Co. to enhance its Amalga Life Sciences data-aggregation and management software.

Microsoft Buys Software to Bolster Its Core ERP Product
Microsoft is buying technology from three of its partners in order to bolster its Dynamics ERP products.

Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and Others Form Cloud Computing Group
A group of companies has formed a council in hopes of removing barriers to the use of hosted cloud computing.

Microsoft Cofounder Paul Allen Has Lymphoma

Microsoft Combines Photosynth, Virtual Earth
Microsoft is letting people build Photosynths and plot them on a Virtual Earth map.

Microsoft Could Be a Winner in Sun-Oracle Deal

Microsoft Customers Face License Hurdle to Online Apps
Some analysts say Microsoft's enterprise licensing terms provide little incentive for large customers to move away from its on-premise software.

Microsoft Cuts Software Leasing Costs to Retain Companies
In an attempt to retain recession-hit companies seeking to opt out of their software maintenance contracts, Microsoft Corp. is...

Microsoft Demos Innovations at Annual TechFest
Microsoft demonstrated new technologies, including a system for recognizing conference-call participants, at its annual...

Microsoft Denies Hiring Freeze
Microsoft denies that it has instituted a hiring freeze, despite an internal memo described by an employee indicating the move.

Microsoft Details How to Upgrade Between Windows 7 SKUs

Microsoft Discontinues Accounting Software
Microsoft will no longer sell its Office Accounting software.

Microsoft Discontinues Windows... 3.x
If you're hurting that Microsoft will soon discontinue Windows XP, you may take heart in the fact that the company has only...

Microsoft Disputes Attempt to Reinstate Class in Vista Suit
Microsoft is disputing an attempt to reinstate class-action status to an ongoing lawsuit against its Windows Vista Capable...

Microsoft Dissed Chipset Before 'Vista Capable' Changes
Months before it bowed to pressure from Intel Corp. and relaxed the requirements for its " Vista Capable " marketing program...

Microsoft Doubles Down on Links With Japanese Academia
Microsoft is looking to expand ties with Japanese universities and has unveiled a multi-million dollar plan to deepen its research roots in the country.

Microsoft Earnings Down Over Last Year
The software giant cites weaknesses in global PC and server markets

Microsoft Executive Says Layoffs Offset by More R&D
Up to 3,000 employees could be needed for Microsoft's research efforts this year, in part offsetting layoffs, a top company...

Microsoft Expands Work With Hospitals in Asia
Microsoft launched a new online site for Asia Pacific health workers and sold its Amalga software to another hospital in Asia...

Microsoft Extends Dynamics Service Pack Support
Microsoft is doubling the amount of time it supports service packs for its Dynamics products to 24 months.

Microsoft Extends Windows 7 Family Pack to Europe
Microsoft's decision to provide a browser ballot screen for Windows 7 in Europe has enabled it to make a family-pack option to customers there.

Microsoft Faces Russian Antimonopoly Hearing
Microsoft may have violated Russia's antimonopoly laws for withdrawing Windows XP from the market last year, the Federal Antimonopoly Service said on Thursday.

Microsoft Fixes Office 2003 Document Lockout Bug
Microsoft has patched a problem that prevented opening Office 2003 documents encumbered with an access control technology.

Microsoft Forms, Funds New Open-source Foundation
Microsoft has cofounded and is providing the funding for a new open-source foundation, the CodePlex Foundation.

Microsoft: GPL Linux Code Release Not Due to Violation
Microsoft stands by its original reasoning to release Hyper-V Linux code under the GPL, saying it did not release it because of an obligation to the license.

Microsoft Gears Up for Unified Communications
Microsoft is preparing to enter enterprise telephony market with launch of Office Communications Server 2007.

Microsoft Gives Controversial Antipiracy Tools New Name

Microsoft, HP Expand Unified Communications Push
Microsoft and HP plan to invest $180 million over the next four years to expand their partnership around unified communications, they said Tuesday.

Microsoft Halting .Net Link to Oracle Databases

Microsoft Improves, Rebrands Managed Security Offering
The new Stirling beta is due this week and the company is also spending $75 million on partner programs

Microsoft Introduces Windows Server OS for Small Businesses
Windows Server 2008 Foundation will be sold exclusively through OEMs in the second half of the year

Microsoft Issues SQL Azure, CEP Platform Previews
Microsoft on Tuesday released previews of its Azure SQL cloud database and related tools.

Microsoft Joins Swiss Vendor to Push SQL Server in Banks
Microsoft and Swiss banking systems provider Temenos have joined forces to push SQL Server in the banking sector.

Microsoft Kicks off Next Era of Small Business Software
Microsoft Wednesday released an updated bundle of infrastructure servers for small business and its first-ever offering...

Microsoft Kills Equipt Subscription Offering
Microsoft plans to discontinue Equipt, a package of software and services.

Microsoft Lashes out at Adobe Over Silverlight Comments
Microsoft is crying foul over recent comments made by an Adobe executive that Silverlight has "fizzled" as a competitor to...

Microsoft Live Sync Allows for Mac, PC Data Synchronization
If you had any doubt that data synchronization was going to be a bigger deal in 2009 than, er, The Jonas Brothers (whom my...

Microsoft Loses Antitrust Point Man
Tom Brookes, Microsoft's spokesman on antitrust matters, is leaving public affairs consultancy G-Plus to join Apple.

Microsoft Makes Second GPLv2 Release in as Many Days
Microsoft has made its second release under the General Public License in two days with software for the open-source online learning system Moodle.

Microsoft Misses Target Date for Office Web Apps Preview
Microsoft will miss its target date for releasing a technical preview of its Office Web Apps, Web-based versions of its Office apps.

Microsoft Mulls Subscriptions, Ads for Office Apps
New business models could have you paying monthly fees for productivity software -- or nothing at all.

Microsoft MultiPoint Livens Thai Math Class
Mr. Somsak's students used to wish that they could go outside and play instead of attend his math lessons.

Microsoft: Next Mac Office Due Late 2010 With Outlook
Microsoft announced Thursday that the next edition of Microsoft Office for Mac will be released in late 2010. The new edition of the venerable office suite will...

Microsoft, Nokia May Strike Apps Alliance Wednesday
Microsoft and Nokia will unveil an alliance Wednesday that will likely reveal a plan to deliver Microsoft Office applications on Nokia handsets.

Microsoft/Nortel Committed to Marriage, but Future Is Cloudy
Microsoft, IBM and Cisco will ultimately dominate Nortel, Avaya, Alcatel, Siemens in unified communications arena.

Microsoft, Novell Eye Moonlight Beta, System Management
Marking the two-year anniversary of their controversial interoperability agreement, Microsoft and Novell this week are...

Microsoft Offers New Time-sensitive Support Service
Microsoft for the first time has said it will pay a financial penalty if it doesn't reach its service-level goals for a...

Microsoft Offers Tool to Calculate Carbon Footprint
Microsoft has released a toolset for Dynamics AX ERP that lets companies measure their greenhouse gas emissions.

Microsoft Opens Mobile App Store to Developers

Microsoft: Outlook Will Replace Entourage in Office for Mac
Microsoft on Thursday said that starting next year it will include Outlook in its version of Office for the Mac platform, replacing Entourage.

Microsoft Picks Bing as Name for New Search Engine
Microsoft has picked Bing as the branding for its new search engine.

Microsoft Pitches Interoperability at JavaOne
Microsoft gave its first-ever JavaOne keynote Thursday.

Microsoft Plans Stores, Hires Dreamworks Exec
Microsoft plans to open its own retail stores to "transform the PC and Microsoft buying experience."

Microsoft Pledges to Help Other Vendors Find, Fix Bugs
But company stops short of promising to lend Windows Update to others.

Microsoft Proud of Its First 'post-Gates' OS, Ballmer Says
Gates' departure allowed executives to take new leadership responsibilities while developing Windows 7

Microsoft Pushes Bing in China With Mobile Portal
Microsoft stepped up promotion of Bing in China with the launch of a Web services platform for mobile phones this week. Bing has not caught on in China.

Microsoft Pushes Switchover Deal for CRM Online
Microsoft is offering and Oracle CRM on Demand customers six months at no charge.

Microsoft Puts Positive Spin on Sales Drop
Microsoft executives remained upbeat when addressing financial analysts, despite the company's recent poor earnings report.

Microsoft, R.I.P.

Microsoft, RIM, Oracle Release Critical Patches
Microsoft released a critical security update fixing flaws in its Windows SMB service; RIM also issued a patch, and Oracle's...

Microsoft Rallies Businesses to Start Win 7 Migrations Now
Microsoft is urging business customers to start their Windows 7 upgrades now with a raft of examples of customers that are already using the software.

Microsoft Re-issues July WSUS Patch
Microsoft Wednesday re-issued a July fix for a bug that had prevented some network administrators from using the company's...

Microsoft-Red Hat Deal Shows Need for Virtualization Support

Microsoft Relaunching Search Service as Bing

Microsoft Releases IE8, Stresses Security
Company-commissioned report shows Microsoft's new browser detects malware better than competitors.

Microsoft Releases Its First IPhone App
Microsoft on Monday released its first application built specifically for Apple's iPhone.

Microsoft Releases Monthly Security Updates
Microsoft has released four security updates including critical fixes for Internet Explorer and Exchange.

Microsoft Releases Office 2004, 2008 Updates
Microsoft on Tuesday issued updates for its venerable Office suite versions 2004 and 2008.

Microsoft Releases Silverlight 3
Microsoft has released Silverlight 3, a major new release of its multimedia software for Mac OS X and Windows -- competition for Adobe's Flash software. It's a...

Microsoft Releases Some of Promised Office Documentation
Microsoft has released preliminary documentation for how several of its Office business products interact with each other,...

Microsoft Releases TagReader for IPhone
Microsoft released their second iPhone app, TagReader [iTunes link]. Simply point your iPhone's camera at a Microsoft Tag and...

Microsoft Releasing First SQL Server '08 Service Pack
The release rolls up all fixes since the initial launch, and could spur adoption of the database

Microsoft Removes Projectile-vomiting IE8 Ad From Web
Microsoft has removed an online advertisement for Internet Explorer 8 that showed a woman projectile vomiting after the ad left a bad taste in people's mouths.

Microsoft Research Social App Marries Web, Desktop

Microsoft Retail Stores a Risky Proposition

Microsoft Reveals Office 2010 Timing, Technical Preview
As expected, Microsoft on Monday revealed a test version of the next round of its Office suite, which will be available in the first half of 2010.

Microsoft Rivals to Purchase 22 Patents to Defend Linux

Microsoft Seeks to Leverage Midmarket ERP
Microsoft can't boast the ERP (enterprise resource planning) application revenue earned by giants SAP and Oracle, nor equal their breadth of technological...

Microsoft Sees Growing SaaS Opportunity Among SMBs
A survey shows companies are ready to move on deploying hosted services for collaboration and e-mail

Microsoft Set Records for Bug Fixes in 2008

Microsoft Set to Fire up Dublin Data Center
Microsoft has opened up for business its new Dublin data center, a massive 550,000-square-foot facility dedicated to serving primarily European customers.

Microsoft Settles on Sites for Search Centers in Europe
Microsoft's European Search Technology Center will be decentralized, with branches in London, Munich and near Paris, Steve...

Microsoft Sued Over Dynamic Web Page Technology
A Texas-based company has sued Microsoft for patent infringement for technology used in dynamic Web pages.

Microsoft Tests Windows 7-based Embedded OS
Microsoft on Tuesday released a test preview of its Windows 7-based OS for embedded devices.

Microsoft: The Internet Needs More Trust to Grow
Software vendor will update its End-to-End Trust vision at RSA next week.

Microsoft: The Wal-Mart of Software
At a time of economic uncertainty, Microsoft serves as a Wal-Mart of software, offering high-volume, low-cost products, a...

Microsoft Ties Dynamics CRM to Twitter
Microsoft is connecting its Dynamics CRM system to Twitter.

Microsoft Unveils Preview Code for Next SQL Server
Microsoft is releasing early code for the next version of SQL Server 2008 this week.

Microsoft Updates E-health Data-aggregation Software
New version of Almaga aims to improve flow of information between doctors and patients

Microsoft Updates Windows 7 Beta to Fix IE8 Bugs

Microsoft Wants People to Throw Windows 7 Launch Parties

Microsoft Warns of SQL Attack
Microsoft is warning of a critical flaw in its SQL Server database software.

Microsoft Will End Support for Office 2004 in Oct.
Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit on Monday said Office 2004 will reach end-of-life status on October 13, 2009. The company...

Microsoft: Windows 7 Available in Time for Holidays
Microsoft will make Windows 7 available to the general public in time for the busy holiday shopping season in the fourth quarter of the year.

Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: What About Developers?
Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie sees Yahoo acquisition as a way to grow Microsoft's developer community.

Microsoft Zune HD: No Reason To Live

Microsoft acquires desktop virtualization firm Kidaro
Microsoft continues to step up its virtualization push, with the acquisition of desktop virtualization management software developer Kidaro.

Microsoft acquisitions head Bruce Jaffe to leave
Microsoft has announced the resignation of its head of acquisitions, Bruce Jaffe, two days after the company bid US$1.2 billion for enterprise search expert Fast Search & Transfer. Jaffe will retire on Feb. 29, the company said.

Microsoft and EU Settle, Phishing Scams, Busts

Microsoft gears up for OCS launch
Microsoft Corp. will launch a frontal assault on enterprise telephony when it launches Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 later this month but plans to win over most customers bit by bit over the next few years.

Microsoft gives first peek at Sync Framework
Microsoft on Monday issued the first preview of the Sync Framework, a way for software developers to inject data synchronization capabilities into applications.

Microsoft-led Forum Yields Tools for OOXML Interoperability
A German organization plans to build a tool to help developers test whether software is compatible with OOXML.

Microsoft offers subscription licensing for small businesses
Microsoft is offering a new subscription model to small businesses that will allow them to use the company's software for less cost than the currently available licensing model.

Microsoft releases feature-complete Hyper-V code
Microsoft has finished most of the major work on its Hyper-V virtualization technology and expects it will be available for Windows Server 2008 on schedule in August, the company said Wednesday.

Microsoft renames CRM Live to 'CRM Online'
Microsoft is changing the name of its on-demand CRM (customer relationship management) offering to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, according to a company official.

Microsoft rolls out CRM update in eight languages
Microsoft has rolled out an update to its customer relationship management (CRM) suite in eight of 25 languages that the software will eventually support.

Microsoft's Answer to Google Sky to Launch at End of May
Microsoft will launch Worldwide Telescope, a tool for exploring images of the night sky, by the end of May, free to anyone who...

Microsoft's Azure Won't Take the Cloud by Storm
Microsoft is the wrong company at the wrong time to dominate the cloud computing architecture of the future.

Microsoft's Embrace of ODF Cautiously Welcomed
Office productivity software developers said Thursday Microsoft's support for their championed document format could mean...

Microsoft's Enterprise Search Road Map Leads to SharePoint
Microsoft laid out an extended road map for its enterprise search strategy on Tuesday.

Microsoft's Identity Crisis
Should Microsoft try to be cooler or just Leave the kids alone?

Microsoft's Mundie Describes Computing Shift
In the future, computers will do more work automatically for people, rather than reacting to human input, Microsoft's head of research and strategy said.

Microsoft's 'Pay-as-You-Go' PC Plan
Files patent for metering hardware capabilities but admits overall cost 'may be higher.'

Microsoft's Razorfish Taps Rackspace for Cloud Hosting
Microsoft's Razorfish has chosen Rackspace as its cloud-hosting platform rather than wait for Microsoft to release Azure.

Microsoft's SkyBox Is Company's Answer to MobileMe
Next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Redmond is set to unveil its latest, er, homage to an Apple product:...

Microsoft's Software Chief Shares Past, Plans

Microsoft's Stunner, Zer01 Questions
Microsoft kicked off the week of news with the surprising revelation that it had submitted source code for the Linux kernel. But this being Microsoft and open...

Microsoft's Unlimited Potential effort makes progress
In the six months since Microsoft announced Unlimited Potential, a company-wide plan to help bring technology skills and resources to developing countries to foster social and economic growth, it has been building programs and testing products around the world, said Will Poole, corporate vice president for the effort.

Microsoft to Backport Windows 7 'ribbon' Interface to Vista
Microsoft plans to backport a new "ribbon" user interface it introduced in Windows 7 to Windows Vista.

Microsoft to Discontinue MSN Direct
Microsoft will discontinue its MSN Direct information service in 2012.

Microsoft to Discontinue Money
Microsoft will stop selling its Money financial management products at the end of this month.

Microsoft to Forbid VoIP, Rival Stores at Mobile Market
Microsoft is offering developers a list of 12 types of applications that will be prohibited in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile store.

Microsoft to Give Away Upgraded Hyper-V Software
Microsoft will give away its upgraded Hyper-V software.

Microsoft to Give Its First JavaOne Keynote
Microsoft will deliver its first-ever keynote at JavaOne on June 4.

Microsoft to Increase Focus on Handsets for Poor
Microsoft will increase its focus on making mobile phones part of its strategy to spread IT to people in developing nations...

Microsoft to Open Cloud Computing Center in Taiwan
Microsoft and Taiwan's economics ministry plan to open a cloud computing center together in Taiwan.

Microsoft to Open Two New Data Centers
Microsoft plans to open new data centers in Dublin, Ireland, and Chicago this month.

Microsoft to buy Rapt for ad management tools
Microsoft hasn't yet snagged Yahoo, but it plans to acquire another company it hopes will boost its online advertising yields: Rapt, of San Francisco.

Midomi Music Identifier and Search for IPhone
Few things are as maddening as hearing a song on the radio and not being able to recall the name of the artist or the title of the track itself. Fortunately, the...

Minor MobileMe Upgrades Improve IDisk
Apple seems to be getting used to rolling out small but useful upgrades. Hot on the virtual heels of the iPhone OS 3.1.2 release, Apple on Friday announced some...

Mitch Kapor to phase out involvement in OSAF
The Open Source Applications Foundation has announced a major funding and personnel shakeup, including that Lotus Development founder Mitchell Kapor will begin to phase out his involvement and investment in the nonprofit organization, which he founded in 2001.