Computing Center Sitemap - Page 52 2013-07-16

World of Warcraft Awaits China's Approval to Relaunch
Popular online game World of Warcraft has already been offline in China for six weeks as its new local operator awaits a government review of its content.

World's Biggest Contract Electronics Maker Hiring in China
The world's biggest contract electronics manufacturer, Hon Hai, is rehiring workers in China amid stronger than expected...

World’s Oldest Christian Bible Goes Digital

Worldwide Cybercrime Police Network Grows
ore countries are joining a network designed to quickly react to cybercrime incidents around the world.

Worst Is Over for Mobile Startups, Executives Say
Executives said that the investment environment is improving for mobile startups.

Woz Cuts a Rug, but Comes in Last
You know, a lot of people think this job is easy. "Ooh, just put a few words together--doesn't even matter if they're spelled...

Woz Weekly: Booted
All good things must come to an end, but what about things that that are equal parts bizarre, funny, and surreal? Well, those...

Woz Weekly: 'It's About Dance'
Most of us never thought he'd make it this far, but as we go into the fourth week of the season, everyone's favorite tech...

Woz Weekly: Must the Show Go On?
Last week was rife with Woz-related drama, mostly centered around his discontent with the producers of ABC's Dancing with the...

Wozniak to Show off His Moves on 'Dancing With the Stars'
We know Steve Wozniak's got brains and technical know-how up the wazoo, but have you seen the man dance? Neither have we...

Xerox Appoints New CEO
Xerox appointed Ursula Burns to the post of CEO after current CEO Anne Mulcahy announced her retirement from the post.

Yahoo Accepts EBay Offer to Buy Korea's Gmarket
EBay offer aims to strengthen its position in South Korea's e-commerce market.

Yahoo Aims at Customization With New Home Page
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz promised major enhancements to Yahoo's home page during the company's shareholders meeting.

Yahoo, Alibaba Relationship Frays Under Bartz
Relations between Yahoo and Alibaba Group have soured since Carol Bartz took over at the online search giant, a source said.

Yahoo Filing Reveals More Details of Microsoft Deal
Yahoo revealed some more details of its agreement with Microsoft in an SEC filing.

Yahoo Go To Go Bye-Bye

Yahoo Invests in Indian Phone Directory Search Firm
Yahoo has invested in an Indian phone directory search firm as consumers use mobile phones to search for local businesses.

Yahoo Launches Management Restructure
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz rolls out a major management restructuring.

Yahoo Launches Tool Allowing Users to Control Targeted Ads
Yahoo offers users a new tool to control the targeted ads they receive.

Yahoo Q1 Revenue and Profit Tumble
The company nonetheless exceeded Wall Street's expectations

Yahoo Revenue Down, but Income up Sharply
Yahoo's revenue dips 12 percent from a year ago, but net income is up by 244 percent.

Yahoo Revenue Drops, but Profits Rise 8 Percent in Q2
Yahoo's quarterly profits rose 8 percent as the company bested analyst forecasts.

Yahoo Search: RIP

Yahoo, Sony Shake It Up; Facebook Makes Nice
We probably have not heard the last word on the management shakeups and reorganizations from Yahoo and Sony, who both made...

Yahoo Taps Bartz as CEO, Decker Walks
Yahoo said on Tuesday it has chosen former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz as its next CEO to replace Jerry Yang, who announced his...

Yahoo's GeoCities Takes Its Final Bow Today

Yahoo's New CEO Freezes Salaries
Just a week on the job, Carol Bartz imposes company-wide cost-cutting measures.

Yahoo's Yang to Step Down as CEO
Yahoo has begun a search for a new CEO, the company announced Monday.

Yo, Google: Take a Page from Apple's App Store Playbook

Yo, Redmond: Enough with the Ribbon Menus!

Your Data Is More Delicate Than You Think

ZDnet/Iran Hubbub: A Cautionary Web 2.0 Tale

Zorap Takes Video Chat to the Next Level

iMac Users Grumble About Performance Issues

iPhone Owners Gobble Up Online Media

iPhone Suicide Case Spotlights Tech’s Dark Side

$10,000 IPhone Game Prize up for Grabs at Upcoming Dev Event
The organizers of the Independent Games Festival (IGF) have announced a new US$10,000 prize for iPhone game development as...

'Mac People' More Open, Liberal Than PC Users?
Do Apple's Macintosh users lean more to the artsy and hip end of the personality spectrum than PC users. A new study seems to confirm that.

10,000 Web Sites Rigged with Advanced Hack Attack
A sophisticated hacking scheme seen early last year appears to be affecting an increasing number of Web servers.

2006: The Year in Security
Online attacks, spam, and sneaky cybercrime top list of year's most common security issues.

25 Moments From Our First 25 Years
We at PC World have seen technology history--lots and lots of it. And maybe even made a little of it ourselves.

ACS founder offers to buy company for $6B
The founder and chairman of IT services provider Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (ACS) wants to take the company private for about US$6 billion.

AMD reports fourth straight quarter net loss
Still carrying the weight of costs related to last year's acquisition of graphics vendor ATI, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. recorded its fourth straight quarter of net losses Thursday.

AT&T Executive Says IPhone 3G Tethering Coming 'soon'
Using the iPhone as a wireless modem to share Internet access with a laptop has been off limits to owners of the device so...

AT&T says it didn't censor rock band Pearl Jam
U.S. rock band Pearl Jam is crying foul after an AT&T webcast censored politically themed lyrics by lead singer Eddie Vedder, but the telecom giant said Thursday the editing was a mistake by a contractor.

ATTO Intros Storage Host Adapter Cards
ATTO Technology on Monday rolled out new host adapter cards for Macs and PCs used in data-intensive storage environments. They...

Abaltat Express 2.0 Music Tool Sports New Interface
Abaltat, makers of Abaltat Muse, have announced the release of Abaltat Express 2.0, a new version of their soundtrack...

Acer CEO Talks Gateway Acquisition, Vista Rollout
Gianfranco Lanci fields questions from U.S. journalists at Madrid press event.

Acer: Technology not ready for ultramobile PC
Technology has yet to reach the level required for ultramobile PCs to take off with consumers, according to Acer Inc.'s president, Gianfranco Lanci.

Acer passes Lenovo in Q1, next up: Dell
Acer Inc. achieved its top goal for 2007 early in the year, passing Lenovo Group Ltd. as the world's third largest PC vendor in the first quarter. For the rest of the year it plans to extend its lead over Lenovo, executives said Friday, putting it in position to challenge Dell Inc.

Acer strikes back at HP lawsuit
Acer Inc. has hired a lawyer that helped win a big patent case against Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) two years ago to help defend itself against two HP patent lawsuits, Acer's chairman said Friday.

Acer takes the number 3 spot in mobile PCs
Acer Inc. unseated Toshiba Corp. from its third-place perch in worldwide mobile PC sales during the fourth quarter of last year, according to market researcher iSuppli Corp. Hewlett-Packard Co. saw the strongest year-on-year growth overall in the segment.

Active Storage XRAID Features Native Mac Software
Active Storage on Monday introduced its Active Storage XRAID, a 16 terabyte RAID system for Macintosh users that occupies...

Addonics Offers Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure
Addonics on Thursday introduced its Portable Dual Drive RAID enclosure, an external storage device that accommodates up to two...

Adobe Brings Multiple Artboards to Illustrator
Among the applications updated in Adobe's Creative Suite 4 is Illustrator, the company's oldest software application. While a...

Adobe Releases Flash Player 10
Adobe Systems on Wednesday announced the release of Flash Player 10 software. Available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux...

Adobe Strikes Deal to Bring Flash, AIR to ARM Devices
Adding fuel to the idea of Flash on the iPhone, Adobe announced Monday that it had struck a deal with chipmaker ARM to bring...

Adobe Updates InDesign and InCopy CS3
Adobe on Thursday released an update for its page layout application InDesign and InCopy CS3.

Adobe's CS4 Message
As part of this week's Creative Suite 4 launch, Adobe taped a launch event Monday night that it broadcast on the Web to...

Adobe to Announce Creative Suite 4 on Sept. 23
Adobe will officially announce Creative Suite 4 on September 23, 2008. The company will also host a webcast introducing the...

After Effects CS4
When you consider all the new features and enhancements Adobe piled into the CS4 release of After Effects, its flagship visual...

Agents of Interpol Hidden Puzzle Game Released for IPhone
TikGames has announced the release of Agents of Interpol, a casual puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. It costs...

Akvis Artwork Special Effect Tool Released
Akvis has released Akvis Artwork for Mac and PC. It's available as a standalone application and as a plug-in for Adobe...

Apple Launches IPhone Developer University Program
Want to learn all about the iPhone? Then your local college or university might just be the place to do it. Last week, Apple...

Apple Q4 profits boosted by iPhone and Mac sales
Apple Inc. on Monday reported strong earnings for its fourth quarter, boosted by record Macintosh computer sales and the shipment of 1.12 million iPhones.

Apple Updates IPhone NDA, Opens Developer Forum
As Apple promised in early October, the company has posted an updated Software Developer Kit (SDK) Non-Disclosure Agreement...

Apple Updates MobileMe With More Than 25 Fixes
Apple has been working on its MobileMe syncing service since it was launched in July. The company revealed this week 27...

Apple and Old Equipment Recycling
Given my profession (and avocation), I go through Macs relatively regularly--typically, the hardware lasts two to three years...

Apple bringing YouTube to Apple TV
Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Wednesday said the company is bringing the Google-owned YouTube video service to [Apple TV]. A software update will be available in mid-June, which will enable the service.

Apple's Enterprise Strategy the Same as It Ever Was
On Tuesday, Apple announced the retirement of Al Shipp, the company's senior vice president of enterprise sales. As part of...

AppleScript Pro Sessions Coming to Florida
AppleScript Pro Sessions are planned for April 20 - 24, 2009 in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The price starts at US$1,500.

Art Text 2 Adds Template Gallery, Multi-layer Support
BeLight Software has released Art Text 2, an upgrade to its software for creating headings, Web graphics, buttons and logos...

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing for IPhone
Give Gameloft credit where it's due: Asphalt 4: Elite Racing doesn't look like some rehashed cell phone game. Instead, Asphalt...

Atempo Adds Enterprise Archiving for Macs
Atempo on Wednesday announced Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) for Mac. The new archive system is intended to provide Mac users...

Audio Recording Dos and Don'ts
It's been a while since I've talked about recording audio on the Mac, but I'm still working hard at putting my album together...

BIAS Releases IProRecorder for IPhone
Music software-maker BIAS on Wednesday released a new audio application, but this time for the iPhone, not the Mac...

Ballmer questions business strategy of Google
Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer criticized rival Google Inc., saying it is devoted primarily to ad-supported search while Microsoft has reinvented itself many times over.

Bandmateloops Releases Eight Audio Loops Bundles
Music loop specialist Bandmateloops released eight new music loop collections this week. The company also unveiled its new Web...

Beer Bounce for IPhone
Search the App Store for the word "beer" and you're going to pull up more than a dozen apps, including a couple of games. For...

BenQ creditors may go after BenQ Corp.
True to the saying "when it rains, it pours," BenQ Corp. could find itself being sued by creditors of its failed mobile-phone venture in Germany.

Beta Monkey Releases Drum Werks XIII Music Loops
One of the top drum loop companies making Apple Loops for musicians released a new collection of drums. Beta Monkey music just...

Big Fish Audio Releases New Audio Loop Collections
Big Fish Audio released several new loop collections for Mac using musicians and songwriters.

BiiBall 3D for IPhone
Game makers designing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch have quickly learned to incorporate the built-in accelerometer of...

BlackBerrys cozy up to office phone systems
Research In Motion Ltd. this week tightened up the links between enterprise phone systems and its BlackBerry handsets, demonstrating software that makes it easier for employees and IT administrators to keep the work force connected.

Blogs now infested with offensive content
The Internet's blog sites have become overgrown with a variety of unpleasant content, including porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware, a new threat analysis has suggested.

Brushing up Your Creative Suite Skills
With the recent announcement of Adobe Creative Suite 4, users may find themselves looking to brush-up on their application...

Bugs & Fixes: When MobileMe Contacts Will Not Delete
When I first gave MobileMe a spin months ago, I synced my Address Book contacts to the cloud. Recently, I wanted to clear...

Burden of proof on Google in Vista antitrust claim
Google Inc.'s claims that Microsoft Corp.'s built-in Vista desktop indexing and search tool violates its antitrust agreement could be difficult to prove even if the software does slow down the performance of Google's competitive Google Desktop offering.

Burning Monkey Casino Released for IPhone
Freeverse Software on Thursday announced the release of Burning Monkey Casino for the iPhone and iPod touch. Available for...

Businesses experimenting with virtual worlds
Although virtual environments are still at an early stage in development and adoption, many companies are already dabbling in one or more virtual worlds or closely observing them prior to getting their feet wet.

CCTV cameras don't solve crimes, say London politicians
Surveillance cameras in London are not helping solve crime, according to local politicians.

California county agrees to share data in e-voting suit
In a case that illustrates the technological and legal uncertainties about electronic voting, a California county has agreed to share data stored on computer voting machines in a disputed election.

California sues computer trainer over tuition refunds
The State of California on Monday filed suit against a defunct computer training school for closing its doors without refunding to students US$2.5 million in tuition fees for courses they were never able to take.

Can an iPod bring down your company?
The recent buzz about security threats posed by iPods to corporations has reinforced the need for IT managers to treat these devices like any other removable media that employees with malicious intent can use to extract sensitive data.

Chartered ready for surge in 65nm chip production
Singaporean contract chipmaker Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. said Friday that chips manufactured using a 65 nanometer process will account for 5 percent of its revenue as the technology enters commercial production.

China supports DNS, root servers on agenda for talks
China is seeking to put technical Internet management issues on the agenda of the next Internet Governance Forum (IGF) meeting, a U.N.-run forum concerning the development of the Internet.

Chizen out at month's end as Adobe CEO
Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen will step down from his post at the end of the month, the company said Monday.

Cisco revenue, profit rose in Q1
Cisco Systems posted a double-digit rise in revenue in its fiscal first quarter ended Oct. 27, with an even bigger gain in profit.

Coda 1.6 Gains Plug-in Support
Software maker Panic has updated its Web site development application Coda to version 1.6.

Code posted for IE attack
New software has been published on the Internet that could be used to exploit a known flaw in Internet Explorer.

Companies look to take Wi-Fi to the sea, emergency room
While wireless Internet access has become a virtual commodity in homes and offices, exhibitors at this week's Cebit show in Hanover, Germany, are displaying wares focused on extending and optimizing the technology.

Coraid Offers 24-drive Network Storage Appliance
Coraid on Wednesday introduced the EtherDrive SR2421 Storage Appliance. The rack-mountable storage system contains a hardware...

CoverScout 3 Album Art Finder Uses Cover Flow-like Interface
Equinux has announced the release of CoverScout 3, a new version of its album art finder for iTunes. CoverScout costs...

Crash Bandicoot Kart Game Maker Intros Raging Thunder
Polarbit, the game developer that created Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart for the iPhone on behalf of Vivendi Games, has announced...

Creating Chapters in ITunes-compatible Movies
Brad Mogen's recent missive about adding chapter markers to movies he's ripped from commercial DVDs makes this Helpful Hint...

Data management holds back Web 2.0 in enterprise
The biggest dangers to extending Web 2.0 capabilities to the enterprise are information overload and lack of information accountability, experts attending and speaking at Microsoft Corp.'s IT Pro Town Hall Event in Redmond said on Wednesday.

Delkin Offers SD-to-CF Adapter
Delkin Devices on Friday announced it's shipping its Secure Digital to CompactFlash card adapter. The adapter costs US$29.99.

Dell acquires Everdream to boost IT services portfolio
In an effort to boost its managed IT services portfolio, Dell on Thursday agreed to acquire desktop services management company Everdream.

Dell profit up 46 percent thanks to cheaper components
Just two weeks after revealing that some employees had falsified corporate revenue to meet earnings targets, Dell Inc. reported a profit of US$733 million for its fiscal 2008 second quarter, up 46 percent from its mark of $502 million for the same period last year.

Dell to delay filings, investigation finds misconduct
An internal investigation at Dell Inc. has found evidence of misconduct and accounting errors, forcing the company to delay filing its annual earnings report with stock market regulators, it said Thursday after the U.S. stock market closed.

Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is a solid upgrade to an already impressive Web site design program. The latest version adds to features...

Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks Join CS4 Update Parade
Adobe Dreamweaver has a couple of interesting new features in this update, highlighted by the addition of Live View. This new...

Drobo With FireWire 800
When the original USB Drobo was released, it made a big splash, and even earned an Editors' Choice Award. The sturdy little...

Dutch domain owner faces legal action from Google
Google England plans to take legal action against a Dutch man who uses the word "'Google" in the domain names he has registered.

EA Working on Spore Origins, Nine More IPhone Games
Spore Origins, a game based on the new Mac and PC game Spore, came out this week for the iPod. Electronic Arts (EA) confirmed...

EBay pulls ads from Google's U.S. ad network
EBay Inc. has pulled all of its paid search ads from Google Inc.'s AdWords network in the U.S., an eyebrow-raising move likely to be interpreted in the industry as a sign of deteriorating relations between the two Internet giants.

EEye publishes fix for Windows zero-day vulnerability
With online criminals exploiting an unpatched flaw in Windows, security vendor eEye Digital Security Inc. has come forward with an unofficial fix for the problem.

EGo Helium Portable Hard Drive Complements MacBook Air
Iomega on Wednesday announced its eGo Helium portable hard disk drive. The 320GB drive is coming in October for $149.99.

EMC reaches out to Chinese partners with joint venture
EMC signed an agreement with distributor Digital China on Tuesday to establish a joint-venture company that will work with Chinese vendors to make sure their offerings are interoperable with EMC's products.

EMC's DeWalt named new McAfee chief
McAfee Inc.'s board of directors on Monday named former EMC Corp. executive Dale DeWalt as the security software company's chief executive officer and president.

EZQuest Offers 1TB Storage for Audio, Video Pros
Storage specialist EZQuest released a new series of hard drives the company says are targeted to audio and video...

Easy IWeb Publisher 3.0
Ever since Apple launched its US$100-a-year .Mac (now MobileMe) online service, the company has had the annoying habit of...

Eee PC's Sales Success Prompts Competition
Asustek's early success with its sleek, budget laptop is inspiring rivals to enter the market, Gartner says.

Emotiv touts mind control for video games
Video game players might soon use their thoughts instead of joysticks to control on-screen characters, if they wear a helmet released Wednesday by Emotiv Systems Inc.

Enterprise-Level Security for Small Businesses

Era of big acquisitions largely over, Forrester says
A new report from Forrester Research declares that the wave of mega-acquisitions in the software industry is over for now, though big vendors will continue to snap up smaller firms as they round out their portfolios.

European PC buyers should win from falling US dollar
The declining value of the U.S. dollar should allow PC vendors to offer bargains to people living in the euro zone, while U.S. consumers probably won't feel much of a pinch, according to a leading economist.

Ex-Cisco bigwig Volpi to head Joost?
Former [Cisco] executive Mike Volpi is reportedly headed to Joost to be the [online video company]'[s] next CEO.

FCC approves plan for auctioning 700MHz spectrum
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has approved a plan for auctions of wireless spectrum in the 700MHz band, taking the first step toward the multi-billion-dollar sale of spectrum being abandoned by television stations.

Factory Overclocking Juices Up Gaming PCs

Finale NotePad '09 and Finale Reader Music Software Released
MakeMusic has announed the release of Finale NotePad 2009 and has introduced Finale Reader. Finale NotePad costs $9.95; Finale...

Finale PrintMusic 2009 Released
MakeMusic on Tuesday released Finale PrintMusic 2009, an application that allows you to print publisher-quality sheet music.

Find Creative Inspiration Online
The Web is a breeding ground of new ideas and collaborative resources--you simply need to know where to look. But while there...

Fireworks CS4
Rumors of Fireworks' demise should finally be put to rest with the release of Fireworks CS4. It is apparent Adobe has been...

First Look: After Effects CS4
Just when you thought there was nothing more to add to After Effects, Adobe has crammed a large number of new features and...

First Look: Boxee
Recently I presented the steps for hacking an Apple TV so that it could use boxee (yes, that's small-b-boxee), the open-source...

First Look: IPhone 2.1
iPhone 2.0 brought a lot of cool features with it, but it also brought a lot of bugs. Performance was slow, calls dropped...

Fission Audio Editor Saves IPhone Ringtones
Rogue Amoeba Software on Monday announced the release of Fission 1.6, an update to their audio editing software for Mac OS X...

Flash CS4 Professional
Adobe Flash CS4 has been radically redesigned and restructured. With CS4, Flash has finally turned the corner from a...

Flash Player Coming to the IPhone-perhaps
Adobe's senior director of engineering told attendees at the company's Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton, England on...

Flick Bowling for IPhone
Freeverse Software is launching a new line of sports titles for the iPhone, and the first out of the gate is Flick Bowling.

Flick Sports Bowling Game Debuts for IPhone
Freeverse Software has announced the release of Flick Sports Bowling, a new game for the iPhone and iPod touch. It costs...

Force-restoring the Apple TV
After dealing with issues electoral, my brain returned to the world of technology. And in the process of doing so, my left...

Free security too attracts 38 million downloads
An Internet scorecard application which rates potential risks on Web sites has been downloaded more than 38 million times since it was launched 12 months ago.

FreeAgent Desk for Mac
Seagate's FreeAgent Desk for Mac 1TB FireWire 800 external hard drive is designed to be a stylish storage solution for your...

Freeway 5 Pro
When it's time for you or your business to post a Web site, you're faced with the prospect of building it yourself or hiring a...

G-Technology G-Drive Mini
Designed to look right at home with the Mac, G-Technology's aluminum G-Drive mini is a portable external hard drive that is...

Gates launches developing world tech initiative
Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates launched an initiative in Beijing Thursday aimed at bridging the digital divide between technologically advanced and developing countries.

Goldfish Web Site Software Improves Leopard Support
Fishbeam Software has announced the release of Goldfish 2.3, an update to its Web site creation software for Mac OS X and...

Google CIO changes his tune, heads for EMI
EMI Music has hired Google's Chief Information Officer Douglas Merrill to be president of its digital business division, the latest high-profile executive to seek greener pastures away from the Googleplex.

Google Unveils SketchUp and SketchUp Pro 7
Google on Monday released SketchUp and SketchUp Pro 7, new versions of the company's 3D modeling software. Google said the new...

Google evades question about software similarities
Google Inc. has commented on a new software tool it released in China this week, although it did not address allegations that the software bears more than a passing resemblance to a rival's product.

Google expands pay-per-action ads test
Google Inc. is expanding a test it began last year of pay-per-action ads, an ad format that is similar to pay-per-click ads but that experts say is much less prone to click fraud.

Google founders, CEO took $1 salaries in 2006
The three top executives at Google Inc. are also the lowest paid employees at the company, and they prefer it that way, according to a company filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Hardware makers prepare for Taipei showdown
Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will square off next week at the annual Computex exhibition in Taipei, where many of the world's largest hardware makers will be showing off products slated for release later this year.

Highlights of Best Tech Products Of All Time
See photos and screen shots of some our choices.

Highpoint Offers 8-port SAS RAID Controller
Highpoint Technologies has announced the release of the RocketRAID 4320 SAS RAID Controller. It's a PCI Express (PCIe) host...

Homemade IPhone Robot Is More Than Meets the Eye
Those of you who've read my posts here know that I'm an avid iPhone fan--and those of you who followed my long and storied...

House panel explores net neutrality antitrust law
The U.S. Congress may need to amend antitrust law to keep broadband providers from interfering with Internet traffic, the chairman of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee said Tuesday.

House passes patent overhaul bill
The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill to overhaul the nation's patent system, overcoming objections by many Republicans, small inventors and some labor unions.

How to Add Network-attached Storage
As more homes get multiple computers, more homes need some type of network storage. With network storage, you can share music...

Hynix, SanDisk announce patent pact, joint venture
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and SanDisk Corp. have reached a patent cross-license agreement and will jointly manufacture and sell NAND flash memory in addition to developing four-bit-per-cell flash memory, the companies said Wednesday.

HyperStudio Returns, via Software MacKiev
Software MacKiev on Friday announced the release of Roger Wagner's HyperStudio 5 for Mac OS X. It costs US$89.95.

IBM, PWC settle US contracting lawsuit
IBM Corp. and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) have separately agreed to pay the U.S. government a total of US$5.3 million to settle allegations that the companies solicited and provided improper payments on technology contracts with government agencies, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Thursday.

IBM aims at midmarket appeal
IBM Corp. hopes to get more users interested in its midmarket family of products with the expansion of its Express Advantage program outside of North America and the addition of new server, storage and software offerings.

IBM puts blades on a low-carb(on) diet
IBM Corp. is adding to its server lineup with new models featuring lower-wattage processors and flash memory instead of disks, all in the name of energy conservation.

ICANN to vote Friday on .xxx domain
Faced with an outcry against the creation of a dedicated ".xxx" suffix for pornography Web sites, leaders of ICANN are set to vote Friday on whether to launch the initiative.

ICANN votes against '.xxx' top-level domain again
The overseer of the Internet's addressing system rejected for the second time the creation of a ".xxx" top-level domain, supported by some as a way to isolate adult content on the Internet.

ICopter for IPhone
Sometimes it's the simplest games that wind up being the most fun. Case in point: iCopter by Matthew Hertz, the iPhone/iPod...

ID theft task force wants stronger laws
The U.S. government plans to establish a national identity theft law enforcement center and create a multiyear public education campaign about the dangers of ID theft, as part of a series of recommendations released by a task force Monday.

IK Releases T-RackS 3 Audio Mastering Plug-ins
IK Multimedia on Tuesday released a new version of its T-RackS mixing and mastering suite of plug-ins.

IKeno Released for IPhone on Monday announced the release of iKeno, a version of the classic game of chance. iKeno is available for purchase...

IPhone 3G Coming to Latvia, Lithuania
While Estonia got the iPhone 3G in the last round of country updates back in August, the other pair of Baltic...

IPhone 3G Now Available in Brazil, South Africa, Turkey
We brought you news last week that the iPhone 3G had made its way to Latvia and Lithuania, but those weren't the only...

IPhone Officially Launching in Russia in October
Rejoice, for the iPhone 3G comes at last to the motherland next week. One of the last remaining major countries in the world...

IPhone Owner Survey Shows High Satisfaction
We know a lot about the iPhone, but here's one thing we don't know: how do you feel about your iPhone? It's a hard thing to...

IPresentee Releases IWeb Themes for Business Users
iPresentee released several new themes for Apple's Web site building application, iWeb.

IWebTemplate Adds 11 New Rapidweaver Themes
iWebTemplate has added 11 new themes to add on to Rapidweaver, RealMac's popular visual Web site creation tool. This brings...

Illustrator CS4
If you're someone who started out with Adobe Illustrator back when it was called Illustrator 88, then you've seen lots of...

Improve Readability of Notes in ICal
Here's a very simple Friday tip for those of you using iCal. I like to use iCal's notes field extensively--I'll put in all the...

Indian IT services to reach $11B by 2010, says Gartner
India's IT services market is forecast to grow to US$10.73 billion by 2011, at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 23.2 percent, as outsourcing emerges as a more favored option for companies in India, according to research firm Gartner.

Intel Capital invests $40 million in DTV chipmaker
Intel Capital, the investment arm of chipmaker Intel Corp., is investing up to US$40 million in a digital TV integrated circuit (IC) maker.

Intel: Fast, Cool Chips Ahead
Plus: Spammers go to jail, and Laptops get LED backlights.

Intel announces Atom brand for Silverthorne, Menlow
Intel's Silverthorne and Diamondville chips will be called Atom and the company's Menlow platform for ultramobile computers will be renamed Centrino Atom when these products hit the market, according to a company spokesman.

Intel feeling pain from low flash memory prices
Intel warned Monday that low prices for NAND flash memory chips will have a greater financial impact during the first quarter than company officials had initially anticipated.

Intel to launch new Centrino platform without HSDPA
Just weeks before launching its new Centrino notebook platform, Intel Corp. said Wednesday it had cancelled plans to provide wireless access with an HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) module built by Nokia Corp.

Internet Censorship Won't Succeed, Gates Says
Microsoft's chairman weighs in on the Internet, e-business, and his retirement plans.

Jiggy Puzzle Game Released for IPhone
Maverick Software has announced the release of Jiggy for the iPhone and iPod touch. It costs US$3.99.

Jobs: iPhone supply may not meet demand
The number of iPhones manufactured by Apple may not be enough to meet customer demand when the smart phone goes on sale later Friday, CEO Steve Jobs said in an interview published the same day.

Joost Launches Web-based Video Service
Joost, which offers video content from CBS, Showtime, Viacom and many other providers, on Tuesday announced the launch of a...

Kenbushi Jukebox Software Goes Multilingual
Lava Software has released Kenbushi 7.5, an update to its free "digital media jukebox" for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. The...

Key Cisco leader Giancarlo resigns
Charles Giancarlo, who was seen as a likely candidate to head Cisco Systems, has resigned from the networking giant after 14 years to "pursue new professional opportunities," Cisco announced Thursday.

Kingston Ships 32GB USB Thumbdrive
Kingston Technologies on Wednesday announced that it is shipping a 32GB version of its DataTraveler 150 USB flash drive. The...

Kroll Game, Debuted at WWDC, Released for IPhone
Digital Legends Entertainment on Tuesday have released Kroll, the side-scrolling action game they first debuted on stage at...

Kroll for IPhone
Digital Legends Entertainment made a splash in June when its game, Kroll, joined a parade of 11 apps previewed on stage during...

LED Football for IPhone
This is the easiest buck I've spent on the App Store in weeks. touchGrove has re-created the classic Mattel Football...

LaCie 5big Network Drive Features 7.5TB of Storage
LaCie on Tuesday introduced its 5big Network, a network attached storage (NAS) system for Macs and PCs. The system can...

LaCie Intros 4big Quadra RAID
LaCie on Thursday announced the 4big Quadra, a four-bay external RAID hard disk system for Macs and PCs. It's priced starting...

LaCie Offers One-year Online Backup With Drive
Hard drive-maker LaCie is offering potential customers unlimited online backup for one year with the purchase of any of the...

LaCinema Rugged Hard Drive Connects to TV
LaCie on Monday announced the release of the LaCinema Rugged, a USB 2.0 hard disk drive equipped with a High Definition...

Lawmakers debate mobile consumer rights bill
A proposed consumer rights bill for mobile telephone service drew mixed reviews during a hearing in Congress Wednesday, with detractors saying the legislation would place too much regulation on a competitive industry.

Lenovo sets up new consumer unit
Lenovo Group Ltd. has opened a consumer business unit in an attempt to increase sales of PCs and other electronic devices outside of its China base.

Library Monkey Pro and Sound Grinder Pro Updated
Monkey Tools released updates for two of its audio software products on Thursday. Sound Grinder Pro and Library Monkey Pro...

Line 6 Releases Pod Farm Guitar Amp Software
Digital guitar hardware and software company Line 6 released a new software application aimed at computer using guitar...

Living-Room Hard Drives

MS eScience group offers database advice to scientists
Microsoft Research's eScience group is helping scientific researchers use database and online sharing tools in ways they might not have imagined, and sharing those experiences with Microsoft product groups that can tweak their software for easier use by the scientific community.

MacProVideo Updates Video-tutorial-viewing App
Video tutorial company, MacProVideo, on Friday released a major update for its Nonlinear Educating Device (N.E.D.), bringing...

Magma ExpressBox7 Approved for Pro Tools HD
Magma on Thursday announced that Digidesign has approved its ExpressBox7 PCI Express expansion system for use with Pro Tools...

Mandriva puts Linux on USB stick
Now the geeks can have a full-featured Linux OS booted from a USB stick or thumb drive. Linux distributor Mandriva's Flash 4GB provides Mandriva Linux 2007 KDE 32-bit, which needs no installation -- being ready to boot off the USB 2.0 stick. Plug in the stick, turn on the PC, and Mandriva Linux is ready to use in a few seconds.

Meet the Whiz Kids: 10 Overachievers Under 21
They're the next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators--and not one of them is old enough to buy beer.

Memorex Bumps up Ultra TravelDrive to 500GB
Memorex on Thursday announced that its Ultra TravelDrive is now available in a 500GB version. The 500GB version costs...

Mercury Elite-AL Pro Drive Upped to 2TB
Other World Computing (OWC) on Thursday announced a new model of its Mercury Elite-AL Pro USB 2.0 Dual-Drive Storage Solution...

Microsoft Acquires Security Firm
Komoku technology will be incorporated into Forefront and Windows Live OneCare.

Microsoft beats Street, reports strongest Q1 in 7 years
Strong sales of new and old products alike led Microsoft to its fastest first-quarter growth in seven years, with the company reporting growth in all five business segments and both revenue and earnings per share (EPS) that beat analyst expectations.

Microsoft customers sour on Software Assurance
IT procurement managers are finding that Microsoft Corp.'s Software Assurance maintenance program may not save them money as hoped, according to a survey by Forrester Research Inc.

Microsoft names leaders for search-and-ad unit
Microsoft Corp. Wednesday named Satya Nadella to lead the newly formed Search and Ad Platform Group, the software giant's effort to optimize the advertising revenue-raising potential of its search business.

Microsoft offers redesigned MSN for mobile
Microsoft Corp. launched a redesigned MSN portal for mobile phones, with improved navigation and optimized display of Web pages.

Microsoft opens digital divide conference in Beijing
Reducing the digital divide through "integration" is the theme of a two-day Microsoft Corp. conference in Beijing that kicked off Wednesday morning.

Microsoft plans 'significant' news unrelated to Yahoo
Microsoft will reveal "significant" company news Thursday, but the announcement is unrelated to its bid to acquire Yahoo.

Microsoft to release six security updates next week
Microsoft Corp. will release six groups of security patches next week including three critical updates for Windows and Excel users.

Microsoft wins patent suit
Microsoft won a patent dispute over technology that helps computers boot up faster Thursday.

MiniStack 2.5 Has up to 1TB of Storage Capacity
Newer Technology on Wednesday announced its MiniStack 2.5, a new addition to its MiniStack line of external powered hubs. The...

Monitor Sizes: Murky Matters

More Credit for Apple
Recently, my colleague Chris Breen offered up some kind words for Apple regarding some of the company's contributions to his...

Motorola lays off 4,000 in search for missing profit
In an extension of a cost-cutting program it began in January, Motorola Inc. said Wednesday it would lay off 4,000 more workers.

Mozilla exec bashes Apple 'duopoly' mindset
John Lilly, chief operating officer of the Mozilla Foundation, has accused Apple chief Steve Jobs of aiming for a 1980s-style "duopoly" with his plans for the Safari web browser on Windows.

MozyPro for Mac Brings Backup to Business
EMC announced Tuesday that it is expanding its Mozy online backup service with a new option targeted primarily at small...

Multicore boom needs new developer skills
More than charity lies behind Microsoft and Intel's announcement this week that they will donate US$20 million to a pair of U.S. colleges in the hope of spurring advances in parallel, or multicore, programming research, as a Microsoft research scientist readily acknowledged.

My Passport Studio Hard Drive Adds FW 800
Western Digital (WD) on Thursday announced the addition of a FireWire 800 interface to its My Passport Studio external...

NI Unveils Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro
Native Instruments introduced the latest generation of its professional DJ software, Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro. In...

Namco Brings Pole Position to IPhone
Namco announced Tuesday that it has released Pole Position: Remix for the iPod touch and iPhone. The game costs US$9.99 and is...

Nanosaur II Comes to IPhone
Pangea Software has announced the release of Nanosaur II: Hatchling for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game costs US$3.99 and...

Native Instruments Releases Massive Expansion 2
Mac software-maker Native Instruments on Thursday released a new Kore Soundpack called Massive Expansion 2.

Native Instruments Releases New Percussion Soundpack
Native Instruments released a soundpack for its Kore audio platform. Dubbed True Strike Tension, the soundpack focuses on...

Navigation devices find their way to Cebit
Among all the new features the manufacturers of GPS receivers introduced at Cebit this year, one thing they haven't cracked yet is how to navigate around the myriad halls and alleys of the trade show, which sprawls over 240,000 square meters of exhibition space. With the reorganization of the show this year, and the closure of Hall 1 for refurbishment, getting lost can be a serious problem even for seasoned show-goers.

Net Neutrality Advocates are 'Antiproperty,' Critic Says
The debate heats with some tech companies pushing Congress and the FCC to restrict spectrum use in latest auction.

Netflix Promises Mac Video Support by End of Year
Netflix on Wednesday promised to release a product by the end of the year which will enable Mac users to use the service's...

Netgear Offers Six-bay Network Storage System
Netgear on Monday announced the release of its ReadyNAS Pro Gigabit Desktop Storage system, with six drive bays. The new...

Networked Storage Gets Extremely Affordable

New Apple Stores Opening in Maine, New Jersey, Ohio
It's a big week for Apple's retail stores: Apple on Thursday announced plans to open three new stores this weekend on...

New iMacs
Plus: Free Microsoft Works, Filtering on YouTube, and Thunderbird Leaves the Nest.

New scheme could boost online music services in Europe
Providers of online music services in Europe should benefit from a new one-stop licensing system aimed at simplifying the complex process of obtaining music distribution rights across the continent.

New tool turns users into SOA programmers
Serena has said it will jump into the software-as-a-service (SAAS) market next month with a user-oriented development toolset aimed at promoting the idea of "enterprise mashups."

Nine Inch Nails Version of Tap Tap Revenge Game Coming
A specially licensed version of Tapulous' hit iPhone and iPod touch game Tap Tap Revenge will be released this month, and will...

No Internet Blocking During Olympics, China Assures
The International Olympics Committee says is satisfied that Beijing will keep the Internet accessible during the Games.

Nokia Lowers Fourth-quarter, 2009 Outlook
The world's largest mobile handset maker, Nokia, on Friday lowered its outlook for the global handset market. Citing...

Nokia taps into Silicon Valley
Looking to merge mobile phones with PCs, Nokia Corp. has expanded its presence in Silicon Valley and is exploring a wireless network that local developers can use to try out new applications.

Novell, Red Hat compare desktop Linux programs
Open-source rivals Novell Inc. and Red Hat Inc. are each highlighting initiatives to bring Linux-based functionality to the desktop.

OLPC raises hundred-dollar laptop price to $175
The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) group said Thursday that it had raised the price for its hundred-dollar laptop to US$175, but were still confident they would collect enough orders to begin volume production by September.

Online Communities: New Source of Business Intelligence
Blogs, wikis, and community forums can help companies prosper and bloom--or lead them to disaster.

Opacity Express Screen Graphics Editor Debuts
Like Thought on Wednesday announced the release of Opacity Express 1.0, a screen graphics editor for Leopard. It costs US$39.

OpenLogic wants to count open-source users - openly
Open-source enterprise software developer OpenLogic wants open-source users to stand up and be counted in a worldwide census -- and is offering a new software tool to help the process.

Optical nets easier to hack than copper
Optical fibre is a lot easier to tap than most people imagine. There is no need to break or splice the fibre now -- a relatively shallow bend can be enough.

Oracle CEO: Linux support program working
Oracle Corp. has gotten off to a "very strong start" with its support program for users of Red Hat Inc.'s Enterprise Linux, according to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Oracle delivers Q3 results ahead of targets
Oracle Corp. reported third-quarter results Tuesday which exceeded both the software vendor's and analysts' predictions.

Oracle's BEA bid turns unfriendly
Oracle Corp.'s bid for BEA Systems Inc. appears to be getting ugly with the latest statement from Oracle.

Oracle user group cancels European conference
The EMEA Oracle Usergroup Council (EOUC) has cancelled without explanation a user conference due to be held in Amsterdam next month.

PC World Wins Two Journalism Awards
Coverage of Windows Vista and editor's column honored by business media organization.

PC World's 30 Most Popular Stories of 2007
From Google wonders to laptop reviews to iPhone torture tests, here's what the Web was reading and watching on this year.

PC shipments rise on notebook sales
Attracted by aggressive prices and the launch of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista OS, consumers purchased more notebooks during the first quarter than expected, pushing IDC to raise its 2007 PC industry forecast.

PC vendors face slumping revenue in 2007
PC vendors will focus on notebook sales and emerging markets to boost unit shipments by 10.5 percent in 2007, but revenue will lag behind with only a 4.6 percent rise, according to an analyst forecast released Tuesday.

PageSpinner Updated for Leopard
Optima Systems has announced the release of PageSpinner 5.1, an update to its Web development software for Mac OS X. A free...

Palm Folds the Foleo
Plus: iPhone Price cut, Google Phone Rumors, and the Ringle.

Panasonic Shows 150-inch Plasma Screen
Panasonic showed the prototype of the new display, which stretches 11 feet across and may be the largest in the world.

Panasonic sales, profits rise for fifth year in a row
Healthy demand for digital consumer electronics products particularly overseas helped Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (Panasonic) achieve higher sales and profits in the fiscal year just ended.

Patent fracas blurs Nokia, Qualcomm management focus
Ongoing legal disputes over mobile phone patents between Nokia Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. are consuming much executive management time, generating substantial lawyer fees and, if they escalate, could affect handset development and prices, experts warn.

PhoneValet Maker Offers Telephony Tool for Realtors
Parliant has announced CurbTalker, a new telephony product for Mac OS X designed especially for realtors. CurbTalker costs...

Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Mini Stick Debuts
Avid Technology subsidiary Pinnacle Systems has introduced its new Pinnacle TV for Mac HD mini Stick, a USB-based television...

Pixelmator Update Provides New Adjustment Tools
Alternative image editor Pixelmator was updated on Tuesday, adding new features and what the company calls "major performance...

Play Almost Any Audio File
iTunes is a powerful audio player that supports a variety of formats, including the space-saving MP3 and AAC, the uncompressed...

Publish IWeb Pages Without MobileMe
Ever since Apple launched its US$100-a-year .Mac (now MobileMe) online service, it's had the annoying habit of creating tight...

Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands to Get IPhone 3G in October
At long last, residents of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will join their compatriots on the U.S...

Qualcomm document talks tough on Nokia
Qualcomm Inc. is using its Web site for the latest shove against Nokia Corp. in the companies' ongoing legal dispute.

Qualcomm rejects $20M Nokia payment
Qualcomm Inc. has rejected a US$20 million payment from Nokia Corp. for royalties on patented Qualcomm technology, snuffing out a possible resolution of part of the companies' ongoing intellectual-property dispute.

RAIDBank 4 Billed as 'world's Smallest' RAID
MicroNet has introduced the RAIDBank 4, a compact RAID system intended for use by small and medium businesses. It's priced...

RIM to offer plug-in for Visual Studio
Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) will let developers create applications for BlackBerry phones using Microsoft Corp.'s .Net programming environment, continuing its efforts to broaden the capabilities of the devices.

RapidWeaver 4.2 Fixes Bugs, Adds Features
Realmac Software released an update for its popular Web site creation tool, RapidWeaver. The update not only fixes numerous...

Real Soccer 2009
Gameloft is one of the biggest players in mobile games out there, and so it should come as no surprise that it's developing...

Red Hat CEO undaunted by Oracle, Microsoft
Red Hat Inc.'s latest financial results prove the company can withstand new competitive challenges, according to Matthew Szulik, the company's chairman and CEO.

Rondo MIDI Software Improves Interface
FracturedSoftware on Thursday announced the release of Rondo 2.8, a free update to the MIDI player software for Mac OS X...

Rounding up the 3D News
Every year the top high-end 3D companies in the world converge on Los Angeles, Calif. to attend the Siggraph tradeshow. This...

Samsung launches Q1 Ultra ultramobile
Ultramobile PCs have often been criticized as falling into a gap between laptops and smartphones, but Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. hopes to change that perception with a reduced price and upgraded performance for its Q1 Ultra.

Samsung profits slide on weak memory chip market
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. saw operating profits slide during the first three months of this year on weakness in the memory chip market, it said Friday.

Sandvox Website Creation App Updated
Karelia Software updated Sandvox on Wednesday, fixing or improving over 50 items in the application.

Scorecard: What Came True, What Didn't in 2007
Starry-eyed companies and CEOs made big promises to rollout new gadgets and told consumers to prepare for big trends in 2007. Who was right? And who was wrong?

ScribBall Game Comes to IPhone
Howling Moon Software has announced the release of ScribBall for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's available for purchase and...

Seagate FreeAgent Go for Mac
The FreeAgent Go for Mac is an external hard drive built by storage giant Seagate that promises fast FireWire 800 transfer...

Seagate Intros New Dual-drive Network Storage Server
Seagate -- under the Maxtor brand name -- on Wednesday introduced the Central Axis Business Edition, a dual-drive network...

Senate Passes Extension of R&D Tax Credit
A bill granting a one-year extension to a research and development tax credit program supported by many technology trade groups is off to President Bush for signature.

Set ICal Default Alarms Well in Advance
One of the new features in the OS X 10.5 version of iCal is the ability to add a default alarm when you create a new event...

Sharing Your ITunes Music With Simplify
I'm increasingly interested in the notion of making my iTunes library available to me wherever I go. Oh sure, I have plenty of...

Sharp plans to more than double solar cell production
Sharp is planning to more than double its production of solar cells over the next few years as it targets sun-rich nations in southern Europe, Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Africa.

SimpleTech Intros Pro, Duo Pro External Drives
SimpleTech on Monday announced it's shipping its Pro Drive and Duo Pro Drive. The external hard drives come in different...

SimpleTech [re]drive
SimpleTech's 500GB [re]drive is an environmentally friendly external hard drive that promises energy savings and high...

Skype outage continues, business users affected
Almost 36 hours after a software problem caused widespread outages in eBay Inc.'s Skype service, engineers continue to work to fully restore this extremely popular Internet telephony and instant messaging service, while many business users deal with work disruptions.

Slamming the company door on porn
Your organization's next e-mail filtering software may come equipped with a blocking component that prevents pornographic content from entering the corporate network.

Small outsourcers squeezed out in India, says Forrester
Small and medium-size outsourcing companies in India are getting marginalized as customers look for larger outsourcers with big brands and strong financial results, according to Forrester Research Inc.

SmartMusic 11 Music Learning Software Released
MakeMusic on Thursday announced the release of SmartMusic 11, a major new release of its music learning software for bands...

Some new Windows Mobile phones to come with Opera
Some of the first Windows Mobile 6.0 phones to hit the market will include Opera Software ASA's mobile browser, in addition to Microsoft Corp.'s browser.

Sonnet Intros Fusion F3 RAID
Sonnet Technologies on Thursday introduced its Fusion F3 RAID storage device. The Fusion F3 will be released in October;...

Sonnet Intros 'Pro' Two-port ESATA ExpressCard/34
MacBook Pro users looking to expand their laptops with faster external storage have a new choice from Sonnet Technologies...

Sony Shows Smallest HD Video Recorder Yet
Sony's HDR-TG1 weighs only 10.6 ounces and records 1920-by-1080 digital video to a memory card.

Sony charges $50 to remove laptop bloatware
Sony is offering to remove some of the trial software it crams onto the hard disks of new laptops -- for a fee.

Spore Origins Released for IPhone, IPod Touch
Following its release for the iPod last week, Electronic Arts' Spore Origins is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch...

Spore Origins Supports New IPod Nano Accelerometer
The iTunes Store recently notified customers who have purchased Spore Origins for the iPod that it has been updated with a new...

Spore Origins for IPhone
Leave it to EA to leave no stone unturned for its Spore franchise. The brainchild of Sim City and The Sims maker Will Wright...

Spore Origins for IPod
Electronic Arts is quickly building a new franchise out of SimCity creator Will Wright's newest game, Spore. Even before the...

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Comes to IPhone
This week marks the release of the new game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The game is appearing simultaneously for multiple...

State charges dropped in HP spy case
A state judge in California on Thursday dismissed charges against the three remaining state criminal defendants in the Hewlett-Packard Co. spying case.

Steampunk Game 'Plank' Released for IPhone
Freeverse Software has released a new game for the iPhone called Plank. The game costs US$1.99 and is available for download...

StorCenter Ix2 Offers 2TB of Network Storage
Iomega on Wednesday introduced the StorCenter ix2, a new network storage appliance aimed at small businesses and home users...

Stream Media to Your Handheld
Problem: You have a mass of music and audio stored on your Mac's capacious hard drive yet you want to enjoy that media on a...

Studios, Tech Companies Push Unified Digital Media Standard
Movie studios and technology companies have joined together to push for digital video that isn't tied to specific devices but...

Study: China's IT services will soon best the UK
China's software and IT services sector is on track to catch and exceed the U.K.'s output in as little as five years, according to a new report.

Sun, IBM ink OS agreement
Longtime rivals IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have signed an agreement related to operating systems technologies, the two companies said Wednesday.

Swift 3D Design Software Goes Universal
Electric Rain has announced the release of Swift 3D, now with Universal binary support. A free upgrade for existing 5.0 users...

Symantec CEO: Vendor has 'conflict of interest'
It's a "huge conflict of interest" for one company to provide both an operating platform and a security platform, Symantec Corp. CEO John Thompson said during a keynote speech at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany. Although Thompson didn't mention Microsoft Corp. by name, that company's introduction of consumer and enterprise security products to complement its operating systems could hurt Symantec, which currently tops the security software industry by market share.

Symantec releases beta of new enterprise product
Symantec Corp. Wednesday released a beta of its new enterprise security product, formerly code-named Hamlet, that melds technology from several of the company's acquisitions over the last few years.

Taiwan's Via scores big win with HP
Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. may be locked in a vicious price war over desktop and mobile chips, but that hasn't stopped Taiwan's Via Technologies Inc. from gaining ground in the market with its focus on low-cost processors that don't draw much power.

Tech That Could Make Commuting Fun
Wi-Fi, mobile apps, and Web services are helping cure the headaches you get in trains, planes, and automobiles.

Tech wages going up and up, report says
Technical consultants, SAP AG functional consultants and hardware engineers were the highest paid hourly IT workers during the first quarter, according to the Yoh Index of Technology Wages, a compensation index that tracks outsourced tech workers.

Tech / Industry Trends - News About Technology Industry Trends's latest news about technology industry trends, presented in partnership with

The 10 Biggest Web Annoyances
The new, improved Web won't deserve that name until sites make clear what they do with your private data. And online tech support gets a lot better. And...

The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007
These much-ballyhooed products, sites, and services, it turned out, left much to be desired.

The 20 Most Annoying Tech Products
Obtrusive behavior, irritating habits, constant nagging--crummy products have bugged you for years. Here are the ones you say have bothered you most.

The 50 Most Important People on the Web
Here's who's shaping what you read, watch, hear, write, buy, sell, befriend, flame, and otherwise do online.

The Indestructible Apple Store?
Apple opened up five new brick-and-mortar stores this past weekend, bringing it ever closer to its goal of having 242 stores...

The Mac Backup Band
Unless you and your musical cohorts have determined to emulate legendary bands from the 1960s by holing up in a crumbling...

The Next 25 Years
PCs may disappear from your desk by 2033. But with digital technology showing up everywhere else--including inside your body--computing will only get more personal.

The Year in Tech: Top 2007 News and Trends
Legal tussles, format wars, and (of course) the iPhone dominated technology news in 2007. Here are the biggest tech headlines of the year--including some we'd like to forget.

Thinking Outside the Apple TV With Boxee
Within Apple's hallowed halls, the Apple TV's status seems ever-changing. One minute it's a hobby. The next, because of...

Three Minutes with SAP Chief on Hosted Apps
Vishal Sikka, SAP's chief software architect, describes the company's software-as-a-service approach.

Toontrack Releases Funkmasters Drum Expansion Pack
Toontrack Music announced on Thursday the upcoming release of a new expansion pack for the company's drum sampling software.

Toshiba Shares Surge on Talk of HD DVD Surrender
News that the DVD format war may be ending was met with approval by investors in Japan.

Toy Bot Diaries Maker Releases Shaky Summit for IPhone
Toy Bot Diaries developer Iugo Mobile Entertainment has announced the release of Shaky Summit, a new game for the iPhone and...

Trends show desktop virtualization is gaining traction
The market for desktop virtualization is hitting a growth spurt, given a run of new product introductions and research showing increased demand for the technology.

U.S. Labor Department Seeks Probe of H-1B Video
Law firm that posted a video offering advice on how to avoid hiring U.S. workers isn't responding to requests for comment.

UMPC fans hope for new Intel platform
Business analysts at Intel Corp.'s technology conference next week will focus on the company's powerful server chips, but industry blogs are showing more excitement over word that the company will launch a new platform for ultra mobile PCs (UMPCs).

United Lemur Announces Puzzllotto for IPhone
United Lemur, a group of veteran Mac and iPhone developers, on Thursday announced the company's first product, Puzzllotto for...

Update: Tetris for IPhone
When the App Store opened its virtual doors in July, Tetris was one of EA Mobile's first iPhone-geared efforts--and it showed...

VMware Fusion Factors in Large Hadron Collider Computing
VMware reports that its Fusion software for Macintoshes is being used by scientists at CERN, the European Organization for...

Vay for IPhone
Despite the enormous popularity of games for the iPhone and iPod touch, some genres remain relatively untouched. The role...

Vectorworks 2009 CAD Software Debuts
Nemetschek North America on Monday announced the 2009 release of their Vectorworks line of design software. The products...

Vegas Pool Sharks
When Apple opened the doors to developers to write and sell products for the iPhone and iPod touch, it began a veritable gold...

Verizon Wireless to spend $6 billion on network upgrade
Verizon Wireless Inc. plans to boost its wireless data network through a new three-year contract with Alcatel-Lucent SA that is expected to be worth US$6 billion.