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TV Industry Needs a Standard for 3D Glasses -- Now

Samsung’s 3D Glasses: Fast, Fitted, but only for Samsung TVs

Sony, Samsung, Panasonic 3D TVs: So What's On?

Google Fiber Draws Another Bid

Dell Inspiron 15 (1564): Powerful and Affordable

How Not to Shut Down Your Laptop, and Other Tips

8 Creative Weekend Printer Projects

Fisheye-Hemi Straightens Out Fisheye Images

HP Slights iPad, Flaunts Flash and AIR on Slate Tablet

New Browser Won't Save Amazon's Kindle e-Reader

Samsung Introduces eReader

Facebook Updates May Share Your Location Soon

Steam Coming to OS X!

Rumor: Microsoft May Include HTML5 Support in Internet Explorer 9

The Final Fantasy XIII Buyer's Guide

Caring for Your Laptop

Brother HL-3070cw Color LED Printer Has Wi-Fi but Comes With Trade-Offs

The Car-puccino: A Car That Runs on Coffee

Four Reasons to Beware Fake Intel CPU's
Intel is investigating reports that Newegg sold as many as 300 fake Core i7 processors. Here are four reasons to be extra cautious about counterfeit hardware.

How Not to Shut Down Your PC
Are you committing one of the cardinal sins of Windows shutdowns? Take your finger off the power button!

Vast Majority Feel Internet Access is a Right
A survey conducted by the BBC finds that 80 percent of users around the world feel that Internet access is a right, not a privilege.

New W3C CEO Is the Web's Top Diplomat

Smash Sneaky Flash Cookies With FlashCookiesView

How to Navigate the Deluge of Netflix Streaming Devices

Panasonic 3D TVs Arriving This Wednesday

Taking Good Concert Photos

Android Finally Invades AT&T
AT&T now has Android with the addition of the Motorola Backflip, but customers envious of the Droid or Nexus One should hold their applause.

Verizon LTE: A Wireless Broadband FAQ

Verizon LTE Blazing Trails for Wireless Broadband
Verizon announced that its LTE broadband is faster than expected, and it intends to roll it out to up to 30 new markets in 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 Technology Guarantee: FAQ

Motorola Backflip on AT&T: Not the Full Android Experience

iPhone App Purge: Are Template-Based Apps Next?

The Energizer DUO Trojan: What You Need to Know

DocVerse Purchase a Stopgap for Google Apps

Apple Rolls Out TV Ad for iPad

Fact or Fiction? 8 HDTV Myths Demystified

Gateway FX6831-03: The Heart and Soul of a Performance PC

Gateway SX2840-01: A Slimmed-Down Hunk of Desktop Speed

Tax-Prep Sites: The Big Three Fight for Your 2009 Return

Panasonic Adds Touchscreen to New Micro Four Thirds Camera

Tethering on Apple's iPad? Fuhgeddaboudit!
Apple's iPad won't tether with the iPhone, according to an e-mail attributed to Steve Jobs. Disappointing? Yes. Surprising? Not in the least.

Magix Music Maker Creates With Unusual Ease

Online Oscar Night Survival Guide

Download Sort Files Your Firefox Downloads To Your Specifications

iPad for Movies? Call My Chiropractor

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3: Powerful, but Additions Disappoint

This Week in Geek: New Chips, More 3D, Wii Hacks, and Human Touchscreens

Microsoft Predicts Tame Patch Tuesday for March
Microsoft predicts only two security bulletins for the March Patch Tuesday--a welcome break following a nearly record-breaking barrage of patches in February.

Free Software Brings Geolocation to Your Windows 7 PC

Google Should Take Its Broadband to Failing Cities, Not Happy Ones

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Accounting

Business Benefits of Google Disaster Recovery

Microsoft 'Pink' Phone Photos and Details Leaked

Podcast: Apple Sues HTC, and TiVo Gets New Tricks

TiVo's Patent Win: What It Means For You

Create the World's Fastest, Easiest, Cheapest, and Best iPhone Stand
It's perfect in a pinch, and it works with everything: Android phones, iPods, Zunes, you name it.

Lose the Trojan

CinemaDrape Strategically Covers Parts of Your Desktop

Apple iPad Goes On Sale April 3

Apple's iPad Launch: 10 Questions

Google Enlists DocVerse in Attack on Microsoft

Erase Internet Explorer 8's Browsing History
A reader has trouble removing IE's trail of breadcrumbs. Here's how to erase your history--and browse without leaving one at all.

Dial2Do: Hands-Free E-Mail, Texting, and More

Revo Uninstaller and x64

Make Windows 7 Look Like a Commodore 64

Move Your Data to a Safer, Separate Partition in Windows 7

Google or Not, the Desktop PC Remains Relevant

Does your PC come with its own “Virtual IT” department?

DHS Crowdsources Ideas for Cybersecurity Campaign

YouTube Offers Auto-Captioning to All Users

Verizon Gets Microsoft 'Pink' Phones? Big Deal

Nero SecurDisc 2.0: Improved Optical Storage Media Security Technology

Acer Adds HDMI Input to K11 Pico Projector

Netgear Announces Superfast Powerline Network Products

Has Ubisoft's 'Always Online' DRM Scheme Been Foiled?

Ready for the Sony PlayStation Phone?

Apple Abolishes Wi-Fi Scanners From App Store

Google Broadband: Topeka May Be Sorry

Google Android Phones Can Now Search With Written Gestures

Google's Android Gesture Search: A Fingers-On Tour

Motorola Devour: A Lesser Droid

RealNetworks Surrenders, Hollywood Loses

DHS Urges "Sense of Urgency" for Cyber Security
Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano engaged the information security community at the 2010 RSA Security Conference and encourage security experts to submit ideas to increase public awareness of security issues.

Dept of Homeland Security Crowdsources Cybersecurity

Microsoft: Windows 7 Fastest-Selling OS Ever

Skinput Transforms Your Body Into a Touch-Sensitive Input Device

Start Your Own Internet Radio Station for Free

BlueSoleil Gets Data From Your Smartphone To Your PC

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Twitter
A free 40-page guide explains the service from soup to nuts, including why it's actually worth your time.

Opera Says Browser Downloads Have Tripled

Google's Starred Search: Bookmarks on the Web

19 Freebies for Smart Web Browsing, Social Networking

112 Best Free Downloads, Sites, and Services: The Full List

Apple Sues HTC, Claiming 20 Patent Infringements

Sexy App Escapes Ban, Earns $10,000 in a Week

Topeka: That's Google, Kansas To You
In what may be one of the silliest moves ever made by an elected official, the mayor of Topeka has unofficially changed his city's name to Google. Yes, seriously.

Netflix on the iPhone: It's Time

Free Explorer App, Firefox Toolbar, Touchpad Tamer

Cisco Unveils AnyConnect Secure Mobility at RSA

Microsoft Warns of F1 Site Attack

Four Men Indicted In Online Ticket Scam

Google Buys Picnik: 6 Unanswered Questions

Google Chrome Beta Browser Adds Translation, Privacy Features

NPD: Online Gaming 'Not Affected By the Recession'

About Ubisoft and EA's 'Always Online' PC Games Requirement

AMD's 890GX Chipset Offers HD For Less

Nvidia Unveils Next-Generation Ion Platform

Sony VAIO EB12FX/T: High Style Without the High Price

Freebie SmartClose Shuts Down a Screen Full of Programs

The Subscription Trap

Freescale's New Chip Could Revolutionize E-Readers

Opera Updates Web Browser to Version 10.5

Analyst Scares Up iPad Delay Warning

Google Chrome Translator vs. Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Babel Fish

Nintendo DSi Games Uses Face Tracking for No-Glasses 3D

Find Cheaper Deals on Books with Book Burro
Before you click the "Buy" button on that new James Patterson novel, let this Firefox add-on show you the prices at other online stores.

Turn Your Photos Into Text Pictures

Bugs and Fixes: Google Attack Based on Unpatched IE Flaw

Digital Thieves Dominate Data Breaches

Protect Data With On-the-Go Drive Encryption

PlayStation 3 Worldwide Glitch Mysteriously 'Fixed'

Google Buys Picnik Online Photo-Editing Site

News You Can Use About the Way You Use News
Americans are increasingly getting their news online, but who's actually providing the information? Turns out it all depends on where you're looking.

Leave Your PlayStation 3 Off or Else, Warns Sony

Burned By the Windows XP Downgrade? Don't Blame Microsoft

Antitrust Rhetoric Heats Up Between Google, Microsoft

Global PlayStation 3 Glitch: What We Know So Far

Americans Prefer Online News After TV, Report Finds

PlayStation Network 'Corrupted', Prevents Offline Play Worldwide

Case Mod Turns The Wii Into a Portable "Laptop"

Map the Depths of Your Mind With 3D Topicscape Pro

Find Your Windows 7 Desktop

TigerText: The App for Spies and Cheaters

21 Free Utilities to Customize and Upgrade Windows

Developers Gear Up for iPad Launch

Publishers Ready for iPad, Worry about Apple-Adobe Flash Support

Chrome's Gobbling Market Share, and Here's Why

Apple: Underage Workers May Have Built Your iPhone
Underage teens were working for Apple-contracted facilities in 2009, a new report reveals. Some of the factories also underpaid and overworked employees.

Genieo Creates A New Home Page From Your Browsings

The 10 All-Time Greatest Free Downloads and Services

20 Free Ways to Manage Video, Music, and Photos

15 Free Security and Backup Utilities

11 Free Efficiency Enhancers for the Office or the Road

16 No-Cost Tools to Improve Productivity, Collaboration

For Business' Sake, Yelp Needs New Owners

Firefox Mobile Browser Fennec Spotted on Android

Audio Dedupe Cleans up Your Music Collection

Five Tips to Prevent iPad Eye Strain
The Apple iPad is designed for consuming media--inviting Americans to spend hours staring at its "magic" backlit display. Here are five tips to help maintain your eye health while using the iPad.

New Shuttle Nettop PC Takes Up Even Less Space Than Before

This Week In Geek: Mobile Hacks, Power Concepts & Hand On Computing

After 10 Billion Songs, What's iTunes' Encore?

Steam Coming to OS X?
Steam is the extremely popular digital content delivery system developed by Valve Corporation. Currently, Steam is only available for Windows, leaving Mac gamers to seek more conventional means to buy their games, or at least giving a great reason to install Boot Camp. However, just a few days ago, a user of the Steam forums gave Mac users a reason to believe this may change in the future.

Plants vs. Zombies Top-Selling iPhone Game Launch Ever

Google Street View Raises Privacy Concerns...Again
The European Union has asked Google to make some changes to the way it gathers and retains images for Street View maps to address privacy concerns.

A New Zelda for Wii in Second Half of 2010?

Palm's Woes Are All About Image

With Fast Moves and Smooth Print Quality, HP’s Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4025dn Is One of the Best We've Tested

Microsoft Uses Legal System to Combat Botnet
Microsoft was granted a temporary restraining order to shut down nearly 300 domains believed to comprise the command and control structure of the Waledac botnet.

Aliph's Attractive Jawbone Icon Is an Upgradable Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset: Stylish Looks, Handy Charger

Add Extra Rows to Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar
The Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar extension does exactly what its name implies: adds extra rows to Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbars. Very handy.

Acer Aspire 5740-6378: Lots of Features at an Affordable Price

Microsoft Relents; Cryptome Returns

Canon PowerShot S90 Approaches Pocketable Perfection

Canon PowerShot G11 Packs Power Into a Small Package

FastestFox Add-on Speeds Up Firefox Browsing

Samsung's 3D HDTVs Starting to Hit The Market

Podcast: 3G Wireless Speed Tests and PMA Camera Trends

Fast and Furious, Dell's 5130cdn Color Laser Printer Can Handle a Busy Office's High Volume

Skype Pulls Windows Mobile Apps; No Word of Return

Ubuntu Linux Now Available to Fed Customers on GSA Advantage

Microsoft's Spy Guide: What You Need to Know

Google Upgrades Six Gmail Features, Cuts Five Others

JooJoo Tablet Release Delayed

Twitter Phishing Scam: Blame Browsers and Users

Does Facebook's Newsfeed Patent Threaten Social Media?

Simplify File Management with Windows Double Explorer
Looking for a compact but robust replacement for Windows Explorer? This handy freebie gives you two panes of file-management goodness.

Bloom Energy: What We Know, What We Don't

Palm WebOS Fails to Meet Expectations
Palm showed promise in 2009 with the WebOS platform and Palm Pre smartphone, but sales have stagnated and revenue is not meeting expectations.

Google's Case in Italy Was Always Lose-Lose

Yelp Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

Android: The Boys' Club of Smartphones?

Augmented-Reality App Recognizes Faces

Google Antitrust Has Its Benefits
The European Union has opened an antitrust investigation into Google business practices, but it is really a victim of its own success. A Google monopoly has benefits that make its success a vicious, self-fulfilling circle.

Dragon Quest IX (Finally) Coming to the US This Summer

No Explicit Category for iPhone Apps After All?

Ketarin Keeps Your Software Patched

Antitrust is Google's Mark of Success

CompactFlash 5.0 Cards Could Reach 144 Petabytes of Storage

One or Two Anti-Malware Programs?

Micro Express MicroFlex 75B Redefines 'Value' with Top-Shelf Performance

ASUS EeeBox PC EB1501: Stylish Entertainment Mini-PC Stumbles on Speed

Acer Aspire Z5600-U1352: Upgrades Are Disappointingly Incremental

MSI Wind Top AE2220: A Jekyll of Great Upgrades Meets a Hyde of a Display

HP Slimline s5370t: Slim System Trims the Fat, and the Features

HP Pavilion HPE-170t: Chart-Topping Performance--and a Few Quirks

Asus EeeTop PC ET2203T: 21.6-Inch Touchscreen All-in-One Does Blu-ray on a Budget

Apple iMac (21.5-Inch, Late 2009): The Most Affordable iMac Is Fast, But Not Cheap

Viewsonic VOT530 PC Mini: It’s Small, It’s Speedy--But It’s Not Strong Enough

HP Compaq 6005 Pro Small Form Factor PC: Not So Small in Size or Performance

Dell Inspiron Zino HD: Attractive Multimedia Mini-PC Delivers Good Performance

Speccy Public Beta Gives Geeky System Details

FCC Looks to Clear the Air(Waves)
The FCC has proposed a bold plan to reallocate unused spectrum for broadband by allowing broadcasters to share in the profit from the auction.

Pentax Unwraps New Megazoom and Rugged Camera

iPad "Magic" Won't Hurt Netbooks

TomTom XXL 540S GPS Navigator

Pentax Optio WS80 Digital Camera

HP Pavilion DV7T Laptop

How Much Bandwidth is Enough?

Update Your Video Drivers After Installing Windows 7
The new OS may saddle you with generic drivers, especially after a clean install. Here's how to get your graphics up to date.

Antitrust Accusations: Google is the New Microsoft
Google is facing antitrust accusations on multiple continents, proving that it has grown into that which it set out to destroy.

Yahoo Competes for Social Web with Twitter Tab
Yahoo has integrated Twitter tweets into its online search results, but there is still some work to do to make social network integration more functional.

Italy's Google Convictions Set a Dangerous Precedent

Google Europe: A No Good, Very Bad Week

10 Questions About the Bloom Energy Server

Enter Nintendo's DSi XL versus Apple's iPad?

RIP, Rickrolling: YouTube Kills Original Video

DJ Hero Bundle for PlayStation 3

National Public Radio on Video Game Ratings

Steam PC Gaming Client Gets Surprise Facelift

HTC Hero Android Phone

Nexus One's Screen is Gorgeous, But With Issues

Intel Reveals Hack Attacks in January

Outlet Regulator Concept Aims To Conserve Energy

Collect Your Thoughts With ConceptDraw Mindmap

Apple: iPad Will Beat Netbooks With "Magic"

Twitter Comes To Yahoo

HP EliteBook 8440W: Rugged, Powerful Business Laptop Lacks Multimedia Polish

AT&T Roars Back in PCWorld’s Second 3G Wireless Performance Test

Why Palm Can't Be Saved

Apple Explains Sexy App Double Standard

Does Sprint's Phone Buyback Program Satisfy Our Need for Greed?

Intel Spearheading Investment in Future of US Tech
Intel announced the Invest in America Alliance to invest $3.5 billion in US tech companies, and spark job growth by hiring more college graduates.

FCC Study Underscores Need for Broader Brodband

Why I'm Bullish on Bloom Energy

Apple's Ban on Sexy Apps is Selective

Disable Your Laptop's Touchpad While You Type
If you're encountering weird cursor behavior, it's probably the result of accidental touchpad touches. A free utility may help.

'Hands-Off' Reviews of Microsoft's Project Natal Emerge

Not All Adult iPhone Apps Purged from App Store

Problem-Solving Web Services: LogMeIn, TripIt, RebateRemedy

How to Stop P2P Data Breaches
Protect your data from P2P data breaches and ensure your company doesn't get a nasty letter from the FTC notifying you that sensitive data has been breached.

The FCC's National Broadband Plan: 4 Big Hopes

Homebuilt Glove Mouse: The Power Is in Your Hand

Recycle Your Gear to Help Combat Global E-Waste

Streamline the Move to Windows 7 With Easy Transfer

Lenovo IdeaPad U150: A Remarkably Stylish Slimline

Enterprise Security Tips on a Small-Business Budget

Network Activity Indicator Lives Up to Its Name on Windows 7 PCs

Twitter Use Explodes, Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day

Where Does Windows Live Mail Store My Mail?

The Truth About Twitter's 50 Million Daily Tweets
Twitter has now grown to a whopping 50 million tweets a day, according to the company's analytics team. But there's something about that number Twitter isn't telling you.

After Numerous Shake-Ups, is MySpace Dying?

Why Wal-Mart Wants VUDU

Get Tough With Your Users to Protect Your Network

Color-Code the Windows Media Center TV Guide
Want an at-a-glance way to spot kids' shows? Sports? Movies? Windows Media Center lets you color-code TV listings with one simple tweak.

Hack Shows How to Get Android 2.1 On Some Windows Mobile Phone

Microsoft Threw Out the Playbook for Windows Phone 7
Microsoft abandoned the foundation of Windows Mobile and borrowed design strategy from Apple in developing Windows Phone 7.

From Universal Remote to Universal Game Controller?

School Webcam Spying Holds Lessons for Businesses
The webcam spying incident in the Lower Merion School District holds some important lessons for businesses looking to conduct effective monitoring of computer activity without crossing the line.

School Spycam Case Raises FBI Eyebrows

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Antivirus

More Clues Uncovered In Google Hack, Report Says

VirusTotal Uploader Links You to 40 Antivirus Programs--For Free

Save a Whole Web Page

SanDisk Ships $350 64GB SD Card

iPad Orders May Start This Week

Does Google Buzz Worry Parents? Here are Alternatives

Google Earth For Android: First Look
Google has just released its new Google Earth for Android application. Here's a look at what it can do and when you can expect it to reach your Android phone.

Sony Unveils Small, Stylish Interchangeable-Lens Concept Camera

Printer Makers Clash Over Advertising Claims

Seek--And Destroy--Dupes with Duplicate File Hunter

Why Apple's Porn Purge is a Smart Move

Sprint To Usher In the Year of 4G Wireless

ITC Becomes Battleground in Nokia-Apple Patent Dispute
The ITC has agreed to investigate Apple's patent claims against Nokia, and Nokia's patent claims against Apple--making it the focal point in the battle between the smartphone giants.

Samsung Makes a Run at Camera Glory at PMA 2010

On Your Side: Dell Delivery Problems

Google Remorse and the Buzz Privacy Backlash

Fast Duplicate File Finder Helps You Weed Out Extra Files--For Free

Meet Magic-1, The Homemade CPU

Benefits of the FCC Broadband Plan
The FCC unveiled a sneak peak at its ambitious plan for national broadband which it will present to Congress next month.

Ethics of Monitoring PC Activity
Monitoring PC activity can be a valuable tool, but the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania may have crossed some legal and ethical bounds with its monitoring.

Apple Boosts iPhone 3G Download Capacity

Apple Banning Overtly Sexual iPhone Apps, Report Says

Pennsylvania School Accused of Cyberspying on Students

Final Fantasy XIII Fact Check: What We Know So Far

Skeptical Shopper: Score Deals With Your Mobile Phone

Free Utility FlashFire Works Under the Hood to Overcome SSD Slowness

This Week in Geek: Future Smartphones, Geeky Toys, and Fashionable Tech

EU Browser Ballot: Which Would You Choose — Poll

Did a School Use Webcams to Spy on Students at Home?

Add Channel Logos to the Windows Media Center TV Guide
If you use Windows Media Center to watch and/or record TV, you'll definitely want this awesome add-on.

Search Engine Wars: Is Yahoo Doomed to be the Next Alta Vista?

Slow Navigation Hampers Sony Reader Daily Edition

Dreaming Up the Smartphone of the Future

Civilization V for PC Officially Announced

Yahoo-Microsoft Deal Makes Bing Better, DOJ Says

Control Google Buzz Overload

Did Apple Just Undercut Amazon on E-Books?

Protect Your Business from Kneber-Style Botnets
The Kneber botnet is a relatively small threat as botnets go, based on the old Zeus Trojan, and could be guarded against using simple, common sense security fundamentals.

Power Up Your Workouts! Nanofiber Batteries Charge as You Move

Outlook Harnesses Social Networking
Microsoft is coming to the rescue to help busy business professionals stay in touch and manage social networks through Outlook social connectors.

Microsoft Unfairly Blasted for Charging for Windows Phone OS?

Open Frequently-Used Folders with Just Two Clicks
If you're not taking full advantage of the Windows Explorer icon in your Windows 7 taskbar, then you're missing out on one of the operating system's best new features.

Firefox 3.5.8 Closes Security Holes

'Kneber' Botnet Attacks PCs Worldwide: FAQ

Blue Screen Reboots After Microsoft Patch Could Mean Malware

Twitter Traffic Boost Affirms Value of Real-Time Search
Twitter traffic is up, reaching a new record for unique visitors in January, following the inclusion of real-time traffic from Twitter in Google search results.

Sony PlayStation on Your Windows Phone 7?

Windows Phone 7 Pits Microsoft Against Carriers and Smartphone Makers

Windows Phone Classic: WinMo 6.5's New Lease on Life

Google Acquires iPhone Search Application reMail

PleaseRobMe Highlights Dangers of Over-Sharing Online

Fashionable Sony Camera Is as Tough as Nails

Creative Vado HD Offers Unique Features for a Pocket Camcorder

Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Explorer: Together at Last With SDExplorer

ShellFolderFix Makes Windows 7 Recall Explorer Window Positions

Google Hit with Lawsuit Over Google Buzz

How to Win Prizes on Twitter

Bookeen's Cybook Opus Wins Featherweight E-Reader Crown

The Microsoft-Yahoo Deal: What It Means For You

The Geekiest Toys at the American International Toy Fair!

Skype On Verizon: So Who Needs A Voice Plan?

WD Scorpio Blue Internal 320GB Hard Drive

Canon EOS Rebel XSi SLR Camera

Plasma TV From LG Sports Skinny Frame

Saving Money, Space, and Energy With Blade Virtualization

FCC Wants High-Speed Internet for the Masses

HTC Desire is 'Best Yet' Android Phone: Droid Overload?

Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade Plus $50 Gift Card

Buzz Opens Privacy Pandora's Box for Google
Google is used to privacy issues, but Web search privacy and social networking privacy issues are two different things, and now it has to come to grips to dealing with both.

Free RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 Smartphone

Five Reasons Wireless Providers Should Fear Google

User Reviews: How to Use Them, And How Not To

Are Apple and Nintendo Headed for Mortal Combat?

Blizzard's StarCraft II Beta Launches

HBO's Streaming Site to Compete With Hulu?

No Final Fantasy XIII DLC Because It's Already 100% Massive

ATI's Catalyst 10.2 and 10.3 Drivers Pile on the Features

Windows Phone 7 Spotlights SharePoint Collaboration

Is Windows Phone 7 Right For Business?

HP Pavilion Dm3-1130us Laptop

When XP is Discontinued

Toshiba Satellite T135D-S1324: Easy on the Eyes, Not on Your Hands

ACDSee Pro 3.0: Capable but Slightly Inefficient Image Management

Lavasoft Registry Tuner Roots Out More Registry Errors Than Most

Google Buzz Faces More Scrutiny Over Privacy

LinkedIn Lands In Microsoft Outlook

Google Buzz: Then and Now

Goodbye, Google Buzz
Not thrilled with Google Buzz? You aren't alone. Here's how you can get it out of your life for good.

Microsoft Anoints AT&T as Preferred Windows Phone 7 Carrier
Microsoft announced AT&T as a "premier partner" for Windows Phone 7, joining Apple and the iPhone in selecting AT&T as the "chosen one" for premium smartphones.

Office Tips: Work More Efficiently in Word

Will the Official Steve Jobs Biography Tell All?

Can the iPhone Handle Street Fighter IV?

Apple Banning Hackers From the App Store?

First Look: HTC's New Smartphones and Sense User Interface

Skype on Verizon Smartphones: The Good, the Bad

RIM Intros New BlackBerry Browser to Rival iPhone Safari

Microsoft Gets Its Groove Back

A Successful Windows Phone 7 Would Help Bing

Stay Ahead of Malicious PDFs With Latest Adobe Update

FCC's 100 Megabits to the Home: What It Means To You

Make Your Laptop MagSafe With DIY Mod

RoboForm Online Adds Web-Based Synchronization but Needs More Polish

First Look: ZyXEL NWA-3166 Streamlines Wireless-Network Management

BoostSpeed's Far-Reaching Tweaks May Goose PC

Windows Phone 7 Series: First Impressions

Windows Phone 7: An In-depth Look at the Features and Interface

Report: Apple's iPad E-Book Store to Use DRM

Google Buzz: 10 Changes I'd Like to See

Standardize This! 10 Technology Messes That Need Fixing

Mobile Operators Unite to Fight Apple App Store: Could it Work?

Will A Mobile Alliance Be Good For You?

Brother, Could You Spare $13,105 for a Nintendo Game System?

Adobe Shows Flash and AIR Apps for Google Android

Google Buzz vs. Outlook 2010 Social Connectors
Google Buzz integrates social networking and traditional e-mail, but Microsoft has an entirely different approach in mind with social connectors for Outlook 2010.

Alleged Windows Mobile 7 Images Leaked

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 and PS3 Shots Doctored?

MeeGo Offers Platform Diversity Beyond Smartphones
Nokia and Intel announced MeeGo, a merger of the Maemo and Moblin platforms, to power smartphones, netbooks, TV's and more.

Intel and Nokia's MeeGo Join a Brewing OS War

Google Apologizes for Buzz Privacy Issues
Buzz will no longer automatically connect users based on their e-mail and chat usage, and Google says it's sorry "for the concern we've caused."

Backing Up an Open File

Taking Care of Your Camera's Memory Card

USB Boot Maker Makes Portable USB Drives More Useful

Type Less and Produce More With PhraseExpress

15 Internet Annoyances, and How to Fix Them

Dell Mini 5 To Run On Unreleased Version Of Android

Sony Ericsson Launches Android and Symbian Touchscreen Phones

Hands-on with the Samsung Wave and Bada OS

The YouTube (R)evolution Turns 5

Samsung Wave Makes a Splash at Mobile World Congress

LinkExtend Tells You What the Crowds Say About Any Web Site

Fashion Meets Technology: How Tech Could Change Your Wardrobe

This Week in Geek: Hacking Your Wii, New AMD Chips, ATI Cards, and Core i7 Rumors

Skype Move to Verizon Expected Soon

Buzz: Google Needs Better "People Skills"
Google's inability to deal with people issues, like privacy and support, makes the company look technically sophisticated but socially inept.

Trend Micro HouseCall Helps Find and Destroy Malware

Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset: Not Just for WoW Fans

How to Use Google Buzz

Watch Out, Computer Engineers: Barbie Wants Your Job
Barbie's getting into computer engineering, baby. You'd better watch your back, or this tech-savvy doll might just take your job.

No Apple? No Problem! New Toys Take Center Stage at Macworld Expo

Thanks to iPad, App Store Development Explodes

It's Microsoft's Game to Lose with Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft Word Tip: Change Text Size Using Only Your Keyboard
Still using Word's toolbars and menus to adjust font size? The horror! Here's how accomplish the same thing with easy keyboard shortcuts.

Top 5 Olympic Sites for Following the Games

Google Maps Labs: A Fun New Google Tool

Apple Offers $10k in Music for 10 Billionth iTunes Download

Aardvark Gives Google Valuable Business Tool
Google's acquisition of Aardvark is intended to raise the bar against Facebook and Twitter, but the real winner will be Google's business customers.

Google Buzz Not Ready for Paying Customers, Are We Concerned?
If Google's new Buzz isn't ready for enterprise users' private social networks, is it really ready for anyone?

Microsoft to Update Windows Phones Monday

Xbox 360 Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII Bundle Announced

US January Video Game Sales Plummet, PS3 Sales Up

Heavy Rain, the PS3 Exclusive That's Not a Game

Akvis Sketch Turns Photos Into Artwork That Looks Hand-Drawn

ATI Introduces Radeon HD 5570, Targets Small Desktop PCs

Google Buzz: 5 Tips for Power Users

Marriage On The Rocks? Better Stay Off Facebook

Google Buzz's Privacy Tweaks: Good Start, Not Enough

Cisco's McCool Sees Growing Data-center Role
While Cisco Systems branches out into consumer electronics, video, mobile data and other areas, one of its biggest areas of focus today is enterprise data...

Xbox 360 Games: Buy Two, Get One Free

Dell Studio Hybrid PC

KEMP Technologies Offers Load Balancing For SMBs

Google Challenge to US Broadband Might Actually Change Things

Access Your Home PC Even When You're Not Home
Longtime favorite LogMeIn Free makes it easy to connect to your home PC from your laptop, a friend's system, or even your iPhone.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i Invites Upgrade from Point-and-Shoot

FileMinimizer Suite 6.0 Works Great, but the Price Is Steep

Top Super Bowl Ads

Online Video Explodes

Move Paragraphs in Word Using Only Your Keyboard
More keyboard-shortcut goodness, this time for Word users who want to shuffle paragraphs without touching the mouse.

Microsoft Word Tip: Print Multiple Copies of Individual Pages
A little-known Word feature makes it simple to print extra copies of specific pages in your document.

Microsoft Word Tip: Strip Hyperlinks From Pasted Text
Tired of unwanted e-mail and Web links in your Word documents? This handy (and little-known) shortcut gets rid of them in a flash.

More than 9 of 10 E-Reader Owners Satisfied — Study

Windows 7 Tarnished by Notebook Battery Issues
Microsoft is investigating reports, dating back to June 2009, that users are experiencing drastically shorter battery life on notebooks using Windows 7.

In Defense of Microsoft

Windows 7 Just Being Honest About Battery Life
Microsoft has looked into reported issues with Windows 7 battery life and determined that users are simply caught off guard by Windows 7 more accurate battery life reporting.

Simplify File Organization With Windows 7 Libraries

Can Google Generate Buzz in the Enterprise?
Google unveiled its new social networking platform, Google Buzz, and announced plans to introduce an enterprise-specific version of the tool.

Facebook Must Tell Google to Buzz-Off (Or Else)
If Facebook is ever connected to Google Buzz, it will be the beginning of the end for Facebook. Today's #1 social network should protect itself--and it's users--from being Buzz-ed into submission.

Google to Launch Super-Fast Gigabit Networks
Google plans to test fiber-to-the-home broadband for up to a half-million Americans. Up to 100 times faster than current broadband.

Why e-Books Must Cost More
If e-books are to successfully replace paper, it won't happen at Amazon's $9.99 e-book pricing. Thank Steve Jobs for opening the door to higher prices.

Chrome Gaining Ground in a War without a Winner
Chrome has inched into third place--a distant third--among Web browsers, but the real question is "who cares?"

Google Ads Level the Playing Field
Super Bowl ads have a massive audience and draw a lot of attention, but Web-based ads are more targeted and cost-effective, and level the marketing playing field for smaller businesses.

Google Mounts Stealth Attack on UC with Buzz
Google hasn't presented Buzz as a unified communications tool, but combined with other Google products, Google has a formidable unified communications platform.

Microsoft Could Make the iPad a Great Business Tool

Touch Input Rumored for Google's Upcoming Chrome OS

Motorola Droid Goes Android 2.1 This Week

G-Technology G-RAID 4TB
The most noticeable attribute about G-Technology's G-RAID 4TB is how aesthetically pleasing it is to the eye. With its aluminum casing and familiar glowing white...

Intel and Micron Double Flash Storage Capacity With 25-Nanometer NAND

USB Interferes with Boot

Comodo Firewall Is a Superb Security Program (If You Ignore Its Bundled Software)

Information from About Guides and partners relating to Firewalls

The Google-NSA Alliance: Questions and Answers
Google is reportedly teaming up with the NSA to help defend its data. So what would such an alliance really mean?

Malicious Firefox Add-ons Installed Trojans

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Free Detects and Removes Malware on Command

Critical Windows Fixes For DirectShow, Network-based Attacks

Browser Fingerprinting Can ID You Without Cookies

Twitter Resets User Passwords in Wake of Phishing Attack

Fake Microsoft Outlook Update Installs Trojan

Google Working With National Security Agency, Report Says

Malware Aims to Evade Windows 7 Safeguards

Bugs and Fixes: Adobe Reader, Acrobat Come Under Fire

Will Cloud Computing Kill Privacy?

Scammers Hop on iPad Bandwagon

It's Clean Out Your Inbox Week

Epson Perfection V30
Epson's Perfection V30 is an inexpensive flatbed scanner that boasts an optical resolution of 4800 dpi and 48-bit colors. It isn't the fastest scanner we've seen...

Pressure Sensitive Touchscreens Are Coming, Powered by Quantum Mechanics

Canon ImageFormula DR-2010M
Canon's imageFormula DR-2010M is a compact, desktop document scanner. It has a 50-page automatic document feeder, easy-to-use software, and is one of the fastest...

Dell's New 27-Inch IPS Monitor Now Shipping

Microsoft Working on a Zune Phone?

Samsung Begins Mass Producing 3D TV Screens
Samsung began mass producting of 3D TV screens this month, a first step to prices coming down to more affordable levels.

DIY: Two Funnels + Earbuds + Old Tech = Rock On

Intel, Micron Introduce 25nm NAND Flash Production

Viewsonic MovieBook

Delta's 13.1-inch Color E-readers Due out Mid-year
Delta will start marketing a 13.1-inch color touchscreen e-reader mid-year that uses e-paper technology from Bridgestone.

BenQ E-readers Hit Taiwan, Writing to Be Added in April
BenQ's nReader launched in Taipei and the company plans to add handwriting capability in a new device set for April.

Indian Online Retailer Introduces E-reader
Indian retailer Infibeam targets local users with an e-reader that supports local languages

This Week in Geek: Tablets, Tapes, Touchscreens, Toys

Future Tech: Will Your Next Smartphone Shape-shift? One Researcher Presents His Ideas

How to Hack Your Wii For Homebrew Apps and Games

This Week in Geek: 3D HDTV, Music Gadgetry, and A Bright Networking Idea

Amazon Invites App Developers to Kindle

Japan Plans 3D Broadcasts as Sony Preps 3D Truck
Japan will launch 3D broadcasting this year and Sony is supplying a 3D truck to the UK's BSkyB.

Loss of Copper Infrastructure Threatens Small Business Broadband
The loss of existing copper wiring--once the foundation of America's telecommunications infrastructure--could threaten small businesses' access to broadband.

Opera Mini: 5 Reasons iPhone Owners Need It

Google Voice Arrives on the iPhone

It's Official: Jobs Announces Apple's IPad

In India, Mobile Subscribers Soar in December
India added 19 million mobile subscribers in December as voice tariffs decrease.

Google Voice Mobile App: Hands-On Test Drive

Text-and-Drive Bans Don't Matter, Study Finds

Nexus One Gets Multi-Touch, but No Droid Love?

Control Your Nokia N900 With Sony's Sixaxis Controller

Innovative Laptops, Tablets, and Phones on PCWorld Podcast 62

8 Amazon Kindle Apps We Hope to See

Graphics Chip Shipments Driven by Netbooks, Windows 7
After strong growth in 2009, graphics chip shipments are expected to go up in 2010, according to Jon Peddie Research.

JVC Everio X GZ-X900 Camcorder

Epson PictureMate Show: Printer or Game-Changer?

Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes for $154.99

ATI Introduces Affordable Radeon HD 5450

Upcoming Fujifilm Printer Brings 3D Home

Kodak ESP 5250's Wi-Fi Connectivity Is Nice for the Price

Kodak's ESP 3250 Uses Cheap Ink, Prints Great Photos--Slowly

Panasonic Introduces Low-Light-Optimized 1080p Camcorders

Time to Rethink Google Books?
It is a great idea, but runs against the law. Maybe it's time to rethink Google Books as the search engine meets its match.

Facebook Dumps Microsoft Ads, Keeps Sleazy Advertisers
Ever noticed how many trashy ads appear on Facebook? Would you want your company's ad in among them?

Buzz Reveals Google's Split Personality

Google Reader Notifies Changes in Sites Without Feeds
Google Reader can now check for updates and changes in Web pages that don't offer syndicated feeds.

China's Baidu Wins Copyright Case Over Music Search
Global music labels have lost a lawsuit against China's biggest search engine,, which they accused of facilitating copyright infringement with its song...

Japan's Rakuten to Set up Chinese E-commerce Site With Baidu
Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten is teaming up with to enter the Chinese market.

China Says No Limits on Google's Android If It Follows Laws
China said Google's Android operating system will not be blocked if it follows local regulations.

Google Supports 'click-to-call' Mobile Ads
Google rolled out a "click-to-call" feature for AdWords users with mobile campaigns.

Google's Social Search Won't Leverage Much of Facebook
Google's Social Search can't tap into almost any Facebook content, greatly hampering its value.

Facebook Toolbar Released for IE and in Multiple Languages
Facebook is releasing a toolbar for IE.

Is It Time for the Web to Abandon Flash?
The clash between Apple and Adobe over Flash on the iPhone and iPad raises the spectre of Flash's potential demise at the hands of HTML5.

Google Tunes Search Engine for Facts, Events
Google is trying to make it easier for people to find facts and event information directly in search results.

China Has Smallest Query Growth Among Top Search Markets
China search queries had the smallest growth among the world's 10 major markets in 2009.

YouTube Declutters Video Page Interface
YouTube's video page has been revamped to make it less cluttered and more streamlined.

Pope2you: What the Pontiff Knows About Social Networks
Pope Benedict leads a global religion, yet his priestly advice on social networking works for enterprises of all types.

Recycling for Nerds: External Drives Give VHS Tapes New Life

Google Expands Social Search Test

Amazon Risks Losing Kindle Edge

Is Chinese PC Hardware Safe and Secure?
We must count on manufacturers, working with government, to protect us, short a specific reason for concern.

Haiti Digs out From Communications Disaster
Carriers and aid workers are scrambling to rebuild communications in Haiti following the catastrophic Jan. 12 earthquake.

Toshiba Direct Rebates and Specials

Apple Tablet: Just Something Else to Carry

Novatel Plans to Ship 42M Bps HSPA+ Modem by Year-end
Novatel Wireless plans to ship a modem during the second half of 2010 that can receive data at up to 42M bps (bits per second) in compatible 3G networks

iPad Data Demands Could Cripple AT&T 3G
Apple unveiled the iPad with 3G connectivity available through AT&T's already strained and sparse 3G network.

Motorola Reports a Small Q4 Profit, Held Back by Phone Sales
Motorola's fourth-quarter sales fell 20 percent year-on-year, but the company still made out a small profit, unhampered by the exceptional charges that plunged...

Five Reasons Not to Get an iPad Too Soon
Its hard to resist the appeal of being the first to own an iPad, but there are a number of reasons to hold out for the second version.

Chrome Aims to Steal Some iPad Thunder
The dust is just settling from the unveiling of the Apple iPad tablet PC, and now Google is looking to join the tablet fray with a Chrome-based device.

iPad's Best Innovation? No-Contract Wireless
iPad customers will purchase their 3G wireless service direct from Apple, with no contract required. This is a great idea that needs to spread.

LTE Delivers Faster Speeds After New Tests, Says Analyst
More extensive tests show that TeliaSonera's LTE (Long-Term Evolution) network can deliver faster speeds, up to 45 M bps, according to Northstream.

Google Voice Rolls out IPhone Web App
The first inkling we had that something was off between longtime friends Apple and Google came last July when Apple pulled existing third-party apps for Google's...

Analyst: Bandwidth in Swedish LTE Network Disappoints
The download speeds offered by TeliaSonera's LTE network never exceeded 12Mbps when tested by market research company Northstream.

Google Voice Finally Gets to the IPhone With Browser App
Google Voice is finally reaching the iPhone via a browser-based mobile application.

AT&T Disputes Network Criticism
AT&T is disputing a financial analyst's criticism of its wireless capital spending, saying it overlooked some investments.

VirtualBox 3.1.2
Since I last reviewed VirtualBox, the application has gone up one version number (from 2.1 to 3.1). In the process, it has acquired some substantial new...

Parallels 5 (build 9308)
When I last reviewed virtualization software in 2008, I found Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac effective, but saddled with a bit of bugginess and lacking some DirectX...

Fusion 3.0.1
When I reviewed the last version of VMWare's Fusion, which lets you run Windows on a Intel Mac, my only real complaints were its lack of OpenGL acceleration and...

Oracle Brings Solaris, Sparc Into Virtualization Portfolio
Oracle rounds out its virtualization portfolio with Sun software.

Virtualization: Which One to Use?
A little over a year ago, I wrote a story comparing the then-current versions of the three major programs for running Windows (and other operating systems) on a...

Virtualization: Performance Testing
Last year, when I did my comparison of virtualization apps for OS X, many readers told me they wished I'd done more extensive performance testing. So this year...

Oracle, Sun Face Rocky Post-Merger Road Map

Netgear Announces ProSecure UTM For 5-User SMB Networks

Apple Releases Keyboard Firmware Update
Rolling out a firmware update at the same time you're telling everyone about your record sales and profits for the just-completed fiscal first quarter doesn't...

LG Goes Retro, Introduces New CRT TV

Western Digital WD TV Live HD Media Player

Netgear Targets SMBs With New Security Tool
Netgear's new security appliance takes on small-to-midsize business stalwarts such as Fortinet and Barracuda by including antispam, antimalware, and Web content...

How to Use Your Console Gamepad With Your PC

Sony Bravia and Blu-ray Player Bundle

Solve Your Travel Hassles with TripIt
Tired of juggling all those confirmation e-mails for your upcoming trip? Just forward them on to TripIt for blissfully easy travel management.

AT&T's Aims to Take a Bite Out of Yelp

Google's Ultra-Fast Broadband: Questions and Answers
Google has announced plans to build a series of high-speed broadband networks across America. Here's a breakdown of what's going on and what it could mean for you.

Chinese Censorship Strong Despite Google

Ballmer Defends Microsoft as China Plays up Gates' Comments
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer defended the company's presence in China as Chinese media seized on Bill Gates saying China's Web censorship was "limited."