Computing Center Sitemap - Page 4 2013-07-16

Apple's Ping Social Network to Shutter, Report
Apple will shut down its music-focused social networking service Ping in favor of partnerships with Facebook and Twitter, according to an online report.

Microsoft Turns Xbox Live iPhone App into a Remote

Noteworthy Alternatives to Arduino
Though Arduino is the most popular microcontroller available, it isn't the only project-friendly board out there. Here are some others you should check out.

Want to Build Your Own Electric Go-Kart? Now You Can
An MIT student built an electric go-kart, and posted step-by-step instructions for all the world to see.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Nears, Now Up For Pre-order
The pen-capable tablet version of Samsung's phone/tablet surfaced on Amazon.

Verizon Share Everything Plan Could Boost Asus PadFone
All-in-one devices may be alternative to high cost carrier offerings.

Linus Torvalds Wins Joint Millennium Technology Prize
Linux creator earns top honor and 600,000 euros in recognition for the global importance of the free and open source operating system.

Ultraslim Ultrabook Laptop Prices Fall
Prices on new versions of slim Ultrabooks get closer to the price of standard laptops.

Amazon Prime Instant Video Adds Hundreds of Classic MGM Movies, TV Shows
Amazon Wednesday announced a licensing deal with MGM studios to bulk up its Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Free Zimbra Desktop Email Client Plays Well With Webmail
VMWare's powerful email client Zimbra Desktop could replace your Outlook or Thunderbird in the near future.

Why Google+ Can Still Beat Facebook
Even as Facebook goes public and nears 1 billion users, Google+ still has a chance to become a major contender if it simply plays to its own strengths.

Future Deep Space Missions Could Have Robotic Vegetable Gardens
University of Colorado Boulder students develop an automated garden for deep space missions.

Top-Level Domain Name Grab: ICANN Reveals Results
ICANN reveals its list of applications for top-level domain names such as .blog and .windows.

A Tale in the Desert MMORPG Takes You to Ancient Egypt
This unique, crafting-focused MMORPG uses no combat whatsoever.

HP Officejet 6600 e-All-in-One Printer Review: No Duplexing, No Dice
A complete lack of support for two-sided printing is a deal-killer for this otherwise competent small-office multifunction.

Swann DVR-4 2600 4 Channel DVR & Camera Kit Review: Supereasy Setup, Limited Range
You don’t need a PC to deploy this video surveillance system.

LulzSec Reborn Posts 10,000 Twitter Passwords Online
The leaked Twitter accounts are from people who use TweetGif, a third-party app that lets users share animated GIFs.

Siri Will Shakeup Apple's iPad Line
A voice-enabled new iPad will create a feature delta between earlier models that could impact pricing.

iOS 6: Cool New Features, Same Old iPhone
iOS 6 may be bringing some new features to the table, but underneath it all it's still the same boring old iOS.

Firefox 14 Beta Arrives with an Extra Shot of Security
Now in Mozilla's Aurora channel, meanwhile, Firefox 15 adds native PDF support.

Retina MacBook vs. PC Laptops: Battle Begins
Will the new Retina MacBook Pro rain on the PC laptop parade or inspire another flood of PC notebook clones?

Verizon Details Voice, Data Sharing Plans that Debut June 28
Verizon’s shared plans are aimed at eliminating unlimited data offerings from its service mix.

iOS 6 Already Gets Jailbreak Treatment, Not Ready For Public Beta Just Yet
It's only been available for developers for a day, but the latest iOS software instalment is already jailbroken.

Songbird Gets Social, Creates The Pinterest Of Music
Songbird launches a new website and service that helps you discover new music.

Google Chrome Gets Early Metro-Style App for Windows 8
The Metro-style version of Chrome is similar to its desktop counterpart, but it has larger tabs that are more conducive to touchscreens.

This Vacuum Backpack Lets You Climb Any Type of Wall
Utah State University engineers develop a powerful vacuum pack that soldiers can use to scale vertical walls.

Why You Should Be Excited About iOS 6
Now that we know what's in store for the next major release of Apple's iOS, let's take a look at why business users should look forward to iOS 6.

Amazon Cloud Player App Comes to iPhone, iPod Touch -- At Last
Amazon has finally released an app for iOS users of its Amazon Cloud Player service.

Want What the TV Commercial Shows You? You Can Soon Buy It Immediately with PayPal
Comcast, PayPal and TiVo Premiere are set to make it simple to buy goods and services via your television.

How to Save Money on Printing Costs
Please consider your bottom line before printing this article.

The Top 10 Proposed New Top Level Domains So Far
New website names such as “drama.Youtube” or “funny.LOL” instead of traditional sites such as are headed our way.

3D Printer Prints In High Resolution, Isn't Resolutionary
This 3D printer can print super complex objects on a tiny scale by using light to build objects from liquid resin.

Feature Showdown: Apple Maps for iOS vs. Google Maps for iOS
Apple is replacing Google Maps with its own Maps application. Here's what will change.

Mastering Your Camera's Many Exposure Modes
Learn when you should take your camera out of Auto mode--and where you should put it.

Engage With Your Followers With Freebie iTweetLive
iTweetLive is a free, but ad-supported, service that helps you communicate more effectively via Twitter.

Apple iOS 6 vs. Android vs. Windows Phone (Comparison Chart)
New maps, an improved browser, and a smarter Siri are just some of the improvements that Apple has announced for iOS 6. We look at how these new features stack up against Microsoft and Android's offerings.

Anonymous Sprint Employee Apparently Leaks Samsung Galaxy S III Training Videos
The clutch of videos appears to demo yet-unseen Samsung Galaxy S III features.

Twitter Promotes Hashtags in its First TV Ads
NASCAR’s 2012 Pocono 400 race helps demonstrate the microblogging site's capability to quickly search tweets on a given topic.

The 6 Best New iOS 6 Features for Business Users
Apple's latest mobile OS is official. Here's a list of the features that should make your work life a lot easier.

Google's Sub-$250 Nexus 7 Tablet Coming Late June, Report Says
According to reports Google will announce a sub-$250 tablet at its upcoming Google IO developers conference.

Navigate Your Cloud Storage Services With Otixo
Otixo is a webapp for managing all of your cloud file storage services.

PhilterIt Eases Email Overload by Separating Branded Messages
You want to keep your Groupon, Facebook, and other branded mail coming; you just don't want it mixed in with the important stuff. This clever service builds you a smarter inbox.

Tweeking Windows 7's Sleeping Habits
RisheekRajolu asked the Windows forum how best to make Windows 7 to go to sleep, and to hibernate, at the appropriate times

WWDC 2012: The Last Preview
At last the speculation will die and WWDC news will prove some fools and some geniuses. Until then, here is your last-minute rumor roundup.

iPhone Whale Emoticon Pillow Is Cuter Than the Fail Whale
Looking for a household accessory which will demonstrate your geek cred? Check out the iPhone "message whale" pillow.

Dual Core Processors Wasted on Android, Intel Claims
Two cores aren't better than one in Android phones, which don't take sufficient advantage of the technology, according to an Intel executive.

Neal Stephenson Kickstarts a Realistic, Motion-Controlled Sword Fighting Game
Author Neal Stephenson teams up with the Subutai Corporation to create an authentic, motion-controlled sword-fighting game.

Meet the mintBox: A New Mini-PC with Linux Mint Preinstalled
Linux fans worried about Windows 8's 'secure boot' technology now have yet another alternative.

Microsoft Does an About-Face on Visual Studio and Open Source
With the new, free Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop, due this fall, developers will be able to create open source desktop apps for Windows 8 after all.

Nokia Lumia 900 Phones Appear in One College's Freshman Packet
New Jersey college Seton Hall will issue every member of the incoming Class of 2016 a smartphone through its Mobile Computing initiative.

Google Defends Against Claims of Rigged Search Results
A recent blog posted by the Internet search leader came in response to a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece in which Nextag CEO Jeffrey Katz slammed the company and its practices.

Apple's New Research Complex to Have Massive Underground Auditorium
Drawings show the auditorium will include not only a stage, backstage, and seating area, but also a massive circular exhibition area.

HP Pavilion HPE h9-1120t Phoenix: High-End Features at a Great Price
The h9-1120t manages to pack four USB 3.0 ports, 2TB of hard drive space, built-in Wi-Fi, and a third-gen Ivy Bridge processor into a "budget" system.

5 'Evil Siri' Videos That May Make You Chuckle
This genre imagines the dark side of Siri, nodding to the Terminator mentality that someday the world really be taken over by computers. Even iPhone fans may laugh.

Another Breach Reveals Weak Passwords: Will We Ever Learn?
A comparison of harvested passwords from LinkedIn and Gawker Password shows strong passwords are still too rarely used, even among those online most often.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Review: Windows 7 Tablet Offers Tons of Flexibility and Features
The Stylistic Q550 packs such business-friendly features as a fingerprint reader and a removable battery, but its Atom processor lacks oomph.

10 Terrible Tech Laws That Have You in Their Bull's-Eye
Think what Congress and state legislatures do is boring? Read on to see what Internet and/or privacy rights you might lose if some of this misguided legisation passes.

Free Game Friday: An HTML 5 Adventure Game and a Game Based on a Sitcom
This week's roundup of free games has a little something for everyone including a funny critique of RPGs

Samsung Series 7 Slate Review: Laptop Power in a Slim Package
Samsung has packed an entire Intel Core i5 laptop into a slim, light slate tablet. Too bad it had to pack a fan in there, too.

iOS6, New MacBooks Expected to Headline Apple Developer's Conference
New maps app and more retina displays predicted by Apple watchers awaiting Monday's opening day of the WWDC.

Facebook Claims on Policy Change Vote Turnout Stir Image Problem
Users have been complaining loudly that notice wasn't displayed on the main page of the site and criticize the one-week voting period as being inadequate.

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Review: An Adaptable Windows 7 Tablet
The included keyboard dock gives this tablet the flexibility to imitate a laptop, but it also introduces considerable bulk.

Never Lose Your Keys Again With the Kinsight Kinect Hack
If you constantly lose your stuff, it's time to deploy a Kinect hack to find those items for you, no matter how buried in the couch they are!

Pingbot Might Be Tiny, But It'll Beat You in a Dance-Off
This little gadget will dance, play music, and flash its lights. It's also really cute, and you can make one, too!

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Review: Pricey, New, Tried and True
The ThinkPad X230 laptop retains the hallmarks of the X series, though it's pricey and boxy-looking compared to more-modern designs.

Apple Jab at Google Likely at WWDC
A switch from Google Maps to Apple's own app at next week's developers conference could ramp up the rivalry for services on mobile devices.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy With Their Company PCs (Without Losing Control of Your IT)
Your staff will be more content if they can install their choice of software. Here’s how to give them that freedom while keeping control over your IT environment.

Clambook Turns The Laptop Into a Smartphone Powered Peripheral, Cats Herd Sheep
Clambook is a laptop peripheral that’s powered entirely by an Android or Apple smartphone.

IO Interactive Debuts New Tech For Hitman: Absolution At E3 2012
Hitman: Absolution art director Roberto Marchesi talks about what's new with the franchise, and how the latest Hitman game takes advantage of AI to make the game come alive.

Bing Teams with Britannica for Answers
Microsoft's search engine is integrating material from the old-school encyclopedia into its results pages.

Sync Any Folder to Your SkyDrive Account
If you don't want to upset your existing folder structure, here's a simple way to add folders to SkyDrive without moving them first.

Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition Review: Partitioning Utility Is Great for Home or Business Use
Freebies don't get any better than Aomei's powerful Partition Assistant Home Edition.

Build a 360-Degree Camera Crown on the Cheap--And Look Ridiculous in the Process
You’ll look silly taking 360-degree photos with a bunch of disposable cameras tied to your head. And yet... I kind of want to.

Sony's Cute MMORPG Free Realms Offers Many Ways to Play
Bright colors, busy screens, and some nice mechanics make this a great game for kids, but the intrusive upselling sours it.

Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S VS Carrier Deals (Comparison Chart)
Virgin Mobile is the second U.S. carrier to offer prepaid iPhone plans, which could save you more than $500 over the lifetime of the phone compared to the big three carriers.

Will DVD Drives Still be Around in a Few Decades?
Philip Peters asked if we will have drives that can read DVDs in ten, 20, or 50 years?

Facebook App Center: Hands On
Here is a first look at Facebook's App Center, the social network's take on an app store offering a centralized place to find more than 600 Facebook and Facebook-related apps.

US Navy Scientists Make Solar Panels Work Underwater
What is this sorcery? US Naval researchers develop a new breed of photovoltaic cells that work efficiently underwater.

ArenaNet Lore Master Delves into the Story of Guild Wars 2
We interview ArenaNet's Jeff Grubb about what PC gamers can expect from the Guild Wars 2 MMORPG in the wake of E3 2012.

Samsung, HTC Spar with Apple Over Sales Injunction Cases
Both companies have said that Apple’s requests are without merit and that their devices are not infringing on patents.

Immerse Yourself In the Beautiful, Quirky World of Botanicula With This Windows 7 Theme
This Windows 7 themepack brings you the eclectic spaces and inhabitants of Amanita Design's Botanicula.

Eight New Features in Ubuntu Linux 12.10 'Quantal Quetzal' Alpha 1
This early release offers a sneak peak at what's to come in the next version of Canonical's popular free OS.

Verizon Car Collective May Bring In-Vehicle LTE to the Masses
The purpose of the group is to look into ways to integrate LTE connectivity into vehicles of all types, not just luxury automobiles.

Sony Walkman Z Series Review: A Solid Multimedia Player With Limited Storage
Sony's Z Series Tegra 2-powered Walkman is great for multimedia playback and gaming, as long as you're okay with the built in storage.

Army Scientists Send Batteries Through Boot Camp, Increase Energy Density by 30 Percent
Army scientists boost single-cell battery density by 30 percent by mixing in a chemical additive into electrodes.

Need Reliable Office Software at a Sub-Microsoft Price? Consider Kingsoft Office Suite
Kingsoft Office Suite delivers robust word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations for a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Office.

Virgin Mobile to Sell Prepaid iPhones
Virgin Mobile begins selling the iPhone without a contract starting June 29 with service plans starting at $30 a month.

How to Ditch Your Office for Good
With the help of a few high-tech tools, you can run a real business without ever stepping foot in an office.

LinkedIn Password Breach Spawns Spam Campaign
The spam campaign is trying to take advantage of LinkedIn users worried that their passwords were among the 6.46 million posted on the Internet.

Hands On With the Toshiba Excite 13
This jumbo tablet provides a unique handheld experience that's especially well suited to gaming and productivity.

Free Desktop App DoubleTwist Syncs Your Tunes 'Twixt PC and Phone
Android users, alleviate your iTunes envy with DoubleTwist, a free desktop app that syncs your media to your phone.

5 Games You May Have Missed At E3 2012
This year E3 is all about sequels, but we found a few hidden gems on the show floor that nobody expected to see.

WWDC 2012 Preview: What to Expect from Apple
Apple's WWDC 2012 will include purported refreshes to almost the entire Mac lineup, Facebook integration for iOS, Siri integration for the iPad, as well as sneak peeks at iOS 6.

Robots Do 'Thriller', Recover When One Falls Down
A group of 'Thriller'-dancing robots slows down then recovers when one of their number falls down.

Crytek Unleashes Crysis 3 at E3
We sit down with PC-centric game developer Crytek's Rasmus Hojengaard to find out what's new with Crysis 3 at E3 2012.

Looking for a Job? Good News: IT Hiring Is on the Rise, Dice Says
Salaries for tech professionals are also up this year, according to a recent survey.

Paragon Software Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional Review: Storage Tools Wrapped in a Middling Interface
Versatile package provides a nearly complete set of imaging, virtualization, and hard-drive tools.

Music Site Joins the Password-Leak Parade advises all users to change their passwords as a precaution but didn't discuss if the leaks were related to recent problems at LinkedIn and eHarmony.

Firaxis Brings XCOM Back for a New Generation of Gamers
We grill the lead producer on XCOM: Enemy Unknown to find out how Firaxis is bringing back this classic PC gaming franchise.

E3: Console Games Only Need Attend
If it doesn’t run on a console made by the Nintendo-Sony-Microsoft trinity, it’s hard to find at E3. But other great games are out there.

The Best Indie Games Of E3 2012
There are a bunch of great indie games at E3 that provide a welcome respite from the glut of gritty shoot-em-ups that dominate the show floor. Here are a few you should pay attention to.

Kindle Fire: Once Hot, Now Cold?
The online retailer's 7-inch color slate, a holiday hit when it debuted last fall, has "cooled with consumers," the Yankee Group says.

ClearEdits for Microsoft Word Helps You Write More Concisely
This Word add-in provides advice and tips to improve your business writing.

Program Your Mouse With X-Mouse Button Control
X-Mouse Button Control gives you new ways to use your mouse.

Profiles in Geekdom: Alex Plank of Wrong Planet
We speak with Alex Plank, creator or autism community Wrong Planet, on how tech has helped those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Do More With Your Middle Mouse Button
Free utility X-Mouse Button Control lets you reprogram just about every aspect of your mouse, including the often-overlooked middle button.

Sony Unveils Waterproof, High-Definition Pocket Camcorder
The HDR-GW77V Handycam can withstand water depths up to16 feet, and is dust proof and shockproof, Sony says.

Adhesive Games Offers First Hands-On with HAWKEN
Curious about the mech combat game HAWKEN? It's finally playable at E3 2012, here's what to expect.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Review: Great All-Around Android Player
Take the phone out of a top-notch Samsung phone and you get the Galaxy Player 4.2. It's an excellent media player and casual gaming device wrapped up in one of the nicest packages to date.

America Shoppers Prefer Convenience of Online Purchasing, Neilsen Reports
This survey should make shopkeepers without an online store reconsider their strategy.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer Review: A Mobile Gamer's Best Tool
The Samsung Series 7 Gamer manages to be powerful enough to play the latest games and affordable enough to leave money in your bank account.

Hands-On With the Toshiba Excite 7.7 Android 4.0 Tablet
This lightweight tablet offers great design and a gorgeous AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 Review: Good Price, Mediocre Quality
Samsung's Galaxy player 3.6 provides a lower-priced, Android-powered alternative to the iPod Touch, but its screen and audio quality come up short.

Google Warns Gmail Users Over 'State-Sponsored Attacks'
Google says users who are notified may be a target of phishing or malware, and that they should take immediate steps to secure their account.

Samsung Unveils Cloud-Based Gaming Service Powered by Gaikai
When it launches, Samsung’s cloud gaming service will support wired and wireless gamepad controllers from several manufacturers.

IPv6: Five Things You Should Know
IPv6 is going live today. Find out why IPv6 is important, and whether or not you need to be concerned about the switch.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100: Possibly the Best Pocket Camera of All Time
With a much larger sensor than its compact competitors, an F1.8 lens, 1080p/60-fps video capture with manual controls, and Sony's interesting in-camera modes, the pocketable Cyber-shot RX100 is a beast. But it'll cost you.

Update: LinkedIn Confirms Account Passwords Hacked
The breach is so serious that LinkedIn itself is advising people to change their LinkedIn passwords immediately.

Renowned Science Fiction Author Ray Bradbury Dead At 91
Popular American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury died in Southern California Tuesday night, he was 91.

Create a Professional Business Web Site in Minutes with IM Creator
No design skills? No coding experience? No problem. This free service helps you build an elegant-looking Web site with surprising ease.

E3 2012: Hands-On With Hawken
This PC free-to-play game puts you into the virtual cockpit of a hulking war machine, and fans of mech combat games are going to love it.

Ubisoft Delves Deeper into the Jungle in Far Cry 3
We catch up with Far Cry 3 producer Dan Hay to talk about what new features of Far Cry 3 are being showcased at E3, including the in-game editor and a crazy cooperative mode.

Google Beefs Up Maps as Apple Breakup Nears
Google's Mapping team goes offline with mobile Google Maps, shows off backpack-sized Street View contraptions, and wows with new 3D fly-over technology.

Samsung Gets Serious About Linux with $500K Investment
As a platinum member of the Linux Foundation, Samsung gets a seat on the board and more control over its primary weapon in its battle against Apple.

CEO Whitman: PCs to Stay, But Fewer Products in HP's Future
In an interview, Whitman outlines her plans to get HP back on track.

Global Mobile Phone Shipments Slowing Down
Smallest increase in three years predicted by research firm IDC as interest in non-smartphones starts to cool.

Missed the Venus Transit in 2012? Watch It Online Until 2117
There was a little black dot on the Sun yesterday as Venus passed between it and the Earth. If you missed it, watch the transit highlights here.

E3 2012: Virtual Violence Fatigue Settles In
Shooter fatigue is a big trend among E3 attendees this year, and may change how games are made and sold in the years to come.

35 New Ivy Bridge-powered Ultrabooks Coming Over Next 30 Days
Intel on Tuesday said more than 35 new Ultrabooks are available now or headed to store shelves in the next month.

LinkedIn Hack FAQ: What You Need to Know
Worried that your LinkedIn account has fallen victim to hackers? Here's what to do next to safeguard your account.

Microsoft: 600 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold
A passel of PC users appear to be happy with Windows 7 but that version isn't even the Windows operating system with the most users.

Sleeping Dogs Game Brings Hong Kong To Life At E3
Jeff O’Connell, senior producer at United Front Games, talks about the new open-world action adventure Sleeping Dogs in this exclusive interview.

Company of Heroes 2 Invades the Eastern Front of WWII
We sit down with Company of Heroes 2 game director Quinn Duffy to find out how Relic has optimized the game for high-end gaming PCs.

Sony VAIO L24 Review: A Media Juggernaut That's Short on Performance
This all-in-one desktop is a good choice for users who want a desktop HDTV with excellent media streaming, though it lacks the power that many people want in their primary PC.

E3: Hands On with the World of Warplanes Game
World of Warplanes brings airborne arena payer-versus-player combat with mid-20th century aircraft and hopes to duplicate the success of the popular game World of Tanks.

Stay Motivated to Get Fit With Fitocracy
It's difficult to stay motivated to exercise if you're doing it alone. If you're looking for some virtual support, join Fitocracy, a social network for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Channel 'Minority Report' With Arduino Motion Control Glove for Kinect
Don't want to reach for your remote when watching a movie on the Xbox, but the Kinect is too tricky to use? Mod a glove for better control!

Dubstep Grandma Rocks Out, Re-Takes Memes From Cats
Sick of all the cat memes? Here's one grandma who is reclaiming memes in the name of humanity.

Sony at E3: Games Take Center Stage
In a classic “show, don’t tell” approach, Sony showed off a lot of great games during its E3 conference but failed to back up the flashy demos with cold, hard facts.

E3 Trends: iPad, Augmented Reality Loom Over Video Game Trade Show
As consoles focus less on gaming and more on becoming connected digital media centers, smart peripherals are taking center stage.

Flame Malware Spreading Itself Via Bogus Windows Updates
The program is creating bogus certificates that allow it to fool Windows into thinking that certain components of Flame are Microsoft products.

It's Finally Here! Lego Minecraft Set Now Available for Purchase
Finally, a set created by a large community of Minecraft and Lego fans is available to buy from the Lego store. Also, it's awesome.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Elder Scrolls Online
We spent some time with Bethesda’s new MMO The Elder Scrolls Online at E3 2012, and here’s what you need to know.

Ninja Theory Gives Capcom’s Devil May Cry a Reboot
We take advantage of E3 to grill Capcom's Alex Jones about what fans can expect from the new Devil May Cry game.

Six Good Reasons to Download Firefox 13
Speed, more speed, and several key new features make this latest version of Mozilla's free browser a must-see release for users.

Corning Introduces Ultra-Flexible Paper-Cut-Inducing Willow Glass
Corning introduces its new ultra-thin and super-flexible Willow Glass that the company says is just as tough as Gorilla Glass.

E3 2012: Nintendo Pins Hopes on Wii U and Games
Nintendo bets the farm on its next-gen Wii U console along with 23 games for the innovative new platform.

Tomb Raider at E3 2012: What to Expect
We talk to Crystal Dynamics about what's new with the Tomb Raider reboot and what we can expect from Lara Croft at E3 2012.

Xbox SmartGlass: What We Know So Far
Xbox SmartGlass is making big promises about enhancing your television viewing, improving your gaming experience and making it easy to share content between devices.

Consumer Software That's Good for Business
Here are four great consumer applications that also serve as capable business tools.

Google Buys Quickoffice in Preemptive Microsoft Strike
Google buys mobile app Quickoffice in what could be preemptive strike on Microsoft's plans to bring Office to tablets.

THQ Rides with Death in Darksiders II
Vigil Games' art director Han Randhawa sat down with Game On contributor John Gaudiosi to talk about how Darksiders II is taking the franchise in a new direction at E3 2012. Also, horses.

Sony VAIO T13: A Middle-of-the-Road Ultrabook
Sony's take on the Ultrabook is more mainstream than stripped-down, with solid if not stellar performance and a surprisingly reasonable price tag.

Google to Warn Users About Being the Victim of Nation-State Cyber Attacks
If a nation-state targets your PC, Google will let you know.

What We Still Don't Know About Nvidia's Kai Tablet Platform
Nvidia reveals another morsel, but there's still much we don't know.

Another, Sometimes More Convenient Way to Copy and Move Files
Adama asked the Windows forum about copying and moving files via a dialog box rather than drag and drop

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Review: Another Top-Notch Canon Pocket Zoom
The 20X-optical-zoom PowerShot SX260 HS pocket megazoom does a lot of things--and it does many of them well, thanks to very good image quality, great creative modes, and manual exposure controls.

Acer Shows Off Windows 8 Tablets At Computex
The Iconia W510 offers a detachable clamshell keyboard dock, while the Iconia W700 is billed as a workhorse with eight hours of battery life.

Send Faxes From Home Without a Fax Machine or Landline
You can still handle old-school document delivery even if you don't have the old-school gear.

Use the Aperture to Control the Background in a Photo
Your camera's aperture setting gives you creative control over the look and feel of your photos--learn how to use it properly.

Live Update: Nintendo E3 Press Conference
Join us at 9 a.m. PT for live coverage of Nintendo's E3 press conference.

Microsoft's E3 Event: A Preview
Cracking Microsoft's Smart Glass and peeks at Halo 4 and Gears of War updates may be in the offing, but don't look for a refreshed Xbox this year.

What Separates Business Routers From Consumer Routers?
Small-business owners shopping for a new router should avoid the flashy new 802.11ac models. Here’s why.

Samsung Galaxy S III Landing on Five U.S. Carriers in June
Can't wait for Samsung's newest Android-powered smartphone? You can expect to get your hands on one by the end of this month.

What’s Wrong With Windows Phone?
Windows dominates desktops and laptops, but Microsoft's mobile operating system is still struggling against Android and iOS. What will it take to get some respect?

Though Sound on Fundamentals, Sentence Aerobics Struggles to Parse Idioms Correctly
Designed as a Word add-in, VanWrite's Sentence Aerobics tries to help you write clearer, better business documents.

Microsoft Office for the iPad: What We Know
Speculation is uniting around a November release for Microsoft to announce an iPad version of Office.

'Flame' Spread Via Rogue Microsoft Security Certificates
Microsoft issued a security advisory after discovering that the 'Flame' malware attack exploits a flaw to appear as if it's legitimate code from Microsoft.

Nintendo Talks Up Wii U Game Pad, Miiverse Online Network
The gaming universe is prepping for E3, but Nintendo launched an early stealth strike in a pre-E3 briefing on its Wii U Game Pad and Miiverse online gaming network.

Have $400 for a Small-Office Printer? Choose an Inkjet
When is an inkjet better than a laser? When it's one of the latest high-end business models, which are faster, better equipped, and cheaper to operate than their similarly priced color-laser competition.

Forget Next-Gen Consoles; I Want This Retro Gaming All-in-One
This retro gaming tower is loaded with the original console boards from the NES, Playstation 2, Sega Master System, and 20-other retro consoles.

Sprint and T-Mobile Reveal Galaxy S III Release, Price
UPDATE: Samsung's Galaxy S III will become available on both networks starting June 21, with U.S. Cellular marketing the phone in July.

Microsoft at E3 Details SmartGlass, Halo 4, and the IE browser on Xbox
Microsoft outlined it's Xbox game plan for 2012, introduced software called SmartGlass, and promises to concur your living room.

TwitchTV, Alienware and SteelSeries Create Scholarship Program For Gamers
Unveiled at E3 2012, the 2012 TwitchTV and Alienware Scholarship can help you pay for college if you're good at games.

Ubisoft Heads to the Frontier with Assassins Creed III
An E3 interview with Ubisoft's Alex Hutchinson, creative director on Assassin's Creed III.

Asus Windows 8 PCs--Innovative or Just Novel?
Asus unveiled some unique Windows 8 concepts at Computex 2012. They are certainly unique, but may lack practical value in the real world.

National No-Print Day: Will You Take the Pledge?
Printer maker Toshiba is sponsoring National No-Print Day on October 23, 2012, when it hopes the paperless office becomes a reality. Ironic?

Arduino Helps Monitor Your Plants, Nurtures Your Precious Saplings
Feel like you can’t give your new plants all the attention they deserve? Let Arduino help you.

Treyarch Pushes Beyond Modern Warfare With Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2
Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia sits down with Game On before E3 to talk about what's new and different about the upcoming Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 game.

PlayThru Turns Human Authentication Into a Game
See you in hell, CAPTCHA. If you run a Web site, this free alternative can improve form submission rates by up to 40 percent.

Get Ready--IPv6 Is Finally Here
Major players are ready to flip the switch and turn on IPv6, so its time to take the protocol seriously and get on board.

Nvidia Launches Mobile GTX 680 GPU
The high end of Nvidia’s Kepler GPU goes mobile, offering leading edge graphics technology in a low power package.

5 Questions On Social Business
We pose critical questions to the authors of Social Business By Design.

Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop-Tablets Take Center Stage at Computex
The first laptops out of the gate at one of Asia's largest tech shows are Windows 8 tablets with detachable docks from Asus and Acer.

Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Start June 6 for AT&T and Verizon
Neither carrier has announced an official ship date, but prices will start at $200., and AT&T saus it will get an exclusive red version of the S III.

Live Update: Microsoft's Big E3 2012 Press Conference
Join us at 12:30 p.m. ET when Microsoft talks Kinect , Xbox, and could reveal what 'Smart Glass' is?

Location Tracking of Mobile Devices Takes Mind-Blowing Turns
Your gadgets are watching you and analyzing your routes -- all to identify your habits, your interests, and what you might want to buy.

Ransomware Scam Accuses People of Viewing Child Porn, Tells Them to Pay Up
The Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning people about a new Citadel malware platform used to deliver ransomware, named Reveton.

Apple TV Set Rumors Get Louder
Apple already has a set-top box, but has been mum on when it might produce its own TV, though that hasn't stopped technology publications from weighing in.

This 3D Printer Can Use Up to 14 Materials, Makes 3D Printing More Awesome
Most 3D printers can only handle one material at a time. But the Objet Connex can use up to 14 materials in a single print job.

Chrome OS Grows Up
The latest incarnation of Google's Cloud OS works much more like a Windows or OS X machine, though still with some quirks.

Anonymous Claims Attack on Facebook
The social network experiences scattered service interruptions; Facebook says it's fixed, but some issues continue.

Facebook Offer to Let Users Vote on Policies Sparked by Activist
The social network's regulations require the company hold a vote whenever more than 7000 users comment on a proposed change.

Android Phone Updates: A Comprehensive Guide
Is your phone on the list to receive the next major version of Google's Android OS? Consult our handy chart to see which phones get upgraded next.

Price of Verizon's 300Mbps FiOS Leaked
The fastest tier of the new fiber optic service will reportedly cost $204.99 monthly, with a variety of slower options available.

As Facebook Service Goes, So Goes the Internet
Slowdowns at the popular social network bog down traffic on the entire Internet, a Comcast study reveals.

Mouth-Mounted MP3 Player Lets You Hear Beats Through Your Teeth
No headphones required: A design student creates a mouth mounted MP3 player that uses your head as a speaker.

Android Phones: Which Companies Do the Best Job With Android Updates?
Are you choosing a new Android phone? We evaluate which carriers and manufacturers have the strongest track record for delivering Android updates.

Facebook Reins In Spammy Auto-Sharing Apps with New Rule
Is your newsfeed is packed with dozens of videos and articles shared by apps your friends use? Facebook hears your pain and scales back the sharing.

Biology Meets Typography With DNA Sans
Typography fans, rejoice: Here’s a really fascinating new font, created entirely out of DNA tiles

NASA’s NuSTAR Conference: Why It Matters
Earlier this week, NASA held a news conference. No big deal, right? But NASA’s decision to livestream the event--as well as field questions from Twitter--made this an important event to pay attention to.

Windows 8 iPad Rivals Ahoy!
As Microsoft's refreshed operating system nears release, tablets running Windows 8 are starting to appear -- and the next batch may be at Computex.

Swiss Scientists Rewire Injured Spinal Cords, Paralyzed Rats Walk Again
Swiss scientists find a way to treat spinal cord injuries and have disabled rats walking within weeks.

Windows 8 Upgrades Cost $15, But You Should Wait
Securing your upgrade now might seem like a deal, but on second thought, consider whether today's hardware is best equipped to run Microsoft's new operating system.

Free Game Friday: Three Short Platformers With Twists
This week's collection of free games has three different twists on the platformer formula.

Microsoft Does the Right Thing with Default 'Do Not Track'
Microsoft has enabled 'Do Not Track' by default in Internet Explorer for the Windows 8 Release Preview to give users a choice, and control over their own privacy.

Netflix Surges Past Apple, Takes Lead in Online Movie Biz
Netflix is the largest U.S. online movie streaming service in terms of revenue, says market research firm IHS.

Canon Pixma MX372 Review: Simple, USB-Only MFP With Pricey Black Ink
The MX372 is a decent, inexpensive MFP for PC users, but its black ink is pricey, and it has no duplexing support for the Mac.

Remove Unchecked Items from MSConfig
After reading Windows Takes Too Long to Boot, Mark Fraleigh went to MSConfig and unchecked several programs. Now he wants to remove them from MSConfig, altogether.

PIE: A Chrome Extension That Can Help With Reading and Pronunciation
By dynamically adding glyphs to text in websites, the PIE extension for Chrome aims to help you learn to read.

App Spotlight: Send Video-Enhanced Business Cards with Eyejot vCard
This clever 99-cent app does more to convey your contact info than a paper card ever could.

Old Dot Matrix Printer Tracks Tweets, Makes Obsolete Tech Almost Useful
Got an old dot matrix printer sitting around? One modder turned one into a DIY Twitter ticker.

Google Hypes 'Next Dimension' of Maps Ahead of Apple Event
Google will host an event next week to talk about the “next dimension” of Google Maps--five days before Apple is expected to ditch the service in favor of its own mapping product for iOS.

Intuit Launches MoneyDue App to Turn Calendar Appointments into Payments
MoneyDue for the iPhone turns calendar appointments into billable events, so you can send E-bills and track payments.

Unscripted Steve Jobs Video Interviews Now Free on iTunes
The videos give you a glimpse into an unrehearsed Steve Jobs, without the staging and slideshows behind him.

RIM Weighs Options, Maybe You Should Too
RIM has reportedly hired a team of bankers to explore options for the sinking company. If you depend on BlackBerry, you need to consider your future.

Windows 8 Release Preview Impressions
Microsoft's Windows 8 Release Preview demonstrates just how far the company has come with its new OS. Will it be enough to convert the naysayers?

Hotspot Shield Comes To Android, Keeps Your Mobile Browsing Secure
Anchorfree's new app can prove useful if you frequently surf on public Wi-Fi networks while on your mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown Reveals Some Interesting Secrets
A teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S III shows that the phone has a camera similar to the one in the iPhone 4S.

Five Fun and Geeky Alternatives to Instagram
Is Instagram too mainstream for you? Check out five alternatives for the geek that loves their photo filters.

Robot Camera Films Underwater, Streams Discoveries to Your iPad
The HydroView underwater robot is controlled with an iPad and streams video to your tablet.

How to Use Plex to Get Media From PC to Roku Box
If you're savvy, you can use the free Plex Media Server to access your personal photos, music, and videos on your Roku.

Microsoft Thwarts Start Button Hacks as New Windows 8 Build Launches
Microsoft wants to kill the Start button on Windows 8 so badly it is working proactively to stop people from coding their own Start button into the OS.

HTC Evo 4G LTE Clears Customs, Gets New Release Date on Sprint
HTC's Evo 4G LTE has finally been allowed into the country after customs agents stopped shipments at the border to ensure they didn't infringe on Apple patents.

Dell Unveils 'Ivy Bridge' Refresh for Business Laptops
Dell shared details of the unique durability, performance, and security enhancements included with the new 'Ivy Bridge' Latitude line.

Intel Intros Dual-Core Ivy Bridge Chips; Releases Sneak Peek of Upcoming Ultrabooks
The chipmaker also released ramps up the standards for Ultrabooks.

Cricket Brings iPhone to its Prepaid Network
Customers will pay $55 per month for unlimited voice, SMS and data.

Google's World Wonders Project Brings Ancient, Modern Sites Online

Intuit GoPayment Review: Processing System Includes a Sturdy Card Reader
This is one of the best services for printing receipts on Android devices, but it can't track cash payments.

VeriFone SAIL Review: Mobile Payment Processor Has Some Impressive Features
VeriFone, the newest contender in the mobile payment processing arena, offers a strong product.

How to Download and Install the Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview
The latest fine-tuned beta version of Window 8 is now available for your testing pleasure. It's free.

E3 Preview: What We Hope to See at E3 2012
The Electronic Entertainment Expo opens in Los Angeles next week, and PCWorld will cover it live from the show floor. Here's what we expect to see at E3 2012.

Stop What You're Doing And Go Buy The Humble Indie Bundle
The latest Humble Indie Bundle is the best one yet and features several award-winning games.

PayAnywhere Review: A Feature-Rich Mobile Payment Processor
PayAnywhere is a good choice if you're looking for a simple processor or even a POS-like system that supports cash drawers and can print receipts.

How to Create Advanced Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
Learn how to control Excel worksheets with spin buttons, scrollbars, option buttons, and checkboxes.

SpaceX's Dragon Capsule Splashes Down, Historic Mission Comes to en End
The firstever docking mission of the ISS by a commercial company has come to an end, and the Dragon capsule returned to Earth safely with return-cargo onboard.

Square Mobile Payment System Review: Tiny Reader, Simple Apps
Among mobile payment processors, Square charges the highest per-transaction fee--but some of its features can't be beat.

Add Windows Media Center to the Windows 8 Release Preview
Microsoft plans to charge for this add-on when Windows 8 goes final, but for now you can test-drive it free of charge.

Dell XPS One 27 Review: A Power-Packed, Pricey All-in-One
Even if money is an object, Dell's Ivy Bridge all-in-one is worth considering for its excellent combination of speed, features, and looks.

Fight Ink and Toner Addiction With Adobe's LeanPrint
Under the right conditions, this utility can significantly lower your paper and ink or toner expenditures, but supported programs are not numerous and the SuperSaver feature is finicky.

Four Mobile Payment Systems Tested and Compared
Does your business accept payments by credit card? We evaluate four of today's best payment processing systems.

Chinese Version of Windows 8 Release Preview Leaked Online
Based on screenshots posted by users and a brief preview video, the leak appears genuine and offers some improvements over the original Windows 8 beta.

Ditch Your Contract, Save Money With Red Pocket Mobile
Red Pocket Mobile's SIM cards hook into AT&T's network, and are compatible with any unlocked GSM phone.

Leaked iPhone Photos Show Bigger Screen, Aluminum Back
The purported photos depict a device with bigger speakers that will presumably improve sound quality, and the headphone jack moves to the bottom of the iPhone.

GTD (Getting Things Done) App Recommendations From Real Small-Business Owners
GTD applications are purpose-built to help you manage your time. But which one to choose? We asked real users what they were doing. The results surprised us.

Netflix Agrees to Delete Former Users' Video History
Netflix settles class-action privacy lawsuit and agrees to delete data showing past customers' movie rental history.

Free Ebook Teaches You to Ace Every Presentation
For a limited time, Amazon is offering this $26.99 Kindle book free of charge.

Facebook Paid Status Promotion Platform Is Official
Facebook’s paid status promotion platform is live, highlights your statuses to subscribers and fans.

Chrome OS Update Adds Traditional Desktop Feel
The problem Google faces is that its Web-centric laptops have not caught on with regular users in any significant way.

The Flame Virus: Your FAQs Answered
Flame can sniff out information from input boxes, record audio from a connected microphone and take screenshots of applications that the virus deems important.

The 18 Coolest Android Accessories Around
Who doesn't love swag? We tracked down some of the coolest Android-themed knickknacks, gizmos, and fashion items around. Get ready to get seriously Googley.

Custom Records Help Old-School Fisher-Price Player Rock Out
One Instructables user shows the world how to make our own records for the old-school Fisher Price toy record player. Hipsters love it!

Apple to Double Down on Secrecy as Alleged New iPhone Design Leaked
Could it be a coincidence that Tim Cook gave his speech on the same day that photos of the purported new iPhone were leaked?

Play Safe Android App Gives Kids a Smartphone Sandbox
This fabulous freebie locks down your phone while giving your kids access to the apps and games you’ve approved.

Self-Stirring Pot Makes Instant Ramen Even Easier
Feeling lazy? A Japanese dentist designs a cooking pot which stirs itself.

Mark Up PDFs--Even While Your Coworkers Do--With Bluebeam Revu
When your team needs to collaborate efficiently, Bluebeam Revu is the PDF tool to use.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Shows Up on Benchmark Site
The name disclosed on the Righware site, “Google Asus Nexus 7,” suggests this will be a 7-inch tablet manufactured by Asus for Google.

Verizon Doubling FiOS Internet Speeds
Verizon is upping its fastest FiOS download speed from 150Mbps to 300Mbps.

Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse Review
With 17 configurable buttons the Naga is almost certainly more mouse than you need, but for serious gamers that may not be a bad thing.

Samsung Galaxy S III: Review Roundup
The Samsung Galaxy S III reviews are mostly glowing with some critics unhappy with the plastic shell. Read the roundup!

A 3D Printer For Ice Sculptures? Sure, Why Not?
Researchers at McGill University are looking into 3D printing ice sculptures--with remarkable success.

LibreOffice Gets a Huge Speed Boost
Version 3.5.4 of the popular free productivity suite offers performance gains of as much as 100 percent.

How to Edit Office Documents on Your Tablet
You can use your iPad or Android tablet to view and edit office documents instead of having to boot up your bulky laptop.

'Flame': Lethal Cyberweapon or Media Hype?
'Flame' is a sophisticated malware attack, but one vendor takes issue with the hyperbole over the threat and calls it "2007 era technology."

How to Make Windows and Mac OS Play Nicely Together
All of the PCs in my house run Windows, but I carry a Macbook Air on the road. Here’s how you can integrate the disparate worlds of Microsoft and Apple.

Shoulder-Sitting Robot Means You’ll Never Be Alone Again
Feeling lonely? Let this telepresence robot be your friend--quite literally.

Prices of Laptops, Refurbished Tablets, HDTVs Falling Through the Floor
Laptop deals in June will be driven by the introduction of new models sporting Intel's Ivy Bridge processor.

Facebook Phone: Why Facebook May Join the Effort to Own Your Digital Soul
Mobile computing is becoming increasingly important as users turn toward tablets and smartphones, and Facebook doesn't want to get cut out of the action.

Samsung's Blue Galaxy S III Delayed in White iPhone Moment
Samsung has delayed the "Pebble Blue" version of its Galaxy S III smartphone for at least two to three weeks, citing issues with meeting its own quality standards.

Google+ Gets Zagat Ratings and Local Listings
Google is trying to beef up its online reviews scene by adding Zagat ratings to local listings.

Apple App Store Downloads Sink in April
Apple sees 5 percent drop in some iTunes App Store downloads just as the cost of grabbing loyal users jumps 12 percent.

This Insane 4K Video Camera Captures Four Billion Pixels Per Second
NHK shows off a new 33-megapixel Super Hi-Vision video camera that shoots four billion pixels per second.

Dell Introduces Three New All-in-One PCs
The XPS One 27 and Inspiron One 23 and 20 include Ivy Bridge third-generation Intel Core processors, loads of RAM and hard drive space and huge screens.

Meet Hexy, the Low-Cost All-In-One Six-Legged Robot Kit
Here's an easy-to-build hexapod robot that can help spread the robotic love.

Samsung Refreshes Series 5 Chromebook, Announces Chromebox Desktop PC
Samsung has refreshed its Series 5 Chromebook and announced the Chromebox, a desktop PC that runs Google's Chrome OS.

Scanning Negatives, Shooting the Moon, Fixing the Colors in a Photo
Dave answers questions about white balance, shooting action photos, scanning old negatives, and more.

How to Benchmark Your Android Device
Evaluating the performance of Android-based devices is serious business. We show you how to conduct testing in a way that produces consistent, repeatable results.

Oven Lets You Send Text to Start It, Won't Keep Your Souffle From Falling
A new high-end oven lets you get things cooking before you get home, thanks to a built-in SIM card.

Amazon Instant Video App Lands on Xbox 360
For users of Amazon's Prime Instant Video service, the wait for game console support is over.

Will iPhone 5 Chatter Hurt Apple's Sales?
Will consumers hold off on purchasing a new iPhone because they think the iPhone 5 is coming out?

Facebook Phone Rumors Surface, Again
With 901 million users scattered around the globe and a bevy of mobile smartphone apps is a Facebook phone really that improbable?

How to Use Microsoft Word as a Desktop Publishing Tool
Here are ten great tips for producing elaborate documents using Microsoft Word.

Remove a Program That Lacks an Uninstaller
Billiebong wants to remove a program that lacks an uninstaller, and turned to the Utilities forum for help.

Facebook Eyes Facial Recognition Firm for Purchase, Report
Facial recognition company,, is the latest takeover target by Facebook, according to reports.

MIT Develops a Magnetic Hypospray for Needleless Shots
MIT develops a magnetically driven needless drug delivery system that fires nearly as fast as the speed of sound.

GameStop Pitches Android Tablets to Gamers
GameStop, the top U.S. games retailer, is now turning to Android tablets to boost sales.

Fedora Linux 17 'Beefy Miracle' Makes Its Official Debut
Offering more than 60 new features, this free new OS has much to offer business users.

Should Facebook Make a Smartphone?
The rumors that Facebook is developing its own smartphone platform and/or hardware continue to persist. If true, it's a gamble that could have a significant impact on the social network.

Mind Your Mobile Manners: Top 10 On-the-Go Blunders
If you do anything on this list, you need to stop it right now.

Motorola Videos Show Android 4.0 on Droid RAZR
New features in Motorola's custom version of Ice Cream Sandwich are displayed.

Facebook May be Eyeing Opera Web Browser, Reports Say
Whether any such purchase of Opera by Facebook is imminent is pure speculation, but if it happens Google and Apple could be in for more competition.

Internet Freedom Advocates Take a Page From Caped Crusader
Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and online advocacy group Fight for the Future are said to plan 'Bat-Signal for the Internet.'

SpokenLayer Aims to Give the Web the Power of Speech
Rather than tagging something to read later, you may be able to listen to it later with the help of a conversion tool from this startup. Encrypts Email for Free
Stash this bit of code in your browser bookmarks, and you can use it to safeguard particularly sensitive messages.

Microsoft Delivers a Blow to Open Source with Visual Studio 11
Focusing exclusively on Metro, the free, Express version of this software will no longer offer support for desktop-style applications.

This Tiny Flying Robot Is Built Like a Pop-Up Book
Here comes the robot apocalypse: Harvard researchers build inch-long flying robots using techniques from microchip manufacturing, origami, and pop-up books.

NES Mod Lets You Play Classic Games On Your Smartphone
This mod allows you to connect your NES console and phone together using Bluetooth and Arduino. Let the games begin!

Fill Your Mobile Security Toolbox
Malware isn't the only threat to your smartphone. These handy utilities will block snoops and control rogue apps on your Android handset or iPhone.

Nvidia Kai Reference Design Aims to Make $199 Tablets Viable
In a year of disappointing releases, Nvidia hopes its reference design for an inexpensive tablet will be more capable than Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Find and Update Out-of-Date Drivers With RadarSync PC Updater
RadarSync is a comprehensive, complete tool for identifying and updating outdated drivers.

Flash and Lighting Tips From the Pros
Flash photos don't have to be harshly lit--here's what you need to know to get better photos when using your camera's flash.

This DIY Robot Can Feed You, Be Controlled With Just a Look
Northeastern University Students develop an eye-controlled robotic feeding arm that you can build at home.

Media Player AK-Player Sounds Fine, Looks Really Interesting
AK-Player 7 is a visually spectacular software media player, but otherwise merely capable.

Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak Is What's Wrong with iOS
Developers have released Absinthe 2.0 which can jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 devices. Jailbreaking is a personal choice, but a jailbroken iOS device poses a security risk.

Facebook vs. Porn: A Pocket History
The social network has checkered success rate against smut peddlers in court. Here's a recap.

Dell Windows 8 Tablet Specs Leak
Dell's forthcoming tablet looks like standard stuff, plus some business-friendly security features.

Want Freedom from Vendor Lock-in? Survey Says: Choose Open Source
More than 50 percent of software acquired in the next five years will be open source software, according to recent data.

6 Essential Desktop Apps to Make Your Android Phone Device a Work or Play Powerhouse
Use these Android and PC software recommendations to work more efficiently, keep your phone safe, or interact more quickly with your multimedia files.

Use FoxIt Reader to Fill Out PDF Forms
If Adobe Reader isn't getting the job done, this free substitute makes it easy to edit just about any PDF.

Remote Card Flipper Aids in Online Poker Playing
Finally, there's a machine to hold your cards for you when you’re playing online webcam poker with your friends.

Free Game Friday: Two New Platformers and a God Game That's Easy on the Eyes
This week's collection of free games includes mind-bending platformers and an impressive God Game.

Max Payne 3 PC: Developer Interview
We caught up with Kevin Hoare, Lead PC Designer on Max Payne 3, to talk about what Rockstar has done to optimize the game for PC enthusiasts. Pour yourself a drink and join us for some sweet, sweet talk about scalable texture filters!

App Store Promo Offers a Paid App for Free
Apple may mimic Amazon's practice of regularly offering a paid app as a free download; let's hope the App Store sticks a good selection.

Google Asked to Yank a Million Search Results a Month
Copyright owners want allegedly infringing links removed from search results in increasing volume, Google says.

You May Like Facebook Camera, But You'll Still Love Instagram
You may Like (or un-Like) Facebook Camera, but here's why Instagram should still have a place in your heart.

ScanBooth Turns Your Phone Into a Scanner
This Kickstarter project keeps your smartphone in the perfect position for taking scan-quality photos of documents.

R.I.P. Cisco Cius--Another Tablet Bites the Dust
Cisco announced that it can't compete in a BYOD world, and it's getting out of the tablet business.

Run XP Software in Windows 7
SIUC asked the Windows forum about running software intended for Windows XP in Windows 7

Imation Defender F200 Biometric Flash Drive Review: Secure but Slow
Slick biometric finger swiping and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification make this flash drive especially secure.

Geek Must-Have: Ladyada's Workshop Embodied In Lego
You may never be able to have Ladyada's workshop, but support this project on Lego Cuusoo, and you can at least have a toy representation of it.

Kanguru Defender 2000 Review: A Managed, Secure Flash Drive
AES 256-bit hardware encryption, manageability, antimalware software, and a nice tactile experience highlight the Defender 2000.

Short on Funds? Don’t Buy—Use Online Barter Sites!
Why part with cold, hard cash when you can trade—on a swap site—something that you no longer need for something you really want?

Today Is Geek Pride Day! Four Reasons to Feel Cheerful About Tech
Sure, the world of IT is still full of frustrations. But here are a few aspects of the big picture we shouldn't forget.

Snap Concert Pics, Even Away from the Show
YouTube's Frontrow camera app lets you play director by zooming in and out to change views, applying filters, taking photos during the live video stream, and sharing those images via social networks.

Leaked Dell Windows 8 Tablet Specs Seem Weak
Details have leaked of what we can expect from the first generation Dell Windows 8 tablet, and the specs don't seem adequate.

Microsoft Plagued by Software Piracy
A new report from Google reveals that Microsoft dominates the field when it comes to sending takedown requests to shut down sites offering pirated software.

Resolving a Software Purchase Hassle
A reader in Papua New Guinea seeks help with completing a software purchase; also, an antivirus software company drops a customer support firm for aggressive tactics.

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key Review: Nifty Integrated Keypad Safeguards Your Data
This slender keypad drive is secure and can be used handily with any operating system or device, but performance is subpar.

Create and Modify PDF Files With PDF-XChange Pro 2012
In the PDF-XChange Pro 2012 bundle, you get a complete PDF reader, writer, and editor.

The Best Encrypted Flash Drives
Secure flash drives are convenient and more reliable than ever, but their performance doesn't keep up with the times. Still, they'll keep your data safely in your pocket.

Microsoft Envisions 80-Inch Windows 8 Tablets
CEO Ballmer uses an 80-inch touchscreen running Windows 8 for communications and productivity in his office, and the technology will hit the market "eventually."