Computing Center Sitemap - Page 16 2013-07-16

Finestra Manages Virtual Desktops With Panache
Elegant, feature-rich virtual desktop manager Finestra works very well most of the time--and it's free/donationware.

Sprint's Unlimited Data Smartphone Plan Expected to End Soon
As Sprint upgrades to LTE from 4G WiMax, the move is expected to strain the carrier's network and unlimited data plans don't help.

Finally, Some Privacy! Cool LCD Monitor Hack Helps Keep Your Secrets
Modified LCD monitor allows you, and only you, to see what’s on the scree

How to Use Special Characters in Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and Google Chat
Here's a simple guide to using special characters and hidden emoticons to communicate more clearly on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Chat.

Kindle Touch Review: Finally, a Touch E-reader for Amazon
Amazon's first touchscreen e-reader is responsive, but its software lacks the finesse we had expected.

All I Want For Geekmas: Sarah’s Geeky Hanukkah Wish List
The GeekTech bloggers share what's on their holiday wish list. Read on to get some gift ideas for the geeks in your life. First up: Sarah Mitroff.

Geek Up Your Holiday With Lego Ornaments
Build your own geeky Lego ornaments this holiday season with these easy-to-follow instruction guides.

Great Apps for Android

Great Apps for Any Phone
Whether you have an Android phone, an iPhone, a Windows Phone 7 handset, or a BlackBerry smartphone, these cool apps will help you stay organized, save money, be productive, and have fun. Best of all, most of them are free!

Great Apps for BlackBerry

Great Apps for Windows Phone 7

Great Apps for iOS
Here are 35 outstanding applications for Apple's iOS mobile operating system.

Ice Cream Sandwich OS Available for (Some, Brave) U.S. Android Phones
While not officially available in the U.S. yet, the courageous can install early versions of CyanogenMod's flavor of the mobile OS if they own a Nexus S or a Galaxy S smartphone.

Android Tablets: Finally Ready?
Sure, the iPad is great. But it isn’t right for everyone. A new tablet from Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, or another maker may be a better choice for you.

How to Install the Android Market on Your Kindle Fire
Want to try downloading and installing apps on your Kindle Fire aside from the ones that Amazon offers? Follow these steps to add Google's Android Market.

UPDATE: $200 Blackberry Playbook Pulled From Retail Listings, Some Orders Canceled
Days after the Blackberry Playbook tablet's price dropped to $200 and up, something strange is going on: Retailers are removing the Playbook from their online catalogs, and some Best Buy customers say their orders have been canceled.

12 Reasons to Try Linux Mint 12
Multiple desktop options set this new release apart, but the best part for many users may well be that Unity isn't one of them.

Motorola Droid 4 Adds A Keyboard to Razr
Motorola's next Droid Razr will add a QWERTY keyboard, according to reports.

Gigabyte Introduces Tablet-Laptop-Desktop Hybrid PC
The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer calls its Booktop T1132 the world’s first and only 3-in-1 laptop.

LG Nitro HD: AT&T's 720p 4G LTE Phone
AT&T will finally have a phone for videophiles--the LG Nitro HD has a 720p, 4.5-inch screen with a pixel density similar to the Apple iPhone's.

Researchers Crack Blu-Ray Encryption With Cheap Hardware
German researchers crack Intel’s Blu-ray encryption technology using a $260 computer board kit.

Black Friday Sales Make Kindle Fire a Bestseller
For the last eight weeks, the number one selling product at the world's largest retailer has been the Kindle Fire—and Black Friday sales kept it there.

GeekBytes: We All Live In a Steampunk Submarine
GeekBytes is back after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Read on for coffee hacks, holiday geekery, and a steampunk sub.

Feds Celebrate Cyber Monday With Crackdown on Counterfeiters
Cyber Monday has been a busy day for everyone--shoppers, online counterfeiters, and the Feds.

Robot Prison Guards Will Creepily Monitor Prisoners
They're not quite robot overlords, but new robot prison guards will soon help human guards monitor inmates in South Korea.

TVs, Not Computers, Most Popular Electronics on Black Friday
Retail market research firm NPD Group reports more shopped for electronics because of good products at great prices, though the overall number of shoppers fell.

Consumers Surprise: Black Friday Bargain Hunters Aim for Big Tix Electronics
Shoppers surprised retail experts and hunted for big ticket items this Black Friday.

Amazon, Best Buy Open Cyber Monday Deals on Sunday
Amazon and Best Buy start the Internet frenzy a day early, similar to how some retailers opened stores for Black Friday shopping on Thursday.

Three (and a Half) Tips to Survive Cyber Monday
Little work will get done tomorrow as intrepid shoppers continue the holiday frenzy with Cyber Monday. Here are some tips to keep in mind for successful Cyber Monday shopping...and retaining your sanity.

The Cloud, Day 14: Don't Trust All Your Eggs in One Basket
Cloud-based photo services like Flickr and Picasa are great, but I don't have enough faith in any single provider to completely trust it with priceless, irreplaceable family memories.

Project Management Showdown: Do More Beyond the To-Do List
These five project management services pledge to help you stay on top of tasks. Find out which one worked best to keep a small company's big project on track.

5 Tips To Shop Safe On Cyber Monday
If you're planning on letting your fingers do the shopping on Monday, here are five tips to help you stay safe.

Websites for Smarter Shopping on Cyber Monday
Aggregator sites, price analysis tools and other online sources help you navigate websites more confidently as holiday shopping ramps up.

Siri Can Unlock Your Car, Can't Drive It Just Yet
Want a hand getting your car ready in the morning? No worries; your voice assistant Siri can help you! Wait, what?

Black Friday Deals Remained After Early Rush
At some big box stores the heavily discounted specials remained in healthy supply after the early rush was over.

Black Friday at Midnight: One Shopper's Tale of Woe
Confessions of a Black Friday marauder in a quest for a $39.99 Blu-ray player at Best Buy in the middle of the night.

The Cloud, Day 13: Storing and Managing Pictures in the Cloud
For today's 30 Days With the Cloud post, I am taking a closer look at cloud-based options for storing photos like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and Apple's Photo Stream service.

Android: The Phone for Living Dangerously?
Android owners prefer living on the edge, visiting edgy websites and bypassing security software, a security firm reports.

Social Media, American Express Helping Holiday Shoppers Get Good Deals
The credit card company is encouraging people to do their holiday shopping at small local businesses instead of big box retailers.

Search Your Hard Drive From Your iOS Device With X1 Mobile Connect
If you've got the free X1 Mobile Connect on your computer and $15 X1 Mobile Search on your iOS gadget, you can search and edit docs at will.

Banks Embrace the Tablet Revolution
Banks that stay on the cutting edge can take advantage of the huge demand for tablets this holiday season to capture the tech savvy market and provide customers with tools for tablet-based banking.

Apple Approves Then Yanks First Game Subscription App
Big Fish Games bragged about being the first to snag a spot in the app store, but Apple mysteriously yanked it on Wednesday.

Add Document Tabs to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Your browser uses tabs, so why shouldn't your office suite? Awesome freebie Office Tabs adds them to Microsoft Office.

Apple Kicks Off Black Friday Sale
Today you can save some money on an iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, and iMac or accessories both online and in Apple stores.

Wireless Networking 101
Setting up and maintaining a home Wi-Fi network can be a daunting task for a PC newbie. These four how-to guides will run you through some of the basics.

Some Malls Tracking Shoppers Through Their Cell Phones This Holiday Season
For some, Black Friday is now Track Friday.

How Can I Help Family Members Fix Their PC Problems?
If you're the family tech-support person, you'll love the speed and simplicity afforded by free screen-sharing service

Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB Review: Adapter Offers Four TV Tuners, Crisp Image Quality
The USB-powered InfiniTV 4 beats other CableCard adapters by providing four digital tuners.

Record Cable TV on Your PC, Easily
Is your DVR overloaded? Use your PC to record shows, and you can store as much as you want and watch it on anything--including your TV, phone, and tablet.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime HDHR3-CC Review: Adapter Lets You Share TV Tuners
If you want a digital TV tuner that’s not tied to a single PC, the HDHomeRun Prime is your best option.

AVADirect X79 Silent Gaming PC: Power in a Quiet, Expensive Package
The AVADirect Silent Gaming System is a speedy, powerful, and pricey machine in a quiet package.

The Cloud, Day 12: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Most of the things in my house, and most of the data contained in my PC is just "stuff", but pictures are irreplaceable moments in time that need extra protection no matter how or where they're stored.

Black Friday: Update Your Parents' Browser Day?
Could Black Friday become the unofficial day to update your parent's browser? Some are hoping it does.

London Baker Makes 102,000 Cupcakes for Grouponers
Yet another Groupon horror story: one baker was forced to make over 100,000 cupcakes for clients after offering an insane Groupon deal.

Fake iTunes Gift Certificate Could Ruin Your Black Friday
Security vendor Sophos reports that malware developers are using the lure of a free $50 iTunes gift card to spread malware this holiday shopping season.

Editing the Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows Explorer
Gkuep1945 used to alter the Start menu from inside XP's Windows Explorer, and now asks the Answer Line forum how to do that in Windows 7

Google's Turkey Day Doodle
Google's doodle for Thanksgiving 2011 combines the best parts of the holiday: home-made crafts and turkey.

The Cake Is a Lie? Fine, I’ll Take These Portal LED Flashlights Instead
Straight from the popular Portal series come LED flashlights in the likeness of a turret and Wheatley.

Nintendo's Miyamoto Initially Fought Mario Kart 7 Features
Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto admits he was initially against the game's vehicle customization features.

Get on Board for Small Business Saturday
It's not too late to get on the bus for a program that offers tools to promote your business on the biggest holiday shopping weekend.

The Cloud, Day 11: Music in the Cloud
I like to listen to music--while I work, and when I am not working. So, if I am spending 30 days in the cloud, I am also going to need a cloud-based solution for playing some tunes.

Try SeaMonkey 2.5 for a One-Stop Internet Solution
The latest release of this all-in-one browser package packs a bevy of business-ready features.

Apple Preps for Meager Discounts on Black Friday
Apple's Black Friday offerings appear to a nonstarter for those seeking steep discounts on tech gear.

Ultrabooks to Get Full 1080p HD Displays in 2012?
Laptop manufacturers may be readying new high-res displays for next generation portables.

AT&T Hits FCC Roadblock on Path to Acquire T-Mobile
The FCC put a nail in the coffin of the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, declaring that the deal will lead to massive job losses and cuts in investment dollars.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android Review: A Powerful Photo Editing Tool
Photoshop Touch brings finger-friendly image manipulation and core Photoshop tools to Android tablets.

Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Existing Storage
With the prices of hard drives skyrocketing, here's how you can extend the life and usefulness of the storage gear you already own.

Research: Paid Posters Poison the Internet
A new study says paid posters are poisoning the internet with their untrustworthy content.

Black Friday Deals to Take Care of Business
Electronics stores and other mass retailers are pulling out the pricing stops the day after Thanksgiving. Here's a chance to stock up on gadgets for work.

Kobo Vox Review: A Social, Multipurpose E-Reader and Tablet
Kobo Books' Android 2.3-based tablet offers a more open alternative to the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Filter YouTube Comments, Google Alerts and Chrome Tips
Learn how to filter out objectionable comments on YouTube, configure Google Alerts, and enable autofill in Chrome.

Photojojo Offers 3 Lenses for the iPhone 4, 4S
The site has created a case that adds wide angle, fisheye and telephoto lenses to the iPhone.

GeekBytes: Thanksgiving Turkey, Tesla Coils, and Taking Photos
For the final GeekBytes before the Thanksgiving holiday, we bring you supersize coils, more cool hacks and some photographic fun.

3DCrafter Is a Free and Friendly Way to Make 3D Models
Build and animate complex 3D objects and accurately-engineered models with 3D Crafter.

Insignia NS-WBRDVD3 Review: Inexpensive 3D Blu-ray Player Makes Sacrifices
Though 3D Blu-ray players don't come any cheaper than the NS-WBRDVD3, this model's unexceptional image quality and sparse Internet options make it less of a bargain than it appears to be.

LG BD670 Review: Superb Blu-ray Quality, and Disc Bookmarking, Too
Great image quality, a huge selection of Internet entertainment, 3D Blu-ray support, and some cool extras make the LG BD670 one of the best Blu-ray players around.

Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Review: A Great All-Around Blu-ray Player
The Panasonic DMP-BDT210 produces excellent images in both 2D and 3D, and it offers a fantastic selection of Internet entertainment.

Samsung BD-D5700 Review: An Easy-to-Use Blu-ray Player, at a Reasonable Price
If you don't care about 3D and you don't need the absolute best image quality, the Samsung BD-D5700 is an excellent choice.

Silent Updates Proposed for Firefox Are a Bad Security Risk
Silent updating may be more convenient to consumers, but it will also invite hacker exploitation of the process, a security expert warns.

Holiday Gifts for New and Growing Photographers
Have a budding photographer in your family? Check out these gift ideas, like image editors, how-to books, and cameras to grow with.

Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook Now Available Online
Toshiba is billing the Ultrabook as the world’s lightest 13-inch laptop, and the claim holds true.

Microsoft to Deliver Windows 8 Upgrades Online
Microsoft is also promising to reduce the number of clicks needed to install Windows 8.

Facebook Shaves a Few Degrees Off 'Six Degrees of Separation' Theory
The social networking giant says that any single person on earth is a mere 4.74 steps away from being introduced to any other person, instead of the believed upon six.

NVIDIA Gives Glimpse of Ice Cream Sandwich on Transformer Prime
Asus' tablet seems to be able to render 1080p video and run a graphics-intensive game called Riptide pretty flawlessly for at least a few seconds.

Sony BDP-S780 Review: Blu-ray Player Has a Slew of Internet Services, Plus a Web Browser
The Sony BDP-S780 offers a wide selection of Internet-streamed entertainment, but makes some curious compromises.

Vizio VBR122 Review: A Basic, Inexpensive Blu-ray Player
The Vizio VBR122 is a compact, inexpensive Blu-ray player whose low price and QWERTY remote make it a tempting buy.

HTC Dealt a Setback in Apple Patent War
The ITC has dismissed a patent case from S3 Graphics against Apple--bad news for HTC, which is in the process of acquiring S3 Graphics specifically to strengthen its patent portfolio for its war with Apple.

Hackers Use Siri to Set the Thermostat and More
Hackers connect Siri to a proxy server to control a thermostat, change the TV channel, post a tweet, and more.

Mobile Flash for Android 4.0 Available by Year’s End
Adobe says its final update to mobile Flash will be available for select devices by early December.

Will You Check Your Work Email on Thanksgiving?
A new survey from Xobni finds that a vast majority of Americans will interrupt their holiday festivities to check work email.

New Xbox 360 Dashboard with Windows 8-like Interface Drops on December 6
Microsoft confirms release date for new Metro-style Xbox 360 dashboard and a slew of feature updates.

Google Search App for iPad Adds Instant Previews
Once you enter your search term, Google starts to display results instantly as you type, so there’s no need to press the search button altogether.

Facebook Phone? No Thanks
A Facebook phone would entwine the social network too deeply into your life, privacy, and everyday tasks. No thank you!

iPad Rivals Sold 1.2M Tablets in Last 10 Months
HP claimed the top spot primarily by getting out of the market and liquidating its TouchPad tablet inventory by selling it at fire sale prices.

Cancer Vaccine Reaches Final Clinical Trials
ImMucin, a cancer vaccine, recently entered large-scale clinical trials, and may be only 6 years from widespread distribution.

Type-O-Matic Turns Your Email Into a Typewritten Letter
Email goes vintage with Type-O-Matic: Send an email and your recipient will get snail mail. Hipsters will love it!

Canon ImageClass MF8380Cdw Review: Small-Office Contender Despite Slow Printing
Despite a few drawbacks, this affordable, feature-complete color laser multifunction printer is well-suited to small-office use.

BoardX Stacks the Deck Against Arduino
BoardX is a stackable microcontroller board built for expansion--it even supports multiple processors.

Penguin Pulls E-Books from Libraries, Including Kindle Versions
They publisher may want to make sure that library e-books can't be easily stripped of DRM and kept by a borrower without penalty.

Firefox for Android Will Get Its New Interface Tonight
A native interface should improve the mobile browser's speed, responsiveness, and memory usage, Mozilla says.

The Kindle Fire, One Week Later: Sales, Gripes, and a New Model
The Kindle Fire has only been on the market a week or so, but people are already talking about another model.

Mouse Robot Blitzes Maze, Isn't as Cute as Real Mouse
Check out a micromouse robot charge around a maze in well under four seconds, marking a new world record.

GeekBytes: Handheld Hacks
GeekBytes is going crazy for Arduino and phone hacks in Tuesday's news roundup.

Stream 'Mission: Impossible' from Facebook
In an effort to promote its latest Mission: Impossible movie, Paramount is offering streaming rentals of the first three MI films on Facebook.

Geeky Magic 8-Ball Serves Up Fortunes, Still Gives Vague Answers
ThinkGeek's Magic Geek Ball displays nerdy sayings such as '404 Error', 'Can Has' and 'LOL' for an alternative take on the classic toy.

Microsoft Kinect for Windows: It’s Coming
Gamers and programmers, get ready: Microsoft announces that a Windows version of the Kinect controller will come in 2012.

How to Play Deus Ex on Your Windows 7 PC
Here's how to make the original Deus Ex role-playing game look better than ever on a modern Windows 7 computer.

Cirago USB to HDMI Display Adapter Review: Device Lets You Use an HDTV as a Second Monitor
With the Cirago adapter, you can easily move high-def content from USB to HDMI--but you have to make some quality compromises.

How to Filter YouTube's Undesirable Comments
Even a seemingly innocent video can be rife with profanity-laden and/or hate-filled comments. Here's how Chrome and Firefox users can block them from innocent eyes.

Canon ImageClass MF8080Cw Review: Low-Priced, With Limited Features
Though this color laser multifunction printer's low sticker price may tempt small offices, the trade-offs are slow performance, limited features, and pricey toner.

How Safe is WPA2-Secured WiFi?
Darryl Boyett asked if his home WiFi connection, which uses WPA2 protection, is safe enough for online banking

Choose the Best Bank for Your Tech-Savvy Business: 8 Banks Compared
Just about every bank wants your small business’s cash. Here’s how eight of the biggest and best banks stack up in their online and mobile tools to help you manage money.

Getting Started With Minecraft
We’ll help you get through your first night in Minecraft, and then take it to the next level with servers and mods.

Blender: Free, Open-Source 3D Software With a Steep Learning Curve
Use Blender to model and render 3D graphics, animation, and games.

Create 3D Models With Poser 9
Poser 9 provides 3D mannequins to manipulate infinitely to create 3D art and animation.

Skyrim Performance Review: It's Definitely a DirectX 9 Game
Benchmark site puts PC version of Skyrim under the knife, concludes the game's graphics aren't up to snuff for a 2011 product.

Water Utility Hacked: Are Critical Systems at Risk?
A cyber attack against an Illinois water utility illustrates the weaknesses in our infrastructure and industrial networks, and the need to step up our cyber defenses.

Use Google Alerts to Keep Tabs on the News You Want
Do you routinely search the Web for the same subjects? Save time: Let Google Alerts bring the results to your inbox or feed reader.

Verizon Joining Geo-Ads Program
Verizon will be participating in a program that allows advertisers to target users based on location.

Adobe: Flash for Ice Cream Sandwich by Year-End
Despite its plan to drop development of the mobile Flash Player, Adobe will release one more update to support Android 4.0, plus Linux tools.

At 40,000 Apps, Windows Phone Marketplace Still Lags
WinPho users may have one-tenth of the apps of competitors, but perhaps that says something about the breadth of the Windows Phone OS functions.

NASA Prepares for Mars Rover Launch: Here's How You Can Watch
Curiosity, NASA's most sophisticated Mars rover yet, is set to lift off this week. Here's how you can stay tuned and watch.

US Navy Declares War on Trash
The US Navy is working on a technology that effectively incenerates trash into nothing.

Mobile Malware Crisis? Not So Fast
Amid a rash of dire reports about a lack of security on smartphones, it's critical to maintain perspective.

How to Start Your Own Minecraft Server
Everything’s better with friends. We’ll show you how to get your own Minecraft server up and running.

GeekBytes: Go Go Gadget...Gadgets!
It's gadgets galore for today's GeekBytes installment, featuring a handful of fun gift ideas.

The Cloud, Day 10: Storing Data in the Cloud
One of the most mature cloud services is online data storage, and now that I am spending 30 days in the cloud I need to choose a cloud storage service to rely on.

Asus Padfone Combo Smartphone-Tablet Specs Leaked
The hybrid device may very well sport a qHD screen resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

The Cloud, Day 9: Hey! Where'd My Cloud Go?
The cloud is great as long as you have a stable, fast Internet connection. But, if the Internet disappears, so does everything you rely on.

Report: 2011 Is the 'Year of Mobile Malware'
Malware in general is on pace for another record year, but the star of the most recent threat report from McAfee is the dramatic rise in mobile malware--particularly mobile malware targeting Android.

Black Friday Retail Basics
Tips for where (and when) to go -- online or to brick-and-mortar stores -- to score the best deals on the holiday shopping kickoff.

Nook Tablet Rooted, Gets You Android Market Apps
The Nook Tablet has been fully rooted, meaning Android apps aplenty are at your disposal.

Chromebooks Get Price Cuts for Holiday Shoppers
Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Chromebooks Acer and Samsung are slashing Chromebook prices.

Deals Arrive Early: Many Phones Practically Free Already
Black Friday sales have begun, pushing down contract prices of the Droid RAZR, Samsung Galaxy S II, and other new models.

Security Firm Lists 'Dirty Dozen' Unsafe Smartphones
Android phones fill the list of smartphones that are left vulnerable because of infrequent software upgrades, Bit9 researchers report.

World’s Lightest Material Takes Hits Like a Champ
Scientists create a new extremely lightweight material that can absorb shocks like a heavyweight.

How to Install Minecraft Mods
Mods are a great way to add lots of extra functionality to Minecraft — or fix some annoyances you may have run into. We’ll show you where to get them, and how to get them running.

Toshiba Portege Z835: Incredibly Light, but Not Incredibly Fast
While the slim profile and amazingly light weight of the Portege Z835 are attractive, Toshiba clearly cut some corners to get the price down to $799.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review: Nokia's Most Promising Smartphone Yet
Nokia's first Windows Phone has a great design and performs solidly, but the Lumia 800 lacks a few perks its competitors flaunt.

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: Which Should You Buy?
If you want an inexpensive slate, the new tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble are your best bets. We tested them head-to-head to see which one worked better for reading, browsing the Web, watching video, listening to music, and more.

Romo Turns Your Android Into an Android
Awww, how cute: Romo turns your smartphone into a programmable automaton.

Holiday Desktop PC Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Desktop
We sort through the types of desktop PC available, to help you choose one that suits your needs.

Holiday Desktop PC Buying Guide: The Specs Explained
We help you identify the key specifications and components you need to consider when shopping for a desktop PC.

BlackBerry PlayBook Black Friday Deal Is Not Enough
The BlackBerry PlayBook will be offered next week as a Black Friday special for a mere $199, but that isn't a deal worth camping out at Staples for.

Printrbot: The Perfect Beginner 3D Printer Can Expand Itself
Forgo that future iPad purchase you’ve been thinking about and get a 3D printer instead.

Microsoft's Entrepreneur Program a Good Opportunity for Kinect Fans
Ever used your Microsoft Kinect for anything besides playing games, watching video, or listening to music? Perhaps you can turn your hack into a business -- if it's good enough.

The Cloud, Day 8: A Different Approach to Email
On Day 7 I outlined how and why I set up email in the cloud, but after considering some of the comments from readers I am taking another least for now.

Surveillance Catalog Is Creepy Read
Conference produces a compendium of tools for breaking into computers, cell phones, and computer networks, as well as engaging in online subterfuge.

Facebook Continues to be Criticized for Over-Sharing
Although Facebook users have a history of bucking changes and getting used to them, the seamless sharing feature is drawing complaints of over-sharing and privacy violations.

3D-Printed Spider Can Help First Responders Save Lives
A new giant "spider" can crawl and even jump its way into dangerous places to locate hazards. Also: It's super creepy.

Galaxy Nexus Reviews: Of Course It's the Best Android
Galaxy Nexus may not yet be available here in the US, but that hasn't stopped reviewers from picking it apart. Here is a roundup of reviews.

Apple Sues Amazon Over 'App Store' Name
Apple claims Amazon's use of the word App Store is a trademark infringement and is suing Amazon.

Android 4.0: Security Holes in "Ice Cream Sandwich"
Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" has a number of new features and functions that make it the cutting edge mobile OS of choice--but some of those features have possible security side effects you should be aware of.

Give Your Kid the Building Blocks of Life: Giant DNA Plush Dolls
Who says that learning and playing can't be the same thing? Biochemies DNA plush dolls encourage the pursuit of science while your kid thinks they're just playing with dolls.

How to Play Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries on Your Windows 7 PC
With a few steps, you can get Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries running on your modern computer.

Flash Would Be Welcomed By Some For Ice Cream Sandwich
If Adobe does support Flash for Android 4.0 it will come as good news to Android users and developers who are die-hard Flash fans, despite the popular view that it never worked well for mobile.

Google+ Could Grow Thanks to New Feature, Small Change in Android OS
It's only a matter of time before record numbers of people are seeing Google+ for the first time, thanks to Android 4.0.

Publisher Drops Copyright Claim, Favors Fair Use
Fair use online is recognized when a newspaper plaintiff drops its appeal in a case pushed by third-party copyright enforcer.

Start a Web Store With Goodsie
Goodsie offers a streamlined, beautiful way for small retailers to offer their goods online.

How to Root Your Kindle Fire
No Android device is really yours unless you have root access. Here's how to install the Android SDK and root your Kindle Fire.

How to Use ScummVM to Play Classic Games
Old-school adventure games such as The Curse of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle are hard to find--and even harder to play on modern computers. If you have a classic game you're itching to play, follow this simple guide to run it through the ScummVM emulator.

Get Pro-Quality Video Transcoding With Sorenson Squeeze
Sorenson Squeeze offers pro-quality video transcoding with advanced features such as ABR, but it's pricey.

Acer Aspire S3: The Basic Ultrabook
Acer hopes to stimulate sales of its Aspire S3 Ultrabook with a low price of $899, but competition is tough.

Nero 11 Review: Finally, a Better Interface--But Only for Some Components
Stalwart media creation suite has a revamped interface, but the new look isn't found across the entire app.

Fewer Reboots in Windows 8 Is a Patching Shell Game
Nobody wants required reboots unexpectedly restarting their PC, but the new patch process proposed by Microsoft seems more like a cheap trick than a solution.

Bring Nature's Beauty to Your Desktop With Autumn Leaves
Celebrate the colors of fall with this series of eight beautiful nature photographs, gathered into one lovely Windows 7 themepack.

OCCU(PI) Bot Is the 99% of Robots
An Instructables project shows you how to turn any robot into a protest bot.

Share Cash on Facebook with PayPal Send Money
PayPal is capitalizing on the popularity of the Facebook social network, and the growing trend of sending ecards with a new Facebook app called Send Money.

Total Defense Mobile Security App Review: Lots Of Features, But Not Many Feel Finished
Total Defense's Mobile Security app does have a few good points, but they are overshadowed by what feels like a half-finished design and features that did not work.

Brace for Ultrabook Glut
Ultrabooks are expected to join tablets as the big category for new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, although some may never appear off the show floor.

New Kernel Patch Slashes Linux's Power Appetite
Thanks to this long-awaited fix, Linux users on laptops could soon enjoy longer battery life.

Black Friday Steal: BlackBerry PlayBook for $199
Retailer Staples is advertising a Black Friday doorbuster deal, selling a limited quantity of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet priced at $200.

Hey Torchlight II, Take Your Time, We'll Wait for You
You won't see Torchlight II in 2011, as originally planned, and that's a good thing.

What Would be Unique About an Amazon Kindle Phone?
Hints and speculation are getting stronger, but Amazon must deliver a compelling product and services to succeed with in the mobile phone market.

Is Kindle Fire Already Losing its Spark?
Customers give the new tablet good ratings, but also share their gripes about its limited memory, occasional sluggishness, and various glitches.

Google Music Comes Out of Beta: New Store, Player, and Social Integration
Google is ready to take on Apple and Amazon with its own music store and cloud music service.

Google Music, iTunes Match, and Amazon Cloud Drive: Digital Music Services Comparison
Google Music and iTunes Match finally debuted this month. Here's how they stack up head to head and against Amazon's Cloud Drive music service.

Why Are LCD TV Prices Falling? You're Not Buying, That's Why
Slumping demand in Western Europe and North America are primarily to blame for the poor performance of sales of LCD TV panels, an analyst says.

123456: The Worst Passwords of 2011
If one of your passwords is "654321" or "superman" or "qazwsx" congratulations for having one of the least secure passwords of 2011.

Google Music: 5 Things You Need to Know
If you're thinking about getting started with Google Music here are a few things you should know about the new online music service.

Meet Cotton Candy, the Dual-Core Android USB Device
FXI’s Cotton Candy USB device is a flash drive-sized Android device with a dual core processor running Gingerbread.

Android Bartender Won’t Cut You Off When You’ve Had Too Many
This Android tablet-powered automated bartender preps your drink with just a tap.

GeekBytes: Do Furry Microbes Dream of Electric Sheep?
Friday's GeekBytes is upon us, featuring some pretty fascinating stories GeekTech couldn't bear not to share with you.

This Drawing Bot Makes Awesome Graffiti, Little Sense
The Senseless Drawing Bot scribbles on walls. But is it art?

Google Music: What to Expect From Today’s Event
Google is poised to unveil the final version of its music service with, perhaps, a few other surprises.

Google Music Store: Strengths and Weaknesses in Catalog
Google Music might be smaller than other stores and missing Warner Brothers artists, but features like the artist hubs and the social integration with Google+ make it compelling.

App Uses Your Webcam to Detect Your Heart and Breathing Rates
A new iOS app tries to monitor your heart rate and breathing rate using nothing but the iPad 2's camera.

Acer Boosts Specs for its Aspire S3 Ultrabook to Better Compete with the MacBook Air
The new Acer Aspire S3 pricetag rises to $1299, about the same as the Macbook Air.

The Cloud, Day 6: Working with Microsoft Office Web Apps
For today's 30 Days With the Cloud post I looking at Microsoft Office Web apps, and deciding which cloud productivity platform to use from here forward.

Add a Tabbed E-Mail View to Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft has always been late to the tab party, but OutlookTabs brings this sorely needed feature to the popular mail client/information manager.

Modern Warfare 3 Has Best 5-Day Sales in History of Known Universe
Military-angled first-person shooter beats all other entertainment five-day sales records with mammoth revenue grab.

O&O DiskImage Professional 6's Backup and Imaging Work Well--And So Does Its Price
Drive imaging software doesn't get any better than this affordable program, which also performs file-level backup.

Is That Grinding Sound the Death of My Hard Drive?

Coming Soon to Firefox: Quick Background Updates
A new process being tested should make browser updates faster and smoother for users.

Android Malware Has Surged 472 Percent Since July
Research from Juniper Networks says attackers are continuing to become more sophisticated in the malware they write.

Facebook to Porn Spammers: We Know Who You Are
When Facebook promises to prosecute spammers, it follows through. Just ask the Spam King.

Why It's Not Too Late for Windows Phone 7
Some people believe that Windows Phone 7 is too little, too late, and that Microsoft can't compete with platforms like iOS and Android.

AOL Revamps AIM with Facebook, Google Chat Apps
AIM now features a seamless leap into video chat, and photo-sharing isn't relegated to URLs and text.

Build Your Own Tesla Turbine out of Hard Drive Platters
Vrooom goes the 15000 RPM Tesla Turbine made out of Hard Drive platters!

In This Experiment, the Robot Controls You

Carbonite Adds More Features in More Price Tiers for Home Users
Very efficient, affordable online backup service Carbonite now offers local imaging and courier data retrieval for an additional fee.

Seven Kindle Fire Apps for Getting Work Done
Amazon’s new tablet is obviously no robust business tool. But basic productivity apps can help you review email and more in between reading the latest bestseller.

The Cloud, Day 7: Email in the Cloud
Aside from writing, email is probably the most crucial function of my PC. Making the switch to the cloud means figuring out how to send, receive, and manage my emails using a cloud-based solution.

Geek Up Your Bike With Ethernet Cable Handlebar Grips
Show your geek pride and creativity by turning unused Ethernet cables into bicycle handlebar grips

Ultrabooks to Get PayPass Tech for Tap-and-Pay on Your Laptop
Intel and MasterCard have joined forces to bring mobile payments to laptops.

Get the iPhone 4S to Work on T-Mobile Without Hacking
Some ingenious modders figured out how to get the iPhone 4S to run on T-Mobile without jailbreaking it or hacking the hardware.

High-Res Lunar Map Lets You Get Up Close and Personal With the Moon
Astronomy fans, get ready to geek out: NASA has just released a super high-resolution topographic map of our favorite natural satellite, the Moon.

GeekBytes: Robot Rock!
GeekBytes is back, this time with a distinctly robotic feel. And of course, Lego.

Lego People Are Just Like Us On the Inside
What's inside a Lego minifigure? Sculpture artist Jason Feeney gives a look at Lego anatomy.

Task-Killer Apps: Will They Help or Hurt Your Battery Life?
Lots of Android users say apps such as Advanced Task Killer help save a phone's battery life. Others are convinced that task killers use more juice than they save. The PCWorld Labs investigated.

Robot Hipster Rides Fixed-Gear Bike Without Brakes
This amazing little bot rides an amazing little bike like it's no big deal.

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network: 8 Tips for Small Businesses
By default, Wi-Fi is not secure. But these best practices will help you lock down and encrypt your company's wireless connections, both in and out of the office.

Happy Birthday, 4004! Intel's First Microprocessor Turns the Big 4-0
Happy birthday, Intel chip! Intel celebrated the 40th birthday of the 4004, the first all-in-one CPU.

Kindle Fire Gets Rooted
Just two days after Amazon's Kindle Fire started shipping hackers claim the Android-based device has been rooted.

Nook Tablet: Hands-On With Barnes & Noble's Alternative to the Kindle Fire
B&N's Nook Tablet has beefier specs than Amazon's Kindle Fire, but it also has its share of limitations as a tablet.

Nook Tablet's Superior Storage Has 1GB Gotcha
Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet reportedly comes with a big gotcha: only 1GB of storage will be available for content that doesn't come from B&N.

RIAA Demands ReDigi Stop Sales of 'Used' Tunes
The RIAA has turned its sights on ReDigi, a "used digital music store" that allows users to buy and sell "pre-owned" music.

How to Use Twitter for Customer Support
Twitter can be one of your most effective tools for finding and helping troubled customers. Here’s how to make it work for your company.

Fixes for Outlook General Failure Error, Unwanted Windows Reboots
Here's a potential fix for the dreaded Outlook General Failure error, plus how to keep Windows from automatically rebooting after an update.

Getting Started With Google’s New Music Store
The Google music store, announced Wednesday, provides an good iTunes alternative to Android users and music fans alike.

Flip a Coin or Roll a Die With RandomMagic
Can't make a decision? Let RandomMagic help you decide.

How to Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster
Looking to slash your Windows PC's boot time to the bone? We'll show you how we made one system boot 30 percent faster--without any hardware upgrades.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Ships Early
The tablet is arriving two days ahead of schedule for people who ordered it for in-store pick up and home delivery.

HP Folio Ultrabook Designed with Business in Mind
The HP Folio is an ultrabook designed to attract the attention of IT admins and business users that need security and flexibility to go along with the portability.

Asus Zenbook UX31E: Supersleek Ultrabook With a Crummy Touchpad
The Zenbook UX31E would be almost perfect if not for its less-than-ideal touchpad.

HP Launches Its First Ultrabook, the $900 HP Folio
HP‘s first ultrabook, a 13.3-inch super-thin laptop dubbed the HP Folio, officially joined the ultrabook fray.

CyanogenMod 9 Coming in January, Will Bring Tasty Hacking to Ice Cream Sandwich
CyanogenMod announces that their version 9 hack for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming next January.

Facebook Porn Spam Attack: How to Protect Yourself
There are three simple steps to attempt to make your account secure again if you were a victim of the malware attack.

Nokia Plans Windows 8 Tablet by June 2012
Nokia plans to introduce a tablet PC based on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system next year, the Nokia’s French division manager let slip in an interview.

Tear Down of Amazon's Kindle Fire Shows Texas Instruments Dominates Guts
iFixit tear down of Amazon's Kindle Fire reveals that Texas Instruments powers much of the most important aspects of the tablet.

Zelda Skyward Sword Gets Rare Perfect Score in Famitsu
Legendary Japanese game mag gives The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii a perfect 40 out of 40.

Smartphone Battery Breakthrough Coming … In 3 to 5 Years
The wait may be long but the promised payoff is good: Week-long phone battery life and 15-minute recharge times.

Computer Chip Mimics Human Brain, Still Can't Love You Back
Researchers at MIT have created a clever little chip that's capable of creating a human-like supercomputer.

Boxee Live TV: Another Way to Stick It to the (Cable) Man
Boxee Live TV lets you import shows from local broadcast stations.

New Apple Patent Hints at MacBook-Tablet Hybrid
Apple receives a patent for a MacBook with a cellular antenna and a rotating display--showing planning for the next wave of mobile devices and the Intel Ultrabook invasion.

22 Million Workers Used Social Networks to Land Their Current Job
Social networks are no longer just for poking friends. They're also for job-hunting!

Geek Bytes: Camera Obscura
Today's Geek Bytes looks at some pretty cool camera hacks and gadgets to get you snapping.

How to Play Classic PC Games in Windows 7
Classic PC games only get better with age--but without the right tricks and tweaks, they won't run on your Windows 7 PC. Here's how to make your favorite old games work on your current computer.

Is Yelp Fair to Businesses?
A recent Harvard Business School study shows that positive Yelp reviews pump up revenue. But negative reviews--legitimate or not--can be even more potent, and businesses often have little defense.

Try OpenSUSE Linux 12.1 for Stability and Flexibility
Four desktop environments are at users' disposal in the brand-new major release of this popular Linux distribution.

Downloads Digest: Carbonite 5, Fade In, AeroFS, Cloud9 IDE, Studio One Artist
The five most recently reviewed files include screenplay software, a fabulous file-sync program in invitation-only beta, a promising IDE that needs some work, and a music and audio recording program.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Review Roundup
Let's all do the animus one last time, says Ubisoft Montreal, in its wrap-up of assassin Ezio Auditore's saga.

Lenovo IdeaPad U300s: Light, Luxurious
The IdeaPad U300s isn't the fastest Ultrabook we've tested, and ports are minimal, but style and ergonomics make up for a lot.

HTC Amaze 4G Review: Impressive Camera Phone

RIM Releases BlackBerry Bold 9790, Curve 9380
The unveiling of the phones was somewhat overshadowed by a leaked image showing a purported next-generation BlackBerry smartphone called the London.

Amazon Kindle Fire Misfires
The Kindle Fire will appeal to those who buy books, videos, and music at Amazon, but it will frustrate those looking for a more versatile slate.

Apple Urged to Cut iPad Prices to Maintain Sales Growth
An analyst is forecasting sales trouble ahead for the iPad if Apple doesn't reduce the price of its popular one-panel slate.

Lighter, More Efficient Solar Cells Look Like Your Retina
A new nanomaterial improves the absorption rate of solar cells across the entire visible spectrum.

Google Offers Opt-Out for Wi-Fi Location Database
Google landed in hot water last year when its Street View cars collected Web browsing and communication data from Wi-Fi networks without password protection.

Adobe Touch Apps Promise Creative Power for Android Tablets
These six new apps from Adobe expand graphics creation and editing for Android tablets, while integrating with Creative Suite desktop software.

Is Grouponicus for the Rest of Us?
Holiday deals such as Grouponicus make sense for certain types of businesses. Here’s how to plan a savvy holiday daily deal that won't break your bottom line.

Windows 8 to Reduce Need for Restarting After Updates
Microsoft says its new OS will require one restart on the second Tuesday of every month -- a day also known as Patch Tuesday.

Hackers Crack Siri; Android Version, Flying Pigs Possible?
A group of developers found a way to reverse engineer Siri, and says that a port to Android might be doable.

How to Remove Malware From Your Windows PC
Has a malware infection taken your PC hostage? Here's how to clean it out and restore your PC to a pristine state.

Easy Setup Marks Western Digital's New NAS Box
WD returns to the small-business NAS market with a 4-bay box that merits a look if you're considering a new network-attached storage system.

Social Network Users' Main Focus is Staying in Touch
Of the more than 2,200 participants in a Pew survey, 67 percent said the major reason they use social networks is to stay in touch with current friends.

Netflix Goes Android-First with Tablet App Redesign
Netflix's move was probably prompted by the debut of the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet as well as Amazon streaming video service, which competes with Netflix.

U.S. Department of Justice Seeks Law Against Lying Online
The feds want to right Internet wrongs but privacy advocates worry that the solution sought is too broad.

Lab Tested: Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition
Intel's latest Extreme Edition CPU is a worthy successor to the throne, but this $1000 processor is strictly for the enthusiast set.

iTunes Match First Look: Apple's New Music Service Not So Hot
iTunes Match has finally arrived...and it's got some flaws.

GeekBytes: Android and Lasers and Snakes, Oh My!
Looking for a concise way of getting exciting geeky extras? Look no further than GeekBytes! Today, everything is supersizing...

SpectorSoft Provides Peace of Mind for Working Parents
SpectorSoft has introduced a new feature for eBlaster Mobile that lets working parents keep track of where their kids are.

Tablet Shipments to Hit 55M this Year, Continue Explosive Growth
Juniper Research estimates that tablet shipments will increase from 17.6 million tablets in 2010 to 55.2 million this year and reach 253 million units in 2016.

J-2X Rocket: What's Next in NASA Spaceflight
NASA recently tested a safer successor engine to the Saturn V J-2's; NASA also plans unmanned orbital testing of the Orion space capsule and manned deep space missions.

Tablets Top Holiday Wishlists This Year, Says Survey
Planning to give a laptop as a holiday gift? Maybe you should pick up a tablet, instead.

How to Build a Powerhouse PC Worthy of Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition
If you're willing to pay for premium components, it's easier than ever to build a performance PC that can handle games, movies, and heavy-duty audio/video editing with ease. Just follow our expert's step-by-step guide to assembling the ultimate dream machine.

Kindle Fire: What the Critics are Saying
A roundup of the early reviews reveals an attractive lean and lightweight tablet on a mission to sell e-books, magazines, videos, and apps.

Get an Early Taste of Linux Mint 12
A brand-new release candidate offers multiple options for those wary of GNOME 3.

Five Tips to Avoid Malware in Mobile Apps
Malware is a growing concern for smartphones and tablets, and you need to know how to steer clear of malicious apps.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds To Track Blogs, News, and Even PC World
Artman clicked an RSS link and got a screenful of code. He asked the Windows forum for advice.

Samsung Exhibit II 4G Review: Solid 4G Phone for Value-Minded Buyers
Samsung's Exhibit II 4G, available through T-Mobile as the carrier's flagship prepaid 4G handset, offers great value--but a few quirks separate it from a premium smartphone.

Google Chrome Tip: Enable AutoFill for Fast and Easy Form Completion
If you're a Chrome user, don't overlook this awesome feature, which can save you a ton of time when faced with any online form.

Turn Your Digital Pictures Into a Photo Strip
Use an image editor like Adobe Photoshop Elements to create a novelty gift that looks like it came from a photo booth.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Hits $250 on Black Friday at Best Buy
Leaked ads reveal bargain prices for the Transformer TF101 and accessories, as tablet prices continue to drop.

Android MP3 Piracy Rampant Amid Google's Muddled Response
Google and the RIAA are in a snit over Android apps that allow you to download copyright protected music for free via Android devices.

iTunes Match Still MIA as Google Readies Music Shop
An Android music shopping service is expected to soon join Amazon's music in the cloud, while Apple users are left waiting for iTunes Match to launch.

Amazon Ships Kindle Fire, Touch Early
Advance orders make the Fire a bestseller before its release, which comes a day early -- while the black-and-white Touch debuts nearly a week ahead of schedule.

Microsoft: Look for Halo 4 on Xbox 360, Not 'Xbox Next'
Halo series developer informally confirms Halo 4 will be an Xbox 360 game, suggesting Microsoft's Xbox followup could be much further out.

Apple Battery Woes: An FAQ for iPhone and iPod Nano Users
Here's some help for users of popular handheld devices who want to cut to the heart of battery problems, software issues, and overheating concerns.

Robotic Ostrich May Become the World's Fastest, Most Absurd Robot
DARPA plans on building a military robotic ostrich that can reach speeds of 50 mph. That's right--a robot ostrich.

Google Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code, Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon?
The Ice Cream Sandwich source is now available for download. Severs can't seem to keep up with demand.

Adobe SendNow Adds New Tools to Simplify Sending Large Files
Adobe rolled out two new tools for SendNow that make it even easier to share large files with others without clogging up the email system.

Attackers Get Sneakier With Encrypted Malware
Malicious hackers in Brazil have for the first time created malware that uses encrypted blocks of code to sneak around antivirus programs.

Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet Battle for App Supremacy
Amazon and Barnes & Noble are both bragging about the thousands of apps available on their respective tablets.

App Developers Anxious to Tap Amazon Gold Mine
There are plenty of Android tablets on the market already, but the Kindle Fire is an Amazon product, and Amazon customers are a distinctly different audience than Android users.

Explore Space With A Spacecraft The Size Of A Postage Stamp
Space exploration doesn't have to be big or expensive, as one graduate student is trying to prove with KickSat.

HzO Nanotechnology Seal Keeps Smartphones from Drowning
New nanotechnology from Salt Lake City-based HzO protects electronic devices with a micro-thin vapor coating that makes them impervious to water damage.

The Cloud, Day 2: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cloud
You might notice that today is November 7, and yet this is Day 2 of the 30 Days With the Cloud series. My Dell laptop died, and it took me a couple stubborn days of troubleshooting before I realized I should just let the cloud do the work for me.

The Cloud, Day 3: Choosing an Online Productivity Suite
Since the primary purpose of using my PC is writing, the first thing I need to transition to the cloud is to pick a cloud-based productivity suite.

Tips for Taking Better Photos During the Holidays
With the right preparations and camera settings, you can get good results in tricky lighting during parties and family gatherings, take evocative close-ups of candles and other decorations, and get great group shots.

The Cloud, Day 5: Taking a Look at Zoho Docs
Moving on to the next online productivity platform, today's 30 Days With the Cloud is focused on exploring the capabilities of Zoho to see how it stacks up against Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web apps.

Kindle Fire Has a Secret Ingredient: Amazon Prime
The Amazon Kindle Fire may be an Android tablet at its core, but it has one thing that no other Android tablet has, or every will have--Amazon Prime.

$99 Touch E-Reader Pits Kobo Against Barnes & Noble, Amazon
Just in time for holiday shopping, rival e-readers jockey over social features, extras, ads (or not), and prices.

Facebook 'Idiot's Guide' Inadvertently Makes Case for E-Books
Writing a how-to book in a static medium like paper about something as dynamic as Facebook is challenging at best and at worst...well...idiocy.

LG Could Debut Google TV at CES
An LG-branded TV could help Google's ambitious effort to bring Internet content to your television, an undertaking that has failed to garner consumer interest since its launch.

Gamers Go Wild Over Latest Call of Duty
Activision Publishing says it sold 6.5 million units worth more than $400 million in the first 24 hours of the highly anticipated game's release, setting another launch record.

Apple: Original iPod Nanos Can Heat Up
The battery of the original iPod Nano -- sold between September 2005 and December 2006 -- may overheat, and that risk increases as the battery ages.

New iOS 5.0.1 Glitches: Is Apple Entirely to Blame?
Apple's latest iOS update may very well have issues, but it may not be the sole culprit for newly reported problems.

Spam Researchers Help Bust Global Cybercrime Ring
Analysis of hundreds of millions of junk e-mail messages identifies related scams and pinpoints likely sources of phishing and fraud.

Facebook and Privacy Don't Mix Well
Facebook is nearing a settlement with the FTC over privacy charges, but expecting a social network to be private is a little silly.

Cloud9 IDE Looks Polished, Feels Unfinished
Cloud9 IDE is a beautifully designed Web-based development environment that falls short on functionality and documentation.

HTC Evo Design 4G Review: A 4G Phone for the Budget-Conscious Buyer
HTC’s latest Evo offering is another solid entry in Sprint’s smartphone line.

HTC Radar 4G Review: Stylish and Affordable Windows Phone
With a chic yet solid design, steady performance, and an easy-to-use interface, the HTC Radar is an excellent Windows Phone.

Speedy Firefox 9 Beta Versions Take Their Place in Line
The new Android version of the browser is optimized for tablets, Mozilla says.

Stop Windows from Rebooting After Automatic Updates, 2011 Edition
You'd think Windows would refrain from this kind of behavior, but, no, you have to tweak its automatic-update settings. Here's how.

Sony Looks to Trump Apple in Race for Next-Gen TV, CEO Says
Apple hasn't announced a next-gen TV plan, but that hasn't stopped Sony from promising to trump Apple's TV efforts.

Skyrim Launch Party: 33 Degrees, Snow Coming Down
In which I drop by my local game store to celebrate Skyrim's midnight launch and discover it still snows in real life, too.

Air Control Review: Who Knew Landing Planes Could Be This Much Fun?
Air Control is a simple game, but it is also surprisingly addictive.

How to Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life
Tired of watching your phone die when you need it the most? Here's a collection of tips and tricks for wringing a little extra juice from your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 7 smartphone's battery.

Kindle Fire Creates Dilemma for Android
As much as Android might like to trumpet the success of the Kindle Fire, the Amazon tablet creates an identity crisis for Android.

Write a Screenplay Like the Pros Do With Fade In
Fade In gives you the tools to produce the next "Citizen Kane"…or the next "Mansquito vs. Megacroc."

Bionic Bopper Cars Are Life-Size Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
What weighs 850 pounds, is 6 feet tall, and lets you re-live childhood memories? It's these giant replicas of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!

iPhone User Calls 911 5 Times to Report Broken Phone
The computer programmer was found to be intoxicated and uncooperative and arrested by police; another case of drunken dialing?

Logitech Gives Up On Google TV
After software updates and price cuts don't help, Google starts looking for new hardware partners for its TV venture.

Apple's iPhone 4S Battery Troubles Now Joined By New Problems
Apple is facing new gripes that its iOS 5.0.1 update is causing more problems with the iPhone 4S including: microphone failures, Wi-Fi signal loss, and cellular network reception issues, according to reports.

How Do I Find Small Businesses I Can Buy?
Start your research at Small Bizeo, which helps you find franchises and other business opportunities available for purchase.

Swivl Is the Camera Stand That Will Keep You in the Shot
Swivl is a novel camera dock that works with mobile phones and uses object tracking to follow you in a video.

Apple's iOS 5 Update: No Battery Drain Fix?
Forums are still filled with complaints, suggestions and comments about ongoing battery issues with the iPhone 4S and iOS glitches on older models.

The Cloud, Day 4: Checking Out Google Docs
I need to test out cloud-based productivity suites to choose one to use for the rest of the 30 Days With the Cloud series, and I am starting with Google Docs.

Privacy: Will Facebook Ever Get It?
Facebook's imminent pact with the FTC gives the social network plenty of room to violate its members' privacy in the future.

What Smartphones Will Be Like in 2012
Look for phones with quad-core processors, NFC payment capability, and fantastic displays--but alas, probably not true 24-hour battery life.

How to Stop Telemarketing Calls to Your Mobile Phone
Many people are under the misguided perception that mobile phone are automatically off limits for telemarketing and solicitation calls.

Will Google Roll Out its Music Store Next Week?
Google has been sending out mysterious, music-themed invites.

Remove Hard-to-Kill Malware
Jane13434's PC is infected with something that three good security programs couldn't defeat.

iOS 5.0.1 Brings Battery Fix to iPhone 4S, Multitasking Gestures to Original iPad
Apple's over-the-air update for iPhones and iPads is available today.

AeroFS Could Depose Dropbox as File-Syncing Ruler
AeroFS provides Dropbox-like seamless sync without using any servers, so you can sync unlimited amounts of data. It's in closed beta, but the vendor gave PCWorld two thousand invitations.

Skyrim: Bethesda's Strange, Beguiling, Magnificent Dance with Dragons
In Bethesda's exquisite Elder Scrolls roleplaying epic, you'll play a game of dragons and witness a clash of thrones.

Asus G53SX: Monster Performance in a Monster Machine
The Asus G53SX is built for a very specific person: a gamer who doesn't care about basic multimedia functionality or portability.

Calorie Counter Review: Keep Track of Your Intake
Calorie Counter lets you obsessively track every bite you eat and comes with a handy home screen widget.

ArcSoft Perfect365: Free App Gives Instant Facelifts and Makeovers
ArcSoft's free photo-retouching app automatically removes blemishes, adds digital makeup, changes eye colors, and offers quick portrait enhancements for anyone who doesn't want to use a full image-editing suite.

How To Lock Down Your Wireless Network
Securing your wireless network is a simple process that costs nothing and could save you from a disastrous network breach down the road.

Mobile Users Want Privacy, Do Little to Protect It
Mobile users want privacy from nosy mobile apps, but only a minority actually take simple extra steps to ensure it, AdaptiveMobile reports.