Computing Center Sitemap - Page 32 2013-07-16

'Minority Report' Meets Kinect Thanks to MIT

All I Want for Geekmas: Alex Wawro's Nerdy Gift Picks

Samsung Nexus S First Impressions (Video!)

Printing From the Cloud Edges Closer to Reality

Is Mobile Broadband Ready for Chrome OS?

Star Trek-Style Bedroom Doors: The Ultimate in Home Improvement

Plasma vs. LCD: The State of the HDTV

All I Want for Geekmas: Armando's Letter to Santa

Intel's Mobile Foray Is Too Little, Too Late

Rogue Websites Exploit Flaw to Track Your Web History

WD TV Live Hub: The Best of Both Personal and Web Streaming

Improve Firefox Performance by Clearing the Downloads List
If Firefox is acting sluggish when you download files, try clearing the Download queue. It might just solve the problem.

Nook Color Froyo Hack Is Mind-Blowing--Literally

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced Eases Programming Tasks

Snag Deals with These Android Shopping Apps

WiFi File Explorer

Comcast Releases Free App for Android Phones

Casual, Unusual 'But What Was Yesterday' Wins Design Contest

eSports Update: GSL 3 Round of 8, Code S Rankings

Verizon iPhone a Reality Check for Android and AT&T

A $1.9 Million Stolen Violin? There's No App for That

iPad 2 Rumored for April so Should you Wait?

World of Patchcraft: Hotfixes For Cataclysm Detailed

Android Users Hungriest for Mobile Data, Study Says

Why Nokia Is in Deep Trouble With MeeGo

WikiLeaks: A Case Study in Web Survivability

Working Tron Lightcycle Can Now Be Yours, for a Price

The Chrome OS Notebook's Revolutionary Feature: No Caps Lock

Insignia NS-WBRDVD2: Middling Performance From an Inexpensive Blu-ray Player

Samsung BD-C6500: Great Image Quality, a Few Design Quirks

Apple's Biggest 5 Blunders of 2010

LG BD590: A Pricey Blu-ray Disc Player With a Very Large Internal Hard Drive

Panasonic DMP-BD65P: Media Streaming at a Reasonable Price

Wikileaks and Top Tech Stories of 2010 on PCWorld Podcast #100

Windows Explorer Tips: Select Files, Show Extensions, Rename Setup Files

Nvidia GeForce GTX 570: Power in Spades, and the Price is Right


Reinstall Windows Without Losing Your Data

Windows Explorer Explained: How to Show File Extensions
Although some Explorer views eliminate the need to reveal file extensions, the options is there if you want it.

Take Control of Outlook E-Mail With NEO Pro

Samsung BD-C7900: 3D Blu-ray Player Shows First-Rate Images

Sharp BD-HP90U: Beautiful Blu-ray Images, but Flawed Design

Toshiba BDX2700: A Connected Blu-ray Player, at an Appealing Price

Boxee Box by D-Link: Media Streaming With Style

Operation Payback: WikiLeaks Avenged by Hacktivists

Consumer Reports AT&T Slam Points Squarely Toward Verizon iPhone

Google Nexus S vs Apple iPhone 4: Fight!

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Launch Smooth So Far

Civilization IV Music Nominated for 2010 Grammy

Google Demos Motorola Tablet Running Android 3.0

Amazon Responds to Google eBookstore with Kindle for the Web

iD Software's John Carmack: iOS vs. Android

Humble Wood Stove Makes an Interesting PC Case

Google Maps Update Deals Another Blow to GPS

Apple's Mac App Store Will Have Limited Success

Chrome OS Notebooks Coming Mid-2011, Pilot Program Now

Will Verizon Pay to Keep the iPhone Out of Competitor's Hands?

Chrome Web Store Launches Today

Foursquare CEO Downplays Facebook Deals Threat

Are You Ready for the ‘New Mainstream’ of 2011?

iPad 2 Gearing Up for Spring Launch

Virtualization Boosts LG Android Phones

Botnets and Web Threats Take Center Stage in Security Report

Spotify: No U.S. Launch This Year, After All

WikiLeaks: Don't Shoot the Messenger

Google Seeks Users to Test Chrome Netbook

IE9 "Do Not Track" Feature Prone to User Error

AT&T Exec Responds to Negative Consumer Reports Report

How to Buy a Cell Phone for the Holidays

Sprint CEO Says WiMAX Bet Paid Less Than Hoped

Sync a Network Folder

How to Password-Protect a Printer

How to Print Coupons

How to Print E-Mail

How to Print Files as PDFs

Rename Setup Files So They're Easier to Figure Out Later
Developers tend to do a poor job naming their programs' setup files. Fortunately, you can rename them and they'll work just fine.

Frequently Asked Photo Questions for November

MSI Wind Top AE2420 3D: Excellent All-in-One Hobbled by Poor Peripherals

Blio Seeks to Redefine E-books, But It's Missing Some Elements


Create Disc Images and Virtual Drives With VirtualDrive Pro

LG BX580: Stunning Images from Blu-ray Discs and DVDs

Panasonic DMP-BD85: Mediocre Images, Annoying Menus

Are We Making Too Much of a PlayStation Phone? Servers Slammed as World of Warcraft Cataclysm Launch Looms

Google Chrome Netbook: What to Expect

Facebook Redesigns Profile Pages

All I Want for Geekmas: Jason Kennedy's Geektacular Wish List

Chrome OS and Netbook: 3 Reasons for Success, 3 Reasons for Failure

Nexus S Gets Official: The First Phone to Launch with Gingerbread

Facebook's Profile Redesign: A Tour

Facebook's Zuckerberg Plays Nice in 60 Minutes Interview

Android 'Gingerbread' OS Adds Mobile Payments, VoIP Support

Facebook Profiles Makeover Puts Focus on Ads

Google Nexus S: Hot and Not

AT&T Ranked Worst: What Does It Mean To You?

Can a Flashy 3D Interface Save the BlackBerry?

4 Reasons to Try LibreOffice

Groupon Nightmares (and How to Avoid Them)

The 3D Printer Revolution Countdown: Print Your Own PC Coming Shortly

Sanford, a Light and Elegant Serif Font


eSports Update: GSL 3 Round of 32, DreamHack Recap

Chromebook: Coming Next Week?

Master Your E-Mail (So It Doesn’t Master You)

Windows Explorer Explained: Easier File Selection
A little-known Windows setting makes it much easier to select multiple files for copying, moving, deleting, etc.

How to Print From Google Books

How to Print From a BlackBerry Smartphone

How to Print and Fill in PDF Forms

N.Y. Times

Windows Explorer Explained: Choosing a Replacement
Not happy with what Microsoft's file manager is bringing to the table? I hear you. Here are some vastly superior alternatives.

How to Print Digital Photos

Vizio VMB070 Portable TV: Good Display, but Not for Outdoor Viewing

How to Print From an Android Phone

Improve Security With AlwaysVPN On Your Laptop

Government Botches Case Against Xbox 360 Hacker, Drops Charges

Got a Geeky News Tip? Send It Our Way

Crazy Design Concept Shows a Levitating, Spinning Phone

Samsung Continuum: Two Displays Isn't Better Than One

Top Security Predictions for 2011

The Universe: Even Bigger Than We Thought

WikiLeaks Hounded Across Internet by Hackers, U.S. Senator

Mac App Store: No Demos for You!

Waiting for Winter in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Trailer Teases New Areas

How the FTC's 'Do Not Track' Idea May Affect Your Site

MacBook Air Performs Poorly Compared With Similarly Priced Windows Laptops

Rumors: The Mythical Google Chrome OS Netbook Is Coming [Update: Media Event Announced]

In the Name of Art, Wafaa Balil is a Walking Tripod

Pico Projector in iPhone 5? Don't Count On It

Hung-over Owls and A Few of My Favorite Tweets in Viral Views 11

Micromobs: Inside a Social Network Startup

Robert Strohmeyer Talks Top 100 Products on LA's KPFK Radio

'Natty Narwhal' Alpha Offers Peek at Ubuntu 11.04

Japan's Holographic 3D Soccer Dream Denied

Sony Vegas Pro 10: Advanced Video Editor Adds 3D

How to Install a Wireless Printer

Describe Your Files

How to Keep Printed Photos From Fading

How to Print From an iPhone or iPod

How to Fax From Your Computer

Identify Counterfeit Ink

Print Customized Business Cards

Advanced Outlook Repair: Reassuringly Easy for a Price

What Google's Search Change Means For Your Website

Prevent Your Data from Becoming the Next WikiLeaks Headline

Pirates and Traders

Protect Your Android Phone With Security Apps

Google Algorithm Will Punish Bad Businesses

I'd Buy a Halo Combat Evolved Remake, Wouldn't You?

Kindle, iPad Aren't Mortal Enemies

iPad More Desirable Than Galaxy Tab, Survey Says

Amazon's Wikileaks Rejection Raises Cloud Trust Concerns

GSA Victory a Win for Google Apps and the Cloud

Pirate DNS Could Hatch a Lawless Darknet

4G Smackdown: Verizon LTE vs. The Rest

Like it or Not, the iPad is a Kindle-Killer

Life As We Don't Know It: NASA Finds Arsenic-Eating Bacteria

Google Gets Tough on Copyright Cads

Google Search's Bad Business Move: Just a Band-Aid Measure

AVG Free Update Bricks 64-Bit Windows 7 PCs

Google Chrome 8: What's New, and What's Next
Google's just released a new version of its Chrome Web browser -- and the update paves the way for some big things ahead.

Process Credit Cards Anywhere: 5 Smartphone Tools

How to Quiet Down Your Printer

How to Reuse Printer Paper

Password-Protect a Printer

Windows Explorer Explained: The Address Bar
What is that kooky thing? How does it work? And why is it called the Address Bar when what it actually shows is folder locations?

Pantech Laser: Excellent Messaging Phone

Carbonite Online Backup: Impressively Easy, Impressively Inexpensive

Robots Don’t Need Us Anymore

Confessions of an iPhone User: Why I Don't Like Windows Phone 7

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Images Your OS...For Free

Internet Explorer 6 Usage Plummets...Finally

Motorola Defy Rooted: Great for Hacking Newbies

Verizon: You Can Thank Us for Android’s Success

Yahoo's Top Searches of 2010


Downloads to Lighten Your Laptop

Verizon Launches "4G" LTE Service in 39 Cities December 5

iPhone and Android Equally Desirable, Says Nielsen

Are Tablets Really Killing Netbooks?

The GPU Streamlines Video Creation

Google Editions E-book Store Launching Soon: Watch Out Amazon

PlayStation Move vs. Kinect: Who Will Win The Holiday Crown?

Review: Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse

Every Conversation I Have About Buying a Laptop Goes Like This…

iPad Tops Kindle in E-Reader Race, But Does it Matter?

Apple Expunges Antigay App from Store

What the IP Address Meltdown Means For You

HP Envy100 e-All-in-One MFP Prints, Copies, and Scans in High Style

Google's Chrome Web Store Looks Set to Launch

FTC 'Do Not Track' Proposal: Bigger Fish to Fry

AirPlay's Support for Third-Party Apps May Expand

Lexmark Genesis: A First Look

Senate Passes Bill to Protect Online Shoppers from Bait and Switch Tactics

Age of Conquest Lite

Top Secret! Keep Your E-Mail Private and Secure

Kinect Sells 2.5 Million Units in First Month: Twice as Fast as iPad

Comcast Toll on Netflix Screams for Net Neutrality

How to Buy a Computer Preloaded With Ubuntu

How to Print a Screenshot

Windows Explorer Explained: Make it Smarter
By default, Windows 7 Explorer doesn't show you all your folders, which creates a lot of extra click-work for you. Here's how to correct that.

Windows Explorer Explained: Tips for Newbies

Do 2.5 Million Kinect Units Sold Equal a Hit for Microsoft?

Massive Windows Phone 7 Update Rumored for January

EU Investigates Google for Search-Related Antitrust Violations

The EU's Google Investigation: A Breakdown

Want a Robotic Massage? This Tiny Rolling Robot's Got Your Back

Gettysburg Unplugged: NorbSoftDev on How Scourge of War Gettysburg Thinks

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Debrief: 2010 Beat 2009

Bacteria Beats Sudoku; NY Times Crossword Beware

4.1 Million PlayStation Move Units Sold Claims Sony

Building a Civil War: NorbSoftDev on Designing Scourge of War Gettysburg

Confessions of an iPhone User: Why I Like Windows Phone 7

BendDesk: A Multi-Touch Desk With a Curve

Amazon Charging Kindle Users For Free Books

Kinect Sex: Coming Soon to a Console Near You?
Hackers are already looking at ways to use Microsoft's Kinect for sexual purposes. Oh, come on -- are you really that surprised?

Playboy Releases Back Issues on Hard Disk

Top 8 Facebook Memes

Are the Aliens Coming? NASA to Hold Press Conference on Major Astrobiology Discovery

How Microsoft May Help Open Source in Court

Clone Phones Lack Customer Loyalty: An 80s Flashback

Create Customized Gifts With Your Digital Photos

Bank Online Safely

BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011

Free vs. Fee: Free and Paid Antivirus Programs Compared

Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0

Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.0

Keep Resource Hogs Under Control With Process Tamer

Windows Explorer Explained: Changing the Layout
The Windows 7 version of Explorer is both better and worse than its predecessors. Learn how to tweak the layout to better suit the way you work.

Avast Pro Antivirus 5

Comodo Internet Security Premium

G-Data AntiVirus 2011

Norton Antivirus 2011

Avira AntiVir Personal: Great Malware Protection

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

Avast Free Antivirus 5: A Solid All-Around Contender

Microsoft TV in the Works?

Hackers Release iOS 4.2.1 Unlock for iPhone 3GS

What a Google Buy of Groupon Could Mean for You

The Best and Worst Cyber Monday Video Game Deals Rated

Trend Micro Boosts Data Protection with Mobile Armor Purchase

8 Great Kinect Hacks

Why Android Outsells Windows Phone 7

Delorean Hard Drive Is Perfect For Time Machine

Ransomware Attack Resurfaces to Hold Files Hostage

MP3s Without Subscriptions Attached

5 Websites That Used to Rule the Internet

Avoid These Black Friday Security Pitfalls

Cyber Monday is a Joke, but Online Shopping Isn't

Apple Is Getting Desperate in the Mobile Arena

Mobile Internet Is Already Dominant, Survey Says

E-book Piracy Is Here. So What?

Google Earth Adds New Street View, 3D Trees

2010 Reliability and Service Survey: Desktops

2010 Reliability and Service Survey: HDTVs

2010 Reliability and Service Survey: Printers

Reliability and Service: Laptops

Twitter's Challenge: Personalization, Co-Founder Says

5 Cyber Monday Websites for Finding Great Deals

How to Drive Traffic With Facebook Deals

2010 Reliability and Service Survey: Cameras

2010 Reliability and Service Survey: Smartphone and Wireless Providers

The Tech Brands You Can Trust

Chopin Script Font Adds an Elegant Note

A Child-Safe Android Experience

Apple Cuts Prices on iPads, iPods, Macs for Black Friday

HTTPS Everywhere: Fend Off Firesheep With Freebie from EFF and Tor Project

Pirate Bay Guilty Verdict Upheld

Free Image Editors for Everyone--Even Experts

City Jump

Windows Live Writer Makes Beautiful Blogs...Even When You're Offline

Could Disposable E-Readers be in the Near Future?

10 Weirdest Celebrity Tech Ads

Windows Explorer Explained: Where to Find It
Now that you know what Windows Explorer does, find out where to find it--in any version of Windows!

How to Show Off Your 3D HDTV

HDTV Holiday Shopping FAQ

Acer Veriton VN282G Desktop PC: Lots of USB Ports, Little Performance

Send and Receive Faxes Without a Machine With PamFax

Black Friday: Hot Deals on Top-Rated Cameras

Majority of Americans Check E-mail Over Holidays: A Survival Guide

Lexmark's Genesis Transforms the Inkjet Multifunction Printer

HP Photosmart eStation: Tablet Meets Inkjet Multifunction

Sprint's Sanyo Zio: Android on a Budget

The Best Black Friday Apps For Android

LCD HDTV Motion Features: How Do They Work?

Cataclysm Patch Shatters World of Warcraft

iOS 4.3 Release Rumored for December

The "Like" Economy: Major Retailers Offer Holiday Deals on Social Networks

Google Fanboys Toss Eggs at Blurred-Out Street View Houses

Top 5 Free Google Apps Add-ons For Work

3D Printer Prints its Own Upgrades

5 Holiday Tech Scams to Avoid

Android Browser Flaw Exposes User Data

Google Wave Gets a Second Life from Apache

Ubuntu Will Begin Updating Daily, Report Says

Intel Is Dead on the Desktop, Says ARM Co-Founder

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410: Back With a Blu-ray Player

News Service Proposed by Twitter Co-Founder

Black Friday Alert: $89 Kindle 2

Samsung Mesmerize: A Top-Notch Galaxy Phone

Windows Explorer Explained: What is Windows Explorer?
You can't manage files or folders without it, yet many users don't know the first thing about using Windows Explorer.

Why Your Next PC Will Be a Tablet

What the Ultimate Tablet Might Look Like

Six Tablets to Watch

Samsung's Galaxy Tab (Sprint Version): Elegant, Promising Android Tablet

iOS 4.2 Bug: Lost Media? How to Get it Back

How To "Tether" Your iPhone For Free WITHOUT Jailbreaking
Last week, the Internet connection in my building went out for what seemed like forever. Really it was only three and a half days but with my ever-escalating habit, three and a half hours can be the onset of dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

The Games I'm Playing This Thanksgiving

Pixelpipe Post & Upload HD

Beta Watch: Bizzy and DooID

Kodak EasyShare Software: A Free--and Easy--Image Editor to Use With Any Camera

V3 Move 3DS: 3D Gaming at Its Smallest, and Finest

Seven Creative Holiday Printer Projects

Apple iOS 4.2: The First 24 Hours

LG Optimus T: Android on a Budget

Next Gen 911 Will Accept Texts and MMS

Tis the Season...for Checking E-mail?

Samsung Reportedly Sells 600,000 Galaxy Tabs

Apple Black Friday Preview: Where to Find the Best Deals

iOS 4.2 Includes Massive Security Update for iPad and iPhone

Google Takes Office to the Cloud, But Security Concerns Remain

Chrome Netbook Delays: What Gives?

Acer Brings Dual-Screen Laptop to Reality

Tron Gaming Mouse brings the Grid to your desk

Open Source Driver Debuts for AMD Fusion Chip

Vase Made With 3D Printer: What Can't 3D Printing Do?

Free Tool Offered To Combat Firesheep Hackers

Kids Want iPads, Parents Shudder

Fact Check: Motorola Droid 2’s Processor Upgrade Is Nothing More Than a Typo

Mozilla Confirms an App Store Is on the Way

Photography Gift Guide: Photo Editors, Mobile Apps, Tripods, and Memory Cards

WinZip Courier Shrinks Files to Sent and Received With MS Outlook

Fix a PC That Randomly Reboots
This can be a tough nut to crack, but in this user's case, mismatched RAM modules are the most likely culprit.

Holiday Buying Guide: Finding Your New Desktop PC

BitTorrent to TV: How to Watch Your Downloaded Videos in HD

How to Make a Printer the Default Printer

How to Use Less Paper When Printing

Reinstall Windows and Office on a New PC

Apple Releases iOS 4.2

Microsoft Flip-Flops on Kinect Computer 'Hack'

Asus Eee PC 1215N Netbook Review

Murdoch and Jobs’ iPad-Only News App: What We Know So Far

iPad Quandary: Buy Now or Wait for 2.0?

Netflix Streaming-Only Plan Arrives with Price Hike

Verizon 150Mbps FiOS Sets Bar for Business Broadband

iOS 4.2 Update Gets iPad Geared for Business

iOS 4.2.1 Jailbroken Long Before Official Release

ARM Gets Serious With 64-Bit Chip

MacBook Air Outperforms Most Windows Netbooks and Ultraportables

Samsung RF710 17-Inch Laptop: Capable, Attractive, and Unexciting

Motorola Droid Pro: Ready for Business, but Call Quality Disappoints

Streaming-Only Service Reveals Netflix's Shortcomings

The Ups and Downs of iOS 4.2 for the iPad

'The Daily' App Should Be a Lifestyle Product

Microsoft's Hand in Novell Deal Bodes Ill for Linux

12 Ubuntu Derivatives You Should Consider

Apple Readies iPad 2, Report Says

BitTorrent for Beginners

5-Minute Fixes for Windows PCs

Simple Fixes for a Problematic PC

Let Your Android Smartphone Talk Turkey With These Thanksgiving Apps

Easy Fixes for Networking Problems

Quick Windows Fixes

eSports Update: GSL Round of 64, DreamHack, Interview with IdrA

Fast Fixes for Office Annoyances

Gentle Alarm

iPhone: Still Most Satisfying

Harsh Digital Copyright Bill Stopped -- for Now

DCS A-10C Warthog: Photoreal Flight Simulation Without Compromises

Bandung Hardcore: Great Font for the Mosh Pit or the Gridiron

How to Scan Slides

Wirelessly Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to Your PC
99-cent app WiFiPhoto makes it so easy to offload snapshots and screenshots from your iPhone, you'll never want to look at another sync cable.

How to Make Your Phone Work With Twitter

How Can I Tell If the Windows Firewall Is On?

How Do I Know if I Need to Update My Printer Drivers?

The Paranoid's Guide to Facebook

Angry Birds Devs Angry At Android Fragmentation

Five Reasons to Give Kindle Books as Gifts

Free Black Jack Font Is Perfect for Party Invitations

Canon PowerShot SD4500 IS: A Flawed but Fun Pocket Zoom

Epson Artisan 725 Arctic Edition: Shiny, White, and Fast, With Cheap Inks

HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus: A Multifunction Printer Packed With Features, Speed, and Low-Cost Inks

Prepare for Cyber Monday Shopping Risks

Should Facebook be a Haven from Bill-Collectors?

Fruit Ninja

$399 iPads at T.J. Maxx: Black Friday Alert

Tablet Speculation Leads to Holiday Dilemma

Adobe Reader X Makes PDF Files Safer

How to Move From a Physical to Virtual Infrastructure

FireCore Brings Last.FM and Web Browsing Hack to Apple TV

LibreOffice Is Taking Shape With Third Beta

Ice Touchscreen Is Cold, Hard Science at Work

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Black Friday Deals Revealed

Nokia’s App Store Sees Explosive Growth, Still Sucks

Cox Wireless: What You Need to Know

Facebook Updates, Near-Field Communications, and 25 Years of Windows on PCWorld Podcast #99

Rumor: New Palm Mobile -- 5-inch Screen; February Launch?

Google Guns for Groupon

The Top Ten Top Ten Lists in Viral Views Ten!

How to Choose a Linux Laptop

RockMelt Goes Beta, Black Friday Starts Early on PCWorld Podcast #98

Print One Picture in Multiple Sizes

Zynga Launches CityVille, the FarmVille for Hipsters

Angry Birds

Get Text-Message Reminders of Shows You Want to Watch
Tired of missing your favorite shows? If you don't have a DVR (or a walking-TV-guide spouse), let Remember To Watch notify you before showtime.

MySpace and Facebook Planning to Make Joint Announcement on Thursday

Design Concept Turns Your iPod Nano Into a Watch

$99 OnLive MicroConsole Fits In Your Pocket, Plays Everything

Foursquare Doesn't Fly with the Air Force

Twitter Analytics: Measuring How Cool You Really Are

Google Apps Suite Gets 10 Times Bigger

Gowalla Checks in at Disneyland, Walt Disney World

Woz Bets on Android Over iPhone Long-Term

Fluid Dress Will Make Wearers Glow

Hey Call of Duty Black Ops, About Those Bugs

PlayStation 3 Gets Another Media Service; PSP2 Rumors Arise Once Again

LG 50PX950 Infinia 50-inch Plasma HDTV, $261 Off

Adobe Acrobat Shouldn't Be So Buggy

Why Tablet Computing Hasn't Been Big Business

Slew of New Business Tools Coming to Ubuntu

China Hijack Raises Concerns for Internet Security

Free Downloads of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'? It's Not Magic, It's Fraud

Myspace to Use Facebookers' Entertainment Likes

Baby, You’re A Rich Man: iTunes’ Beatles Downloads Cost More than CDs

Watch Your Back! Snoopers are After Your Data

Snapdragon Processor Getting Snappier

3D Scanner Built Out of Lego, Lasers, Awesome

Myspace's Facebook 'Mashup' -- Why Bother?
Myspace will now let you "mash up" your Facebook profile on But seriously -- does anyone really care at this point?

Dell Inspiron Duo Shipping in Two Weeks; Available for Pre-Order Now

Hulu Plus: Who Needs It, Who Doesn't

What Google's NFC Android Phones Will Mean For You

HP’s Zeen Tablet: Made to Complement a Printer, but Not to Stand Alone

How to Choose the Right Memory Card

How to Take a Good Group Photo

FilerFrog Lets Explorer Leap Into Action

Verizon's Fivespot: It Works, But International Roaming's a Spoiler

Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 7 Capably Handles Files

Google Voice: The iPhone User's Guide

Amazon Studios Launch Talent Search for Aspiring Hollywood Filmmakers

Holiday Free Shipping: The Fine Print Exposed

HP TouchSmart 310: Media-Savvy Multitouch Machine

Google Gets into High Fashion with

Harry Potter Movie Leaks on Torrent Sites Before Premiere

McAfee Reports Malware at All-Time High

Hulu Cuts Price of Plus Service to $7.99 a Month

The Beatles Are on iTunes, So Who’s Next?

Analyst: GameStop Has '10 to 20 Years' Before Digital Sales Eclipse

Spike VGA 2010 Nominees Continue to Embarrass Games Industry

PeeWee Pivot 2.0: A Kid's Convertible Netbook With a Grownup Price

Trade in Laptop, Get a ViewSonic Tablet

Artist Implants Camera in Head

Admin Passwords are the Achilles Heel of Security

3 More Reasons Not to Use Facebook Messages

Majority Plan to Work through Holiday 'Vacations'

Tiny Linux Kernel Patch Delivers Huge Speed Boost

Need a New Touchpad? Just Put Pencil to Paper

AT&T Customers Can (Finally) Get a MiFi

Google Docs Editing Comes to Android, iPhone and iPad

Desktop PC Buying Guide: Shopping Tips

Third-Party App Stores: Worth the Trouble?

Five Printer Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Facebook Messages: A Step Towards an Authentic Internet?

Android, Slow Down and Give Consumers a Break

Resize Desktop Icons with Your Scroll Wheel
Forgetting messing around with hard-to-find Control Panel settings. If you're a Windows 7 user, it's incredibly easy to change icon size.

How to Avoid Malware

Free Downloads: Fast Duplicate File Finder, Defraggler, TwitterBar

Find the 'Missing' Hotfix Link in the December, 2010, Issue
Sorry for the confusion, readers of the print edition! Here's the link that was accidentally left out of the Hassle-Free PC column.

How to Get Rid of Red Eye

NookColor: Barnes & Noble Makes Its Mark With the First Color Tablet Optimized for Reading

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: Nerfing? What Nerfing?

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: When in Rome, Climb Everything

SSC Service Utility Gets More Out of Old Epson Printers

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9: Feature-Loaded Touchscreen Camera

Photo! Editor Is Free and Functional, But Far From Full-Featured

Dell 2350dn Laser Printer Impresses With Speed, Print Quality

The Beatles and Apple: The Long And Winding Road

The Beatles and iTunes: Making Sweet Music Together

Facebook Messaging Rolls in Microsoft Office

Lenovo IdeaPad U260: Weight of a Netbook, Power of a Laptop

Facebook Messages: The Worst Thing That Ever Happened

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Carrier Prices Compared

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450t Core i7 Desktop, $400 Off

Youngest Black Hole Discovered

Google Voice Makes Reprise on iPhone

RIM PlayBook Interface Coming to BlackBerry Smartphones?

Palm CEO Talks WebOS Comeback, New Devices

5 Questions to Ask Your Data Center

What is the Dell Inspiron Duo, and Does It Stand a Chance?

iPad Shows Age in Blackberry PlayBook Video

PayPal Users Beware of Holiday Phishing Scam

Phishing Attack Targets Merchant Accounts

Five Quick Tips for Better Holiday Photos

X-Ray Body Scanner Hubbub: The Naked Truth

Android No. 2 Mobile OS: Apple Eats Its Dust

Amazon's Pedophile Problems Continue: Nude Pics of Children Appear on Site

Windows Phone 7 Riddled with Rookie Mistakes

Nero Refresh Adds in Blu-ray Recording, New Video Features

Yahoo’s Bartz: Yahoo Can’t Do What Facebook Does, Not Yet

IE9 Lags on Popular Websites: Report

5 Stunning Panoramic Views in Google Earth

Facebook Mail: 5 Questions About the Rumored Service

Facebook E-mail Is the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

How Path's 'Personal Network' Could Survive

5 Awesome Free Tools For Small Businesses

12 Amazing Productivity Boosters

Firesheep, Blacksheep, and Protecting Your Wi-Fi Data

BlackBerry PlayBook To Sell For Under $500: iPad Beware

Keep Your Hard Drive Defragmented with Defraggler 2.0
From the same folks who brought you CCleaner 3.0, this slick "defrag" utility beats Windows' own tool at every turn.

What's That Whirring Noise Inside My PC?

How to Travel Like Tech Royalty

Acronis Makes True Image Home 2011 Even Easier to Use

America Recycles Day: Disposing of Old PCs Responsibly

Anonymizer Universal Defends Against Wi-Fi Snoops

Micro Express NBL5100: Sturdy and Fast--But With a 32-Bit OS

There's Little Need For Windows Storage Server 2008 R2

Hacker Unlocks Kinect's 3D Camera, Augmented Reality Next

Path: Photo-Sharing Social Network isn't Very Social

HP's Slate Debuts: Who's Buying it?

Samsung Shares Galaxy Tab's Open Source Code

Froyo Coming Soon to Dell Streak

Facebook Announces E-Mail Service

China and US Battle for Supercomputer Bragging Rights

Watch Facebook's Monday 'Messaging' Press Conference Live 10 a.m. PT

Pros and Cons of Facebook's "Non-Mail"

Anti-Firesheep Trick Protects Linux Users

Comcast Unwraps iPad App

Build Your Own Vacuum Bot out of LEGO Mindstorms and Sensors

Storm of War Battle of Britain Flight Sim Looks Stunning

Facebook Messages: Our First Look

eSports Update: GSL 2 Finals, GSL 3 Qualifiers

Microsoft: Kinect Topped 1 Million Units in 10 Days

Android 2.3 Will Do Mobile Payments and Lots of 'Bump'

Top 10 iPhone Annoyances--and How to Fix Them

China’s New Supercomputer Is Probably World’s Fastest… But Not for Long

SuperEasy Audio Converter Does Convert Audio Easily

12 Android Apps to Replace Your Other Gadgets

Lenovo’s LePad Tablet Due in US in 2011

The Music Video of the Future and Rent That's Too High in Viral Views 9!

How to Set Up Multiple Users on a PC

Post Twitter Updates from the Firefox Address Bar
Ingenious Firefox plug-in TwitterBar makes tweeting as easy as typing in the address bar and clicking a button.

How to Set Up VPN in Windows 7

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