Computing Center Sitemap - Page 74 2013-07-16

Mobile Media and More
Spar with Jackie Chan, cruise with confidence, and send love digitally with these newest gadgets.

Intel to Ship Multithreaded Pentium
Extreme Edition processor due out this year, to be capable of running four "threads" at the same time.

Falling LCD TV Prices Hurt Japanese Panel Makers
Industry strain is consumer boon, however.

Microsoft Releases a Dozen Patches
Fixes address sixteen vulnerabilities in Windows, IE, Office, other programs.

Slick Cell Phone Gadgets
Quick-and-easy backups, a landline/cell phone dock, a solar-powered battery charger, and some crazy Russians.

Attack Code Published for Firefox Flaw
Mozilla has already issued a patch for the vulnerability found in Firefox 1.5.

Three Microsoft Bugs Found
Software giant warns of two flaws, while a security researcher reports a third problem.

IBM Touts Higher Clock Speeds in Power6
Upcoming processors will run at speeds of more than 4 GHz, company says.

Cartoons Prompt Spike in Danish Web Hacks
Hackers have left pro-Islamic statements on many of the sites they have defaced.

Windows Media Laptop Sales Spike as Prices Drop
Analyst warns that many such laptops lack TV tuners.

Fee-based E-mail Delivery Raises Eyebrows
Critics charge e-mail sender payments 'ineffective' in spam fight.

Bush Signs Digital TV Transition Bill
Opens radio spectrum to new mobile broadband apps, sets deadline for digital TV conversion.

Be a Hometown Yahoo
Yahoo isn't just a global site--it sports local editions for most cities.

Get Active (Desktop)
Windows' Active Desktop can give your PC a new face. So why haven't you started using it yet?

Mustek BearPaw 1200F

One-Stop Shopping: Food, Sundries, and a PC
Mass merchandisers have jumped into high-tech retailing, with surprisingly good product lines.

Video Conversion As Easy As U-S-B
Creative's Video Blaster MovieMaker easily moves videos from camcorder to CD.

Sun Exec Offers Vision of a Webbed World
Wired classes, nukes, and interactive everything populate McNealy's world.

Push To Talk: Walkie-Talkie Phone Service
Nextel, Sprint PCS, and Verizon Wireless let you chat instantly with friends and colleagues miles away.

Desktops Dying? Hardly. Here's What's New in PCs
Innovation is alive and kicking in the land of desktop PCs. Here are five important trends to watch this year.

Block Spam With E-Mail Filters, Part 2
Everything you need to know to protect your Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express inboxes.

Lingo Is Affordable and Reliable
Is an Internet phone in your future? Try Lingo on for size.

DVD Ripping Flourishes
Hollywood's attempts to stamp out DVD copying are circumvented by the proliferation of DVD-duplication tools.

FCC Fights Cell Phone Spam
Agency publishes a list of wireless domains where it will be illegal to send spam.

MasterCard Uses Cell Phones to Fight Fraud
Customers will be able to use text messages to answer questions about credit card usage.

Exploit Targets MSN Messenger Hole
Users are urged to download and install a software patch from Microsoft.

Caught a Virus?
If you've let your guard down--or even if you haven't--it can be hard to tell if your PC is infected. Here's what to do if you suspect the worst.

MyDoom Redux
How a worm changed everything.

Antitrust Judge Questions Settlement's Impact
Has the government's antitrust case against Microsoft changed the software market?

Fooling XP SP2
Security tools skirt the system.

Bill Proposes E-Voting Paper Trail
Critics say legislation isn't the right way to secure electronic voting machines.

Microsoft Releases 64-Bit Windows, Server Update Betas
Running 32-bit and 64-bit applications on the same system is a step closer to reality.

Your Favorite Notebooks
Readers weigh in with their personal picks. Some big names didn't make the list.

Want Safe Browsing Now?
Try a little "virtualization."

Vista Tech at Its Best
Peek inside your unbooted laptop.

T-Mobile Catches Windows Mobile Fever
T-Mobile's MDA is the latest hybrid device based on Windows Mobile 5, a handheld OS that's clearly gaining momentum.

Google Updates Desktop Search App
Latest version updates Sidebar feature and lets users search across two or more computers.

Microsoft Contest Hints at Vista Ship Date
Web site suggests December 1 could be the date, but company officials won't confirm that.

RIM Reveals BlackBerry Work-Around
Company says it will be able to offer wireless e-mail even if a court orders current service shut down.

MP3 Inventor Develops Tool to Fight Piracy
Digital watermarking technology would be used to track pirated audio files online.

Federal Trade Commission Plans Hearings on Internet Risks
FTC chair urges the Internet industry to 'self-regulate.'

First Tests of AMD's Athlon XP 3000+
Barton CPU outperforms Pentium 4 powerhouses in first systems from Falcon Northwest, Polywell, and Sys Technology.

Say Hello to InfoPath
Microsoft announces name of upcoming XML member of its Office family.

Feds Look to Expand Electronic Surveillance
Confidential proposal calls for increased monitoring of private e-mail messages, Web surfing, and other online activities.

Combat Red Eye
Sure-fire tricks for removing the red-eye effect from your photos.

Canon Digicam Does Video
Other new models include compact 5-megapixel model and smaller, lighter Digital Elphs.

PalmSource Shows Two OS Updates
Mainstream Garnet and high-end Cobalt will expand Palm's software functions.

Migrating Your PDA
Move data, apps, and other stuff from an old PDA to a new one.

Your Inbox May Be Safer Than Your Mailbox
New survey suggests identity thieves are more likely to target you offline.

GPS Meets Pocket PC
Garmin IQue M5 does double-duty as a PDA and a mobile navigator.

Program Attacks Microsoft AntiSpyware App
Malware disables Microsoft's application and tries to steal online banking passwords.

Analysis: HP PC Unit's Future Unsettled
Company's management will soon face decisions on whether to stay in the PC business.

Yahoo Fires Up Toolbar for Firefox Users
Decision shows the increasing popularity of the alternative browser.

Microsoft Pitches Displays for Laptop Lids
Longhorn will allow you to see battery status, e-mail, and appointments without booting up the PC.

Tech Execs Call for Cybercrime Commission
Body needed to raise profile of Internet crime in United States, group says.

Study Urges Corporate Caution Before Downloading Firefox
Popular new browser is not immune to attacks, researchers say.

Top 5 All-Purpose Laptops
These laptops can do it all and are a great choice for most notebook users. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Internal Hard Drives
Need more storage? The top-ranked internal hard drives will fill the bill. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 External Hard Drives
External hard drives aren't as fast as internal models, but they are great for backups and are easy to install. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Power Laptops
These laptops are on the heavy side, but they're ideal replacements for desktop PCs. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 10 Power Desktop PCs
These powerful desktop PCs are the right choice for demanding users. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 10 Value Desktop PCs
These well-priced desktop PCs are well equipped to handle the tasks most people need to perform. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 17-Inch LCD Monitors
These 17-inch monitors are the best in the class today, and they're relatively affordable. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Monochrome Laser Printers
These low-cost laser printers churn out good-quality text quickly. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops
Ideal for the mobile professional, these notebooks stand out for their low weight and small footprint. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Value Graphics Cards
These are the top value graphics cards today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Shhhhh! Make Your Next PC Run Quietly
Tired of your desktop sounding like a Harrier jet taking off? Check out these silent-running parts.

Google Takes a History Lesson
Search company is funding research into technology that will enable search within historical documents.

No Name Change for MSN
Microsoft still hopes to make the portal an entertainment destination for consumers.

Tech Giants Tackle Mobile Phone Gaming
Microsoft and Nokia are among those supporting an open architecture to speed development of games.

Skip Airport Security Lines?
Registered Traveler program, which will expedite screening of certain passengers, is set to begin in June.

Brother HL-5250DN
Brother's network-enabled small-office laser has it all.

Oki Printing Solutions B4250
Oki's personal printer offers quick, high-quality text printing.

Lexmark E240n
Lexmark's budget laser speedily prints crisp text and can be added to a network.

Dell Laser Printer 1710n
Dell's no-fuss network laser is inexpensive and easily shared.

HP LaserJet 1022n
The pricey LaserJet 1022n features built-in ethernet and fits into the smallest confines.

Ricoh Aficio BP20N
This attractive networked laser prints text nicely for small workgroups.

Top 5 Card Games
Entertain yourself with these card games--and watch your productivity plummet.

Chem USA ChemBook 8600

Event Highlights Wireless, Mobile Tools
Cell phone and PDA add-ons, network products showcased at Demo 2002.

Will Anonymous E-Mail Become a Casualty of War?
Privacy rights clash with security needs as options for true online anonymity falter.

Digital Focus: Advanced Red-Eye Removal Tips
Photo Editing Tips

The Price of Freeware Rises
Strapped sites charge developers for placement, sometimes zing downloaders for access.

DataViz Tool Secures Your Password List
Passwords Plus encrypts account numbers, other information for storage on PC or Palm.

Home Office: Great Consumer Electronics
Bass dishes on gadgets: the good, the goofy, the useless.

Flak Over Flags
The FCC has green-lighted a flag that imposes copy controls on digital television. And there was much rejoicing?

Best Free Software Online
From browsers to word processors to PC diagnostics, our expert tells you what freebies he uses. And they're all available on the Web.

The Cost of Freedom
You need to read the fine print.

Best of the Web
Sites you recognize, and some you won't.

New Attack Follows Mydoom
Malware program installs itself on infected PCs.

Is Cyberspace Getting Safer?
Federal agency issues one-year cybersecurity report card and describes goals for security efforts.

Back Up Online and Share the Wealth
Streamload makes it easy to safeguard important stuff and pass along giant-sized files.

Skype Sets Its Sights on Cell Phones
VoIP software will come preinstalled on certain mobile handsets.

Microsoft Delays CRM Update, Again
Version 2.0 won't be available before the end of the year, the company says.

HP Finds a Place for Virus Throttler
Technology designed to slow virus outbreaks will be available in two products.

Get Free Online Tax Filing--While It Lasts
TurboTax and other major vendors offer free Web-based tax preparation and electronic filing to all via the IRS--but they aren't happy about it.

Steady Date
Set Word's automatic date so it doesn't always change.

Maxtor Ships a Smaller, Simpler Hard Drive
The 15GB 531DX uses a single platter and a single head for high reliability.

Photoshop for the Rest of Us
Adobe's Elements puts a friendlier face on Photoshop, but it faces strong competition.

Bill Gates to Unveil Windows XP in Glitzy Show
The OS formerly known as Whistler merges today's two Windows lines, combining consumer multimedia with business stability--for a price.

Anti-Napster Ruling Draws Mixed Reaction
Reaction to the court ruling against music-swapping service points to larger question of legitimacy of file sharing.

Digital Focus: Special Effects With Text and Photos
Paint with text, add borders, connect a camera and telescope.

Dell Latitude C610

Glitz Gives Way to Practical Products
Demo 2002 highlights PC diagnostics, easier surfing for travelers, a second look at the Tablet PC, and palatable avatars.

Spam Wars Enter Another Round
FTC severs one e-mail chain, mounts ongoing campaign against illegal online solicitation.

Home Office: Caution! It's an E-Mail Impersonator
When e-mail allegedly from your ISP asks for your password, what should you do?

Have Fun While Traveling
Gadgets and services that let you watch movies, TV, and more.

Polaroid Digicam Sports Foveon Chip
Point-and-shoot x530 is first consumer model to use X3 image sensor.

Tech Toys Tease Congress
Morphing phones, wired appliances, and copyright security highlight annual Internet fair.

Can the Internet Save Democracy?
Former Dean campaign manager Trippi says the Net can revolutionize U.S. politics.

Digicams Squeeze Shutter Delays
Nikon, Olympus, and Kyocera announce technology to speed startup, responsiveness.

Chart New Territory
Use tables in your Word documents to create graphs on the fly.

Intuit Opens Up at Demo2001
Software company's bold small-business initiative and Kodak's hot new camera are crowd pleasers.

Kodak Camera Merges Sound and Image
New MC3 puts an MP3 player into a small digital camera destined for teen photo buffs.

E-Mail Appliances for Home or on the Go
VTech introduces the E-Mail PostBox line for sending e-mail without a PC.

Windows XP Preview Heavy on Flash, Light on Details
Multimedia, desktop management made easier as the Windows family merges in upcoming upgrade.

How to Trick the Anna Worm
Antivirus software helps, but a simple PC tweak can also protect you from VBS-based viruses

Office XP Tips: High-Impact Spreadsheets, Less Typing
Want to highlight data in a spreadsheet? Use AutoShapes.

Steve Bass's Home Office: Have a Deadline? Play These Games
Classic arcade games, chicken puzzles, simulations, newest free stuff.

Dell Latitude C810

Beware of Vicious Valentine Viruses
Virus-writers love to target the holidays, so here's what to watch for in electronic greetings.

Are You Looking at Your Last CRT?
Pressured by LCDs, CRTs drop in both price and innovation, but won't soon vanish.

Planar PT1814NUV

NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD1830

Eizo Nanao FlexScan L685

Iiyama AS4636D

Compaq TFT7020

Planar PV174

BenQ FP751

Mobile Computing: The Next High-Speed Wireless LAN
We discuss the pros, cons, and realities of 802.11g technology.

Intel Launches Cell Phone Chip
'Wireless Internet on a chip' handset processors promise lighter, smarter phones with long battery life.

Tech Toys Tempt Congress
Lawmakers review security tools, multitasking cell phones, and myriad database managers at technology fair.

Building the Perfect Portable Player
A dash of IPod, a pinch of Nomad, a teaspoon of IRiver...

Three Minutes With Mike Deliman
The coder for Mars probe Pathfinder tells how to protect CPUs from solar flares and reboot from millions of miles away.

Microsoft Confirms Windows Code Leaked
FBI is helping investigate release of source code on the Internet.

Recovery Commander Gives XP the Boot
Backup utility expands on the features found in System Restore.

HP Digicam Gives Photography Hints
Photosmart R707 suggests how to improve your shots--while you're still shooting.

Set Up a Web-Based Photo Shop
DotPhoto Pro photo-sharing site adds online sales service.

Search Engine Traffic Soars
Google remains the site of choice for most surfers, market researcher says.

Remote Access Comes to Google Desktop
Version 4 beta lets you put files on Google servers for anytime, anywhere access.

Mobile Operators Target Global IM Service
Major phone operators in several countries join forces to make easy worldwide mobile instant messaging a reality.

European Officials Reviewing Windows Vista Complaints
The European Commission is looking into complaints about Microsoft's Vista, but no formal investigation has been launched.

Drag-and-drop Flaw in Internet Explorer Reported
An IE browser flaw reportedly could allow malicious code to run and cause a takeover of your PC.

Document Double Personality
Word's Split Window feature lets you edit documents in two places at once.

All You Need to Know
The scoop on hardware, software, free tunes, and tips for listening at work.

Valentine's Day: Beyond the E-Card
Electronic greetings expand to let you send your last-minute love in words, song, or video.

HP Pavilion N5445

Ebay Identity Theft Hits Close to Home
Tech-savvy editor shocked to find someone bidding on goods using her eBay identity.

Invasion of the Browser Snatchers
Beware of typos that lead you to malicious sites--and here's how to break free if you get caught at one.

VideoStudio 7 Makes Anyone a Film Editor
Update offers sophisticated tools through a simple interface for Spielberg wannabes.

National Cybersecurity Plan Released
National strategy called long on suggestions, short on specifics.

Does Your Car Key Pose a Security Risk?
RFID chips in keyless entry systems and ExxonMobil's Speedpass can easily be hacked, study finds.

Record Attendance Expected at RSA Conference
Organizers credit increased interest in computer security.

Microsoft Urges Users to Apply New Patches
Exploits targeting some of the flaws are now circulating, software giant says.

Verizon Sweeps Up MCI
Announcement of the $6.7 billion deal ends weeks of speculation.

Antivirus Vendors Tackle Spam, Spyware
New products that fight a variety of threats will be announced at this week's RSA Conference.

PalmSource Shows Off New Software
Applications on display include tools for blogging, chatting, and participating in online auctions.

Microsoft, EBay, Visa Fight Phishing
Companies form the Phish Report Network, which will issue alerts about new scams.

Nokia and Microsoft Bring E-mail, Music to Phones
Exchange Server's ActiveSync protocol will be a feature of Nokia phones.

Free Tool Identifies Hidden Data in Office Docs
Use Workshare Trace software to remove incriminating hidden comments in your next Office document.

Frequently Asked Digital Photo Questions
Color correction, free panoramic stitching, photo quality, and megapixels.

Burners That Do More
These three external drives aren't just DVD burners.

Microsoft Offers First Look at Office Live
Registration for free beta now available.

Microsoft Offers Small Businesses Free Web Sites and More
Office Live beta combines fee-based collaboration services with ad-sponsored Web site hosting.

Gates Outlines ID Management for Vista, XP
'InfoCard' technology will work like a Web wallet for identity management.

A Bullet With Your Name On It
How to spruce up those boring black dots in Word.

Three Minutes With Philippe Kahn
LightSurf's chief describes a future when images travel on high-speed wireless Nets to cell phones and PDAs.

Internet Voting: An Alternative to Chads?
Congress considers online ballots, biometric verifications, and other technology in voting reforms.

Micro Express NP 7120

Compaq S200


Samsung SyncMaster 171MP

Visioneer 9650 USB

NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD1850X

Samsung SyncMaster 181T

AOL Spikes Trillian Users
Ongoing battle between multiservice client and AIM service turns ugly.

Editing Tips for Snow Scenes
Digital cameras can give snow a bluish cast. Here's how to fix the problem.

Format Wars Redux: Blu-ray Disc vs. HD-DVD
The future of high-def recording rests with two competing optical formats: Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD. Here's why both matter.

Older Quicken Versions to Lose Online Updates
Users complain about forced upgrades, diminished functionality.

Sony Ericsson Plans Walkman Phone
Phone/music player expected to hold multiple CDS, work with Sony Connect music service.

PC Sales Expected to Slow
Mobile PCs will continue to drive the market, as desktop lose their luster, researcher says.

IBM Sets Its Sights on Linux Software
Company hopes to encourage more software vendors to build apps for the alternative OS.

Gates Touts Free Antispyware, IE 7
Updated browser will offer extra security features, company says.

First Look: Canon's Impressive Portable Printer
Pixma IP90 offers speedy prints on the road, but beware the cost of extras.

First Look: Drive Etches Sharp DVD Labels
HP DVD Writer 640i uses LightScribe technology to burn professional-looking discs.

Broadcom Demos Multimedia Cell Phone Chip
New processor may increase battery life and lower prices of video-playing mobile phones.

Symantec's CEO Affirms Strategy Shift
Security products must detect attacks before they hit, he says.

Avoid Viruses and Phishing Scams
Two terrific free antivirus tools, one proactive virus killer, and tricks for avoiding the newest phishing lures.

Asia's Focus Turns to Multimedia
Camcorders, video recorders, and entertainment phones move to the forefront.

Top 10 Business Projectors
These are the top business projectors today, but ratings aand rankings can change quickly due to developments in pricing and technology, so check back frequently for the latest information.

Microsoft Releases Seven Software Patches
Software giant releases fixes for critical flaws in IE, Windows Media Player.

Problem Found in Microsoft Software Patch
Users may need to take additional steps to install one of the fixes released this week.

Sony Readies Two New Compact Cameras
Updated W-series digital still cameras feature larger LCDs, smaller bodies.

ABS Ultimate M6 Sniper II
This high-priced system's cutting-edge hardware delivers the best performance we've seen.

CyberPower Gamer Ultra XLC
High-end gaming PC delivers powerful performance at competitive price.

Polywell Poly 939N4-SLI2/FX60
This model's super speed, easy upgradabilty, and competitive price will appeal to power users and gamers looking to maximize performance per dollar.

HP Pavilion a1250n Desktop PC
Dual-core Media Center PC shouldn't quit its day job as an office PC.

eMachines T6420
Inexpensive media system works well as a basic office PC and is easy to upgrade into a multimedia powerhouse.

WinBook PowerSpec Extreme 9200
This value system has the looks and performance of a power PC priced twice as high.

Dell Dimension E510
A Media Center to build on, this system offers useful upgrade options--but audiophiles may be disappointed by the lack of digital sound output.

U.S. Lawmakers Scold Tech Companies for China Censorship
Politicians accuse Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Cisco of having greater interest in profits than in free expression.

Amax Max64 3200N
Great for work, but not for graphics, this pricey PC is easy to maintain.

Velocity Micro Vision GX
Striking looks and above-average performance make this a strong choice for the home or home-office user whose needs don't justify a cutting-edge gaming system.

FBI Director: Cyberthreats 'Fluid and Far-reaching'
Robert Mueller calls for corporations and law enforcement to improve information sharing on cybercrime.

It's Official: Office '12' to Become Office 2007
Microsoft tunes up, renames next version of its suite of office software.

Ménage Á.Doc
Productivity boosters for working in multiple Word documents at once.

How It Works: Hardware MP3 Players
Your digital audio is now free to roam, away from your PC. Here's how hardware MP3 players work.

MicroFlex 933A: Are Two CPUs Better Than One?
Dual-processor system provides boost for only some power users.

Will Subscription Service Kill Napster?
After its courtroom loss, Napster announces a membership service that limits sharing.

Napster Plug-In Lets Music Play On
Unauthorized Napster alternative points to another bank of servers, raising music industry hackles.

Net Music May Abandon Peer-to-Peer, Analyst Says
Napster and kin will become subsets of larger fee-based music sites, Webnoize predicts.

WinBook X2

Block Spam With E-Mail Filters, Part 3
Tips for Eudora, AOL, and an assortment of Web-based e-mail services.

Music Madness
Get down, get funky, get out of the house with a portable satellite radio.

Shake That Cell Phone
Motion commands for handsets, mobile music, a mini-camcorder, and more great gadgets.

Vonage Says ISP Blocked Its Calls
A broadband provider prevented customers from using its service, company says.

Motorola Plans $40 Phone for the Poor
Industry group says the low-priced handset is still too expensive, however.

Coming Soon: Cell Phones in Flight?
Airbus may allow flyers to use mobile devices aboard its Superjumbo aircraft.

Intel Engineers Use Light Waves to Carry Data
Experimental silicon lasers may bring optics to chips.

Bugs Delay AOL Netscape Beta
AOL says Netscape 8 beta will be available at the end of February.

Three Minutes: Fired Google Blogger
Recognizing the dangers of blogging about work, Mark Jen moves on.

High-Tech News
California makes trashing e-waste illegal; Sony discontinues the Aibo robot; iRobot's Roomba gets competition.

Nikon's Fast, Powerful, and Pricey SLR
Quality camera comes with GPS connectivity and a control that lets you shoot multiple exposures.

Sony Rootkit Experience May Lead to Federal Oversight
Officials express concern over the security of copy protection software.

E-Mail Your Digital Photos
Best ways to resize images and avoid problems; plus how to recover lost photos.

Clock Ticks on Microsoft Rebate
Californians are urged to file claims for $1.1 billion court settlement.

Digital Image Managers Serve Newbies, Pros
Jasc updates Paint Shop Album and Extensis revamps Porfolio.

DataPod Keeps Your PCs In Sync
Peer-to-peer service uses the Net to update files, e-mail, and more.

Xfire Brings IM to Gamers
Ultimate Arena's messaging program makes it easy to find finds and join them on the same server.

Demo 2004: Picks and Pans
Here's what's creative, curious, or drawing chatter at this year's preview of new technology.

Intel Pushes Xeon, 'Prescott' to 64 Bits
Windows for 64-bit systems should support both Intel and AMD CPUs.

How to Dispose of an Old Notebook
Should you keep it? Sell it? Donate or recycle it? We cover the pros and cons of each option.

Lost Your Cell Phone? Call a Cab!
Taxis across the world are hotspots for misplaced electronic devices.

MyDoom Worm Spreads Via Search Engines
Latest variant finds e-mail address on your hard drive and on search engines.

Sony Readies Hard-Drive Based Jukebox
Hard drive-based device offers a music library, CD ripping, and access to online music services.

Microsoft Warns of New Security Threat
System monitoring programs, called rootkits, may pose a serious danger to your PC.

Another Form of Encryption Goes Down for the Count
Standard that is key to virtually all secure online communications is broken.

Your Xbox Power Cord Can Be a Fire Hazard
Microsoft recalls 14 million cords around the globe.

Podcasting: Behind the Hype
Could podcasting revolutionize the music industry?

Get Radio Anywhere With the Sirius S50
Interesting hybrid blends car radio dock with iPod-like player.

Sharp Readies 65-Inch LCD Monitor
Display offers several features typically found on televisions, but lacks a tuner.

Choices Abound for Mobile E-Mail
Microsoft is just one of the companies pushing products that support push e-mail services.

Mac OS X Worm Wiggles Into the Wild
Worm spreads via iChat IM client and causes applications to run improperly.

Vista's Encryption Could Vex Investigators
Encryption features could mean law enforcement will face mighty challenges in unlocking data, academic says.

Utilities That Can Do the Trick
Disable your Windows log-on, monitor your Registry, and speed up your PC.

Digital Focus: Add Motion to Your Photos
These editing tricks makes your photos come alive.

NEC Shows Off 2-Pound Tablet PC
When it ships in March, NEC's Versa LightPad will be the thinnest and lightest Tablet PC.

ActiveWords Turns Words IntoActions
Windows utility aims to save clicks, time with quick file and Web searches in context.

Demo 2003: Picks and Pans
Substance (and shipment) favored over style among spotlighted products and services.

Introducing E-Mail's Next Generation
Productivity tools, message sorters, spam killers, and more are the focus of e-mail innovations at Demo 2003.

Will Your Next PC Have a Panic Button?
BIOS maker builds PC "bomb shelter" that safeguards core utilities, applications, and maybe more.

A Peek at Intel's Notebook of the Future
Mobile Internet PC 2004 is always online, convertible, lightweight, and long-lasting (with Intel inside), chip maker forecasts.

Home Office: Super Web Sites for Home Office Workers
Increase your output with these business tools, downloads, and marketing services.

Tune-Toting Tech: Get the Most From Your MP3 Player
Check out the latest trends in MP3 players--including the best sources for downloads, and tips on how to use your player's features.

Battle of the Gadget Store Titans
Sharper Image and Brookstone may look alike, but they don't stock alike.

Massive Media Center Manages DVDs, CDs, Images
Molino says Media Mogul can quickly and legally copy, share, and store a variety of digital files.

First Look at the FlipStart
This ultra-ultraportable PC puts Windows XP in your pocket.

Productivity Apps Get the Apple Treatment
With just a presentation app and a word processor, it's not quite a suite--but the apps are slick and come at a nice price.

Vodafone Shows Mobile TV
Service will offer live TV broadcasts on mobile phones.

Can I Call You on My Camera?
As the boundaries between cell phones and digital cameras blur, the images get sharper.

Canon PowerShot SD20
This stylish, compact point-and-shoot lacks an optical zoom but still takes decent pictures.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-L1
We like this point-and-shoot for its balance of image quality, features, and style.

Olympus Stylus Verve
This overstyled point-and-shoot camera looks pretty but underperforms.

Wired U.S. Population Grows Steadily
More people have access, although fewer went online after the holiday rush.

PC World's Digital Focus: Make Your Own DVDs; Stills With a Camcorder
Create your own home movies on DVD: software, hardware, tips.

Combo PDA-Cell Phone Selection Grows
Microsoft OS updates power both types of convergence devices, challenging Palm and Symbian.


NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync FE700+

Dell M782

ADI MicroScan XF-70

NEC-Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 73

Home Office: Caution! Even More E-Mail Impersonators!
More trickery, plus tips for protecting yourself.

The Most Promising Consumer Gadgets
What's next? Wearable wireless, luminescence over LCDs, universal plug-ins, and much more.

Packing Tips
What to take; what to leave; how to pack so you don't have to check anything.

Palm Trade Show Offers Glimpses of Newest Gear, Software
New Clies, a bar code sheep-shearing contest, Bejeweled for romantics, and a super-small Palm-based phone lend pizzazz to a quiet show floor.

First Look at's Firefox
Alternative browser shines with a clean interface, sophisticated functions, and many options.

Users Direct the Next Big Thing
Emerging technologies, such as social networks, rely on people to shape and guide them.

NEC MultiSync FE700+

Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro

ATI Radeon 64MBDDR

Congress Navigates a Flood of Net Privacy Bills
Lawmakers, industry juggle e-commerce and consumer concerns in review of longtime (and new) proposals.

Microsoft Puts its Stinger in Phones
Smart phone platform, unveiled in prototype, incorporates a few PDA features.

Office XP Tips: Managing Long Word Documents
Sick of scrolling? Word's Document Map helps you navigate big files.

Steve Bass's Home Office: Still on Deadline? Play More Games
Interactive games, gerbils and microwaves, false advertising.

Brother HL-2600CN

Toshiba PDR-M25

Kodak DX3700

Konica Digital Revio KD-300Z

Entrepreneurial Women Tackle Tech
SBA study finds them well-qualified, overlooked, and underfunded.

Dell Bids on EBay Sales
Trying to tempt auction addicts, PC vendor offers deals on new desktops and notebooks.

Lexmark C750n

Mobile Computing: Notebook Buying Tips
We name names, suggest products, and offer advice.

Lindows Leads the Way at Desktop Linux Summit
Company's chief highlights tools for bringing the alternative OS to your PC.

States Will Set Telecom Policy
Split FCC decision lets companies keep broadband pipes private.

How to Keep Your OS Springtime Fresh
Love that new-PC feeling? Here's how to get it back without starting from scratch each time.

More 8-Megapixel Digicams Debut
Canon, Konica Minolta, Nikon, and Olympus introduce high-end models for pros.

Free Book Excerpt: Eradicating E-mail Aggravations
PC Annoyances offers tips for more enjoyable computing; here's the e-mail section.

First Look at Apple's IPod Mini
Fashionable IPod Mini provides digital music in style at its debut.

Intel Joins the 64-Bit Desktop Fray
Preliminary PC World tests show Intel's new CPUs will run upcoming 64-bit Windows OS comfortably.

PIMs: Organizing Your Life
Steve Bass picks products, offers tips, and finds the ultimate time-waster.

Light Is Right: Apple's PowerBook G4
Exotic materials and a big, wide screen distinguish this Mac portable.

Microsoft Bundles Server Apps for Small Business
Small Business Server nudges Novell, Linux suites with an entry-level selection at a modest price.

File Attachments Go Wireless
Metamessage service lets you view faxes, Web pages, and many file types on wireless devices.

Paper Will Become Smarter, Not Obsolete
The digital age brings embedded functions and capabilities to paper products.

Polywell Poly 880NF

Dell Dimension 8200

ABS Digital 2

Dell Dimension 4400

Gateway 500XL

Lexmark C910n

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2210 GN

Gateway 700XL

HP E-pc 42

Systemax Ascent SA14

MicronPC Millennia TS Professional

Broadband: On the Fast Track?
Industry pushes Congress to build up broadband access, but consumers may not care.

Sys Performance 1900+

Tangent Medallion 4000D

Micro Express MicroFlex 1900A

GoogleGear Zilicor3 RW

MicronPC Millennia XP+

HP Vectra VL420

Tools to Ward Off Adware
Updated Ad-Aware offers options, real-time protection, and some snags.

Revamped AskSam Supports E-Mail, Web
Version 5.1 has new search, data-management functions.

Desktop Linux Products on Parade
LindowsOS steals the show at first Desktop Linux Summit.

Shoot the Messenger
Customers complain that Verizon overzealously blocks e-mail when battling spam.

LinuxWorld Show Shines Light on Desktop Linux
Major company officials tout advantages of switch to alternative OS.

Greetings From the Most Connected Place on Earth
South Korea: Where broadband is cheap, and the gaming is easy.

More Megapixels Hit Your Pocket
PMA show showcases point-and-shoot cameras with high resolution at affordable prices.

Understanding Color Profiles
What is a color profile and how can it improve your digital photos?

Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista
And a few reasons to think twice before upgrading.

Digital Camera Disasters: Will Yours Get Fixed?
One widespread camera problem gets out-of-warranty repairs, another gets a lawsuit.

AOL Developing Workplace AIM
Beefed-up AIM Pro due to arrive in the second quarter.

Tech Giants Eye Mobile VoIP
Microsoft, Nokia, and Skype are among those bringing Internet calling to cell phones.

Sony Shows Smallest HD Camcorder Yet
Company continues its high-definition push with this tiny, lightweight model.

NEC's lightweight portable offers handy, automated features and displays bright, high-quality images.

Epson PowerLite 76c
This low-priced Epson PowerLite is easy to set up and use, but its image-quality scores were nothing special.

Sharp Notevision XR-10X
Sharp's hefty portable delivers good performance and useful features at a great price.

Hitachi CP-RX60
This portable projector offers solid performance at an attractive price, but it compromises on features.

Microtek CX6
At a value price, the CX6 delivers bright, crisp images that look good in the office and at home.

Mitsubishi XD460U
The powerful XD460U's outstanding color quality makes it an ideal crossover projector for both office and home use.

Plus Vision V-339
The lightweight V-339 is perfect for small-group presentations, and its enhanced color mode is an advantage for home theater.

Panasonic PT-LB30U
The powerful PT-LB30U can handle almost any presentation and delivers good image quality to match.

Sony VPL-CX20A
The Sony VPL-CX20A boasts convenient automated features but delivers only mediocre images.

HP MP2210
The featherlight MP2210 is a good fit for on-the-go road warriors, but it's slim on features.

Sony VPL-CX76
This versatile projector comes equipped for wireless presenting, and has unique automated features.

Mitsubishi XD205
A reasonable price and average image quality are this unremarkable projector's main selling points.

Optoma EP719
Optoma's inexpensive projector delivers bright pictures but only average image quality.

Canon LV-X5
This XGA projector provides basic features but costs more than some brighter models that provide better image quality.

Dell 5100MP
The network-ready Dell 5100MP is a feature-rich projector that delivers super-bright images well-suited for conference rooms and classrooms.

Canon Realis SX50
This pricey projector excels at bright, colorful graphics, but it requires a computer capable of generating SXGA+ resolution for sharp presentations.

Full-featured Vista Test Version Due This Week
Conference call on new build of operating system scheduled for Wednesday.

Olympus Camedia P-200: A Tiny, Take-Along Photo Printer
At $449, this snapshot-size dye-sublimation printer offers realistic but pricey photos.

Digital Camera Vendors Offer Peek at Spring Line
Sony, Canon, Fujifilm highlight new models with lower prices, more storage, and video functions.

Online Cops Showcase the Worst of the Web
The finest frauds and the simplest scams are on restricted display in this virtual museum.

Lite-On LTR-32123S

Sony CRX175M

Gateway 700XL

E-Posses Patrol for Auction Fraud
Online community looks out for its members, but some turn vigilante.

Digital Camera Jargon Explained
The five terms you should know when you go camera shopping.

A Nimble Linux Desktop
The Xfce desktop environment is good-looking--and free of the overhead that can bog down the alternatives.

Sony's Clie Hits the End of the Road
Company will no longer sell new PDAs, but will support existing customers.

Court Won't Block Low-Cost Ink
Judge in Lexmark case refuses to prevent third parties from selling toner cartridges.

How Serious Is That Security Flaw?
Microsoft and Symantec are backing a plan to create a severity scoring system for software holes.

Centrino Update: In Short Supply
Looking for a notebook with Intel's new wireless technology? It may be hard to find.

New Sober Worm Spreading Quickly
Mass-mailer worm is considered more aggressive than earlier versions.

First Look: LifeBook Offers Dazzling Display
Special screen filter on Fujitsu's desktop replacement nets a better, brighter LCD.

Hackers Post Paris Hilton's Address Book Online
Celebrities listed in her cell race to change phone numbers.

Arrest, But no Relief From IM Spam
Man charged with sending more than 1.5 million unsolicited messages over instant messaging.

Fujitsu Eyes Small Hard-Disk Business
IPod popularity stimulates interest in tiny drives.

Cabir Worm Wriggles Into U.S. Mobile Phones
Worm found in Symbian smart phones in a dozen countries so far.

Fun With Troubleshooting
How to muck up your PC--and get it back to normal.

Charge-to-E-Mail Plan Needs Help
Will AOL and Yahoo's plan to levy fees on e-mail marketers make a dent in the spam wars?

Vista Gets Gadgetized
Latest feature-complete preview release adds Gadgets, enterprise features.

Computer Fact or Fiction?
Can you separate myth from reality when it comes to caring for your new PC? Take this quiz and find out.

Buy Smart
PC shoppers' common questions.

HDTV Myths
Ready to buy? Read this.

Google Faces Injunction Over Image Search
Adult entertainment site claims the search giant infringes on its copyrights.

Microsoft Hit With Fresh Complaint Over Office
Application suite, upcoming products are shutting out competitors, software giant's rivals complain.

Epson Sues Several Ink Cartridge Resellers
Printer maker accuses companies that make or sell third-party ink of infringing upon its patents.

Yahoo's Go Mobile Comes Calling
Portal service, which offers mobile access to Yahoo content, is now available on a Nokia phone.

Mitsubishi WD-62628
This 62-inch 1080p set lets you control multiple sources with its remote.

Lenovo to Launch Low-Cost Business Desktops, Laptops
Lenovo 3000 series is designed for small business users.

Though this 1080p LCoS TV offers high resolution, it doesn't accept 1080p sources.

HP MD5880n
Big-screen 1080p TV has unique input connections.

One NTP Patent in BlackBerry Case Gets Final Rejection
Separate hearing in RIM/NTP patent dispute lawsuit is scheduled for February 24.

AOL Nudges U.S. Dial-Up Subscribers Toward Broadband
Company hopes increase in price of dial-up service will move users to faster Internet access.

Flash Fun Comes to Pocket PCs
Macromedia's expanded OS support enables a growing selection of downloadable games for handhelds.

Blockbuster Goes Broadband, Streams Movies to You
Trial video-on-demand service streams Blockbuster rentals to your TV using a broadband hookup.

Ericsson Previews High-End, High-Speed Phone
R520M applies upcoming GPRS standard, plus Bluetooth and PDA functions.

Axis Systems Closes Shop, Strands Customers
Direct PC vendor posts gloomy Web site message and stops responding to new and existing customers.

ViewSonic VP912b
Admirable image quality, a bevy of features, and a reasonable price make this 19-inch LCD a winner.

Smart Searches, Without Google
Find local restaurants, sell used junk, and search the contents of TV shows.

AOL Revamps Its Shopping Site
InStore 2.0, coming in April, will feature more personalized service, added security.

Lycos Goes Looking for Love
Company launches a search engine that indexes dating sites only.

AMD Details Dual-Core Plans
Company says its high-end desktop processor will remain a single-core chip.

Microsoft Settles AntiSpyware Dispute
Dutch Web site says its home page was erroneously labeled as malicious content.

Samsung SyncMaster 920t
Sleek, intelligently designed, silver LCD delivers Very Good text quality.

CTX Technology F973
This model's low price and top-notch image quality compensate for its limited adjustability.

LG Electronics Flatron L1980U
LCD can twist, pivot, and flip--all while automatically keeping your images right side up.

Shoppers Find Less Satisfaction Online
As customers' expectations rise, giants like Amazon and EBay are finding it harder to keep people happy.

HP L1940
Poor image quality and so-so design implementation weaken this monitor's appeal.

Hyundai ImageQuest L90D+
Inexpensive model offers unexpected extra adjustments.

ViewEra V191D
This LCD monitor's price is right, but the screen quality is bargain-basement.

Internet Calling Rocks!
Our intrepid reporter gave up regular phone service for voice over IP. Now he's hooked and saving big bucks. Here's his story.

Surviving VoIP
Tips for a smooth transition.

The VoIP Players
Who's who in Internet calling?

AMD to Ship Dual-Core Athlon 64 Chip by Year's End
The company's high-end desktop processor, the Athlon 64 FX, will remain a single-core chip, however.

ChoicePoint's Error Sparks Talk of ID Theft Law
Privacy advocates call for federal legislation after company's massive data leaks come to light.

Treo as Notebook Alternative, Part 1
Our expert ditched his notebook in favor of a Treo 650; here's how well the device handled his e-mail tasks.

LG Phone Gets the Message
The keyboard-enabled F9200 does e-mail, IM, and photos--and it's reasonably priced, too.

Sony Tops LCD TV Market
Lower prices on its Bravia series helped TV maker climb into first place, researcher says.

Skype Offers New Ways to Pay
Users will be able to pay online and in cash for Net phone company's fee-based services.

Lenovo Launches $349 Small-Business Desktop
ThinkPad maker makes move against Dell and HP in cheaper-PC sector.

Political Rivals Unite Against Paid E-Mail Plan
A coalition of groups from across the political spectrum are opposed to AOL and Yahoo's use of the Goodmail CertifiedEmail service.

Microsoft Tests Windows Live Parental Controls
New service would allow parents to control their children's online activity.

Patriot Act Expansion Debated
Origin, aims of broader surveillance plan critiqued.

Salvage Bad Pictures
Use filters to turn bad photos into good ones; plus, a zoom problem cleared up.

Is Labeling Software Worth the Hassle?
Test drives of four CD/DVD labeling kits.

Work Up a Sweat With Video Games
Physician-designed Gamebike powers your play by pedaling.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828
Sony's latest is the first nonprofessional model with an 8-megapixel, four-color CCD.

Rio Karma
Simple 20GB hard-drive player includes ethernet port and sounds great.

Motorola Unveils Microsoft Phones
Two 3G handsets join Windows smartphone in expanding MotoPro lineup.

Gates Previews Security Projects
Microsoft is enhancing Windows XP protection, pursuing biometric options.

Traveling Light
What to pack, what to leave, and how to deal.

The 411 on World Phones
Not all cell phones work when you're abroad. Here's what you need to stay in touch almost anywhere around the globe.

Silence Fuels Speculation on Microsoft Security Plan
Analysts wonder if the NGSCB security technology for Windows has been axed.

How Much Should an IPod Shuffle Cost?
Analysts estimate that Apple makes a 40 percent profit margin on each device.

Hitachi Slashes Microdrive Prices
Company also announces a new 6GB version of its miniature hard drive.

AOL Enters Local Search Market
Service is available to both subscribers and users.

Dell Rolls Out Flashy New Gaming Notebooks
New laptops feature NVidia graphics and Intel mobile technology.

UK Government Launches Free Virus Alert Site
Users sign up to receive ITSafe e-mail or text message alerts.

Intel to Acquire TV Chip Designer Oplus
Chip maker's plans to enter the digital television market could be reborn.

A Question of (White) Balance
Setting and using the white balance can be confusing; we explain what it is and how to use it.

MPAA Expands War on Illegal File Trading
New lawsuits target search engines and newsgroups that offer instructions on downloading films.

Can Your Cell Phone Help With the Laundry?
IBM is testing applications that let university students know when the washing machine is free.

Google Page Creator Closed to New Users
Web page creation and hosting service attracted too many users, search giant says.

RIM to Patent Case Judge: BlackBerry Too Important to Shut Down
No ruling yet on request for injunction against RIM.

Auditor Loses Data on Thousands of McAfee Employees
Unencrypted disk containing sensitive information left on airplane seat.

Top Internet Videos: Part One
Watch a plane land on a freeway, see George Lucas fight writer's block, and more.

E-Mail Appeals in Age of Anthrax
An often tech-adverse Congress warms to electronic communications, but tries to accommodate snail mail too.

Intel Looks to Excite Tech Consumers
Chip giant hopes new technologies and products will spark consumer demand.

Digital Focus: More Tricks for Putting Motion in Photos
More ways to add motion to your photos; put photos on DVD.

Fujitsu LifeBook C Series

Fujitsu LifeBook S Series

Sotec 3120X

Toshiba Satellite 1955-S803

Compaq Presario 3005US

Fujifilm FinePix F401

Pentax Optio 330GS

Toshiba PDR-3320

IBM Unveils 20-Inch LCD
ThinkVision monitor debuts with new ThinkPad keyboards.

Digicam Plugs Into Axim PDA
Veo's Photo Traveler supplies video, still photography.

Are the Feds Reading Your E-Mail?
Senators ask how expanded surveillance powers are used.

Senate Approves Bill Targeting Child Porn
Proposed law restricts even computer-generated images.

Home Office: Fight Off New Viruses and Trojan Horses
A critical Windows update, the latest Web threats, and an exploding whale.

Patch Up Problems
Get your software fixes here.

Secure Alternatives
Something better than Windows?

Who's Guarding the Internet?
Senate hearing raises concerns about cyberterrorism and questions about industry's role.

Researchers Find Hole in Trend Micro AntiVirus Library
Thirty products, including e-mail services such as Hotmail, affected by flaw.

NTT Develops Mobile-Phone Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Company plans availability in third-generation phones in three years.

Dell Chief Turns Back on AMD
CEO Rollins says computer maker probably won't use AMD chips in PCs or servers after all.

Sony Produces New LCD for Projectors
Improved technology offers five-fold gain in contrast ratio and a crisper picture.

This tiny ultraportable is the battery-life champ.

HP Pavilion Ze2000
This stylish version of the Compaq Presario M2000 performs well and carries a reasonable price.

First Look: Making Music with GarageBand 2
First-timers will enjoy Apple's easy-to-use app, but more-seasoned musicians will likely feel stifled.

Compaq Presario M2000
This chunky but not-too-heavy consumer laptop delivers good features for the price.

Sharp Actius MP30
This lightweight ultraportable looks like a toy but works like a business machine.

Sys Technology MobileElite
This top-performing ultraportable doubles as a portable DVD player.

WinBook C240
This basic laptop comes with ample features but no software.

Internet Radio 101
WinAmp 2.6 brings the world of Shoutcast radio to your PC.

HP ScanJet 2200C

Visioneer OneTouch 5600 USB

Rambus Lawsuits Could Boost Memory Prices
Pending court cases over tech patents could shake memory industry and push up prices of SDRAM, DDR.

Rio Car MP3 Player Hits the Road
In-dash digital music player lets you take your MP3 collection along on your commute or vacation.

Assessing the ASP Wars
A growing selection of big-name applications is living on the Web. Are desktop users ready?

Digital Focus: Turn Photos Into Black-and-White Art
Add an antique look to photos; learn all about digital camera lens sizes.

Pioneer DV-444

Philips DVDQ50AT

Toshiba SD1700

Mitsubishi DD-6020

Sony DVP-F21

Home Office: The Merge Is On--TVs, PCs, and Multimedia
Tivo, Tivo copycats, and that funny smell coming from your PC.


Dell 3200MP

Sony VPL-CX5

Toshiba TLP-T501U

Boxlight XD-15c

InFocus LP70

Optoma EzPro 737

Mitsubishi XD300U ColorView

Sharp Notevision PG-M25X

Philips BSure XG1


Epson PowerLite 53c

Epson PowerLite 730c

Hewlett-Packard Sb21

InFocus X1

ViewSonic PJ-501

MusicNet on AOL Tunes Up Again
Revamped service supports CD burning, multiple PCs.

Wireless Phone Options
We tackle the wireless mess and discuss devices, service plans, and more.

Broken Windows: Will Your PC Ever Be Secure?
It seems a week doesn't go by without some malcontent writing a worm that attacks holes in Microsoft products. What can you do to protect yourself?

Dell Dimension 4600
Dell combines a solid midrange PC with an attractive 17-inch LCD monitor and gives it an appealing price.

Overeager Spam Filters Cause Headaches
ISPs struggle to get off AOL's blacklist when spam-blocking methods turn heavy-handed.

Anti-Spyware Law Proposed
Senators urge making spyware harder to install, easier to eject.

From Deutschland With Love
A German gaming site called Brettspielwelt recreates the board-game experience in cyberspace--but don't expect Monopoly or Scrabble.

Ask Jeeves to Unveil Improvements, New Brand
Changes include new name,, and the retirement of the butler logo.

WinAmp Audio Settings
Make your music jump using WinAmp's built-in audio equalizer.

Gateway Professional S1500

Backup Now Makes Archiving to CD-RW a Breeze
Simple-to-use and solid CD-RW-only utility also creates drive images and emergency boot discs, for just $60.

Fujifilm FinePix 1300

Kodak DC3800

Kodak DC3400

Ricoh RDC-6000

NVidia Unveils GeForce3 Chip Set
Programmable engine gives game developers more options to stretch graphics board, due soon in Power Macs.

IBM Guides Partners Into a Mobile Future
IBM's voice recognition, custom wireless shopping, and data conversion tools will power partners' end products.

Gnutella Users Face First Peer-to-Peer Virus
Antivirus protection is available for Mandragore, which appears only to delete shared files.

Intel Thinks Small in Mobile Spotlight
Chip giant unveils tiny Tualatin, mobile 1-GHz CPU, and integrated mobile chip set.

Ex-Apple Evangelist Stumps for IBM--and Technology
Guy Kawasaki turns blue, offering levity and insight for dot-com survivors.

Office XP Tips: Manage Large Spreadsheets
Excel's new Watch Window tool lets you watch cells that are out of view.

Home Office: High-Tech Tricks to Stop Pesky Telemarketers
What to say and tools to use to make annoying salespeople pay.

Future Gear: Seeking the Handheld Holy Grail
High-speed wireless networking is key to future handheld devices.

Broadband Gets a Boost
House approves Tauzin-Dingell bill deregulating some deployment; Senate opponents gear up to fight.

Guide to Filing Taxes Online
Tax preparation sites offer fast filing, fast refunds.

Mobile Computing: Highs and Lows at the High-Tech Hotel
We test new Web access and entertainment services offered at hotels.

Ricoh Aficio CL5000

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2300 DeskLaser

HP Color LaserJet 2500tn

It's Open Season on Spammers
Techies, attorneys, government officials team to tackle spam.

GarageBand Composes Music in Minutes
Dabblers can have plenty of fun with Apple's song-making software, but don't expect it to make you a virtuoso.

Acer Aspire AS2003LMi
Long battery life and strong performance make this notebook ideal for the business user on the go.

Toshiba Satellite M35-S320
This full-featured notebook provides plenty of multimedia moxie at an attractive price.

Antispam Registries Aren't Official
FTC warns that private do-not-spam sites are ineffective at best and scams at worst.

Microsoft Confirms Vista Editions
Next version of Windows will be available in six editions, four aimed at consumers and two for business.

Panasonic Preps Its First Digital SLR
A prototype of the camera, expected later this year, is on display at this week's PMA show.

Is Microsoft Set to Announce New Handheld Device?
Web rife with speculation that Microsoft is working on a new device that is a cross between a PDA and a Tablet PC.

Symantec's New Consumer Backup Software
Norton Save & Restore backup and recovery software ships in late March.

Undocumented WinAmp Tips
We'll help you find WinAmp's hidden shortcuts.

Tangent Valera

Make Your Desktop Look Marvelous
Stop squinting at tiny fonts and dull desktop themes. Make Windows and the Web work harder and go easy on the eyes.

Sonos: Music That's in the Zone
This network device plays music and Internet radio in any room, but it's far more sophisticated than most other streaming devices.