Computing Center Sitemap - Page 6 2013-07-16

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Makes Its Debut
Verizon’s latest LTE phone runs Android 4.0, has an 8-megapixel camera and has built-in Beats Audio for music enhancement.

Oracle v. Google Copyright Case: The Road Ahead
The partial verdict jurors reached was just the end of round one in a three-round bout between Google and Oracle.

Passpoint, Wi-Fi Alliance's Automatic Hotspot Login, Coming this Summer
Passpoint promises to put an end to the annoying process of logging in to public hotspots through browser-based splash screens.

Facebook's Social Reader Users are Fleeing in Droves
Social reader apps are basically the digital equivalent of inviting people to read over your shoulder, so it's good riddance to them.

Google+ Hangouts On Air Now Offers Live Broadcasting for All
Once you finished live streaming, the recording is uploaded to your YouTube channel, as well as on Google+ to keep for posterity.

Multi-User Support for iPad On the Way?
iPads are often shared among family members, so multi-user support would be incredibly helpful.

Super Mario Bros. Pipe Mug Caffeinates, Holds Plants in Style
uy a mug and coaster modeled after the pipes from the Super Mario Bros. video game. Piranha Plant seeds not included.

Thank You, Space! How NASA Tech Makes Life Better on Earth
For half of a percent of the US federal budget, what do you get from NASA? A lot. We look at some spinoff technology from space exploration in recent years that’s made its way into our everyday lives.

New Best Friend? DIY R2-D2 Helps You Make Coffee
Looking for a loyal assistant to serve you a coffee fix while you work? Try modding your coffee machine to be R2-D2!

Stupidly Powerful Go-Kart Lets You Re-Live Your MarioKart Glory Days
It's tiny, it can do 20 MPH, and it'll make you look and feel like Bowser in Mario Kart--it's MIT student Charles Guan's Chibikart!

Nokia Lumia Gets Exclusive Apps; Is Windows Phone Fragmentation Next?
Are exclusive apps the right thing to do, and is this the beginning of Windows Phone fragmentation?

Samsung Galaxy S III: Hands-On With a Smartphone Sensation
We took Samsung's latest Android phone, which caused a worldwide uproar when announced last week, for a test drive. We found a svelte design, a killer display, and some other cool features.

Sprint Guardian Service Apps Keep Your Phone and Family Safe
The new Sprint Guardian service uses a cluster of apps to keep an eye your Android phone--as well as on other family members.

New from Dell: an Ubuntu Linux Laptop Targeting Developers
Canonical's free OS will also ship on five percent of PCs next year, according to one report.

Microsoft Fixes Critical Flaws with Patch Tuesday Updates
Microsoft released seven security bulletins for Patch Tuesday, but two in particular should get priority attention according to security experts.

How To Ignore Your Email Without Losing Your Job
Save time and be more productive by using these simple tips and tricks to check e-mail less often without losing your job.

Huawei's MediaPad 10 Tablet Shown at CTIA 2012
This tablet, which we first saw in February, still has a lot to like, but it's not shipping soon.

9 Gadgets We're Glad Got 'Smart'
Digital brains have made their way into everything from toasters to picture frames to toilets--reinventing, reinvigorating, or revolutionizing some devices for good.

Recover Encrypted Files From An Old Hard Drive

Use Google Voice to Send Text Messages From a Tablet
Like using GV for messaging on the desktop? You'll like its free and easy companion app as well.

How To Make Your PC Distraction-Free
Whether you're weak-willed or a consummate multitasker in need of a little productivity boost, these apps and tips will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Like Vikings? How About Slicing Things? Play Icebreaker in Your Browser
Icebreaker is a browser-based physics puzzler in which you must rescue Vikings trapped in ice.

Easily Distracted Writers May Like Ommwriter Dana I
Ommwriter Dana I is a free full-screen text editor that ships with ambient soundtracks.

Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Makes Its Debut
Verizon’s latest LTE phone runs Android 4.0 and has an 8-megapixel camera and built-in Beats Audio for music enhancement.

HP Officejet Pro 8100 ePrinter Review: Fast, Inexpensive Operation
Small workgroups looking at color lasers should note that this inkjet is faster and cheaper to operate, and that it can print crisp text as well as very nice photos.

How to Edit Office Documents on Your Smartphone
We show you which apps are best for editing documents on your smartphone, and how to get them up and running with your Dropbox account or other cloud storage services.

LG Google to TVs Land In U.S. May 21
Specs announced earlier include 55- to 84-inch 3D displays, a 3D conversion engine, and an LG Magic Remote plus keyboard.

The Right Way to Respond to a Nasty Email
Don't get dragged into a heated exchange that can damage not only feelings, but also your career.

AT&T Plans Summer Trials of Home Automation System
Digital Life monitors home appliances and operations via the Web or a mobile app, regardless of the wireless carrier.

Sony Vaio T Ultrabooks: Ivy Bridge Support, Specs, Pricing Revealed
The Vaio T13 and T11 are both available for advance order and configuration at a German website; their main difference is the display size.

Big Bad Apple Wants iPhone 5 Domain from Fans
Apple files a copyright complaint to grab from fans of its products.

Disney Technology Turns Everything into a Touch Device
Touche's "swept frequency capacitive sensing" can processing far more information than current touch sensors, detecting gestures body position.

Facebook Gets Fashionable: Like Counters Placed on Clothing Hangers
Do you like this? A Brazilian clothing retailer adds real-time Facebook "like" counters to it clothes hangers to advertise the online popularity of its merchandise.

Evernote Acquires Penultimate: Two Great Notetaking Apps Come Together
Like peanut butter and chocolate, the combination of Evernote and Penultimate can only bring good things.

iOS 5.1.1 Released; Redsn0w Protects Your Jailbreak
Worried iOS 5.1.1 would ruin your jailbroken iOS gadget? Fear not, because the current Redsn0w tool has it covered.

Microsoft Turns Jazz Hands Into Gesture Commands Using Sound Waves
Microsoft Research and the University of Washington develop a new gesture-sensing system that uses sound alone.

$99 Xbox Confirmed: What You Really Need To Know About Microsoft's Offer
Microsoft Monday confirmed rumors of an $99 Xbox game console, but don't buy until you understand the fine print.

Build and Manage a Website from Your iPhone with Weebly
Weebly has a new app that extends its free, simple, drag-and-drop website creation platform to the iPhone.

3G/4G Performance Map: Data Speeds for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon
See our neighborhood-by-neighborhood test results for 127 locations in 13 cities. Click the map for raw speeds, as well as Web page and video load times.

Samsung Focus 2: First Impressions of a $50 Windows Phone
The Samsung Focus 2 is an inexpensive, but stylish Windows Phone that will run on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

Corel AfterShot Pro Review: Image Manager and Editor in One
AfterShot Pro puts file management, editing, and layer controls all within easy reach.

Efficient Ways to Edit, Organize, and Share Photos
Adobe Lightroom, Corel AfterShot Pro, and CyberLink PhotoDirector can help you tame your masses of photos.

VeriFone to Announce New Mobile Payment Processing System
The company will launch its SAIL program on May 8 and begin signing up customers immediately.

Adobe Lightroom 4.1 Review: A Mature and Balanced Digital Workflow Tool
Lightroom improves its existing tools with new optimizations for masks, layers, noise reduction, white balance, and more.

Five New Laptops With Older Processors That Will Save You Money
Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo all have good bargains right now on laptops equipped with older CPUs. But should you wait for laptops powered by new Ivy Bridge chips to hit the shelves? We break it down.

For a Lightweight Linux Desktop, Try the New Xfce 4.10
A new app finder and better tablet support are among many improvements delivered in this new major release.

3G/4G Performance Map: Data Speeds for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon
Click the map for our neighborhood-by-neighborhood speed test results, as well as Web page and video load times, at each of our 127 testing locations in 13 cities.

CyberLink PhotoDirector 3 Review: All-In-One Photo Editing and Organizing
Digital workflow goes mainstream with accessible, easy-to-use editing and organizing tools, but the program has some limitations for enthusiasts and pros alike.

These Lego Wigs Will Certainly Give You That Geek Chic Look
Want a quirky new look? How about swapping human hair for Lego bricks? Yes, you read that right...

Develop a Training Plan With WalkJogRun
WalkJogRun lets you map and log your workouts, and includes training plans for both novice joggers and advanced runners.

Facebook Acquisition Points to Future of More Phone Tracking
The Glancee purchase is another move to beef up the online social network's mobile offering and follows close on the heels of its $1 billion purchase of Instagram.

Facebook Users Share and 'Like' Too Much, Report Says
Consumer Reports projected its findings after questioning Facebook, security experts, privacy lawyers, app developers, and victims of security and privacy abuse as well as surveying 2,002 online households, including 1,340 that use Facebook.

iPad Mini Draws Strong Consumer Interest
One in two would consider buying a smaller version of Apple's popular tablet if the price were right, survey reveals.

Origin Genesis Review: Near Perfection in a Gaming PC
There’s little to dislike about Origin’s big performance PC: It looks every bit as good as it runs, but costs less than the competition.

Why Your Business Still Needs Newsletters
Email marketing remains the most effective means of obtaining new customers and keeping them loyal to your brand.

Emergency Patches Pushed for Flash, PHP
The Adobe fix aims to cure a vulnerability in all versions of the player, but has so far been used only to attack Windows systems using Internet Explorer.

Facebook Messenger Gets More Transparent
Now you can see if someone has read your text message and it's easier to tell if someone is typing and where they're located.

Facebook and Spam: Not Everything is Relevant
If Facebook's algorithms determine a comment you make is "low value," they can refuse to post it.

Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks
We pinpoint the cloud storage services with the best attributes for accomplishing specific tasks, and offer advice on how to use the cloud most effectively.

Fill a Gap in Your Day With Filler 2 Browser-Based Game
Filler 2 is a simple, ambient game in which you fill the screen with inflatable balls.

Does Faster Internet Access Lure Piracy?
Google is laying down fiber in Kansas City, and Hollywood is worried about one thing only: movie piracy.

Samsung Galaxy S III: Battle of the Big Displays
Apple refines the iPhone's resolution, while Android phones just keep getting bigger ... and perhaps morphing into tablets.

Windows 8 Dumps Default DVD Playback
Microsoft's Windows 8 will not ship with support for DVD playback. It says DVD playback will require a "marginal cost" OS upgrade or a third-party solution.

DisplayFusion Relieves Windows 8's Multi-Monitor Headaches
Third-party programs must fill the gap in Windows 8's lackluster multi-monitor support; here's one viable option.

Guy Puts Ice Cream Sandwich on His Laptop--the OS, Not the Dessert
This guy gets Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on their laptop, everything appears to work just fine.

Ultrabook Prices Could Dip to $599 Thanks to Use of Plastic Materials
These lower-priced Ultrabooks will use plastic materials for the chassis, rather than the more pricey aluminum used today.

Google Docs Gets Business-Friendlier with New Fonts, Templates
Docs continues to inch closer to Microsoft Word, this time with a wealth of snazzy fonts and some great business templates.

Like Windows Media Center? Don't Upgrade to Windows 8
Microsoft once again drops the ball on Windows Media Center and gives devoted users a kick in the teeth.

New Tablets will Crowd iPad, Kindle, Analysts Say
The iPad's market dominance will wane by 2017, while the popularity of Amazon's Kindle Fire is already shrinking.

Uber Is Driving Instant Mariachi Fiestas Today in San Francisco
In San Francisco? Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars Day by calling in an on-demand mariachi band!

Free Game Friday: A Modern Spin on Asteroids, A Platformer Where You Make the Platforms and More.
We bring you another weekend of free games, including a typing game where words have power and a platformer where you collect and deploy new platforms.

How to Stop Your Social Networks From Distracting You
Turn off push notifications, disable automatic e-mail updates, and prevent your social networks from ruining your productivity.

Four Ways to Celebrate 'Day Against DRM' Today
If you value users’ freedom from restrictions in accessing movies, music, literature, and software, consider adding your voice to this international protest.

Penn State Cooks Up Ouchless Bandages Made of Edible Starch
Penn State scientists develop starch fibers that could be used in bandages, paper products, and more.

SquareTrade Warranties Now Cover Jailbroken iPhones
Third-party warranty provider SquareTrade will service your iPhone--even if you jailbroke it.

Move the Landscape to Conquer Pseudo-Platformer Continuity
In Continuity, you constantly switch between shuffling level segments and traversing the levels.

Want to Know Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S III Android Phone?
It could be one of seven carriers that Samsung let slip on Friday on an online form.

Six Good Reasons to Try GIMP 2.8
In a major update, several long-awaited features give this free and open source PhotoShop alternative a significant boost.

CTIA 2012 Preview: New Phones, More Debate Over Spectrum
CTIA 2012, the big U.S. mobile phone and tablet show, kicks off Monday. Will a few very hot LTE phones make their debut?

On What Media Should I Backup My Photos?
Nick Golna asked whether he should backup his photos onto a flash drive or DVDs. I discuss other options, as well.

Free rtpMIDI Lets You Play Beautiful Music With Your iDevice and PC
rtpMIDI lets you control your PC's MIDI software and instruments using your Apple iPhone or iPad.

How to Buy a Router
Buying a router may not be at the top of everyone's to-do list, but a new model can mean the difference between enjoying Netflix in HD and seeing a grainy mess of substandard video.

D-Link DIR-605L Cloud Router Review: Strong Monitoring Capabilities but Indifferent Performance
This router lets you monitor and control some network functions from an Internet-connected iOS or Android device.

8 More New Uses for Your Old Smartphone
Give your old phone a new lease on life by converting it into a brainy TV remote, a GPS navigator, or a numpad companion for your keyboard.

Free Fotobounce Helps You Organize and Share Photos
This ad-supported software uses face recognition to help organize your photo library, and it offers useful sharing tools.

Facebook Unveils 'Action Links' to Make App Interaction Smarter
Action Links are subtle, under-the-radar changes for Facebook users. The feature is aimed more at developers.

Kindle Fire Sales Didn't Collapse in The First Quarter of 2012, Research Group Says
The media misread the data, an NDC analyst explains.

Tablet Face-Off: Budget Models From Acer and Asus vs. Apple’s iPad 2
The Apple iPad 2 and the Asus Transformer Pad TF300 are highly competitive, but the Acer Iconia Tab A200 falls behind.

Why You Should Play The Walking Dead: Episode One
Here's why you should play the first episode of The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games. No spoilers!

$99 Subsidized Xbox 360 Would Widen Battle for Living Room
Microsoft's rumored deal is expected to be offered at the company's retail stores as early as next week.

Samsung Series 9 Ultrabooks to Get Ivy Bridge Update
The 15-inch laptop will sport a Core i5 3317U processor clocked at 1.7Ghz, but Samsung didn’t say when it would be available to buy, or for how much.

NotCompatible Android Trojan: What You Need to Know
The Android malware could let hackers use your phone as an intermediary access point, or proxy, to break into private computer networks.

RIM, Ditch the BlackBerry Bold Look
The Bold's look, a small screen and full keyboard sharing real estate on the front side of a device, is now an albatross that needs to die.

Canon Pixma MX892 Review: Nice Paper Handling, Good Speed, So-So Costs
This inkjet multifunction printer has good speed and appealing features for a small or home office, but some similarly priced competitors offer a better design or cheaper inks.

Ink-onomics: Can You Save Money By Spending More on Your Printer?
Should you buy a lower-priced printer whose inks cost more per page, or a higher-priced printer that uses more-economical supplies? Our printer comparison calculator will help you decide.

Google's Street View Snooping: Congressman Wants Investigation
Representative Ed Markey is citing reports that cast doubt on Google's claims that its collection from the networks of 'payload data' was a mistake.

Moss-Covered Table Powers Clock, Might One Day Power Your Laptop
The Moss Table shows the potential of the emerging field of biophotovoltaics to lower the total cost and energy usage of solar power.

Samsung Galaxy S III FAQ: Everything You Need to Know
Here's the scoop on what Samsung didn't discuss at the launch party of the next hot Android phone.

Be Very Afraid: Sharks Now Come Equipped With Freakin' Lasers
It looks like the deadliest creature in the world has come to be--meet the shark with a laser attached to its head!

Samsung Galaxy S III: Watch Live Video Feed of the Announcement
Samsung is hosting a livestream of the event on its Facebook page while PCWorld will have a live blog.

Spec Smackdown: Samsung Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 4S vs. HTC One X
Here's how the new Samsung Galaxy S III stacks up against its competitors from Apple, HTC, Nokia, and Google.

This EEG-Controlled Pong Game Puts Idle Minds to Good Use
Cornell students build $75 EEG, play Pong with the power of their minds.

RGBD Toolkit Combines Kinects and DSLRs, Makes a Match Made in Film Geek Heaven
RGBD Toolkit lets you make your virtual 3D videos using just a Kinect and DLSR.

'Smishing' Attacks Are on the Rise
What do you get when you combine SMS text messaging with a phishing attack? Smishing. Beware--smishing attacks and text message spam are on the rise.

New V8 Tech Gives Chrome an Extra Shot of Speed
Benchmark results suggest performance improvements of as much as 25 percent, Google says.

Origin EON17-S Review: 11 Pounds of Power
The EON17-S is bulky, heavy, and generic-looking, but it's an excellent performer.

RIM Owns Up To Fake Apple Protest in Australia
Research In Motion admitted Tuesday that it was behind a staged protest outside a Sydney, Australia Apple Store last week.

Track Your Running Route With MapMyRun
MapMyRun lets you plan, create, and log your workouts online or on a smartphone.

RIM After BlackBerry 10 Debut: Dead Or Alive?
RIM's new operating system could help the company reclaim its smartphone prominence, but there are still some big roadblocks in its way.

SpaceX Tests Rocket to Prepare for First Commercial Docking With ISS
SpaceX runs through dress rehearsal for an upcoming launch, and tests nine on-board rocket engines on launch stand.

Safely Remove USB Drives Just by Unplugging Them
All evidence to the contrary, you don't have to bother with the 'Safely Remove Hardware' step. Here's how to make the necessary tweaks.

Take a Break With Totem Destroyer 2 Game in Your Browser
Totem Destroyer 2 is a free Flash-based physics game requiring thought, precise timing, and luck.

UPDATE: EA Selling Rock Band iOS Game for $5, Despite Looming Expiration Date
Game owners are getting a message telling them that 'On May 31, ROCK BAND will no longer be playable on your device. Thanks for rocking out with us!'

Microsoft Cracks Down on Racy Apps in Windows Phone Store
Microsoft will contact developers whose apps icons and tiles contain racy imagery. The company says it will enforce sexual content guidelines more stringently.

Retail Tablet Wars: Target to Expel Amazon's Kindles from Store Shelves
Amazon's Kindle products will be gone from Target stores by the end of this month.

Asus Essentio CM6870 Review: Ivy Bridge Performance, Mediocre Gaming
The new Asus Ivy Bridge desktop outruns Sandy Bridge budget systems, but “first” or “fastest” doesn’t always equal “best.”

Hugvie: The Squishy, Huggable Future of Telepresence Is Here
Get human-ish contact without the human! Roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro develops a new soft, huggable robot for more intimate phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy S III Event: What To Expect
The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III makes its debut Thursday in London. Not much is known about the phone, but here is the latest on what to expect.

How to Increase Your Klout Score
Learn what a Klout score is, how it works, and how you can make it work for you.

Avira Free Antivirus
Speed and a low rate of false positives are Avira Free Antivirus's best points.

Coffee Table Is a Giant SNES Controller, Doesn't Make Beating Megaman Any Easier
One geeky furniture builder achieves a new high score with this awesome table that resembles a giant wooden Super Nintendo controller. Oh, and it totally works!

What's Coming Next for Ubuntu Linux?
Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth expounds on future plans for this popular Linux distribution.

Amazon Releases Desktop App for Its Cloud Storage Service
New app makes uploading files to Amazon Cloud Drive storage handier than it used to be.

Toilets and Tablets: A Match Made in the Bathroom?
A nation's well-documented fondness for bathroom reading expands to include the world of tablets.

Mozilla Criticizes CISPA for Having Broad, Alarming Reach
The head of Mozilla's Privacy and Public Policy Department said the measure before Congress goes far beyond Internet security.

First Look: ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall Launches Today
ZoneAlarm's first free antivirus/firewall suite makes its debut. PCWorld examines its features.

Getting Started With Google Chrome and Google Voice
Learn how to handle downloads in Google Chrome, and get some useful tips for Google Voice.

Student Automates His Dorm Room, Is Ready For Romance, Parties, and Studying
One UC Berkeley student customized his dorm room so it's ready for any situation at the push of a button.

Puppet Masters of the Internet
When these ten guys pull the power strings of the Internet, everyone jumps.

Homebrew PC Has Only 8 Bits, Lots More Awesome
Kyle Hovey was just a mild mannered guy who one day decided to build an 8-bit processor.

Building a Web Site That Won't Change Often? Consider Xara Web Designer MX
Intuitively and quickly create professional--but entirely static--Web pages with Xara Web Designer MX.

Verizon’s 4G LTE-to-the-Home Service Launches Thursday
HomeFusion will be available anywhere where Verizon has LTE service--which currently covering two-thirds of the U.S. population.

How to Design a Brochure Using Microsoft Word
Put your skills to work and create a great-looking brochure for your business.

Twitter Tools: 11 Free Apps and Services You Need Now
Looking to get more out of the world's most popular microblogging service? Here are 11 free apps that deliver the goods.

HTC One X Review: Beautiful, But Not Without Its Shortcomings
Even with its poor call quality and inferior audio recording capabilities, the HTC One X is worth considering if you're in the market for a high-end Android phone.

RIM Offers Peek at BlackBerry 10, Alpha Hardware
Research in Motion released a video during its BlackBerry World conference that shows a device and software that are an extreme departure from RIM's lineup.

See What People Are Saying About Your Business With VenueSeen
VenueSeen lets businesses monitor their online presence and reputation in photo sharing and social networks.

Kickstarter Funding Request Exposed as Scam
Developers behind a video game called 'Mythic:The Story of Gods and Men' wanted $80,000 to get the project rolling.

IE Rides Windows 7 and 'Beauty of the Web' to Continue Rebound
Net Applications data for the month of April shows back-to-back months of growth for IE, wiping out nearly half a year of decline.

Facebook Wants You to Donate Your Organs
Facebook adds organ donor to your Timeline and helps you link to local organ donation resources.

Hulu May Force Users to Prove They Have TV Subscription, Says Report
Hulu may be switching to an authentication model, requiring users have a cable/satellite subscription in order to access the company's streaming content.

Google Street View's Wi-Fi Snooping Engineer is Outed
The Times says it uncovered Marius Milner's identity through a former state investigator who was involved in a separate inquiry into Street View.

Barnes & Noble Deal Signals New Microsoft Savvy
The deal with the maker of the popular Nook ebook reader shows that Microsoft, like Apple, understands that ecosystems are the key to success.

BlackBerry Music Gateway Uses NFC to Stream Audio
The BlackBerry Music Gateway can be hooked up to your home stereo or car audio system via a 3.5mm auxiliary input or RCA connectors.

Plush Space Shuttle Makes You a Bedroom Astronaut
Any self-respecting fan of NASA would love to cuddle up to one of these space shuttle stuffed toys, right?

This New Wind Turbine Produces Electricity and Water
French company Eole Water reinvents the wind turbine to harvest wind energy and fresh water out of thin air.

Gaming Laptops Available Now With Intel's Hot Ivy Bridge Processors
A clutch of gaming laptops that run on the new Ivy Bridge chips--from Alienware, Asus, Samsung, and others--may be ordered starting today.

Now with More RAM, the 'Vivaldi' Linux Tablet Is Almost Ready
Originally known as the 'Spark,' this fully open $265 device will soon ship with a full 1GB of RAM.

Prinstagram Turns Instagram Photos Into Stickers; Insert Obligatory Hipster Joke Here
Printstagram prints your Instagram photos, including on mini-stickers suitable for decorating, well, everything.

Nook Simple Touch and Color E-Reader Prices Slashed for Mother's Day
Barnes & Noble cuts prices on its basic e-readers by up to 20% as Mother's Day approaches.

App Spotlight: Avoid Gridlock with Inrix Traffic
This freebie just keeps getting better, with features like Comparative Traffic and One-Tap Reporting. Plus, it's now available for BlackBerry.

Choosing the Right Shutter Speed
Here's how to pick the right shutter speed for every photographic situation.

RIM Focuses on Future with BlackBerry 10
RIM seems optimistic that BlackBerry 10 will give it an edge and help it regain its lost mojo in the mobile market.

MITris: You Too Can Turn a Building Into a Giant Tetris Game
The team of MIT tinkerers who turned a campus building into a giant Tetris game just released the code for you to enjoy. Hooray!

Users Unhappy With iTunes' New Security Questions
Some users are complaining that iTunes' new security questions are too difficult, while others are too easy.

Dell: Ultrabook Sales Better Than Expected
Dell's XPS 13 is selling better than expected, the company says.

The Cloud, Day 26: Too Much Cloud Can Be a Bad Thing
I'm a fan of cloud storage and syncing services, but I think it's important to pick one and stick with it.

Three Things You Should Know About Google Voice

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Good test results in malware detection--and best-in-class at removal--bring AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition to the top.

Free Antivirus You Can Trust
Can a free download really protect your PC? Yes, but you have to choose the right one. Our lab tests identify the most reliable no-cost security programs.

PC Tools ThreatFire Free
Best as a supplement to your existing antivirus software, ThreatFire Free excels at detecting and blocking new threats.

Panda Cloud Antivirus
Panda Cloud Antivirus did well at detecting malware infections, but had trouble cleaning them up.

How Switching to VoIP Can Saves You Money
Migrating your business to a Voice-over-IP communications system may save you a big chunk of change in the long run. Here's why (and how) to cut the phone line and go VoIP-only.

Who is the Administrator, What Does That Title Mean, and How Do I Gain That Type of Control Over My PC?
Tom Lorch isn't sure if Windows sees him as the administrator, or exactly what that means.

Quasar Lets You Run iPad Apps in Windows, Not on Windows
Not a fan of how iPad apps always run in full-screen? Got a jailbroken iPad? This app might be for you.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free's defense against zero-day exploits makes it a useful addition to your antimalware toolkit.

planet earth live hed tk
BBC’s new Planet Earth Live series follows wild animals in real-time starting next week.

3 Reasons to Check out Adobe's Creative Cloud Subscription for Your Business
Adobe’s new service lowers the barrier to entry for businesses that crave the creative tools in the company’s Master Collection, but that can’t justify the cost of a perpetual license.

Avast Free Antivirus
In our tests, Avast Free Antivirus did well at battling known malware and less impressively at recognizing new threats.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2.1
We liked Microsoft Security Essentials' interface, but other products did a better job at blocking malware.

PC Tools Antivirus Free 2012
In our tests, PC Tools Antivirus Free did a decent job removing malware, but its real-world malware detection left something to be desired.

Religious Sites Carry More Malware Than Porn Sites, Security Firm Reports
The annual Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec also says malware threats to Android phones are up dramatically.

Intel's Ivy Bridge Chips Appear to Run Hotter When Overclocked
Several tests find Ivy Bridge processors to run much hotter than second-generation Sandy Bridge chips when significantly overclocked.

Facebook To Release Tool To 'Save Lives'
Mark Zuckerberg to make rare TV appearance to flog mystery tool.

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Although Comodo Internet Security's firewall makes this freeware look tempting, its antivirus protection lagged compared to others we tested.

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Create E-Book Partnership
Coming up first: A Metro-style Nook e-reader app for Windows 8 that will be available to U.S. and international users.

Samsung Series 9 Review: Ultra-thin, but Hard to Use
The Series 9 is a tantalizing machine that fills the niche of the 15-inch Ultrabook, but I know Samsung can do a better job on the input devices.

Try 'Precise Tweak' to Customize Ubuntu Linux 12.04
Want to modify Unity or disable the HUD interface in Canonical's new OS? This newly updated tool will help you get the job done.

LG: No More Windows Phones Planned
The handset maker turns its focus to Android devices after a brief fling with Windows Phones, but Microsoft gets a boost in attention from carriers.

Who's the King of Smartphone Sales?
Is Apple or Samsung leading the pack? It depends on whose numbers you believe and what you're counting.

How to Manage Google Docs on Your Desktop
The incredibly useful GDocsDrive bridges the gap between your Docs account and your PC. It's a must-have utility for anyone who uses Docs daily.

TacoCopter Makes Its Maiden Flight…in Hong Kong
A TacoCopter prototype makes a short flight, and raises questions about the commercial use of robot drones.

Angry Birds Space Rockets to 50 Million Downloads in 35 Days
Angry Birds Space is the fastest-selling mobile app ever.

U.K. ISPs Must Block The Pirate Bay; Can It Happen in the United States?
U.S. service providers have agreed to a “six-strikes” plan that culminates in suspension of the user's Internet access for repeat infringements.

The Greatest PC Mysteries--Solved!
PCWorld's editors band together to solve the greatest PC mysteries! Find out why your PC beeps on startup, what a .dat file is, how USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 differ, and much more!

Spec Ops: The Line Hands-On Preview
Developer Yager Development has completely redone the simple things, and its revamped version is one of the most intriguing shooters in recent memory.

This Kickstarter Project Re-imagines 'Terracotta Army' as Lego Minifigures
What do you get when you cross ancient Chinese art with Lego? You get this Kickstarter project.

Angry Birds Space Review: An Amazingly Fun, Innovative Take on the Familiar Game
Angry Birds Space improves on a winning formula, ending up with a game that is at least as addictive as its predecessors.

Facebook 'Likes' Could Get You Fired, and Legal Options are a Challenge
Several plaintiffs found out the hard way that their Facebook activity is not necessarily protected speech.

10 Fantastic Websites You Need Now
From tips for shopping or gambling to business and travel resources and reality checks while browsing, here is a roundup of great sites that are largely under the radar (until now).

Panasonic's Newest TV Prototype Is Big for Your Living Room
If you want Panasonic's new 145-inch HDTV, you may need to think about getting a bigger house.

Mob Tells iPhone Fans To 'Wake Up'
Protest outside Apple Store in Australia is disavowed by Samsung, who is battling the iPhone maker in court over patents for phone and tablet designs.

Smartphone Camera Face-Off: Seven Phones Put to the Test
Your next smartphone also wants to be your next point-and-shoot camera. We tested seven of the hottest smartphones available right now to see which took the best still images and video.

CISPA: 4 Viewpoints You Should Hear
Parties with strong opinions are weighing in on the controversial Cyber Information and Security Protection Act making its way through Congress, raising a plethora of questions along the way.

SiteSpinner Helps You Write "Some Website"
Create complex websites with SiteSpinner, an easy WYSIWYG design tool. No coding needed.

MIT's Glare-Free Glass Doesn't Fog Up, Cleans Itself
Glare-free laptop screens? Yes, please! MIT scientists discover a way to nano-texture glass to eliminate its glare while making it resistant to fog and self-cleaning.

Iris App Review: Siri's Dysfunctional Twin Sister
This voice-powered assistant app is less functional than other, similar offerings.

Samsung WB150F Review: A Pocket Megazoom With Built-In Wi-Fi
The Samsung WB150F is one of the first Wi-Fi-enabled cameras we've seen to offer impressive specs outside of its wireless tricks. However, it may not go far enough into manual-control territory to please seasoned shooters.

YouMinds Composer Creates Mind Maps, Org Charts, and More
YouMinds Composer is a capable, if barely documented, free application for creating mind maps and more.

Google Posts FCC Report about Street View
The investigation -- which ended with a fine -- raises ongoing questions about who at Google knew what about its payload data gathering from wireless networks.

Add Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive to Windows' Send-To Menu
Looking for an easier way to add a file or folder to your favorite cloud-storage service? It's just a right-click away.

Hacked Kinect This Allows Singer to Really Shine
In this unique art project, a hacked Kinect helps translate singing into light patterns.

Free Friday: A Typing Game That Teaches It Wrong and an Abbreviated Mario Brothers
We bring you another weekend of free games, including a typing game about being a bad speller and a simulation title built in 48 hours.

Gobble Up Worlds in Your Browser With Tasty Planet
Eat everything smaller than yourself! For iPhone, too.

Want Free Games--Fast? Get Game Downloader
Instantly download dozens of free games for Windows with Game Downloader.

Apple App Downloads Dive 30% in March
The decline in monthly downloads occurred in the same month that Apple celebrated jumping the 25 billion mark for App Store downloads.

CISPA Passes The House: What You Need to Know
The legislation gives the government and corporations broad latitude to share your information and digital communications in the name of security. How does that work?

Dropbox Boosts Free Storage Limit to 5GB to Match Google Drive
Feeling the competitive pressure, Dropbox beefs up its free storage limit with the introduction of a new digital image offering.

Kindle Fire Dominates U.S. Android Tablet Sales

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Xbox 360 Controller
This high-end Xbox 360 controller feels great and includes plenty of hardcore gamer-friendly features, but you'll pay a premium price for it.

Borderlands 2 Hands-On Preview
We go hands-on with the upcoming Borderlands 2 and deliver our impressions on the new characters, skills and weapons.

Six-Guns Review: This Western Lacks a Plot, Doesn't Lack Bugs
Gameloft's Six-Guns looks great at first, but it lacks a storyline and suffers from serious glitches.

Zerg Rush: Google's Starcraft-flavored Easter Egg
Google's latest Easter Egg is a nod to the enemy alien species (Zerg) from the video game Starcraft by Blizzard Entertainment.

Meet Solidoodle, the First Sub-$500 3D Printer
You can now get in on 3D printing on the (relatively) cheap thanks to Solidoodle, the first sub-$500 3D printer.

802.11ac 'Gigabit Wi-Fi': What You Need to Know

Firefox 13 Beta Gets a Speed Boost with SPDY by Default
Faster page loads are on the way, as is heightened browsing security.

Avast Offers Free Security for Mac OS X
Mac OS X has caught the attention of malicious developers, and the threat is just going to increase. The free Avast for Mac security software can protect your Mac system against malware.

Should You Worry About Google Drive Privacy?
The wording of the terms of service for Google Drive seems to suggest Google owns any content you upload, and has many up in arms.

Chess Set Transforms Into Mecha for the Ultimate Checkmate
Chess not your thing? This 3D-printable chess set that turns into mech characters might change your mind.

Adafruit's New Board Lets You Hack the Raspberry Pi, Make It More Delicious
A new prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi opens up all sorts of doors for hacking this new, tiny Linux-based PC.

Need a Free, One-Page Website? Consider WebDwarf
WebDwarf can help you create a Web presence with a single, static Web page.

WYSIWYG Web Builder Helps You Build a Full Website
With a learning curve, WYSIWYG Web Builder can create eCommerce sites, CMS databases, and more.

Forever Alones Beware: Game Controller Uses Kisses to Steer
Pucker Up! This controller mod makes you kiss to play the game, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "multiplayer."

Back Up a Bootable CD or DVD
A41202813 asked the Answer Line forum for the best way to turn a bootable optical disc, like a CD or DVD, into a file that you could burn back into a bootable disc.

Proposed Bill Would Protect Employees' Facebook Passwords
A bill filed in the U.S. House of Representatives Friday would protect people from snooping employers and schools.

HP 'Slate 8' Windows Tablet Details Surface
The HP Slate 8 will reportedly run Windows 8 Professional.

Struggling With Tablet Repair Complications
A reader in Italy asks On Your Side for assistance in getting his U.S.-purchased Asus tablet fixed. Plus: a quick guide to changes in the hard-drive industry, and whom to contact for support.

Alternatives to Google Maps for Webmasters and App Developers
Once free, Google Maps has become very expensive for high-traffic websites. Here are a number of alternatives for webmasters looking to switch.

Corel WordPerfect Office X6 Professional Edition Review: A Suite Filled With Extra Features
In a Microsoft Office-dominated world, Corel's productivity suite offers an alternative with all sorts of extras and Office-format support.

Ikea Debuts Green Furniture Line With Cardboard Digital Camera
Ikea wants you to take photos of its furniture.

Ubuntu Linux 12.04 'Precise Pangolin' Is Here at Last
With five years of built-in support, this free new OS aims to offer a compelling Windows 8 alternative.

First Netgear 802.11ac Router Coming in May
The router will reportedly run up to 1.3Gbps on the 5GHz band, which makes it (theoretically) more than twice as fast as current 802.11n routers.

Samsung Galaxy S III: Rumor Roundup
Let's separate fact from fiction and list what we know, and think we know about Samsung's next Galaxy phone.

LinkedIn for iPad Finally Arrives
LinkedIn rolled out a new version of its iOS app today, which includes a native iPad app optimized for the Retina display.

Google Chrome 101: How to Manage Downloads
If you're new to Chrome, you may be wondering what happened to the file you just downloaded. Here's how to find it.

Siine Keyboard Review: The Keyboard for Frequent, Hurried Texters
Siine is a replacement keyboard that offers up preset phrases and words as cute, colorful icons.

How to Migrate From BlackBerry to Android
Whether you've persuaded your colleagues to take the plunge with you or are just striking out on your own, we provide a few essential tips for moving from a BlackBerry device to an Android handset.

5 Reasons Microsoft SkyDrive is Better Than Google Drive
SkyDrive gives you more free storage, and you'll also have an easier time managing online documents.

Tim Cook Wants Rivals to 'Invent Their Own Stuff'
Apple's CEO says he hates litigation but he won't let competitors get a free ride on his company's smarts.

Google Engineer Blames Wireless Carriers for Wait on Android OS Updates for Nexus Smartphones

Microsoft Fixes Issues with Office for Mac 2011 SP2
Microsoft pulled Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 after some users experienced issues. Those bugs were fixed, and now SP2 is being pushed once again.

Original Android Prototype Revealed During Google, Oracle Trial
Google’s original intent in 2006 was to introduce a phone with a BlackBerry-like keyboard and screen, not a device with a touchscreen like the iPhone.

Three One-Click Ways to Save Web Content for Later
Boost your productivity by learning how to preserve and organize Web pages for easy retrieval.

Track Billable Hours and Manage Projects With Harvest
Harvest is a comprehensive Web app lets teams track billable hours and produce estimates and invoices.

Google Drive: The Pros and Cons
Google's online storage service has some inspiring features, but it also has some drawbacks. Let's take a look at them.

Google Translate Has More than 200 Million Active Users
Google Translate translates "roughly as much text as you'd find in 1 million books," Google says.

Free Tools to Wipe Your Drives Securely
Properly clear off old data from a flash drive, hard-disk drive, solid-state drive, or hybrid hard drive--at no cost.

Big-Ass Space Invaders Turns a Building Into a Giant Arcade Game
This huge version of the classic Space Invaders proves playing the game on an arcade machine is for chumps--this one scales a building!

This Hack Turns Your iPad(s) Into a Tron-Style Keyboard
One Adobe manager took it into his own hands to recreate the virtual keyboards as seen in Tron: Legacy, using two iPads.

Bing Versus Google: Search Engine Showdown
We pit Google and Bing against each other in a quest to determine which one is better.

How to Encrypt Your Email
Data encryption is a complicated subject, but our top-level overview and general guide to email encryption will help you understand the basics. Learn to encrypt your Internet connection, sent and stored email with this basic tutorial.

Google+ Gets a Share Button
The Share button allows you to share an article with your circles or followers -- a process similar to using the Facebook Like button or Twitter sharing.

Google Drive vs. Microsoft SkyDrive: 4 Reasons Google Wins Out
Comparing the two services, Google Drive emerged as the winner. Here are four reasons why.

This DIY Camera Takes Short Stories, Not Pictures
Ever wished your camera could describe the scene, not just photograph it? This camera will print out a text description rather than an image.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Review: Build Blocky Masterpieces on the Go
Minecraft PE offers a nice balance between the classic desktop version of the game and optimization for a mobile platform.

The Facebook Phone: Busting the Myth
If Facebook focused on its own mobile devices, that could come at the cost of focusing on its competing mobile platforms.

Apple is Headed for a Fall, Says Forrester CEO
According to Forrester, Apple's best days are behind it.

Facebook Teams Up With Security Vendors, Offers Free Antivirus Software
Facebook and several security companies are offering free six-month licenses to popular antivirus programs.

The Problem with Google Drive
Google Drive has many benefits, but for businesses and users that don't use Google Docs it may have a fatal flaw.

Apple's Tim Cook Disses Tablet-PC Convergence; Breaks My Heart
Why can't we have laptop-tablet hybrids and all get along?

This Company Wants to Mine Space Rocks
Let's mine asteroids! Planetary Resources details its plans to mine asteroids for precious metals and water.

Autodial With Your Keyboard and Dial Directly for Skype
Dial Directly for Skype lets you use keyboard shortcuts to initiate Skype calls.

CAT-AT Luxury Condo Post Is Every Geek's Dream Feline Accessory
What do you get if you cross kitteh accessories with Star Wars? Your cat's dream chillout zone, plus an awesome AT-AT model.

MSI GT70, GT60 Gaming Laptops Pack Ivy Bridge Chips, Color Keyboards
The MSI gaming laptops are two of the first out to sport Intel’s new third-generation Ivy Bridge processor.

What You Need to Know About Your Content Stored on Google Drive, Dropbox
You own your digital content stored in a cloud service but possibly not all the rights to it. Be aware of the difference.

Build Virtual Lego Constructions With LDraw
LDraw is a suite of free applications for designing and viewing LEGO models.

Which Linux Distro Is Fairest of Them All? Ubuntu, Survey Says
Mint comes in second, while Arch Linux is No. 3, according to this latest popularity contest.

DroidWall Protects Your Rooted Android Phone Against Unauthorized Internet Access.
DroidWall is one of the best ways to protect the data on your rooted Android phone.

Sprint: Data Stays Unlimited, Even for a 4G LTE iPhone
Sprint is the only major wireless carrier that still offers unlimited smartphone data with no throttling although there are some data limitations.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight Review: An E-Reader That Truly Lets You Read Anywhere
The addition of an LED light source turns the Nook Simple Touch into the must-have e-reader for bookworms.

Bring Disapproval to Your Desktop With "These Pets Disapprove" Win7 Themepack
The disapproving pets Internet meme inspired this themepack, but no one expects you to like it. These animals certainly don't.

Google Drive for Linux Is on the Way
Widespread user outcry elicits impromptu announcement on Google+ that Linux support is in the works.

Taking Photos of Firefighters, Moving the Flash Off-Camera, Resizing vs. Cropping
Dave answers questions about dealing with nighttime reflections, photo quality when emailing, recovering lost photos, and more.

Your Printer Could Be a Security Sore Spot
A poorly protected office printer can cause major security headaches. Here's what the threats are, and how you can combat them.

Reader Q&A: Don't Mess With Windows! Plus, How to Change Fonts
Readers have recently been emailing with odd problems that have a common theme: It's possible to tweak Windows into oblivion.

Diablo III Beta Impressions
Blizzard's games are starting to feel more alike. Don't worry, that's a good thing.

Windows 8 Release Preview: A Wish List of Changes
Microsoft announced that it will launch a 'Release Preview' of Windows 8 during the first week of June. Here's what needs to be changed in the final version of the OS.

Google Drive to Launch Tuesday?
Google's service is expected to offer 5GB of free online storage and up to a maximum 100GB for premium users.

Samsung Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade List
Newer Samsung phones will receive Android 4.0, but if you have a Galaxy S, an original 7-inch Galaxy Tab or if you're a T-Mobile customer, you may be out of luck.

'Hurt Locker' Sue 2,514 Over Copyright Infringement
Voltage Pictures has filed a new lawsuit against 2,514 unnamed defendants, all of whom are accused of illegally downloading the Academy Award-winning movie.

This Balloon Flies by Turning Itself Inside Out
Festo develops a prismatic balloon that can push itself through the air by flipping inside out.

Patience--Wait for Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks
Put your wallet away. With Ivy Bridge ultrabooks promised in a matter of weeks, it would be foolish to spend money buying an ultrabook right now.

Car Tech: The Ultimate Backseat Driver
Nodding off, drifting between lanes, or just too drunk to drive? Sensors in new automobiles aim to detect trouble before you crash.

Unzip Google with Interactive Zipper Doodle: Who's Gideon Sundbäck?
Google tributes the father of the modern zipper with a Google doodle that bares all.

Facebook Nears A Billion Members: Fun Facts
As Facebook's user base approaches one billion, how does the gigantic social network stack up against some of the planet's other big numbers? Let's find out.

AppWave App Store Launched for Windows OS
All the offerings in the store are free programs that can be downloaded on the Internet. But the company behind the store says its installation process is faster.

Open Source Is Driving Business App Development, Survey Finds
While usage is on the rise, many companies lack key internal controls and processes, software firm Sonatype warns.

Intel's Ivy Bridge Processor: Leaner and Meaner
The 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor family reduces power use without sacrificing performance, and gives graphics a substantial upgrade.

Google Drive vs. The Rest
Google Drive is finally here -- here's how it stands up against the competition. Watch out for the gotchas!

Google Unveils Google Drive, Offers 5GB of Free Storage
Google Drive allows users to work with others on projects involving Google Docs.

Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight Ships Early
Barnes & Noble gets a jump start on shipping its illuminated new e-reader to customers who pre-ordered the device, and warns of strong demand.

Firefox 12 Puts an End to Annoying Updates
Windows users will no longer need to give permission each time a browser update arrives.

Send Voice Messages to Your Team with HeyTell
This push-to-talk app for Android and iOS makes it simple to broadcast messages to your mobile workforce.

Google Starts Selling Phones Again, Tablets Appear to Be Next
The Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus is up first for sale at the new Google Play Devices section. It costs $299 and runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

How to Build Your First Database With Microsoft Access
Your copy of Office Professional 2010 holds a powerful tool that you're probably not even using. Allow us to introduce you.

Should You Make Gmail the Default Mail Client in Google Chrome?
A reader isn't sure how to answer the question Chrome recently started asking him. Here's how to decide.

Ivy Bridge Graphics: Entry-Level Cards are Dead
Intel’s new Ivy Bridge CPU, next to its predecessor, is a only a bit faster and consumes less power, but the real gains are on the graphics side.

MetroTwit: Twitter With a Windows 8 Metro Look and Feel
MetroTwit is a powerful Twitter client based on the Metro look used for Windows 8.

Sourcemap Traces Where Your Stuff Is Made, Can't Trace the Internet
Ever wanted to know more about products before they hit the shelves? A data mapping website hopes to give you more insight and to encourage companies to adopt more sustainable practices.

13 Quad-Core Intel Ivy Bridge Chips Expected
The first wave of Ivy Bridge chips reportedly include 13 quad-core processors and are designed for desktops; dual-core processors for Ultrabooks and other hardware will roll out later this spring.

Radeon HD 7770 Review: Bare Minimum for Serious Gamers
Not every PC game enthusiast can spend $250 or more on a graphics card. If your budget is tight and your case has the room, this GPU is the least you should buy.

GasBuddy Android App Can Help You Find Cheaper Gas
This excellent app can save you money when it's time to fill your gas tank.

Expand Your Smartphone's Battery Life
The battery in Marjorie Hoosier's smartphone doesn't last through the day. She asked the Cell Phones, Mobile Devices forum for advice.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Review: A Low-Cost, Full-Featured Android Tablet
Android 4.0 and useful features such as a built-in infrared port highlight this 7-inch value-tablet standout.

Robot Hitches Ride in Hybrid Car, Sets Up Camp on Car Dashboard
Chinese car maker BYD introduced a new hybrid car this week--complete with a friendly robot built into the vehicle's dashboard.

Give Yourself a Virtual Makeover With Perfect365
Add makeup and other face contours to a digital portrait with Perfect365.

LawnBott Autonomously Mows Your Lawn, Makes Roomba Jealous
This strange-looking robot will mow the lawn for you, sadly it won't pull weeds or trim the bushes yet.

AMD Radeon HD 7750 Review: A Minimal Graphics Upgrade
Improving integrated-graphics tech is killing the sub-$100 graphics card market, but the Radeon HD 7750 provides a nice boost at a reasonable price.

Samsung Takes Another Swipe at Apple in Video Promo for Galaxy S III
Samsung video ups the antagonism between Apple with teaser video promoting its Galaxy S III launch event.

NibleTV Plans to Offer Live Broadcast TV Via Internet
Broadcast television streaming service NimbleTV launches private beta.

Magnifi Lets You Snap Pictures from Your Telescope and Microscope
Magnifi is an iPhone attachment that lets you take pictures from a microscope, telescope, binoculars, or any optic with an eyepiece.

New App Grades Facebook Apps on Privacy
A new Facebook app from PrivacyChoice scores popular Facebook apps on how well they respect and enforce user privacy.

New Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Will Ditch The Classic Keyboard
The traditional ThinkPad keyboard earned its reputation as being best for typing accuracy and comfort. Now a new contender is taking its place.

Ubuntu Linux 12.10 'Quantal Quetzal' Is Born
As the final release of 'Precise Pangolin' draws near, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth kicks off work on its successor, due this fall.

New and Improved SkyDrive Is a Threat to Dropbox
Microsoft rolled out some significant changes for its SkyDrive cloud storage service that pit it directly against the popular Dropbox service.

Give Your E-mail Signature a Social-Media Makeover
Business-savvy BrandMyMail creates sexy, information-packed signatures for your outgoing e-mail.

Skype for Windows Phone Omits Key Features
The Windows Phone Marketplace has a fraction of the apps offered by its mobile rivals, but even a long-awaited one like Skype won't help if it's incomplete.

FBI Steps Up 'Internet Doomsday' Awareness Malware Campaign
FBI says infected users must deal with DNS changer malware or risk losing Internet in July.

Orcs Must Die 2 Hands-On Preview

First Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Laptops to Launch June 5
Although the first round of Ivy Bridge processors is headed to high-end PCs, Ultrabooks--and laptops in general--seem to be the real winners when it comes to upgrading to Intel's new processor line.

The Android Update Trap
Updating your version of the Android operating system can cause more problems than it solves. Be careful what you wish for.

MIT Building Becomes Playable Tetris Board, And It Looks Amazing
A team of hackers at MIT turned an entire building into one giant Tetris game. Video after the jump...

The Best Free Stuff of 2012 (Alphabetical List)
Here's the complete list of all 59 programs, mobile apps, and Web services in our 17th annual roundup of the best free stuff available online.

The 5 Best Free Social Media and Communication Tools of 2012
If you need to manage your Facebook or Twitter account more effectively, or if you want to gather your pals in face-to-face video chats, check out HootSuite, AV by AOL, and other free utilities and services.

Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox Prepare for Cloud Feature Battle
Google Drive is on the horizon, and existing cloud providers are adding features.

The 12 Best Free Mobile Apps for Commuters, 2012 Edition
With Waze, NextBus, WeatherBug, and other no-cost phone apps, you can avoid traffic jams or make the most of your time on public transit.

The 4 Best Free Health and Fitness Apps of 2012
With the help of The Eatery, CardioTrainer, and other no-cost mobile coaches, you can take control of your diet and exercise routine.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, LG Viper Now on Sprint Shelves
Sprint offers the Galaxy Nexus for $200 with a two-year contract and the LG Viper for $100 with a new two-year contract and mail-in rebate.

The 15 Best Free Business Tools, Apps, and Services of 2012
LogMeIn, OmmWriter Dana I, CloudOn, and other no-cost programs and Web services can improve your productivity and keep your workday running smoothly.

Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Review: Value Tablet Delivers A Solid, But Mixed, Experience
This Android 4.0 tablet packs plenty of storage, but it makes a few sacrifices to achieve its value price.

The 5 Best Free Travel Tools, Apps, and Services of 2012
If you're constantly on the go, look to Tripit, Hotspotr, and other free tools to reduce travel hassles.

The 6 Best Free Shopping Apps, Web Services, and Tools of 2012
Eager to find bargains online, but worried about missing deals or protecting your payment information? Look to ScoutMob, Dashlane, and other no-cost tools.

Games With A Cause (And Not Much Else)
Why “Games for Change” isn’t the future of gaming and why that’s a shame.

Senate Passes Bill Requiring Black Boxes in All New Cars
Starting in 2015, all new commercial automobiles will be equipped with Event Data Recorders.

Google Doodle Commemorates Earth Day
The doodle shows a leafy version of Google's name on top of a patch of dirt that grows red, blue, and yellow flowers as you watch.

The 12 Best Free Entertainment Services and Apps of 2012
Looking for free streaming video and music, creative tools, or just a little something to pass the time? Try Crackle, Picozu Editor, Planetarium, or any of our other picks for no-cost entertainment.