Computing Center Sitemap - Page 45 2013-07-16

India's Mobile Subscriber Base Crosses 500 Million Mark
India's mobile subscribers crossed 500 million in November.

IPhone 3G Tops Nielsen Mobile Device List
The iPhone 3G has been crowned the most-used mobile phone in the U.S. in a top-ten list recently published by market research-company Nielsen.

Use Your Cell Phone as a Wireless Modem

Did Microsoft Redeem Itself in 2009?

China Mobile Executive Under Investigation
A China Mobile executive is being investigated by Chinese authorities for suspected "serious personal violations."

Hackers Show It's Easy to Snoop on a GSM Call
Hackers say they've shown how to eavesdrop on encrypted GSM phone conversations.

AT&T, NYC, and the Vanishing iPhone Mystery
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves: We have a new twist in the slow-news-day-driven mystery of the vanishing iPhone in the state of New York.

SugarSync for IPhone
SugarSync is an online backup service somewhat reminiscent of Dropbox. The SugarSync iPhone app from Sharpcast lets you access your backed-up files on the go...

Heartland Hacker Pleads Guilty in Third Case
The hacker charged with the Heartland data theft pleaded guilty a third time.

Ex-Seagate Employee Says Company Destroyed Evidence

LG Develops Cell Phone for US Mobile DTV Standard

2020 Forecast: How Tech Will Change in 10 Years

Intel to Chip Away Despite Legal Issues
Next year will be challenging for Intel as it fends off accusations of monopolistic behavior while trying to establish a larger presence in the mobile and...

How Google's Nexus One Can Beat Apple's iPhone

Report: Apple to Move Into Mobile Advertising
Do you wish Apple would provide you with mobile, targeted information which connected you with great products and services? Well, now there's an ad for that.

Music Sharer Asks for Reduced Fine, Retrial
A PhD student who was ordered to pay $675,000 for sharing digital music has asked for a retrial.

Google's Nexus One: First Impressions

Lenovo Calls New Smartphone Central to Mobile Strategy

Simplenote for IPhone
Note-taking apps of varying quality fill the productivity section of the App Store. Simplenote, from Codality, aims to provide a high quality experience with a...

LG's GW990 Smartphone Impresses

Google Nexus One Loses to iPhone In Touchscreen Accuracy Tests

Mobile Snapdragon Processor to hit 1.5Ghz, Dual-Core in 2010

MagicJack Home Cellular Service Could Spark Legal Battle
MagicJack's femtocell service, unveiled at CES, could ignite a legal battle over the way it makes use of radio frequencies licensed to mobile operators.

Infosys Signals Recovery in Outsourcing Market
Indian outsourcer; Infosys Technologies; posts an increase in revenue; signaling a recovery in the offshore outsourcing market.

Mobile Internet to Dominate Within 5 Years -- Study

Chinese E-publisher Plans Baidu Copyright Lawsuit
A Chinese e-publisher plans to file suit against local search engine as Google also faces legal pressure from Chinese authors over Google Books.

BlackBerry Outage Over, Says RIM

Philadelphia Plans to Buy Its Wi-Fi Network
The City of Philadelphia plans to buy the Wi-Fi network built by EarthLink and use it for city services, plus some public hotspots.

Google Applies to Become Electricity Marketer
Google has created an energy subsidiary and is asking the government for permission to buy and resell electricity in a wholesale manner.

China's Hanvon Aims for Europe With E-readers
Chinese e-reader maker Hanvon Technology is trying to sell more of its devices in Europe and the U.S.

Obama Selects Tech Veteran for Top Cybersecurity Post
Howard Schmidt was named as the White House's cybersecurity coordinator on Tuesday, a job that was reportedly difficult to fill.

Google and Microsoft to Escalate War in 2010
One of the most heated battles among technology companies was waged this year between Microsoft and Google, but industry watchers say this is just the...

Subscriptions Boost Red Hat Revenue
Open-source enterprise software vendor Red Hat on Tuesday reported fiscal third-quarter revenue up 18 percent from the same quarter last year.

Stimulus Money: Much Approved, Little Deployed
The U.S. Congress poured billions of dollars into three technology-related programs when it passed a huge spending bill designed to stimulate a sluggish U.S...

Texas County to Name Drunk Drivers on Twitter
Texas's Montgomery County is posting the names of drunk drivers on its Twitter page over the holidays

Ghost of Christmas Past: Tech TV Ads from Yesteryear

Holiday Related Online Sales Grew 15 Percent in 2009

Group: Online Ad Networks Mostly Comply With Privacy Rules
NAI's member advertising networks are generally complying with privacy guidelines, the group says.

Google Loses Claim to Groovle Domain Name
Google has failed in its attempt to take control of the domain name, which it claimed was confusingly similar to its own.

Broadcom to Settle Options Backdating Lawsuit for US$160.5M
Broadcom settled a stock options backdating lawsuit for US$160.5 million.

Apple Censors Dalai Lama IPhone Apps in China
Apple appears to have blocked iPhone apps related to the Dalai Lama in its China App Store, making it the latest U.S. tech company to censor its services there.

South Korea Closes Flash Memory Antitrust Investigation
South Korea's Fair Trade Commission ended an antitrust investigation of the flash memory industry, concluding that there is no evidence of a pricing cartel.

The Best Tech-Nostalgia Stories of 2009

Digitized Content Will Change the Spread of Knowledge

Will IT Change How Doctors Treat You in 2010?
With the federal government aggressively pushing for electronic health records (EHR), 2010 could be the year telehealth technology finally allows doctors to...

Apple Resolved iPhone Trademark Conflict in China

Google Offers to Help Run a 'white Spaces' Database
Google is soliciting the FCC to administrator a database that would allow devices to access broadband Internet on unlicensed TV signal spectrums.

CES: Staying Online While in the Air Is Addictive

EU Awards Contracts to Build and Launch Galileo Satellites
EU awards contracts to build and launch Galileo satellites for Europe's satellite navigation system.

French Government Urged to Tax Online Ad Revenue
A report commissioned by the French Minister of Culture urges the introduction of a tax on online advertising such as that carried by Google

Jive Buys Filtrbox to Boost Social Media Monitoring
Enterprise collaboration vendor Jive has acquired Filtrbox to boost its real-time social media monitoring capabilities.

Tablets Have Never Mattered — and Never Will

Microsoft Asks for Rehearing in Word Case
Microsoft asked for a rehearing of the i4i case.

White House Calls for IT Boost to Fight Terrorism
The White House report on the bombing attempt board a U.S airliner on Christmas Day highlights the challenges U.S intelligence agencies face in correlating...

Google Should Boost Image With China Battle, Analysts Say

Roxxxy Sexbot Is Not Your Daddy's Droid (Hopefully)

TSA Body Scanners Don't Protect Privacy, Group Insists

Know Something About Ka-ching? Twitter Wants You
Twitter job postings show the company may be focusing more on generating revenue.

Microsoft Yanks Stolen Code

Design Company Bing Sues Microsoft Over Trademark
A small Missouri company with the word "Bing" in its name has sued Microsoft for branding its search engine with the same word.

ATIC Completes Acquisition of Chartered
Advanced Technology Investment Co. has completed its acquisition of Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor.

Wall Street Beat: Tech Earnings Boost Confidence
Oracle, RIM announce upbeat results as market forecasts offer cheer to IT investors this week.

Microsoft, Intel, Google Legal News Prevails
It was a week where competition regulators danced with IT industry behemoths: the U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust lawsuit against Intel, while...

Microsoft, Accenture to Launch Retail Service Package
Microsoft, Accenture team on retail integration service

Wall Street Beat: Year Starts on Optimistic Note for IT
The new year is starting off on an optimistic note for tech vendors, which have gained back most of the share value they lost during the Great Recession.

Indian Industry Frowns on Employees Using Social Networks
An Indian industry association says employees are wasting time on social networks.

Study: US Among World's Leaders in Broadband Use
U.S. broadband customers download more content per month than users in Germany, the UK and Japan, a study says.

App Store Success Stories Require a Pinch of Salt

Twitter Buys Mixer Labs to Enhance Geolocation Services
Twitter bought Mixer Labs, which provides an API to write geolocation-aware applications.

BlackBerry Outage Caps Industry's Year of Network Woes

Tech Companies Had Lots to Be Sorry for in 2009
Kanye West, President Obama and David Letterman grabbed headlines this year when they apologized for assorted ill-advised acts or rash statements. But they more...

Hacker Pleads Guilty in Massive Fraud Case
A hacker from Miami plead guilty to hacking and credit card number theft in one of the largest breaches ever in the U.S.

Microsoft Zune Eats Apple iPod Dust in Holiday Sales

12 Tainted Tech Brands that Have Lost Their Way

Dirty IT Jobs: Just Be Glad They Aren't Yours

Apple Tablet Will Launch in 2010 -- This Time, For Sure

What Are Your Tech Wishes for 2010?

CyberSitter Files Lawsuit Against China Over Green Dam
CyberSitter alleges that China's Green Dam software infringes its copyrights.

US Official: Broadband Regulation May Be Needed
Broadband regulation may be needed because of a duopoloy across much of the U.S., a U.S. official says.

Keep an Eye on These Hot Start-ups in 2010

Vexed Tech to SAP, Oracle: Shut up Those Shrieking Servers
Driven mad by beeping servers involved in the SAP-Oracle lawsuit, a tech in Texas is fighting back.

Y2K All Over Again in 2010?
A decade after the Y2K crisis, date changes still pose technology problems, making some security software upgrades difficult and locking millions of bank ATM...

Will Skype TVs Bring Video Calling to the Masses?

The Battle for World Domination Boils Down to Apple vs. Google

Aol Voluntary Layoffs Program Falls Short
Aol will have layoffs this year, after a voluntary resignation program fell short of its staff-reduction goal

First Certified USB 3.0 Products Announced

FCC Warns of Impending Wireless Spectrum Shortage
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said an impending shortage of wireless spectrum in the U.S. will dampen future economic growth.

Could New E-Readers Change Publishing Game?

Huawei Plans to Manufacture Equipment in India
Huawei plans to have some of its telecommunications equipment manufactured in India.

Mashup Artist Calls for Changes in Copyright Law
A rewrite of copyright law is needed to protect mashup artists, a filmmaker says.

Is Twitter on the Money Trail?

Slate PCs Cry Out for a Rethinking of Windows

Google Seeks to Reassure Business Users After Attacks
Google moved quickly to reassure enterprise customers that their data is safe following a sophisticated attack on the company from China.

Microsoft Windows, Office Rental Not So Revolutionary

White House Awards First Broadband Stimulus Grants
The White House awards the first $182 million in broadband grants and loans.

Microsoft Team Brings Tech Help in Disasters
Next time you're stuck in a long line at airport security, see if Microsoft's Claire Bonilla or a member of her team, loaded down with networking and other...

ITC Says Samsung Infringed Kodak Camera Patents
The ITC this week ruled that Samsung infringes on two patents issued to Kodak.

President Sarkozy Adds His Support to French Google Tax Plan
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has added his support to a proposal to tax Google and other online advertising networks

MiFi: The Best Product of 2009

What a Dumb Decade: The 87 Lamest Moments in Tech

Ballmer in 2010: Should He Stay or Should He Go Now?
Will 2010 be the year the Ballmer era ends at Microsoft?

2009's Most Memorable IT Apologies

Top 15 Tech Events of the Decade

Tech Trends 2010: Predictions for the Year Ahead

FCC Moves Toward Net Neutrality Rules
The FCC proposed net neutrality rules in 2009.

Top 10 Stupid Tech Moves of 2009

Google Chrome OS: Hot Target for Hackers in 2010

DOE Announces Grants for IT Energy Efficiency
The U.S. Department of Energy awards $47 million in IT energy efficiency grants.

Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, LG Miss Key Toxic Chemicals Goal
Four of the biggest names in the electronics industry have missed an important goal for phasing out toxic chemicals from their products, Greenpeace said at CES.

Is VLC for OS X in Danger?
VLC for OS X could go MIA PDQ unless some Mac developers step up ASAP. That's because VLC media player, the (for-now) cross-platform software from the VideoLAN...

PC Market on Fast Track to Recovery, IDC Says
PC shipments will rebound to grow by double digits through 2013, IDC says

Twitter Client Kiwi Lets You Style, Hide, Organize Tweets
You would be right in many ways if you said that Twitter clients figuratively cost ten cents for every twelve apps you can round up. They typically compete in...

Intel Emerging From Turbulent First Half, Exec Says
Intel is looking to put the economic downturn behind it as PC shipments rise, a company executive said.

Why Don't Tech Media Mavens Understand Satire?

Last Minute Gifts for Mac Lovers
We've all experienced some form of holiday shopping panic: "There's only of months/days/hours left before Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa! What am I going to do?"...

Apple Earns Four-star Greenpeace Rating
When last we visited with the professional rankologists who compile Greenpeace's quarterly Guide to Greener Electronics--for those keeping score at home, that...

Firmware Update Addresses 27-inch IMac Flickering
Apple has released a new graphics firmware update that corrects video-flickering and image corruption problems with the latest 27-inch iMacs.

Cinch Makes Two-up, Full-screen Windows Easy
A few months back, I covered TwoUp and SizeUp, two utilities for managing windows on your Mac. TwoUp and SizeUp let you use keyboard shortcuts or a systemwide...

BannerZest Pro 2.1
Flash is an intimidating concept for novice Web designers and bloggers, and most tacitly accept that Flash-based content is far out of their reach.

Will We See the Famed Apple Tablet Next Month?
We doesn't normally report on Apple gossip from rumor Websites, but when heavyweights like The Financial Times report on Apple news--even if it sounds a bit...

Japan Sees Third Straight Month PC Unit Shipment Growth
Unit shipments of PCs in Japan registered their third straight month of gains in November based on year-ago levels, an industry group said Thursday.

Google's Nexus One Details: What We Know So Far

Top 10 Tech Stories of the Decade
While the computer industry in the 1990s thrived as corporations re-engineered business processes to incorporate IT, this decade has seen technology truly become...

Tech Mergers and Acquisitions to Grow in 2010

CNBC to Air 'Welcome to Macintosh' Documentary
Set your DVRs, people. On January 4th, 2010 at 9:30PM Eastern, CNBC will broadcast Welcome to Macintosh, an independent documentary chronicling Apple's history.

Apple Cuts Educational Pricing on MacBooks
The price of admission has dropped for students to join the mobile Macintosh community. The entry level MacBook is normally $999 for we plebeians, but...'s Top Stories of 2009
It's that time of year where we venture down into the basement of the mighty Macworld industrial complex, to run maintenance tasks on the complex coal-burning...

Radioshift 1.5 Adds More Stations, Better Streaming
If you weren't already overwhelmed by the colossal array of choices available on Internet radio, maybe you will be soon. Rogue Amoeba has released Radioshift...

Nuance Buys Spinvox to Expand Voice-to-text Services
Nuance Communications announced it would buy Spinvox for US$102.5 million.

Kinetic Typography: Language in Motion
Lately I've become completely enamored with kinetic typography.

Apple's Most Significant Products of the Decade
The end of one year and the beginning of another usually lends itself to list making. That goes double when the second-to-last digit in a calendar year flips...

AppZapper 2.0 Puts out a Hit List on Your Apps
I hear you got some apps on your Mac that need to be "taught a lesson." If some of those apps need to go swim with the fishes, here's an offer you can't...

Tech Industry Trends 2010: A Year of Guarded Hope

Report: Apple Scheduling Jan. 27 Media Event
There may be no Steve Jobs keynote at this February's Macworld Expo, but that doesn't mean that we won't see the Apple CEO take the stage sometime this month. In...

Microsoft Office 2010 Will Kill Boxed Software

Today 2.0 Lets You Peek at Tomorrow's Events
As an avid iCal user, I sometimes find myself a little overwhelmed with my daily schedules. With all those days, weeks, and months jumbled together on the same...

Google Chrome for Mac Gets Extension Support
Those of you who use Google Chrome for Mac to browse the Web, but still pine for the add-ons available for browsers like Firefox are in for a treat--that is, if...

Itsy Is a Compact and Streamlined Twitter Client
Mowglii, developer of the iPhone app Worm, has just released Itsy, a free Twitter client for the Mac.

Music Companies Want Pirate Bay Founders to Pay Fine
The Stockholm District Court should decide that two of Pirate Bay's founders have to pay 500,000 Swedish kronor since the file-sharing site is still open.

Inklet Turns Your MacBook Trackpad Into a Tablet
Has your inner artist been on a hunger strike, protesting to be let out? Or is he or she more of the red-paint-on-fur-coat activist type that's angry about the...

Apple Releases Remote Desktop 3.3.2 Update
Apple rolled out Apple Remote Desktop 3.3.2 on Monday, improving the overall stability and performance of the remote-management tools as well as fixing a number...

DOJ: Kindle in Classroom Hurts Blind Students
Three universities agree to stop promoting Kindle in the classroom after complaints from organizations representing the blind.

Google: Power to the People?

The Macalope Weekly: Apple's Mythical Tablet
The world of Apple rumors is a magical place, full of fantastic flights of fancy and devoid of any responsibility for the wild predictions of yesteryear that...

Canonical CEO Steps Aside
Canonical's CEO will vacate the position by March as the company takes on more commercial demands.

TypeStyler X (v.10.6)
TypeStyler is more than 20 years old, and to employ an overused but apt phrase, this version is definitely not your father's TypeStyler. The type-effects...

Nisus Writer Pro 1.4
In 2005, I reviewed Nisus Writer Express and gave it good marks, while noting that it may not appeal anyone who needs the tools found in Microsoft Word. Since...

Microsoft Updates ERP Suites for Europe VAT Changes
Microsoft is updating its Dynamics ERP suites to accommodate changes in Europe's VAT law that take effect next year.

Take Your Bento to Go
Bento is Filemaker, Inc.'s database for Everyman. This easy-to-use application puts powerful relational database capabilities at your fingertips without...

Oracle Shed Nearly 1,300 Jobs in Q2
Oracle shed about 1,300 jobs in the second quarter, but isn't specifying how many were layoffs.

Google Releases EtherPad as Open Source to Calm Users
Google has released the source code of the EtherPad hosted word-processing application it acquired earlier this month.

MySQL Developers Release 5.5 Beta
A beta version of MySQL 5.5 has been released.

Oracle Earnings Jump 15 Percent in Q2
Oracle's Q2 earnings topped analyst estimates, and an executive is confident the EU will approve its deal to buy Sun Microsystems.

Oracle Critical Patch Update Includes 24 Fixes
Oracle's upcoming patch update includes 24 fixes.

See Path to Messages in Snow Leopard's Mail
Here's a quick tip on a new feature in Mail in Snow Leopard: the proxy icon at the top of a message window now works as it does in Finder, TextEdit, and many...

2009 in Review: The Year in Business Center
We spent most of 2009 listening to an unending stream of information about the world's financial crisis. But not all the news was bad for Mac businesses. Here...

2009 in Review: The Year for Creatives
While it may be a stretch to characterize 2009 as a banner year for anything, the Mac creative community welcomed a variety of advances: new twists on old...

EMC Acquires GRC Vendor Archer Technologies
EMC is digging deeper into GRC, announcing Monday it will acquire Archer Technologies.

Billings 3.5 Paves the Way for IPhone Companion
Designers, writers, and other independent and/or indentured laborers will soon be able to get more things done on the road. Actually, to be more specific:...

2009 in Review: The Year in Apple
Economic uncertainty. Swine flu. Newspaper articles featuring Jon and/or Kate Gosselin. You can understand why most people will be happy to see 2009 exit stage...

Everplay Features, Cover Flow
iTunes is a great app, but sometimes it can be overkill. Even if you shrink it, the enormous window seems to demand all of your attention and it can take a while...

New Groovy Cozies up to Java, SQL
New version of Groovy released

Oracle Buys Data Quality Vendor
Oracle has made its first acquisition of the year, buying data-quality vendor Silver Creek Systems.

Camino 1.5
If you value speed and superb design above all else, and you don't need Firefox's flexibility or Safari's RSS reader, take Camino 1.5.5 for a test drive. What it...

The Unbootable Mac Mini
Last week, I took advantage of some vacation time to perform a bunch of around-the-house tech maintenance. One of those tasks was to move a Mac mini from my data...

Adobe Testing New Automatic Updater
Next week, Adobe Systems will begin testing new automatic software designed to make it easier for Reader and Acrobat users to keep their products up-to-date.

Design Basics: Creativity Through Contrast
Welcome to the final installment of Macworld's Design Basics series. So far, we've covered the importance of proximity (placing related information closer...

Nuance Adds IPod Touch Support to Mobile Speech Apps
Peruse any story about Nuance Communications' voice-enabled iPhone apps, and it won't be long before an aggrieved iPod touch owner poses this question: Why won't...

SAP Plays up Sustainability Angle
SAP kicks off its sustainability marketing effort at the National Retail Federation Conference.

Progress Scoops up BPM Vendor Savvion
Progress is buying BPM vendor Savvion for US$49 million.

Google Docs to Allow Storage of Any Type of File
Google Docs will now let users store any type of file.

Apple to Announce First Quarter Results Jan. 25
Word on the mean streets of the Internet suggests that Apple CEO Steve Jobs may take the stage of San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center on Wednesday January 27. If...

Microsoft Showcases New ERP App for Retailers
Microsoft on Monday announced a new ERP suite aimed at speciality retailers.

Illustrator Tip: Live Trace
Adobe Illustrator's Live Trace feature is a phenomenal way to transform a raster image into a vector image--or to put it more plainly--to turn a photograph into...

Treat a Misbehaving Time Capsule
If the hard drive in your Mac starts misbehaving, you can run Apple's Disk Utility (or any of numerous third-party utilities) to repair it. But what if the drive...

Microsoft, HP Announce 'infrastructure-to-app' Partnership
Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft will invest US$250 million over three years on a product integration strategy meant to "significantly simplify" technology...

What's on's Shopping List?
A $500 million debt offering from indicates it may go on a shopping spree, but analysts have differing opinions on what's in store.

How to Fix a MagSafe Adapter on the Go
Longtime owners of Mac laptops know that there's one area where Apple's famed build quality often falls down on the job: the construction of its power adapters...

Microsoft and HP CEOs to Announce Joint Investment
Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard will invest together to prepare customers for "the next generation of business computing" related to IT infrastructure software

Logic Studio 2009 Gains 64-bit Support
Apple has released Logic Pro 9.1 and MainStage 2.1, major updates to Logic Studio (2009) ( Macworld rated 4.5 out of 5 mice ). Available via Software Update, the...

Will Microsoft and Apple Team Up to Fight Google?
If "my enemy's enemy is my friend" then Apple and Microsoft have plenty of reason to work together, starting with the iPhone.

Google Android Push Gains March in Taiwan With New Project
The Taiwanese government approved funding for a project by Cheng Uei and Chunghwa Telecom to make apps and services for Android.

Asustek Plans EeeBot Educational Robot

IWave Introduces Four New Case and Speaker Collections
iWave is showing off four new collections of headphones, iPhone/iPod cases, and speakers at CES this week. All of the products should be available in the second...

File Taxes From Your IPhone With SnapTax
Between bites of grilled cheese (made with white Wisconsin cheddar, thank you very much) and sips of Diet Coke, I had a chance to talk to some of the companies...

IHome+Sleep 'sleep Lifestyle' App Coming for IPhone
It's the 21st century--isn't it time to sleep different? iPhone app developer Mobelux thinks so, which is why it teamed up with accessory maker iHome to produce...

Meru Files for Enterprise Wi-Fi IPO
Enterprise wireless LAN vendor Meru Networks has filed for an initial public offering, looking to raise as much as US$86.25 million.

Oracle Slapped With Suit Tied to Fusion Applications
Oracle is being sued by software toolkit maker MB Technologies for fraud and copyright infringement.

MacBU Wraps up 2009, Explains Messenger Delays
While you were sleeping through the past 12 months, Microsoft would like you to know that its Mac Business Unit (MacBU--or Mac Boo!, if you prefer) had quite a...

Bugs & Fixes: Getting EyeTV Live 3G to Work
Elgato recently released EyeTV Live 3G, a free Web app that works with the iPhone to stream video content from the EyeTV application on your Mac. With this...

Chronos SOHO Organizer 8
Even in an age of MobileMe and Google calendars, there is still a need for stand-alone desktop personal information software. SOHO Organizer 8.11, a suite of...

Toshiba Develops Translation System for Cell Phones
Toshiba has developed a cell phone translation system for English, Chinese and Japanese.

Disable Spell Checking in Stickies in 10.6
I use the Stickies application as a catch-all for weird stuff I know I want to keep, but I'm not quite sure where I want to keep it. Eventually, I find homes for...

Six Uses for a Dead IPod
Nothing lasts forever, and iPods are no exception. Like all electronic devices, your iPod will eventually take a trip to the big Apple Store in the sky. But that...

2009 in Review: The Year for Creatives

WorkLog for IPhone
A long, long time ago, in a galaxy light years away from the iPhone and iPod touch, I used to track consulting time using a Palm Pilot. To be honest, I can't...

'Save MySQL' Campaign Gains Momentum
A campaign to 'save' MySQL by creator Monty Widenius is rapidly gaining momentum.

MySpace Accepting Submissions for App Contest
MySpace is now accepting submissions for its developer contest.

As I wrote back in September, Snow Leopard changes the rules regarding how documents you create are opened--at least for certain file types. Although the...

Preview ITunes Songs on the Web With ITunes Preview
The Web is abuzz with the sound of music. Not that that's anything new, but several sites have reported that Apple has now beefed up its Web-based iTunes Preview...

PlayStation 3 Sees Record Holiday Sales
A mid-year price cut and a strong line-up of software titles gave Sony's PlayStation 3 a record holiday season, the company said Wednesday.

BMC Scoops up Phurnace Software
BMC has purchased Java application deployment vendor Phurnace Software.

OpenStreetMap Attracts 200,000 Volunteers
A volunteer-led project to create an open-source map of the entire earth has amassed over 200,000 contributors.

E-book Readers Invade Las Vegas
Besides 3D HDTV, e-book readers were everywhere on the show floor at CES. It remains to be seen which one will stand out from the crowd, but there will be plenty...

Sync Documents to Google Docs With MemeoConnect
Memeo and Google today announced MemeoConnect for Google Docs. The cross-platform app allows Google Apps Premier Edition customers to sync documents of any type...

Elgato Announces EyeTV One Tuner
Elgato has announced another television tuner for the Mac, the EyeTV One. It's specifically designed to work with a digital antenna to deliver free, over-the-air...

MP3 Players? What MP3 Players?

Forrester: Tech Spending Downturn Is Over

Microsoft Site Crash Leaves Business Customers in Limbo
Problems with a Microsoft Web site that handles software licenses have left some businesses unable to activate and use their Microsoft apps for more than a...

Porn Industry Tiptoes Into 3D Video
The adult film industry, often quick to embrace new video technologies, is moving slowly with 3D TV in part because of higher production costs.

Job Search Apps for the IPhone
So you've joined the growing ranks of the unemployed. Obviously, you're not alone. You need to find a job soon, though, because you need to pay your monthly data...

FileMaker Intros Contact Manager for Bento 3
To FileMaker, Bento is more than just an option for individual users who need the organizational power of a database application but might otherwise be...

Indian Outsourcers See a Turnaround Ahead
Indian outsourcers are seeing a pick up in business; as globally the IT market picks up

EyeTV Update Adds 3G Streaming to IPhone, 64-bit Decoding
Looking to enjoy your EyeTV live broadcasts and recordings on your iPhone, without having to be connected to a Wi-Fi network? Then, my friend, you're in luck...

Five Misconceptions About ITunes and IPods
There's a lot of misinformation floating around about the iTunes/iPod/iPhone ecosystem. Here's a truthful look at a few of the more popular notions out there...

ITunes Store Adds Movie Bundles
This holiday season, you may find yourself with an awful lot of spare time on your hands. That is, besides the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and shoveling snow...

Taiwan to Host IBM's First Joint Healthcare IT Research Unit
In its first ever healthcare research collaboration, IBM will work with Taiwan on how to use mobile devices, analytics and the cloud to improve healthcare.

Experiencing 3D TV First-hand
There's been a lot of talk lately about 3D TV, what with the Blu-ray Disc Association finalizing its 3D spec and the HDMI Consortium preparing to add 3D support...

The Dawn of the Tablet PC: CES 2010 Roundup

HP drops prices, boosts specs of Envy 13 and 15 notebooks

Nvidia Unveils Tegra 2

Dell's Inspiron 11z Netbook: Superior Performance, Unusable Touchpad

Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310 Notebook, $600

Panasonic's New Battery Designed with Safety in Mind

Roxio Toast 10 Titanium 10.0.5
The Mac has long been capable of burning CDs and DVDs--both data and media discs. Yet Apple has shied away from supporting certain disc formats--Video CDs, music...

2009 in Review: The Year in Home Entertainment
2009 was a busy year for the iPod, iTunes, and Apple TV. Here's a quick wrap-up of some of the big events of the past 12 months in the world of home...

Amazon: E-book Sales Surpass Paper on Christmas Day
With so much enthusiasm-aided by a good dose of marketing and technological evolution-surrounding e-book readers, it was bound to happen sooner or later: sales...

AOC L42H961
If you're in search of an inexpensive, no-frills 42-inch 1080p LCD TV, you could do worse than AOC's L42H961, but only if you aren't into sports or any other...

Apple Victory in IPod Hearing Lawsuit Upheld
The US Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit has upheld a lower-court ruling that found that iPods do not pose an undue risk of hearing damage.

NBA Game Time for IPhone
For the basketball fan on the go, NBA Game Time provides a variety of ways to keep tabs on the league action wherever you are. The highlight of NBA Digital's $10...

Bugs & Fixes: Redeeming the Star Trek Digital Code
The disc versions of several recent movies come with a welcome bonus: a digital copy of the movie. You get one with the Blu-ray version of Inglourious Basterds...

An Affordable $199 Tablet for Everyone -- And It's Not From Apple

Intel's 2010 'Arrandale' Laptop CPUs: Core i5-540M Impressions

Lenovo Unveils Hybrid Tablet Laptop With 'Two Brains'

ScreenPlay Director Media Server Accesses Online Videos
Iomega unveiled its new ScreenPlay Director HD Media Player at CES 2010. The ScreenPlay Director is a media server that can store your videos, music, and photos...

Report: Ballmer to Unveil Tablet Computer Before Apple

iBuyPower Plans Multi-Touch Gaming Laptops

HP Experiments With Android

Why the Microsoft-HP Tablet Is a Big Disappointment

HP Updates Notebook Lineup, Including Touchscreen Netbook

Are Tablet PCs Destined to Flop?

Wireless Power Group Sees Standard Within 6 Months
A standard for wireless charging should be completed within six months, the head of the Wireless Power Consortium said Friday.

Hands On With the Litl Webbook

Orange: Apple Tablet Not Confirmed By France Telecom

Want 12 Hours of Battery Life from a High-End Laptop? ASUS Can Help

Could A Tablet Replace Your Notebook?

Creating DVD Images
It seems that our readers can't get enough information about ripping DVDs. One who wishes to remain anonymous inquires about these discs and their flexible...

Acer Aspire One D250-1613 Netbook

Move Over Google Phone, Here Comes the Google Netbook

AltaVista Irrelevant? Not to Other Search Engines
A long time ago, in the mid-to-late 1990s, AltaVista was a major search engine, but with the rise of Google its popularity slid, eventually becoming irrelevant...

Paris Court Rules Against Google in Book Copyright Case
Google's book search project suffered a legal setback in Paris on Friday, as a court ordered it to pay €300,000 in damages for breach of copyright

Facebook Target of FTC Privacy Complaint
Ten privacy groups have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission that seeks a roll-back of recent changes to Facebook's privacy policy.

China Video Site Youku Raises $40 Million for Expansion
Chinese video-streaming Web site raised $40 million in new equity funding as it looks to expand its popular service.

Dell Upgrades Mini 10 to Atom N450

Yahoo Gets New Rivals for Connected TV
Yahoo has signed up new partners for Connected TV but also faces new competition from DivX, Vudu and other Internet TV platforms.

Alienware M11X Packs Big Gaming Performance in a Tiny Package

Report: Disney and CBS Interested in Apple TV Plans
Apple is looking to add monthly subscriptions to the TV content available in its online iTunes store. Disney and CBS are interested in signing on.

Yelp, Google Breakup Bad News for Small Business
Google and Yelp would have created a great one-stop for local business promotion, which is something we need.

OLPC Plans Super-Thin, Super-Cheap Tablet

Facebook Traffic Jumps in Japan but It Still Lags Mixi
Facebook has seen an almost fourfold increase in the number of visitors to its Web site from Japan in the last year, NetRatings Japan said Thursday.

The '00s: A Decade In Tech

Top 8 Holiday How-Tos

Study: Online Spending Rises During U.S. Holiday Season
The e-commerce sector is turning around as online spending went up during the U.S. holiday season, ComScore said on Wednesday.

Microsoft Must Sell the Cloud to IT Pros in 2010

10 Million Apple Tablets? A Glance Back for Perspective

Customize a Twitter Background: Tiled Image Technique
Twitter opens up a huge opportunity for self-expression, and part of that is undoubtedly visual. While the Twitter interface gives you some basic backgrounds...

Lenovo's Funky New Laptops

Lenovo Unveils New Smartbook and Hybrid Laptop/Tablet Portables

Customize Twitter Background: Single Image Technique
Twitter offers a number of basic backgrounds, but let's face it: they're mostly generic and boring. In order to get noticed for both your tweets and your style...

Tablets are Hot at CES

Lenovo IdeaPad Y450, $629

London Launches 'Datastore' Modeled After US Project
London is releasing large tracts of previously unavailable data about the capital city.

Gateway Adds DVD to EC Series Ultraportables

HP's Multi-Touch Tablet Previewed, Arrives Later 2010

First Look: Lenovo Skylight Smartbook

Former CEO of Sentenced to Prison Term
The former CEO of is sentenced to 33 months in prison.

Money for Nothing? Virtual Goods Market Takes off
Social networking and multiplayer online games are fueling dramatic growth in hard cash earned from goods that exist only in the world of online make-believe.

Expert: Fraudsters Pull Tricks With Google Ads
Analysts see bad actors vying for a cut of Google's AdWords, defrauding advertisers.

Google Apologizes to Chinese Authors for Book Scanning
Google has apologized to a Chinese authors' group over its scanning of books by local writers into the Google Books service.

Survey: Social Media Not Useful for BI Yet
A new survey finds that BI users are not watching social-media sites.

Google Blames 'human Error' for Data Leak
Google is apologizing after it mistakenly e-mailed potentially sensitive business data last week to other users of its business listings service.

Aol Begins Layoffs; 1,200 to 1,400 Staffers to Go
Aol has started laying off employees, and seeks to let go about 1,400 of them.

China Won't Yield to Google on Censorship, Analysts Say
Google risks having its online services blocked in China as it defies local authorities by ending censorship of results on its Chinese search engine, analysts...

Neato and LG Join Robot Vacuum Fray

Cisco FlipShare TV
Cisco's pocket-size Flip Video camcorders--such as the Flip MinoHD ( Macworld rated 4.5 out of 5 mice )--achieved widespread popularity by making the process of...

Amazon's Kindle Yet to Make an Impact in India
Amazon's Kindle may prove to be a nonstarter in India where the market is price sensitive and still prefers physical books.

Asus Unveils Netbook That Unfolds to Big-screen Tablet

Have Your Been Entertained by a Ford Lately?

Barnes & Noble Offers $100 Gift Certificates for Nook Delays
Perhaps recognizing that a missed Christmas delivery could lead to much customer dissatisfaction--not to mention bad publicity--Barnes & Noble has informed...

Hackers Claim Victory in Cracking Amazon Kindle DRM's Kindle e-book reader is coming under assault by hackers, who say they've figure out ways to export protected content for use on other devices.

World Tech Update: Year-end Special
Join us as we take a look back at our favorite gadgets, robots and prototypes from 2009

Last-minute Gift Ideas for the Mac Businessperson
The first bottle of champagne has popped at the office party when you realize you forgot to buy your reports gifts. Last year you gave out Flingshot Flying...

Latest HDMI 1.4 Specification to Add 3D Support
HDMI Licensing will be meeting in January to add 3D to the latest HDMI 1.4 specification.

EStarling TouchConnect WPF-588
Sometimes it just doesn't seem right to call products like eStarling's TouchConnect WPF-588 "digital picture frames," because manufacturers are adding features...

Amazon: Kindle Is Most Gifted Item Ever

Nokia Files ITC Patent Complaint Against Apple
Nokie files a patent infringement complaints against apple with the U.S. ITC.

Jobs to Unveil Apple Tablet Next Month, Ex-Google Exec Says

Sony BDP-S560
Sony's BDP-S560 not only delivers terrific high-definition images, but also excels at upconverting DVDs, too. And it does so in a Wi-Fi enabled model. But this...

MIPS to Demo Android TV Set-top Box, Netbooks
MIPS worked with partners to put Google's Android OS in set-top boxes and netbooks in time for CES.

Report: Apple May Ship New Tablet Device in March
Apple may ship a tablet PC in March, but plans haven't been finalized yet, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Intel's Otellini to Unveil 'Digital Convergence' Device

Liquid Image Launches Snow Goggles Camera

Pandigital's New Digital Frame Has AT&T Connectivity
Apparently, AT&T thinks that millions of iPhones pounding on its wireless infrastructure isn't enough. AT&T will also have Pandigital's new Photo Mail...

Samsung Builds 3D TV Home System, Thinnest LED TV Ever

Ford Adapts Sync to Create MyFord Touch Driver Interface

Baidu Plans Online Video Site, Upping Ante for Google
Top Chinese search engine will open a separate company that offers online video, as rival Google's YouTube remains blocked in China

Casio Digital Art Frame Turns Photos Into Artwork

Meet the Sony Dash: The Latest Tablet to Debut at CES

Study: Online Video Booms, but MySpace Viewers, Videos Drop
Online video viewership continued to climb, but surprisingly not at entertainment-heavy MySpace, according to comScore.

Show Briefs: IPhone Accessories, Laptop Screen Films
Over the past few days, Macworld editors have walked the vast expanse of the show floor at the International Consumer Electronics Show. We've already profiled...

Audi Also Attempts the Connected Car

Adidas MiCoach Faces Tough Fight Against Nike+iPod in US
Adidas launched its miCoach Pacer in the U.S., pitting its fitness system directly against the Nike+iPod system.

IBM: Consumers Demand More Interactivity
A new IBM survey finds consumers want more online interactivity with stores.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic
Let me begin by saying that I am not--and have never been--a member of the cult of the audiophile. While I love music (current iTunes library: 48,000 tracks)...

CES Wrap-up & Expo Preview
January marks the beginning of Show Season--CES and Macworld Expo. As CES trails off into the distance and Macworld Expo looms, we take time to examine each. I...

Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth isn't just for hands-free cell phone calls. The technology can also support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which allows for wireless...

JVC Speaker Turns Your IPod on Its Ear
JVC has announced its new XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock, whose look is infinitely sleeker than its name.

Samsung's New E-readers Add up to Four
Samsung is showing off 4 e-readers at CES, two more than previously announced.

Carmakers Like the Sound of HD Radio

MSI Shows Dual-screen 7-inch and 10-inch Netbooks

Live From CES
A portion of the Macworld crew--Jason Snell, Jon Seff, Dan Frakes, and I--find ourselves in Las Vegas this week, attending the massive International Consumer...

US Consumer Electronics Revenue Dropped 8% in 2009
The U.S. consumer electronics industry saw sales drop 8 percent in 2009 as customers went for cheaper products as a result of the poor economy, the CEA said.

Last Minute Gifts for Entertainment Lovers
Whoops. It seems that you've forgotten to buy a holiday gift for your second favorite nephew. Time is running out. What do you do? What DO you do?

Google Schedules Android Event for Jan. 5
Apparently, Google CEO Eric Schmidt took some pages from the Apple playbook when he departed the company's board earlier this year. On Tuesday, the search giant...

The Secret to Apple iPod Touch's Success: Kids

Batch Conversion Saves Slow QuickTime Clips
Recently, I saw an advertisement for free high definiton (HD) video motion backgrounds (in full 1920x1080 HD resolution) from Footage Firm. After visiting the...

Create a Simple Time-lapse Movie
Time-lapse movies can give us a fresh perspective on the world around us by speeding up slow-moving action and compressing hours, days, and even months into...

2009 in Review: The Year in Digital Photo
Cameras got smaller, photos got mapped, and people started turning their iPhones into image editors: it's time to say goodbye to 2009. If you haven't been...

Pioneer BDP-320
(Image Caption: Pioneer's BDP-320) Pioneer's BDP-320 sends gorgeous pictures to an HDTV, but it lacks the Web streaming multimedia capabilities of even lower...

US ITC to Investigate Sharp, RIM on Patent Complaints
The U.S. ITC has decided to investigate separate complaints made against Sharp and RIM that each allege the companies are infringing the patents of competitors.

Sony MEX-BT5700U Xplod Bluetooth CD Receiver
Each year car, more and more new cars include built-in connection options for iPods, iPhones, and Bluetooth devices. But if you're not yet in the market for a...

Thinner Laptops, 3D TV Look Set to Headline Show

Sling Media Announces New Devices

IBM to Show Smart Home Devices

New QNAP Storage Servers Boost Speed

WD Releases Its Fastest External Hard Drive

LightSpeaker Combines Wireless Audio and LED Light


Mobile Internet Slow in Taking off in India
Mobile Internet has been slow in taking off in India.

Video: Flying Quadricopter Drone Controlled by an iPhone

Logitech's New Lapdesk N700 Cools and Plays Music

Amazon Will Sell Its Kindle DX Reader Outside the U.S.
Amazon has begun selling its large screen Kindle DX reader outside the U.S.

Discovery, ESPN to Launch 3D TV Channels
Discovery Communications and ESPN both are launching 3D television networks in the U.S., they announced at CES Tuesday.

How (and Why) to Partition Your Hard Drive

First TransferJet Devices Coming in February

True Companion Sexbot Alters the Dating Landscape

3D TV: Separating the Hope From the Hype
3D TVs were on show everywhere at CES, but it's far from certain that the technology will take off in a big way in homes this year.

Hottest CES Trends on PC World Podcast 61

Free Up Hard-Drive Space, Fast

Ericsson Demos HSPA at 42 Mbps
On Wednesday Ericsson demonstrated the next generation of 3G mobile broadband networks, which offers speeds of 42 Mbps (bits per second).

NTT DoCoMo Begins Building LTE Network
Japan's largest cellular provider has embarked on network upgrade that should enable it to offer high-speed LTE data services from around this time next year.

India's 3G Spectrum Auction on Schedule
India's auction of 3G spectrum will be on Jan. 14 as scheduled; a minister said on Monday

Sprint Embedded Router Can Use EV-DO, HSPA
Sprint Nextel introduced a machine-to-machine cellular router with both EV-DO and HSPA wireless capability.

Lawmakers Aim to Stop Verizon Sale to Frontier
Two lawmakers, groups oppose Verizon sale of rural lines to Frontier.

China Telecom to Offer BlackBerry Services
China Telecom will offer service for the popular BlackBerry handset from Research In Motion (RIM), making it the second Chinese carrier to do so.

BlackBerry Service Hit by Second Outage in a Week

My Hard Drive is Making Funny Noises

Lab Tested: Portable External Hard Drives

Google Purchase of AdMob Gets Closer Antitrust Review
The Federal Trade Commission has asked Google for more information about its proposed $750 million purchase of mobile advertising company AdMob.

Qualcomm Reorganizes as COO Lauer Leaves
Qualcomm COO Len Lauer has resigned to become CEO at an unnamed company.

Japan Connects to TPE Regional Fiber Network
A new undersea fiber-optic cable has gone into operation that links Japan with the regional Trans-Pacific Express Cable Network (TPE), NTT said Monday.

India's 3G Auction Likely to Be Postponed Again
India's auction of 3G spectrum is likely to be postponed again; after one year of delay.

Groups Urge FTC to Block Google's AdMob Buyout
Two consumer groups urged U.S. regulators on Monday to block Google from acquiring mobile advertising provider AdMob.

Portable Hard Drives: A Terabyte in Your Pocket

Clearwire Stayed Ahead in Big Year for WiMax
2009 was a very big year for Clearwire, as the wireless Internet provider took its ambitious rollout of mobile WiMax from just two cities to nearly 30 markets.

India Delays Mobile Number Portability Plan to March
India has delayed the introduction of a mobile number portability plan that will allow users to retain mobile numbers when changing providers

AT&T Tells FCC It's Time to Cut the Cord
AT&T has asked the FCC to set a deadline for ending traditional POTS landline service in favor of VoIP and wireless.

UTStarcom to Pay US Fines for Bribing Chinese Carriers
UTStarcom will pay a total of US$3 million in fines in the U.S. for violating bribery laws.

Google Takes Wraps off Nexus One
Google introduced its Nexus One Android phone, which is available now for use on T-Mobile's network.

T-Mobile USA Finishes Upgrade to HSPA 7.2
T-Mobile USA has completed its rollout of HSPA 7.2 technology across its national 3G network.

Iomega Helps You Clone Your System—And Play Media, Too

Seagate FreeAgent Go 880GB External Drive

LG to Demonstrate 100Mbps LTE Modem

Kingston Announces 30GB SSD “Boot Drive”

Apple Confirms Buying Mobile Ad Company Quattro
Apple has acquired Quattro Wireless, according to an item posted Tuesday on the mobile advertising company's blog.

Google Nexus One Early Termination Fee Could Reach $550
Buyers of the subsidized version of the Nexus One could get hit with a $550 early contract termination fee.

What the Nexus One Isn't
Google's new Nexus One phone falls short of some expectations.

Alcatel Kicks off Green Networks Group
Alcatel-Lucent is spearheading a consortium to cut network power consumption by 1,000 times.

India's Bharti to Acquire Bangladesh Telecom Operator
India's Bharti Airtel expands into Bangladesh with the acquisition of a majority stake in Warid Telecom

McDonald's Free Wi-Fi a No-Brainer Win-Win
McDonald's free Wi-Fi gives customers one more reason to visit, and generate even more revenue for the fast food chain in the process.

DOJ Recommends FCC Quickly Free up More Spectrum
The DOJ urged the FCC to quickly free up new spectrum to enable new broadband competition.

Google Halts Release of Two Android Phones in China

IPass Gives IT More Control of Mobile Access
IPass introduced a service that lets enterprises pick preferred networks and control employees' mobile access via an iPass client.

MobiTV Halves NBA League Pass Price, Offers Trial Version
Last week, in this very blog, Macworld reviewed NBA League Pass Mobile, a fine offering from MobiTV that lets dedicated basketball fans watch almost any NBA give...

Why Firefox Will Flame Out

Mobile Apps Business is Booming...for Apple
A Gartner report claims the app store market will grow to nearly $30 billion by 2013, and that Apple currently enjoys nearly 100 percent market share.

Samsung Unveils GPS Pocket Megazoom and Four More Cameras

Sesamouse Adds More Multitouch Gestures to Magic Mouse
Looking to make your Magic Mouse even more magical? Calf Trail Software has released Sesamouse, a utility that offers more multitouch gestures to Apple's latest...

Virtual Time Clock '10 Lets Businesses Track Employee Time
I guess most people don't really punch a physical clock anymore, but if you're a business owner who needs an up-to-date way to track your employees, the...

SQL Server 2008 R2 Release Set for May
Microsoft will release SQL Server 2008 R2 in May.

Apple’s Latest Boot Camp Update Adds Windows 7 Support (At Last)

IBM Reports 10 Percent Jump in Profit for Q4
IBM on Tuesday reported a 10 percent jump in profit for the fourth quarter, as revenue increased at the company for the first time in more than a year.

Analyst: AT&T Needs to Spend US$5B to Catch up

Cable Cutters: Cheap Alternatives to TV, DSL, and Cell Service

Apple Releases New Security Update for Leopard, Snow Leopard

Navigating Column View Finder Windows in 10.6
One of the nice changes in OS X 10.6 is greatly enhanced keyboard navigation of column view windows in the Finder.

Wait, Apple and HarperCollins Are Still Talking Tablet?

Tablets to Sell Big in 2010, Report Says

New York Times' Paid Content Plan Expected Soon
Whatever the Times does will be widely watched--and imitated if successful--by the world's beleaguered newspapers, reeling from advertising revenue lost to the Internet and, especially, to Google.

Bing Data Retention Shift a Sign of Privacy Struggle
Microsoft agreed to change its data retention policies in response to privacy concerns of Europe's Article 29 committee

Windows Mobile 7 to Get Two Versions, Report Says

Five Reasons Mobile Apps Rule

Verdana Pro: Not Just Another Pretty Face
The typeface Verdana was released in 1996 as an easy-to-read font for Websites, and in the intervening years, it has been used and misused in just about every...

Hackers Wield Newest IE Exploit in Drive-by Attacks
A security researcher said hackers are attacking some PC users by using an Internet Explorer exploit allegedly used last month to break into Google's network...

Microsoft Cuts Time Bing Stores Some User Data to Six Months

Study: Click Fraud Rate Relatively Low in 2009's Q4
The click fraud rate remained relatively low in the fourth quarter.

Rambus and Samsung Reach Settlement Agreement
Rambus and Samsung settled outstanding claims surrounding licensing issues on Tuesday.

TSMC Rushes to Build Chip Factories to Meet Surging Demand
TSMC has sped up construction of new chip factories as demand for chips used in PCs and other gadgets surges.

Taiwan WiMax Rollout Heats up as Deadline Looms
Global Mobile opened WiMax service in Taipei on Tuesday amid a rush by companies to meet a deadline to launch the service by March.

China Pays Web Users to Find Porn Amid Crackdown
China has paid cash rewards to more than 200 people who found online porn and reported it to authorities.

Windows 7 Troubles and Business Continuity
Do you ever simultaneously feel like an idiot and also grateful that you've done at least something – anything – right?

Raise Your Windows IQ: The Difference Between Files and Folders
Already know the difference? Carry on. But if you don't, here's your chance to become a smarter Windows user in short order.

Raise Your Windows IQ: Four Icons You Need to Know
You've seen this foursome a thousand times, but do you know their functions? This one's for you, novice users.

Apple's Launch Event: A Crowdsourced Guide
Tablets, iMacs, oh my! From the iSlate to the iPhone, there's plenty of buzz about what's in store for Apple's upcoming launch event. Here's a crowdsourced guide.

Apple Is Developing a Taste for Acquisitions

Microsoft Promises Early Patch for IE Zero-Day
Microsoft will issue an out-of-band patch to fix the Internet Explorer zero-day flaw at the heart of the attacks against Google in China.

Apple Updates Boot Camp, Drivers for Windows 7
Remember when Apple promised that Boot Camp would be updated to officially support Windows 7 in late 2009? It turns out that promise was a few weeks off, but the...

Apple Tablet Will Have 7-inch OLED Screen, Expert Says

Indie Relief Donates Software Proceeds to Haiti
Last week, we mentioned Second Gear Software's Justin Williams's forthcoming initiative to unite Mac developers and donate sales proceeds for an entire day to...

Find Every 'Get a Mac' Ad in One Location
I'm an unapologetic Apple fanboy, so of course, I'm a fan of the company's long-running "Get a Mac" ad campaign. In fact, I'm so taken with the spots, I've been...

TextWrangler 3.1 Adds New Search Tool
If you're a fan of keeping your text fully wrangled, you will surely be delighted to learn that Bare Bones Software on Tuesday released TextWrangler 3.1.

Apple Tablet: Content Will Be Key

China: We Are Biggest Victim of Cyberattacks
China on Tuesday denied any role in alleged cyberattacks on Indian government offices, calling China itself the "biggest victim" of hacking attacks.

Fox News 'Confirms' Apple Tablet, iLife 2010, and Next iPhone OS

Google Cyberattack Investigation Includes Employees
Google is investigating employees in China for involvement in the recent cyber attacks, a source familiar with the investigation said.

SpaceControl Keeps an Eye on Disk Space
Earlier this week, I covered MiniUsage, a menu-bar utility for monitoring your Mac's performance. As part of that review, I noted that MiniUsage doesn't track...

Improve Images With IPhoto's Histogram
Straightening, cropping, and removing red-eye are all fairly easy fixes to make to a photograph. Getting good tones, on the other hand, can be a more challenging...

Google Slammed With Antitrust Complaints in Germany
Germany's antitrust authority is awaiting a response from Google on three separate complaints, although agency said no action is likely for some time.