Computing Center Sitemap - Page 43 2013-07-16

Open-source Project Aims to Build New Mac E-mail Client
It all started, innocently enough, on Saturday, January 16th. Brent Simmons, the Mac software developer and creator of NetNewsWire, wrote a blog post wherein he...

What Features Will a Tablet Need Before You Buy One?
So Apple's apparently about to introduce something revolutionary--or at least, a new creation of some sort.

Alcatel Hikes Optical Speed With Less Energy
Alcatel-Lucent introduced an optical switch that can handle 4T bits per second while consuming less power per bit than today's equipment.

First Look: BumpTop Mac
I'll admit it. When BumpTop first launched as a Windows-only application, I was jealous. The software turned your desktop into a 3D room, where you could easily...

Study: Hacking Passwords Easy As 123456
A new study finds users often pick passwords that are easy-to-remember, and even easier to hack. Here are the most common passwords--and how we can all do better.

Emergency Microsoft Update Fixes IE Zero-day

Firefox, Opera Downloads Soar After IE Warnings

Kindle Apps Blur the Line Between Gadgets
Amazon is adding apps to the Kindle, blurring the line between e-readers, and more capable devices like netbooks or tablet PC's.

Apple Tablet at $700 Is Too Expensive: Report Says

iTunes and iPhone to Get Makeover Next Week, Reports Say

An iSlate Docking Station? A Virtual One Would Be Nice

Raise Your WIndows IQ: Learn Your Laptop's Power Settings
Don't fall victim to your PC's unreliable standby mode. Instead, do like bears do, and choose hibernation.

Java's Future Uncertain Under Oracle Grip
Red Hat and some other vendors wonder whether Java will flourish under Oracle as well as it has under Sun.

AMD Reaches Profitability for the First Time in Years
AMD swings a quarterly profit for the first time in many years.

The Less-Connected Kids Are Alright — Says Study

Clinton Praised for Internet Freedom Speech
Hillary Clinton is praised for a speech on Internet freedom.

Google Grows Revenue and Profit in Q4
Google's profit and revenue grew in 2009's fourth quarter, despite the global economic crisis.

Nokia Voice Nav Spells Doom For TomTom, Garmin

Samsung, Rambus Deal Could Rev New Memory Technologies
Rambus' agreement to settle legal claims with Samsung Electronics could accelerate deals that could help new memory technology being developed by Rambus get to...

Wipro May Trim Telecom R&D in Finland
Wipro may trim its R&D operation in Finland, citing a tough market for these services.

Workers Strike at Nokia's Indian Factory
A strike at Nokia's factory in India disrupts production.

Prepaid Mobile Connections Restored in India-run Kashmir
India removes ban on pre-paid mobile phones in Jammu and Kashmir.

Clinton: US Gov't Will Push Harder Against Web Censorship
Internet freedom is a top priority of the U.S. government, Hillary Clinton says.

Clinton to Challenge Internet Censorship in Policy Address

Berners-Lee Opens Government Data Website

Gartner Predicts Modest Overall Growth in IT Spending
Gartner has revised its outlook for worldwide IT spending this year, predicting the industry as a whole will see 4.6 percent growth.

Vimeo Rolls out Flash-free HTML5 Video Player
YouTube made waves Wednesday evening when it announced a Flash-less HTML5 video player. And now, mere months after rolling out a mobile-friendly site for iPhone...

Is the SAP KPI Program Really Dead?
SAP is still doing a KPI program for its Enterprise Support service - in a sense.

Nokia to Offer Navigation Tools for Free
A new version of Nokia's mapping service Ovi Maps will include turn-by-turn voice guidance for walk and drive navigation for free, Nokia said on Thursday.

European Union Clears Oracle's Purchase of Sun
The European Commission granted Oracle an unconditional approval to take over Sun, following a controversial and widely criticized examination of the deal.

Apple Tablet Won't Save Old Media

Today's Teens Glued to Electronic Media

Amazon Invites Developers to Make Kindle Software
Amazon announced its first ever software developer's kit for the popular Kindle e-reader.

Sony Ericsson Boss Sees No Impact on Android From China Spat
Sony Ericsson isn't expecting any launch delay for its Xperia X10 Android phone in China despite Android-developer Google's threat to pull out of the market.

Motorola Works Around Google Issues in China
Motorola announced its own Android app store and a deal with Baidu in China.

The White House Releases News, Streaming App
In a world where we have iPhone apps for just about everything, there is now an app for keeping up (officially) with the White House.

Man Treats Haiti Earthquake Wounds Using IPhone App

Nokia Strikes Back at Google With Free GPS App

Sony Ericsson Launches Symbian Phone With HD Recording
Sony Ericsson has launched another Symbian-based smartphone, the Vivaz supports video recording at 720p.

Nokia Delivers Free Navigation Service to Customers

Sony Ericsson's First Android Smartphone to Launch in April
Sony Ericsson will launch its first Android handset, Xperia X10, this April in Japan, the first market to get the phone.

LyricFind Pro and LyricFind Lite for IPhone
Lately I've been searching for the ultimate lyrics app for my iPhone. I've looked at quite a few, including the free LyricFind Lite and the $3 LyricFind Pro, and...

Dragon Dictation for IPhone
Now hear this: Dragon Dictation is shaping up to be the essential voice app for the iPhone and iPod touch. You say the words and they appear as you said them...

Misa Digital Guitar Makes Your Rock Band Peripherals Feel Inadequate

What Business Can Learn from Gates' New Web Site

Report: Apple Looks to Repackage Content for Tablet
Apple is looking at ways in how TV, newspaper and magazine content can be repackaged for the tablet.

Can the New York Times Lead All Newspapers to Salvation?
By announcing its plan to charge for online news a year before it will happen, the Times may be sending a signal to the rest of the newspaper industry to get on board--or die.

The Data With the Music

Freebie CrystalDiskInfo Is S.M.A.R.T. About Hard Drives

Stream Your Social Life on Your Smartphone

Dear Amazon: Kindle Apps Won't Beat Tablets

Twitter's Growth Starts Losing Steam, Study Finds

Amazon Boosts E-book Royalties Ahead of Apple's Tablet

Firefox 3.6 Brings Performance Improvements, a Few New Features

Heartland Moves to Encrypted Payment System

Businesses Diss AT&T in Wireless Survey

New York Times Paid Content: A Plan That Could Work

Amazon's New Royalty Plan All Because of Apple?

Is It Time to Dump Cable TV?

Bing to Become the iPhone's Default Search Engine?

Google's China Challenge: How It Came to This
Google's struggle with China dates back nearly a decade. Here's a guide to the peaks and valleys that paved the way to today's censorship standoff.

Oracle to Provide Sun Road Map Next Week
Oracle will provide more details about its plans for Sun Microsystems at an event next week, Oracle said Wednesday.

Wireless HDMI Extender Released, Slow Death of the Cable Continues

How to Keep Your Browser from Hogging Resources

3D Printing Coming to the Desktop

Cutting Edge Tech: HP’s 'Wall of Touch' Doesn't Even Make You Touch

Sony Alpha DSLR-A230 Advanced Camera

Magellan Maestro 4700 GPS

Intel's WiMax Chipset Proves Power Hungry
Intel's WiMax/Wi-Fi Link 6250 chipset provides fast data transfers but is a power hog that could reduce a laptop's battery life.

Notebook/Tablet PC

IBM Buying National Interest Security Company
IBM is buying a consulting firm that specializes in analytics for national security and defense agencies.

Skype Video Goes Multipoint With ViVu Plug-in
Startup ViVu has released a software plug-in for Skype that allows the popular Internet calling service to be used for multipoint videoconferencing.

Raise Your Windows IQ: When to Single-Click, When to Double-Click
There's no shame in admitting you don't when to click once or twice. Follow these simple rules and you'll be a click-master in no time.

Verizon - AT&T "Price War" May Cost You
Verizon and AT&T are in an apparent price war for unlimited voice plans, but changes to data pricing mean you will actually pay more in the end.

Dell's Mini 5 To Be Powered By 1GHz Snapdragon CPU

Projects for IPhone
Projects is a $7 project management app for iPhone from developer Thomas Blackburn. But this isn't a to-do list app by any stretch. Rather, you'll need to know...

VinylStudio Helps Bring Analog Music Into the Digital Realm
If you grew up before the days of digitized music, chances are you have a bunch of old vinyl records and cassette tapes stashed somewhere around the house. While...

Color-correct Your Video in IMovie
Today's cameras make it easier than ever for shooters to get good-quality footage, but sometimes the camera misreads the brightness or color balance, or the...

Blu-ray Ripping on the Mac
In the past, we've written a lot about ripping your DVDs in order to watch them on an iPhone or an Apple TV. The most-recent version of HandBrake makes it pretty...

Google, Facebook, and the China Syndrome
So far, 2010 has started off with a bang. Google decides to take on Apple in the ultra-smartphone market, while Apple appears on the verge of creating yet...

DOJ: Operators Helped FBI Illegally Obtain Phone Records
The DOJ released a report detailing ways that the FBI illegally requested phone records from operators.

Haiti Texting Scam, Dissected

Military Contractors Targeted in Chinese Attacks, Says F-Secure
A security vendor reports that internal systems of U.S. defense contractors have been targeted by hackers believed based in China.

Opera Acquires Mobile Advertising Company AdMarvel
Opera has acquired AdMarvel, which has developed a product suite that works as middleman between ad networks and mobile phones,

Chip Makers See Stronger DRAM Memory Prices This Year
DRAM makers are seeing stronger prices this year, which may not bode well for those buying PCs.

New York Times Plans to Charge for Some Online Access
The New York Times will start charging for some of its articles next year.

Identity Theft on the Rise
Identity theft has been a major and growing problem in the United States for several years. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a "nonprofit consumer organization...

Scandinavian Operator Gets Ready for HSPA at 42 Mbps
Mobile operator 3 Scandinavia has signed a deal with Ericsson to roll out broadband at 42 Mbps and then 84 Mbps in its Swedish and Danish 3G networks.

YouTube Gets Into Movie Rentals at Sundance Festival
YouTube is going into the online movie-rental business, starting with a handful of films from the Sundance Film Festival.

'Sudden Failure' Brings Twitter Down
Twitter had a 90-minute outage on Wednesday.

Google: 'Cleanup Effort' of Rogue Advertisers in Full Swing
Google became more aggressive about kicking rogue advertisers out of its AdWords program in the fourth quarter.

TextTwist 2 for IPhone
TextTwist 2, a $1 game from RealArcade, is a welcome change of pace from its awful predecessor. It's more faithful to the original Web-based game and thankfully...

Palm Pre Plus: Subtle Hardware Upgrades, but Some Issues Remain

Nokia E63 3G Smartphone

Sony's PS3 Motion Controller Delay Helps Microsoft, Saves Sony?

Report: Apple May Replace Google Search With Bing
There comes a point in many epic stories where the hero must team with its erstwhile rival to take on an even greater threat. For Apple, that time may be now. A...

Using a Long Exposure to Show Motion
Reader Tim Sorrells captured this blurred image of a rushing stream with his Nikon D300S. The shot is of Wildcat Creek which cascades down the mountains of the...

Sony Delays PlayStation 3's Motion Controller
Sony will delay the launch of a motion controller for its PlayStation 3 until the fall of this year, it said Wednesday.

PlayStation 3 'Arc' Motion Controller Shipping Fall 2010

Motorola's Latest Android Handset Unveiled in South Korea
Motorola this week unveiled its first Android phone for the South Korean market.

Wi-Fi Boosts Palm Pixi Plus’s Messaging Power

PlayStation 3's Motion Controller Coming This Fall
Sony will launch a motion controller for its PlayStation 3 in the fall of this year, it said Wednesday.

EBay Improves Auction, PayPal Businesses
EBay says its three-year plan to improve its business is starting to pay off.

Microsoft Targets Google's Achilles Heel: Privacy

Google Docs Desktop App Available Now
Memeo Connect for Google Apps is a desktop application that sync's desktop files with the Google Docs cloud. It helps with file conversions and is available for both Mac and Windows.

Outsourcer Wipro Benefits From Improved Demand
Wipro's IT services business reports a small growth in revenue; indicating that demand is picking up; but slowly

China's Baidu Sues US Domain Registrar After Hack
Top Chinese search engine has sued its U.S. domain registrar,, over a hack that took down the Web site.

The Mythical Apple Tablet: Rounding Up the Rumors

Canon PowerShot SD940 IS: Great Looks, Great Performance

Drive Recovery Works Nicely...For a Steep Price

Apple's Plans: A Roundup

Bing on the iPhone: Has Apple's Holy War Shifted?

Controversial App Provides Background Checks On the Go
An iPhone app from BeenVerified lets users conduct free background checks on individuals from their iPhone.

Apple Tablet Needs a Name Cooler Than iTablet, iSlate

New York Times to Charge Someone, Something, Sometime

Microsoft Calls for Cloud Computing Transparency
Cloud computing providers need to create rules focused on transparency, a Microsoft executive says.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-002 Coming Thursday for IE Zero-Day
Microsoft is releasing MS10-002 out-of-band, nearly three weeks prior to the next scheduled Patch Tuesday, to address a zero-day exploit in Internet Explorer.

Panel: After Google, Others Should Reconsider China Business
U.S. Web companies should reconsider doing business in China, some Internet activists say.

Will Apple's Tablet Be a Gaming Device?

Apple Patches 12 Mac Bugs in Flash, SSL
Apple on Tuesday patched 12 vulnerabilities in Leopard and Snow Leopard, including seven in Adobe Flash Player and one in the protocol used to secure Internet...

Security Researcher IDs China Link in Google Hack
A researcher at SecureWorks says that the code used to hack google was written by someone who reads Chinese.

Hackers Hit Network Solutions Customers
Network Solutions says that hackers managed to pull off a mass defacement on hundreds of Web sites the company hosts.

Bill Gates Signs Up for Twitter (Finally), Facebook (Again)

Google to Call for Creation of EU Privacy, Security Panel

A History of Intel's Antitrust Woes
The FTC antitrust lawsuit is a culmination of almost two decades of legal battles for Intel.

FTC Antitrust Action Against Intel Too Little, Too Late
As slow as the FTC is to take action, antitrust practices can actually be a solid business model for companies with the resources to pull it off.

Cisco's UCS Powers Taser Police Video Service
Cisco's UCS data-center architecture provides the backbone of a service from Taser International that collects and stores video from police cameras.

Don't Lose Everything When You Lose a Laptop: Use FireFound Firefox Add-On

Rackspace Outage Has Limited Impact
Rackspace experienced an outage, but the impact was relatively small--far from a cloud or Internet outage.

Able2Extract Converts PDFs Into More Usable Formats

The Form Letter Machine Saves Time On Correspondence

Dress Up Firefox with Personas
Tired of drab old Firefox? Personas, a new Mozilla Labs feature, makes it simple to pick and choose colorful themes.

ScrapBook Saves Snippets From Your Firefox Surfing

TooManyTabs Firefox Add-on Speeds Up Browsing

Tabbles Organizes Your Files Your Way With "Tag Bubbles"

Incredible Bookmarks Helps You Find Your Way in Firefox

Old-School Secret: Delve Into Usenet With GrabIt

Samsung Unveils Interchangeable-Lens NX10 Camera

FCC Urged to Expand Wireless Broadband Access
The Departmend of Justice has urged the FCC to act quickly to expand availability of frequency spectrum for wireless broadband access.

PDF Converter GDoc Creator Does Its Job For Free

3M MPro150 Projector Doubles as Laptop

Sprint Shows Off Overdrive Wireless Router

New Pico Projectors Debut, Aim for Prime Time

RUNit Launcher Lies in Wait Quietly Before Leaping to Help

Nikon's D3000 Is a Great Entry-Level Digital SLR Camera

Add Network Folders to Windows 7 Libraries

Lose Yourself In Beautiful, Brilliant Robot Adventure Machinarium

CopyTrans Backs Up iPod Data Faster Than Before

Aruba Adds Support for Wired Networks to Management Tool
Aruba Wireless is adding support for wired networks to the next version of its management tool, it said on Monday.

Netgear Announces New SMB Wireless Network Controllers

Google Docs: Not the Only Free Cloud Storage in the Sky

MaxiVista Turns Other PCs Into Multiple Monitors

Mediaraptor Free Captures and Converts Music

Image Comparer Helps Weed Out Duplicate Photos

CrossGL SnapDraw Makes It a Snap to Capture and Work With Images

Last Minute Gifts for Creatives
There's always someone for whom Christmas Eve sneaks up like the fog on cat feet. And invariably, that person wants to give something nice to a creative friend...

Add Facebook Photos to Your Outlook Contacts

Nortel Accepts $282M Bid for VoIP Unit
Nortel Networks has entered into an agreement with GENBAND to sell its Carrier VoIP (Voice over IP) and Application Solutions business for US$281 million.

Vonage Offers Unlimited Int'l Calling for iPhone, Blackberry
The company now offers a $24.99 monthly subscription for unlimited VoIP calls to 60 countries.

Blu-ray Players for $300 or Less

Most Popular PC World Stories of 2009

Make Your CDs and DVDs Look Great With SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe

Muvee Reveal Makes It Easy to Turn Footage Into Movies

SiteSpinner Pro Helps You Design Web Sites That Look Good on Mobile Devices

Adobe to be Prime Target for Malware in 2010
McAfee released its "2010 Threat Predictions" report, which predicts that Adobe will surpass Microsoft as the target of choice for malware attacks in 2010.

My Favorite Comic-style Fonts, All on Sale
It's easy to complain about the soul-eroding tyranny of badly-created, ungodly-overused fonts. In restaurants in some parts of San Francisco, "There's Comic Sans...

Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3: First USB 3.0 Motherboard with USB-IF Certification

Skype Goes 720p HD, Big Screen Calls Coming to LG and Panasonic HDTVs

The Wilson Sleek: An Affordable Cell Phone Signal Booster

Shure SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones

Toshiba Announces "Cell TV" HDTV and Media Center Set-Top Box

CES 2010: Recession? What Recession?

BlackBerry Presenter Accessory Enables PowerPoint Presentations on the Go

Tivit Lets You Watch Broadcast TV on Your Smartphone

Yahoo Connected TV Moves Beyond the TV

Zomm Is First Wireless Leash for Smartphones

Sony Debuts New Design and 3D HDTVs for 2010

Samsung Focuses on 3D LED TVs, Apps for TVs and Content for 2010

Sharp QuadPixel Technology Promises Better HDTV Color

Make Flash Video Slideshows With Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory

Free YoWindow Screensaver Serves as Your Window on the Weather

HDTV 2010: Get Ready for 3D, More LEDs, OLEDS, Pixels, and Web Services

Phone Accessories

SiteSpinner Helps You Make Handsome Web Sites With Little Knowledge (Or Money)

HP Officejet 7000 Wide-Format Printer

CES 2010: Olympus Unveils Pocket Zooms and Rugged Cameras

Whole PCs Cloned on New Iomega Drive
EMC's Iomega division has come up with a striking new virtualisation technology that consumers can use to 'clone' a whole PC and its contents into a fully...

HDTV: 10 Top Trends Coming to a Screen Near You in 2010

HP Photosmart Plus Prints Great-Looking Output Quickly and Cheaply

Canon Pixma MP560 Wireless Photo All-in-One Offers Cheap Ink and Plentiful Features for the Price

Make Web Pages Print Properly
Are your pages coming out too large? Or even too small? Here's how to make sure everything prints juuust right.

Kingston Owns up to USB Stick Hack
Independent memory giant Kingston Technology has issued a highly unusual warning that several...

Eye-Fi Pro X2 Increases Capacity and Speed

CES 2010: New Canon PowerShots Are Low-Key, Low-Cost

Pentax Optio P70 Compact Camera

LG TVs Make New Connections

LaCie's New Flash Drives Come With Online Storage

First USB 3.0 Tests: Western Digital’s My Book Sails Through

Is It the End of the Road for Memory Stick? Hope So!

Sony Emphasizes 3D Across All HDTV Lines

Panasonic Promises 3D Plasma HDTVs by Summer, Adds Skype Support

CES 2010: New Sony Cyber-shots Full of Surprises

CES 2010: New Panasonic Lumix Cameras Go High-Capacity

New Samsung Cameras: Liquid-Formed, Dual-Screened, Wi-Fi Connected

Casio Adds High-Speed Shooting to Pocket Megazoom Camera

Storage Industry Tackles Making Sense of Metadata

Tame Your TV’s Wild Volume Swings

Oki's Color Laser MFP Is Fast, but Output and Design Fall Short

Brother's $500 Color Laser MFP Has Wi-Fi, Decent Performance

What's Your Twitter Type?

Study: Social Networks Don't Keep Students up at Night
A University of New Hampshire survey found that social network use isn't causing students there to lose sleep at night.

Tech Tools Tell the Story of Earthquake in Haiti

Facebook, McAfee Team on Facebook Security Effort
Facebook and McAfee have formed a partnership aimed at improving security for Facebook's 350 million users.

Facebook Now Allows You to Reply to Wall Comments via E-mail

MiniUsage Lets You Monitor Your Mac's Activity
We've covered a number of Gems for keeping an eye on your Mac's performance and activity, including MenuMeters, iPulse, and MemoryStick. I recently came across...

Google Docs Adds Storage for Any File Type

Mozilla Rolls out Latest Firefox Beta
New Firefox 3.6 beta is released

Budget Gifts for Mac Users

Firefox 3.6 Beta Updated

What's Cheaper: Replacement Ink, or a New Printer?

10 Biggest Printer Problems -- And How To Fix Them

Dell Studio XPS 8000: Core i5 Performance Bundled With 3D-Gaming Extras

Gateway's SX2800-01r Compact Desktop Delivers Inexpensive Quad-Core Speed

Firefox 3.5 Edges Ahead in Browser Race
Firefox 3.5 adoption has exceeded IE 7 adoption, according to StatCounter.

Juniper Patches Router-crashing Bug
Juniper has patched a serious bug that could be exploited to crash its routers.

Acer AspireRevo R3610: Mini Media PC Has Windows 7, Ion Graphics, and HDMI

Google Races to Speed up the Web
Google is in a really big hurry to make the Web experience faster.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q100 Is Impressively Small--and That's About It

Epson WorkForce 600, $130

iRiver Spinn, $90

HP's Racial Webcam Woes -- Just A Case Of Bad Lighting?

Epson Artisan 810 Has Speed and Features Galore, but Output Quality Is Disappointing

HP TouchSmart 300: 20-Inch Multitouch All-in-One Has an HDTV Tuner

Eight Reasons to Choose Safari or Firefox
There are many fine Mac Web browsers to choose from, and no reason not to have several installed so that you can switch among them as needed. Even so, most of us...

Firefox Roadmap: A Look at Versions 3.6 to 4.0

Firefox Tips: Fix Print Size, Add Personality, Refresh Tabs

Working With Multiple Browsers
Thanks to a lively market of third-party Web browsers, it's not at all uncommon for Mac users to move back and forth between different browsers. For example, I...

Five Jobs Other Browsers Do Better
In case you haven't heard, the browser war is over. It's not that there aren't still competitors--in fact, there's a bountiful landscape of Web browsers for OS...

Chrome Passes Safari as No. 3 Browser

Lenovo Announces IdeaCentre A300: World's Thinnest All-in-One PC

First Look at Samsung's Newest Portable Media Players

Sales Growth Highlights Rise of China's Huawei
Chinese network gear vendor Huawei Technologies reached global contract sales of $30 million last year, a rise of nearly 30 percent from the year before.

Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn: Nicely Priced MFP Has Trade-Offs

Cisco's Chambers Demonstrates Home TelePresence

New Year Kicks off With CES, Google's Nexus One
The new year in IT news kicked off this week with the annual gadget-and-gear extravaganza, the Consumer Electronics Show. Apart from CES, Google got in on the...

Mac Chrome Browser Gets Extension Support

Cisco Aims at China Market With Restructuring
Cisco Systems is adding a China business unit to its Asia division, highlighting the strength of the Chinese market and Cisco's efforts to grow there.

Maingear Shift: Great Design, a 4GHz CPU, and Tri-SLI Graphics Don't Come Cheap

Microsoft Should Kill Internet Explorer

Apple iPod Classic 160GB

The Web's Most Illogical Arguments

Magellan Maestro 4700
Magellan's Maestro line of GPS devices has always been designed to appeal to consumers who are willing to pay more for more features. And that's still true of...

Microsoft Yanks Custom XML From Word, Offers Patch to OEMs
Microsoft already has a patch available that strips out XML technology the company is barred from using after Jan. 11, in Word 2007 and Office 2007, according...

Droid vs. iPhone: Smartphone GPS Shootout

PC World's Top 5 Most Dangerous Videos

Skeptical Shopper: Money-Saver Sites You Haven’t Heard Of

On Your Side: Refurbished GPS Device's Outdated Maps

Microsoft Word Remains Under Scrutiny After Patent Loss

Chrome Netbook Specs Stretch Believability

Psystar Drops Mac Clones for Linux

The Greatest Windows Tips of All Time

Yoono Desktop Manages All Your Social Networks From One Hub

Essential Windows Tricks

Top 25 Tech Books for the New Year

Why Aren't GPS Navigation Systems More Reliable?

The Most Hated PCWorld Articles of 2009

Microsoft Dumps Upgrade Pricing for Office 2010
Microsoft today disclosed retail prices for Office 2010, and said it has no plans to offer "upgrade" editions. The move will effectively raise the price for...

Hate Your GPS's Voice? Garmin Lets You Record Your Own

Delorme, Spot Take GPS and Texting Where Phones Can't

Microsoft Office Coming in Ad-supported Version
Microsoft Tuesday said it would include an advertising supported version of Office 2010 on new PCs as well as offer users a virtualized version that streams...

TomTom Ease GPS Goes Back to Basics

Android Madness at CES: Fad or Future?

Pioneer In-Dash Navigation System Gets New Touch Interface

Microsoft Will Patch Mac Word to Comply With Court Order

Windows Mobile 7 Delayed Until 2011?

Microsoft DirectAccess: The Ugly Truth
The seamless secure remote access built into Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is fantastic, if you don't mind a forklift upgrade or complexity and...

Microsoft Yanks Office From Its Online Store

Three Alternatives to Office 2010

GlobalFoundries Completes Integration of Chartered Semi
GlobalFoundries has completed the integration of Chartered Semiconductor and the two companies now operate as a single entity, it said.

Need a 24GB Memory Kit? That'll Be $1300, Please

Google Phone and Netbook Hint at Apple Playbook
Google is shaking things up by getting into mobile phone and netbook hardware according to rumors. What exactly is Google's grand strategy?

LG Display Develops Thinnest-yet LCD TV Panel
LG Display has developed a prototype LCD panel for television sets that's less than a quarter the thickness of the company's current production panels.

Batteries Built out of Paper

New Intel Atom Processors: Smaller and More Efficient
New Intel Atom processors and Pinetrail platform enable smaller, cooler, and more energy-efficient netbooks.

Samsung Shows Off See-Through Screens at CES

Yelp Rejects Google, Google Walks from Yelp: Bad News Either Way
Google and Yelp don't seem to agree on why the deal between the two unraveled, but it's unfortunate regardless of how it happened.

What Racist Webcams? HP Handled Issue Well
When video of a black man complaining that HP computers are racist went viral, the company responded well. How would your business have handled it?

Five SEO Secrets to Make Your Site More Visible

Three Ways to Make GPS Safer for Users
GPS navigation is a wonderful thing, but it can also lead users--most recently a Nevada couple--into potentially deadly situations. Here are three suggestions for better GPS devices.

Windows 7 Manager Tweaks The OS To Your Liking

Google: My 10 Resolutions for 2010

Why Users Should Manage Their Own PCs

Chrome Web Browser Inches Past Safari
Google's Chrome Web browser market share rose more than 15 percent from November to December, sneaking past Safari into third place.

CES Preview On the PC World Podcast

Intel Gets Ready to Launch 32nm Westmere Chips

CES 2010 Preview: What's Hot at This Year's Show

Powerful Freebie RegScanner Easier to Navigate Than RegEdit

Why a Microsoft Tablet PC is Better for Business
Rumors are at a fever pitch regarding both the Microsoft and Apple tablet PC's. Both devices look slick based on speculation, but Microsoft is in a unique position to make the tablet into a valuable business tool.

HP Unveils Touch Netbook, Plans to Show Tablet at CES

Court Questions FCC Authority to Impose Net Neutrality
Appeals court judges appear to favor Comcast in challenging whether or not the FCC had any authority to sanction it for throttling peer-to-peer network traffic.

Screens From Former OLPC CTO Now in Devices
Screens made by former OLPC CTO Mary Lou Jepsen were in devices at CES and will be out for users in DIY kits soon.

W3C Posts Draft Standard for Local Database Storage
A proposed set of APIs from the W3C will allow Web applications to store data offline.

CES 2010: 5 Big Tech Trends

Found Money: Monetize Your Site with VigLink
Your site or blog may be leaving money on the table, which a new service called VigLink can help you find. No major site changes required.

ISP Operators Among 19 Arrested in Cyber-fraud Case
The owner of an Internet service provider raided last April has been charged with participating in a fraud conspiracy.

Zuckerberg Comments Underscore Conflict Between Social Networking and Privacy
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made some comments recently that users are no longer interested in privacy and that the social norms of privacy have evolved.

Automate Common Tasks with AutoHotKey
The unsung hero of the Windows world, AHK lets you automate just about anything. It can also expand abbreviated text as you type.

The Cost of Google Pulling Out of China
If Google follows through on its threat to pull out of China it would walk away from billions in potential revenue-and Baidu would likely grab it.

Google Could Leave China over Censorship, E-mail Attacks
Google is showing patriotism and guts in standing-up to the Chinese.

Is a Google Netbook on the Horizon?
What won't Google do to extend its reach into businesses and homes. If a handset seemed far-fetched, a Chrome OS netbook almost makes sense.

Bugs & Fixes: Apple Updates Disk Repair Advice
Apple has released a trio of articles that offer new or updated information regarding disk repairs. Let's take a look at each.

Nook e-Readers Delayed, $100 Gift Certficates Instead
Some customers were told Friday that their Nooks won't arrive by Christmas, as promised. They will get $100 gift certificates as consolation.

PC Makers Introduce Netbooks With New Atom Processor
Dell and Fujitsu launched new netbooks with Intel's next-generation Atom N450 processor.

Intel: 27 New Laptop, Desktop CPUs Arrive in January

HP Slate Lowers the Bar for Apple's Tablet PC

New Intel Chip for Netbooks? Like It Matters
Intel's Atom N450 won't create the netbooks that business customers really want to buy. Plus holiday netbook buying advice.

CES: DisplayLink Says USB 3.0 Video Coming Soon

Skeptics Question OLPC's Focus With $75 Tablet
Skeptics question OLPC's focus with the $75 tablet PC.

Online Retailer Jumpstarts Intel's Core I3 Chip Launch
ECost is selling a Hewlett-Packard laptop with Intel's upcoming Core i3 processor, providing chip details ahead of its official launch.

Intel Unveils Details on Arrandale and Clarkdale Processors
The 2010 CES event in Las Vegas doesn't start for a few days, but Intel has joined other vendors in jumping the gun and making announcements of new technology ahead of the event.

Lenovo Unveils New AMD-Powered Business Laptops

MSI to Show 3D Laptop and Dual E-reader, Netbook at CES

Apple Tablet and Lenovo Smartbook Add New Categories to Confusing Market
Apple's rumored tablet PC, and Lenovo's new smartbook and hybrid netbook-tablet muddy the waters in an already-confusing market for portable computers.

Rumor: MSI To Show Dual-Screen E-Reader & 3D Laptop At CES

Skiff's Innovative Big-Screen E-Reader to Debut at CES

Nvidia's New Chips Target Mobile Devices
Nvidia released its next-generation Tegra processor for portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

iPhone Runs Toy Helicopter Taking Off at CES 2010

RIM Reveals 'BlackBerry Presenter' for PowerPoint

Dell Unveils 2 Laptops and a Monitor for PC Gamers to Ogle
Get ready for more 3D buzz with Alienware's new monitor.

FAQ: Ford's MyFord Touch Connected Car

Acer Recalls Aspire Laptops After Some Casings Melt
Acer is recalling about 22,000 Aspire laptop computers after customers reported that some models were overheating.

Ford Sync: And They Say Texting Is Dangerous?

How to See Past the CES 2010 Hype Machine

CES 2010: Picks and Pans

CES Streamed Live Over Head-Mounted Videocam

USB 3.0 Finally Arrives

3D Comes Home

Vizio Shows Off Powerhouse Home Entertainment Lineup

Apple's Mythical Tablet: the Text's the Thing
Even professional skeptics like me are reaching the point where we have to admit that Apple is probably about to release some sort of tablet device, even if...

Wyse Puts Atom in New Thin Client Netbook
Wyse Technology has started shipping the X90cw, a new thin client that comes in the shape of a Intel Atom-based netbook, it said on Wednesday.

AMD's Lead With DirectX 11 Is 'insignificant,' Nvidia Says
Nvidia calls technology lead that Advanced Micro Devices built by releasing the first graphics chips to support DirectX 11 is "insignificant."

Kodak Zi6 Pocket Camcorder

Patch Management Made Easy with WSUS 3.0 SP2

Driver Reviver Can Help Get Drivers Working--But Is It the Best Solution?

Last-minute Photo Cards
Where did the time go? One minute you're enjoying your Thanksgiving turkey and thinking about how this year you're going to stay on top of the holiday rush. And...

Remove Windows 7 from a Dual Boot

Camcorder Tips for the Holidays
The holidays are a time for not only getting together with friends, expressing affection through cards and gifts, and ingesting far too many sweets, but also the...

Of Tea Leaves and Tablets
When tablet-sized rumors take hold, the wondering and speculation begin. While others ponder the physical characteristics of such a slice of Apple magic, my mind...

SSDs and the MacBook Pro
In this week's video, I take you on a video follow-up to my article about adding an ExpressCard solid state drive to certain MacBook Pros.

DXG Releases $300 1080p Camcorder
At CES, DXG released the DXG-A80V, a new camcorder that is capable of recording at 1920 by 1080 resolution at 60 frames per second. The camcorder is priced at...

CES 2010: New HD Pocket Camcorders from Sanyo, Sony, and Kodak

Panasonic Debuts Three Portable HD Camcorders

Buying a Printer: Fact vs. Fiction
Buying a printer would seem to be straightforward: Decide what you need the printer to do--text? photos? scanning, copying, and maybe faxing?--and you'll have a...

Netbook Shipments Jump 103 Percent in '09, Research Says
Shipments of netbooks are expected to go up by 103 percent to 33.3 million in 2009, according to DisplaySearch.

Indian Startup Designs Tablet PC Running Android
Indian startup Norton Ink is designing a tablet PC around Android and is targeting the device at the global market.

First Look: Epson PictureMate Show PM 300
At first, Epson's PictureMate Show PM300 compact photo printer looks like a bulky, awkward piece of printing equipment, with an unnecessarily large display...

From Digital to Print and Back
The great thing about creating a digital scrapbooking page is that there's almost no limit to the ideas you can try. And with a little thought, you can easily go...

Freebie FixWin Solves Simple Windows Problems

Apple Tablet Could Be For Business, Too
Sure, it's a consumer product, but Apple's widely-rumored tablet computer could, finally, popularize the slate form factor for business, too.

CyberDefender Registry Cleaner Tears Through The Registry...But Is It What Your PC Needs?

10 Free, Must-Have Windows Tools for IT Pros

Troubleshooting Over the Holidays
Thanks to the seasonal generosity of Macworld's overlords and some accumulated days-off that needed to be used or losed, I've spent the last two weeks officially...

Italian Consumer Group Plans Class Action Against Microsoft
An Italian consumer group plans class action against Microsoft for users who do not want preinstalled Windows.

Canon Goes HD-Camcorder Crazy at CES 2010

Canon's New Inkjet Multifunction Printers
It's been a busy day for Canon. First, the company revealed new HD camcorders. Then Canon introduced new point-and-shoot cameras. For the trifecta, Canon has...

HP Puts USB 3.0 Ports in New Laptops
HP added USB 3.0 ports to EliteBook laptops that were announced on Wednesday.

HP Adds Touchscreen to Mini Netbook
HP launched the Mini 5102 touchscreen netbook on Wednesday.

Asustek Shows New Eee PC With Slide-out Battery

AMD Launches DirectX 11 Laptop Graphics Processors

SystemInfo Gives You the Skinny on Your PC's Hardware

Microsoft Prods XP Users to Upgrade Flash Player
Microsoft today confirmed that the version of Flash bundled with Windows XP contains multiple bugs, and urged customers to upgrade to a newer edition of the...

Sun, Fujitsu Speed Sparc Server
Fujitsu and Sun upgrade the Sparc Enterprise M3000 entry-level enterprise server, making it faster with new hardware.

Hot New Fermi Chips from Nvidia Rumored to Appear in March

System Mechanic Makes Many Tweaks, Requests Much Trust

Enable Better Font Smoothing on Some LCD Displays
One of the unwelcome changes in Snow Leopard, at least for myself and others who use certain third-party LCD displays, was the gross simplification of the font...

Google Dashboard Shows Android Fragmentation
Google released a snapshot that shows the percentages of phones running the different versions of Android software.

Move Cursor While Paging Through Files
Here's a quick Friday tip for those who like to navigate open documents via the keyboard. In many OS X applications, including TextEdit, pressing Page Up and...

Apple Issues Mail Services Update for Snow Leopard Servers
If you use the server edition of Snow Leopard, you will want to take note of a couple of updates recently issued by Apple. The first one is a 21MB patch that...

Four Essential PDF Tips for Snow Leopard
PDF files are practical and easy to work with, not only because they retain the layout of your documents, but also because users on any platform can view them...

Set Digital Camera Auto-import Options in Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard addressed a long-standing complaint for those of us with multiple digital cameras--we can finally set different preferences for different devices...

Microsoft Won't Fix Windows 7 Crash Bug Next Week
Microsoft today said it will deliver a single security update on Tuesday to patch just one vulnerability in Windows.

Microsoft's Ballmer Trumpets Windows 7's Holiday Magic

Remove Unwanted Text Shadows in IWork Programs
If you use the iWork applications, or other programs that use their own font styling features and the system-wide Fonts panel, here's a little potential "gotcha"...

Bring Your Middle Mouse Button to Life

Best-of-Breed Online Backup Memopal Gives You More For Your Money (Or No Money)

Make Your New PC Hassle-Free, Part 1: Create a System-Repair Disc
If you've got a few spare minutes and a blank CD or DVD, use Windows 7's built-in recovery-disc maker to create a get-out-of-disaster-free card.

TimeTraveler Helps You Look at Previous Versions of Files and Folders

Don't Send Special Keys in 10.6's Screen Sharing
I use OS X's Screen Sharing a lot--with five Macs scattered about the house, it's often the easiest way to work on another machine. In Snow Leopard, Apple...

Macs in the Enterprise: True IT Tales

Windows Loses Market Share to Mobile Operating Systems

Microsoft Preps Windows 7 for SP1 Testing
Microsoft has already prepped Windows 7 with code to let users eventually download the new operating system's first service pack, a prominent blogger...

Bluetooth Keyboard Batteries Drained by Apple's Magic Mouse
Apple's Magic Mouse is reportedly draining the batteries of Bluetooth keyboards, according to the company's own discussion forums.

Manage OS X's Downloaded File Warning System
When Apple shipped Mac OS X 10.5, one of the new features was a warning about opening downloaded files (this feature is also present in Mac OS X 10.6). The first...

Logitech Announces Speaker Lapdesk
The Macworld story, "Logitech announces Speaker Lapdesk," which posted to the newswire Tuesday, has been removed from the wire because it was erroneously...

Windows Market Share Dips (Again)

Make Your New PC Hassle-Free, Part 4: Create a Drive Image
The time may come when you need to restore your PC. Instead of going all the way back to square one, use an "image" of your system as it exists right now.

Italian Suit Over Preinstalled Windows Likely Next Week
An Italian suit over preinstalled Microsoft software is likely to be filed next week.

Microsoft Arc Keyboard Is Flat and Curvy
Drawing upon the design aesthetic of its Arc Mouse ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ), Microsoft at CES has unveiled the Arc Keyboard, a stylish and compact...

Migrate to a New PC

Windows for Rent

Skip Microsoft's Critical Patch, Focus on Adobe's, Experts Urge
Microsoft today issued just one security update for Windows, the lowest number on a Patch Tuesday since January 2009, and security experts advised users to...

Make 10.6's List Stacks Look Like Grid Stacks
If you use Stacks in Grid mode in OS X 10.6, and you've read this hint, then you know you navigate into (and out of) folders in Grid mode Stacks using the...

What to Expect from Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Use AutoHotkey to Auto-Complete Text as You Type
Imagine Word's auto-complete feature available everywhere you type. That's the beauty of AutoHotkey's "hotstrings."

Wallpaper Problem

Facebook Lets You Reply to Status Updates Via E-Mail

Customers to AT&T: Choke on This
My post last week about how AT&T treats its customers like losers got quite a rise out of readers. It even provoked a response from AT&T itself.

PC World's Top Videos of 2009

Bluetooth 4.0 Spec Finalized, Designed Around Energy Efficiency

Google, Microsoft Bing Deals Benefit Twitter

Avatar: Good News for 3D TV and Blu-ray?

Ford Plans Wi-Fi On Board

Free Wi-Fi Guide for Holiday Travelers

Sprint Overdrive Depends on WiMax Advances

Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray Disc Player

Panasonic DMP-BD60K Blu-ray Disc Player

Disney, CBS Coming to iTunes TV?

Wireless Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

HP: Our Webcams Aren't Racist
HP is responding to claims that the facial-tracking technology used by its Webcams is somehow racist.

Track Santa Online With Google Earth

Videoconferencing at 30,000 Feet: Mostly Amazing

Home Networking: How to Avoid Traffic Jams

Migrate Browser Favorites

Replenish Your IWeb Themes
There are plenty of themes built into iWeb '09 (28 to be exact), but eventually you may want more choices for your various Web sites. Themes are stylized page...

Verizon: Just as Bad as AT&T

Set Up Your Home Network, Windows 7 Edition

IPhone Bill Trackers
Any reminder application for the iPhone or iPod touch has one simple hurdle to clear: Does it remind you to remind you? It doesn't matter whether the app is...

LaCie Announces Compact Wi-Fi HD Media Center

CES: Easily Access Your Files Remotely With myDitto

CES: More Powerful Wireless Chargers on Display

Sony Announces New Premium Video Service for Its Devices

LaCie's Compact HD Media Player

Stream Anything from Your PC to Your HDTV, Wire Free

Gogo In-flight Wi-Fi to Provide Video Downloads
Aircell, the company offering the Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi service on many airlines, will launch an in-flight video downloading service later this year.

Fizwoz Offers Outlet for Mobile Photogs

Ears-On With Coby's 3D Soundbar Speakers

Netflix Map Shows What's Hot in Your Neighborhood

Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote

Netflix Streaming Coming to the Wii

Google Hack Raises Serious Concerns, US Says

Researcher: Baidu Probably Attacked From US Domain Registrar
The attack that took China's biggest search site offline yesterday was most likely carried out by modifying Baidu's records at, the search...

Kansas Businessman Gets Prison for E-Rate Fraud
A Kansas businessman is sentenced to 57 months in prison for E-Rate fraud.

Google Introduces Landmarks on India Maps
In India, Google is offering driving directions using landmarks; besides street names; to meet local requirements.

YouTube's Hottest Videos of 2009
YouTube has just released a list of its most popular videos of 2009. Ready to see what the world's been watching?

Twitter's Love-Hate Relationship With Iran

Facebook Privacy Complaint Ignites War of Words

Apple Dominates Product Searches Online

Journey of a Tweet

Gov't Broadband Project to Compete With Existing Service
A Georgia broadband project funded by the U.S. government will compete with existing broadband service.

Google Lets You Search for What's "Near Me Now"

Facebook's Top Status Updates of 2009

Twitter Turns a Profit (Really)

Caption Search: Another Reason to Love Hulu

Yelp Doesn't Need Google, But Google Could Use Yelp

Find Last Minute Gifts on Facebook. Yes, Facebook

Facebook's Other Top Trend of 2009: Divorce
Facebook is cited in one out of every five divorce petitions, according to some new research published this week. So what's going on?

Twitter's Mixer Labs Buy Puts Location-Based Services in the Spotlight

China Blames Online Games for Drugs, Murder, Teen Pregnancy
China's state news channel has blamed hugely popular online games for problems including drug addiction, teen pregnancy and even murder this month.

2009: Year of the Social Network

China Starts Restoring Internet in Divided Muslim Region
China will start restoring Internet service in its unrest-stricken province of Xinjiang after nearly six months of a near total ban on Web access.

Social Network Terms Go Mainstream

Google's Chrome Tops Safari; Is Firefox Next?

10 Sites and Services That Will Matter in 2010

5 Reasons Why IE Will Lose Market Share in 2010
Microsoft's Internet Explorer has lost nearly a third of its market share over the past five years, and analysts say it will be tough for Microsoft to turn...

Apple Puts Lala Music Service to Work

Yahoo Helps IIT Bombay Set up Hadoop Cluster Lab
Yahoo is helping the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay to set up a Hadoop cluster lab.

Facebook CEO Challenges the Social Norm of Privacy

Optimize Photos for Your Digital Scrapbook
Your photos are the centerpiece of your digital scrapbooking pages, giving your friends and family a sense of what you felt that day. The vibrant colors, the...

5 Web 2.0 Startups to Watch in 2010
Keep an eye on these five businesses that bring fresh ideas to the Web 2.0 arena. From search to microbogging, these tools deserve your attention.

Google to Sell Billboard Ad Space in Street Views and Maps, says Report

Facebook Tracks Your Every Move, Employee Claims

Microsoft IE's Downfall 'far Fetched,' Says Researcher
Talk of Internet Explorer's demise is "far fetched,"according to Devil Mountain Software, which cites data showing that more than 80% of enterprise PCs run...

Group Behind Twitter Hack Takes Down
The group behind a recent Twitter hack now says it has knocked offline.

Google Pulling Out of China? Don't Bet On It

Final Fantasy XIII Launches in Japan
Final Fantasy XIII, one of the most awaited video games of the year, went on sale Thursday morning in Japan.

First Look: New IPhone Games From Electronic Arts
On Thursday, EA Mobile unveiled three new games that are coming soon to an iPhone or iPod touch near you. Though no release dates have been set yet, look for...

Japanese Gamer Weds Nintendo Character

Aliens Invade for IPhone
Anyone who grew up in proximity to a video arcade in the 1970s or '80s remembers Space Invaders. And anyone who grew up afterward has probably seen the game...

Shoppers Spent $1 Billion on Virtual Goods in 2009

Google Fast Flip Adds Publications

Arachnadoodle for IPhone
Arachnadoodle by Connect2Media takes an interesting and refreshing twist on the puzzle genre. While comparisons could be drawn to games like Peggle...

DivX Launches New Internet TV Platform

New Mass Effect 2 Trailers Highlight Companions and Classes

Grand Theft Auto IV-Related Ad Ban Blocked

Sony PlayStation 3 (120GB) Game Console

Nine Tech Things I Won't Do This Holiday '09 Vacation blogger Thomas Wailgum has identified nine "technology traps" to avoid this holiday season, and he's taken the pledge to do so himself. But does he...

Mozilla Offers a Sneak Peek at New Firefox Interface

Grinchmas for IPhone
How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a holiday classic, so it's no surprise that a Grinch app would show up around this time of year. Grinchmas, from Oceanhouse...

Restore Google Reader's Navigation Sidebar
Hey, what happened to my list of feeds? Most likely, an errant click hid the sidebar. Here's how to bring it back.

Story of the Year: Newspapers and the Internet

Slingshot Cowboy Plus for IPhone
Slingshot Cowboy Plus by Digital Prunes is a simple casual game with cute cartoon graphics and fun sound effects. The only skill to master is your slingshot. By...

Minim for IPhone
Minim is an original, clever puzzler for the iPhone. The $2 game from Fishing Cactus excels because of its simplicity and its elegant ties to the iPhone's unique...

5 Tips to Profit from LinkedIn in 2012

Voltron for IPhone
The animated television series Voltron first aired in 1984 and was followed by other television series, specials, and movies. Somehow fans have been denied any...

Facebook Cuts Off Access to Profile-Killing Service

Independent Games Festival Finalists Announced

Nvidia Teases Fermi GF100 Showing at CES 2010

10 Ways the Internet Will Change in 2010

Despite Recession, Game Industry Still Hiring