Computing Center Sitemap - Page 75 2013-07-16

Mozilla Warns of Firefox Security Holes
Foundation releases an updated browser that includes fixes to many flaws.

Motorola Merges Its Plan for Faster Wi-Fi
Two proposed standards for 802.11n wireless will face off next month.

Jef Raskin, Macintosh Creator, Dies at 61
As Apple Computer employee number 31, Raskin advanced the design of user interfaces.

First Look: Picasa 2 Improves Upon Original
Google's free image software works well, but a few features still need some fine-tuning.

MPC Millennia 940i Dream Machine
Looking for lots of storage? This Millennia has oodles of it.

Fujitsu Readies 120GB Notebook Hard Drive
Product expected to ship later this year, company says.

Polywell Mini-Box 939AX-3200
The Polywell Mini-Box offers Media Center functionality in a compact case.

Polywell Poly 939N-FX55
This speedy system is an excellent choice for gaming.

WinBook PowerSpec 9262
This basic PC performed well in our WorldBench tests.

Amax Power 3460+
This Amax is expensive, but it will give you solid performance.

AOL Tool Links AIM Buddies to Microsoft Outlook
New tool shows your AIM buddies' availability in Microsoft Outlook.

Scanning Old Photos
Preserve memories by scanning those old photos.

Virus Passes From PCs to Mobile Devices
Proof-of-concept malware infects a PC, then spreads to a handheld and erases files.

Sony Ericsson Unwraps Blogging Phones
New handsets feature Google's Blogger app and built-in 3.2 megapixel cameras.

Mobile Phone Sales Reach Record Levels
Fashion phones, handsets with built-in music players drive sales, researcher says.

Blu-ray Disc Player, Movies Coming in May
Samsung will be the first to launch its hardware, with Sony and Pioneer expected to follow.

Outsmarting the Online Privacy Snoops
Internet privacy controversies drive interest in tools for anonymous Web surfing.

Test Versions of New Windows Live Services Arrive
Windows Live Expo and updated Windows Live Local available now; other betas coming in March.

AOL Sues Phishing Organizations
Company has filed three civil suits, seeking $18 million from phishing "gangs."

Keeping New Year's Resolutions, the Web Way
Technology can't give you willpower, but you might get a little help from the Web.

In 2001, Watch for Faster, Cheaper, and Smaller PCs
What's next for computers, monitors, printers, notebooks? gathers 2001 predictions.

Digital Focus: Save Money on Photography
Dave shares tips for penny pinchers and explains how to choose a camera for Web publishing.

Online Tools to Make Resolutions Stick
Whether your goal is to shape up or stay in touch, here are the Web sites to keep you on track.

2002 Nominees for the WPA Maggies Awards
A list of the online articles submitted to the Western Publishers Association for awards consideration.

Home Office Newsletter Columns for 2002 WPA Maggies
A list of online Home Office Newsletter columns entered for consideration in the 2002 WPA Maggies Awards.

Technology to Watch in 2002
Expect PC vendors to consolidate, Tablet PCs to bomb, and digital cameras and home nets to get even hotter as developers choose survival over innovation.

Make the Most of Your MP3 Player
Follow our tips for easy ripping and keeping your player in shape. Plus: We point you to the best music sites.

Intel Gets Funky With Introduction of MP3 Player
Chip giant ready to release Concert Audio Player, releasing more consumer products soon.

QuickBase Is a Quick Study
Got a new project? Get your team going quickly with this easy-to-use Web database.

Lycos Helps Shoppers Meet Their Match
New service brings buyers and sellers together by using a reverse-auction format.

Office XP Tips: Macros 101
Take the tedium out of repetitive tasks with Office XP macros.

Steve Bass's Home Office: Travel Tips for the New Year
Easier packing; how to travel with gadgets; best airports to sleep in.

Konica Digital Revio KD-400Z

Mac Skeptic: What's Right With OS X 10.3
New features make the latest operating system a genuine pleasure to use.

Don't E-Mail, Send Zip-Mail
Use WinZip 8.0 to compress and send a file to someone.

Internet Phone Survival Tips
Internet phone technology can save you money if you know how to work around the traps.

A Great Traveling Companion: IBM's Data/Video Projector
Big Blue's debut Digital Light Processing projector offers good value and performance.

The Spam-tastic Year 2000
Unwanted spam gave one e-mail user plenty to complain about in 2000.

Intel Releases Improved Celeron
Faster CPU competes with AMD's Duron, plus 1.3-GHz P4.

Auctions Stop, EBay Officials Puzzled at Outage
Auction site goes down long enough to institute outage policy, extending sales.

You've Shopped on the Net, Now Surf in a Store
WebSled offers a futuristic seat for retail surfing for consumer electronics information and more.

Nikon Coolpix 3500

Security Threats to Beware in 2003
In this New Year, virus attacks just begin with e-mail. Here's what else to do to stay safe from Internet-borne nasties.

Top Download Picks of 2004
Readers downloaded this column's picks hundreds of thousands of times last year. Did you miss these gems?

More Holiday Shoppers Hit the Web
Online shopping increased 24 percent in 2004, VeriSign says.

AMD Chips in For Portable Video Players
New chip will cut the time required to transfer content onto those devices.

IBM Details PC Unit's Financial Woes
The business racked up nearly $1 billion in losses since 2001.

2004: Big Year for Blogs
Readership is up, but most Web surfers still don't know what blogs are.

First Look: Skip Gateway's MP3 Photo Jukebox
Color display and photo support can't save oddly designed player.

ADS Tech Instant TV +FM PCI
This TV tuner card includes a remote control and an FM tuner, but some of its best features may be hard to find.

ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0
This talented USB tuner offers features rivaling those of TiVo-style DVRs.

AVerMedia UltraTV USB 300
This small, lightweight USB tuner is best suited for helping you watch TV while traveling with a laptop.

Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150
Good performance and helpful features outweigh the frustration of this TV tuner's remote control.

Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2
Though the remote control is frustrating, this USB tuner performs well and has many attractive features.

Experts: Windows Flaw Can't Wait for Microsoft Fix
Users should consider applying an unofficial security patch, researchers say.

Sony May Settle CD Lawsuit
Companies involved have tentatively agreed to a deal in the nationwide class-action suit over security flaws.

Google Gets Sued Over Talk Service
Company says the search giant's VoIP service infringes upon two of its patents.

Cornice Boosts Capacity, Shrinks Hard Drives
New 8GB and 10GB drives are 40 percent smaller than previous versions, company says.

Online Shopping Hit New Highs in 2005
E-shoppers spent more money and were more satisfied this holiday season, report shows.

Kodak's New Digital Camera Offers Two Views
The V570 includes an optical zoom and a wide angle lens, company says.

Google Goes Mobile With Opera
Search item will be included on the opening pages of the company's mobile browsers.

Microsoft Urges Users to Wait for Official Patch
Software giant says fix for WMF flaw is coming, advises against installing unofficial fixes.

Broadcom Chips Away at the HD-DVD Divide
New chip will allow one device to play both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc content.

Starz to Offer Video Via the Web
New service called Vongo will offer downloadable movies and TV shows.

The New Digital World Blog
Consumer electronics coverage in a fresh new wrapper.

Doctor WinZip
Let WinZip 8.0 scan files for viruses before you open them.

Keep an Eye on Your Child's Net Habits
Net Nanny 4 maintains round-the-clock watch as your kids surf the Web.

No Postholiday PC Bargains Yet
If you missed the seasonal price drops, you're wise to wait a while for the next cost drop.

Newly Released CompuServe 2000 6.0 Mimics AOL
Revamped CompuServe 2000 improves communication functions and adds multimedia tools that sing an AOL tune.

Hayes Releases First V.92 Modems
Internal, external Accura modems improve compression and marginally boost connect and upload speeds.

Microtek ScanMaker 4800

Umax Astra 4450

Mustek BearPaw 2400TA

Toshiba PDR-2300

ABS Ultimate M5-64
High-end gaming system boasts a dazzling 19-inch LCD, crisp speakers, and opponent-thumping performance.

Alienware Aurora 5500
Screaming performance, cool looks, and a great display at a competitive price.

Amax Kloss i915B
Competent, stylish value system fits well in any setting.

CyberPower Gamer Ultra 7500 SE
Low price and solid features recommend cost-effective game machine.

IBM ThinkCentre A51p
Strong design and security stand out in this attractive business machine.

Giant Consumer Electronics Blowout in Vegas
Big HDTVs, next-generation DVD, and plenty of connected devices for your home take center stage as the 2005 CES prepares to open.

EBay Cancels Its Passport
Online auctioneer will stop supporting Microsoft's sign-in service.

Samsung Develops 21-Inch OLED Display
Prototype is said to be the largest developed by any manufacturer.

SBC Readies Integrated Entertainment
Upcoming set-top box will offer TV, digital video recording, and Internet access in one.

Deadline Looms in Microsoft Settlement
Californians may be ignoring a chance to claim their part of the $1.1 billion deal.

Linksys Secures Media Streaming
New adapter will allow you to stream content from your PC to your TV or stereo.

Olympus C-7000 Zoom
Diminutive camera offers a full range of features and top-scoring image quality.

Nikon Coolpix 8400
High-quality shots and a truly wide-angle lens distinguish this 8-megapixel Coolpix.

Nikon Coolpix 8800
Bulky black camera has a plethora of settings for controlling exposure.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3
One of the easiest-to-use advanced cameras, with unique low-light modes.

The 25 Most Innovative Products of the Year
Twenty-five groundbreaking products, five categories. See what our editors picked.

Linux Drivers Made Easy
Getting your printer to play nicely with Linux is easier than ever.

Sony's E-Book Is Easy on the Eyes
Sony's Reader dispenses with the glare, flicker of earlier attempts at electronic readers.

PC World's CES Photo Gallery: The First 24 Hours
Electronic guitars, a TV that looks like a soccerball, and high-tech fishing gear highlight today's photo gallery.

AMD Goes Live With Digital Home Strategy
Jumps out in front of Intel's Viiv marketing plans with AMD Live! logo campaign.

Motorola Readies iRadio Music Service
Subscribers will be able to listen to 435 channels at home, in the car, and on their phone.

Windows Attacks on the Rise
Malicious software targeting the unpatched WMF vulnerability is now the most widely reported threat on the Internet.

MP3 Goes for Surround Sound
Two companies will show off enhancements for the portable music format at this week's CES.

HD Picture to Come Into Focus
Supporters of both HD-DVD or Blu-ray Disc expected to show products, detail launch plans at CES.

HP Unveils Multimedia Notebooks
PC maker continues it support of AMD, using Turion mobile processors in the new systems.

Another Sober Worm Set to Strike
Latest variant is expected to attack soon, but experts say it may not do much harm.

Seagate Drives Aim to Ease Home Storage
New portable hard drive uses perpendicular recording technology.

New HP Products Aim for Easy Multimedia Sharing
HP announces a new Media Center PC, a passel of LCD and plasma displays, and camera updates.

Windows Mobile Treo Arrives
Verizon Wireless to begin selling the much-anticipated Windows Mobile-based Palm Treo 700w on January 5.

Sony Identifies First Blu-ray Disc Movies
Twenty titles will be launched on the next-generation DVD format, company says.

LG to Enter U.S. Portable Media Device Market
Manufacturer's three new video players are perceived as iPod Video competitors.

CES: No Shortage of Ways to Store, Play Media at Home
D-Link, Linksys, and Marvell roll out advanced gear for home entertainment networking at giant consumer electronics show.

D-Link Shows New Internet Security Device
Slim appliance will work as a firewall and protect PCs from viruses and spyware.

Headache Saver
Let WinZip walk you through installing screen savers and desktop themes.

Iomega Ships USB Zip Drive Sans Power Cable
250MB Zip Drive also supports hot-swapping for easier data-sharing.

Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Smart Gadgets
Amid the Vegas glitz, find a broad convergence of communications and computing at home, on the road, in your pocket.

Panasonic's 'Post-PC' Wares Do Double Duty
From Internet TVs to portable DVD and audio players, Panasonic sets its sights on the digital networked home.

Home Network Options Grow, Get Cheaper
U.S. Robotics, Linksys, and 2Wire showcase unwired ways to add Internet access throughout your home.

Samsung Digimax 350SE

GeekTech: RTFM Part II, Looking Beyond the Printed Page
If your documentation is undecipherable, don't despair: There's help out there, if you know where to look.

The Print Shop: Get Glossy Photos From Color Laser Printers
Color laser printers that print on glossy paper now can cost less than $500. Do you still need an inkjet?

CES 2005: Photos From the First 24 Hours
From cell phones and personal media players to LCDs with built-in DVD players, here's a look at what's hot at CES.

Hitachi Plans Big Boost for Small Drives
One-inch Microdrive capacity will jump to up to 10GB.

VWB Debuts All-in-One Set-Top Box
Internet-capable device also serves as a personal video recorder and a DVD player and recorder.

Samsung Fights Back in Battle of Big TVs
Electronics maker unveils an 80-inch plasma display TV.

Seagate Shows Small 5GB Hard Drive
Miniature hard drive will feature a Compact Flash card form factor.

Arrests Made in Chip Re-Marking Case
AMD confirms that Taiwanese police found re-marked AMD chips during a raid last week.

Real Expands Online Music Partnership With Comcast
Broadband provider will offer Real's Internet radio service.

MapQuest Goes Mobile
New service sends color maps and directions to cell phone users.

BenQ Unveils WLAN Smart Phone With Camera
Mobile phone has 802.11b wireless networking capabilities and an integrated 1.3-megapixel digital camera.

Microsoft Readies Antispyware App
A free beta version of the software will be available by mid-January.

Philips, HP Copy Protection Ready for New FCC Rules
The system could mean that users will have to buy all-new DVD+RW gear.

Court Rejects RIAA Request to Identify Song Swappers
Decision not expected to slow flood of lawsuits against file sharers by the music industry.

HP to Sell Linux-Based Home Media Hub
Company says the combo device will be the industry's first high-definition hub.

Panasonic Teams Up With HP and Again With Microsoft
Electronics firm will support HP's rewritable DVD technology and separately partner with Microsoft on digital rights management.

CES Photo Gallery: Hottest Products From Day 2
Take a sneak peek at Alienware's hot new desktop, Toshiba's high-end notebook, LG's stylish portable media center, and more.

Gates Shares His Vision of the Digital Lifestyle
Microsoft exec shows off a gaggle of gadgets and software at CES.

Philips Sheds Light on HDTVs
Company announces new generation of Ambilight TVs and readies a new VoIP phone.

Report: Google to Offer Video, Software Downloads
Search giant will announce an upgrade to its video search service at CES, published report says.

Ballmer, Gates Take on CES
Microsoft execs sit down to talk about Windows Vista, that Xbox shortage, and what they mean by Web 2.0.

Toshiba Details HD-DVD Plans
Next-generation DVD players will be available in March, starting at $500.

Opera Expands Into Entertainment
New version of the browser will run on TVs, set-top boxes, and other devices.

HP Readies EvDO Notebook
Laptop is the company's first with an integrated cellular wireless chip.

Nintendo Takes Game Boy for a Drive
Game cartridges will be playable on a portable in-car entertainment system.

First Look at the Palm Treo 700w Smartphone
Palm's first Windows Mobile Treo has a lot going for it--including Verizon Wireless's speedy EvDO network--but a few annoyances linger.

Software Aims to Help You Pick New Tunes
New technologies get behind the music to point you toward future favorites.

Microsoft to Offer HD-DVD Drive for the Xbox 360
The add-on device to the gaming console will enable users to watch high-definition movies.

First Tests of Intel's New Dual-Core Mobile Processors
In PC World's exclusive tests, two notebooks with Intel's new Core Duo chip prove to be multitasking powerhouses.

Verizon Wireless Gets Tuneful
V Cast online music store will allow customers to download songs directly to their phones.

Fujifilm FinePix 3800

Preclick Offers Free, Fast Photo Organizer
Company releases generic version of digital image album creator, already used on several sites.

Samsung SyncMaster 191T

AG Neovo S-19

GEM GL-190Z2

Princeton Graphics SENergy 981

WinBook Display C1900

Apple Cinema Display (22-inch)

Legislative Year in Review: All Talk, Little Action
For good or ill, Congress kept to its usual snail's pace on a number of controversial issues ranging from digital copyright to spyware; other government agencies, however, made up for some of the slack.

CES 2005: Photos From the Second 24 Hours
IPod accessories, waterproof cameras, and slick cell phones highlight today's photo gallery.

Sharp Shows Big-Screen TVs
Company claims 65-inch LC HDTV, coming this year, is the largest of its kind.

Logitech Updates Universal Remote
Harmony 880 will be able to conduct multiple operations simultaneously.

U.S. Leads the World in File Swapping
Canadians and Germans are increasing their use of p-to-p technology, study says.

Satellite Video: Coming to a Car Near You
Sirius is teaming with Microsoft to offer more in-car entertainment.

Sony Plans HD Vaio PC
Desktop will offer plenty of storage, as well as tools for storing and editing high-definition video.

Thomson Unveils HDTV Set-Top Box
Receiver will allow your TV to display HD content that's stored on your PC.

Gates Pitches Microsoft for 'Digital Lifestyle'
No new products, no new strategy announced in CES keynote.

Mozilla and Firefox Vulnerabilities Identified
Early versions of the Mozilla browser are most at risk.

Transmeta's Future: Not in the Chips?
Company is considering a gradual exit from processor sales.

Broadcom Adds Wi-Fi Security
New software securely adds devices to wireless networks with the push of a button.

Microsoft Eyes Deal With Sony in Digital Music Push
Bill Gates hints at possible partnership with giant electronics company.

Blu-ray Disc Gains Gaming Support
Electronic Arts, Vivendi Universal Games choose a side in the battle of next-gen DVD formats.

Microsoft Sends Shivers Through Antivirus Market
Release of anti-spyware tool, promise of virus removal software could spell trouble for antivirus software companies.

Microsoft Changes Pocket PC's Name
Windows Mobile brand will replace Pocket PC and Smartphone labels.

TiVo Cuts Out the Cable Box
Upcoming DVR will offer CableCard and HDTV support.

Ovideon Displays Portable Media Player
Device features an OLED display, which the company says is better than an LCD.

EBay Initiative Promotes Electronics Recycling
'Rethink Initiative' hopes to preempt electronic-waste legislation.

Macworld Expo Promises iPod Gear Galore
The trade show for the Apple faithful caps off an extraordinarily eventful year and should yield some intriguing new products.

CES 2006: Show-Stopping Photos From Day 3
A motorized pool float (really!), a KickButt computer, an innovative Skype headset, and plenty of iPod accessories highlight today's photo gallery.

HDTVs Dive into Deep Color
Silicon Image's HDMI updates promise more colors for smoother, higher-contrast pictures.

Dell Readies Renegade Gaming PC
New graphics-intensive system will compete with Microsoft's Xbox.

Lenovo Boosts ThinkPad Battery Life
New notebooks can run for up to 11 hours without a charge, company says.

Add Vim to Your Video iPod
Need extra screen space, a way to trade content between iPod and TV, or permission to take your tunes for a swim? Someone makes it for your video iPod.

Microsoft Tunes Into Windows Live
Software giant reveals plans to link the portal to Media Center PCs to give users more access to digital content.

Intel Adds AOL, DirectTV, and NBC to Viiv Entertainment Strategy
Intel's Viiv platform now has major content providers lined up.

Panasonic Shows Laptop Fuel Cell
Device could offer 20 hours of power, but it may not be commercialized anytime soon.

Gateway, Fujitsu Unveil Centrino Duo Notebooks
New consumer laptops feature Intel's mobile dual-core chip.

Samsung Shares Blu-ray Disc Plans
Company will launch a $1000 Blu-ray Disc player in April.

Cable Industry Begins to Launch Next-Generation Digital Services
Deployments of OCAP--an open development platform for digital cable products and services--should enable faster and more efficient creation of digital TV applications and products.

AOL Could Pay Millions to Settle Billing Suit
Proposed deal would see the company offer $25 million in cash and account credits.

CES 2006 Announcements Fuel Digital Media Revolution
Windows Live services for Media Center PCs; a deal with MTV among Microsoft's moves.

Google Launches Video Download Service
Search giant president also announces video player and Google Pack software package.

Intel: Brightening Channel Surfers' Lives with Viiv
Intel's Viiv PC technology strives to give TV viewers access to a wider range of content and services.

Hybrid Cell Phone Includes Internet Telephony Capability
UTStarcom's GF200 could be great for consumers, but cell phone companies have reason to fear it.

A Network in Every Home?
Networks have gone mainstream, judging from their numbers at CES.

Gates Unwraps Xbox, Previews Whistler
At CES, Gates unveiled Microsoft's game console and previewed the Windows and Pocket PC of the digital media future.

Digital Music Streams Beyond the PC
CES selection of stereo products and portable devices play Web-based tunes where you want to hear them (for a price).

Fujifim FinePix A303

HP Photosmart 320

ABS Bravado 2240

Gateway 700XL

Compaq Evo N410c

Compaq Evo N610c

Gateway 450S

Micro Express NP1124A

ViewSonic VX900

Sceptre Technologies X9S-Naga

Planar PL191M

Dell UltraSharp 1900FP


KDS USA Radius Rad-9

NEC MultiSync LCD 1920NX

Iiyama Pro Lite 4821DT-BK

Hitachi CML190B

Microsoft Posts Public Beta of Exchange Server 2003
Final version due this summer should offer remote users easier access to corporate in-boxes.

Apple Opens a Crate of New Products
Multimedia PowerBooks, plus browser, presentation program, new suite, and fast connectivity highlight Macworld keynote.

Minolta-QMS PagePro 1250W

Lexmark W812

Xerox Phaser 4400/N

IBM Infoprint 1120n

Oki Data B8300n

Palm Tungsten T

Brother HL-1870N

Toshiba Pocket PC E335

Zayo USA A600 PPC

Sony Clie PEG-NX70V

HP IPaq Pocket PC H5450

Palm Zire

Viewsonic Pocket PC V35

Casio Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager

Living With... a Tablet PC
Launched as the notebook of the future, the Tablet PC has been both hailed and derided. Richard Baguley reports on his experiences living with one.

A PC User's Guide to Macworld
Amid the IPods, Windows users find music devices, utilities, and other resources.

Consumer Electronics Take Center Stage
Music, gadgets, home entertainment, and PC enhancements highlight annual CES this week.

CES 2005: Show Stopping Photos From Day 3
Update: An MP3 player that sleeps with the fishes, snow in Las Vegas, and plenty of personal entertainment gadgets highlight today's photo gallery.

Unlimited Music Downloads for $15 per Month
Later this year, portable music subscription services will offer to fill your MP3 player with tunes for a monthly fee. Here's a preview of one of the first.

DV Camcorders Get Really Cheap--But Still No HD
Sony and Canon offer smaller models, 16-by-9 shooting modes.

Studios Promise HD-DVD Movies in 2005
Almost 100 titles will be available on the next-gen DVD format, studios say.

MTV Comes Courting at CES
TV network is looking for partners to expand its multimedia reach.

Sony Bets on SXRD Projector Technology
Microdisplay technology will compete with Texas Instruments' DLP.

Intel Sets Its Sights on Elder Care
Chip maker is testing sensors that could keep grandparents at home.

Altec Lansing Offers Portable MP3 Sound
Company debuts a small, lightweight set of speakers for digital audio players.

Motorola Keeps ITunes Client Hidden
Company is showing a super-thin cell phone and its snowboarding gear, however.

New Skulls Trojan Targets Cell Phones
Malware arrives disguised as a version of the Macromedia Flash player.

AMD Readies New Mobile Processors
Turion chips will be launched officially next week.

IE Flaw Exploited
Security firm identifies exploit technique for known browser hole.

HP Highlights Video Products
Fiorina's CES keynote also features downloadable tattoos, designer digicams, and upcoming home technology.

High-Def TV Gets Higher-Def
A new generation of HDTVs feature native 1080p screens. But there's no pressing need to ditch your current 720p set.

Verizon Sends TV to 3G Phones
VCast service will offer music video, 3D games, and custom broadcasts.

CES 2006: Absolutely Fab Photos From Day Four
The world's first HSDPA cell phone, a display for taking your TV on the go, and more music players highlight today's photo gallery.

Yahoo Go Keeps Users Connected
New multi-platform service promises to serve up Internet content anywhere you go.

DVD Format Wars: Bad for Everyone?
Battle between Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD will hurt consumers and companies alike, industry exec says.

Sony Seeks a Balance for CD Copy Controls
Company looks to meet the needs of consumers and the rights of artists, exec says.

Living in a 3G World
With 3G networks finally getting real, phones and services that can use the bandwidth are rolling out.

New Ways to Wrangle Video and Photos
HP, Kodak, and others show fresh ways to process, edit, and share photos and videos.

Home Networking Meets Home Theater
New products add media player features in lieu of performance boosts.

New Options for Editing, Sharing Video
Innovative video services shown at CES.

AMD Launches 850-MHz Duron
Value chip outruns Celeron, and upcoming graphics chip sets will help lower system prices.

Olympus Adds More Digital Camera Options
New models work in low light, and voice recorders allow you to add messages.

Descrambling the Hard Drive Copy-Protection Scheme
Plan to restrict copyrighted content through hard drive technology raises confusion, draws conflict.

Digital Focus: Take Photos at Night
Learn the secrets of night photography and how to print a contact sheet.

Electronics Get Ever Smarter, Snazzier at CES
Las Vegas trade show bristles with the latest in video, audio, networking, and general entertainment.

CES Shows Something Shocking: Powerline Networks that Work
Linksys, NetGear, Phonex among first to ship home networking gear based on HomePlug standard.

Dell Dimension 8250

Gateway 500X

Dell Dimension 4550

Micro Express MicroFlex 28A

ABS Awesome 3340

CES Preview: From Tiny Storage to Giant TVs
Wireless wonders, awesome audio, digicam dreams, and ways to keep it all running fill annual event.

ABS Sensation 1300

Compaq Evo D310 Microtower

FreewayTech Innovation A7000

Gateway 300X

New HP, Epson Peripherals Go Cross-Platform
Photosmart printers and Scanjet and Perfection scanners debut at Macworld with PC, Mac support.

Next: News, Sports, and Weather on Your Wristwatch
Microsoft, National Semiconductor team to build wireless network and smart receiver devices.

Toshiba DVD Players Go Portable
Sturdy players and high-end projector to ship this spring, TiVo-friendly media server in the works.

Inke Unveils Clean, Cheap Ink Jet Refills
HS-45 lets you refill cartridges at a third of the price of buying new.

Epson Photo Printer Boasts Speed, Clarity
Stylus R800 supports tiny droplet sizes and high-gloss finish.

Antec Revamps Power Supply, Cases
Products target PC builders seeking silence and space savings.

CES 2005: Photos From Day Four
An unusual keyboard, more personal entertainment devices, and a glimpse of Dweezil Zappa highlight today's photo gallery.

Networking Companies Search for Greater Wi-Fi Range
MIMO hardware with its multiple antennas deemed the key.

CES Wrap-up: Less is More With Next-Gen MP3 Players
Portable audio player manufacturers bet on smaller, simpler devices in an effort to unseat Apple's IPod.

Logitech Cuts the Cord
Cordless mouse and keyboard combo, wireless pointer debut.

Plug In for Easier Video Access
HomePlug specification would allow video to travel through your wall electrical sockets.

Innovative Dual-Core Notebooks Debut at CES
Interested in a hot, new Centrino Duo laptop? We've got the low-down on a slew of new models.

Hands On: Instant Messaging Goes Mobile
Both AOL's Instant Communicator and eLink Fortified by Yahoo are wireless, but tied securely to their services.

Lexmark Ships Bargain Multifunction Device
Low price and convenience offset lack of fax capability.

Speed, Song Highlight Apple Product Announcements
Steve Jobs opens Macworld Expo, unveiling a faster Power Mac G4, a thin PowerBook, and friendly media software.

Cross-Platform Products Help Windows, Mac Cohabit
Networking software makes it simpler to connect Windows and Mac PCs, even in a small-office environment.

Office XP Tips: More Power From Macros
Here's a robust macro you can create without a degree from MIT.

Steve Bass's Home Office: Thinking of an XP Upgrade? Read This
... And cry. Incompatibilities, bugs, patches, broken promises.

Wear Your Mouse--Or Your Whole PC
Essential Reality's mouse-glove and Xybernaut's PC headgear offer alternative input options.

Great Gadgets Abound: Which Will Last?
CES vendors vie for their product to be named the 'Last Gadget Standing.'

New Batteries Said to Charge in 15 Minutes
Rayovac's I-C3 technology pairs new charger and batteries for much longer life and faster recharge.

Antec Launches Slick New PC Cases
Lifestyles Series fits the living room, and LANBOY offers desktop mobility.

There Builds a Better Virtual World
3D online community will let participants interact in social and competitive environments.

Standards Should Make it Easier to Swap Discs
OSTA's MPV faces HighMAT from a Microsoft alliance in effort to set a standard for organizing multimedia files regardless of device.

Sony Shows a World of New Products
A DVD recorder for the living room, a home entertainment network receiver, and a slew of notebooks and desktops are on display at CES.

TiVo Gets Networked
Television service cuts deals for music- and photo-sharing, and readies HDTV devices.

Small Storage Devices Hit a Higher Capacity
Sony's Memory Stick and Secure Digital cards will soon offer 1GB of space, and Hitachi's Microdrives are heading even higher.

Trek Puts a Camera on a Key Chain
Tiny USB ThumbDrives gain photography, music player functions.

Linux on Your Lap
Putting Linux on a laptop can be challenging--but that's part of the fun.

Evolve Remote Tells You What's on TV
New $50 gadget offers an integrated programming guide, and still changes the channels.

TiVo Cozies Up to PCs, Satellite
Upcoming services include 'TiVo to Go' and support for high-definition DVR.

New Philips TVs Sport Mirrors, Halos
Light-sensitive LCDs, keychain camcorder, and home theater highlight CES announcements.

MediaReady 4000 Bridges TV, Stereo
Lafayette device plays movies and digital files streamed from your PC.

Shure Shuts Out Noise
Dense new earphones, headset offer battery-free noise blocking for phones or players.

Coming Soon: External SATA Hard Drives
Models that outperform current USB 2.0 and FireWire drives are expected this year.

Altec Lansing Shows LCD-Friendly Speakers
Slim new VS series offers a range of audio options, while Concert Series targets music.

Best of CES 2005 in Photos
From IPod accessories to waterproof gadgets, here's what caught our eye at this year's show.

Recycling Time
The government is plodding through proposals to create a national recycling plan for tech goods. Meanwhile, the junk keeps piling up.

CES 2006: Picks and Pans
From head-turning audio players to high-tech fitness trainers and bizarre celebrity sightings, here's the best and worst of this year's show.

CES Home Theater Remote Roundup
Look for upcoming remotes to incorporate iPod-like click wheels, Wi-Fi, and even VoIP.

Court Gives First Nod to Sony BMG Settlement
Company seeks to end lawsuit over two widely-criticized copy protection programs.

Vodafone, Sony Ready Mobile Music Service
Service will stream personalized music channels to handsets or computers.

JotSpot Offers a New Way to Use Excel
New Tracker service will allow users to collaborate on spreadsheets using a secure Web site.

Two New Windows Metafile Bugs Found
Less serious than one fixed by early Windows patch last week, experts say.

Make the Most of Mice
Product recommendations, tips, downloads, and more from our Home Office columnist.

Grocery Shop Online--While You Can
Buying groceries on the Web is a terrific, though possibly endangered, convenience.

Wireless Sound for Your MP3s
An inexpensive add-on lets you play music files on your PC through your home stereo--without wires.

La-Z-Boy Recliner Invites You to Surf in Comfort
Take surfing to a new level in a chair with WebTV, high-speed links, and a laptop tray (and drink holder).

Yahoo Auctions Revise Policies, Fees
Starting now, sellers must pay fee and adhere to guidelines for acceptable merchandise.

Couch Surfing Gets Smarter With TV-Web Combos
Your next TV will probably access the Net, and you face a choice of tools to simultaneously channel- and site-surf.

NVidia GeForces Its Way Into Mac
ATI gets competition in the Mac world, with NVidia chips providing graphics on newest G4s.

Digital Music Players Take Center Stage
CES showcase of portable devices features more storage, extra features--and sometimes no need for a PC.

DataPlay Products (Finally) Near Release
Postage stamp-size drive holds 500MB, draws interest of digital music player vendors.

High-Quality Computer Sound Moves Outside the PC
Creative's first external sound card, Sound Blaster Extigy, offers first-rate audio through your PC's USB ports.

Macworld Products Beckon PC Users, Too
Expo's offerings include big Mac storage, plus Palm add-ons and software options for a choice of operating systems.

Philips Unveils Products for the Digital Home
Next-generation DVD recorders, a complete home theater system, smart displays, and an Internet-connected remote are on display at CES.

New MP3 Player Ready to Rival IPod
Odyssey 1000 offers deluxe features, including voice recognition, USB 2.0 connectivity, and 20GB of storage, and a lower price tag.

Vonage Offers Crisp, Clear Internet Telephony
Company is showcasing its DigitalVoice service, offering competitive rates and clean calls.

Pioneer Plunges Into Multimedia
DigitaLibrary provides media center for home, and two DVD recorders debut.

Thumb-Sized SecuriKey Protects Data
Griffin Technologies showcases a new device that uses hardware and software to keep your PC secure.

HP Tunes In With Digital Media Receiver
Device escorts your PC's multimedia files into the living room via wired or wireless networks.

Sonicblue Unveils Networked DVD Player
$250 device plays music and movies, and will stream content to your TV from your PC.

New MP3 Player Allows Playback Over FM Radio
Digital Innovations' Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Player broadcasts music to an FM radio over open frequencies.

NVidia Readies Video Recording Boards
Second-generation Personal Cinema cards will support direct-to-DVD video recording and personal video.

Sony Clie PEG-T665C

Handspring Treo 90

IP Wireless Puts Your Car on Broadband
Mobile DSL service beats cell phone speeds, hits markets in Florida, Maui.

Sony Sends Your Video Directly to DVD
New camcorders on display at CES record your videos to miniature rewriteable DVDs.

Timex Revamps Data Link Wristwatch
Ironman and athlete's versions available, now with USB for syncing.

Californians Get Microsoft Rebates in Legal Deal
Schools also benefit in last-minute $1.1 billion class action antitrust settlement.

The Game Room: Free Retro Games
Everything old is here again in these PC versions of video game classics.

The PC Takes Over the House
Entertainment centers for your kitchen, living room, or for wandering around the house make their debut at CES.

CES 2004: Picks and Pans
From DVD players that do everything to Internet-connected ovens, here's what was good, bad, and just plain weird.

Epson Merges TV, Printer
First venture into big-screen TVs includes CD-RW burner and dye-sub printer.

Samsung Introduces Trio of Digicams
Entry-level U-CA 3 supports animated avatars, and two new Digimax models ship.

GPS Tools Add Multiuser, 3D Support
PDAs get enhanced maps from TomTom's Navigator, while ALK's CoPilot shares directions.

CES 2005: Picks and Pans
From really big big-screen TVs to snow in Las Vegas, here's what we loved and what left us less than impressed at this year's show.

New Network Technologies Vie to Carry Video
As demand to stream video in the home climbs, the question of how becomes important.

AMD Helps Verify Authentic Chips
Processor packaging will include a 3-D holographic label for added security.

Microsoft Expands Hosted Messaging
Updated hosted Exchange product now includes IM and SharePoint.

Intel's Sonoma to Launch Next Week
The chip maker's next-generation wireless PC platform goes public in San Francisco January 19.

Shooting Snow
Capturing winter scenes can be tricky. Prepare yourself and your camera.

First Tests: FX-60 Powers Superfast PCs
AMD's latest chip breaks records, while Intel's new Extreme Edition shows more modest gains.

Do Burned CDs Have a Short Life Span?
Optical discs may not be your best bet for storing digital media long term, expert says.

Accton Readies First Wi-Fi VoIP Phone
Handset will allow users to make calls without their computer nearby.

2006: Year of the LCD TV?
Samsung says consumer demand will continue to rise as prices fall.

AMD Readies Dual-Core Gaming Chip
Powerful FX gaming processors are the latest chips to get a second core.

Jobs Introduces Intel-Based Mac Laptop, Desktop
New MacBook Pro, iMac using Intel's Core Duo processor unveiled at Macworld.

Analysis: Windows Media Center to Go Mainstream in Vista
Media Center features expected in next version of Windows, due out this year, analysts say.

AOL Buys Video Search Engine
AOL seeks to beef up its video search services with the acquisition of Truveo.

Acer Aspire 9504WSMi
Fast, well-appointed 9504WSMi media notebook handles entertainment and office tasks.

Dell XPS M140
Great design and long battery life help make the XPS M140 a terrific Media Center portable.

HP Pavilion dv4000
Reasonably priced, newly updated dv4000 notebook has a great mix of features.

Fujitsu LifeBook S2110
Two-battery option makes the LifeBook S2110 a nice little work notebook for people on the go.

Micro Express FL3020
Limited battery life holds back the fast, Webcam-equipped FL3020 notebook.

Sharp M4000 WideNote
A poor keyboard hurts the light, wide-screen M4000 notebook.

WinBook W535
Fine budget W535 laptop offers a great keyboard and wide screen but has short battery life.

Fujifilm's Combo Digicam-MP3 Player: Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Notes?
The compact Fujifilm FinePix 40i couples a digital camera with an MP3 player.

AOL-Time Warner: Friend or Foe?
Analysis: Sorting out the merger of two generations of media giants.

MP3pro Offers Better Sound in Less Space
Next generation of aging MP3 standard expected in software and portable players by midyear.

Recordable DVD: Great Idea, but Which Format?
DVD recorders make an entrance, but competing standards muddy the waters.

Insurance, Oversight Urged to Fight Internet Fraud
Nader, industry players debate how to protect but encourage digital commerce.

Mapping Products Show the Way at CES
Find the kids, time your walks, and load directions into your Palm with these new GPS products.

CES 2002 Picks and Pans
Glitzy, glamorous gadgets, and even some useful stuff, made this year's show a winner.

Olympus Shows All-Weather Digicams
Stylus 300, 400 join familiar label with features new to digital cameras.

MemoryFrame Makes Digital Displays Easy
Pacific Digital device supports USB connection for easy download.

PC Leads the Tune for Digital Music
CES showcases myriad ways to take tunes--wirelessly--from the PC to the living room.

Going Mobile
Watch for wireless IM, mobile mice, portable storage--and a carrying case to transport the gadgets.

Show Off Pictures in a Slide Show
Show photos with Windows XP, on a TV, or in a digital picture frame.

Incompatibility Threatens the Digital Lifestyle
Lack of compatibility standards frustrates consumers, panel agrees.

Yahoo Launches Desktop Search Tool
Free applications can search through more than 200 different types of files.

Comcast Calls on VoIP
Cable company announces plans to launch phone service this year.

Samsung Shows Flexible LCD
Company hopes the technology will appear in portable devices.

Yet Another Mobile Phone Virus Found
Lasco.A is capable of spreading via Bluetooth and by attaching itself to files.

Cell Phone for Kids Gets Shelved
Company pulls MyMo phone off the market after health concerns are raised.

Will Longhorn Boost Computer Security?
Truly trustworthy computing is still a few years off, HP exec says.

Apple Slims Down Mac Computer, IPod
Steve Jobs shows enthusiastic Macworld audience Apple's new tiny computer and music player.

Microsoft Patches Windows, Offers Malware Removal Tool
Windows security holes patched; tool to rid PCs of malicious software now available.

Intel Exceeds Earnings Expectations
Chip maker's fourth-quarter revenue up 10 percent, led by robust demand for server and notebook processors.

FTC Charges Companies With CAN-SPAM Porn Violations
Six companies, five individuals allegedly violated rule requiring labeling of adult-themed e-mail.

Top 5 All-Purpose Laptops
These laptops can do it all and are a great choice for most notebook users. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Digital cameras
This month we have a bunch of new notebook pcs with new test reports!!!.

Top 5 Power Laptops
These laptops are on the heavy side, but they're ideal replacements for desktop PCs. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes so check back frequently for the latest info.

Dual-Core Gotcha
A Service Pack 2 glitch affects some dual-core systems; everything you ever wanted to know about motherboards; and insane Frenchmen.

Canon Pixma MP500
This general-purpose all-in-one printer offers fast speeds and high print quality.

Epson Stylus CX7800
Epson aims the CX7800 squarely at digital imaging, as such features such as a film scanner and media slots reveal.

HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One
Everything a small office could desire is bundled into this Wi-Fi-equipped printer/scanner combo.

Canon Pixma MP950
Photographers will love the MP950 for its film scanner, media card reader, and beautiful photo prints.

Lexmark P4350
Lexmark's P4350 offers a good combination of features for the price, but speeds and quality are mixed.

Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 964
Dell's combination of printer, scanner, card reader, and fax will appeal to the budget-conscious small office.

Top 5 32-Inch LCD TVs
These are the top 32-inch LCD TVs today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Mainstream Graphics Cards
These are the top Mainstream Graphics Cards today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Power Graphics Cards
These are the top Power Graphics Cards today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Microsoft Patches Two Critical Flaws
Software giant issues fixes for Windows, Outlook, and Exchange.

Apple Patches QuickTime Vulnerabilities
Flaws could allow attackers to run malicious code on Mac OS X and Windows PCs.

Analyst Predicts Dell Opteron Servers in 2006
Company will drop its exclusive use of Intel chips and turn to AMD, one expert predicts.

Customer IDs Stolen From Bahamas Hotel
Bank account, credit card, and social security numbers for as many as 55,000 customers was stolen from a database.

LG Electronics Flatron L1950B
Plain-looking, affordable monitor delivers good text quality and basic ergonomic extras.

ViewSonic VP930b
A very steady stand keeps this model in place even while you fine-tune the many physical adjustments.

Samsung SyncMaster 970P
Pricey stunner is easy to use, but it takes work to make its image quality as beautiful as its design.

Hyundai ImageQuest Q90U
We didn't expect a great screen and two well-placed USB ports on such a low-priced monitor, but we're not complaining.

NEC MultiSync 90GX2
Excellent image quality and intuitive controls make this monitor a strong contender.

HP L1906
Don't let this model's low price distract you from its so-so image quality and meager features.

Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A
If you just want a good screen and don't care about customization options, this monitor's a steal.

Konica Minolta DiMage Z6
Though attractively priced, this camera is short on features and its image quality disappointed us.

Fujifilm FinePix S5200
This bargain-priced model is well designed, takes attractive shots, and is easy to use.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30K
Large advanced camera has powerful manual controls and takes good images in strong light, but images get noisy in darker settings.

Olympus SP-500 Ultra Zoom
The low-priced SP-500 delivers strong image quality, long battery life, and a powerful zoom--but it lacks image stabilization.

ATI Makes It Easy to Watch TV on Your PC
A hands-on look at ATI's TV Wonder USB, which lets you watch and record TV on your PC (on the cheap).

Pocket-Size Home Theater Creates Illusion of 52-Inch Display
The ultimate in gadgetry: Olympus's $850 wearable personal home theater.

As Voters Log On, So Must Politicians
Most campaigns didn't use the Web effectively, but they'll need to get Web-savvy for the next election, experts say.

CES 2003 Picks and Pans
From neat digital home gear to bizarre celebrity sightings, here are the best, worst, and silliest of consumer electronics.

LightScribe Simplifies CD/DVD Labeling
HP's invention, due in drives soon, lets users burn labels directly onto discs.

Dialed In: Mobile Phone Pipeline
Upcoming mobile phones offer innovative keyboards and speech recognition features.

The Changing Face of the PC
Systems get new look with unusual entries from Nimble, Hush, Antelope, and Pelham Sloane.

NewsGator Updates RSS Feed
Subscription service offers more services, supports new devices and clients.

Crusade for a Cleaner Keyboard
Fellowes introduces a line of antibacterial keyboards and mice.

Sharp TVs Add Recording, Portability
Aquos LCD models offer PVR plus storage, or wireless connection for viewing on the move.

MP3 Players Add Storage, Shrink Size
Creative, Rio, Sony, and others offer portable players that let you listen longer.

Storage Options Merge Into One Box
Western Digital Media Center pairs 8-in-1 multiformat media reader with speedy external hard drive.

Panasonic Readies Big-Screen TVs
New models include 50-inch plasma, HDTV-ready LCDs.

DVD Player Goes High-Def
V's upcoming Bravo D3 will deliver HD video on standard DVDs.

Amphony Headphones Cut the Cord
New high-end wireless headphones are able to avoid interference.

SP2, the Upgrade You Need: Part 1
Fear not, this OS upgrade is not as scary as you might think.

Coming Soon: 64-Bit Desktop Computers
Now that Intel and Microsoft have finally caught up with AMD, the next computing era can begin.

Cell Phones May Pose a Risk to Children
New study points out the potential hazards of long-term mobile phone use.

Samsung Phones Convert Words to Text
Users can speak into the phones and have their words converted directly to SMS messages.

Has Spam Growth Stabilized?
While the amount of unwanted e-mail hasn't decreased, there is some good news.

Sony Shows Qualia Video Processor
Device can improve the image quality of standard and high-definition images.

Upgrades: Risk Versus Reward
Tweaking software can only take you so far toward better system performance. When should you upgrade your hardware?

Online Advertisers Go Back to School
WebSideStory tries to help marketers manage their campaigns, but will it change the ads you see?

Dell Laser Printer 5100cn
This beefy printer churns out color documents at a low cost and fast pace.

Dell Laser Printer 3000cn
Dell's 3000cn steals the show with top-quality color printing at a rock-bottom price.

HP Color LaserJet 3550n
Printer uses an add-on network interface and relies on its host PC to render pages, but you don't get a price break.

HP Color LaserJet 2550L
Ultracompact personal color laser printer has a pleasantly low price but isn't a top performer.

High-Def Video Discs on Display
Prototype Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD players were shown at CES.

Buying New
Why not to upgrade.

External Backups
What to do before you upgrade.

Brother HL-2700CN
This mostly well-designed color laser printer falls short on print quality.

Konica Minolta MagiColor 5430DL
Konica Minolta offers good-quality monochrome printing in the MagiColor 5430DL, but speed and color quality disappoint.

Top 5 Inkjet Multifunction Printers
These all-in-one printers are the best of their class, and are solid choices for small businesses and home offices. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Lessons Learned in 2005
Shopping for a notebook? Here are three things to keep in mind.

Report From the Consumer Electronics Show
Blue-laser discs are on the way, but current DVD products were still very much in evidence at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

FBI Warns of Mining Accident E-Mail Scam
Message purports to be from a doctor soliciting money for the tragedy's sole survivor.

Verizon Wireless Defends MP3 Policy
Company says V CAST service prevents the purchase, not the playing, of MP3 files.

Google Talk Gets a Taste of BlackBerry
Instant messaging service will be available on mobile devices.

Next-Gen Macs Take Center Stage
The Intel-based Macs are here ahead of schedule. What's so special about them?

iPod Nation
What the well-dressed iPod will be wearing this year.

What About CES?
Highlights from that other big tech show.

Mozilla Updates Thunderbird E-Mail App
Version 1.5 of the open-source e-mail client features improved security, support for podcasting.

Symantec, Kaspersky Criticized for Cloaking Software
Companies are accused of using rootkit-like techniques to hide information from users.

Yahoo Loses Appeal in Nazi Memorabilia Case
Federal court rules Yahoo not significantly harmed in case.

PC DVD Burners Abound
Samsung, Archos, TD, HP, and others ready fast, rewritable DVD drives as internal and external models.

Transmeta Pushes On, Plans Astro Launch
Once flamboyant chip maker settles in for another battle with Intel.

The Coolest Notebooks You Never Saw
Dynamism scopes out, scoops up, sells, and supports cutting-edge products not otherwise available outside Japan.

Internet Tax Ban Efforts Resume
Congress considers several bills barring Net sales taxes, access taxes, and more.

Lots of Photos to Edit? Save Time
Use the batch processing features in your image editor.

The Human Element: Lovers' Lane Now Paved With Online Rejection Slips
Breaking up isn't hard to do. Take a cue from today's teens: An IM does the trick.

DVD Recorders Do Double Duty
New models add VHS playback and recording, hard-drive storage.

Online Games Take Off
Thanks to the Internet, gamers can compete with people down the street, across the country, or around the world. Some use PCs, others play on consoles. How can you get in on the game?

Smart Gaming
Avoid pitfalls and have fun online.

Free Retro Games
While you're online, download these.

Convert Your Videotapes to DVD
New products from Plextor, HP offer improved speed and formatting options.

Get Your TV Shows On Demand
Emerging service enables your cable company to compete with TiVo's tactics.

Repair or Replace?
We address the question that would have stumped Hamlet.

Head to Head: We Test Affordable Digital SLRs
Olympus and Pentax offer sub-$1000 cameras, and we like what we see.

Digital Cameras: How Low Can You Go?
The quality of digital cameras has risen dramatically while prices have plunged.

Longhorn May Blend Tablet PC, Media Center
Upcoming version of Windows will not feature Home and Pro labels, Microsoft says.

Cybersleuths Swap Secrets
Department of Defense considers the threats posed by hackers, pornographers, and IPods.

Samsung Phone Senses 3-D Movements
Cell phone can respond to motion by dialing numbers or ending a call.

Treo vs. Treo
Fans of Palm's Treo phone/PDA hybrid now have a choice of handheld operating systems, Microsoft's Windows Mobile and the Palm OS. Which Treo is best?

Accton Readies Wi-Fi VoIP Phones
Handsets will allows users to use Internet phone services without connecting to a computer.

Light Appears at End of Fast Wi-Fi Tunnel
Industry group agrees to a compromise, meaning a 802.11n standard could be coming.

Will Your Intel-Based Mac Run Windows?
New hardware offers more options, but running Microsoft's OS may not be easy.

Annoying Online Posts Could Be Illegal
Free speech advocates say a new law geared to stop cyberstalking could be cause for concern.

San Francisco Airport Begins E-Passport Test
U.S. Department of Homeland Security checks biometric passports.

Top 5 MP3 Music Files
Free full-length MP3 tracks from Tom Waits and Buddy Guy, a video from John Lennon, and more.

Digital Focus: Eliminate Ugly Backgrounds
Give your portraits a sharp, snappy background.

Hey, Where are the Post-Holiday PC Deals?
The holiday rebates are spent, and PC vendors aren't dropping prices.

Companies Won't Neglect Tech Spending
Gartner researchers expect technology investments to be strong in 2002, especially for security.

Gaggle of Gadgets Shows Promise
Consumer electronics novelties range from multifunction entertainment to fingerprint security.

Xbox Sales Success Isn't Without Bumps
Online grousing may exaggerate bugs; most give Microsoft good marks for quality, response.

A Truce Over Copy Controls?
Music, tech industries agree to fight piracy and legislation, but support technical restrictions.

Home Office: Best of Dig This
Weird videos, offensive photos, and lots of motorcycles.

Digital Cameras Cut Costs, Size
Watch for compact, low-cost models from Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Aiwa, and others.

Congress Stops Spam--But Not Its Own
Politicians step up purchases of e-mail address lists for budget mass-mailings.

First Look: Microsoft AntiSpyware
It's a little Microsoft-centric, but we generally like the software giant's full-featured beta anti-spyware program.

AvantGo Gets a Face-Lift
The pioneering content-delivery service for handhelds debuts a more sophisticated and wireless-friendly version.

Secret Service Data Compromised in T-Mobile Hack
Hack exposed information on 400 customers, including a U.S. Secret Service agent.

Gateway Refreshes EMachines Desktops
New lineup of low-cost PCs includes with some multimedia capabilities.

Intel Chips Cache In
Web site reveals future plans for Xeon, Pentium 4 processors.

Experts Warn of IE Download Flaw
Hackers could bypass security warnings and download malicious content.

Personalize AIM Buddies
Give each person on your AIM Buddy List a custom icon.

CompuServe 6.0: It Comes From a Good Family
With nips and tucks, the revamped CompuServe 2000 muscles up and starts to resemble sibling AOL.

Digital Focus: Photo Flash Tricks
Dave shares his best flash tricks, advice on memory cards, and a hidden present on a PDA.

Compaq 1400P Inkjet Color Printer

HP Deskjet 920c Color Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet 995c

Memory Prices Double
Watch out: DRAM prices surge after languishing and are expected to jump higher.

Home Office: My Excellent Digital Photo Adventure
A $1730 camera, the Galapagos Islands, and a slew of tips.

Faster, Cheaper Wireless Home Nets Emerge
D-Link, Netgear ready 802.11g home networking products that support streaming video.

Mobile Computing: Desktop, Notebook, or PDA?
Maybe you don't need a notebook after all. Get ready for a shock.

New Looks for Home Networks
D-Link, Linksys, and Netgear lead the rush of wired and wireless ways to network multimedia in your home.

Taking AIM at Viruses
Integrate AIM with your antivirus software.

First 4-Megapixel Digital Camera Great for Shutterbugs and Pros Alike
Olympus offers the first consumer digital camera with 4-megapixel resolution, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Federal Files Go Digital Via Post Office
Federal agencies get a secure pipeline for confidential transmissions through NetPost.Certified service.

Office XP Tips: Excel Worksheets, More Keyboard Tricks
Manage multiple worksheets, join the Clippy fan club.

Compaq Presario 700

Toshiba Fits 20GB Onto 1.8-Inch Disk
Tiny, high-capacity drives are headed for MP3 players, handhelds, and elsewhere.

Could Microsoft Still Face Breakup?
Plenty of issues remain in the ongoing antitrust case against Microsoft, analysts agree.

Mobile Computing: Insuring Your Notebook
Protect against theft, damage, and random acts of nature.

Credit Card-Size Hard Drive Can Hold 5GB
Cheap, thin, flexible StorCard expected to become available this year.

FTC Tackles Spammers Selling Drivers' Permits
Crackdown brings charges for spam sales of fake international licenses, renews antispam effort.

The Playlist: Winamp Makes a Comeback
The latest updates to two classic media players, plus RealNetworks' new music store.

EMachines Notebooks Jump to 64-Bit
New M6805, M6807 join the mobile system race running Athlon 64 CPUs.