Computing Center Sitemap - Page 15 2013-07-16

Microsoft Is Going All-In with iOS
Microsoft appears to be jumping in to iOS with both feet--launching apps for SkyDrive, OneNote, and XBox Live just in the past week, and with rumors of Microsoft Office iOS apps in the works.

The Clutch Looks Like More Than Just Another iPad Case
A Kickstarter project aims to build a better iPad case.

Top PC Component Picks of the Year
Looking to put together a new PC for the new year or give the gift of gorgeous gaming graphics for the holidays? Here's how to find the best PC parts out this year.

Richard Garriott Could Wind Up Making Ultima Online 2
Ultima creator says he's had high level talks with EA officials about merging his new 'Ultimate RPG' game with original brand name.

What the Next-Gen GPS Satellite Upgrade Means for You
A new Global Positioning System, costing $5.5 billion, goes into testing soon. Here is how this next-gen GPS system, called "Block III", will impact you.

Is Android Open? Not So Much, Study Finds
Eclipse and Linux top the charts for openness, according to research firm Vision Mobile.

MadCatz Cyborg RAT 7 Albino Review: A Fully Adjustable Gaming Mouse
The MadCatz Cyborg RAT 7 Albino is a full-featured, physically tweakable gaming mouse that you can alter to your exact preference.

5 Apps Banned from Apple's App Store in 2011
From tethering, a DUI checkpoint app, and a radiation detection app - here are five apps shown the door by Apple.

Mobile Security Needed
Our exclusive survey reveals both Android and iOS consumers perceive a need for security software on their tablets and phones.

Google Offers Gripping View of Japanese Devastation Via Street Views
Google Street View reveals in a unique and moving way to experience and learn about a disaster of numbing proportions.

Keypad Watch Is Ridiculously Awesome, Awesomely Ridiculous
Keep friends guessing if you have a watch, calculator, or special code combination on your wrist with the extremely bizarre Keypad Watch.

Gmail Calling Stays Free Through 2012
Desktop users will continue to be able to call any domestic number within the United States or Canada through the end of 2012.

Dominate the Galaxy in Star Ruler Game
Star Ruler is a graphically beautiful 4X game with RTS elements.

How to Stream Digital Media From Your Windows 7 PC
A PC can serve capably as a hub for digital media collections, but sitting at a desk isn't the best way to watch movies. We'll show you how to stream media from a Windows 7 PC to a game console, a set-top box, or even a smartphone.

Free Photo Editing, White Balance Settings, Photographing Stars, and More Q&A
Dave answers questions about fixing blurry photos, free image editing, getting the right white balance, and taking photos of stars.

PC Dies Before It Can Begin to Boot

How to Get Shopping Rebates Without Jumping Through Hoops
Tired of hunting for coupon codes? When you use a rebate site like Ebates, you can get a discount on almost everything you buy online--even Groupons!

Gripes Prompt Kindle Fire Bug fix
Amazon promises to update the Kindle Fire's software before Christmas in answer to early customers' complaints, but not everything can be patched.

Wacom Inkling Review: A Great Concept With a Few Kinks
Wacom’s image recording Inkling pen is fun, but it isn’t powerful enough for serious artists.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Found Early at Best Buy, Verizon
Some lucky shoppers were able to buy the Verizon Galaxy Nexus ahead of the phone's official release.

Bye-Bye Avatar: Modern Warfare 3 Takes $1 Billion Record
Modern Warfare 3 racks up $1 billion in sales in less time than James Cameron's megabucks 3D film.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012 Review: A Two-Way Firewall With Room for Improvement
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012 gives good protection against hackers, but we'd like it better if it protected against Web-based exploits as well.

Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 1
These fantastic, well-known utilities are donationware--you can use them for free, but the developers ask for a contribution to keep their work going. Now is a great time to give back to the creators.

Send Video Business Cards with the Eyejot Video Mail App
Make yourself memorable by sending new contacts a video clip shot right on your iPhone or iPad.

Quad-Core Phones: What to Expect in 2012
Revolutionary a year ago, dual-core mobile processors are now standard; next, chipmakers say, quad-core processors will support mobile multitasking comparable to the performance of a desktop computer.

Apple's Mac App Store Tops 100 Million Downloads
The Mac App Store serves a different customer than its better-known iOS sibling, but it's doing well enough to get rivals' attention.

Indie Kinect Game Turns You Into the Pinball
Love pinball and Kinect games? Put yourself in the classic game--with a modern twist.

Firefox Gains Weight, Challenging Its Developers
Now too big to be built on 32-bit Windows, the popular browser forces Mozilla developers to look for alternatives.

Samsung Breaks the Ultrabook Mold with 14-inch Series 5 Ultra Laptop
Samsung enters the Ultrabook race with two models, with one sporting an optical drive.

Adults Now Spend More Time With Mobile Devices Than With Print Media
For the first time ever, adults are spending more time reading screens than reading on paper.

Android Market Apps Pulled Due to SMS Fraud
Google says it has pulled several fraudulent apps from the Android Market that were able to ring up charges on wireless bills without user consent.

Kindle Fire Customers' Biggest Complaints
Amazon is already promising a software update, but can an over-the-air refresh address all of the biggest gripes about the hot tablet?

Green Monday is Red Flag Day for Online Shoppers
With gift-giving holidays fast approaching, shopping inertia turns into anxiety and online shoppers rush to get their presents into the shipping channel.

10 Holiday Deals forTablet, Laptop, and Desktop Bargain Hunters
Holiday bargains are still out there for PCs, desktops, and tablets. Here is a list of ten deals worth checking out.

Google Doodle Celebrates the Co-Creator of the Microchip
Tech pioneer Robert Noyce, co-creator of the microchip, is honored in today's Doodle.

Mobility in 2012: A Look Ahead
With 2012 right around the corner, here is a look at some predictions for what's in store for mobile devices in the coming year.

Study: Tablet Buyers Use Wi-Fi, Not Cellular Data
Tablet users overwhelmingly prefer to use Wi-Fi rather than cellular data plans.

Microsoft Will Drive Entertainment Shift with Xbox Live TV
Microsoft is supposedly seeking a TV exec to help create original TV content for its game console and make traditional cable TV increasingly irrelevant.

Google's Integration of Google+ into Gmail is Right Touch
The feature Google+ users will probably appreciate most is the ability they now have to post photos they receive in Gmail directly to Google+ without having to download the image, then upload it to Google+.

Asus Transformer Prime Tablet May Arrive in Time for Christmas
After many feared the tablet would be delayed until next year, reports now quote Asus as saying it will ship December 19 -- and that would be good news for consumers eager to snap up the Android tablet in time for the holidays.

Super Fast Benchmarking with NovaBench
Get a general idea of your PC's performance in about a minute.

nSpaces Gives You Simple Virtual Desktops for Free
This simple utility offers four virtual desktops, but no content previews, and switching is slow.

Legislation would Allow Netflix to Reveal Your Viewing Habits on Facebook
Is the pending amendment to the Video Privacy Protection Act a blow to your privacy, or the first step to easily sharing video streaming?

US Immigration Services Blasted for Domain Seizures
Web activists, senators question the broad action of "In Our Sites" in confiscating a broad range of Internet sites in the name of security and copyright protection.

Google+ Facial Recognition Uses Magic Words--'Opt-In'
The new Google+ facial recognition feature is being greeted with open arms because Google lets users choose to adopt it instead of forcing it on them.

Amazon Price Check Discount Has Competitors Crying Foul
If you use Amazon's Price Check mobile app on Saturday to compare Amazon's price with that of a brick-and-mortar store, Amazon will give you a 5% break for your trouble.

How To Avoid Being A 911 'Butt-Dialer' Nuisance
Accidental cell phone calls can tarnish your dignity and add to emergency response costs.

Amazon Kindle Fire Criticized for Lack of Parental Controls
The popular device doesn't enable parents to block access to pornography or adult content, or keep unattended kids from racking up charges.

UPDATE: Visual Voicemail App Removed from Android Market on T-Mobile Complaint
Google has removed visual voicemail app YouMail from the Android Market, thanks to a complaint by T-Mobile that the app "causes adverse network disruption."

Cells Race End to End in a Petri Dish
Cells race in a Petri dish to help researchers learn about cell migration in cancer and other bodily functions

Automation Program AutoHotKey Works Well, But Takes Knowhow
Utility AutoHotKey is a heavyweight in features...and in the fight you need to wage to reach them.

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 Review: An E-Reader That's Big on Style and Flexibility
With a touchscreen and a row of physical buttons beneath the display, this e-reader takes a different approach from its competition.

Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 2
In the second part of our donationware series, we introduce a few hidden gems that you can download and use for free. All of these programs accept contributions, and some support charities.

Chrome Is Most Secure of the Top Three Browsers, Study Finds
Internet Explorer takes second place while Firefox comes in third, Accuvant reports.

Texting While Driving Up 50 Percent Despite Warnings
People are not heeding warnings about the dangers of texting while driving. A recent study shows a 50 percent jump in texting behind the wheel.

ZTE Warp Review: Boost Mobile’s Android Gem
There is a lot to like about the ZTE Warp, particularly because of its excellent performance.

iNuke Boom: The Eight-Foot-Wide, 700-Pound iPod Speaker Dock
Is this for real? Behringer unveils the iNuke Boom iPod dock that’s 8 feet wide, weighs 700 pounds, and is loud enough to deafen a giant.

Facebook One-Ups Twitter with Site 'Subscribe' Button
The new Subscribe button mimics Twitter by allowing Facebook users to follow each other without being friends -- but tells your friends when you start following someone new.

Google+ Ties Facial Recognition to Photo Tagging
Unlike Facebook's most recent foray into facial recognition, Google makes the feature "opt-in"--one that you must choose to activate.

$99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Available, but Buyer Beware
The sole official source is sold out, but alternatives can be found if you're determined to try this ultra-budget Android tablet.

Toshiba Thrive 7” Tablet Review: Great Design, Mediocre Audio
A nifty, lightweight design and a sharp, high-resolution display set this compact tablet apart.

WebOS Lives On! HP's Mobile OS Now Open Source
HP breathes new life into the mobile platform that could by opening it up to developers and hardware manufacturers.

When the iPad 3 Arrives, What Will Happen to the iPad 2?
If recent rumors about Apple's imminent tablet plans are true, the third-generation iPad will arrive sometime between February and April 2012.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+: Which Business Page Is Best?
With so many new social media pages and services rolling out, which service deserves the most effort? We look at the pros and cons of each for branding your company.

Windows 8: Four Big Concerns (Based On What We Know So Far)
With Windows 8 Microsoft limits the way you control your PC from interface elements, such as the Start button, to the home screen.

Supermassive Black Holes Are 10 Billion Times More Massive Than the Sun
Researchers have found two record breaking supermassive black holes that cover an area 200 times the orbit of Earth.

Google's Chrome Will Run Console Games! Wait, What?
Google unveils new Chrome browser technology running console games like Xbox Live Arcade title Bastion.

AMD Ultrathin Laptops to Take on Intel-Based Ultrabooks?
There is speculation that some of the AMD ultrathin laptops may make an appearance at the January CES show in Las Vegas.

HP Open-Sources WebOS, Kicks Off a Bright Future
Once access to this powerful Linux-based operating system is opened up to all, a world of new consumer choices will follow.

Hands On with Google's Currents Newsreader App
Google's new newsreader app is out but bugs and a so-so interface hold Currents back.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One Printer review: Features and Speed Aplenty
This fast color inkjet MFP is feature-complete, cheap to operate, and supports legal-size paper throughout.

Google's Schmidt Slams Carrier IQ
Eric Schmidt raps spy app maker but says Google is powerless to stop it.

Samsung's Apple-Bashing Ads vs. Reality
Let's dissect these Samsung ads that bash Apple: are their claims real or fake?

Nintendo May Lose Miyamoto As Manager
Nintendo general manager Shigeru Miyamoto is interested in passing the torch of big game development to established teams in order to step down and work on smaller projects.

OnLive Now on Android Tablets, iOS Devices Soon
Cloud gaming service brings titles like Batman Arkham City and Assassin's Creed Revelations to tablets and smartphones.

FreedomPop Vows to Offer Free 4G Service Next Year
Skype cofounder Niklas Zennstrom is a driving force behind the start-up company, which has signed a wholesale network agreement to provide the service.

Nokia's First Windows Phone in US May Debut on T-Mobile
A manual for Nokia's Lumia 710 has appeared on the Federal Communications Commission website and T-Mobile has been sending out invitations for an event with Nokia.

Facebook Releases Updated Android App
The app features a new navigation menu and moves the notifications and messages to the top, similar to the iOS version.

Refurbished HP TouchPad Firesale This Sunday, Report Says
A limited quantity of refurbished TouchPads will reportedly go on sale at HP's eBay Store starting at 6 p.m. Central Time (7 p.m. Eastern) on Sunday, December 11.

Scientists Plan to Clone a Real, Living Woolly Mammoth in Five Years (Again)
Scientists discover new mammoth bones with intact bone marrow and begin a joint project to clone a living woolly mammoth within a few years.

The Rise of Evernote--and Why You Should Take Note
Evernote's popularity has grown substantially in 2011. The note-taking app can increase your productivity and organize your sprawling digital life.

Windows 8: One OS to Rule Them All?
Microsoft is hoping to capture the next generation of PCs and tablets in one fell swoop with Windows 8, but straddling the line between the two worlds is more complicated than it might seem.

How Do I Reinstall Windows Without a Recovery Partition?
Ahmed needs to reinstall Windows, but his hard drive no longer has the necessary recovery partition

Tablets in 2012: What to Expect
As tablets move into their adolescence, what changes will we see?

Facebook Flaw Exposes Myth of Online Privacy
Facebook is making online privacy headlines once again, but privacy issues are not limited to Facebook, and this certainly won't be the last time data gets exposed.

Microsoft's Answer Desk Offers Live Free and Fee Tech Support
Microsoft quietly launches Answer Desk, a free and fee remote help desk solution for Microsoft products.

GeekBytes: I Mustache You Something
GeekBytes goes mustache-crazy! Take a look at some great face-fuzz gift ideas, or keep them for yourself. (And pardon the pun in the headline.)

Jawbone’s Up Health Tracker Suffers Serious Hardware Issues
With numerous reports of hardware failure, Jawbone offers a complete refund on its tracking device. You're eligible even if your Up still works.

Acer Betting Big on Ultrabooks in 2012
Acer says it will concentrate on selling Intel's new class of super-thin laptops in established markets such as the United States.

Amazon Irks Retailers with $5 Discount
Retailers are using Amazon's offer to bring up a longtime bone of contention between them and online retailers: collection of sales taxes.

Winter Windows 7 Theme: Celebrate the Season in Style
Take a different perspective on winter with these thought-provoking snowy landscapes.

Twitter Rolls Out a New Redesign
Twitter once again updates its interface--this time to bring it in line with its popular mobile apps.

Box Rolls Out New and Improved iOS App
I was already a fan of Box, and avid user of the iPhone and iPad app, but the features added in the new version make Box a must-have app for iOS devices.

Windows Store Makes a Special Allowance for Open Source
With its app developer agreement, Microsoft makes a place for free and open source software in its upcoming Windows Store.

Merry Christmas! Microsoft Plans Massive Patch Tuesday to Close 2011
Microsoft plans to close 2011 with a bang--14 security bulletins are slated to be released next week for the December Patch Tuesday.

Magnetapult Uses Magnets to Hurl Objects, Might Be Overkill for Cubicle Warfare
This catapult on Kickstarter uses the power of magnetism to fling objects, but it may not be for the faint of heart.

Desktop PC Reliability and Satisfaction: Dell and HP Home PCs Get Poor Grades
The two PC giants haven't kept pace with the industry in durability and product support. Readers gave better marks to Apple and Asus.

Another Perfect 40: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Famitsu Thumbs Up
Final Fantasy XIII sequel gets perfect score from legendary Japanese games mag.

Microsoft releases Xbox Live app for iPhone and iPad
With the release of My Xbox Live for iOS, Microsoft finally brings a little bit of Live to a platform other than Windows Phone 7.

Configurable Miranda IM Handles Many IM Protocols With Aplomb
Miranda IM is an extremely customizable open-source IM client supporting many protocols.

The Cloud, Day 18: Riding the Cloud from My iPad
The cloud adds capabilities and features to the iPad, making it a much more effective tool than it might be without the cloud.

Verizon CE: Shared Data Plans Coming Next Year
Paying too much for data? By 2012 Verizon will have a single data plan for all of your devices.

Flipboard Arrives on iPhone with New Features
Flipboard's iPhone app includes Cover Stories, a feature that learns your favorite topics and brings relevant stories to the main app screen.

Solving Tech Mysteries: 3G vs. Wi-Fi, Write Access Denied
Inquiring minds want to know: What's the difference between 3G and Wi-Fi, and can access be restored to a mysteriously write-protected drive?

Android Market Celebrates 10 Billion Downloads With 10-Cent App Sale
Android Market passes 10 billion download milestone and celebrates with flood of premium apps reduced in price to 10 cents.

X1 Improves Search with Facebook Updates and Twitter Tweets
X1 is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The new features and capabilities in X1 Pro 7 make X1 search an awesome productivity tool and time saver.

Meet the Hassle-Solving USB Cable
The Magic Cable Trio takes the place of three separate cables, making it one of the smartest accessories of the year.

Comcast: 'We Don't Need No Stinking Usage Fees'
Though some cable providers may start charging by data usage next month, Comcast will not be one of them.

GeekBytes: 'Tis the Season to Be Geeky
GeekBytes takes a look at some holiday themed hacks and gifts.

Verizon May Challenge Netflix, Amazon on Video Streaming
Little is known about the service, such as whether Verizon would offer a Netflix-like subscription package or an a la carte menu such as Amazon Video On Demand or Apple's iTunes store.

AVADirect X7200: The Ultimate “Laptop in Name Only”
Though it’s not something you’d ever want to balance on your knees, if you need desktop performance in a compact package, the X7200 delivers--at a steep price.

$99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet to Debut in US
The 7-inch Novo7 sports a 1GHz CPU and includes front and rear cameras, 3D capability, 1080p video decoding and an HDMI port.

Hacker Installs Ice Cream Sandwich on Kindle Fire
The hack is incomplete, lacking support for audio, Wi-Fi, the accelerometer and the light sensor.

DIY Disco Dance Floor Is the Only Thing You'll Need at That Christmas Party
Who needs bars and clubs when you can have this portable homemade dance floor in your house?

Getting On Google+ as a Nonprofit
Google+ has created an entire community focused around nonprofits. Using these tools to get your organization on Google+ is easy.

Windows Store For Windows 8: Your Questions Answered
Microsoft's is spilling the beans on its upcoming Windows Store that will play a big part in how Widows 8 users will buy tablet and PC apps.

Like Chrome OS? Try Lime for Extra Hardware Support
A Linux developer has created a version of Google's Chromium OS with support for a wide range of components and devices.

Evernote Releases Two New iOS Apps: Evernote Food and Evernote Hello
Evernote Food and Evernote Hello make it easier to keep track of the food you eat or the people you meet. We tried them both out.

Scientists Discover Huge Caches of Ice Buried on Mars
An ESA spacecraft and NASA radar discovers large volumes of water ice buried under Mars that could be used by future astronauts.

Digital Camera Reliability and Satisfaction: Canon and Nikon Score Best
Nikon cameras get thumbs up for their LCD screen and picture quality. Canon cameras are particularly durable, readers say.

HDTV Reliability and Satisfaction: LG is the Brand to Beat
Owners of LG flat screens said the TVs were reliable and easy to use. Mitsubishi HDTV owners weren't nearly as satisfied.

Printer Reliability and Satisfaction: Brother, Canon, and Epson Lead the Field
No one printer maker stood out in our survey of readers about their experiences with printer reliability and their satisfaction with features.

Tablet Reliability and Satisfaction: iPad Comes Out on Top
Our survey of tablet users found that no Android slate could beat out the iPad in reliability or satisfaction with features.

Laptop Reliability and Satisfaction: MacBooks Rule
There's nothing quite like a MacBook, according to PCWorld readers who participated in our survey on their satisfaction with the performance of their laptops.

Smartphone Reliability and Satisfaction: iPhone Tops the List
Readers like their handsets from Apple and HTC, but were less impressed with phones from LG and Samsung.

HP TopShot Color MFP Scans 3D Objects
The elevated camera and automated image processing should appeal to those who take a lot of product shots. The rest of the machine is pretty good, but toner is expensive.

Details Leaked on Intel 'Ivy Bridge' Processors
As Intel product roadmaps have a tendency of getting "leaked", details are emerging about the product roadmap for its next generation processors.

Windows 8 Will Be an Upgrade Failure, IDC Predicts
Windows 8 isn't even in beta yet, but IDC is already predicting that very few PC owners will upgrade from Windows 7 to it. And that's just for a start -- the company also predicts that Windows 8 tablets look to be a bust as well.

Old Gadgets Play 'House of the Rising Sun', Put Your New Gadgets to Shame
What have your old gadgets done for you lately? If you're James Cochrane, they played you a song.

Transformed Xbox 360 Camaro Casemod Has More Than Meets The Eye
This recent Transformers-inspired mod crams a fully-functional Xbox 360 console into the shell of a remote-control car.

LG Intros Thinnest Ultrabook Yet: The XNote Z330
LG ups the ante when it comes to Ultrabooks with it's latest offering that is just a hair smaller than MacBook Air.

Amazon Will Pay Customers to Skip Brick-and-Mortar Stores
Planning on shopping Saturday? Amazon will pay you up to $5 to buy online instead.

Gift Giving 2.0: Mine Your Friends' Facebook Profiles for Potential Gift Ideas
Sick of shopping? Get personalized gift recommendations using these innovative services.

StumbleUpon Rolls Out New Layout
StumbleUpon's new layout focuses on smarter stumbling.

Kindle Fire Will Grab Half of the Android Tablet Market, Analyst Predicts
Despite such grand predictions for Amazon's device, the Kindle Fire isn't expected to make a huge dent in Apple's market lead.

Motorola Unveils Droid Xyboard Tablets
Second-generation tablets introduce new screen size and new design.

Dot-XXX Domains Go Live, Escalating Battle for Smutty URLs
The .XXX domain is meant to safely filter adult content on the Web under one domain name that also gives users an advanced heads-up over what they will find once a site has loaded.

How to Organize Your PC Cables
Your PC's case is more than likely cluttered with cables. Check out our illustrated guide to minimizing cable clutter and making your desktop cleaner, cooler, and more stable.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Overhaul Will Let You Get Stuff Faster
Microsoft's Xbox 360 dashboard switch-out happens today, radically changing the way you'll interface with the system once again.

Blood and Glory Review: An Epic Action Game for Android
This free, graphically intense, block-and-slash arena game is worth checking out.

Sprint Delays 4G LTE Rollout
The wireless carrier will introduce its first devices on the high-speed network in the latter part of 2012 instead of its original target of mid-2012.

Facebook Scrambles to Fix Security Hole Exposing Private Pictures
A Facebook security hole allowed anyone to see pictures marked as private including images of the Mark Zuckerberg.

Kindle Fire Gets Knocked on Usability
A usability expert says the Kindle Fire is too heavy and that its interface has some trouble spots.

GeekBytes: Raving Wheelchairs and Noise-Making Boxes
Let GeekBytes brighten your day with the likes of the LED wheelchair and a box that'll repeat everything you tap out.

Four Driver Update Utilities: Which Ones Can You Count On?
Updating drivers is no thrillfest, but out-of-date drivers cause big headaches. We review the programs that promise to locate driver updates for you...and tell you who delivers.

Warning: Tips for Secure Mobile Holiday Shopping
More people than ever will be doing holiday shopping from smartphones and tablets this year. Follow these tips to shop safely and securely and not have your holidays ruined by malware or phishing scams.

Why You Don't Need to Buy an XXX Domain
XXX domains are live, but unless you are actually in the adult entertainment industry there is really no need to buy an XXX domain just to protect your brand reputation.

Want a Linux Job? Learn Java or Android
New Linux Foundation data reveals hiring trends by skill area, job type, and location.

How to Fight Irrelevance in the Digital Age
Even companies that created today's cutting-edge technology can suffer the fate of troubled brands like Kodak. These three points can keep your business from joining them.

Galaxy Nexus Won’t Get Google Wallet
Galaxy Nexus users will be offered Isis, Verizon's forthcoming NFC payment system, a joint partnership between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

H1Siri Brings Siri to iPhone 4, But Is One Hack to Avoid
H1siri hack that promises Siri for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch actually uses illegal software, bricks devices, and could steal your data.

Adobe Reader Zero Day Under Attack on Windows
Adobe reports that a zero day flaw is being exploited in the wild with targeted attacks against some version of Adobe Reader for Windows.

What's New in the Opera 11.60 Browser
Opera introduced many features common now in Web browsers, but does the latest release make it worth using in your business?

Gpg4win: Powerful Encryption for Free
Gpg4win is an easy-to-use installer for setting up powerful email and file encryption on your system.

Microsoft's Fix for Outlook's 'General Failure' Error for E-Mail Links
According to Microsoft, this simple setting adjustment will solve this vexing problem.

How to Fix Your Windows 7 Network
Networking your PCs together is easier than ever, but a few common problems still pop up from time to time. Learn how to resolve them now.

Another Dell Streak Tablet Bites the Dust
The Streak 7 has disappeared without explanation, leaving Amazon and others to supply budget tablets.

Can I Post Videos that Use Other People's Music on Youtube?
Spiderowych asked the Answer Line forum if it's legal to post a remix of copyrighted songs on Youtube.

Vizio XWH200 Wireless HDMI Kit Review: It Just Works
Vizio's XWH200 Wireless HDMI Kit is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to cut down on cabling in your home-theater setup, though it has a few quirks.

Holiday Gift Guide for Portrait and Outdoor Photographers
Need a gift for the photographer on your holiday list? Check out these cameras, photo editors, and accessories for portrait and outdoors photography

Step Away From the Spreadsheet and Dig Donationware Gem OpalCalc
OpalCalc is a unique calculator that lets you use natural language for day-to-day calculations.

Microsoft Puts Siri-like Tech into Xbox 360 In Living Room Play
Microsoft is rolling out an Xbox 360 system update that uses the Kinect sensor to turn your voice into a remote control.

TweetCaster Review: A Slick, Powerful Free Twitter Client
TweetCaster's free version does have ads, but that doesn't keep it from feeling polished and robust.

Hori Tactical Assault Commander 3 PlayStation 3 Controller Review: Good Idea, Not-So-Good Execution
The Hori TAC3 mouse-and-keyboard combo promises PC first-person shooter fans a chance to dominate their PS3 brethren, but it doesn't work well enough to merit the $100 price tag.

Apple to Samsung: Don't Make Thin or Rectangular Tablets or Smartphones
In a court document, Apple offers suggestions as to how Samsung's electronics could look less like Apple's. The suggestions include "cluttered" and "square."

Geek Alert: jEdit Is a Fine Text Editor for Coders Who Ha[e RAM to Spare
jEdit is a Java-based programmer's editor with a boatload of optional plugins, color schemes, and configuration options.

Facing Trouble, Mozilla Argues Importance of Firefox
Mozilla explains why Firefox is important in a new video.

Minecraft Plus LEGO Equals Minecraft LEGO!
You've built all kinds of stuff in Minecraft's blocky virtual territories, but what about in the real world?

Amazon's Kindle Fire will Help Sell iPads, Analyst Says
New tablet users get hooked by the sub-$200 Kindle Fire, and when they're hungry for more the iPad and its meatier specs and features will be waiting.

Revisit the Star Wars Death Star Trench Run in Minecraft
The Death Star Trench Run and destruction from Star Wars A New Hope gets recreated in Minecraft.

Are Windows 8 Tablet and Chip-Makers Teaming to Copy Apple Magic?
Pairing device-makers and chip-makers allows a narrower focus that can accelerate development and testing.

Carrier IQ's Cell Phone Snooping 'Overstated'
Another security researcher suggests the intent behind the data-collection is not only benign, but intended to help customers.

Kindle Fire Users Report Wi-Fi Bug: 6 Possible Fixes
Kindle Fire owners are complaining their Wi-Fi-dependent tablets are unable to connect to wireless networks.

Google Deal or No, Firefox Can Still Survive
Reports now suggest Mozilla's search deal with Google isn't over after all, but the popular browser has plenty going for it either way.

Skylight Turns Your Smartphone Into a Microscope Camera
Ever wonder how powerful your smartphone camera was? Check out what it can do teamed up with a microscope!

Megaphone Is a Giant, Acoustic Horn for Your iPhone
Italian designers create a giant, ceramic and acoustic horn for the iPhone as a non-powered sound amplifier.

Dell Streak Is Dead: Lessons for Other Tablets
Dell has pulled the plug on its 7-inch Streak tablet only months after killing its 5-inch sibling. There is a market out there for tablets other than the iPad, but tablet vendors need to take some tips from those who have failed.

Computer History Museum Launches Online Steve Jobs Exhibit
The Computer History Museum launched an online exhibit about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on Monday.

Arduino Hack Lets You Control TV, Annoy Others
This Instructables guide will show you how you can use an Arduino to control your TV, DVD player, VCR, and countless other home electronics.

GeekBytes: Light Shows and New Planets
Check out an Earth twin far away and one of the coolest LED structures you could see in GeekTech's daily news roundup.

Intuit's SimpleStore Adds E-Commerce to Your Facebook Page
Intuit's addition to SimpleStore will allow you to add a shop to your Facebook business page so customers can buy things there directly.

Product Reliability and Service in 2011: What the Measures Mean
Here, in detail, are the reliability measures and the service measures that we included in our 2011 R&S survey.

Scientists Discover Strange New 'Species' of Galaxy Unlike Any Ever Seen
This newly discovered type of galaxy is like nothing astronomers have ever seen--mainly because you can't see them with the naked eye.

5 Tips for Using Apple's Siri Without Annoying People
You can enjoy Siri and practice good etiquette at the same time.

Android in 2012: What’s Next
Better graphics, better cameras, and maybe even a voice-command feature (like Siri in the latest Apple iOS iteration)--all could be on the horizon for Internet search leader Google.

Google Said to be Testing Android 4.O on Samsung Nexus S
It could still be months before Ice Cream Sandwich is widely available, but sightings are being reported for the next-gen Android operating system.

Book Advises How to Protect Your Reputation Online
The Internet makes it easier than ever to besmirch the reputation of a person or business; here's what to do -- before and if it happens to you.

Sneaky Mobile Ads Invade Android Phones
Download the wrong app to your Android phone, and you may end up with ads on your home screen or notification bar. We’ll tell you who’s behind the annoyance and how to get the ads off your phone.

All I Want For Geekmas: Kevin's Gamey Holiday Wish List
Need gift ideas for a gamer who already has Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, and everything in between? GeekTech Blogger Kevin Lee's wish list might ring up some ideas.

Xenoblade Chronicles Gets Localized, Headed To The Wii In The Spring
The hit RPG Xenoblade Chronicles is finally coming to the U.S. as a Gamestop exclusive.

Students with Smartphones Study More
If you're a parent on the fence about whether your child should have a smartphone, new research indicating that students with smartphones spend more time studying may sway you in favor of the device.

Samsung Focus S: A Standout Windows Phone
The Samsung Focus S is the best Windows Phone available with smooth performance, a great camera and a gorgeous display.

Amazon Kindle Fire Said to be Moving into Second Place in Tablet War
IHS estimates the company at a 13.8% share of tablet shipments in the fourth quarter, beating out the 4.8% held by Samsung.

Amazon Cancels Asus Transformer Prime Pre-Orders Due to Low Supply
Apparently the Asus Transformer Prime is in such high demand that Amazon won't be able to meet advance orders for the tablet, which hits shelves December 19.

Eye Movements May Soon Control Our Smartphones
Controlling your smartphone with your eye movements may not be too far from becoming mainstream if Senseye gets its way.

Tips For Mobile Device Users Worried About Latest Security Flaws
Here's a rundown of the latest concerns and tips to keep the hackers and thieves at bay.

Twilight of the PC Threatens Innovation, Scholar Says
Emerging gadgets are more proprietary and discourage collaboration, a Harvard professor argues.

What's the Difference Between 3G and Wi-Fi?
Tablet shoppers in particular need to understand the different options for Internet access.

Acer Bluetooth Keyboard for Acer Iconia Tab: Light but a Little Flimsy
This lightweight keyboard for Acer's Android tablet uses AAA batteries. Although it's comfortable to use, it tends to rattle during a speedy typing session.

Android Bluetooth Tablet Keyboards: Get in Touch With Your Inner Typist
Get the most out of your Android tablet by adding a physical keyboard. We tested top tablet makers' keyboards to find the best match for your slate.

Motorola Wireless Keyboard Is Spacious but Bulky
This full-size, hefty, AA-powered keyboard comes with a mouse. It's probably best paired with the Motorola Xoom tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Case Offers Good Typing and Protection
This pricey keyboard, which pairs with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, is attractively thin and sleek. It also has several small frustrations, however.

Sony Tablet S Keyboard Provides Full-Size Keys, Solid Design
This AA-powered keyboard is thin and feels solid on a desk. However, the high tilt isn't right for everyone, and the keys are hard to press.

Toshiba Wireless Keyboard: Slender Tablet Add-On Offers Solid Typing
This slim keyboard for Android tablets features a built-in battery and provides a stable platform for typing.

Winter Wallpaper II
This evocative black-and-white winter scene is a lovely desktop wallpaper for the season.

YouTube Unveils New Look
The popular video sharing site now has an easier, more intuitive interface that highlights its new Channels feature.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B320: HDTV, Budget All-in-One, or Just Confused?
The Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 seems uncertain about whether it wants to be a multimedia powerhouse or a budget all-in-one with few frills.

Super Mario Land Gets Emulated in Minecraft With 18 Million Blocks
Three Minecrafters recreate Super Mario Land in Minecraft frame-by-frame using 18-million painstakingly placed blocks.

YaCy: It's About Freedom, Not Beating Google
This new peer-to-peer search engine doesn't aim to 'out-Google' the big guys, its supporters say. Rather, its decentralized process seeks to free information from a central point of control.

This 3D Printer Lets You Get Hands-On
3D printing goes manual with this unique printing system that requires you to lay down the material by hand.

Buffer Schedules Your Tweets Automatically
A new sharing service allows you to share links on your own time schedule--without having to manually input a time to go live.

Windows 8 Beta Expected in Early 2012
Reports say Microsoft will begin beta-testing the operating system update in the first quarter, which means products are likely by the fall.

Critical Systems at Risk Despite Water Utility False Alarm
A recent "hack" against an Illinois water utility turned out to not be an attack at all, but security experts warn that municipal utilities and other critical networks are at risk and need better security.

Want to Beta Test Microsoft Flight?
Microsoft's next-in-series flight simulation game (or is it a sim?) is taking applications for beta testing.

The Cloud, Day 17: Cloud Entertainment Comes with Strings Attached
There are many options for viewing movies and TV from the cloud, unfortunately many of them require that I pay for other services I may not want or need.

Read It Later Pro Review: A Good Way to Cache Interesting Articles
Read It Later Pro is a very capable app, though doesn't have many more features than the free version.

Carrier IQ, Mobile Services Grilled over Spyware Charges
Handset makers and carriers scramble to explain the tracking software on some devices, while congress demands details.

Is RIM Throwing in the Towel on the PlayBook?
RIM is taking a $485 million charge to write off its inventory of unsold BlackBerry PlayBooks. The RIM tablet has not lived up to expectations, and is probably on its way to the grave.

No Desktop For ARM-based Windows 8 Devices, Report Says
Microsoft is still debating, but the apparent winning argument is that a pure Metro tablet is a better competitor to the iPad.

When Your ISP is One of Your Neighbors
Any small business that doesn't provide outstanding customer service is a small business on its way to being a former small business.

CPU Wars Is the Geekiest Card Game Ever
My CPU beats your CPU with this card game idea that's up for funding on Kickstarter.

Lenovo H330: Budget Machine Outperforms Its Category
The H330 packs impressive specs for a sub-$800 desktop: a Core i5 processor, 1TB of hard-drive space, and a Blu-ray disc drive.

Carrier IQ, HTC Sued in Wiretap Claim
An Illinois HTC phone customer seeks class-action status against Carrier IQ and the handset maker for allegedly intercepting private electronic communications.

Carrier IQ Test: Android App Detects Controversial Software
A free Android app promises to scan your phone for traces of the controversial Carrier IQ mobile diagnostics program.

iOS Safer from Malware than Android, Security Firm Says
A new report from McAfee points to flaws in Android's approach to security, now leaving it the most vulnerable of mobile operating systems.

Track Business Receipts with Shoeboxed for Android, iPhone
Is there any bigger hassle than tracking your expenses? This invaluable app makes it easy to capture, manage, and file your receipts.

Get Google's New Search Bar Now
A quick hack can give you early access to Google's newest feature.

GeekBytes: Toys for Big Kids
Quick! Get a Lego trash can to hide yourself from these wasps that can recognize faces. Yeah, we don't get it either, but read on to find out what we're talking about...

Androidland: Retail Shrine to Android Opens in Australia
Catch a whiff of gingerbread, visit the Android spaceship, try a giant touchscreen, and -- oh, yeah -- shop at Androidland in Oz.

Homemade iPhone Projector Puts Shoeboxes To Good Use
Got an old shoebox, a magnifying glass, a few Lego blocks, and some duct tape? You too can make your own iPhone projector by following this Instructables project.

YouTube's Big Redesign is a Letdown
I expected more from the YouTube redesign--namely, real Channels, the ability to view passively, and longer videos.

Want to Tweak GNOME 3? There's a Site for That
A variety of security-reviewed extensions for the new desktop environment are now available for download in one central place.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Walkman With Audman
A Kickstarter project hopes to transform your iPod and iPhone into a Walkman for ultimate retro appeal.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 Review: A Breakthrough Performer
The first tablet with Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor provides zippy performance and impressive gaming graphics.

Why is Taskhost Consuming So Much of My CPU?
Mashoreen asked the Answer Line forum why taskhost.exe--usually a small background application--was consuming 50-percent of his CPU.

Should Your Phone Be Your Cash Card?
Near Field Communication lets you pay at the register with a tap of your phone. But is the system safe—or necessary?

Humble Bundle: Play Games, Be a Real-Life Hero
The Humble Bundle offers time-limited bundles of games and allows you set your own price and donate a part of the proceeds to charity.

Acer: Ultrabooks Will Be Ultra Cheap in 2013
You can get an Ultrabook on the a year or so.

Researchers Print Scaffolds for New Bones...With a Friggin' Inkjet
If you need a bone, 3D-printed scaffold replacements may be around in the next 1-2 decades.

PhotoTangler Collage Maker Easy Enough for Kids
PhotoTangler is an easy-to-use application that lets you create picture collages easily and visually.

Asus Transformer Prime Earns Rave Reviews
The tablet's svelte design, speedy performance via the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor and camera quality got high marks.

FoxIt PhantomPDF Business 5.0 Review: Budget PDF Maker Does the Job
Though FoxIt Phantom PDF outputs run-of-the-mill PDFs well, it lacks the tools for most advanced PDF tasks.

Chrome Edges Firefox for Second Place in Browser Battle
Web analytics firm StatCounter says Chrome remains in third place in the United States but it is on track to overtake Firefox.

Meet Arduino 1.0: The Official Software Release Is Here
Attention DIY fans: Get the official 1.0 release of the Arduino software and development tools.

Congressman Still Has Privacy Concerns About Kindle Fire's Browser
Ed Markey says Amazon’s responses to his inquiries do not provide enough detail about how the company intends to use customer information gathered via Silk.

Gumball Pinball Machine Needs No Further Explanation
This pinball machine combines pinball, gumball, and baseball. Want.

Mega Blocks Battlecruiser: Operational!
Check out this time-lapse of a special-editing Starcraft battlecruiser kit from MegaBlocks being assembled.

IE9 Continues to Climb on Windows 7
New browser market share stats show Internet Explorer as a whole is flat, but Internet Explorer 9 continues to gain traction and is on pace to be the number one browser on Windows 7.

Get an Early Peek at Ubuntu Linux 12.04 'Precise Pangolin'
An updated Linux kernel and new bundled software star in the first alpha release of this upcoming operating system.

Republic Wireless: $19/Month Unlimited Wireless Service Works Like a Charm
If you rarely stray from Wi-Fi network areas and you're sick of high cell phone bills, you may find this new $19-a-month wireless service a very attractive proposition.

Devil Ninja Review: Avoid Pits and Slash Enemies in This Side-Scrolling Platformer
Devil Ninja is an attractive, though not terribly creative, side-scrolling action game.

Is Siri Against Abortion? Apple Says No
The fact that the voice-recognition assistant on the iPhone 4S can't tell you where to find an abortion clinic is a glitch, Apple says.

Pantech Pocket Review: Unique, Wallet-Friendly Phone
If you're looking for an inexpensive Android phone with a few special features thrown in, the Pantech Pocket is ideal.

iPhone 4S Users Satisfied with Phone, but Not its Battery Life
A survey from ChangeWave Research found that 96 percent of respondents were somewhat or very satisfied with their device, but 38 percent of those people said the phone's battery life was too short.

Shopycat: Walmart's Interesting Facebook App for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping
The Shopycat app runs Facebook information through Walmart's Social Genome technology and then matches the keywords that process provides with gift suggestions.

Carrier IQ Tracking: Your Questions Answered
Carrier IQ's software is on more than 140 million handsets worldwide. So is it tracking Android and BlackBerry user data?

Elastic USB Cables Can Transfer Power and Data--and Stretch
A Japanese Spandex manufacturer produces the world’s first elastic USB cable that can stretch 1.5 times its original size.

Developer: The Witcher 2 Has Been Pirated 4.5 Million Times
The Witcher 2 developer estimates game has been illegally downloaded millions of times, but says DRM isn't the solution.

GeekBytes: Musical Microwaves. And Washing Machines. In Space.
We've got oddball home appliances on the brain in this installment of GeekBytes. Don't believe us? Click the headline to see what we mean.

Carrier IQ: It's Time for Straight Answers
In a perfect world, wireless carriers would respond to the discovery of Carrier IQ with straight answers.

Meet eSleeper, The Automated Arduino-Powered Kitteh Bed
I can has eMac? The eSleeper is the latest in cat bed technology, turning an old Mac into a cozy--and decidedly geeky--kitteh retreat.

NASA Declares SolarSail-D 'Mission Complete'
Over a year after launch, NASA's mission that studied the effects of orbital decay comes to an end.

HP TouchSmart 620 3D: 3D Falls Flat
HP's first 3D all-in-one leaves much to be desired; big 3D fans may want to wait.

Carrier IQ Rootkit Reportedly Logs Everything On Millions Of Phones [Updated]
UPDATED x2: Millions of phones may be at risk from a secret data logging software that's on nearly every Android, Blackberry, and Nokia phone out there, according to a researcher. References to it also reportedly found in iOS.

Do You Speak Securitese? Five Security Terms You Should Know
Knowing these terms won’t make you a security expert—but they’ll provide a good head start on the jargon.

Dell Inspiron One 2320: Solid Performance, With Some Compromises
This competitively priced 23-inch AIO is a solid performer, but it has an inaccurate touchscreen and a cheap-looking build.

HP TouchSmart 520: Great Performance, Great Value
This is a real deal: an excellent performer with premium specs for less than $1400.

Find the Perfect E-Reader
We analyzed the trends in e-readers, and tested the top e-readers head-to-head to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Restore Access to a Write-Protected Hard Drive
Is your flash drive, external hard drive, or other drive suddenly refusing to let you write anything to it or delete files? Here's the fix.

5 Steps to Prepare for the Ice Cream Sandwich Update
Ice Cream Sandwich includes great new features for business, so prepare to make your upgradeas smooth as possible.

Test Drive Windows Phone Mango on your Android or iPhone
HTML5 demo lets you take Microsoft's Metro UI for a spin.

7 Ways to Protect Your Business Printers
Whether or not it's likely for a hacker to set a printer on fire remotely, printing security is too easily forgotten. Here are seven ways you can secure your print environment.

Can Knockdown 2 Review: Simple Gameplay With Impressive Graphics
Despite some annoying marketing gimmicks, Can Knockdown 2 manages to be addictive.

Spotify to Announce 'New Direction': 5 Possible Directions
Spotify says it will announce a "new direction," but it's not clear why, or which way it will go. Here are a few educated guesses on what the 10-million-member service has up its sleeve.

This Is the First Full-Length Movie Filmed With a Smartphone
Olive hopes be the first smartphone filmed movie to be shown in theaters.

New Google Navigation Bar is Part One of Redesign

Hands-On with Microsoft's Handy New SkyDrive Features
Microsoft has beefed up SkyDrive, its free online storage services, with a host of handy new file management features for sharing, uploading, and swapping data via social networks.

1983 Serial Console Meets 2010 Mac Pro, Becomes Friends
An old serial console gets used as a terminal for a Mac Pro.

Rumor: Kinect 2 Will Read Lips and Track Your Emotional State
Rumors that claim the next Kinect will be able to read lips and track facial expressions for your emotional state.

PlayStation 3 Firmware Update Turns 4.00, Adds Vita Support
Sony's PS3 flips over to firmware 4.00, but you'll probably only care if you live in Japan.

The Cloud, Day 15: Dollars and Cents in the Cloud
For my 30 Days With the Cloud journey I have to give up my trusty Quicken Home & Business, and venture out to find some cloud-based tool to manage my personal finances.

Ultrabooks May Get 5 Percent to 10 Percent Price Cut in Early 2012
Intel is reportedly offering subsidies to manufacturers to get the price of Ultrabooks lower.

Apple iPhone 4 "Self-Combusts" on Airplane
The reason why the iPhone belched smoke and glowed red is under investigation.

Can Facebook Reshape Its Privacy Image?
After all its stumbles, can the social network change its image involving how it treats user privacy?

The Cloud, Day 16: Stuck in Upload Hell
The cloud is awesome and provides a variety of benefits, but getting gigabytes--or terabytes--of data from the drives in my office uploaded to the cloud is a full-time job that can take days, or even weeks.

4 Reasons Windows 8 Tablets Aren't Dead in the Water
News Microsoft is quickly losing its chance to bring a Windows 8 tablet market are exaggerated. Here's why.

Why Microsoft Office on iPad Would Be Awesome...and Not
If Microsoft is working on an iPad version of Microsoft Office, it's long overdue, and would be a welcome tool for the Apple tablet--hopefully.

Internet Service Providers May Start Usage-Based Charging
The free lunch may be over for Netflix and Hulu Plus users.

New Skyrim Patch 1.2 Fixes All Kinds of Stuff
Bethesda patches Skyrim, fixed Xbox 360 texturing and PS3 performance issues.

A First Look at Spotify's New Music Apps
Rolling Stone,, Pitchfork and others are launching HTML5 apps with the streaming music service.

Box Offers Free Cloud Storage for LG Android Devices
Box has enhanced the Box for Android app, and teamed up with LG to offer 50GB of free storage for all LG Android tablets and smartphones.

Amazon Updates Kindle Fire, Removes Root Access
The latest Kindle Fire software update removes root access from the device.

WriteMonkey Removes Distractions So You Can Just Write
WriteMonkey is a full-screen writing environment that lets you focus on what you're trying to say, and forget the rest.

BlackBerry Playbook Gets Rooted, Hulu Comes Along for the Ride
Developers rejoice! The BlackBerry PlayBook has finally been rooted, giving access to tinker away.

Portal Becomes A Reality--Sort of--With This Kickstarter Project
A new device allows you to jump from one world to another through a portal and interact with others on the other side of the planet.

Use a Mac? Camino 2.1 Is an Open Source Browser Alternative
Designed specifically with Mac OS X in mind, this Firefox cousin just got a major upgrade. Here are five reasons to check it out.

GeekBytes: The Heat is On
See today's roundup of stories we weren't quite able to get to.

PS Vita Memory Card Prices Revealed: Far From a Deal
Sony's PlayStation Vita has no internal storage, which means you'll have to buy one of Sony's proprietary memory cards, like it or not.

Siri Dictation Comes to Older iPhones; Only Jailbreakers Invited to the Party [Updated]
Hackers have managed to get Siri's dictation working on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the fourth generation iPod Touch.

Robots Have Just Become Self-Aware
Qbo the robot looks at a mirror to identify and learns that it is looking at itself.

Embiggen Review: Use Your Phone to Communicate Visually
Embiggen makes creative use of your screen, and works very well for broadcasting messages.

Quick and Creative Websites With Weebly
Weebly offers a powerful drag-and-drop platform for quickly developing websites.

Three 3-D Modeling Programs, From Free to Fancy: Blender, 3DCrafter, Poser
Whether you're a designer, a coder, or new to 3-D, there's a program to help you draw models in three dimensions.

Senator Vows to Topple Anti-Piracy Bill with
Senator Ron Wyden threatens filibuster to stop the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Acer Says It Will Continue Making Netbooks
The netbook market may be dwindling, but it's not dead yet.

Nokia N900 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich, Melts Under Pressure
A hacker roots the Nokia N900 to run Ice Cream Sandwich, but the phone gets a little bit of brain freeze in the process.

iTether: iPhone Tethering With No Monthly Fee UPDATE
An iPhone tethering app called iTether has landed in the App Store, promising to turn iPhones into portable modems with no monthly fees or jailbreaks required.

Video Calling Is Finally Catching On
A new report indicates that video calling will explode by 600 percent between 2010 and 2015, bringing face-to-face calls to the mainstream for both consumers and businesses.

DriverScanner Keeps Your Device Drivers Up-to-Date
DriverScanner 2012 makes it easy to identify and update old drivers.

Floppy Quartet Sings 'Still Alive' (Ironically)
Floppy drives may be all but obsolete, but they may have a second life as music instruments. Read on to see what we're talking about.

Fighting Malware and Cybercrime with Old School Criminology
Two University of Maryland professors are collaborating to get into the heads of would-be cyber criminals to better predict their behavior and develop better network and computer defenses.

Is Cloud Computing for You? Five Points to Consider
Cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits, no matter what size of business you operate.

RIM Plays to Its Strengths With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Management Package
BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will cover BlackBerrys and PlayBook tablets, and support competing mobile OSes, including Apple iOS and Google Android.

How to Buy a Cell Phone
Here's what you need to know to get the cell phone and service plan that are right for you.

Are DuckDuckGo's Bing Ties a Problem for Linux Mint?
Mint's new default search engine shows an anti-open source bias, some have charged.

iOS 5.1 Beta Tips New iPhone, iPads And Next-Gen Apple TV
Apple released iOS 5.1 beta to developers, who already unearthed reference codes for the next-generation Apple TV, as well the next iPhone and two new iPad models.

Lucky Supermarkets Of California Finds Tampered Card Readers
Customers aren't so lucky: A California supermarket chain found compromised card readers in twenty of their stores.

Thanks, Feds: Facebook's 5 Big Privacy Changes
Thanks to a settlement with the FTC, Facebook has agreed to go on privacy probation.

Get (or Give) Great Tech Support
Know the right questions to ask when you need help--plus a great free service to help you support others from afar.

Verizon Launches Xbox 360 Streaming TV Service Offer for FiOS Customers
The service isn't live yet...but the offer is.

Laptops of 2012: What to Expect
All the pieces are in place for a surge in laptop sales next year--from new Intel chips to the planned launch of the Windows 8 operating system to sleeker designs.

Apple and Spotify Create Ripples in the Streaming Music World
Spotify is now open to anyone and iCloud and iTunes Match are on their way, leaving other music service competitors scrambling to compete.

Stone Cold Etch-a-Sketchin’ With an NES Twist
This hack lets you control an Etch-a-Sketch with an NES game controller.

Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Android or iPhone Into a Windows Phone
You can now try Windows Phone 7 from the comfort of your iPhone or Android phone, thanks to a new demo site from Microsoft.

GeekBytes: Sending It to the (Mini) Printers
Today GeekBytes takes a look at some useful or cool gadgets you can make or buy, including steampunk glasses and a retro way to read the news...

Q&A: How Digital Effects Gave 'The Muppets' New Freedom
Max Ivins, visual effects supervisor for Look Effects, explains how his team's work on 'The Muppets' might go unnoticed--unless you're a Muppeteer.

WordAds Opens Monetization to Free WordPress Blogs
Here's a preliminary look at WordAds, which gives bloggers with free blogs a chance to earn ad dollars.

How to Get More Out of Ethernet Switches
Ethernet switches can handle more than simple connectivity. These extra capabilities can make your network faster and more secure--and make users happier.

Photography Gift Guide for Casual and Action Photographers
These cameras, camera bags, and accessories are ideal for casual snapshooters and photographers who love taking action shots.

Run DOS programs in Windows 7
Robert Wray wants to know if his old DOS programs will run in Windows 7

Recover Lost Form Data in Google Chrome
You no longer have to fear a server glitch or browser crash. With the Lazarus extension, it's a simple matter to restore the text you just typed.

How to Forward Ports on Your Router
Your router can sometimes get in the way of your favorite multiplayer games or chat programs by inadvertently shuttering certain network ports. To fix that problem yourself, follow our simple guide to port forwarding.

How to Download YouTube Videos
If you want to download YouTube videos without having to pay a fee, install a toolbar, or run a dubious browser plug-in, check out our handy guide to using YouTube Downloader HD.