Computing Center Sitemap - Page 69 2013-07-16

Cameras Offer More Features for Fewer Bucks
New models from Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic take a run at March's number one advanced camera, the Canon PowerShot G6.

Network Drive Touts Backup
Iomega's StorCenter is an attractive option, despite limited storage.

Pricey 512MB Graphics Card Is Fastest Ever
XFX's latest is powerful and large, yielding top-notch graphics.

Get More Out of Your PC
With these tips and techniques, you can teach any machine new tricks, from recording radio to saving you money on phone bills.

The New Virus Fighters
Today's antivirus programs have no trouble stopping familiar intruders, but how safe are you from the unknown? Our tests of ten contenders reveal a new Best Buy.

BitDefender's Malware Detection: Top-Notch
This low-cost antivirus tool performed the best in our heuristics tests and caught the widest range of malware.

Broadband to Go
We sent notebook-toting roving reporters out to see if new services deliver on their promises of superfast data access.

Hollywood vs.Your PC: Round 2
Legal options in digital entertainment are growing. But they come with restrictions that can hobble your ability to enjoy the content you've paid for--and even threaten your control over your system.

Thirteen Simple Ways to Bring Order to Your Inbox
Tips for organizing your e-mail in Outlook 2003, Outlook Express 6, and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5.

The Fastest Way to Open Items on Your Desktop
Put your Desktop on the menu; access icons via the keyboard; add info to your applications' title bars.

Get More Work From Your Inkjet for Less Money
Plus: Fix a balky wireless keyboard; iPod voice recorder.

Answer Line: Schedule Your System to Start Automatically
Also: A metering program for tracking system memory and hard-drive space; and a simple app for finding your Windows Product Key.

Wireless Tips: Your Wireless Network Needs a Security Update
Add new security features to your wireless gateway and improve Windows XP's Wi-Fi security.

Digital Media: Quality Isn't Job One
When entertainment goes portable, it may lose a little something.

TV on the Net: Ready for Prime Time?
Move over, music--the day of the video download is (finally) dawning.

Spam Mutates
Junk ads are migrating to blogs, instant messages, and cell phones.

In Brief
Router makes your EvDO connection a Wi-Fi hotspot; new beta of Google Toolbar adds functions.

Microsoft Sets New Web Apps
Windows Live is the company's most ambitious Web initiative yet.

Internet Explorer 7 Adds New Security
First publicly available beta also includes tabbed browsing and other features.

Patent Overload Hampers Tech Innovation
Application backlog and continuing patent disputes add up to a mounting crisis.

Google, Amazon Add Online Video
Plus: Your next Wi-Fi network; XM with your MP3 player.

Find a Good Home for Your Home Page
How to seek out affordable and reliable Web hosting that meets your needs.

How Much Does Google Know About You?
If you think your search keywords are private, think again.

Lemon-Law Rights for PC Owners
If repeated warranty repairs don't fix your ailing system, do you have further recourse?

Hassle-Free PC: Clean House on a Junk-Filled System Tray
Boost your computer's performance by clearing the tray of useless icons.

High-Def Discs Battle for Your Bucks
Should you buy a new HD disc player? Probably, but not anytime soon.

Windows Flaw Makes Surfing Riskier
Also: Hackers may use Outlook e-mail messages to take over your computer.

FX-60 Powers Fastest PCs
Record benchmark scores show that AMD-based systems continue to deliver top performance.

Intel's Latest: Faster, but Still Not the Champ
The Pentium Extreme Edition 955 processor is over 10 percent faster than Intel's previous fastest CPU.

Big TVs With 1080p Resolution
Pick a high-res set that's as future-proof as possible.

Media Center and Dual-Core System Prices Fall
Powerful, attractively configured PCs are appearing at prices that qualify them as budget systems.

Get Radio Anywhere
The Sirius S50 in-car satellite radio lets you download audio and take it with you.

Intel iMac Lacks Speed With Non-Apple Apps
Well-priced system's speed shines with apps written for Intel's Core Duo processor.

CorelDraw's X3: Drawing Made Easier
This upgrade to the veteran graphics package makes solid, if incremental, improvements.

Image-Stabilizing Cameras
These models compensate for a less-than-steady hand on the camera.

New Mono Lasers Deliver Prints Quickly
With falling prices, monochrome laser printers are becoming increasingly affordable for homes and small offices.

Nikon's Fast, Powerful, and Pricey SLR
This model bridges Nikon's consumer and pro SLRs.

Ask Our Experts: Dead Battery Blues
Advice on extending the life of your laptop's CMOS battery.

Simply Accounting Is a Bookkeeping Bargain
The newest version of Sage Software's venerable program delivers excellent tools for small-business accounting at an astonishingly low price.

No TV Shows at 1080p
Having a 1080p high-definition television is no guarantee of being able to play 1080p content when such content arrives.

Low-End Cards Offer Strong Performance
These boards will satisfy budget-minded gamers and other users.

Western Digital Hard Drive Shows All
The Raptor X's see-through case lets you admire its 10,000-rpm hard disk in motion.

Well-Designed Laptop Offers Multimedia at a Fair Price
HP's new Media Center notebook, the Pavilion dv5000z, combines strong features and intelligent design at an appealing price.

Surround-Sound Speakers Give PCs Big Audio

ATI Fields a Powerful Graphics Board
The expensive, high-end Radeon X1900 XTX puts ATI into the game against nVidia's top-of-the-line 7800 GTX video card.

Big Scanner, Better Images
Microtek's ScanMaker i800 accommodates legal-size documents on roomy scanning bed and produces crisp scans of graphics and photos.

Windows Hacks: Registry Remedies
Get the Windows XP you really want with these 12 tips for mastering the operating system's inner workings.

Windows Hacks: Vista Comes Into View
Our hands-on, in-depth preview of XP's successor, Windows Vista.

Get More Out of Your Wireless Network
Wi-Fi: It's not just for laptops anymore. With these products and tips, you can cut the cord when making phone calls, streaming music or video, sharing files, and more.

Battery Boosters
Sick of running out of juice at the worst possible moment? Here's how to squeeze every last drop out of your gadgets' batteries and charge them up quickly and conveniently.

Projectors for Everyone
Yes, you can buy a high-quality, high-resolution projector for under $1000. Our test results will help you choose a model that's just right for your office or home.

Take Charge of What Web Sites Know About You
Control cookies, clear your download history, and take other steps to keep snoops off your online trail.

Stop Would-Be Notebook Thieves in Their Tracks
Practical laptop security measures for road worriers.

Let Windows Annotate Your Files a Bunch at a Time
Add keywords or descriptions via the Properties dialog box.

Get More, Spend Less on Your PC Storage Upgrades
The pros and cons of different storage media, and how to figure out which one you need.

Power-Saving Tips: Save Money by Putting Your PC on a Power Diet
A few simple steps can help you save a substantial amount of money in the long term.

Is It Software or Is It Spam? It's Both!
Free downloads? Check! Unwanted programs tagging along? Check!

Up Front: Living in the Free World
More and more great software and services are gratis. But for how long?

TV Your Way
From IPTV to cell phone services, new technologies are poised to change how and where we watch TV--not to mention the programming itself.

In Brief
Antishake technology comes to affordable point-and-shoot digital cameras.

A Faster, Denser Hard Drive Debuts
Boost in capacity and performance adds to appeal of perpendicular drives.

Should the Internet Play Favorites?
In possible threats to 'Net neutrality', businesses may be charged for express handling of their data packets, and bulk e-mailers may have to pay for guaranteed delivery of their messages.

No Copying With First HD Video Players
First version of antipiracy rules for next-gen DVD doesn't allow consumer copies.

The High Cost of High Definition
Plus: Robots continue to invade; Seagate packs 12GB to an inch.

The Ultimate Tech Consumer Guide
Twelve tips to cope with (or bypass) the hassles of buying and using tech gear.

Protect Your Data, System With a Fingerprint Reader
Here's how to use a biometric device to its fullest potential.

Waiting--and Waiting--for a New PC
A Lenovo system ordered by phone takes weeks to arrive.

Cars That Are Smarter Than You Are
Hot new auto gadgets are coming down the road--but beware privacy potholes.

Hassle-Free PC: Four Fixes for Memory Card Misery
Plus: A powerful, low-cost tool for editing and converting digital videos.

Windows Media Player's Image Problem
Plus: Mozilla security woes, Java holes--and laptop battery life cut short.

Big Hard Drives Take Center Stage
Whether you need extra storage space for business or for home, we have a 1-terabyte drive for you.

Small Business Pro: Cheap but Hard to Use
A poor interface mars Avanquest's bundle of tools for accounting, financial forecasting, and and business plan creation.

Giant Dell LCD Is Not Quite a TV
This wide-screen offers impressive image quality but is missing some features.

Boston Acoustics HD Radio Has Sweet Sound
This radio lets you tune into digital as well as AM and FM radio broadcasts.

Alienware Moves Into Lightweight Field
The Sentia m3200 makes an impressive debut on this month's chart.

Monitor Calibration for the Masses
Pantone's Huey is a basic, easy-to-use tool.

Linksys Music Bridge Links PC and Stereo
Device lets you stream music, as long as you have the right Wi-Fi hardware.

Gotcha! Where's My HD Picture?
Having an HD DVD player doesn't guarantee that you'll get full, high-definition output from it.

SeaMonkey Offers Browser, E-Mail, and Chat
This suite of tools provides many of the same features as better-known browsers.

Tech Trend: Big Storage, Small Cards
Minuscule microSD cards offer 1GB of storage.

6800 GS-Based Cards Fastest in Midrange
New boards from PowerColor and XFX land on the mainstream chart.

Portable Drives
Senior Associate Editor Melissa J. Perenson weighs in on picking the right external drive for backing up.

OrgPlus 6: The Organizational Charting Expert
Specialized package excels at charting employee data.

New Displays Offer Convenient Designs
This month features several newcomers, one of which, the Dell UltraSharp 1707FP, earns the Best Buy nod.

Canon's Inexpensive ZR500 Shoots Good Video
Compact digital camcorder for simple video tasks carries a surprisingly low price.

Apple's Sleek Intel-Based Laptop
The MacBook Pro packs a 2-GHz Core Duo Processor, a handsome screen, and a built-in Webcam.

High-Quality Photos on Even a Meager Budget
In our latest tests, Olympus's $230 FE-120 surpassed more expensive models in image quality.

Wi-Fi Router Shares Cellular Broadband
Kyocera's KR1 Mobile Router uses a single EVDO PC Card to give other devices broadband access.

Creative's Impressive-Sounding Zen VisionM
A superb screen highlights this capable iPod alternative.

Are Extended Warranties Worth It?
With standard warranties dwindling, you need to decide whether to pay for coverage you used to get for free. Our survey of 2000 readers reveals some surprising data about extended plans.

Never Ask for Directions Again
Sick of dead ends? We tested free mapping sites and in-car GPS gadgets to pinpoint the ones that won't steer you wrong.

Motherboard Mania!
With support for dual-core CPUs and the latest graphics, motherboards pack more power than ever. The PC World Test Center's evaluations of 14 AMD and Intel models will help you find the best motherboard for your next computer.

Loaded Asus boards take top honors on our chart, but low-cost models like Gigabyte's GA-K8N Pro-SLI perform just as well.

Improve Your Image: 13 Simple Graphics Tweaks
Some small adjustments to your LCD monitor can make a big difference in picture quality.

Spot PC Trouble Early With Windows' Event Viewer
Make sense of Windows' logs; view past chkdsk results; get more event information for free.

Bolster Your Defenses Against New Net Threats
Our Internet Tool Kit 2006 gives you the tools you need to do the job--for free.

Stop Others From Altering Your Security Settings
Prevent new program installations from causing trouble; play all your audio file types at the same volume; a tip on using Msconfig.

Office Tips: Keep Office Apps Purring, With Help From Microsoft
Also: Outlook 2003's mediocre phish-catcher, and how to brand your PowerPoint slides.

Your Chance to Help Test This Column!
Are new ideas better? Never-ending betas let you judge for yourself.

Windows' Future: Bad News, Good News
Vista is running late. Macs are running XP. What does that mean for you?

New Privacy Threats
As you guard your privacy against standard threats like spyware and phishing, your data is leaking out via legit firms you do business with.

First Tests: PC World Installs Windows XP on a 20-Inch iMac With Boot Camp
Our graphics and benchmark tests show similar performance to that of Core Duo notebooks.

Why Wait for Vista?
Free and low-cost add-ons deliver Vista's features to your current XP system.

New Devices Promise Protection in a Box
Security gateways claim to stop threats before they reach your network.

What Is a 'Vista Capable' PC?
Plus: More rivals for Google and a new type of handheld.

Dodge the Perils of Early Adoption
Buying a hot new product shouldn't feel like paying to be a beta tester.

This Stolen Laptop Will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds
When a device is in the wrong hands, protecting the data in it is no longer Mission: Impossible.

Is My Copy of Windows Genuine or Not?
Updates to Microsoft's verification site can complicate the validation process.

Smart Ways to Use Your Cell Phone
Teach your phone to make free 411 calls, save photos, and back up your data.

Sweet Home Theater--For Any Budget
You don't have to break the bank to have a great home theater experience.

Plug Critical Holes in IE and Office
Plus: A fix for problems when you resume from standby and hibernation states.

Color Lasers Get Down to Business
Our lab tests reveal the best bargains among the latest low-cost color laser printers.

Latest ThinkPad Is a Top-Notch Ultraportable
Lenovo's laptop combines great performance with nice design touches.

Lenovo's New Budget Laptop Is Bland but Solid
Low-cost, all-purpose laptop is speedy, but its design won't dazzle.

New Power System Sets Performance Record
Xi's MTower 64 AGL-SLI is the fastest PC we've ever clocked, but all three newcomers to the chart have a distinctive touch.

Tech Trend: More Monitor Inputs?
How competing digital-input standards affect your buying decision right now.

System Mechanic Bounces Back With Version 6
The nicely priced utility software cleans and optimizes your PC.

Mac Mini Gets Ready for the Living Room
The Intel-powered desktop adds media-center features.

Epson Scanner Does Gallery-Size Enlargements
Flatbed model scans film at high resolutions.

LCD TVs: Bargain, Luxe, and Just Right
Among tested new 32-inch LCD television sets, we find a Best Buy from Samsung.

Microsoft Adds Tools to Latest Search Service
Still in beta, new service offers promising Web search features.

FinePix V10 Offers Big LCD, Average Images
Fujifilm's latest point-and-shoot digital camera shows good exposure accuracy but subpar picture sharpness.

WordPerfect Office: A Better App Mix, for Less
Strong entry in the office suite sweepstakes makes hay while Microsoft dawdles toward completion.

SLRs Offer Innovative Features, Bigger LCDs
Canon's EOS 30D and Nikon's D200 join the ranks of the best single-lens reflex digital cameras.

O-yA DeepSearch Delves Into Small Networks
Hardware/software combination lets you search for files on a workgroup network.

Low Bit Rates? No Hi-Fi
A music file's output quality depends in part on the bit rate used to store the audio.

New nVidia-Based Cards Hit Every Price Range
Graphics boards equipped with the company's GeForce 7900 GTX, GeForce 7900 GT, and GeForce 7600GT chips will appeal to users with different priorities.

GoVault Drive Offers Data Safety, Portability
Quantum's cartridge-based removable storage system is expensive but promises reliable and convenient storage.

Norton Save & Restore Is an Old Ghost Reborn
Symantec's new backup program simplifies the process of backing up files, folders, and partitions.

Never Call Tech Support Again!
Why suffer though hours on hold when you can solve the problem yourself? Whether your PC won't boot, keeps crashing, is infested with adware, or can't get to the Net, we'll help you fix it.

All-Star Tech Stores
Who's got the best prices, selection, sales help, and return policies among online and brick-and-mortar stores? We surveyed more than 5000 readers to find the best places to buy tech gear.

Desktop Killers
With dual-core processors, speedy hard drives, and wide-screen displays, the latest notebooks are powerful enough to make your desktop PC unnecessary. Our PC World Test Center report will point you toward the best replacement for your tower.

Pick the Perfect Cell Phone
Most cell phones today specialize--they handle e-mail, surf the Web, take sharp snapshots or play music. We tested 17 popular phones to find the best for every task.

Security Is Up to You: Perfect Your Passwords
Set up strong password policies for your PC's users. Plus: A freeware tool can give you greater control over passwords and more.

Protect Against Software Installation Nightmares
The safest way yet to install new software on your PC; plus, an open-source disc encryption tool.

Put Your Videos on the Web in Near-Real Time
Add video clips to your blog in just minutes with Windows Movie Maker; more details on IP address ranges.

Hardware Tips: Make Your Hard Drives Faster and Safer With RAID
Choose the RAID configuration most appropriate for your needs.

Get Your Net Phone to Come in Loud and Clear
Improve the reception and reliability of your Voice-over-IP phone calls; add emergency numbers to your VoIP phone until E911 is available.

Where's Wireless Data for the Rest of Us?
Enough with ring tones--phones can do a lot more.

How the 100 Best Products Got That Way
Eclectic. Inventive. Essential. Our World Class winners are all that and more.

DVD Goes High-Def
High-definition DVD products are here, but consumers still face a thorny dilemma as two incompatible formats battle for their dollars.

First Draft-N Routers Don't Impress
The newest crop of Wi-Fi equipment generally fails to outperform previous products--and there's no guarantee that gear from different companies will work together.

How We Tested Draft-N Gear

Consumer Alert: Ads That Look Like Bills
The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is conducting a review of Listing Corp., a company whose mailed marketing pitches look like domain-name invoices.

Faster Dual-Core Processors
Plus: Business notebooks go wide screen, and Wi-Fi gets tiny.

Cell Phone Fees That Sneak Up on You
New services are designed to add a few bucks to your monthly bill.

Protect Yourself With an Antiphishing Toolbar
These browser plug-ins can help make your surfing safer.

Sketchy Support for BitDefender Buyer
Distance may be part of problem with antivirus Best Buy vendor.

Get Relief From Annoying E-Mail
Avoid large file attachments; protect yourself from spam and dopey messages.

One Remote to Rule Them All
Can one gizmo control every device in the house? The possibilities are remote.

Critical Microsoft Patches Cause Havoc
Also: Take charge of Automatic Updates, and get critical Firefox fixes.

Small Players, Big Sound
We test the audio quality and evaluate the usability of flash players, and pick a Best Buy.

First Look: Ultra Mobile PC Head-to-Head
New devices from Samsung and TabletKiosk could be viable laptop replacements, but they'll put a dent in your wallet.

Dell, Lenovo Laptops Take Over Top Spots
The all-purpose Inspiron E1505 and the ultraportable Thinkpad X60s go to the head of the class.

MovieFactory Makes Creating Movie Discs Easy
Ulead's DVD-burning software is easy to learn and use.

Big, Beautiful Gaming Notebook From Toshiba
Toshiba's powerful laptop comes with a reasonable price tag.

Monitor or HDTV? Pick Your Perfect Plasma
Itching for a 50-inch plasma for playing high-def content? One HDTV and two HD monitors offer different ways to get it.

Latest All-in-Ones Pack in the Features
Two new affordable multifunction printers are suitable for home or small businesses.

Ask Our Experts: Memory--Seeing Double
Do two smaller memory modules offer better bandwidth than one large one?

First Look: Seagate's New Giant Hard Drive Screams to the Top
The Barracuda 7200.10 750GB uses new technology to achieve 50 percent greater capacity--and top-flight performance--in our tests.

Slim Ximeta NAS Drive Delivers Top Speed
Two of three new network-attached storage drives tested this month make the Top 5.

No-Box Security Software
Downloadable, Web-based applications dispense with the packaging.

Peachtree 2007 Improves MS Office Integration
Sage Software strengthens its small-business accounting package in a highly competitive market.

Beam Films Directly to Your Living Room
The MovieBeam Player downloads and plays movie rentals via over-the-air broadcasts, but it remains a work in progress.

Sony's First GPS Comes Up Short
The Nav-U NV-U70 makes users go the extra mile far too often.

Gotcha: Where's My PC Card Slot?
The ExpressCard slot--a new standard as of 2003--replaces the PC Card slot but doesn't accommodate current PC Cards.

New Applications Make Backup Chores Easier
NTI's Shadow 3, Stardock's KeepSafe, and CMS Products' BounceBack Professional 7 take three different approaches to creating automatic backups--and two succeed.

eMachines Offers Bare-Bones Media Center PC
The low-cost T6532 desktop system handles routine computing tasks smoothly.

DVD Camcorder Takes High-Quality Video
Panasonic's VDR-D300, though expensive, does its job quite well.

All-in-One Security
Suites of antivirus, antispyware, and firewall software can provide convenient, solid protection against today's worst threats. Our tests of ten contenders show who's got your back.

Store It on the Web
These 17 free and low-cost services make it easier than ever to back up and share your files online.

To Get Just the PC You Want, Build It Yourself
You can construct your own fully equipped system for about the same amount of money as an off-the-shelf configuration.

The Safest Way to Run Suspicious Programs
Use a protective launch option in Windows XP; stay secure with the free Cryptainer LE utility.

Find the Name Behind a Malicious IP Address
Use a command-line program to decode IP addresses; create shortcuts to Web sites; add a Firefox shortcut for; clean up Google cookies.

Answer Line: Move All of Your Valuable Data to a New Partition
Also: Automate entry of snail-mail addresses in your e-mail program.

Save Time and Money by Customizing Your GPS
Create and store waypoints to help you plan routes more quickly and accurately.

The Best Buying Advice of All: Don't!
Want to be a happy technology user? It's all in the timing.

User Interfaces: Which Way From Here?
Vista's face-lift is short on substance; Office 2007's is a change for the better.

Web Phone Woes
Lured by the prospect of saving money, callers are signing up for Internet phones in droves. But watch out for snags that are unheard of with landlines.

In Brief
Sony's Alpha A100 is the company's first single-lens reflex digital camera; Bill Gates plans to vacate his architect role at Microsoft.

Microsoft Unveils Windows Vista Beta 2
New beta delivers a host of tweaks, including three interface options.

First Look: Office 2007 Public Beta
Office 2007's new interface and file formats are both a blessing and a curse.

First Look: HP's Notebook With AMD Dual-Core
New HP Compaq using the new Turion 64 X2 turned in decent--not blazing--performance.

Hybrid Drives to Speed Vista
Plus: Online CD and DVD Trading; games get physical.

Letters to PC World, August 2006
More reader feedback on the top tech stores. Plus: PC maintenance, digital SLRs are different, and a home theater Disney ride.

In Brief
Sony's Alpha A100 is the company's first single-lens reflex digital camera; Bill Gates plans to vacate his architect role at Microsoft.

HDTV: Is Now the Best Time to Buy?
Deciding when to move to high-definition TV involves more than just the set.

New Rootkit Detectors Help Protect You and Your PC
Rootkits--malware that can be particularly well hidden--are ferreted out by these free tools.

When ZoneAlarm Apps Conflict
Problems with an antivirus vendor's support.

New Uses for Old Hard Drives
Avoid the frustration of burning DVDs, and save money on long-term storage.

Dial-a-Deal: Finding Bargains by Phone
Can your cell phone save you from the tyranny of paying retail prices?

Flash and QuickTime Media Danger
Plus: Windows Genuine Advantage notifications, Word attachment risk.

High-Quality Video on a Budget
MiniDV camcorders deliver features for novices and serious videographers--for as little as $400.

MiniDV Camcorders
MiniDV camcorders deliver features for novices and serious videographers--for as little as $400.

First Look: Kaspersky's Best of Breed Security Suite
Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 offers top-notch protection, but its odd interface and high price may somewhat limit its appeal.

Great Performers: 20-Inch Wide-Screen LCDs
New PC World lab tests take the measure of a new group of wide-screens, including the Best Buy, NEC's MultiSync 20WMGX2.

Gotcha: Future PC Vista Ready?
New computers must meet certain requirements to earn one of two official Microsoft logos.

Palm's Smarter, Faster Treo 700p Smart Phone
This Treo model has a refined design and speedy performance, but it doesn't last long on a charge.

Kodak's Slim Camera Has Double Vision
The EasyShare V610 sports two lenses, for long-range zoom.

Internal 750GB Drive From Seagate Is Big, Fast
It's the first 3.5-inch hard drive to use perpendicular magnetic recording technology.

Not All Backup Software Is Created Equal
Most of the backup packages on our chart are simple to use.

PC-to-Stereo Streamer Puts You in Control
Sondigo's Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge brings your digital music collection to your living room.

Samsung's Sliver-Thin Cell Phone
The stylish, lightweight t509 is packed with features.

Dell Leads in Performance, Toshiba in Price
But the laptops with the best combinations of power and value this month are from HP: the Pavilion dv8000z desktop replacement and the new Pavilion dv5000z all-purpose notebook.

Apps Turn Your Computer Into a Powerful DVR
With SageTV Media Center or SnapStream's Beyond TV, you can watch, record, and catalog shows on your PC.

Latest Security Services
Companies are going beyond basic data-protection software offerings.

Budget Projectors Deliver Big, Bright Images
New models from Dell and InFocus are suitable for home theaters as well as business.

Slick Apple MacBook Does Windows Too
Well-designed Intel-based notebook offers good value for the price.

Alpine's Pricey Blackbird GPS Also Plays Tunes
GPS device can give directions via your car's radio.

First Look: Windows Media Player 11 and MTV Urge
Microsoft's streamlined media player and MTV's integrated music service impress in our first tests.

Google Mini Is a Mighty Search Tool
Search appliance for business networks and Web sites can be hard to set up, but it does the job--fast and well.

HP's Robust Tablet Doesn't Come Cheap
Convertible tablet/laptop offers ease of use and good battery life.

A Satellite Radio for iPod Lovers
Pricey device mixes satellite radio with your MP3s.

The 10 Biggest Security Risks You Don't Know About
Hackers, scammers, and identity thieves are constantly coming up with new ways to attack your PC and your privacy. Here are the newest perils--and how to foil them.

One PC, Two Brains
Think that dual-core PCs are too pricey? We lab-tested six economical desktops that deliver plenty of power.

Web News Wranglers
So much news on the Web, so little time to read it all. These tools and sites can help make you an incredibly well-informed person--in a hurry.

Hardware Tips: Cheap Notebook Tweaks: Maximize Your Laptop
Simple laptop component upgrades, mobile peripherals, longer battery life, and more.

Fix Windows Glitches by Re-registering Your DLLs
You can remedy some common Windows woes by reloading system files; a free tool to maximize shutdown options.

Master Firefox's Hidden Configuration Tools
Through URIs, you can view Firefox's Web page cache, and see other details about the browser.

Save Windows Updates Locally for Faster Reinstalls
Plus: Organize and sort data with Microsoft Word.

Determine the Perfect Format for Your Photo Files
The format you choose depends on what you want to do with your digital images.

Keyboards: Still the Key to Success
Even when gadgets get tiny, you can't beat QWERTY.

Your Guided Tour of the All-New
Here's how to get the most out of our revamped site.

Your Guided Tour of the All-New
Here's how to get the most out of our revamped site.

Intel's New Core 2 Duo Processors Run Blazingly Fast in PC World Tests
PCs with new 'Conroe' chips decisively outscore AMD rivals in our benchmark tests.

Security Software Expands Protection
Symantec, McAfee, and AOL add backup and antiphishing tools to suites.

An Elegant Player for High-Def Movies
Samsung's Blu-ray DVD player proves to be well-crafted but pricey.

Windows Genuine Annoyance?
Privacy experts and PC users alike blast Microsoft's antipiracy tool

In Brief
Macho cell phones, and Firefox beta 2.0.

Blu-ray, HD DVD in One Drive?
Plus: Wi-Fi-ready MP3 players; an OS in your Web browser.

New-PC Gunk: Extras You Don't Want
Rid your new computer of trialware, marketing come-ons, and unwanted fluff.

How to Make Sure Your Security Software Is Working
These tools can help you check your anti-malware applications.

Intuit Upgrade Requires Original Discs
Upgrades often require that the original version of an application be on the system.

Ten Sure-Fire Fixes for a Problem PC
Treatments include six free tools, a CMOS repair, and an unfreezing trick.

Six Rules for Rescuing Dead Gadgets
Don't toss that broken gizmo just yet--you may still be able to save it.

Excel Holes Add to Office Woes
Also: How to disable problematic WGA notifications; crashing iPod Shuffles.

Big Plasmas: Name or No-Name?
We test five 42-inch plasma TVs from brands known and unknown--and choose the best bargains.

Toshiba and Sony Laptops Sport Next-Gen DVD
The Qosmio G35-AV650 and VAIO VGN-AR190G offer HD DVD and Blu-ray, respectively.

nVidia Owns Mainstream, ATI Tops Power
The XFX GeForce 7900 GT 470M Xtreme leads mainstream cards thanks to excellent performance.

Scandoo and SiteAdvisor Make Surfing Safer
Two free services flag your search results to pinpoint potentially dangerous Web sites.

Gotcha!: Laptops That Aren't
Be careful where you put your notebook--it could become too hot to handle.

First Look: Battle of the Music Phones
In a head-to-head of MP3-playing phones, Sony Ericsson's W810 proves more melodic than LG's Fusic.

Manage Collaboration With Alexsys Team 2
Software helps businesses organize customer-service project teams.

Tech Trend: Intel Plugs Electron Leak
'Tri-gate' method of insulation could improve processor speed and power consumption.

Treo 700p, Sidekick 3 Tops Among PDA/Phones
Three new models dominate this month's chart, one offering speed, one a fine keyboard, and the third, stylish looks.

First Look: Creative's Impressive Zen V Plus
Latest flash-based player is a strong rival to Apple's iPod Nano.

The Petito Flash Drive
The smallest storage device yet.

New Lenovo Boasts Top-Flight Performance
And HP brings out a tablet that's notebook-convertible, as well as quick and compact.

First Look: New 24-Inch LCDs From Dell and HP
Latest wide-screen monitors offer plenty of real estate as well as a good display.

Innovative In-Ear Headphones for All Budgets
One new offering gives top quality for a price--and another is a bargain.

First Look: CarMD Takes Your Vehicle's Pulse
Handy device lets you diagnose problems with your recent-model car, using your PC.

First Look: AIM Phoneline and Skype 2.5
The new features in both of these Internet calling services work as advertised--but are they worthwhile?

Video Everywhere
All of a sudden, videos are all over the Web. Here's how to find them and watch them anywhere, whether on your PC, TV, or mobile device.

Sophisticated, Compact Point-and-Shoot Cameras
Reviews backed by PC World Test Center findings reveal which ones have the best combination of fresh capabilities and solid basics.

Get Any PC, New or Old, Ready for Everyday Use
Customize your system settings, update drivers, get rid of built-in software you don't want, and more.

Move Quickly Between Your Open Windows
Manage your windows by customizing taskbar behavior and window access.

Gmail to the Max: Helpful Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
Learn to use Gmail's features to their fullest potential.

Find and Eliminate Your Hardware Bottlenecks
Use the tools in Windows' System Monitor utility; a site for downloading hardware manuals.

How Can I Tell If My PC Has Caught a Virus?
Try these simple methods to determine whether your computer is infected.

Three Steps to a New, Improved Microsoft!
Parting advice for Bill Gates.

Your Guided Tour of the All-New
Here's how to get the most out of our revamped site.

Top Tax Software Programs
Enlist some last-minute help from these downloads.

Teleworkers Multiply, Thanks to the Net
Businesses of all sizes accept telecommuting, but tech support faces a challenge, study says.

Even More on Tricky Lighting
Take action shots in a gym or at a convention center.

Show Off Your Photos With a Digital Frame
Digi-Frame's DF-560 electronic photo frame is a great way to exhibit your digital pics. You don't even need a PC to use it.

Canon i70 Color Bubble Jet Printer

Iraq War Changes Web Habits
Internet attracts with its news, resources, and chatter, study finds.

Canon i950 Photo Printer

Office 2003 Configurations Unveiled
Microsoft plans to ship six different bundles of suite.

HP Color LaserJet 5500n

Voice Over IP
Everything a road warrior needs to know about this new technology.

Iiyama ProLite E380S-B
This good-looking monitor displays sharp images and is moderately priced.

NEC-Mitsubishi Multisync 1560NX
This reasonably priced LCD has stellar image quality.

LG Electronics Flatron L1515SK
Svelte but no-frills LCD has a small footprint and application-based user settings, and produces good-looking images

CTX International S500B
This monitor boasts above-average image quality, but the on-screen menu makes setting up the display overly awkward.

Eizo Nanao FlexScan L367
This eye-catching 15-inch LCD provides extensive controls, but lacks the ergonomic options found in similarly priced models.

Hewlett Packard L1530
The L1530 gets everything right, including the price.

Copyright Policies Clash
Canadian court excuses file swappers, while U.S. considers harsher penalties.

Google Doubles Gmail Storage
E-mail service now offers 2GB of storage, and the company says that will increase.

Bertelsmann Launches New Peer-to-Peer Service
GNAP allows users to download and share content, but includes some copyright controls, company says.

Robots: Not Just for Housecleaning Anymore
The company behind the Roomba has robots at work in Iraq.

Pharming Attacks Target the Web
Surfers may be unknowingly redirected to malicious Web pages.

Alienware Bot
A stylish, solid business PC from a company known for gaming systems.

New Bugs Found in Outlook, Internet Explorer
Security firm notifies software maker of "high-risk" flaws.

Uncover the Mystery Cell
Keep Excel row and column title cells visible.

Three Minutes With George Kurtz
The security guru explains what hackers want, and how to stop them.

Hacker Speak
Don't know a buffer overflow from a script kiddie? Here's your guide to understanding all the talk about computer security.

Gateway E-1600XL

How Hackers Hack
The tricks hackers use, and what you can do to foil them.

FreeHand 10 Takes Illustrations to the Web
Macromedia program renews battle with Illustrator and adds beefier drawing, productivity tools, and Flash support.

Big Players Team Up In Pay-to-Play Online Audio Gambit
RealNetworks joins forces with Bertelsmann, EMI, and AOL Time Warner to offer online music subscription platform.

Digital Focus: Photograph Your Pets
For animal lovers only... plus, caring for digital images and making posters.

Will Your Cell Phone Kill You?
We're all cell phone guinea pigs, yet the studies still outnumber definitive conclusions.

Home Office: Want a Faster PC? Dig In
Tweaks for Bass's favorite new bootup utility, and more.

Linux for Grandma, Part 2
Our Free Software guru takes a look at new releases of Mandrake and the Gnome desktop, with an eye toward bringing one more Linux user online.

MailWasher Pro Enhances Spam Filter
Version 4.0 adds Bayesian technique that compiles data from other users to snag the latest spam.

Next: Outlawing Spyware?
Utah regulates surveillance software while several states and Congress also consider restrictions.

Sum by the Numbers
Total everything up with Excel's shortcuts.

Three Minutes With Jeff Moss
Hackers' convention founder discusses security, ethics, and getting along with the feds.

Utilities Clean Cookie Crumbs From Your Hard Drive
These post-browsing cleanup programs help you delete Internet cookies from your system.

MicronPC Millennia Max XP2

Sales Taxes on the Net Eyed by Congress
Congress wrestles with thorny Internet sales tax issues.

Tap the Power of Your PC to Fight Cancer
A new Intel-backed program lets you donate your computer's extra power to aid cancer research.

IBM Unveils Sleek NetVistas, Wireless Peripherals
Wireless keyboard and mouse accompany smaller, all-in-one systems.

Senate Committee Checks on Napster
Music industry, musicians, sites sing diverse songs at Senate hearing.

Office XP Tips: Style and Formatting Tricks
Word 2002 adds fast formatting for stylin' documents.

Home Office: Super Productivity Tips Plus an April Fool's Gag
Create shorter URLs, check addresses for snail mail, and check out this year's gag.

Macromedia Releases Flash MX
Revamped tool adds video and image editing, promises friendlier Web sites.

Mobile Computing: Emergency Kit
Be prepared for data and hardware disasters.

Bye-Bye, Batteries?
Long-lasting fuel cells favored to (eventually) power portable devices.

FBI Computers Enter the 21st Century
Multimillion-dollar Trilogy system searches terabytes of data.

CD Copy Annoyances; Battlefield: Vietnam
New combatant in the copy protection arms race, plus a look at Dice's Vietnam War game.

Demystify Your Life, Indoors and Out
Wonder what's happening inside your PC or on the roads outside? Enlighten yourself with these freebies.

Trend Micro Data Revealed Due to Virus
Employee failed to install his company's own antivirus software.

Google Faces Rivals for San Francisco Wi-Fi Project
Municipal wireless vendor and a Cisco-backed nonprofit also are vying for the project.

How Common Is Identity Theft?
ID theft affects millions of households and costs billions of dollars, government says.

AOL Introduces New Mobile Services
Effort is connected to rise in use of cell phones for Web browsing.

Print on the Range
Print the same cell range on multiple Excel worksheets.

Hacking Hollywood
More than anything else, movies have created the stereotype of the hacker. We look at the films that helped shape the cultural image of hacking.

Find Free Tax Services Online
Procrastinator's guide to the IRS's and other sites.

PentaWare Ships File Manager
PentaSuite builds on compression program PentaZip.

New Kits Upgrade Hard Drives to Serial ATA
Addonics unveils adapters to convert existing drives to new standard.

First Look: Adobe Makes Page Creation Easier
InDesign CS2 streamlines page design and takes aim at QuarkXPress.

First Tests of Intel's Dual-Core Processor
Intel's forthcoming 3.2-GHz Pentium 4 EE 840 chip and the new 955X Express chip set show real improvements.

First Look: GoLive CS2 Goes CSS
The latest version of Adobe's visual Web development package makes designing with Cascading Style Sheets a breeze.

First Look: Illustrator CS2 Gets Creative
Adobe's drawing program has cool new tools, and a few quirks.

Blinkx Upgrades Search Tool
Free Blinkx 3.0 more secure, offers single results list.

Hitachi Eyes 1TB Desktop Drives
Perpendicular recording technology will boost hard drive storage capacity, company says.

Cell Phone Doubles as a Camcorder
Handset can record video, play MP3s, and still make phone calls.

Google Video to Accept Public Submissions
Search will show transcripts, if available, and still photos, but you won't be able to play video.

Have Fun With Flickr
Flickr is great for photo sharing and browsing--these tools make the service even better.

Samsung Delays Blu-ray Disc Player
Next-generation DVD player will be available in June, not May, company says.

Anonymizer Takes on China's Net Censors
Company readies new software designed to allow Chinese users access to blocked sites.

Microsoft Upgrades Windows CE 5.0
Feature pack is designed to speed the development of new consumer devices.

The Wide World of Wireless: CTIA Wireless 2006
The wireless telecommunications industry's largest trade show will showcase a growing range of services for cell phones.

Download Movies Legally, for a Price
New online download services supply movies on demand that you can keep.

Dell Laser Printer 3100cn
Workhorse color laser combines quality and speed at an attractive price.

HP Color LaserJet 3800n
The pricey 3800n is worth considering for its ease of maintenance and generally good print quality.

Lexmark C524n
The midpriced C254n delivers good print quality and paper handling, with toner cartridges that are easy to replace.

Konica Minolta MagiColor 5440DL
The MagiColor 5440DL holds plenty of paper and prints good text, but it came up short on speed and image printing.

Oki Printing Solutions C3200n
Oki's low-end color printer offers good built-in paper handling at a budget price up front (but its printing costs may add up over time).

Oki Printing Solutions C5800Ldn
The C5800Ldn delivers high-quality text at a fast pace, and offers good paper capacity and a duplexer at an attractive price.

Excel for Environmentalists
Save some trees by printing only the cells you need.

Three Minutes With Hacker 'Fosdick'
A 17-year veteran of the hacking world talks about ethics, the dangers of hacking, and the security of government information.

Apple's Video-Making PowerMac G4
Burn your movies to DVD with this high-power Mac.

Microsoft Modifies Passport Policy Amid Complaints
Facing harsh user criticism, company rewrites content ownership rules for password service.

AOL Users Lose Their Buddies Temporarily
Power outage drops some AOL services for millions Thursday afternoon.

CubicEye Invites You to Browse the Web in 3D
2ce unveils free downloadable front end to IE, cubing your view of the Web.

HP Spotlights Lightweight Projectors
Company's first-ever digital projectors offer brilliant resolution or easy mobility.

Flipster Offers Audio and Video on the Go
PoGo Products' device plays MP3s and full-motion videos, but it can get to business, too.

Little Programs, Big Improvements
Fetch precise search results, force the Print Screen key to do its job, and make the most of MP3s.

Students Build Ad-Hoc Supercomputer
FlashMob organizers fall short, but expect gigaflop speeds will come home soon.

Photo Projects for Kids
Keep the little ones occupied, while testing their creativity.

Affordable Color MFPs for the Office
Falling prices on laser multifunction printers make it a good time to add color to your business documents.

HP Releases Fix for H6315 PDA Phone
Software update, now available for download, is designed to prevent crashes.

Microsoft, Florida Team on Spam Suits
Two men are accused of sending unsolicited e-mails and running fraudulent Web sites.

Microsoft Offers Free Apps for Tablet PCs
Experience Pack includes software for note-taking, drawing, and playing games.

Businesses Still Wary of XP SP2
Microsoft's security upgrade has been installed on less than a quarter of XP PCs at the office, study finds.

Microsoft's Plans for Its Small Business Accounting Software
Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting expected to take on Intuit QuickBooks in the fall.

Web Postcards Hide Trojan Horse Programs
Instead of friendly greetings, malicious software installs on your PC.

Google Adds Satellite Images to Maps
Users may choose to see overhead photos of selected spots.

Hasta la Vista
The story behind the delay of Microsoft's Next Big Thing.

Data Protection, the Federal Way
Congress wants to protect your data and make sure you're notified when there's a problem. Will the latest bills do the job?

Have We Reached Operating Systems Détente?
OS X and Windows can now coexist in the same Mac box: Is Apple wading deeper into the numbers game?

Poker Fans Push Online Gambling
Pro players tell Congress to fold anti-gambling legislation.

Lucent Sues Microsoft over Xbox
Round two of legal battle alleges patent infringement with video technology.

Partners Craft Office Live Add-ons
Microsoft encourages third-party business applications for service now in beta.

Security Fears Hamper Mobile Devices
Businesses say they're wary of giving corporate network access to PDAs, smart phones.

IRS Weighs Data Release
Agency considers plan to change rules governing release of taxpayer information.

Apple puts Windows XP on the Mac
Free, downloadable 'Boot Camp' aims to entice Windows users.

Why Wait for Vista?
Free and low-cost add-ons deliver Vista's features to your current XP system.

First Tests: PC World Installs Windows XP on a 20-Inch iMac With Boot Camp
Our graphics and benchmark tests show similar performance to that of Core Duo notebooks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Excel
Your most nagging questions about the world's most popular spreadsheet: Answered, at long last.

SafeWeb's Anonymous Browsing Service
Free, Web-based service covers your surfing tracks and foils privacy-stealing code.

Digital Education Fund Urged
Former FCC, broadcasting execs want trust fund to finance new resources for schools, public TV.

The Sound of Web Music Is A-Changin'
Get ready to pay for online tunes, but the subscription services face challenges too.

Better Night Photos
A key drawback to digital photography becomes obvious at night. Learn to deal with it.

Camera Phones Fuel Mobile Diaries
So what if camera phones take lousy pictures? The fun is in the sharing--and chronicling the unexpected.

ACLU Challenges 'No-Fly' Data
Seven people lead suit charging TSA of mishandling information.

SmallPlanet Aims for Big Bargains
Social networking site hopes to strike out-of-this world deals for members.

PC Privacy, Sending Big Files
Three more tools for sharing monster files, plus USB drives for Web anonymity.

Make Need-to-Read Blogs Even Easier to Find
Weblogs aren't just for geeks anymore--and the right Mac software can help you enjoy them more efficiently.

Jamster Slammed for Mobile Selling Practices
VeriSign's Jamster mobile content business for cell phones is sued for alleged false advertising.

Microsoft Expands Anti-Linux Campaign
Software giant plans to promote Windows as a more reliable platform.

Sony Refreshes Its Network Walkman
Hard drive-based device features a new design that more closely resembles the IPod.

Panasonic Unveils Flat-Screen TVs
New models include three plasmas and six LCDs, ranging in size from 19 to 50 inches.

The Best Free Utilities
Who says money talks? This roster of freebies will make your computing life better, from monitoring system performance to troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections.

Downloader Beware
Some freebies are anything but.

Inside Windows Registry
Tweak your system with care.

Pocket-Sized GPS
This $857 device is quite impressive. But who's got that kind of money lying around?

Microsoft Ramps Up DRM Work
Copy-protection technology will be strengthened for mobile use, company says.

It's Raining Cell Phones in Las Vegas
New models on display at CTIA include an updated Motorola Razr and super-slim Nokia handsets.

Microsoft Launches Linux Site
Web site will offer info about the company's open-source interoperability efforts.

San Francisco Goes For Google's Wi-Fi Plan
Search giant and Earthlink have been chosen to provide the free citywide Wi-Fi network.

T-Mobile Bets on Phone Chic
New handsets coming from T-Mobile target the style-conscious user.

A Cheap, Portable Power Supply for Handhelds
Medis Technologies' Fuel Cell Power Pack works like a wall outlet that you can take anywhere.

Will Heavy 3G Users Pay More?
The days of all-you-can-eat mobile broadband may be numbered, a Verizon executive says.

PayPal Launches Mobile Service
Customers will be able to use mobile phones and wireless devices to make payments.

Cell Phones Find Their Voice
Vendors are using this week's CTIA show to introduce speech recognition systems for phones.

April Microsoft Patch Preview Includes IE Fix
Microsoft set to patch browser, Windows, and Office on April 11.

Protect Your Health Privacy
Ask the right questions to keep your records private, experts tell Congress.

EMachines T2042

EMachines T2460

Search the Internet the Smart Way
Google, beyond Google, sick hard drive defragging.

Microtek ScanMaker i320
Low-cost scanner automatically restores damaged or faded photos with one click.

Your Right to X-Rated Sites
The ACLU and the government butt heads over privacy, free speech, and protecting kids online--again.

A Menu of Upgrades
Don't throw out that PC just yet. The right combination of system upgrades can give it a new lease on life--without breaking the bank.

Q&A About RAM
Before you upgrade, read this.

Hard Drive Upgrades
The lowdown on the latest drives.

Magix Tool Offers to Remaster Tunes
Mastering Magix Music on CD & DVD may take some practice.

As Tax Deadline Approaches, Web Beckons
Procrastinators can find a digital hand in online tax-filing options.

Microsoft Pushes Cybersecurity
From plugging software holes to building firewalls, everyone must fight cybercrime, Ballmer says.

Old Notebooks, New Lives
More tips on how to dispose of that old notebook.

AOL Answers the VoIP Call
We test America Online's new Internet Phone Service and find it easy to use but pricey.

Possible Fight Looms Over Biometric Passports
Travelers may be required to obtain a visa if their passports lack digitized facial data.

How to Set Up a Great Home Office
Need a home office? Follow our expert's top tips, and you'll be open for business in no time.

Does Security Run In Your Veins?
Fujitsu's system uses palm vein patterns to identify bank customers in Japan.

Fewer Permissions Are Key to Longhorn Security
As chatter about the next Windows version increases, the issue of user privileges comes to the forefront.

MSN Messenger Gets Video Call Update
Microsoft service now offers improved video and voice calls.

Antivirus Company Warns of New Smart Phone Trojan
Trojan horse program runs on Symbian Series 60 mobile phones and prevents them from restarting.

Yahoo to Support Wikipedia Encyclopedia
Internet portal will provide hosting capacity and other resources to Wikipedia.

Google Intros Q&A Service
Search engine giant now returns factual answers and a user shortcut for some queries.

Disney Mobile Aims Squarely at Families
New mobile service will allows parents to monitor their children's phone usage and location.

Mobile Phones Grow Even More Popular
Number of users in the U.S. hits record highs, but still lags behind some other countries.

Scientists Use Viruses to Build Batteries
Genes inside the viruses are used to create an electrode for a high-density lithium-ion battery.

FaceTime Adds Anti-Skype Tools to IM Security
Company says IMAuditor 7.0 can detect and filter out Skype 2.0 traffic.

Top 5 Accounting Files
Manage your checking account, create invoices, and track loans.

IBM Updates Copy-Protection Software
PC pioneer and others prepare technology aimed at pleasing lawmakers threatening mandatory regulations.

Samsung SyncMaster 172T

ViewSonic VG700

Digital Focus: Digital Darkroom Essentials
Everything digital photographers need to know to outfit a PC.

ABS Awesome 3380

Dell Dimension 4550

Gateway 300S

Sys Technology Performance 3000+

Freeway Gaming Predator PI440-R

NuTrend Mega 2

Dell Dimension 2350

Polywell Poly 880NF2-2000

Sys Technology Performance 2700+

Polywell Poly 7205G-3000

Samsung SyncMaster 172B

Eizo Nanao FlexScan L565

NEC MultiSync LCD1760V

LG Electronics L1710B

Hitachi CML174SXW

Tech Tools Lead Homeland Security Plan
In the works: biometrics, wireless alerts, enhanced communications.

Hansol H750

ViewSonic VE175

Dell 1702FP

Meet the Movers Behind the First PC
Xerox PARC alumni recognized for contributions to technology.

More on Voice Recorders
DAT recorders, language translators, and low-priced options.

Tech Pioneers Preview the Future
Thinking, talking computers--with components in cars, clothes, and walls--will be the world's accessible libraries.

Slash Your Phone Bills With BroadVoice
BroadVoice saves you a bundle on international calls--and it's dependable, to boot.

A Surround-Sound Primer
Before you can choose the proper surround-sound mode for your home theater setup, you should first understand the terminology.

Sys Technology Customers Experience Tech Support Problems
Tech support woes and disconnected phones leave some of the company's PC users temporarily stranded.

Will AMD Win the Dual-Core Race?
Chip maker plans to launch a dual-core Opteron later this month, beating Intel to the punch.

Microsoft Readies Critical Software Patches
Eight security alerts coming next week, software giant says.

Fake Microsoft Security Trojan on the Loose, Antivirus Firm Says
Clicking link takes you to false Windows Update page that infects your PC.

Dell Latitude C600

Nextel Ships First Mobile Java Phones
Motorola-built wireless phones provide basic PDA applications, can load Java apps.

LaCie Pushes Fast FireWire Drive to 75GB
FireWire HDD, priced at $580, spins at a speedy 7200 rpm.

Click With Caution: User Licenses Get Tough
Recent skirmish over Microsoft's terms of service is only the latest user complaint about such documents.

Digital Focus: Dress Up Portraits, Slow Down Shutter Speeds
Add a matte to your portraits with image-editing software.

Copy Control Law Draws Online Outcry
Consumers deluge Senate Web site with complaints about proposal to build copy protection into all digital devices.

Tricky Worm Can Spread via AIM, IRC
Low-risk mass-mailed W32.aphex promises porn but delivers inconvenience for buddies.

Home Office: Nifty Tools for Outlook Users
Outlook utilities you'll use and love (no matter how you feel about Outlook itself).

Legal Digital Tunes Go P2P
Future downloads, an ITunes hack, and more places to find new music.

Microsoft Mice Show Their True Colors
Special edition collection launched; consumers can vote on future designs.

Hacking's History
From phone phreaks to Web attacks, hacking has been a part of computing for 40 years.

Dell Latitude C800

Vendors Prepare Patches for FTP Server Flaw
Security hole leaves servers from HP, SGI, and Sun apparently vulnerable to hacker exploit.

Anti-Hacker Weapons Debut at Security Confab
RSA Conference: Security products, services offer protection at a price of complexity.

Office XP Tips: Create a Custom Style Template
Save time on formatting with Word 2002's new features.

Steve Bass's Home Office: Tips, Tricks, and Cool Utilities
A tool for Word, a utility for long URLs, and new time-wasters.

Find Last-Minute Tax Tips Online
E-filers have some advantages and options, even in the countdown to April 15.

Microsoft Restates Its Mac Allegiance
Service Release for Mac Office, MSN Messenger update, plans for.Net support are in the works.

Mobile Computing: Best Programs for Your Palm
How to track expenses, convert foreign currencies, and more.

Multimedia Devices Debut
Sony updates DVD combo drives, NEC equips projector with mirrors.

E-Government Resources Expand
Online services may next go portable and personal.

Patriot Act Extension Considered
Privacy advocates, law enforcement debate antiterrorism law's use.

Printer Makers Answer Your Urgent Questions
In Part 1 of a two-part series, we chase down ten major printer manufacturers and get their answers to your pressing printing problems.

Microsoft Readies Search Services to Rival Google
Product search will compete with Froogle, while Academic search will compete with Google Scholar.

Virus Targets Linux or Windows
Hackers have released code for a virus that could threaten both Linux and Windows PCs.

Webaroo Offers Offline Web Browsing
New service allows laptop and PDA users to access Internet content when they're not connected.

Toshiba Readies HD-DVD Laptop
The Qosmio G30 will be available next month in Japan, but when will it be available in the U.S.?

McAfee Unveils Threat Center Portal
Security software maker offers free information on security topics.

Linux Backers Plan Microsoft Shadow Conference
Linux FreedomHec gathering open to attendees at Microsoft's more traditional WinHEC.

Keep Your PC Purring: More Troubleshooting Tips
This week's topic: shutdown problems.

Organize Your Information With AskSam 4
Free-form database makes storing and retrieving documents as easy as using your word processor.

HP Omnibook XE3

Playboy Places Its Bets Online
Online edition of the Playboy empire hops along with paid services, CEO tells Seybold conference.

Experts Ponder Securing the Wireless World
RSA Conference: A faster wireless Web may bring commerce applications, but also requires better security.