Computing Center Sitemap - Page 59 2013-07-16

Forrester: Be Careful Negotiating SaaS Contracts
The changing face of the SaaS market means new contract considerations for customers, a Forrester Research analyst says.

Fortisphere Aims to Control Virtualization 'Sprawl'
Startup unveils today its Virtual Essentials, tools to track, tag, and monitor virtual machines in the enterprise.

Founder of Online Sports Betting Business Sentenced
The founder of is sentenced to 51 months in prison.

Four Steps to Social Networking Success

Free Adobe Online Tools Create Documents and Presentations
Adobe's online apps store and create text documents, presentations, and other files from any 'net-connected computer.

Free Microsoft Office Coming Online
Microsoft announces it will launch a wide range of online Office and Office apps -- some (including Word and Excel) available for free.

Free (and Some Not Free) Live Music
I love live music. Well, music in general, but there's something about the anything-can-happen vibe and the interaction with the audience of concerts that's hard...

Freelance Worker Website Cheaply Scales Labor
For nearly any industry, connects businesses to skilled freelancers from around the world.

French Parliament Approves 'three-strikes' Anti-piracy Law
The French National Assembly has adopted a law criminalizing file-sharing and now it awaits the signature of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

FriendFeed Buy Helps Facebook Compete With Google and Twitter

Friendster Partners on Micropayments Platform
Friendster will soon implement a micropayments platform for virtual gifts and games, seeking to bring in new revenue from southeast Asian countries.

Fujitsu Plug-in Helps Refine Search Queries
Fujitsu has released a browser plug-in that displays suggestions for refining search queries on the fly.

Future Uncertain for Yahoo Developer Programs
Yahoo's widely used search APIs and search programs for external developers may be discontinued if its search deal with Microsoft advances.

Fuze Online Meeting Service Collaborates from a Distance
Software-free discussion tool shares files and media, letting online participants add annotations.

Gartner Offers IT Tips to Stretch E-commerce Budget
IT departments must find ways to stretch their shrinking e-commerce budgets without compromising quality and services.

Gartner: SAAS purchasing decisions 'are bypassing IT'
Three-quarters of all software as a service (SAAS) has been bought by business unit managers rather than IT managers, Gartner research vice-president Ben Pring has warned.

German ITunes Store Adds Movie Purchases, Rentals
Achtung, baby! Apple announced on Thursday that Germany has become the sixth country to boast films available from iTunes and...

Get Noticed With Custom Business Cards
Thanks to the proliferation of affordable and easy-to-use online printing services, business cards are popping up outside the...

Get Real Business Results From Social Media

Get Speedier Rebates -- For a Price
A new company promises to get you your money faster. But you'll get a lot less of it.

Getting Geeky With Twitterrific and AppleScript
Here's a few of the hidden features of Iconfactory's scripting add-on to the Twitter message service.

Glide Goes Social With Glide Engage
TransMedia on Wednesday announced the launch of Glide Engage, a new social networking and micro-blogging service designed to integrate with the rest of...

Gmail Detects Potential Recipient Mistakes in Group E-mails
Gmail can now detect whether a recipient has been left out of a group e-mail in which the person is usually included.

Gmail Down; Outage Could Last 36 Hours for Some People
Gmail is having an outage on Tuesday that may not be fully fixed until late Wednesday.

Gmail Gadget for Windows
Tool lets users read, search and send Gmail messages while in the desktop search app.

Gmail Gains Automatic Translation
Google has added an automatic translation feature to Gmail.

Gmail Outage Caused by Overloaded Servers
A worldwide Gmail outage was caused by a traffic jam on Google servers.

Gmail Power Tools
Five years ago, using Web mail meant putting up with flashing banner ads, spam, minuscule inboxes, and embarrassing addresses like

Gmail Suffers Widespread Outage

Go Beyond Google Searches
Although it may sound like heresy, Google isn't the only game in town. Despite Google's large index and generally excellent...

Google #1 in Search Engine Satisfaction, AOL in Last Place
Google leads the pack, with an 86 percent satisfaction ranking, the same as it scored last year. Ranked number 2 is "all others" with 78 percent, up 2.6 percent from a year ago.

Google API Helps Track Laptops
Google Gears Geolocation API adds Wi-Fi to help developers build location-based Web apps.

Google Accused of 'malicious Revenge' in China
The official newspaper of China's ruling communist party accused Google of "malicious revenge" after a Google malware warning appeared by one of its Web sites.

Google Acquisition Rumors Reflect Twitter's Importance

Google Adds Customization Feature to Internet Search
Google is launching SearchWiki, a way for signed-in users to customize searches.

Google Adds Gmail Previews, Links to Analytics for Admins
Google Apps administrators also get more control over name formats for their Gmail users

Google Adds Links to Web Page Sections in Search Results

Google Adds Persian to Machine Translation Service
As the Internet becomes a more important path for information between Iran and the rest of the world, Google has added support for Persian to Google Translate.

Google Adds Social Capabilities to Personalized Home Page
Google has added social-networking capabilities to its iGoogle personalized home page service.

Google Antitrust Case Misses the Point

Google Apps Businesses Should Love Google Voice

Google Apps Gains LDAP Support

Google Apps Slow to Infiltrate the Enterprise
Strides made in past year, but work still remains.

Google Apps Takes Aim at SharePoint with Groups Feature

Google Apps Will Get Stronger Video Chat Capabilities
Google plans to beef up the video chat capabilities in Gmail for Google Apps customers.

Google Book Service Faces European Probe

Google Books Copyright Policy May Face Probe in Europe
E.U. government ministers are expected to call for an investigation into the way Google Books handles copyright.

Google Boosts Custom Search's Layout and Results
Google has enhanced its Custom Search service by simplifying the personalization of its layout and by allowing for richer search results.

Google Bug Vexes Saturday Morning Searches
An apparent bug in Google's Stop Badware program apparently caused all searches to warn that sites could be malicious.

Google Buys ReCAPTCHA to Boost Book Scanning Efforts
Google has acquired ReCAPTCHA to improve its spam-detection services and also boost its book scanning project.

Google Calendar Now Supports CalDAV and ICal
Now that MobileMe has gotten stable (knock on wood, touch rabbit's foot, cross fingers), I've come to depend on having that...

Google Censors China Porn Searches
Google put several measures in place on its China search page,, to filter pornographic material out of search results.

Google Chrome OS Unveiled: Speed, Simplicity, and Security Stressed

Google Contacts, Gmail Get More Productive
New Contacts search feature and improved offline access in Gmail will help you get your work done faster.

Google Docs Launches Shared Folders
If recent events haven't left you skittish about cloud computing's future and your distaste for Microsoft Word exceeds even your hostility for Dane Cook, then...

Google Expands Free Music Downloads in China

Google Expands Search Control With New Options
Google is adding new functionality to a side panel that could provide quicker access to relevant search results.

Google Extends FriendConnect With a 'social Bar'
Google has added a "social bar" to its FriendConnect data portability service.

Google Extends Personalized Results to All Users
The search giant now delivers to personalized search results to all users, unless they opt-out. Previously, only signed-in users received them.

Google, Facebook to Offer Music Sales
Both Google and Facebook plan to let users buy music on their sites.

Google Faces Broad Antitrust Investigation in Italy
The Italian antitrust authority has enlarged its investigation of Google Italy's business practices to encompass those of its U.S. parent company.

Google Fast Flip Bridges Digital and Print Media

Google Finding More Fans in the Workplace, Schmidt Says
Google's CEO says trials of the company's enterprise products have accelerated recently.

Google Gadgets an Open Door for Attack
Gadget lovers were dealt a blow on Wednesday when two researchers outlined what they called a "hole" during a Black Hat...

Google Goes After Yahoo With Marketplace for Display Ads
Google rolls out DoubleClick Ad Exchange to boost its share of the display ad market.

Google Goof Is a PR Nightmare
Analysts predict that Google's snafu may cause loyal users to consider search alternatives.

Google Has Gone and Redefined 'beta'
The question of why so many Google products are classified "beta" -- and classified thusly for so long -- has knocked around...

Google Has "Supersized" Its Search Box
The changes are subtle enough that you might not notice except for the before-and-after graphic Google has thoughtfully provided.

Google Helps Users Jump Ship to Rival Web Services
Google is making it as easy as possible for people to quit its Web services in a bid to increase trust in cloud computing.

Google, IBM Team on Health Records Project
A project for the Continua Health Alliance takes health records from medical personnel's PDAs to databases.

Google Improves Flash Search and Indexing
Google has enhanced its search engine's ability to index Flash content.

Google Introduces Service-level Guarantee for Its Apps Suite
Google is offering a service-level agreement for a version of its Apps suite, a move that may provide some comfort to...

Google Invites More Testers to Ride Wave

Google Keeps Mum About Page Meeting With EC's Reding
Google was tight-lipped about co-founder Larry Page's meeting with EC's Viviane Reding Wednesday, but was very forthcoming about his holiday and lunch plans.

Google Kills Radio Ad Service, Lays off 40
Google is abandoning its attempts to sell ads on broadcast radio, concentrating instead on its plans to make money from...

Google Knows Where You Surfed Last Summer
Google knows who you are. It knows what you search for. It knows what you had for dinner last night and exactly where you like...

Google Latitude: An In-Depth Look
Take a walk through Google Latitude's location-tracking features, on the Web and on our BlackBerry.

Google Launches Gmail Labs in 49 Languages
Expansion of the email tools worldwide coincides with Gmail's fifth anniversary

Google Launches Reseller Program for Apps Premier
Google will launch a reseller program for its Apps Premier hosted suite.

Google Launches Street View for the UK, Netherlands
With privacy issues cleared up, Google pushes ahead with 360-degree imagery

Google Lets the Music Play in Search Results
Google has improved how it handles music-related queries.

Google Losing in China as New Users Go to Baidu
Google's market share in China has slipped this year and will continue falling because new local Web users prefer Baidu, a Chinese government report said.

Google Maps Points to Polling Places
Google teams with election education groups to offer maps to help voters find polling places.

Google May Strip 'beta' Tag From Some Apps
Google may be getting ready to strip the 'beta' tag from some online applications, officials suggested Wednesday.

Google May Take Music Downloads Beyond China
Google is considering taking the free music download search it offers in China to other countries as well, though it has no specific plans yet, it said.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and MySpace Talk Platforms
Officials from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and MySpace talked about application platforms at the Web 2.0 Summit.

Google News Goes Offline
Google News was down for more than an hour on Tuesday.

Google News Suffers 14-hour Glitch
Google Inc. acknowledged late Wednesday afternoon that some users experienced problems with its Google News search results...

Google: Not the King of All Media

Google Offers Top Tip to Help Beat Bots
By asking visitors to find the top of a randomly rotated image, it hopes to keep bots out of Web services such as Gmail

Google Outages Damage Cloud Credibility

Google Outages Defy Customer Confidence
I know all the excuses, from Google is a "victim of its own success" to "what do you expect for free?" They are just excuses.

Google Plans Fifth Birthday Present for Gmail Users

Google Plans to Offer Micropayments Service to Media Owners
Google is pushing a payments system to the newspaper industry that would let Web surfers pay a small amount for individual news stories.

Google Porn Filter Gained China's Thumbs-up
China approved of Google's efforts to filter porn from search results on its China portal following state-led criticism of the links this year.

Google Previews App Engine Platform for Web Applications
New service launched last night provides a one-stop-shop for building and hosting an online application.

Google Promises Simple E-store Creation With Checkout Gadget
Google has released a gadget for creating online stores in minutes, but the product is still an early-stage prototype.

Google Prunes Unpopular Services From Its Portfolio
Google will either shut down or stop supporting several free Web-based services and applications as it retrenches its...

Google Puts The Pirate Bay Back in Its Search Index
Google has restored The Pirate Bay in its search engine index after briefly removing it last week following a copyright infringement complaint.

Google Redefines 'Real-Time' Collaboration with AppJet Purchase
Google acquires EtherPad developer AppJet and sends team to help with Google Wave.

Google Relaxes Single Phone Number Requirement for Voice
Google is opening up the Voice voicemail feature to non-Google cell phone numbers.

Google Rolls out Semantic Search Capabilities

Google Seeking Solution to Blogger FTP Woes
FTP publishing in Blogger has become increasingly problematic, for which Google is apologizing.

Google Sells AOL Stake at $717 Million Loss
Google sold its stake in AOL to Time Warner for $283 million, according to a regulatory filing.

Google Share of China Search Market Inches up in 2008
Google increased its search market share in China by a hair, indicating it still struggles against market leader Baidu.

Google Signs AdWords Deal With Taiwan Trade Promotion Agency
Google will work with a Taiwanese trade promotion agency to push AdWords among small and medium-size companies on the island.

Google Sites Gets Dozens of Templates
Project sites, intranets, and team pages are now easier for business users to create--for free.

Google Squared Gets Update, Presents More Data
The update increases the number of facts that can be displayed from 30 to 120. It also ranks them based on relevance and quality.

Google Squared Struggles To Make Search More Helpful

Google Steals Spotlight With Caffeine Boost

Google Tests Scripting Feature for Online Apps
Google is testing a new scripting capability that will let customers customize its Google Docs suite.

Google Tries to Assuage EU Doubters of Its US Books Deal
Google has made concessions to address European publishers' concerns about its book digitization project

Google Tries to Enhance News Browsing With Fast Flip

Google Trike Goes Where Car Can't

Google Turns on Real-time Search
Google has turned on its real-time search functionality, delivering on a promise made in October.

Google Tweaks News Indexing to Placate Publishers
Google said Tuesday it will change how it grants access to news stories to give publishers more control over how much content people can see for free.

Google Tweaks Voice to Keep Voice Mail out of Search Results
Google has tweaked its Voice service so that voice mail transcripts don't get indexed by search engines.

Google Unveils New Desktop Docs Gadget
Google has added a new feature to enable users to find and access their Google documents straight from the desktop.

Google Unwraps Apps Partner Program
Google on Wednesday detailed a new program under which resellers can now offer Google Apps to businesses -- effectively...

Google Updates Some Apps Functions
Google updated some Gmail and Docs features for some Apps customers.

Google Users Live By the Cloud, Die By the Cloud

Google VP Mayer Describes the Perfect Search Engine
Google VP of search Marissa Mayer talked to IDGNS about the perfect search engine and the secret of Google's success in search.

Google Will Let People Choose How Its Ads Target Them
Google plans to target online advertisements based on the sites people visit, not just the searches they make or the site on...

Google Wins Partial Victory in Legal Battle Over Trademarks
A senior European judge said Google hasn't infringed trademark rights by allowing advertisers to buy keywords featuring brands

Google brings universal search to Search Appliance
Google Inc. will upgrade its Search Appliance with native support for enterprise content management (ECM) systems like EMC's Documentum, IBM's FileNet, Open Text's LiveLink and Microsoft's SharePoint.

Google's App Engine Breaks Down
Google's App Engine had a service outage on Tuesday.

Google's Blogger Service Suffers Widespread Outage
Google's Blogger went down for about 90 minutes overnight for most of its users.

Google's Craziest Idea Yet
Is Google's plan to run native x86 code inside browser windows just a disaster waiting to happen?

Google's "Living Stories" Aren't Terribly Alive
If "updated 17 hours ago" counts as living, Google's new topic pages for newspapers are already on life support.

Google's Rumored Twitter Buyout Raises Privacy Concerns

Google's Sidewiki Lets People Post Comments About Web Pages

Google's reCAPTCHA Buy Is Mostly A Win-Win
Provided you aren't involved in the controversy over the search giant's massive book scanning program, with is bolstered by the purchase.

Google to Buy Display Ad Company
Google said it plans to buy display ad company Teracent for an undisclosed sum.

Google voice Now Blocking "Fewer Than 100" Numbers
The blocking, used to prevent large payments to some telephone companies, has been a contentious issue between Google, AT&T, and the FCC.

Government Concerned Over Possible Google Books Monopoly

Government's First Cloud Service Open for Business

Graphic Anti-Texting Film Had Pro-Seatbelt Predecessor
Before the graphic British anti-texting video exploded ontothe Internet, there was another graphic video intended to sell safety to teens."No Seatbelt, No Excuse" is very similar, only better, than the controversial anti-texting film now making the rounds.

Group: Wikis More Effective for Collaboration Than E-mail
The use of e-mail may persist in corporations as a project collaboration tool to keep team members in the loop, but it's...

HD Shows Surface on British ITunes Store, BBC on the Way
While we here in the U.S. have been basking in the glow of iTunes's high-definition television content since last September...

HP Builds Collaboration Tool Into Workstations
Hewlett-Packard is building collaboration software with video, application-sharing and 3-D graphics support into several of its workstation models.

HTML5 Could Be the OS Killer

Harness the Internet Masses for Cheap Logo Design
For just a few hundred dollars, LogoTournament's community of designers can offer hundreds of quality logo choices.

Have Terrorists Co-Opted Twitter?
Analysis: A military intelligence report voices concern over the increasing use of Twitter by political and religious groups.

Here Come the Millennials! Are You Ready?
Large companies must bend to calls for new technology to recruit top Gen Y talent.

Hey Twitter: Give Us 140 Words

Holiday E-shopping Accelerates in Early December
U.S. e-tail sales picked up speed the first five days of December.

Hooking Your Apps into Amazon Web Services
Unsure how to get started with AWS? Some sample code will illustrate its relative simplicity.

Hosted Exchange Eliminates Server Admin Headaches
Outsource Exchange to a hosted service, and you can avoid installation and maintenance hassles.

Hosted SharePoint stifles partners, for now
Microsoft's announcement on Monday that it would host SharePoint for businesses of any size left some third-party software providers surprised -- and even annoyed.

How Google Gains from Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

How Many People Have Really 'Gone Google'?
Only Google knows and they aren't being very specific, as suits their purpose.

How Microsoft Can Save Its Live Services

How To Build and Share Databases On the Web

How to Make Your Own Macworld Video
In this week's video, I cover the process and tools I use to create Macworld Videos. Yes, it's a video about making the very video you'll be watching.

How to Protect Your Privacy on Google

Hulu, Boxee Go Back & Forth With Consumers in the Middle
Do you like ping-pong? The incessant back-and-forth, the staccato sound of hollow plastic ball against rubberized paddle? The...

Hulu: How To Get Started And Make Most of Web TV, Video
Hulu, the online video service that allows you to watch many of your favorite television shows and even some full-length...

Hulu Officially Begins Adding ABC Content
As was foretold many moons ago, television content from the ABC family of networks has begun to make its way to video-streaming site Hulu. In a blog post on the...

Human Error Caused Google Search Bug
UPDATE: The mistake that mistakenly returned a security warning for all Google searches was Google's and not the that of the blacklist manager.

I Don't Want to Sell Twitter, Says Biz Stone
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said his company isn't looking to be acquired.

IAB: Social Ad Success Requires Extreme Transparency
The IAB has issued guidelines for social ads involving consumers, but it's unclear whether enough people will participate in them.

IBM Buying SaaS E-mail to Bolster Bluehouse Platform
IBM is planning to buy the SaaS email assets of Hong Kong-based Outblaze.

IBM Crafts Web 3.0 Collaboration Tools
IBM is working on a Web-conferencing platform called OpusUna, which supports multimedia collaboration.

IBM Develops Facebook Privacy Application
A new IBM application for Facebook's buy-sell forum guides users toward strong privacy settings and could be developed into a...

IBM, European Researchers Develop Multimedia Search Tool
IBM revealed details of work it is doing with European partners to develop a better way to search for images online.

IBM Intros Lotus Cloud Suite, Partners With Skype,
IBM has unveiled a new portfolio of cloud services called LotusLive for collaboration and enterprise social networking.

IBM, Juniper Join in Cloud Strategy
IBM and Juniper on Monday provided a peek at technology that lets enterprises easily reallocate computing resources between a...

IBM buys complex-event processing vendor for SOA
IBM said Wednesday it is expanding its broad SOA (service-oriented architecture) portfolio with the acquisition of AptSoft, a maker of business event processing software.

IBM 'online Theater' May Boost Care at Boston Hospital
IBM showed off a browser-based application Thursday that uses mashups and videoconferencing to let experts collaborate on a...

IBM upgrades enterprise search software
IBM has upgraded its high-end enterprise search product with an improved user interface, and will announce next week the availability of a business intelligence tool that can be used with it to analyze call center data.

IDC Forecasts First U.S. Ad Spending Contraction Since 2001
U.S. online ad spending will shrink year-on-year in the first quarter for the first time since 2001, according to IDC.

IDC: Worldwide Online Ad Spending Drops Slightly in Q3
Global ad spending fell 1 percent in Q3, but the market is in recovery mode, according to IDC.

IRemember 2.5
These days, we can view and share photos almost as fast as we can capture them. With a quick click of a button, your photos can be stored and sent to friends...

ITunes 8.1.1 Adds HD Rental Support

ITunes 9: A Wish List
The latest rumor banging around the Mac Web is that Apple will be introducing a new version of iTunes next month. Given Apple's track record with iTunes versions...

ITunes' Digital 45s Offer Two Tracks per Download
I'm not sure if the term "B-Side" means much to the kids today in this, the era of digital downloads and online music services, when even the idea of a record...

ITunes Discovery Download Features the Sound of Silence
Have you ever listened to music? I mean, really listened. The subtle sounds of melody, harmony and, arguably just as...

ITunes Genius Now Online for TV Shows, Movies
If you've been holed up in darkness for the past couple weeks since the release of iTunes 8.1, you can finally come out: the...

ITunes HD: The Price Is What?

ITunes Store Boldly Goes Where Many Have Gone Before
It's a good time to be a fan of Star Trek. You can't go anywhere without seeing a marketing tie-in for J.J. Abrams's much-lauded reboot of the Star Trek...

ITunes Store Getting an Early Jump on Valentine's Day
It's February, and you know what that means, right? No, Groundhog Day is over. No, not Flag Day in Canada (but thanks for...

Improve Your Facebook Profile by Playing It Smart
While it claims its roots in dorm rooms, Facebook has become a diverse place, like it or not. With 150 million users, the...

Improve Your Google Searches
If you turn to for the bulk of your Web searches, learning some of its lesser-known tricks is worthwhile. Simply by...

Incorporate Online To Save Legal Fees
MyCorporation forms the legal foundation for your business cheaper than a local attorney.

Integrate Your IWeb Site With Facebook
Your iWeb site and Facebook profile represent you and your interests to the world. Wouldn't it be great if they worked together? Fortunately, it's easy to go...

Intel-backed Enterprise 2.0 Suite Is Discontinued
An Intel-backed Enterprise 2.0 suite is being pulled from the market.

Internet Abuzz With Google Gdrive Rumors
Brian Ussery, a blogger and director at SEO Technology at Search Discovery Inc., sparked a lot of reports the past few days...

Internet Ad Group: Pols Should Be Careful With Privacy Rules
Small Web publishers say U.S. lawmakers should be careful with new regulations on targeted advertising.

Internet Gambling Payment Processor Faces Charges
A Canadian man is indicted for processing illegal Internet gambling payments in the U.S.

Internet, Twitter Blocked in China City After Ethnic Riot

Investors Buy Back StumbleUpon From EBay
Both companies say there were no synergies between the companies following eBay's $75 million buyout in 2007

Is Anyone Using Google Apps?
Google's online office suite is still struggling to catch on.

Is Cloud Computing Vaporware?
Be wary of putting critical applications out of local reach, Ovum researchers suggest.

Is Criticism Of Google's Outages Unfair?
Today, widespread application outages are a new experience and make news. Someday we may become used to them.

Is Enterprise 2.0 Bad for Business?
Business school academics butt heads over the role of wikis, blogs, and other Web 2.0 endeavors in the enterprise

Is Google "Fast Flip" Really Just A Slow Slider?
Some people will like Google's news-er interface. Others find it gets in the way. And there is no actual flipping involved.

Is Google Wave a Twitter Killer?

Is Web 2.0 Already on Its Way Out?
At a conference that devoted much of its attention to celebrating the rise of collaborative platforms, media, and...

Jeeves Rejoins Search Fray With a New Look

Joost Unplugs Web TV Service, Concentrates on Selling Tech

Just What the World Needs: Google Introduces URL Shortener works inside Feedburner and from the Google toolbar. It's not something we really need, but, if Google just has to do this, what can we say?

Keep Tabs on Your Legal Documents
A new Web-based service called Mumboe helps you track tasks, deadlines, and legal agreements.

Keep Up With the News Using Web Portal Pages

Keep on Track With Digital Reminders
If I were a high-powered executive, I might have an assistant following me around at all times with a notepad and a cell...

Know Your Software to Make the Most of Your Time
Online video tutorials from can pay you back by boosting employee efficiency.

Kobe Bryant Motivates Tech Companies in China
NBA star Kobe Bryant, who is hugely popular in China, shared motivational words with Chinese tech start-ups and other small businesses at a forum.

Lawyer Indicted in Alleged Pump-and-dump Stock Scheme
A Texas lawyer is indicted in an alleged stock pump-and-dump scheme.

Librarian Laments Google Book Search 'monopoly'
Google acquired a virtual monopoly on copyrighted but out-of-print books via a recent settlement, and the result could set a...

Linden Lab Will Rate Parts of Second Life Adults Only

LinkedIn Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts
Building a strong profile on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has taken on greater importance as the economy...

LinkedIn Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know
Since LinkedIn doesn't require you to share the same types of personal information as you do on Facebook, the service's...

LinkedIn Revamps Site, Opens to Developers
Developers can now build apps for the professional networking site, which sports a jazzier look and new features.

LinkedIn Revamps its Search Tool
The new search engine uses a "personalized relevance algorithm" to identify the most relevant contacts.

LinkedIn: The Network Effect Revisited
You've signed up for LinkedIn, because everyone says it's the primary business social network. But to whom should you connect? According to a few power users, there are a few common approaches, most of which are different than what you'd do on Facebook.

LinkedIn's New Free Apps, Part Two
In part one of our review of the LinkedIn applications platform, we looked at presentation, file sharing and travel... Brings Sticky Notes to Firefox
MIT won't call software a 'sticky notes killer' -- but it could be.

Lovesick for Newsprint
On Sunday morning, as I plopped down the Miami Herald on our kitchen table and sat down to read it, I felt engaged in an...

Lyrics Licensed but With Limitations
Last August I wrote about the changing landscape of free lyrics. As detailed in that story, LyricWiki offered an API that allowed applications (including iPhone...

MLB in Social Media Stumble With MLB.TV Blog

MS Online Services Trial Won't Begin Until End of March
Microsoft will give the masses its first glimpse of Office Communications Online at the end of this month, and in April will...

Magic Johnson Talks Video Phones and NBA
Magic Johnson may not be the next "Bill Gates," but he knows good technology when he sees.

Maintain Online Tool Stability
Reduce crashes and lost work when using online apps.

Major E-stores Malfunction on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Some major e-stores have experienced Web site problems in recent days.

Make Internet Fax Services Work For You

Making Customer Connections and Getting Twitter Right

Man Arrested for Snatching Data From German Social Network
A German man has been arrested after allegedly stealing data and trying to extort a social networking site.

Manage Your Social Networks

Marketers: Beware What Social Networks Tell You

Mashups Fall Short of Mainstream
Even with Intel's new Mash Maker toolkit, building Web 2.0 mashups may be beyond the average business user.

Mauritius to Host Google Cache Servers
Mauritius will be the second African country to host Google Cache Servers.

Mauritius to Link Hospitals With Virtual Network
As part of the Pan African e-Network project, Mauritius is hosting a Super Speciality Regional Hospital, which will link to other hospitals in the region.

McCartney: Negotiations Ongoing for Beatles on ITunes
Our contractual obligations mean that we are duty bound to inform you of any developments in the world of iTunes and the...

Metallica Discography Box to Be Launched as ITunes Exclusive
Hard-rock/heavy metal band Metallica announced Friday that it will release a new digital box set -- The Complete Metallica --...

Mexico Says Bienvenido to iTunes Store

Microsoft Admits Plurk Code Was Stolen
Microsoft admitted that its Juku service in China was based on code stolen from Plurk.

Microsoft Apology for Code Theft May Not Do, Plurk Says
Plurk will explore all options including a lawsuit against Microsoft, after the software giant apologized for the theft of software code used in Juku.

Microsoft Applications From China Mine the Web
The applications mine online data to map human relationships and help with translation.

Microsoft Bing Goes Visual with Image Searches

Microsoft Bing: So What?

Microsoft Extends Hosted Software Services
Smaller businesses can now sign onto the subscription-based apps offered in Microsoft Online Services.

Microsoft Gains at Google's Lost Day

Microsoft Has Big Plans for Power-saving Tools
Microsoft on Wednesday announced online tools that could help consumers reduce energy consumption costs.

Microsoft Makes Big Azure Announcements at PDC 2009

Microsoft May Drop Popfly Web Mashup Tool
Microsoft on Friday said that it may discontinue its free Popfly service that lets non-programmers build Web 2.0 apps.

Microsoft Moves Closer to Cloud Computing
Microsoft's decision to sell online versions of Exchange and SharePoint products underscores the industry's shift towards cloud computing.

Microsoft Offers Twitter-style Service in China
Microsoft has launched a microblog-style service in China based on Windows Live Messenger, called MSN Juku.

Microsoft Offers a Sneak Peek at Office Web Apps

Microsoft Office 2010: A First Look at PowerPoint Web App

Microsoft Office 2010 Will Kill Google Docs
With both online and standalone versions, plus a solution to security issues, Microsoft is poised to make Google Docs a memory.

Microsoft Office Web Apps: First Look

Microsoft Readies SharePoint Server 2010 Beta

Microsoft Reveals Live Mesh for Mac
Microsoft is gearing up to take on Apple's MobileMe with a Mac version of its Live Mesh file synching service.

Microsoft Rolls out Beta of Ad Gadget
Microsoft rolled out a beta offering of a new gadget that lets site publishers embed small pop-up windows in words on a Web...

Microsoft Sacrifices Office to Save Windows

Microsoft Signs Search Deal With Yahoo

Microsoft Silverlight Challenges Adobe AIR

Microsoft Slammed Over Bing's Sponsored Online Drug Ads
Microsoft profits by selling online ads on its search engine to criminal gangs running pharmaceutical Web sites that offer medication to people without a proper...

Microsoft Stifles Information on Bing Cashback Error
Microsoft has brought out its legal hammer against a businessman who publicized a problem with Bing's Cashback rebate program.

Microsoft Strikes Search Deals With Twitter, Facebook
Microsoft reached a deal with Twitter and Facebook that allows its Bing search engine to index public posts from the social media sites.

Microsoft Tells Plan for BizTalk
The road map for the newly renamed BizTalk Server 2009 includes regular major updates, starting next year.

Microsoft Unveils Live Mesh Sharing and Sync System
The new Web-based service lets people share data folders across different PCs and devices.

Microsoft Works to Deliver Better Ads
Experimental technologies may not be remarkable enough to boost the company's lagging online advertising position

Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Gets Support From Ad Association
An ad association has asked the Department of Justice to approve the deal proposed by Microsoft and Yahoo.

Microsoft, Yahoo Partnership Could Reach Beyond the US
Microsoft's search and advertising deal with Yahoo could be expanded overseas, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Thursday.

Microsoft, Yahoo Search Deal Faces DOJ Review
The U.S. DOJ will review a search agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo.

Microsoft, Yahoo in Informal Talks With EU Over Search Deal
Microsoft and Yahoo are in talks with European regulators about their planned search tie-up to establish whether the deal needs a formal probe.

Microsoft and Yahoo Are Said to Have Reached a Deal

Microsoft's Azure Moving out of Washington
Microsoft plans to pull its Azure services out of a data center in Washington for tax reasons.

Microsoft's Bing Slips a Bit

Microsoft's Bing Tries to Leapfrog Google Maps
Microsoft is taking aim at Google Maps with a richer version of its own Bing mapping service that was released in beta on Wednesday.

Microsoft's FAST Bid Signals a Shift in Search
Enterprise search companies and analysts say Microsoft's deal to buy FASTshows the market has arrived.

Microsoft's Kumo Just Another Search Imitator

Microsoft to Highlight Silverlight 3 Technology
Microsoft will tout at the Mix09 conference in Las Vegas this week its planned Silverlight 3 rich Internet application...

Microsoft to Launch Online SharePoint, Exchange on Monday
Microsoft may be set to offer some of its hosted business-productivity services earlier than the company expected.

Microsoft to Shut Down AdCenter Analytics
Microsoft is discontinuing its adCenter Analytics beta offering.

Microsoft to Shut Down Encarta Web Sites
The online encyclopedia service will be terminated in October, Microsoft said

Microsoft widens availability of Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft said on Tuesday that its Visual Studio 2008 IDE (integrated development environment) is now widely available.

Mint to Expand Free Service with Investment Accounts
The site, already useful for tracking savings, checking and credit card accounts, will soon start a private beta that pulls in investment accounts as well.

Mobile Social Networking Unleashed

More Cash for Cloud Computing in 2009

Motorola Unplugs Music Stores in Singapore, India
Motorola plans to shut its online music stores in Singapore and India.

Mozilla Locks in Firefox 3.1 Feature List
Mozilla Corp. will use a several-week delay it recently added to the Firefox 3.1 schedule to build a private browsing mode and...

Mozilla Patches 11 Firefox Holes
The fix includes six critical patches, and more updates are coming for different versions of the browser.

My Twitter Pro Wish List

MySpace Buys ILike Social Music Service
MySpace has agreed to acquire social music service iLike.

MySpace CEO to Step Down
The popularity of the social-networking site has cooled off significantly in the past year

MySpace Partners With Citysearch for Local Biz Directory
Members will be able to rate and review businesses

MySpace, iLike Deal Good For Musicians And Audiences
iLike helps people, music, and musicians find one another. Why a high-concept site like iLike wants to hitch its wagon to MySpace's falling star is hard to explain.

Mystery Shopper Site Settles With FTC
The U.S. FTC settles deceptive advertising charges from a company promising mystery shopping jobs.

NetSuite Says Chrome-optimized Apps Are Flying
NetSuite tweaks its hosted business applications for CRM, e-commerce, accounting and services automation to take advantage of Chrome's fast handling of Ajax elements.

NetSuite raises IPO price range
NetSuite has raised the estimated price range for its IPO (initial public offering) to US$16 to $19, from the original $13 to $16.

NetSuite sets initial stock price at $26
NetSuite on Wednesday set the initial price of its stock at US$26, greatly exceeding its original estimate.

New Facebook Privacy Choices Help Business Users
Facebook's new privacy controls make it easy for users to present different information to business contacts and personal friends. Here's how.

New Facebook Privacy Controls Take On Twitter

New Result Clusters Swirl Into Google's Image Search
Google is testing a new image search feature called Swirl that groups similar results in clusters.

New Search Tool Google Squared Goes Live
Google Squared, a new search tool for presenting information in an organized fashion, is now up and running.

New Software Publishes Apps Through Browsers
UK systems integrator, Centrix Software, has taken the unusual step of developing its own software package to resolve the...

New Twitter App Helps with Job Search

New Twitter TOS Opens Door For Twitter Pro

New Version of Jivox Lets Users Create Interactive Video Ads
Jivox is the latest tool to help businesses grab the attention of Web surfers through interactive video advertising.

New York City Uses Google Maps to Guide Tourists
If you're planning a trip to New York City, you'll probably want to find restaurants, museums and all the big sights.

News Corp.'s Jon Miller: MySpace Stopped Innovating
Facebook overtook MySpace because MySpace stopped innovating, a News Corp. executive said at Web 2.0.

News Outage Was Longer, Larger Than Google Admits
As the company attempts to lead us into cloud computing it needs to do a better job of reporting its network status and outages to customers.

News Sites Falter as Traffic Spikes After Jackson's Death
Michael Jackson's death caused a spike in traffic to news sites, causing some of the biggest ones to experience availability problems.

Nielsen: Microsoft's Search Queries Fell 14 Percent in May
Microsoft's search engine had a major drop in usage in May, right before the rollout of Bing.

Nielsen: Twitter Grows User Base Almost 1,500 Percent in May
Twitter had staggering year-on-year growth in users in May.

Nine Twitter Tips for Business
Twitter is so red-hot right now that it's united Shaq and Oprah. It's also so good at attracting buzzwords that I can't decide whether to call it a microblogging...

Ning Adds Apps to Its White-label Social Networking Platform
Ning is now offering applications for users' sites that add new capabilities in areas such as communcation, e-commerce and collaboration.

Nokia's India Music Store Being Tested
Nokia readies its Indian music store, but may not allow online payments immediately

Norwegian State TV Sets up BitTorrent Tracker

Norwegians Speed up Mobile Internet Access
Norwegian company bMenu has launched a mobile portal, which uses its own technology to pare down the navigation of Web sites...

Obama Campaign Unveils Online Tool to Help Canvass Neighbors
Barack Obama's (D-Ill.) campaign has rolled out a new online voter contact tool aimed at providing supporters with a virtual...

Obama Warns Kids on Stupid Facebook Posts
US President Barack Obama warned school children on Wednesday to be careful what they post online while young.

Obama's Message, Not Social Media, Won the 2008 Election
It was Obama's message, not his use of the Internet, that swung the election, said head of Obama campaign's social media efforts.

Office Live Add-In Eases Working Across Multiple Computers

On Privacy, Google and Facebook Are Much The Same
Both companies face privacy challenges and upset users as they try to balance privacy and commercial interest. Who does best?

On2 Purchase Spreads Google Even Thinner

On2 Won't Cure Google's Video Headache

One-stop Social Media
With all the social-networking services out there, you can easily find yourself spending more time switching between Web sites than you do actually using them...

Online Ad Groups Release New Behavioral Ad Principles
Advertising trade groups release principles for online data collection when delivering targeted ads.

Online Ad Revenue Continues to Drop, Says IDC
The worldwide market dropped by 5 percent during the second quarter compared to the same time last year, according to IDC.

Online Archive Service Digitizes Docs and More for Free
Fax DepositDox physical files, and it digitizes and stores them as searchable PDFs.

Online Backup Services

Online Business Server Saves With Monthly Billing
Instead of buying into a full Exchange Server system, InfoStreet's hosted alternatives give similar functionality with a monthly fee.

Online Contract Workers Can Help Any Business Save
8KMiles connects businesses with its network of workers, saving money over employee costs.

Online Game Company Approved for Real-world Bank
Project Entropia wins approval from Swedish banking authorities

Online Postage Tools Can Save You Time
Prepare for the May 11 postage rate increase by taking advantage of USPS web tools.

Open-Source Drupal Turns Pro
Acquia's strengthened and supported distribution of the open source content manager smooths the path to a trouble-free Drupal Web site.

Opera Adds Widgets to Mobile Browser Beta
Opera has added support for widgets to the latest beta release of its Mobile 9.5 browser.

Operator Sets Teleconferencing Record as Companies Stay Home
Pressure on corporate travel budgets has spurred rapid growth in teleconferencing services in Scandinavia so far this year

Opposition Mounting Against Google Books Settlement

Organized Customer and Employee Support
Computers and applications stubbornly remain hard to use. Developers, from solo code jockeys to huge corporations, promise us...

PCI App Security: Who's Guarding the Data Bank?
Compliance strategies for PCI's new application security requirements.

Paid Twitter Services Coming by Year's End
Twitter plans to introduce a paid service by year's end cofounder Biz Stone said Monday.

PayPal Opens Door to Developers
PayPal on Thursday opened its online payments system to third-party developers so they can invent new payment mechanisms.

PayPal to Open Platform to Third-party Developers
PayPal will soon open up its platform to third-party developers, allowing them to build applications with a range of money transfer options.

People Try Twitter One Month, Then Fly

Performance Issues Plague Cloud-Based Applications

Perimeter eSecurity Buys E-Mail Compliance Firm
Perimeter eSecurity is buying SECCAS, which sells e-mail management products to financial institutions.

Pew Survey Finds Nearly 20 Percent of Online Americans Tweet

Phishers Hit Facebook With Scam Messages

Phishing Scam Bursts Twitter's 'Trust' Bubble
After the phishing incident, users can no longer innocently follow a link. Will this make Twitter less and less effective?

Picasa Gains Face Recognition Capabilities
Google has upgraded its Picasa photo management application for Mac and Windows machines with face recognition features.

Pirate Bay Adds Feature to Share Torrents on Facebook

Pirate Bay Sale Signals the Death of an Era

Pixazza Plans to Profit From Pictures With Google Funds
The new service will at first target the fashion industry, linking photos to online stores

Platfomic Site-Creation Tool Streamlines and Saves
Online website creator helps build complicated sites through modular steps, saving development costs.

Play Internet Radio in the Background
Most of the time, I just don't mind that the iPhone doesn't permit any non-Apple apps to run in the background. Switching between apps in the iPhone by hitting...

Play .wma, Ogg, and FLAC Files in ITunes
If you've spent every spare musical minute within the confines of the iTunes window you might believe there are only five audio formats--MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, and...

Plurk Succeeds Where Twitter Stumbles in Asia
Plurk, a Twitter-rival, is winning markets in Asia by offering service in 33 local languages, something Twitter has struggled with.

Plurk Users Bring Microblogging to Many Languages
Microblog provider Plurk has won market share in Asia with the help of users around the world willing to translate it into dozens of languages outside of its...

Polycom CEO Sees Videconferencing on Handhelds
According to some, videoconferencing wireless handhelds could be widely available soon, and the technology could become more...

Porn Row Won't Slow Google in China, Analysts Say
Google is likely to continue gaining market share in China despite a recent row with the government over pornographic search results.

Pressmart Targets Small Newspapers Aiming to Go Online
Pressmart Media, a vendor of technology and services for digital publishing, is offering hosted publishing services aimed at small print publishers.

Privacy Group Asks FTC to Investigate Google

Privacy Groups Rip Google's Targeted Advertising Plan
Privacy groups don't like Google's new behavorial advertising plans.

Privacy Lobby Slams Google Latitude
Google Latitude, which uses GPS to allow you to track people from your mobile phone of desktop PC, is under fire from privacy...

Privacy Missing From Google Books Settlement
Privacy experts and librarians say Google needs to spell out the privacy protections it will provide with Google Books.

Privacy: Why Google Social Search Gives Me The Creeps
By giving us "free stuff" like e-mail, voice mail, search results, applications, collaboration, analytics, etc., Google knows more about us than we may easily be able to remember about ourselves. And that's frightening.

Promote Your Business With Online Video

Qtrax Shows How to Make Free Music Downloads Unappealing
Far be it from me to suggest that companies should just give up competing with the iTunes Store. Competition, when done right...

Racist Image Tops Google Search Results for Michelle Obama
A racist caricature is currently the top-ranked image of first lady Michelle Obama on Google's image search engine.

Real CEOs Don't Twitter -- Do They?

Real Facebook Names Will Be Good For Business

Real-Time Search: Google and Bing Rivalry Intensifies on Facebook and Twitter

Record Labels Still Wary of Apple's Wrath
Apple's relationship with the major music labels has always been a bit rough around the edges. There's a history of...

Red Lights Might Save Second Life

Report: Enterprises Struggle to Adopt Social Networking
While consumer social networks like Facebook and Twitter continue to garner significant attention from Web consumers and the...

Report: ITunes Price Hike Hurts Sales

Report: Microsoft to Sell Razorfish Ad Agency
Microsoft is planning to sell Avenue A Razorfish, its interactive ad agency, according to a report in Monday's Financial Times.

Report: YouTube to Host Full-length MGM Movies
YouTube is expected to announce Monday that it will host full-length films and television shows from MGM.

Reports: DOJ Turns up the Heat on Google's Book Deal

Reports: Microsoft and Yahoo Close to Search Ad Deal

Reports: Yahoo Plans More Job Cuts
Several hundred employees could be laid off

Ripping and Burning CDs With ITunes
Earlier this week, contributing colleague, Kirk McElhearn, provided hints for ripping CDs better and faster. Today, I'd like to piggy-back on Kirk's fine work to...

Road Warriors: TripIt, TripIt Pro Keep Tabs on Your Every Move

Ruckus Patents Technique for Video Over Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi equipment vendor Ruckus Wireless has patented a technique that appears to be widely used to improve video on wireless LANs.

Running on AIR: Great Office Apps You Can Get Now
There aren't many robust business applications powered by Adobe's new rich Internet application platform yet, but we found a few gems you can download right now.

Salesforce Debuts Sites
Salesforce is launching a new service for customers to host their Web sites on its cloud platform.

Salesforce Links to Google App Engine announced Monday that it is connecting its development platform with Google's App Engine.

Salesforce Readies Collaboration Service
New data-integration service for the enterprise is expected to debut today.

Salesforce and Twitter Could Power Dirty Tricks Offering No-Charge Access to readies data-sharing service Inc. is preparing a new service that will allow customers to share sales leads and other data directly with other companies that use its on-demand CRM (customer relationship management) software.

Save Money with Per-Minute Cloud-Computing Billing
CloudLayer per-minute billing can avoid waste if you only need cloud services on occasion.

Save Time When Converting ITunes Tracks
If you have a large iTunes collection with a lot of Smart Playlists set to auto-update, you may experience very slow...

Save Time and Money With Online Meeting Tools

Saving marketing dollars with Webinars
Businesses promoting products and services through Webinars must carefully tailor sessions to suit specific audiences in order to maximize the technology's potentials.

Search Challenges E-mail as Top Online Activity
Use of search engines increases steadily, while 60% of us check e-mail daily, Pew study shows.

Search Engine Uncovers and Maps Job Openings
The creators of a new job-hunting Web site say they've built a search engine that digs around the Web looking for jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere.

Searches Using 'sex' or 'sexual' Are Taboo on Bing in India
Microsoft's Bing warns Indians of sexually explicit content when they search for the term "sex," but allows searches relating to selecting a child's gender.

Searching Where Google Can't
We read a lot about the delivery, and popularity, of SMS services such as market prices, health advice and job alerts in developing countries, information there...

Securing the Social Web at Work

See More Device Info in ITunes
Here's a simple-yet-geeky Friday hint concerning iTunes and the sort of device information it provides for a connected iPhone...

See Which Companies Are Visiting Your Web Site
It's no longer enough to know how much traffic your business is getting. Here's a tool that shows you which companies are coming to your site.

Seeing Is Finding: Using Bing Visual Search
Microsoft is finally showing us that it can do a search engine that people will actually use and is doing so with differentiation, not mere brute force.

Semantic Search Could Secure Google's Future

Senator Goes After Web Membership Clubs
A U.S. senator calls for new regulations on Web membership club offers.

Sergey Brin Laments Yahoo's Microsoft Search Deal
Google cofounder Sergey Brin made a surprise appearance at the Web 2.0 Summit, where he answered a variety of pointed questions.

Seven Tips to Success with a Corporate Wiki
Expert suggestions on what it takes to pick a wiki that's just right for you and your company, both from a technical and end-user perspective.

Sharing and Collaborating with Microsoft Office Web Apps

Shoeboxed, Taking the Tedious out of Handling Receipts and Business Cards
There are two tasks in business that are really tedious: Tracking your receipts for expenses and capturing business card data.

Shoppers Opened Their Wallets on Cyber Monday
Online retail spending grew at a disproportionate pace during Cyber Monday.

Shopping Cart Service Taps Into Social Networking Sites
If you can't bring the people to the store, Cartfly may help you bring the store to the people.

Should Your Business Be on Facebook?

Skype Closes Its Extras Program for Developers
Skype is shutting down the Extras portion of its program for outside developers.