Computing Center Sitemap - Page 20 2013-07-16

Hack Your Way Into Facebook's New Timeline Feature
Use this workaround to disguise yourself as a developer and gain early access to the newest version of Facebook.

Another Facebook User Revolt on the Horizon? Of Course!
Facebook's major overhaul unpopular with 4 of 5 users, according to informal surveys.

DISH, Blockbuster Announce $10/Month Alternative to Netflix
DISH Network’s new 'Blockbuster Movie Pass' service bundles streaming movie and TV with DVD and game by-mail options for existing and new customers.

How to Prepare Your Business for Google+
Here's what you need to know about Google+ for business, and why it could become a friendlier place for businesses than Facebook.

Nyan Cat Sneaks Into Spotify's Latest Update
Spotify may have partnered with Facebook, but that's not stopping the service having Pop Tart cat fun!

Blockbuster Movie Pass Wants to Compete with Netflix
Netflix has lost the support of some customers with its new pricing plans. Can the new Dish Network/Blockbuster video plan woo them away?

Super Smash Land: A Game Boy-Style Smash Bros. Tribute
Check out this awesome Game Boy style remake of Super Smash Brothers, and prepare yourself for gaming nostalgia.

Urgent: Patch Adobe Flash to Protect against Zero-Day Exploit
Adobe released a critical update for Flash Player today that patches a zero-day security flaw currently being exploited in the wild.

Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?
Atrrocket asked if it's best to shut off a PC every night or leave it on

Windows 8 Boot Screens Get a Classy New Look
Windows 8 has a whole new boot-screen interface that is actually nice to look at.

Sony Bravia 46HX820 LED HDTV Review: Great Quality, Slightly Pricey
The Bravia 46HX820 is a good performer, has lots of options, and looks amazing.

Hands On With the Nikon 1 J1
Nikon is the latest big-name camera maker to offer a mirrorless interchangeable-lens lineup. Here's how the new Nikon 1 J1 camera held up in our hands-on tests.

Facebook Integrated Real Time Media Fires Significant Blow Against Google
At today's Facebook developers' conference, the reigning social networking champ lets fly with new features that only a service with its maturity, history, and large membership could offer.

Al Gore Says New iPhones to Launch in October
PCWorld tracks down reports of Vice President Al Gore spilling the beans on Apple's anticipated October launch of a new iPhone.

LG Infinia 50PZ950 Plasma HDTV Review: Big and Beautiful, but a Bit Complicated
The Infinia 50PZ950 features good picture quality, excellent 3D, and tons of Internet options, but it's not for everyone.

Google Gmail for Mobile Adds Multiple Account Log-Ins, Tweaks Other Features
The mobile version of Gmail, Google's email program, for Android and iOS devices now allows email signatures, vacation notifications.

Save Money on Cell Service With Prepaid Smartphones
Eager to get a new smartphone but unwilling to pay full price? Here are our tips for choosing a prepaid smartphone that fits your needs--and your budget.

Mechatronic Security Robot is Remarkably Formidable
This fully armored robot is decked out with ultrasonic sensors, a turret gun, and unique wheels that can move the bot in any direction, any time.

Watch Facebook's f8 Keynote Live
Several new features and tweaks are expected to be announced at f8. You can watch the event through your Web browser or an Android or iPhone app.

YouTube Adds 2D-to-3D Conversion Tool
The software turns any 2D video uploaded by a users into a 3D film with the click of a button.

Hate the New Facebook? Here's How to Change It
Not a fan of the recent Facebook redesign? A handy freebie Chrome extension will do away with some of the changes.

'World's Smallest Camera' Goes on Sale
Hammacher Schlemmer's miniature digicam is small enough to rest on a finger, measuring 1.125 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1.062 inches deep.

Sony's 'No-Sue' Defense: AT&T Got Away with It, So We Can Too
Sony's says defense of 'no litigation' clause in PlayStation Network terms of service is because U.S. Supreme Court considers language 'enforceable'.

Web-based application Nimble combines contact management with social networking, to enable building business relationships.

University of Utah Develops a Wireless Network That Monitors Breathing Rates
University of Utah engineers develop a wireless network that can be used to monitor the breathing rate of hospital patients.

NetbootCD: A Handy Tool for Managing Multiple Linux Distributions
Why mess with multiple CDs to keep your Linux versions up to date? NetbootCD can take care of seven in one.

Mozilla Answers Business Users with a Slower Firefox Schedule
A new proposal calls for Mozilla to offer Extended Support Release versions of desktop Firefox for enterprises, with new releases only every 30 weeks.

Facebook Adds Timeline Feature and Supercharges Apps
Facebook releases Timeline feature to chart your life and supercharges apps allowing you to share "all of your life" activities with friends.

SNL's Andy Samberg Opens F8 Keynote with 'Zuck Dawg' Impersonation

Facebook Worker Tweets About Music Service Before Expected Debut
Facebook's creative director referred to the service as 'Listen with your friend.' It's expected to be unveiled at the company's f8 developers' conference.

Screw It: AudioBulb Wireless Speaker System as Easy as Twisting in Light Bulbs
GiiNii’s AudioBulb, a wireless speaker in the shell of an LED light bulb, installs quickly into any lamp or light fixture. Link a couple with an AudioBulb base station and you have an instant home wireless speaker system.

Will Windows 8 PCs Shut the Door on Linux?
A secure boot protocol in Microsoft's new operating system threatens to prevent Linux and other unsigned software from running on Windows 8-certified machines.

AOC Intros 16-Inch Portable Display for Laptop Users
Can't stand your laptop's tiny screen? Try AOC's new 16-inch portable monitor.

Google+, Day 30: Can Google+ Compete with Facebook?
Google+ is now open to the public, and now it's "game on" in the battle between Google and Facebook for social network supremacy.

Four Reasons You Should Use Google+ Hangouts and 'Huddles'
Google has launched some major updates for Google+ Hangouts and 'Huddles' (now called Messenger) that make the Google social network an attractive platform for business communication and collaboration.

Facial Recognition Technology: Facebook Photo Matching Is Just the Start
As facial recognition tech moves into law enforcement, military use, and targeted advertising, and onto the streets of your town, will your privacy be a casualty?

Meet the Diablo III Public Beta, Officially Live Now
Blizzard surprise-launches the Diablo III public beta, including full access to the hack-and-slash roleplaying game's first act.

Rain-Catching Coat Is Part Art, Part Utility, Totally Awesome
This raincoat lets you go drinking in the rain (what a glorious feeling; I'm happy again).

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' to Arrive Within Two Weeks
The long-awaited 'Mango' update is coming...soon.

AT&T Unveils Global Text Messaging Plans
AT&T is offering its Global Messaging plans for $30 per month for 200 messages or $50 per month for 500 messages.

Samsung Galaxy S II Lands on AT&T October 4
The slim and speedy Android phone will cost $200 with a two-year contract.

Facebook Redesigns: A Long History of Pointless Backlash
The latest outrage over its redesign is just one of many backlashes that Facebook has endured, none of which seem to accomplish much.

Facebook Revamps News Feed, Annoying Users
Facebook has gotten rid of its two-tabbed interface, integrating users' 'Top Stories' and 'Most Recent Stories' into one big News Feed.

Lego Robot Replaces iPad 2 User for Stress Tests
Loathe to spend valuable development time manually taking 10,000 photos, researchers built a button-pusher out of Lego Mindstorm kits and a little ingenuity.

Blockbuster Plans September Surprise for Netflix
The company hopes to take advantage of the Netflix backlash by unveiling what it calls "the most comprehensive home entertainment package ever."

You Can Now Borrow Kindle Books from Libraries
Over 11,000 U.S. libraries are now loaning out Kindle books.

Troubleshoot a BIOS or CMOS 'Checksum' Error
If you're getting errors when you boot your PC, the problem may be nothing more than a dead CMOS battery. Fortunately, they're cheap and easy to replace--on desktops, anyway.

FAQ: Your Right to Phone Service During a Protest
Can telecommunications companies ever shut off your phone service? Can your carrier listen in on your calls? We put together an easy guide so that you know what to expect.

A Look at Pandora's New Web Interface
After years of the same Flash-based interface, the Internet radio service takes advantage of HTML5 to give users a faster, slightly more appealing experience.

Windows Phone 7, Day 19: Diving Into the Office Hub
The Office Hub is one of the key features that sets Windows Phone 7 apart from rival smartphone platforms. Today I am taking a closer look to see what kind of value it adds to the "Mango" experience.

Xperia Play 4G Review: Mobile Phone Gaming at a Hard-to-Beat Price
The Xperia Play 4G isn’t perfect, but Sony Ericsson got a lot of things right with the AT&T version of the phone.

Mozilla Mulls a 5-Week Firefox Release Cycle
A shortened schedule looks unlikely in the near term, but the possibility remains for down the road.

Adobe Flash Player 11 Will Have an Eye on Gaming
The final versions of Flash Player 11 and Air 3 will be released in early October, and the new version of Flash comes with a hardware-accelerated 3D rendering engine.

Apple iPhone 5 Release Looms, iPhone Trade-Ins Skyrocket
It appears that users believe the early October rumor date for the release of the iPhone 5 and are trying to sell their older iPhones now to have cash to buy the new one.

Google Faces Anti-Trust Accusers Expedia, Nextag, and Yelp Wednesday
Can Google stand by its' "do know evil" pledge? A number of leading Internet firms will testify at a senate hearing Wednesday that the answer is no.

Netflix Splits in Two, Adds Video Games, Upsets Users Further
Netflix to create DVD and game rental arm called Qwikster as company preps for streaming future.

Manage Google Accounts: Cancel Google+, Multiple Sign-Ins
Learn how to cancel an unwanted Google+ account, and to sign into multiple Google accounts at once.

Make Your Own NAS Box
Choose your own hard drives to add to these network-attached storage boxes.

Samsung Windows 8 Tablets Surface on eBay
The Samsung Series 7 700T tablets were handed out for free to developers who attended Microsoft's BUILD conference, but now it appears that a few people are putting them on the market.

FAQ: When Can You Capture Cops on Camera?
Can you photograph the police during times of civil unrest? At a crime scene? What are your rights, and the responsibilities of the police?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10: Facebook-friendly, but the Organizer Slows Things Down
In most respects, this is a great consumer-level image editor--but the image organizer should stay on the shelf.

Turn Any Photo Into a Pencil Sketch
It just takes five simple steps in your image editor to make a photo look like a pencil drawing.

New Patent Law Offers Few Pros, Many Cons
The America Invents Act doesn't go nearly far enough to remedy the current litigious mess.

D-Link ShareCenter DNS-325-110: Solid Two-Bay NAS Box, but Slow Performer
This NAS box has nice features and a clever case design, but it's pricey given its mediocre speed.

Adobe Premiere Elements 10: New Features Keep Video Editor Near the Head of the Class
With a new 64-bit version and keyframing capabilities unmatched by any competitor, Premiere Elements is the best consumer-priced video editor you can buy.

McAfee Delivers Comprehensive Protection for Mobile Devices
McAfee is launching Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) to help combat the rise in mobile malware and other mobile device security threats.

Windows Phone 7, Day 18: Productivity On the Go with "Mango"
It won't replace my PC, but since the smartphone is the device I have on me 24/7 it makes sense to be able to manage at least some basic productivity with it.

Don't Panic: The Netflix Qwikster Change May Be Exactly What You Wanted
Sure, Netflix modifies the DVD-by-mail service you know and love, rebrands it as Qwikster, and divorces it from streaming media. But don't lose all hope.

Gears of War 3 Arrives, Final Fantasy XIII-2 Won't Until January
The third and final chapter in Epic's Xbox 360-exclusive Gears trilogy is in stores now, and Square Enix slaps a U.S. release date on Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Verizon Sells 4G Android Phone for $100
The Pantech Breakout is an inexpensive alternative for those looking to take advantage of Verizon's 4G LTE network.

Patriot Javelin S4 Media Server Overshadowed by the Competition
Priced more aggressively, this decent four-bay NAS enclosure might compete--as stands, it's deep in the shadow of the competition.

Poker Site Ran Massive Ponzi Scheme on Players
Poker players' money was used to finance a 'massive Ponzi scheme,' alleges Manhattan U.S. Attorney.

Nvidia’s Quad-Core Kal-El Chip Packs a Hidden "Companion" Core
Extra CPU will help maximize battery life.

'See What You Print' Concept Printer Unveiled
The device has touchscreen capabilities that allow for image editing -- just crop and rotate with your fingers, and it prints whatever image is on screen.

Synology DiskStation DS211+ 2-Bay NAS Packs in the Features
Synology's fast but pricey 2-bay NAS box is loaded with features and useful software.

Little Mr Roboto set to take on Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii
Evolta, the little robot that could, is set to take on an Ironman triathlon in Hawaii

Synology DiskStation DS411slim: Compact, Speedy 4-Bay Network-Attached Storage
This good-performing NAS enclosure is parsimonious in its power usage and fits in tight spaces.

Facebook to Court Small Business with Free Advertising
Facebook is set to launch an ambitious campaign offering free advertising to small businesses to demonstrate the power and value of investing in a presence on the social network.

Wall Street Journal Social on Facebook: A First Look
WSJ Social aims to create a curated news experience where you read articles recommended by others, and to provide an easy way to read and share news with your friends.

Skype iPhone, iPod Touch App Has Security Hole
The vulnerability, located in the app’s chat message window, can be exploited with JavaScript code and used to steal a person's address book.

Cyborg Plants Render Humans Even More Obsolete
Researchers create plant-robot hybrids that can feed, water, and sun themselves. (I, for one, welcome our new photosynthesizing overlords.)

T-Mobile Won't Get iPhone 5 This Year, Exec Says
If you're holding out for the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, be prepared to continue waiting.

Twitter Checking Out Eastern Sites for Data Center
The microblogging site is rumored be looking at a facility in Atlanta, but other locations may be in the running.

QNAP TurboNAS TS-295 Pro+: A Speedy NAS Enclosure for Home and Office
This pricey 2-bay NAS enclosure packs in features for home and office use, and it's fast, too.

Sony Offering Free Version of 'DC Universe' Multiplayer Online Game for PC, PS3
Fans of DC Comics' DC Universe will be happy to know they can now play for free.

Many People Still Don't Know Windows Phone 7 Exists
Windows Phone 7 is slowly gaining market share, but a whopping 45 percent of consumers have no idea what it is.

UAVs, Modding, and a New Chumby at Maker Faire NY 2011
See highlights from Maker Faire NY 2011, including crowdsourced UAVs, a Chumby add-on for any HDTV, and singing sashimi.

Google+ Social Networking Now Open to Everyone, New Features Added
Google's Facebook competitor comes out of field trials; offers new features, including group video chat for Android phone users, better search, and better text messaging.

Consumer Wrath Hits Netflix Hard
Netflix has lost over one million subscribers since it restructured its pricing.

Hacker Creates the Ultimate Theme, Makes iOS Look Like OS X Lion
If you ever wondered what it'd be like to use Lion on an iPhone, check out this incredible iOS hack inspired by the latest version of Mac OS X.

What to Expect From the Next Generation of Game Consoles
Here's what we're anticipating in the next Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles.

Communicate Website Design Plans Easily--and Quickly--With WireframeSketcher
Java-based tool WireframeSketcher lets you quickly create mock-ups for software applications and websites.

Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation: Businesslike and Capable
Dell’s monolithic black laptop for professional graphics artists and engineers brings a lot of horsepower--and heft--to the table.

Sony's 'No-Sue' PlayStation Network Use Clause is Anti-Consumer
Sony attempts to cover its based by issuing a requirement that consumers forego legal rights if they want to keep using its service.

What to Do With a New PC
Here's how to eliminate crapware, install all of your favorite apps at once, and get your brand-new PC ready for hard work (or play).

Make Your Browser Start Screen Look Like Windows 8
OK, so this hack won't give you Windows 8, but at least it looks cool!

Windows 8 for Productivity? What We Still Don’t Know
Reading between the lines of the Windows 8 preview, there are many unanswered questions about how the new OS will boost business productivity.

Google Wallet Prepares to Launch: What You Need to Know
Google's mobile payment system could launch as soon as today. Here's a primer.

Move an Old Hard Drive to a New PC
Trill asked the Hard Drives, NAS Drives, Storage forum about moving the hard drive from an old PC to a new one, then booting Windows XP

Is Facebook Experiencing An Identity Crisis?
Facebook is at risk of confusing its users by adding new features characteristic to its competitors like Twitter and Google+.

Verizon Wireless Data "Optimization" Has Begun
The mobile services provider institutes reduced data speeds for heavy data users when its network is low on bandwidth, and its competitors aren't far behind.

How to Enable Facebook's 'Pirate' Mode!
It's international (!) Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day, and Facebook is celebrating with a hidden (and hilarious) Pirate Mode for scurvy dogs. Here's how to enable it.

Save Money and Get a Second Line by Making Calls Over Wi-Fi
These apps let you make Wi-Fi calls from computers, mobile phones, and tablets--and save your cell phone minutes for times when you need them.

Google's Senate Hearing This Week: What's At Stake For You
Concerns over Google's behavior include the company's ever-expanding business empire, how it deals with competitors, and whether it unfairly penalizes businesses that run afoul of its rules.

Beyond Google Wallet: A Look at the Competition
Google Wallet is finally here, but what else is coming?

Google Wallet: A Hands-On in the Real World
Google's latest app debuts today on the Sprint Nexus S 4G, letting customers pay for items with a tap of their phone--but some parts of the tap-to-pay experience still need to be smoothed out.

Printable Blood Vessels Are Here; 3D Printing Gets Creepy
3D printed blood vessels bring us one creepy step closer to 3D printed people.

Revo Uninstaller Pro
Revo Uninstaller's Pro version traces software installations for thorough removal.

WireframeSketcher's interface is not without its quirks, but it offers a rich array of UI widgets and excellent layout tools.

Windows Phone 7, Day 17: Taking and Sharing Pictures with WP7
It's no Nikon DSLR, but my smartphone is with me virtually 24/7, always available for picture moments. How does Mango deliver?

A Third of Us Would Rather Text Than Talk, Survey Says
Thirty-one percent of cellphone users prefer getting text messages.

Dell Latitude 2120: Slightly Rugged, Wildly Overpriced
The Latitude 2120 from Dell is a slightly ruggedized but otherwise unexceptional and uninspiring netbook that simply costs too much.

Why I'm Keeping My Facebook Page After All
I love the Facebook Subscribe feature, but it turns out it may not be the silver bullet solution I was looking for to streamline my social networking.

Get an Early Taste of Firefox for Android Tablets
The first tablet-centric version of Mozilla's popular browser is now available for download in the Nightly channel.

AT&T Leads the Way for Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango"
AT&T has revealed three new "Mango" smartphones coming soon, as well as plans to upgrade existing Windows Phone 7 models to "Mango".

Windows Laptops Redefined: Everything You Need to Know About Ultrabooks
The next generation of laptops is thinner and lighter--and may make you think twice about needing a tablet. Should you buy one now?

QuickBooks 2012 Offers Small Improvements
Intuit's popular accounting software for small businesses beefs up reports, adds a sales-lead tool, and introduces batch invoicing and timesheets.

Space Junk to Fall, But Don't Panic
There is a 1-in-3200 chance of satellite debris hitting a person on the ground -- odds that NASA says are extremely remote.

Facebook Could be Eyeing Deeper TV, Music Partnerships
The moves would be in line with a long string of feature changes since Google+ came onto the social scene in June.

Pongr Giving Cell Phone Users Way to Make Money
Its advertising challenge asks cell phone shutterbugs to e-mail pictures of ads to earn "Pongr bucks" and win prizes.

Google+ Releases Initial Developer API; FarmVille Awaits You
Google has finally released its API for developers, but it still has a little way to go before apps reach the same level as those on Facebook.

YouTube Video that Captured Senior Moments Goes Viral
A retirement community couple unknowingly records their attempts to use a new laptop's webcam, and their video is the buzz of the social network stratosphere.

Why I Don't Need My Facebook Page Anymore
The Facebook Page has served me well, but with the launch of Subscriptions on Facebook profiles there are easier ways to share information with the general public.

Seven Ways to Celebrate Software Freedom Day
Do you value freedom and openness in the technologies you use? Then today is the day to show it.

Classic Game Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall's Deep Gameplay Makes It Worth the Fuss
It's fifteen years old and it requires a DOS emulator to run...but Elder Scrolls, Chapter II: Daggerfall is still engrossing and entertaining.

Online Communities Carry Risks
Researchers say participation in an online community influences a person's financial decision-making in a systematic way, leading them to riskier behavior.

Windows Phone 7, Day 13: Pros and Cons of People Hub
Windows Phone 7 brings a fresh interface to smartphones comprised of live tiles and hubs. Today, I am taking a closer look at how the People Hub works.

Windows Phone 7, Day 14: Mapping With Mango
Not all mapping apps are created equally. Today I am taking a look at the Maps app in Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango", and some of the aspects that set it apart from the competition.

Windows Phone 7, Day 10: Outfitting My "Mango" with Apps
The mobile OS itself has to capable enough, but when push comes to shove it is the apps that I use to on a day to day basis that make or break my smartphone experience. Today I am trying to load up my "Mango" with the same set of apps I use on my iPhone.

Windows Phone 7, Day 11: Following In the (Wrong) Footsteps of iOS
Windows Phone 7 is unique among mobile platforms, yet it shares many similarities with Apple's successful iOS as well. Unfortunately, most of the similarities are in how the two platforms got things wrong.

PlayBook Software Update to Finally Add Native E-Mail
RIM shipped just 200,000 PlayBooks in the second quarter, down from 500,000 last quarter, when it started selling the tablets.

Windows Phone 7, Day 15: Xbox Live Gaming on WP7
A smartphone may not be the ideal gaming device, but it is the device I always carry with me so it is definitely the most convenient platform for gaming. How does Windows Phone 7 deliver for gaming?

Windows Phone 7, Day 12: Syncing My Outlook Contacts Is a Pain
Ouch. Why is it that Apple's iOS can sync with Microsoft Outlook just fine, but syncing Outlook with Windows Phone 7 requires Tylenol and anger management skills?

Facebook to Let Users Update Twitter Accounts from its Site
People with accounts on both Facebook and Twitter have long been able to update them simultaneously -- but from Twitter to Facebook only. That’s about to change.

Windows Phone 7, Day 16: The "Full" IE9 Experience
Windows Phone 7 "Mango" uses Internet Explorer 9 as its browser. It is the full browser rather than a slimmed-down mobile version, but can it really live up to the actual IE9 running on my Windows 7 PC?

Windows 8 Update: The End of Adobe Flash?
Microsoft says it will rely on HTML5, not Flash, for the Metro-style interface of Internet Explorer 10. Will your online video-watching be affected?

Tactical Combat Makes Knights of the Chalice a Tough, But Rewarding, Game
Old-school graphic style and challenging tactical combat define RPG Knights of the Chalice.

26-Foot-Tall Rubik's Cube Is Even Harder to Solve
Watch the massive Rubik’s cube being built for the Pacific Science Center day-by-day in short time-lapses.

Google Reportedly Working on a Rival to the Flipboard Social Magazine App
The social tablet magazine for iPad and Android may be called Propeller.

Archos Bargain-Priced G9 Tablets to Arrive Sept. 20
The French device maker also will release tablets with bigger storage capacities in October.

The Best Free Twitter Apps for Android
Which Android app will handle your tweets the best? We look at TweetDeck, Tweetcaster, and five others.

Why Windows 8 on ARM Matters
How system-on-chip designs may change mobile computing.

NASA Discovers a Tatooine-like Planet Orbiting Two Stars
Tatooine might be fiction, but NASA's Kepler satellite discovers a real planet that orbits two stars.

Windows 8 Presents a Cure for Bloatware Installed by Your Printer, Camera, Other Peripherals
Microsoft wants external device makers to create Metro-style apps for Windows 8 that would eliminate junk software installs.

Can One Save Restore Points?

Great Deals Give Laptop Sales a Boost
Laptop sales increased toward the end of summer as shoppers looked for back-to-school bargains, according to NPD group.

Nonsense: Of Course the PS Vita's Not Hitting the U.S. on December 31
Tech news site sees a late 2011 retailer release date for Sony's PlayStation Vita, speculates baselessly.

Are Mobile-Style Interfaces Leaving Desktop Power Users Behind?
The increasing prevalence of tablet-like user interfaces may be opening up a growing niche for less graphically focused desktop operating systems like Arch Linux.

Apps Created for Android, iPhone May Top One Million
However, it still appears that most users stick to the top 50 apps in either genre most of the time.

Smartphone Battery Life Could Be Dramatically Improved in "Subconscious Mode"
Researchers propose a new mode to boost your phone's battery life by about 50 percent by putting it in an "almost totally asleep" mode.

Canon Announces New S100 and SX40 High-End Point-and-Shoot Cameras
Canon’s new additions to the PowerShot line bring new features and hardware but no real surprises.

Free Internet Security for Small Businesses
Just because you run a business doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on security software. These free security apps can keep your PCs secure and your budget intact.

Shoebox Mario: A Side-Scrolling DIY Masterpiece
What appears to be a shoebox on the outside is really an awesome physical side-scrolling Super Mario game.

Why Sprint Offering Unlimited Data for iPhone 5 Is No Big Deal
Rumors are circulating that Sprint will offer its unlimited data plan for the iPhone 5 when it launches, but do the math and don't fall for the lure of the "unlimited" marketing gimmick.

Windows 8: How Microsoft's PC Overhaul Will Take on Apple's iPad
Windows 8's tablet support was the star of this week's BUILD conference. The new PC OS now stakes its place in the tablet wars.

Of Course Microsoft's Putting Xbox LIVE in Windows 8
Microsoft 'confirms' what everyone already knew: Xbox LIVE will be part of Windows 8.

MOG Launches Free On-Demand Music Streaming Plan
The free accounts will compete with Spotify, but will entice users to earn more music listening time through engaging in activities on the site.

Newly Leaked Accessories Hint at Look of iPhone 5
Case manufacturer Case-Mate may have leaked the appearance of the iPhone 5.

Windows 8 Gets Sad New Blue Screen of Death
The developer build of Windows 8 shows that Microsoft's next major operating system will have a new, and somewhat sad, blue screen of death.

Nyko Zoom Lets You Play Kinect in a Closet
Nyko Zoom, an add-on that maginifies the Kinect sensor’s view from 6 feet to 3 feet, is out now for $30.

Epson’s MegaPlex Projectors Blast Big Movies From Small Devices
Lights, iPad, Action! Epson’s new line of portable projectors make it easy to project huge videos or still images from an iPad, iPhone or iPod onto a big screen with rich stereo sound.

Why Your Business Should Run Facebook's Social Ads
Back in January Facebook revealed new social ads, which are now reportedly 68 percent more effective than their standard ads. How you can get on board to build your brand.

How to Download and Install Windows 8 on a New Partition
Here's how to download and install the Windows 8 Developer Preview build onto a new partition in your hard drive.

IDF Day 2 Recap: Intel's Medfield Mobile CPU, Future of Integrated GPUs
Read about Intel's new mobile CPU offerings, plans for further integrated GPUs, and more in our Day 2 coverage of the Intel Developer Forum.

Cheap Ink and Toner: Finding the Best Deal
An online shopping trip shows that national retailer Staples charges more and a website called charges less--but it's the deal around the price that makes the difference.

HTC Sensation XE: First Smartphone With Dr. Dre's Beats Audio
When used with Beats headphones, the Sensation XE automatically switches to a high-quality personalized sound profile.

NTI Media Maker 9 Ultimate HD Edition Review: Easy to Use, but Doesn't Go Far Enough
Although this video and CD/DVD/BD creation software is straightforward and easy to use, it lacks some advanced features.

Five Reasons to Try Joomla for Content Management
Now 25 million downloads strong, this free Web content management system has plenty to offer small and medium-sized businesses.

Local Deals Come to Amazon Kindle With Special Offers
Kindle With Special Offers users will soon be able to buy Groupon-like local deals.

Windows 8 on ARM Processors: Three Working Tablet Demos
Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments all showed working tablet prototypes at the BUILD Windows 8 conference. When do consumers get to vote?

Facebook's Subscribe Button: A Getting-Started Guide
Here's all you need to know about following the public updates of people on Facebook who are not your friends, and setting your profile to have people follow you.

How to Download and Install Windows 8 Into a Virtual Machine
Here's how to download and install the Windows 8 Developer Preview into a virtual machine on your PC.

PR Uncial Is a History Lesson in Digital Font-Making
Make like a medieval scribe in the digital era with the elegant--if somewhat tricky--PR Uncial.

Shaker Wins TechCrunch Disrupt Start-Up Contest
Shaker turns Facebook into a 'virtual bar' where you can meet and interact with new people.

Groupon, Other Daily Deal Sites Not Facing Shopper Fatigue, Researchers Say
The daily deal industry hit a bump in the road lately, but a study says there's plenty of opportunity for the industry in the coming months.

Can You Put an SSD and HDD In a Laptop?

Quickly Strip Double-Spaces from Word Documents
Tired of manually removing the extra spaces after periods? Here's a simple way to remove them in a flash.

Revo Uninstaller Pro Worth the Upgrade from Free Version
Revo Uninstaller’s Pro version traces software installations for thorough removal.

Jobs' Departure Hasn't Quelled Demand for Apple Products
Only 4 percent of nearly 2,300 consumers said Steve Jobs' resignation makes them less likely to buy Apple products in the future.

Windows 8 Will Natively Support USB 3.0 and Mobile Broadband Modems
In addition to adding new drivers, the new OS changes the way they look and behave.

Windows 8 and OS X Lion: How Do They Compare?
Windows 8 is far from ready, but the developer preview gives us a chance to see how it compares to Apple's OS X Lion.

IDF: Ultrabooks, Thin Motherboards, and More
Thin is in at IDF this year. Check out Intel's Ultrabooks, thin-ITX motherboards, and the new X79 chipset.

Goodbye Wintel, Hello Gootel: Android Phones Expand To Use Intel Chips
If the partnership between Google and Intel works, you could see cheaper phones. But similar deals for Intel have fallen flat.

iPhone 4 World's Thinnest Phone, Not Samsung Galaxy S II
The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that Apple, not Samsung, has the world's thinnest smartphone.

Will This Month's Reported MacBook Pro Speed Bump Be Worth Buying?
The reported speed bumps for the MacBook Pro line seem minimal. Here's some advice on whether to jump on them.

NASA Creates New, (Sort of) Affordable Deep Space Exploration Rocket
NASA has unveiled a new space shuttle, designed to explore deep space in an affordable manner (as space travel goes, anyway).

CIA's Next Mission is to Keep Prying Eyes Off Your Screen
The spy agency has invested in Oculis Labs, a company that uses facial recognition software to blur your computer screen when you walk away or someone approaches you.

IDF Day 1 Recap: Ivy Bridge, and the X79 Factor in Photos
Did you miss yesterday's Intel Developer Forum announcements? Catch up in our day one recap.

New 'Freemium' Cloud Music Service Works on All Devices
Flexible new service hopes to compete with Google Music, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Apple iCloud.

TechCrunch Disrupt Startups Show Off Small-Business Tools
Many of the products and services announced at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco are designed to help small businesses. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

This Lego Star Destroyer Is Made of 43,280 Bricks
Iomedes builds an 8-foot replica Venator Class Star Destroyer using 43,280 Lego pieces.

Steve Ballmer Tells Windows 8 Conference That Microsoft Is "Reimagining" Itself
In a surprise appearance at the BUILD Windows developer conference, Ballmer said the new Microsoft is focusing on new hardware, cloud services, new application scenarios, and new forms of developer opportunity.

Facebook Takes Lesson from Google+, Revamps Friends Lists
Facebook's new tool makes it easier to group friends into categories such as close friends, acquaintances, or work colleagues.

Japan Gets PlayStation Vita First, Rest of World Still Delayed to 2012
Sony gives the PS Vita a December launch date in Japan, says dedicated gaming handheld will debut with 26 games.

Windows 8 App Store: What We Know So Far
It's early in the Windows app store game, but it appears that Microsoft's store will have a Metro look and, unlike Apple's store, will allow free listings for established programs.

Windows Server 8: What We Know So Far
Windows 8 is the star of Microsoft's BUILD conference, but Windows Server 8 took center stage today, and for IT admins this OS is at least as exciting as Windows 8--maybe more.

Windows 8: Way Too Early for the Hype
Windows 8 is an impressive, bold move for Microsoft. But with the actual launch of the next-generation OS a year away, it's too early to say awesome it will be or how badly it will fail.

Google’s New Flight Search Service: Test Drive
Does Google’s new Flight Search feature have what it takes to beat established flight-deal sites like Hipmunk and Kayak?

Windows 8 Will Take Laptop Touchpads to the Next Level
New software and hardware combine to enable better multitouch than was ever possible in Windows 7.

Amazon's Color Slate: Tablet or eReader?
The eagerly anticipated device defies existing categories.

Windows 8 Tablet: Hands On
The first Windows 8 tablet, the Samsung 700T, arrives--at least for developers. What can we learn from it?

Microsoft Planning 'Significant' Ad Platform for Windows 8 Apps
As part of Windows 8, Microsoft plans to offer an in-app ad service for developers.

Laptops to Last 24 Hours on One Charge, Standby for 10 Days

Facebook Updates Android App with More Privacy Controls
The app lets users add privacy controls on posts, matching features available on Facebook’s website.

Store and Share Your Media--And View It in Your Browser--With Free 4Shared
Store and share your files, photos, videos and more with free service 4Shared.

Why Be a 'Pirate'? Use Open Source Software Instead
Business decision-makers who get their proprietary software illegally need to wake up and check out the free alternatives.

iPhone Accessories to Take Your Phone Photography to New Levels
Phone photographers, take note: You can add a fish-eye, wide-angle, or a macro lens; capture 360-degree panoramic video; or even mount DSLR lenses on your Apple iPhone with these accessories.

Fine-Tune Windows AutoPlay, Restore System Tray Icons
Learn how to tweak Vista and Windows 7 AutoPlay settings, restore missing system tray icons in Windows 7.

5 Ways to Dump Your Old Handset Before the iPhone 5
Your old iPhone or smartphone could be worth a few hundred dollars. Here are some ways to convert it into a video game, gift card or cold, hard cash.

Nintendo 3DS Add-on Joystick, 3D Video Fail to Impress Investors
Nintendo's pre-Tokyo Game Show 3DS event offered few surprises and failed to offset investor pessimism.

AMD Breaks Overclocking Record, Leaves the Competition in the Dust
What better way to show off the capabilities of a new performance processor than crushing a long standing overclocking record?

Windows 8 Preview Release Downloadable Tonight
Microsoft will post a Windows 8 developer preview release on its developer website.

Windows 8: Going In-Depth With Microsoft's Massive Update to Windows
Microsoft makes big changes with Windows 8, revamping the look and function, and adding support for the next generation of mobile devices.

Samsung Epic Touch 4G for Sprint: Slim and Speedy
The slim and speedy Samsung Epic Touch 4G is excellent for gaming, Web browsing, and watching video, but the plasticky design feels a bit on the cheap side.

Bitcasa Will Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage for $10 a Month
The start-up also says data that users upload will be encrypted and protected on their side, which means that no one, including the company, can access it.

Google+, Day 28: My Five Biggest Google+ Complaints

Windows 8: What We Hope to Learn
Microsoft’s BUILD Windows conference next week will signal the grand reveal of its latest OS, and we have a lot of questions.

Windows 8 Features for Laptop Users
The tablet-centric Windows 8 has nifty features for laptop users, too.

IDF Keynote: Intel is Carrying the PC Torch
Between 22nm tri-gate transistors, Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors in 2012, and future plans for the Atom line, Intel has big plans for the PC.

Americans are Drawn to Social Networks, with Facebook Leading the Way
Americans spent nearly one-quarter of their time online visiting social networks and checking blogs, and Facebook was their top destination, according to a Nielsen report.

Intel Pushes the Swivel Tablet
The chipmaker goes a step beyond the slab tablet with its Ultrabook campaign, but the concept has both history and existing competition.

Are Windows Phone 7 Apps Destined for Windows 8?
Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang speculated about that possibility, and if that turns out to be true, it could be a boon to Windows 8.

Windows 8 Breaks Down the OS Walls That Divide Our Devices
With Windows 8, Microsoft wants an Everywhere Operating System, offering access to all information and services across all your Windows 8 devices.

Get 200GB of Cloud Storage Free, With a Catch
Symform is providing up to 200GB of free online storage space, consider these major caveats before taking advantage of it.

Microsoft Demos Superfast Boot Times in Windows 8
Microsoft releases a demo video of Windows 8 booting in 10 seconds, thanks to a new hybrid system that mixes processes used in cold boots and hibernation mode.

Virgin America’s Techie In-Flight Entertainment System
The tech-forward airline announces upgrades to its current seat-back system, including Wi-Fi with multidevice capabilities.

Social Bookmarking Rises Again With Delicious Remake
Social bookmarking websites have been declared dead by the hands of Facebook and Twitter. But could a makeover of Delicious make the tool more relevant?

Why We Need Windows 8 Tablets
Amidst the cacophony of mobile operating systems powering tablets, here's why we look forward to the potential of running Windows on a tablet.

How Twitter Web Analytics Will Help Your Business
Twitter's new Web Analytics will make the microblogging service more attractive by quantifying results. Here's a taste of what you can expect.

Tablet Wars: Will Windows 8 Give Microsoft the Edge Over Google and Apple?
Microsoft's new operating system has the makings of a solid competitor, but much work lies ahead for Windows 8 tablets if they are to overtake iOS and Android offerings.

Windows 8: 5 Things We Might See At BUILD
Microsoft promises Windows 8 will "change everything." Here's how that promise makes us wonder . . . and worry.

Five Cool Services Unveiled at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 Conference
After the dust settled from the announcement of the conference founder's departure, promising startups like Bitcasa, Everpix, and Spool strutted their stuff at Disrupt 2011. Here's the scoop.

Super Pixel Bros Simplifies Mario Games, Just as Fun
Check out how one modder made a classic 80s game into just 64 pixels, with his own custom console to play it on.

Microsoft, Adobe Unleash Flood of Security Updates

Windows 8 Also Has Tools for Power Users
So you’re not a tablet-using, touch-oriented, casual computer user. You’re hard-core. Don’t let the eye candy fool you: Windows 8 appears to have plenty of good stuff for you, too.

Mindjet Unleashes Creativity with Online Collaboration Tools

Easy Desktop Launcher Uses Real Words, Not Inscrutable Icons
Plain English labels of your files, folders, and applications highlight launch application Easy Desktop.

Kickstarter Project Aims to Take Geocaching Into Space
Want to take geocaching to the next level? Check out this cool space geocaching project.

4G Tablet Showdown: AT&T Stirs Selection with Acer Iconia
Tablet competition broadens to Acer Iconia Tab A501 vs Samsung Galaxy 10.1 vs HTC Jetstream vs non-4G iPad 2.

How to Cancel a Google+ Account
So you gave Google's answer to Facebook a test-drive, and now you want out. Here's how to kill your Plus account while keeping your other Google services.

Make Your iPhone's Apple Logo Glow With This Mod
A new mod makes the logo on the back of the iPhone 4 glow, much like the logo on Apple's laptops.

Tablets, Phones to Surpass PCs for Internet Use in Four Years
According to research firm IDC, the number of U.S. mobile Internet users will surpass wired counterparts by 2015.

No, Heavy Rain Developer Hasn't 'Lost' a Penny to Used Game Sales
Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dreams says it's 'lost' millions to players who've purchased resold copies of its noir murder mystery.

Taking Dreamy, Misty Ocean Photos at the Beach
Slow down your camera's shutter speed to take captivating beach photos.

Geek 101: What Is Arduino?
Arduino microcontrollers are popular in DIY and modding circles. But how can you put one to good use? We talk to Ladyada to find out.

Watch Out for Rogues

Salesforce Alternatives: 5 CRM Services for Small Businesses
Is Salesforce overkill for your small business? These Web-based customer relationship management services help you handle contacts and tasks nearly anywhere you work.

Motorola Electrify Coming Soon To U.S. Cellular
U.S. Cellular adds the powerful Motorola Electrify to its lineup of Android smartphones.

How to Hire the Linux Talent You Need
Demand for Linux skills far outstrips supply, but these six strategies can help you get the right staff for your business.

Six Ways Amazon Book Streaming Could Help Small Business
Amazon's rumoured streaming-book service would be great for businesses, students, and educators. Here's why.

Amazon Preps Netflix-like Service for Books, Says Report
Amazon is reportedly in talks with book publishers to offer Amazon Prime customers unlimited access to a digital-book library featuring older titles for a flat monthly fee.

Zenonia 3 Review: Classic RPG Gameplay on Android
The third installment of Gamevil's classic role-playing series has lots of content and excellent graphics.

Are HTC and Samsung Sick of Google's Android Operating System?
As Samsung releases more phones with its Bada operating system, and HTC ponders buying WebOS, what are their plans for Android?

Amazon Kindle E-Book Lending Program: What It Needs to Succeed
Amazon's "Netflix for E-Books" lending program is still a rumor, and not popular with book publishers, but here are some ways it could work.

Build 3D Characters, Vehicles, and More With Carrara
Powerful, full-featured 3D design and modeling application Carrara has lots of existing models.

10 Must-Read Stories, Sites Remembering 9/11
These resources, tributes, and retrospectives are worth a look as you wade through all the news coverage on the anniversary.

Microsoft and Google Suffer Outages: Can You Trust the Cloud?

Google+, Day 29: Five Things I Like Most About Google+

Netflix Now Works on Android 2.2 and 2.3 Devices
The video-streaming service updated its app for smartphones running Froyo or Gingerbread versions of Android OS, but Honeycomb users are still out of luck.

Wireless Technology Firm Makes Buzz in Washington
LightSquared wants to set up its own LTE-based 4G network, at a cost of $14 billion, to address the burgeoning demands for air space.

Facebook's Self-Regulation in Germany a Bow to Stricter Culture
The social network agrees to a code of conduct to address German concerns about privacy and identity theft.

Windows Phone 7, Day 9: It's All About "Me"

Google Wants Seat at Dinner Table with Zagat Buy
The recent deal means Google no longer just aggregates content, but collects data and makes a judgment call based on the input it gets.

Freemake Video Converter: Still Free, And It Just Gets Better
Free utility Freemake Video Converter converts to and from any video format you can think of, and even pulls video from the Web.

9/11 Anniversary Spurs Hacker Mischief
Most of the nation will be solemnly commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attacks, hackers aren’t giving authorities a rest.

Miss Ultima RPG Gameplay? Storm Avadon: The Black Fortress
Explore a vast land and uncover a complex plot in turn-based RPG Avadon: The Black Fortress.

What to Expect from Google and Zagat

The Nintendo 3DS's 260% August Bouncy-Bounce
Nintendo 3DS sales roared back in August, but will Nintendo's $80 price cut be enough to pull out a winning holiday season?

Windows Phone 7, Day 8: Ringtones, Screenshots, and Other Pet Peeves

Google Music Comes to iOS as Web App
Still in beta, Google's Music Web challenges cloud services from Apple and Amazon.

How to Tweak Windows' AutoPlay Settings
Windows Vista and 7 give you a surprising amount of control over what happens when you insert various kinds of items, from DVDs to memory cards to iPods.

What Facebook Ruling Means for Social Media at Your Company
In the wake of this decision, should organizations change their social media acceptable use policies?

Monitor Sales Keep Plummeting as Mobile Takes Over
The rise of laptops and tablets has put a dent in the sales of standalone monitors.

Droid Bionic a Tinkerer's Dream
A screwdriver and nimble fingers reveal the guts of Motorola's new Android phone.

HP Rolls Out New Printers, 3D Scanning, Better Cloud Printing
Along with HP's new line of printers comes 3D object scanning and enhanced Web-based printing services.

Why the Droid Bionic Looks Great for Work
The Droid Bionic is here after many months of speculations, rumors and promises. Judging by how the features look, it will stand out among business smartphones this fall.

iPhone App And Attachment Lets You Record 360-Degree Panoramic Images
A new device lets you record interactive panoramic images on your iPhone with no advanced editing needed.

DSC DJ Sound Control: A Seriously Pimped-Out PC
It’s one thing to mix a touchscreen PC with some loose DJ hardware and make it all work, but the DSC Sound Control by PC modder Chris Blarsky makes it all downright cool.

How a Google Drive Revival Would Help Your Work
Google could combine the features of Dropbox with the apps in Google Docs to give businesses a powerful reason to move their files closer to the cloud.

How You Should Be Using LinkedIn: Tips from an Insider
For small business owners, posting a profile is just the beginning when it comes to making the professional social networking site work for you.

NTI Shadow 5 Review: Simple, Continuous Backup
Real-time, continuous file-level backup and syncing don't get any easier.

Ingenious Android App Allows Web-Browsing Over SMS
If you have an Android smartphone and a T-mobile unlimited text plan, there’s a new, free, way to browse the web. Smozzy Beta uses an ingenious hack to allow web browsing over SMS/MMS.

Will Ubuntu Linux Switch to a Monthly Release Cycle?
As a rapid release schedule is proposed, Ubuntu's community manager defends the new Unity interface.

Xbox 360 and PS3 Come Together in the Ultimate Gamer Casemod
A University of Portsmouth Computer Games Technology student put together both Sony's and Microsoft's home console, creating one ultimate gaming device.

How to Protect Yourself From Certificate Bandits
There have been two major Certificate Authority attacks this year--and the hackers are wielding fake certificates that allow them to masquerade as "safe" websites. Here's how to thwart the hackers.

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Windows Phone 7 Mango
The Windows Phone 7 Mango update, due out soon, looks enticing.

Dell Stuffs Over 1TB of SSD Storage into a Mobile Workstation
SSDs provide increased performance, reliability, and efficiency, so cramming as much as possible into a mobile workstation makes sense. That’s just what Dell has done.

Overheating Laptop

Why GlobalSign Made the Right Move to Suspend New Certificates
Here's what GlobalSign's move means, and how to evaluate a certificate authority for your business website.

New Point-of-Sale Strategy Boosts Service and Security
POS systems have evolved from the brass cash register to emerging NFC payments. But many retailers still grapple with the basics of ensuring secure, efficient sales and inventory. Here's how one store coped.

Hungry? Fire up BigOven Software
Keep a database of recipes that you can edit, add to and search through, with BigOven's website and multiplatform software.

Will HP Leave PC Users Out in the Cold?
The future of the company's PC business is cloudy, but it keeps forging ahead with new consumer products -- it's latest announcement an upgrade and price drop to the Pavilion DM1 laptop.

Windows Phone 7, Day 7: Tie Messaging Together With Threads

Check Out This Funky Atari Retro-Joystick for iPad
Discovery Bay's joined hands with Atari and plans to sell a groovy yesteryear joystick for the iPad that'll play games like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command.

Twitter Claims 100 Million Active Users -- Now What?
Twitter has 100 million active users, but here's what it needs to do if it wants to nab 100 million more.

Heat-Changing Pixels Camouflage Tanks From Infrared Sensors

IBM and 3M Stick Silicon Towers Together; Scotch Tape Not Involved
IBM and 3M develop a circuit adhesive to create 100-layer silicon wafers that could make chips 1,000 times faster. Bloggers react by using all sorts of bad "sticky" puns in stories.

Motorola Droid Bionic: Launch Day Briefing
Verizon's first dual-core 4G LTE phone comes with a 1GHz processor and a $300 price tag with a two-year contract.

Try Bodhi Linux for Beauty and Customizability
Featuring the elegant Enlightenment window manager, this free Ubuntu-based distribution lets users have it their own way.

Apple Silent on DigiNotar Certificates Hack

How to Max Out Your Windows Performance for $1000
You can't hit 7.9--the top score in the Windows Experience Index--without a load of expensive hardware, but you can get very close. Here's how to build a PC that gets you all the way to 7.8 for under a grand.

Google's Ice Cream Sandwich OS to Debut Before December
Google's Eric Schmidt says the next version of his company's Android operating system will be released in October or November.

Google Acquires Zagat in Bid to Boost Local Services
Zagat has been around for 32 years and is on the ground in at least 100 cities. Zagat's reviews will be combined with Google search and Maps.

Marty McFly's Shoes Are Real; Geeks Rejoice
Updated: If you ever wanted to have shoes like Marty McFly's in the second 'Back to the Future' movie, now's your chance!

Wait! Don't Rush Out for Droid Bionic or Mango Just Yet
There are some enticing new smartphones coming out, but don't make the mistake of getting something right now when the iPhone 5 and Google Nexus Prime releases are imminent.

Xperia Play Lands on AT&T for $50
The gaming phone will be available to AT&T customers on September 18.

Kindle DX: When Does the Fire Sale Start?
The Kindle DX is quickly being priced out of its market, so when will Amazon slash its price?

DisplayFusion Pro Makes Two Monitors Seem Like More
"Swiss Army knife" utility DisplayFusion provides a host of tools for working with multiple monitors.

Origin Genesis Z68: Crushes Benchmarks, Not Budgets
If you're looking for power and performance, it probably won't surprise you to know that you'll find it in Origin's latest monster desktop.

Rocket Bunnies Review: Bunnies in Space Make for a Fun Game
Rocket Bunnies features smooth gameplay--considering that you're a rabbit on a rocket.

Motorola Droid Bionic: Full-Featured, Fast, and Expensive
The long-awaited Droid Bionic is blazing fast and has a slew of great entertainment and business features, but the high price might make it a hard sell.

How to Restore Missing System-Tray Icons

Reader Q&A: Gmail Without Web Access, Too Much Security
Readers ask if they can access Webmail without an Internet connection, and whether using multiple security apps is a problem--the answers are yes and yes.

Single-Molecule Motor Spins 50 Times a Second--We Know; They Counted
The littlest engine that could (sorry, had to) uses just 18 atoms and a very rare microscope.

Intuit Announces QuickBooks 2012, Salesforce Add-on
The latest version of QuickBooks offers new CRM, reports, inventory, and invoicing features.

Gigapixel Hack Makes Photos More Interactive,
A postgraduate looks into ways of exploring photography even more with a hacked Kinect and Arduino board.

Four Reasons Ultrabooks Are Right for Business
They’re small, they’re light, and there are good reasons why ultrabooks are ready for use by mobile workers and small businesses.

A Game of Thrones: Genesis Gets Release Date
Game designer Cyanide release five new screenshots, slaps a release date on first official A Song of Ice and Fire video game adaptation.

Fujifilm FinePix F550EXR Review: Pocket Megazoom Has Standout GPS Features
The 15X-zoom FinePix F550EXR has GPS features and in-camera extras that go beyond the norm, but its image and video quality lags behind the big-gun competitors.

Square vs. Intuit GoPayment: Mobile Credit Card Systems Compared
Why mess with pricey merchant-services plans? These two options let you plug a simple scanner into your smartphone to accept credit card payments from customers.

Why Your Business Should Be on Google Places
Although it's too easy to report a business closed on Google Places, the service can help your company. Here's why you should get your business onto Google Places--and how to start.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V Review: Feature-Filled Megazoom Excels at Video
The 30X-optical-zoom HX100V may lack the zoom range and fine-tuning options of some competitors, but it compensates with futuristic extras, good video quality, and solid images.

Yahoo Has No Easy Options For Making Consumers Interested Again
The next CEO of Yahoo has a tough job ahead of them--finding nnew ways to get consumers excited about the ailing search engine again.

Social Location Services Not Catching Fire in the U.S.
Adults in the United States don't appear to be interested broadcasting their presence at a local cafe, nightclub or city park on services such as Foursquare or Gowalla.

How to Speed Up Windows 7 Installs With Slipstreaming and USB
Performing a clean installation of Windows 7 and updating the OS afterward can take forever. Save time by integrating Service Pack 1 into the installer, and by using a USB flash drive.

How Hacktivism Affects Us All
Caught up in protests, young social activists are committing online crime.

Six Big Windows 8 Features for Small Business
Here's a sneak peek at how Windows 8 is shaping up to serve users at work.

Researchers Develop 'Duplex' Wireless, Double Your Mobile Broadband Fun
Rice University researchers develop an duplex antenna allowing devices to upload and download data on a single frequency.

RIM BlackBerry Smartphone Forecast: Grim, With Hope on the Horizon
U.S. popularity for RIM products wanes. Will RIM lose the smartphone war to Apple and Google?

Windows Phone 7, Day 6: Let the 'Mango' Games Begin!

Amazon's New Look May Offer Clues About Tablet's redesigned website has a lot more white space, the messy sidebar on the left is gone, and the search bar is enlarged for touchscreen fingertip use.

Hummingbird Brings Your Bricked Phone Back to Life
Looking for some protection against bricking while you tinker with your phone? This bootloader could save you some heartache.

Droid Bionic Accessories: Which Ones Are Worth the Money?
The Droid Bionic launches with accessories for using the phone in a car, on a desk, connected to a TV, or as a laptop. We tried each of them.

Danger! Hackers Can Pwn Your Car

XXX Domain Registration Begins: Should You Buy One?

Quad-Core Android Tablets Expected in Time for Christmas
Nvidia's CEO says that manufacturers are working on tuning, performance, and optimized design, adding that smartphones powered by the chips aren't expected until next year.